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erza heard what they said about her swords being like easy mode. she unsummons her swords and resummons even more swords around both reimu and marisa about half an inch away from them. The only thing visible from them is their faces due to the sheer number of swords around the two.

she walks over to see them

Erza: hows this for easy mode? Normally i would take offense to calling me easy, But then i realize that you havent even witnessed bit a fraction of what im capable of. So ill just let that comment slip by without hurting you two.

cana is also is sitting near the two

Cana: besides, me, erza, lucy and other members in our guild at home have bigger boobs than you two so what do we care about what you two think about us.

Erza: she chuckles a bit. thats very true indeed cana.

Lucy: thats really cold to say to them, but then again they did call you easy. Which is pretty much a death sentence normally.

Erza: just watch what you say about other peoples skills nextime, is that understood you two?

Ooc: never question erzas skills. Ever! She hates that above a lot of things.

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Jul 11, 2013 at 06:32AM EDT

A large crash, landing hard among stone. Ash takes deep breaths… opens eyes slowly…
Ash: Ponies…
Tries desperately to stay conscious
Ash: Nuke…
Begins to fall back into unconsciousness…
Ash: Where…?
Knocks out…

As Renegade, Discord, and Luna enter, they hear a large booming and cracking noise within the castle. Luna tightly clutches onto Renegade in fear as she hears it.
Renegade: What was that?
Discord: How should I know? All we’re really here for is the throne room.

Renegade: Throne room?
Discord: Precisely. In fact, the only thing this castle had was the throne room and the entrance hall… really stupid architecture back then.

They walk down the entrance hall until they reach a set of stairs. They all climb them, and reach the second and last floor of the castle ruins.
Renegade: Is this it? That was a bit anticlimactic…
Discord: Don’t get used to it… these moments don’t pop up often.
He immediately teleports himself to the throne, enjoying it
Discord: Ah… I remember the first time I sat upon this throne before I was imprisoned… it was great! I had the power… the money… and the bitches!

?: Discord! Off of the royal property!
He freaks out, and ducks behind Renegade, along with Luna.
?: Good… you have arrived, hero.
Renegade: Yeah, you didn’t give me much to go off of… why am I here again?
?: Because… you brought my sister back safely… I knew I could trust you with protecting her.
Renegade’s ears pick up at this
Renegade: Tia? You’re Tia?
A bright light, followed by a silhouette…

A white Alicorn stands before them.

Renegade: Shocker… you know we all saw this coming, right?
Luna sees the mare, and shyly hides at first
Celestia: Don’t be shy, Luna… It is me…
Luna: Tia? Tia!
She rushes over to her sister, and embraces her tightly, tears flowing out of her eyes…

Discord: Celestia? You look much younger… why is that?
Celestia: It matters not… what does, however, is this.
As she speaks, Luna hides in Tia’s tail

Celestia: You all need to leave here… this world is doomed. While you were all fighting the demons outside, I was helping this one survive…
She points to Renegade
Renegade: Me? Why so?
Celestia: Because other than the Nightmare outside, there is another threat he is in an alliance with… and I fear if you cannot stop Nightmare, he will not stop with this world.
Renegade: OK… it still doesn’t explain why we’re here…
Celestia: Ah… yes. About that… the reason you have come here is because I must travel with you. Keeping Luna safe and stopping Nightmare are my main priorities, and if I stay here, what am I to do?
Renegade: Travel? Where exactly are we supposed to go?
Celestia: That is what I am about to tell you…
She stops as she sees a figure moving towards them, and she glows her horn
Celestia: Halt! Who goes there?
The figure then falls back down, everyone staring at it in confusion
Discord: Ignore that… where were we headed again?
Celestia: Yes… we are taking the Orbital Friendship Cannon out of this realm and into another…
Renegade: Oh god…
Celestia: Where Nightmare is sure to regroup with his ally…
Renegade: Here it comes…
Celestia: We are traveling to the orbit outside of the planet… Mobius.
Renegade: Yep… just had to do the merger!
He seems upset.
Discord: Seriously? We’re gonna finish the fight outside this realm?
Celestia: Yes. Along with Nightmare’s ally, Renegade may… or may not… make some of his own. The decision is solely Renegade’s whether he choose to accept their help or not.
Renegade sighs.
Renegade: Fine… we’ll leave…
He points to the figure that fell over
Renegade: Make sure to bring Ash, too…
Celestia nods, and they all step towards Ash, still unconscious.
Celestia: Let us teleport to the OFC, and leave as soon as possible.
They all teleport out of the castle

Lyra is still being transported by the Ground Bridge, though she has no idea where…
Lyra: Any day, now, robots… seriously, why can’t they be as reliable as ponies?

