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Last posted Mar 09, 2014 at 06:19PM EDT. Added Mar 16, 2013 at 10:40PM EDT
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Walls keeps appearing out of nowhere. Since Ragna was practically standing still while destroying the last Slimbot, a single wall would appear in front of him, hitting his jaw. A turret appears in front of Nu, beeping sounds before the shooting begins. A wall appears in front of Hakumen, this one has a single hole in the middle..probably a trap..who knows…

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Jul 30, 2013 at 03:18PM EDT

Since they are just standing still and staring at the walls..A single wall hits one of the mages in the middle of the Family Jewels, solid brick hitting a pair of Eggs, probably enough to leave a normal human sterile. Since the Mages got too close to the training camp, a few Slimbots start to follow them. 4 bots per magician.

Jul 30, 2013 at 03:26PM EDT


Ragna is floored by the wall hitting him in the jaw. He lay there for a moment in pain before checking his jaw and finding it still intact and not shattered, but hurting to move it. The Grim Reaper has gone through worse, and flips back onto his feet and going onto continue with the rest of the course. He’s forced to think to himself as a grimace crosses his face.
Ragna: Gah, that hurt…
He can heal this later, but not now. It would take time to do so.

Nu simply sends out the blades that are behind her straight at the turret, impaling it and rendering it useless as she streaks out of the way of the bullets. The blades return to floating behind her after this is done, and she continues on with the course.

Hakumen merely jumps on top of the wall, and then down over it with him still holding Okami. There is no need to take a risk when there is an alternate way about it, and he knows better. The White Knight continues to run the course.

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Jul 30, 2013 at 03:33PM EDT

Pyralis is NOT happy about what just happened. The other four mages prepare to fight the bots. Tsunarmin casts a multi-target Twister (air elemental, debuffs agility), Noctan casts Galaxy Burst, Tardises casts a multi-target Whirlpool, and Solarian, having a vague idea of what they are, casts Lightning Storm (multi-target air spell), in an attempt to overload the circuits. Pyralis, meanwhile, tries to concentrate on casting Healing Wind on himself..

Jul 30, 2013 at 03:43PM EDT

More walls appear in front of the heroes. Spark keeps jumping around and leading the group, destroying waves of bots in his way as he talks with Max.
You can proceed with level 2!
Max laughs maniacally as he presses more buttons. The Bot Engineer starts to build more bots but something new shows up in the training camp…

Five Slimbots following Hakumen. In front of these bots, there is a big bot, armed with a single cannon. They are called Fujibots and they are one of the toughest bots Spark built. They are capable of getting ridiculous amount of damage before going down.

Eight slimbots chasing Ragna and Nu. The walls and the hidden turrets are forcing them to cooperate.

Nine bots following Doomguy, same goes for Kenshiro. Yet another wall appears in front of Kenshiro but this one looks different: It’s made of steel instead, it doesn’t have holes or anything and It covers a lot of space.

More Slimbots for the mages

@Flandre, Reimu and Marisa
Meanwhile…In the middle of a empty canyon..

Foster: Alright, can you see those holes? Those are silos, missiles silos, places where people put their rockets before launching them. Most of these silos have like 5 or more rockets around and here’s the best part..I get to control them! The reason? Spark told me that all of you were damn good at dodging so yeah..Let’s see how much you can dodge with this bullet hell. Careful, these are real rockets, they blow up, they make giant explotions and they hurt things like people and trees. When dealing with laser guided rockets or smoke screens, work togheter kids. Finding a good teammate is hard but you gotta do it. I had to trust in a talking gorilla to survive! Alright enough talking..LET’S BLOW SOME THINGS UP!

Six missiles are launched simultaneously, quickly heading to the Touhuo girls position.

The group of tanks arrive to a distant place filled with trees and bushes. Generators can be seen around the place and roaring sounds can be heard.

Cheston: Alright gentlemen! Prepare yourself to think like a gorilla! To fight like one! To use your enviroment as a clear advantage! I designed these bots by myself hehe!…Sure Spark assembled the pieces and the wires but I had the idea first! “Bouncers”, call them “Bouncers”…Yes, I made the name. They are like..let me see..As big as a van and they are strong enough to lift us. We will have to work as a team if we want to win..Well, YOU will have work as a team..Me, on the other hand..I can handle these poor pieces of mach-

Suddenly a Bouncer. The bot grabs the gorilla’s foot and then he smacks him on the floor. Veteran quickly dropkicks the Bouncer, making the bot spin in the air before crashing on a tree. Three Bouncers show themselves, they were hiding behind the trees, waiting for the perfect chance to strike. They run towards Tager.

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Jul 30, 2013 at 04:16PM EDT

Kenshiro quickly dispatches the slimbots with ease. He then turns his attention towards the wall. He barrages the wall with punches and kicks.
Eventually, he breaks a hole in the wall and he hops on through.
Doomguy quickly turns around and fires another rocket at the group of Slimbots. The rocket detonates, destroying most of the bots. He looks around the area for turrets he might have missed, and fires at any that are there with his plasma rifle.
Doomguy: Come on! This is too easy!

Jul 30, 2013 at 04:23PM EDT

Metal wall appears behind Doomguy, hitting the back of his helmet and almost revealing his face. Five Slimbots and a single Fujibot chase Kenshiro, same goes for Doomguy. Beeping sounds can be heard, there is a sentry near Ken but where? Four walls can be seen, the turret is behind one of them.

Jul 30, 2013 at 04:33PM EDT

Meanwhile, back at the Order, Granatir and Ignis are still trying to tame the Komodo. They have made progress – It’s stopped trying to kill and eat anything it sees. One mage entered the room without warning, just to get slammed into the wall by the Komodo’s tail. That’s gotta hurt. He had come with a message from the 2 Archmages still observing what was going on, to see if Granatir would be willing to provide support if necessary. He never got a chance to say anything, though.


Mage: If you wanted Granatir to help the characters out in the field out, maybe you shouldn’t have given that thing a Striking tool on the tail… it’s even just there for looks, the claws give a better Strike!

It’s called a joke, fourth wall breaker. Just like our frequent discussions are.


