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Flandre laughs as Juvia drops her into the water with the water-manipulating magic. Once Juvia gets in the water, she goes to sit in her lap with a smile on her face.

Kokonoe is actually enjoying this time out of her lab… even if she is one of the smallest there. She just sits back and smiles.
Kokonoe: This isn’t half-bad. I can feel all those knots in my neck going away just by being in this water…

Nu is seated between Erza and Levy. Some of her silver colored hair floats on the water’s surface, it being so long. She looks around at all the girls shyly before answering.
Nu: I am subject number 13, previous protector of the Sheol Gate and Cauldron.
Her voice sounds human with a robotic background to it now, instead of her normal voice.
Nu: Current objective: Unknown. Creator’s whereabouts: Uncertain. Scanning…
Nu begins to scan all the females in the hot springs once again. She gets all their readings and everything she knows about them from physical appearance.
Nu: Complete. No threats detected.
Once this is complete, Nu switches back to her normal mode once again… She just sort of snaps out of it and twiddles her thumbs, turning to Levy.
Nu: I’m Nu… Nu came here because she wanted to be with Ragna… It was lonely out in the Boundary. Nu just wanted to be with Ragna again, so she came here…
She looks down again, self conscious of herself. She has never been one to like anyone else besides Ragna at all.
Nu: Nu has noticed that not all the people are bad here like they were in the past…


As soon as they mention Hazama’s death, Ragna’s eyes light up with a mixture of confusion and a scarce look of happiness…but mainly confusion.
Ragna looks around a bit in a frenzy, but shortly returns to his cool-headed demeanor.
Ragna: How the hell did the girl even kill him?


Hakumen’s eyes look up at Mavis on his gauntlets. He does not even move his head to look at her.
Hakumen: This is the Sankishin Susano’o Unit. My soul was bound to the armor once I accepted my destiny of becoming a hero. The Susano’o Unit provides me with limitless resources of power and stamina so that I can always fight. This proved very effective when fighting the Black Beast.


Bang: Very well. What is it that we must do now?
Bang looks around the room, hoping that the troops do not come to interfere…

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Ken, who, while meditating, was also listening in and fully aware of what is going on, chimes in.
Ken: I heard something about “Severing all potential outcomes where he survives” or something like that. In other words, he’s gone for good.

Jul 19, 2013 at 09:10PM EDT


AM: They have exceeded my predictions….

It is only moments after these ominous words that the scouts launch their surprise attack. Unbeknownst to AM and Bang the search teams have been covering the desert and surrounding facilities at a much faster rate than previously thought, and now they have finally caught up. They were followed into the Comm station from the shadow and have been watched over ever since by a group of scouts waiting for the right time to pounce.

In a frenzy of confusion and shock a flash bang is detonated between Bang and AM as the squad seize their opportunity and strike with guns blazing.

The scouts volt over the cover they were hiding behind and begin firing off thousands of rounds from their dual wield machine pistols at Bang. A storm of lead is heading straight his way….

Jul 19, 2013 at 09:37PM EDT

@boys room
Natsu: yah ken your right.

gray: that reimu character used some sort of powerful spellcard that just…. i dunno.. erases him from existance.. or something like that.

Gajeel: well i dont think there is any coming back from something like that.

Pantherlilly: good riddance. he can no longer hurt any more innocent people.

Happy: so thats it then. the green haired man is gone for good. so we all dont have to worry about him anymore.

Natsu: thats happy. hes not going to be bothering anyone ever again. so you dont have to worry about him anymore, nor about what he did to you now that hes gone.

gray: so just relax and enjoy yourself for the time being.
@the girls

they hear nu’s story and why she came here. there a bit weired out about her robotic tone, but simply understand that shes just a bit nervous.

Levy: thats the sweetest thing, and its okay if your a bit shy around a bunch of strangers. were good people all of us at fairy tail.

Lucy: though some of the guys here may come out a bit mean or cold. or even stupid. we all care about one another here at out guild. like a family.

Wendy: and thats what makes fairy tail great. you dont have to feel left out or alone when your with us.

Carla: so dont worry about getting hurt around us. unless some of the more stupid people in the guil start fighting eachother ofer nothing ad trash the whole place.

everyone giggles for a bit

Cana: so, Nu. could we ask about that fancy eye patch you have there?

erza finds out about what nu said about the bad people in her past.

Erza: i dont think thats something she may be comfortable talking about. as curious as it may be. though i will say this nu. we’ve all have been hurt by horrible people at some point in our lives. we all start out innocent, but sometimes we can fall victim to circoumstances that greatly alter our lives.

Wendy: thats very true erza. weve all had our down moments in our lives.

Carla: though that doesnt mean that we should hold back our lives just because of what people did to us in the past.

Erza: besides, you cannot hold a grudge against the world over the actions of a few, regardless of how horrible it may be.

Lucy: so nu, there is no need to worry about what happened to your past any more. cuz right now your here with us. all of us. so you dont have to feel lonely anymore.

Cana: yep. were all one, big, crazy family here in fairy tail. she says as she puts her arms around kokonoe and marisa who are nearby and im pretty sure we all agree with that.

Juvia: thats right. so, how is flan-flan enjoying the bath so far?

the girls are finaly done with hakumen. he armour looks as if the moonlight reflecting off of it could blind people with its radiance.

Lisanna: and DONE! your all sparkly clean.

Mirajane: the final coat of wax should help keep dirt off of you for a lot longer than before. so long as yo dont fall in mud of course.

the two sisters chuckle a bit.

Lisanna: so, your up next big guy. how do you want your gauntlets to be done?

Mavis: she turns her attention to renegade and the others.

so, do you have any suggestions on where you would like to stay? we could make for some quick arangements for you. or if you have any preferences, we could see if we can accomodate them for you?

Elfman: so long as you guys dont blow up the place like natsu and gray. those two idiots always get into fights and wreck the whole place

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Doomguy: Not if we go to hell, we don’t.
Ken: What are you talking about?
Doomguy: Maledict. He’s probably planning an invasion of earth, and we’ll have to go to hell to find and kill him.

OOC: Planning a sort of “Boss Rush” for that.

Jul 19, 2013 at 10:25PM EDT


No matter where Terumi may be, dead or alive… Ragna still harbors hatred for the green haired lunatic. He had ruined his childhood, killed his mother, and done all other sorts of horrible things to him. However, he puts this aside for now.
Ragna: … I guess you’re right. That still doesn’t change what he did to me though.
He takes another good look at his right arm before looking back up.
Ragna: I’ll just get my rest while I can…
Ragna leans back against the wall of the springs.

Ragna then hears Doomguy’s mention of Maledict.

Ragna: Who the hell are you talking about? You mean the shit-faced “demon” that kept pestering our group?


The girls in the hotsprings ask about Nu’s eyepatch…

Nu reaches to her eyepatch and touches it with one hand.
Nu: Um, like, this is an Azure Grimoire. Ragna has one!
Her voice turns a bit happier at her mention of Ragna.
Nu: Ragna and Nu will be together forever because of this…
She smiles a bit.

Then they mention her past…

Nu: Nu doesn’t really wanna talk about her past… They were all mean people that tortured Nu for a long time. Nu was hoping that Ragna would come and save her from the mean people…
She looks down at the water, saddened some at the unearthing of her past. She then raises her head up.
Nu: But now that Nu is with Ragna, that makes her feel happy again!

Flandre giggles as Juvia asks her how she likes her bath.
I like it a whole lot, momma! Hehe~

Kokonoe is just kinda relaxing, letting the water work its magic.


Tager: If you could do the same thing that you have done to Hakumen for my gauntlets, that would be splendid. However they are made of complex machinery. Be careful.


Bang is stunned by the flashbangs. Being disoriented, Bang crashes through a wall hard enough to break it and avoid the bullets fired at him. However, he has to leave AM behind… Once Bang is clear from disorientation, he begins to run…

@Ex-Lieutenant of the PMC that Flandre absolutely destroyed…

You are walking down the hallway of Heaven. It’s your daily routine. You’re taking your usual route. Nothing’s gonna break your stride. However… you turn a corner and suddenly you see what looks like oak hardwood floor boarding. Heaven doesn’t have anything like this on it… “Is this a new renovation?” you think to yourself. You keep walking… As you walk, you begin to see brass mechanical pillars with cogs that wind them up and down. They look sort of like pistons almost. As you look up, you can see that there is an endless clockwork mechanism on the ceiling that stretches on for as far as the eye can see. You think to yourself “This is strange…” You then turn back around. You didn’t walk all that far from when you first got in here, and the corridor shouldn’t be all that far from your position… What you see startles you greatly. The corridor hallway is now gone. You get freaked out and begin to run the way you were just going, your mind going blank. The further you run, the more strange the place becomes. There is no noise other than the clanging together of the pistons, the noise of the clockworks moving, and your own footsteps… As you keep going, you see that plants are starting to pop up from place to place around the pistons… You get even more scared, but your body cannot carry you any further. You are now lost here… trapped in your surroundings.

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Doomguy: Yes. He was pretty easy to defeat back when I fought him, like a year ago, so it should be just as easy now. Though I DO have to wonder about that form he’s in.
You know, speaking of that, Wanna here the story about how I singlehandedly drove back the forces of hell?

OOC: Spoiler alert: It aint gonna be that easy.

Jul 19, 2013 at 10:55PM EDT

@ Tager
Renegade: We’ll be most grateful for that, thank you.
Ash: Yeah…
His old chainsaw arm falls off, along with his cannon arm.
Ash: F*ck…

@ Mavis
Renegade: We don’t want to trouble you any further than we already have. Anything with a bed will do…
He turned his attention to the two Alicorns and Discord.
Renegade: Um… excuse me for a moment…
He approaches them.

