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Saya: Very good.
She goes to sit in her throne.
Saya: Has anything else happened while I was asleep?

Relius calls the Superintendent as well.
Relius: Program, how much more time until we arrive at Mobius? There is something of great importance to me that resides there.


The Grim Reaper is clearly getting bored out of his mind.
Ragna: Alright, I’m done.
Ragna stands up from the springs and goes to grab a towel and wraps it around himself. He plans to do something that he has waited to do for a while…
Ragna: Unless there’s something else to do besides waiting for the guy to finish his damn story, I’ll be leaving.


Flandre claps at Juvia’s display of magic, and goes to hug her once she sits down beside her again.

Kokonoe has returned to relaxing, closing her eyes and leaning back again.

Nu actually cracked a smile as Juvia displayed her water magic.
Nu: Well… Nu can’t do anything with water, but she can do this!
Nu puts both hands in front of her, pointing towards the moon. As she concentrates harder and harder, a massive flashing portal opens up above the lake. Once the portal is open, a hail of multi-colored swords rain down into the lake and glisten in the moonlight. These swords look strange, however. They are actually made up of the very fabric of space. The shower just goes on for a few seconds before Nu stops.
Nu: How was that? Was it pretty?
Also, if you are paying attention… There is a strange symbol on Nu’s chest near the base of her neck.

((Ignore the text.))


Music begins playing out of nowhere.

Yes, this guy is so awesome that he can make music appear out of thin air.

He gets back into a fighting position.
His eyes begin to burn with a fiery passion yet again.

This bloke is probably the most nuttiest of the nutbars Eddy has encountered in his entire life.


Hakumen: Rest? My patience is unmatchable. I need no rest.
Due to Hakumen basically being a soul inside a suit of armor, he doesn’t need any rest. This is also coupled with the fact that his Susano’o Unit armor gives him limitless stamina. The guy can sprint for miles without stopping or having to catch a breath.

Tager: I don’t need any rest either, Mirajane. I think that Kokonoe will want me to stay with her though.


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Marisa laugh as she gets pushed away

“You could literally see all the hairs on your back stand on end right there, ahaha!”

She goes back to Reimu and watches the freakout and Nu’s little Fireworks show

“Reimu, wake up. You turned absent minded on me.”

she thumps Reimu in the side causing Reimu to jump and +1 Graze

What? We getting out?

“You probably need to. The heat seems to be getting to you.”

What are you talking about? This isn’t nearly hot as hell in a winter dress.

“Then tell me what’s been going on.”

Bathtime magic shows apparently.

Reimu does the classic “pull off your thumb” trick, getting an “Are you fucking Serious?” look from Marisa.

A Yin Yang orb flies around Reimu and smacks Marisa across the cheek, causing her to fall completely underwater.


Yuyuko smiles as she looks at the giant soul bubble

Yuyuko: “Indeed impressive. You would definitely be able to retain your form once you pass on.”
Youmu: “They do seem to gather energy rather differently.”
Yuyuko: “Size over Quantity it seems. But in regards to it all…”

She raises her right hand with a sort of unnaturally happy look in her eyes

Yuyuko: “Nope! I don’t give a shit about what you do to souls that linger on the earth nor souls of the guys who you kill.”

She puts her hand back down

Yuyuko: “And speaking of that, when did you want me to gather the souls on this planet anyways?”

Yukari sighes

Yukari: “Like, 5 minutes after you arrived here actually. Can you just get to that?”
Yuyuko: “Kay~”

Yuyuko sits on her pillow and goes into a sort of trance…

Yukari: “Anyways. I have a spy onboard that ship. Probably should have given her more than a cloak to keep her from standing out though…”

Jul 21, 2013 at 10:00PM EDT


Medusa: a spy on boar heaven you say? i guess im not the only one with a cunning mind here. though my spies are a lot more…. hidden… shal i say.

Asura: how so?

one of the tatoos on medusas arms begins to come alive and grow. it grows to a much larger size and coils around her, revealing a real snakes head at the end.

Medusa: right before i was so rudely interutpted with my chat with “my handsome prince here,” some filthy humans attacked us. naturally, i dealt with them quickly. but right before i left, when i attacked them with my vector arrows. i implanted the survivors of my attacks with but a few of my thousand of snakes that are within me. through those snakes that are buried deep within them, i can see everything that they see. hear everything they hear. they are pretty much my eyes and ears inside of heaven, completely undetectable to those nanomachines that are floating about in the air. and i soon wish to have them transfer some of my snakes inside poor samuel when they get the chance, so that i can have constant monitoring of his actions on board heaven.

Asura: most impressive indeed. but tell me this. how did you get on board that vessel in the first place.

Medusa: shortly after i recovered from my premature defeat. i descided to explore around to find all the information i can around boundaries and boundary research. for some time ive experimented with it back in my home. some experiments succeeded, while some….. you know. accidents do happen after all. hmhmhmhm well anyway, after many endless days and nights of researching and studying on boundaries. i was finally able to create my own personal boundary. though probably nothing compared to one such as yukaris, though still not bad for an amateur. i used it to create my own personal boundary big enough to preserve my home with all of my priceless research and books that can prove extremely useful for your plans.

Asura: how did you know about our little project?

Medusa: i left a snake in you from a while back. it just told me everything i needed to know once i met you just now.

Asura: clearly i should never underestimate your wicked mind.

Medusa: damn right you shouldnt. she says very cocky-like. she then turns to yukari. so, since we cannot get the emeralds at the moment, what is the next stage of the plan?
the guards inside heaven that survived the encounter with medusa have no idea that medusa has implanted them with snakes telling her everything she needs to know. they are also undetectable to the nanomachines, due to them being infused with their host. however, they can travel between other hosts at medusas will and give her the information she needs.
everyone looks at nu’s magic.
Wendy: wooow. thats looks really pretty.

Levy: it really is.

Carla: though it seems like it is very similar to erzas requip magic.

Cana: could it be that nu is a knock off to erza or is it the other way around?

they giggle a bit

Erza: you obviously have a lot of talent nu. and you have a very kind spirit. were very happy to have you new people here in our home.

Juvia: especially you mommas little angel. she says as she smothers flandre more

Levy: your so adorable with her juvia.

Wendy: were did lucy go by the way?

lucy suddenly comes back from the change room, she has her belt with a poutch thath olds her gate keys and she is holding all of flandres torn and dirty clothes in the other.

Lucy: hey guys, hey juvia. ill have virgo take care of flandes uniform before shes done here.

Juvia: okay.

lucy pulls out one of her gate keys.


her celesial spirit magic circle appears in front of her and the celestial spirit virgo appears through it. however, instead of her maid outfit. she is in a swimsuit of similar paterns as her outfit.

Virgo: you rang miss lucy?

Lucy: yah i did. but why are you in your swimsuit?

Virgo: i did it for the fan service. is there something i could do for you?

Lucy: could you have this uniform looking brand new and clean for flandre over there.

virgo turns to see flandre with juvia.

