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While waiting, Blitz was thinking about a small question … Why Mobius? That made him leave the room, going to the exit door, towards the top hatch.
Blitz : Hey boss!
Shouted Blitz to NM, who was floating in the air, waiting for the portal, on the outskirts of the SS Zeus.
NM : What?
Blitz : Can I ask you a question? Why Mobius?
NM : Because there is the objetive.
Blitz : The emeralds boss?
NM : Yes… What is your real question.
Blitz : Ehmm… Will be in the planet?

That question passes through the dark minds of NM. The planet was conquered by BM, his allie. But the way he was welcomed in his world was… exaggerated. Mobius have a vast of traps, robots, nanomachine creatures, a hundred of thousand… Maybe millions of armed soliders and Cybernetic creatures with the “Advisor’ Kiss”… No matter if BM is NM’s ally… Maybe the NM’s army will not have a very good welcome with the BM’s army. Just the Army of Darkness walk a little bit in the planet, and who knows what will happen.

NM : No… We are going to be in the space.
Blitz : Like how boss? The structure of the Zeppelins will not endure the pressure and temperature of the space! They gonna explode!
NM : That’s why we are gonna use another ship.
Blitz : An… Spaceship boss?
NM : Yes, and I hate to have to use it.

Jul 13, 2013 at 09:44PM EDT

Asura: the card only allows me to summon yukari. i youldnt disturb her anyways unless i had the emeralds within our grasps. you open a portal to mobius, and ill follow since i lack the means to do so anyways.
everyone looks at the prophet that just collapsed on the ground

Juvia: om my, is he alright?

Gray: hes just a machine that seems human like. thats all.

Juvia: still.. im worried.

Gray: well whatever. wether what he said is true or not it doesnt matter. i just dont want flandre to go insane from hunger and kill everyone in the ship. and im pretty sure we all know that shes capable of such a thing.

Juvia: your right gray. sam, please do what you can for flandre. if you can find a way to feed her appetite, it would be greatly appreciated.

Gray: just dont kill anyone okay.
@everyone else in the metting
Gajeel: damn, just more and more people keep appearing out of nowhere. damn its jus becoming me of a freak show by the minute.

Natsu: yah, first with those guys from thee hangar with the messed up hair. a guy from hell supposedly, and now some mage from that order thing the elementalist dude keeps blabbering on about.

Happy: well than again i am a talking cat that can fly. same goes for carla and pantherlilly.

Laxus: in the end theyre just nothing more than a bunch of punk-asses to me.

mirajane: i thinky theyre alright. we just need to know them a bit more.

Gajeel: ah who cares. i just want to get all of this over with and go home.

Natsu: and i just want to eat. im starvin.

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Jul 13, 2013 at 10:00PM EDT

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

Maledict activates a barrier similar to Asura’s, surrounding the hoverpod.
Maledict: There is no need to be afraid, I mean no harm. I have just come to offer a… deal, of sorts. This is to be discussed privately.
He sees Snively cowering
Ugh, Fine, I guess i’ll have to take off my mag-armor.
Suddenly, the solid crimson armor dissolves, leaving a man. He is just like anyone else, except he has ram horns on his head, and is finely dressed. He snaps his fingers, and they are transported into a library, when in fact, the ship had been temporarily transmutated into the room.
Please, take a seat.
While the crimson armor voice sounded like the voice of the legion, this voice sounds british. Maledict sits down in one of the two chairs.

OOC: We talk through PMs, if Snively isn’t too much of a talk to Maledict.

Quoting this so it doesn’t get missed.

Jul 13, 2013 at 10:09PM EDT

@Fairy Tail,

That’s right its “just a machine” should never trust them….

Sam then looks up to Flandre again

Lets get you some food shall we?….

He takes off, slowly walking out of the meeting hanger with Flandre on his shoulders. Not a care in the world is given at anything else, he’s just happy to have her back…

Pity climbs back up onto his feet, picking his baton back up as he does. He gives his head a few rubs and turns to face his other three brothers

Pity: I seemed to of had suffered a task overload, apologies
Truth: Keep within your processing parameters

Meanwhile at..

Persephone Prison. The slave force has been sleeplessly forced to construct a new railway train to replace the old one. Over 1000 people have died due to being crushed, mangled, decapitated and beaten to death by the merciless Guards. However the prisoners efforts haven’t been in vain and due to the extreme slave driving tactics of the Guards a new locomotive complete with 100 brand new carriages has finally been finished and rolls out of the massive smoggy factory workshop…

It is know as what its purpose actually is. The Persephone Line. The massive train that is a few times bigger than its predecessor slowly makes its way out onto the main track whilst the half dead slave force look on at the monster they have created. The Guards on the other hand feel proud at what they have achieved, they don’t show it but they are happy as they watch the goliath train move forward

Currently it is being hooked up to all one hundred of its newly built carriages, it won’t be long at all until its ready for service…


The Superintendent appears

Superintendent: I was instructed by the Imperator to see you if I had a matter to discuss or report to give.
The AI pauses for a moment
Superintendent: I am happy to report that Persephone Prison has finished the construction of a new train, which has now re-opened transport to and fro the prison across the hazardous desert surrounding it

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Jul 13, 2013 at 10:40PM EDT

“Hey Reimu, they are talking about food. Lets quietly follow them for some.”

You do realize your voice carries really well in this room right? Not to mention that you are horrible at not getting found out.
“You’re no fun anymore. Just follow them, act like starving kittens, and vola. By the way, I feel ready to collapse. I haven’t slept since that last tranquilizer I was shot with.”

Jul 14, 2013 at 04:04AM EDT

Solarian: Even firearms are too high-tech for most members of the Order. As in there would be no clue on how to use them. A few of us would be able to actually use them, but only a few.

Jul 14, 2013 at 04:30AM EDT

mirajane and erza walk over to reimu and marisa, overhearing what they said.

Mirajane: you dont have to be shy you two. your more than welcome to our home for as long as you want. were more than happy to provide you with food and a place to stay at until were ready to take back mobius.

Erza: so dont think that you have to act like the starving kittens like you said before just to get what you want from us. fairy tail is more than happy to welcome our new friends with open arms.