Renegade: My bad… I didn’t ask for your preferences.
Celestia waves it off.
Celestia: It is of no worry. If possible… I need Luna to go to bed with you, Renegade.
He registered surprise at the request.
Renegade: What!? Wait…
Luna looks to Celestia, and then to Renegade, and nears him, smiling.
Luna: Yay! It’ll be like a slumber party!

Renegade turns to Celestia.
Renegade: What about you?
Celestia: I must practice and train myself using magic once again. Renegade… I believe if we can combine our powers together, we can harness them to be much more lethal.
Renegade: What? How so?
Celestia: For now, it is not important. I must train heavily before I am ready. That is why I ask that you protect Luna.
Renegade nods, and Celestia turns to Luna.
Celestia: Lu, I want you to listen to Renegade, and stay next to him… OK?

Luna: Yes, Tia!
Celestia turns back to Renegade, and they both nod in conception. She then walks toward the main hall. Renegade turns to Discord.
Renegade: What about you?
Discord: Anything will do… I can change it myself.
Renegade nods, and turns back to Mavis.
Renegade: Anything with beds, please.

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Ragna sighs as Doomguy asks his question.
Ragna: There sure as shit isn’t anything to talk about right now… Go for it.

Jul 19, 2013 at 11:09PM EDT

Reimu finally manages to brush Marisa’s matted hair out and they go join the girls in the hot spring

“ooooh yeah~”

Ahhh… like the one back home…

They lean on each other and listen into the conversation


I tried finding pics of them in a hot spring, but all I found was porn. Guess your imagination will have to do the work. n_n;;

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>Imagining Reimu and Marisa in hot spring
>Porn anyway…
Yeah my imagination just couldn’t keep it civil

The Lieutenant finds himself in this strange new place….

He stops for a moment and looks around the place with just his eyes, taking in all of his surroundings…

Contrary to all that has happened the particular Lieutenant that fought against the Touhou girls during the PMC/BM war had survived and made it to Heaven during the big Paris evac of all remaining forces…However he had a tough time getting there…

Just after the fight, where most of his squad were mutilated in front of his eyes, he returned to his camp with his completely destroyed right arm. After a gruelling few hours of walking through abandoned streets and suffering the immense pain Flandre had put him in he finally returned only to find…

That the place was burning to the ground after a recent attack, he acted fast and began searching through the burning base managing to save a few of his comrades even though he was still enduring the sever physical trauma of the attack only a few hours earlier, he tried for ages to save more but his body was burnt badly from the increase of the blaze. When he finally gave up he returned to the position where he left the ones he did manage to retrieve however he found that they had been taken, only patches of blood remaining on the ground before him.

This didn’t stop him nor did it break him mentally, he just carried on and left for another camp to report on the disaster. He remained there for a few days, got patched up, had some rest. Although is wasn’t long until Heaven gave the evac command.

Along with this new division he made his way all the way to Paris and managed to survive the disease ridden street and dissolution of the PMC command structures. When he finally got aboard he was fixed up properly and given a cybernetic arm prosthesis, treatment for his burns and a medal for his achievements on the field. He was then offered the opportunity to respectfully retire but he denied as he wished to continue serving, doing what he did best and teaching new recruits

But things have taken a different turn and here he is, on another mishap in his rather eventful life…He takes a knee and tries to contact Dispatch and his superiors for help on his Codec…

He keeps his cool and sighs to himself. Standing back up he gives another look around and draws out his pistol. He holds it down in front of him at the ready and then begins exploring, trying to find a way to escape this peculiar place….

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ooc: natsuru. i dont think we mind at all.


Juvia: juvia is happy that your enjoying yourself.

Levy: you sure do care for her a lot juvia. its like shes your daughter, which is really adorable.

juvia: well, shes been through a lot, so all i want is for her to be happy. shes just so sweet and kind that its har to believe that she is who she is.

Erza: well regardless of that. i think its wonderful what you do for her. im sure youll make a great mother one day.

Juvia: thank you erza. that means a lot.

juvia plays around with flandre for a bit in the water. meanwhile lucy rests herself on the edge of the spring were they overlook part of the lake from there.

Lucy: wow, the lake looks beautiful underneath the night sky. just reflecting the moons light off of it makes it glow almost.

Levy: it sure is.

wendy goes by marisa and reimu.

Wendy: you too look like your enjoying yourselves as well. you two defenitely needed this after all you two went through. i can still help out with your bruises if you want. they can disappear by morning when im done with them.

cana goes over to kokonoe whose relaxed in the spring.

cana: so, hows the kitty liking all of this. though when i saw you walk in, you looked a bit nervous. care to talk about it?

Gajeel: drove off the forces of hell all by himself. thisll be a good story.

Gray: as farfetched as it may sound, im down to listen.

Natsu: hah, the forces of hell would fear me if they ever saw me. all that fire of theirs would be nothing to me. id show them real fire. he says as he raises his fist and it light on fire. so lets hear it man.
laxus and veteran have been fighting eachother for some time away from the guild hall. knowing that all of this is getting them nowhere. he descides to make him an offer he cannot refuse.

laxus: LOOK HERE, THIS IS ALL POINTLESS. BUT IF YOU WANT I CAN MAKE YOU AN OFFER. i can take you to a secret hiding spot to look at the girls in the other hot springs. if you just take a damn shower so you dont smell like shit any more. ill take you and the other guys there. right after. how does that sound to you?
the girls are beig extra careful when cleaning tagers gauntlets. they take their time, creeping in every spot of them making sure they dont damage anything important in it while cleaning out any dirt and such.

mirajane: these look really delicate for just a pair of giant gaundlets.

Lisanna: im surprisede that a big guy like you hasnt destroyed them already. they look really tough.

mavis turns to renegade.

Mavis: we may have a storage room upstairs in the guild hall currently empty. we can have it fitted with some beds for you all. it might not be much but at least you can stay inside the main hall.

Elfman: ill help out with getting the matresses and stuff. but dont expect me to play roomservice. thats not manly at all.

Mavis: how dies that sound to you all?
@onboard heaven
while on board heaven with the other refugees. a mysterious woman has kept herself alive after what had happened to her through sheer luck and by feeding off of the madness asura has spread in the world to keep her soul alive. she managed to rejuvenate her soul and regain her full powers after all this time. she waits in her room all by herself. sensing the kishins madness once again

Medusa: it seems that the kishin asura has finally returned, and he has made some new friends as well. i think now is the perfect time for me to make my entrance back into this fight and aid the kishin in making a perfect world.

lady medusa, the witch has finally returned after her defeat from kenshiros hand. what plans does she have in store for the others. time will soon tell.

OOC: ive been planning for a while now in bringing back medusa. i do have a perfect explaination on how she survived. ill go into more details about it once i come back. ill be gone for most of the day. so enjoy.

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OOC: Was wondering when you’d bring her back.

Doomguy: Alright, this MIGHT take a while.
Basically, I was a doorguy on Phobos, mars’s moon, and when I came inside to check on everyone, they were all dead, and there were various zombies and shit around.

Doomguy just keeps talking about his adventure. If you want to know what happened, just look up a Doom and Doom 2 playthrough. I can’t be arsed to write it all out.

OOC: You can still have conversations and such, it’s just that Doomguy will be telling his story in the background.

Jul 20, 2013 at 02:01PM EDT

OOC:Look up a play through? Not good enough for true badasses. A true badass would show Hell who’s boss themselves – by which I mean would play the games themselves. Also, everyone seems to be ignoring my characters…

Jul 20, 2013 at 02:05PM EDT

Finally, Snively arrives at the secret location of the Final Egg.

Snively: At last… I’ll be able to do what Julian never thought I could…

Robotnik: How much time now?

Egg Robo: Estimated Time for Arrival: 5 minutes

Robotnik growls. He’s beginning to grow tired of riding in a cramped shuttle, but he’s excited about his plans nonetheless.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Eggman sees something… cone-shaped sitting next to the Egg Robo. And blue. And metallic…

Robotnik: What is that…?

The Egg Robo looks to the doctor, and follows the direction he is looking towards the object.

Egg Robo: That is the head unit of your previous body.

Robotnik reaches over and picks up his… head… and holds it in his hand. He twists it, and is slightly spooked at the sight of his own metallic face, but this wasn’t his current face.

The metallic head resembled his own head from long ago…

Robotnik: … What happened to cause this?

Egg Robo: You engaged an unknown type of soldier on-board the Space Colony ARK--

Robotnik thought to himself:

Robotnik: So I did finish the Space Colony…

Egg Robo: -- and you were defeated. This unit made a retreat to avoid the explosion of the ARK, but this unit sent a probe to retrieve your head unit, which had been severed from the rest of your body.

The probe’s mission was successful. However, when we attempted to reactivate your head unit in an attempt to revive you, we discovered that your digital data had been ejected. We traced your data signature to a small, solar-powered space station orbiting Mobius.

However, when we attempted to dock, we detected that your data signature had been sent back to the surface of Mobius. We traced it to Robotropolis, and we began analysis of the Balloon Master’s forces in that area. This unit discovered that an aerial assault would be the most effective means of rescuing you.

Robotnik: I see…

Robotnik twists his severed head in his hand, observing its features.

Suddenly, an image flashes in Eggman’s electronic brain.

Robotnik is disturbed at the image, but only slightly. After all, it is -- er, was -- his own face.

The mad scientists refocuses on the situation at hand.

Hm… I guess I could keep it as a souvenir, at least until I can figure out what exactly happened once I began working with the Warpstone.

Egg Robo: Sir, you--

Robotnik: We’re here! Make a landing anywhere in this area. Drop me off, and I’ll go in and open the landing hatch from-- wait, what is that?

Robotnik points out the window, towards the ground.

Egg Robo: It is one of our transportation vessels.

Robotnik: Where did it come from?

Egg Robo: Unknown. Retrieving navigation history…

History retrieved. Records reveal that the craft responded to a signal originating from Snively’s--

Robotnik: Snively?! Is the runt still in the craft?

