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OOC: Doomguy also sent himself in the middle of battle so yeah..Instead of shooting a gremlin, he had to complain about the wall who just hit him. Just an example of the “Leeroy Jenkins techniques”

Le pageget le master spark plot roleplay master lel

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Doomguy is VERY pissed off on his low score. In the middle of his mid, however, the chains surrounding the Superego part of his mind (RIP AND TEAR) start to buckle.
Superego: Good, Good! I can feel your anger! It gives you focus, Makes you stronger! GIVE IN! WITH EACH PASSING MOMENT I GET STRONGER STILL!

Ken is in fact not caring about the score. He is just thankful that everyone survived.

Falcon contacts Meredith.

Falcon: Hey, could you warp your planet to my place? It’d be more convenient that way.

OOC: used some Palpatine quotes for that.

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After smiling like an idiot for a little bit about her score, she finally responds to Falcon

Well, there are some things I would need to do:
First, I need to know where that is, and second I’d need to wake up. Because I’m dreaming right now, y’know? It would be quicker to wake me up by killing me than to just wait it out. So, if you would be so kind, shoot me in the head, stab me through the heart, decapitate me, etc. Just make kill me quick. This form of myself will come back next time I go to sleep, so don’t worry about that if by-chance you are.
She is dead serious about this, despite her cheerful mood.

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Aug 01, 2013 at 11:21PM EDT

OOC: Besides, all my characters were combined into one total. And there were 7 not counting the dragon at the end. Getting the average number of kills for each character by dividing the total number by 7… 46 kills. Your characters would be more effective in battle than mine if mine were alone. Well, your argument about stand users actually somewhat applies to me, because you saw what WIMO did to those small bots (even if it did have the help of the dragon)

I’ll admit I was kind of pulling **** out of nowhere towards the end, but considering the forces were stacking against them, I feel somewhat justified.

After all, they don’t have the ability to destroy metal bots with only their fists…. or anything even APPROACHING the level of the BFG. (Hell, Solarian is the only one who would have the weapon training to even TRY to use THAT!)

The Order mages hear their score

Tardises: We were getting kind of desperate towards the end, so we just tried experimenting and it seemed to work out alright.

Tempestia: You should have seen my entrance, though.

Granatir: I would certainly not have been able to keep up without the aid of Chasmpound here…
(OOC: He means keeping up with Tempestia when they were moving over the top of the walls)

Pyralis: Not to mention that thing destroyed a hell of a lot of those things itself… though others seem to die out of nowhere…

Tardises: That was What I’m Made Of – which is the air form of this He indicates OYH to the other Order mages

Tsunarmin: I don’t understand why we can see that thing now.

Tardises: From what I gather, it tends to just soak up elemental energy. Obviously what we did near the end resulted in OYH keeping some – just enough to make you able to see it.

Noctan: Why do so many of us have weapon-based abilities, I wonder? I mean, I have that teleportation stuff during an induced eclipse. Pyralis has that fire stuff…. I have no idea WHAT Tempestia did at one point – She basically teleported from one place to another but hit anything between those points… And I STILL have no idea what Solarian did…

Solarian: I… don’t really know myself.

OOC: Let’s see what the fourth wall breaker has to say on the abilities, eh?

Mage: I’ll start in order of revealing. Tsunarmin’s I honestly saw coming after we found out about her backstory. Just because Eme-
Hey hey hey, you don’t have to explain WHY you saw it coming. Let them find out for themselves.

Mage: Alright then. Since Pyralis and Noctan discovered theirs simultaneously, I’ll cover them both here. They’re right to question why they have weapon based skills…. then again, I notice that it’s Granatir and Tsunarmin, who use weapons that would amplify magic in general, who DON’T have weapon based skills… That fire wave seems to be a pretty effective ability. The defense debuff would come in useful. And Noctan would have to change the name of his weapon to avoid confusion with the ability.

Go on…

Mage: Granatir’s ability… hmm… Meredith would be able to explain much better since she can access everything in that game, from what I see. Remind me never to piss her off, I don’t want to be one-shotted by freaking Osiris.

…Ah yes, the unit with the single highest attack in that game – both main game and expansion. He’s only really meant for that one cutscene, so of COURSE he’s overpowered. Not to mention he IS a god.

Mage:Tempestia’s…. Well, it’s simple. Youmu anyone?

It’s a good thing the ones who would have found what she did familiar weren’t around to see it, huh?

Mage: And finally, Solarian’s…. You really picked something cliche for him, didn’t you? I mean, HOW MANY giant magical lasers can be found in fiction? Hell, we ALREADY HAVE A USER OF A GIANT MAGICAL LASER IN THIS THING ALREADY!

Hey, calm down.Just because we could see Master Spark in this thing doesn’t mean that others cannot use giant magical lasers.

Mage: I am assuming the stand is the equivalent of your borderline self-insert’s ability.

