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Is currently sitting on top of the ceiling lights and watching everything on the ground floor happening. She laughs a bit when Hazama can’t even begin fighting. Is still in Prospit pajamas.

That’s right, there shall be no fighting this time you green-haired jerk. Also, you can’t have my head, I need that for things, you know.

This is going to be an excellent dream, I can tell that now!
She starts trailing off to talking to herself about the possibilities of things happening in this “dream”, which it is for her. For the entire time of her sleeping, her dream-self has been hanging out at the RP Pub.

Jul 27, 2013 at 02:32PM EDT


Sam looks up to Flandre

Your tired? well….I suppose we better be getting back to the bridge now, ive got a few preparations to make….some important things to do…

Sam knows that what he has to do at the bridge is gonna be difficult, he is at a dilemma.

General Adams: Captain, Ill see you out if you wish?

Its fine okay General there is no need, but thankyou for the show around

General Adams: My pleasure sir!

He salutes

General Adams: Goodbye Captain, Flandre

He makes his way from the armoury and back into the crowds of Officers, Sam follows out shortly afterwards and makes his way back to the tram station, he arrives, steps in and just like always pushes a few buttons to set his destination

Sigh….I hope these things ive given you here will help out in the future, with the BM and everything……..the thing is….I might not be around much longer….Heaven is going to be leaving real soon….I need to see it off personally. At first I was going to stay…but im not sure anymore….

@Arakune & Sakuya,

The liquid nitrogen grenades freeze Arakune solid on the spot, Bouncer ceases movement

Bouncer: Intruder neutralized.

It leaps back up into the air vents and sprints off out of the area

A few more seconds later and the massive armoured door of the mainframe room opens up, light bursts in as a very large horde of Tengu troops come running in with their P90’s raised at Sakuya…

They stop a few meters in front of her and line up into organised ranks, with the front row kneeling down. There are easily at least 50 Tengu’s here right now….50…..the squad leader pipes up…

Tengu Major: Don’t make any sudden movement! place your weapon on the ground now!

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Jul 27, 2013 at 03:04PM EDT


Flandre yawns a bit as Sam tells her that he might be leaving with Heaven.
Would I still be able to get in touch with you if you do leave, Sam? I really don’t want you to leave though…
She leans up against him as she floats along in the tram.


Arakune is frozen solid but still alive. The bugger is extremely difficult to kill, and won’t be going down this easily. He is just in a state of comatose right now.



The BlazBlues are sitting at a table, chatting amongst themselves about things. Tager is standing beside the table just because he knows if he tried to sit down that the table would break under his massive weight.

Relius looks up at Meredith as he sits at a table.
Relius: So you are the one Hazama has told me about, hm? Meredith, correct? Yes, it’s very true that you need your head to do your daily activities such as thinking, plotting, feeling…


Relius turns his attention back to Hazama and gives him a small frown.
Relius: Shush, Hazama. It is unbecoming of you to be acting like this whilst the adults are talking.

Hazama grumbles to himself a bit, taking a sip of some wine.

Jul 27, 2013 at 03:39PM EDT

Sakuya looks straight up into the Major’s eyes, her knife throwing circles fading away…

Sakuya: “…. THE WORLD!!”

The soldiers see the giant negative screen filter over take their vision, and when it vanishes Sakuya is gone…

In fact, everyone on the ship sees this wave pass over them…

This was just used as an escape method however…. she will still be on the ship for a bit…

(I shit you not. Sakuya was based on Dio and one of her most used spells in the official manga and fiction is The World, or later renamed Sakuya’s World to avoid a potential lawsuit.)

Yukari sits down, opening up one of her portals beside her to keep an eye on things…

If it is morning, Marisa wakes up, but Reimu is still out cold. This usually happens after drinking contests…

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Jul 27, 2013 at 03:41PM EDT

OOC: She actually uses said spellcard in EoSD, too. Definitely on hard, but not sure if also on lunatic. This pretty much guarantees I’ll NEVER see it myself, as I can’t even 1cc EoSD on normal… Personally, it doesn’t mean that much to me, as all I know about Dio is, well, ZA WARUDO. And I only know about that because… well, do I really need to tell anyone on this site of all sites?)

Jul 27, 2013 at 03:45PM EDT

She nods at Relius

Yup, the name’s Meredith. Or Master Burner, or the Soul of Space. Take your pick.

And I’m not sure how to feel about Hazama talking about me. Really, I’m drawing a blank on the emotions here. I guess I should be a bit.. worried? Creeped out?

But seriously, what’s he been saying about me? I wanna know.

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Jul 27, 2013 at 03:49PM EDT



Relius scratches his chin as he looks up at Meredith.
Relius: Hm… Pardon my French, but he called you a “conniving little bitch” for resurrecting the guild known as… “Fairy Tail”? That’s an odd name.

Hazama: If you wouldn’t have done that to those bastards, I would’ve won and the whole world would be plunged into an everlasting despair! If it wasn’t for YOU! I had it in the palm of my hand!

Relius: Quite.
The Mad Puppeteer takes a sip of red wine, not really caring at all about this conversation.

Jul 27, 2013 at 03:57PM EDT


Tardises: I have no idea who you are, but you don’t seem like you could take over even a single world.

Mage: I… have no idea who he is either. Fourth wall breaking does not answer everything.

(OOC-ception: My fourth wall breaker does not know because I do not know.)

(OOC-ception:And yes, I’m using OOC-ception instead of regular OOC because the characters are in an OOC area)

Jul 27, 2013 at 04:03PM EDT

“Conniving little bitch”? That’s not a very creative insult Hazama. I can’t recall how long ago it was in this game, but I think I was called a “pencil-pushing ne’er-do-well” at one point, that’s a creative insult. And besides, “despair” isn’t a good thing you silly-head.

