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OOC: Quick suggestion, Tardises. I suggest you should change Tempestia’s color to gold. Yellow is just hard to read and hurts peoples eyes. Gold is darker and easier to read, while still looking yellow-ish.

Jul 31, 2013 at 04:51PM EDT

The Jackbot explodes in a glorious explotion of epicness explotioness! Hakumen reaaally wants to catch Meredith score and Doomguy doesn’t want to be left behind! What a game we are having tonight!

NEW ROUND EVERYONE! Bots will be spamming until I say anything else. If you can’t remember the bot’s names, here:

Slimbot: Half of the bots that will attack you will be Slimbots. They are small and week robots with a single laser gun. They have a good fire rate and their accuracy is getting better and better.
Shady Bot: These robots will always appear with waves of Slimbots, like blood brothers. They have two laser guns, they have a average accuracy (They can miss a target) and they will attempt to punch your guts with their small robotic arms. People finds them cute for some reason.

Fujibot: Big bots armed with a single deadly cannon. One of the toughest bots Spark built, they are capable of getting ridiculous amount of damage before going down.

Black Jack: Tough bots with the size of a very tall human capable of taking big amounts of damage. Their laser guns are deadlier than Fujibot’s and if you get too close, they will try to punch your face out of your head.

Gremlin: Human-sized robots with sharp claws and small legs , capable of reaching high altitudes and with the ability to cloak themselves. Deadly for someone who is alone or not paying attention.

Scrambler: Skeleton like robots with a “depressing aura”. Being close to them feels painful for some reason, maybe becouse they use high pitched sounds that humans’s ears can’t handle. Melee lovers will have a hard time dealing with Scramblers.

GapShot: They are spider-like robots designed to take targets who like to fly around or people who stands still for too long. They don’t have a gigantic size but they are pretty big. Teamwork is required unless you want to get caught by a rocket. They are always hiding.

Buzzer: Small robots, hard to hit or to see, designed to catch by surprise teams with poor orientation. They get close to their target and then they just explode. Eyes and ears people, eyes and ears.

They is a specific place where you will ALWAYS expect to find a turret. Walls don’t move anymore.
Specific Notes:
Doomguy: 8 Shadies and 2 Slimbots, a single Fujibot, five Gremlins, a single Black Jack and a single Gapshot.
Kenshiro: 3 Slimbots and 3 Shadies, three Fujibots, a single Gremlins, three Black Jacks and a pair of Buzzers.
Ragna: 10 Slimbots and four Shadies, a single Fujibot, three Gremlins, a single Black Jack and a pair of Buzzers.
Nu: 7 slimbots and 4 Shadies, two Fujibots, two Gremlins, two Black Jacks and a pair of GapShots.
Hakumen: 3 Slimbots and one Shady, five Fujibots, two Gremlins, a single Black Jack and a important pair of Buzzers.
*Tardises and the mages: Ten Slimbots and three shadies, Three Fujibots, a single Gremlin, two Black Jacks and a important pair of GapShots.

Meredith: Group of Buzzers ,Gapshots and four Black Jacks.

Jul 31, 2013 at 05:53PM EDT

OOC: I’m adding both my character’s bots together.

Current Bots: 5 Slimbots, 11 Shadies, 4 Fujibots, 6 Gremlins, 4 Black Jacks, 1 Gapshot, 2 Buzzers.

As Muso tensei fades, Ken reappears besides Doomguy, and they run off.

Doomguy: Alright, New tactics: I get the big ones and flying ones, you get the smaller ones. Okay?
Ken: got it.
As soon as they finish their short discussion, Doomguy shoots down a Gremlin behind Ken.
Doomguy: Holy FUCK i am good against those!
Ken launches a bunch of punches on a Black Jack, knocking off it’s head, and one of it’s arms.
Doomguy spots the buzzer behind Ken, while Ken spots a Gremlin behind Doomguy about to strike.
Doomguy blasts the Gremlin with a shotgun, destroying it instantly, while Ken punches the buzzer out of the air.
Doomguy: Thanks.
Ken: Likewise.
Ken then destroys a Slimbot and a Shady, while Doomguy destroys a Fujibot.

Current Bots: 4 Slimbots, 10 Shadies, 3 Fujibots, 4 Gremlins, 3 Black Jacks, 1 Gapshot, 1 Buzzer.

Jul 31, 2013 at 06:42PM EDT


Ragna: 10 Slimbots and four Shadies, a single Fujibot, three Gremlins, a single Black Jack and a pair of Buzzers.
Nu: 7 slimbots and 4 Shadies, two Fujibots, two Gremlins, two Black Jacks and a pair of GapShots.
Hakumen: 3 Slimbots and one Shady, five Fujibots, two Gremlins, a single Black Jack and a important pair of Buzzers.

Ragna summons a claw of the Black Beast to dispatch the Slims and Shadies. The claw bursts up from the ground, and smashes the group of bots while flailing around. Blood Scythe molds back into its original form of a sword, and he turns his attention to the lone Fujibot.

He holds Blood Scythe up and behind himself, and seemingly flies across the ground at the Fujibot. Once he gets close, he spins around slicing the Fujibot down the middle. The blade then cocks itself before Ragna drags it on the ground.
He slices the sword upward at the Fujibot, an explosion of red and black smoke in front of Ragna as two massive red spikes come out and impale the Fujibot straight through.

Nu just finished taking out the Slims and Shadies with a barrage of swords that ran along the air in front of her. She then sees the three Gremlins de-cloak behind Ragna, and sends out a wave of swords along the ground at them, obliterating them.

Ragna turns to look at Nu, her having sent the swords at his position.
Ragna: … Thanks for that.
The Grim Reaper then turns his attention towards the Black Jack, and speeds towards it. Jumping at it and avoiding a laser blast, he manages to swipe his sword through the bots’ head and send it collapsing.

Nu then turns her attention towards the Black Jacks and Fujibots, opening about 5 vortexes. Hundreds of swords start to fly out at them and impale them. They explode into bits of scrap and metal. Nu then turns her attention to the Gremlins, being able to see them with the visor on her head…

Hakumen on the other hand sprints towards all five of the Fujibots, while having the two Gremlins following behind him. Hakumen can also see (somewhat) invisible enemies as well, due to him facing Arakune before and his advanced sight. As the two Gremlins start to pick up speed, Hakumen jumps in the air and spins around in a ball with Okami sticking outwards, slicing the Gremlins in-two with the powerful blade. After this, Hakumen lands on his feet and keeps running towards the Fujibots who are firing their cannons at him.

Predicting their cannon fire, Hakumen is able to put up a barrier for the shots hurling at him. He then weaves in and out, and jumps onto the first head of the Fujibot, stabbing it through the head and rendering it useless. He jumps from bot to bot doing the same thing until the 5 Fujibots have been deactivated. The White Knight then turns his attention towards the Black Jack, beginning to head towards it now…

Current bots:
Ragna: 10 Slimbots and four Shadies, a single Fujibot, three Gremlins, a single Black Jack and a pair of Buzzers.
Nu: 7 slimbots and 4 Shadies, two Fujibots, two Gremlins, two Black Jacks and a pair of GapShots.
Hakumen: 3 Slimbots and one Shady, five Fujibots, two Gremlins, a single Black Jack and a important pair of Buzzers.

Last edited Jul 31, 2013 at 07:05PM EDT
Jul 31, 2013 at 06:59PM EDT

The 5 mages are fighting off bots – Tardises has recovered enough to cast single target Bubble spells when the Gremlin tries to attack the current weakest link, who would be Tardises himself. Unfortunately for the cloaking bot, it didn’t account for Barrier – The cyan circle appears, with no apparent cause… until Solarian quickly casts Void at the bot – Void because the last time he faced cloaking enemies, they were weak to dark – and reveals it as a result. Claws meet glowing blade as Tardises turns, sword drawn, to meet it.

Solarian: Keep it occupied, I’ll de-

A rocket hits Solarian, blasting him out of the way. Even with the Barrier, that hurts.

???: There they are!

Suddenly, a shower of pebbles rain down upon the bots followed by a Twister and Stonesplosion (Stonesplosion being the basic earth elemental attack spell. It’s occured to me that I’ve never really SHOWN much geomancy yet…). Tempestia lightly lands on the ground, while Chasmpound – with Granatir riding, of course – lands rather heavily,crushing a couple of slimbots below its feet

Tempestia: We figured you needed some help, so here we are.

Tsunarmin: Thanks for coming to help. We couldn’t have held out much longer…

Tsunarmin and Noctan cast Barrier on Tempestia and Chasmpound respectively. Granatir will have to wait – which isn’t a problem as Chasmpound is such a large target.
(OOC: The action order for this post (in terms of my characters) was Solarian(Void)->Tardises (physicals)->Chasmpound (the pebbles)->Tempestia (Twister)->Granatir(Stonesplosion) ->Tsunarmin and Noctan (Barrier), in case you’re wondering).

