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@Dingo before Fairy Tail,

Ragna finishes off a piece of sushi as Dingo asked him his question. After he swallows, he turns to Dingo.
Ragna: Pretty shitty. Got news from Kokonoe earlier that our planet is basically dead due to some shit that I don’t have any way to deal with… Got the ever-living crap kicked out of me in training…
He sighs a bit, and goes back to finishing off his plate of sushi.

@Gajeel, Pantherlilly, and Lucy,

The Grim Reaper turns his head up from his food once again to turn his attention to the three.
Ragna: Tch… Thanks for the compliments and all. You weren’t too shabby yourselves.

Nu was snuggling up against Ragna’s arm, and then Gajeel mentioned her being Ragna’s girlfriend.
Nu: Nu and Ragna will become one someday! Isn’t that right, Ragna?

Ragna turns his head away, clenching his fist and looking down. He then thinks to himself…
Ragna: It’s not like that, you bitch. Just shut the fuck up already… I should have destroyed her when I had the chance, but there is no turning back now…
After this, Ragna turns his attention back to Lucy, her asking about what he will do after the Balloon Master.
Ragna: I… I don’t know. I can’t go back home because it’s dead as dirt. Still don’t know why that would happen… How could that even happen anyways? Just all the people… whisked away in the blink of an eye.


The faceless masked man looks down at Erza, both the eyes in his shoulders focus on her.
Hakumen: This day was… interesting, to say the least. However, we must work harder if the Balloon Master is to be stopped.
He pauses for a moment, letting Erza finish her dialogue.
Hakumen: Only time will tell what Captain Spark has planned for us…
The eyes in his armor dart to look at Ragna and Nu.
Hakumen: However, the only thing I “look forward” to is the destruction of the Balloon Master and the Black Beast, the nightmare of the world.
His voice sounds a bit more cold than usual when he mentioned the Black Beast.

@Natsu and Happy,

Tager just stares at them when Natsu calls him “Big Red”.

He then walks over to their table, not wanting to yell across the room.
Tager: I’m surprised you took attention to my display. Kokonoe doesn’t usually like it whenever I use too much of my strength. I try to hold back for her a lot.

Happy then asks about how Tager performed the attack.

Tager: I had to unleash the restrictions of the Artificial Causality Phenomenon Weapon that Kokonoe installed inside of me. It is basically the non-magical version of a Nox Nyctores. Take Hakumen’s nodachi for example.
He points at Hakumen.
Tager: That is a Nox Nyctores. It was a specific class of weapon that was made in the Dark War, which involves compressing the soul of a Black Beast inside of it. This gives it the properties it has. However… There is a downside to having that power at your disposal. One of the primary functions of Nox Nyctores is to unburden their owners of “needless” emotions and enhance others; this has a profound effect, for example eliminating fear, but owners may also find themselves losing their compassion, remorse, etc…
Tager scratches the back of his neck.
Tager: Thankfully it doesn’t happen with the Artificial Causality Phenomenon Weapon.

@Gray and Juvia,

You both notice that Flandre’s clothes are ridden with soot from the massive explosion that happened earlier, however the vampire herself is fine.
I want to stay with you, Juvia.

Aug 09, 2013 at 09:44PM EDT

Dingo listens to what Ragna has to say
Mmm..that sounds terrible…
He usually says things like that, he’s pretty blunt when it comes to it. He turns his attention to Wendy and Carla
Er yeah…im the Runner of Jehuty. We met at that womens lab a while back

Aug 09, 2013 at 09:57PM EDT

Dingo turns to the mages
So where are you people from? you look out of sorts around these other guys….

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Aug 10, 2013 at 10:43AM EDT

ooc: yo guys im gonna be gone for most of the day. try and continue doing whatever your doing. i wont be on until evening.

Aug 10, 2013 at 12:08PM EDT

OOC: @Asura: See you when you get back.

And now…



Actually, I decided to write one last flashback post to patch things up, and then I’ll skip to now, because the time from then to now is rather boring stuff, such as me overseeing Egg Pawn production, preparing to initiate Project [REDACTED].

Seriously though, sorry I wasn’t here. I was without computer access for most of the past two weeks. I checked in periodically via smartphone should this thread require my being here (for example, the world being threatened, or something else catastrophic happening). If that were the case, then I would have posted the details of my predicament. Since that is not the case, I did not. Thank you for your patience, everyone.



Robotnik spent several more hours going over surveillance footage of various activities of things which had occurred during his absence.

He even watched the recording of his own death.

Robotnik: Now, what did you say his name was?

Snively: According to records, he claims his name is “Hakumen,” sir.

Robotnik: I see…

He could prove to be quite annoying. As for the rest of these… mages? They align themselves with Haven as well?

Snively: It is a reasonable assumption, sir.

Robotnik appears troubled as he shuts off the monitor and the lights brighten again.

Snively: … Sir? Is something wrong?

Robotnik: … Snively, what do those goody-two-shoes possess that I don’t?

Snively: I, um…

S-swords, sir…?

There was a moment of silence as Robotnik clenched the arms of his Command Chair.

Robotnik: Snively, how badly do you wish to become a paperweight?

Snively: I’m s-sorry sir! I haven’t slept since we boarded the ARK and--

Robotnik: Enough of your excuses! The answer is magic you idiot!

Haven already possesses surprisingly advanced technology with that gigantic warship of theirs, not to mention their super soldier program! Add on top of that, they’ve got an entire guild of mages with magical abilities! Just look at what they did to Metal Sonic!

And then you’ve got Medic, who stole my technology and used it for his own purposes, and possesses his own mystical abilities on top of that!

Snively: Sir, I--

Robotnik: SHUT IT!!!

And that blasted Kishin is already powerful enough with one Chaos Emerald! He doesn’t even need technology!

And that Equine possess a multitude of Chaos Emeralds, not to mention all of the raw magic at her disposal!

Even if I’m able to completely reconstruct my Egg Fleet, I’ll be facing all of them and who knows what else, not to mention the Balloon Master, who’s already gained control of the entire planet, which I’d say is advantage enough!

Robotnik stays silent for a moment, and continues, albeit quieter this time.

Robotnik: Which brings me right back to the Chaos Emeralds. The only way I’m going to have any hope of reconquering the world is by obtaining them and utilizing their power to its fullest extent.

I’ve already lost the Warpstone (thank goodness) so I don’t have any room for error! I have to move swiftly! Once I find a means of reaching Equestria…



Snively squeals, expecting to be pounded into oblivion.

Robotnik: How long did you say it’s been since my… encounter with Asura?

Snively straightens a little.

Snively: S-several months ago, sir…

Suddenly, Eggman snaps his fingers.

Robotnik: That’s it! Perhaps the Chaos Emeralds are no longer in Equestria! Begin scanning Mobius for high energy signatures! Especially ones in a cluster.

