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OOC: I really can’t continue with the Transformers until Mark posts…

Aug 03, 2013 at 03:27AM EDT

The Order mages get behind the dragons – Granatir, Noctan, and Solarian stand behind Chasmpound, Tsunarmin and Ignis stand behind Muscalle, Tardises and Tempestia stand behind WIMO.

{color:gold} Tempestia: I have a feeling we should attempt to get rid of these things as quickly as possible

*They all focus on one jackbot. Tardises casts Whirlpool, Tsunarmin casts Twister, as does Pyralis. Noctan casts Void, Solarian casts Twister. Tempestia decides to switch things up and casts Wildfire, and Granatir casts Earthquake (the GP, not the usual spell). The Jackbot they focused spells upon would find itself slower, with weaker attacks (OOC: Because there is literally no resistance to stat debuffs in the source series of flash games. I personally enjoy reducing boss stats to 0 so they cannot deal damage unless they have percentage based attacks. I might do that here, if possible :p)

Chasmpound spits a lot of pebbles at the same jackbot, Muscalle, spits a burning spike which would damage the jackbot over time for a few seconds, and WIMO starts firing electrified spikes at the jackbot

Aug 03, 2013 at 05:50AM EDT


ADA: Encounter!
C’mon Ada!
Jehuty dashes to the side and continues to strafe, easily outrunning the missiles
Just like the drones back during the Callisto attack!
Jehuty charges up and begins locking targets before releasing a big volley of bright blue homing lasers at the missiles, about 30 missiles are destroyed with each volley

ADA: I recommend using the Phalanx sub weapon.
Not yet, we’re doing just fine as we are!
ADA: I have OPTIONS at the ready if you need it Dingo
Okay thanks! but stop bothering me!
ADA: I apologize.
*Jehuty continues to strafe at high speeds, launching endless volleys of Metatron powered lasers in quick succession making short work of the missile attack..

Even if a missile did hit, it would do null damage. Due to Jehuty being Ver.2 it is very powerful and its shields are practically unbreakable when faced with conventional weaponry. However due to the speed of Orbital Frames there is little that can keep up with them other than another Frame….

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #4


Ship Status

Current Activities: Recovering from magnetic cloud. Observing new space.

Overall Status-------OKAY
Superstructure------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integrity at maximum.
Crew--------------------OKAY-----------Crew are resettled
Systems----------RECOVERING---Systems are undergoing vital maintenance and repair.
Sensory Arrays-----OKAY-----------Arrays are picking up evidence of 3 nearby planets and one star
Food supplies-------OKAY-----------Rations near maximum.
Munitions-------------OKAY-----------Munitions near maximum.
Main Engines------CRUISING-------Cruising speed, exploring new system
Power Plant---------ACTIVE----------Power consumption nominal, no irregularities
Slipspace Core----INACTIVE

We managed to escape the cloud and finally gaze upon our new surroundings, 3 planets and 1 star have been identified so far however we are uncertain as to whether the planets are habitable or what the surface conditions are like. We will continue to pioneer this new system and collect information until we have sufficient enough data, if the sensor scans pick up friendly atmospheric conditions we will most likely send down expeditionary parties to investigate the new worlds. If not, we shall log them down and most likely move on to newer horizons via use of FTL travel.

The Fabricators have finished work on Martin Miles….

He has been given the codename “The Fury” and has been heavily modified to extensive levels, he is currently being held by the Fabricators for further research.

The SPARTAN Program’s 10 inductee’s are nearing the final section of there training after which they will undergo the all important augmentation process.

Research upon the recovered artefacts from the mainframe room break in has come to a stand still.

End of activity log #4

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Aug 03, 2013 at 11:04AM EDT


Nu: Targets are not attacking. Initiating ready procedure.
All of the swords floating behind Nu now point at the Jackbots.

Ragna grips his right wrist.
Ragna: Restriction 666 released!
He starts to glow purple with a black field around him. The cap of the BlazBlue comes off, and now shows a pinkish gem.
Ragna: Dimensional interference field deployed!
The aura gets bigger, and glows brighter.
Ragna: Now engaging the Idea Engine!
There is now a third layer that is a mixture of light pink and light purple surrounding Ragna inside all the others now.
Ragna: BlazBlue! Activate!
The crest of the Black Beast appears in front of him and dissipates after a few seconds as a bright pink light comes from the device.

After this, Ragna takes Blood Scythe off his back and activates its scythe form. He is ready. He listened to what Fairy Tail said as well.

Hakumen holds Okami in a ready position, ready for the wave of Jackbots.

They are all going to take the strategy that Fairy Tail said.


Flandre continues to dodge the missiles. She’s doing as well as Marisa and Reimu on this, even if they are homing missiles. However she does pick up her speed tremendously.

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Aug 03, 2013 at 12:29PM EDT

OOC: aww shit nigga the fury

Also, I can’t get on a computer til 3 EST, so I can’t really react to the jackbots right now.

Aug 03, 2013 at 12:45PM EDT

So it begins. After being attacked by the mages, the six Jackbot punch the floor at the same time, releasing a huge and unavoidable energy wave. The wave covers the place, pushing the heroes back, some of them may land on their feet and some of them may require a hand or two. The Jackbots choose their targets and quickly divide:

The Blazblue’s Jackbot targets Nu first becouse of her nasty projectiles and quick reactions. The bot is already firing both of his cannons.

The Jojo’s Jackbot runs towards them. He isn’t shooting as if he expects to get melee damage instead.
Another bot targets Doomguy and his group, attacking the helmet-wearing man first becouse of his dangerous abilities with weapons.

The Jackbot doesn’t run towards the mages. Instead, he just shoots.

Bot running towards the Fairy Tail. He targets Juvia and Natsu first. Both of his weapons are being fired.

The last bot just waits. He will attack the team who is being more punished. So yeah..get weak and he will arrive to make you even MORE weak. This will result in fan-made teams and forced teamwork, working with someone you have never ever worked before.

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Aug 03, 2013 at 02:18PM EDT

The pure number of homing missiles turn out to be a bit overwhelming for Reimu, who finally pulls out a spell card…

The missiles explode against the barrier, causing a rather large chain reaction that fills the entire canyon with explosions

Yeah, it looks like this for a bit… Marisa flies above the canyon to view the pretty lights

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Aug 03, 2013 at 02:56PM EDT


Ragna, Hakumen, and Nu all recover from the waves, landing on the ground on their feet. These guys are extremely good at acrobatics and can even recover from attacks in midair.

