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I was just wondering if I could have Ragna absorb them into the BlazBlue and use them as a power source for it. He did gain the ability to drain power cells to use for it… By your standards, could I do that? I just want to make sure.

Aug 29, 2013 at 04:50PM EDT

Spark: I’m bussy with something else cappy. You should get someone’s else help like Veteran or Assassin. Search the traning room, I’m sure they will be happy to help.
Spark keeps looking at the monitor showing Sin’s brain signals as he writes down some basic ideas of what to do with the Fog Supressors.
Oh..and..if you are interested..Support saw the Blue Falcon last day and he thought It would be a good idea to upgrade it along with Sam’s DeSoto. You might want to ask Sin and Veteran where hangar is.

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Aug 29, 2013 at 04:52PM EDT

OOC:He would be able to easily absorb the air elementals, then. And probably the ether elementals, too, because ether is the element of the spirit. I’m pretty sure the Order mages would want him to leave at least one of the latter for them to research, though. (They do have spells to capture elementals in bottles by converting them to essences, but they need bottles on hand to do just that…)

Aug 29, 2013 at 04:57PM EDT

Everyone except Doomguy and Falcon eats. Nothing important here.

Meanwhile, Falcon is off in the training room. He easily spots Veteran’s huge build, and walks over to him.
Falcon: Hey, Big guy, would you happen to know where the hangar is?
He takes a look at assassin. He thinks to himself.
Falcon: Man, the guys on Outer Haven did a fine piece of work if I do say. I’m gonna have to get Mighty Gazelle to go to those guys. Also, how the hell did The Support get in my ship?
Oh, wait, I gave them one of my spares. Not that I fucking needed it, of course. I have like a thousand more.

Suddenly, a portal opens up under one elemental of each element. They are sucked in.

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Aug 29, 2013 at 05:00PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

Suddenly, the doors are opened as Francois and a group of helmet-wearing men appear, coming out of the chicken with a ridiculously big plate of tasty spaghetti. A charming folk music can be hear in the background as Support looks around, impressed, scarred, at the same time as one of the soldiers tells him: “They look like a…interesting group.”

Indeed they do. Mamma mia, most of these “heroes” have sharp weapons around as if these deadly objects are nothing but mere tools for them. Worst, they are not even touching their utensils or putting the napkins in their laps, not even the slighest possible manner here. They don’t deserve to taste the culinary talent of Support. But oh..a revelation as Karl speaks to Francois as he points to Ragna and Nu. Oh mia amata Italia! Look at that wonderful couple, spreading the radiant miracle of amore all over the place.
The spaghetti is served, with Ragna and Nu having the honor to taste the pasta first. It is a casual dinner of a cylindrical pasta covered in delicious tomato sauce, a small amount of the finest oregano chicken with a pinch of sweet pepper. As the spaghetti lands on the dishes of our hungry heroes, Support just contemplates the scene.

Support: Bellissimo my comrads! The greatest heroes of all the time deserve nothing but a dish capable of satisfying the hungriest stomachs of the angriest gods across this vast universe. I will leave a small suggestion: try a Sangiovese as you eat the pasta. Sangiovese is a red wine with a dusty earth and orange peel aroma and a sour cherry flavor, the taste of the gods I dare to say!

OOC: Posted so you don’t have to return to page 139

Did I just heard some magic talking over here?

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Aug 29, 2013 at 05:00PM EDT

OOC: Laugh it up while you can. OYH would be a pretty solid barrier for you, due to not technically being magic.

The Order mages eat, though they do look around to make sure everyone heeded their warning in regards to the elementals, which just float around the room, so they resemble some sort of complex light show

Aug 29, 2013 at 05:04PM EDT


Ragna and Nu both look around the room at the elementals.

Ragna: Just… What the hell are these things? Elementals with a spirit base?
He looks down to his BlazBlue hand, the red cap still glinting light off of it.
Ragna: It’s low on power… Hm…
The cap slides off of the BlazBlue, and a red light pours out of the Azure Grimoire.