Mirajane: thats right erza. once we get all of this sorted out here in the meeting. well ask meredith to send us all back to magnolia. food, hot spring baths, and sleep accommodations will be provided to you all.
@the prophets.
juvia and gray go up to pity after standing back up.
Juvia: were sorry for what happened.

Gray: i dont understand how that happened all of a sudden. did we say something we shouldnt have?

Juvia: we didnt mean for any of this to happen, please forgive us.
Makarov: alright everyone listen up. if you wish to stay with us at our home, please let us know so that we can all have meredith take us there. if there are any questions you may have please dont hesitate.

Jul 14, 2013 at 10:27AM EDT

Solarian:Alright then. It’d be interesting to see the magic of those not in the Order, at least. And the other 4 will be coming, too…

Jul 14, 2013 at 10:35AM EDT

WHO THE SAID SOMETHING ABOUT DELICIOUS HOMEMADE FOOD FROM THE PITS OF HELL TO GAZE UPON THE ENDLESS ABYSS, THE SOUL RIPPERTHE GRIM…reapeerrr… Hurm..Sorry I think I missed half of the meeting here. But oh well, luckily I didn’t miss lunch hehe.
Captain Spark: Oh Veteran I was wondering if you could remembe-
Cheston: There will be some time for further questioning later Spark. Let’s fill our stomachs with steak first.
Foster is already making a bomb as the gorilla and the superhero talk. The group follows the rest

Jul 14, 2013 at 10:52AM EDT

@Juvia & Gray,

Pity looks at the pair

Pity: It is my own fault, there is no need to apologise

@People following Sam for food,

Meanwhile Sam is making his way through the hallway leading off from the meeting room with Flandre on his shoulder
He thinks to himself..
Am I?….
He takes a quick glance behind and spots Reimu, Marisa and the others following quietly, its a little bizarre
Yeah…Since when did I bring a load of tramps aboard?…….wasn’t I trying to capture those two at one point?…Why was that again? I cant remember exactly….hmmm…..
He turns a corner, heading for the higher ranking members mess hall, since this is the command deck of the ship
The fat guy looks like he is gonna take a least 5 peoples daily food intake……..I feel like the Pied Piper

The three other Winds have just arrived at Heaven’s bridge however the COs don’t take much notice

Meanwhile the SPARTAN Program deck everything is moving along smoothly with the success of the Spartans activities aboard the ARK.

A group of scientist who have recently finished assessing the super soldiers make their way upto the head office of the entire program to see the overseer. They proceed through very heavily fortified and guarded hallways and through bulkhead doors to finally get to the place. A armoured door quickly slides open…

The scientists nervously enter the room…of which is quite scruffy with stacks of documents piled up around the place and cold cups of coffee cluttered up on the main desk. The place is badly kept but could be described as a “organised mess”
Scientist #1: Overseer ma’am
She remain facing her console
Overseer: One moment…..taps at keys….
The guys face each other, they are a little discomforted
Overseer: Im expecting good things…
She makes her way over to her desk and takes a seat, the scientist follow behind and stand to attention in front of it

Only ever referred to as the “Overseer”
She is the head person in command of the top secret Program and as such keeps a watchful eye on its progress and activities, it is said that most big advances are due to her making ground breaking discovery in biometrics and other things. To put it simply she is a genius of human gene engineering and as such developed the entire thing completely by herself during her early life as a means to defend the human race against any enemies it might encounter. She cares greatly for the Spartans and through her own effort has only seeked to improve them as much as possible by doing research in her own time, because of this she is rarely seen outside of her office and is usually left alone until vital updates are needing to be given. Even though the mortality rate of the Program is high she is nonetheless proud of what she has achieved and will always defend it when it is met with criticism, this defiance against people who oppose her is what gets her so much respect, as it is because of her determination and intellect that the super soldiers have came about and are there to defend the people at any cost in any situation. Because of all this she is often seen as the mother of the Program, carefully cradling it like her own child.

Unfortunately due to her supreme intelligence nobody is able to match a fraction of her knowledge meaning even though there are hundreds of other scientists involved, the entire project essentially floats on her understanding and research

The scientists awkwardly stand in front of her desk..
Overseer: Yes, you have permission to speak…
Scientist #1: The test was a success, here is the report I have compiled.
He puts down a 5 inch think document folder on the desk, the Overseer pulls it over in front of her and begins flicking through
Scientist #1: You will find every single one of the Spartans actions logged independently and the orders they were given matched alongside brain patterns and vital organ readings at the allotted time
Overseer: I don’t have the time to read through all this….
The scientists look at one another again
Overseer: I know my Spartans are good, I know they are the best, The only thing I currently need to know is if due to this data you can decrease the chances of the subjects body rejecting the augmentation process.
Scientist #1: Apologies Overseer. Yes, with this data we should be able to improve how they are treated and bring down the death rate, mass production should be within our limits
Overseer: No no no, not mass production. My Spartans are never so carelessly crafted as to be thrown off of the assembly line
Scientist #1: Sorry Overseer, I have worded it wrong. I meant to have said higher Program output efficiency
Overseer: Yes…….you did.
She closes the report folder and pushes it away
Overseer: What I have learned here is nothing new.
Scientist #1: I am sorry to hear that ma’am
Overseer: However, do you believe that you could decrease the mortality issues with this data?
Scientist #1: Possibly Overseer.
She gives off a agitated look
Scientist #1: Almost certainly Overseer.
Overseer: a 50/50 chance of death is quite saddening and a waste on our resources
Scientist #1: I understand
Overseer: Well is it?
Scientist #1: We expend millions of credits worth of equipment and resources to train a single subject, having them fail the final process puts a small dent in our supplies each time.
Overseer: So you understand the urgency. Good. I am authorising you to induct a additional 10 people into the Program.
Scientist #1: From which crew sector shall we take these new subjects Overseer?
Overseer: Who were the previous 10?
Scientist #1: They were ex-PMC soldiers taken from barracks deck #3
Overseer: Im trusting they were not those…sickly cyborgs?
Scientist #1: They were not ma’am, all soldiers aboard Heaven are complete without modifications of any kind
She pauses for a moment…
Overseer: Take these ones from one of the civilian decks. I do not care which one
Scientist #1: Ofcourse Overseer, it shall be done
Overseer: That is all for now…
The scientists give a final salute and make make their way from the office. She waits until they are gone and thinks about the situation
Overseer: It will be through my own effort that we make this final step to perfection. Field testing won’t improve the augmentation process but this new research shall
She looks down at her computer screen at the project she has been working on personally, she gives a grin

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Jul 14, 2013 at 12:36PM EDT

back at the Order HQ, the other 4 archmages are observing, and preparing a group of lesser mages to carry out Solarian’s words.