Nu: Engaging.
Nu begins dodging the shots of the lasers while firing out the swords of her own from all directions around the Jackbot from seemingly all angles. This also provides covering fire for Ragna and Hakumen to get in close.

Ragna runs at the Jackbot from the left, targeting the left arm of the Jackbot with the intense energy blade of his scythe. He slices a few times before jumping on top of it, and running the scythe blade down the front middle of it. After this, he jumps back to somewhere around Nu’s position, not wanting to stay close for too long.

While the bot is stunned, Hakumen comes in from the right side with a single powerful slash at the bots right arm, leaving an ink-blot stain behind it. After this, he jumps behind the bot, delivering another powerful slash to its back and then retreating back to Nu’s position by jumping.

Aug 03, 2013 at 02:56PM EDT

The Order mages are not pushed far back, due to there being something in the way. The ones behind Muscalle are knocked down due to the dragon being pushed into them, though. Ignis quickly gets back up, using his hammer to make it quicker. Tsunarmin is a bit slower to get back up. The shots hit the 3 in front. Chasmpound isn’t particularly hurt due to a combination of natural durability and Barrier, but Muscalle and WIMO are more significantly hurt.

Granatir and Ignis cast Heal on Chasmpound and Muscalle respectively, Tardises casts Clansing Foam on WIMO, backed up by a Healing Wind from Tsunarmin, who knows that Cleansing Foam only really shines when healing someone who’s poisoned. Solarian and Tempestia proceed to cast Barrier on Muscalle and WIMO respectively, and finally, Pyralis casts Wildfire on the Jackbot.*

The dragons and stand repeat the attacks they had made last time.

Pyralis:We should weaken their attacks… I know all but the dragons and Noctan have at least one such spell… We should spread out those spells among all 6 opponents. They won’t be particularly damaging but they will make it easier for us to survive.

(OOC:Remember that Whirlpool WILL weaken magic attacks, Wildfire WILL weaken physical attacks, and Twister WILL slow the targets down. The Earth equivalent is called Razor Leaf (seriously. That’s what it’s called in the series of flash games. I care too little about pokeymans to make a reference to it myself) and it reduces the VIT stat… Which seems to do putty much nothing for enemies that I see. (VIT was related to max HP for party members, though, so any enemy attacks that reduced that stat were pretty damn nasty.), the fact I don’t think I’ll get much use out of it is why I don’t really make the mages use it here. They DO have it, of course. And of course if the mages follow Pyralis’ strategy, EVERYONE fighting the jackbots will benefit from it.)

Aug 03, 2013 at 03:01PM EDT

The wave visibly pushed the heroes back, but the stand users, Doomguy, Ken, and Falcon keep their footing.
Doomguy is just busy dodging the shots of the jackbot.
Ken: What do we do?
Falcon: I’m thinking…
Doomguy: GOT IT!
Doomguy takes out his plasma launcher and begins firing at the jackbot, while dodging it’s shots. Falcon and ken take their time to sneak around the bot.

Giorno: We do what we do best.
Giorno begins to run towards the jackbot, but Jotaro stops him.
Jotaro: YOU IDIOT! THATS WHAT IT WANTS YOU TO DO! We need some sort of distraction…
Josuke: What about that guy?
He points to doomguy.
Jotaro: That might bust be a good idea…

Doomguy: WHAT?
Doomguy: OKAY, FINE!
Doomguy fires at the stand user’s jackbot too, to draw it’s attention. The stand users begin walking towards the bot slowly.

Aug 03, 2013 at 03:03PM EDT

And so Doomguy made himself a easy target for two Jackbots. Dodging a single Jackbot lasers is easy but dodging two of them is impossible. Doomguy has 15 seconds of advantage against the Jackbots until a single laser hits his power armor, shortly followed bya nother and another and another. The bots have a nasty fire rate and they can take a single wolf in a matter of seconds. The Jackbot chasing the Jojos decided to work along with his fellow partner to neutralize a single target quickly, so they can BOTH proceed to the next target. Doomguy will be doomed unless a quick tactic is employed.

After being stunned, the bot quickly punches the floor, releasing a energy wave that would caught Hakumen off-guard. With the white samurai being the closest target, the Jackbot unleashes a couple of projetiles to take Hakumen down.

Since the mages are not such a big menace, the Jackbot decides to focus his firepower with the dragons. He doesn’t shoot bullets, instead, he shoots giant energy projectiles with the size of a beach ball.

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Aug 03, 2013 at 03:29PM EDT

Thankfully, by this point, the JoJo’s have gotten close to the bot.
GER proceeds to grab onto the bot, effectively immobilizing it. Doomguy then somehow manages to get out of the shots, and begins shooting at the original bot that he was firing at, sensing that his job was done.
Jotaro: Nice one. Now… let’s kick the shit out of this.
The other three stand users activate their stands and begin punching the shit out of the Jackbot.

OOC: Here is the bio on GER.
Also, Here is Star Platinum
Here is crazy Diamond
Here is the hand

Aug 03, 2013 at 03:46PM EDT

Tardises notices Doomguy meeds help and splits off from the rest of the group. Tempestia follows to keep him safe, and WIMo also does so. The other 5 mages all proceed to cast Wildfire on the Jackbot shooting at them. Chasmpound charges at the Jackbot alongside Muscalle – some shots pass straight over them as a result.

*WIMO stops time around itself to end up next to Doomguy, and starts firing electrified spikes at THAT Jackbot. Tardises and Tempestia arrive. Tempestia casts Healing Wind on Doomguy while Tardises casts Whirlpool on the Jackbot Doomguy’s attacking.

(The Jackbot targeting the dragons would have noticeably weaker attacks at this point, from all the STR reduction stacked up on it. Remember that STR covers all non-magical attacks (except for one that’s ether elemental and therefore uses SPR instead. (Yeah, spirit is the magic stat. That’s why the SPR buffing spell is ether, not water – and why no Order mages have it.)) so even though the shots aren’t truly physical, they are not magic-based and therefore weakened by Wildfire. Tardises only cast Whirlpool on it because it’s more powerful than Bubble)

Aug 03, 2013 at 04:00PM EDT

OOC: Becouse everyone loves to employ game mechanics, I’m also bringing SMNC mechanics to the thread so Jackbots are more challenging:
Jackbots can’t be slowed down for more than 5 seconds.
Same goes for those who want to stun him.
Jackbots fire rate/ damage can’t be decreased/ stopped for more than 5 seconds.
Jackbots’s lasers are hard to dodge. Even a fully upgraded pro with nothing but speed has a hard time dodging Jackbots.
Jackbots are robots. This goes for those who want to use “human-only” techniques. (thousands of JoJo characters fall under in this category.)
Characters like Tager and Veteran are the only characters capable of lifting a Jackbot for a few SECONDS. This goes for those who want to use telepathy, warp powers or teletransportation.
I will post the bot’ reactions later. See ya!