Snively: Sir, it’s very likely that the Emeralds are still in Equestria…

Robotnik: Well, seeing as I do not possess a means of reaching Equestria at the moment, I’d say this is my next best option.

Snively: Even still, sir, we do not possess the proper facilities for a scan of this scale. It could take weeks to filter out all of the high energy sources on Mobius! That is, if the Chaos Emeralds are even here…

Robotnik: I don’t pay you to back-talk!

Snievly: Y-you don’t pay me at all, sir…

Robotnik: Precisely! Now get back to work!

We’ve got Emeralds to locate…

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Aug 10, 2013 at 01:02PM EDT


You are more persistent than an Oni. Alright, lets have another go.

“Not me. I would rather not wake up with a migrane. Not to mention my liver hates me as it is.”

Aug 10, 2013 at 01:50PM EDT

Solarian: Well, we’re from a multitude of worlds – we can hop between them using the Warp spell… a variation upon it, at least. We’ve formed our own Order on a world that was uninhabited before we started to organise things there. Well, uninhabited by anything intelligent, there are things that are little more than beasts there.
Granatir: And then there’s these dragons, which are more intelligent than pretty much anything else native to that world.

OOC @Eggman: Sucks to be him. He’s only preparing for one group of magic users who directly fought him, and next time there’s going to be two. Including a familiar face… and unfamiliar spells. And non-anthromorphic animals that would be able of fighting the Egg Pawns. (Which isn’t exactly hard unless they carry pickaxes…)

Aug 10, 2013 at 03:08PM EDT

@ragna and nu.
lucy thinks to herself. he doesnt have a place to go back to. he has nowwhere to go. and hes a very powerful person in his own right and nu as well.

Lucy: well. ragna, nu. why dont you jopin fairy tail.

gajeel begins to choke a bit on that remark. clearing his throat.

Gajeel: what the hell are you talking about? those two joining us.

Lucy: well think about it for a minute. they have no home to return to. they have nowhere to go but were we all are going. hes had his troubles in the past, and they make really powerful allies. i think they would fit in very well with out guild.

Pantherlilly: she does make a good argument. besides, i think they would fit in perfectly. besides, its not like it can get even more crazy around here if they joined us.

gajeel: well whatever. if you guys want to join fairy tail its your call. just dont bug me around here like that idiot natsu and well be fine, okay.continues eating

Lucy: so ragna, nu. what do you say would you two like to consider joining our guild? id think we all would like it if you did and im sure you two would love it here as well.
natsu and happy look at tager after his explanation on how he did his attack like so

they have no clue on what he is talking about at all

they finally recollect themselves


Happy: AYE SIR. your really amazing you know that tager.

Natsu: that your correct on my friend. so do you and your other cat friend have any plans after all of this. you know like after we beat balloon master and send his ass back to hell?
@dingo and other mages.
wendy and carla are surprised to hear about them talking about the dragons.

Wendy: wait, you people have dragons with you? how is it tht you have them?

Carla: if you guys dont know. the dragons here in our world disappeared many years ago. they just vnished one day.

Wendy: all the dragons here on our world vanished on us on the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year. me, natsu and gajeel have been looking for our dragons that taught us our dragonslayer magics since. they are like our parents. they took care of us when we were really young. do you know anything about the dragons named igneel the fire dragon, grandineer the sky dragon, and metalicana the iron dragon? please you have to tell us anything you may know about them

ooc: in the anime, dragons are really a big deal to them because of their sudden disappearance. nobody knows why they disappeared and the dragonslayers have been looking for them since then.
erza takes a bite out of her cake. after she has a look of concern on her face when she looks back at nu an ragna before turning back to face hakumen.

Erza: hakumen. i understand why you feel the need to destroy the black beast. from what i understand so far, ragna is the vessel that carries it. and he can summon its powers to attack his foes. as much as i may agree with the fact that the black beast must be stopped so that it doesnt bring back the carnage and destruction it did in the past. but however, ragna himself is not evil at all. nor to blame for all of this. he never asked for this. i believe he was just a victim of circumstances that led him to all of this. looks down on her plate. looking saddened. just like me. the tragedies in our past have made us the people we are today. i know this may sound weird to you, but dont you think he deserves some peace and joy in his life, after all hes been through? hes just like us, with his whole life ahead of him. dont you think he deserves to be happy so long as he can control the beast. i believe that with our help. we can make sure that it can never roam this world again. is it not worth trying to achieve, for his sake at least?

she speaks with some compassion for ragna. she understand what he has been through and about his powers. she doesnt with for the black beast to be revived to cause the carnage it did in the past, but she also doesnt believe that killing ragna is the solution, no the right thing to do at all.
@reimu and marisa
Cana: hehee now your talkin. so when you feel like it ill be over there by the table over there next to the bar.

points to a round table with two chairs and a stack of very large barrels of ale right next to them and there are two empty wooden mugs on the tables

Cana: if you wanna make thing interesting, care to put a bet on it? winner makes the loser do one thing of their choice, no questions asked. sounds fair? im up to suggestions to the bet if you want to change it.
juvia pets the top of flandres head.

Juvia: thats good to hear. well haveso much fun together.

Gray: uh. by the way. what will we do for her… you know… habit.

Juvia: uh…. well…. i…. i dont know.

Gray: you know what. i think we can get meredith to take care of that considering her powers to do anything.

Juvia: that sounds like a great idea. when we see her we can ask her if she can help her.

OOC: tardise for the love of all things good and holy in this world, chane ur creepy ass avatar. its creepy as fuck.

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Aug 10, 2013 at 10:22PM EDT

ooc: you can talk to mirajane and lisanna if you want. theyre waiting tables for people around. sorry its just i have so much to deal with to keep track of everything.

Aug 10, 2013 at 10:48PM EDT

Dingo is still sat in his seat and looking around at the others, the power indicator on his battery is slowly but surely going down…

Aug 10, 2013 at 11:50PM EDT

@Lucy, Gajeel, and Pantherlilly,

Nu: Like, Nu will do whatever Ragna wants to do!
She smiles at him, looking at him with that red eye of hers.

Ragna: Don’t look at me like that.
He sighs a bit, now looking at Lucy.
Ragna: Well… To tell you the truth…
He scratches his head with his BlazBlue arm.
Ragna: There’s nothing else I could do besides that. I don’t have anywhere else to go…
He looks down, and then looks back up again, looking Lucy straight in the eyes.
Ragna: I’ll join.