Egg Robo: Beginning biological scan…

Negative. He has likely entered the facility.

Robotnik: Oh, this gives me a lovely idea!

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Reimu and Marisa look to Wendy

Yeah, that will be nice. Usually I get quite a few months to heal up but that wasn’t the case this time…

Marisa unsticks from her

“Yeah, you go first.”

Jul 20, 2013 at 04:55PM EDT


Flandre looks up at the moon, her red eyes reflecting its radiance. She raises up a hand towards it like she is reaching out to it.
Remi… Where are you?

Kokonoe suddenly opens her eyes when Cana approaches her, asking her why she felt nervous.
Kokonoe: You know, I think you can answer that yourself. Look at everyone else here in your guild except for the kid. What do they have that I don’t? I’ll give you one guess.

Nu just closes her eye and begins to enjoy the springs, still sitting next to Erza.


Ragna gets bored about halfway through the story, and looks over to Kenshiro.
Ragna: So, what’s your story, big guy?


Tager: I actually don’t like to condone in violence unless it comes down to it. I prefer to talk my way out of things rather than resorting to beating them down for information.


You continue to wander for what seems like an eternity. The scenery is unchanging. There is still the massive clockwork mechanism above your head, and the mechanical pillars moving it… However… After a while you begin to feel like something is watching you from the shadows. It feels like it’s watching you from all around, seemingly no matter where you go you cannot get away from this feeling. It feels like it is looking down on you as well, as if you were merely an insect in its way…

Jul 20, 2013 at 05:21PM EDT

Ken: …Please. I do not wish to be disturbed right now. I shall tell you later.
Doomguy: And there were these two demons, they were like half man, half horse, and colored red! God, that fight was epic. After that, I got on the teleporter nearby and went to Mars’s second moon, Deimos.

Jul 20, 2013 at 05:33PM EDT

Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis wrote:

OOC:Look up a play through? Not good enough for true badasses. A true badass would show Hell who’s boss themselves – by which I mean would play the games themselves. Also, everyone seems to be ignoring my characters…

OOC: I am sorry that I have been, and I apologize. It’s just that I don’t really remember your posts when I do make a big long post. I’ll try from now on to remember. Once again, sorry.

Jul 20, 2013 at 06:19PM EDT

OOC: I cannot wait to hear their reaction to the Cyberdemon… and are you gonna be including the 4th episode included with Ultimate Doom in Doomguy’s story or not? (It will be sufficiently complete with just the 3 main ones, but, well, what can be more memorable than one shotting a Cyberdemon via telefrag?)

Tsunarmin: Just… don’t let it bother you, alright? I’m not particularly imposing in terms of figure myself, and I’m not worried. mutters to herself It may be due to Tempestia clearly going to develop such a figure herself, though…

The 4 male Order mages just stand around, Tardises still having his sword drawn for the purposes of a light source

Pyralis: Not many of us Order mages like to use physical attacks much either.

Tardises: They may not get that impression, considering no less than 3 of us 4 have melee weapons..

Solarian: They haven’t seen Ignis’ hammer, of course. I have no idea how that thing works myself!

(OOC: Remember that Tsunarmin is in the girl’s springs and the other 4 followed the other group to the cliffside. And it really says a lot about Gremlin tech that not even the technologically-familiar Solarian can understand it. Hell, how is the rocket part of their rocket hammers even powered?)

EDIT: I know I don’t really make long posts, but I can’t really think of much to type. And this is on my PC – I am definitely NOT gonna try to make long posts on that borrowed iPad. (And before you ask, this is the only thread I’m using my PC to post in.)

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Jul 20, 2013 at 06:20PM EDT

The Lieutenant begins to lose his head a little, he can’t find a way out and this odd feeling of oppression is really starting to get at him. He stops still and begins turning on the spot, aiming his pistol at multiple directions as the feeling of being surrounded increases…just then he senses a presence behind him and freezes still…

In a slash he spins around on the spot and raises his gun at the shape in the distance
Lieutenant: Who are you?!… this place?!


Bullets whistle around Bang as he runs through the hallways half blinded by the flash grenades, with every few meters he manages to run more and more previously hidden Scouts leap out from the shadow joining the ambush…

…If he stopped for even a moment he would no doubtfully be overwhelmed by the shear mass of the amount of specialised troops that have descended upon them…

Meanwhile AM, amidst the confusion, has been left behind. Dueto the monoliths unnaturally super-heavy weight Bang did not have enough time to haul it upon his back nor would he be able to escape the fleet of footed recon soldiers if he did

Currently AM is leant up against a wall and is surrounded by a team of Scouts who are checking it over, It remains completely silent although the Scouts have heard it talk…

Scout: It seems as though the escapee was collaborating with this object
Scout #2: Speak machine!
Scout: We know you talk! identify yourself!
Scout #3: Stand back men
Scout #3 raises his high powered rifle at AM
Scout: If you remain silent we will fire
Scout: Machine! our threats are not idle ones! speak!
Scout pats Scout #3 on the shoulder, he takes a shot at AM and the bullet simply strikes the surface of the solid black monolith and ricochets clean off, hitting a nearby wall
Scout: Hmpf…Interesting, I shall report this to Commander Relius….
The other troops nod as the Scout opens up a comm channel all the way back to Relius’s lab
Scout: Commander, we have seized a monolithic like artefact from the escaped prisoner who of which is currently being apprehended. Do you wish for this device to be returned to your lab?
However there is no answer
Scout: Sir?
Just then the Superintendent answers the phone. It should be noted that the Superintendent does not exclusively serve the top brass of Transcendence but its entire population. It is basically an over-mind that everyone can connect to for advice or information not to mention being a relay between the leaders and the troops. In a nutshell it is a father AI.
Superintendent: Commander Relius is currently away from his laboratory. What you have found should be left where it is, do not move it or tamper with it until further notice, that is a protocol order. This message shall now be relayed to the Imperator.
Scout: Okay Superintendent, we shall remain here on standby.
And so they do, AM remains silent….

@The Imperator, Leader of Transcendence,

The Superintendent hologram appears besides the Imperators bed

Superintendent: Imperator, the importance of this matter has overridden my AI, forcing me to disturb you. I have a message that was intended for Relius concerning a “monolithic like artefact” I am sure that this is the one I know only as the Exile AI. It is hard wired into my programming to make all he commands necessary to ensure that the Exiled AI returns to the desert and is abandon once more…
The message intended for Relius is then played to the Imperator
Superintendent: It was never included in my knowledge database exactly who or what the “Exiled AI” is however I was instructed that against any means it should never be allowed freedom from the desert. It must remain there

His eyes flicker open and gaze up at the ceiling, he takes is first concious breath in and blinks once more, Lloyd II then leans into view…

Lloyd II: Captain…..
Sam pulls himself up off his back and sits up in his bed. He is back to being human once more in every sense. No Cyborg body and no encased brain, he is just like every other human…

He scratches his head and looks over to Lloyd II
The Fabricators have proved themselves once more, congratulations my friend, expect a resource budget increase.
Lloyd II: It is out pleasure Captain to serve our dearest brother
Heheheeeee, I need to get over to the Dojo, do some training like the old days eh?
Lloyd II: Your body has already been calibrated to your brain, there should be no issues with you setting into it. Feel free Captain
Sam high fives Lloyd II, hops off of the bed, and begins to stride off out of the room
Brrr….its a little cold..
He looks down to see that he is actually only wearing a pair of patient trousers and nothing else
With not a single shit to be given he does a stride of pride all the way through the Fabricator deck and to the tram station…
Lloyd II: Whatta guy…


The Habitation decks of Heaven are jam packed full of civilians roaming from room to room and hall to hall. Conversation….

Laughter and shouts fill the air giving it life and a feeling of belonging and safety. Life here isn’t actually too bad, even though the living spaces are somewhat cramped and in some parts unhygienic, food is always plentiful and order is kept through the use of regular patrols….

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The figure suddenly vanishes from view, and back into the shadows. There is otherwise no movement until…

?: Inutile.
A massive green hand comes out from behind the man, and bats his hand so hard that the gun goes flying in the opposite direction. The voice that spoke these words sounds very sophisticated and proper.

However when the Lieutenant turns around, no one is there to be seen…


Saya awakens and sits up in bed. Her eyes are still dark red in coloring. The Imperator then claps her hands to turn the lights on. Her long and purple hair is a bit messy as she looks at the Superintendent hologram as he explains the situation. Once it is done, she speaks.
Saya: … You speak of an exiled AI? What exactly does this AI do, and why was the heretic with it? Do you not know?


Bang keeps on running down the hallways and avoiding the bullets fired at him. He occasionally tosses a few explosive nails behind him to slow the guards down. However he keeps running….


Kokonoe: It’s just all the girls here have MASSIVE racks. They did where I was from too… Except for one idiot that kept spouting nonsense. She was as flat as an ironing board.


Ragna sighs and continues to listen to Doomguy go on about his story.

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Lieutenant: Heh, playing it like that huh? Ive seen these kind of tactics the world over buddy, there’s nothing you’ll get past me….
He reaches down to his boot and pulls out a gleaming HF combat knife, he spins it in his hand a few times before going into a ready stance
Lieutenant: C’mon now…
He spots his pistol on the other side of the room and begins to slowly make his way over, all the time spinning around on the spot, covering every possible point of attack with his knife firmly in his grip….


Superintendent: I do not know what its functions are or what it is nor do I know why the heretic had it within its possession. A built in top priority protocol forces me to keep it within the confines of the desert. You must not over-ride this. I must instruct you to order the scout teams to have it moved back into the desert immediately Imperator.


Eventually Bang manages to make it back outside and into the blistering heat, he takes a quick glance behind and to his surprise there is no one to be seen, as a matter of fact he is alone. He looks forward and much to his enlightenment see’s a Scout jet bike, just left there……The Scouts are renown for their ingenuity in trap laying….