Jul 31, 2013 at 07:06PM EDT

natsu was almost taken by surprise by the back jack but he meets the black jacks punch with a punch of his own


Natsus punch completely destroys the black jacks arm in a fiery explosion of shrapnel. natsu flies past the bot but as he does it turns around to blast him with lasers. its about to take aim when suddenly cana comes around with her card magic.


5 cards make impact on the black jack and cause it to explode before it fires its laser at natsu. it is a burning wreck

Cana: special delivery for natsu. will that be cash or check?

everyone can see natsu using his magic to consume the fires from the destroyed black jack thanks to cana. eating his dragons element fully restore natsus magic and health. making him even more powerful than ever before. the only exception is that natsu cannot eat his own flames that he produces.

after eating all of the fire.
Cana: thanks cana. ill remember to buy you a drink after.

Cana: anytime. lets keep moving. theres more of these things around.

they continue on the training with spark an the others.

*meanwhile, erza is on a complete rampage. she is equipped in blackwing armour.

this armour is her fastest flying armour and her power increases with each swing of her sword. she dodges all laser fire from various bots and advanced turrets before slicing each one in half. she manages to fly her way to were hakumen is.*

flying right next to him
Erza: this is some training huh. say we work together on taking down the big ones together. i also like to see more of what you can do.

she transforms into heavenly wheel armour and summons dozens of swords and launches them at a group of gremlins, slimbots, a fujibot. and a black jack

a gapbot tries to shoot her out of the sky but she quickly dives down and slices it into pieces.

the others are still following the course manage to stick together in all of this. they work together to spot out robots nearby and counter attack with the right attacks. long range for the scramblers and buzzers. heavy hitters for the fujibots and black jacks. and area of effect attacks for the gremlins due to their speed and stealth.

fairy tail continues to prove that they are the greatest team.

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Jul 31, 2013 at 07:35PM EDT

OOC: And there are more images to make some of the female characters controlled by others jealous. Not Tsunarmin, of course… and Tempestia might even aspire to such a figure herself…

Jul 31, 2013 at 07:44PM EDT

Fairy Tail will have to face 12 Slimbots and 8 shadies, five Fujibots, four Gremlins, two Black Jacks and a important pair of GapShots.

A single Scrambler uses his fellow robot brother as a shield. With the death of the Black Jack, this Scrambler gets a chance to get close to Ragna. Ear pain as the robot keeps getting closer with the Buzzers arriving to the scene.

The Gremlins ran away for some reason: Gapshots’ rockets about to land. The rockets come from the top of a hill, they are probably hiding there.

Buzzers keep getting closer with the Black Jack leading them. The slimbots and shadies provide covering fire

@Kenshiro and Doomguy
Poor Kenshiro. Buzzers are kamikaze bombs. Punching a Buzzer would result in a serious hand injury. The last bug robot tries to get close to Kenshiro for the final hit with Slimbots and Shadies providing covering fire and the Fujibots acting like barriers. Doomguy would notice Gremlins trying to get behind him

Rockets arrive to the place. Gapshots hiding on the top of the hill. Black Jacks try to corner the group with Fujibots proving covering fire.

@Flandre, Reimu and Marisa
The last missile was a giant smoke bomb. After detonating in the middle of the battlefield, smoke covers the canyon, creating confusion and chaos. Loud sounds can be heard, another couple of missiles were fired.

Foster: Smoke screeeen! If you are going to defend the air, you better get along with all that amount of scrap and dust flying everywhere! Teamwork girls! You can’t dodge what you cannot see unless you have a extra pair of eyes watching your back!

Veteran quickly pulls out a small dropkick, ripping the bot’s head off. A Bouncer gets the chance to smack Tager but luckily, Cheston dropped himself from a tree, stomping on the bot’ head over and over again while making agry gorilla sounds. A single Bouncer remains and Veteran smiles.
Veteran: Three on one..Anyone for a Dudley Death Drop? No? What do you mean you don’t know what that is? Iron, you can lift him and drop him behind. Gorilla guy, we get the hardest part..We will have to grab his head or whatever in midair so the bot gets a lovely kiss from the floor! HAHA! Now quick, before something else appears!

EDIT: GODAMN IT ASURA..Let’s just say the bots respawned. Oh and

Laser Turrets are EXTREMELLY accurate. Hell, in-game you can have the speed of sound but they will always manage to get you ’cause aimbot.
You did manage to destroy a single one, but taking all of them at the same time would be SUICIDE

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Jul 31, 2013 at 07:52PM EDT

Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis wrote:

OOC: And there are more images to make some of the female characters controlled by others jealous. Not Tsunarmin, of course… and Tempestia might even aspire to such a figure herself…

Last edited Jul 31, 2013 at 08:10PM EDT
Jul 31, 2013 at 07:59PM EDT

Pyralis notices the rockets and points his sword directly at one as it approaches him. The way he figures it, as someone who’s fire elemental it won’t hurt him particularly badly.

Before it can hit him, though, there is a gunshot from behind him – Solarian is actually using his weapon here. The orange jewel on the gun glows, indicating that he’s using fire elemental bullets. The bullet hits the rocket and causes it to explode harmlessly. Granatir and Chasmpound move to stop any shots from reaching the too-occupied-to-notice Tardises, who is still struggling against the Gremlin. Tempestia casts Agility Boost on herself while Tsunarmin casts Null Fire Once, they’re planning something… Granatir slams his staff into the ground, causing vines to rise up in an attempt to bind the Black Jacks – a modification of the same spell he had used on the dragons to bind them. Unfortunately for him he can only keep the spell in effect at one particualr point, so…

Back at the Order HQ, the Komodo is freed. Ignis and the messenger are trying to keep it held down while Pitchurn, who has come to help in Granatir’s place, looks for something to feed it.

Chasmpound is a large and heavy beast, so the moment Granatir concentrates on his spell, the Litholizard gently shifts him off and proceeds to Charge at the bots, the impact would throw off the aim of any large bot it hits, and would just run straight through the smaller ones. Noctan, meanwhile, casts Barrier on Granatir, who has landed gently on his feet. Since Pyralis hasn’t attacked, he can cast Healing Wind on Solarian.

I didn’t say I was jealous, I was saying that some of the female characters would be. While Tsunarmin accepts their figures and Tempestia would aspire to them upon seeing them, The dark-elemental Pitchurn would probably be jealous – Mainly because she doesn’t really know them, unlike the time she pointed out to Tempestia the assets the young archmage possessed herself… Speaking of those figures, I have no idea why they are like that… Other than to attract an audience, of course.

…Speaking of audience, I might as well point out that between all our characters, we cover a ridiculously diverse range of media – and many genres, too. Hell, I dove into flash games for inspiration for my characters. That ALONE would make a rather interesting combination of all of the characters in this… May as well ask what form or media (and genre if possible) the various inspirations for your characters were drawn from. Including for individual attacks (which is where the inspiration lies with mine

Mage: I wonder who has the widest range of inspirations here… and also, I just have to say ‘me gusta’ to those images. What? I’m a human male! What do you expect!?

…And to think you were about to call me out on Mamiz- Not finishing that sentence. (Even though Natsuru can probably guess EXACTLY WHAT I AM REFERRING TO down to the individual attack from that alone…)

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Jul 31, 2013 at 08:04PM EDT

OOC: lel, bewbs.

Current Bots: 4 Slimbots, 10 Shadies, 3 Fujibots, 4 Gremlins, 3 Black Jacks, 1 Gapshot, 1 Buzzer.

Suddenly, Doomguy spots the rocket heading straight towards Nu. He shoots it out of the air with his own rocket. However, by the time he turns around, it’s too late to dodge the gremlins.
Doomguy: Eh, I’ve had worse done to me.
The gremlins proceed to give him some cuts, but mainly hit his armor, just scratching it. He then rocket jumps away, destroying the gremlins in the process.
Ken’s exploded hand heals easily, due to the Regeneration thingy that Meredith gave him.
Doomguy spots the buzzer headed towards Ken, and shoots it straight out of the air, making it explode behind him.
Ken: Thanks.
Ken then takes on the various Slimbots and Shadies, having manovered around the Fujibots thanks to a piggyback ride and Doomguy’s insane speed, killing all the slimbots and half the shadies.
The two men then prepare to take on the Fujibots.

Current Bots: 0 Slimbots, 5 Shadies, 3 Fujibots, 0 Gremlins, 3 Black Jacks, 1 Gapshot, 0 Buzzers.

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Jul 31, 2013 at 08:08PM EDT


One of the eyes in Hakumen’s armor darts over to look at Erza.
Hakumen: So you wish to assist me? Very well.
Hakumen nears the Black Jack’s position, standing a few feet in front of it.

Hakumen: I am the White Void…
A crest appears behind Hakumen, glowing red.