Ragna: Sayonara.
All of the sudden a chunk of 45 elementals begin getting sucked into the Azure Grimoire, a stream of spirits being absorbed into the darkness. Once the 45 are in there, the cap closes and the light stops coming out of it.
Ragna: I needed that…

Nu grins as the Azure Grimoire she uses as an eyepatch opens up, red light spilling out of it as well.
Nu: Absorbing excess energy in area.
Another chunk of 45 elementals get sucked into the blackness of the Grimoire, the device using them for power.
Nu: Process… complete.

Ragna now looks at Tsunarmin.
Ragna: Left you one if you want to use it…
There’s one elemental of your choosing still in the room.


After the display with the Azure, Ragna takes in a whiff of the pasta.
Ragna: This smells delicious… Reminds me of what Master used to cook…
The Grim Reaper picks up a fork, and begins eating the pasta. Every once and a while, he takes a sip of the wine like what Support said to do. This increases the flavor, and makes him enjoy it even more.

Nu also picks up a fork and begins eating, doing the same thing that Ragna is doing, eating the pasta and then drinking the wine every so often. She doesn’t want to go overboard, because her systems could fry though.

Aug 29, 2013 at 05:15PM EDT

before the food was served

erza is a bit flattered by his comment

Erza: thanks, but im not such a person. im just a wizard in armour. she smells the air and finds a bit of the cooking. my the meal you people have prepared for us smells amazing. i cant wait but one thing first.

she then clenches her hand around the robots neck and drags it close to her face. she has a look on her face that would cause the robot to feel untold amounts of fear that it can understand

Erza: if i ever find out that there had been some descecration to the food about to be served to me in the slightest way. i will personally take you back to the kitchen, tear every ounce of your body appart and prepare you to be served as a main course meal to my friend gajeel over there.

she points to gajeel, who is eating one of the utensils like it was a stick of jerky. he can hear the crunching and bending of metal as he chews wile having a shit eating grin on his face as he looks at the robot.

erza has not forgotten about the juice fucker and the fruits he had violated and is very untrustworthy of any foods provided by spark and his fiends since that day

Erza: im sure you will see it so.

she then joins the table with everyone else and awaits for the food to arrive.

(the people there are erza, natsu, lucy, happy, gray, juvia, wendy, cana, carla, gajeel, pantherlilly, levy, mirajane, and laxus. just to clarify. the cats are not on chairs, just on their partners shoulders.)

once the food arives

the aroma in the air hits everyone, especially the dragon slayers who have heightened senses of smells.

Natsu: man i hope you guys have enough of that grub to feed everyone here, cuz im not gonna hold back.

lucy: there goes the ships food stocks then, you can feed a small town with the food that this guy can eat. though it smells great though cant wait.

Erza: ill try some of the wine if you dont mind.

gajeel: heh, this is gonna be a fun dinner after all.

Happy: erza and alcohol should never mix. shes a total light weight.

Levy: ill have some too. if its alright?

Mirajane: ill keep them under control if anything happens okay.

Laxus: he has a smirk on his face. id kill to see that happen. bring on all the wine you got man.

Lucy: no dont bring in whine for us. just water. bad thing happen when erzas drunk.

she then slowly turns to see erza, who happens to be sitting next to her

Erza: could you repeat that request lucy? i didnt hear it.

Gray: erza, calm down. remember the therapy sessions.

during the week, erza, gray, juvia, and flandre had to attend sparks therapy sessions to help control their emotions and such. it was a miracle that spark and the others survived erzas wrath. however, it was for the better.

she begins to calm down and rethink her request.

Erza: on second thought, just water for now. i dont feel like going on a killing spree inside of the ship……. not yet at least.

they sit down and await their meals

Aug 29, 2013 at 05:22PM EDT

OOC: The meals were already served Asura. Feel free to react to the spaghetti

Aug 29, 2013 at 05:24PM EDT

There is a lone ether elemental still floating around the room. Tardises manages to find a bottle in his inventory and it appears in his hand. He then casts the necessary spell, and the elemental flies towards the bottle, the symbols vanishing as it enters. It cannot escape the bottle now.

Obtained 1x Ether Essence!