Jul 20, 2013 at 09:00PM EDT


Once again there is silence as the Lieutenant goes to make his way to his pistol. Until…

?: Hmph. Very well.
A man in a purple mantle, a yellow mask with white eye-holes, and white trousers tucked into a pair of strange looking boots steps out in front of him from behind one of the pillars. He also has on a white glove with a strange looking purple glyph on it, along with spiky blonde hair and goatee. However… his eyes are completely obscured by his mask. This man gives off a whole new level of “creepy” to the lieutenant. He is certainly anything more than what he has ever seen before.

Relius: Your soul looks… far more scattered than what I have initially expected. However, for a creature with your stature I can tell that you have been mortally wounded and scarred in the past.
There is something strange about this man and how he talks. It is as if people are just THINGS to him. Tools, weapons… things that you could just throw away when you are done with them.
Relius: Do forgive me, for I have not properly introduced myself yet. I am Relius Clover… and you are Martin Miles, correct? Yes, I do believe that I am.
He smirks at the lieutenant a bit. This guy just gets creepier by the minute. He looks like a damn circus reject.


Saya: Very well. If this is so urgent, leave the monolith in the desert. Bury it beneath the sands so that it may never be found again.


Bang looks at the scout bike. It is awfully suspicious that there is just a lone bike here.
Bang: This is extremely suspicious…
Bang begins to think about this decision and decides to go check the bike over…

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wendy places her hands near reimu and then a cyan like mist appears around her hands that reach reimus body. her magic begins to work it way on reimu. removing any pains from the many bruises on her. almost as if they were not there.*

Wendy: i hope this helps. though the pain should be gone in a bit. the actual bruises will disappear over night.

cana gets even closer to kokonoe

Cana: oh now i understand. your shy because you dont have big boobs like most of us here. though still.

suddenly cana grabs both of kokonoes boobs and squeezes them around a bit.

Cana: they may be small, but they still feel really nice. besides tsunarmin, it doesnt hurt to explore eachother once in a blue moon.

wendy begins to weep a bit while levy gets irritated about cana talking about how the others have big boobs.

Wendy: its not fair…..

Levy: every damn time were in the springs, she always has to bring that up.

she continues to squeeze them around, she then turns to see lucy.

Cana: hey lucy, isnt this how Natsu grabbed your boobs a while back during the magic games?

lucy suddenly freaks out and stands up while the others are surprised to hear that.

Lucy: CANA!!

levy: is it true lucy? did natsu actually feel you up back then?

Juvia: natsu and lucy? together?

Lucy: NO, its not what you people think. natsu was just being an idiot. when that dragon attacked me with his magic, he threw me aside and i crashed into natsu while he was fighting that evil dragonslayer controlling those dragons he brought from the past. after we landed, he tried to help by covering my boobs with his hands. how moronic can you get? i swear im gonna kill that blue cat after this. she says angrily

Levy: sure thats what you tell us. but have you ever thought that he may actually like you that much?

lucy begins to panic out.





(another flashback)

Natsu: hey lucy, nice bathroom you got here.

Happy: aaaaaaye!

Lucy: GET OUT!!!!

(back to reality)
lucys eye is twitching out of anger over the stupid things natsu did

Lucy: i swear hes so damn annoying. now i know why gray cant stand him so much. i just want him to leave me alone sometimes.

Erza: but you two make such a lovely couple.


juvia turns around with a devilish smirk.

Juvia: if we can get Natsu and Lucy to fall deeply in love with each other. than gray and juvia can truly be together without her being a threat to juvias true love.


lucy cannot take anymore and sinks into the hot spring completely embarrassed, exposing only her head.

Lucy: complaining just leave me alone people.

everyone laughs a bit at lucys misfortune

natsu and the others try and show more interest in doomguys story.

Gajeel: man, you make it all sound so easy. and thats not complimenting you.

Gray: yah man, not gonna lie, but those demons you fought, though sound cool to an extent, sound like a joke to us.

Natsu: i agree man. i bet i could take on all of those guys with just my bare hands. let alone my magic.

Pantherlilly: cmon guys. its not that bad. he took on an army of evil monsters and saved a planet. its not that boring to me honestly. what about you happy?

he sees happy sleeping while in the spring.

Pantherlilly: sorry friend. guess he doesnt like your story.

Natsu: i dont blame him. unless hes got something more exciting. i think im gonna fall asleep as well.

Gray: id probably drown if i did hear any more.

Gajeel: well since theres not much else to talk about. keep talking bud.

they continue to trey and listen to doomguys story. hoping that it would get even better.
Lisanna: thats actually very noble of you.

Mirajane: very rare to see nowadays. especially here in our guild. some of the guys get very restless and pick a over the most trivial things.

Lisanna: especialy natsu when it comes to gray and gajeel. those guys are unpredictable. one day they are good buds, and the next day.

Mirajane: i guess you known them long enough to figure that out.

they chuckle a bit.

Mirajane: but at least it adds some excitement to our guild. theres never a dull day here.

Lisanna: makes you wonder how makarov can put up with all of this after all this time.

Mirajane: same here. but he also made us believe that we are all family in fairy tail. that blood type doesnt matter. i guess thats how hes managed to stay with us all this time.

Lisanna: your right on that one lil sis.

they smile to each other as they continue to clean tagers gauntlets very delicately.
medusa has waited long enough and believes that now is the time for her to make her escape with asuras help.

Medusa: i know the kishin is nearby. if i can make him sense my souls wavelength, it can help him to get me out of this wretched place and away from these filthy humans.

medusa begins to release her souls wavelength and make it echo throughout all of heaven. like a homing beacon to asura that will reveal to him her exact location on board heaven.

this is completely invisible to the people onboard heaven. it just looks like shes sitting there on the ground cross-legged. however, asura can easily detect it thanks to his powerful soul perception.
@yukari and medic
suddenly asura detects a soul wavelength he is very familiar to.

Asura: medusa. so. you have been alive this whole time. im impressed.

asura turns his attention to yukari.

Asura: listen yukari. i just recognized a soul wavelength of an old… accomplice of mine. she seems to have survived from her unffortunate demise and is now hiding on board that outer heaven ship that is here in space. is there any chance for you to be able to rescue her and bring her here. she may prove very useful to our cause. i can give you the location to were she is if you need. i can send you a mental map of her location. shes using her soul wavelength to pin-point her location for us.

so, will you do this for us?

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The Lieutenant freezes on the spot, he’s a little taken back by Relius knowing his actual name
Lieutenant:….What are you some sort of fortune teller? oh, and a patronising attitude to go with that freakish get up too…….stop with this shit, tell me where I am before I throw this knife straight into your face
He raises the knife up with his cybernetic arm, ready to throw it at any moment


Superintendent: Thank you Imperator, I shall see to it this instant

Back with the scouts and AM.

The Superintendent makes contact
Superintendent: Return the machine to the desert and have it buried in a trench, you are to then backfill it with steel granulated concrete
Scout: We will get right to it…
He takes a step towards AM and grapples his arms around it, he then tries to pick it up but it doesn’t budge in the slightest. The thing weighs more than a solid lead bus
Scout #2: Hurry it up
He tries again with ll of his might but still nothing
Scout: Its too heavy, way to heavy. We need a dropship here
Scout #2: lll have one called in
Scout #2 contacts one oft he nearby ship depots and calls in a heavy lifter…


The warm breeze combined with the sun makes for a very heated atmosphere which effectively sun traps the landscape. The bone dry sand on the desert crunches under Bang’s heavy steps as he quietly makes his way over to the seemingly abandoned

Bang checks over the jet bike hoping to find something special but strangely enough it seems like everything is actually okay, no bombs, or bugs- then just like that from completely nowhere a huge bullet strikes the bike, Bang jumps away from it and manages to duck out of the explosion as it erupts into flames and smoke. Confused and taken by surprise he stands up and looks around, then….not far away….in the distance….upon a rock….

?: Just wanted to grab your attention is all partner….
The single most best reconnaissance soldier, tracker and hunter in the entirety of the Loyalist Conclave, there are simply none better or more famed than Eddy when it comes to hunting man, because of this he holds the position of leader of the Scouts and receives utmost respect from his subordinates.

Eddy is widely known by people from all over, his fame stretching far beyond the scouts and across Transcendence, he is the poster boy and role model for all others to become and he knows it and relishes every moment, bathing in the light of his fans. He has been involved in countless beast hunts, and is personally responsible for the bringing about the fall of a whole heretic world by himself after he went about it murdering each of the leaders, the only cost of the war being his ammunition.

On top of these great achievements he is also famous for his outlandish and insane hobbies and activities, activities including such things as naked bear wrestling, shark strangling, beating statues in staring contests, lifting tanks, holding his breath underwater for 24 hours, eating concrete, digging bunkers with his hands only and even apparently managing to somehow run up the side of the building that is now known at the NOL HQ and then diving from the top into a 5 foot deep pool head first where he then strangled a bear-shark with another bear-shark before calmly walking off amongst the crowds of his cheering fans. It is even said that he once swam the breadth of an ocean equal to that of the pacific to show his immense endurance capabilities and broke an alligators jaw by deliberately allowing it to latch onto his bisep only to break it just by flexing. Even the hulking Cabal look upto this apex of a man

Interestingly enough word around the camps is that he recently had a wrestling match with the Primarch, They both got into an arena together ready to fight but the Primarch turned down the match and ran when he was told that Eddy was going to fight him naked and only using his toes….however Eddy didn’t disappoint the crowds. As a form of repayment he just killed a few more shark-bears

In a nutshell, the man doesn’t lose, never has, never will and will take on the most extreme challenges without a moments hesitation just to show his unbeatable and pinnacle prowess of masculinity

Anywaaaay, he stands atop the rock holding his signature hunting rifle, a PTRS41 anti-material gun, a weapon capable of going through tanks with ease, he respectfully looks Bang over before jumping down and approaching, the rifle rested up on his shoulder

Eddy: You must be the man im lookin’ for around these parts…
He speaks with a cowboy like old wild west accent
Eddy: Bang, I just need you to come along with me friend, I needs to take you back to your cell…

Jul 20, 2013 at 11:00PM EDT

OOC: I sort of want to throw a character into the situation that Bang is in, but I think that would be a bad thing. I just want to ask if you guys would be okay with it.