Hakumen raises his sword in front of him to make a GIANT blue barrier. He anticipates the Black Jack’s swing, and catches it. It’s all over for the entirety of all the bots near Hakumen’s position. The White Knight becomes an inky black figure with a red outline, and everything is seemingly frozen in time near his position while a white “canvas” is in the background. Hakumen looks like a living inkblot now. He then takes his sword in one hand and strikes the Black Jack with it. This slice is so strong that it cuts the reality around the Black Jack with it, and it leaves behind an inky black trail like a paint brush.

Hakumen: I am the Cold Steel!
The slashes become more and more rapidly paced, each one leaving behind a black afterimage of the strike. Sparks fly everywhere as Hakumen continues to slash into the bot. It should also be noted that he has already destroyed the Slims, Shadies, and Buzzers with the initial strike. The explosion from both the Buzzers did nothing to him, however.
Hakumen: I am the Just Sword!
The samurai just continues to wail on the Black Jack, not holding back. Inky slices everywhere. They just keep on getting more powerful with each swing of his sword.

Hakumen: With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction!
He slices at the Black Jack’s middle once again, one of the bigger and more powerful ink blots follow this strike.
Hakumen: I am Hakumen!
He swings for a final time with TREMENDOUS force. The biggest ink blot comes from this one, going right down the bots’ middle. Hundreds of thousands of powerful sword slashes have already been put into it.

Time seemingly resumes, and the Black Jack isn’t even there anymore.

Hakumen is back to his original white form, now heading off and to Erza’s position.


Ragna has to hold his head and back away from the Scrambler.
Ragna: Gyah! That’s ENOUGH!
He stares straight up at the Scrambler, his Azure Grimoire still activated. He holds Blood Scythe in both hands, and it begins to spark to turn into its scythe form again.
Using the extended range from his scythe, Ragna takes out the Scrambler and Buzzer’s with relative ease. Ragna then sees the rockets about to hit Nu, and he dives at her to push her out of the way, the rockets exploding behind them.
Ragna: I owed you one…

Nu looks up at Ragna, smiling before getting out from under him.
Nu: Trajectory and launch of rockets confirmed. Targets on nearby hill.
She points at the hill and glides up and towards it, dodging the rockets coming at her. Once she reaches the top, she comes across the Gapshots, and makes quick work of them with a barrage of energy swords. After this, Nu dispatches the gremlins that were following her with deadly close range combat using the blades floating behind her, and her own moves. Sending swords at them, using the blades on her arms to slice them apart, the likes.

Ragna then finds a stray Fujibot that was about to fire off a cannon at Ken and Doomguy, and makes quick work of it with a few slices of his scythe.

Current bots: Finished


Flandre dodges a few rockets due to her enhanced vision and vampiric senses. She then spots a few headed at Marisa and Reimu from behind.
Marisa! Kitty! Behind you!


Tager complies with Veteran’s request, going over and grabbing the Bouncer with his mechanical gauntlets. He then hoists the Bouncer over his head and waits for Veteran and Cheston to make their moves.

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Jul 31, 2013 at 08:39PM EDT

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

OOC: lel, bewbs.

Current Bots: 4 Slimbots, 10 Shadies, 3 Fujibots, 4 Gremlins, 3 Black Jacks, 1 Gapshot, 1 Buzzer.

Suddenly, Doomguy spots the rocket heading straight towards Nu. He shoots it out of the air with his own rocket. However, by the time he turns around, it’s too late to dodge the gremlins.
Doomguy: Eh, I’ve had worse done to me.
The gremlins proceed to give him some cuts, but mainly hit his armor, just scratching it. He then rocket jumps away, destroying the gremlins in the process.
Ken’s exploded hand heals easily, due to the Regeneration thingy that Meredith gave him.
Doomguy spots the buzzer headed towards Ken, and shoots it straight out of the air, making it explode behind him.
Ken: Thanks.
Ken then takes on the various Slimbots and Shadies, having manovered around the Fujibots thanks to a piggyback ride and Doomguy’s insane speed, killing all the slimbots and half the shadies.
The two men then prepare to take on the Fujibots.

Current Bots: 0 Slimbots, 5 Shadies, 3 Fujibots, 0 Gremlins, 3 Black Jacks, 1 Gapshot, 0 Buzzers.

Current Bots: 5 Shadies, 3 Fujibots, 3 Black Jacks, 1 Gapshot.

As Doomguy fires rockets into the Fujibots, Destroying them, Kenshiro advances on the Black Jacks and Shadies.
Ken: Hokuto Shinken has existed for thousands of years. It cannot be bested by the likes of you.
He punches the shadies numerous times, destroying them all. A Black Jack advances behind him, but ken, with a roundhouse kick, takes off the Black Jack’s head. Doomguy comes up and shoots down another Black jack. The final black jack come up on Doomguy, only for Ken to intercept it with one swift punch to the head, knocking it off, but not before the Black Jack could attack. A solid hit lands on Doomguy, cracking his armor a bit and knocking him down. He gets back up, just as the Gapshot sends a missile flying towards him.
Ken: Look out!
Doomguy reacts fast enough that he blows the rocket up in id air. They both head towards the Gapshot’s position.

Current Bots: 5 Shadies, 3 Fujibots, 3 Black Jacks, 1 Gapshot.

The gapshot fires rockets at the two men, which they easily dodge. One rocket hist Doomguy in the face, causing severe damage. however, Doomguy still continues on trucking.
Doomguy: We’re… almost there!
They finally reach the top of the hill. The gapshot prepares to fire one last rocket, but Doomguy fires his own rocket, blowing up the rocket near the Gapshot, destroying it.

Current Bots: Nothing! Yay!

Jul 31, 2013 at 09:11PM EDT

Great work super chumps! My god, and I thought you were unprepared! Kudos to everyone who decided to watch someone else’s back! Last wave of shadies and slimbots for today, enjoy them while you can!


Shady and Slimbot only. No Gremblins or scramblers, just these pair of little guys. This wave is some sort of “break” before the next wave, which will consist in nothing but Fujibots. Everyone will have to face 20 shadies and 20 slimbots, 40 bots per character. They are weak and easy to destroy but strenght comes in numbers! Moving walls are back: Steel platforms that appear out of nowhere, hitting unexpected victims or blocking someone’s path. Two types of platforms are scattered around the place now: Normal hard steel walls and “Slipery” plates. Slipery plates will make you trip or get glued. Jump when you see one!

As the Bouncer is held, Veteran and Cheston jump in the air. They grab the bots head, forcing him to drop into the floor, crushing his head with a loud KRUNCH noise! Veteran laughs and repeats the word “3D! 3D!” over and over again. Another group of Bouncers but there is something different…

Only three of them. They are bigger and tougher.

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Jul 31, 2013 at 09:34PM EDT


After Medusa explains about the procedure, Blitz looks at Medusa and then raises an eyebrow.
Blitz : Yes…You… I have a single question… What will happen to me if the experiment works? I mean, I will not stay like that freak of Asura, right?

Suddenly, Nightmare Moon appears on the side of Blitz.
NMM : Stop whining, weak vampire, you know that your boss does not care about you on anything.
Blitz : And who called you! Leave me alone and go to breathe your “fresh air”.


NM : Asura, since we already have working in this thing about the Black Blood and the “indestructible” Building… What we are gonna do to the next ingredients? You know, the girls.

Jul 31, 2013 at 09:50PM EDT

Doomguy: Okay, you take out the Leg-Guns, I take out the Arm-Cannons.
They do so. Going into more detail:


Doomguy instantly heads after the Shadies heading towards the two men. He fires a rocket at the group, taking out about 7. He then fires a stream of Plasma into the group, taking out another 5. He gets up close, dodging the lasers. He grabs one of the Shadies, and throws it into the group, firing a rocket at it, taking out another 5. He rocket jumps, taking another 3, then fires a shot from his BFG, taking 10. He then takes out his Super Shotgun and wrecks the remaining 10 bots.

Ken just goes around reducing the Slimbots into piles of scrap. Nothing special. Sorry. Doomguy comes in to help him clean up. Yeah, I know, boring. They WERE lucky to not encounter Sticky Plates, though.

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Jul 31, 2013 at 09:59PM EDT

@Shadies and Slimbots,

Nu scans the target area, targeting each individual of the 40 bots coming after her. She opens a rift under the Shadies and Slims before sending wave after wave of swords from all directions at them. However… She gets caught off guard by a sticky panel under her. There are only about 5 of each left, and they all fire at her. The lasers cause her pain actually. She’s stuck…

Ragna notices Nu stuck on a sticky platform.
Ragna: Hang on, Nu!
He jumps at her, grabbing her by the waist and getting her off of the sticky platform. The two land on the ground.

Nu giggles as Ragna saved her.
Nu: Thanks, Ragna!

Ragna smiles a bit, and looks at the wave of Shadies and Slims.
Ragna: They’re tough little bastards, aren’t they… If they shoot you enough it actually hurts.
He smirks a bit before he jumps at them with Blood Scythe, making quick work of the entire wave sent at him. However, he takes a few shots here and there.

One of the Shadies tries to punch Rags in the back.