Tardises: I think you’d get more use out of it than I would…
Tardises proceeds to hand the bottle over to Tsunarmin, who proceeds to place it in her inventory

(OOC: Yes, I am still using game mechanics here, each Order mage has their own inventory, but the way it works in-story is that it is a modification on the Warp spell, that is one of the first things anyone in the Order learns, which saves the trouble of carrying around items. There are dedicated slots for equipment, too , meaning you will not see the weapons or shields of an Order mage unless they are in battle. I could theoretically give your characters this mechanic, by having mine teach them the necessary spell. It’s a useful mechanic, that’s why they are keeping it as well as justifying it, while I am not utilising MP mechanics… That would make already-weak characters even weaker… Besides, I don’t think any other magic users in this rp would have had an MP system in their original media. It just establishes some sort of consistency for me to ignore that particular mechanic.)

Tsunarmin: to Ragna What exactly was that, anyway?
Tempestia: In a somewhat mocking voice You tell me off for talking to people just to talk to the same guy yourself? Honestly, Tsunarmin…
Tardises: Hey, lay off. It makes sense she’d be curious about such a thing as that.
Tempestia: Ha, it looks like you have feelings after all!
Tardises and Tsunarmin: Wh-WHAT!?
(OOC: Make of this what you will…)

Aug 29, 2013 at 05:31PM EDT

OOC: Guys I will be out for the next 2 hours. See ya later.

The Anti Mage rolls and slams with or without magic. So hey you..
what you gonna do?
Hey you, what you gonna do?
Hey you, what you gonna do?
Hey you, what you gonna do?
C’mon and slam!

Aug 29, 2013 at 05:42PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

OOC: The meals were already served Asura. Feel free to react to the spaghetti

OOC: oh i didnt know, u just mentioned ragna and nu so i thought the two of them were the only ones.


the group begins to dig into the spaghetti, it is much more than what they had anticipated.

Laxus: not gonna lie man, this is something else. he drinks the wine

Miraajane: the wine is great as well. its just the right amount of sweetness.

wendy: i honestly havent tasted chicken like this, its so tender. *tears stream down from her eyes.

Levy: i agree wendy, the oregano is just the right amount.

Juvia: turns to flandre do you like the food flandre?

Gray: judging by the sauce all over her face, id think so as well.

natsu hands support his plate, it is already empty

Natsu: mant this stuff is tasty man. you wouldnt happen to have more were that came from do you?

Lucy: and the feeding frenzy begins. you should also get him some fire as well if you dont want your ships food stocks to go dry before we even leave magnolia. trust me, he can eat A LOT!

the rest are just enjoying their meals, greatly satisfied by what was brought to them.

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Aug 29, 2013 at 05:42PM EDT


The Grim Reaper is about to open his mouth until Hakumen speaks out from the corner of the room to Tsunarmin.
Hakumen: That is the Azure Grimoire, a very deadly and powerful form of Armagus… It is also the seed of the Black Beast, the creature I shall destroy.

Ragna glares over at Hakumen, him taking the words right out of his mouth. He sets the fork down on his napkin.
Ragna: Yeah, this is the BlazBlue. What just happened there is it absorbed the essences of those elementals things and converted them to power. The main power source for this is…
He squeezes his hand together, and flexes it.
Ragna: Human souls. These things were a close substitute, and the Grimoire was able to absorb them.


Flandre is sitting right next to Juvia, happily eating her pasta, but it not really doing anything to satiate her appetite. The vampire has learned to control her emotions better, going the entire week without gibbing a person just for them being no fun or boring. She’s improved a lot from before.

Aug 29, 2013 at 05:46PM EDT

Tsunarmin: You do realise that was pure elemental energy, right? It is usually only that concentrated around an Elemental Crystal, though. And I KNOW there isn’t one around here, I’d be able to sense it.

(OOC: Yeah, she would be able to sense the prseence of an Elemental Crystal. She grew up around one, after all.)

OOC: Spark, you’re lucky it’s too late to introduce anyone new for the upcoming battle. Otherwise he’d be facing down a knight. I may introduce him afterwards, though, just to increase the variety of my characters.

Tempestia: What exactly is this stuff, anyway?
This question from Tempestia makes Tsunarmin remember that there are other things to do than talk…

Tsunarmin: I think someone mentioned something called ‘wine’… I have no idea what it is. I’ll decide whether to have some or not AFTER I know what it is.

