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The Order mages – all of them – notice how bad their respective targets look

This time it’s Tsunarmin trying to deal the major blow.

Tsunarmin: Okay, focus as much water energy as you can into the claws of this thing.

the Order mages except for Noctan proceed to do so

Noctan: I don’t know any aquamancy to focus, so what do I do?

Tsunarmin: Your teleportation ability. I need to get close.

Noctan: Alright. This means we’ll be dealing two blows.

Noctan proceeds to use Eclipse. He swings his axe at the leg of the jackbot, while the Guardian creature, which he had teleported with him, proceeds to use a Hydro Claw significantly empored by the combined energies of Solarian, Pyralis, Granatir, Tempestia, Ignis, and Tsunarmin herself. Ordinarily Hydro Claw would just be a burst of water energy released from a closed claw. This empowered it is an extremely powerful jet of water that would rip away loose pieces of the jackbot’s armour from the sheer force of the water alone. The jet of water carves right into the hole created by the combined forces of previous attack.

Tardises figures that if this one is to be finished off, he’d better try to work with the others to deal a sufficiently powerful blow. Seeing it as his best option to contribute a lot of power, he switches Reach for the Stars back into His World, and holds the stone ready…

Tardises: I think we should deal the final blow with our combined power.

OOC EDIT: Okay, how the hell do I get consecutive page gets with relatively long posts?

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Aug 07, 2013 at 05:44PM EDT

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #7


Ship Status

Current Activities: Surveying planet. Launching planetary pioneers. Making planet side.

Overall Status-------OKAY
Superstructure------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integrity at maximum.
Crew--------------------OKAY-----------Disturbances have returned once more, reasons unknown.
Systems--------------OKAY-----------Systems are in fully working order
Sensory Arrays-----OKAY-----------Arrays are continuing to scan planet for any pieces of unknown information
Food supplies-------OKAY-----------Rations near maximum.
Munitions--------------OKAY-----------Munitions near maximum.
Main Engines---------IDLE------------Remaining a stationary position within planets orbit.
Power Plant---------ACTIVE----------Power consumption nominal, no irregularities.
Slipspace Core----INACTIVE


The Pioneers were launched in a heavy drop shuttle craft 20 minutes ago and are nearing their landing point upon the planets surface, they have been geared up with numerous piece of equipment for their tasks and are outfitted in arctic survival clothing and breathing apparatus such as oxygen tanks and and chemical masks. Biological feedback from their suits reports of high stress levels and unease…

Their equipment is mainly:

1. One super-heavy vertical boring drill

2. Multiple additional oxygen tanks

3. Mapping equipment such as beacon pylons

4. Navigation equipment

5. Rations

6. One heavy duty portable HQ cabin for shelter

They are to land within a relatively sheltered canyon and begin unloading their gear before setting up the drill and making camp, currently the Pioneers are descending through the cloud cover of the planet…..

Live stream extract commence…

A fuzzy screen fully of static and then after a few seconds it slowly begins to display a picture albeit still fuzzy…

David Martin: Dave to Bridge, is the stream solid?
Electronics Officer: Affirmative David, I can hear you loud and clear.
The camera shakes slightly as the dropship suffers some turbulence from the weather, in the background can be seen the other members of the party getting their gear on and checking their equipment.

Due to diversity of each character there appearance varies substantially…

David is armoured up in his soldier outfit
Joe is in a scientist lab coat
[REDACTED] is clad in armour like strips with his face covered by a folding helmet
Bethany is covered in gadgets and holographic devices
And Bear…well Bear is in his usual Arctic survival wear

Joe Walker: Have you managed to reach the bridge David?
David Martin: Yep, hold on a sec im workin’ on it
David screws around with the device on his wrist some more and boosts the signal, the picture is now completely clear and without interference however after a few more seconds it begins to go weak once more.
David Martin: Dammit! the weathers is just too intense, there’s no way I can get any better than what it is, but atleast you have a vague idea right bridge?
Electronics Officer: Affirmative David, we can see you, however we must ask that you try to correct the signal once on the ground
David Martin: Will do sir, well..ill try my best
A red light flickers on within the cargo bay, the shuttle is coming into low altitude…

The Pilots voice echoes into the bay via the intercom system
Pilot: We are nearing the landing zone, you guys better be ready in there, I cant stay for long or else the pipes will freeze up!
Dave turns towards the group behind him
Dave: You lot should be ready by now c’mon! we are gonna be touching down in a minute!
He walks off an grabs a mask from the nearby equipment container, he fits it over his face, his voice now muffled, the rest of the Pioneers quickly begin putting on their arctic survival suits and helmets aswell as strapping on their oxygen tanks, these suits go OVER their original outfits meaning they are still dressed in their original appearance underneath. Dave grabs his pulse rifle and hangs it over his shoulder…
Beth: Okay, im ready, all the equipment I need is on me and calibrated.
Joe: Yep, ready too and most eager to begin.
Dave: Bear? you good man?
Bear finishes up a bottle of orange juice and wipes his mouth
Bear: Yeah, im ready for this.
Dave then turns to the engineer
Dave: Hows the drill looking, is everything prepared?
[REDACTED]: Yeah everything is alright here, ive worked with this kind of heavy equipment before so this should be nothing out of the ordinary.
The bay shudders violently as the dropship gets closer
Pilot: Okay! we’re coming in rough! strap down!
The screen begins to shake around a hell of a lot as the pioneers quickly takes seats and strap in

Meanwhile the dropship is rocketing through the canyons and dodging spires whilst trying to battle it out against the blizzards and lack of visibility, after an extra minute of torture the ship comes settling down amidst a spiky and alien landscape, the jet thrusters blasting up the snow as it finally settles down with its landing gear, the engines quiet down to a low idle…
Dave: This is it people! masks on, we gotta go!
The group unstraps and begins to assemble at the cargo bay drop door
Joe: I can’t contain my delight! this is an amazing opportunity for one to experience!
Dave: Im glad you science types think the best of the worst….
Joe: Just think of the research my friend! the discoveries lying in wait for us to find!
Dave: I here ya.
Beth: Ill begin setting up a base perimeter upon landing
Dave presses away at a few buttons on the door control panel…the door slowly lowers down to reveal the freakish new world before them….

Dave: Its like something out of a damn horror film!
Joe: Beautiful!
The weather is worse than they though, the second the door opens wide enough extreme blizzard blows straight in and hits the group with a big force, knocking them back slightly and throwing gear off of the equipment racks
Bear: Some intense weather here, I hope there’s fish.
Dave looks as Bear with a frown
Dave: Hmmm…
Then he turns back outward and takes a few steps own the ramp, fighting against the gale force winds
Dave: One small step for Dave, one giant leap for…
He takes the first step, his boot pressing deep into the alien snow
Dave:….Capn’ Sam…

Live stream extract terminated…

End of activity log #6

OOC: Just to simplify character archetypes…

Dave- gruff soldier type, no shit taken
Joe- Fanatic scientist, the type who would let you get infected and die to just to see the process “For science!”
Engineer- seriously you must know by now who this guy is…
Beth- classic cyborg, basically Bishop from Alien, an untrustworthy team member with something to hide
Bear-muthafuckin’ Grylls

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Aug 07, 2013 at 06:48PM EDT

Except maybe Bear Grylls, Because he’s Bear Motherfuckin’ Grylls.


Doomguy recovers from the Shockwave, and aims the BFG.
Doomguy: Aim…
He aims down whatever sights the BFG has
Doomguy: Ready…
His finger begins to pull on the trigger, charging up the BFG.
Doomguy: Fire.
*The BFG shot is Launched, Sealing the Deal.

As the stand users are pushed away, The stands are ready for one last barrage of attacks.
Jotaro: Let’s make this memorable.
The four stands begin beating the absolute shit out of the Jackbot, coming from all angles.
They all hit their final blows.
By now, the bot should be going up in fireworks. Not literal fireworks, of course.

Aug 07, 2013 at 07:00PM EDT

At the same time that Doomguy fires the BFG, His World fires a laser at the stone, which is reflected and amplified. the laser hits the BFG blast, massively increasing the power of said blast.

Aug 07, 2013 at 07:26PM EDT

Medusa: i know your bored. but this is very important research im doing. though it seems to be looking good so far. but im just half way finished from my testing. im not good with house guests anyways. try occupying your time with asura and his new friends. ill be with you once i have the test results. now let me finish.

@spark and fairy tails jackbot.
the jackbot is at its limits. sustaining such bombardment of attacks has clearly done more than enough to it that its close for fairy tail to finish it off. though most of them are exhausted and almost out of magic power to do any more. cana is too injured and exhauted to continue, lucy and wendy have used up all of their powers.

the jackbot charges towards cana. she tries to fight back but she has nothing left in her. it looks like it may be light out for her when the jackbot aims its guns at her. but in the last moment
juvia sends out two blades of water that slash at the jackbots legs, completely severing the joints that support its weight. it goes to a grinding halt and cannot stand, let alone walk due to its immense weight.

Gray: juvia, your back.

cana: thanks… thanks for the save once again juvia.

Juvia: its thanks to wendy. now lets end this everyone.

