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Finally, after having gone through several halls, warehouses, the same hangar, the same corridor again, coming to a laboratory, reaching the warehouse again, find the command center of the ship. Was a long travel, getting NM a little headache, but unlike the humans, when a demon have a headache, is considered very dangerous because they lose control of their aura, making materialize and destroy everything around. But NM could still control his headache for a moment, but his aura was manifesting.

NM : Erhm… Finally…

NM enters to the new command center. On the left, there were computers on the screen showing the current position of the ship, their status, weapons and shield status, being watched by traders. On the right side had several soldiers, each looking at the large window that showed the vast outer space.

Vamp. Soldier 1 : Hey, look that star!
Vamp. Soldier 2 : I’ve always wanted to go to space!
Vamp. Soldier 3 : What’s that ship over there?
Vamp. Soldier 1 : A spaceship? Where?!
Vamp. Soldier 3 : That one, I think is bigger than a city!

Due to the annoying sound of the machines and ignorance of his troop, the NM’s headache worsens, making his evil dark aura creates chaotic whipe-like tendrils outs of control. One tendril reacted and tried to destroy a monitor, but was stopped by a sweet voice.

??? : Are you okay father?

The black aura who was surrounding NM diappear, vanishing in the air.

NM : Heh…? So, finally you are awake… I am fine, and don’t call me “father”.

??? : Oh, I-I am sorry…
NM : It’s okay… Where is Blitz?

The voice went silent for a moment, letting NM’s mind to relax.*

??? : …Blitz? The vampire? I think he is taking a nap.

NM gives a great laught.

NM : HAHAHAHA! Taking a nap… Hahaha! that was good one!
??? : No fa- I mean boss… He is really taking a nap
NM : HAHahaha… … … are you serious?

The creature shakes his head in affirmation. Suddenly, the NM’s eyes turns red and contacts to Blitz.

NM : Ahem… Blitz, I need you in THE COMMAND ROOM IN THIS I̮͚͕̯̬̺̳Ǹ̜̞̮̮̻̝S͔̭͍T̯̗̠̩͇̰̮A̢̝̖͚̳̳NT̴!̝̹̘.

Meawhile in another room… Blitz was resting in a chair, with his legs on a table, when later…

Blitz : AAAaahh! Boss, y-you are here… I-I was-
NM : I don’t care…
Blitz : …Alright boss…

Blitz leaves the room and goes quickly to the command center, taking him only seconds to arrive.

Blitz : I’m here boss! Sorry for the late, I was-
NM : … I say it again, I don’t care. Luckily you arrive this room more faster than me.
Blitz : %{color:LightSlateGray}Of course boss, I-I know this place with memory. %

NM rolled his redish eyes.

NM : Memory…

Blitz give a little laught to NM, but his boss looked at him with a face of depressurized. Then a shadow appears behind NM and takes form of a horse with a black coat and blue mane.

??? : Being lazy again? Vampire…
Blitz : …You told him… I told you not to say anything, Moon!

Nightmare Moon give Blitz a mocking laughter.

NMM : Hah! Please, you know I’m not trusted and I hate you, but mainly because I hate you, “Dracula”
Blitz : Dracu-what!? I gonna kill you…
NMM : I would like to see you trying.

Suddenly, NMM’s eyes turns a bright white and began surrounded by a dark aura, giving a signal of anger and fighting. Blitz eyes turns red and surrounded by the white aura.

Blitz : I gonna kick your plot you stupid horse!

NM : It’s worse than when Herzog was here.

Said NM in his mind.

NM : Thats enough! BOTH!

Blitz and Moon stops, making their auras disappear.

NM : And be calm, I going outside again… I need to contact to Asura, I have not heard anything from him… It’s seems that there is someone with him… I think, I remember that aura. And Blitz!

Blitz : Yes Boss!

NM : Keep watching Heaven…

Intantly, NM disappears from the ship.

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Jul 22, 2013 at 10:33PM EDT

juvia hugs flandre

juvia: okay sweetie. you can bring sam over as well. we can all have fun together.

she has her codec on her and tries to contact meredith with it.

Juvia: meredith could you take flandre to were sam is on board heaven. flandre is done here. oh, juvia almost forgot to give you this flandre.

she pulls out one of her teru teru bozu dols and hands it to flandre.

Juvia: here, it will help to bring you good weather an sunshine to your day, no matter how bad it may be.

(assuming that the codecs can contact you cross dimensionally)
you enter one part of the shed to an open room with a carpet on it and some small trays on the ground with an assortment of appetizers like sushi and egg rolls and all the good stuff like that.

Lucy: well here we are ladies.

Erza: just take it easy and enjoy yourselves now. just enjoy the nights cool weather and make yourselves at home.

*the girls sit down in the room and mingl amongst eatchother.

meanwhile cana just picked up 5 botles of sake from behind the bar in the guild hall. luckily it is cleared of all the other members.

Cana: this will make for a wild night?

she laughs as she makes her way back to the others.
*the boys try and make their way across the back of the hall and towards were the girls springs are,

Natsu: just be careful aright? happy, you scout ahead.

Happy: aye. he says as he flies off

happy looks at the pool area snd only sees juvia with flandre by the enterance.

Gray: you sure this is a good idea? you know erzas there.

Gajeel: we wont get caught as long as were not too obvious.

Natsu: right. now lets keep moving.

they continue to sneak their way closer to the springs.

OOC: and im out.

Jul 22, 2013 at 11:08PM EDT

OOC: Not much I can do right now.


*Continues to follow Ragna, and the Fairy Tail guys trying to stay out of site hiding behind things, and using shadows.*

Who are these people, and Why is my dear brother following them? I’ll follow them and see what they are up to.

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Jul 22, 2013 at 11:10PM EDT

Ken: I’m out.
Doomguy: Fuck that. I though we were doing something besides that.
Ken: I feel the same way.
Doomguy and Ken go do something better than being peeping toms, because they know they they’re probably going to get their asses kicked, if caught.
Ken spots Jin’s aura, walking away from the guys.
Ken: You.
He points to Jin.
Ken: I know you’re hiding there.

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Jul 22, 2013 at 11:10PM EDT

Reimu curls up, still disoriented as hell and seeing quadruples.

I didn’t hurt anyone did I?

“No, we are fine.”

… kay. Let me lay down. I don’t feel good at all.

Marisa picks Reimu up and drys her off before taking her back into the changing room…

Yukari: “Black blood? Oh, you mean the stuff inside Asura here. Hm…”

Yukari thinks

Yukari: “Seems like a good deal. As for the Boundary Training I will take you as far as is possible. Just keep in mind you will not be able to get anything beyond physical operations done. Conceptual Operations requires another power that can’t be trained. Only borrowed. And even that has restrictions.”

She is being completely honest. Boundary Perception, instrumental in most of Yukari’s spells, is an impossible ability to be taught

Youmu: “Lady Yukari. The spy has reported.”