Aug 29, 2013 at 06:02PM EDT


Ragna just sighs.
Ragna: Yes, I know that was pure elemental energy. Probably the fact that they were just expelled from your buddy over there is the reason they were that concentrated. I don’t make the rules.
The Grim Reaper continues to eat his meal, nearly finished with it now…

Aug 29, 2013 at 06:15PM EDT

The stand users don’t even flinch upon Ragna’s revelation.
Jotaro: We’ve seen weirder shit.
Giorno: Like a guy that could make nails come out of your face!
Josuke: Or a guy that uses Rock paper scissors as a power to steal your soul!
Okuyasu: My brother could summon an entire army of small men that could do real damage. Two missiles from the tiny helicopter blew up my stand’s hand.
Ken, however, speaks to Ragna
Ken: Listen, I understand that you’re a good erson on the inside. Don’t let something like that Azure Grimoire stop you from being a good person.

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Aug 29, 2013 at 06:37PM EDT

Tsunarmin: I have no idea what that was about…
Tardises: Maybe that arrow and all the elemental forms that did not match my own element simply weren’t compatible, so the elemental energy was expelled during the process? Let’s not dwell on that. We have a world to save once we reach it.
The Order mages didn’t really pay the revelation much mind, making the connection that if Ragna wasn’t a good guy, he would not be in here with them in the first place. They may not know that much about things from worlds not their own, but they can be logical when they need to be.
Tempestia: Yes, let’s all just focus on that goal. Never mind the soul sucking thing. After all, there was no way the guy would be allowed on if he wasn’t a good guy despite it, anyway.
Ignis: I don’t suppose there’s particularly much to do here… And we don’t really know what we’ll find. I feel it’s best to be prepared for whatever happens. to the other Order mages Maybe we should also practice our physical attacks while we have a chance to…
Granatir: I’ll be sitting that out. You can see for yourself my weapon isn’t exactly intended for physical combat.
To prove the point Granatir’s staff appears in his hand. It looks kind of like a miniature tree, with jewels on the ends of some of the branches, which are bound together with vines.
Tsunarmin: I’m in the same boat as Granatir. Except he coult at least attakc at a greater range than me…
Tsunarmin proves her point by making her wand appear in her hand. All it is is six jewels attached to one end, and it looks to be made of gold.
Tardises: Well, I think it’s a good idea. Gotta be prepared for anything, it makes sense.
The earth and water elemental archmages proceed to make their weapons vanish, having proven their points. Tardises at the same time makes his sword appear and rests it on the table… there is a faint blue glow along the grooves in the blade – especially in the grooves that form the water glyph
Tardises: I mean, I can easily use this thing to amplify my aquamancy, but I’m not that good at using it as an actual weapon…

Aug 29, 2013 at 06:58PM EDT


Ragna finishes with the spaghetti and chicken, wiping his mouth with a napkin once he’s done with it. He then stares straight at Ken, his heterochromatic eyes stare straight into him. The Grim Reaper looks at Ken with unbridled amounts of determination…

Ragna: I swore to myself that I’d never give up. I’m going to fight as a human until the very end. I won’t let myself be destiny’s bitch. There’s nothing this Grimoire can do about that.
He clenches his hand together, thinking…

Nu also finishes her meal and leans against Ragna.
Nu: Nu doesn’t want Ragna to be sad…
She looks at Ken once more before turning back and putting her head on Ragna.

Aug 29, 2013 at 07:42PM EDT

OOC: Yo Tardy, I gave you the Dragon Knight but you said Noooo..Remember the Dragon Knight?

Anti Mage will appear and nothing else. I will somehow find a way to nerf him to you can have a chance to defeat him and gain some ego. God, the things I do to make everything fair.

@Asura and Zarathh
Support quickly returns from the kitchen. He is singing the opera piece “La donna e mobile” as he slowly plays a old accordion, filling the air with another soft wind of folk music. He spins around as he plays this archaic instrument in the Dinning Room. The soldiers ,who have been hearing and watching the group of heroes, silently walk away as soon as folk music is heard. Support leaves the accordion behind him and then he picks up another plate of spaghetti, serving another wave of noodles to everyone in the room. Natsu’s turn, he stops.

