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OOC: Nope, doesn’t resemble Sonic. Resembles Metal Overlord. (Named after the theme that plays in that particular boss battle.) Didn’t stop me calling the appropriate weapon mode ‘Sanic Mode’… Speaking of weapon modes, you’re gonna HATE what the name for the fig (mental) one is gonna be… Here’s a clue to that name – It’s burned into my brain.

IC: Tardises waits for an answer to his question

EDIT: Figures that the post indirectly referring to the GOTTA GO FAST meme results in a page get. CUM ON STEP IT UP!

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Flandre is saddened by Sam’s disappearance. Did he leave her here because he did not want her anymore? Because he just wanted to get away from Mobius? Did he leave her because he was distressed? These questions plague her mind as she thinks about it.
I… I don’t know where he went. He said that he wasn’t sure he wanted to stay anymore, and gave me a few things before I fell asleep…
She takes out the Vector Trap and the Fortune Device. She holds up the Vector Trap to Juvia.
This is supposed to be my own special storage area he said…
She then holds up the Fortune device to her.
And he said that this is to help protect me…
She holds them close to her heart, still thinking about Sam.
I just wish he didn’t leave me… I would have liked for him to stay…
She looks down, still sorta saddened and in her pajamas.


Tsubaki makes her way through the peaceful part of the outskirts. Her appearance is unsettling to say the least. She is a member of Zero Squadron, also known as the Wings of Justice. These people are also called “Judges”. They are tasked with punishing those who rebel against the NOL, be it civilians or actual members. Their judgment is based on strict standards set by the Imperator. It is very strange to see a member of the Wings of Justice, as they are only a small group. She is still wearing the dark black robe, and white mask with a single eye on it as she walks onwards. The feeling coming from the first lieutenant is rather strange as well, but not oppressive.
Tsubaki: …


Ragna looks down at Tardises.
Ragna: Look, I don’t know what we’re supposed to be doing here anyways. These assholes “called” us here with that damn explosion.
He gestures to Spark and co, and then looks at them.
Ragna: Speak up before I give you another hole to breathe out of.

And that is when Nu teleports in next to Ragna, grabbing his arm with a smile on her face.

He begins to think to himself.
Ragna: Damn it. She woke up…

OOC: If Tardises is at the RP pub, I’ll just ask you to ignore this part of the post except for the part where Nu appeared.

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@ TARDISES: Of course! That’s Metal Sonic’s theme. How silly of me.

That song’s stuck in my head now, by the way.

Meanwhile, in the RP Pub:

Robotnik recognizes the figure immediately.

W-wait, Metal Sonic?!

Robotnik turns to Tardises.

Hey, this is one of your tricks, isn’t it?! Cut it out, or else!

Robotnik thinks to himself:

The real question is whether this thing is merely an illusion, or something which can do physical damage to me…

Actually OOC: I just now realized that I incorrectly referred to Mobius as “the Earth” in my most recent IC post. It’s too late for me to edit my post, so I’m noting that in this post.

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Tardises: What’s a ‘Metal Sonic’?

OOC-ception: It CAN do physical damage, yes – But it’s focused on inflicting air damage.

OOC @Zarathh: There’s two versions. One at the RP pub and one in the canon. As will be shown…. right now.

Tardises: Why the hell would they even wake us up in such a method anyway? He points his sword at the two unconscious guys – Yes, that means Doomguy too.


Mage: Sure is confusing to have both a canon and non-canon version, huh? As a fourth-wall breaker I don’t have that problem.

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Jul 28, 2013 at 07:20PM EDT

OOC: I’m off to see Pacific Rim. I’ll be gone for a good few hours.

Jul 28, 2013 at 07:28PM EDT


The district was pre warned about her arrival, due to this she gets the odd look every now and then from curious Loyalists….

She continues down the musky and hot street streets, people step aside as she quickly makes her way through the crowds…

Seeing as Zar has just left and im currently not even involved the Mobius part of the story at this point in time, I can finally get an early night ready for work in the morning.
Half the reason I temporarily got rid of Heaven…

So g’night all

Jul 28, 2013 at 07:37PM EDT

OOC: Best be going myself. Getting late… though I have very little to do because I can’t has iPad until Tuesday at lesat. (Yes, ALL MY POSTS TODAY have been on my PC. The higher quality of them probably makes that obvious.)

Jul 28, 2013 at 07:39PM EDT

OOC: So guys I’m back and…
Is anyone there?
Oh well..
Get your ovaries ready ’cause tomorrow, tomorrow the training montage starts fuckas.

Jul 28, 2013 at 08:08PM EDT

OOC: Welp. I’m back. Turns out they changed the movie showing from 7:10 to 10:30 PM… Damn it. Anyways, I am back.

Jul 28, 2013 at 08:11PM EDT

OOC: Four hours and no post yet?

Looks like I will bring the life back to this desolate wasteland!

Renegade and the others head outside to the outdoors. He stands atop a mountain, and admires the scenery, breathing in deeply and swinging his tail in the light breeze.

Renegade: Another day, another dollar…
He notices something on the ground, and peers at it.
Renegade: What’s this?

He notices a notice attached to the armor. He picks it up, and reads it aloud.
Renegade: “Heard you needed something useful to replace that shit you called armor, so here you go!”
He looks at his set unsurely.
Renegade: Well…I didn’t think it was that bad…
He removes his clothing, and places the suit on first. After doing so, he views the helmet closely.