Hakumen stays silent, listening to all Erza has to say to him. Once she is finished, she gives him his opinion on the matter.
Hakumen: You do not understand, child. The Beast is an immense power upon whatever world it exists in. There is a balance that must be kept so that the world will not be destroyed by a stronger power. That balance is called Order. It is my duty to keep that balance and to make sure that the world will rest easily once it is destroyed. Alas… It is no easy job. Order must always be kept, or else it will spiral into chaos, doom, and destruction everywhere.
He crosses his arms, still looking down at Erza with that expressionless white face. There is a part deep down inside Hakumen that still cares for his brother, and is remorseful about this duty bestowed upon him. However, he knows that it must be done.
Hakumen:The beast cannot be tamed unless it is destroyed. All we will be able to do is lengthen its slumber, and hope it does not awaken. However… If what you speak is coming truthfully from your heart, you will be able to achieve your goal.
He sighs a bit after this.
Hakumen: But even I know that I am not what I once was. When the Grimalkin restored me from the edge of the Boundary, she was only able to restore my power reserves to twenty percent. That is a mere fraction of my true power, but is still enough for me to destroy The Beast while it is still an egg.
The eyes in his armor look at Ragna and Nu once again. They then look back to Erza.
Hakumen: I will not stop you from your goal child. Good luck.

@Natsu and Happy,

Tager: Heh heh… Thanks for the kind words.
He doesn’t really get compliments all that often, just orders. He finds this a welcome change.

And then they ask what he will do after the Balloon Master…

Tager: I’m not for sure, actually. I will do whatever Kokonoe instructs me to do. We don’t really have a place to stay, and a chunk of the Sector Seven laboratories are already on this planet… But like I said, I’ll do whatever Kokonoe orders me to do.

And with that, the doors to the guild hall opens and in walks Kokonoe towards Tager… There is also what appears to be someone following her.
Kokonoe: TAGER! Where the hell have you been? You were supposed to be back at the lab 20 minutes ago.

The Red Devil quickly turns his attention towards the Professor.
Tager: My apologies. I was occupied with speaking with some of the Fairy Tail members. Natsu and Happy, correct?
He motions to the two.

Kokonoe: Yeah, yeah. That’s all fine and fuckin’ dandy, but look at the old fart who managed to stow away in the lab.
She steps aside revealing the figure following behind her.

This figure appears to be a… black and white cat? Said cat wears an orange samurai-esque jacket with what appear to be large paws on the end of it. The cat walks on hind-legs and is around 4 feet tall at maximum. It also has two black tails and slit red pupils. There is also a twin pair of kodachi, one stored in each end of the sheath on his back. Strangely it also has on an eye-patch…
???: Sorry ‘bout that, darlin’. It’s just that I had no way in heaven ta see what that thing was. I didn’t want ta get caught in it, whatever it was…
The cat has a laid back feel to him, and what can only sound like a low and southern accent accompanying his smooth voice.

Kokonoe looks down at the cat.

The cat just stays silent as she said this.
???: Ah’m sorry, sweetie…


Tager: Jubei of the Six Heroes, correct? Why are you here?

Jubei: I just said, didn’t I?
He looks down a bit, these words from Kokonoe hit him a bit deep…

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Aug 11, 2013 at 12:08AM EDT

OOC: It happened last day..

I was trying to write something important for the thread..a tragic Balloon Master post that would explain everything..from the city looks, to the Anti-S, to Van, everything would be explained leaving no room for doubt..
But he told me..
I am still lost Spark..I want to play with mages…let me play with the mages..The mages want to play with me..and with you..and with everyone…every little soul…deserves to stare at the abyss

A endless abyss [DEATH] without a logical conclussion or explanation [NON-SENSE] that wants to devour the living daylights of [YOU] those unlucky humans near his eyes [ABYSS], a empty void of carnage and life [MAYHEM], empty places of this unexistant universe where you live becouse we allow it.
An abyss that if you stare for too long at, gazes into your very soul and mind.

Holy shit Tardises, change your avatar.

Aug 11, 2013 at 12:44AM EDT



>My reaction to you changing your avatar to that.

Not that I have anything against it. It’s just kinda really creepy if you stare at it for too long.

Aug 11, 2013 at 12:59AM EDT


@Spark’s Remastering of Tardises profile:


One thing huh? With the exception of wasting my ammunition, sure. Lets do this.

Reimu sits on her side of the table.

“I guess I will be the moderator for this if nobody else is willing.”

Aug 11, 2013 at 01:32AM EDT

OOC: You… COULD always draw an alternative, if you wanted.


Granatir: We have plenty on the world we set up the HQ, we just recently found out about them. And why are you only just reacting now, when they’re clearly here with us? He indicates Chasmpound and Muscalle

Aug 11, 2013 at 03:30AM EDT


Can’t tell if it’s memory or patience that is low.

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Aug 11, 2013 at 03:40AM EDT

OOC: You KNOW I’m not that good at drawing stuff, so, yeah. Not my fault Spark reacted in that way…. which I don’t even understand myself…

Aug 11, 2013 at 03:49AM EDT

OOC: I thought Natsuru already drew you…..yeah…here. Could’t you have fashioned that into a avatar?

Mfw people keep ripping on dat avatar….

[Internal Laughter Level: So]

@Marisa, Reimu & Cana,

Dingo is still pretty bored, but then he spots the Touhou girls and Cana getting out drinks
This is gonna be great….
He gets up from his chair and hauls the battery off the table, carrying it like a heavy-as-hell briefcase. He approaches the trio
Im not exactly doing anything right now so im gonna sit in on this one and watch…
…whilst you two drink yourselves to death like ice miners….
He takes a seat and rests his battery on the table and watches on…
Huh? wait hold on, is that……
This side of the room had a slightly different food stand…..

Who the hell makes that and just leaves it?!
He promptly gets up and rushes off after the plate of delicious baked beans however he s tugged back on his cables
Agh! this damn stupid thing!
He walks back over grabs the pack and then goes back to the food stand, where he grabs the plate of food and juggles it all back over to the drinks table. He puts down the plate, places the battery back down and begins eating whilst watching the drink contest…..
Hm….magic cheese….

Aug 11, 2013 at 08:14AM EDT

OOC: See that image for yourself. Where the hell is the water glyph on that shirt?… That’s why I haven’t considered using it.

Aug 11, 2013 at 09:01AM EDT

The mages..
The Order is a lie..
Is this real life..or just a mere ilussion in the wrong path..

The abyss grows bigger as time moves…
The weak’s flesh shall be falling apart as the abyss keeps starting at you…
Empty voids..
Endless pain covered in a blood muffin with small fingers scattered around the place…
The mages want to get involved Spark..I want to be a important part of the plot…gaze upon my abyss…I am the abyss,,,I am the internet..I am the beginning of all beginnings and the end of every end…I am a mage…We are all mages…After gazing…the abyss

Happy birthday Johnny…you have beautiful eyeSSSSS…I want to have those two squishy toys..I want to have them and feel them with my hands…Rise and die Mister Freeman…Rise and..die

Alright enough Tardises creepy time, I will post something later gentlemen..Don’t worry Zarathh, I’m posting everyhting I promised…Even the big tank story involving a cat.