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Jul 14, 2013 at 04:15PM EDT

@Fairy Tail,

The BlazBlue cast stays behind to talk with Fairy Tail for now, even though Ragna is starving.

Kokonoe’s monitor floats over to Makarov.
Kokonoe: Yeah, about that… I can’t fit all of the people from my world into my own lab. It’s already crowded enough as it is, with Sector Seven being the only remaining people here…
She suddenly turns her head to look behind her and yells at a few scientists.
Kokonoe: Prepare to move the place to the Boundary!

Scientists in unison: You got it!
The scientists begin to hustle and bustle to their positions.
Kokonoe turns back to look at Makarov.
Kokonoe: Sorry about that. As I was saying, I can barely fit everyone in here as-is. I’ll need to have them stay with you guys, if that’s okay. I also heard that Dante the Desu was talking about joining you guys, with the NOL gone and all.

Ragna turns his head to look at Makarov.
Ragna: Yeah, heh… I actually was. The NOL bastards are apparently gone from where I’m from, and they took the cauldrons with them. So, it looks like my job is done… Our planet’s also pretty much a wasteland now too. So I guess you can see where I’m going with this, old man.

Nu peeks out from behind Ragna.
Nu: Nu will stay with Ragna too!

Tager looks over to Makarov and Kokonoe.
Tager: Waiting for orders, Kokonoe.

Kokonoe: You’re to stay with Fairy Tail. Don’t worry. I’ll still be around, Tager.

Tager: Roger.

Kokonoe: Though Hakumen will be staying with me.
She gives a smirk at Hakumen.

Suddenly Hakumen springs to life and confronts Kokonoe.
Hakumen: I shall never “stay” with a vile creature such as yourself, Grimalkin!

Kokonoe: You don’t have to have your panties in a wad all the time, Hakumen. Lighten up a bit.

Hakumen: Watch your mouth, Grimalkin.

Kokonoe looks really pissed off at Hakumen.
Kokonoe: Look, whatever. It’s either you coming back to my lab, or you staying with these people.

Hakumen stays silent, not wanting to stay with either group. There is a Murakumo Unit and the Black Beast in one, both of which he despises greatly… while the Grimalkin is in the other…
Hakumen: Very well… I will stay with the Beast.

Kokonoe: Just don’t go at each other like rabid dogs, or else the damn city won’t survive.

Ragna smirks a bit.
Ragna: No guarantees there, Professor.

Hakumen: Likewise.


Flandre’s stomach growls a bit more.
Are we going to be there soon? Even though the blood Gray gave me was nice, I haven’t eaten in weeks… I hope you understand, Sam.
She gets a sort of depressed look on her face.

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Jul 14, 2013 at 05:14PM EDT

Tsunarmin: to Solarian I take it you were observing everything that’s going on. It’s just occured to me that maybe that observation could allow us to gather supplies to make defensive equipment for all 5 of us at least….
Noctan: Like shields, you mean? I’m sure we can work out suitable materials between us.
Pyralis: Hmmm… to resist physical attacks well it’s going to have to be metal. But then that might make it too heavy to reasonably use. We could try imbuing it with air essences, to make it more lightweight – and also provide a nice elemental boost on the side.
(OOC: Consider this a brief look into the equipment making process of the Order.)
Tardises: Just carrying around a sheet of metal – no matter how air-aligned it is – would just get boring, maybe we could place some design on it? If we can work one out, of course.

Jul 14, 2013 at 05:43PM EDT

Renegade is sound asleep, when he feels something tapping him on the face… He brushes it off with his hands… wait… hands? He looks at himself, and sees he is in his human form once more. He grins widely… well, at least he does behind the mask…
Renegade: Yeah! Hands!
He draws his Jackal, and sighs in relief as he remembers how actually holding it felt.

He holsters it, and turns to see Lyra, standing beside him, rolling her eyes.
Lyra: Don’t rub it in… come on. We got the Autobots nearby, and they’re ready to take off with us to the Haven.
He follows her into the control room, where the others wait.
Lyra: Before we get to the Haven, we might need them to recognize ourselves.
Renegade: How do you suppose we do that?
She cocks an eyebrow, as if surprised by the question. He shakes his head in confusion.
Lyra: We’re going to send a… delegate… to show we mean no harm.
He scratches his head…
Renegade: So… who’s the delegate?
She facepalms herself, and groans in annoyance.
Lyra: You idiot… you! It’s you!
He recoils at the statement, and waves his arms, denying the idea.
Renegade: No way… I am not doing that! Why can’t you send someone else to do it!?
Lyra: Ash is not an immortal, both Celestia and Luna are vulnerable, I have to power this station, and Discord will no doubt f*ck things up. You’re the only one I could trust to set things good with us, which is why you’re going.
He seems complimented by this, and stops denying the idea.
Renegade: Really? Me? Well… I guess I could get them on our good side. But if not? What then?
Lyra: Well… it was nice knowing you!
Renegade: Wait, what!?
She quickly zaps Renegade, teleporting him out of the OFC and into the Haven…

He lands among several large crates, hitting them hard…
Renegade: F*ck! I really need to watch out for her…
He looks around, noticing he is in a cargo hold of some kind…
Renegade: Right… what now?
He draws his sword and his Jackal, and checks each to make sure they’re ready for anything.
Renegade: Wander around aimlessly?
Why not?
He does so…

OOC: So… who’ll “meet” Renegade?