OOC: OFC is back in business! Renegade and the crew are leaving Equestria and heading off into Mobius’s dimension, waiting in space for Medic! Zar… I’m ready!

Jul 11, 2013 at 08:19AM EDT

Tardises notices the swords and decides to stop things from escalating further

Tardises: Take it easy, you 3, alright?

(OOC:Insert yukkuri here.)

Jul 11, 2013 at 09:10AM EDT

Was gonna have the meeting in this post but I didn’t see this coming at all


The Prophets jump straight to action at this big act of hostility

Truth: We previously warned you about hostile actions!

All four of the brothers draw out their stun batons, with a push of a button they extend whilst an electrical ark crackles around the rod, they then approach Erza

Pity: If you do not stand down.

Tolerance: We will be forced to apprehend you.

Regret: In the name of peace….

Truth:…and the strict set of rules we have in place for visitors aboard Heaven

They then all point their stun batons straight at Erza

Tolerance: Disarm immediately or suffer incapacitation and ejection from Heaven.

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Jul 11, 2013 at 12:07PM EDT

erza notices the prophets aproatching And understands what they said

Makarov: erza calm down now. No need for all of this.

Erza: sorry master. And sorry to the rest of you.

she unsummons her swords and her armour changes back to her regular form. She then proceeds to sit back down with the others.

Makarov: sorry for her troubles you four. She has a tendancy to make her messages very clear to people that calls out her abilities or questions them. Now with that out of the way, are we almost there?

Jul 11, 2013 at 12:27PM EDT


The tram comes to a stop and the door slides open…
Truth: Here we are, please…
He puts his hand out and the heroes make their way out of the tram and into the “meeting room”…

A large hall is before them, well lit and empty of crew, in the centre are the Winds of Destruction accompanied by a podium of which GW is atop. the group make their way over…

(Nice piece of fanart. Just consider Sam to be in his cyborg body)
Well well well…
Monsoon: Greetings their heroes
Sundowner: It sure has beena while I spose
Mistral: sigh…heroes…
You guys sure did make a hamburger out of my old friend..what a shame..and a overcooked one at that hehehe….anywaaay Ive called you all here so we can have a chat about what to do next…..
He then turns to the flying screen and looks at Kokonoe
and more importantly about getting my Slipspace core back working eh
Sundowner: We stuck around, did the dirty work of gettin’ you through ol’ eggies fleet, jus’ like we said we would
So we have kept our end of the bargain, and did a good job of it you have to admit…
Monsoon: If you are true heroes you will grant us these freedoms without further hesitation
No doubt you want to talk about Mobius too, well, im all ears….
Mistral: Im just happy to get out of that sweaty bridge…


(Quoting what Bang said, so that the answers have context)

(“Bang:…You do know very much knowledge, but are not telling me everything I need to know. Maybe I am not asking you the correct questions. Very well. Are they after us right now? What is your true intention? Do you plan on doing anything else once I plug you into a console? If so, what else do you plan on doing?”)

Bang quickly realizes upon putting AM on his back that the monolith is INCREDIBLY heavy, it takes all of Bangs effort to carry it. Its comparable to hauling a lead bus

AM: Yes they in the process of tracking us down, they have sent their elite scout force who are specialists in hunter-killer tactics. My true intention is much alike your own, I wish to escape here. I have no other goals other than freedom.

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Jul 11, 2013 at 02:48PM EDT

Tsunarmin:Sounds like us newcomers missed quite a bit, would you mind explaining everything that is going on?

Tardises:A lot definitely HAS changed. I wonder if you remember me. At least I have a vague idea of which world we may be in now…

Jul 11, 2013 at 03:04PM EDT

@The Winds,

Kokonoe was just about to go open her mouth until she realized that her lollipop was done for. She looks around urgently and finds another one nearby, taking it and sticking it in her mouth.
Kokonoe: Ah, yes. That. Look here, cyborg. You still have a planet to save from that sociopath balloon guy or whatever. Maybe I could dispatch one of my Hakumen Gundams, or use Tager…

Tager bends over and has his hands on his head.
Tager: Oh no, Kokonoe. Please not that… Don’t you remember what happened last time…?