Aug 11, 2013 at 10:53AM EDT

ooc: okay fuck that. im calling in the ordo malleus to purge the fuck out of this thread.

cleanse this page of the taint brought to it.

Aug 11, 2013 at 11:09AM EDT

OOC: If you attempt to introduce that creepy thing into the actual plot…. just know that my character has a way of proving he’s the real one. It is to do with name…

Aug 11, 2013 at 11:11AM EDT

ooc: tardises. hes just trying to rustle our jimmies with that heretical abomination of an avatar of yours. which he did a good job of doing might i add. just use natsurus picture he took so long to draw for you as your avatar. for the love of god do it. im being serious.

Aug 11, 2013 at 11:20AM EDT

The Adeptus Astartes have begun their assault on a foul xenos stray! GUARDSMEN!….

Though our tanks and artillery are mighty, it is the vast ranks of Imperial Guardsmen that shall trample the enemy to dust – let them come!

Pain is temporary, Honour is forever!

Aug 11, 2013 at 11:23AM EDT

OOC: Maybe I’d use it if the water glyph was not missing from the shirt. I can’t help but find your response to those weird as f**k images incredibly awesome, though.

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Aug 11, 2013 at 11:24AM EDT



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Aug 11, 2013 at 11:31AM EDT


Tahrdan (the real name of Tardises): THAT IS ENOUGH! OPEN YOUR HEART, DESTROY THAT FAKER.

OYH proceeds to exploit the temporary fourth wall freedom to just go full on Perfect Chaos, drowning the fake with ease

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Aug 11, 2013 at 11:33AM EDT


I’m leaving this world to haunt other realms..That was fun..Saddly I must go..The mages shall be back..The mages are always back…the Mages never end…Time is our ally…We shall be back…
And so [REDACTED] leaves after being defeated.

Aug 11, 2013 at 11:38AM EDT


???:If that thing comes back, there is no force that will save it, or other opponents, eheheheheheheheheh….

What are you doing here when the plot is kind of too occupied as it is? We don’t need you yet. You will be named later, though I already have your abilities in mind.

Tahrdan: What the hell was that thing, anyway?

Aug 11, 2013 at 11:41AM EDT

OOC: Well, I’m not really sure how to move on. Last thing my characters could do was respond to yours regarding Chasmpound and Muscalle (the dragons)

Aug 11, 2013 at 11:50AM EDT

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #9


Ship Status

Current Activities: Surveying planet. Monitoring The Pioneers.

Overall Status-------OKAY
Superstructure------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integrity at maximum.
Crew--------------------OKAY-----------Disturbances are decreasing, nothing more to note.
Systems--------------OKAY-----------Systems are in fully working order
Sensory Arrays-----OKAY-----------Arrays are continuing to scan planet for any pieces of unknown information
Food supplies-------OKAY-----------Rations near maximum.
Munitions--------------OKAY-----------Munitions near maximum.
Main Engines---------IDLE------------Remaining a stationary position within planets orbit.
Power Plant---------ACTIVE----------Power consumption nominal, minor spikes.
Slipspace Core----INACTIVE


The Pioneers have been successful in extracting sub-glacial mineral deposits via use of the heavy mining drill, the team are currently gathered inside of the HQ cabin discussing their next objective and what they have achieved. The weather is unrelenting and never seems to ease, reserve oxygen levels for the team are still high and have many days left before they are forced to return.

The whole of Heaven is looking down upon them waiting eagerly…

Live stream extract commence…

Once again you are subjected to a fuzzy camera feed, however this time your view is different, you seem to be looking out from the dark corner of the room upon the group who are resting on benches around the cabin, it is apparent that you are seeing through the lenses of a camera…

Joe: Well it is magnificent, these extracts are truly something to behold!

Dave: Have you finished analysing them?

Joe: Yes….there is nothing more I can do with the equipment here, I will need my lab back ont eh ship to do a full scan of the elements that are locked away inside…

Dave: And the drill itself, how did that hold up? what depths did we reach?

[REDACTED]: I had to dig a hell of a long way down to get these samples…the snow and ice is miles deeper that I woulda thought it…

Bear: So yeah what have you actually learnt from this dirt then?

Joe: Dirt……sigh….ah yes, well! ahem! It is most strange indeed, small traces of oxygen and even some DNA

Bear: Wait what fish???

Dave: What are the chances…..

Joe: Well it is true, although like I say, they are only traces but sill amazing nonetheless as it proves that there was life here….but…..well…..

The group focus in on the scientist

Joe: Don’t you people see? these samples only came from a few miles of depth not to mention DNA degrades after so many hundred years……

Dave: So what your saying is….

Joe: This region…or planet….hasn’t been like this for long

Dave: All froze up?

Joe: Precisely….

The group all zone out for a bit whilst they are thinking to themselves, after a few seconds they snap back out of it and into action

Dave: Anyway, enough of this weird shit, we gotta move onto the next task which is exploring the nearby valley way

Beth: I will stay here and overwatch the camps operations

Dave: Yeah sure thing, right, Joe, engy, Bear, get your crap together!

The three rush off and over to the equipment stand where they suit up into the survival outfits, strap on oxygen tanks and don their masks

Joe: I simply cannot wait to explore! I have been looking forward to this for quite some time, quite some time indeed!

Bear: Lets see if we can find any fish people wandering around down there

The group walk over to cabin airlock

Dave: Beth.

Beth: Yes David?

Dave: If you require assistance just contact us, we won’t be gone for long.

Beth: I will.

Dave, Joe, the engineer and Bear all trek out and into the blizzard outside

Live stream switch. Helmet cam, David Martin, personnel number #3214

The feed changes from the corner camera of the cabin to the camera mounted upon David’s head, allowing you to effectively see through his eyes….

…The harsh alien landscape is before you, dark skies, near moons shrieking winds and vicious mountains decorate the terrain….Dave then looks down to his fellow team mates and they look back at him

Dave: Switch on your comms!!

The teams press a few buttons on their collars..

Joe: Can you hear me now David?

Bear: Bear here…


Their voices are now transmitted to each others helmets to get around the noise of the wind

Dave: Much better, now lets get a move on

Joe: Certainly!

The Pioneers venture off, away from the camp and into the endless void…

Live stream extract terminated…

End of activity log #9

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OOC: Happy now? I have changed it.

I used what Natsuru did as a base – I modified the hair colour (hair’s brown, not black, as that last one showed. I do realise the original had black hair, though…) and, more importantly, attempted to add the missing glyph.

The moment the avatar itself updates, we can start forgetting the shenanigans when the next page starts.

Aug 11, 2013 at 03:17PM EDT

In the middle of a charming city, in the middle of the town trapped inside a pocket dimension, a society that managed to live through endless weeks of pain and fear in a world under the Balloon Master’s command. With the death of the Gray Fox and the Slashers, the island was going to be vaporized with a gigantic swarm of atom-sized bugs but luckily the goddess of hacking and valve console commands, Meredith, put them in a “pocket dimension”, saving them from a inevitable death. In the Fairy Guild is where our heroes eat, talk and do stuff before heading to bed, preparing for another round of bots and training.