Jul 20, 2013 at 11:18PM EDT

I honestly don’t care. However, before you do anything, I’ll have to ask Sam his opinion on it.


Relius: Now now, there is no need for actions like that. Come, Ignis.
Relius snaps his fingers, and in a flash of purple, a 6’8" tall magenta colored battle doll stands right next to him. This device has extremely sharp claws and a variety of weapons at its disposal. It is also unbreakable by any means.

The cold, blue, human-like eyes seemingly stare into the soul of the Lieutenant. This doll gives him another wave of uneasiness.

Relius: Ignis, apprehend him.
Relius points at the Lieutenant, and the doll rushes forwards at him.

The doll grabs both his arms, and begins to twist them behind his back. Ignis then gets behind the Lieutenant with his arms still in severe pain. Her claws dig deep into the skin of his human arm, and the metal of his cybernetic one forcing him to drop the knife to the floor.

The Lieutenant still struggles…

Relius: Quit now, before my creation makes mincemeat of you.
The mad puppeteer walks over to the Lieutenant, and stares straight down at him. He is a good 5-6 inches taller than the war-clad veteran.

Another wave of fear and dread begins to wash over the Lieutenant, making him unable to move at all.

Relius: Now… Let us see what is the core of your soul.

Suddenly it feels like an invisible hand is plunging its way through the Lieutenant’s skull and squeezing his brain.

Relius: Think. Who is the most important to you in this world?


Kokonoe is actually rather surprised by Cana groping her. However she blushes as she begins to yell.
However she doesn’t try to get Cana off of her, due to shock reasons. She doesn’t even know what to do right now.

Flandre laughs at Kokonoe’s misfortune.

Nu chuckles a bit at Kokonoe and Cana. After this, however, she feels her own for a split second because everyone else was talking about the others… She then realizes what she was doing, and stops herself. Nu then turns to Erza.
Nu: You said that Nu was pretty earlier… Did you mean it?


Bang raises an eyebrow at Eddy before getting into an offensive position.
Bang: I shall never go back to that morbid place as long as I live! Do you hear me?! Bang Shishigami shall never submit to the likes of your kind!
His eyes begin to burn with a fiery passion once more…


Ragna isn’t paying attention to Doomguy’s story anymore. He ‘s still trying to think of how the hell Terumi died… He just doesn’t seem to accept that he’s dead.


Tager: Thank you. It’s just that I find talking my way out of a situation to be the better alternative. For example, you can come to an agreement both ways if you just talk it out with each other. There really is no reason to resort to violence. But… There are some who just won’t listen to what you have to say. I have come across plenty like that before.

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Marisa gives a rather trollish smile over the busting into other peoples house while they are naked part, and turns to hide her grin

Reimu twists around her arm

Thanks Wendy… you are pretty good. Though then again I went on my first adventure around your age as well…. All I had was an old geezer turtle, not a giant group like that.

She leans back and relaxes while Marisa wades up

“Alright, my turn. Don’t worry if the scars on my back don’t heal up, they can’t. I had a very powerful doctor take a look. And considering what’s under them, it’s probably good they stay like this.”

Yukari looks at Asura

“This would be far easier if I knew what she looked like. It would be far easier to target h… no, I feel it to now. She’s putting a lot of power into it.”

“I will be right back.”

Aboard Outer Haven, Medusa hears the buzzing sound indicating Yukari’s imminent arrival.

“Hello Darling. We heard you called for help.”

Alarms go off.

“Oh dang, they rigged microphones to the whole ship it seems. Hurry up and get in here before the place becomes my universe’s average day.”

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@ Mavis
Renegade: That will do fine! And we wouldn’t dare think to destroy a place like this.
He notices Luna yawning, and she smacks her lips, snuggling up to Renegade’s knee.
Luna: Mister Angel… I’m getting tired…
Renegade turns to her, and back to Mavis.
Renegade: Could you show me to the mattresses and room? I’ll take the beds up… the little one is getting tired.

@ Cliffside
Ash: So… I have a question for all of you… why were you so interested in us and our ship? How did you know where we were?

Discord: Yes… is there something you want with us? What would make us stand out to you?

Both are suspicious as to why they would be summoned here just after they were chased away by the Heaven.

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Tsunarmin:… I do not know how to react to such a story. It would be a mistake for anyone to try that with me.
Tsunarmin’s hands glow a bit – She doesn’t need her wand to cast magic, only amplify its power.

Jul 21, 2013 at 05:34AM EDT

It depends entirely on who or what your bringing in and how exactly


@Relius & Ignis,

He continues to struggle causing Ignis’s talons to tear into his arms
Lieutenant: Agh! my…my head! get the hell away from me freak!
He keeps trying to break free but its no use
Lieutenant: N-no one is important to me! why the fuck are you asking me this crap get off!

@Yukari & Medusa

With the sudden appearance of Yukari an Alert Phase has been initiated…

The nearby civilians instantly go into a state of confusion and begin sprinting away from the scene in fear of losing their lives, screams and shouts are heard as they begin to panic and scatter out around the deck

GW’s voice begins to play over the decks intercom, speaking a repeated message
GW: Please remain calm and return to your homes, please remain calm and return to your homes…

Meanwhile to fight back, the Dispatcher has sent down a rapid response team composed of standard level soldiers to combat the duo…

They come bursting out from around the corner with their rifles at the ready, 3 troopers holding riot shields are at the spear of the group, ready to protect them from incoming fire. They move in a formation toward Yukari’s position…
Soldier: There they are!
Soldier #2: Fire! don’t let them escape!
The group stops in its tracks and hunkers down, the ranks behind the riot shield guys take aim and begin firing.

A hail of bullets fly down city streets-like open space towards the two intruders…


Eddy gets closer to Bang and is easily a foot taller, he looks down upon him

Eddy: Hey hey c’mon now friend there’s no need to be actin’ like that is there, Im jus’ tryin’ to deal with this little issue here, its no big problem. Just sayin’ It would just be easy for the both of us if you come along with me right now and I get you back to that prison, all safe like
His voice is calm and relaxed
Eddy: How does that sound stranger? its the civil way
He holds his hand out shake Bang’s
Eddy: They call me Eddy round these part…

Meanwhile AM has been lifted out of the comm station and dumped off back into the endless sand flats of Prydain Desert. Due to the monoliths weight and being dropped from a considerable height it embedded itself fair into the ground upon impact…

And their it remains once more….lost in the desert….dormant and forever waiting….will AM ever be given its chance to rise in these peoples lifetimes? who knows…..

Meanwhile Sam is by himself in his own personal Dojo on the command deck…

He’s been here for a while now, meditating and stretching out his new clone body, not to mention honing his skills after all this lack of fighting lately
I need to be in my best condition for this upcoming battle….hmmm, I think I might keep this change a secret from the others, let them still believe that im a cyborg….
The GW hologram then appears, interrupting his session
GW: Captain, a intruder break in has taken place on habitation deck #3, the Alert Phase has been raised
…Who is it this time?
GW: One we have identified as Yukari-
Yukari?….what is she doing breaking in like this?
GW: Camera feeds show that she is in the process of kidnapping an unidentified female
Who this person?
GW: We have no records of them boarding Heaven
Something fishy is going on here…..either way, im busy, tell me how it turns out in the end
GW: But Capt-
GW’s hologram call is manually ended by Sam
Can’t even get a moments piece and quiet up here, and now I have that damn kidnapper snooping around the place….maybe she needs another trinket to keep her happy…
Sam scratches his chin, draws his signature HF Murasama blade and begins doing some more training in the tranquillity of the Dojo….

Jul 21, 2013 at 09:26AM EDT


wendy begins to heal marisa
Wendy: this shouldnt be long.

erza turns to nu

Erza: well of course i do. ad we all think so too.

Levy: so dont be bothered about how others think about your look. she looks at cana still groping kokonoe. looking a bit irritated. nomatter how big their boobs are. will you cut that out already cana?.

cana pulls her hands off of kokonoe

Cana: relax, im only playing around here. jeesh.

Erza: but yeah. though i have to say, you have really, really long hair. erza grabs some of it that is floating by her. though the colour of it is really nice.

Lucy: yah it really is long.

Levy: hey lucy. doesnt that long hair remind you of someone with long hair too. she says very sadistically.


(quick summary on who flare is)
flare was a wizard from a rival guild called raventail who lucy fought in the past during the grand magic games.

her magic is based around her hair manipulation which allows her to attack her foes and torment them in many ways. she also has the power to ignite her hair on fire at will, causing more pain and suffering to her opponents.

lucy lost that match due to outside interference from flares guild that nobody saw coming right before lucy was about to win. though later on they were disqualified for cheating in the games.

lucy then remembers when she met flare again at the water park in the city that held the game. she then began remembering the horrible things that flare would have done to her that she was afraid of nu might do to her as well with her hair.

(lucys whild imagination)


Lucy: STOOOP!!!



(back to reality)

lucy panics again and tries to get away from nu


levy: lucy calm down. its just hair. shes not going to hurt you at all.

Lucy: still…

cana: didnt you tell us anyway that she appologized after for what she and her guild did to you anyways?

*lucy calms down a bit.

Lucy: your right she did. she actually felt bad about it. lucy turns to nu sorry about that. i just kinda freaked out about the whole long hair thing. i didnt mean to think bad of you. im truly sorry.