Not so fast. Hakumen out of nowhere, and slashes the Shadie in-two.
Hakumen: Be more careful next time, Beast. It is my destiny to end you, not these pathetic robots.

Ragna: Thanks, you masked freak.
He finally dispatches the last of the bots sent at him.

Nu dispatches the last of the bots sent at her with swords.

Hakumen rushes off to go make quick work of the 40 Shadies and Slims before him. He slices and dices them, ultimately killing all of them off.


As one of the Bouncers nears Tager, his gauntlet glows yellow with electric energy and he punches forward with tremendous strength, sending the Bouncer flying at a tree. However, one sneaks up on him and punches him square in the back, sending him staggering some. Tager spins around and grabs this Bouncer before slamming it into the ground a few times and tossing it up in the air. He leaves the other Bouncer for Veteran and Cheston. Whoever gets to it first.

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Jul 31, 2013 at 10:04PM EDT

@Blitz and NMM

medusa pulls out a vial of black blood from her lab coat and passes it to blitz for him to look at

Medusa: this black blood is the very same black blood that is within asura. he has perfectly refined it within his body to give him unimaginable strength, ungodly healing, and immunity to pretty much any biological disease or infection. this black blood is literally the stuff of the gods themselves. it can even allow regeneration of limbs within seconds should you be unfortunate to loose any. black blood can also be used as a weapon, to be manipulated to harden and take shape of whatever ways the user feels. if you show compatibility of the black blood than it will begin to assimilate your blood and recreate it into more black blood until it fills your entire body. the process may be painful though. since asura had no blood in his body while imprisoned in his sealed shrine, it completely took him without any resistance. however, if the blood rejects you than it will tear you to shreds from the inside out. which is why i am doing these tests before hand. she pulls out the needle once again now than, shall we get started on the testings?
(i assume you are talking about reimu, marisa, and flandre)
Asura: the girls are definitely another issue we need to deal with in due time. however, trying to capture them at this time would be much of a hassle since they contain unfathomable amounts of raw magic power. containing them for long periods of time would prove most difficult. which is why i would recommend holding back on their capture. once the construct is finished and fully operational. than can we go on the hunt for them and the chaos emeralds. than all that is needed to be done is prepare everything together for the final spell. for now, do as you wish. you can talk to yukari on further details. he consumes another soul medusa gave to him earlier on. he then uses one of his appendages to bring the second last soul in front of medic as an offering of consumption care for a bite?
EDITED: @hakumen before bots
erza is actually astonished by hakumens attacks and his power.
Erza: i can understand now why you are as powerful as they say white knight. a sword tht can cut through the very fabrics of space is something that i dont see everyday. you defenitely have my respect not only as a swordsman, but also as a friend. lets all show the ballon master what it means to be afraid.

she flies off to destroy more bots before regoining the others.
@spark and bots
everyone in fairy tail notices the hordes of bots after them. there seems to be hundreds of them.

right when they are about to fire, erza is ahead of everyone, she is re-quipped into adamanite armour. this armour of hers is the ultimate defensive armour that she has. it can withstand any attacks so long as she has magic power to use.

she puts together the two giant shields on her arms together. when they meet, a gigantic magic circle appears in front of her. it blocks all of the shots fired by the hordes of bots after everyone.

all the other members of fairy tail are right behind her in a hurry.

lucy: good call erza. there is way too many of those things out there.

Gajeel: hm. i can take them all on all by myself. those are all just a bunch of small fries to me.

Gray: but there is a lot of those small fries. blasting us without end. we need to coordinate with each other and the others if we want to make it through.

Juvia: right gray-sama. if we combine our powers together we can defeat all of them.

wendy: i can use my magic to increase our combat abilities.

cana: that and also we can……

Natsu: SCREW ALL OF THAT. I CAN TAKE THESE CHUMPS. JUST WATCH. natsu jumps very high into the air and past erzas shield wall.


while in the air natsus hands are both enshrouded by ultimate flames as he prepares one of his signature dragonslayer spells

Natsu: THE FLAMES IN MY RIGHT HAND. THE FLAMES IN MY LEFT HAND. PUT THE TWO TOGETHER. Natsu puts his hands together while still ablaze and brings them above his head to create a meteor of a fireblall in his hands.


natsu hurls the gigantic fireball at the hordes of slimbots and shadybots after his group. the explosion that ensures is so catastrophic that it creates a gigantic crater in the hillside. overkill doesnt even begin to describe natsus attack.

(FYI, natsu pretty much threw a giant, magical flaming, spirit bomb. imagine that)

he lands back down in front of erza and the others, erza requiped back into her normal armour.

Erza: we were supposed to be a team natsu.

Natsu: hey i was working as a team. you covered all of us from those guys while i took them out without any further harm. id say that was a good strategy.

Lucy: he does have a point. we are all in one piece and those bots are all gone.

Gray: waaaay to be a showoff once again natsu.

Gajeel: at least save some scraps of em for me to eat at least. geesh

Happy: leave him alone. its not his fault hes so strong. now cmon lets keep going.


everyone, though a bit irritated by natsu, continue to along with the next stages of the plan. all of their slimbots and shady bots have been destroyed by a single cataclysmic sized spell thanks to natsus recklessness.

OOC: spark, understand that i was in character the whole time. natsu would clearly do something like that. especially when he ate the fire from before boosting his magic powers to greater levels.

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Jul 31, 2013 at 11:03PM EDT

Spark jumps around the training camp as bot pieces fly everywhere. “Oh god they are literally releasing big bang shows for a group of small shadies and slimbots”. Max sent a message to his wrist device.
“Yo Sparky, u thnk they can handle the fujis?”
Hurm..Sure, overkills are unnecessary and in real battle, enemies will appear out of nowhere. Charging a single massive attack to destroy the smallest unit would be a huge waste of sweat and stamina but after watching Hakumen and Ragna fight Jackbot, Doomguy helping Nu with the Buzzers and even the magicians trusting in someone else’s skill, the captain strongly believes that the group of goodoers will be fine.
“Release the Fujibots. They are ready.”

The camp is dead silent, not a single sound is heard as the Engibot picks up the metalic pieces around the place. Button pressing from a crazy rabbit. The signal is recieved. The next wave starts. Electric guitar in the background as the Fujibots appear.

Walls stop moving, now they act like strategic points to take cover but careful: Sticky walls are still around. The bots start to cover the place, diving in groups of five and choosing a single person to chase. They give the heroes a small break, 2 minutes to catch a breath and to get ready. Powerful cannons, scary accuracy and they tend to protect each other…This won’t be easy..
This thread…
This is now..

Jul 31, 2013 at 11:44PM EDT
Meredith decides to use her spacey powers to increase her speed to ludicrous levels, and not only that, but she also equips a weapon that grants her more mobility: The Thorns of Oglogoth. Due to her being stupid-fast at the moment, she easily zips around and blasts the group of Gapshots into little bits first. She then quickly teleports the four Black Jacks gunning for her to the sun. She then uses her spacey powers again to slow down the Buzzers to a snail’s pace, allowing her to blast them into tiny bits with the magical needles as well.
Like so:

She then casts Lightning Storm again, for good measure.
Jul 31, 2013 at 11:48PM EDT

OOC: Becouse everyone needs to have fun: You destroyed Slimbots, Shadies and bla bla bla but NOT the Fujibots. NOT YET

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Jul 31, 2013 at 11:53PM EDT

Doomguy: Ken! Grab my hand! We’ll be safe up here!
Doomguy rocket jumps up on top of a wall. He then begins taking potshots at various Fujibots around the landscape, with Kenshiro on his back as a piggyback ride. In general, he’s just assisting various groups in their endeavors. He quickly shoots down a group of Fujibots approaching the mage’s positions through tactical flanking.
This alerts the Fujibots to their position, and unluckily, Doomguy is shot by one of the bots. Luckily, however, He falls right on top of one of the Fujibots. He flips down onto the back of one of the bots, as another bot fires at him. He dodges the shot as friendly fire occurs, and a hole is punched right through the fujibot’s armor. Doomguy goes in and grabs some cables inside, and shuts down the bot. Ken, however, is still on the bot, and just jumps to a nearby wall. Doomguy proceeds to rocket jump back up, and continues taking potshots at various Fujibots with his rocket launcher, while running about. Ken is on Doomguy’s back, so as not to be hit.

OOC: You can just make it so one of Doomguy’s rockets hit a Fujibot that’s going to ambush you or something.


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Jul 31, 2013 at 11:58PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

OOC: Becouse everyone needs to have fun: You destroyed Slimbots, Shadies and bla bla bla but NOT the Fujibots. NOT YET

(OOC: Well, I didn’t attack the Fujibots anyway (I think) just the robots sent to attack me.
But okay, you’re the ringleader of this training course, so your word is law.)