Renegade: Doesn’t seem to have any holes for my ears… but f*ck it…
He places on the helmet, and adjusts the ears to comfort him.
Renegade: Huh… it’s actually quite comfortable!
Everyone else stares at him, unaware of his Neko-jin blood.

Renegade: What’s with all the stares?
Discord: Um… probably because you have cat ears…
Renegade: The correct term is Neko-jin.
Ash: What?
Renegade: I’ll explain later…
Luna looks up at him, and giggles happily.
Luna: You’re like a big kitty cat!
Renegade stands still for a moment, and nods, laughing heartily.
Renegade: I guess that’s one way to put it.
On the ground, he also notices a large, metallic object. He picks it up, and reads the attached note.

Renegade: “Also… new weapon. The Thermal Opposing Radiomizer. It uses pure energy, which you can power to suit your… whatever.”
Discord: They just made you all the more dangerous… great.
Renegade: All the more to take Nightmare out.

As he says this, he sees Lyra coming in the distance, carrying with her a large metallic object on her back. She soon arrives to Renegade, and greets him.
Lyra: Hey there, kitty…
Renegade: Welcome back, Lyra.
Lyra: I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to train with you all as well.
Renegade: Not at all.
She lowers the object, a large rifle, and hands it to Renegade.
Lyra: Take this… it’s your new gun.

Renegade: What is this? This thing is way too big to be held by someone like Ash.
Ash merely grunts, and Renegade continues to inspect the gun.
Lyra: Yep… it’s about forty-five pounds. Anti-Tank Rifle Mark VII. A creation of my own handy work. Get it? Hand…
Renegade merely gawks, causing Lyra to grunt in dissatisfaction.
Lyra: F*ck you…anyways, it fires a large… I’d say seven pound… projectile that immediately detonates upon impact.
Renegade: Meaning…?
Lyra facepalms herself, and groans.
Lyra: It means it goes boom, you stupid twat!
Renegade: Oh! I’ll be the judge of that…
He aims at the distance, and steadies himself.

He takes a deep breath, and fires. The echoing roar of the cannon rings madly in everyone’s ears, and the bullet travels quickly in the distance.

As it impacts, the deafening boom of the explosion it causes causes even more discomfort to the group. The explosion is enormous, engulfing the distant mountainside in flames and heat. Lyra laughs maniacally, while Renegade holds the rifle, shocked.

Renegade: Well… f*ck…
Lyra: And you doubted me…

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Jul 28, 2013 at 11:43PM EDT

@Fairy Tail:

Marisa opens the door upon the knock…

“Ah, it’s you. I’m afraid Reimu is a bit hung over.”

She opens the door a bit wider, revealing Reimu in the fedal position on the ground.

“She usually gets past it within an hour.”

She takes their clothes and goes to get dressed, but then noticing a knife stuck in the wall above the bed…

“What the…”

She pulls it out, and looks over it



Reimu jumps up and takes the knife, indeed Sakuya’s

She was in here!?! How did she get in here!? The dimension anyways. How did she get away from Yukari!?

“… she might be working for Yukari. Probably is. She would have probably said hi earlier.”

Even if we where asleep she could have woken us up regardless. She is usually a good person…


Sakuya: “Oh for gods sake you two stupid drunks. Waking up Meiling is easier than this!”

She knifes the wall and walks away

Back to Present:



Whenever the reasonable time allows, Medusa will be able to bridge gaps and create barriers between physical objects. She knows how now but mastering it is another story.

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Jul 28, 2013 at 11:49PM EDT

The 5 Order mages just stand around having nothing else to do.

Back at the Order HQ, Granatir is out looking for more creatures that could possibly be used. He notices what looks like a typical western dragon – it’s dark red, fading through to yellow on the underside, has four batlike membranes extending from the head – these would count as ears, and a heavy looking spiked tail.

This dragon turns towards Granatir and charges – the charge is rendered ineffective by Chasmpound slowing it down with the pebbles. Granatir then binds it with magically created vines and takes it back to the Order HQ.

(OOC: Yes, it’ll be one per RP ingame day. This means that by the last day all 6 will have their respective elemental dragon.)

Jul 29, 2013 at 06:37AM EDT

OOC: I had to work all morning, and I only have enough time to write up this OOC post right now. I just wanted to say that I’ll be gone for another 1-2 hours after this to go to a small meeting, and then I will be back. However, I need to be at another meeting at around 6:30-8:00 PM CST tonight. I just wanted to fill you in, and that I’m sorry for not telling you about this absence earlier. But for now, I must bid you adieu. Farewell, my friends.

Jul 29, 2013 at 01:24PM EDT


Tsubaki is approached by…

An Envoy. There isn’t just one Envoy, there is infact a entire group of these people who look identically the same and serve the exact same purpose as one another, because of their role as voices of the Conclave they can be found in just about any part of Columbia.