Virgo: oh, you mean that girl who help put a lab coat over you after your clothes disappeared?

Lucy: please dont remind me. so could you do this for me and her?

Virgo: right away. and ill also find something for her to wear to sleep in.

Lucy: thanks.

virgo winks at flandre while smiling before dissappearing in aa glittering light with her clothes.

lucy then enters back in the spring. she suddenly sees nu’s tatoo on her chest.

Lucy: by the way nu, what is that mark on your neck?
the guys are fed up with doomguys stories

Gajeel: goddamnit this is fucking boring.

Gray: agreed. its even making me want to drown myself.

Natsu: hey guys….. i have a great idea.

the guys are curious

Natsu: lets go to the girls side and see what they are doing.

Pantherlilly: are you serious. thats completely disrespectful to their privacy.

Gajeel: but carlas there as well.

happy and pantherlilly are suddenly excited to go.


gray: why the hell not. better than listening to this guy talk all night long.

Natsu: aw yeah, lets go do this guys.

Gajeel: turns to ragna besides, dont you want to take a peek at that fine ass of your girly friend you came with?

Natsu: as well as the other girls there as well? besides man you get to take a look at one of the most rares things a man can see.

Pantherlilly: whats that.

Gajeel: erzas nice…. perfect…. ass.

Natsu: man, yur not even going to regret that bet once you get to see it live.

Gajeel: thats it than. were all going there now. get your bath robes and towels and lets go. besides, i found a perfect hiding spot. that we can use.
Mirajane: okay, all done tager.

his gauntlets look like they were brand new.

Lisanna: i guess we dont have to worry about you two than.

Mirajane: if you want you can just stay here by the cliff looking out at the lake. im sure youl enjoy that a lot.

Lisanna: since were all done here. i think we can leave you two to do your own thing now.

they take the cleaning tools back in the bucket they came in.

Lisanna: good night you two.

Mirajane: see you in the morning.

they head towards the hall

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Ken: …I’m not that kind of person.
Doomguy is visibly a bit angry that they’re getting bored.
Doomguy: I KNEW i wasn’t that good of a storyteller… that’s why I became a fucking marine. Anyways, onto what you guys are suggesting, I’m gonna be blunt here.
Why? I… I can just feel it, you know? Those girls are gonna find out!
And I really don’t wanna fuck with them.
Either way, have fun getting you asses kicked. I’m gonna take a piss.

Doomguy gets out of the Hot Spring, puts a towel/robe/whatever on, and heads to the bathroom.

Jul 21, 2013 at 11:55PM EDT

OOC: Doomguy’s completely right, here. Even Tsunarmin would get annoyed and SHE’S still wearing something! And with such a large group attempting it, you may well see some of the multi-target spells once she finds out. Speaking of Tsunarmin…


Tsunarmin: rising out of the water just enough so that her voice isn’t muffled We Order mages really don’t have anything like what you just pulled… Though we do have more versatility in the higher ranks, it seems. And in terms of summoning things… only one of us has that ability, and we are unable to replicate it. to herself Where did Tahrdan even learn to summon that thing that we can’t even see?

(OOC: Incidentally, if Tsunarmin had chosen to follow the path in her life that would result in becoming the Water Guardian, she would also be able to summon something to assist her.)

Tardises: I really have no idea where we’ll be staying.
Solarian: I was under the assumption that arrangements would be made for us.
Pyralis: Remember that there are 5 of us Order mages here, not counting the one who just Warped in.
Noctan: I wonder what that creature is, though?
Granatir: I have no idea. Based off appearance, I’m guessing it’s some sort of earth elemental dragon, but I could be wrong. I must look into it once I return to the Order HQ.
Granatir proceeds to return to the Order HQ by casting Warp, taking the litholizard (OOC: Yes, that’s what I called it.) with him

Jul 22, 2013 at 12:27AM EDT

Tager waves goodbye as Hakumen just stands there and nods his head once at them leaving.


Flandre giggles again as Juvia snuggles her, and winks back at Virgo before she leaves.

Nu looks down at her chest, then back up at Wendy.
Nu: Nu doesn’t really know… She knows that she was ma- born with it. All those times are hazy in Nu’s mind.
In all actuality, she does not wish to speak of the years of nightmarish torture she was put through by the people who made her. She is really an artificial human. A human clone of Saya to be a Prime Field Device, also known as a Murakumo Unit. These units can explore the Boundary without any side effects to them, however the way they program them leaves them as emotionless machines that will destroy anything that obstructs their programming. However, since Hazama has died and Relius is working on another project at hand… her true colors are finally showing.

Kokonoe sighs and waves a hand in front of her to establish connection with Tager. Since Kokonoe is leaned up against the back wall of the hotsprings, he can’t see anything else. If he ever does, then Kokonoe could just shut down his optics.
Kokonoe: How’s it going, Tager? Did they clean you all up?

Tager: They cleaned both of us nicely.
He holds up his shiny new gauntlets so Kokonoe can see them.

Kokonoe: They were extra careful, right?

Tager: Indeed.

The Silver Knight cannot be seen from the screen, but can be heard.
Hakumen: Why are you talking to that Grimalkin, Red Devil?

Tager turns to look at Hakumen.
Tager: She is the one who contacted me.

Hakumen: … Very well.

Kokonoe: Anywaaaaaays… Anything new?

Tager: Actually, there is. A few of our new-found allies need supplies, and they were very desperate for them.

Kokonoe: Hm… Okay. Sure. Just don’t give them TOO much, Tager.

Tager: I’ll be sure.

Kokonoe: Yeah yeah. Kokonoe out.
She breaks the transmission with Tager and goes back to relaxing.


When Gray asks about if he wants to go spy on the girls, and mentions that Nu is there… Ragna begins to feel uneasy.
Ragna: …
His body is telling him to go, but there is something about Nu. He feels extremely uneasy when it comes to things like this concerning her. He feels like he knows her from somewhere, but can’t put her finger on where.
Ragna: Saya…
He glances over his shoulder, getting the feeling that he is being watched.
Ragna: … Fine. I’ll go with you…
He keeps thinking about Saya, and how Terumi took her away from him when he was still a child…

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OOC: I thank Zar for this opportunity.
Now to introduce myself, and think of what to do…

*Jin thinking to himself*
Oh BROTHER~! Oh how your body does look absolutely fabulous.

*continues to stay hidden watching Ragna's ass.*

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(OOC: AAAANNNN, welcome back to this thread!)

Meredith awakes with a start as a loud beeping noise alerts her to the presence of someone she didn’t teleport on her planet. She stares out the window for a second with an irritated look on her face

Ugh, who the heck is that? And how did they get here, on LOCAF?
She glances out her window again
She quickly changes how the sky looks, instead of it having a moon and stars and generally looking like a night sky on Eath/Mobius, it now looks like a dark blue lake with glowing Lotus-shaped stars instead. There is also no moon orbiting LOCAF, adn there never was.