Aug 01, 2013 at 12:08AM EDT

Touching a robot’s wire…
Doomguy meets his doom with a happy electric current from a 85.5 Volt Battery. In fact, the amount of electricity spreading his body would be too much for a normal human, who would suffer a heart attack and shortly die. But luckily the bot malfunctions and explodes, sending a unconscious Doomguy near a wall. Kenshiro would be pushed away by the explotion, lading near Tardises and the mages. Fujibots can get 5 direct hits froma a rocket launcher and still hover around the place. Bots who were hit by Doomguy will now have half of their health

OOC: So sorry Burner but I reaaally want this to be DIFFICULT or else It’s just a kiddy game and nothing else. You have 5 Fujibots following you*

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Aug 01, 2013 at 12:12AM EDT

OOC: I just knew you were going to fuck me over.

Thankfully, Doomguy can naturally take a rocket to the face. However, He is KO’d for about a minute or two, considering that was an 85 volt battery. When Doomguy wakes up, the events in my last post actually happen.

OOC again: Honestly, My characters excluding the stand users are probably some of the weakest in the thread.

Aug 01, 2013 at 12:38AM EDT

Before the bots.

@Fairy Tail,

Nu clapped at the display of Natsu’s magic, but only because of the pretty colors and the fact she was around Ragna.

Ragna crosses his arms as he watches Natsu throw his spirit bomb.
Ragna: Not bad… Not bad at all.
He smirks a bit.

Hakumen doesn’t really say anything. He just watches as the bots get blown to bits. He also nodded at Erza calling him a friend earlier, meaning he took what she meant as a compliment.

After bots


Doomguy’s rockets didn’t take out any of the Fujibots for the BlazBlue team, but left some of them weakened. They will take full advantage of this. They’re currently up against a wall all together, having planned for the 2 minutes of free time. Then the bots come…

Ragna: One… Two… THREE!

They simultaneously jump on top of the same wall to get a clear vantage point.

Nu: Scanning… Targets 50 feet away from the North and approaching at fast speeds.
Nu holds out a hand at the Fujibots, opening a purple rift under all 15 of them to slow them down. She then sends the swords floating behind her straight at the first one, impaling it with all 8 swords and rendering it useless. After this, due to her being able to manipulate the very fabric of space, she has the power to fly. She takes flight and makes her way over to above the wave of Fujibots. The Murakumo Unit then opens a big rift above them, and it begins to rain swords down on them from above. This should weaken the group of Fujibots, and destroy the ones who were hurt by Doomguy. (Just gonna assume he shot three)

Ragna takes this chance to summon a head of the Black Beast, it bursting up from the ground and roaring a blood curdling roar those who fought the Black Beast before heard. The head looks down at the group of Fujibots…

It opens its’ gaping maw, and devours about 7 of them. Ragna then makes his way to the Fujibots…

Hakumen rushes towards the group of Fujibots, Okami held in both hands. He then nears their position as he dodges and predicts the cannon fire from them.
Hakumen: Weak!
Hakumen slices at the nearest Fujibot several times with his powerful blade, cutting into it and making it spark like crazy before shutting down. Hakumen is about to get hit by a preparing Fujibot until…

Ragna: I’ll tear you…
He slides across the ground, his BlazBlue arm glowing purple.
He punches the Fujibot square in the back with the powerful Hell’s Fang strike, making the bot useless. He pulls his arm out afterwards.
Ragna: You owe me, you masked freak!
He slices at a Fujibot with the crimson energy blade of his scythe, tearing through the armor and ripping it apart.

Hakumen: I do not owe the likes of you favors, Dark One!
He sees a nearby Fujibot about to punch him, but he spins around and puts up another red barrier in front of him.

He slashes past the Fujibot with the massive nodachi, cutting it straight in half.

With only one Fujibot remaining, Nu comes down with a powerful pinpoint drilling kick at the remaining bot. She penetrates the thing’s “face”, and the kick from that height should have cracked the armor and renders it useless. She jumps off after it, and lands floating above the ground.
Nu: Hehe~

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Aug 01, 2013 at 12:43AM EDT

OOC: Actually, I reckon my mages are the weakeest – They can’t take many hits without the aid of things like Barrier. And… well… the mages haven’t evne dealt with the larger bots from BEFORE, let alone all the bots now… I think your moving too quickly has just utterly screwed them over, guys…. I usppose I can allow them a few attacks each in this post to make up for the time that’s passed…….

Back before the additional waves came, the plan was put into motion. Tempestia quickly slips by the bots that are trying to close in, and heads in the direction the rockets are coming from. Tsunarmin proceeds to cast Lightning Bolt on the occupied Gremlin, hoping to destroy it and therefore free up Tardises to do something. Pyralis tries to destroy the bound bots with a Lightning Storm. Noctan decides to throw a Void the Gremlin’s way, which throws it off balance enough for Tardises to finish it off with his sword. Solarian continues to shoot incoming rockets, to harmlessly destroy them. Granatirrr merely keeps the 2 bots bound, though he does step back a bit to get some form of cover. Chasmpound, meanwihle, ALSO heads towards the hill.

Right before the next wave of bots spawn, Tempestia and Chasmpound reach the Gapshots. Chasmpound roars, causing stone walls to rise up round the gapshots. If they were to fire rockets now, they’d only hit themselves with splash damage from the explosions. Tempestia also casts Lightning Storm to damage them a bit. The other 6 mages are focusing on the larger bots now there are no more smaller ones. First of all Solarian and Tsunarmin cast Lightning Storm on the 2 bound bots, then Pyralis casts Raging Inferno, and Noctan casts Galaxy Burst. Since the bound bots are still not destroyed, Tardises decides that maybe a mechanical-looking approach of their own is needed… so What I’m Made Of flies over to the bots and starts fighting electrically charged regenerating spikes at the bound bots until they are destroyed. This allows Granatir to cast Earth Heal, which is multi-target by default.

When the large wave of small bots come… the mages get a bit worried, as they are only used to handling up to 4 opponents, not 280! (You DID say 40 for each character… I’m not really counting Chasmpound as a character here due to just being a tamed creature)… It is almost certainly up to the two unusual things among the mages – What I’m Made Of proceeds to “teleport” behind the bots (in reality it stopped time around itself, becasue the boss its based on is able to do that. ONLY around itself, though. No ZA WARUDO levels of freedom here.What it did was fly behind the bots before what timehax it performed ended. (OOC: Seriously, it just did something the boss it was based on could do. Metal Overlord DOES have Chaos Control.)) and then proceeds to just fly at the bots from behid, coating itself in electricity. Alongside it is Chasmpound, who is Charging again. Between the two of them they get rid of about half of them (WIMO’s elemental exploiting and Chasmpound’s sheer mass being the reason they can quickly destroy 140 small bots)…… The situation still isn’t good, though.
Tempestia: Just how many of these things are there!?
The mages have to see what hidden abilities they can access, now… Tsunarmin, out of desperation, accesses her hidden abiltiies, which she was only supposed to actually be able to use as the Water Guardian. Of course such things don’t really carre that she chose otherwise, so the abilities were lying dormant. Anyway, a huge water-elemental beast is summoned. It is floating in midair a dark blue, with two large claws, and a long tail that is held horizontally – It is held horizontally so that the Guardian (or Tsunarmin in this case) can ride it. Tsunarmin proceeds to do so, and finds her aquamancy significantly amplified – To the point that one Tsunarmi could wash away 10 bots. Solarian doesn’t even try to tap into hidden abilities yet – He remembers that in the world Ignis acquired that rocket hammer, the local Order (not of mages, of course) had given him a gun which they considered powerful, in return for his helping them on a honestly difficult mission. Solarian then starts to use that gun. It looks like a revolver with some sort of metal wing shape attached to the end of the barrel – the shape points back towards Solarian. Because to that Order they just have various magical elements combined into generic ‘elemental’, this gun is effective against the bots even though it is clearly light elemental, not air elemental. He proceeds to quickly shoot down 6 bots using this Argent Peacemaker (This gun would be a 5 gun with a hard to find recipe. Very many SK players tend to use it over other choices for elemental gun. I myself am not even much of a gunner, preferring to use swords.)
Tardises: Where the hell did you get that thing?
Solarian: I’ll explain later, as it’s to do with my previous encounter with cloaked enemies.
As it turns out, Pyralis’ hidden abilities involve using Firebrand (his sword). He slashes horizontally at the air, causing a wave of fire to move towards the bots – Like the amplified Tsunami, it is capable of destroying 10 bots outright.
Pyralis: So much for that ‘little use for physical’ stuff, I like this attack!
Noctan’s ability is ALSO related to physical attacks. He temporarily causes an eclipse, and in the darkness of an eclipse he can teleport around and take enemies by surprise with Eclipse (his axe). He destroys 10 in this way before teleporting away as the eclipse ends.
Noctan: You’re not the only one who uses physicals as part of their special ability, Pyralis.
Granatir’s hidden ability is another ability named Earthquake. Unlike the regular geomancy Earthquake, which just shakes things up with a few simultaneous (and not focused on anything) Stonesplosions, this….. This is basically the Earthquake GP, which leaves a small (but permanent) concentric distortion on the land after shaking things up. It destroys 10 bots and damages the rest.
(OOC: huehuehue you’re not the only one able to draw GPs from that RTS, MasterBurner (it’s a shame I lost my copy of the expansion, though)…)
That just leaves Tempestia. Her daggers become charged with air elemental energy, and seem to turn yellow and extend in length. She then turns towards the bots and runs at them at a pace so high that no one can even see her move. She stops instantly by the other mages, and her daggers return to normal length. If Reimu or Marisa were watching, they’d find what she just did awfully familiar…Anyway, another 10 bots are destroyed.
(OOC: And yes, there is a reason that attack may be awfully familiar.)
Destroying 196 bots really isn’t bad for the mages, all things considered. But it’s still not enough…

… Good thing the Fujibots are giving a couple of minutes before they attack. Gives the mages time to deal with the others. The bots are slowed down a little dealing with the aftermath of Earthquake – the earth dragon and the stand proceed to charge at them again, destroying them while they’re slowed. This gives the mages time to heal each other up, as well as provide a few buffs. Pyralis intends to take advantage of his formerly-hidden ability and therefore casts Strength Boost on himself. Granatir re-mounts Chasmpound.