Don’t forget, this is beyond their side of the fourth wall. what Meredith could do on their side? well, I could open the editor and make what you’re worried about happen. I mean it. One more implication of self-insertion and I WILL sic Osiris on you.

Mage: Why do I get the feeling we’re forgetting something?

Ah, right! I’ve gotta get that bot smashed somehow!


Solarian: There’s really only one thing to do at the moment…

Solarian aims towards the bot, and unleashes the giant magical laser again – He is NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL with what it does.

Tsunarmin: That reminds me. Where did you get that other gun? She indicates the AP

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everyone is sheery now that thet see the scores on how well they did. everyone did very well for the first part of the training.


Happy: aye natsu. you and everyone else did great.

Gray: huh. im just glad we survived that first wave. though still is great to do all of this anyway.

Gajeel: after munching on the can that ragna tossed at him GEEHEE! that asshole is not gonna see whats coming to him when we finally kick his ass.

Juvia: everyone did well. not just us. we all should be proud of what we have done so far.

Lucy: juvias right guys. you all did amazing despite what the scores say. just show more improvements.

Cana: we all can still improve, we all have the time to do it.

Erza: agreed. however we all should not be making any mistakes at all. those could be the difference between life and death for us all. and hakumen is absolutely right about what he said. we all need to only focus on our main objectives. anything in between our start and our goals must not be a factor at all. we all need to work harder if were to free mobius from the Balloon Master. teamwork is essential if we are to do this everyone, make sure to remember that.

Natsu: dont worry you can count on us guys.

Lucy: yah, we can do this people.

Gajeel: * oh great the cheer squad is in again *

Gray: were not gonna give up on anything. Not this training, not on mobius, nothing.

Juvia: so long as we all have each other, we can do this.

Cana: hes not gonna know what hit him until its too late and we have already freed mobius.

everyone is even more pumped for the training now despite the challenges. they are going to take hakumens advice and not let anything stand between them and their goals. they are willing to do what it takes.

Aug 01, 2013 at 11:33PM EDT

MasterBurner wrote:

After smiling like an idiot for a little bit about her score, she finally responds to Falcon

Well, there are some things I would need to do:
First, I need to know where that is, and second I’d need to wake up. Because I’m dreaming right now, y’know? It would be quicker to wake me up by killing me than to just wait it out. So, if you would be so kind, shoot me in the head, stab me through the heart, decapitate me, etc. Just make kill me quick. This form of myself will come back next time I go to sleep, so don’t worry about that if by-chance you are.
She is dead serious about this, despite her cheerful mood.

If you can observe the universe, Search for there four men:
Giorno Giovanna
Josuke Higashikata
Okuyasu Nijimura
Jotaro Kujo
That’s my place they’re in. And in fact, I’m heading there right now.

Ken hears Meredith, due to his acute sense of hearing.
Apparently she needs to be killed.
Doomguy takes out his rocket launcher and shoots Meredith blowing her into pieces. Everyone is shocked at this blatant team killing.
Doomguy: Hey, Ken said she asked for it. Don’t get on my fucking ass about it.
Ken: That form of hers will reappear in some time, anyways, so it it nothing to worry about. I have VERY good hearing, you know?

Falcon contacts EVERYONE in the group
Falcon: Well… Who killed her?
Doomguy: That would be me.
Falcon: You have just enabled an easier methood of transport. The planet you’re on is going to be stored in my house. for now. Either way, i’ll explain later.

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Aug 01, 2013 at 11:40PM EDT


Ragna actually jumped back at the sudden team-killing of Meredith. He pulled Blood Scythe out of the ground with him. His eyes are wide as he just looks at Doomguy.
Ragna: WHOA WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?! Even if you did need to kill her, you don’t need to be so damn sudden about it!

Hakumen also heard what Meredith said. Even if he doesn’t have a face that doesn’t mean that he can’t hear. He stays calm for now, and keeps stood in the same place. He then turns his white and expressionless mask to Fairy Tail.
Hakumen: It is very wise of you to take my advice, young ones. May it help you in the times to come.

Nu could care less about Meredith’s sudden killing, and is just happy being near Ragna.

Ragna then takes a look at Spark.
Ragna: Hey old man! When is the next wave coming on?



Burner, I feel that I should tell you something. Sam wants Jehuty and Dingo teleported to LOCAF as well so he can get back into the story.

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Aug 01, 2013 at 11:46PM EDT

Back in her physical body on the moon, she wakes up rather quickly

So that’s what it feels like to be exploded! It’s different from what I expected!
Putting her serious work-face on, she opens up her laptop capable of observing the universe. She then searches for the people he asked for, but before teleporting, she notices something in the distance…and gets the strangest feeling to send it to LOCAF. It’s Dingo and Jehuty, thankfully. And she quickly sends it to the last area she was in, the training area , or whatever.

Now that that request is taken care of… now to go to where Falcon requested!
Since the planet is in her inventory, when she teleports to where Falcon requested she go, the planet goes along with her.