It’s 9 PM and the Engibot is running around the place, picking up pieces from all kinds of bots, specially the Jackbots. Our favourite electrific captain is talking with his friends: Cheston, Foster, Sam & Max. The gorilla would talk about how bad are Tager and Veteran, how many times they got their asses kicked and grappled by Bouncers and the countless situations where the ape had to go bananas and save those poor fools. As Cheston talks, Foster is hiding his face from this thread with a small handkerchief as he eats a chicken leg, Sam is drinking a soft “charming” dark coffee and Max is picking his nose and probably his brain.
But I am not here to tell you about how Spark laughs and eats..I’m here to tell you something else..The tale of the forgotten..the story of the beast..
This unknown man life started…here…

As a lifeless head. 17 years of a old fashioned time travel..Enough time to do whatever you want! Grow a mustache, get laid, become a doctor…enough time for your insane health factor to work. God only knows the pain of the scientists in charge of this dismembered head that used to belong to one of the most dangerous monsters on the surface of Mobius: John Coffey also known as “Venom”. One of the first victims of the “Against Unrequired Subjects” initiative, a scientific program to design the perfect bioweapons against a specific group of targets spread around Mobius, people that were dangerous for the plans of the Balloon Master. A massive amount of testosterone was injected directly into his brain and the rest of his body, inflating every muscle, giving him the resistance of a tank and the force of a bomb. After being killed by a sword rampage by [REDACTED], Venom died..for a total amount of 24 hours.

But enough past..we need more present. A new body, pieces of memory locked in his own mind and trying to gain a second chance, Coffey is checking the local market, smelling the oranges, looking at the pidgeons flying around the town and wondering why [REDACTED] wanted to leave everything behind. Magnolia’ markets are filled with thousands of citizens, shaking their money-filled wallets around like the PC community in a Steam summer sale. However, thanks to his weird appearence, Coffey is alone with his own mind.
Gosh..That little kid’s voice is still screaming in Coffey’s mind: “We have to help Spark, [REDACTED] doesn’t care about Mobius anymore, if we keep trusting in [REDACTED] we will end up like [REDACTED], bla bla bla”. [REDACTED] is a wise man, he isn’t a important psycopath leading an organization to his own destruction, he is the head of a society that managed to live under the sea, a group of men and women, the first group of humans that said “No” to the growing military dictatorship of the Balloon Master. Leaving his sacred Haven to chase a futile dream was a awful mistake and Coffey regrets that decision..the decision to follow his “sister” and search the past that keeps haunting him.
“Sir can you help me?”
Oh god, that inmature teenager voice is still stuck in his head, he is unable to get rid of it, like a man in his 50’s with cancer or a bug hiding in your left ear! Now It sounds like a small kid, a brat complaning about his needs. John doesn’t want to get close / hear/ find his past. Remembering the amount of people you murdered and the destruction you caused with your bare hands, those are things that should be forgotten and burried for the rest of the days. Just like his “sister”, his brain is slowly recovering small pieces of memory after getting rid of the Balloon Master’s mind controlling device but, unlike his sister, John recieves images of his past himself and…and Venom.
“Please sir, I know you are a bit bussy but-”
“Someone kill me already, I’m having a psychotic break and I can’t stop it” Coffey says to himself. After buying a good pair of fruits and food for the rest of the week, he turns around only to see a small kid who is about to cry for mommy and daddy. John sighs and asks the small kid what happened. A bloody cat..

“Your brain in like a hanging rock. A soft wind can send your temperament down into the abyss of anger.”
“He won’t give you training or anything, you are a known menace for the progress.”
Of course refined gentlemen wearing the same clothes and trying to look like a group of wise monks hidden in the deepest mountains of the fucking Himalaya. Give her the training sequence instead, you know, the little kid with a sword who infiltrated in your sacred place and almost managed to murder one of your officers. Give her training, I mean, what’s the worst thing that could happen?
The soldier and the kid arrive to the tree where “Pistachio” is hiding. Fucking Pistachio decided to climb a fucking tree but now he can’t get back to his fucking owner becouse cats are fucking retarded. Hit him with a fucking rock son, his unconcious body will fall from the tree directly on your fucking arms, chest broken, a few ribs piercing his lungs, share 30 minutes with fucking Pistachio before he dies. His hands are shaking, both of his eyes are twitching and his heart rate is going out of control.
“You are unable to control yourself. We can’t have a living bomb walking with our troops.”
“I tried to jump and climb the tree but it’s too high. We should bring a fish or a bottle of milk, Pistachio loves milk…Sir?”
“You are free to walk around this place we just provided you. Dare to step outside and a group of units will be inmediatly deployed with a single order: Eliminate you.”
“Sir? Are you choking with that mask or something?”

And Pistachio and his owner met again with the help of a big man. The Big Man was scary, too scary for Pistachio’ owner, making him run away while pissing his pants off. The Big Man hands were strong enough to break the tree where Pistachio was, rescuing the cat and destroying the place at the same time. Big Man likes cats, they are fluffy and squishy and they smell good. Big Man doesn’t like [REDACTED]..Remembering [REDACTED] makes Big Man angry, and you don’t want to see Big Man angry becouse when BIG MAN IS ANGRY HE SMASHES..
Door opens, John arrives to a wooden cabin, a place he and his “sister” found. Coffey’ clothes are torn apart, his mask too..but at last the cat is fine and happy to arrive to his new home.
“Welcome home Pistachio..welcome home…”

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ooc: thank you for changing it. it looks a lot better. and also about the dragons and stuff. back then i was honestly trying to ignore your posts seeing as how irrelevant you were to the story. but now that you actually put an effort into trying to join back into the plot. im going to try and make you more important to the story seeing as how dragons are a really. REALLY, big deal in the show. dont feel offended. you just need to bring yourself in more to the story. take more initiative with other characters. dont just expect everything to go to you to start conversations. step it up a bit and try and increase your character development.

Wendy: you people hve more dragons in your realm?

Carla: thats unbelieavable. maybe we may find out exactly what happened to our dragons from our world.

Wendy: if you can sometime. could you people help us in looking for our dragons when we get the chance. we need to find out if they may be in your world or if any of the dragons there know about what happened. it is really important that we find out.
cana pours the two of them two mugs full of ale from one of the barrels nearby and hands one of them off to her.

cana: here yo go. so the rules are simple. we each take turns to try and drink more than the other person without passing out. once you drink the other has to either match you or go bove what they drank. than they have to match it or go more than that etc. etc. so since your our guests i think ill let you go first. you drink first to start things off.
theres an exciting look on lucys face when he said that he would join

Lucy: thats great new to hear. you two would defenitely like it here in our guild. though i dont know about the others still. but you two for now, ill go and talk to mirajane to see if she would approve.

pantherlilly: isnt that the decision that makarov can make?