Support: Ah! A esperti di cucina! Sure amigo, have more amount of spaghetti for you! Do not worry about running of food for the entire crew: We have a complex device in the kitchen, desined by myself of course, that clones every kind of organic material we use for the food. From pasta, to zucchero, to a small pinch of the salt. This glorious contraposition allows us to never starve. DO not eat too much or you will end up like Mister Veteran who ate tons of noodles this morning! Such a disgusting but exciting show to watch!
Support keeps serving more spaghetti but he stops behind Nu and Ragna. He puts a single dish,with a classic Spaghetti à la Carbonara served on it, in the middle of Nu and Ragna and, just like that lovely scene from the Lady and the Tramp, he picks up the accordion again and starts to play a slow romantic piece.

Veteran quickly turns around to face Falcon, letting his guard down for a single roundhouse kick from Assassin.
Veteran: Cappy how is goin-? OUCH! Oh I think you just broke my damn jaw!
Assassin: I’m so sorry but I thought you said: (Imitating Veteran’s “tough guy persona”) “Look gurl, you can’t let your guard down. That’s the moment your enemy is waiting for.”
Veteran: I’m not your enemy! (He turns around to talk to Falcon) So you re searching for the Blue Falcon I guess?
Assassin: As far as I know It’s not a spare vehicle. Don’t worry cap, the italian guy would never steal your little car, he just saw the big thing in the Fairy Guild and he decided to duplicate it. Hurm..It’s a really awesome metal bird if you ignore..err..
Veteran: The awful paint job. Oh my god, you get no idea. Now let’s go check your ride cappy.

The group heads to a nearby elevator, waiting for Falcon to get in.

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Aug 29, 2013 at 08:33PM EDT


Nu just stares wide-eyed at the dish laid out in front of her, knowing what Support wants them to do. She just sorta blushes as she looks at Ragna.

Ragna on the other hand is a bit surprised and angered that Supportw ould do this without even knowing him.

Ragna: That… That thing looks so much like her… That face, that voice… God damn it… Why am I letting this happen to me? That bitch even tried to kill me once… Why the hell is she acting so lovey-dovey?
Learning from his team building exercises he continues to think to himself.
Ragna: Ragna, you’re in a team now… You have to learn how to deal with this kind of shit. Gah…
He sighs, looking at the plate of pasta in front of the two of them.
Ragna: I’ve gotta go to the restroom. I’ll be back later…
The Grim Reaper gets up from his seat and walks out of the room to wherever the ship’s restroom is. Everyone who was paying attention could tell that Ragna actually looked distress as he was thinking to himself…

The Murakumo Unit is at a loss for words…
Nu: Ragna…
She just hangs her head and doesn’t touch the spaghetti in front of her. Her databanks and memory banks are trying to come up with a logical reason for this. She’s free from the Librarium’s control, and doesn’t know why Ragna is acting like this… She loves him, why doesn’t he love Nu back? These thoughts cross Nu’s mind as she just sits there without muttering a word.

Hakumen chuckles a little bit, and speaks to himself.
Hakumen: Hah. I did not know that the Dark One had such feelings for others…
He continues to stand in the corner though, waiting and watching.


Flandre just watches Ragna leave after she finishes her plate of food. She tugs on Juvia’s sleeve.
What’s wrong with the guy with the funny hair? Bloodedge? Is he sad?

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Aug 29, 2013 at 09:14PM EDT

The italian man just looks at Ragna as he runs away from the room. The folk music is dead and silence covers the place for a few seconds as Nu is left alone with that tasty dish. Support takes a deep breath as he plays the accordion again, going with a catchy tune and hoping to catch Nu’s attention as he smiles. This next piece is more happier and catchy with a small touch of nostalgia.

Support: My little signora..There’s something missing in the air. As a man who spent years in France and Germany, hoping for the true love to appear, there’s something important I learnt over the years: The true essence from amore comes from both sides, not a single one and, if it does some from this sad side, you need to search it. In other words..Love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep on watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.
Says Support as he keeps playing the accordion
When I finally managed understand this true essence, I stopped waiting for that special person’s attention and I started to seek it.

Aug 29, 2013 at 09:46PM EDT

Falcon gets in the elevator. He doesn’t say a single word.