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Aug 03, 2013 at 04:08PM EDT

Jehuty flies up and out of the fire storm in the canyon, it hovers in mid air for the moment

That seems to be all of them.
ADA: I have not detected any further projectile launches, we are safe.
Huh, well should go and see how the others are getting on, see what they are capable of.
They fly over to the others who are battling the Jackbots and sit on the sideline
So we have mages here, that’s real different…..
He then looks to the BlazBlue group
Woah, they look pretty good, especially the guy with the scythe….and that girl from earlier is firing swords.
And then to the stand users
That….that guy is beating the hell outta those things! with his hands!….
Dingo reaches down the side of his seat and grabs a little snack, a simple ham sandwich
It seems Ada…
ADA: Yes Dingo?
Dingo begins eating, his voice muffled
…..That we got a good team of people here, I…..I don’t think I could go this one alone if im being completely honest.
ADA: If this entity is capable of entering our universe and capturing Aumaan it must be stopped as it is within my programming to prevent such a happening at all costs.
He takes another bite
I know I know, but this time when we finally get to where this guy is held up don’t jump a “self-destruct protocol” on me.
At the end of this I do want to get home to my comrades.
ADA: If that is what you want.
They continue to hover there watching the battle take place….

Aug 03, 2013 at 04:09PM EDT


Hakumen recovers from the energy wave just in time to put up a nigh-invulnerable ornate blue barrier. This barrier covers all in front of Hakumen, his feet, and a good 10 feet around and above him.

By this time Nu has moved to a different position to being airborne. She then opens a purple rift under the Jackbot, effectively slowing it to a snail’s pace. She then makes large orange swords come up from the ground and head straight at the Jackbot while it is slowed down.

This gives Ragna the time to rush in and slash the bots’ back while he is slowed down. Once Rags’ gets a few powerful slashes in with his scythe, he jumps back and rejoins Hakumen who still has the barrier up.
Ragna: God damn. I think this one is tougher than the last.
Red eye currently glowing.


Flandre flies up and out of the explosion, lucky she got out of that one. She keeps on the lookout for more missiles, however.

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Aug 03, 2013 at 04:23PM EDT

OOC: Am I right in assuming they have a weakness to aeromancy for the reason that the air element that the Order mages use includes both wind and lightning? (the lightning being the more relevant part)

Aug 03, 2013 at 04:23PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

OOC: Becouse everyone loves to employ game mechanics, I’m also bringing SMNC mechanics to the thread so Jackbots are more challenging:
Jackbots can’t be slowed down for more than 5 seconds.
Same goes for those who want to stun him.
Jackbots fire rate/ damage can’t be decreased/ stopped for more than 5 seconds.
Jackbots’s lasers are hard to dodge. Even a fully upgraded pro with nothing but speed has a hard time dodging Jackbots.
Jackbots are robots. This goes for those who want to use “human-only” techniques. (thousands of JoJo characters fall under in this category.)
Characters like Tager and Veteran are the only characters capable of lifting a Jackbot for a few SECONDS. This goes for those who want to use telepathy, warp powers or teletransportation.
I will post the bot’ reactions later. See ya!

I’d be pretty much fine with this except for the fact that the jackbots are immune to stand abilities. You simply can’t do that, man.
You can’t do that.
Hey, I gave you a leverage by making stands visible and tangible to normal people. If you want to stop GER, just get another fucking jackbot to fire at Giorno. That should do the trick.I mean, geez. I can understand why you did this, but.. i’m enforcing canon here.

Also, GER’s ability is technically not a stun.

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Aug 03, 2013 at 04:24PM EDT

Reimu flies out of the fire, clothes and skin now covered in ash..

I guess that’s what happens when you give that many bullets a blast radius that big…

“No kidding. Remind me to make up a move that relies solely on Grenade Chain Reactions.”

How about no!

Last edited Aug 03, 2013 at 07:12PM EDT
Aug 03, 2013 at 07:10PM EDT

OOC: By human only techniques I obviously mean techniques that involve fresh hitting. Don’t you understand? GER’s opponent needs to be a HUMAN.
Jotaro is a fucking beast, he can still punch the crap out of a car. You have THE HAND which is extremelly OP but luckily Okuyazu is too stupid to use him correctly. Same goes for Crazy diamond. I am not having two robots to take on a single group becouse “we have a MIGHTY need”.

Aug 03, 2013 at 07:15PM EDT

OOC: What the fuck is Fresh Hitting?
Either Way, I can accept a limitation in that it only works on human sized targets. If you were to outright NULLIFY it’s abilility, that’d be pure bullshit.

So basically I’m putting a limitation: GER’s ability can only work on targets roughly the size of a human.

That a good compromise?

Instead of being stopped because of GER, it instead stopped because three stands were beating the shit out of it. It seems to clearly move while under GER’s effects.
Giorno: Hmm… It seems that my stand powers can only work on human sized beings.
Jotaro: That’s interesting. HELP US BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THIS THING.
Giorno: Okay, okay!
GER starts beating the shit out of the Jackbot. They slowly back away until their stands are at maximum range. Giorno is 2m away, Okuyasu and Josuke are 10m away, and Jotaro is 20 m away.

Aug 03, 2013 at 07:27PM EDT

OOC: Flesh hitting..Jeez..No need to go Hyper Ultra Grammar Nazi for that. It only works on humans. Every JoJo character is organic, human, filled with squishy red things.

Aug 03, 2013 at 08:21PM EDT

OOC: Again, if I miss anything, I’m sorry for being gone for a while. Other than training, I don’t think anything else major has happened. And to Calkarot, I am SO sorry for keeping you waiting. I’ll fix that right now.