Lucy: the s class mages also hold that authority so long as there is consent from another person inside the guild, like myself. besides, im sure after all we’ve been through together so far, mirajane wouldnt mind at all.

Gajeel: whatever.

lucy: ill be right back ragna and nu. ill see if she would let you two join. she stands up and walks away from the table to confront mirajane about this.
natsu and happy look at jubei and kokonoe. they look a bit confused about the cat.

Natsu: is that another talking cat like happy?

happy: he looks like another exceed like us? (exceeds is the race of cats like happy pantherlilly and carla)

Natsu: though he looks a bit too weird to be an exceed like you happy.

Happy: maybe hes just different from the rest of us. happy flies off to see jubei up close Hello mister, are you an exceed like us? though you may look different, your still a talking cat like us? who are you exactly?
juvia is letting flandre try out some desserts after eating. though they may not be to her “requirements” shes just letting her eat them for the pleasures of their taste.

Juvia: here you go flan-flan. try some, im sure you will like it.

she holds out a spoon full of strawberry cake for her to eat
there is a look of relief on erzas face after hearing hakumen speak

Erza: thank you for understanding hakumen. iwhat i believe might be the best for him to keep the beast in its slumber is for ragna to be in a different environment. im sure a guy like him has been constantly battling and running away for a long time just to survive. not having a place to call home. but if we can let him find a place were he can feel at peace, than i think that the black beast wouldnt awaken.

suddenly erza and hakumen are approached by lucy and mirajane

Lucy: hey erza there is something we may need to talk about ragna and his friend nu.

Erza: what a coincidence, me and hakumen were just talking about him.

Lucy: thats perfect. because i told mirajane if she would let the two of them join fairy tail.

erza: are you serious?

Mirajane: yep, i think that those two would fit in perfectly in our guild. its the best thing for them, giving their current situation.

erza: i was saying something very close to that about how if he were to have a place to stay in here, than maybe it would help him control the power that rests within him.

Lucy: the black best thingy?

Erza: thats correct. if you have already descided to let him join than you also have my aproval as well. though one other thing. erza turns to face hakumen hakumen, would you like to join our guild as well?

Lucy: him too?

Erza: i dont see why not. its better than being alone with nowhere to go. at least he can have a place to stay in, a place that he can also call home considering what happened to their other world.

Mirajane: i dont mind him joining either. the more the marrier. she then summons a magical stamp and grabs it. the stamp has the fairy tail symbol on it and she holds it up in front of hakumen. so what do you say there white knight, want to be a part of our family?

the three of them wit for his answer with anticipation.
after hours of testing medsa finally has the results of the blood work. there is a devilish smile on her face after she had finished taking down all of her study notes on the blood so far.

Medusa: well i think its time to tell them the news finally. done need to keep them waiting any longer. she takes an envelope with her with some test papers in them and she heads out the door were everyone is located.

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Ragna’s nearly finished off with his food while he waits for a response from Lucy and Mirajane.

Nu just stays close to the Grim Reaper…

@Natsu and Happy,

Jubei examines Happy with his one eye as he flies around him.
Jubei: Name’s Jubei. I worked alongside Hakumen over there a long time ago.
The cat points a long sleeve at Hakumen.
Jubei: I’m also this young lady here’s father.
He then motions towards Kokonoe.

Kokonoe glares down at him.
Kokonoe: Shut up.

Jubei: And I ain’t never heard of an Exceed before. I’m just a Beastkin. Er… Animal person, ah guess you could say.
This cat sounds so laid back that it’s not even funny. His demeanor is calm and cool also.


Flandre opens her mouth and lets Juvia spoon feed her the strawberry cake. Once she eats the spoonful, she smiles.
Sakuya used to make this kind of food for me!
And then that smile quickly fades to a frown. She then looks around a bit.
Sakuya… Remilia… Where are you?

@Erza and Mirajane,

Each person gets one eye to look at them as they speak. Once Mirajane brings up the stamp, he turns his attention to her with all the eyes looking directly at her along with the white mask.

Hakumen: I see… I sense that you people are different from all of the rest. A great sense of justice lies within your hearts. Especially you.
He points at Erza.
Hakumen: Something that is rare to see is such compassion for your comrades, and a strong sense of justice in your heart.
The White Knight falls silent. He then speaks back up with his answer.
Hakumen: Very well… I will join your family.

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Reimu takes the first drink

Alright. Off to a good start.

“Tell me when the bananas start floating.”



Marisa turns her attention to Dingo

“I guess I haven’t talked to you yet have I?”

Medusa finds Yukari petting her catgirl familiar’s familiar, Chen, and softly telling her instructions. She seems to finish this off and looks up at Medusa before casually tossing the little girl into her portal.

Yukari: “Ah, so what have you accomplished?”

Aug 12, 2013 at 02:02AM EDT

Granatir:If these can communicate to others not of their kind, I haven’t seen it… mutters quietly…yet….

Ignis: Personally we’re hoping there are at least four more kinds there – corresponding to water, air, light, and dark.

Noctan: Even if the dark elemental one would not really be used in the coming battle…

Solarian: Speaking of which, if we’re going to be occupied all day, I’m going to have to sort one thing out back at the HQ. I’ll be back momentarily.

Solarian casts Warp.

Back at the Order HQ….

Pitchurn: reading ‘Fall of the Trident’ … Silly warrior, thinking that a wooden horse could fight… Not even we have any magic for that…
*Solarian walks in

Solarian: Pitchurn, We may be a bit too busy over there to continue the plan of finding and taming those dragons. I’ve come back to ask you to continue that task. If you can tame a water, air, or light elemental one, send it over with a mage that knows Warp. If you can tame a dark elemental one, then keep it behind as that would be yours.
Pitchurn: Alright. Also, I’m told the shields are ready and will be sent over tomorrow.
Solarian: Got it. I’ll be heading back, now.
Solarian casts Warp again

Back at the guild hall, Solarian re-appears exactly where he was before

Tsunarmin: I take it you had to give some orders regarding taming those things?

Solarian: Yes… And, what’s more, I know that there will be some shields sent over tomorrow. We MUST remember to each take one, and test them… What is it, Tsunarmin?

Tsunarmin has noticed the drinking contest starting…

Tsunarmin: Oh no, not again…. It may turn into a repeat of yesterday after all.

Tsunarmin walks over to the others watching the drinking cotest, though she has the intent to stop it from getting out of hand. Her wand and shield are not visible, though she is willing to cast Bubble if necessary.

The three archmages who were not a witness to yesterday’s events are unsure why Tsunarmin acted the way she just did.

Ignis: What does she mean by that, I wonder?

Tardises: It…. wasn’t pleasant. I can only assume she’s trying to keep things from getting out of hand.