Aug 01, 2013 at 11:53PM EDT

As masterburner teleports in, Giorno notices her
Falcon walks in the room.
Falcon: She’s A friend. Now would you please teleport us to where everyone is? I’ve had enough training for today.

Maledict: We think it’s time to discuss thing with my generals. #6! #7! #8! #9! #10!
5 robed figures step into the room.
6, 7, 8, 9, 10: Yes, master?
They seem to have no emotion in their voices. In fact, they almost sound the same, accept for small accent differences.
Maledict: We just want to go through the plan in case of a break in. Do you remember it?

6: Step 1: reach the target.
7: Step 2: Convince the target to stand down.
8: Step 3: In case Step 2 does not work, engage target in conflict.
9: Step 4: Send target to the prison of souls.
10: Step 5: Return to base.

Maledict; Good, good! I was just checking up. Return to what you were doing before.

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Aug 01, 2013 at 11:57PM EDT

She scoffs a little, and does a sort of mocking bow at him

Well, the name’s Meredith, or Master Burner, whichever you prefer mister grumpy-pants.

She turns to Falcon Well, they’re kind of training right now on LOCAF… but okay.
She teleports the group to where the others are on LOCAF.

Well, I’m not tired now… I think I’ll just watch a movie…
She then does just that.
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Aug 02, 2013 at 12:02AM EDT


Ragna sighs. He begins to count on his fingers all the things that Falcon has missed.
Ragna: Well for one, you missed out on us working our asses off to deal with all of these robots.
He points with his right arm at all the scraps that were once various robots.
Ragna: Secondly you missed that we’ll be doing this for the entire week…
He then goes back to counting on his fingers.
Ragna: Nothing else that I can think of off the top of my head, other than after this next wave we’ll be stopping… That’s about it.

Aug 02, 2013 at 12:15AM EDT

Falcon: okay cool. I have a race that I have to drive in tomorrow, for anyone who missed that or forgot about that, so, yeah. Anyways, since this is the last wave, that mean there’s going to be some super-mega-giant robot that we have to kill, right?
Jotaro and ken just can’t help but notice the similarities between their bodies. (If you know what I mean)
Jotaro: you… look like me.
Ken: No, you look like me.
Okuyasu: Wait, we’re fighting giant robots? I never signed on to this?
Josuke: yeah! Why ARE we fighting giant robots?

OOC: I’m done for tonight.

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Aug 02, 2013 at 12:26AM EDT

Jehuty appears at the training grounds having been teleported by Meredith.

Having been built and powered by a supremely powerfully supply of energy, Metatron Ore, it is incredibly rare you’ll actually see and Orbital Frame bother with touching the ground other than when its docked and shut down or skidding along the ground at high speeds. Because of this they NEVER get around by foot and always hover and jet around via use of there wing-like hover thrusters.

The 20+ meter tall mech, Jehuty, effortlessly hovers a few inches from the ground not far from the main group

Orbital Frames aren’t your average mech, they can’t be conventionally damaged as the Metatron they are powered by actually keeps them in shape, they are more organic if anything. This gives them a massive advantage, as all there weapons, shields and power is drawn from the Metatron Ore within their anti-proton reactors, It would be more appropriate to say that Orbital Frames die instead of being destroyed.

Woah! what happened just now?!
ADA: We have been seemingly teleported from space, all systems are normal and we have not taken any damage.
Where are we now Ada?
ADA: Environmental properties are normal and friendly however I seem to be unable to pinpoint or location. We are trapped.
How the hell do we get out of here! we are wasting time!
ADA: After recent events is this happening really so surprising Dingo?
I suppose your right but…….that’s not my point!
Dingo looks out of his cockpit screen at everyone and flops back in his seat

These people again huh? I hate to say this but I may need some help, If they are here then they must have been teleported too so that can only mean that if its that easy then there is no way why I cant get back home the same way…
Dingo spots Flandre in the distance dodging rockets and the likes in the sky
ADA: Flandre.
I wonder what she is doing here? she looks like she is in trouble but then again she can handle herself
Dingo then looks around at the mountain of destroyed robots
They have all been training up for something, no doubt that BM guy everyone was talking about back at that ship
Jehuty jets over to Flandre’s position in the sky, her being the only person Dingo knows from the group…..

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Flandre can feel Dingo’s presence but doesn’t really pay any mind to it just yet as she is still busy dodging rockets.

Ragna has to double take at the sight of Jehuty. The mech looks a lot like Nu. He looks between Jehuty and Nu a few times, seeing massive similarities between the two.
Ragna: What the hell… The two look like they could be twins.

Nu notices Jehuty as well, along with all the similarities of any other Murakumo Units. She begins scanning her databanks to find this particular one, but fails to do so. She then jets off after it, flying and getting in front of it at a fast pace.
Nu: Scanning… Scanning… No matches of any existing Murakumo Device of this pattern. Identify yourself.
Dingo would notice that the girl looks extremely familiar.

Hakumen remembers bringing Jehuty into this timeline, but could currently not give a shit. He stands there, waiting for the next wave to start.