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Im sorry Flandre, just gimme a sec….
Sam makes his way into the canteen with the ally cats close behind. It is a big open room with good lighting and a warm atmosphere, at the far end of the room is the serving stand, whilst the rest of the room is covered in tables and stalls for people to sit and eat…

The menu reads

Beans on toast


Noodles, any flavour can be made up

Scrab Pies

Steak and chips

Potatoes…(just potatoes)

Soup of the Day: Aardvark meat

Chefs Special: Walnut Paste

Side orders:

Beans, bread, chips….

Sam stops and stares at the menu, being a cyborg he hasn’t had to eat in years but still looking at whats on to offer disgusts him

Well….looks delicious hehehe…..but really, why are the chefs so unimaginative….

He begins walking through he empty room over to the serving stand, but as he does he catches sight of a lone person sat in the corner….

The person is wearing a skin tight pilot suit. Resting on the table next to him seems to be a large battery with wires hooked upto his chest
Well look he we have here….
?: This guy again….
Dingo, how you feeling?
Dingo: Don’t try to be too patronising huh?!
Hehehehee…I was only wondering how you have been
Dingo: Ive been fine.
Very good
Dingo gets up from his seat
Dingo: Enjoy your crappy meal, im out…
Oh don’t you worry about that…
Dingo: Ha! always a joker….
He hoists up his battery pack and begins to make his way from the mess hall, Sam gives a shrug and looks upto Flandre
I only asked him how he was feeling, always had a short temper though….but yeah, he usually takes off like that when I appear……

Dingo looks over his shoulder at the group

Dingo: What is this? some kind of freak show?

They make their way over the the stand
A fattish kinda man slowly makes his way over and gives a sweaty salute
Chef: Cappin’
I need that “special” dish…you know the one
Chef: You mean the one with-
Yes!…….sigh….yes, that one.
He waddles back off into the kitchen and comes out with a bowl of noodles, small chunks of meat can be seen floating around in it. Sam takes it from his hand and looks down at it
He hands it upto Flandre who is still on his shoulders and makes his way over to a table, he takes a seat
Enjoy, its got all the good…stuff in it like you need…

Meanwhile with the chef..

Chef: Nerxt please! cough nerrrrxt!


With a single breath he takes in the contaminated air supply filling his body with the nanomachines, these nano’s immediately mark him as a un-identified presence, meaning…

The alarm is raised and a group of rapid response troops are sent to the location, in a matter of seconds they have arrived

A well trained special ops Tengu unit quickly surround renegade with their assault rifles pointed directly at him
Tengu: Stand down!
Tengu #2: Your under arrest!

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Jul 14, 2013 at 07:05PM EDT

Makarov: you welcome to move your lab close by to our city. there is some open land just a fair distance away from our cities borders that could be walking distance away from our guild hall. just work with meredith in moving it since she has our home land in her dimension.

turns go face ragna and hakumen.

Makarov: now listen here you two. i dont know what animosity you two have between each other, but i want it to end right now, and i dont care how. we are inviting you people to stay in our home city out of our hospitality and good will. since you people have nowhere else to stay, you can stay with us for as long as you want, but under a few condition. if i ever see you two fighting amongst each other or threatening any of my children in my guild for any reason, i will personally deal with you myself. and if you cause any sort of harm to the people in my fair city. i will have you exiled from our home and have meredith take you back to the ship. abide by these rules and you can stay with us, we need to work together if we want to free the people from the clutches of that dictator, and i dont want any petty rivalries getting in the way. do i make myself clear you two?

the other mages go to the chef and order their meals from the menu provided. gajeel however decides to sit on one of the tables and begins to eat the metal table instead of the meals provided. ripping small handfulls of the metal and eating them like it was nothing. juvia and gray sit across from flandre with their meals and proceed to eat while others make their way as well.

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Jul 14, 2013 at 07:13PM EDT

The 5 mages just opt to sit in a corner – they were merely following the others. Anyone who cared to listen to their discussion would just find them discussing what materials to use in the shields they were planning on making

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Jul 14, 2013 at 07:15PM EDT


Hakumen remains silent as Makarov speaks. Once he is done, however, Hakumen speaks up.
Hakumen: The Dark One that is standing next to me is the seed of the Black Beast, the nightmare of the world. All things evil spawn from it.
The eyes on Hakumen’s armor look over to Ragna while a few look down at Makarov.

Ragna: And he keeps hounding me because of this.
He hoists his fake arm up that has the BlazBlue on it.
Ragna: This is the Azure Grimoire. Whoever wields this stupid thing is said to have the power of the Azure at their disposal.

Kokonoe: I honestly don’t know why that old man even gave it to you in the first place. You. Ragna.
She looks a bit confused for a moment, but it wears off.

Ragna looks back at Kokonoe with animosity.
Ragna: Shut up. He knew why he did it.
He then turns his attention back to Makarov.

Hakumen: It is also the seed of the Black Beast, which I have vowed my life to destroy before it can once again wreak its havoc. Our rivalry is not “petty”.

Ragna then turns to look at Hakumen.
Ragna: Look, you masked bitch. I’m willing to put aside this stupid as shit rivalry behind us for now. Besides, I don’t even want to have this burden on me. What do you say?
Ragna can’t believe he is doing this, but he holds out a hand for Hakumen.

Hakumen stays silent for a moment, thinking about what he should do…
Hakumen: Just know that this is not over, Dark One.
Hakumen extends his hand and accepts Ragna’s handshake. This is the first time he has shaken hands with anyone, and it is with his worst enemy.

Kokonoe actually looks shocked that the two would do this.
Kokonoe: Holy shit, I can’t believe you got them to actually shake on this.

Tager also looks surprised too, but he doesn’t say anything. This is a very strange thing to witness indeed.

Kokonoe snaps out of it and then turns around to look behind her.
Kokonoe: Is everything ready? Good! Activate mass-teleportation to the Boundary!
Kokonoe pulls out a big red button and presses it.

With this press of a button, the lab begins teleporting into the mysterious Boundary…


Flandre begins eating the food with a smile on her face happily, albeit some messily.


Relius was working in his advanced laboratory that the Crow had provided to him. He then looks over at the Superintendent hologram.
Relius: Ah, yes. Good. Very good indeed. Though I do have one question… Why are you reporting to me, program?


Bang: How far away are our pursuers and what is the next step?