Also you are a a concentrated metric-ton of douche-ines in my opinion. No one wants a concentrated mass of pure jerk to rule an entire planet.
She sticks her tongue out at Hazama in a clearly childish manner

I don’t think he could either. And besides, I’m sure ruling a world would be difficult work if one does not know what they’re doing. That person may or may not be usurped and or killed very early on if they upset the legions of people against them, and that means civil war would be a certainty and that would lead to draining of supplies on both sides and all that fun stuff.

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Jul 27, 2013 at 04:06PM EDT


Yeah ofcourse you will, but I feel that I need to go now…well…hmmm….

He looks at Flandre, who is a little saddened

We’ll see….

@Sakuya & Arakune,

Some of the Tengu’s fall back as the wave passes over them, leaving a confused look on their faces

Tengu: What the?…

Tengu #2: She’s gone!

Tengu Major: Fan out! she has to be here somewhere!

The Tengu’s begin to spread out about the mainframe room, searching every corner and patrolling in between the server modules

The Major approaches Arakune

Tengu Major: What is this? hold on……this is supposed to be the only intruder here!...GW?!

Baring in mind that the AI is only physically just across the room, it speaks from source, its voice filling the room well..
GW: What is the matter Major?
Tengu Major: Dispatch informed us about a single enemy entity aboard that had made its way to this mainframe room from the food storage…who was that girl just now?! Dispatch has received nothing regarding a second intruder!
GW: I have suffered a critical failure within my processing and required a re-boot to my nano machine management sub tasking. I have dealt with this issue. I apologize for any inconvenience

GW was lying. The Tengu Major just looks at it in bewilderment

Tengu Major: I will be reporting this “critical failure” to the engineering Chief Officer…..


Tengu Major: Pfft….reckless AI…..Troops! have you found this girl?!

Tengu’s: No Major sir! she has vanished!

But then they come across the crap load of knives that were launched earlier, lying on the floor, a few Tengu’s approach…

Tengu: Sir! we have found something of interest here!

The Major jogs over and gazes down upon the masses of knives

Tengu Major: What the hell….there must be at least a full crate here….who can possible carry this many? and throw them at a wall?

Tengu: Minor damage to the wall sir, it also seems that a fair amount of these knives rebounded round the room.

Tengu Major: Have them collected immediately, ship them down to the Fabrication deck for analysis

Tengu: Sir!

The troops scatter out, picking up the knives and collecting them into munition cases. The Major then approaches Arakune, the frozen blob

Tengu Major: We cannot have any liabilities aboard this ship during this vital time of Slipspace entry preparation.

Tengu: To the Fabs too sir?

Tengu Major: No, have it jettisoned immediately, if it escapes during its imprionsment here it could put the entire operation at risk…

In conclusion. The Tengu’s ship the knives to the Fabs, engineers fix any minor surface damage and clean up the busted vent, the room is then re-sealed and Arakune removed


A while later and we find Arakune being trollied down the hallways by a group of standard cyborg crew who are surrounded by Tengu’s…they make there way to the emergency escape pod sector of the command deck and wedge the frozen blob into one. These are spacious pods, capable of holding large groups of people.

The crewman pushes a few buttons on the control panel outside and in a flash of light and a blast the shuttle pod, containing Arakune is fired clean out of the side of Heaven and into space far away from the ship…

Jul 27, 2013 at 04:20PM EDT

Tardises: So… what shall we do until this so-called ‘plot’ can progress?

Mage: It’ll be a day or two on the controllers’ side of the fourth wall.

Jul 27, 2013 at 04:21PM EDT


My, oh my! So much talk of world domination!

The Good Doctor stands at the door of the RP Pub, grinning widely.

And yet, I feel as though something’s missing…

Dr. Eggman strokes his chin for a moment, as though thinking deeply, and then smiles and snaps his fingers.

Ah, yes! Me.

Jul 27, 2013 at 04:33PM EDT



Hazama points an Ouroboros at the light fixture that Meredith is sitting on and sends it out at the chain, effectively causing the light fixture and Meredith to fall to the ground.
Hazama: Oops. Missed. And I will have you know, young lady, that I did not plan on “ruling” the world. Why would I want to rule a world? Too many faces to feed, too much shit to look after. I would have just blown it to high heaven.

The black, amorphous, and frozen blob is jettisoned into space and headed straight into Mobius territory…

OOC: Don’t worry Spark. I won’t be posting Arakune arriving to Mobius until you are ready for him to do so. (When we get all the training done)


She yawns again, clearly tired.

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Jul 27, 2013 at 04:33PM EDT

Tardises turns to the mad genius (mad as in ‘mad scientist’ of course) and draws his sword as a precaution

Tardises: I’m told that a large group was out to stop you. As a result of that, I don’t really trust you around here – even though you DID sort of serve as my introduction to this thing oh so long ago….

Granatir: That is even worse. And as an earth elemental, You leave me no choice but to oppose you.

Granatir’s staff materialises in his hand from his inventory while the Litholizard roars

Tsunarmin: Tahrdan, Granatir, stop it. We’re not here to fight!

OOC-ception: Since there is so little else to do ,Sam, you may as well bring your characters to this RP pub too. .. Incidentally, the fourth-wall breaker mage is actually physically there – he will not be found at the same time somewhere within the Order HQ. The other Order mages inside are in their respective locations, as is the Litholizard. They are only allowed to be here due to no plot progression.

Jul 27, 2013 at 04:44PM EDT

Sakuya runs for roughly a minute before she stops behind some crates to stop the spell.

Earpeice: “Crap. They saw you.”

Sakuya: “Get me out of here.”

Earpeice: “Getting you out of there.”