Tempestia: Why? What’s so bad about what those two she indicates Cana and Reium are doing?

Tardises: I think the guy we helped would be the one to ask, here… Where is he, anyway?

Tardises looks around for Doomguy

OOC @Natsuru

Aug 12, 2013 at 07:11AM EDT

@Reimu & Marisa,

Dingo looks up from his plate
No you haven’t yet but then again there isn’t many people here who have seen me before, im mostly unknown around here….But im okay with that, I just need to focus on getting back home…

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #10


Ship Status

Current Activities: Surveying planet. Monitoring The Pioneers.

Overall Status-------OKAY
Superstructure------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integrity at maximum.
Crew--------------------OKAY-----------Relaxed and calm, no more problems.
Systems--------------OKAY-----------Systems are in fully working order
Sensory Arrays-----OKAY-----------Arrays are continuing to scan planet for any pieces of unknown information
Food supplies-------OKAY-----------Rations near maximum.
Munitions--------------OKAY-----------Munitions near maximum.
Main Engines---------IDLE------------Remaining a stationary position within planets orbit.
Power Plant---------ACTIVE----------Power consumption nominal, minor spikes.
Slipspace Core----INACTIVE


The SPARTAN Program has had a huge success in their recent augmentation of the 10 new inductee’s.

The Overseer applied her personal research to the program and it proved to have a detrimental effect upon the handling of the final augmentation procedure……the results have been outstanding, all 10 survived and are now fully fledged Spartan super soldiers. These results could easily lead to mass production however the Overseer wishes to conduct further research before entering such a phase.

S-006, S-007, S-008, S-009, S-010, S-011, S-012, S-013, S-014 and S-015 are currently on standby alongside the other 5 Spartans, post augmentation testing and questioning shows that they are completely equal in mental state and combat prowess, Heaven’s super soldier ranks are slowly building…

In other words, once bright talkative civilians have been kidnapped, driven through a vicious training program, been mentally reshaped and hollowed to become Spartans…but still….their value is anything but worthless…

The Pioneers, David, Bear, Joe and [REDACTED] have left the HQ camp to explore the nearby valley, part two of the mission objective. Beth has stayed behind to over watch base operations.

Due to Heaven’s inability to penetrate the heavy cloud cover of the planet with its sensors I am currently unable to report on there exact actions any further

Additional, the science teams have named the planet for logging and data purposes, the new world is now referred to as, Somnus.

Live stream extract commence. Helmet cam, David Martin, personnel number #3214

Like always, your are given a fuzzy stream, however unlike before there is considerably less blizzard blocking the view, from the looks of it the team is in the depths of a rather sheltered valley….

Bear: Gotta admit it…Ive never seen rock formations like those before

The camera pans around as David turns to face Bear, he seems to be pointing off into the distance, Dave then turns one more…

Dave: Yep….neither have I…..are those even natural?…..

Joe: Most unusual indeed but don’t be silly David, they are probably the product of the strange weather patterns….almost certainly not man made

The team continue to walk into the valley, the snow coming upto their shins with each step

Dave: I still don’t understand why our waypoint is set for this destination….I mean….its pretty remote do you know what I mean?

Joe: We have to start somewhere David, and why not here!

Dave: I suppose your right, but in some crappy valley?

Joe: Yes! As you have just seen this place holds some truly fascinating geological formations

After 30 minutes of exhausting trekking the group fail to notice that they have actually descended very deeply into the valley and out of the wind blasted surface…

[REDACTED]: Guys….heavy breathing…wait up…your going to fast…

Joe: Please now, try and keep up…

Dave: Don’t be so tough on him doc….this little exploring trip has turned into cross country….

Dave takes a few breaths

Dave: Don’t forget….your the only cyborg here….

Joe: You people really should consider getting augmented….

The engineer catches upto the group

[REDACTED]: Hehehe….no I think we’re good

Dave: I don’t understand why you’d give up your body for that anyway…

Joe: My friend, my story is a long and tough one to tell. Once a scientist at old Desperado, then the horrors of the infamous time hole….long story short, you get used to it quickly….anyway we are wasting precious time here, we must strive forth and discover!

Dave: Yeah yeah yeah….

Bear: Still no fish people yet….

The group move on again, further into the darkening valley…

Joe: Hmm strange…

Dave: heavy breathing whats up now?

Joe: My onboard sensors are picking up a large open cavity up ahead

Bear: Like a cave or somin’?

[REDACTED]: Have you people not realised yet? we are miles down here…

Dave: We are getting carried away here, we shoudl leave it for today and return to base, we will explore this cavity or whatever tommorow

After hours of walking through very deep snow the non-cyborgs are worn out, Dave turns to walk back

Joe: Wait! where are you going?! we can’t just turn back now David!

Bear and the engineer go to follow him off

Dave: That’s enough for today

Joe: No! you don’t understand! this planets climate is always changing and shifting meaning that this place could be entirely different tomorrow, unfindable even, we might never have this opportunity again!

Dave stops

Dave: You’re making a big deal about a cave doc….

Everyone goes silent for a moment, the whistling of the blizzard far above the only thing breaking the silence. They stand there within a cavern like area, cold black rock walls jut up around them like earthly claws whilst multiple different smaller valleys branch off from their path…. When you think about it, its a hellish place just to look at, fear could set in quickly if the reason is apparent…

Joe: I haven’t said anything yet….but there is more to this….

The three non-cyborgs take an assertive step towards the scientist,

Dave: I knew it! this waypoint isn’t random at all! there IS something here isn’t there?!

Joe: David please listen!

Dave: I can’t believe this!

Joe: Im in the same predicament here! Just because I am cybernetic does not mean I am insane! I already tried to explain the delicate exploration procedure to them but they wouldn’t listen! they wanted to speed it up!

Dave: Who and why?!

Joe: There have been reports of unknown signals being picked up from this very area! I was dispatched on this mission to guide us here and find out what is was!

David is mega pissed at this, the others just stay silent but are still just as outraged

Dave: JUST a signal?

Joe: Yes I promise! nothing more!

Dave: I didn’t lose my family and friends in the BM war just to be used on some pathetic walking trip, im out, if you wanna stay you stay….

Joe: David, im sorry….but we don’t have a choice in this matter…

Dave: Huh?…who has set this up exactly???

Joe: Them.

Dave: Joe! who?!

Joe: The Fabri-

The scientist chokes up and is unable to speak….

Dave: Those old freaks….I didn’t even think they actually existed…

Joe: If we return without first continuing I will have my memory wiped and you will be killed

They fall silent again

Bear: You’ve gotta be joking, I don’t want to carry on with this crap

[REDACTED]: This is bullshit!

Joe: Im sorry…

Dave:….lets get this over with….one more thing….

Joe: Yes?

Dave: Do they know we have just had this conversation?