When the Fujibots come, the mages are prepared. Tardises engages Sanic Mode, and starts moving around at a really high speed – just short of the speed of sound, even.
(OOC: Insert GOTTA GO FAST here)
Utilising Sanic Mode, Tardises proceeds to attack the fujibots with an air-elemental blade (the lines on his sword would be glowing strongly and yellow to indicate this)
Tardises: You’re too slow!
Tsunarmin is still riding the summoned creature, and proceeds to cast Tsunami again. The creature can also take hits for her, and is incredibly durable
Granatir casts Lightning Storm (the aeromancy spell, not the GP) while Chasmpound spits pebbles at the bots
Pyralis sends out another wave of fire – this one is more damaging than the last, and ends up melting part of the metal, creating a weak spot. Solarian takes advantage of these weak spots by shooting at them with the AP.
Noctan and Tempestia use their respective physical abilities – Tempestia is past the fujibots long before Noctan’s first eclipse-enabled teleport. Noctan aims for the weak points as well. His axe cuts right into the weak points that Pyralis created.
Overall, 5 of the 35 Fujibots are destroyed, and anothe 5 are easy to destroy now, due to partially melted casings

Aug 01, 2013 at 04:17AM EDT

OOC: Central character switch back to Dingo, severely bored of Jetstream now…

Meanwhile in space, where Heaven once was…

Dingo floats around motionlessly in space inside Jehuty, the Orbital Frame

ADA: Dingo?
ADA: What are we to do now?
Well, going along with Sam and his bunch of weird robots wasn’t going to get me back to my dimension any faster….so here we are….and besides the maniac nearly got me killed when I took that girl to his pointless underwater base thing…so yeah, I don’t know right now.
ADA: Shall I set a waypoint for Mobius?
Why the hell would I wanna go there?! its fulla even crazier maniacs!
I just want to get home to my comrades, ive got no business to do here….and another thing..
ADA: ?
I haven’t found a piece of Metatron anywhere
ADA: That is true. My various scans have found zero evidence of Metatron Ore in the vicinity of Mobius or any other bodies within this system
I wonder what happened to that little freak show from the canteen earlier…..

Jehuty remains drifting slowly through space, Dingo still thinking of the next move to make


Okay, to put it simply I have a few more things left for him to do and Asura really wanted me to leave him behind, so here he is. Hopefully this time he doesn’t come across Johnson and instead gets a bigger chance to shine.

Also, just a note. This is Jehuty Ver. 2 not the original, meaning it is way way way more powerful

Meredith just teleport him to LOCAF or something so h can get involved again, sending him straight back to the Z.O.E universe is possible but would just be….boring to say the least…

The Answer: It seems Dingo Egret has returned.
The Question: Shall we depart?
The Answer: We shall, back to the temple.
The two men vanish instantly, there existence in LOCAF went completely un-noticed…except for Touhou duo

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #3


Ship Status

Current Activities: Successfully shocked out from FTL. Navigating inside magnetic cloud.

Overall Status-------CAUTION
Superstructure------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integrity at maximum.
Crew--------------------ISSUE-----------Power outages on all decks, civilians beginning to panic.
Systems--------------ISSUE-----------WARNING!: Major electrical interferences, multiple systems offline due to cloud.

Sensory Arrays----ISSUE-----------WARNING: Equipment disabled due to electrical shocks from cloud.
Food supplies-------OKAY-----------Rations near maximum.
Munitions-------------OKAY-----------Munitions near maximum.
Main Engines-------ISSUE-----------Engines on low power, propulsion handling systems hindered.
Power Plant---------ISSUE-----------WARNING: Electrical fluctuations and overcharge pulses.
Slipspace Core----INACTIVE

Exit from FTL was successful however we were plunged directly into a very highly charged magnetic cloud, this has caused major interference to all syt-

Log ended unexpectedly due to AI crash….

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Aug 01, 2013 at 02:03PM EDT

Veteran quickly steps back and takes a big jump thanks to his jetpack. The gigantic behemoth lands on the Bouncer so bloody hard that the bot’s legs are torn apart as the luchador belly hits the bot’s chest. Cheston is climbing a tree, searching for more bouncer around the place.
Cheston: Another group of them! Prepare!

Another group of Fujibots are deployed in the training camp. 5 per character.

OOC: See ya later guys, gotta take a quick nap so I can…SEND FRICKING JACKBOTS AT YOU? IS YOUR BODY READY?

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Aug 01, 2013 at 02:58PM EDT


Doomguy, noticing that the Fujibots take 5 rockets per bot, instead takes out his Plasma launcher. That shit can cut through metal, right? Wither way, he goes around assisting people in killing their fujibots, while searching for his and ken’s.

Aug 01, 2013 at 03:01PM EDT


Ragna: GOD DAMN IT! How many more of these things are there?!
He looks visibly pissed off as he sees more and more waves of the things. With the help of Doomguy’s plasma launcher, he takes down a few.

Hakumen continues to fight the bots, not stopping or complaining. He sees that his goal is within his reach. He uses his barriers to protect himself from cannon fire while he slashes away at them.

Nu does the same, her programming kicking in and turning her into a ruthless killing machine. She uses the swords floating behind her, energy swords, her hand blades, and powerful kicks to deal with the bots coming at her.

OOC: Don’t really feel like writing much out for now until the Jackbots.


Tsubaki: This planet is quaint… It appears that everything is in order around this area. Good to see.
She continues to follow along with the Envoy.

@Cheston and Veteran,

Tager’s gauntlets spark with green electricity as they load up with electromagnetic energy. He is ready for the next wave, standing right next to the Veteran.

Aug 01, 2013 at 03:25PM EDT

OOC:Oh come on! My characters haven’t even destroyed the first set of 35 yet! How do you expect them to take on 65 at once? (They’ve only destroyed 5 fujibots so far)

The mages are now facing 65 fujibots, though 5 do have partially melted casings
Tardises:Is there no end to these things?
Tsunarmin:… I wonder… Tahrdan. If we combined my inherent abilities as a potential Water Guardian with your… thing…. We may be able to devastate this group.

Tardises:Worth a shot, but we’ll need cover.

The two water elemental mages face each other. Tsunarmin would notice the relat claw of her summoned creature somewhat wet, whilevTardises notices that OYH has grabbed his right hand and the creature’s left claw. Said creature starts fading, as the magic keeping it there slowly passes into OYH, and the stand begins to change…

Solarian tries using both guns at once, and it turns out he needs two guns to activate his hidden ability. The moment he tries to fire both at once, they create a laser that will electrocute anything it hits, the topaz on his magic gun glows yellow while the AP glows white. The laser, defying all logic of barrel size, is as tall as Solarian himself.

Solarian:What was that?

Granatir moves Chasmpound so as to protect Tardises, Tsunarmin and OYH, before flinging down a geomancy Earthquake

Pyralis and Noctan repeat the physical based stuff they’ve done twice already, managing to finish off the 5 damaged fujibots as well as rendering 10 more vulnerable to attack at weak points.

At this point OYH has changed. Instead of being roughly humanoid. It now resembles some sort of insect with a large watery tail. Because of the power absorbed of one exposed to a Water Crystal for long periods of time, everyone can see OYH for now. The mages are surprised to see OYH – Even Tardises himself is surprised as he was not expecting a transformation.

Tempestia caste Agility Boost on the temporarily empowered stand as some music starts playing out of nowhere

The stand then proceeds to jump once, causing a shockwave upon landing that damages the fujibots, and since it is acting for two at the moment follows it up immediately with an empowered Tsunami, which is enough to knock back even th heavy fujibots – and destroying those weakened by Pyralis.

Tardises and Tsunarmin:Awesome, but we could still use some help…

It is not apparent why the two are speaking in unison…. But they are in fact somewhat mentally linked to keep what they have done under control.