Erza: right, now is the time to strike everyone

(cue epic music now)

erza, gajeel, pantherlilly, gray and juvia begin their final attack on the jackbot. the jackbot fires at gajeel, but due to his iron dragon scales, he shrugs the shots off

the others flank the jackbot now that its very difficult for it to maneuver around. they attack it from all sides, doing as much damage to it while trying to stay out of threat range of its weapons.

the jackbot looks like it cannot take anymore and begins to fail, though still trying to fight to the end.

erza requips into her giant armour once more and with her massive spear on both her hands, she impales the jackbot from behind.

using the remainder of her powers, she slowly lifts the jackbot into the air. unable to respond, the jackbot tries to struggle its way out. but erza is too much for it in its current state, and with one massive heave, she throws the jackbot high into the air with all of her strength in the general direction of zarathhs jackbots.

gray and juvia once more combine their magic powers in a unison raid. combining the remainder of their water and ice magic to shoot out a massive whirlpool of water and ice at the airborn jackbot. completely enchasing it in a massive iceberg.

erza, Gajeel and pantherlilly take off into the air as the jackbot soars high up in the air in a giant block of ice. pantherlilly extends his massive sword even more, to almost three times the jackbots height and with one massive swing, he cleaves the jackbot vertically in two.

gajeel follows up just a second after. he claps his hands together and he glows a bright green that everyone can see. he raises his hands in the air together and he summons a gargantuan sword, just as big as pantherlillys and be brings it down uppon the jackbot.

gajeel bringd the iron god sword down on the two halves of the jackbot vertically, making it into four quarters.

erza quicky requips into her purgatory armour and she brings her massive mace down on each of the four pieces down towards jackbot 6 engaging hakumen, ragna, nu, and natsu.

the four pieces hit the jack bot one after the other.


the three land back on the ground to finish their fight.
@spark and zarathhs jackbots
the four parts of the jackbot hit jackbot. stunning it for a few seconds. long enough for natsu to prepare his last attack

the jackbot is sparking everywhere. its begins to go out of control with electricity. however, as hakumen and the others notice, there is a gaping hole in its backside were natsu was sanwitched by the two jackbots. inside of it they see a fire beginning to build up inside of it like a giant furnace.
when a few seconds past after this. the entire jackbot explodes into a gigantic inferno of fire and electricity. from within natsu bursts forth from the exploding jackbot. he releases a terrifying shout that everyone can hear.


natsu consumes all the flames and electricity around him to restore enough magic energy for one final move to end the jackbot. with every ounce of his being and magic energy he puts into this one final attack. right before he finishes consuming the fire and energy.

and with one mighty shout


natsu unleashes one of the most powerful dragon roar attacks that anyone has ever seen or heard.
@ everyone in the training can see and hear this attack from miles away

(use gif for reference on how intense his attack is)

everyone can see a colossal roar at wherever they are. the roar is so bright and powerful that it is twice the mass of the jackbot. it is so loud that people may need to cver their ears. it such a massive stream of scorching fire and thunder that it completely leaves a trail of vaporized earth in the ground and it causes the entire hillside to tremble, like an earthquake.

everyone has to cover their faces due to the immense heat and brightness coming from his attack and sends those who are too close to him flying back a bit like hakumen, ragna, nu, and the other fairy tail members.

the dragon roar slowly but completely vapourizes jackbot-6 and the four quarters of the jackbot from fairy tail within a span of 10 seconds. but the roar lasts for about 15 seconds in total. after the roar is done. there nothing left of the jackbots at all, just a massive scar in the hillside and a massive trail of smoke and vapours that enshrouds the area.

when everyone is able to regain themselves. all they see amongst the smoke and vapours in the air is natsu. standing there. completely exhausted of all magic power. he collapses onto his knees and hands. breathing heavily from such an attack. but he has a smile on his face

Natsu: now that there is a roar. he says before finally passing out due to exhaustion

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Mage …Okay, there’s at least 2 extremely powerful guys in the group… I wonder who’s responsible for that jet of water that’s currently slicing through another of the jackbots…

the fourth wall breaker looks more closely at said jet

Mage: No way. There is no. goddamn. way. that is just Tsunarmin.

The creature, yes, and some of the actual attack is. But the attack is due to the combined energies called forth by all except Noctan and … well, I suppose to avoid confusion with myself in this case – even though the name I go by is fully capitalised – I have to actually call him Tahrdan here… And the exceptions are due to Noctan not knowing any aquamancy, though he did get her and the creature close enough to use the attack , and Tahrdan is quite simply helping the berserker packing man and a half finish off another of the jackbots. Shouldn’t be hard to spot, just look for the Solaris lookalike. There it is.

The fourth wall breaker has an inexplicable urge to look at the jackbot currently being hit by a light-empowered BFG blast

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Aug 07, 2013 at 08:04PM EDT

@Fairy Tail,

As the roar is going off

Ragna had to cover his ears from the loud volume of it, and he yells as he is sent flying backwards.

Hakumen is also sent flying backwards. However he has witnessed similar magical powers when he was in the presence of Konoe A. Mercury, one of the Six Heroes. He lets off a grunt as he is sent flying backwards and lands near Ragna.

Nu is blasted out of the sky and to the ground from the magnitude of the attack.

The BlazBlue heroes are sent flying backwards a good 20-30 feet, even Nu who was up in the air had as the attack went off was knocked to the ground by it. (after the roar)

Nu lay there, muttering something about immense magical power and her systems cooling down. After a few moments she finally levitates back to her feet. Her combat armor detaches from her and forms the sword behind her once again. This sword then vanishes into a black and blue electrical field.

Ragna slowly gets up and opens his eyes, witnessing the carnage that Natsu just put out. He stabs Blood Scythe in the ground in order to help him get up. The Grim Reaper hoists himself up with the sword, and he has a bit of a smile on his face. His red eye is glowing as he gets a crick out of his neck.

He then looks at Natsu who is lying on the ground.
Ragna: Wow, kid. I’m impressed.
He jerks Blood Scythe out of the ground, and holds the massive sword in a single hand.
Ragna: Just don’t let that power go to your head.
The Grim Reaper spins the sword around and sheathes it on his back.

Hakumen gets up at a quick pace. Once he is fully up, he sheathes Okami on his back with an expert-looking movement.

The White Void then looks at Natsu. All of the eyes in his armor focus at him.

Hakumen: I haven’t seen such magical prowess since the Dark War, young one… You are gifted.
The White Knight begins looking over Fairy Tail as well.
Hakumen: You are all extremely gifted as well… However, this training shall tell how gifted you actually are… I do not expect any less than what has been performed here today.

Flandre claps her hands as she sees the attack go off, like a little girl looking at a fireworks display.

Tager saw the attack from his current position as well.
Tager: Such power!
He activates his telescopic eye as the attack ends and sees that Natsu is laying there, and that their training is finished. He then turns to the group of tanks.
Tager: I’m going to go see if everything is all-right over there. I will meet up with you all again later.
He begins to run towards the training area where all the others are at, getting there rather quickly. However he doesn’t say anything when he arrives at the area.



cough All of our characters are extremely powerful. For example… Hakumen can cut open FUCKING REALITY, Ragna can eat the souls of people, and Nu can control the fabric of space. You already know what Flandre can do.

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Aug 07, 2013 at 08:12PM EDT

OOC: Well I didn’t exactly know that beforehand, did I? What else is the fourth wall breaker supposed to think?Besides, mine actually are pretty weak. The large attacks you’ve seen are either combining the powers of multiple mages – most of whom have mastered all 6 elements, even (in the case of Solarian’s huge laser with all 6 elements and Tsunarmin’s jet of water fromm a ridiculously empowered Hydro Claw) or using items to amplify them (The lasers His World has fired – the second of which ended up empowered an attack from someone else.)

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Aug 07, 2013 at 08:17PM EDT

The Jacks got a lot of damage, they managed to punch the living daylights of the goodoers but they weren’t strong enough to defeat everyone. Massive amount of damage from the Doomguy’s weapons, to the spells from the magicians, to the stand’s abilities..Every Jackbot explodes into piece. Only armour pieces remain in the battlefield, ready to be picked up and melted. The Engibot will have a hard time tonight as our heroes sleep. Spark is proud. He quickly appears behind Natsu the moment he passes out, catching him before he falls to the ground.
Captain Spark: I must agree with Hakumen, that was one hell of a show. Don’t even dare to touch the ground hero! You fail to appreciate the GRAVITY of the situation!
(Spark turns around to talk with everyone)
We will talk later, I bet you are exhausted after 8 hours of robot brawl. To the Fairy Guild my friends, to fill our stomachs with delicious and healthy food for tomorrow!

OOC: Alright Mehdick, Maledick, do your demon shit now since the Jackbots are gone. Be quick, I have a to develop a important villian.

Aug 07, 2013 at 08:42PM EDT


the members of fairy tail begin their slow walk towards natsu, spark and the others. they are completely worn out and all out of magic power. howerver their spirits have never been so high.

Erza: thanks hakumen…. it was some fight. though i have to give all our new friends credit. you all were amazing yourselves.

Lucy: ive never had such training like that my whole life. im surprised we even were able to breathe, let alone walk.

Gajeel: heh, not gonna lie. im seriously bushed out of all of this. though still better than natsu right there. crazy bastard.

Gray: damn, and just look t this whole place. its a damn wreck thanks to all of us. hope someone can fix all of this before we come back tomorrow.