Now then….
She pulls out a white cue-ball and asks it who the most recent “arrival” is. It promptly tells her it’s Jin

Well, that’s… different. Although I was kind of expecting him to join in this game at one point or another. Oh well, time to say a few things to him…
She snaps her fingers and teleports Jin and herself to the roof of her tower. What he sees is a five foot tall, white skinned, pointy eared girl wearing bright yellow pajamas floating in front of him and glaring daggers at him.

Listen here Mr.“I-Am-Totally-In-Love-With-My-Brother”, your sudden appearance on my planet woke me up from a very nice dream. So I will ask you this one question and you had better answer it or I will throw you down onto the main floor of the planet and you will have to find some way to climb back up a really tall plateau and traverse a country to see your brother again. Now, as for my question: How did you even get here?
She is quite clearly irritated.
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Huh? Where the hell am I?!
The Last I remember was watching my brothers fabulous body in the hot springs. *pants*

And who the hell are you?! Why have you summoned me to this place? Let me out this instant!
Nevermind I think I’ll just kill you instead!

*Isn't listening at all right now*

Shut it you Wench! YUKIANESA!!


[ Insert Lust Sin ]

*Completely deluded at this point only making the entire room cold*

Behold my secret Technique that even surpasses the depths of hell… Eternal Force…

*Really only making things cold.*

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OOC: You’d think that sound would have been triggered by Granatir, huh? Then again, he didn’t stay long and there is an established method for my characters getting around…

Jul 22, 2013 at 02:02AM EDT

She lets out a heavy sigh, and casts a spell hitting the both of them with a soothing green light, although it seems to have only affected Jin. Nevertheless, Jin is now feeling calmed down to the point of no longer wanting to kill her. She then wraps herself in a blanket she spawned during his “freezing” of the roof.

Listen, I just want you to answer my question: how did you get here? I don’t recall teleporting you here…
She then begins laughing

And seriosuly? You trying to kill me? Listen Jin, the only person who could fully kill me without me filling the “heroic” or “just” clauses is Hakumen. And you’re not him, now are you?

Oh, and when I send you back, assuming you answer my question, I can’t wait to see you face a guild full of strong mages, some people you know, the guy who can make you explode by punching you, and a whole bunch of other powerful people. I’m gonna guess that you wouldn’t last very long Mr.Incest.

(OOC:Last post for tonight, g’night everyone.)
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OOC: Jin is as strong as Ragna, and Hazama ran away from him because he knew he would lose. Yeah… And you know how retarded Hazama is, and I’m playing the only guy who managed to scare him off.

@ MasterBurner

A vampire teleported me to my brother. I get really confused talking to her, but I was really glad that she sent me to my brotherrr~

*Calm Jin doesn't say much more.*

Jul 22, 2013 at 02:55AM EDT

The OFC group all walk towards the main hall, following Mavis and Elfman. After having helped to move the beds into the room they were to stay in, they begin to prepare to slumber, a leisure they have not enjoyed since… they couldn’t remember.
Renegade: While I could go without sleep, it will be most refreshing.
Ash: Four beds… I feel offended.
Lyra walks into the room.
Lyra: Hello, everyone!
Renegade: Welcome back, Lyra. Gonna dream of sheep?
Lyra: I don’t sleep. As long as the Emeralds are inside me, I’ll stay charged. Besides, Ash needs a bed anyway.
Ash: You’re a true hero, milady.
Lyra giggles a bit, and turns back to Renegade.
Lyra: Besides, I still need to finish your weapon in the OFC. I just came to check on you all. I need to get back… I’ll see you all later.
They all bid farewell, and she heads back to the station. Discord yawns, and scratches his back.
Discord: Well, it’s been a time and a half… but I really think we should hit the hay now.
Renegade slowly and gently lowers Luna, who is now sound asleep on his back. He places her carefully on his bed, and chuckles to himself.
Renegade: I believe you’re right. Tomorrow, we’ll have to see if there’s anything we could help with for our hosts.
He removes his helmet and mask… but in the dark, it is near impossible to see his features. He joins Luna in the bed, and turns to the others.
Renegade: Good night…
The others say their good nights as well, and they all easily fall into a peaceful slumber.

Jul 22, 2013 at 03:06AM EDT

Marisa: “Getting bad vibes on the past of the robot girl.”

It’s not good to pry.

“I know, but still…”

Marisa notes that Reimu still has the broken reactor on the back of her head.

“This come off?”

She tugs on it a bit and Reimu suddenly goes limp

“Shit! It’s anchored to her brain!?”

Marisa quickly drags Reimu out of the water

“Come on wakeupwakeupwakeupwakeup…”

This is bad especially considering that a certain something will activate in a few seconds if she doesn’t wake up…

Yukari claps, a bit impressed about the boundary part

“Took 18 monks at least 6 years how to increase the power of an already existing boundary. And they killed themselves in the process. But seems you managed to shove all of your things between something (If ya know what I mean).”

Medusa had created a Pocket between what Yukari perceives as “Boundary between this and that”, a far less advanced version to Yukari’s “Boundary Between the Observable and Unobservable” she uses as her home.

“Though it does appear you have only exploited physical existing gaps. But without Boundary Perception you are essentially playing a random video game blindfolded.”

The Parent Power to Yukari’s Boundary Control, Boundary Perception. This is what allows her to summon her gaps in the first place… and allows her to call up the gaps between concepts, and ability that is canonly unique to her. (White and Reborn Reimu can do it in Concealed the Conclusion, and Zar upgraded Flandre’s OP DESTROY EVERYTHING power with it.)

“Now then, time to go over the plan… I need either Reimu or Flandre to execute this. They have low level boundary manipulation and are from the target place I am going to be shoving everything into. Reimu is preferable as she is the avatar to the worlds gate keeper. This is also why I stopped her from descending entirely into madness, as that barrier would have fallen apart and this plan would have been ruined.”

She pulls out a book from seemingly nowhere

“I also need this built.”

She opens up a diagram of a temple thing…

“Though we need to make it out of something neigh indestructible so it can withstand the full merging. The Balloon Master or The Crow may have something. That and we need the Azure Grimoire, or at least a very good substitute. It’s a reactor that can draw forth the energy needed for this. We either need the one fused to the back of Reimu’s Head Fixed, or the one on the arm of Ragna the Bloodedge. A good substitute would be Marisa Kirisame’s Main Mini Hakkuro, but she has far more raw firepower than Reimu, and can easily obliterate us all out in one hit when she goes absolute full power. Not to mention that it’s hard to track one of us once we have exploded so even if we dodged that attack, we would have to track her down again as she could have reformed anywhere. At the very least Reimu can be dragged around after knocking her out twice.” (Sam is VERY lucky I didn’t discover the trigger for the spell in question earlier.)

She lays the book off to the side.

“The rest is getting the power sources gathered up, and keeping me guarded long enough to initiate stage two of the task. Any questions?”