Lyra hears a beeping on her arm. She checks it, and turns back to the others after doing so.
Lyra: I must head back to the OFC. I need to bring in some old friends to man the controls to the OFC. It won’t work without one.
She heads back through the main hall, and exits towards the entrance. She views the OFC, sitting, waiting. She marvels it for a bit, and dials a few buttons on her wrist. The vessel, in response, opens a wide hatch in the hull, and Lyra enters the OFC.
Lyra: Humans won’t be enough… perhaps I need to bring in the Elements as well…
She uses her magic, and the Emeralds, to harness power inside her horn. After glowing for a few seconds, she zaps a small clearing inside the main control room, and as she does, silhouettes form inside the large beam. As the bright golden light clears, a group of equine figures stand in place, all looking a bit… ruffled… to say the least. They all arrive, arguing and disgruntled.

As they look around, they stop, and turn to view each other. They look at each other, then their own selves, and recognize they have hooves and muzzles again. They all erupt in a cheer, and turn to Lyra. As they do, they all look onward in shock at what she has become.
Lyra: Hello to you all once again… how was the human dimension?
They all turn to each other, and shudder a bit as they’re are reminded of the horrors of the dimension.
Twilight: To put it lightly…
Pinkie Pie: It was terrible!
Fluttershy: They… they were so mean…
Applejack: Next time you send us somewhere… could it be a bit more…
Rainbow Dash: Where we aren’t seeing duplicates of ourselves?
Lyra: Yeah… I got it. I couldn’t have you die, though.
Rarity: May I ask where we are now?
Lyra: LOCAF. A beautiful place, no doubt.
Twilight: And why are we in here?
Lyra: I needed to bring you all back. You see, not only did I need a crew, but I also needed you six to return to increase the power of this station exponentially. Twilight…
Twilight: Yes?
Lyra: Read this…
She hands her a large manual.
Lyra: And fill in everypony and body on here when you’re done.
Twilight: Body?
Lyra uses her horn once again, for the same use. She blasts a beam of golden light at the clearing, and silhouettes form once again. This time, however, it is a mix of humanoid and canine shadows. As the light clears, the figures are revealed to be a mix of humans, reptiles, and a dog.

Lyra then turns to Twilight again.
Lyra: Everybody.
She leaves the new crew to be educated by Twilight, and uses her magic once more to teleport. As she disappears, she reappears among the Autobots, after having promised to contact them again.
Lyra: So… the Heaven… or Haven… I really don’t know, is out of the question. Head here.
She gives them coordinates to land on LOCAF.
Lyra: We are among allies here. Perhaps they can assist you what whatever you may need. I’ll meet you there.
She teleports again, and lands back on LOCAF. She now heads back to training, ready to use and practice her magic.

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Aug 03, 2013 at 08:23PM EDT

Dingo is slumped in his chair, the dim screen of ADA lighting up his face..
sigh…..this is boring, Ada?
ADA: Yes Dingo?
Load up Tetris please
ADA: If I have to
Classic Tetris appears on the holographic control panel, Dingo begins playing….

He reaches down for another sandwich whilst trying to keep his eyes on the panel and play with his one hand….
Agh! c’mon!
He’s doing badly…
What even is this!
He quickly glances out the cockpit to see that nothing much is happening and looks back down at the game
This is how these people prepare?
ADA: It seems that way.
I mean, yeah im playing a game and eating but its not like I can get out of here….
Dingo continues to play Tetris Classic…

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Aug 03, 2013 at 08:40PM EDT

the jackbot charges them. firing off many shots at the group. Juvia takes a few hits but due to her water body is not too harmed, though she cannot counter attack cuz of so. natsu is trying to make his way towards it but is stopped by the sheer volume of fire. gray quicky uses his ice maker magic to create a shield to provide cover for them.

Gray: ice make:shield!

Gray: dont try and take it on directly. divide its attention and attack it.

Lucy: ill try and slow it down. go virgo.

Virgo: right mistress. virgo has the ability to burrow underground and use the earth to attack. she dives into the ground to were the jack bot is and she creates a hole that causes the jackbots foot to fall into it, stopping its charge.

everyone notices this and quicky counterattack.

Erza: now attack!

natsu charges out of cover towards it and jumps in the air

erza, gajeel, pantherlilly charge at it with their increased strength boost thanks to wendy.


he creates two giant flaming wings that crash down onto the jackbot that is stuck in the ground creating a massive explosion that not only causes great damage to it, but also limits its vision enough for the others to counter attack it.

when the smoke clears. gajeel and pantherlilly take giant swings at them with their weapons. gajeel being his iron dragon sword an pantherlillys magic sword that can change its size. they both strike at the jackbot with all of their strength doing great damage to it but nowere near enough to destroy it.

shortly after erza manages to impale the jackbot with her spear.
Erza: HHRRRRRAAAAAAAAAA!! *she screams as she uses the powers of her giants armour, she uses every ounce of her strength to lift the jackbot off of the ground and throw it into the air and away from the group

when the jackbot collides into the ground.

Erza: now attack it while its on the ground everyone.

those that use ranged spells begin to attack it from afar while its on the ground meanwhile everyone who closed in on it quicky regroup.

Gray: ice make: lance!

he shoots out a dozen ice blades

Lucy: go Sagittarius.
he fires a rapid volley of arrows that are strong enough to pierce its armoured shell.

Juvia: water slicer!
she shoots out blades of water at high velocity that are strong enough to cut through steel

Cana: card magic: lightning!

she combines a few cards together to shoot out a storm of electricity at the jackbot.

all of their attacks directly hit the jackbot. creating a large explosion of magic. however, they dont know exactly how much damage they manage to do to it.

Erza: remember: hit and run, and attack it from afar when were clear. and surround it to distract it. it can only focus on so many of us. be careful.

Natsu: got it.

everyone split up into two teams to try and surround it so they can divide its attention.
@yukari and NM
medusa is still continuing her testing. its taking a lot longer than she had expected. however she is als taking her time as well to record down all of the information she is getting as well from all of this. and also brushing up on her knowledge of boundaries she had been learning from yukari

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Aug 03, 2013 at 11:01PM EDT


@Falcon and Tardises
Doomguy would be EXTREMELLY injured after being in front of two giant bots, both of them using blast energy weapons against him. The marine’s power armor would allow him to distract them for a few seconds before breaking into pieces. Before the Jackbots were able to finish him off, Tardises and the group of mages arrive to save the Doom. Electric based attacks stun both bots, giving the JoJos a chance to strike where it hurts most! The jackbots team up, they punch the floor at the same time to create a energy wave. Stands would be sent flying away, their respective users too. The Jackbots divide. Tardises is now the target of Falcon’s Jackbot, stand users have the same Jackbot chasing them. Meanwhile, the rest of the mages are facing another bot. His attacks are weak at first but as the bot keeps shooting, this “debuff” wears off. The dragons had a chance to cause a lot of damage to the Jackbot before being knocked out after being the primary targets. After getting rid of the dragons, the Jackbot proceeds to attack the other mages, still burning after being hit by Wildfire.