Juvia: juvias tired gray-sama.

Wendy: we should probably call it a day now. were all beaten up really bad.

Cana: agreed, i need to down a whole barrel. im freaking exhausted.

suddenly from a distance, , mirajane and laxus approach the group of people there.

Laxus: well it looks like you people had fun without us. we could even hear everything going on all the way back at the guild hall.

Mirajane: sorry we couldnt join you all, we had to look over things in the hall since makarov is gone. he should be back later in a couple hours.

Lucy: i wouldnt describe it as fun.

Gray: yah, after barely making it out in one piece.

Erza: though we all learned so much from all of this. thanks to captain spark.

Wendy: i agree on that. this training will improve us all greatly.

juvia leans on top of gray. he then catches her before she falls down.

Gray: damn, we shuld start heading back to the hall really soon.

erza: agreed. lets wait for everyone else to come back here before we head off to refresh ourselves once more.

mirajane: once again, food and hot springs are provided.

Laxus: which also leads for you all that are staying with us. no sweat, no food or baths. unless your members of our guild, your not gonna freeload off of us. so id expect you all to bust your asses off each day for your food and baths.

Mirajane: sorry, thats makarovs orders.

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Ragna: Yeah. That was pretty rough. I’ll give that to ya.
He stretches his arms above his head and yawns a bit.
Ragna: I agree with you. We should all get going back to the guild hall right now. C’mon Nu.

Nu floats to the side of Ragna, smiling. All she cares about is that she gets to be with him again.

Tager gives a thumbs-up to everyone before contacting Kokonoe.
Tager: Hey! It’s me.

The screen appears before Tager with Kokonoe on it.
Kokonoe: What is it, Tager?

Tager: I most likely require repairs once I get back to base, Kokonoe.

Kokonoe: Gotcha. I’ll have you patched up in no-time.

Tager: Thank you, Kokonoe. That’s all. Tager out.
He stops the communication with Kokonoe.

And with that, all my characters are following Mirajane and Laxus back to the guild hall.

@Juvia and Gray,

Then suddenly Flandre comes bolting out of nowhere and gets right next to Juvia and Gray.
Good job!
She hugs the both of them while levitating in midair, ready to go back to the guild hall.

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Aug 07, 2013 at 09:37PM EDT

Falcon: JESUS CHRIST, MAN. I speak for all my buddies when I say that that was fucking POWER you gut there.
Either way, I gotta head back to my place since I gotta compete in the F-Zero GP tomorrow. So, I need a ticket out of this place. Hell, You guys could come, too. I got various houses in the chain of islands I live on.

Aug 07, 2013 at 10:01PM EDT

Captain Spark: …Really? You are skipping a great training, you are losing a lot of experience, you are literally screwing yourself for a race? Money and fame is better than saving the lives of the thousands of citizens of Mobius? Falcon, I thought you were better than this.
(Spark looks around)
Where is that dog when you need him?
(BEEP BEEP. DeSoto appears out of nowhere. The car is filled with potions, food and homemade ice cream. Max is covered in homemade ice cream. The car’s trunk is filled with homemade ice cream. Sam’s mouth is also covered in homemade ice cream)
Spark: What…?
Sam: Don’t ask..for the sake of your mental health, just don’t ask. This is what happens when you send me to a place stuck in the Middle Ages. Lack of jazz bars, Police Department, ice creams shops and Wendy’s.
Max: And Taco Bell!
Spark: We spent like 6 or 8 hours here, more or less, without hearing from both of you. Being doing something important I hope..apart from devouring junk food and touching people.
Sam: Believe it or not..we did a lot of important detective work in this town. We discovered a group of funny men, endlessly questioning and answering. A bit suspicious if you ask me. Both of them were probably drunk or maybe they were having a psychotic break involving questions. We also caught a bunch of thieves and we gained the respect of err..every citize-
Max: Respect? I thought we gained their hatred after we arrested that innocent woodsman and his daught-(BONK) Ouch!
Sam: They were both guilty! The evidence was clear! Hold on a second..Spark, what’s that thing hanging between your arms?
Max: By the power of deduction, I can safely say that this thing is, in fact, a human.
Spark: Oh yes..A friend of mine. Ha! He managed to torn apart two Jackbots with a single attack! You see that path covered in dust and ashes? A living inferno that came out from this hero’s hand. (After cleaning DeSoto’s backseat, Spark leaves Natsu in the car…at the hands of a hyperkinetic rabbit) Be fast Sam. All of that fire must have left him without a single piece of energy.

(And so, DeSoto quickly drives towards the Guild, carrying a knocked out member of the Fairy Tail in the backseat. Homemade ice cream in the trunk. Talking dog driving. A perfectly normal image.)

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Aug 07, 2013 at 10:32PM EDT

on the way to the guild hall with everyone just after sam and max drive off with natsu.

Lucy: did u just put natsu in the car.

gray: oh great. now its gonna make natsu even worse than before.

Happy: i dont think you know this spark and others. but all dragonslayers all suffer from terrible motion sickness.

Wendy: well im the only acception due to my style of dragonslayer magic. i dont suffer from any bodily ailments and sicknesses or diseases.

Laxus: well im a different kind of dragonslayer. i had a lightning dragon lacrama (crystal) infused into my body giving me my powers unlike the others who were taught by actual dragons.

Gajeel: well at least the car ride will surely wake him up after.*

Happy: im going to catch up with those guys. he flies ahead in hopes of catching sam and max.

Erza: im sure that natsu will be fine guys.

they all continue to walk to the guild hall.
@sam an max
natsu in the back seat of the car.
(hes in that position in the car)

natsus motion sickness imediately kicks in and is suddenly awoken to groans and moaning.

Natsu: uuuhh…… were am i? why am i in here…… im gonna be sick…..

the fact that the car bumps on the road once in a while doesnt help at all. this is a very bad case of motion sickness for natsu.

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Aug 07, 2013 at 10:58PM EDT

Spark: Motion sickness? My god! Shocking! But do not worry my friends, those two can be a bit goofy sometimes but when you give them a good reason to don’t mess the things up, they are trustworthy team- Wait..Hold on don’t try to-
Happy flies away.
Spark: I don’t think you know this my friends. That dog detective suffers a big paranoia. He barely trusts in something else than his shadow! A flying cat would make him panic and step on the gas! Oh no, this isn’t going to end well!

MEANWHILE..OUR TWO PAIR OF CLUELESS FOOLS ARE STILL HEADING TO THE GUILD. Natsu finally wakes up, only to see the face of horror..A bunny covered in homemade ice cream, spreading vanilla all over the place as he laughs at Natsu’s misery. The motion sickness makes it worst: Max looks like a living jelly about to eat something.
Sam: Hurm..Our friend is finally back to reality or that was just you Max?
Max: Nope! Pink hairdo guy is just rolling around like me after spending a whole week in Taco Bell!
Sam: Holy protoplasmic green liquid spread around a hair cutter salon! I didn’t want to remember that Max! I had to pay more than fifty bucks to get rid of that disgusting smell on Soto’ seats!
Max: Well get ready to pay more ’cause princess right here is turning green!

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Aug 07, 2013 at 11:19PM EDT

Laxus: that sounds like fun.

Erza: he better not drive through the city streets like a maniac. otherwise we would get into serious trouble with the town mayor.

gajeel: not to mention makarov.

Mirajane: dont worry. i think that they wont do anything to destroy the town.

Gajeel: great. now you gone and jinxed it.

(dont drive through the town destroying shit. just get to the hall in one piece)

@sam and max
natsu is going through agony right now. suddenly he hears a distant voice


Natsu: h..happy?


natsu: guys…. please… stop the … car…. hes…. my best…. friend….

happy tries to catch up to the car

Aug 07, 2013 at 11:33PM EDT

Max: What in name of senseless introductions in this thread? We are being chased by a flying cat?!?
Sam: Aha..wait..what..? (Sam turns around for a few seconds) Oh god that must be one of those Buzzers the captain was talking about! Max, fasten your seatbelt..oh and our friend’s belt too! It’s going to be a bumpy ride! HANG OOOOOOOOOON!
The dog steps on the gas, making the car go faster. Poor car never had such a insane chase and the engine’s sounds are a living proof of this. The car goes through the hostile territory of Magnolia, getting more and more closer to the Guild. Suddenly, a sheep in the middle of the road.
Max: Road kill road kill road kill road kill road kill!
Luckily, Sam is a good driver. With a quick turn, they dodge the poor sheep who has no idea what the heck just happened. Soto’s engine sounds like a old bear who just woke up after centuries of sleeping and watching television with his obese brother in a endless night of Winter. With a ice cream covered rabbit next to him, Natsu should be covered in vanilla and pistachio.
Max: Pink guy! Put your hands in the air! This is the kind of ride that we should have every day!
Sam: Shut up you litte- (Sam turns around) Oh my god that thing is getting closer! Max, I could use a distraction or some sort of-
Homemade ice cream pots are being thrown out of the car as Happy gets closer. Max keeps throwing these pots when suddenly.
Sam: (Turning around) Is he gone already?