The 4 Order mages capable of fighting are still casting spells at the bots – they are just standing their ground. Pyralis manages to cast Healing Wind on himself, then stand up

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More Slimbots with four Fujibots leading the attack. Fujibots can’t be pushed away. All of them are already shooting by the time they arrive to the mages’ position.

Jul 30, 2013 at 04:49PM EDT

OOC: Not being pushed away isn’t really a problem considering the spells don’t really do that sort of thing anyway.


Tardises: What the hell are these things!?

Solarian: We need to take cover, somehow!

Pyralis: Mybe if we could get past this nearby wall… maybe lift it up…

Tardises: I’m sure I can arrange that. I’ll need you to hold them off so I can concentrate, though.

Pyralis joins the spellcasting, flinging Raging Inferno after Raging Inferno at the bots. Tardises calls forth Endless Possibilities, and the earth elemental snake-like being proceeds to lift up the entire wall, along with some of the ground the wall is attached to. After the wall is lifted as high as the stand can manage, the mages move through, then EP drops the wall behind it.

Jul 30, 2013 at 04:54PM EDT

Slimbots are destroyed quickly but you will need more than fire to get rid of the Fujibots. The group of tank-like bos start to shoot the wall where the mages are taking cover, slowly tearing it apart.

Since the group of magicians is cornered, someone could give them a hand or two with the Fujibots. Spark is too bussy dealing with turrets.

Jul 30, 2013 at 05:00PM EDT

OOC: Just roll with it.

Doomguy: FUCK! At least that didn’t hit my head.
Doomguy then takes out his BFG, gets close to the Fujibot, then fires it. Dealing TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE DAMAGE to the Fujibot, and other bots behind it. He then takes our his Super Shotgun and destroys the other slimbots around.
Ken: Hmm… Which wall?
Ken uses his acute sense of hearing to deduce that the turret is behind the wall on his left. He punches stright through the wall, as he hears the sound of machinery getting destroyed.
Ken: Well, I was right.
Ken then turns his attention to the approaching bots. He then places 6 of his fingers on the Fujibot like this:

Suddenly, the bot’s armor seemingly implodes in on itself in the area that Ken grabbed.
Ken: HOKUTO KORETSU HA! (Hokuto Steel-Rending Grasp)
Ken then destroys the Slimbots with kicks, then turns to the Fujibot again. He then does this to it:

The Fujibot’s armor is heavily damaged, and internal parts are at least partly damaged. Either way, that bot’s gonna have a bi of trouble walking after that.
Ken: HOKUTO SENJUKAI KEN! (Hokuto Thousand Hand Destruction Fist)
Suddenly, Doomguy fires a rocket at the Fujibot, sending the bot tumbling over on it’s side..
Doomguy: Hey! Need a bit of help? I remember Spark saying we should work together. I think you should take out the smaller one, while I focus on the bigger ones. OK?
Ken: Got it.
They head off together.

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Jul 30, 2013 at 05:02PM EDT


Hakumen sees the Fujibot with the eyes in his armor and jumps over to it, avoiding a cannon shot as he lands behind the bot. One Knight, six bots. Hakumen begins slashing into the back of the Fujibot with Okami, doing hefty swings with the sword and exposing the circuitry.

One of the Slims gets too close to Hakumen…

Spinning around, Hakumen grabs the Slimbot and throws it at the other four that are clustered together so that he has more time to focus on the Fujibot. After this, he jumps onto the things “head”, and stabs it in the white thing which he is assuming is the sensor/main control portion of the bot. After this, he continues to slash away at the Fujibot, making quick work of it. After this, he jumps off and continues on with the course, leaving the Fujibot in a complete wreck.

Nu rushes at Ragna, seemingly floating above the ground.

Without speaking, Ragna holds out both his hands so that Nu can jump on them.

The Murakumo Unit jumps on Ragna’s hands, and is launched into the air by him. She can see nearly everything in the desert. Nu spins around and does a few tricks in midair while opening a vortex near herself and making orange swords made of the fabric of space rain down on ALL of the bots in the entire area.

While Nu is doing this, Ragna takes this time to activate the BlazBlue. A purple and black aura now surrounds Ragna as his red eye glows.

He then takes Blood Scythe off his back and activates its scythe form.

Learning from past experiences and not wanting to be hit by a wall again, he constantly moves with the strikes of the scythe on the bots. One swing should be enough to completely destroy a single one of these bots.


Flandre immediately takes flight, and dodges around the missiles, grazing them for extra points and for laughs. This is just merely amusing to her, but it doesn’t stop her from taking this seriously. She continues to fly around, dodging the missiles in a spectacular display.


The Red Devil readies himself as the Bouncers run towards him. Cheston and Veteran can see what looks like a red crest appearing behind Tager.

Tager holds his right hand behind him as he is in his stance.

The first Bouncer nears his position…

Tager: Gotcha!
Tager thrusts out his right hand, grabbing the first Bouncer by the “face”. His gauntlets spark with green electromagnetic energy as he does so. The Red Devil spins around about 2 times, moving as he spins, before hurling the Bouncer up in the air and jumping up after him. He begins to yell as he jumps. It should be noted that they are about 50 feet up.
He grabs the Bouncer with a massive hand, crushing it partially.
He begins to descend at an astonishing speed with the bot in hand, the other two Bouncers waiting below him.
Tager: TAGER!
Nearing the ground with a TON of force. The man weighs about half a ton after all.
Tager: BUSTER!
The Red Devil impacts into the ground with the Bouncer in hand. He just pile drove the Bouncer into the ground so hard that it felt like an earthquake just went off to anyone around him. The ground split, and broke up even as this hulking beast came down and smashed the Bouncer into the other two. There are no remains left, just Tager standing on the broken ground.

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Ooc: Who Taught You To Count!?!


Reimu and Marisa employ the old strategy of waiting till the last moment to dodge out of the way of the homing missiles. Marisa seems exceptionally good at it as Reimu seems to struggle.

“See Reimu! Now you know how I feel whenever we fight!”