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Aug 02, 2013 at 02:18PM EDT

Jehuty stops, and remains hovering

Heh well, I know she isn’t but she does look a lot like an Orbital Frame, and…those swords remind me of……..Anubis….
ADA: My scans show that she is some sort of cloned human with mechanical augmentations.
Dingo speaks out at Nu
Im Dingo! and I need some help getting out of here!…..and who are you?
ADA: Im booting up the weapon drivers now in case of a combat situation.
I wouldn’t worry too much, I doubt if she is going to start attacking us for no reason but thanks anyway.

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Aug 02, 2013 at 02:45PM EDT

@ Asston of Antiarmor Cannon Things:

This goes rather well for them.

@Asura and Nightmare Medic:

Yukari: “The construction of the station itself started just a few hours ago. I am using the servants from the Scarlet Devil Mansion to construct it, and I will move it into space once the majority of the basic structure is done. After that it’s making the rest of it out of black blood.”

Ran: “Lady Yukari, how long will it take to harvest the stuff?”

Yukari: “Not certain, but they say it doesn’t take that long for it to take over and grow.”

Aug 02, 2013 at 02:56PM EDT


Nu just stares at Dingo a bit before answering.
Nuy: I am Nu-13. Subject Number 13 of the Prime Field Devices. We are currently in a sub-dimension known as “LOCAF”, otherwise known as The Land of Colors and Frogs.
Dingo can notice that her voice sounds like a normal girls’, but with a mechanical background to it.


Ragna can’t help but facepalm.
Ragna: You people are here for training or some shit. To fight that dictator Balloon fucker or whatever the hell he called himself. So either you’re going to stay here and train, or go back to the guild hall.
Ragna points in the vague direction of where it is
Ragna: And get your asses kicked for not training. What’ll it be?

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Pyralis: What he said. Honestly, it can’t possibl go as badly for you as it did at one point for us. There are actually more of us here than when the training started.

Tempestia: Indeed there are. Name’s Tempestia Ae-Whirla.

Granatir: I am Granatir Ea-Flora, and this is Chasmpound. Granatir indicates the dragon

Solarian: Tempestia and Granatir are also archmages of the Order, alongside me and Tsunarmin. Chasmpound is honestly little more than a powerful beast.

Chasmpound hears the comment and spits a single pebble at Solarian in response

Granatir: watches the pebble just bounce off the Barrier spell I think he can understand us.

Tardises takes out that stone he was given, still having no idea what it could possibly be for.

And of course what Solarian did not mention was that there were two other archmages. Speaking of which…

Back at the Order HQ, the Komodo has finally been tamed.

Ignis: Finally. Now to name it…

Pitchurn: Hmmm… Since it’s clearly fire elemental… Well, I’ve recently been reading up aout various beliefs aggressive cultures had, and I found this interesting bit on a culture’s beliefs on a world which apparently has no magic whatsoever. What they believed is pretty unique – They believed that there were nine worlds, not just the one they actually lived on, and they were all connected by this tree. One of the worlds was basically nothing but firrre, I think. If I’m recalling correctly they named it ‘Muspell.’

Ignis: …How about ‘Muscalle’ for this dragon then?

(OOC: Trust the dark elemental archamge to take an interest in cultures known for battle, especially the Vikings. No prizes for guessing what I’ve just been playing that would lead me to such a thing.)

Pitchurn: Alright, it’s yours to name, after all… I think Granatir should know that we’ve been successful, so just warp to where he did.

Back at the training grounds, there is a large light glyph, which fades to reveal Ignis riding the newly-tamed Muscalle

Granatir: I take it you’ve only come to let me know that it’s tamed.

Ignis: That would be correct. I named it Muscalle.

Ignis doesn’t seem to notice all the people not of the Order in the area, and they would probably be staring at him seemingly coming out of nowhere – and also at Muscalle, who is a similar size to Chasmpound but looks a lot less heavy

Aug 02, 2013 at 05:37PM EDT

Jotaro: I’m sorry, what? Why should I help people who I’ve just recently met?
Okuyasu: Y-Yeah! We just met you guys! Why should we help you out at all?
Ken: They do raise a valid point. The one that looks like me we just met, and we’ve only been briefly acquainted with the other three.
Doomguy: Yeah! Why am I even going through this bullshit training to save a planet I don’t care about?
Ken: Think of the people! Slaved, dying… I shudder to think of the atrocities going on on that planet.
Doomguy: Now here’s the thing: I don’t give two shits about that planet. I’d rather be in HELL right now, Killing demons!
Okuyasu: HEY!
Josuke: Sorry. I’m saying that you didn’t know that either.
Giorno: Besides, We’re not even from this universe, and you expect us to help you save a planet? I’m sorry, but no deal.
Falcon: The only reason i’m doing this shit is so I can get my summer home back. And they probably have fajitas here.
Jotaro: I’M IN!
Ken: He just gets in on this… because of fajitas?
Falcon: Yeah.