In front of the vehicle, a flock of sheep grazing in the middle of the night. Questions start to flow in Sam’s head: Aren’t sheeps supposed to be inside sheds? Where’s the shepherd? What kind of hair product did that kid used to get a pink hairdo? Reality punches his mind back to the real world with the sound of loud BAA!
Max: Road kill road kill road kill road kill!
The dog quickly steps on the brake and turns the steering wheel, making the car avoid the sheeps just in time. The car keeps spinning and dodging the animals as the rabbit laughs over and over again. Max has the wonderful idea of eating more ice cream as Sam steps on the gas. Ice cream flies everywhere, covering DeSoto and Sam’s view. He steps on the brake again. The car spins over and over. Finally, the engine dies. The detective cleans the car’s window with his suit’ sleeves.

Sam: (Sigh) Here we are…finally..Great..My lovely Soto is covered in vanilla and…(Sniffing sounds) In the name of decency, what’s that smell?
Max:…Protoplasmic green liquid in the backseat!
Sam:…I hope your friends know how to use their magic powers for something else than healing and blowing up robots becouse I am not paying fifty bucks to get this unnecessary liquid out of my car!
Max: Including the ice cream?

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OOC: Just a heads up, I’m going camping from Saturday through to Wednesday. So unless i can get internet where i’m going, i wont be back until wednesday.

Aug 08, 2013 at 07:26AM EDT

The Order mages all decide to walk over to the rest, after noticing the sheer destruction… but one thing first.

Granatir and Ignis cast ‘Resurrection’ on their respective dragons.

(OOC: The spell isn’t exactly properly named. It cannot outright bring people back from the dead, it just gets them back up if they’ve been knocked unconscious in battle.)

Tardises: Why did you two not use that before? they could have sped it up quite a bit….

Granatir: We were a bit occupied, I’m sure you could have done it if you wanted…

Granatir trails off after receiving a look from Tardises which basically means ‘I-don’t-know-lumimancy-remember?’

Tardises: noticing the devastation So, what happened here?

Tsunarmin: We were too occupied on finishing that thing off to notice.

Aug 08, 2013 at 07:47AM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

Captain Spark: …Really? You are skipping a great training, you are losing a lot of experience, you are literally screwing yourself for a race? Money and fame is better than saving the lives of the thousands of citizens of Mobius? Falcon, I thought you were better than this.
(Spark looks around)
Where is that dog when you need him?
(BEEP BEEP. DeSoto appears out of nowhere. The car is filled with potions, food and homemade ice cream. Max is covered in homemade ice cream. The car’s trunk is filled with homemade ice cream. Sam’s mouth is also covered in homemade ice cream)
Spark: What…?
Sam: Don’t ask..for the sake of your mental health, just don’t ask. This is what happens when you send me to a place stuck in the Middle Ages. Lack of jazz bars, Police Department, ice creams shops and Wendy’s.
Max: And Taco Bell!
Spark: We spent like 6 or 8 hours here, more or less, without hearing from both of you. Being doing something important I hope..apart from devouring junk food and touching people.
Sam: Believe it or not..we did a lot of important detective work in this town. We discovered a group of funny men, endlessly questioning and answering. A bit suspicious if you ask me. Both of them were probably drunk or maybe they were having a psychotic break involving questions. We also caught a bunch of thieves and we gained the respect of err..every citize-
Max: Respect? I thought we gained their hatred after we arrested that innocent woodsman and his daught-(BONK) Ouch!
Sam: They were both guilty! The evidence was clear! Hold on a second..Spark, what’s that thing hanging between your arms?
Max: By the power of deduction, I can safely say that this thing is, in fact, a human.
Spark: Oh yes..A friend of mine. Ha! He managed to torn apart two Jackbots with a single attack! You see that path covered in dust and ashes? A living inferno that came out from this hero’s hand. (After cleaning DeSoto’s backseat, Spark leaves Natsu in the car…at the hands of a hyperkinetic rabbit) Be fast Sam. All of that fire must have left him without a single piece of energy.

(And so, DeSoto quickly drives towards the Guild, carrying a knocked out member of the Fairy Tail in the backseat. Homemade ice cream in the trunk. Talking dog driving. A perfectly normal image.)

Falcon: Listen.
Falcon takes a step towards Spark. He has a pretty angry look on his face.
Falcon: It’s not just A race.
He takes another step.
Falcon: This is THE race.
He takes another step.
Falcon: If I were doing it for money and fame, I wouldn’t even BE here.
Another step.
Falcon: If you wanted to save lives, why weren’t you there when the black beast attacked? It killed half the population of the earth!
Another step.
There are evildoers in that race that I have to keep in check! Evildoers that rule criminal syndicates that are even more powerful that the Fucker on the planet right now!
He is literally in Spark’s face right now.
Falcon: Either I compete in F-Zero, or I’m done. Besides, I’d rather much just ferry the others around the planet. I don’t need training to do that. I’m a pro pilot.
Falcon backs away from Spark’s face.

OOC: I really want to do this.

Aug 08, 2013 at 07:48AM EDT

OOC: I guess Falcon.exe crashed. We should reboot him.
Spark laughs sarcastically over and over again. The laughter stops, he stares at Falcon in the very same way he stared at the Balloon Master’s dead eyes. He chuckles and then he presses a small buttom in his wrist device. The image of a Anti-S appears in front of Falcon: He is a exact copy of the Captain except his clothes are different and his face screams “death”. Flashback. The desert of Mobius. Explotions in the background.

Spark presses his wrist device, making the image dissapear. He chuckles once again.
Captain Spark: Go ahead Speed racer. Have fun, step on the gas, win the match but if you excuse me, I have a group of heroes to lead. Hopefully, you will be able to take on a Omega Hunter without any kind of training…
Spark and the rest head to the Guild.


What’s red, black, purple and cries for mommy and daddy? That’s right, It’s you little Raggy! Raggy Ragna Raggity Raaggg! Can’t wait to kick your ass the moment you enter Mobius!

Aug 08, 2013 at 10:19AM EDT

OOC: Just posting to say that I can no longer guarantee being able to post free 9 GMT. What limited internment I do have isn’t working right. It normally picks p a slow and unreliable connection, and one I can at least use. It cannot pick up the latter all the time anymore – the slow one’s basically unusable, taking several MINUTES just to start loading a webpage, and it might of even load the whole thing.

Tl;dr SORT YOUR **** OUT VODAFONE (yeah, I’m using their network to access the Internet. Y U NO LET ME USE 3G ANYMORE)

Aug 08, 2013 at 01:07PM EDT

OOC: Phone companies need to focus less on 4G and more on getting complete 3G coverage nationwide

Dingo see’s the others leaving the training area
Ah great, it looks like things are finally finishing up here, c’mon Ada lets make a move.
ADA: Im right with you Dingo, closing Tetris.
Jehuty jets off after the others and follows them from above

Aug 08, 2013 at 01:17PM EDT

OOC: There actually is 3G coverage here, it’s just not letting me use it all the time anymore. And GPRS is abysmally slow and unreliable. Especially considering all the goddamn images on THIS page…

Aug 08, 2013 at 01:21PM EDT


Mage: Allow me to handle this.

The fourth wall breaker mage casts Raging Inferno on the idiot who is trying to participate without an avatar or even reading the posts.

Aug 08, 2013 at 04:02PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

OOC: I guess Falcon.exe crashed. We should reboot him.
Spark laughs sarcastically over and over again. The laughter stops, he stares at Falcon in the very same way he stared at the Balloon Master’s dead eyes. He chuckles and then he presses a small buttom in his wrist device. The image of a Anti-S appears in front of Falcon: He is a exact copy of the Captain except his clothes are different and his face screams “death”. Flashback. The desert of Mobius. Explotions in the background.

Spark presses his wrist device, making the image dissapear. He chuckles once again.
Captain Spark: Go ahead Speed racer. Have fun, step on the gas, win the match but if you excuse me, I have a group of heroes to lead. Hopefully, you will be able to take on a Omega Hunter without any kind of training…
Spark and the rest head to the Guild.


What’s red, black, purple and cries for mommy and daddy? That’s right, It’s you little Raggy! Raggy Ragna Raggity Raaggg! Can’t wait to kick your ass the moment you enter Mobius!

OOC: I can make a compromise.

Suddenly, Falcon gets a call on the phone. The Ringtone is the Mute City theme.
Falcon: What? THE RACE WAS MOVED TO NEXT MONTH?! Ok. Goodbye.
Falcon follows the guys.
Falcon: So… F-Zero got moved to next month, so I’m good.

Aug 08, 2013 at 05:11PM EDT

The Order mages are travelling with the rest. Granatir and Ignis are riding their respective dragons.
Tardises: to Falcon I have no idea what you’re talking about…
Solarian: You’re not alone, Tahrdan.

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OOC: is it possible for you to cut the crap out of the whole fourth wallbreaker shit. its really unnecessary and is getting rather annoying.


the group finally makes it back to the guild hall after a long walk from training. the place has been prepared for another feast for the brave heroes. varieties of food is displayecd for them to eat.

(just like before, but this time not a grande buffet, just like dinner.)

everyone sees natsu already gorging himself on the food with sam and max next to him.

erza: so how was the ride natsu?

Natsu: mouth full a lot better now that im here eating. besides swallows food aahh, beside, i really couldnt do anything about it being out cold like that.

Happy: eating a raw fish i tried to help him out but those two guys just sped up. i dont know why though?