Kokonoe snaps back to reality and dusts herself off for no reason.
Kokonoe: Can’t say I do, but I won’t do that unless there’s nothing else to do.

Ragna raises an eyebrow at Kokonoe.
Ragna: Just what the hell are you even talking about?

Kokonoe gets a devious grin on her face.
Kokonoe: Oh you’ll see, Ragna the Bloodedge… You’ll all see!

Tager: Please don’t egg her on.
Tager comes out of his cowering position.

Nu laughs a bit at the conversation, not having really said much. She is just enjoying this.

Flandre finally wakes up and asks Juvia to let her go for now. She then levitates over to Sam and gets on his back like a piggyback ride.
I missed you, Sam!
She smiles at him.

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Jul 11, 2013 at 03:13PM EDT

@Kokonoe & heroes,

Haha! hello my dear Flandre! I am happy to see you are okay and still yourself, I missed you too
Sam is happy to have Flan back, however he doesn’t look too pleased with Kokonoe…
Ah ah ah, we won’t be going anywhere near Mobius, this ship is built to explore…so lets explore
Monsoon: Assaulting Mobius bodes us no benefit, we wish to leave and found a new planet for ourselves so that we may start over
Just like Monsoon says, we are gonna be heading well away from here and out of this mess, whatever you people do is your choice but I won’t be taking any further actions to help out, I played my part

Sundowner: Still not givin’ us the core back and now jumpin’ another task on us…I think we are bein’ black mailed real good here…
We aren’t heroes like you, we are just people….
Sundowner: People who wanna bit peace and quiet, free from these wars..
So…Kokonoe either way we are not going to be taking up your fight…

@The Mages,

GW: We have recently destroyed the ARK which was going obliterate Mobius. Mobius is occupied and under the control of BM. We are here to talk about who is going to do what next. Sam is adamant to leave the system and establish a new home planet for himself with crew he has left

Jul 11, 2013 at 04:06PM EDT

@Erza, before arrival in the meeting room:
Marisa is a tiny bit shaken but Reimu seems rather unphased… though a snowflake shaped Aura had been deployed.

Being hot headed won’t get you anything. If you had stabbed me or Marisa right now everyone on this train would be dead. Our strongest spells are rigged to activate when that happens.

“And whatever was left would have been sucked out into space again.” As probably reference to the next last word set up to fire…

@meeting room:

Marisa and Reimu remain silent. This is the first time Reimu has seen Sam since the Black Beast incident, or at least recognized him. Marisa thinks he’s just a new dude.

Marisa leans over to Reimu and starts whispering

“Wanna point out there is a….”


Marisa leans away



Yukari: “Huff… uhg, nearly there. Damn stairs. They need to install a bloody escalator here, I swear…”

Yukari finally reaches the top and is greeted by a familiar face…

???: “Lady Yukari… why did you use the stairs?”

Yukari: “Cause I had to enter from the outer realm side. Where is Yuyuko?”

???: “In the house sleeping as usual.”

Yukari: “Alright, lets wake her. Gonna need her help soon.”

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Jul 11, 2013 at 04:44PM EDT

makarov steps forward first to speak

Makarov: its good to see you people again. we do have to admit, your help in all of this was most grateful, and for that we thank you for that. but there is just one thing that still thats still iritates me, and that is the fact that you are still determined to abandon those people on mobius and in the hands of that insufferable dictator. i still cant understand why your so determined to do this.

Erza: i still think that you people leaving this planet is a horrible idea. the people down there need as much of our help is possible. without your help, we dont know how much we can do. the only person who knows more about the balloon masters forces is captain spark. and i highly suggest you listen to what he has in combating his forces.

Natsu: and what do you mean about not being heroes. were not heroes either. were just people just like you that just want to make a difference in the world. we want to make it a place were people can be free again. no more dictators or mad scientists trying to blow it up. those people down there deserve more than what theyre getting right now. so for one in your damn life stop thinking about whats there to gain out of this and just do it because its the right thing to do.

Gray: and just stop treating everything like a business deal or a contract. you cant put a price on another persons life. but then again it seems like thats what you guys like considering your past history.