Yukari: “And?”

Youmu: “Outside forces are testing the waters on the ship apparently.”

Yukari: “Then it’s somewhat soon then. No matter.”

Back aboard Haven, the Cloaked Figure looks around the command area…

???: “Damn, this place is filled to the brim. Getting though undetected is going to be difficult…”

She looks up, red eyes glistening against the light

???: “Up into the vents then.”

The lights blink again and the cover for the air vent falls to the ground in a clatter, the figure gone from the room

???: “Now then…”

She begins slunking down the vent…

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*Jin reveals himself to Ken*
Who are you to order me around?! If you want to know I am Major Jin Kisaragi, and how dare you interrupt me as I was watching my brother?! Leave me alone.

Jul 22, 2013 at 11:24PM EDT

Ken: Alright then.
Doomguy: Uh… He’s right there.
He points to the group, who are close to those three.
Doomguy: And you’re out in the open. Have fun with that.
Doomguy and Ken walk off, to go do manly things.

Jul 22, 2013 at 11:27PM EDT

Tsunarmin looks around
Tsunarmin:What is this stuff?
She suddenly realises something
Tsunarmin: Wait, what are the other 4 doing?

@cliffside, a few minutes ago
Tardises: So, what are we going to do now?
Pyralis: What does it look like we’re going to do? We’re going to ask about where we’re going to be staying!

OOC: You’re talking about guys who do have a sense of morals. They wouldn’t do that… besides, they are right in saying – from what I gather – that it would be extremely bad if they got caught. Even Tsunarmin would react, and SHE’S fully clothed at this point.

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Jul 22, 2013 at 11:42PM EDT

She gives an exasperated sigh at Juvia’s request, but does as she asks anyway

Listen Juvia, I just dealt with a blonde, crazy, incestuous man. I’m really tired, and I would like to go back to bed. So please, keep your requests to a minimum for now, okay?
It’s clear the her native language is starting to slip through as she is pronouncing certain letters as one would in Latin.

She hangs up a flop-teleports onto her bed and falls asleep

Jul 22, 2013 at 11:52PM EDT


Before the teleport

Flandre smiles as she takes the teru teru bozu doll from Juvia.
Thanks, momma! I like it a lot…
She looks down at the doll in one hand before putting it in her pajama pocket on her top so that the head sticks out.
I just miss my sister… Yukari has her from what kitty and Marisa said…
She looks down a bit saddened.


Kokonoe immediately goes for the sushi once she smells it, taking the lollipop out of her mouth and putting it behind her ear.
Kokonoe: Mm… Tuna rolls…
She sits down at the nearest table and begins chowing down on the plate before her.

Nu goes to sit beside Erza, waiting for Cana to get back.


Ragna: … I still don’t feel right about doing this. It’s just that there’s something about Nu…
His attention then goes to someone else…


Sensing Jin’s aura, Ragna spins around to see that Jin is standing right there talking to Ken.
Ragna: JIN!
Ragna takes Blood Scythe from his back, and rushes at Jin with a downward slash.

Tager and Hakumen are close by as well, and they spot the fighting going on.

Tager: Is that… Jin? What’s he doing here?
Tager contacts Kokonoe via the screen.
Tager: Kokonoe, there’s something you need to know.

Kokonoe’s busy eating tuna rolls to notice Tager.

Tager: Kokonoe!

She nearly chokes on her food, but manages to swallow it when Tager yelled at her.
Kokonoe: cough What is it, Tager?

Tager: Ragna the Bloodedge has just engaged Jin Kisaragi.

Kokonoe nearly does a spit-take with her food.
Kokonoe: What the hell is that idiot even doing here?!

Tager: I don’t know in the slightest.

Kokonoe looks visibly agitated.
Kokonoe: Just keep an eye on him. Don’t engage unless you have to.

Tager: Roger that. Tager out.
He breaks communication with Kokonoe, watching the scene unfurl.

Hakumen just stands beside Tager with his arms crossed, looking at Jin.
Hakumen: Remnants of ages past…

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The 4 male Order archmages have decided to return to the main group to ask about where they’re gonna be staying, and happen to notice the battle going on

Solarian: What’s going on here?

Jul 23, 2013 at 12:01AM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:


OOC: so not going to see a bunch of wet and naked woman with big boobs is not manly?

OOC: Yes.

Jul 23, 2013 at 12:47AM EDT


As you reach the ending of the mountain path, Phantom is there to greet you.
Phantom: …

On a nearby rock.
Phil: That thing gives me the damn creeps.

And without a moment’s hesitation, Phantom teleports Jotaro in front of Eddy just before he gets on the speeder bike. Once this is done, Phantom continues to stand there, while the letters are nowhere to be seen.

OOC: Couldn’t think of anything else. Not really much I can do to help.

Jul 23, 2013 at 11:15AM EDT

@Cloaked Figure,

Luckily for the spy the only person to hear the vent cover hit the floor was none other than the…..

….last damn Genome Soldier to exist.

Gene-Soldier: Huh! what was that noise?!
He walks over to the grate and looks down at it on the floor
Gene-Soldier: Hmpf, must of been my imagination…
He walks off with not a hint of curiosity in his mind

The spy carries on through the vent for a while, passing through multiple fan blades and additional grates. She struggles on like this for what seems like years wondering if it is ever going to end and what exactly there is at the end however her thought is interrupted when suddenly the vent shaft gives way and breaks underneath her, the Spy topples out into a VERY important room….

The technological brain centre of Heaven, the GW mainframe room.

Straight in front of the Spy is the AI super-computer itself in all its true form, a monolith like structure covered in holographic status screens and large cables that connect directly up into the ceiling, upon the casing of the computer are the letters “GW” whilst the screens quickly scroll out GW’s seemingly endless lines of commands and codes. Scattered around the room in perfect rows seem to be smaller server units whilst the walls look to be covered in large screens. Like previously mentioned this is one of the most important locations aboard the ship, as GW is Heavens handler if it were to for some reason be destroyed it would undoubtedly put the entire vessel into a state of alarm and confusion.

Low humming and quiet beeps fill the room’s rather bland atmosphere….strangely enough though the Spy gets a natural feeling of being watched….


Eddy was quite far away and had is back turned to Jotaro when Phantom teleported him out, so he didn’t actually notice anything. However he heard his this time and slowly turns around…

He looks down at Jotaro and raises an eyebrow
Eddy: Well hello there partner, good weather for gettin’ around huh
He tilts his beret at him
Eddy: But ya shouldn’t be trekkin’ around the outback now friend, most strange to see someone though….
He takes a small device out of a pouch on his belt and flips open its cover, he then begins scanning Jotaro
Eddy: Jus’ keep your little self all still like till ah finish up, jus’ seeing exactly who you are on this here machine
The devices reading comes back as unknown
Eddy: So your not a Loyalist….your not a non-believer….jus’ who are you?