The Jackbot decides to focus on the orange swords. He destroys them pretty quickly, giving him a easy chance to shoot Nu. A good pair of energy projectiles would be able to hit the Murakumo Unit enough to force her to land. After taking care of the air support, the bot turns around and starts to attack Hakumen’s shield. Designed to pierce through almost everything, the shield starts to slowly fall apart as the bot keeps firing his weapons.

Since the bot has one hell of a giant eye and he also emits a blue light, he would be able to see Gajeel and Pantherlilly approaching him. Instead of punching the ground, the bot just punches both of them away with a single swing from his gigantic arm. With Erza getting dangerously close, the Jackbot makes a energy wave again. With the melee lovers gone, the bot targets Gray’s shield, quickly shooting it.

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Aug 03, 2013 at 11:16PM EDT

The stands dissipate, and the stand users are sent reeling, giorno getting sent flying. They easily recover, and bring out their stands again.
Jotaro: In think it’s time to use my special ability.
Star platinum is summoned again.
%{color:blue}Jotaro: STAR PLATINUM: ZA WARUDO!

A visible circle extends out from Jotaro as time is stopped. In those short five seconds, he goes up to the bot, and begins punching it, with a light dent for each of the about a hundred blows he does in that short time span.
Jotaro: Soshite, Toki ga, Ugokidasu.
Time begins to flow again, as the other stand users come up to begin their assault again, while Josuke is treating the wounds of the stand users using crazy diamond.

Doomguy continues drawing the fire of the Jackbot now chasing TARDISES.

OOC: The jackbot should have some small dents in it’s hull.

Aug 03, 2013 at 11:38PM EDT


Nu drops from the sky, and lay on the ground a moment before recovering.
Nu: Vessel has sustained damage.
She then opens up an orange rift in front of her, and fires off an orange sword made of the very fabric of space straight at the Jackbot’s back. This sword is strong enough to break through solid rock and keep going. After this, Nu takes back to the skies and continues to fire down regular sized swords down at the Jackbot.

Hakumen keeps up his barrier. The barrier has extreme strength and will take a while to go down. He can keep this up for a while.

While the Jackbot is distracted by Hakumen’s barrier, Ragna flanks the Jackbot from behind and begins attacking all of its motor functions with powerful slashes from the scythe blade. The slices on their own should be able to split a normal human in-two. He keeps at this for a bit before going back from behind the barrier.

Aug 03, 2013 at 11:50PM EDT

gajeel and pantherlilly are sent flying. however he quickly catches him in mid air and recover.

Gajeel: damn these thing are good.

Pntherlilly: indeed. we need to keep attacking it without leaving ourselves exposed.

Gajeel: lets just keep hitting it with all weve got while the others distract it.

Pantherlilly: right.

pantherlilly flies down and throws gajeel at high speed at the jack bot

Gajeel: IRON DRAGON STEEL FIST. his arm becomes a giant steel piston that extends out a great distance while flying at full speed at it. his fist makes impact on it from a distance instead of up close, its strong enough to knock it back a bit before gajeel quickly lands and runs back with pantherlilly and others to make another attack.

grays shield is quickly destroyed but not before they clear away from it

Gray: ice make: hammer!
he create a giant ice hammer that comes smashing on top of the jackbots head with great force. stunning it for long enough for everyone to quickly attack it again

Juvia: water lock!
juvia seals the jackbot in a dome of water
(this is what the spell looks like)

Erza: everyone hit it with lightning if you can while juvia has it trapped inside her water lock!
erza requips into lightning empress armour. this armour allows her to use lighning magic and makes her resilient to lightning based attacks. LIGHNING ARC!

she unleashes a torent of lightning bolts at the jackbot while still in water lock

cana: cards magic: lightning!
she repeats the same spell now that it has more effect thanks to juvia and erza

when the lighning attacks hit the jackbot, it is like a living lighning storm inside of it. two powerful lightning spells combined with juvias waterlock are amplified to very high levels. doing massive damage to it and causing some stunning and quite possibly some sort of short circuiting.

Lucy: Sagittarius, try and take out its big eye. if its cant see us than we can surely beat it.

sagittarius: ill make sure it goes through its head, let alone its eye. he pulls out one arrow and uses it to make a single, high accuracy shot to take out the jackbots only eye. aquires taerget and fires off the shot that cannot miss directly at its eye thanks to his unmatched archer skills

natsu runs behind the jackbot to were it is exposed while being distracted by the others.

he unleashes his roar at the jackbot. the flames unleashed it is powerful enough to melt steel within seconds. in this situation, the explosion of flames that quickly ensures on it it manages to heat up the armour enough to actually weaken it. making it more vulnerble to damage

everyone continues to fight it, hit and run for the melee fighters and distraction fire from those that can use ranged attacks. meanwhile working together to keep it surrounded so its attantion is divides with the others.

Last edited Aug 04, 2013 at 12:35AM EDT
Aug 04, 2013 at 12:34AM EDT

Jazz: Well…. that was quick.

Optimus. She gave us some coordinates. We may need help with the Decepticons.

Ironhide: The ‘Cons haven’t made a move in a long time, Prime. How do we know they are even planning anything?

Optimus: I know they are doing something… I can feel it in the Matrix…

Meanwhile, on the Nemesis

Megatron: Starscream, how goes the Energon mining operation?

Starscream: Excellently, Megatron! And no sign of any of the pathetic Autobots!

Megatron: Excellent.

Soundwave: Lord Megatron, I am receiving a transmission… from Cybertron.

Megatron: What?! Pick it up, boost the signal!

???: Mega----- are y-----ut there?------contac---me-----

Megatron: Boot signal to full power!

???: Megatron, anyone! Is anyone out there?

The fuzzy video appears clearer on screen

Megatron: Shockwave! It is good to see you!

Shockwave: Megatron! I have finally found you. We are in desparate need of Energon! We need you to build a Space Bridge!

Megatron: Shockwave, the Spage Bridges are massive towers, especially for this puny planet. How are we supposed to make one without the Autobots noticing?