Yuyuko remains motionless and Youmu refrains from asking anything


@Asura: Mandatory World Note you will have to conform to in order to copy the boundary ability at the degree you are implying;
~Medusa will need the two objects she used to create that gap on hand in order to access her house.
~Can be a pocket sized item, but they need to be separable to keep a gap large enough for entrance and need to be left outside when she enters her house.

@Power Levels: Yes, Marisa’s absolute Full Power in this case is “Magicannon; Final Spark”. It’s like a fast charging Vegeta’s Final Flash turned into a A Rainbow Seizure Beam. Aimed correctly it would obliterate everyone and every planet in this thread in one shot. But that’s why it’s her very last resort and will have her leave as soon as she’s finished casting it. Prior to that she doesn’t raise above the Mountain Busting Level.

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Ragna quickly throws a towel over himself, feeling the familiar presence that was just taken away by Meredith.
Ragna looks visibly pissed off as he goes to grab Blood Scythe. However to the others it looks like he is yelling at nothing since Meredith teleported Jin away.
Ragna: If you can hear me, Jin, that means I’m going to kill you!


Nu sees this and suddenly snaps back into the automaton mode and tone of voice.
Nu: Azure Grimoire currently anchored to the subject’s brain.
Nu walks over to Reimu, and holds her up.
Nu: Azure Grimoire is attached to subject’s cerebellum and brain-stem. Commencing procedure.
With a swift pushing of her hand on the back of Reimu’s head, she manages to make Reimu regain consciousness without damaging her brain in any way.

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Taking notice of Bangs sudden big change in attitude, Eddy stops what he has doing and drops the case containing the anti-material rifle on the dry sand, kicking up dust

Eddy: Your not leavin’ me much choice here partner its lookin’ almost like you wanna fight me, its a bit of a shame I gotta admit it.
He opens up the case and takes out both parts of the rifle
Eddy: I thought things were going mighty fine but im wrong. Sorry to get you all worked up brother but I wanna let you know that im not the confrontational type to start with, so I won’t be forcin’ yer to come with me….
He steps to his side
Eddy: I see that your eager to be on your trails…..don’t let me keep yer waitin’ roun’
Not far away, about 10 meters, sits a Scout Jetbike

Eddy: If I were you Id be on mah way already…

@The Imperator,

“Saya: Has anything else happened while I was asleep?”

Superintendent: The Persephone railway line is back in working order. The Sligs have produced a phenomenal amount of auto-turrets. I have also been receiving anomalous reports regarding missing books from the NOL archives and Loyalists yet to return from routine training exercises within the sewer systems, I suggest that this is investigated further Imperator.


“Relius: Program, how much more time until we arrive at Mobius? There is something of great importance to me that resides there.”

Superintendent: I am currently calculating the shocking-out procedure. We should arrive upon the outer rim of the Solar System imminently

However not too imminent that is…


Yeah that’s no problem man Ill write something up and give a work around so its within canon. Im fine with shuffling things up though, I mean I don’t want to deprive people of fun because of overly strict fiction.


Meanwhile in the Dispatchers Control room the words “Intruder detected via nano’s on deck (x)” are flashing in red upon all the monitors

Luckily though screams of the nanomachines within the clocked figure go unheard as at this point in time the Dispatcher is out of his control room and having a much needed tea break with General Adams, it looks like he will be a while too…

To give a tiny explanation on who the Dispatcher is, he is basically the goto man when it comes to security and break ins, he’s the voice on the soldier’s radio transceivers, he’s the one giving orders and he is the one who sends out the rapid response teams to deal with the problem at hand so him being out of his office means the ship is temporarily vulnerable to QUIET intruders….

Anywaaay. The figure comes to a T-junction in the corridor, the sound of voices can be heard coming from around the corner, The intruder takes a quick peek to see what’s happening….

A large group of scientist are hauling a big trolley down the corridor, whatever is laden upon it is hidden by a plastic sheet. However like in most films a single hand can be seen dangling out from underneath signifying that this cargo is human

Luckily though the group are heading away from the figure and seem to be in a bit of a hurry….

(Remember the Overseer demanding 10 new civilian subjects for the SPARTAN Program? well your looking at it in action…)

OOC: Zarathh wanted me to continue the Lieutenant’s little story on-screen so I thought “why not?”

Meanwhile down in the medical bay the Lieutenant is lying down on a bed, he is surrounded by a team of cybernetic nurse and one automated surgery bot. The bleeding has been stopped and his deep cuts bandaged over and dealt with however is cybernetic arm is yet to be replaced…
Nurse: Martin Miles, vanished only a few hours ago, last reports prior to his sudden disappearance state that he was fine in both body and mind.
Nurse #2: He seems to be in a state of shock?
Nurse: He has actually entered something similar to catatonia
Nurse #2: Where exactly was he taken? he just….went?
Nurse: Nanomachines went blank, we have no location data other than the last place he was aboard. he later returned in the Captains personal Dojo…
Nurse #2: A horse head in the bed tactic…
Nurse: Maybe, it seems like a sort of forewarning however using a trained soldier as a message is sickening….
Nurse #2: Is he expendable?
Nurse: Negative, he is a celebrated veteran and efficient cadet trainer, he will have to be….fixed…
Nurse #2: Counselling would be a good next step to take
Nurse: We live in a day an age where counselling is obsolete
Nurse #3: It would be much more efficient to encase his brain and have him reprogrammed, emotion suppression should shunt off any mental issues
Nurse #2: Is there not anything else we can do for him besides these given options?
Nurse: Look at him
He does and he see’s that the soldier is pretty super fucked, lying there completely in a world of his own
Nurse: Whatever got to him has put him in a place of no return. His mind is gone but his skills can be retrieved
Nurse #2: What do you suggest?
The Nurse ignores #2 and turns to the others
Nurse: Have this man taken to the Fabrication deck immediately, we are finished here.
He removes his medial gloves and makes his way from the room whilst the other nurses make the preparations for moving the patient….

Meanwhile with Sam…

GW appears…again and interrupts Sam…again
GW: I have a urgent report Captain.
If it has anything to do with some sort of break in or intruder alert I don’t want to hear it
Anything else to say before I end this call?
GW: One things Captain.
GW: I notified the Fabricators about the perpetual intruder problem.
GW: They revealed to me a project they have been working on, apparently it-
Ah ah ah…no spoilers, Ill see it when the time comes eh
GW: Ofcourse Captain
GW shuts himself off, Sam gives sigh and returns back to training….

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Jul 22, 2013 at 02:01PM EDT


Bang runs over to the speeder bike, and hops on it. Once he gets on he realizes he has no idea how to operate this thing. The look on his face switches from joyful to confused in a split second.
Bang: Erm… Do you do…
He accidentally puts the thing in reverse, and puts the pedal to the metal. Bang goes flying full speed in reverse on the bike.
Bang stops the bike in reverse, and luckily puts it in drive. He drives the bike over to Eddy once again. He smiles awkwardly at Eddy and scratches his head.
Bang: Please forget that you ever saw that.
And then he speeds off on the bike leaving a trail of dust behind him.