After 30 seconds of low buzzing a white portal opens up and Sakuya jumps in


Notes about the Knifes:
~They are Silver with Blue Handles.
~They do carry an energy charge. This makes them defy gravity until they hit something. This is indeed a Mana Charge, but now they will have one of Mana’s Wavelengths.

She does carry other types of knifes, but these ones are the only ones they used at the moment.

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Jul 27, 2013 at 05:39PM EDT


The pair finally get back to the Bridge…

Everything is quiet and peaceful. The CO’s are busy making the final preparations and the Winds are standing over by the window having a quiet conversation with one another….
Now, time for you get some rest huh?…
He places Flandre down in a nearby empty CO’s bridge chair (these are some darn fine chairs, built to provide maximum buttock comfort for the dedicated Officer)

You can get some sleep now and rest up, ill be right here if you need me…

Sam walks across the room and approaches the other Winds
Sundowner: Ah sammy boy, was wonderin’ when you’d show your face again
Sam’s feeling a bit solemn lately with the imminence of the jump
Yeah….I was busy dealing with Flandre
Sundowner: She got those gadgets now then huh?
She’s got everything she needs…the Fortune device a Vector Trap and an arsenal of weapons within it
Monsoon: Very well prepared indeed
How are things going here? is everything ready?
Monsoon: We can leave whenever your ready Sam
He looks over to Flandre and then back to Monsoon
That’s good, I just need some time to think….
Sundowner: Nooo problem
Sam makes his way from the group and sits in a chair, he stairs out of the window into space
Ill just wait….until she’s asleep…

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Jul 27, 2013 at 06:31PM EDT


Flandre closes her eyes and falls asleep the near moment that Sam put her in the chair. The girl was tuckered out from all that has happened.

Jul 27, 2013 at 06:34PM EDT

Ooc: yo guys, ill be on in about a couple hours. Im at a con for a tournament and im with the crew running it. I wont be on till later tonight. Continue on whatever ur doing but dont progress the story. Ill try and be on as soon as posible.

Jul 27, 2013 at 06:51PM EDT


Hehehe and she’s out already…

Sam gets up and walks over to her, he kneels down besides the chair and takes her Vector Trap activator from her pocket
You will need this at some point no doubt…
He takes a object from his pocket and activates it…

Primary Beacon
The one and only piece of equipment of its kind. This device serves one function and that is to call upon Heaven directly from across incredible distances. Although it possess no option for voice communication the beacon can be heard loud and clear and will alert the entire bridge crew when it has been activated….however the further the distance the two are apart the longer it will take for the Beacon’s signal to reach the ship. Additionally this device is rather delicate and can only withstand so much punishment..
One press of the button and we will all hear your call…
Sam shuts it off and then activates Flandre’s Vector Trap, it fades from his hands as it is added to the compressed space storage. He then places it back into her pocket and puts a note in alongside it
The truth is, im not one for goodbyes…I know you don’t want me to go but Ive only ever caused you hurt and grief, hopefully this will be the last time I do such a thing….I won’t forget you and will come back straight away if you use that beacon, so no im not abandoning you, Id never do such a thing, please don’t think that’s what ive done when you wake up…please….

Sam takes a step back


I know you have the power to teleport people, like you did with Fairy Tail not long ago, so Im asking for one favour, take Flandre from here and back to them for me. Please Meredith….

Jul 27, 2013 at 07:00PM EDT


Tardises turns to the mad genius (mad as in ‘mad scientist’ of course) and draws his sword as a precaution
Tardises: I’m told that a large group was out to stop you. As a result of that, I don’t really trust you around here – even though you DID sort of serve as my introduction to this thing oh so long ago….


At first, the mad scientist only stares at TARDISES.

Then, after a few moments, the evil genius bursts into laughter.


Oh my… you actually think a SWORD will be enough to stop ME?!

Newsflash: That group of goody-two-shoes used a sword to kill me then, and not just any sword, but some sort of specialized sword which is supposedly “unstoppable.”


Robotnik walks right up to Tardises and smiles widely.

So please, do your worst with that trinket. It would be my utmost pleasure to merely observe your futile attempt.

More smiling.

Actually OOC: Well, I’m officially back now. I’m gonna’ start working on my next actual post pretty soon since my part of the story currently bears no significant impact on the main storyline.

I’m probably going to use flashbacks to make-up for the time I’ve lost in this thread while I was away.

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Jul 27, 2013 at 08:28PM EDT

She shakes her head a bit, and glares at Hazama for a fraction of a second

Well, you know you better than I do, so if what you said you would do is what you indeed would’ve done, than who am I to not believe you?
She glances at a bracelet on her wrist like it’s a watch

Well this has been fun you guys, now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to go fill out this request from Sam, so bye~
She then fades away, her real self waking up

She groggily gets up and complies to Sam’s request, teleporting Flandre to Juvia’s location before quickly falling back asleep
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Jul 27, 2013 at 10:20PM EDT

OOC: No. It’s Burner’s pocket dimension, which is with Burner. It’s like a subspace. But no, it’s not on the ship.

Jul 27, 2013 at 10:26PM EDT

Zarathh wrote:

OOC: No. It’s Burner’s pocket dimension, which is with Burner. It’s like a subspace. But no, it’s not on the ship.

OOC: Actually, it kind of is, but I used magic so that it’s pretty much in a pocket dimension that’s sitting on a cafeteria table that only I can move or alter in anyway. Because if it was in my pocket dimension, I wouldn’t be there. Can’t go into your own inventory after-all.