Lucy: man i cant believe you can eat right after having motion sickness. you shoulfd be feeling even worse.

Natsu: i only get sick when im on transportation. after some time on ground im good as new. though all thev fighting gave me a major appetite. cmon people dig in!

Happy: AYE SIR! bites into fish.

Mirajane: turns to face everyone well dig in people. you all look like you need some food after such a long day of training.


Gray: he has a good point. were treating you people like our own right now. so show us some damn courtesy.

cana: im gonna get some booze from the bar if anyone wants some.

Erza: cmon people. lets have our fills for the day, hit the springs and rest up for another hard day of training. just like yesterday.

Lucy: and no alcohol like yesterday cana.

Cana: from a distance no promises.

everyone begins to have their seats with the other people in the guild hall and enjoy the food brought for them.

OOC: wont be posting much for today without my comp here. so just take thins easy for now. mingle with each other and all that good stuff. and do as laxus’ asked.

Aug 08, 2013 at 06:30PM EDT

The Order mages just decide to sit together. Granatir and Ignis don’t find a seat yet, since they’re not sure what to do with the dragons. His World just hovers by the table where the Order mages are – After all, Tardises does not know how to unsummon it.

Tsunarmin: If a repeat of what happened yesterday occurs, I swear I will knock them out myself.

Tempestia: I… take it it wasn’t too pleasant.

Tsunarmin: It was at first. But then they got this alcohol stuff….

Pyralis: From what I see that stuff messes with you. Remind me never to try it.

The Order mages echo agreement with Pyralis. Then Solarian speaks up…

Solarian: To everyone Since I’m sure we were all focused on our individual bots we didn’t really see what finished them all off… I think it would be good to explain what the finishing blows were.

Tsunarmin: I’ll start with ours. It turns out I can do two things that no other Order mage can. the first is Aqualung, and the second is summon this large water elemental creature. What we did was everyone who could focused water energy into the claws of the creature, when it did a massively empowered water elemental attack – it ended up being a jet of water that just tore through our opponent.

Tempestia: Come on, Tahrdan, don’t be shy. Tell us how you helped finish one of them off…

Tardises: Well, I didn’t take a major part in said blow, so I’d rather wait until the one who contributed more damagewise speaks…
Tardises would only speak out about his contribution to a finishing blow if Doomguy speaks – after all, Doomguy’s weaponry was the main part of said blow.

(OOC: We know to some extent what the exact finishing blows were, but not every character knows what every other finishing blow was, this is why Solarian is asking about said blows.)

Aug 08, 2013 at 06:57PM EDT

Jehuty lands outside of the guild hall balancing perfectly…

He watches as the heroes carry on in
Huh, well I can’t sit out here all day…

Pretty funny though, I mean it looks like they are going for something to eat and in light of the battle ahead I would be getting straight over there now If I had my way
ADA: Are you leaving Jehuty, Dingo?
Yeah I suppose I am because no doubt there will be some meeting afterwards, and besides, im still hungry..
ADA: You ate 4 sandwiches…
Mmmmm, well im still needing food…and I hate ham
Jehuty takes a knee and idles its wing-like thrusters
ADA: Remember Dingo, you don’t have long outside of Jehuty…
Like im really going to forget, cya later Ada, and…wait here
ADA: I will be waiting.
The cockpit screen is like a liquid substance, instead of retracting like glass it seeps into the sides of the cockpit window frame, Dingo takes a breath in and begins climbing out
ADA: Dingo your batt-
Yeah yeah…
He hops from the cockpit, and hauls out a rather heavy looking and large battery pack, a series of thick cables are leading from the battery and upto Dingo’s chest. He holds it by a handle in his right hand…

Lets get this over with…
Jehuty’s cockpit seals back up whilst Dingo walks off and upto the hall leaving the mech behind, he pushes open the door and walks in..

There seriously better be some beans on toast here, I had to suffer that Heaven crap for way too long…
He walks past everyone whilst giving them odd looks and makes his way over to the food stand, he takes a look at what’s to offer
No beans, I really shoulda known this would happen
He takes a few scoops of…stuff… and takes a seat further away from the others by himself, he places the battery pack down on the table, causing a bit of a thud and then just starts eating whilst watching the others talking..
They’re just a buncha kids and talking animals
He has a few bites to eat
But from seeing what they can do, they will make valuable comrades in arms
A few more bites
This….this stuff aint working right for me, I need my old rations back…..damn I cant wait to get back home

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OOC: I take it he’s not really noticing Solarian to say ‘just a buncha kids’ – need I remind you that Solarian is actually rather old?

Aug 08, 2013 at 07:11PM EDT

OOC: You ninja’d me on that one, hence why you wasn’t included

Aug 08, 2013 at 07:13PM EDT

OOC: ….I assume you spent quite some time looking for images then, for me to possibly ninja someone by about 9 minutes. And the moment someone brings up asking about some sort of weaponry, I’m gonna have to type out a flashback sequence… That flashback sequence is the one time that Solarian (and Ignis) will be breaking the colour coding… sort of. Whenever relating what they said at the time to the others, the colour coding will still apply. But the actual events will be in plain black text.

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1. I naturally spend ages writing up anyway
2. My internet is cutting out constantly due to a fibre optic upgrade tommorow

(Im a severe image hoarder, all these I have saved)

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Jotaro: There better be some god damn fajitas here.
Falcon: Honestly, i’d much rather eat at my own place, thanks.
Suddenly, a demonic-looking teleporter appears.
Doomguy: It’s a teleporter! These things are never bad!
Doomguy heads into the teleporter, and lands in falcon’s house. He contacts everyone over Codec.
Doomguy: Okay, i’m in a house with grey walls…
Falcon: Go outside.
Doomguy: It’s.. a chain of islands, with racetracks built along them!
Falcon heads through the teleporter, and lands in his house.
Falcon: he’s not lying.

Giorno: Whoah, big guy, You don’t want to anger the hosts, do you?
Wasn’t there fajitas in that Falcon guy’s place? And doesn’t that teleporter go to his place?
Jotaro rushes through the portal to get his fajitas. Doomguy comes back in.
Doomguy: A pretty nice place he’s got. But why is HE helping US?
Josuke: WHO?
Doomguy: The Devil of this realm himself.
Ken: He probably wants to eliminate the competition headed after us, so that way HE gets the satisfaction of killing us.
Doomguy: I beat that fucker once before, what makes him think I can’t beat him again?
Okuyasu: I have absolutely no clue. Apparently, you’ve gone through the legions of hell.

Giorno: That is correct, but I think we should be focusing on the matter at hand: That BM guy.
Jotaro comes back through the portal, with a plate of Fajitas.
Jotaro: The microwavable ones aren’t as good, but they’ll do. So, what the fuck are we gonna do now? eat dinner? I could probably try and work on reverse engineering that portal for our own uses, but i’ll need someone more… qualified. I’m just a marine biologist.

Aug 08, 2013 at 07:51PM EDT

The BlazBlue cast, except Kokonoe who is back at her lab, enter the guild hall. Ragna deactivated his BlazBlue earlier, so he no longer has the field around him now.

Flandre comes in along with Juvia and Gray, sitting with the two wherever they might be.

Ragna stretches his arms above his head once again and cracks his neck, it makes a loud “CRACK” sound that is audible to everyone. He then straightens the collar of his jacket.
Ragna: I needed that…

The entire cast heard what Mirajane and Laxus said about cleaning up after themselves, however only Ragna really needs to eat.

The Grim Reaper goes over to the vast array of food and grabs himself a plate of sushi, along with a bowl of pork and noodles and some chopsticks. He takes a seat by himself, sort of near everyone else but not really. There is still plenty of space between him and everyone else.

Nu floats over to Ragna, sitting beside him now.

Hakumen takes a position in a corner, facing towards everyone.

Meanwhile Tager is trying to get a connection with Kokonoe… It’s rather spotty here.

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OOC: Ehh screw it. Flashback sequence now.

Ignis: Solarian, I can’t help but notice that you actually used that gun that other Order we met at some point gave you in return for help…

Tsunarmin: Oh, right, we were meaning to ask about that. How exactly did you get it?

Solarian:It went like this…

Flashback – Grand Arsenal, Cradle Clockworks, depth unknown

…While preparations were being made for an assault by a ‘local’ Order of knights, there is a light glyph, revealing Ignis. As he is not yet an archmage, he is not wearing robes. His clothing is actually very similar to that of Pyralis at this point. His hammer is also noticeably different – It is an elemancer’s hammer, with four jewels embedded into the haft.

Ignis: Hmm… There’s a new weapon for me somewhere around here, but everything seems rather…. metal?

While Ignis was looking around deciding how to proceed, another light glyph appears, revealing Solarian. Solarian looks very much the same as he does now – maybe a few black hairs can be seen.

Solarian: Considering the nature of where you ended up, it’s best if I accompany you – just to make sense of things, of course.

The archmage and the soon-to-be-archmage turn towards a large fortress that is visible against the background of clockwork.

Solarian: I have to admit this is pretty impressive. Who could build such a place?

Ignis: Someone’s coming.

The two mages quickly found cover, as a couple of knights walked by. The thing easily noticed about them was the yellow ‘tails’ coming from their helmets. This is what they had heard….