Guh, haven’t had to deal with the homing crap since the Necromancer Battle…

(Yeah… there was like… an 8 game break in between time when Reimu had to deal with a homing bullet type. She uses them, so Marisa has faced them FAR more often.)

Jul 30, 2013 at 05:20PM EDT

Tsunarmin: OK, anyone got any ideas at this point?

Solarian: If we could somehow stop them from shooting, but there is no magic in the 6 elements that might be able to do that…

Tardises: …Which means it’s up to BN/DooA then, as those two forms are outside the 6 elements. I’ll try DooA as that form seems to be more about mental power, meaning I might be able to get us out of this mess if I focus enough…

EP shifts to DooA, which looks like a whittte humanoid with 5 spikes branching from the top of its head and two more large ones protruding from the back.

Tardises: I wonder if I can activate this form’s weapon mode…

Tardises tries to concentrate on transferring DooA’s power into his sword, without success…

Tardises: I don’t get it, it seems that it’s no use…

Upon those last three words being spoken, Tardises’ sword flares up with mental enery – so much so that the sword appears to be coated in purple fire – as is the head of Tardises himself, because mental power

(OOC: I’ve just decided that when he’s using a weapon mode, his text will be in the colour that matches the element of the weapon mode.)

Tardises: It seems that those last three words triggered the weapon mode. I guess I have no choice but to call said mode “it’s no use”… Anyway, let’s see if this works!

Tardises steps out from behind the wall and holds his sword in a defensive stance. If the Fujibots were to try shooting at him, he would catch their shots

(OOC: …You all know as well as I do what music belongs here. If it wasn’t for limited data, I’d go and get it myself. And yes, this form was based off of Silver. As if you didn’t figure that out from “IT’S NO USE!” Because what is Silver without that one line that has been burned into my brain?)

OOC @Natsuru
…8 games? I only recall her facing homing shots (Goddamnit that term has been ruined by the TIme Eater battle) in some of the PC-98 games. And they were homing LASERS – which are even worse than the curving ones… Would you mind telling me where you got 8-game break from? (Because i’m not exactly an expert at the bullet hells.)

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So sorry, I couldn’t find another picture.


More bots keep attacking the goodoers. Walls are now higher. Increased Fire Rate for Turrets and Slimbots. Funjibots now act like guards, protecting their small brothers and getting all the damage. Slimbot’ aim got better and their laser guns are finally useful.

Nu’s back is slashed by something. Thin air, not a single bot around. Finally the Gremlins reveal themselves: Human-sized robots with sharp claws and small legs capable of reaching high altitudes. They have the ability to cloak themselves, making them deadly for someone who is alone or not paying attention. Three Gremlins quickly run towards Nu.

A group of slimbots and a single Fujibot for Nu and Ragna. Something like a skeleton like robot tries to get close to Ragna: Scramblers, robot with a pain inducing aura. Being close to them feels painful for some reason, maybe becouse they use high pitches sounds that humans’ ears can’t handle.

*Ten Slimbots and a single Fujibot attacking Ken and Doomguy. Gremlins attacking Doomguy

*OOC: So sorry guys I have to go, see ya later

Jul 30, 2013 at 05:37PM EDT

Ooc: guys im gonna be busy for most of the day. Assume my guys are going along with all of the training and destroying all of the bots, walls and all the other things spark throws at them while working in unison. I have a lot of things to do today.

Jul 30, 2013 at 05:41PM EDT

OOC: Oh god did you have to name the cloakers gremlins?

Cloaking gremlins in OCH shudder….

(Seriously, I KNOW what the warning signs are for those and I STILL don’t like them… And I’ve just remembered that SOLARIAN AND IGNIS WERE THERE WHEN IGNIS WAS DOING HIS TRIAL TO BECOME AN ARCHMAGEHOW WOULD THEY DEAL WITH THOSE BASTARDS!?)

Jul 30, 2013 at 05:41PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

So sorry, I couldn’t find another picture.


More bots keep attacking the goodoers. Walls are now higher. Increased Fire Rate for Turrets and Slimbots. Funjibots now act like guards, protecting their small brothers and getting all the damage. Slimbot’ aim got better and their laser guns are finally useful.

Nu’s back is slashed by something. Thin air, not a single bot around. Finally the Gremlins reveal themselves: Human-sized robots with sharp claws and small legs capable of reaching high altitudes. They have the ability to cloak themselves, making them deadly for someone who is alone or not paying attention. Three Gremlins quickly run towards Nu.

A group of slimbots and a single Fujibot for Nu and Ragna. Something like a skeleton like robot tries to get close to Ragna: Scramblers, robot with a pain inducing aura. Being close to them feels painful for some reason, maybe becouse they use high pitches sounds that humans’ ears can’t handle.

*Ten Slimbots and a single Fujibot attacking Ken and Doomguy. Gremlins attacking Doomguy

*OOC: So sorry guys I have to go, see ya later

As Doomguy focuses down the Fujibot, Ken goes behind the Fujibot and kills the Slimbots there. Ken suddenly senses a presence behind Doomguy.
Doomguy swiftly turns around and fires a blast from his shotgun, taking off the Gremlin’s head. They stand back to back, dispatching the remaining gremlins one by one.

Jul 30, 2013 at 05:45PM EDT



From the Alice Battle in Mystic Square (yes, homing lasers, but still a homing projectile type) to the Stage 4 Midboss in Ten Desires (On Normal Mode her spellcard sends out 4 homing black balls at you that slowly chase you around as she tries to wall you off) and during the Stage 4 Actual Boss where she does the same thing twice in conjunction with shutter curvy lasers.

Actually, 11 games if you count the fighting games and Shoot the Bullet. The closest thing Reimu had faced to a homing bullet was when Iku turned into a giant electricity ball and chases you around like an idiot who knows he’s carrying a static charge.


Actually, I just remembered that Suika (And later Satori who copies Suika) uses that Labyrinth of Mist spell, but again that’s her chasing you around and not a homing shot.

Edit Again:


You Shall Know My Wrath Lieutenant Lowercase.

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Jul 30, 2013 at 05:47PM EDT

OOC: That battle slipped my mind for a bit. Honestly I don’t have that much trouble with THOSE homing shots…. Better homing on those shots than those of the Time Eater, at least.