Very mysterious, partly harmless, all about talk

Envoy: I was notified of your arrival and your inspection duty. I am obliged to provide you with as much information on this sector as you wish

Back with crow and crow…

The two nondescript men are still stood on the temple tower overlooking a vast and empty land……
The Answer: I often wonder about the happenings within the blacklisted dimension, the one we have been watching so closely lately.
The Question: Why so?
The Answer: It has gone rather quiet recently.
The Question: Is that out of the ordinary?
The Answer: No it is not.
The Question: Why is that?
The Answer: This is the infinite time that such a dimension has come about
The Question: Considering the universe to only be so old?
The Answer: Yet another cycle, the rebirth of the omniverse is just a component.
The Question:: Are we apart of this cycle?
The Answer:……
The Question: Surely we exist outside of the cycle? but if so, can we manipulate its continuity?
The Answer:…..
The Question: If we can, then is the manipulation we put into effect not apart of the cycle itself? that would mean that our interference isn’t interference, just another link in the chain, surely? but then….that means we are involved in it, and if we can not escape it, then we are not omnipotent correct?
The Answer: My greatest mistake was creating infinite time, it o-
The Question: How could you have created time if we are infinite? time has always been has it not? a loop?
The Answer develops a twitchy eye
The Answer: That is enough discussion on the matter
The Question: What is it you wish to talk about?
The Answer: The blacklisted dimension.
The Question: And what of it?
The Answer: I feel the need to tamper with the cycle….to interfere
The Question: In what way?
The Answer: By putting an individual in their midst, someone who is capable of changing the course of the story and altering it significantly
The Question: But we already know the outcome, why persist?
The Answer: You have forgotten my only desire and drive
The Question: Oh? and what is that?
The Answer: The need for entertainment.
The Question: So you plan on putting a spy in their midst to manipulate their actions towards one another as a form entertainment?
The Answer: Indeed.
The Question: Does this not get boring after the infiniteith time?
The Answer: That is not a word and no, it does not.
The Question: I see. When shall we intervene?
The Answer: When we always do.
The Answer looks at The Question and then flicks his head back forward, facing outward
The Question: This breeze is lovely is it not?
The Answer: sigh…..yes. It is as it always is
The Question: What is this place?
The Answer: the remnants of a lost civilisation.
The Question: Heretics?
The Answer: No. they just died out. Some forms of life succumb to such difficulties in their time, this is the outcome
The Question: This breeze… is most refreshing….
The Answer:…….Yes…….

Jul 29, 2013 at 04:10PM EDT

@marisa and reimu
it is lisanna who opened the door.

Lisanna: well im just checking up on you guys. you people look liked u had a rough night thanks to cana. the medicine we brought you and the others should really help with the hangovers.once your ready we will all meet up at the guild hall to discuss whats next. and also for breakfast if you two are hungry. is there anything else you want to know?
Juvia: im sure that sam wouldnt want to hurt you in any ay flandre. he only did what he thought was the right thing to do for the people he had with him. he didnt want anymore people to get hurt on his ship. i think we can all understand that. she goes up and hugs her. im sure he will come back to us one day. for now, lets just be strong for him and the others.
meanwhile the other members of the guild are all heading to the guild hall. waking up and meeting with the others in town. doing their usual things.

Jul 29, 2013 at 07:44PM EDT

The 5 Order mages are still unsure of what to do, so they just ask around a bit

Back at the Order HQ, Granatir and Ignis are working on taming the Komodo (again, that’s what I called it in Spore. It’ll make sense until we come to the air elemental one, because the name of that one is a reference.)

Ignis: So, why have you brought me to see this thing?

Granatir: It’s simple. It’s obviously fire elemental, and since I have one that’s earth elemental, this will be yours if we can tame it.

The Komodo roars, and then spits a burning spike at Chasmpound – The untamed dragon seems to want to kill – and eat – the tamed one.

(OOC: This is essentially the Spit attack from Spore, except it’ll deal DoT by burning, not by poison. Therefore making it fire elemental.)

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Meanwhile, in an undisclosed area at the Fairy Tail Guild….

Two men appear in a flash of light, hidden in an alleyway…
The Question: What happened to the spy plan?
The Answer: I believe this requires a more hands on approach.
The Question: Is this part of the cycle?
The two stop on the spot…..
The Answer: Yes….it is.
The Question: How are we to tackle this situation? an attack? or something more subtle?
The Answer: We already know. That question was meaningless
The Question: Why exist if not to ponder our own motives? this would be most….boring, would it not?
The Answer: It would. I understand you point, however we are becoming entrenched in the paradox conversation once more.
The Question: Who are we looking for?
The Answer: The ones we watch and know, I believe that they have just awoken.
The Question:……Shall we continue?…..
The Answer: If I said no, I would be following our fate, If I said yes, I would also be following fate, however I can only choose one, or both, it matters little….
The Question: ?
The Answer: Yes we continue.
The 2 carry on walking down the alley way, there voices slowly trailing off into the distance…
The Question: How are we to escape the loop?
The Answer: I do not know.
The Question: But if you do not know then….
And gone….

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Jul 29, 2013 at 08:16PM EDT


She hugs Juvia about, putting on a facade about her sadness about Sam leaving her for now. She needs to be strong about this.
I understand… He’ll be back one day. I’m sure of it… But first I need to change.
She takes out the Vector Trap, and opens it. It materializes her normal clothing in front of her. She then runs off to another room to put it all on… and a few minutes later she comes back with Laevateinn in her hand, ready for anything.
Let’s go, momma!
She smiles at Juvia.