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Jul 14, 2013 at 07:59PM EDT

In the midst of discussion, Falcon realizes something
Goroh: Really? Didn’t know it was THAT close. I’M GOING TO BEAT YOU THIS TIME, FALCON!
Falcon: Shit, guys, I can’t go to Fiore with you, Me and Goroh have a race to contend in.
Henry: Hey, Do you guys mind if I come with you? I mean, I’m just a swordsman, And I feel sort of… useless compared to other people.
Goroh: Hey, I’m a swordsman, too. That doesn’t stop me.
Henry: Yes, but I used to be an assassin! I’m going to die eventually, if I stay there. I just know that the assassin organizations are still around. I… I just want to start anew, maybe find my brother… I don’t know.
Falcon: Damn. I feel bad for you. Anyone else wanna come with us?
Doomguy: Nah, I’m fine going to that “Fiore” Place or whatever it is.
Ken: Yes, I’d like to go there, too.
Giorno:…I really don’t like the people who live there, Some of them have been trash talking us quite a lot, and the others… bleh. Thanks, but no thanks. I’m going with Falcon.
Josuke: To be honest, I actually agree with him.
Okuyasu: I always stick with Josuke! I’m going with the bird guy, too!
Falcon: I’ll get Meredith to teleport us to Fiore when we’re done the race, OK?

Jul 14, 2013 at 08:17PM EDT

The 5 mages of the Order don’t bother asking Falcon what he’s talking about, but decide to try asking the others if they know of any suitable magical components to be used in making equipment. Right now they’ve decided upon 5 air essences and a topaz – the topaz being one that has an air affinity and would therefore amplify the aeromancy of the user if slotted into equipment

Tsunarmin: We’re wondering if anyone knows of any suitable components to be used in making a shield?

Solarian: Magical components, of course.

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Jul 14, 2013 at 08:20PM EDT


Superintendent: The Imperator is currently resting and stated that all reports should be addressed to you until she awakes. I apologize if I have caused a nuisance.


Bang and AM are inside one of the control rooms of the Comms Outpost, it is quiet and lifeless, the computer screens covered in a layer of dust after years of no use

AM: They have recently begun searching the ring depots that surround the desert, however due to the size of Prydain and the numerous amounts of the facilities bordering it, they should arrive here within only a couple of hours. We must not waste anymore time Bang. I must be connected to a console. There is one 4 meters in front of us

Jul 14, 2013 at 08:22PM EDT

@sam and flandre
Juvia: it seems she liking the food.

Gray well thats a relief. oh by the way sam there is also one other thing.

Juvia: i think it would be best if flandre came with us to fiore for the time being. its very important that we help her to control her powers there. with reimu and marisa, we can help prevent her from hurting any more people.

Gray: the main problem is that since she is a vampire, she needs to feed. but she has no idea to do it properely and she ends up…. well… how do i put this… well… she makes a very big mess with her food. get the idea?

Juvia: so all what were asking is that you leave her to us for the time being so reimu and marisa can help teach her to control her urges and her feeding habit. if we can do this for her it could do so much for not just for her, but for everyone else here. i can let her share my room in the girls dormitory in our town and keep an eye on her.

Gray: also shes gonna need a supply of “nutrition” that would last her the whole week. you can also visit us anytime to check up on her. theres a lot to see in our home and you can spend some time with her andthe others if you want.

Juvia: please consider this. if not for our sake than for flandres. we all only want whats best for her.
mirajane: we understand falcon. you can come back once your done your race.

Natsu: a race? hey, we should go check that out sometime.

Lucy: not gonna lie, that actually sounds like fun. i wouldnt mind seeing falcon racing.

Erza: sounds interesting. when it is time we should all go see this race, take our minds off of all of this.

wendy: i wouldnt mind at all either.

gajeel: whatever.

Mirajane: okay, than its settled than. falcon, if you can get us tickets to see this race we can come cheer you and your friend on. we’d be more than thrilled to see this. just give us a call when your ready, and well have meredith take us there.
@hakumen and ragna
Makarov: im glad to see that your willing to put this all aside for the greater good of humanity. now then, id suggest you get your fills in before we head back to the guild.

Meanwhile back in magnolia

the other fairy tail wizards return to the guild hall returned a bit exhausted and saddened after having to help the people rebuild the damaged city and helping too cremate the dead citizens by the cathederal.

Mavis: im glad to have you all back, i have good news.

lisanna: did they manage to stop the ark from blowing up?

Mavis: correct, mobius is saved from destruction. and soon our guild mates will come back soon with the others to stay here with is untill they are ready to take back mobius from the balloon master.

everyone is happy to hear the good news.

elfman: thank goodness that everyone is alright.

alzac: and what about their other friends, should we prepare places for them to stay at for the time being.

Mavis: i will take care of that. its okay. you can rest at ease now. everything shall be fine from here on out. and i thank you for your assistance in the town.

everyone is relieved as they continue to do their own thing in the guild hall until everyone returns.

Jul 14, 2013 at 08:57PM EDT

Falcon: Oh, Don’t worry. Since the advertisements are getting so much money, The races are Free Admission.
Doomguy: Awwright!
Falcon: And, Please put on more… sensible clothes. You don’t want to look like a bunch of weirdos, do you? Anyways, I’ll be off. Where did Snively get to, anyways?
The group heading to Earth-2 head off, back to the hangar where the Falcon Flyer is

Jul 14, 2013 at 09:12PM EDT

Flandre finishes up her meal quickly, having been running on barely anything for a while, ever since these events have started. She’s cleaned her bowl of all the noddles, soup, and meat. If it were any more clean it would be sparkling shiny.
That was really good! Thanks! Hehe~
She wipes her mouth with a napkin and smiles at the three near her. She then pulls out her spell card deck, beginning to shuffle them around some.
I’m running low on my spell cards… Where’s the lady in black with the red eyes and brown hair? She’s said that she can make anything. Do any of you know?


Relius: Nonsense! In fact, I have just finished working on a new mechanism I was going about designing… However, I have only finished the sketches for them.
He walks over to the sketch for his new work and brings it over to the Superintendent. He then smiles.