Shockwave: I have developed some blueprints for a small but functional Space Bridge that can fit on the Nemesis. Instead of shooting the portal into space, it makes the portal inside the enclosed area. I have built one in my laboratory. I’m sending you the blueprints now. You have a team of Constructicons with you, do you not?

Megatron. I do. I will immediately begin construction. Goodbye, Shockwave

Shockwave: Farewell.

Meanwhile, on the Ark

Optimus: If we have allies on this planet, then we should side with them. Ratchet, punch in those coordinates and open the Ground Bridge!

Ratchet: Um… Optimus… theses coordinates… they lead to another planet…we can’t get there.

Optimus: Slag…. we can carry without them.. but we can contact those coordinates, right?

Ratchet; Correct

Optimus: Then send out a message that we may need a lift there.

Perceptor: Is it really that important, Prime?

Optimus: We will need all the help we can get, Perceptor.

Aug 04, 2013 at 04:07AM EDT

After Chasmpound and Muscalle are taken out, the Order mages taking on their jackbot have to try something else.

Granatir: We MUST finish this thing off.

Ignis: I wonder… if I can get up to it without being noticed…

Solarian: You intend to use that hammer, I can tell.

Ignis: Indeed.

Ignis attempts to slip off unnoticed so that he may approach the jackbot relatively safely.

Solarian proceeds to start using both his magic gun and the AP simultaneously, This causes the magical laser again – which, yet again, causes additional air damage on impact

Granatir proceeds to use the regular Earthquake spell

Pyralis attempts to melt some of the jackbot’s armour using that fire wave

Noctan decides to go on the defensive, cand starts casting Heal. Tsunarmin decides to help Noctan, and also casts Heal on those that need it.

Meanwhile, Tardises, Tempestia, and WIMO are pushed back by the waves. Tempestia looks like she got knocked down, but she very quickly regains her balance. WIMO appears to be gone, though…

Tardises: Uh oh…

Tempestia: Just bring that thing back…

Tardises: …Alright. WHAT I’M MADE OF, LET’S DO THIS!

WIMO re-appears.

Tempestia proceeds to cast Healing Wind on Doomguy again, to ensure that he can take a few hits, while Tardises casts Whirlpool on the jackbot shooting them, and WIMO proceeds to… fire blasts of air at the jackbot. Probably gonna be ineffective…

OOC: I won’t be able to respond until much later.

Aug 04, 2013 at 05:05AM EDT

Meanwhile on Transcendence


Tsubaki has finished her tour of Columbia and has since returned to the NOL HQ tower at the heart of the city…

Word around the camps and city is that Eddy is going to be wrestling the “Stone Beast of Prydain” AKA the Phalanx soon, however this time he will have weighted blocks strapped to his arms and legs and will be given just a piece of rope to take the creature on.

Leaflets and flyers have been advertising this event for a few weeks now, and as Eddy is the epitome of shear manliness and strength there is no doubt that every Loyalist who can will attend the event, which is apparently taking place at the edge of the great desert itself…

Be there or be heretical…

Meanwhile on Mudos, the home continent of the Sligs…

Production of the Auto-turrets is still on, thousands upon thousands of these machines have now been constructed and are starting to really fill up the stockyards to their maximums.

The shear amount of these turrets is starting to get ridiculous, because of the incredibly efficient and industrial like mindset of the Sligs they have put all of there work effort into building them en masse. It is almost like the Imperator left a 1 meter wide tap running in a 5 inch depth bath.

Due to the overflowing existence of the auto turrets the Sligs have begun to break down a few and re-purpose them as sheds and tables in a meagre attempt to make some space…

Meanwhile Persephone prison has returned to normal thanks to the new train.

And by normal I mean the perpetual slaughter and death of heretics at the hands of the mysterious and unknown leaders of the prison. Nobody from outside of the prison knows that happens here either, there are no communication links with the rest of the planet and due to the size of the still unmapped desert surrounding it nobody can actually find it without taking the train.

Stories about the place are vague and sometimes nigh on stupid, however these are just false rumours. Only Guards come back on the train and they are silent. Persephone is its own world….

Under the sands of the desert, AM lies embedded, silent and dormant once more…

@The Imperator,

The Superintendent hologram appears next to Saya

Superintendent: It is apart of my programming to ask if you require anything after a certain time span has been reached. Do you require anything Imperator?

And back at LOCAF

Jehuty remains hovering on the sidelines whilst Dingo continues playing Tetris and eating lunch…

Aug 04, 2013 at 01:51PM EDT

OOC: Since everyone wants to jump into the Balloon Master’s death wagon, the Jackbots will be destroyed in the next page becouse [THE PLOT NEEDS IT]. I love how you keep making my “villian” side happy, It makes me feel like the true evil bastard of the thread…and I like it!

So since Nu’s swords don’t belong to this “reality”, they don’t even count as projectiles or real life entities, and they don’t even obey the laws of this universe..Jackbot gets pierced by all of these magic swords, unable to punch them, blast them away, etc. Lot of damage is done, eating 3/4 of his health. The bot just keeps shooting Hakumen’s shield, poor machine doesn’t realize that game mechanics won’t allow him to do anything.

So yeah..So it seems arrows are able to pierce through the bot. Now he is just a blind llama waiting to get killed…But..Guess what? NOPE! The bot just blasts those arrows away. Then, he proceeds to shoot down Sagittarius since he has dangerous arrows of deaditty death. After taking care or the horse-man hibrid, the bot targets Natsu. He recieved a lot of damage, 3/4 of his health.

So yeah..Mages attacks are now allowed to do a lot of damage for “OOC” reasons. The bot just keeps shooting the mages. 3/4 of health.

For some reason, GER effects work on the Jackbot. Jotaro eats half of his health with a Star Platinium beatdown. 3/4 of his health remains.

EDIT: To make this even more fast, I should just replace the Jackbots that are supposed to train you with dumb easy to take down Sentinels

Last edited Aug 04, 2013 at 02:22PM EDT
Aug 04, 2013 at 02:19PM EDT


No. Please Spark. Don’t give up on us. When I said what I said I was extremely tired and had two kids pestering me the entire night. So please don’t do this. Can we just… talk it out? Please.