A soft voice but sort of harsh voice from behind the one-eyed white mask.
Tsubaki: Yes… I was sent here under the order of the Imperator to check up on everything. How are the crops coming along? And what of the work ethics? Are they still high?

Jul 29, 2013 at 09:37PM EDT

Reimu turns to Lisanna

Nah, I think we are good. We will be right there.

one short timeskip later they are dressed, taken the medicine, and heading to where they smell food.

“Hm. Thought I just felt something.”

Like a deep booming in your chest?


Happened twice… something teleported in and out…

“Whatever, lets go eat.”

Jul 29, 2013 at 11:00PM EDT

Josuke: Hey, I’m hungry.
Okuyasu: Yeah, now that I think about it, we actually haven’t ate.
Jotaro goes to the kitchen and looks in the fridge. There is nothing but meat, cheese, and Frozen Dinners in there.
Jotaro: What the…
There is a message taped to the inside of the fridge. Jotaro reads it aloud.
Jotaro: I’m sorry the fridge is like this, but I’m a man. I can only make Barbecue, Grilled Cheese, and Microwaveable stuff. If it makes you feel any better, there are fajitas at the bottom.

The guys look at a nearby calendar
Josuke: Tuesday.
Giorno: Don’t eat them yet.
Josuke: How about some grilled cheese, then?
They start cooking grilled cheese.

Doomguy: I think we should go and get some food, amirite?
Ken: Yes, I agree too, but we don’t have any of this nation’s currency.
Eh, fuck it, we’re going back to the guild hall. They probably have some food there.
Doomguy and Ken head back to the guild hall.

OOC: That’s me done for the night.

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Jul 29, 2013 at 11:56PM EDT

MEANWHILE, IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, THE PLACE WHERE HAVEN WAS LAST SEEN…and after tazzing Kenshiro to unconsciousness..


You find yourself doing unimportant stuff like talking to citizens, scratching our nose, touching things or beating the living daylights of a bomb maker. You are lost in your mind as if there’s nothing to worry about except..well…you know..that the Balloon Master forces are still controlling Mobius, a planet that used to the land of the Eggman Empire, the land of the dead and despair, a endless and restless battlefield that awaits for the arrival of our heroes. As I was saying, you are not worried or desperated to go to Mobius, you are doing normal human stuff if the term “normal” is stil alive at this point of this story. Suddenly something poking your back and your butt. Probably a pervert, Doomguy is betting again or someone else..? You turn around and..

Max: Hey you err…Placeholder Name for User’s Hero Character! Sorry to catch you by surprise while you were doing that Unknown Activity Involving Stuff That Is Not Related To Training but I have something very important to tell you. It involves touching, dodging, smelling, biting, fighting and more! Do you like touching? It’s my third favourite thing to do..If you are interested, the first one is licking..Oh I was saying something reaally important regarding Cappy, follow me! Follow my fluffy tail! I command you! Obey the talking rabbit and follow him! It’s training time and if we want to win, you better start following me!…Who are you? STRANGER ALERT, STRANGER ALERT, some creep following me HELP! HELP! Hold on something sounds really funny here..Nevermind just follow me..
For some reason, you follow the rabbit becouse he is cute / amusing/ funny/ is a character I must follow or else the plot gets stuck/ etc. You arrive to a distant location, the town’s outsides, a far place from the Fairy Guild covered in hills, big landforms spread around the surface. Suddenly, a small dark cloud appears in the middle of the sky and then, a single thunder strikes one of these hills, spreading dirt around. There’s only one possible explanation and It doesn’t involve electromagnetism properties.
Sun rays hit your face as you arrive to the top of the hill.

Great greatest electrons across the universe! About a time you people gathered here! Max, I hope you didn’t mentioned your licking habits-
Max: I didn’t even talked about it! Way to ruin a rabbit’s private life hero!
Oh becouse last time I had to explain and give a whole lecture about you…Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen , I’m afraid we have a small problem. With Haven gone, not only we lose a important advantage against the Balloon Master, we also lose a important piece of weaponry in our inventory, the countless help of the men and women inside the Patriots’s troops and more but we can’t give up now. I’m certainly sure Samuel decided to depart out of here to protect the lives of the innocent men and women in his beloved ship. But there’s something we will never lose, something that will never leave us, and that is the SPIRIT and SENSE of justice deep inside hearts becouse even in the darkest place, moonless night, evil ripping the life apart..Shall the lighting guide us to victory comrades! Most of you are unprepared to face a single hunter, we will not win until he learn to work as a team, a single brain, everyone watching everyone’s back, feeling the life of your partner in your hands and working togheter for a good cause: Freedom for Mobius! Flandre, Reimu, Marisa, please follow Mister Foster.
Mister Foster: Oh so that’s why you wanted those rockets! Follow the gas mask girls, the amoutnof stuff hiding in these hills will make you JUMP! Let me tell ya, those Fairy Tail kids will kill me after they find out of what happened to that religious building!
Foster heads to a huge canyon in the middle of a hill. Thousands of missile silos can be seen around the place.

Tager, Veteran, everyone else who feels like a bulldozer. Follow Cheston.
Cheston: Haha the kettle is at full boil, it’s time for tea! Let us prepare to lift a building with your bare shoulders gentlemen!
Cheston heads to another hill. Expecting a detailed description? Well no.