Spiral Knight #1: Did you hear some voices around here?
Spiral Knight #2: Yeah. We should check it out – it would do us no good to let a Gremlin find out about the attack and report to that Warmaster of theirs. Especially with HQ sending a few knights from Haven to assist. Veterans of the Clockworks, at that.
Spiral Knight #1: Checking with the map integrated into our armour, there are two beings… over there.

The first knight walks over to where Solarian and Ignis are hiding.

Spiral Knight #1:… These aren’t Gremlins. But at the same time they’re not Knights or Undead. What are they?
Ignis: to Solarian, quietly Should we introduce ourselves?
Solarian: Yes, we should. They may be able to tell us a bit about this place.

Spiral Knight #1: draws his Calibur Quit talking to each other and identify.
Solarian: I am Solarian El-Sorceris, this is Ignis Fa-Magmar. We’re not from around these parts and know nothing of what you speak or even what this place is. we are from an Order of Mages gathered from many worlds.
Spiral Knight #1:Not from around here? That would explain why we’ve never seen anything like you in the Clockworks before. To be honest, the Spiral Order shouldn’t be on Cradle either. Our ship crashlanded here and we are looking for a power source that would allow us to get it offworld once more.
Ignis: I take it this power source is what you’re looking for right now?
At this point the second knight walks up.
Spiral Knight #2: Actually, no. During our exploration we have come into conflict with a race we call Gremlins. Right now we are preparing for an assault on their Grand Arsenal. the knight indicates the fortress up ahead
%{color:lightgray}Solarian: What, just the two of you?

Spiral Knight #1:Of course not! If there were four veterans of the Clockworks here, then maybe they could take the whole damn place themselves, but….

…Yeah, let’s skip past the exposition. the knights tell the mages the important things about where they are – and the mages agree to help upon being told that the Gremlins are developing quite powerful hammers. They agree to help because getting such a hammer for Ignis is their whole objective, of course. the knights and mages return to where the assault is being planned, to find that the knights dispatched by HQ have arrived. there are indeed four of them. One of them is wearing a cap that is reminiscent of a white wolf with a matching coat – known to the knights as a Skolver Cap and Coat respectively, is using two weapons – One is a large sword with an intricate golden outline that is detached from the actual blade, known as the Divine Avenger, and the other sword is the shadow counterpart, a dark blade that the mages can tell has the power to curse – the Gran Faust. They also carry a small glowing shield that would increase attack speed. This knight goes by the name of Strilyna. The second knight is wearing a stetson which clearly shows off that the head of a Spiral Knight is featureless apart from glowing eyes, a matching poncho, and holds an Argent Peacemaker – which needs no description seeing as it was described when Solarian used one himself., and the shadow counterpart named Sentenza. It is a revolver painted dark with a similar structure at the tip of the barrel. They carry a shield which seems to be burned beyond recognition. This knight identifies as Snirnan. The third knight goes in for more decorative stuff – they are wearing what appears to be a lit green bomb as a helmet, with matching armour. This is in fact a clue as to their preferred weapon – This knight carries as a primary weapon an Ash of Agni – A powerful bomb that releases a burning mist upon detonation. This mist will not hurt allies. As an alternative weapon they carry a Leviathan Blade – the most powerful version of the standard issue Calibur. They carry a shield with the crest of the Spiral Order on it. This knight goes by the name of Blastaknight. The fourth knight is a bit different. For a start he does not wear matching pieces of equipment. His helmet is a hood with a halo above it – the Divine Veil. This shows his blue eyes clearly. His armour is in fact one step down from being matching, the Miracle Cloak – it’s dark with stars on it. His weapons are a Silent Nightblade – a shadow elemental sword that resembles a katana – and a Prismatech Alchemer MkII – a gun that fires pulses of light energy, these pulses can bounce once. His shield is large, dark, spiky, and has 3 glowing red spots on it – the Barbarous Thorn Shield. This knight identifies as Tardiskong.

(OOC: Strilyna, Snirnan and Blastaknight are made up. Tardiskong is actually the name I go by on that game, though I have made a few changes compared to the build I actually use in that. Normally I’d be using the Warmaster Rocket Hammer myself, not the Prismatech Alchemer MkII. This change was made for the sake of making sense – after all, in this RP, the hammer will go to Ignis.)

The mages just get out of sight to overhear these four knights talking.

Snirnan: I have no idea what tha heck HQ was thinking to send someone who clearly isn’t as well equipped as he could be on a mission of such importance!
Tardiskong: Orders from above. Do you think I want to be here when I could be out in the Clockworks trying to earn crowns?
(OOC: Missions are voluntary in the actual game, of course.)
Blastaknight: You’re not the only one. I could be up in the Coliseum proving my skills in Blast Network, but noooo, the Order decides to send me to help in this assault. I don’t even care about the Gremlins that much – as opponents, I mean.
Strilyna: It doesn’t matter if you want to be here or not, what matters is that we succeed. We’ll get powerful weapons if we can pull this off.

The knights listen to the plan.

“The plan is… we’ll start the main assault once the cannons are down. Strilyna, Snirnan, Blastaknight, Tardiskong, you four will be going in first to disable those cannons. Once accomplished we’ll meet up before the main gates to assess the situation. You four may be called upon to deal with those gates. Meanwhile, there will be another group of four causing a distraction. I’ve been told we’ve got some rather unusual help for this one (%{color:orange}Ignis: that’s us.%). The ultimate objective is to penetrate all defenses of the Grand Arsenal, and capture or kill Warmaster Seerus. Acquiring his hammer will also prove beneficial to the Spiral Order as a whole. Understood?”

There was a shout of “Understood” from everyone present except the mages. They understood, of course, but wouldrather lie low until knights were sent to perform the designated task with them.

The four unusually equipped knights proceeded to step onto the elevator to start disarming the cannons. After this happened, Solarian and Ignis stepped out.

“Ferran, Tirnyu, as you were the ones who found said help, you will be accompanying them.”

Ignis: Don’t worry about long range attacks, we got that covered.

The two knights and the two mages proceed to head towards the fortress, and see the cannons mentioned… Cannons? Some of them looked a lot more like they were just firing missiles upwards and letting gravity take over…

OOC: Splitting post up due to length.

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Aug 08, 2013 at 09:04PM EDT

OOC: Continuation of last post.

…Then the Gremlins started attacking. Ferran and Tirnyu were handling them just fine, due to having experience fighting them before. Solarian and Ignis, on the other hand….

Ignis: I don’t get it. They seem to resist everything we throw at them!
Ignis was saying this while casting Burn on a group of gremlins.

Solarian: What is effective against these things?
Solarian fired a few light bullets at gremlins, to little effect.

Ferran: They resist elemental damage, and are weak to shadow. How are you even doing that?

Ignis: No wonder our attacks weren’t having much effect, then.
Ignis proceeded to cast Darkside on a group of gremlins, to devastating effect. Solarian swithced to firing dark bullets from his gun. One gremlin was posing trouble for the mages, after seeing them as a threat. He was carrying a heavy looking missile launcher that also shielded him from all frontal attacks. He kept facing the two mages and firing missiles at them, which they kept dodging. Tirnyu got behind the gremlin and slashed at it a few times with his Calibur, causing it to drop the weapon. Tirnyu picked up the weapon so the gremlin could not. It didn’t have time to react, anyway, as it was instantly hit with a Void from Solarian. The gremlins had some tricks up their sleeves, though – Suddenly the four were facing robots that had Caliburs and shields just like the knights.

Tirnyu: Mecha knights! Good thing Tardiskong isn’t doing this, I’ve heard that he doesn’t really like facing these in tight spaces. They resist pierce, resist elemental, and shield ranged attacks. They stop to shield and once the shield goes down cannot shield for a few seconds. Attack when we swing!

The mecha knights go down easily due to interrupts by Ferran and Tirnyu leaving them open to Raging Infernos and Galaxy Bursts from Ignis and Solarian respectively.

The four were soon inside a side entrance, It was dark and suspiciously quiet…

Suddenly a gremlin appeared behind Ignis and cut him with a circular blade. (OOC: You knew something like this was coming from the fact that Solarian had faced cloaks before)

Ferran: RECONS!

The two knights stand back to back, so they cannot be ambushed. Before the gremlin recon can re-cloak, Solarian hit him with a Void while Ignis cast Healing Wind on himself. Then Solarian shot the gremlin to death. Ignis meanwhile cast Barrier on himself.

(OOC: Okay, that may not be their actual name, but that’s basically what they are. ‘Recons’ are found in the PvP mode Lockdown, where they are basically knights with the ability to cloak. They are actually somewhat easy to spot, due to the fact they leave a death mark that removes all defense temporarily. This mark is a visible symbol above the head of the affected knight.)

Circular blades were then thrown towards the group. Ferran shielded the ones aimed at him, Ignis let the barrier block the ones aimed at Solarian, who then cast Darkside back, revealing a number of gremlins who Ignis finished off with a followup Darkside of his own.

About half a hour later, they were entering a room filled with hemispherical devices.

Ferran: Battlepods…. but why are they inactive?

Three battlepods then activated, with a yellow ‘eye’ glowing, and platforms took them to the floor above. Directly above Ferran, Turnyu, Ignis and Solarian, the battle with Seerus had begun. More battlepods were moved into position, and the two mages grabbed onto the central one ready for when it moved up.