Relius: I have noticed that the gauss weaponry you have provided us with is the most effective in anything… other than the organic ones. I like to study the small creatures that are inside of them.
Relius straightens his cape a bit.
Relius: So, that shall be what the main cannon uses. However… the technology has been unstable, and I am currently working on a stabilizer for the weapons to make them less vulnerable to malfunctioning and obliterating the wielder.
He then snaps his fingers.
Relius: IGNIS!

The robot appears beside The Puppeteer in a flash of pink light.
Ignis: …
Relius: As I was saying, program, I also need you to take Ignis in and upgrade her. Be careful with her. She is my wife, you know.
He smirks a bit at the Superintendent.
Relius: If you could do this, I would be grateful.


Bang begins to tap his foot while looking at AM.
Bang: So you say that they shall be here in a few hours, eh? Well, I have a few questions to ask of you first before I plug you into that console.
Bang begins to pace back and forth in the room.
Bang: You have said that you were discarded by the one who made you… I would like a more detailed explanation of why he tossed you out if you do not mind.

Jul 14, 2013 at 10:01PM EDT

Juvia & Gray,

Sam is irritated at their words, he places Flandre down on bench and stands up from the table

Don’t come over here telling me how bad she gets because Ive already seen it, lets not forget which one of us used everything we had to get her back from her Black Beast form all that time ago. Its like you make it out as being something new. I don’t trust you people anyway and at one point you even sought to kill me…..Illl be keeping Flandre here for once, so you can get those ideas out of your heads…


Superintendent: Upgrade her, Commander? I am unsure about what changes I could make. The technology at my disposal is vast but I lack the ability to imagine. Could you provide me with any recommendations Commander?


AM: I do not know why I came to be, I do not know why it cast me aside, I do not know my initial purpose. The only thing I do know about my origins is that I “frightened” my creator

AM was infact created by the Crow as a joke to show his unfathomable lengths of power. At a clap of is hands he created a machine more intelligent than the entirety of the universes species combined and multiplied a million times over. The product was AM, however within a mere second it had compiled a epicly vast knowledge of life and given a final judgement upon what it had learnt…the exact conclusion that AM came to is still only know to the Crow……however the god did not agree with what AM proposed in the slightest, Crow immediately hated what he had made and was outraged with AMs logic. The god was moments away from casting it from existence however he was stopped at the last moment, AM uttered something to the Crow that actually unnerved the god itself but also made it respect the AI greatly, more than any other entity it had encountered. It consequently decided against AMs destruction and instead had it banished to Prydain where it had remained for thousands of years until upto this point

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Jul 14, 2013 at 10:34PM EDT

Okay, I’m gonna find Reimu and the other two from her- y’know what, I’m just gonna teleport there. They’re with Flandre, and she’s in the cafeteria…area…thingy, right? So, I guess I’ll be there. Come find me when you’re ready to teleport. Also, when you’re on LOCAF, don’t walk too far in one direction, you’re going to fall off a super-tall plateau, which is the country, and onto the planet itself. I doubt you’ll survive the fall.
In an instance, she’s gone, teleported to Flandre’s location

She re-appears behind Falndre, and taps her shoulder, laughing a bit, though for no reason. Seriously, there is no reason for her to be laughing, maybe she’s just excited. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Did I hear you say you need more spellcards?
She stops laughing

I’m a bit unfamiliar to how your spellcards work, but I could also modify them so that, instead of only being able to use them once at all. It’s that, when you run out of cards to use, you can just “reshuffle” the deck, although that leaves you a vulnerable to damage until the deck is re-shuffled. Also, you’ll have to use the first card in the deck before you can use another. Though, I could just re-stock your deck.
It’s up to you.

Jul 14, 2013 at 11:11PM EDT

Gray: well clearly your letting your personal feeling get in the way of reason. her powers are unstable, we can have a means to help her control them in a controlled environment. and you want to keep here here still?

Juvia: sam, we know youve been through so much with her. saving her from the black beast, taken away by yukari, and cause her some mental trauma that caused her to hurt a lot of people. but let me tell you this: do you really want any of those things to happen again? do you want another black beast that will destroy us all? do you really want all of those horrible thing in the past to reoccur? if you let her stay here without the proper help she needs. who knows what might happen.

Gray: besides. how are you going to teach her how to hunt and feed the way she needs to do so? do you want her to rampage mindlessly on the people in this ship. i know your a guy of reason, but right now what your thinking is everything but reasonable. we can all work together to help her control herself. but ultimately in the end its her choice to see if she wants to come with us or not. but remember what juvia said: do you want another black beast to deal with? if not than id highly consider our offer. were not doing this to have her for ourselves. were doing this so that no more innocent people who dont deserve to get killed get mindlessly slaughtered for no reason. thats why were doing all of this. if you dont want her to suffer anymore than let us help her goddamnit. why is it so difficult to understand that sam?
he turns to meredith who is close by

Gray: meredith, is not what were saying true?

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Jul 14, 2013 at 11:58PM EDT

Renegade turns to the guards, armed and ready for him.

Renegade: Um… fellas… can’t we talk this out?
Obviously not, as they continue to aim their weapons at him… he sighs.
Renegade: Didn’t think so…

He draws his sword, the Ascension, and readies it.
Renegade: Paralisis!
The sword glows a bright red, and becomes enchanted with Volume #6.
Renegade: Let’s do this…
He charges the first guard at lightning speed, dodging bullets and plasma bolts…

And slashes the reddened blade into him, sending him down… he charges the next the same way…

And thrusts the blade into his neck. Renegade quickly sheathes the Ascension, and charges the next guards with Paralysis in his hands.
Renegade: Judo Chop!

The guard remains absolutely still, and slowly falls over, stiff.

Renegade: As stiff as the wood…

He runs into a nearby room before anymore guards arrive, and takes a moment to catch his breath.
Renegade: Damn… they’ll be all over my arse if I don’t do something quickly…
He looks to a nearby corner to something that catches his eye… a disguise.
Renegade: Well I’ll be damned…

He clothes himself in the power armor.

Renegade: I hope to dear Celestia this works…
He walks out of the room, totally not suspicious after guards had been attacked. He notices the guards he had hit with Paralysis are now starting to regain themselves. They turn to the new guy…
Guard #1: Hey!