And ah, yes, facing Iku SWR in story mode. I don’t know about you, but I find it very fun facing her as Yuyuko.

Because one of her basic shots just passes straight through bullets – meaning Iku just gets hit directly.

Hmm…. Is it me or is 2011 very homing-shot heavy? TD stage 4 midboss…. Time Eater… Hell, to a certain extent even the Egg Dragoon’s drill had homing properties! (It curved in an attempt to hit Sonic – obviously it moves so fast that the homing’s not very good – therefore hitting the walls – but it clearly is trying to home in)

Then again, Sonic + homing isn’t really surprising, considering the Homing Attack and all… (which actually appeared MUCH earlier than Sonic Adventure – that’s what the gold shield in Sonic 3D did over the red (immune to fire) and blue (immune to electricity) shields!)

EDIT: F**K THAT SUIKA SPELLCARD, THAT IS ALL. It’s bad enough when Satori uses it! I KNOW FOR A FACT I’ll never reach it in StB, because I absolutely SUCK at that game (it’s why I don’t have 12.5 on my PC despite having 12.3, 13, and 13.5 on there). She is a monster for inventing that, filling basically THE ENTIRE SCREEN with bullets.

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Jul 30, 2013 at 05:54PM EDT

Tardises catches the shots from the Fujibots…

Tardises: IT’S NO USE!

He then starts flinging them back at the bots

Tardises: TAKE THIS!

Everyone nearby can hear that line being repeated a few times… but then “IT’S NO USE!” disengages, and Tardises is clearly not at his best afterwards, he gets back behind the wall.

Tardises: Note to self – Don’t use that frequently… Ow….

Like a yellowblooded troll, Tardises would be hurting himself through overuse of that mode

(OOC: Had to give it SOME form of limitation, otherwise it’d be really overpowered compared to the other weapon modes!)

Jul 30, 2013 at 06:03PM EDT


Envoy: To the underground it is…
The Envoy walks off with Tsubaki close behind, they travel for hours through tunnels, towers, passageways and elevators before finally getting to the first underground level…(This journey would take a hellishly long time to describe fully)

Dark, dank, humid and noisy would be the choice words to describe the first sub-level, however it is very busy here and just like on the outskirts large crowds of people can be seen going about their activities. The Envoy and Tsubaki are currently stood within a massive tunnel, on either side lining the walls are futuristic looking houses built into the structure itself….

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #2


Ship Status

Current Activities: Shocking out of FTL

Overall Status-------OKAY
Superstructure------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integrity at maximum.
Crew--------------------OKAY-----------Calm and collected. Minor disturbance detected on civilian deck #4
Systems--------------OKAY-----------Minor electornical interferance.
Sensory Arrays----ACTIVATING--Currently extending and unfolding
Food supplies-------OKAY-----------Rations near maximum.
Munitions-------------OKAY-----------Munitions near maximum.
Main Engines--------IDLE-------------Due to FTL travel.
Power Plant---------ACTIVE----------Power consumption spiking due to Core use
Slipspace Core----STABLE---------Radiation leak resolved, core being monitored for further issue.


Nearing destination point.
Initiating correct shock out procedure.
Irradiated core deck undergoing clean up operation.
Fabricators successfully completed the rehabilitation of former lieutenant, Martin Miles.
Research upon “knives” under way, anti-gravitational effects noted.
Spartans have undergone their level one training regime.
Bridge Crew preparing for FTL exit.
Nothing else to report.

Interrogative Note:
Electronics Officer: GW had indeed suffered an error, however all is not as it seems. I am scheduling a inspection of the GW’s mainframe unit immediately…..

End of activity log #2

The two triads find themselves…
The Q: Why are we back this pub?
The A: I wanted another drink.
The Q:……..
A takes another drink and loosens his tie
The A:…..Maybe now….
In a flicker they are stood upon a sand dune over watching the training, FAR away. They both take a seat and peacefully watch…
The Q: This breeze…..its nice isn’t it?
The A: No, it isn’t, I really dislike it as a matter of fact, it disgusts me.
The Q: What are you trying to achieve by saying that?
The A: Im shuffling things up, you ask me about the breeze exactly 50 times each day.

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Jul 30, 2013 at 06:14PM EDT


Hakumen jumps over by Nu and Ragna, seeing that he was alone. The three are back to back, all facing opposite ways.

Hakumen: It appears that we cannot let our guard down for a second… These contraptions are intriguing, getting stronger the more we destroy. We must put an end to this.
He holds Okami above him, looking at a group of Gremlins charging towards him. Okami begins to get an unstable, blue spinning vortex around it.

Rags can finally talk now.
Ragna: These little scrap heaps just don’t know when to give up…
He readies a summon of a part of the Black Beast.

Nu: Targeting largest threat level…
She targets the Scrambler for now.
Nu: Target confirmed. Activating high-risk protocol.
All the 8 blades that are floating behind Nu point at the Scrambler.

The vortex swirling around Hakumen’s sword begins to get even more unstable. Hakumen then gets a bright white glowing outline around him.
Hakumen: Summer’s Advance!
He swings the sword down at the ground in front of him, releasing a massive wave of blue energy straight at the Gremlins. This wave should outright tear through them, and a good few walls behind them as well. Hakumen then turns his attention to the Fujibot, ready for any shot it might throw at him.

Nu points at the Scrambler, and all 8 blades shoot out at the bot, skewering it entirely and causing it to explode. The blades then retreat back to Nu, and she turns her attention to the Slims, shooting out more magical swords at them.

Ragna turns his attention to the Fujibot, and runs at it while he avoids the cannon fire. Once he gets close enough, he summons one of the 8 heads of the Black Beast by swinging his sword upwards at the Fujibot (albeit smaller than the real thing, but still rather large). The head of the Black Beast bursts out of the ground and roars an almighty and powerful roar as it looks down at the Fujibot.

((Remember that Tager stands at around 7’10" feet tall.))
The head bites the Fujibot and tosses it up into the air, its maw gaping wide open. Once the bot comes falling back down, it closes its mouth around it and the Fujibot is devoured by the darkness. The head then disappears not too long after. Grunting, Ragna runs off to fight the Slimbots with Nu.