Jul 11, 2013 at 06:15PM EDT

Abandon the people on Mobius?! I never did such a thing! I rose up to the BM! took up the mantle of The Patriots and initiated the AI control measures!….I armed the people! I gave them the courage they needed!, I even stabilised the governments and united the national armies of the world into 5 massive companies for the sole purpose to strike out at the BM with all that I could!….and do you know what happened? what happened to those MILLIONS upon millions of soldiers?….they were slaughtered!….even with the SOP systems active it didn’t make a slight difference to the odds! every last one of my troops were cut down…..
Sam is obviously quite outraged at this
6,744…is the number of soldiers that remain out of those PMC’s less than 0.001 percent of their original size……of just over one hundred million (100,000,000)

I tried, I…failed and now…as repayment for throwing millions into BM’s blender, I am taking the last survivors to a safer place…… can never say that I haven’t played my part…

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Jul 11, 2013 at 06:41PM EDT

Tardises: It sounds like things have gone horribly wrong…

Tsunarmin: I’ll say. almost 100 million dead? We’ve seen worlds that don’t even have a total population that high!

Tardises: I suppose all we can really do is try to help out, here…

Jul 11, 2013 at 07:28PM EDT

fairy tail heard what sam said about his efforts against the balloon master. in all honesty, they are a bit disheartened about what happened and are a bit sorry for bashing him for his actions.

Makarov: im sorry sam…. im truly am, and as the rest of us. we didnt know exactly about your full efforts against the balloon master. and now we understand why you wish to leave so bad.

Erza: we all understand why you would wish to leave, and honestly i dont blame you at all for all that you did up til now.

Lucy: all of those soldiers against him and they didnt even do anything to him. how powerful is this balloon freak anyway. how does he have so much power over an entire planet.

Gray: what i really want to know is why you just sent them in like that to their deaths.

Makarov: im sure he did everything he could at the time gray to fight BM. but as it may seem he is a lot more powerful than we had hoped.

Juvia: this is horrible. how could we defeat such an enormous treat like that if not even sams forces could. even in those numbers they still couldnt do it.

Natsu: there just has to be a way. there needs to be a way to crush him and his empire without getting anyone killed. what we really need to do is find a way to strike at his weak spots. once we do that than his control over the parts of the planet will be gone.

Wendy: but by what spark and meredith told us. he has a lot of those fog towers all over the world that can detect us.

Laxus: not to mention those flying critters that eat everything they touch. how the hell do we deal with that?

Gajeel: honestly, i think the best bet is to take down those supressors. they seem to be the main problem with getting on the planet.

Cana: but how do we do that. its kinda hard to move silently onto a planet in a giant ship like this. and im sure even a small ship would still be spotted a hundred miles away. so what do we do then?

Erza: we need to think of a way to stop those supressors. Captain spark, you need to help us on this. what do we do to stop the supressors.

Natsu: your our only hope on stopping this guy. you know him more than any of us.

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Jul 11, 2013 at 08:08PM EDT

In the middle of the sky, one “person” was floating in the air, watching everything in the earth. He looked battle holes, totally destroyed cities, towns in flames, plains full of corpses of horses, forests in ashes, and the Everfree Forest, which due to the unbridled action of Herzog, became a huge pit of more than 5 km.

Nightmare Medic saw a result of invasion that crumbled almost from its foundations. NM descends to the crater, ignoring radiation and the high temperature.

NM : What did you do…? Herzog.

Then, a brightess out of the ground, making NM turn to the floor. With his telekinesis, makes removing the scorched earth from the object, showing a coin.

NM : Now I see. You didn’t wante to run anymore… I appreciate it.

NM introduce the coin in his pocket.

NM : But was unnecessary to do this alone.


Suddenly, the atmosphere turns darkened in a shade with a smal red and strange eyes appear everywhere around NM.

NM : … … … So, It’s you… Kishin Asura.

Jul 11, 2013 at 08:16PM EDT

asura floats down to the middle of the crater were NM medic is. he lands a few metres away and his body is also unaffected by the atmosphere due to the explosion.

Asura: hello medic.

his scarves around his face crack apart and open up revealing his face.

Asura: its been a long time. so tell me. how is everything been going along with your quest to obtain the emeralds. because by the looks of it, its not looking to good as it seems.

Jul 11, 2013 at 08:26PM EDT

Suddenly, a whispering voice rushes through everyone’s ears in the meeting.
???: …I think I could potentially help.
Doomguy: What the hell was that? A demon?
???: …You should recognize me.
Suddenly, in a small blast of hellfire, a crimson red figure appears. He looks like a normal person.
Compare him to Father from Kids Next Door, without the pipe, and instead of being black colored, he’s crimson.