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Aug 01, 2013 at 03:41PM EDT

So..After beating the SCRAP out of every Fujibot, our heroes are tired and hurt with some exceptions like happy running Hakumen. Before the Jackbots crash the party, Spark makes a small thunder, catching everyone’s attention for a important announcement.
Great pulsating protons, those were nasty performances chumps! We will have the world’s shortest break now so you can get a fresh drink, get your wounds checked or scratch your butt. Now c’mon, time is running out!
Destroying endless waves of bots and now running to catch Spark..Jesus. Finally, no bots or anything else..Just a creepy white bot and the detective duo waiting for everyone.

If you were hoping to find stuff like energy drinks or fruits..They are all stored inside the bot. Literally, you will have to punch him until stuff comes out from his err…“mouth”. Me? I’m just going to drink good ol’ healthy water and then keep running around.
Sam: You are going to end with the world’s biggest cramp and this wolfhound isn’t going to be there when that happens. Don’t push yourself too much.
I’m not!
Lying. Bastard has been running around since the day started. So it begins..the break before the Jackbots arrive. Want a soda or a fresh orange? Punch the bot until that comes out. Literally, you will have to punch this “Juicebot” until he “vomits” food…Lovely isn’t it? Unfitting music in the background as the Juicebot runs away, expecting to get a fist up his butt or worst things like a sword or a magic spell…You can skip this chase scene and get a bottle of water from Sam & Max. It’s up to you.
Oh and…
As I said.
Unfitting music playing in the background.

@Flandre, Reimu and Marisa
The smoke finally dissipates only to reveal the horror: Homemade anti tank warfare spread around the place ready to turn the sky into a bombastic dance between life and death. Foster laughs as he checks the thousands of detonators around him.
Mister Foster: Last time I fought a Omega Hunter I had to built one of these beauties out of a small car..You know, those stupid japanese tiny cars that rich people buy. Man, what a waste of money..Instead, I used that money to buy a shipload of carriages in the town near the Fairy Guild and then, I turned each and everyone into anti-tank weapons…Well..actually..not all of them but…(Evil laugh) that’s something you will see later hehe..ENOUGH WORDS, TIME FOR SOME BLOODY BULLET SHIT HELL ACTION!
The weapons target the Touhuo team and they start to fill the air with explosive ammunition.

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Aug 01, 2013 at 06:16PM EDT

OOC: Ah, the Fruit Fucker 2000. Classic.

Doomguy and Ken, not wanting to bother with this menial task, go and get some water from Sam and Max.

Aug 01, 2013 at 06:24PM EDT


Nu makes her way over to DeSoto.
Nu: Initiating repair procedure.
Nu sort of leans over while she repairs herself, floating in the air. The cuts on her body go away as the skin-tight material reforms on her body.

Hakumen also makes his way over to DeSoto. The White Knight needs no rest, as his armor provides him with limitless stamina and strength, and also allows him to tap into infinite reserves of power as he sees fit. He sheathes the massive nodachi on his back, and he crosses his arms as he waits for the next wave.

Ragna decides to wait before he beats the shit out of the bot, needing to heal himself after the punishment he took. He uses his magic to heal the wounds on his body, along with that jaw wound of his from the wall earlier with it really starting to get to him now. A golden field surrounds Ragna as he does so.
Ragna: Gah… That wall got me good earlier.
He takes Blood Scythe and puts it back to its original form, strapping it to his back once more. He then puts his hand around his chin and adjusts it a little bit.


Flandre weaves in, out and around the explosions, dodging all of the anti-tank ammunition. This is like a second skill for her.

Aug 01, 2013 at 06:39PM EDT

The Order mages finish destroying the Fujibots that had headed their way, and the music stops as OYH returns to a humanoid form, as they all see… wait WHAT.

Pyralis: Is that what that thing usually looks like?

Tardises: You can see it!?

It turns out that OYH kept a little of the water elemental energy Tsunarmin had contributed, and as it is energy drawn from Crystal exposure, it actually makes it possible for any Order mage to see the stand. In any form, even.

(OOC: They cannot see others, only OYH (and the differently named other forms, of course).)

The Order mages quickly find the others, but have no idea what to make of the other bot, as they didn’t get the announcement. Solarian quickly has both his guns at the ready in case it attacks, though. Tempestia just looks around, not really recognising many well, and Chasmpound looks ready to attack – until Granatir convinces it otherwise…

Aug 01, 2013 at 07:01PM EDT

@spark and everyone else.

fairy tail are starting to feel the the training wearing down on them. they never anticipated it to be this intense, as powerful as they are. still attrition is something they always seem to have troubles with. but regardless they still manage to pull through despite all that was sent their way. the training had also helped fairy tail to work as a strong and capable team. coordinating with eachother on who to attack, when to attack, provide cover or asistance to one another. their combined efforts has helped them to greatly improve their attrition game a lot more than before.

after finally destroying the last of the fujibots, they finally make their way to were everyone else is. finally able to catch a quick break from all of this.

wendy descides to go around and quickly heal people, knowing that her magic will do a lot more good to keep people up to healthy conditions.

Cana: ah finally a quick drinking break cana pulls out a flask from her hand purse and begins to drink it

natsu notices the juicebot and hears that you have to beat it up in order to get the juice out of it.


natsu begins to punch the robot with his fire fists.

each one knocking out an energy drink and fruit. some of the others begin to pick them up and begin to consume them while trying to mingle with the others. the drinks and fruits are rather refreshing.

natsu had finally beaten everything out of the robot, still feeling fired up even after all those fujibots he destroyed.

Natsu: man this thing can take a beating. can i keep it spark?

gajeel is just eating scraps of metals that he tore off from the robots earlier on. eating metals restores gajeels powers as much as it does for natsu when he eats fire.

Gajeel: or if you want i can eat it later on for lunch that would be great. munches on more steel plates.

the members are already feeling restored from just a small break to just rest up before taking on another wave of bots.

OOC: your free to mingle amongst them if u want.

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Aug 01, 2013 at 07:44PM EDT

@Natsu (The character not you, Da Vinci wanna be)

Sam: Pst..Hey you..Yes you hotshot kid..There is something you need to know..So it seems the bot likes fruits like he reaally loves them as much as I love ice cream and as much as Max loves licking.
Sam: When we met him, he was err…dramatically hugging a big orange and by hugging I mean, well It’s hard to explain without the use of harsh expressions but what I’m trying to say is that-
Sam: SHHH! A fruit lover! That’s what the rabbit said! He likes fruits and nothing else! Non-sexual love for organic objects hehe! Keep it if you want but just don’t dare to eat a fruit salad in front of him! For some reason and nothing related to what Max said! In fact, I never talked to you, I don’t even know you. Who are you? Who am I? What am I Max?
Max: Well duh you are a doof Sam!

Aug 01, 2013 at 07:52PM EDT

@Fairy Tail,

Wendy just came by to assist Ragna in healing.

Ragna looks down at Wendy, the golden light around him disappearing. He then bends over and takes a can of energy drink, opens it, and begins drinking it. He stops, wiping his mouth and looking down at Wendy once again.
Ragna: Thanks, kid. Name’s Ragna. Ragna the Bloodedge. Yourself?
He kneels down to her level. Ragna has never really been one to like kids, but this one is different. She doesn’t pester him and ask him for food all the bloody time.

One of the eyes on Hakumen’s eyes darts over to Erza. He is still thinking about the compliment she gave him earlier, and her calling him a friend. He has never been one to delve into such trivial matters. He was indifferent towards his comrades, the Six Heroes, except for Terumi of course. However, she is a powerful swordsman and he has some respect for her as well. Hakumen does not approach her just yet, but continues to wait.

Nu is still repairing herself.

Aug 01, 2013 at 08:00PM EDT


Blitz : Ermnnn… Well, I like the “ungodly” thing, but all the other things, you know, regeneration and strength, I already have that. Medusa says about the bad news… So, tear me apart from my inside… That does not sound nice She pulls out the needle Well… Nnn-
%{color:Indigo}*NMM* : Yes, he is ready.
Blitz : Wha- Who said you can-
Suddenly, Nightmare Moon’s horn lit up and began to charge a dark orb. Later, Nightmare Moon aims towards him and shoots a purple beam to Blitz, leaving him unconscious.
%{color:Indigo}*NMM* : Like I say… He is ready for the test. Oh, can I watch all the progress darling, If you do not mind? I swear I did not disturb you.


NM grabs the soul with a whipe-like tendril from his aura.
NM : “Unfathomable amounts of raw magic power”…? I can’t ignore that from a god of madness… but how they become more powerlful? And we will wait here once the construct is finished? Not that I’m impatient, but our enemies get stronger with the passage of time, and we’re not doing anything Then, he consumes the soul


NM turns to Yukari
NM : Tell me, How long the construction will take to being complete and fully operational?

Aug 01, 2013 at 08:33PM EDT

wendy: oh, we actually didnt get a chance to introduce ourselves. my name is wendy marvell. my friend here is carla (the white female cat)

Carla: hm. you should be more careful when it comes to strangers wendy.