Jotaro suddenly takes a keen interest in the red stone of Aja, which TARDISES is holding.
Jotaro: Hmm… My granddad told me about this. It was an artifact that had the ability to enhance light energies by a million times. Where the hell did you find it?
Giorno: Speaking of that, where the hell is the stand arrow?
Giorno: Complicated story.

Aug 02, 2013 at 06:01PM EDT


Ah! a sub-dimension, that explains why you sensed us as being trapped Ada.
Dingo takes another look around
I need to find out how exactly I was bought here……I was hoping that whoever it was could teleport me home instead so I can get out of this mess. Can you help me here Nu-13?

Aug 02, 2013 at 06:05PM EDT

Tardises: Someone who was using some sort of object to communicate just teleported it to me. She thought we could use it in making a shield, but the way you describe it, it’d just be too dangerous for anyone with access to lumimancy to use – even if they were only to use it for healing spells.

Aug 02, 2013 at 06:13PM EDT


Ragna: Okay, look. I wouldn’t give a shit about that planet either, but mine is completely and utterly deserted now… at least that’s what Kokonoe says.

Kokonoe’s screen appears beside Ragna, hearing him.
Kokonoe: Yup! Our planet is completely deserted. Some giant ball in the sky came and took away all the people on it. Except for Sector Seven for some reason.
She takes a lick of her lollipop.
Kokonoe: Anywaaaaays… The reason why you should stop this guy is because from what the “superhero” says is because he has access to dimensional transportation. Which, if you clowns don’t know what that could mean… It means that he could essentially take over an ungodly number of dimensions if we don’t stop him. Yours included.

Hakumen makes his way over to this conversation as well. His eyes dart between all of the new faces.
Hakumen: Yes… The Grimalkin is right. This person is a danger to the balance of order and the universe if he is not stopped in his early stages of preparation. This monstrosity could do unimaginable things if we let him roam free.


Nu: I am not for sure where the owner of this sub-dimension is currently.

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Aug 02, 2013 at 06:21PM EDT

Jotaro: It was mainly used for killing vampires and shit.But the again, My granddad said he channeled Hamon through it, which is basically the energy from the sun. I think you could use it as a weapon or something like that. You know, speaking of that “Lumimancy” shit you’re talking about, is that like Hamon? Ir is it something else?
Falcon: They have no fucking clue what Hamon even is.
Jotaro: I’d have to get a ripple master to talk to you guys about it. However, the last one I knew, My granddad, died recently. I mean, honestly, You could just channel light energy into the damned thing and it’ll turn into a beam. You don’t have to do fuck all to it.

Giorno: …Why should we trust you? We’ve barely known you, and for all we know, you could be lying.
Falcon: Giorno?
Giorno: Yeah?
Falcon: You know that woman with the screen?
Giorno: What about her?
Falcon: …She has the stand arrow.
Sorry, was a mobster.

Falcon: Yeah, We sorta want the stand arrow back.

Jotaro: …So what you’re saying is that if we don’t help you, he’ll take over the universe?
Falcon: Apparently I’ve heard the guy came from the future.
Jotaro: So in the future, the world is free?
Falcon: Yep.
Jotaro: And he’s trying to take over now?
Falcon: Yep.
Jotaro: Stable Time loop. I don’t need to help. You guys got it already.

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Aug 02, 2013 at 06:23PM EDT

Solarian: Lumimancy is what we call light magic. Simple as that, really…

Tsunarmin: Well, not that simple, we have a total of 8 terms for the magic. Geomancy is earth, aquamancy is water, pyromancy is fire, aeromancy is air, lumimancy just got explained, umbramancy is dark, elemancy is all 4 of the ‘natural’ elements – earth, water, fire, and air, and equilibriumancy is both light and dark.

Tardises: Because of OYH, though… we may need to find some more terms, as there are a few more elements we had no idea about.

The stand… well, stands around. Tardises does not know how to unsummon it so it’s just been around him pretty much permanently since it first appeared

Tardises notices the screen

Tardises: She’s the one who gave me this stone, by the way.

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Aug 02, 2013 at 06:33PM EDT


Kokonoe: Hm… Actually, he’s not from the future at all technically. From what Spark has told everyone, he is from a different planet/dimension with advanced technology. NOT the future.
She then turns her attention towards Giorno.
Kokonoe: And why oh why should I give you the “stand arrow” back? I haven’t even had enough time to run any tests on it.

Aug 02, 2013 at 06:38PM EDT


Well, damn….thanks anyway…
Jehuty makes its way back down to ground level alongside the main group
It seems we are stuck here for now Ada…
ADA: I have no recommendations of actions to take.
We can’t just give up, cmon Ada…

Jehuty lands nearby the main group once more, Dingo leans back, slumped in his seat
ADA: Dingo?
ADA: What is it that you are doing?
These people got here somehow, im just gonna wait until they leave and see who’s working the magic then Ill make my move….