Josuke recounts another tale.
Josuke: There was this chef that made absolutely amazing food. It tasted great! Okuyasu over here, who doesn’t like spicy foods, even liked a plate of curry the guy made! Also, the guy could get rid of illnesses.
However, it was in the most direct way possible.
Yep. Okuyasu’s intestines came flying out of his stomach. However, when it was done, he was good as new.

Aug 29, 2013 at 10:17PM EDT

ooc: heres a quick question for you all. is it okay for ragna and nu to hook up? the thing is that nu is a clone based off of his sisters dna. so does this count as incest or no?

im fine with it either way.


gajeel and laxus chuckles a bit at ragnas embarrassment

Laxus: heheheh, guess shes more than a friend after all.

gajeel: man those two scream lovers the first time i saw them two together.

Levy: i think its sweet of them. you shouldnt pick on them gajeel, its not nice.

laxus: yah, considering you and levy are no different than those two. hahahahaha.

gajeel and levy blush heavily and turn away from eachother.

Gajeel: well….. shut up.

Pantherlilly: i guess this iss an interesting dinner after all. bites a piece of chicken

Juvia: theyre just shy about eachother, thats all. they dont know how they feel about each other and are confused on how they should see eachother.

Gray: im gonna see if hes okay.

gray stands up and walks to the restrooms were ragna is

natsu: yo wait up i wanna see whats up with him as well. he quickly finishes his third plate of pasta and joins him

lucy, cana and mirajane go and sit right next to nu to see if shes alright.

lucy: hey i know you must be going through a lot right now. but you shouldnt be so worried about all of this.

mirajane: you guys just need some time to think. or if you want to talk about all of this after dinner wed be more than happy to help you out. just us girls.

Cana: those two remind me of juvia and gray. juvia obsessing over gray, gray turning her down god knows how many times. though they do have their moments. but mostly just ends up with awkwardness. oh young love can be such a pain in the ass. she finishes downing one of the wine bottles. yo chief you got another one of these bad boys, they taste amazing?

Wendy: i know those two are close to each other, but i dont know if theyre that close.

carla: isnt nu a clone or something? but why does such a person have these kinds of feelings.

Erza: she was controlled at some point. but after beeing freed and having a will of her own. she must have somehow develope these feeling for some odd reason. i really have no idea about all of this, she puts both her hands on her face and starts fangirling BUT THEY JUST LOOK SO ADORABLE TOGETHER. even better than gray and juvia.

juvia gets the most evil look on her face. looking like shes about to break the plate on her fork.

Erza: im sorry juvia, i didnt mean it that way. its just that they remind me of you and gray and how adorable you two look together. i didnt mean any disrespect.

juvia: still mad im just glad that she isnt after my gray-sama.


gray and natsu follow ragna into the washroom to see if hes okay

Natsu: damn man your face is as red as your jacket. that must be really embarrassed.

gray: i know that you have some problems about your past and all. and somehow you say that nus is related to you in a way. i dont know exactly how, but it causes you to be very uneasy about this whole romantic stuff.

natsu: nah hes just shy thats all.

gray: no you idiot. if im not mistaken, nu was artificially created correct? and that she had meen created to look like your sister for some reason.

natsu: wow thats messed up. no wonder hes freaking out. care to tell us about all of this man? about Nu.

Gajeel: he open the door as well yah i needed to get away as well and happen to hear most of what u guys are sayin. so whats the deal with this chick anyway?

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Aug 29, 2013 at 11:06PM EDT

@Lucy, Cana, Mirajane, and Support,

Nu doesn’t speak for a bit. After a few moments, she speaks up.
Nu: Nu just wants to be with Ragna so we can become one and get revenge on all the bad people that tortured Nu…
She is referring to how she wants to fall into the Cauldron with Ragna and turn into the Black Beast to bring about the end of the world. She was subjected to nightmarish torture when she was in the process of being created.

Just because she was created by humans they treated her like a tool with no feelings, even though she had a soul. She was just a doll to them… One big science experiment. She was forged under the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi, designed to be an Anti-Sankishin Unit… Something that could bring the Master Unit out of the Boundary.