Tsubaki: Thank you…
She bows to the Envoy.
Tsubaki: But while you are still around, I must ask you a question. What goes on at the Persephone Prison? That is my next assigned task. The Imperator wishes to know exactly what goes on there.

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Jul 30, 2013 at 06:48PM EDT


Envoy: I do not know precise information due to it being technically disconnected from the rest of the planet and there being no Envoys present however I can assure you that the heretics kept there are damned to a life of servitude and punishment. To know what truly happens one would have to travel there via the railway line entirely because all past efforts at teleporting there have resulted in failure however we do not know why.

Jul 30, 2013 at 07:04PM EDT

@sparks training

atsu completely overkills a wall that pops in front of him and a turret that was behind it. it also destroy a few bots that were coming after him.

Gray: ice make: swords!

gray creates an icicle blade on his right hand and one on the back of his left elbow. he slices and dices through the bots that were after him while deflecting their shots with his blades. a wall pops out in front of him with a turrent in it. he is about to destroy the wall when suddenly..

Juvia: water slicer.*

juvia send out two blades of water that fly past gray and slices apart the wall and turret.

Gray: wow thanks juvia.

Juvia: we are a team earnt we gray-sama?

gray nods and they continue to run

meanwhile with erza, she has equipped flight armour. this requip grants erza such blinding speed and unimaginable reflexes that she is almost like a blur when she fights.

in a flash she dispatches the bots after her without giving them a chance to fire. she is that quick and incredible.

Erza: not bad. but your going to have to do better than that.

a wall appears in front of erza. she already jumps over it even as it rises up from the ground and she does two quick slices onto it before landing and continuing on.

gajeel just completely shreds everything in around him with his iron dragon sword arm

gajeel: things are starting to get interesting. slashes through a wall and deflects a shot from the turret before destroying it. I HOPE THIS ISNT ALL THAT YOU HAVE THER BUD. THIS IS TOO EASY.

wendy is trying to keep up while trying to dodge the bots lasers.

Wendy: can someone help me?

suddenly tthe four bots chasing her are impaled by arrows. she turns around to see lucy with her celesial zodiac spirit Sagittarius. this zodiac spirit is an unmatched master archer. his skills are without compare and his accuracy and speed is beyond human comprehension.

Lucy: nice shot sagittarius.

Sagittarius: my pleasure lucy. he says as he fires three arrows at one through the wall in front of lucy and wendy and destroys the turrets behind it.

Wendy: thanks lucy.

everyone continues to make their way through the training without loosing pace with spark, ready for whatever is thrown at them.

ooc: ill be busy for most of the day like i said. i have to prepare my house for when my parents come back from vacation tomorrow.

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Jul 30, 2013 at 07:07PM EDT

The Order mages are pinned down, forced to go on the defensive with only four of them capable of casting spells at the moment.

Tsunarmin: We could use a bit of help, here!

Jul 30, 2013 at 07:11PM EDT


Captain Diomedes: BROTHA I AM PEENED HEARH!!!

Jul 30, 2013 at 07:23PM EDT

Laika wrote:


Captain Diomedes: BROTHA I AM PEENED HEARH!!!

Commander Boreale: NO!


Jul 30, 2013 at 07:49PM EDT


Ragna hears their pleas for help, but merely grunts and rolls his eyes.
Ragna: Tough luck, pal!
He continues on with the course, keeping up with all the others. He still has the dark aura around him, and his scythe out ready for anything.

Nu dispatches all of the Slimbots following them, dodging their lasers and shooting swords that skewer the bots on the first hit. After this, she keeps up pace with Ragna and looks out for anything that might harm him.

Hakumen on the other hand jumps towards Tardises’ position, and with a spinning slice, he dices up all the Slimbots in one go.
Hakumen: Weaklings!

The White Knight then turns his attention to the Fujibot who fires a cannon shot at him. Hakumen quickly puts up his arm, and a large red barrier forms in front of him. The shot by the Fujibot is rendered null and useless when thrown against the barrier.
The White Knight powerfully slashes past the Fujibot with Okami in a split second. The cut goes all the way across the Fujibot, it getting sliced in half from the single sword slash. The top half falls over behind Hakumen.
Hakumen: Hmph.
The White Knight then turns his attention to the other 3 Fujibots, and jumps to each individual one, stabbing them through the sensors, making them unable to see or function properly anymore. (don’t feel like writing this all out)
Hakumen: You people…
He then goes around to the other side to the mages, and confronts them. He stands at 6 feet and 9 inches tall, easily towering over them all. The masked man just stares down at them with his expressionless mask. All of the eyes adorned on his armor turn their attention to the group of mages.

Hakumen: I see potential in you all, but you don’t take this seriously! You are weak! I needn’t bother with you anymore until you are stronger… This is the last time you get my apathy. Come back to me when you can prove yourselves.
Hakumen then gets back to the training course, catching up rather quickly to everyone rather quickly and keeping up pace, slicing down anything that is in front of him.

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Jul 30, 2013 at 08:02PM EDT

Meredith dispatches of the bots that went for her quite easily. She simply does not see the point of prolonging battles and enjoys taking care of things quickly. So what does she do? She teleports the slimbots coming at her into the sun. She couldn’t delete them or instantly kill them, as those things are limited to things she herself brings into this realty. But teleporting them into the sun? That’s A-ok! She scoffs a bit a flies up into the air, scanning the battlefield.

This isn’t so bad, now then…
She sees them acting as guards, and while avoiding the lasers, she decides that they needed a little… friendly fire. She uses Confusion on most of the Funjibots in the area, causing them to periodically attack each other. To add one more layer of this attack, she casts Lightning Storm.

The sky darkens, thunder is heard, and lightning descends upon the enemies in the area, electrocuting them over and over for about one minute

Jul 30, 2013 at 11:25PM EDT

So Veteran and Cheston watch as threee bouncers get destroyed by the Tager. The intensity, the passion, the honor and the glorious grapple ending the robots at the same time. The luchador just words or anything. Cheston watches the show too, he is disgusted.