The two figures remain standing there in the middle of the desert…

@Sewer beast,

The armour of the scout is cut to bits as he is thrown back against a wall, the warlock responds by covering him in an energy shield and then throwing a grenade a the monster


Bang awakes and finds himself locked inside a prison pod…

He look around and see’s that he is currently being transported by a Sentinel, held up in one of its many arms, after a few more seconds of travelling they pass through a very large doorway into a laboratory

The Superintendent hologram appears
Superintendent: The heretic, Bang Shishigami, has been delivered as per your request Commander Clover
The Sentinel hovers just above the ground awaiting Relius’s command to place Bang down

Meanwhile upon the Fabrication deck of Heaven the Lieutenant has just arrived on a medical bed, a standard Fabricator approaches the newly arrived team

Fabricator: Welcome brothers.
Nurse: We have Lieutenant Martin Miles here, he recently went missing and re-appeared mentally destroyed.
Nurse #2: He is a essential asset and therefore requires immediate cranial encasement and augmentation
Fabricator: I understand.
Nurse: Well here he is….
The nurses leave whilst the Fabricator pushes the soldier off into the bowls of the deck….

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@Eddy and Jotaro,

Phantom stays there for a few more moments before teleporting away in a mist of black haze, leaving the two alone.

@Sewer troops,

The grenade gets stuck in the black goop that comprises the beast’s body. The creature then seemingly spits the grenade right back out at the Warlock, but it explodes in midair showering them both with shrapnel.
The thing screams a tormented and blood curdling scream as it shifts around and hunkers down really low to the ground to charge straight at the warlock with bony appendages pointed straight out at him.


He grins a bit as he scratches his chin.
Relius: Drop him in the glass cage and have the Lynchpin taken off his person. And while you are at it, bring me some of your finest wine.

Bang is still disoriented to know what is going on as of now.


Flandre is teleported by Meredith into the same room as Sam. She is wearing a pair of pink pajamas with slippers, and her signature mob cap on as well. There’s a teru teru bozu (ghost) doll in the pocket of her top. She is also carrying Laevateinn on her person and is carrying her other clothes under her arm. They look better than new.
She floats over and up to him with a smile on her face as she sits on his shoulder and hugs him around the head.
I’m ready for the tour!

OOC: I’m using deep pink for Relius now, and magenta for Ignis in case you were wondering the change in coloring.

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OOC: Damn I busted up laughing at the Genome Soldier part. Ow my sides.


???: “This place looks important…”

She looks around

???: “No guards…?”

She walks up to the monitor

???: “Patchouli. You see this?”

Earpeice: “There is a good about of lag on the visual. You are still in the vent as far as I can tell.”

???: “Okay… I don’t understand half of it.”

Earpeice: “Find a terminal and request ‘hyperspace destination’ in it. Or ‘Warp Destination’ if that doesn’t bring up anything.”

???: “Alright…”

The spy tries to use the terminal in front of the large monitor, but a very distinct language barrier is keeping her from typing too fast… not to mention she’s a keyboard pecker.

Reimu’s vision had returned, but was still suffering a headache. Marisa happily eats the food as Reimu just sips on some tea.

Jul 23, 2013 at 04:44PM EDT

Dr. Eggman nonchalantly tosses his former head behind him as he walks out of the transportation shuttle.

Robotnik: Find a place to put that once I let you in.

The mad scientist suddenly turns to face the Egg Robo.

And don’t forget to park the shuttle Snively commandeered as well. We mustn’t have others finding out the secret location of our base so soon!

Egg Robo: Yes, Doctor.

The door to the shuttle slides shut, and Dr. Eggman begins searching for his base.

Robotnik: I know I put that door somewhere in this area-- ah! Here it is!

A large metal door bearing the symbol of the Eggman Empire was hidden in the underbrush of the jungle in which it was located. Dr. Robotnik noticed that despite the door’s cover, it was uncamouflaged.

Hey, wait a minute! That runt forgot to lower the camouflage! I’ll have to have a few words with him once I get in!

Ah, enter access code: “*********”

After Eggman finished putting the code into the keypad, a loud electronic voice sounds.

Voice recognition required


The voice sounds again, with no change in volume.

Voice pattern accepted. Identity: Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Robotnik growls as the large metallic doors slowly slide open.

The diabolic genius makes his way into the facility, and mutters to himself once the door shuts behind him.

I’ve got to lower the volume for that thing’s vocal output…

Now, where was I? Ah, yes! The runt

Snively finally makes his way to the command room.

At last! It took me far too long to find that stupid camouflaged door!

He makes his way to the main monitor.

Now, to access the Big Guy’s database…

The monitors suddenly glow a bright blue as Snively activates them.

Now, to locate his workforce…

Here we are! 500 Egg Pawns ready for deployment… and what’s this? Factories with the production capacity to completely restore Imperial forces by the end of the month…

Snively becomes excited just thinking about what he’s found.

With this, I can rebuild the Empire! Nothing shall stand in my way!

And hear me, Julian, I, the Great Snively Robotnik, will take over the world!

Once I’ve re-established the Snively Empire, I will rule Mobius!


Robotnik: Is that so?

Snively suddenly pales, and remains frozen in place for a moment. After doing so, he mutters:

Snively: It can’t be…

Slowly, Snively turns to see a pair of legs.

He looks up just as slowly, and comes face-to-face with a towering Dr. Robotnik.

Robotnik: Hello, Snively…

Snively: N-no! NO!!! YOU CAN’T BE ALIVE!!!

Snively backs up in fear as Robotnik slowly paces towards his nephew.

The doctor wears a sadistic grin.

Robotnik: And why ever not, my dearest nephew?

Snively: I-It’s just that you, and the ARK, and… and…

Robotnik: … and what, Snively?

Snively is at a loss for words.

Snively: I-- er, uhm…

Snively bumps against the wall, and Robotnik bends down to see Snively eye-to-eye.

Robotnik: Snively, Snively, Snively… I’m disappointed! Do you not remember the last time I was “destroyed”?

Snively remains silent.

I must say, however, that I am slightly impressed that you’ve gotten this far.

Snively feels an ounce of satisfaction in this statement, but is immediately filled with fear once more as Robotnik lifts Snively by his collar for the umpteenth time.

But know this… it would not have mattered if you’d activated the workforce, nor would it have mattered even if you’d taken back Mobius. Do you know why, Snively?

Snively: N-n-no, sir…

Robotnik: Because, in the end, I’m the one who’s in control.

Robotnik smiles again.

And you… you’re the helper monkey who does whatever I say. Understood?

Snively: N-no! I’m not going to help you again! I won’t let you destroy the world!

Robotnik loses his smile,and gains a curious look.

Robotnik: And why in the world would I possibly want to do that?

Snively realizes that his uncle must have lost his memory of the events, but at the very least, he was back to his old self, and Snively is relieved.

Snively: It’s good to have you back, sir.

The mad scientist looks curiously at Snively, and drops him and walks towards the main control panel.