The rest of you follow me! We’ve got to run until the sun hides to boost your performance! Now c’mon, no bathrooms breaks until the sun dissapears!
Spark jumps towards, he lands on one foot so he can use the other one to propel himself through the air, hitting the floor and spinning around. After a perfect landing, he starts to run towards as Sam and Max follow him with the good ol’ DeSoto. This is just the beginning guys, the beginning of a painful, hard and endless training montage. Without the help of a holographic simulator, Spark will have to use Mother Nature’s land to teach these pair of chumps the way…The way to face a Hunter…The way to protect your teammates…The way to look at the face of terror and laugh…The way to never give up..The way…
The way of a hero.

Jul 30, 2013 at 12:09AM EDT

Her dream-self arrived at the location, simply out of curiosity and wanting to see everyone work hard. She strangely enjoys watching other people suffer.

You mean you need some battle-space-ships or something, right? ‘Cause I can make those y’know.

Because, I’m not going to go down onto the front lines, I’m more a support role, not a front-lines… person…thingy…

But seriously, I could make a whole battalion of battleships, and if you need any simple tasks done, head down to the surface of the planet and go look for villages of lizards, tell them the “Soul” sent you to perform some things for you.
She has a pretty big smile on her face, for whatever reason, and after she has said this, she stops flying and starts running

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Jul 30, 2013 at 12:27AM EDT

OOC: After skimming through that post, Spark, I feel as if it’s something I might as well ignore. Seriously, what you’re suggesting will not benefit any of the Order mages whatsoever.

The 5 Order mages just turn away – They’re magic users, and they know it. They would receive no benefit whatsoever from this physical activity.

Jul 30, 2013 at 12:35AM EDT

Troops would be useful madam but if you are going to play the support part, I suggest you take care of everyone’s health becouse..I’m not a very good doctor! So sorry! Now let’s go super chumps! First guy to arrive to the first hill gets a sandwich.
Max: Sparky I’ve something important to tell you!
What is it Max? Hold on, is it about eating other people’s breakfast?
Max: No no no, being serious as a rock now!
Tell me.
Max: Well I talked with the man with the funny hood and his group of geeks..Hurm..His name was funny too..err..Tradinses I think. Anyways, he didn’t even bothered to look at me! He just turned away!
Maybe he is a bit confused.
Max: Nope, according to him: “We are magic users, we do not require physical activity cuz It’s useless”.
Great pulsating protons! Sam, you are good with words, find them and talk to them inmediatly!
Sam: Hmpf..It’s always up to me..

And so It’s up to the anthropomorphic Irish Wolfhound and the hyperkinetic rabbity thing. They will have to convince the mages, make them join the training montage before the heroes go to Mobius.

Sam: Oh nom nom..nom..hurm..Ice cream..nom..Hello there hoodies, me and my little buddy were just hanging around ,eating some sweet candies and looking at the lovely sky-
Max: Sam, I thought were supposed to talk with them! Are you trying one of those psycological detective games with th-(BONK!) Ouch! Hey!
Sam: Shut up you-..Alright, let’s just do it the easy way. Gentlemen, Mobius is filled with atrocities, monsters, and more! Everyone needs training..even me-
Max: But you are pretty useless- (BONK!) OUCH!
Sam: Take a look at the guys following Spark. I see Meredith around. I heard she can spawn a tank out of thin air! But despite that, she is still running around becouse nobody knows what will happen in the planet of the Balloon Master. C’mon boys, don’t be so arrogant and smug!

Last edited Jul 30, 2013 at 01:15AM EDT
Jul 30, 2013 at 01:03AM EDT

She nods gleefully

Okay! So what kind of ships do you want? Do you have any blue-prints or anything?
And also, I could probably teach you a simple restoration spell if you want! You can be.. like.. a battle-medic or something! That would be awesome!
She claps her hands rapidly as if she’s had too much sugar or something.

Just tell me when people need to have their health restored, and I’ll do that!

But, I won’t be down on Mobius with you, If I die “heroicly” or… “justly”.. or something like that, I’m out of this game.. most likely forever! I mean, early on in this game I cast “Soul Trap” on myself and Gave Giorno over there the only Soul Gem in this multi-verse of ours, just in case I should die. But, I’m not sure if he still has it. Also… if you want to unlock your true potential stupidly quickly, I can give you another copy of Nocturnal’s Skeleton Key.

But, I’m sure you’d rather do what you’re doing now!
She continues to run along side Spark

Jul 30, 2013 at 01:20AM EDT

Running and speaking at the same time, oh Sparky.
Yeah speaking of staying away..We need you down there, fighting along with us…Remember..? Your Anti guy?..Almost everyone has one..(Turns around, still running) C’mon people! The sun is still shining! (He does a short backflip, running towards again) As I was saying..We need everyone down there..Blueprints? Hurm..Oh Skarlet, how much I need you right now. A friend of mine, she is a bit like you..She hates to come out to the real world and face the merciless reality. Trust me Meredith, nobody is dying as long as my heart pumps! Argh!..Body..turning..into..stone..*MUST!*..Oh! Nevermind! Just a cramp!

Last edited Jul 30, 2013 at 01:30AM EDT
Jul 30, 2013 at 01:29AM EDT

She shakes her head

I’m not as capable on the front lines as you seasoned warriors, to be frank about it. All I would do is hinder you guys.That’s why I would feel better staying on the moon and providing support from there.