Veteran: Haha nice..yes…god work…I guess…Alright, enough Mister Nice Guy, I will just allow myself for a little happy screaming..for a few seconds…


Leave someone for the Vet, leave one of these bots for me dang it! Let the smashing begin!

CAUSE IT’S VETERANMANIA! CAN YOU HEAR THAT?..That’s the death bell sound..calling for me to step into combat right now!
And so Veteran pats Tager’ back over and over again as Cheston looks around. Another pair of bouncers run towards the group of tanks. However, now they are tougher and teamwork will be required. Veteran’s hype level is off the charts.

@Hakumen, Nu and Ragna
The bots start to ignore them, focusing in everyone else for some reason. A gremlin had the chance to slash Ragna’s face but the bot just turned away and ran. Loud roaring can be heard as Spark claps.
Great work super chumps. That was one damn electron of a show! Hurm…Bouncers are not supposed to appear here, I thought they were fighting the Bulldozers. Engi, what’s the meaning of this?
Engineer: Those roaring sounds ain’t from a Bouncer Cappy. Those sounds come from this little beauty over here..

Engineer: Special delivery for Hakumen. Courtesy of Mister Max!

That little rabbit..(Spark turns around and starts to clean the area. Bot parts can be seen flying around as the captain zaps them up.) It’s up to you super chumps! You get the honor to be the first team to face a single Jackbot! Careful, they can absorb tons of of damage before going down, they were built to force teamwork and punish anyone who tries to take them solo style. Despite their size, they are not slow. Careful with the bot’s laser guns, he has a nasty aim and he can use his fists to create a giant energy wave, pushing everyone around him. Good luck, I will keep the place clear for you!
And so Spark returns to the bot cleaning as the Jackbot reveals itself.

The bot quickly targets Hakumen. He starts running towards the samurai while shooting both of his laser guns. The ground shakes as the bot approaches Hakumen.

The Fairy Tail are doing a pretty good job. Not a single Fujibot can stand a chance against such a perfect team. As Natsu destroys a single Scrambler, a Black Jack appears: They are tough bots with the size of a very tall human capable of taking big amounts of damage. Their laser guns are deadlier than Fujibot’s and if you get too close, they will try to punch your face out of your head.

The Black Jack takes this chance to punch Natsu in the middle of the face, sending him to the air. A group of four Black Jacks arrive as Slimbots follow their steps. No Fujinbots or anything else.

@Meredith, Falcon, Tardises
Another wave of Slimbots and Fujibots but now there is a new member of the party: Shady Bot. Get too close and they will try to hit you with their small robotic arms. They have TWO laser guns and their fire rate is better than Slimbots. From now on, Shadies and Slimbots will appear togheter.

“Big bro where are we goin’?”
“To crush futile bags of flesh.”

Gremlins are still around the place. Scramblers too. Walls are larger now. Turrets have a increased fire rate.

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Jul 30, 2013 at 11:35PM EDT

Ken: I think it’s time.
Doomguy: Time for what?
Muso Tensei.
As Ken activates Muso Tensei, a large amount of clones get spread around the battleground. The various Kens assist certain groups. Every time a laser or claw hits one of the Kens, the ken seemingly teleports towards the target, and then specifically targets them.
Doomguy: huh.
Doomguy shoots a nearby Scrambler.
Doomguy: Come on, big guy! You can do it!
Doomguy can actually barely see the gremlins at close distances, due to having encountered invisible enemies before. It seems to be a natural ability of his. He takes out a Gremlin behind TARDISES.
Doomguy: You owe me one, kid.
Doomguy stays with the mages, ready to provide backup.

OOC: That’s me for the night.

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Jul 30, 2013 at 11:57PM EDT

She exhales a bit, and decides to use an actual weapon for once. The most powerful Rifle-kind known so far…

She then begins to rain down laser after laser from her current location in the sky on every bot she sees. Kind of like this, but from the sky, and replace Eridan and his Seahorse with Meredith:

The lasers are ridiculously powerful, pretty much destroying all the bots gunning for her. She even teleports the turrets to the sun, because she’s sick and tired of them at this moment.

Jul 31, 2013 at 12:12AM EDT


Tager smiles a bit as Veteran goes off on a rant. He’s actually grown fond of the luchador from all that time they spent fighting in the desert for god knows how long.
Tager: Very well.
The Red Devil adjusts his glasses with a single finger.

Tager: I’m ready.
As a Bouncer nears Tager’s position, he grabs the Bouncer with both hands and suplexes it, slamming it behind him.
Tager: I have it! Take it out!
Tager has a steady grip on the Bouncer, rendering it immobile and waiting on Veteran to pull off a move on it.


Hakumen sees this advance, and plans accordingly. With a swift leap, he jumps onto one of the bots arms, and then up onto its head to avoid the laser blasts. Hakumen then stabs Okami in the bot with all his strength, causing an unparallelled amount of damage to the bot. The samurai himself is keeping rather quiet since he is facing non-organic enemies.

Nu takes this time to fly up and open up a purple rift under the Jackbot, slowing its speed tremendously. She then opens up about 3 orange vortexes around the bot.
Nu: Perish.
A hail of orange swords shoot out at the Jackbot from 3 different directions.

Ragna takes the back of the Jackbot, and rushes at it while Hakumen is dealing with it. He jumps at its back, and swings the bright red energy blade of his scythe at the back of it multiple times before he goes for one of the bots arms, slicing at its right arm with the crimson red energy blade of Blood Scythe.

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Jul 31, 2013 at 12:21AM EDT

New wave of bots! A small group of Fujinbots, Shadies and SlimBots. A rocket almost hits Mereith, It appeared out of nowhere. On top of the hill, four Gapshots can be seen. They are spider-like robots designed to take targets who like to fly around or people who stands still for too long. They don’t have a gigantic size but they are pretty big.

Another couple of new bots can be seen around, flying towards Meredith. Small robots called Buzzers, hard to hit or to see, designed to catch by surprise teams with poor orientation. They get close to their target and then they just explode.