Doomguy pulls out his chaingun, and fires at the figure. The demon just puts up his hand, and all the bullets are straight up stopped.
???: Put that away. It’s only making them angrier.
Doomguy slowly stands down, having finally met his match in a demon.
???: Now then. I’ve come to you all with an offer: Destroy the fog supressors on the planet, and I’ll help you defeat the Balloon Master.

Jul 11, 2013 at 08:28PM EDT


NM : Asura… The Old Great One

Asura questions about the war. NM crossed his arms and turns to Asura.

NM : I know… Not what I expected, I lost many men in this futile slaughter, and one who didn’t want to give up make this… But tell me, why are you here?

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Jul 11, 2013 at 08:57PM EDT

Asura: the same reason why you are here good doctor. the emeralds obviously. but however, lets just say me and my acquaintances i have great plans for the future require a power source of such great magnitude for it to work. if your interested i can be more than happy to share what we are planning. im sure you will like what we have to offer.

are you interested in knowing what we have?

Jul 11, 2013 at 09:19PM EDT

Dr. Eggman has spent the past few hours reestablishing contact with his surveillance network from within the hidden tunnels under what used to be the centerpiece of Robotropolis: an egg-shaped dome which served as Robotnik’s fortress until the capital city was relocated to the yet-to-be-complete Eggmanland. And though Eggmanland was incomplete, it was far superior to Robotropolis. Much cleaner, too.

But now was not the time to dwell on the past, for Robotnik had work to do.

So many projects; so little time! Where is that runt when I need him? Never-mind. I’ll get into contact with my Egg Robo and have him bring Snively directly to me.

The thud of the Balloon Master’s forces marching about the freshly conquered city interrupted the Doctor’s thoughts.

Hm… on second though, it’s obvious this place is not isolated enough to conduct normal operations. I could continue hiding in here, but it’s only a matter of time before the Balloon Master discovers my presence. Besides, I don’t have the resources to rebuild my Empire. Not here…

Oh, if only I had, I dunno, some sort of secret facility to serve as a safe haven where I could finish my projects in peace…

OH WAIT!!! I do!!! Oh, Eggman! You’re such a genius! Now to “hatch” a plan for my escape!

Snively takes the opportunity to slip out during the meeting, and signals with his watch for a vessel to pick him up. As he strolls down towards the area where he is to board the vessel, he begins mumbling to himself.

Perhaps the war is lost for you, Julian, but I intend to take back what you’ve failed to keep!

((You can pretty much ignore the text in this picture other than the text within the yellow box.))

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Jul 11, 2013 at 09:26PM EDT


NM looks Asura confused, but later he realized something.

NM : So you also need the emeralds… for a great magnitude?… I like how it sounds, Tell me what you have. Quick, I don’t have much time. I realized that emeralds are not here.

I realized that emeralds are not here.

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Jul 11, 2013 at 09:33PM EDT

Asura: okay, ill tell you. but because its is very crutial. i shal do this.

*asura quickly summons his interdimentional barrier around himself and medic. completely cutting them off from all other dimentions so nobody can listen to whats going on inside.

dont worry this will only be a moment.

OOC: this conversation happens over private messages. is that important that very few people know.
Natsu: who the hell is this guy, and what is it that you want to do once the towers are down.

Erza: i dont know who he is or were he came from, but i have a feeling that hes hiding something.

Lucy: people appearing out of thin air is really not bothering me anymore. so what is it that you can do for us mister.

Gray: careful. i dont trust this guy more than those guys with the weird clothes and messed up hair doos that came out of nowhere in he hangar. (jojo crew)

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Jul 11, 2013 at 10:00PM EDT

@Fairy Tail Crew:
???: Why, We’re the friendly neighborhood devil equivalent for this universe!
Crickets chirping
???: What? Anyways, Once you have destroyed the Fog Suppressors, We will unleash a demonic army the likes of which have never been seen before, to raze the Balloon Master’s armies down to dust!
Doomguy: Maledict, I still don’t trust you, especially after “That Incident”. Also, Aren’t you just USING us to further your own goals?
Oh, you mean the one with the artifact? That never bothered us in the first place. And no, Trust us, We’re much different now. We’re more preoccupied with managing hell more than anything. After we got that promotion about a decade ago, we’ve never found enough time to even think about invading the planet! And that portal that opened up a long while back? Just an anomaly. Not our fault.
Doomguy: Eh, he checks out.
Maledict: Anyways, In this spare time that we’ve spent talking to you, We’ve already formulated a plan on the general guidelines surrounding the attack.

Step 1: Disable the Fog Suppressors.