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Jul 27, 2013 at 10:29PM EDT

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

OOC: Well, are you going to get it or anything? I mean, he’s going to attempt the jump…

She wakes up again, simply to teleport outside of the planet, put it in her inventory, and then to teleport to the moon again.She then falls asleep on the surface of the moon because she cannot enter her own inventory, that would be silly.
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Jul 27, 2013 at 10:40PM EDT

OOC: edited it for spark.

it is the start of a new day. the main bell that hangs in the cathedral in the middle of the town begins ringing at 8:00 am. the city slowly coming to life once again after all that has happened. people trying to recollect their routines and people beginning to open up their shops around the city.

everyone can hear the explosion that took place thanks to fosters bomb. however, most of the girls that were hungover from last night remain asleep. wendy is the one who fully recovered from her sleep and is awoken from the bomb.

in everyones rooms wherever they may be sleeping, there is their clothes from the other day fully cleaned, fixed and folded neatly in their rooms. also there is a a small bottle for each person that got drunk the other night on top of them as well with a note attached to them reading the following

“drink these down, they dont taste that well, but they will help to deal with the hangovers.”

“Mirajane :D”

mirajane woke up early to take care of delivering their things to each person as well as the bottles. as is her usual morning routines around the guild hall as well.

everyone else is beginning to wake up after that bomb going off, trying to start the day off with whatever they usually do. Natsu and happy are already on their way to foster and sparks location.

Reimu and Marisa get a knock on their door.

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Jul 27, 2013 at 10:47PM EDT

Sam gives a smile as Flandre disappears before him, knowing that Meredith has answered his call. He then walks into the middle of the Bridge


The CO’s spin to attention on their chairs

CO’s: Captain!
Have all the finally preparations been made? are we ready to depart? tell me if we have any problems…As a matter of fact, give me a full status report!

Electronics Officer: All systems are in fully operational order, The Slipspace core is ready and primed for activation and the sensory arrays are prepared

Communications Officer: All comm channels clear, no interference and little radio chatter

Engineering Officer: Zero issues, hull integrity at maximum, and mechanized systems are flawless

Navigation Officer: We are properly adjusted and stationed in position for the jump, engines idle, Slipspace core spinning

Warfare Officer: No problems here Captain, however the weapons are readied

Habitation Officer: Civilians are fine, calm and prepared for the jump. Military are stationed at the ready. Numbers are as follows….
Administration- 1,699
Standard Crew- 8,954
Fabricators- 1,534
Military- 6,735
Civilians- 7,118
Over the past intruder break ins we have suffered 2 civilian and 9 military casualties

The soldiers fought for the safety of the ship, the civilians do not deserve this, this is our reasoning for our leaving

The Winds gather up behind Sam

Sundowner: So dis is it huh?
Monsoon: We can start afresh
Mistral: Dramatic but it works
Comms! have the announcements sent out, ship-wide!
Communications Officer: On it sir!

GW’s voice begins to boom out on all 895 of Heavens massive decks, everyone can hear the message
GW: Slipspace jump imminent, prepare for gravity anomalies!

Okay, this is it, punch a hole!

Engineering Officer: Sir!
The Officer nervously types away at his console. Meanwhile down in the engineering deck the Core revs up to massive speeds and begins blasting power surges through the electronic systems and equipment

The Core works by essentially creating a hole in space fabric, once entered Heaven will be in a state of faster than light travel, during this period the ship will be fully sealed up and GW will be using most of its processing power to weave through space

The tear opens up before Heaven…

Navigation Officer: Engines active, we are entering now sir
Take it easy now, we can’t have any failures at this point, GW how are you holding out here?
GW: I am currently well within my handling threshold.
Any notable updates?
GW: Outside temperature rising, Slipspace core reaching dangerously high levels of radiation production.
Im not stopping now, send us in Nav

((Orkz: ‘ERE WE GO ’ERE WE GO!!))
Sundowner: S-Sam….im not too sure about this Sam…
Its fine, once we are in we should have no problems
Sundowner: If your sure
The colossal vessel slowly drifts closer and closer to the portal, lights flicker in the windows as electronic interference spreads throughout and docking bay doors can be seen slamming down shut aswell as antenna arrays retracting down into the hull
Navigation Officer: Entry in…5…4…3…2…1..
And…we’re out…
Heaven is dragged straight into the portal and thrown into FTL. The portal closes right behind it and dissipates in a speck of light….

…..And so ends Heaven’s chapter in Mobius space….for now…….

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Jul 27, 2013 at 11:07PM EDT

Doomguy wakes up. He gets out of bed.
Doomguy: Dawn of a new day.
He opens the door, gets on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur and is met with a swift punch to the face from Ken, who is wearing his regular clothes.
Ken: Never. do that. again.
Ken walks off
Doomguy: Okay, big guy, geez.
Doomguy gets up off the floor, and checks out Ken’s room. It looks just like when they got there, but strangely enough, the anti-hangover bottle is untouched. doomguy heads back to his room, and admires his shiny clothes.
Doomguy: So they DID get the demon guts off…
Doomguy puts on his armor and heads off to the guild hall.

The three stand users wake up, to find Jotaro lying down on the floor, watching some NBA.
Jotaro: Last night. I had a really fucking weird adventure.
Falcon comes down the stairs.
Falcon: I guess you had a “Bizarre” adventure!
Crickets chirping
Falcon: What?
Either way, I gotta train for F-Zero. see ya!
Falcon goes out the door, only to pop his head back in
Falcon: Oh, yeah, There’s a polystation 4 and a Nintendo Uss W there. Have fin with those.
Okuyasu starts browsing through the extensive game collection that Falcon has.
Okuyasu: Hey, there’s… New Super Marco Brothers W, Legend of Zenda: Seaword Sword, Iron Nail: Ground Zeroes, and BigLittlePlanet 3.
Jotaro: How about that Big Little one?
Giorno: I’d be fine with that.
The four stand users play BigLittlePlanet 3.