He continues to rest up in the darkness of the cockpit..

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Aug 02, 2013 at 06:41PM EDT

Zarathh wrote:


Kokonoe: Hm… Actually, he’s not from the future at all technically. From what Spark has told everyone, he is from a different planet/dimension with advanced technology. NOT the future.
She then turns her attention towards Giorno.
Kokonoe: And why oh why should I give you the “stand arrow” back? I haven’t even had enough time to run any tests on it.

Josuke: Well, I’d like to see this guy in person. The ringleader. Then we could sort out some facts.

Giorno: I know a lot about that thing. In exchange for the stand arrow, I offer information about it.

Aug 02, 2013 at 07:13PM EDT

@Everyone in the area,

Kokonoe sighs.
Kokonoe: Well, if they don’t want to help us… I guess we’ll just have to show their sorry asses what will happen if they don’t help. Hakumen, take it away.
Kokonoe leans back and watches the show about to unfold.

Hakumen unsheathes Okami and holds it in front of him for a moment.
Hakumen: These are the atrocities this monster can perform.
He slices the air in front of him. A white line follows the cut… Hakumen has opened a rift to a timeline where the BM was never stopped, and what will go on in it. The rift cannot be traversed, only observed.


With the BM not having been stopped, he has killed your comrades and taken over your home, Callisto. The Balloon Master has also killed your love interest, Ken Marianas by exploding her head. He will have dispatched all of BAHRAM. The relentless tyrant will also have control over the super fortress, Aumaan. This is a terrible sight for you indeed.

@Falcon and his crew,

He will have killed everyone you have ever loved, taken your entire dimensions, planets, and mind-slaved all of the people there since he was given enough time to prepare and you did not stop him here. Doomguy would have never gotten the chance to beat Maledict.

@Fairy Tail,

The Fairy Tail guild has crumbled under the Balloon Master’s iron fist. None of the guild remains as you all died, having sacrificed yourselves in vain. He laughs at this and thinks it was foolish that such a guild could destroy him without the help of the others.

@Order of the Mages,

He has also completely destroyed the Order and all the members of it, taken over your dimension and mind-slaving everyone as part of his conquest.

After a few more moments of all the horrors being displayed inside the rift, Hakumen dismisses it and it closes. Everyone is completely horrified at what this man is capable of.

You will need to work together to stop the Balloon Master, or existence as we know it is gone. Given enough time to prepare he can outmatch anyone. This is why we need your help to destroy him in his infant stages. This is the cold reality of what would happen.


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Aug 02, 2013 at 07:15PM EDT

Josuke: I have no idea what you just did, but that was scary, and I’m convinced.

Falcon: BUT WHAT ABO-oh, you’ve never heard of batman. damn.

Giorno: Did you even hear me?

Okuaysu: wait, what was his name? Balloon master?

OOC: I JUST got a new computer and am installing steam right now. Game night, anyone?

Last edited Aug 02, 2013 at 07:26PM EDT
Aug 02, 2013 at 07:20PM EDT

Dingo just doesn’t know what to say really, but I think he is pretty convinced here….
ADA: It seems as though this individual managed to overcome BAHRAM and the UNSF, something must have been amiss
Your telling me that my people and Ken were killed by a guy called the “Balloon Master”?!

And he got Aumaan?! is this some kind of sick joke?! why would anybody want to do such a thing!…and what even was that rift just now?!
ADA: Dingo.
ADA: Please calm down.
Why should I?! I don’t even want to be involved in this!

Last edited Aug 02, 2013 at 07:36PM EDT
Aug 02, 2013 at 07:29PM EDT

Tardises: I at least did not need any additional convincing… I do agree that is a stupid name, though.
Tempestia: I have a feeling we may need some help in making the perfect shields for the task ahead… At least 7.

(OOC: Lel, I had some fitting music playing – that I just downloaded, taking about a quarter of an hour to do so, for that alternate timeline COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT. Eternity Served Cold, in case you’re curious.)

EDIT: No, I cannot join you for vidya. For starters my connection is completely unsuitable for more than limited browsing. Secondly, I don’t even have many games on Steam. (Moonbase Alpha, Portal, S&ASRT, Sonic Generations, TF2 and Tribes Ascend. And only 4 of those have multiplayer. And even then we ALL know the reason why I’d have Moonbase Alpha. aeiou. )

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Aug 02, 2013 at 07:33PM EDT


Kokonoe ponders a moment with Giorno’s question.
Kokonoe: Yeah I heard you. These ears on my head are for that specific purpose, smartass. But as you were saying. If you provide me with information on that Stand Arrow or whatever the hell it is, it’s yours. I’ll have Tager bring it by when he’s done with whatever the hell he’s doing.


The eyes in Hakumen’s armor look at Jehuty.
Hakumen: This is not a joke. This is what will happen if you don’t stop this demon. Your destiny awaits you either way.