Step 2: Summon the gigantic demon army

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit.

…Yeah, it’s pretty basic.

All of my characters(Except for Doomguy and Maledict): What. The. Fuck.

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Jul 11, 2013 at 10:20PM EDT

If I knew the location of all the fog suppressors, I could cast a long range spell to hit them all, but I don’t know how big these things are and anything bigger than a trash can the spell I have in mind won’t work.

Assuming they are big targets, targeting a single location and destroying all the suppressors in that area would give us a place to stick our foot in. But again, this place is too, well… fortified.

“Not to mention that swarm thing that tried to take a crap on us earlier.”

Something like that can’t really be fought against. Yeah, I have a forcefeild spell left but I am immobile with that, well the forcefeild itself is. And I don’t think something like a mosquito lamp would help.

“The fact that there was so many I would assume there is still some sort of control over those to keep friendly fire down. Drop a ninja or something into the command center, order the bugs to retreat or self destruct, and huzah.”

Marisa lifts her hat

“Or I could Asteroid Belt the planet and carefully grind it down so-”

Reimu smacks her

That would just be an empty sphere even if you did do it correctly.

“Point made. Just the more firepower tactic doesn’t seem to work on a force this widespread. And the opponent has no holes in his defense.”

We can still kick their ass. Just the question is where to kick it. And on the plus side, Marisa, Flandre, and I can enter the atmosphere undetected if need be. Unlike some of the watermelon chests here we won’t be picked up on radar or anything due to lack of metal and small size.

The two girls are really short. Mid Teens, but look younger because Asians.

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Jul 11, 2013 at 10:45PM EDT

@reimu and marisa
Cana: that sounds like a good idea, but theres just one problem with that.

cana pulls out three cards from her deck, invoking their magic and she throws them at reimu.

when they hit her she is instantly covered in smoke. when the smoke disappears, her appearance has changed entirely and this is what she looks like

her body is taller, curvier, more slender, and she has stunning curves and huge boobs

most of the guys in the room begin to nosebleed

Cana: how are you gonna go undetected with a nice body like thats standing out huh.

Erza: i already apologized for my actions earlier. isnt that enough?

Last edited Jul 11, 2013 at 11:12PM EDT
Jul 11, 2013 at 11:08PM EDT

Meredith seems to be a bit annoyed at Cana’s actions towards Reimu

Hey, I’m all for some comic-relief, but this really isn’t the best time for that. Seriously, I’m sure doing that is illegal somewhere. Also that’s just stupid in my opinion.
She sighs
@Everyone here in general

I’m gonna be honest here, we can explore the until those evil death-bugs go down. Because that’s gonna happen at some point. And when it does, I can teleport this place back to this location.
But, hey, I’m not too good at strategy. So I’m going to leave the decision up to you guys who probably know more about what you’re doing than I do.
@Reimu and Marisa

By the way, if you’re running low on spell cards, I can just make more for you, although they will still be the same spells. I could also make it so that, when you run out, you just reshuffle the deck or the spell-cards recharge so that you can keep using them.

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Jul 11, 2013 at 11:22PM EDT

OOC: “Bitch That’s My Move.”


Marisa can’t help but laugh at the sight

Oh? I thought you people where bragging earlier about looks like this? Now that I see you have magic like this it makes people begin to question things.

Reimu crosses her arms and quickly uncrosses them, and in a small energy burst she is back to normal. The burst sends Marisa and anyone else standing near here flying, but Marisa quickly recovers by flipping onto her broom

Reimu dusts herself off, looking VERY pissed. She’s probably going to attack next time something like this happens…

Last edited Jul 11, 2013 at 11:30PM EDT
Jul 11, 2013 at 11:26PM EDT

@The scene that just unfurled before Reimu went back to normal,

As soon as she saw what Cana did to Reimu she busts out laughing, nearly falling from her seat.
Kokonoe: Oh meoooow~ Ahahahaha!

Tager looks worriedly at Kokonoe’s screen.
Tager: This act never appeared in my protocol…
Tager scratches his head awkwardly. He’s not interested, just really confused at why Cana did this and why Kokonoe is acting like this.

Hakumen stands there stoically with his arms crossed, not amused in the slightest at what Cana did. His eyes then look at her.
Hakumen: This is no time for fun and games, witch. There is still much that needs to be discussed, and you doing this is contributing to our goal in no-way possible.

Flandre looks at Reimu and smiles with her mouth open.
Boobies~! I never thought you would have them, Reimu.