And, my Anti-guy teleported me to his location before, and then we were in bar about to play chess instead of fighting. And then nothing happened.
Anyway, if he wanted to do that again, he could just teleport me again! Compared to some others, he didn’t seem like such a bad guy… or my memory is being wonky like it usually is…

So, I was hoping to convince him to fight with us instead of against us!

And.. about no one dying.. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to doubt you on that. The ones above us…I think… have decided that someone’s going to die. Hopefully it’s not true, but it’s likely…She points at Spark

But, I like you. So I hope that, if anyone dies, it’s not you. You make things much more enjoyable!

Jul 30, 2013 at 01:42AM EDT


The Red Devil follows along with Cheston and Veteran to train.


Flandre follows Foster, Marisa, and Reimu to their training grounds by floating and flying there.


Ragna is keeping up pace with Spark. He was subjected to countless hours of training by his master Jubei, the strongest being on his world. He is also wearing a weighted battle jacket and black under-jacket along with a pair of black hakama… along with that massive fucking sword on his back. This has yet to slow him down, but might do so later. Only time will tell.
Ragna: sigh

Nu idly floats along by Ragna, not even running because she can fly. She just smiles.

The White Knight might as well be running circles around everyone. His armor provides him with limitless stamina and endurance, meaning he can fight and run for unfathomable amounts of time. However, he is keeping up with Spark on the other side of him opposite of Ragna.

Jul 30, 2013 at 01:48AM EDT

Tardises: You are missing the point. Us lot are magic users, not physical fighters. Get that? WE DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS STUFF BECAUSE IT WILL NOT IMPROVE OUR SPELLS IN ANY WAY. Now stop trying to force us into something unnecessary, or I’ll sic OYH on you.

OOC: Would have responded sooner, but was playing AoM.

Jul 30, 2013 at 05:29AM EDT


Max: Sammy calm down for a second.
Sam: No shut up! Listen you piece of untrained bastards, you bunch of little smug brats, you pair of lost fools…You are not ready to face the smallest challenge, you are not even ready to face a single Hunter and you are not ready to threaten me!

The irish wolfhound pulls out a gigantic revolver, aiming for Tardises’s face.
Max: Now we are speaking! We should do this more often!
Sam: Cut it out you little annoying thing! I’m sick of these people! The Balloon Guy can wait, first we’ve got a good piece of scum that needs to be vanquished as soon as possible.
Max: Alright everyone…Let’s just relax and think in something peaceful cream..Focus your mind…No need to get upset..
Sam: Alright stop talking about ice cream…I’m a bit hungry..
Max: Then let’s go get some! I could another banana split!
The dog and the rabbit drive away after Sam gives Tardises “the middle finger of disappointment”

Jul 30, 2013 at 06:34AM EDT

Tardises: They really need to learn to understand that sometimes things that are suggested aren’t beneficial to some people.

Jul 30, 2013 at 07:11AM EDT

@before the run
the other mages arrive. Erza, lucy, gray, juvia, gajeel, wendy, pantherlilly, carla, cana, and lisanna arive. They manage to hear everything that spark said and agree to his training. They hear tardises arguments as well.

Erza: this is neccesary for everyone. Even if we do fight with magic, physical strength and endurance is just as important.

Lucy: some if us might not look like it but we actually take out physical strengths seriously.

Gajeel: you small fries are a pathetic excuse for mages. Solely rellying on your magic to do your fighting. Even wendy here is stronger than you chumps.

Natsu: thats right. So if you want to prove to us that you are true wizards than you will follow our buddy heres training. Cuz im down to train as long as it takes so we can beat that balloon bastards army.

Gray: so i hope your all in for the workout of your lives.

Lisanna: to everyone makarov is gone for his meeting. Hell be back later in the afternoon. Meanwhile erza and the other s class mages are in charge. Laxus and mirajane are running things in the guild hall so they wont be here today. Also lunch will be served around noon. So make sure you all earn your meals with your sweat.

with that everyone gets more excited for the training

Erza: remember spark, constant training without some form of break in between does more harm to the body than good. Keep that in mind. One wrong strain can be the end of us in a real fight.

Natsu: alright! Lets do this happy.

Happy: aye sir!

and with that they all do warmup stretches shortly before the run

@the running
everyone is all able to keep up with spark. Not loosing any momentum and are determined to go as far as it takes to beat the balloon master. Even happy, carla and pantherlilly are choosing not to fly so they can run with everyone else. Their long and arguous training begins

Ooc: just an update for myself here. Will continue when i get back.

Jul 30, 2013 at 10:20AM EDT

Tardises: I think it’s pretty safe to say that since our respective magics are different, that it makes sense for us to have differing opinions regarding what is necessary.

Solarian: muttering Not to mention the fact that I’m too old for this physical exertion ****…

All the other Order mages hear that, and are honestly a bit surprised at that choice of words.

(OOC: Remember that Solarian is rather old. To the point that his hair’s gone rather grey.)

Jul 30, 2013 at 10:48AM EDT

Concerning Assassin, im gonna just consider that she was teleported to LOCAF with everyone else. She has been on Heaven for over 70 pages now and at this point in time I want it emptied out of other characters.


“Tsubaki: Yes… I was sent here under the order of the Imperator to check up on everything. How are the crops coming along? And what of the work ethics? Are they still high?”