Aug 02, 2013 at 07:50PM EDT

OOC @Zarathh : Just one question for you directly right now. Why did you even bother giving Tardises that stone when none of the mages – or I – would know what it could do? Seems a bit pointless to me. They now know it is completely unsuitable for the shields they’re trying to make anyway.

Aug 02, 2013 at 07:54PM EDT



Well to tell you the truth, I thought you could find a way for them to use it. I mainly just remembered having it around and that I had nothing to do with it. So…. I gave it to you to see if you could do anything with it. Kokonoe also still has the stone mask as well. She didn’t know what to use it for either, BTW.

Aug 02, 2013 at 07:56PM EDT

Josuke: I have info on it, too!
Giorno: Well help me out a bit.
Jotaro: Yes, I’ve done some research on it, too in my spare time. I’m a marine biologist, you know.

read This article to get the gist of what they explain. Ignore the steel ball run and jojolion parts. They don’t matter.

Aug 02, 2013 at 07:57PM EDT

OOC: …I’m thinking of something truly evil at the moment. It involves an elemental crystal… It won’t affect most of our characters in any way… yet… I would have to find some time to speak with Spark about it, though, as it would be somewhat related to the main plot line.

Aug 02, 2013 at 08:06PM EDT

Jetstream Sam. Hails from the year 2018, captains a ship from 2557

He seems to get on well with it….

Aug 02, 2013 at 08:09PM EDT

OOC: There’s even more of a gap with one of my characters.

Ignis Fa-Magmar: Used to a low-tech environment. Handled Cradle, a planet made almost entirely of clockwork, just fine, and even got a very high tech hammer there. (Alright, he did have the more technologically-familiar Solarian with him, but…)

Aug 02, 2013 at 08:12PM EDT

everyone had witnessed what hakumen showed them. a glimpse of a future ruled by the balloon master. its like a stab in the chest to see that everyone dies in vain. seeing inniocent people being mindslaved and oppressed. it hits them hard

Erza: this is why we are all fighting, so that this does not become our future.

Lucy: wether we have the strength to fight or not. we are not going to let somebody like him continue to do what he is doing to those people on mobius.

Gray: if we all dont work together to bring him down, than he will make this future into a reality. which is something we wont let happen.

Juvia: juvia will not let such a monster continue to hurt innocent people. juvia will not give up on them.

Natsu: so i hope you all are on our side on this, cuz were not going to accept anyone who doesnt have the heart to fight this asshole.

after seeing hakumens visions into the future, fairy tail has made it clear that they wont give up on defeating balloon master. they are determined to make him pay for everything he has done to the people of mobius.
@yukari and nm

medusa begins her long and arguous tests on the black blood and blitz’s blood. it is a long and arduous procedure that needs to be handled with care. black blood can be very unstable if used in the wrong way. she also takes down noted each step of the way for future records.

Aug 02, 2013 at 08:56PM EDT


Well if your showing me is true then it looks like I have no choice but to help stop this army before it turns up on my doorstep….sigh……so what are we doing here, lets get a move and kill this guy!

Aug 02, 2013 at 09:11PM EDT

Alright people, so sorry for being EXTREMELLY late but we had to catch up that Juicebot. For some reason, he got punched all over his robotic face and sent flying to the another side of the town! Hahaha..
Spark notices everyone’s horrified looks.
If you are wondering..He is not coming back after what Sam & Max told me…Foster is going to pay for this..Hurm..?
Akward moment happens when the captain and the detective duo find a robot standing in the middle of the hills. He looks around searching for a hidden camera. Not a single camera, that means this isn’t a joke.
Hello robot friend? My name is Captain Spark, my friends call me “Sparky” or just Cappy for the lazy ones..
Sam: Hurm..My dog spiderific sense tells me that we just missed something really important here. I’m not sure of how to explain this but I think we skipped an important event that we were supposed to see. Does this make any sense to you?
Max: I dig giant robots!
No it doesn’t…Well..nice to meet you Mister Pilot? I’m afraid I don’t have time for a old fashioned talk right now becouse-
Oh my god that Engineer bot is fast! Everyone, team up time! This is the final wave and the hardest one! Eyes and ears, watch your back, don’t be so smug and eat your vegetables! So sorry, I’m a bit nervous and I’m starting to say random phrases like a politician in the election dates! This wave is nothing but Jackbots, six of them, they are the toughest bots of this place and they can pack one volt of a punch! Pilot man, I sugget you head to the nearest canyon where a friend of mine has a more challenging training for your size! The rest of you…
The rest of you?

[Robotic ROAR]
The sky is covered in orange and red as the sun slowly hides itself. Bright rays hit on the north hill as a group of small silhouettes approach this land where the heroes stand. These unknown creatures become more and more bigger and they get close, shattering the earth, cracking the last walls and turrets and leaving nothing but dust and giant footsteps. They are coming, the train is coming and It’s not going to stop. The silhouettes that were small are now enormous shadows. They keep getting closer..Finally, they reveal themselves.
A endless earthquake, the Attack of the Titans, the Revenge of the Fallen, the Shadows of the Colossuses..
This thread? The thread where Slimbots and Shadies died..
The thread where bots were destroyed.