Jul 27, 2013 at 11:10PM EDT


Ragna bolts up from his bed, hearing the bomb go off.
He looks around panicked, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. He then notices his clothes folded neatly at the edge of his bed, and Blood Scythe propped up against a wall.
Ragna: God damn it…
He throws the sheets off himself, and gets dressed putting on everything he has to… underwear, his red battle jacket, black hakama, combat boots, wrapping his Azure Grimoire arm, putting on his other gauntlet… all that good stuff. He then goes to the bathroom to make his hair up… not like he really needed it anyways, all while grumbling about that loud noise. He then goes and picks up Blood Scythe which is leaned up against the wall, and puts the massive sword across his back. He then puts on a “are you fucking kidding me” look on his face.

Ragna: I can tell that this will be a shit-tastic day ahead of me… sigh
He then looks at Nu, still seeing her out cold.
Ragna: Her programming will boot her up eventually…
The Grim Reaper makes his way to the door of their room, leaving Nu behind and still fast asleep. He then makes his way to the bomb site at a fast pace…

Hakumen saw the explosion with one of his eyes, and heard the deafening sound it made. Without a word Hakumen sprints off at a fast pace towards it, leaving Mavis behind.

Tager had heard the explosion, and it almost made him screw up his ship in a bottle that he was working on all night. However, he regains his composure and puts the last piece of the ship into place.
Tager: There! All finished!
He takes the delicate ship in a bottle, and places it on a nearby shelf. The shelf is nearly filled up with the things, and is rather large.
Tager: I should better go and check on what all the commotion is about.
The Red Devil then remembers that Kokonoe is still out cold, and gets a distressed look on his face.
Tager: Er… Where did I put that audio recorder?
He goes around searching for an audio recorder, eventually finding one and recording the following:
Tager: Kokonoe, this is Tager. There was an explosion around 8:00 AM this morning. I am en-route to investigate. I will set a waypoint so you can make your own way there. End of message.
Tager stops the recording and places it beside Kokonoe’s cot, and then makes his way out of the lab and towards the location of the explosion at a fast pace…

Flandre is still asleep. Not even the explosion stirred her.

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Jul 27, 2013 at 11:24PM EDT

Doomguy and Ken, who had waken up slightly earlier than everyone else, saw the bombs go off with their own eyes.
Little Boy must be toying with his explosives again. Didn’t he set some off on the ARK?
Ken: Yes, he did. It made a loud bang.
Doomguy: Let’s go check that shit out.
Ken and doomguy run off, pretty much being some of the fisrt people to get the the ground zero area.

Doomguy reaches the area where Spark is, having obviously gotten there first seeing as how he can run at about 90 MPH, for some ungodly reason. He then leans on Sparks’s shoulder as he pulls out his Rocked Launcher.
Doomguy: So, Sparky, I see Little Boy over there is having fun with his explosives. Mind if I help out?
Doomguy shoots a rocket at the pile of explosives, causing a huge explosion, bigger and louder than the last.
Doomguy: ISN’T THIS FUN?

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Jul 27, 2013 at 11:43PM EDT

ooc: falcon, what the hell. that explosion was completely unnecesssary. you people forgot already that your near a HIGH POPULATED CITY. can you people just be dignified for once. cuz now some of my characters are already pissed off.

Jul 28, 2013 at 12:16AM EDT

OOC: the Order mages except the fourth-wall breaker and Granatir fade from the RP pub temporarily…


…..Because of the explosions in-plot

Tsunarmin quicklyy dresses and heads toward the sound, with wand and shield at the ready.

The 4 male Order mages are also awake, and pretty much do the same thing, Tardises accompanies by DooA

OOC: The Order mages reappear, for purposes of having SOMETHING to do.

Tardises: You seem to be forgetting that I am an aquamancer with something more.

Tardises proceeds to cast Whirlpool, while What I’m Made Of flies towards Eggman. If Eggman sees WIMO, he would find said form disturbingly familiar….

Jul 28, 2013 at 01:40AM EDT

Doomguy: Okay, that MIGHT have been entirely unecessary and only serving to drive up the panic level, but who cares?
Ken reaches Spark’s group, and swiftly grabs Foster in a choke hold.
Ken: Do you have any idea what you’re doing? You’re setting off explosives, which happen to be near a residential area, which is scaring the population! Honestly, I would have perferred it if you had taken blow horns to us at 5 in the morning! And I’m going to do this to prevent your shenannigans for a while.
He presses a pressure point on Foster, knocking him out for a short time.
Doomguy: To be honest, the second one was me.
Ken punches Doomguy in the face, flooring him
Ken: My patience is being tried with you.

Jul 28, 2013 at 11:46AM EDT

natsu and happy make it to the sight were everyone is by air

juvia is slowly awoken from her sleep after a long night. still in her robes she looks around and notices her clothes and a bottle laying on her desk. she moves out of bed and stretches as she looks outside her window. she then grabs her head.

Juvia: juvias head still hurts after yesterday. why did juvia think that it was a good idea to drink in the first place. she notices the note, reads it and drinks the bottle. she can already feel her head becoming more clear ahh. thank you mirajane. juvia owes you.

she goes to fix her bed when she realizes that flandre is there as well. she looks at her bottle, back at flandre, back at the bottle and downs the whole thing quickly.. believing she is still seeing things. shortly she realizes that it actually is flandre sleeping in her bed and she quickly goes to her.

Juvia: flandre. flandre how did you get here? meredith sent you back to sam didnt she? what happened?

very confused about flandres sudden reappearence

meanwhile the others in the girls dorm slowly begin to wake up as wall.
Lucy awakes from her slumber, her head swolen with pain.