@Hakumen, Nu and Ragna
Not wanting to take more damage, the bot wants to get more space to move. With his only arm, he punches Ragna, sending him flying to God knows where. Then, after taking a few steps back, the bot punches the ground, releasing a HUGE energy wave, pushing down anyone who gets too close to it.

Jul 31, 2013 at 12:26AM EDT

She frowns intensely,then points at the ground beneath her. A large, hellish looking portal appears, and it spawns a titan. The Greek one to be precise. It towers over everyone there.

The creature turns to Meredith for it’s orders

Alrighty boy…
She points towards the Gapshots and smiles wickedly
Sick ‘em…
While the Titan goes over and smashes the ever-loving-whatever out of the Gapbots. Meredith concentrates on making her temporarily invincible by spamming the “Become Ethereal” shout. Letting the Buzzers get close and explode, but doing nothing more than pushing her around a little. In this ethereal state, no attacks can harm her, but she can’t attack them.

Jul 31, 2013 at 12:42AM EDT

Since a gigantic titan appeared out of nowhere, the bot Engineer is forced to upgrade the turrets. Now we have laser turrets, fast shooting sentries hiding behind walls or guarding a single spot, capable of gunning down everything in front of them. Since the Titan is big as hell, he becomes a target of every turret around the battlefield and also, the target of the Gapshots. Since Buzzers are very small, the Titan wasted a lot of time trying to get rid of them, allowing his brothers and sisters to take the monster down.

With a Titan’s defeat, a big problem appears for everyone: A giant knocked out creature about to turn every hero into a mexican tortilla. This is not how teamwork works.
Unable to do anything to Meredith, the new group of bots focus their attention on Tardises, Doomguy, Ken and the rest group of mages.

Last edited Jul 31, 2013 at 01:07AM EDT
Jul 31, 2013 at 01:07AM EDT
Acting fast, she teleports the corpse of the titan to the area in front of her tower , and while dodging the Buzzers, uses Lightning Storm again, she then continues to spam her “Become Ethereal” shout while flying towards the Gapshots and blasting them with Ahab’s Crosshairs, staying ethereal while flying around, only not being ethereal to blast the turrets and Gapshots. If you had superb hearing you could hear her mumble about saying she told the titan to attack the Gapshots and not the Buzzers and that he needs to be trained better
Jul 31, 2013 at 01:18AM EDT


Ragna is sent flying by the Jackbot’s punch, and is headed straight at a brick wall…

Hakumen is still on top of the Jackbot as it releases this energy wave, so he has nothing to worry about. The White Knight takes this moment of opportunity to slice the Jackbot’s other arm off with Okami, leaving a sparking stub where its arm once was.

Nu saw the Jackbot punch Ragna into next week. A look of murderous rage crosses the noticeable parts of her face. She is not happy.
She bolts after him, and catching him before he hits the brick wall. She then sets him on his feet.

A look of unbridled rage crosses his face from being flung around like a ragdoll by the bot.
The Grim Reaper’s red eye glows brightly. He’s pissed now.
He charges at the Jackbot with unbridled speed. His black aura has flared and is surrounding a few feet around him as well. Once he gets up close, Ragna begins slicing away at the Jackbot’s legs and middle with the massive scythe of his.

Nu goes behind the bot, and begins firing a storm of swords at the thing’s back.

Jul 31, 2013 at 01:33AM EDT

The Order mages are appreciative of the help, but…

Noctan; We’ve got a bit of a problem here. It’s simple to explain. Our spells aren’t really working that well and that’s pretty much all we’ve got.

Pyralis is still pretty damn annoyed at the wall stunt, and is casting Raging Inferno at any bot he sees

Solarian turns to the destroyed Gremlin…

Solarian: Ah, this stuff again.

Solarian has also faced enemies that could turn invisible before…

Tsunarmin is starting to get somewhat desperate, and following Solarian’s earlier lead, starts casting Lightning Storm repeatedly

(OOC remember that the mage’s Lightning Storm is different from what was obviously the GP used earlier this page. It also darkens the surroundings for a few seconds.)

Tardises is still recovering from “IT’S NO USE!” but is able to peak…

Tardises: You’ve faced something like this before, Solarian?

Solarian: after casting Barrier on himself Indeed. He points to the destroyed Gremlin I’ve faced things that could turn invisible before. If Ignis was here, he’d know exactly what I mean because he was also there… As he is now somewhat better protected, he spends a bit of time casting Barrier on everyone else near him, including Doomguy Maybe I’ll tell you if we pull through this…

Pyralis: Less talking, more fighting, and maybe we will pull through! He realises that there is a more effective spell in this situation than what he’s been casting, and also switches to Lightning Storm.

The 4 mages are slowly getting worn down by the bots, and then a stream of bubbles hit the four mages who are fighting, healing them a bit…

Noctan: What was that?

Tsunarmin, knowing what it was, turns to Tardises, who lowers his hand after casting Cleansing Foam (Which is the water elemental healing spell he created)

Tsunarmin: I take it that healing us is just about what you can do while recovering?

Tardises: Only just, right now.
Now that all 5 mages are once again capable of doing SOMETHING, the situation isn’t quite as bad

Tardises: Hmm…. It occurs to me that we might all have some sort of hidden ability that only desperation could possibly draw out until we are fully aware of it. Well, I might not, considering I’m already stupidly powerful for an aquamancer…

Jul 31, 2013 at 06:48AM EDT


Tsubaki: … I see… I shall need a guide for the underground, yes? Would you show me around? It would be dreadful to get lost down here.

OOC: Waiting on Spark before I post anymore.

Jul 31, 2013 at 02:41PM EDT

Medic wrote:

OOC: Zhis is like Mann vs Machine…

OOC: More like Meredith vs. Machine, considering what happened.
I kid.
To be Honest, I’m actually sorta waiting on Spark.

Doomguy: Hey, Wizard people! (TARDISES’s characters) I’m gonna follow you guys around for a bit and provide backup. That OK?
Doomguy blasts one of the Gremlins, which was coming up on Solarian.
Doomguy: Now YOU owe me one, too.
the Kens just continue killing bots.