Ragna is currently having a nose-bleed while looking at Reimu.
Nu stares at Reimu with anger filled in her eye, mainly because of Ragna doing that towards her. She then summons her battle-mode from the sword that has been following her along, and looks directly at Reimu.

Nu: You took Ragna away from Nu… Commencing extermination of big-boobied monster in 3… 2…

Ragna suddenly snaps back to his senses, and realizes that what Nu is doing could ultimately end the lives of everyone here.
Ragna: WAIT, NU!

Nu: Can’t you see that Nu is busy?
She keeps her attention focused on Reimu, having all the swords floating behind her pointed straight at her.

Ragna: What? I wasn’t looking at her! Hell, she’s probably one of the ugliest girls in here!
Nu: Does you really mean it? Do you think Nu is prettier than that hag?
She takes her attention off Reimu and turns to face Ragna.

Ragna gulps.
Ragna: Yes. I do mean it.

She immediately switches out of her battle form and floats over to Ragna, hugging him.
Nu: Thank you, Ragna.

Ragna: It’s… no problem.
He mouths the words “Don’t kill me, I had to do this” at Reimu as the two hug.

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Jul 11, 2013 at 11:37PM EDT

A cry of “Awww!” Echoes around the room from various men as Reimu transforms back.
However, Maledict didn’t even flinch.

Maledict: …Pitiful magic, the lot of you. Except for one…
He looks towards Giorno
Giorno: Me?
Maledict: Yes, you. You have the magical ability to incapacitate a god, and there aren’t many mortals who can do feats like that. In fact, you’re the first one we’ve met.
Giorno: Wha-What do you mean?
Maledict: You know. The stand.
Giorno: Oh, yeah.
Maledict: Our Friend, We think you’ve won the superpower lottery of the mortals. Now then, We WERE going to present this whole speech about “How Humanity Sucks” but we really don’t have time. If you need to chat, use these.
He throws a card up in the air
%{color:brown}This card summons us, and can be used an infinite number of times. Don’t abuse it.
I have to go now. Toodles!

And with that, Maledict disappears

Jul 11, 2013 at 11:44PM EDT

Cana: relax everybody, im only kidding around here. that kind of magic doesn’t exist in our world. what i just did was only a temporarily effect. i just combined the effects of a shapeshift card, a growth card, and an illusion card to make you look like the way you did. nothing is permanent. and our figures you see here are all natural.

she says as she glides her hand down her body.

Cana: also im just deprived of alcohol right now. i would kill for a barrel of it right now.

Lucy: sign whats wrong with her?

Erza: but on a serious note here though, we have a means of getting on the planet unnoticed, its just were we need to land.

Cana: besides, holds out a couple of cards i can combine a few car effects here that can hide us from those towers if we enter in a very small craft of some sort.

Gajeel: but the problem is where to we land and which surpressors do we go after first.

Makarov: maybe we should ask mavis on what to do contacts mavis, her screen appears on the codec hologram. mavis did you catch what we said most of all.

mavis appears angry.

Mavis: yes: especially about the boobs. you people are so lucky.

Makarov: this is serious, we need to know how we can go onto mobius.

Mavis: well what you can do what cana mentioned and enter mobius via a small transport of such as she uses invisibility card magic to hide the ship as it enters. though like what was mentioned earlier. we need to find out which surpressors we take down that are either most crutial or that are the least defended so we can gain some sort of foot hold.

Mavis: and about why i cannot be there with you all is because i am a spirit. my soul is bound to Fiore and it is by its raw magic power is that allows me to roam freely. however i still dont understand how you people can see or hear me. normally those bearing the fairy tail emblem on them could, but for some reason im visible to everyone.

but thats not whats important. whats important is to find out the main surpressors we take out first. this is all on spark who knows about all of this than us.

Jul 11, 2013 at 11:57PM EDT

Speaking of Spark, the captain said nothing since the meeting started. Cheston, Mister Foster, Sam and Max, all of them are just looking at him, waiting for a answer.

OOC: I will post the whole gigantic plan tomorrow.

Jul 12, 2013 at 12:01AM EDT

OOC: im out as well everyone gnite

and natsuru, no hard feelings. cana was only kidding around and erza has a very short fuse. dont hate them.

Jul 12, 2013 at 12:13AM EDT

OOC: Good Night everyone! @Asura, I will respond you tomorrow. @Mark, be prepare.