Lucy: ooow. my head is killing me. why the hell did cana bring the drinks there in the first place. she looks around and notices her clothes and a bottle is on her desk as well.

after getting up and drinking down the bottle. she is already feeling a lot better.

Lucy: wow this stuff is bad. but at least im feeling better. though i could do with a cold shower to wake myself up again. she goes to her bathroom and descides to take s cold shower to wake herself up again
@medic and yukari
some time has passed while everyone is in medusas castle. trying to take a moment on assessing their plans together and working on their ways to make it come to flourishon. meanwhile medusa has been trying everything she can to understand yukaris lessons on boundaries. though tough at first, there is nothing she cannot solve if she puts enough effort into it and time.

asura is just doing nothing inside her home, just sitting by a corner and meditating in an isolated room in her castle, wanting to be left undisturbed.

later on medusa is in her lab with her labcoat on with Blitz sitting on one of her beds

Medusa: okay look, i understand that this whole thing makes you comfortable blitz. but let me get this one thing clear. your kind is the only one who can handle this mount of black blood, even at this magnitude thanks to your superhuman bodies. what i will be doing first is doing some blood work with your pure blood and mix it with the black blood. i will undergo many tests to see how the black blood works with your blood. since your genetics is very pure, your blood should also allow your other friends to be compatiable with the black blood. if it proves compatable in the first place that is. so i will need a sample of your blood to start of with. she pulls out a surgical needle from one of her droors and holds it out in front of him. do you have any questions before we begin our little experiments?

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Jul 28, 2013 at 01:28PM EDT

The 5 Order mages arrive at the source of the explosions

Pyralis: Who the hell was making so much noise!?

At the Order HQ…

Granatir is awake and trying to find out what the Litholizard can do. He quickly finds out it has two basic attacks – a bite and a charge. He also finds that it is quite durable – which would make sense considering ALL THE GODDAMN CRYSTALS LINING ITS SIDES. This would be enough to work with for simple battles, and then he notices it spitting a mass of pebbles at the target he had set up.

(OOC: That mass of pebbles would be akin to a breath attack, of course)

Granatir: (I think it would be a good idea to try and use it in a combat situation… I also think it should be given a name…

Tempestia walks into the room

Tempestia: So, how’s it going regarding this creature?

Granatir: I’ve found three attacks it can use, so far, and it is also rather durable. I’ve just been thinking about giving it a name.

Tempestia: I assume you’re going with something earth-related.

Granatir: That would be correct. Hmm, looking at the way its feet are… I’ll call it ‘Chasmpound’.

Tempestia: Anyway, I came in here to also ask about whether you’ll be contributing much today. I mean, if we’re going to remain relatively equal we’re going to have to find five more – one for each respective element… and in addition to this there’s the matter of material gathering for those shields Solarian requested.

Granatir: I will be on the lookout for suitable creatures – Chasmpound will aid in that.

OOC: Because she’s now appeared in a canon moment for the first time in over 2 months realtime, Tempestia now appears in the RP Pub, and she quickly heads over to the other 7 Order mages – of course, only the fourth wall breaker is actually physically there….

Speaking of time going by, anyone who saw her earlier would notice that Tempestia’s robes are a bit tighter around the chest than they were before…

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Jul 28, 2013 at 01:45PM EDT

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #1


Ship Status

Current Activities: Engaged in faster than light travel.

Overall Status-------OKAY
Superstructure------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integrity at maximum.
Crew--------------------OKAY-----------Calm and collected.
Systems--------------OKAY-----------Zero problems detected.
Sensory Arrays---INACTIVE--------Due to FTL travel.
Food supplies-------OKAY-----------Rations near maximum.
Munitions-------------OKAY-----------Munitions near maximum.
Main Engines--------IDLE-------------Due to FTL travel.
Power Plant---------ACTIVE----------Power consumption spiking due to Core use
Slipspace Core-----ACTIVE----------WARNING: Radiation output rate critical!

Entered FTL no fewer than half hour ago.
Fabricators conducting research on recovered artefacts and completing rebirth of former Lieutenant, Martin Miles.
SPARTAN Program has begun induction of new trainee’s
Nothing else to report.

Interrogative Note:
Electronics Officer: A Tengu Major reported that GW had suffered a critical error during an earlier break in at the mainframe room, running a diagnostic now….

End of activity log #1

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Jul 28, 2013 at 02:18PM EDT

@Ground zero,

Ragna, Hakumen, and Tager make it to the explosion site one after the other.

He takes Blood Scythe from his back, ready to draw blood.
Visibly angered, Ragna takes a few steps forwards towards Spark.

Hakumen: This is a residential area, but you chose to cause an explosion here? I have misjudged you.
Hakumen reaches for the hilt of his sword as his white mask stares down Spark and the others.
Hakumen: One needs to have a reason to perform an act like this.

Tager scratches his head with his massive gauntlet.
Tager: I do have to agree that this explosion was entirely unnecessary, especially for no reason. What is it that you need to accomplish by doing this?
In the meantime, Tager sets a waypoint for Kokonoe.

Kokonoe groggily gets up from her cot and immediately holds her head.
Kokonoe: God… damn it… Ugh… Why the hell did I get that boned last night?
She then notices the medicine, the note, and the audio recorder next to her cot. Kokonoe grabs her glasses and reads the note. She then undoes the bottle and drinks it all down.
Kokonoe: Gah… That helped some, I guess…
She looks around a bit for Tager.

No response.

This time with more oomph.
Kokonoe: TAGER!

Still no response.