Wendy: dont mind her, shes just always concerned about me. im going to head off to help the others, nice to meet you.

two head of to doom guy and kenshiro and help them heal as well.

meanwhile after the remarks about the juice fucker. everyone is in complete shock. luckily none of them ate any of the fruits due to drinking their energy drinks.

Natsu: WHAAAAT???



Juvia: juvia is in fetal position and shivering completely disgust over the fact that she almost ate such a decrepit piece of fruit. juvia suddenly doesnt feel well gray-sama.

erza had unfortunately took a bite out of one of the fruits, but spits it out and throws it far away. she then turns around to the robot while requipping into her most terrifying armour. Purgatory armour.

Erza: WHAT DEEP PITS OF HELL HAD CREATED SUCH A VILE AND DISGUSTING PIECE OF MACHINERY. I SHALL PUT AN END TO ITS FILTH ONCE AND FOR ALL. she swings her 500 pound mace at the juice fucker bot like a baseball bat and sends it flying across a great distance and into the sky. all that is shown is a glimmer of light when it vanishes.

she requips back into her normal armour, very angry

Erza: what kind of sick joke was that spark?

Cana: cana pulls her flask away from her mouth. it was a fruity one. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

everyone turns to cana in disgust in her bad joke

fairy tail: CANA!

Cana: oh cmon that was a good one. besides its only fruit. continues to drink her flask

every turn back to eachother, awaiting for further notice.
EDITED: sorry medic

@blitz and NMM
medusa inserts the needle inside blitz’s neck and takes a full sample of his blood and takes the needle out

Medusa: you can wake him up anytime, i need to do fully detailed testing in order to continue to the next steps of the plan. keep the fighting to a zero while in my place otherwise im throwing you out into the nearest sun. and thanks to yukari, i can do that. got it.

she turns to her desk with a lot of books and papers and various tools and begins her testing and research.

Medusa: ill let you know when i have the final results.
NM and yukari
Asura: them having a lot of power is not a problem to me really. sure that little vampire has the powers to destroy reality and such. but just like everyone else they all have one weakness. he taps his head twice their minds. they have very fragile minds that have seen and been through a lot. especially flandre scarlet. my madness can easily break her mind and i can have her to do as i wish with very little effort. with that much power at out control, whos there to stop us really. those other card playing girls cant hold their own to such a combined might of all of us. so there is no neec to worty about their power when they dont even have the capabilities to fully utilize them. so fear not medic, we have everything under control. and as for the construct, it greatly depends on how big it is, how fast we can produce the necessairy black blood for it, but most of all. if medusas test results are a success. so all in all. everything will be in due time.

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Aug 01, 2013 at 09:25PM EDT

Ragna smiled a tad as he saw the bot go flying off into the distance. He then finishes up the rest of his drink and tosses it to Gajeel. (Assuming this can is made of metal)
Ragna: Eat up, buddy.
He takes Blood Scythe off his back and stabs it into the ground, having deactivated his BlazBlue earlier.

Nu finishes repairing herself, and comes back to full functionality.
Nu: Repairs complete.

Hakumen laughed a bit as well, seeing the bot fly off into the distance with the powerful swing. He continues to stands there with arms crossed.

Last edited Aug 01, 2013 at 09:37PM EDT
Aug 01, 2013 at 09:35PM EDT

Doomguy: A FRUIT FUCKER?! Well, I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad that’s not the weirdest thing I’ve seen.
Ken just stands there dumbfounded as to why Humanity would create something like this.

Aug 01, 2013 at 09:44PM EDT

Sam: Wait hold on a second, the Juicebot dropped something..A piece of paper!
Sam picks it up and he reads it so everyone can hear him.
“Jokes on you Spark, you are not the only one capable of programming robots!”
-mIsTeR F
As everyone looks at Spark for a possible explanation, the captain is just in his own world, pressing buttons in his wrist device over and over again. Then, he proceeds to pulls out a board from Sam’s car. He writes down the names, the robot kills, the assists and the mistakes done by every hero in the training camp. The he laughs to himself as he puts the board in a position where everyone can read it.
What you see here is a point-based chart. Points depend on how much you helped in battle, how much damage you took, the countless mistakes you made or not and ,of couse, the bots you destroyed. This is just a piece of information, no need to act like a videogame lover kiddo and complaining about your “score”. No one lost, everyone won. Alright? I would like to take the honor to mention a few things, people that deserves to be recognized for their brilliant abilities:

Meredith, you said “Spaky they are going to shoot and I’m defenseless!”. (Chuckles) My god, I don’t even know where did you sent those poor Black Jacks! And let’s not talk about the another pair of bots whho made the mistake of attacking you! Though…those assist show something too..You had a lot of chances to help Tardises and his friends or anyone else..Instead you spawned a Titan..Now I have to explain to the citizens of this place of how a gigantic monster appeared out of thin air, the floor is now filled with giant footsteps and I almost ended up under his foot.

Hakumen, great as always! Great pulsating protons, those are some sick shocking moves with the sword! My mouth was rolling around everytime I saw you fighting. Let’s now talk about the work you did with Ragna and miss Nu. Great show guys! Hurm..Ragna..About those assist…(Scratching his neck) I would love to see more if possible in the next wave alright? No hard feelings?

Ken, people told me that you could take down a Jackbot with a single roundhouse kick..I thought It was ridiculous and stupid but wow, now I believe them! Amazing job with those clones scattered around the place and how you managed to sort out the situation when your “partner” got punched..and smacked…and tazzed. You did a fantastic work Doomguy but you need to stop sending yourself in the middle of battle.

Fairy Tail…Stop! You are way too perfect as a team! Such a coordination would make a colony of bees proud! Truly, all of you share the same heart and body when dealing with the same opponent. Clear advantage right, ’nuff said.

Order of mages, you did good son, real good. Oh and..I thought physical training was useless for you..(Chuckles) Lot of hiding, covering, hiding, covering, just like soldiers running away from bullets. Strategic teamwork, I like it.

Total amount of robot killed: 68
Amount of assists: 26
Mistakes: 15

Total amount of robot killed: 66
Amount of assists: 32
Mistakes: 2

Total amount of robot killed: 111
Amount of assists: 20
Mistakes: 0

Total amount of robot killed: 99
Amount of assists: 7
Mistakes: 7

Total amount of robot kills: 101
Amount of assists: 25
Mistakes: 6

Total amount of robot killed: 157
Amount of assists: 3
Mistakes: 14

Fairy Tail:
Total amount of robot killed: 441
Amount of assists: 114
Mistakes: 12

The Order of the Mages:
Total amount of robot killed: 324
Amount of assists: 85
Mistakes: 14

Last edited Aug 01, 2013 at 10:24PM EDT
Aug 01, 2013 at 10:23PM EDT

OOC: And that just plain PROVES that my characters are the weakest.
Doomguy: God, either we sucked, or we didn’t get too many bots. Either way, that feels like a letdown.
Ken: I think the reports were greatly exaggerated, but thanks for the compliment.

Last edited Aug 01, 2013 at 10:37PM EDT
Aug 01, 2013 at 10:33PM EDT



Dude. You have fucking Kenshiro. Your characters are NOT the weakest. Besides… Doomguy can punch someone to death and has all those crazy weapons too. It’s just that they both focused more on assists rather than actual kills.



The BlazBlue characters all hear their scores.

Ragna: More assists, eh? I’ll see what I can do about that.
He straightens the collar of his jacket out, now putting a foot on the part of his sword nearest to the ground. He then pulls the hilt out some, it making a clicking noise. He then looks over to Hakumen.
Ragna: You surprised me, you masked freak. Seems like you got more of them than I did.

One of Hakumen’s eyes darts over to look at Ragna.
Hakumen: It is about your goal, Beast… Not the things that lie in-between it and your starting point. I was merely focused to reach for my goal, and did not let them get in my way of it.

Nu: Ragna did great!
She rushes at him and glomps him to the ground with a tackle, being careful not to stab into him with any of the blades.

He smirks a little bit up at her.
Ragna: You didn’t do too bad yourself either. Now get off of me.

Nu gets off of Ragna so he can stand up.

Ragna goes back to stand over by his sword once again.

Last edited Aug 01, 2013 at 10:46PM EDT
Aug 01, 2013 at 10:45PM EDT

OOC: You DO have a point there, But I prefer to take a point position, you know? NOT assist?
However, in this situation, it was a team exercise. I intended for them to watch each other’s backs.

The Stand users, however, are an ENTIRELY different story, considering one can STOP TIME (Although for 5 seconds), another can revert objects to its original state, one can destroy anything with his right hand, and… I’m not even going to go into GER.

Falcon… Well, I’m just gonna illustrate it:

Get two Falcon Punch-type moves, Get big boom.

Other than that, Falcon is actually pretty weak, excluding the bullshit pulled VERY early on in the thread.

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Aug 01, 2013 at 10:52PM EDT

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