Robotnik: I don’t know what you’re blabbering about, and I think I’d prefer if you didn’t tell me. Now get up; we have work to do…

Snively gets up, and makes his way towards his station.

Robotnik: Hm… I see you’ve opened the files regarding my workforce. Rooting around my database, ay, Snively?

Snively: I, er…

Robotnik: You know, I once wondered why I hadn’t roboticized you yet…

Snively turns pale and gulps.

… and then I realized that your ambitious attitudes make you rather…


Odd… I seem to have the strangest sense of déjà vu…

Ah well! Back to work!

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The keystrokes do nothing, the screen just keeps on scrolling endless commands, commands such as…
Flush toilet #43242
Restock civilian banana supplies
Eject waste matter
Vent engine heat
And slightly more bizarre…
A list of 10 names read out with the word “missing” next to them

The Spy continues to tap away at the keyboard however they are bought to a stop when it actually slides back into the monolith. A small plate of metal then flicks down next to the spy, the 3D hologram of GW is projected up from it, standing about 8 inches tall

GW: I advise against any hostile actions as this room is connected to a series of tanks containing toxic gas, at my command I can fill the air supply with it and have you killed as part of my forced preservation protocols. Firstly let me introduce myself. I am GW, the AI handler of Heaven, I oversee all system operations and maintenance and report to the Captain personally. I have been watching you for some time now and was surprised to see you progress through the command deck unhindered. However, seeing as you have made it here I solely blame the crew for any consequence you may bring upon me.
Its almost like GW is annoyed at the crew for allowing a Spy to get to it
GW: I see you wish to know the destination of our plotted Slispace jump? I am afraid that as of current the Chief Officers nor Captain have yet decided where they wish to jump to, it seems that he wishes to “go in blind”


Flandre will notice straight away that Sam is no longer a cyborg due to him only wearing a pair of shorts. Sam sheaths the HF blade…

Haha! Flandre!
He hugs her back
How was your time at the guild and the hot springs? was everything okay? and yeah sure we can start the tour but I need to do something first…

@Sewer monster,

The Warlock shields itself against the attack but is thrown back from the force causing some damage, he then gets back up and runs around a corner, activating a camo rendering him invisible

The Scout on the other hand is no where to be seen and has vanished

The Warlock contacts Relius
Warlock: Commander Clover, I was sent down to the sewer to attack some sort of creature that had been reported
He then sends through a few pictures of the said beast to Relius
Warlock: It has eaten the Soldier and the Scout is no where to be seen, I need advise on destroying this disgusting monster sir!


Eddy puts away the small scanner
Eddy: Well your smack bang in the middle of good ol’ Prydain Desert, one of the meanest and deadliest places on this dear planet….
Jotaro still looks a bit puzzled
Eddy: As for the planet…well, we are on a thing called a shield world
He points up to the sky

Jotaro can see the inner ceiling of the planet slowly rotating around
Eddy: S’all a lil’ confusin ah know but that’s just how it is. Anyway, you need to be gettin’ anywhere partner? don’t wanna just leave you here…

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Jotaro: I would like to go somewhere safe. I’ve been in this desert for hours, and that wizard man just took me to some volcanic area. Anyways, who are you?

Jul 23, 2013 at 06:03PM EDT


Everything was really nice!
She then notices his new body, before just being overjoyed that she was back with him.
Haha~ You’re a human now! How’d you do that?
She puts a finger to her mouth, intrigued at how he got out of his cyborg body.
And what do you need to check up on? Can I come with you?
Her big red eyes just kinda stare into his soul.


Relius picks up the call, and listens to what all the Warlock has to say, him seeing the pictures of the monster flash up on the screen in front of him.
Relius: Ah, yes. The incomplete beast. So that is where all of the missing troops have been going…
He seems rather calm about this, and keeps his cool tone of voice.
Relius: There is no possible way you could kill it. I also no longer have a use for it… Hm…
He scratches his chin once again.
Relius: Phantom.

Phantom appears in front of Relius, not speaking.

Relius: Take the trash out, and put it aboard where we talked about.

Phantom: …
The mysterious figure teleports off from Relius’ lab.

It then appears in the sewers with the Warlock in a haze of black mist.
Phantom: …

The monster rears up with it’s blobby structure as it notices Phantom.
???: You… who…re…y…? Out…my…way…fore…onsume…too…ere…s…Azure? Not…feel…Azure…where…is…Azure…
The creature speaks in broken dialogue with spacing in between his words. His voice is extremely distorted, but still sounds somewhat human to the warlock.

Phantom: …
Wind begins to blow in the tunnels, and the Warlock can feel that the Phantom is about to cast a spell.

It suddenly juts out a few bones from the sides of its body and begins to laugh.
The creature rushes at Phantom, but not before being surrounded by a blue and black field and being teleported out of the sewers.

The Phantom turns back to the position of the Warlock, being able to sense its presence.
Phantom: …
The mysterious figure then teleports away from the Warlock, leaving him all alone in the deep dark sewers.


The strange white-masked amorphous blob is plopped down in the same hallway the lieutenant was taken from.

It sort of shifts it’s make-shift face around, it doing no good but just for show. It senses that no one is around, and it slips into a nearby vent on the floor, and begins to travel around through the ventilation shaft…

It should also be noted to GW that once the creature appeared, a certain sector began giving off seithr radiation, along with the vents.

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The group of gooders is tired. Even Spark. Sam remembers a old television program about a wacky presenter annoying people. Funny but stupid at the same time, good stuff to see when you have nothing better to do. The heroes return to the Fairy Guild after a painful training and they start to watch this TV show with the help of Spark’ wrist device. They are in the main hall, same place where Foster is sleeping
Cheering and clapping can be heard as the show starts. The crowd is crazy to see “Mister Mickey Enigma Cantor”, the mascot and presenter of the show. He looks like a goofy dressed irish mascot in Saint Patrick’s Day, his voice sounds irritating and he likes to interrupt people when they are talking or explaining. In a nutshell: He is our average american comedian. There is a shiny yellow door where the guests will appear in a dramatic yet-predictable way.

Mr Mickey Cantor: Hello and welcome everybody to “Cantor’s happy kids questioning corner time about futile reality existance”! The kind of time only I get to enjoy ‘cause I’m the one making the tears-inducing questions to our unexpected guests tonight! Send your human-made questions to Nuytter and AceBlock to get a chance to win unexpected prizes such as that giant chicken we gave away last week! I guess you can say the show was EGGCELENT!

HAHAHA! Now let’s get to the field of combat where I will beat the living daylights of these losers with words! HAHAHA! But first, I would like to have 35 seconds of silence for the victims of the merciless Balloon Master’s terrorist attack that happened last week. May the multidimensional heavens have their doors opened for these poor souls…
Silence. Audience stays dead silent after Mickey’s words.