Kokonoe: Where did he run off to…
She takes the audio recorder and plays it back, hearing the message that Tager left for her.
Kokonoe: I’m not going… I have more important shit to attend to.
The beastkin goes to her personal bathroom, equipped with everything. She takes a hot shower, gets dressed, and does all that stuff.
After all that is done, she goes and sits at her supercomputer and begins to establish a connection with Tager…

Nu groggily wakes up, holding her head after a loading procedure.
Nu: Loading… complete.
She then looks around her room and surroundings.
Nu: Ragna?

No response.

Nu: Heeeeeeey! Raaaaaaagnaaa!
She looks around a bit worried, and then sees the note. She hesitantly undoes the bottle and drinks the medicine down, feeling better now.
Nu: Where did Ragna go off to?
She had slept in that getup of hers. She doesn’t really need to do her hair or anything either, so she just teleports out of the room to find Ragna.


Flandre stirs and opens up her eyes to see that she is not on Heaven anymore. She looks around sleepily for Sam.
Huh..? Juvia? How did I get here? I thought I was with Sam…
She looks around confused, and doesn’t even know that the bomb went off.
Did he leave me?
She frowns a bit.


The Imperator summons the hologram of the Superintendent by her side.
Imperator: Have the residents of the outskirts of Columbia notified that there will be an inspection of the residual areas performed by Lieutenant Yayoi very soon. I am dispatching her now.

And with that, the mysterious figure makes her way towards the outskirts from the NOL HQ…

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Jul 28, 2013 at 04:49PM EDT

Ken: The man who had the bright idea to do this…
He drags Foster’s unconcious body in front of the group
Ken: He’s currently knocked out.

Jul 28, 2013 at 04:58PM EDT

Pyralis: …We need to ensure that no one wakes us up with… uhhh, what would they be called?

Solarian: Explosives. What Pyralis is trying to say is that we should establish a certain time range over which explosives may be used – These times would ensure everyone can get the sleep they need.

Jul 28, 2013 at 05:13PM EDT

I haven’t posted in a few days, folks, and I’m sorry for that. I had Zarathh update me on the current events, so I thank him very much for taking the time to do so.

Renegade, Discord, Ash, and Luna all hear the boom from the bomb, and they all awaken frightened. Ash notices his former arms, broken and falling apart, have been dropped to the floor. He looks and expects to find his stumps showing, but instead finds two, metallic replacements, brightly reflecting the sun from the window. Everyone covers their eyes, except Ash, who smiles in awe and amazement at the perfect replicas of his arms.
Ash: What the… How…
He stops for a second to regain his composure…
Ash: No words…
Renegade: Ash… nice gauntlets! How did you get them overnight, though?
Ash: I don’t know… but I ain’t gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.
At hearing horse, Renegade turns to Luna, who seems very tired.
Renegade: So, little Luna, how did you sleep?
She looks away for a bit, almost depressed, and turns back to Renegade
Luna: I… I didn’t…
Renegade kneels down in front of her, placing on his mask and helmet. He seems concerned for her well-being.
Renegade: What happened, Luna?
She turns away.
Luna: I… I don’t want to talk about it…
She’s clearly hiding what is bothering her, but she seems frightened by it.
Renegade: Luna… please… tell me. I’m here to protect you, remember?
She looks back, tears in her eyes, and nods slowly. She sniffles a bit, before she starts.
Luna: I… I saw… some weird guy… wearing pink and purple… and… and…
She stops, rubbing her head as she does, tearing up more.
Luna: I saw him hurt someone else… with a doll. But… when he got hurt… I did too. It felt… it felt like something was squeezing my head.
Her eyes leak, but she remains calm.
Renegade: What? Who?
She shakes her head slowly, informing him she didn’t know. Renegade dismisses this as a nightmare, but wonders how she felt pain.
Renegade: Luna… do you need anything for your head? Aspirin?
Luna: No… I… I just want to stay awake…
Renegade: OK…
He looks around, and wonders where to go.
Renegade: Hold on… Discord?
Discord pulls out a tablet of some sort, and views it for a moment.
Discord: OK… the RP Thread says we need to head to training.
He eats the tablet, and grins slightly.
Renegade: All right… let’s go there, then.
They all exit the room.

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Jul 28, 2013 at 05:34PM EDT

@ground zero
Natsu: well at least hes done for now. hey spark what the hell were you people doing in the first place? what are you even trying to do with all the explosives? your going to piss everyone off, especially gramps.
Juvia: juvia doesnt understand why you are back here. do you know where did sam go? did he leave with the ship and everyone else? what did he say before leaving?

she thinks to herself and all the things he was talking about with the people in his ship and wanting to leave. she is a bit saddened.

Maybe sam left to do what he wanted to do because of the people he has in his ship. juvia thinks he didnt want to leave you, but he wanted to take care of the people left on board his ship. maybe thats why he left. juvia isnt sure, but she thinks that he didnt intend on leaving you without cause. will you be alright flandre?
meanwhile everyone is getting ready.

Jul 28, 2013 at 05:55PM EDT

It has been nearly a week since the Doctor made his escape from Robotropolis and had made it clear to his second-in-command that Dr. Eggman was the one in charge.


Robotnik: Odd… I seem to have the strangest sense of déjà vu…

Ah well! Back to work!

Oh, and Snively, I’ve got a special project in mind for which I’ll likely require your services.

Snively was at his post at one of the monitors.

Snively: Yes, sir.

The Doctor spent the his next few hours within the Final Egg analyzing digital audio and video recording of his more recent battles.

Robotnik: Oh, how pathetic! Snively, what did you say the name of that ship was?

Snively: According to markings on the ship’s hull, the vessel’s name is Outer Haven.

Robotnik: Unbelievable! How could a single ship tear through my Egg Fleet like that, and in such a timely manner!

Snively: Records here indicate all external communication between the ARK and the Egg Fleet was interrupted by an unknown source.