Erza: you see nu. we can all be forgiving at times.

lucy takes a deep breath of relief about all of this and tries to continue enjoying the hot springs with the others.

they continue to listen to doomguys stories
Mavis: ill have elfman here help you with your sleeping quarters. he can be helpful with carrying the things you need for you.

Elfman: as long as i dont play room service. thats not manly at all. now follow us.

mavis and elfman lead renegades group to the main hall to prepare their sleeping arangements.
miragane listens to tager.

Mirajane: that can work sometimes. though its kind of hard for some of the guys here like i said earlier.

Lisanna: the only thing that can really stop natsu and gray when they fight is erza. shes really scary for her appearance. and sometimes she needs to give them a “friendly reminder” every now and then just to keep them under control.

Mirajane: its very rare to see them calm down without erza around. though its still entertaining.

Lisanna: doesnt hurt to make them stop without having to resort to knocking some sense into them.

they laugh a bit

mirajane turns to ash and discord
Mirajane: i honestly dont know. i think it may have to do with meredith. shes not here i think and is back at her place sleeping.

Lisanna: you can talk to her in the morning if you get the chance to see her.

they continue to clean his gauntlets.
@yukari and sam
medusa sees yukari appear in front of her.

Medusa: oh great. more eyes staring all around me. like the kishin wasnt bad enough. though i guess you two would make a good couple and all. she says sarcastically.

medusa then notices the guards firing and quickly responds by using her vector arrow snakes to grab a couple nearby civilians who tried to escape and uses them as human shields that absorb most of the shots sent their way.

Medusa: such filthy creatures these humans are. they need to be punished. VECTOR ARROWS.

she shoots out a dozen arrows that shoot quickly towards the guards in front of them. they impale around the shields and at the shield bearers and some of the guards near them. the shield bearers die quickly while some of them are left badly injured. though is enough to catch them off guard and realize whats going on and stop firing.

the snakes retract back to her. some carrying the three human souls of the guards that died and the two human shields for a total of 5 souls. she then turns to yukari.

Medusa: ive left a little present for dear old samuel to enjoy here. now lets be off shall we miss.

she steps into yukaris portal to make her escape.

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Tsunarmin: That…. Sounds awfully ridiculous.

Tardises: Sounds like there’s a lot going on in this world…

Jul 21, 2013 at 01:26PM EDT

Meanwhile, in a calm night, endlessly training in a gigantic hill, our heroes are training and preparing themselves for the day they will have to face the merciless Balloon Master. The Captain, the ape and the rabbit are practicing one of the oldest martial arts, techniques created by the last monks of the future who live in one of the last active volcanoes. Men and women who taught our hero, Captain Spark, how to deal with the miscreants around the Earth while sharing their wise philosophy: “Everyone deseves a second chance”

Captain Spark: C’mon people, don’t leave the wires hanging around!
Cheston: Great Godfrey, please wait for us! I mean, It’s not like I’m tired of running the whole night long but..I could use a cup of tea and a bed right now.
Max: I could use a pair of legs and a fresh chimichanga.
Spark: I could use another couple of laps! Don’t tell you are tired already!
Cheston: 3 in the morning…My feet are running on their own! Is this a dream? A fantasy? Someone, pinch me.
Max: Granted!
Max would proceed to bite Cheston left hand. The gorilla starts to run around the place with a rabbit biting his hand. The ape shakes his hand, rolls on the ground, he even goes as far as hitting himself against a rock just to get rid of Max.
Spark: Great work super-chumps! Keep running like that!

Meanwhile, Mister Foster is..

Oh nevermind…Leave the poor demoman sleep. He didn’t took a bath becouse they would have asked him to take off his mask and the rest of his equipment ,so he decided to steal a few pipes in the male’s springs just enough to lose time in bomb making. He fell asleep while arming a rocket launcher in the middle of the main hall.

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She laughs

“Couple? Oh whatever do you mean~?”

Yukari lets Medusa pass her, letting a good 8 dozen bullets fly into the gap before closing it. The bullets themselves freeze as they enter and are “put away” someplace. Similar to what she did to the explosion she took in earlier…

“Well now. They have seemingly become increasingly efficient at that. And seems my little spy managed to sneak aboard as well.”

She opens the portal back up in front of Asura

“I Rescued The Princess~!”

She ushers Medusa out and closes the rip, finding Yuyuko snacking on some food while Youmu kinda just watches

“You really are going to get fat…”

Yuyuko: “I’m a ghost. Of course I can’t.”

Yuyuko stands up and spots the 5 souls Medusa brought back

“Ah! They have just died I see~ Meh, then again they don’t really have a use until they manifest as something harmful. You can keep them.”

She sits back down, medusa feeling the tug on her own soul…

In another part of Haven, a rather short cloaked figure begins roaming the halls…

Reimu smirks at the freakout Lucy is having, and can only imagine how the scene played out.

As soon as Wendy finishes, Marisa starts examining her own body

“Ah, much better. Thank you kindly.”

She quickly flies over and flips her hair onto Lucy’s shoulders, maintaining the pose via floating. Even though she usually uses a broom or [redacted] for flight, she can float around just fine.

“Da Hair is gonna get yooooou~☆”

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Laika wrote:

It depends entirely on who or what your bringing in and how exactly


@Relius & Ignis,

He continues to struggle causing Ignis’s talons to tear into his arms
Lieutenant: Agh! my…my head! get the hell away from me freak!
He keeps trying to break free but its no use
Lieutenant: N-no one is important to me! why the fuck are you asking me this crap get off!

@Yukari & Medusa

With the sudden appearance of Yukari an Alert Phase has been initiated…

The nearby civilians instantly go into a state of confusion and begin sprinting away from the scene in fear of losing their lives, screams and shouts are heard as they begin to panic and scatter out around the deck

GW’s voice begins to play over the decks intercom, speaking a repeated message
GW: Please remain calm and return to your homes, please remain calm and return to your homes…

Meanwhile to fight back, the Dispatcher has sent down a rapid response team composed of standard level soldiers to combat the duo…

They come bursting out from around the corner with their rifles at the ready, 3 troopers holding riot shields are at the spear of the group, ready to protect them from incoming fire. They move in a formation toward Yukari’s position…
Soldier: There they are!
Soldier #2: Fire! don’t let them escape!
The group stops in its tracks and hunkers down, the ranks behind the riot shield guys take aim and begin firing.

A hail of bullets fly down city streets-like open space towards the two intruders…


Eddy gets closer to Bang and is easily a foot taller, he looks down upon him

Eddy: Hey hey c’mon now friend there’s no need to be actin’ like that is there, Im jus’ tryin’ to deal with this little issue here, its no big problem. Just sayin’ It would just be easy for the both of us if you come along with me right now and I get you back to that prison, all safe like
His voice is calm and relaxed
Eddy: How does that sound stranger? its the civil way
He holds his hand out shake Bang’s
Eddy: They call me Eddy round these part…

Meanwhile AM has been lifted out of the comm station and dumped off back into the endless sand flats of Prydain Desert. Due to the monoliths weight and being dropped from a considerable height it embedded itself fair into the ground upon impact…

And their it remains once more….lost in the desert….dormant and forever waiting….will AM ever be given its chance to rise in these peoples lifetimes? who knows…..

Meanwhile Sam is by himself in his own personal Dojo on the command deck…

He’s been here for a while now, meditating and stretching out his new clone body, not to mention honing his skills after all this lack of fighting lately
I need to be in my best condition for this upcoming battle….hmmm, I think I might keep this change a secret from the others, let them still believe that im a cyborg….
The GW hologram then appears, interrupting his session
GW: Captain, a intruder break in has taken place on habitation deck #3, the Alert Phase has been raised
…Who is it this time?
GW: One we have identified as Yukari-
Yukari?….what is she doing breaking in like this?
GW: Camera feeds show that she is in the process of kidnapping an unidentified female
Who this person?
GW: We have no records of them boarding Heaven
Something fishy is going on here…..either way, im busy, tell me how it turns out in the end
GW: But Capt-
GW’s hologram call is manually ended by Sam
Can’t even get a moments piece and quiet up here, and now I have that damn kidnapper snooping around the place….maybe she needs another trinket to keep her happy…
Sam scratches his chin, draws his signature HF Murasama blade and begins doing some more training in the tranquillity of the Dojo….

OOC: I’m thinking of MAYBE bringing in Jotaro, but I really don’t know how much that would mess up the scenario, with him having the whole “Za Warudo” thing going on.
As for how?
I don’t know. Maybe the same way that the other three stand users were brought in.

Jul 21, 2013 at 03:25PM EDT


Relius smirks at the Lieutenant. His eyeless mask is still looking down at him…

Relius: Do not try and fruitlessly struggle, Lieutenant. It shall get you naught.
The Lieutenant’s head feels like he has a splitting headache as it feels like the invisible hand is pulling something out of his brain.
Relius: Ah yes, you hold your family dearly to your heart. Mwuahahahaha….
The Mad Puppeteer laughs maniacally. The laugh sends shivers down the Lieutenant’s spine and soul. He then begins to scratch his chin.
Relius: There are still a few hours remaining… Perhaps I can examine deeper into your soul in the meantime. The data could prove useful to me later.
The invisible hand continues to dig around in the Lieutenant’s mind, uncovering secrets that no one ever knew about… Trauma, calamities, past emotions and memories that he had previously locked away… Everything.


Bang jumps back a bit as Eddy holds out his hand, however his tone is less hostile.
Bang: I know what you are planning! You are planning to use one of the futuristic guns to kill me once I accept your offer! That shall not work on the fearless ninja, Bang Shishigami!


Kokonoe rubs herself a bit where Cana groped her.
Kokonoe: At least try to be gentle if you’re going to do it…
She glares at Cana a bit, still sorta blushing, but it’s more vague now.