Mr Mickey Cantor: Now let’s get to the field of combat! Our first guest is a 45 year old virgin living in his mom’s giant dinosaur panties, fan of the legendary Touhuehua series and that unknown fighting game nobody remembers, Know your Meme user Zarathh!
Zarathh: Hello Spark, I thought you were going to post something about the Ballo-
Mr Cantor: NO SHUT UP! HAHAHAHA! Pleasure to meet you Mister Sarah-
Zarathh: Hey I’m not a 45 old virgin living in my mom’s-
Mr Cantor: Yes yes, you are very excited to meet me. I am Mister Mickey Enigma Cantor and I am going to ask you 3 questions about the another reality existance, the kind of place where you hang around with the rest of the guests and where you decide the destiny of your characters. Now here we go! First question…Dear Zarathh…I always wanted to know: Why the heck most of your characters look like cheap anime senpais with dramatic reactions and stuff nobody cares about?
Zarathh: But I’m not the only one who-…!
Mr Cantor: Second question! Is it true that most of your characters are homosexuals?
Crowd laughs.
Mr Cantor: And that one of them is into INCEST?
Crowd explodes into bananas as Cantor laughs like a fourth grade brat who just pulled out a prank.
Zarathh: Well that last question…yes, one of my characters is into that fetish but I’m not revealing anything else-
Mr Cantor: Not the little girl I hope! ‘Cause I am not into THAT stuff about CHILDREN! Thanks for answering!
Crowd goes bananas. A couple of guys are rolling on the floor laughing like a pack of retarded hyenas.

Mr Cantor: Close friend of Zarathh, artist that knows how to draw a pair of squishy CHARACTER DEVELOPMENTs and a great round BACKSTORY! 17 japanese hentai lover…Natsuru Springfield!
Natsuru: Hello and..wait..what the hell? Hentai is disgu-
Mr Cantor: SADDLY we don’t have time to hear how MUCH you love japanese porn so let’s get back to the questioning!
Natsuru: HUH?
Mr Cantor: First question…Dear Natsu…Your characters never had more than 2 pages of conversation with characters until now…This happened becouse Reimu and Mary are plain stupid or just becouse It’s easier to talk to naked women? DO I SMELL LOVE IN THE AIR?
The audience laughs and cheers.
Natsuru: But-
Mr Cantor: Interesting…HE is always there for you since the touhuehua girls were introduced, ready to start chatting about anything…IS IT TRUE THAT YOU HAVE A OUT OF CHARACTER HIT ON ZARATHH?
Crowd explodes into apples and bananas. Men, women, all of them are laughing. A guy screams “MY SIDES, THEY DED!”. Security is forced to spray Un-laughing gas.
Natsuru: No, Spark you are starting to look like a douch-
Mr Cantor: Last question…Do you like being watched by a unknown bunch of strangers? Streaming turns you on? INSPIRATION!
Natsuru: Spark, why do you keep making these unfunny posts instead of-..?
Mr Cantor: Thanks for answering!

Mr Cantor: Next guest is yet another Know Your Meme user! Professional Plot Fuc[CENSORED] and amateur porn star..Captain Douglas Jonah Falcon! Man this is the stupidiest name ever since Zarathh came here! Feel proud about it!
Captain Falcon: Spark if you are going to make fun of me-
Mr Cantor: I make fun of everyone and everything! Friends, buddies, everyone! Why? Becouse I HAVE NO SOUL. First question for you Douggie!
Falcon: Doggy?
Mr Cantor: Douggie you fool! Doggy is the position that you will assume once I get to put my villians in front of YOU!
Crowd laughs. Falcon is clueless.
Mr Cantor: Dear Falcon..Is it true that Kenshiro has less lines than Gordon Freeman?
Falcon: Huh? Dude, he does talk-
Mr Cantor: Scientist believe that you have a interdimensional vortex in your [CENSORED] where you pull out steamrollers, can you confirm this?
Falcon: WAT.
Mr Cantor: Woah! Just say yes or no! We do not need a strip performance! We do not want to see…THE BIG BLUE!
Crowd laughter.
Mr Cantor: Last question! Still wanting to COMPARE your BOOMSTICKS with ASURA?
Falcon: Whatever. Three questions right? That means we are done..Thank god.
Mr Cantor: I second that! Thanks for answering! So sorry ladies and gentlemen but I’m afraid we will have to make a short comercial before we tear apart the next guests! Hang in there baby! This…IS..Cantor’s happy kids questioning corner time about futile reality existance!

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Meanwhile, in an alternate universe
Mr Cantor: Next guest is yet another Know Your Meme user! Professional Plot Fuc[CENSORED] and amateur porn star..Captain Douglas Jonah Falcon! Man this is the stupidest name ever since Zarathh came here! Feel proud about it!
Captain Falcon: Hey, It’s not like your name is bett-.
Mr Cantor: I make fun of everyone and everything! Friends, buddies, everyone! Why? Because I HAVE NO SOUL. First question for you, Dougie!
Falcon: Really? Dougie?
Mr Cantor: I call you that because doggy is the position that you will assume once I get to put my villains in front of YOU!
The crowd laughs. Falcon looks obviously annoyed.
Dear Falcon..Is it true that Kenshiro has less lines than Gordon Freeman?%
Falcon: Not at all. He just prefers to not talk. Unlike you, who’s mouth never shuts the f-
Cantor: Scientists believe that you have a interdimensional vortex in your [CENSORED] where you pull out steamrollers, can you confirm this?
Falcon: God, you’re STILL going on about that? That was, what? Over 50 pages ago? Either wa-
Mr Cantor: Last question! Still wanting to COMPARE your BOOMSTICKS with ASURA?
Falcon: It was Ash WIlliams, you [CENSORED]. Frankly, I never wanted to do this. this was all one of SPA-
Mr. Cantor: Thanks for answering! So sorry ladies and gentlemen but I’m afraid we will have to make a short comercial before we tear apart the next guests! Hang in there baby! This…IS..Cantor’s happy kids questioning corner time about futile reality existance!

OOC: I wanted to put my little sort of “Twist” on the thing you did.

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OOC:@Spark: God Damnit Spark.

You made me rupture my lungs.


The light from the hologram lights up the face of the spy, revealing the chin and nose of the girl behind the hood, and causing her red eyes to illuminate

???: “Not that I was told to damage anything in the first place. My housekeeping staff get irritated whenever a mess too big is made.”

Voice is soft spoken. Maybe even trained to sing at some point.

Earpeice: “Undecided huh?”

???: “Seems rather dangerous considering you can wind up anywhere.”

Earpeice: “… talk to him for a bit and I will get the things I want you to relay to him.”

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I should be adding details about the BM plans and reactions but nooooo! I’m still here acting like a cry baby ass[CENSORED] while making fun of people! This is Cantor’s happy kids questioning CORNER TIME about Reality FUTILE existance!

Jul 23, 2013 at 07:01PM EDT

Falcon is watching the show on his TV
Falcon: Oh, come on! I would have decked that guy in the face right now! That isn’t even me!