Jul 12, 2013 at 12:29AM EDT


Just in character. Unlike the lighthearted Marisa, Reimu is VERY irritable. Fact that she hasn’t kicked everyone’s ass yet is amazing.

Jul 12, 2013 at 12:53AM EDT

The Ground Bridge finishes transporting the Autobots and Lyra. They arrive in an orange control room, in what appears to be a huge ship

Optimus: Here we are. The Ark… Our last hope from the war on Cybertron. We now live here on your planet to protect it from the Decepticons.

Jul 12, 2013 at 03:22AM EDT

Tardises: (…are we really going to work with some who are clearly immature?)Forgetting the shenanigans, let’s just discuss what to do.

Tsunarmin: Not to mention that if we are going to help out, we may need some better equipment. My shield is really only any good against magic attacks, for example. to Tardises, quietly …I’m surprised you didn’t react in a natural way to what just happened.

Tardises: just as quietly in response I’ve got those urges under control.

Jul 12, 2013 at 04:25AM EDT

The Winds just watch on in complete bewilderment at what’s going on in front of them..

When I came to your meetings I just sat there…but at mine your, screwing around with Reimu’s….
He holds his hands up to his chest

Mistral is just kinda annoyed at what’s happening
Mistral: Please remind me why we have these children here?

For the moment that Reimu was hot stawf, Sundowner couldn’t find it within himself to avert his eyes
Mistral: Erghhhhh…such dogs….
The Prophets on the other hand are getting more and more agitated, they draw their arc batons out once more and hold them down by their sides ready to strike
Monsoon: You people are insane. Unfortunately we must continue this meeting prompty without any further interruptions
Sam turns to Spark
Spark! your the kinda person who likes the sound of their own voice and probably the most well knowing of the BM, why don’t you give your plan to these people….on the other hand
He then turns back to Kokonoe and approaches the monitor
We kept our end of the bargain, if you don’t give us back the core you would be black mailing us and then I wont be giving you any support at all…what a pity cat…
GW: Initiating peace keeper protocols
(There is still one very important and secret thing about Heaven that has never gone and has probably been forgotten by now due to me not mentioning it for ages)

The air supply is laced with controller version nanomachines and always has been since the water base chapter, everyone aboard Heaven has the machines and now so have the visitors who have been breathing the contaminated air for the time they have been here, they even had them all throughout the ARK mission due to them being aboard Heaven prior to the start.

These machines enter the body through the subjects respiration cycle and make their way into the bloodstream, seizing control over the subjects vital organs and parts of the brain that dictate emotion. The only symptoms to knowing if you have the machines is that you will feel slightly more fitter and your heart beat will stay to a perfectly systematic rate. The nanonmachine polluted air supply idea was bought about as a ultimate peacekeeper and termination method that was unsurprisingly of the Fabricators own creation

Cana, Erza and even Nu are overwhelmed with the feeling of relaxation and peace, their minds foddered with the emotion of happiness and friendliness which completely removes all hostile and other tendencies

It should also be noted that these nano’s aren’t SOP nano’s, meaning they don’t improve combat skill or anything like that

Jul 12, 2013 at 01:59PM EDT

OOC: Everyone has them but they are only currently effecting Cana, Erza and Nu

Jul 12, 2013 at 02:14PM EDT


Kokonoe just looks at Sam with the usual unamused look.

Kokonoe: Look… Here are my concerns. If I give you back that stupid slip-space core how am I supposed to know you just won’t run off with it once I give it back to you? That’s just it. You’re going to have to promise this “kitty” that you won’t do it. Is that understood?


Bang cannot talk as he is straining himself to carry AM.

Jul 12, 2013 at 02:29PM EDT


Your just going to condemn my people here? you’re truly evil, even I would not stoop to such underhanded tactics………what exactly is it that you want from me?


They make their way through a number of large empty hallways and open rooms before finally coming across something that looks like a control room

Jul 12, 2013 at 04:24PM EDT

OOC: So sorry guys but I wish I could have the ability to stop time. I’m quite bussy and I will be unable to post until 9:00 PM EST.
See ya later-super chumps!
Spark out!

Jul 12, 2013 at 04:37PM EDT


Kokonoe: It’s simple, really. You just have to use your head.
She points to her own head and taps it with her finger a bit.
Kokonoe: It’s a simple answer. If I give it back to you, will you promise to help these “heroes” on their “journey” to help kill the balloon freak? That’s all I want to know.

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Jul 12, 2013 at 04:42PM EDT

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