Saya: Have a fully armed squad deployed in the sewers to see what is going on.
The Imperator then sighs as she realizes that the Superintendent has told her barely anything about Persephone Prison.
Saya: Elaborate on who runs the Persephone Prison, and what goes on there.


Relius: My thanks, program.
Relius shuts off the communication, and goes back to his research…

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Jul 22, 2013 at 02:22PM EDT

*Is sent back*

Now it’s time go find my brother~!
*Sneaks off to find Ragna's delectable ass*

OOC: My posts will be kinda short since I only will be controlling one character.

Jul 22, 2013 at 02:27PM EDT


Eddy calmly watches as Bang speeds off into the distance…

He then begins screwing the barrel back onto the body of the rifle
Eddy: Well looky here ah did try playin’ the friendly game, even offered him a safe ride back on over to the prison with no hassles
With the weapon back in one piece Eddy makes his way towards a small rock hill and climbs upto the top. Due to the speed of a Jetbike, Bang can be seen far far away in the distance
Eddy: At the end of the day you just hafta see it from my point of view
He takes single massive bullet from a pouch around his waist
Eddy: Im sorry Bang but a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do
Eddy loads the bullet into the rifle and attains a ready stance

Eddy: I never miss friend…..
He raises the PTRS41 anti-material rifle to his shoulder and points it towards Bang who is now a mere dot in the distance

He brings his eye to the scope and starts taking aim

He places his finger lightly on the trigger

He takes a deep breath in….


Superintendent: Teams have been dispatched as per your request. Concerning Persephone Prison and who leads it, I must apologize as my knowledge on the complex and who manages it are very limited due to it being completely cut off from the mainland due to the surrounding desert and the silent Guards who work upon the train. The only things I can tell is that the Prison itself is built into Transcendence’s surface and that the governor is often branded as the most evil and sadistic entity to ever be allowed exist under our gods reign. This is all I know

The prison is completed isolated from the rest of the planet, the only means of contact being the train that travels the desert. Apart from what is said by the Guards upon arrival from the prison nothing is really known about what actually happens there…

Jul 22, 2013 at 02:54PM EDT

Meanwhile, back at the Order HQ…

Granatir: What are we supposed to do with this thing?
Tempestia:while trying to keep the litholizard bound I don’t know. Maybe we could try to tame it, find similar ones for the other 5 elements and have one each?
Pitchurn:That’s not a bad idea at all.
The litholizard attempts to break free by trying to crush the vines binding it, without success
Granatir: This may take a while…

(OOC:Yeah, I have others lined up to use. I actually have 8 I could work with – In addition to one for each of the 6 elements, I also had one that would be ice-oriented (with head fins resembling a certain fairy’s wings) and a generic cave dwelling one. And this is really so the archmages have something that Tardises does not!)

Jul 22, 2013 at 02:55PM EDT

Reimu’s face contorts in several weird ways and makes a few sounds before comeing to her senses


“Y… yeah… thanks for that.”

Marisa cradles Reimu

The cloaked person slunks away from the medical bay, quickly making its way back towards the civilian quarters…

???: “His Soul is Shot. It looks shattered at best. Powderized in other places.”

Earpeice: “You spot leftover energy?”

???: “No. It’s been too long I recon.”

Earpeice: “Alright. Get to a command deck and-”

???: “Shit, something’s comeing.”

The Lights flicker and the cloaked person seems to have vanished.

The previously mentioned trolly rolls around the corner and into a lift, and the cloaked figure looks around the corner as the elevator doors close

???: “… A body?”

Earpeice: “You where right next to the medical bay a bit ago. This is a civilian ship and they still have funeral services you know.”

???: “You forget how fast I am. And they boarded the one that is labeled out of service as well.”

Earpeice: “Check it out later. For now get to a command deck and extract their destination point.”

???: “Okay. On my way…”

the figure darts down the hall unnaturally fast like a phantom…

Jul 22, 2013 at 03:10PM EDT


Bang continues to speed off into the distance, unaware and unthinking of what is about to happen next. He is just happy to finally have his freedom…


Nu switches back from her autonomous personality, and back to her normal one.
Nu: are you okay? Did Nu help you?
She then turns to look at Tsunarmin.
Nu: Nu doesn’t really know.
She shrugs a bit.

Flandre sees what Nu did to Reimu.
Are you okay, kitty?


Saya: … Very well. That is all.
Saya closes her eyes, and goes into a deep meditation state, activating Takamagahara to see what is going on there for herself.


Everyone in the prison can feel a sort of oppressing feeling, one more harsh than normally. It feels like they are all being watched by something of a higher power than them.

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Jul 22, 2013 at 03:23PM EDT


Without further hesitation Eddy pulls the trigger…

The sound of the rifle firing is tremendously loud and the shock wave produced spreads out around him creating a wave of dust. The bullet speeds off into the distance and takes a full few seconds before hitting spot on target…
Eddy: Im real sorry friend, truly I am…
Bearing in mind that his weapon is built for spearing tanks, the shot hits Bang’s right arm and tears it completely off, toppling him from the Jetbike which itself is still travelling at a high speed
Eddy quickly takes apart his rifle and packs it away before hopping on his own Jetbike and making his way over to Bang…


@The Imperator,

What she see’s is horrific…

On the upper levels people are kept in cages hanging from the walls without food whilst be snarled at by rabid dogs

As the levels get lower and lower down things get more sinister. Executions are a common sight and corpses can be seen lying around everywhere. Masses of prisoners are seen walking around the hallways, systemically eating their food then returning to their cells

In the slave factory prisoners are seen being forced to make over-complicated clocks and the having their hard work smashed in front of their faces, some Guards go as far as beating the said prisoner to death with their own creation

However nothing is seen of the leaders of this hell pit…


A manhole cover is opened up near the HQ tower and three Loyalists drop in..

A team consisting of 2 Exo species and 1 Awoken. Their classes are varied however, from left to right we have a Warlock, Soldier and Scout.

Warlock: Im picking up a faint presence already
Soldier: Near?
Warlock: We have a bit of walking to do yet
Scout: Ill move on ahead
Soldier: Hold back for a moment, we know very little of our target

The 3 man team make their way further into the sewer system…


The intruder finds itself upon the Command Deck of Heaven, one of the most lively and guarded decks of them all due to it being the brain level of the entire ship. Important Administration class cyborgs such as Officers and directors roam the halls whilst Tengu’s stand at the ready near doorways and outpost stations…

Security is at its absolute maximum meaning cameras and electric panel floors are everywhere and intruder alerts are dealt with the greatest measures possible. It is also interesting to note that both Sam and the other Winds are in this section, Sam being in the Dojo whilst the Winds are in the Bridge…

Jul 22, 2013 at 04:07PM EDT


All was going fine and dandy until…


Bang’s arm goes flying off a good few meters from him as the shinobi yells in agonizing pain as the flesh and bone rip and tear away from his body in an instant. Blood, bits of muscle, and shards of bone fly outwards from his arm. In a state of reaction, Bang topples off the jetbike and gets really roughed up by the impact, rolling a good bit before stopping. He gets rather bruised and cut up by this as well.