@Erza, Wendy, and Carla,

The White Knight looks at the group.

Hakumen: … The demon of flesh and steel was forged in the fires of the Cauldron in order to temper the Murakumo… The “girl” is an Anti-Sankishin Unit, capable of navigating the Boundary with no restrictions. The foolish humans created a set of these… things in order to seek out the Master Unit, Amaterasu. Whoever possesses the Master Unit is capable to see all of the timelines there shall ever be. They would be able to hand pick and choose what will happen. The doll is also a seed of the Beast itself…
He points to the Azure Grimoire that Nu uses as an eyepatch.
Hakumen: To temper the Murakumo is to awaken the Black Beast.
He sighs a bit.
Hakumen: It is unbeknownst to me how she broke free of her control…

@Natsu, Gray, and Gajeel

Ragna is just staring at himself in the mirror with his hand against the wall.

He then turns to all the ones who enter the restroom.
Ragna: You don’t understand… None of you fucking understand!
He brings his hand off the wall and smashes it into the sink, completely shattering the sink. Water begins to come out of it…
Ragna: None of you know the damned truth…
He sighs a bit and regains his composure. He looks at the three with his green and red eyes…

Ragna: Yes, that bitch is a clone…
He looks down at the floor.
Ragna: A clone of her… My sister… Saya…
The Grim Reaper looks back up at the three and explains all about his previous encounter with Nu at the Sheol Gate under Kagutsuchi. She nearly killed him and fell into the Cauldron with him in order to go back in time and become the Black Beast, the nightmare of the world. Fortunately, an abnormality in the world saved him… He was saved by another girl who looked like his sister. He doesn’t say her name though, and just called her an idiot but was thankful for it nonetheless.

(Don’t feel like writing a lot as it is getting late)

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Tsunarmin and Granatir stay behind as most of the other Order mages go to find somewhere to practice their physical attacks.. Solraian is still sat away from the others – the only thing he seemed interested in was the arrow… It would probably be a good idea to not let him get it…

Tsunarmin: And off they go…
Granatir: At some point we really should find a way to convert our weapons into something useful for physical attacks.
Tsunarmin: It wouldn’t be that hard if it wasn’t for trying to keep up the magical potential of them. Not to mention the fact that I am clearly the most magic-oriented of us.
Granatir: Maybe we could ask around on a solution to this problem?


Pyralis: Does anyone know where the hell to go in this place?
Noctan: Nope. Maybe we should ask around?

Meanwhile again, in another world…
In a jungle aree, the two mages and three gods appear. Well, part of Loki appears. One raven.
Iblan: To Loki are you sure you have found a potential god to summon around here?
Loki: If we hit the right world, there should be some sort of pyramid more or less in the centre of this place.
%{color:orange}Immolan: Everything looks the same, it would be easier with a map…
(OOC: You can probably figure out EXACTLY WHERE THEY ARE… and by extension exactly who Loki’s found evidence of. I could certainly have used a map but unfortunately the version I had did not have that feature.)
three more ravens appear, and the group splits up into four directions. There is a raven travelling with each of the four – Loki would be allowing them to communicate.

Iblan headed north. He quickly finds a sand-filled cave, and seeing no purpose for it, starts heading east along the pathways, until he finds a ladder. A really tall ladder leading to an outcrop far above the trees.
Iblan: Loki, could you follow the ladder and see what’s up there?
Loki proceeds to do so, and just ends up seeing that they’re in the right world… as well as a large metal structure in the distance. There is a bridge connecting that metal structure to the jungle area the four are in. Part of the structure seems to be in ruins, however. Loki flies back down and reports this.

Loki: to Immolan, Arkantos and Suwako Well, we are in the right world.

Immolan had headed east. He is then turned southwards by the cliffs, ending up seeing the metal structure himself.
Immolan: What the hell is this thing?
Loki: I do not know.

Arkantos went south, and… well, the only thing of note he finds is the actual pyramid.
Arkantos: Can I trust you to tell them I have found what we are looking for?
Loki: Iblan did not leave me with any choice in the matter.
Loki: To Iblan, Immolan and Suwako The Atlantean has found the pyramid.