Aug 04, 2013 at 02:55PM EDT

OOC: Spark? Who is this Spark you are talking about? Oh you mean that character under my control. You either die as a hero or live enough to see yourself become the villian.
Very well my friends, let me say this for the very last time..My planet is death and nothing but death. Want training? I give you training and a bit of mercy so when you are in the surface of MY planet you are prepared for everything I will do to you. Jackbots are supposed to be as tough as a Omega Hunter. Becouse of this, they are obviously more powerful than almost every character you have. Saddly, this is a difficult task due to the ridiculous amount of reality-breaking powers you have such as stands, life draining, endless shields and magic. Without a canon to explain, I have to kill myself, searching for a possible way to make this as hard as possible. I can’t keep riding this joke for the whole week! Please, react to my last post as “Spark” so I can make Jackbots tough, the way they are supposed to be.

Aug 04, 2013 at 03:12PM EDT


From this point in consider me to be on a hiatus until something happens.

Early work mornings are a cause for early nights meaning I can’t keep staying up until 4am to watch long training and preparation sessions, especially when im sleeping through breaks the next day because of it.

Aug 04, 2013 at 03:29PM EDT

OOC: Actually, the Order’s magic isn’t that strong. Hell, Solarian needs a non-Order (well, non-Order of Mages) weapon to use his special ability. (I have to specify non-Order of Mages becasue it’s actually a Spiral Order weapon. The only one any mage is even using (Ignis’ hammer is NOT Spiral Order. it’s Gremlin tech.)). As it is I’m ignoring the mechanics regarding MP anyway, just so they can really keep up with those who would not normally be bound by such restrictions. And reworked the AGI stat into something related to speed to reflect the different format (in the flash game series I used for inspiration, AGI only affects the turn order)

Aug 04, 2013 at 03:54PM EDT

OOC: I’m BACK! (Pacific Rim was great, Everyone died.)
And frankly, i’m sorta disappointed.
Spark, I wanted a challenge.
You gave us a challenge, but our powers were too good.
My suggestion: Beef up YOUR characters, instead of asking us to nerf OURS.
I mean, it’s just a suggestion.
Install magic proof barriers or something like that!
I’m sorry it had to come to this, man.

EDIT: I just talked with spark, and he just gave me a revelation:

Magic and science shouldn’t mix.

Maledict: Doesn’t mean it can’t!


Either way, i’m feeling really bad about what’s happened.

Last edited Aug 04, 2013 at 07:11PM EDT
Aug 04, 2013 at 07:03PM EDT

OOC: Magic and science indeed can’t mix well. That’s why Solarian doesn’t let the Order get that much technology! And, to be honest, only some of our characters find it too easy.

If he buffs his then mine would find it very hard to keep up. You’re not the only one who’s been doing something else. I’ve been playing the expansion to AoM. Just taken down Prometheus. Yeah, in one day I’m already nearly done with the campaign (to be fair, it’s just 12 scenarios, not the 32 the original game campaign’s was… and I had to turn the difficulty down to easy for that 32nd scenario. I hate that cyclops.)

Mage: What’s so bad about Garga-

DON’T say his name. Or else. the GPs I can call upon have reached the maximum possible range. And the expansion has my favourite offensive GP, too… (Implode. It basically creates a temporary black hole. The logic behind this is somewhat unclear… I guess it’s something to do with Atlas holding up the sky, or something? (because Atlas is the Titan who gives Implode to worshippers)…so… yeah.)

Last edited Aug 04, 2013 at 08:00PM EDT
Aug 04, 2013 at 07:53PM EDT

Jackbots were one of the hardest bots to make for the Captain Spark. The bot’s design required a lethal but not deadly firepower and the ability to face the craziest people found around. It would be impossible to make a bot capable of defeating the likes of the great Fairy Tail or the Blind Justice of Hakumen, normal bots wouldn’t last more than a few seconds. Because futuristic resources can’t be found in a land where society is still in the Medieval period, Spark couldn’t find proper materials for the bots so he had to trust in the scavenger, the bomb maker, Mister Foster. Unlike Spark, Foster can skip the rules: As everyone was sleeping, Foster stole a great amount of magical objects from the Guild, leaving behind a pair of fake replacements no nobody could ever notice. Only God knows what kind of things were melted to made a Jackbot’s armor…

@Blazblue Guys
With his armor made of magic objects, the Jackbot is able to blast away Nu’s swords with ease. With the rest of the team cornered and willing to repeat the same tactic over and over again, the Jackbot decides to run towards Hakumen and quickly punch the floor, releasing a energy wave that should be able to push the melee lovers away.

Gray managed to stop the Jackbot for a few seconds put his Ice Hammer was interrupted by a couple of energy projectiles. The bot managed to stop Gray but Juvia manages to catch him by surprise and trap him in a dome of water. After being stunned by the deadly combination between electricity and water, the bot is a bit dizzy but not enough to decrease his accuracy. He is able to shoot down Sagittarius before he is able to shoot a single arrow and he is also able to deliver a devastating punch to Natsu, who flies away after being hit by a gigantic fist. The bot’s next target is Cana. He runs towards her while shooting both of his weapons. The bot has a big burn mark on his “chest”.

The bot instantly detects Ignis. He gets EXTREMELY close to him and then, he punches the mage. With Granatir being the mage whose spell is practically useless, Jackbot decides to take him down first with a couple of energy projectiles, with the mage being too distracted with a spell that has no effect on a robot. The bot’s next target is Pyralis. Burn marks can be seen around the bot’s chest.
The other bot keeps shooting Doomguy, whose body armor is slowly falling apart.

With stands that need to be close to deal damage, the Jackbot is capable of punching all of them at the same time with some exceptions like Crazy Diamond who is not attacking the bot. With the users gone, the bot targets Josuke, running towards him while shooting waves of energy bullets.

Last edited Aug 04, 2013 at 08:24PM EDT
Aug 04, 2013 at 08:16PM EDT

OOC: Hitting a stand just does damage to the user.

The stand users fall to the ground, excluding Josuke. Before the shots hit Josuke, he restores a destroyed wall, which blocks the bullets long enough for Josuke to make a quick escape. By now, the other stand users have gotten up.
Jotaro: Hmm… What can we do? AH! JOSUKE!
Star platinum appears again, and begins hammering on the bot as Josuke draws near.
When Josuke is close enough to the bot, Crazy Diamond grabs onto it. Suddenly, a piece of armor comes off, having been turned back into it’s original component. (It is whatever you can think of. Use your imagination.) Before the Jackbot can swipe at them again, the stands are withdrawn. The stand users retreat to make a plan. Obviously not STANDing around in the middle of a field, behind a wall.