The jetbike goes haywire and crashes into a sand dune, exploding in a burst of flame and metal shrapnel.

All Bang can do is scream in extreme pain and lay there, covering the bleeding socket that was once his right arm with his left hand. He’s losing blood rather fast too, it seeping out of him and staining the dry sand crimson.
He begins to cry a bit from the pain as he winces and keeps his eyes shut, just writhing there in pain.

Meanwhile Eddy can feel something watching him from a distance next to Bang. Upon closer investigating, this figure is Phantom. It appeared without him even noticing, and is floating next to Bang who is on the ground. Eddy then gets a call…

The call is from none other than Relius Clover.
Relius: Phantom has informed me that you have apprehended Bang Shishigami, carrier of the Lynchpin.
His voice remains in the same tone as always, but Eddy can tell he is unhappy with him.
Relius: But what you have done could have killed my only key for something very important. You are to bring the carrier and the Lynchpin back to the Novus Orbis Librarium headquarters at once. Keep him alive at all costs. That is an order, Major.
The call ends as soon as it came.

Meanwhile back at Relius’ lab…

Relius just hung up on Eddy.
Relius: Soon my plans shall come to fruition once we reach Mobius… Hazama shall not have died in vain with the information I have gathered…

@Sewer Team,

The team walks deeper into the sewers. They can feel that something is watching them from the shadows, but they do not know what it is… However, the warlock comes across a small patch of a black substance on the sewer ground. Even though it appears to be black ooze, it has a thin red outline surrounding it. It also appears to glow red a bit too… It should also be noted that the further they go into the sewer, the more contaminated with seithr it gets. Seithr is like radiation, and should be able to be picked up by a radiation meter. The seithr has spiked to lethal levels in the current place they are at now.


Saya is unphased by any of the stuff that is going on in the prison. However she keeps searching for the man in charge of the place. The governor.

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Jul 22, 2013 at 04:35PM EDT

OOC: this is the best i can come up with for objects and boundary moving. if it is not sufficient enough than let me know.

Medusa: ive had made temporary way for me to go between my boundaries. though not quite as effective as your methods. but it was my only option at the time. she raises her left arm up. just like my pet here, i have another tattoo snake on my left arm. i left it behind in my boundary to act as a a gateway to that boundary. while i still have this darling here as my means of getting there.

she points her hand out. as she does this the snake shoot out in front of the others and while remaining a tattoo design, it shapes itself into a giant circle about 3 metres in diameter. once it has become a full circle, a dark purple and black portal appears inside the boundary for a little bit. after a few seconds it slowly reveals the front entrance of medusas home, taking form of a giant abandoned castle in the middle of a swamp-like environment, covered in a thick white fog.

Medusa: this is the best i can do for now. im still looking for an alternative way to do so. though still not too shabby for an amateur.

Asura: im quite imressed your capable of such a feat. truly you will much use to us.

Medusa: indeed. and i have a proposition for you miss yukari. if you teach me the ways to fully manipulate boundaries just like yourself. i will easily provide you with the neigh indestructible material you may need to construct such an edifice. to be honest, it is quite simple for me to produce. its just a matter of time.

Asura: the black blood i presume?

Medusa: thats correct kishin. i was the one who created the very black blood that flows within the kishins body, allowing for his resurrection. it is so perfectly refined that there is no purer source that can be obtained. i can harvest some of his blood, break it back down so that it can be infused into a living host. once it has fully assimilated the hosts blood, we can harvest the black blood and forge it into the indestructible materials you need. though like i said. the key thing is time. time and many humans we need to mass produce it.

so yukari, your boundary skills for my black blood forgery. do we have a deal? she says with a devilish smirk

ooc: if im still incorrect about the whole two objects in the boundary stuff, please forgive me, this stuff is still new to me and medusa. i tried my best not to bullshit through it.
Wendy: are you okay reimu?

Carla: i thought we almost lost you there for a second.

Lucy: thank goodnes nu was somehow able to save you. though how did she do it.?

Erza: i dont know. im just glad nothing happened.

Levy: hey girls. do you want to head to the lounge hut nearby in the back of the guild hall. we have some refreshments there so we can sit around while we dry off.

Cana: i also have a nice surprise for you all as well.

Erza: im okay with that if everyone else is.

Lucy: if i stay in here any longer, i would probably get so relaxd that i would fall asleep and drown here. im relaxed enough as it is.

Levy: so its settled than. lets head there now.

the girls start getting out of the hot spring and dry themselves off with their towels.

juvia helps flandre to dry off before herself, being a water mage and all.

(do as i do and prepare for a fun time after the hot springs. one word. SAKE.)
the guys get out of the pool and try to help ragna calm down after his sudden freak out. while still wearing their cloths around their waists.

Natsu: woah take it easy there man, what are you getting to worked up about?

Gray: just calm down man.

Gajeel: yah just dont go waving that sword around for nothing.

Happy: i guess the hot water fried his head.

Pantherlilly: i dont think so. he looks actually concerned about something.

Natsu: yo, if there is something wrong care to explain?

Jul 22, 2013 at 05:28PM EDT

Tsunarmin does not have a towel to dry herself off with. However, she does not need one. After getting out of the spring, her hands glow orange and she holds them near herself, becoming dry in the process. This is really low level pyromancy, not even powerful enough to use as an attack. After drying off, she slips her robe back on and carries her wand with her – She moves her shield to her inventory

Tsunarmin: You’ve got me curious as to what you mean by ‘refreshments’…

(OOC: While the combat spells are more or less predetermined, I could always come up with non-combat uses for a number of the elements. 5 of the 6 could be used as light sources (obviously dark is the one which cannot). for example…)

Jul 22, 2013 at 05:41PM EDT


Kokonoe opens one eye to see what all is going on.
Kokonoe: Alright. I’ll go with you guys.
The neko gets out of the springs, and dries herself off. Once she is through, she puts the bathrobe on and begins to head off with the girls. She then suddenly gets a nervous look on her face, just now remembering she forgot her lollipop.
She establishes a video feed with the cyborg once more.

Tager: Hm? What is it, Kokonoe?
He looks a bit confused.

Kokonoe: You still have those emergency lollipops on you, right?
She looks a bit frantic.

Tager: I do. They’re right here.
He pulls out one of Kokonoe’s favorite blue lollipops from a pouch on his person.


Tager: Er… Throw one?

Kokonoe: YES! Are you deaf or something?

Tager: But wouldn’t it be more suitable just for me to come and deliver it to you myself?

Kokonoe: No. Just throw it to me you big red wuss!

Tager: Um… Okay then.
Tager looks skyward, and has the lollipop in one hand.
Tager: Calculating height and velocity… Commencing the throw.
He tosses the lollipop high in the air towards the girls springs.