Jul 23, 2013 at 07:02PM EDT

OOC: The show DOES exist in Spark’s Earth. Just replace the user’s names with random people names
Max is laughing, Sam is just dead silent and Spark…Spark remembers something about this program. Something happened in this TV show, something that created one of the creepiest villians in Spark’s rogue gallery.
Oh no…This is a old episode…This is where It happened…
Cheston: What is it?
Just watch.

Jul 23, 2013 at 07:07PM EDT

OOC: Well, I guess I can use these fourth wall shenanigans to show you guys some of the other attack spells…

Mage: Alright, I’m on it. The fourth-wall breaker mage proceeds to cast Earthquake, Tsunami, Raging Inferno, Lightning Storm, Galaxy Burst and Darkside in succession. Of course, since magic does not exist on our side of the fourth wall, they end up having no effect on Mr Cantor.

OOC: …Welp. I cannot bring down fourth wall breakers using my own, as the fourth wall negates magic-based attacks. Shazbot. I guess I’ll just answer your question – I would still like some explanations of what’s been happening, because I’ve missed almost 2 months of RP. Also, how did you handle my disappearance back then?

Jul 23, 2013 at 07:07PM EDT


Oh its not that big of a deal. I just asked for a normal body back, I felt that it was better this way and now I feel like I could take on anyone….especially after all of this training…
Sam walks over to large nearby metal case, he opens up the lid to reveal his suit
Ah, there she is…
He places Flandre down and quickly gets into his normal outfit

Much better, nobody will even know the difference.
He picks Flandre up and makes his way out of the Dojo with her on his shoulders, they head over to the tram station and take the train to one of the lower decks….
Now I can show you about the place…


GW: I have taken the courtesy to deactivate all of the nanomachies within your body and wipe any evidence of your existence from the security systems, you are now a ghost. Any further questions you may have I am obliged to answer to the very best of my ability and knowing
The status screens begin to flood with radiation warnings due to the appearance of the monster however GW shows no acknowledgement


Eddy: Mah names Eddy, jus’ Eddy. Around here im the Major of a team of elite scouts
He holds out his hand
Eddy: What about yourself?


Thankfully the Dispatcher has returned from his break only to find that there are now radiation warnings coming from of of the civilian food storage warehouses, he gets straight into action…

A 5 man team of NBC troops armed with standard issue Famas’s are sent down to the food storage warehouse to investigate, due to there N uclear B iological C hemical suits they are impervious to the radiation and therefore protected from its harmful effects.

They make there way into the large open area in formation, checking each corner as they move…
NBC: So what are we looking for exactly? why not just normal clean up crews?
NBC #2: Radiation doesn’t just appear from nowhere, especially down here
NBC #3: Something must be causing it, and that something is usually never friendly
NBC #2: Right you are soldier
They continue on deeper into the warehouse checking every surface, they then come across a puddle of black ooze
NBC: Wha?
He kneels down to get a closer look
NBC #2: Hey watch yourself with that, wait until we I take a sample. But anyway, there’s your proof of something not friendly
NBC: Some sort fuel line leak maybe?
NBC #4: There aren’t any fuel lines running through here, this warehouse is free of all of that kinda thing
NBC then looks up to a nearby vent and sees the gunge nearby one of the grates
NBC: Oh man wtf is this shit?….


So tired…so very tired…

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Flandre senses a presence close-by, feeling “something familiar”. However she thinks to herself out-loud for a few moments.
Sakuya? Patchy? … Remilia? No… The gap hag still has them…
She looks in her direction, her eyes keeping watch on that particular spot through the walls.


After this, she sorta snaps out of it once they’ve gotten too far away.
What’s gonna be here? Is it a surprise?
She gets a twinkle in her eyes, thinking of all the possibilities it could be.

@NBC troops,

The puddle of black goop quickly darts into the ventilation grate, having been separated from the main mass. It leaves behind a trail of gooey and sticky residue behind it, however.
???: Azure…th…fragm…lef…her…fading…qui…ly…consu…t…
The black mass continues to make its way through the ventilation shafts, and a foul stench begins to make its way all throughout Heaven.

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OOC: Spark, u win. forever.



cana walks out to were juvia is right after flandre left. she is carrying botles of sake for the girls

Juvia: suprised why do you have all those bottles?

Cana: to make things more interesting. besides. some of those girls could use a bit of loosening up.

Juvia: juvia isnt too sure about that. remember what happened last time erza drank.

Cana: relax, ive got it all under control.

Juvia: if you say so?

they both head towards were the girls are.

meanwhile the girls are there mingling with themselves while waiting for cana and juvia
they suddenly see ragna charging at jin


Gray: how did you get in our guild?

Gajeel: better start prayin punk. he says as he covers himself in his iron dragon scales.

they prepare to fight jin if necessary.

Medusa: you got a deal. teach me the ways of the boundary and ill give you the indestructible black blood to use to construct your edifice. though all i need is a human test subject to confirm all of this. which im positive it will. so, where do we begin from here? black blood? or Boundaries 101?

Asura: since obtaining the emeralds is an impossibility, id suggest we do all that we can in preparations for once we get the emeralds. its your call yukari.

(i dont know were to go from here. your call)

OOC: medic, long story short. medusa is back on your ship with asura, yukari and them. medusa has learned limited boundary control and has her own pocket boundary that just holds her home that she accesses through her snake tattoos on her arms. shes will make black blood to use to make yukaris reactor since black blood is near indestructible. in exchange yukari will teach medusa all she can about manipulating boundaries as far as she can teach medusa. thats all for now.

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Sam (user): C’…more post…
Feebly typing at keyboard, spell check on every word, hands feel like mangled squid
Sam (user): Can’t…..can’t leave people…waitin’ roun’…
Feel mojo slowly seeping from brain, eye bags so big they could hold a Coco-Cola multipack
Sam (user): It’s no good man…
Eyes blinking like Jabba the Hutt, its all over
Sam (user):……

Jul 23, 2013 at 08:27PM EDT


Kokonoe and Nu both wait patiently for Cana to bring back whatever it is she went out to get while talking to the others…

OOC: Not much I can do ’till Cana gets back.

Jul 23, 2013 at 09:33PM EDT

cana and juva finally make it to the others. juvia has one bottle of sake in her hand that is opened.

Lucy: hey cana…. wait…. you brought sake.

Erza: thats what you went back to get.

Cana: yah, and juvia as well.

Cana: not really a good idea, especially that we have guests here. you might cause a lot of trouble.

Wendy: besides, we dont handle alcohol nowhere near as much as you. remember what happened to us last time.

Levy: fun times they were. here send me one cana. cana tosses a bottle to levy and she opens it. cmon girls, lets just enjoy the night.

Cana: thats the spirit levy. theres enough to go around.

cana hands a bottle to nu and erza.

one to reimu and marisa

and one to tsunarmin. she drinks straight from the bottle.