Ferran: What do you think you’re doing?

Solarian: Finding out where these things go.

Tirnyu: We were briefed on Seerus’ personal defenses before finding you. He defends himself with battlepods! The very battlepods you’re grabbing onto!

Ignis: Then we should help. If he’s got a powerful hammer, then… well, we’re here for the hammer.

The two knights, despite thinking it a bad idea, grab onto the battlepod just before it moves up.

Warmaster Seerus: I will dispose of you and then show Herex why I am the Warmaster!

(OOC: Seerus seriously thinks upon arrival outside the boss room that the knights are working for Herex – another gremlin who is part of the elite known as the Crimson Order. He’s basically a mad scientist.)

Snirnan: We will defeat you for the sake of the Spiral Order!

Seerus: You will die trying! Four of you are not enough.

Ferran: How about eight of us?

The knights and mages proceed to leap off the Battlepods to land by the others.

Seerus: It doesn’t matter how many you send, you will all die!

(OOC: Seerus is not this talkative in the actual battle. I can’t remember his actual dialogue, so…)

The Battlepods started to fire missiles and sometimes lasers.

Tardiskong: This battle’s starting to get annoying. Whatever happened to that ‘special help’, hmm?

Ignis: Uhhh, right here.

When the shield on the battlepods went down, they took a lot of damage from the combined power of the Argent Peacemaker (Snirnan), Prismatech Alchemer MkII (Tardiskong) (which was rather ineffective), Leviathan Blade (Blastaknight), Divine Avenger (Strilyna), two Caliburs (Ferran and Tirnyu) (even less effective than the Prismatech Alchemer MkII), and finally Lightning Bolts (Solarian) and Wildfires (Ignis). Upon seeing the latter two the mages suddenly notice five figures staring at them – These are of course the ones involved who have not seen the mages’ spells before – Strilyna, Snirnan, Blastaknight, Tardiskong, and even Seerus.

Strilyna: What did you just do?
Snirnan: That was some mighty fine work you did there, how did ya two do it?
Blastaknight: You would be dangerous opponents in the Coliseum, you don’t even need weapons!
Tardiskong: That is somehow familiar, I don’t know why, though.
Seerus: I did not account for such attacks. I shall have to kill you myself.

Seerus jumped down with the Warmaster Rocket Hammer at the ready…. just to be met by Ignis’ own hammer, while three more battlepods rise up.

Strilyna: Are you mad!? You can’t take on that hammer ALONE!

Tardiskong: Suits me fine, we can prepare to take him out quickly with a lot of shadow damage.

Solarian: Ignis, there’s no point getting yourself killed for that hammer! Like it or not, you are getting help in this!

Snirnan threw Seerus off balance with a well aimed shot from Sentenza, allowing Ignis to knock him back with his hammer…. right into the Silent Nightblade of Tardiskong, who keeps Seerus in place for a Void from Solarian to hit.

Seerus: No… this is… impossible….

Seerus then died, and the place started to explode around them. A gate went down allowing an escape route.

Ferran and Tirnyu were in the lead, followed by Tardiskong, Strilyna, Snirnan, Blastaknight, Solarian, and Ignis, who was carrying both his hammer and the Warmaster Rocket Hammer.

After taking the lift back up…

Snirnan quickly took a scan of the Warmaster Rocket Hammer.

Snirnan: With this here data, the Spiral Order can now produce copies of this Gremlin tech. I’m not too comfortable using the work of those little furry varmints, but…
Tardiskong: What about tha hammer he was using himself?
Ignis: I’m taking it. That’s what us two were here for anyway.
Ferran: When we met, you mentioned being part of an Order yourself. What positions do you hold in said order?
Ignis: Well, I’m an elem-
Solarian: We’re both archmages – the guys who lead the whole thing and masters of all 6 elements.
Ignis tried to hide his shock at being referred to as an archmage – he didn’t exactly do it alone, after all…
Snirnan: to Ferran, Tiryna, Solarian and Ignis From what I’m told you four made things a lot easier for the rest of us. I’ll put in a word at Spiral HQ about getting you two knights some better equipment, so that ya find things easier in the future. And what about you two?
Ignis: You don’t need to do anything for me, since I’m keeping the hammer… I’m not sure Solarian would want anything.
Snirnan: And what about ya…. Solarian, was it?
Solarian: The experience is enough for me.
Snirnan: Aw come on. It aint right to help and not expect anything in reward. In fact, I happen to have a spare gun I was looking for getting some UVs on later, but…. You can have it. Because you have some mighty fine abilities.

Snirnan proceeded to hand Solarian a spare Argent Peacemaker – the very same one that the archmage first used against an army of bots released by Spark.

Tardiskong: I assume once we’re back at Spiral HQ, we’ll get the first copies of that weapon due to acquiring data on it in the first place.

Blastaknight: Don’t forget these, which I found on the way out!

Blastaknight proceeded to hand a Dark Retribution bomb to each of the other 3 knights there on a mission.

Ignis: Well, we’re going now… you may probably never see us again.

The mages proceeded to cast Warp….

end of flashback

Tardises: Wow…. Sounds like a pretty interesting place.
Tempestia: I’ll say. I wonder why one of those knights had a similar name to the one you prefer to go by, Tahrdan?
Tardises: I have no idea.

OOC: Normally I wouldn’t double post, but I have no choice here as the content of the two was just too long to fit into a single post. I’m not joking,

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Renegade: All right! I’m ready to slay some robots and… and…
Sees everyone has left.
Renegade: OH, COME THE F*CK ON!!!
Hears beeping on Pip-Boy. Checks to see alert to return to OFC. He groans in annoyance, grasping his helmet with his index finger and thumb.
Renegade: Ah… just forget it… I’ll do something tomorrow.
Leaves disappointingly back to the OFC.

Renegade enters the code on his Pip-Boy, and the hatch hisses for a bit…

After some air escapes from inside the hatch, the door opens widely. He enters widely, and follows the coordinates in the ship into the secondary control room, where Dreadnought Squad awaits him. More than a little shocked that the squad he was wiped out with is here before him, he looks around for answers.
Renegade: Uh… what… how… this isn’t real… is it?
Harper: Well… somehow, we’re alive again. You’re surprised, imagine how we were!
Renegade: That’s not it… when I was resurrected, I had to go through f*cking Hell and back to get here. How in Celestia did you get here so quickly?
Willow: Didn’t I tell you back at the Pub that we’d be back?
Renegade: Actually… you did… and you showed me what I can do with Ascension.
Sierra: Anyways, you’re robotic horse friend brought us all back. Now, we’re under your command, considering our old leader is nowhere to be found.
Windigo: Your friend also filled us in on how this can works. We’re gonna be the new crew for this vessel.
Renegade points to J.T.

Renegade: Is that dog still a xenomorph?
Jade: Yep. Always has been… always will be…
Renegade: OK… and I see we also got Masseling and Wolfy back with us as well… but… uh…
He motions to the mysterious masked stranger.

Renegade: OK I’ll bite… who the f*ck are you?
The stranger is about to speak up, when an alert comes from the central command console. Everyone encircles it.

Renegade: OK… um…
He obviously has no idea how to use the machine.
Jade: Everything all right, commander?
Renegade: Yeah, yeah… I think I got it…
Renegade presses one button on the console, and immediately the console catches on fire.

Everyone turns to him, glaring. He turns back to the fire, pointing at it.
Renegade: Is no one seriously going to put this out?
Willow: Oh boy… it’s all right, commander. I think I can show you how it works…

Meanwhile, on another section of the ship, Lyra and the ponies are following Twilight’s advisory on the handling and care of the vessel. At first, there is a bit of tension…
Applejack: No, Rainbow Dash! You’re supposed to hit that button there!
Rainbow Dash: Don’t tell me what to do!
Twilight: Girls! It was that button there!
Not wanting any more tension to build up, Pinkie thinks it’s time to unwind and build friendship up again…
Pinkie Pie: Well, you know what time it is!
She nears Rainbow Dash.

Immediately shot down by Rainbow Dash, the song does not fail to reach the other ponies’ ears, and they can’t help but to smile at it.
Twilight: Pinkie’s right… in a weird… sort of way. Fighting isn’t going to get us anywhere. Let’s just go over this manual again…
She squeals in delight as she prepares to read it again.

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I’m here. I am just waiting on Asura to post. He’s probably still at work. Spark isn’t posting because he is having an extremely busy day. Sam is taking a nap… Don’t know about Mark or Medic.

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I am preparing to move soon, which has taken up a good amount of my time and my emotional tolerance. So I have just been laying low until I am told the plot requires my action.

Aug 09, 2013 at 05:41PM EDT

Ooc: guys ill post in about a half hour. Just wait. Had a very long day at work. Just be wait for a little longer.

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OOC: …I’ve just realised something. Since I made that post stating that I might not be able to guarantee being on after 9 pm GMT… the internet started working properly again, so that message was pretty much invalid.

Back at the Order HQ…

Pitchurn: Is it me or is it rather inactive right now?
An aeromancer walks in
Aeromancer: Just reporting in that we have prepared a few shields, which we intend to send over to the others in the morning.
Pitchurn: It would be good to test them. Evidently the testing will be part of their training tomorrow.