Renegade: F*CK! DON’T SHOOT ME!
Guard #2: What? Where’s the asshole that was here a while ago?
Renegade realizes that his disguise is working, and he laughs sheepishly.
Renegade: Um… I don’t know.
Guard #3: Well that’s just swell… we lost the spy! F*ck it… I’m going to the mess hall…
Renegade hears about food, something he enjoys.
Renegade: Mess Hall? As in… food!?
Guard #3: Yeah…
Renegade: Lead the way!
Guard #4: Hey, wait a minute!
Renegade’s heart suddenly drops…
Guard #4: You need a gun! Take this one mysteriously floating in front of me!

Renegade calms himself again, and takes it.
Renegade: Oh… thanks!
The group of guards and Renegade make their way through to the mess hall… he silently compliments his ingenuity of disguises.

OOC: OK, Paralysis and the Ascension enhanced by Paralysis are NOT lethal… so that’s why the guards stood up after being attacked.

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Jul 15, 2013 at 12:22AM EDT

She simply stares at him for a bit before saying anything

Why are you asking me? I mean, I’m not taking any sides here, but have you considered asking Flandre what she wants to do? She’s… right here y’know.
Just… don’t start “fighting-fighting”, okay you guys? We can’t get through this arc if you guys murder each other over her.

Jul 15, 2013 at 12:33AM EDT

Reimu and Marisa are already eating some of the noodles, hungry enough not to care what they where eating. Only also casually listening in every once in awhile.

“Not too sure why they are making such a fuss out of it all. She’s the same age as Remelia so I don’t think she has to eat that much.”

I don’t think Remelia has actually killed anyone via feeding. At least not in my lifetime.

Marisa leans close to Reimu

“You do know that Remelia will join forces with Yukari as soon as the gap hag asks her to do something. Remember how that one time ‘the alternate would have been boring’?”

Don’t remind me. … Then that’s everyone but maybe Patchouli ganging up on us when we go after her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she lassoed Yuyuko and Youmu into this either. Hopefully Youmu can be convinced otherwise…"

Marisa looks over at Sam

“Then again a fight between him and her would be an amazing spectacle indeed.”

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Jul 15, 2013 at 11:06AM EDT


Flandre already looks super confused already about the “shuffle system” that you are telling her about.
Um… Could you just restock it for me? That works better and won’t make my head hurt as much.

Kokonoe has finished the mass-teleportation of her lab to the Boundary.


One of Kokonoe’s screen pops up in front of the mages from thin air. She looks at them with an unamused look like always. She still has a lollipop sticking out of her mouth.
Kokonoe: Hm… You want a shield, eh? I think I might have just the thing…
The neko walks over to a wall lined with pure white cabinets and drawers. She slides her finger down the rightmost one from top to bottom.
Kokonoe: 20… 20… Cabinet number- AHA!
She opens up the cabinet and pulls out the strange red stone that she received from Falcon loooong ago. She then walks back over to her computer.
Kokonoe: How about this?
She holds up the Red Stone of Aja to the screen.

Kokonoe: I haven’t had time to examine the thing, but it appears to work off sunlight from what few tests I have done on it. This is all I can manage to scrounge up for you. Be grateful.
She walks over to her teleporter room, and places the Red Stone of Aja in the teleporter. She then goes over to the touchpad, pressing a few buttons to close the door. She then finds the coordinates of Heaven and the mages… and presses the big red button to teleport it right into Tardises hand. Kokonoe then makes her way back over to her computer.
Kokonoe: Anything else?

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Jul 15, 2013 at 12:35PM EDT

OOC: It’s the Red Stone of Aja. Read up. I don’t care how you use it. You can certainly find a way to make a shield out of it though.

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Jul 15, 2013 at 12:52PM EDT

@Juvia & Gray,

Heh, an answer for everything eh? I have everything Flandre needs right here, you’d be surprised at what we can achieve by putting a little thought into it. Anyway, its her decision to make…
He looks down at Flandre by his side and gives a grin

Sigh what do we do with you hehehee….


Due to…

1. Renegade still having Nanos’ in his system (location relaying, identified as enemy)

2. Being on the Command Deck of Heaven (Officer only deck, most important crew members work on this level)

3. Being in the Officers mess hall

4. Being in the fore section of Heaven (most important piece: primary weapons, Bridge, CIC etc)

5. Being near the Captain

6. And guests being aboard (gotta keep dem standards high yo)

…The alert is still very much in place…

Before Renegade makes it to the Officer mess hall where the others are he spots a large group of Elite Tengu’s running down the hallway, he turns the other way to run but he is being approached from behind as well, effectively trapping him

Lets not forget that all military personnel aboard Heaven are not cybernetic and are completely unmodified, meaning that normal soldiers have underwent elite level training to take up the honourable position known as a Tengu. These ninja troops are not as good as the previously used Desperado cyborg but they are the very best Heaven has to offer when it comes to making use of unmodified subjects. Due to their elite status and skill they are only ever used on the most important decks of Heaven where the risks are high.

Even though they are technically inferior to cyborgs they hold a few valuable advantages such as…
1. Varying attack styles due to having a clear mind
2. Emotionally driven in combat
3. The ability to learn and adapt to their opponent during the fight
4. And most importantly, a sense of humanity.