Envoy: Everything here is as should be. It has been like this for over a thousand years meaning the work ethic has solidified and we have never been in shortage of crops due to the artificial sun and weather control systems. No issues to report here.

@Fairy Tail Guild,

The two men, who can only be described as some sort of Triad looking thugs, are seated at a bar within the town. They are peacefully sat drinking and looking about at the other people, however due to a slight bit of thought manipulation of everyone present no one expects anything of the couple and therefore don’t act and hardly take notice…
The A: It seems that our presence here has already been felt by both Reimu and Marisa
The Q: Who are these two people?
The A: Inhabitants of this dimension, although they do not originate from here as it has only been recently that they have appeared.
The Q: Shall we kill them before they alert the others of our presence?
The A: No.
A takes a drink
The Q: Why?
The A: Killing with for a meaning as feeble as that is worse than the slaughter of a true heretic.
The Q:…..
The A: We should….get involved….
The Q:…..
The two look around at the bar for a few moments long and stand up from their stalls, The Answer then proceeds outside whilst The Question follows closely behind. Once again, nobody pays them any attention, allowing them free rein…The walk off up the street, in the GENERAL direction of the heroes
The Q: Shall we greet them? reveal who we are? join them? there are a lot of questions aren’t there?
The A: We shall not greet them nor reveal ourselves, even though Reimu and her friend might already know of our true self. Join them, maybe…the last one is hardly a question, more of statement
The Q: But what if they attack us? are we immortal in this form?
The A: If they attack us then we retaliate accordingly. No we are not immortal, we are ordinary Humans with ordinary weapons.
The Q: Can we feel pain?
The Answer: We are neither alive dead or any of the remainder. Pain is a concept that has never applied and will never apply…I do not wish to feel pain therefore I will not.
The Q: Why have we disadvantaged ourselves?
The A: I find it entertaining…
The two carry on walking up the street, Q constantly asking A an endless barrage of questions that seem to never cease…

Jul 30, 2013 at 12:45PM EDT

Doomguy and Ken are relatively easily following Spark’s pace.
Doomguy: You gonna pick up the pace? Because this is too easy.
Ken: I still do not appreciate you trying to shock me. Seriously. it was a bad idea. Either way, I’ve been training in the art of Hokuto Shinken my entire life, and this is much easier then I’d though you would have made it.

Jul 30, 2013 at 01:40PM EDT



Tardises… Your mages keep on asking so many questions about what is going on. When offered a sublime time to get in on the plot, they just walk away… I’m sorry, but that’s just plain weird.

Last edited Jul 30, 2013 at 02:00PM EDT
Jul 30, 2013 at 02:00PM EDT

This is just the beginning little kids! If we want to get inside his cities, we will need to expect the unexpected, so get ready! (Talking with his wrist device) Max, you get to press the buttoms and we will have the hard job to predict your hyperkinetic nature, ready?
Woah calm down there! Start with something easy first.
Spark turns around so everyone can hear him. Great work super chumps, keep going like that and running around Mobius will be a piece of cake but we need something else, deadly but safe so get ready…becouse this hero is also a gifted engineer! Here they come!

Brick walls appear out of nowhere, one of them almost hits Doomguy. Most of these walls have holes or they are easy to dodge or jump, some of them have a single turret waiting for a unlucky target to get close. There is a Engineer bot running around the place, building small bots called “Slim Bots”. Slim bots are small robots with a single weapon: A non-lethal laser. They don’t have a special ability, they were built to be part of the first wave of bots.

They come in groups of five or eight, choosing a single target and following it as they use their laser guns.
Watch your step! They are easy to destroy but those walls have the nasty habit of appearing in the least expected moment!

Kenshiro has 4 bots following him. Doomguy has 6 of them.

Every Fairy Tail member running with Spark will have 4 Slimbots following them.

Hakumen should notice the presence of eight sentient bots following his steps. Ragna is being followed by six of them, same goes for Nu.

Six Slimbots start to follow your steps

Last edited Jul 30, 2013 at 02:12PM EDT
Jul 30, 2013 at 02:05PM EDT

OOC: It’s simple, really. There is no reason for the Order mages to do any PHYSICAL training. Which they have explained.

Mage: Not to mention the fact that you’re a pretty la-

The fourth wall breaker mage gets a Bolt GP dropped on him before he can finish his sentence. Due to his nature as a fourth wall breaker, however, he survives it. Which is saying a lot. Almost anything else that could be targeted by it would die in one hit of Bolt.

I’m pretty sure they’d regret turning away if they knew what was currently going on was closer to combat – and would therefore be a good time to show off their spells…
Last edited Jul 30, 2013 at 02:23PM EDT
Jul 30, 2013 at 02:21PM EDT

OOC: Are the bots in a group, or scattered about? I’m guessing by the writing that they’re clustered together.

Doomguy, without breaking his stride, turns around and fires a rocket at the group of slimbots following him, blowing them all up. He jumps through a wall, and continues on his merry way.
Ken, on the other hand, stops and runs towards the slimbots. He then delivers a kick taking off their heads. He catches up with the group.

Doomguy: Is that the best you got? Come on, let’s get a bit more crazy!
Ken: Well, you ARE the guy carrying 100 pounds of weaponry on his back and can run at high speeds, so this should naturally be easy for you.