Jul 31, 2013 at 02:57PM EDT


Envoy: Glady, please follow….

The Envoy shows Tsubaki around the first sub-level. They come across huge barrack blocks, training grounds and the establishments that make up a healthy night life in any well providing city.

It should also be noted that EVERYONE on the planet is a capable soldier, meaning that most if not all the people they come across are suited up in their battle gear but this also means that no children or young adults exist upon the planet. Simply put, It is a true combat ready society where everyone can be called to arms in an instant, this vast underground network works as a enormous hive to house the millions upon millions maybe even a billion people who inhabit the inner city district of Columbia…

To give a local description of the surroundings..
You find yourself walking through another massive passageway, brightly lit and filled with chatter, there are numerous groups of species about the place however no Sligs. Everything is rather peaceful, there doesn’t seem to be a slight bit of disruption in sight…

The Q & A are still sat on the far away dune, drinking and talking to one another….
The A: What a show of power, they are a truly capable group of people.
The Q: Have you ever seen such abnormal beings before?
The A: I crafted the omniverse to be infinite, anything you could possible imagine already exists.
The Q: But what of these particular people?
The A: These events are the only point in the cycle where I take interest. The Earth Era is a strange one indeed.
The Q: Would you allow the existence of a being who is so powerful that it can destroy entire systems in a flicker?
The A: Yes, if it submits, it lives.
The Q: What if it kills Loyalists? turns sides?
The A:….That does not happen, I put powerful beings on a leash.
The Q: Is this the case of Saya?
The A: Indeed.
The Q: If we know the time cycle, why do we allow heretics to exist to begin with?
The A: We both know the answer to that question, entertainment.
The Q:…..
The Q: And what of this Yukari?
The A: What of her?
The Q: Do you know the outcome of her attempts to kill you? as that is her goal after all is it not?
The A: sigh…..I have yet to break the cycle…..yet to free myself from the inevitability that is soon to come to pass
The Q: What will be the result of her attempts?
The A:…sigh again….it depends…if the cycle continues as it always has she will be successful in her attempts and will assume her place as the “one who renews”… order will be toppled and it will resort back to omniversal flame and chaos..
The Q: You fear her?….why do you allow such a being to survive?
The A: I do not know fear. I suppose its for entertainment…
The Q: Did you intend to leash her upon your last meeting?
The A: I did however she never submits.
The Q: So in the end, you will be killed?
The A: Your forgetting just what we are. We cannot die, we do not know death as we are it, we are all. I will NEVER cease as I NEVER have.
The Q: What will happen when our end comes to?
The A: We will see when we get there.
The Q: Most fascinating is it not?
The A: If the cycle continues as it always has done I will be defeated by Yukari’s hand…… however she could hold the key to breaking free from the loop, stopping the end time and…
The Q: Making us truly omnipotent?
The A: Indeed…..
The Q: However they see us as a great evil that needs to be vanquished, how are we to escape this facade?
The A: We won’t, such people will never understand that heretics must die….and when the time arrives, it will be Yukari’s decision to make.
The Q: What if the cycle was broken by Yukari, we were freed and then finally destroyed all heretics?
The A: We would enter a golden era of unfathomable tranquillity the likes I have yet to see….

Jul 31, 2013 at 03:29PM EDT

Tsunarmin: Support is welcome. I see Solarian has already supplied all 6 of us with Barrier spells.

(OOC: What Barrier does is actually reduce all incoming physical damage by half. (‘physical’ meaning ‘not magic based’ in this case. You can tell it’s activated because there is a cyan ring around the character (vertically). Well, technically it’s more of a sphere but no matter what the angle you’ll only see a ring.)

The 4 mages who can do so still cast spells at the bots. Noctan casts Galaxy Burst, the other 3 cast Lightning Storm. Tardises is not recovered enough to fight, but he is prepared to heal.

Back at the Order HQ…

Pitchurn: Where has that messenger got to? Granatir and Ignis were supposed to know about hat’s going on…

Tempestia: I don’t know. I have a feeling it’s not his fault, however… At least that green-armoured guy is helping them out.

Speaking of the messenger, he has just awoken, to see Ignis looking at him. He is in the same room as he entered – Granatir has temporarily bound the Komodo’s tail.

Ignis: You alright?

Messenger: Yeah… Except for the fact I have a message that should have been delivered BEFORE that thing hit me.

Ignis: What’s the message?

Messenger: Solarian and Tsunarmin are in a situation they could potentially use some support with.

(OOC:The messenger does not know about Doomguy helping them, as he was sent to deliver the message before that happened.)

Ignis: ..Ah. I’ll stay here and try to tame this thing. Granatir, you should go and help. You have your dragon already.

Granatir: I’ll go clear it with the other 2 first, though.

Granatir heads off to the Archmage’s meeting room.

Granatir: Sorry for the delay, the messenger got knocked out by the dragon we were trying to tame. How bad is it?

Tempestia: Not so bad now that they have someone helping them… Indicates Doomguy on what they can see through the observation spell

Granatir: I have a feeling they might want some help that could actually be useful with physical stuff…

Tempestia: I’m guessing you mean me by that, considering how agile I am in comparison…

Granatir: I meant Chasmpound, but if you’re offering, then… Pitchurn, Ignis is still trying to tame that dragon we found earlier. Granatir gives Pitchurn the directions to the room Ignis is in… And remember to knock before entering. Give Ignis time to get that dragon under control, or you would only end up like that messenger.

The two archmages Warp away, leaving Pitchurn alone to observe.

Back at the training grounds, two mages and a dragon appear on top of a wall.

Granatir: This isn’t exactly the best place to be. He quickly mounts Chasmpound.

Tempestia: Well, at least they’re easy to find. She turns towards the darkened area that is indicative of all the Lightning Storms being cast.

The air-elemental archmage starts leaping from wall to wall utilising her naturally high agility towards the 6 she’s looking for, while the earth elemental dragon uses its wings to glide from wall to wall

(OOC: I’ll wait for you all to at before those two reach the others. Just don’t react to the new arrivals just yet, alright?)

Jul 31, 2013 at 04:42PM EDT

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