Aug 09, 2013 at 06:48PM EDT

Dingo is still just sat in the corner, he’s not quite sure what to make of the group before him but he doesn’t feel threatened…
This food… tastes awful…
He puts down his knife and fork and pushes his plate to the side before leaning back in his chair and fiddling with the connections on his battery pack
He clears his throat and racks his brain for a topic of conversation


He turns is head to Ragna
Hows everything your end?
He tries to find something to add onto the end of that question but there is nothing…

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #8


Ship Status

Current Activities: Surveying planet. Monitoring The Pioneers.

Overall Status-------OKAY
Superstructure------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integrity at maximum.
Crew--------------------OKAY-----------Disturbances are still apparent although their cause is not.
Systems--------------OKAY-----------Systems are in fully working order
Sensory Arrays-----OKAY-----------Arrays are continuing to scan planet for any pieces of unknown information
Food supplies-------OKAY-----------Rations near maximum.
Munitions--------------OKAY-----------Munitions near maximum.
Main Engines---------IDLE------------Remaining a stationary position within planets orbit.
Power Plant---------ACTIVE----------Power consumption nominal, no irregularities.
Slipspace Core----INACTIVE


The Pioneers have been planet for about one hour, in this time they have deployed their equipment, set up the mining drill and have entrenched the HQ cabin. Everything is in fully working order without any hitches and Bethany’s mapping equipment is giving us a brighter idea of the teams local landscape. The Pioneers are to remain at camp until sub-ice layer samples have been taken from the drill after which they will be given free rein to explore the nearby valley….

The shuttle they were taken down to the planet has long since left, leaving them by themselves. Weather conditions have gotten gradually worse, visibility is down to just a few meters and the temperatures are tremendously low and requiring of arctic survival outfits fulltime…


David is talking with Joe inside the HQ cabin

Bethany is outside in the blizzard placing down extra mapping beacons

The engineer is checking over the boreing drill outside

and Bear is recording a personal log, also outside

Live stream extract commence. Helmet cam, David Martin, personnel number #3214

The screen is still very fuzzy and it seems as though the camera you are looking through is mounted to a helmet. Before you is the interior of the HQ cabin, filled with high tech gadgetry and devices not to mention cooking appliances and food, you seem to be sat at a table, on the other side is sat Joe, the scientist..

Joe: I find this waiting around very mundane, I wish to explore further…

Dave: I have to admit it doc, so do I, but you read the report, we need to stay holed up here until we have these samples..

Joe: Its just that I have this feeling that something is out there in the blizzard, this confounded itch urging me to explore will not cease

Dave: Yeah well there isn’t anything that can be done now

Joe: Ergh… well lets hurry this engineer along and be done with this feeble sample collecting nonsense, dirt won’t unlock the secrets this world beholds for us…

Dave: You seem real convinced that something is on this old ice ball huh? this will become routine doc, I wouldn’t take it too seriously

Joe gets up from his seat and walks over to the window, Dave watches him

Joe:….what is he doing??…

Dave then too gets up

Dave: Whaddya mean?….who?

He walks over to the window but is yet to look out

Joe: The engineer…

Dave: Well he’s just che-

Dave then turns his head, he sees the engineer stood by the drill, staring point blank at the giant drill bit itself, Bear then approaches him and it looks as if he was caught by surprise, some talking then takes place between the two in the blizzard but obviously they cant be heard, since this is a feed after all

Joe: What kind off fools are these people! we will never get out of this camp if our team stand around staring at inanimate objects!

Dave: Yeah…its a little strange but he was probs just checking over the drill ridges, those things need to be examined for cracks you know…

Dave trying to find a reason there to explain the strangeness…

Joe: Nonsense David! Heavens inventory is flawless! hardly used even, that drill should be in tip top condition!

The two continue to watch for a few seconds longer before taking seats back at the table

Dave: Anyway…a few more minutes and we should commence boring…..and…look, the guys an engineer, and a civvy, not many of us survived Mobius or the Paris evac, any person who has had to go through that will most likely be suffering with a tonne load of bad memories or maybe even a little PTSD

Joe: Ah yes, I see I see….but that does not justify such idleness

Dave: It was a tough time that’s for sure, im not surprised if hes going a little crazy, I mean have you ever been to a civilian hab deck? they’re not a pretty sight….weeping widows….ya know…that sorta thing…

Joe: I have never been myself, David. Im Admin class remember….

Dave: Oh yeah, easy to forget who’s cybernetic…

Joe: But nevermind that right now, this man must keep his head..

A loud sliding sound can be heard along with the rush of a blizzard, it then stops and leaves the sound of approaching footsteps in its wake. Bear appears at the doorway covered in snow…

Dave: Hey hows that guy?

Bear: Ah he’s fine, just needs some protein, do we have any fish in the rations?

Dave: Yeah im pretty sure we do, why?

Bear: Just needsa quick snack…

Bear walks over to the kitchen area and starts cooking up some food, Dave checks his watch

Dave: Pfffftt….anyway, Its boreing time…

Joe: Yes, finally!

Joe and Dave get up from the table and make their way from the room and out of the door of the cabin into the freezing and extreme environment, the camera quality gets noticeably worse and the audio is foddered with wind noise

The feed shows that it is approaching night already, however due to Bethany’s efforts spotlights have been erected around the camp perimeter. Joe and Dave walk over to the drill, the engineer seems to be better now and is pressing in a few buttons on the machines control panel

Dave: Hey you okay buddy?! this cold getting to yah?!

Due to the deafening sound of the blizzard they have to shout to be heard by one another

[REDACTED]: Yeah im good!...thanks!

Joe: Can we pleeease start the process already?!

The engineer presses a few more buttons and the drills arm juts into movement, lowering the bit down to a patch of ground that was cleared of snow earlier by Bear’s…bare…hands (hueueuhueueuhwkds)

Dave: We are bang on schedule! good work my friend! you can commence the digging!

Joe: Not a moment too sooner!

[REDACTED]: Gimme a sec!

The engy pushes the big red button which spins the massive drill up and plunges it down into the ice…

Live stream extract terminated…

Interrogative Note:
Electronics Officer: The cyborg scientist is my key….

End of activity log #8

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@everyone in the hall.
everyone is finally enjoying themselves with the others after a long days training. the mood is more cheerful and relaxing now that everyone is having food inside their stomachs.
everyone is mingling with each other. mirajane and lisanna are walking around the place waiting on people around with trays filled with drinks. laxus is in the corner of the room sitting on his own, arms crossed

wendy and carla notice you from across the table your on.

Wendy: um mister. you wouldnt happen to be the same guy that we met a while back when we were sent to kokonoes lab would you?

Carla: your the guy that flies that giant robot correct?

@ragna and nu
gajeel pantherlilly, lucy are across from you as well. gajeel is eating a plate of scraps from the robots in the training. pantherlilly is in his regular form, drinking a large cup of kiwi juice. lucy just having a regular assortment of stuff, she still cant get over the idea of gajeel eating metal

Lucy: turns to see you so. um.. ragna right? you and nu were actually pretty good out there.

Gajeel: not gonna lie kid. you actually looked a lot less of a wimp out there than i thought. you and your cute girlfriend there have a lot more power in yah than i thought at first.

Pantherlilly: what he means is that you were really stronger than we thought at first. you two have a lot of power and talent within you.

lucy: dont mind gajeel, he has his ways of greeting people. as rude as they may be.

Gajeel: huh, just like how your boobs greet other people for you? heheheh. munches some more

Lucy: you jerk. so, do you guys actually have any plans after all of this is over and done with after we save mobius and beat this balloon guy?

erza walks up to you. she has a plate with a large slice strawberry cake.

Erza: so, what did you think about this whole day of training. what are your thoughts about everyone who fought here. for some of the people here, they may have had a bit of a rough start, but with enough work and practice working with the others. what do you think spark may have planned for us in the following days for us? anything you might be looking forward to?


natsu and happy notice you across some other tables.

Natsu: HEY, BIG RED. i saw you take off into the air like a rocket and plummet back down to the earth completely destroying that thing.

Happy: that was really something. how can you take off that high up. i cant even go that high.

you are sitting between gray and juvia while they eat. juvia seems really tired.

Gray: you alright juvia. you look really bad right now.

Juvia: oh.. uh.. welll… its just that juvia is still exhausted after all of that training. she still is hurt all over.

Gray: take it easy next time. dont overuse your magic like that.

Juvia: sorry gray-sama. its just that juvia wanted to prove to everyone how capable she is. sorry if i overdid myself.

Gray: just be more careful next time. we dont want anything bad to happen to you during training.

juvia begins to blush and hold her hands on her cheeks in excitement over gray caring for her.

Juvia: juvia promises gray sama. juvia will be more careful next time for you and everyone else.

Gray: sign good grief. he turns to flandre so how was it for you flandre. had fun?

Juvia: snaps back to reality oh i almost forgot. flandre, you will be joining me and the other girls in the dorm room. youll be staying with me. ill have a bed for you and everything. or would you like to have a room of your own?

while you and marisa are eating a bottle of sake is placed right next to you. it turns out to be cana.

Cana: hey, we need to have our drinking contest whenever you feel up to it. we didnt get a chance to finish it yesterday. so wadaya say. feel up to it gain?

Aug 09, 2013 at 08:29PM EDT

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