Joe: This feed passes through GW before reaching them, I will have the AI delete it instead of passing it on….however they will be wanting results either way and they KNOW something is here….

Dave: Just….just lead the way…

[REDACTED]: Damn im just and engineer, I only came along on exploration trip for something to do….

Bear: I was expecting fish people….

Joe walks off whilst the other three follow close behind. They travel for about an hour through cavernous halls and around cliff edges before finally arriving at the way point location entrance…

Joe: Okay…it is just a few more meters up ahead over this small rising…
The others remain silent, their nerves building up to massive amounts. They begin walking forward and up the rocky rampway, its silent now, no wind, no blizzard…nothing but there footsteps echoing around the cavern…

They then get to the top of small formation and gaze upon it in wordless awe….

Dave: Doc………….what is that doc?…………

Dave: What… that?………..

Live stream extract terminated. RECORDING DELETION IMMINENT.

End of activity log #10

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Tsunarmin: You’re not the only one who doesn’t really know many around here… Also, what is that thing you’re carrying around with you? she indicates the battery pack

Aug 12, 2013 at 05:15PM EDT

@reimu and marisa
cana just has a smile on her face after reimu finished her drink. she then descides to slide her mug over to her

Cana: youll be needing this more than me how a professional does it.

she turns over to grab one of the barrels of ale besides her and just drinks directly from it.

erza: thank you hakumen. though i cannot say it is just i who has a sstrong sense of justice.

Lucy: we all do, though some of us may show it in different ways than others. even though some of the odd people here may not look like they do. they actually do have the same sense as us, even laxus.

mirajane: thats right. and we all see everyone here as family, regardless of background or blood type. in our guild, we are all equals.

she places the stamp on the top of the left shoulder pad of hakumens armour. after she releases it, a dark blue fairy tail tattoo is displayed. making hakumen an official member of fairy tail

Mirajane: and now its official. welcome to your new home.

Erza: she places her hand on his shoulder were honoured to haver you with us, i know you will like it here .

Lucy: welcome aboard hakumen. now we need to do the same thing for ragna and nu. lets go mirajane.

Mirajane: right.

the two of them head off to were ragna and nu is

erza moves her hand off of his shoulder and continues to finish off her cake

erza: so how does it feel to be a part of a family now?
@kokonoe, tager and jubei
happy and natsu stare at jubei for a bit after he mentioned he is kokonoes father

Happy: so wait….. your telling us there you….. and someone else….. and…… you….

natsu cant even


both natsu and happy cant comprehend what they just heard.
@tardises and mages
Wendy: listen whenever we get the chance to. is it possible if you take me and the other dragonslayers to your world so that we can find out about our dragons. we have to find out if they may be there or not. its really important to us.

Carla: if it is possible after this whole balloon master thing,
@ragna and nu
mirajane and lucy arive to the table with the others

Gajeel: so?

Mirajane: they are more than welcome to join us. they have proven to be more than accepting to our guild.

Lucy: even hakumen joined fairy tail.

Pantherlilly: wait. even that white samurai joined the guild?

Lucy: yah. he didnt mind at all and was more than accepting in working with not only us. but with ragna as well so that he can control the power he has within him. erza can be very convincing when it comes to about the care of others.

Mirajane: thats very true as well. so, nu and ragna holds the stamp out. want to join our family?
*juvia and gray take a look at flandre when she frowns a bit.8

Gray: whats wrong?

Juvia: she mentioned about someone people named remilia and sakuya.

Gray: maybe family.

juvia: flandre, who are those two that you miss? are they very close to you?
@yukari and medic

Asursa: so, what does your tests say about the blood compatability.

Medusa: she has a devlish grin on her face* the tests were a complete success. their blood not only are compatable to the black blood. but there are also a few other things ive discovered as well.

Asura: thats good to hear. so what is this new discovery that you found? is it an alteration to the vampires behaviours?

Medusa: not exactly, but your on the right track there kishin. while i was analyzing the raw vampiric blood, i noticed about how they need to feed on the blood of others in order to survive. so when i examined the blood after extended periods of time, it turns out that the blood gets weaker and more saturated than if it were healthy blood. but i made my key discovery after i combined blitz’s blood with the black blood after confirming their comparability. what i discovered is that after they mixed, the new blood doesnt deteriorate when not nourished by feeding. so what that means is that once combined with the black blood, the vampires wont ever suffer from their insatiable blood hunger. no longer do they need to feed in order to survive. but instead they feed just for the sheer pleasure of it.

Asura: impressive discovery indeed there. but obviously there is some side effects still?

Medusa: yes, though the new new black blood may absolve the vampires of their eternal blood hunger. it is because of that new feature that doesnt allow them to have the ability to manipulate the black blood much like you kishin. other than that ability not being granted to them. everything else about the black blood is still much like yours asura.

Asura: though it can still be harvested to create the dark steel yukari needs to create this reactor though?

Medusa: of course. just mix the black blood with molten steel. the blood fuses with the steel, and voala. you have your materials ready to build. it will be thin as paper, but it will be more powerful than anything you people can imagine.

she turns to face yukari and medic who are nearby

Medusa: go ahead and say it. im a genius.

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Solarian: I… think I’ll have to discuss this with the others…

The Order mages proceed to discuss amongst themselves

Tardises: to Solarian I assume you mean the other archmages.

Ignis: We have enough here to go for a majority vote… I think we could let them – after all, magic itself isn’t exactly unknown to them.

Granatir: I see no reason not to…

Tempestia: Could be interesting to have a non-Order presence there for once.

Solarian: You may be for it, but I’m not sure….

Pyralis: Think of it this way. They could teach us some spells we don’t know in return, benefitting the Order as a whole.

Tardises: On that subject, remind me to teach you all Cleansing Foam when we have a moment… I suppose it would be nice for someone to acquire something the rest of the Order can actually benefit from. I know your attempts at replicating OYH aren’t really working out.

%{color:lightgray}Solarian: When you put it that way, it makes sense. With 4 of us in agreement, then they can come. %

Noctan: I personally could do with learning some more spells – jsut in case I come across something resistant to both light and dark, of course.

Solarian: To Wendy and Carla Well, we’re agreed that you can come. We will have to take you ourselves, though, as I doubt any of you have anything like Warp.

@drinking contest
Tsunarmin: What the…?

The water elemental archmage was not expecting that.

Tsunarmin: to herself Don’t get thrown off by whatever happens. Remember you’re observing to ensure it doesn’t get out of hand. You do not want a repeat of yesterday, especially since the only archmage back at the HQ right now is Pitchurn.

Aug 12, 2013 at 06:43PM EDT



Well to put it simply I was bought back from the dead and forced to stay in Jehuty because its power rail works as my life support, yeah, stupid idea I know….but whilst I was on that ship these guys gave me this power pack…so now I can get out of the Frame and not die….but its only got so much battery before it needs recharging

Aug 12, 2013 at 07:08PM EDT

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