Our brothers and sisters sacrificed themselves for this meaningless training. You think you are ready to take a Omega Hunter, you think you are ready to punch the Balloon Master’s face and I bet you also think that we will be a piece of cake. Foolish human. We were designed to be scary, robots to be afraid of, gigantic contrapositions that will make a hero out of you, that will force you to cooperate for the sake of your own lives!
And so it begins…Prepare.
Six Jackbots arrive to the training camp. They can take tons and tons of damage before going down. Their arms are strong enough to break through entire buildings, their lasers are lethal , they have the ability to create a energy wave by punching the floor and they can break through any kind of shield. TEAMWORK IS A MUST. Lone wolf gets torn apart here. Get your friends, make a plan and defeat them.
They will wait until the teams are organized and ready to fight.

Last edited Aug 02, 2013 at 10:06PM EDT
Aug 02, 2013 at 09:56PM EDT

The stand users group up into one team, while the other three men group up into another,
Falcon: Yeah, I think we’re ready.

Aug 02, 2013 at 10:08PM EDT


Ragna, Hakumen, and Nu team up together to take on the Jackbots.

Aug 02, 2013 at 10:23PM EDT

A talking dog and rabbit, this is brilliant…
Dingo takes a look at the Jackbots
I can see that your putting out appropriate enemies for the people taking them on, this does look a little easy for Jehuty…. Ill make my way to this canyon now..
ADA: Waypoint set.
Wait, there is no need, I know where im going just fine
ADA: I understand Dingo.
Jehuty dashes off over to the canyon
But you can get the weapon drivers ready, we’re in this training exercise now so were gonna be needing them.
ADA: Sub-weapons ready.
How are we for NRG and SUB?
ADA: Both are at maximum.
Ah good, we should watch our NRG, especially with no damn Metatron around…
Jehuty arrives at the canyon…
ADA: I will notify you when I pick up any readings.
Yes please.

That’s me done for tonight

Last edited Aug 02, 2013 at 10:36PM EDT
Aug 02, 2013 at 10:30PM EDT

@Touhuo girls

Mister Foster: Alright that was waay to easy so I’m doing something else..Remember what I told you? About those carriages I had to buy just to turn them into weapons? I lied, I used most of them to build these little beauties ya little wankers!

They are small, fast and they have enough power to torn apart a town hehehehahahaHAHAHAHA! Alright, alright, I need to control myself before I do something stupid like ACTIVATING THE 300 ANTI-AIRCRAFT MISSILES AT THE SAME BLOODY TIME! HAHA!
1200 missiles are fired. All of them are fast homing missiles. They “replace” themselves: If one is destroyed, another be will fired to replace it. Something catches Foster’s attention: A giant mecha out of nowhere.
He waits for some sort explanation from Spark but saddly the captain is bussy. know what they say..when in doubt..SHOOT MORE DAKA!

Hundreds of silos ,spread around the canyon, are opened. Surface-to-air missiles (SAM) are fired, coming from every direction.

Aug 02, 2013 at 10:45PM EDT

the bots come towards were everyone is. they al imediately ready themselves for the fight of their lives


natsu is all fired up

gray readies his ice maker magic

lucy summons virgo

erza requips into giants armour. this armour increases erzas already superhuman strength tenfold, granting her the strength of a colossal. she wields a 200 pound spear which weighs nothing to her.

juvia prepares her water magic along side with gray.
Juvia: juvia is ready. we will show them all why we are the best guild in all of Fiore.

cana pulls out a hand of cards from her card deck and prepares them.
Cana: guess now is time to get serious. im ready when you guys are.

gajeel activates his iron dragon scales. these scales increases his strength and speed and also makes him near invulnerable due to the sheer durability of iron dragon scales
Gajeel: oh now its time for the real fun to begin. to badd im gonna turn you all into dinner once were through with you.

pantherlilly transforms into his alterane form and pulls out his sword from his back and extends it to be his size.
Pantherlilly: i shall fight by your side gajeel.

Gajeel: thanks pal, i know i can always count on you.

wendy descides to play a more supportive roll and focuses her sky magic to increase everybodies attack power.
Wendy: ill stay here and provide supportive magic for you all. my verrier spell will give you all increased your attack power. i will also provide speed and magic power increases based on the situation.

Carla: thats the best thing for her to do seeing as her wind magic wont seem to hurt those robots that much.


fairy tail is as pumped as ever. ready to finish this days training with high spirits and many lessons learned.

Last edited Aug 02, 2013 at 11:08PM EDT
Aug 02, 2013 at 10:57PM EDT

OOC: Quick post for now. I won’t be here for a lot of the day tomorrow, so… Yeah. Sorry about that. However when I do finally get back home tomorrow, I will be posting. It should be around 3 PM Central Standard Time when I get back.

Aug 02, 2013 at 11:11PM EDT

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