Robotnik: That still doesn’t seem feasible! Run an assessment of Outer Haven’s weapons array.

Snively: Running now, sir… hm… it appears the Outer Haven possesses a number of high-velocity projectile weapons, the most powerful of which were able to cut through the hulls of multiple ships despite heavy shielding.

Robotnik clenched the arms of the Command Chair, and was ready to go on a rampage when he calmed himself and sat up straight.

Robotnik: No matter. I’ll--

… wait a minute, “Outer Haven?” As in the group Jestream worked with?

Snively: He’s their leader, sir.

Robotnik: Ah! I knew that Jetstream was quite resourceful! It’s why I hired him, you know!

Snively: You’re taking quite well to the fact that your entire fleet was decimated by someone who was originally hired by you, sir.

Robotnik: No matter! Now, I know what’s in store, and with this knowledge, I’ll gain the upper hand!

Snively: Sir, you still don’t know what all happened!

Robotnik realized that this statement was correct.

Robotnik: Hm… alright Snively. Brief me.

Snively spent the next half-hour explaining the situation with the Warpstone to Robotnik.

Robotnik: … I need confirmation.

Robotnik contacts the Egg Robo, who had just finished overseeing the activation of Robotnik’s workforce after parking both shuttles underground.

Robotnik: Egg Robo… is it true that I attempted to destroy the Earth with my Warpstone?

Egg Robo: Affirmative, Doctor.

Robotnik: Thank you. That’s all I needed.

Egg Robo: Yes, Doctor.

Robotnik cuts communication with the Egg Robo and remains silent for a moment.

Robotnik: …

Snively: … Sir?

Robotnik: … I need some time to think, Snively.

Robotnik leaves the Command Room, leaving Snively alone.

*After a half-hour of Snively doing absolutely nothing productive, Robotnik walks in, and finds that Snively had been eating pizza pockets while sitting in Robotnik’s Command Chair. At the sight of his uncle, Snively falls out of his chair

Snively: Sir, I--!

Robotnik: Don’t even try, Snively.

Robotnik walks up to his chair and looks down to his nephew.

Robotnik: Why are you lying around? What part of “we’ve got work to do” didn’t you understand?

Snively rolls over and stands upright. His green uniform is smeared with pizza sauce stains.

Snively: Sir, aren’t you upset at all over the whole incident?

Robotnik waves him off.

Robotnik: What, you mean that business with the ARK? Of course not!

Snively: But sir, you tried to destroy an entire planet!

Robotnik: All part of the scientific process, my sauce-stained runt!

Snively ignores the remark about him being a runt, but he does take a quick glance at his uniform and cringes slightly.

Robotnik: Now I know better than to try and use the Warpstone again. That is, if it weren’t in tiny pieces scattered across the surface of Mobius and who-knows-where else right about know.

Snively: But sir, you knew the Warpstone was unstable beforehand, and you knew the effect it had on machines!

Robotnik brushes a handful of pizza pockets out of his Command Chair and sits down.

Robotnik: That was a risk I was willing to take. Besides, I wouldn’t have had to even bother with the dreaded thing had a certain unicorn not stolen my Chaos Emeralds.

Snively: But after what happened with Metal Sonic--

Robotnik: That was a separate catastrophe in its own right.

Snivey: But you tried to--

Robotnik: We’re done here, Snively. What’s happened, happened. I’m not going to use the Warpstone again, even if I could.

Robotnik grins maliciously as he interlocks his fingers in front of his chin.

In the Command Room, which had suddenly become unnecessarily dim for no reason in particular, he looks quite menacing.

Robotnik: Besides, I believe I know just where to find a far more stable replacement…

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Jul 28, 2013 at 06:27PM EDT


The AI hologram appears next to the Imperator

Superintendent: I will send an announcement out now, thank you Imperator.


After a few hours of traveling Tsubaki finally makes it to the outer rim districts of Columbia…

A peaceful and rural like zone, small buildings, bustling streets, commotion and life are everywhere to be seen

Tsubaki finds herself within are large tunnel like street, markets are scattered around and big crowds of people are moving back and forth down the roads…

An unknown place in an unknown dimension on an unknown world….

2 unknown men sit by themselves on the edge of a mysterious temple staring off into the distance…

Man #1: Is an omnipotent entity logically possible?

Man #2: What do we mean by ‘omnipotence’?

Man #1: Could an omnipotent being create a stone so heavy that even he could not lift it?

Man #1: If he could lift the rock, then it seems that the being would not have been omnipotent to begin with in that he would have been incapable of creating a heavy enough stone.

Man #2: Then it seems that the being either would never have been omnipotent to begin with or would have ceased to be omnipotent upon his creation of the stone.

Man #1: Would we even consider such a feat to begin with? if the being was omnipotent would it bother with the concept of weight? or existence?

Man #2: Most interesting nonetheless….only the omnipotent one can stop the omnipotent one…..

Man #1: Untrue. It is just a mere utterance of words. The revelation.

Man #2: The being is omnipotent until this paradox is raised in its presence?

Man #1: If it was truly omnipotent then it would already know this and always have known this. A clever omnipotent being threads itself into existence and all disallowing this point to even matter….

Man #2: In the end the being becomes so powerful that it might aswell be considered omnipotent.

These two people are infact the crow, this place is one of its “home” paradises. It just decided to converse with itself so created an equal clone

Jul 28, 2013 at 06:38PM EDT

Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis wrote:

Tardises: So, what is there to even do here?

OOC: Perhaps not much in the real world in the moment, but perhaps I can satisfy your need for… otherwordly ventures…

Now, I’m assuming this “What I’m Made Of” resembles the hedgehog. Would this be a correct assumption?

Jul 28, 2013 at 06:43PM EDT

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