Flandre laughs again at the way how Lucy reacted to Nu.
Oh you’re so funny~ Make me laugh more!

Nu looked disheartened as Lucy backed away from her just because of her hair.
Nu: Oh… It’s okay…
She lifts up part of her hair out of the water, thinking about how much of a pain it will be to braid it all again.
Nu: Nu will need some help with this later… Nu always keeps it braided because of this.
She holds out both hands, and a massive blue blade head with an extremely sharp steel edge appears in them with a vworping sound and a black portal. She usually has this on all the time, but took it off for this occasion.
Nu: It helps whenever someone tries to hurt Nu.
With a flash of black, and another vworping sound it is gone.


Tager continues to wait for his gauntlets to be finished.
Tager: I understand that not everything can be solved with talking the problem at hand out, but it is just my preferred way. If it becomes necessary, I will use violence to get my point across.

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Tsunarmin: I am really not bothered by anything regarding water whatsoever. I am pretty much literally in my element, here. Speaking of being in my element…

Tsunarmin casts Aqualung on herself, and then allows herself to become completely submerged. It appears that there is a bubble surrounding her head – this merely shows that the spell is in effect, though.

{color:blue]Tsunarmin: Voice is a bit muffled by the water This is another reason for me not to be worried about water.. Thanks to Aqualung, I can breathe while submerged.

Pyralis: Hmm, I might have to test my skills against one of you at some point…

*Suddenly, a light glyph appears, and Granatir appears, alongside a strange creature that he has bound up. It resembles a brown lizard that is bristling with green crystals, and batlike wings.%

Granatir: Apologies for the sudden intrusion, but we found this thing wandering around near the HQ, and were wondering if any of you recognise it.

Noctan: Nope.
Pyralis: I don’t.
Solarian: I’m afraid I don’t, Granatir.
Tardises: It doesn’t seem familiar to me, at least not completely. It resembles the air form of OYH in some ways…

(OOC: Now here’s a surprise for you! In case you’re wondering what it is, it’s something I whipped up a few days ago in Spore. It’s meant to resemble some sort of earth dragon, and for the purposes of the RP I may as well make it what it appears to be…)

Jul 21, 2013 at 05:15PM EDT

OOC: Falcon, you can bring your character in if you want but we will let you know when. Right now is a little difficult you see.


Reliu’s digs deeper and deeper into the Lieutenants mind and manages to uncover some of the most darkest secrets of Desperado, however there is one that interests him the most

(Flashback, what Relius see’s)

The Lieutenant along with a squad of security cyborgs are assembled outside a armoured door in a hallway. The Lieutenant punches in a pass code on a keypad set into the wall next to the door, the Desperado logo can be seen stamped on the device…

This means that this location can’t be Heaven as it abandoned the merc faction status a long time ago, not only this but small explosions can be heard in the background. The area gives off the feel of being a solid structure, a building….

The door slides open and the group walk into a well lit, open and large room, in the centre is some sort of large strange device which Relius can’t quite make out, it is surrounded by a team of Desperado scientists

Scientist: Sir!
He gives a salute as the Lieutenant and his men make there way into the room
Lieutenant: We’ve been given the evac order. All soldiers, scientists, UG’s and equipment are to be relocated to the coast on the opposite side of the city
The scientists immediately stop there work and focus on the soldiers, they are visibly shocked at the order

Scientist: B-but sir! we can’t! this artefact cannot be moved from its containment!
The soldier looks up at the strange device in the centre of the room
Lieutenant: You will have to find a way, and be quick about it!
Scientist #2: This is ludicrous! we can’t evac at this crucial time in our research!
Explosions can be heard in the distance, the building rocks gently
Scientist #3: We must stand our ground!
Lieutenant: We cannot! we are surrounded from all angles and are being beaten into the ground! the machine will just have to be left but you people must leave now and get to the vehicle depot where yo-
Scientist: Abandon it?! are you mad Lieutenant?! I don’t think you quite understand just what we have in our possession here!
Scientist #2 points behind him at the odd artefact
Scientist #2: This device is our most valuable asset! I will not be leaving!
Lieutenant: You don’t have a choice on this matter, you are property of Desperado!
Scientist #3 picks up a pistol from a nearby work bench. More explosions can be heard in the distance..
Scientist #3: I won’t idly stand by whilst you fools ruin our years of study and research because you can’t defend the HQ!
Lieutenant: Stand down!
The troops at his back raise their weapons
Scientist #3: We will be remaining here!
One of the soldiers fire a shot and hits the scientist tin the leg, he drops the weapon and falls to the floor clutching at his wound
Scientist: Sickening! shooting your own men!
Lieutenant: If this stupid object is so valuable we will return here and retrieve it once we have escaped this siege!
More background explosions
Lieutenant: But right now we must leave before we lose the line and are slaughtered! not to mention your precious device captured when they loot the base!
The scientists look at one another
Scientist: sigh…..
Scientist #3 is still on the floor bleeding from the shot
Scientist #3: Don’t listen to them! do not forget the importance of the research! we must stay!
Lieutenant: The HQ is nearing a point of collapse, you will all be escorted safely thought the city and to the coast where you will be granted new work stations, we need to work together on this
Scientist: Promise me that we will return!
Lieutenant: I promise…now collect your shit together!
The scientist quickly scamper around the room, collecting important documents and mainframe hardrives, a pair then go over and pick up Scientist #3. They then gather infront of the Lieutenant and his troops
Scientist: Never forget the importance, we must return as soon as the attack has ceased
Lieutenant: We will, now c’mon!
He and his soldiers run from the room with the scientists in tow. One of them stops just outside the door and gives a final glance back at the abandoned artefact
Scientist: Soon…very soon…
He then presses a few buttons on the keypad and the door slams shut, with a few more key strokes he puts the room into hibernation mode and then quickly turns to leave with the others….

(End of flash back)

Meanwhile the Lieutenant is screaming and writhing in pain

(That was a flashback to the evac of the old HQ)


Eddy lowers his unshaken hand and leans back on his left leg
Eddy: Im not planning anythin’ brother, im true to my word. Im only doin’ what I gotta and that is gettin’ you back home.Now….how about we make tracks and get on our way? we gotta long ride ahead of us
He begins dissembling his PTRS41 rifle. Due to its size these kind of rifles are built so that they can be taken apart to allow ease of transport. In this case Eddy begins unscrewing the lengthy barrel

@Cloaked Figure,

The person has already been picked up on multiple security cameras. However as of current no further action has been taken

Down at the Captains Dojo aboard Heaven

Much to Sam’s annoyance, GW appears again….
GW: Captain!
The break in the silence interrupts Sam’s sword swing, he stops and puts down the HF blade on a nearby table
What is it now GW??
GW: The break in is over, I have the status report
Go on then…
GW: 2 civilian deaths, 3 military personnel also dead along with 2 casualties. Minor damage to the area of the attack. Yukari got the person she came for sir
Well at least she’s off of my ship, but people seem to go through my troops like candy floss
GW: Sir the rapid response teams are some of the best personnel we have apart from the Tengu’s
Yes but we aren’t dealing with the usual kinda pests…..
Sam takes a seat on the floor and has a little think
We need something to counter these people, I cant keep throwing people into the grinder
GW: The long term storage Captain.
Good idea, maybe we should re-activate a few UG’s for the purpose of handling Alert Phases
GW: Which UG’s shall I back online sir?
Fenrirs will be good fot his task, small, agile and armed to the teeth….however leave it for now, wait for the next intruder to come along….then we will give them a little welcoming surprise….
GW: I understand Captain
Sam gets back up and grabs his sword from the table
Now back to training for me
GW: Ofcourse sir
GW dissapears from site as Sam begins practising his word strokes in peace…..

Meanwhile clean up crews have made there way to the break in are and have begun removing the corpses and fixing any damage done…

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Relius finds a certain memory that intrigues him in the Lieutenant’s mind…
Relius: Aha, now what do we have HERE?
He smiles creepily as he digs up the memory from the mind of the Lieutenant.

The flashback begins playing out for Relius, and he notices the device.

His face turns to one of curiosity as he catches a glimpse of the strange machine.
Relius: Could that be…? Shūichirō’s device…? You sly fox…
Relius smiles and laughs again. Finding just a fragment of what he was looking for is pleasing.

The flashback stops.

Relius: Now… Where are you from, Lieutenant?
It feels like the Lieutenant’s head is about to split open from the pain. The hand continues to dig around, plucking out knowledge…
Relius: You are from Mobius, working with the group called Desperado Enforcement. You have been of much use to me… However, we are not finished here.
Relius moves his hand over the head of the Lieutenant.

The Lieutenant’s nose and mouth start to bleed.

Relius: Hm… Oh my. What is this that I have found?
Relius digs up the deepest and most hidden away emotion of the Lieutenant. Something he always thought was hidden away deep inside his mind is now being brought back.
Relius: You actually hate your fellow man. You joined the military because, deep down, you just wanted to kill. Kill those who wronged you, and those you hated. Not to defend your birthplace, but to decimate those who stood in your way.
He begins to laugh once again.
Relius: Ahahahaha… Try hard as you may, Lieutenant, but these feelings inside are what drive you. This gives me the fulcrum to topple your soul and rebuild it however I please.


Bang is actually surprised by Eddy’s polite and gentle behavior. He stands up from his fighting position and scratches his head.
Bang: So you do not wish to fight? You just want to bring me back to prison in this way? I have never met a person like you before.


Meanwhile Saya has been getting dressed. She comes back out of her closet and goes over to her crown stand. She removes the crown from it’s stand and puts it on, making sure all the proper pieces are where they should be and tying her hair back.
Saya: Superintendent, what is the status of the Exiled AI? And where is Commander Relius?

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All of the tearing away at his mind has finally crushed him. He remains stood there, motionless with his head hung not saying a word….