Jul 30, 2013 at 02:28PM EDT

The explotion catches the attention of a small turret hiding behind a wall. The Turret quickly shoots Doomguy, a few bullets in his butt before being torn apart by Spark. The bullets are not high caliber or anything but they should be enough to cause a small amount of pain like a guy sitting on a cactus.
Careful with the turrets!

Suddenly…BRICK WALL in front of Kenshiro! No holes or anything, you will be forced to jump it!

Another pair of Slimbots starts to follow Doomguy. Six of them, they are already shooting.

Last edited Jul 30, 2013 at 02:35PM EDT
Jul 30, 2013 at 02:34PM EDT

The Order mages are still close enough to the shenanigans to hear the turret fire

Pyralis: What was that?

Solarian: Sounded like some sort of combat. Which is more for us, wouldn’t you say?

Tardises: You mean we get to show off what we can do. Which is fine by me as long as they don’t try to force us to do much in the way of physical activity…

Tsunarmin: I’m sure Tempestia would welcome the physical activity, though… but very few others would, yes.

The mages turn back towards everyone else, at aat slightly increased pace. They are all preparing spells.

Jul 30, 2013 at 02:39PM EDT

Apparently my characters followed Foster

“Weeeeeeeeeeeeell now. What do?”

They have something planned I think.

Jul 30, 2013 at 02:44PM EDT



I’m just gonna take a moment out to say that I like dat game’s artstyle… Why yes, I have acquired it myself. Despite the lack of complete translation.

Mage: Are you sure you’re not just saying that for the occasional revea-

…Do you want me to utilise Bolt again? Prepares to type ‘DIVINE INTERVENTION’…

Mage: I’m sure they won’t think any less of you for admitting it. Makes you actually seem like a normal human male, actually.

…You DO have a point…

Jul 30, 2013 at 02:50PM EDT

doomguy quickly starts running at top speed, circling the slimbots. He then fires multiple shotgun blasts, taking all of the slimbots down. He starts running off again, being careful to avoid brick walls and the like.
Ken spots the brick wall, and easily scales it. He then jumps down on the opposite side.

Jul 30, 2013 at 02:51PM EDT


The Murakumo Unit notices the bots following her, and she spins around to face them, floating backwards. She has a blank look on her face as her red eye surveys the bots.

Nu: Now activating Murakumo Unit.
A massive blue and white mechanical sword drops from seemingly nowhere and lands behind her. The impact of the sword to the ground shakes it some like a miniature earthquake hit.

In a burst of smoke and light, the sword disassembles itself and begins covering Nu with bits and pieces of it… First her legs, and then her arms. Green lights adorn her body as 8 blades float behind her in midair, and two are attached to her arms.

And then… a vizor floats down and straps itself to her face. There is a single red “eye” in the middle of it. The eye surveys the bots following behind her.

Nu: Multiple threats of low levels detected. Activating removal of threat protocol.
She holds out a hand in front of her… Suddenly, ornate orange swords made from the very fabric of space begin to materialize out of thin air, and head straight at the bots. She counts the number of the swords materialized as they head straight at the feeble bodies of the bots, obliterating them near-instantly.
Nu: Eins. Zwei. Drei. Fier. Funf. Sechs.
After a few more swords just to be overkill on them, she turns around and goes about her merry way with the rest of the course.

Ragna on the other hand takes Blood Scythe off his back, and jumps straight at the bots.
Ragna: You’ve got to be-!
He takes a slice at two of them with brute strength, breaking them apart. Sparks fly everywhere.
Ragna: Fucking!
He tosses the sword to his left hand as he holds up his BlazBlue arm, and summons a tail of the Black Beast. The massive and spiked tail thrashes about, destroying all but one of the bots. He then runs at the last one…
Ragna: Kidding me!
His arm turns completely black and jagged with red claws at the end of it. He grabs the last bot with it, and holds him up in the air. Tendrils of darkness come up from around Ragna and strike the bot multiple times as the surrounding are gets hazier with blackness. Once this is finished, his arm transforms back to normal and there is nothing left of the bot that he was once holding. The Grim Reaper sheathes Blood Scythe, and continues on with the course.

Hakumen’s eyes in the back of his armor see the bots following him. He back flips behind the bots, and unsheathes Okami from the massive sheathe on his back. The nodachi gleams brightly in the sunlight, along with his armor. It could be blinding, even. He faces the Slimbots with sword ready.

Hakumen: Impudent!
He takes a sweep with Okami, taking out four of the bots in just one swipe. He then leaps over to another one, and sends it flying sky-high with a kick.

A bot tries to sneak up on the white knight…

FOOL! There is no such thing as sneaking up on Hakumen! The eyes in his armor can see everything around, above, and below him. Your futile attempts at stealth merely amuse him. When the bot gets close, he lifts his leg and brings down his clawed foot at it, crushing the front of it with bone-breaking power. The other 3 Slims that are left are close to Hakumen, meaning he would grab one by the “head” and slam it down on the other two leaving all the bots in a crumpled heap. After this, Hakumen continues onwards with the course. He keeps Okami out in case anything was to happen again.


Tsubaki: Very well.
She bows at the Envoy.
Tsubaki: I have just come to check up on this area. My next order is to go to the underground, and the Invictus is busy as of now. I must ask you to escort me there.

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Jul 30, 2013 at 03:12PM EDT

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