Doomguy had been clearly observing various orbs and armors around in places, it’s just that only he sees them, and he never bothered to pick them up.
Doomguy: I think it’s about time I used these Orbs.
Doomguy picks up an invisibility orb. Now he is invisible to the jackbots. He is also invisible to everyone else too. Since the other’s can’t see the Orbs and such, It’s as if Doomguy turned invisible on his own. Of course, the bots can probably track heat signatures, so this is probably useless. He continues to fire at the bot.
Falcon and ken are still sneaking. Nothing important to note of as of yet.

Aug 04, 2013 at 08:41PM EDT

1_Walls were removed.
2_Orbs? C’mon…Wait for Tardises who can make you fly/invisible with his magic.
3_If you want to keep using game mechanics, then I should be able to use game mechanics too such as Armor regeneration, energy waves stunning everyone, Spark/ Assassin/ Veteran being able to one hit kill, etc.

Last edited Aug 04, 2013 at 08:47PM EDT
Aug 04, 2013 at 08:44PM EDT

natsu is hit by the gisnt fist and sent flying back


he hits the ground rolling

meanwhile Sagittarius is hit by many shots that he is unable to retain his powers in the human world

Sagittarius: IM SORRY LUCY. I AN NO LONGER CONTINUE. he says as he disappears in a glitter of light back to the spirit world

Lucy: damn, i cant keep summoning many spirits. if i keep summoning any more ill be out of magic. but i cant give up now. VIRGO, STOP IT FROM MOVING AGAIN!

*ana is hit a few times from the charging jack bot and is sent flying back a bit.

cana: AAH! she says she hits the ground.

Juvia: CANA!
but suddenly virgo makes another hole that catches the charging jackbots foot and stopping it dead in its tracks. everyone uses this chance to quickly react.*

erza requips back into heavens wheel armour.

she quicky dives at it while shooting dozens of swords at its flank before closing in and slashing at its left arm to cripple it.

gray and juvia rushes to canas side to help her out. Gray summons another ice shield to protect her while he helps her up.

Gray: cana u alright?

Cana: yah im fine. this thing is freakin tough.

*wendy makes it to her side and helps to heal her a bit.

wendy: we need to be more careful. we cant keep going on like this for long otherwise we would loose all of our magic.

Gray: well im not giving up either. lets go juvia. Ica make: Saw!

*gray creates a giand ripsaw at the jackbot to carve through its frontal armour

juvia provides support for the others.

Juvia: water jet! she shoots out a very focused stream of water at the burned chest on the jackbot in hopes that it would weakne the armour on it even more

gajeel flies behind the jackbot with pantherlilly and attacks it with more steel fist attack that deals much damage to its armour on its right arm.

natsu manages to get back up on his feet and continues to fight the jack bot


natsus iron fist attack makes contact onto the back of the jack bot with sdo much power behind it that it sends it dragging through the ground

everyone quicky tries to regroup and continue to attack it. though they are unsure of how much they can continue at this rate.

Aug 04, 2013 at 09:38PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

1_Walls were removed.
2_Orbs? C’mon…Wait for Tardises who can make you fly/invisible with his magic.
3_If you want to keep using game mechanics, then I should be able to use game mechanics too such as Armor regeneration, energy waves stunning everyone, Spark/ Assassin/ Veteran being able to one hit kill, etc.

OOC: HEre’s a fix to my post:

Replace hiding behind walls with running like hell

The Invisibility orb was a hallucination. Doomguy THINKS he’s invisible, but he’s actually now.

Aug 04, 2013 at 09:49PM EDT

(OOC: Yo, Markhaox and Calkarot: a little reminder about LOCAF: It’s currently in my inventory. That means that the only way to get there is with teleportation. I’m not mad or anything, just thought I should let you know.)

Aug 04, 2013 at 10:17PM EDT


Hakumen’s barrier is broken by the energy wave, sending the Grim Reaper and the White Knight flying backwards.

Since Hakumen took the brunt of the attack of his shield breaking, he is sent flying backwards and lands about 20 feet away on his back. The White Knight quickly gets up by jumping to his feet.
Hakumen: Impossible! Such machinery cannot take down my barrier!
The White Knight readies his Nox Nyctores once more.

Ragna swings Blood Scythe in a futile attempt to catch the ground. It doesn’t work, however and he lands beside Hakumen with the scythe still in hand. After this, Ragna quickly jumps back to his feet
Ragna: Gah! That was like being hit by a truck!
He pulls Blood Scythe takes Blood Scythe in one hand and it goes back into its sealed form of a sword due to over-use. The weapon sparks with blue electricity as it does so.

Ragna: Damn it!
The Grim Reaper then looks to Fairy Tail, and clenches a fist.
Ragna: HEY! We could use a little help here!
He readies Blood Scythe, waiting for Nu…

Nu opens another rift below the Jackbot, slowing down its movements. Seeing as her primary form of long range is gone, she uses her secondary form of long-range offense to distract the bot. She sends down the 8 swords floating behind her at the Jackbot to keep its’ attention busy. It should be noted that these swords are unbreakable due to them being a Nox Nyctores class weaponry. This class of weaponry has a Black Beast soul at the center of them, along with being forged and tempered in the Cauldron. It should be noted that they are a bit tough to swat away because they are constantly moving. Anyways… The blades begin slicing away at various parts of the Jackbot while Nu from above keeps on firing down energy swords at it.

Ragna and Hakumen both get back into position. They cannot take this thing down with just the three of them.

Aug 04, 2013 at 10:36PM EDT

The Jackbot is unable to move after Virgo managed to catch his foot in a hole. Unable to correctly shoot Erza’ swords, he is forced to punch the floor again, making another energy wave and getting rid of those annoying swords about to strike him. The bot decides to target Erza but, before he is able to shoot her, Gray strikes his chest with a ridiculous big saw. With Juvia trying to focus her stream of water in his burn mark, the Jackbot is focred to cover himself with his arms, leaving him wide open and at the hands of Gajeel who strikes him from behind. He is being attacked from all directions and he is forced once again to release another energy wave. As Natsu gets too close, the bot punches the ground, sending Natsu flying to the another side of the hills as the energy wave interrupts Juvia attack. The bot targets Juvia, he runs towards her while shooting.

The Jackbot is able to punch away some of those swords but, becouse they are unbreakable and coming from all directions, the bot is unable to defend himself. Slash marks start to appear around the bot. He runs towards Nu while shooting.

OOC: Unable to post something until Tardises reacts. So sorry.

Aug 04, 2013 at 11:59PM EDT

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