Eddy: Fightin’? me partner?…Ive had my fare share of it over the years, after a while ya learn dat its just a lil easier to go about things with less of an shooty attitude you know? dats me
He points at himself with his thumb
Eddy: Im glad ah come as a bit of a change to your usual servings but the job I carry out is the same as the others my friend, jus’ with less vah oh lence if you catch me drift
With the barrel of his rifle removed he places it into a case and straps it onto his massive back. If you look you will see that he is actually carrying 3 different assault rifles, an RPG launcher, several belts of grenades and a archaic looking battle axe all upon his back besides the PTRS41
Eddy: C’mon now Bang, times a wastin’

@The Imperator,

Superintendent: I do not know the whereabouts of Commander Relius, however I can inform you that he is not here on Transcendence. As for the Exiled AI, it has been taken back to the desert and dumped from height. It now rests below 20 meters of sand, It shall remain here indefinitely.

Jul 21, 2013 at 07:18PM EDT


Relius laughs a bit before motioning with his hand for Ignis to let him go.

The robot that was once his dearly beloved wife lets go of the Lieutenant. The wound on his human arm is bleeding rather badly, while his cybernetic arm sparks.

Relius: Phantom, our work here is done.

A black haze appears next to Relius and disperses mere moments later, revealing Phantom floating there above the ground next to Relius.

Relius: Take him back.

Phantom: …

The Lieutenant is then surrounded by a black vortex, and disappears from sight after a few vworping sounds.

Relius: My thanks.
Relius walks off into the shadows of his own realm with Ignis following behind him.

Phantom disappears in a cloud of mist once this is through.


The Lieutenant now stands in your personal dojo, looking like he has been through hell and back.


Your scanners can now pick up that both Relius and Ignis are back on Transcendence.


Bang: So you have grown bored of fighting and resort to peaceful ways instead? I find that noble of you…

Jul 21, 2013 at 07:49PM EDT

Meanwhile Sam is busy doing some sword swings, just then the Lieutenant appears from nowhere a few feet away, it catches Sam unawares and he almost cuts him clean in half….He stops and looks at the new arrival
Well, that was different…what are you doing here?…
GW appears
GW: I have detected another breach
Yeah I know I’m looking at it….
A quiet one huh?….
Sam turns his back on him and carries on doing some sword swings
Who even is that? he looks pretty done in too…
GW: ID:#432, Lieutenant Martin Miles, Ex-Praying Mantis employee. History of multiple involvements in numerous conflicts Right arm is cybernetic.
A veteran eh?…
He stops and makes his way over, he looks him up and down
He looks trashed up, bleeding too with a bit of damage to that arm
He pats his arm with his HF blade
GW: Nanomachine readings show he is suffering from extreme shock and physical trauma
Sam raises his blade upto his shoulder
GW: Captain?….
Shush now GW…
He does a few practice swings, bringing the blade close to the Lieutenants neck and then taking it back away
GW: Your going to kill him?
Is his brain cyberntically encased?
GW: No, it is not.
Sam brings the blade back and takes a swing at the soldier, with his supreme skill he manges to sever the Lieutenants cyborg arm clean off, stopping short of his abdomen. The prosthetic drops to the ground with a heavy thud
Heh…well that made a change for once…
GW: I recommend that this person is taken to a medical bay
Well then…call the crew, have him taken away?
GW: Ofcourse Captain
Sam walks back off and continues to train…

@The Imperator:

Superintendent: Commander Relius and Sub-Commander Ignis have returned Imperator


Eddy: I give them an inch and I expect them to not tread on my toes…you gotta shuffle things up an’ when you’ve seen and done it all it sorta gets samey, you know what a mean friend?…

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lucy panics at marisa throwing her hair on lucy


everyone there laughs a bit at lucy.

lucy gets marisas hair off of her and gently pushes marisa away from her.

Erza: okay okay, thats enough people.

Lucy: anyone do something like that again, and im getting zodiac spirit “Cancer” and ill have him cut all of your hair off..

Levy: relax lucy. okay everyone settle down now.

juvia notices tsunarmin using her magic to breath underwater. shes mildly impressed.

Juvia: so you can use water magic too. so can juvia.

juvia puts flandre down aside and stands up to show her some of her water magic

juvia makes her body completely transparent with water. turning her entire body into water and manipulating some of the hot spring water around very lightly.

Juvia: juvia can make her entire body into water. it makes juvia completely immune to most physical attacks and most magic projectioles that shoot physical objects, like gray-samas ice lances.

Erza: here ill show you all.

erza summons 4 kunais using her requip magic and throws them directly at juvia.

*the kunais go right through juvia. exactly like juvia said. they just go through her water body without any further effect.

she then returns to her normal form and joins flandres side.

Juvia: it also works when juvia is in her normal form. that is how she is. juvia can also make it rain at will if she wanted it too. her magic power increases when it rains.

Carla: though i think that she may have more water magic than just that. though still nice.

Cana: oh by the way, i have a surprise for you all once were done with the springs and we head over to the sheds nearby to lounge around a bit more and dry off.

Lucy: knowing cana. this doesnt sound good. oh by the way. juvia. about flandes clothes, i can get them ready for her before she leaves. im sure that Virgo can get them ready in just a bit.

Juvia: thats sounds great lucy, thank you. though she might need a pair of pyjamas with that as well. wouldnt want to sleep in the same clothes all day and night. right.

Lucy: okay. ill be right back. ill go and get my keys.

she gets out of the pool, wraps a towel around her and goes back inside the change room.
@yukari and yuyuko
Medusa: sarcastically yay my hero. turns to see asura.
Medusa: why hello kishin asura. we meet again.

Asura: that it seems so, lady medusa.

lady medusa turns to yuyuko.

Medusa: these souls are for asura. though im sure that you dont mind at all do you?

she sends the souls over to asura using her vector snakes. asura take one in hand and one with each of his four scarfs. he eats one of them, enjoying it while he eats the first soul

she feels the tugging on her soul and quickly finds out its due to yuyuko.

Medusa: by the way, is it possible for you to leave my soul alone. i kind of need that to live. smiles if you dont mind.

she fully releases her soul wavelength.
(ignore the others in photo)

*her soul emits such great power that they all can see it for themselves. medusa may not look like a threat at first but she is extremely powerful. backed up by her wicked cunning, she is truly a force to be reckoned with.she then drops the wavelength back to normal, and no longer being tugged away.

Medusa: so, now that im here. care to tell me who your little friends are?
they are almost done cleaning his gauntlets. now they are putting on a final coat to protect them from dirt and such

Mirajane: by the way. were will you guys stay at? do you have any recomendations or do you have a place to stay already in mind?

she says to tager, hakumen, and the mages of the order nearby.
the storage room has been quickly prepared for sleeping arangements. 5 mattresses. one for renegade. one for lyra, one for discord, one for ash, and one for luna and celestia to share. each have two pillows and a large comfortable blanket for them all.

Elfman: well thats it. its all finished. hope thats all youll need.

Mavis: ill inform makarov, the current guild master of all of this. im sure he wont mind at all. if you ever need anything. ask anyone in the guild.

Elfman: if thats all, im going back to my sisters. he leaves the room with just mavis and the others in it.
nothing new

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Doomguy: …Anyways, Once I had reached that tower, I encountered this half-demon half-machine thing. It had a rocket launcher for one of it’s hands, and didn’t seem to take all that much damage from explosives. I managed to take it down, obviously. it WAS an epic fight, though. After that, I descended into the depths of hell itself.

Falcon returns empty handed.
Josuke: What happened? I turned the channel as soon as you left.
It is currently on the sports channel. Mr. Zero is currently standing in red Canyon, right next to Samurai Goroh.
Mr. Zero: This just in, We’ve got an exciting sneak peek! An interview with one of the all-star racers in the Grand Prix, Samurai Goroh, live from his home in Red Canyon!
Anyways, Mr. Goroh, Do you have any doubts that you’ll win the F-Zero Grand Prix?

Goroh: Of course not! I’m going to win this year! I’ve been training a lot, and I’m going to beat Falcon!
Zero: Ah, That viritolic rivalry you two have. When did it start?
Goroh: Well, it started back when we were both bounty hunters. He always took the good jobs, and I was very jealous of him, so when I learned he signed up for the F-Zero Grand Prix, I jumped right on board with my Fire Stingray!
Zero: That’s Very interesting! Stay tuned viewers, as I interview Antonio Guster!
Falcon shuts off the TV
Falcon: God, I hate that guy. He always THINKS he’s going to win, but he never does. Anyways, onto more important things,
By the time I got there, He was gone. Pussy. I cane back straight away, making sure to brush up a bit on my piloting skills on the way.

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???: “I am not the only one who has breached the place… I detected an additional force that entered via Large Scale Teleportation just now.”

Another voice replies. "Where you able to get a read on it?’

???: “The thing teleported wasn’t the person who initiated the teleportation. I think it spat out a normal person…”

Earpeice: “Standard Long-Range Teleportation was recently made impossible on Mobius due to a strong planetary air filter. It pretty much eats the particles you are trying to send down or around. Granted there are a few ways around it; Warp Gate teleportation is possible as it’s just bending the fabric of space time, but nobody here has discovered that tech yet. Not to mention you can split yourself up into larger chunks like the Vampire’s Bat Swarm Transformation and avoid getting filtered.”

???: “You are making my head burst here, too much info. So it was from another planet or ship, right?”

Earpeice: “Most likely the case. I want you to go find the person who was teleported in if possible. And while you are at it give me an estimation on how much time they have before their hyperspace jump.”

???: “Okay, heading there now. This may take a bit.”

The cloaked figure begins making it’s way, taking any detour possible to avoid detection…

OOC: I realize this person may get found out if the Airborne Nanomachines reports “Alien/Monster” aboard the ship. As long as this process isn’t too fast I am fine with it. Just give this person a few posts to muck about before an intruder alert is sounded.

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