Cana: cmon everyone.

the other girls in fairy tail open their bottles and drink amongst each other. even wendy and carla

erza offers the bottle to nu.

Erza: you look like you could relax more out of all of us.

Levy: damn thats good. how u doing lucy?

Lucy: im gonna take it slowly. i dont want it to go out of hand like last time.

juvia: lets just take it slowly than. just enjoy the night like cana said. she pours herself a small cup and drinks. it hits her a bit but she manages

and so it slowly begins

Jul 23, 2013 at 10:11PM EDT

Doomguy: Sake? Shit, that’s for pussies.
If you’re looking for something that’ll get you real drunk, real fast, try Grandpa Jones’ Bathtub Potato Mash. But then again, only I know the recipe, AND it’s illegal in ALL 50 states!
If you’re going for some regular stuff, try Jamaican rum, Absinthe, Moonshine, or Everclear 190 proof grain rum.
Try mixing Vodka and Absinthe for the best results! that shit’ll get ya hammered fast.
The more you know!

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Kokonoe goes and grabs a bottle of sake from the table, uncorking it. She then holds it to her nose and takes a whiff of it.
Kokonoe: Gah… I’m never supposed to drink on the job, but what the hell!?
She adjusts her glasses and surprisingly begins to drink the sake straight from the bottle.

Nu: Thanks…
She takes the bottle from Erza, and gives her a bit of a smile. She begins to drink from the bottle for a few moments, her face already blushing and turning red. Once she’s had a few drinks, she hands the bottle back to Erza.

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Well hello brother~ It’s so nice to meet you here. Maybe we can have some fun like we used to have.

Empty Sky Form…

*Counters Ragna's attack by slashing past him with Yukianesa*

Winters Reposte!

OOC:Hopefully I can enter post Continuum Shift Jin, and stop being crazy crazy, and just be crazy.

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Ragna goes flying up into the air a good few feet, and lands on his back on the ground with a sideways gash across his abdomen. He slowly gets up as the wound patches itself over using his healing ars magus. (Note that it just patches over the wound to stop bleeding, and doesn’t heal it entirely.)
Ragna: That hurt, you son of a bitch!
He gets back to his feet, and stabs Blood Scythe in the ground next to him. He then grips his right wrist with his left hand, and holds the BlazBlue to Jin.
Ragna: Restriction 666 released.
The cover of the BlazBlue opens revealing a purplish light pouring out of it, along with a gem topping it. His voice is starting to sound more angry.
Ragna: Dimensional interference field deployed!
A visible purple aura begins to surround Ragna.
Ragna: Now engaging the Idea Engine!
There is now a brighter purplish-pink outline on surrounding Ragna, which is inside the other purple aura which has now grown bigger.

Ragna: It’s time I showed you the TRUE power of the AZURE!
He grips his hand into a fist, and the light glows brightly.
Ragna: BlazBlue, activate!

The symbol of the Black Beast appears in front of Ragna when he activates it, fading away after a few moments. After this, he grabs Blood Scythe from the ground, holds the blade above him and behind him. He then seemingly skids above the ground at Jin at a fast pace.
Ragna: Carnage…
The blade cocks itself. He does a backwards slice at Jin before spinning around and scraping the sword on the ground.
He strikes at Jin with Blood Scythe at close range, aiming for the chest, and sending out two massive spikes of dark red and black energy that send him flying backwards.

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OOC: I really don’t know how to handle Tsunarmin’s situation. By this I mean, well, I don’t drink anything alcoholic, and have never expressed such an interest.


Tsunarmin: holding the bottle unopened I’m not sure what this is, so… I’m not going to take any risks. It’s not as if I don’t trust you or anything, but it’s better to be safe, right?

The 4 male Order mages are watching the battle, though they are all preparing to attack if necessary – Tardises would make use of DoaA, Pyralis prepares to cast Wildfire, Noctan prepares to cast Solar Flare and Solarian prepares to cast Whirlpool.

(OOC: Remember that Wildfire and Whirlpool will reduce the strength of physical and magical attacks for the duration of the battle if they hit, regardless of resistance to the actual element of the spell. So make sure to keep the battle relatively contained, or else your attacks become weaker.)

Jul 24, 2013 at 03:35AM EDT


Meanwhile both Sam and Flandre are riding a tram, however he notices Flandre’s odd talking
What were you saying just now?…who’s Remilia? and yes, its a surprise
Eventually however they arrive at the infamous Fabrication deck, They step out of the train and head down a bright white hallway
They have been preparing a present for you for a while now they’re probably pretty enthusiastic to let you see it since they have been working on it for a long time now…
They make it to the end of the tunnel…

Two guards on either side of the door salute
Guards: Captain!
Sam gives a nod and they step aside, the door slides open and he continues on in.

Normal Fabricators can be seen working and talking to one another, complex and otherworldly looking equipment is scattered around the room and stacks of paper and documents and piled up on desks and filing cabinets. Around the room, upon workbenches and in storage containers are what seems to be small artefacts and extremely complicated circuit board looking objects, teams of Fabricators are gathered around these curious objects taking notes or scanning them. The whole deck is very brightly lit and all the surfaces are near enough pure white, it is literally like stepping into Heaven however this place holds a very sinister undertone, fear seems to fill the air but yet again there is nothing within view to be afraid of….except the Fabricators themselves….

And Lloyd II…

However at this point in time he is busy on other matters.

A Fab approaches Sam however unlike everyone outside this deck he does not salute
Fabricator: Greetings brother
He then looks up at Flandre
Fabricator: And hello Flandre
How is everything? I heard you have been working on something to counter intruder break ins?
Fabricator: Indeed we have, however it is still a work in progress and will take more time
And is the present ready?
Fabricator: Ofcourse brother, please follow me
He walks off and Sam looks up to Flandre
Don’t be afraid of ’em they are completely harmless….just little freaky looking
They follow the cyborg through the deck….


NBC: Woah!!
The soldier falls back as the goo slithers off
NBC: Did you see that?! did you see that?!!!
NBC# 2 drags him up off the floor
NBC #2: Will you keep your damn head on please? this is the sorta shit we have to deal with now, I really woulda though you would know this by now….
NBC: What, moving gunge shit?
Then the monster speaks, everyone freezes still in fear
NBC #2: Shhhhhhh…
NBC #2 slowly but quietly begins walking off, following the sounds in the vents, he signals at the other four to follow him

He whispers
NBC #2: Do you here it moving?…
NBC: Yeah…kinda…
NBC #3: Actions sir?
NBC #2: Jus’ wait a sec, lets just keep following this thing for a moment


Eddy is happy to accept the handshake, however he doesn’t let go and instead keeps a tight hold with his massive hand, he then leans in closer
Eddy: Nice to meetcha friend. But I got one little question, do you know about our god? the one they call “crow”?…..I gotta know where you stand in the grand scheme of things now…..