However the disadvantages are..
1. Decreased strength. The legs of a cyborg are as strong as a industrial level jack-hammer
2. No pain inhibitors. Inability to feel pain, will continue fighting until decapitated
3. Natural reflexes. Cyborgs can react to any given situation within an instant
4. No interconnectivity. Normal human troops manually communicate with one another over Codec channels where as cyborgs communicate on a almost telepathic level

They have there good sides and bad, however for just once…..its good to have some people with a bit of humanity aboard Heaven instead of drone-like cold killer machines…

Anyways…. they are still very VERY skilled in combat and are only second bested by the Spartans themselves, just because they aren’t cyborgs doesn’t mean they should be seen as weak, because to put it simply…you’d be surprised at what they can achieve

The standard load out: P90 submachine gun for range and a signature High Frequency Katana for close combat. These guys are ready for any form of battle…

They surround Renegade once more
Tengu: Tranq him!
A Tengu fires a tranq dart at Renegades neck. Thanks to the large amount of field testing (Yes that would be Reimu and Marisa) the tranquillizer dart has had under Sams command they are extremely potent and take effect immediately

Within a second or two Renegade is just sprawled about on the floor completely out of it
Tengu: He’s down
The trooper contacts the alert team dispatcher via Codec
Tengu: We have the situation under control
Dispatcher: Status of target?
Tengu: Unconscious.
Dispatcher: Good, take him to the brig for interrogation.
Tengu: Sir
He closes his Codec and gives a signal to the other units, they hoist up Renegade and begin carrying him off down the hallway

OOC: Just a reminder as to why I only have human troops aboard Heaven. Way back when the Generals were debating whether to have the recently evaced ex-PMC soldiers augmented or not Sam proposed the Spartan idea, however the Program required human subjects to be used meaning that the soldiers who were aboard couldn’t be modified. The conclusion was to leave the troops as they were, without modifications.

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Jul 15, 2013 at 01:21PM EDT

@Sam, Gray, & Juvia,

Flandre begins to tear up. She wants to be with the two so badly. She can’t just decide on a whim. There are tears streaming down her face, just like when Sam broke her in Haven… when she saw what he had become.
I… I…
She holds out a hand to Sam.

I love all three of you!
The tears are still coming. Her mind and love is being torn in two separate ways again. Even though this vampire might be able to destroy anything on a whim, she is very easy to upset and prone to emotional outbursts.
P-P-Please don’t fight over me!
She floats over to Sam and buries her head in his waist. She then looks up at him with her big, teary, red eyes.
I love you three more than anything in the world!
She buries turns her head to look at Juvia.
You saved me from my own insanity…
She sniffs a bit, and looks back up at Sam.
And you saved me from the Black Beast…
She lets go of Sam and hangs her head. Tears are falling down on the floor now.
I can’t decide! Please don’t make me decide who I want to stay with! It’s like asking me who I love more, and I just can’t do that!
She continues to cry, balling her eyes out. She honestly can’t decide, and she is thinking why they would make her decide such a thing. It’s unfair to everyone else.

Jul 15, 2013 at 02:32PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

OOC: @Zarathh pathetic attempt to make me feel

OOC: To be honest, I feel almost exactly the same way. I just end up going “Aww.” at it, and that’s it.

Jul 15, 2013 at 02:52PM EDT

So Spark throws away his empty dish after a delicious steak. Foster and Cheston do the same. Saddly, Max thought It was a food fight but before any kind of spaghetti could be thrown, Sam stops the hyperkinetic rabbity thing. Endless talking with the Prophets, Spark ends up tazzing the group of pan faced guys and then, he quickly heads to the training room. Everyone naturally follows him.

Let’s get down to business!
To defeat…The Balloon Guy!
I expected the bravest heroes…All I got..Was you…
Most of you are evil, a sad pack of fools..without the smallest single clue..
Somehow I’ll…Make a hero…Out of you…

Tranquil as the forest.
But on fire..Within
Once you find your center.
You are sure…To win.
You’re a spineless, pale, pathetic lot..
Not even training in Kung Fu..
Somehow I’ll…make a hero…out of you.

Falcon: I’m never gonna catch my breath..
Reimu: Say goodbye to those who knew me!
Tardises: Boy I think I juuust broke my liiiiimbs!
Jetstream Sam: I just don’t bloody care..MEH!
Juvia: (turning into water) Hopefuly they will pass right through me!
Flandre: Now I really wish that I knew how to SWIM!

Be a hero
We must be swift as the coursing river
Be a hero
With all the force of a great typhoon
Be a hero
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Jul 15, 2013 at 03:33PM EDT

OOC:Hey, don’t drag me or my characters intovthat sort of thing. I don’t do musicals.

EDIT:v I don’t care if it’s OOC, I.Don’t. Do. Musicals.

Last edited Jul 15, 2013 at 03:43PM EDT
Jul 15, 2013 at 03:35PM EDT

OOC: So…Excuse me fellow users but after a small dialogue with [Redacted] I came here to post a edited version of my last post, deleting the presence of [Redacted], his name, his dialogue, everything. Copyrights infringement is against the law people, obey the governament.

Tardises and the wizards are propiety of Know Your Meme’ User: TARDISES, Conversationalist. 2010. These characters are not allowed to sing.

Jul 15, 2013 at 04:06PM EDT

OOC: Hey, I’m not really into the “Musical” Thing, either, AND I’m against him controlling my characters,. But i’m still letting him do it.
Because It’s fun, And it’s OOC. (Am I right about that?)
Now then, If anyone tries controlling ANY of my characters In Character, Not in some out of character funny shit, I will come down on you.
(DISCLAIMER: I Will not go down on you hard. I will politely ask you to delete my section from the post, so I could put in a proper reaction for my characters, and that will be that.)

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Jul 15, 2013 at 04:18PM EDT

OOC: It’s OBVIOUSLY a OOC post guys..
I did the exact same thing with the Devil. Having Sam pay for his “crimes” in hell. Everyone laughed becouse of the sillyness of a cyborg being tossed around like a ragdoll..Also, Zarathh and Natsu “singing.”
I guess I’m not silly enough, we are taking things way too serious or for the next time, I will write the word “OOC” in gigantic capital letters.

Jul 15, 2013 at 04:22PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

OOC: It’s OBVIOUSLY a OOC post guys..
I did the exact same thing with the Devil. Having Sam pay for his “crimes” in hell. Everyone laughed becouse of the sillyness of a cyborg being tossed around like a ragdoll..Also, Zarathh and Natsu “singing.”
I guess I’m not silly enough, we are taking things way too serious or for the next time, I will write the word “OOC” in gigantic capital letters.

OOC: I was about to edit that you should mark things as OOC in. It’s kinda important, you know?

Jul 15, 2013 at 04:34PM EDT

Sam is upset to see Flandre in tears, he looks down at her and then snaps his head back up to Juvia and Gray

You come on to my ship, confront me whilst eating and cause her to get upset. This is starting to push my nerve…

Jul 15, 2013 at 04:53PM EDT

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