Kokonoe waits for the lollipop to be in her vision… After just mere moments of waiting, the lollipop can be seen hurling towards her from above.
Kokonoe: I got it! I got it!
Using her catlike reflexes, she jumps up and catches the lollipop in one hand before landing on the ground on all fours. She then stands back up and puts the lollipop in her mouth.
Kokonoe: NOW I’m ready.

Flandre claps at the display of Kokonoe as Juvia dries her off and wraps her up in a towel.
Again again again!

Nu steps out of the water, and dries herself off with a towel. Once she is dry however, a blue portal surrounds her and she is back in her normal attire. Her hair braided once again, and the blade at the end of it. She also wears white a cape with many seals on it, along with a light-blue skin-tight suit that goes down to above her knees.

Nu: Nu is ready!


Ragna grumbles as he senses Jin once again. He then turns to Natsu.
Ragna: … My brother is here somewhere. Y’know… The one who cut off my arm and wants to kill me in the most horrible way and fuck my corpse? Yeah. Him.
He glares at Jin’s position.
Ragna: Somehow he found me…
He scowls a bit as he looks down at the ground.
Ragna: I don’t have time to deal with this shit…
He then looks back up at Natsu.
Ragna: I’m keeping this sword on me in case he tries anything funny… But I’ll still go with you people…

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Eddy parks his bike up next to Bang after hearing Relius’s words. He then looks upto Phantom

Eddy: Howdy.
He takes his hat off to the Phantom then looks down at Bang
Eddy: How you feelin’ Bang? I couldn’t just let you run off like that now could I?…
Eddy takes off one of his rucksacks and takes out a medical kit, he then kneels down to Bang and applies a ton of pressure to the open wound before disinfecting, sewing and then bandaging over, this brings a stop to any life threatening dangers

Eddy takes out his transceiver and packs away the medikit
Eddy: Eddy here…I need a dropship to pick up that escaped prisoner
Pilot: Im on my way Major
Eddy: Okay buddy jus’ don’t take too long
Eddy stands back and quietly waits by…


As the Imperator tries to delve deeper into Persephone looking for the Governor she feels a big backfire which effectively cuts out her ability to see the prison for a portion of time.

Its almost as if something bit back at her…


The Scouts holds his device out in front of him
Scout: Giga counter is picking up high readings with each step we take
Warlock: Our target is close now
Thy continue on their way through the grimy old sewers shining flash lights on the surfaces

Due to the technological level of the Loyalists their suits can resist the effects of seithr radiation

Jul 22, 2013 at 06:41PM EDT

About introducing Jotaro, If you’re putting him in persephone, I don’t think that can happen. I’ll go into detail about it if you wish.
If you aren’t putting him in persephone, feel free to disregard this post.

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Jul 22, 2013 at 06:47PM EDT


Bang has already passed out from shock when Eddy arrives.

The Phantom just looks at Eddy before levitating bits of Bang’s arm back over to the unconscious body of Bang. She also brings over the gauntlet that is still intact from the shot.
Phantom: …
Without saying a word, the bandage flies off and the wound opens again. Blood begins to pour out once again, and it levitates the pieces of his arm by the socket. A light then begins to glow around the socket and bits. The gauntlet is positioned where his hand should be. The light gets brighter for a few moments before vanishing, revealing Bang with a new arm and gauntlet. It’s just that his sleeve is missing now.
Phantom: …


The Imperator opens her eyes, having been ejected from this prison.
Saya: Interesting… They managed to stop Takamagahara…

@Sewer team,

They continue deeper into the sewer, not seeing anything. The counter is off the charts now. Just then, they hear a big “PLOP” sound as something dropped off the ceiling of the sewer behind them. And just then a creature sticks out a few blobby limbs, and the soldier begins to get engulfed by a black blob. This blob only has nothing other than a white mask on. And there is a peculiar red outline surrounding it, along with the black turning a deep red near the bottom of it.

The monster speaks with a heavily distorted voice that makes it hard to find out what it is saying. The creature then shrieks a tormented laugh as the soldier continues to get consumed by it. Once fully inside the blob he is dissolved down and absorbed into the creature, armor, weapons, and all.



You can introduce Jotaro now. He’s been wandering in the desert for god knows how long and he comes across Eddy, Bang, and Phantom. How about that? And please go into detail about how he won’t be able to put in Persephone Prison.

Last edited Jul 22, 2013 at 07:26PM EDT
Jul 22, 2013 at 07:03PM EDT

OOC: Unless the stand user that the other three stand users encountered dropped him off in a cell in Persephone, it would be physically impossible, seeing as how the three stand users were teleported to the main hero group after Transcendence began it’s jump. IF Jotaro was in Persephone, that means the other three stand users were in Persephone too, and I have already mentioned that they were in Florida wen the stand user teleported them.
So in other words, it would create a plot hole.

Jul 22, 2013 at 07:22PM EDT


Eddy is pretty impressed by the healing magic.

Just then the dropship finally arrives, it lowers down next to the group creating a small dust storm
Eddy picks up Bang and places him on board
Eddy: Safe travels friend
The dropship lifts off and heads back to the NOL HQ whilst Eddy makes his way back over to his Jetbike….


The Warlock and Scout spin around on the spot and begin firing at the sewer monster, after a few shots they dive to cover
Scout: what is this thing??
Warlock: we need to contact HQ and let them know what we are dealing with

Jul 22, 2013 at 07:22PM EDT

Eddy spots a figure on the horizon, and the figure spots him, in return. The figure starts running towards Eddy, and yelling.

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Jul 22, 2013 at 07:28PM EDT

@Sewer crew,

The monster drops down and forms a puddle on the ground before the shots hit him, sinking into all the little cracks that go down into the sewer. It appears to the Warlock and Scout that he is gone. Until… He reappears right next to the Scout, having come out of the ground and taken back its original blobby form. Once this is done, a multitude of bones come out of the creature’s back(?). They are extremely sharp claws. The creature then begins to slash at the scout with these bony appendages.

@Figure on the horizon,

Phantom spots this peculiar figure as well. The person begins to feel like it is being watched, and gets an oppressed feeling coming from the purple-cloaked one.

The scarves flow gently in the wind as it is unmoving. It just floats there above the ground, watching it.



Sam has gone to sleep for now. He’ll be back tomorrow.

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Jul 22, 2013 at 07:41PM EDT

???: Wha… what the hell? I feel… weird looking in that direction. I feel like I shouldn’t go over there… but I need help badly.
The figure continues to trudge towards Eddy and Phantom, albeit more cautiously

Jul 22, 2013 at 07:55PM EDT

@Mysterious figure,

As he continues to trudge toward their position, the feeling gets stronger and the wind begins to pick up some.
Phantom: …
As soon as he blinks, the figure is right in front of him floating above the ground just a few meters away from him.
Phantom: …
He can’t see the Phantom’s face because it is obscured by blackness, but the details of the Phantom are more noticeable at this range. It has on purple robes with a blood red and black seal streaking down it, a wizard hat with a pair of goggles on the side, a golden ornament around its neck with a pair of scarves flowing behind it.