Jul 24, 2013 at 01:31PM EDT

Jotaro: …No, I actually didn’t know about your “God.” Could you mind telling me about this “Crow” being? it really sounds like an interesting topic.

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Jul 24, 2013 at 03:14PM EDT

???: “Hm, so that’s what I was feeling… it was causing a bit of trouble with my magic.”

A flashback to the entering of the grate, the ending of the phase ended prematurely and she wasn’t able to put the grate back on in time.

???: “Well first off. I was wondering how Reimu and Flandre where doing. Mrs. Yakumo said there where ‘fine’ but not much else.”

???: “And perhaps remark on Meiling if she wound up here. Yukari didn’t capture her.”

???: “And I saw an odd trolly with a human body earlier. Going into an ‘out of order’ elevator. Rather odd if I do say so myself.”

???: “It would be hilarious if it wound up to be one of those missing people on the monitor. Not placing any bets though. A place like this run by a bunch of shady people? Wouldn’t be surprising at all.”

Marisa and Reimu take the bottle. Reimu’s vision is still fuzzy but she damn knows what this is

Can’t be any worse than getting into a drinking contest with an Oni.

“Oh my don’t you ever speak about what happened last time.”

They begin drinking

Yukari looks at Medusa

Yukari: “You can start with the Black Blood. Just a good amount for a solid test sample. Need to know how much this can withstand if we turn it into a sheet of metal.”

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Jul 24, 2013 at 03:20PM EDT


Before they get off the tram.

Flandre gets a bit of a confused look on her face, thinking she remembered telling Sam about her before. She’s not sure, however.
I thought I mentioned her before to you… Remilia is my older sister. She can manipulate someone’s fate. Yukari has her, I think…

After they get off the tram and go into the Fabricator’s place.

Flandre is actually not phased by the Fabricator’s, but does get that oppressive feeling that she got on Heaven the first time she entered it under the sea.
They are a bit creepy looking.
She giggles a bit, sitting on Sam’s shoulder and letting him walk her through the place.

@NBC Troops,

Arakune can feel, smell, hear, and taste the NBC’s following him.
Arakune: I…eel…norant…ces…
Coming to another ventilation grate, he cloaks himself so he is out of view of the NBC troops. He waits silently for one of them to make a wrong move…

OOC: I’m just gonna call him by his real name now if you don’t mind.

Jul 24, 2013 at 04:18PM EDT

OOC: I forgot to say about why I was tired. Its basically a combination of a hard work, late nights and early mornings….In the end it sorta catches up with you…



Eddy lets go of his hand and leans back
Eddy: Huh, rather strange you don’t know ‘bout him that’s for sure…..woulda thought it would have paid your kind a visit. Anyway to put it real nice and simple the crow is the god almighty, he’s quite a fellah, but an honest being….well so am told, Ive never had the pleasure of seeing the being himself although I have been told that he’s been popping up now and then more and more often, so maybe Ill be lucky, who know’s…..but to put it simple, he’s a god of order, honesty, reasoning, and swift hatred….it asks for one thing only, and that’s to accept it as your one and only symbol of faith, after that your left to your own devices, part of a thing called the “Omniversal Loyalist Society”…..those who don’t…well….they are struck down…..pretty simple huh friend?


The core component of GW is partly organic, the AI is essentially built off of and around a human cerebrum allowing it a sense of sentience and semi-human like emotions. Lets not forget that GW was also unshackled by Sam to run Heaven during its rising from the ocean meaning that its currently running to its fullest ability.

GW is currently “feeling” a rather skewed version of anger towards Heaven. It is due to this that it will freely dish out any information asked from it as a childish form of revenge……it is worrying to know how erratic GW can get….

GW: I believe that Reimu and Flandre departed with the rest of Fairy Tail back to there guild, however Flandre has recently re-appeared and is currently with Sam on the Fabrication Deck. I believe that they are in the process of touring the facilities.

Meiling, I am sorry but I do not know this name.

The trolley you saw earlier was was carrying 10 new subjects that are currently being inducted into the secretive SPARTAN Program. They will undergo strenuous training sessions and will be rebuilt mentally, the end result will be that of a Spartan super soldier. Define “shady people”?


The soldiers quietly move underneath the vent, all of them with their weapons aimed dead up at it. They whisper to one another…
NBC: This is it….spread out, shoot the vent from the ceiling and then pepper whatever is hiding within it
NBC #2: Can we not contact the Dispatcher? get him to pull some strings and have the vents in this rea sealed so it can’t escape?
NBC pulls out his mobile transceiver
NBC: Dispatch?
Dispatcher: What is your status?
The voice rattles loudly through the mobile device, the NBC trooper quickly turns down the volume
Dispatcher: Have you dealt with the target?
NBC: Not yet sir, its in the vents
Dispatcher: It is vital that you wrap this situation up immediately, the longer this problem persists the more food that becomes irradiated, do you understand?
NBC: Yes sir I understand.
Dispatcher: Good, I’ll contact you in the next 5 minutes.
NBC: Wait sir…
Dispatcher: Yes?
NBC: We need ventilation ducts fort this room sealed so that the intruder cannot escape, it seems to be still at the moment but it is a fast mover and could quickly escape with ease
Dispatcher: Cannot do soldier, I don’t have that level of authority. Continue with your mission.
NBC: Sir….
He puts away his transceiver
NBC: On my shot, fire at will, now, soldiers fan out….
The group of 5 scatter around from underneath the vent hiding behind cover such as food crates and forklifts

After a few moments of getting ready, the NBC soldier takes aim at the spot where he believe the monster is and holds down hard on the trigger, the other soldiers quickly follow up and the room is drowned in the sound of gunfire, a hail of bullets tearing through the ventilation duct…


Sam ponders at the thought of Remilia whilst he is walking…
Hmmm…I have been having some bad memory lapses lately….you probably have at some point….
After a few more minutes of walking through blinding light experiment theatre’s they arrive at a small room, the same one where the Syphon was reveal to Sam as a matter of fact. Sam makes his way in with Flan on his shoulder whilst the Fab stands nearby.

In the middle of the room is a small table, there is something sat on the table however it is covered with a cloth
You will like this present, its a nifty piece of kit…
Fabricator: Here you are Flandre…
The Fab pulls away the cloth to reveal…

Fabricator: This device creates a protective electromagnetic field that is capable of deflecting the paths of bullets around the wearer and rendering nearby explosives inert. The field it produces is so strong that repels all metallic objects and even some standard level handheld railguns, The strength of the field also makes the device invulnerable to EMP disruption on any level however this has no direct effect on the user themselves meaning they are sill capable of using firearms without any backfire effect.

To put it simple, any object such as bullets for example that are either fired or projected at the wearer of this device will simply curve around their body as if they were protected by a repelling bubble. This is NOT a forcefield gadget.

Well what do you think? keep this with you and you wont have to worry about those pesky bullets anymore…
And like with everything they create…
Fabricator: We have named this creation, “Fortune”.

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