Jul 22, 2013 at 08:08PM EDT

suddenly virgo reappears in front of lucy right when she covers herself in the bath robe.

Virgo: here is the uniform. as requested.

she holds flandres clothes in front of her. looking even better than new.

Virgo: here is also some pj’s for her to wear at night.

its a two piece with pink and red desighns on it (use your imagination)

Juvia: thank you virgo.

Virgo: she gives them to juvia after she puts on her robes. here you go. will that be all miss lucy?

Lucy: thank you. that is all virgo.

she does a small bow before disappearing in glitters of light.

Juvia: juvia thinks we should send you back to samuel before he begins to worry. besides, its starting to get late for you.

she takes flandre back to the change room to help her get ready.

Cana: hold up im comin with you, need to pick up some things back at the hall

cana takes off with her
erza: okay everyone: right this way.

she leads the group to some wooden stairs that lead up to an area outside of the springs. folllowerd by a rock tile pathway that leads to some japanese style sheds.
(close enough to this, but bigger and with four of them that are conected by a centre garden of similar style. use your imagination)

@ boys
Natsu: holy shit man, just take it easy.

Gajeel: im sure thatpunks not gonna pull anything on us while were here.

Happy: hes gonna have to fight the most powerful guild in the lands. along with the rest of you guys. he wont stand a hair of a chance.

Gray: well whatever. you guys comin or what.

Pantherlilly: i still think this is a bad idea guy.

Natsu: cmon dont be like that. nothings gonna happen to us i promise.

Gray: okay then, lets go

they put on their robes and and make their way out of the springs through the back of the guild hall

Jul 22, 2013 at 08:12PM EDT

Phantom can see that the figure in fact Jotaro Kujo. He looks visibly exasperated
Jotaro: A… Wizard? A being like you isn’t really out of the ordinary where I come from. I mean no harm, if you’re causing these… strange feelings inside me. I just want to get out of this desert. Could you help me in any way?

Kenshiro still sits in the hot spring, meditating.

Doomguy is busy going to the bathroom.

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Jul 22, 2013 at 08:20PM EDT


Flandre lets Juvia dress her in the pajamas, smiling.
I wanna come back tomorrow, momma!
She hugs Juvia once she finishes dressing her. After this, she floats up in front of her so she can easily carry her out.
Flandre then spots Laevateinn up against a wall. She reaches her hand out to it, and the wand flies into it. She tightens her grip around the wand once it rests against her palm.
Okay, now I’m ready to go.

Nu follows Erza as she leads them, not really saying anything for now.

Kokonoe is just happy to have a lollipop in her mouth for now. She follows the group into the sheds as she happily sucks on the lollipop.


The Grim Reaper looks around again, searching one last time for Jin.
Ragna: Alright… I’m still keeping the sword with me for self defense though. You guys don’t know Jin… He doesn’t care.
Ragna grabs a robe, puts it on, and follows the guys.


Phantom just looks at Jotaro without saying a word.
Phantom: …
It then waves one of its appendages at Jotaro, and a few moments later he is surrounded by a black field.

Jotaro is then teleported to the rim of the biggest active volcano on Transcendence known as Death Mountain.

As Jotaro looks outwards at what is before him, he sees the hellish continent of Transcendence known as Nefastus.

Nefastus was one of the continents that were deemed uninhabitable by the Crows followers, due to its rocky and uninhabitable landscape. There are a few settlements here and there, but they are not permanent. Most of these settlements are made by traveling tribes around the continent. This land is also inhabited by a variety of monsters and almost demonic-like beings that were made to ward off intruders. Barely anyone comes here due to these things… but there are rumors that here on this continent are hidden treasures made by the Crow himself that are supposed to grant immense power beyond anyone’s imagination… but that’s just myth and rumors.

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays… Jotaro stands at the rim of Death Mountain. Phantom then teleports above the lava of the volcano, saying nothing. What lies before Jotaro is a rocky landscape of volcanic mountains and nothingness. The sky is extremely dark due to the amount of smoke that is being given off by the volcanoes, and black soot stains the ground under him. He can see rivers of lava running down a few of the mountains too, and running in the ground.

Phantom just floats there, looking at Jotaro. The feeling has not left his body yet as the Phantom’s gaze is locked on him.
Phantom: …

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Jul 22, 2013 at 09:05PM EDT

Jotaro: …Why here? is there… a purpose to sending me here? A… need? I just need to be somewhere safe, not somewhere like here. I had been wandering that desert for hours.

Kenshiro decides to get out of the hot spring, seeing as everyone is leaving. He climbs out, puts on a robe, and follows the group.
Doomguy finishes up in the bathroom, and follows the guys.

Jul 22, 2013 at 09:12PM EDT


Phantom: …
It just continues to look at him.

All of the sudden, letters begin to write themselves on the ground in front of Jotaro.
Strange writing: Eh, hey there! You’re the first idiot human to ever step foot on Nefastus in… Shit, I don’t remember how long. Anyways lunkhead, I’ll be your guide here. Before ya ask, no, I’m not the creepy bitch in purple.

Phantom has teleported away, leaving Jotaro alone for now.

Phil: Anyways bub, you’re stuck with me now. Call me, uh… Dave. Wait, no. That name is stupid. How about… Fleur? Shit. That name is too girly. You know what? Just call me Phil. As I was sayin’, if you wanna get to your friends, I suggest you follow my instructions. If ya do, you’ll be out of here quick as a peach. Got my drift? But either way, you’re stuck with me now. You should go down the mountain. There’s a settlement down there. I don’t know why the retarded shits built it there in the first place. They should take ya in for a bit.
The letters disappear, and have arrows pointing at a nearby pathway that should lead Jotaro straight down to the village settlement.

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Jotaro: …I suppose I should. This is the only chance I have to get out of here.
Jotaro begins to climb down the mountain, following the arrows.

Jul 22, 2013 at 09:30PM EDT


I’m gonna wait till tomorrow to continue this story, Falcon… If that’s okay with you. I just need to collaborate with Sam on how we should get Jotaro off here. Okay? It would just be easier for us all that way.

Jul 22, 2013 at 09:34PM EDT

OOC: K bro.
I would like to collab with you and offer insight, but I think this is sort of a private thing.
Besides, you’re probably using steam, which I can’t access at the moment.

Jul 22, 2013 at 09:45PM EDT

OOC: The only other possible way is if we keep up via PM. But when will you be getting access to Steam again?

Jul 22, 2013 at 09:49PM EDT

OOC: Probably my birthday, or around then. I’m probably getting a new computer, since steam doesn’t work on the current one I have.
Aren’t there chatrooms we could use?
(I’m actually setting up one right now.)
(And for your information, my Birthday’s 2 weeks from now.)

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OOC: I’ll see what I can do… I’d have to talk it over with a few people, but it shouldn’t be that much of a big deal. Can we continue this conversation in PM if you don’t mind?

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