Let’s see what Suwako found, shall we? Suwako headed west, and found a strange wooden strucutre, which turns out to be a house for a large purple c- The less said about him in this rp the better. You probably know FOR DEFINITE what world they are in anyway. Suwako does notice the frog, though.

The two magic users and Suwako are guided by Loki to the pyramid, and they proceed to enter…

(OOC: You’ll have figured out what world they are in so you’d be able to guess what it would be like inside – sort of. Some of the hazards will not be active due to a certain someone having already triggered them. They may end up having to send the only two that are capable of flying through)

Aug 30, 2013 at 06:03AM EDT

Zarathh wrote:

@Lucy, Cana, Mirajane, and Support,

Nu doesn’t speak for a bit. After a few moments, she speaks up.
Nu: Nu just wants to be with Ragna so we can become one and get revenge on all the bad people that tortured Nu…
She is referring to how she wants to fall into the Cauldron with Ragna and turn into the Black Beast to bring about the end of the world. She was subjected to nightmarish torture when she was in the process of being created.

Just because she was created by humans they treated her like a tool with no feelings, even though she had a soul. She was just a doll to them… One big science experiment. She was forged under the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi, designed to be an Anti-Sankishin Unit… Something that could bring the Master Unit out of the Boundary.

@Erza, Wendy, and Carla,

The White Knight looks at the group.

Hakumen: … The demon of flesh and steel was forged in the fires of the Cauldron in order to temper the Murakumo… The “girl” is an Anti-Sankishin Unit, capable of navigating the Boundary with no restrictions. The foolish humans created a set of these… things in order to seek out the Master Unit, Amaterasu. Whoever possesses the Master Unit is capable to see all of the timelines there shall ever be. They would be able to hand pick and choose what will happen. The doll is also a seed of the Beast itself…
He points to the Azure Grimoire that Nu uses as an eyepatch.
Hakumen: To temper the Murakumo is to awaken the Black Beast.
He sighs a bit.
Hakumen: It is unbeknownst to me how she broke free of her control…

@Natsu, Gray, and Gajeel

Ragna is just staring at himself in the mirror with his hand against the wall.

He then turns to all the ones who enter the restroom.
Ragna: You don’t understand… None of you fucking understand!
He brings his hand off the wall and smashes it into the sink, completely shattering the sink. Water begins to come out of it…
Ragna: None of you know the damned truth…
He sighs a bit and regains his composure. He looks at the three with his green and red eyes…

Ragna: Yes, that bitch is a clone…
He looks down at the floor.
Ragna: A clone of her… My sister… Saya…
The Grim Reaper looks back up at the three and explains all about his previous encounter with Nu at the Sheol Gate under Kagutsuchi. She nearly killed him and fell into the Cauldron with him in order to go back in time and become the Black Beast, the nightmare of the world. Fortunately, an abnormality in the world saved him… He was saved by another girl who looked like his sister. He doesn’t say her name though, and just called her an idiot but was thankful for it nonetheless.

(Don’t feel like writing a lot as it is getting late)

Doomguy enters the bathroom.
Doomguy: I heard that little commotion you had back there.
He starts to take a piss.
Doomguy: Listen buddy, If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son, Because I got 99 problems but a bitch isn’t one.
Doomguy stops taking a piss. He zips up his pants again, and stands near Ragna.
Doomguy: I’m serious. I’ve known NO women throughout my entire life until now.
Doomguy thinks for a second.
Doomguy: Well, I MIGHT have known some women, but I can’t remember jack shit before my assault on Phobos.

Aug 30, 2013 at 02:58PM EDT

@nu and hakumen

mirajane: sorry to hear that nu. we all have been through a lot of pain in our pasts.

lucy: dont you worry though nu, you have us now and we will make sure nothing bad ever happens to you.

cana: well also get back at those jerks who hurt you in the past. we promise you. nobody is gonna get away with hurting one of our own.

erza turns to hakumen

erza: there is just one thing though hakumen. what does nu mean by being one with ragna? i dont understand it really. is it some form of magic?

wendy: is it like a unison raid that allows them to combine their powers or what.

carla: does it have to do with their azures thay carry with them. and what about this cauldron thingy?

after hearing his story about nu and how they fought

Natsu: thats really messed up man. sorry to have to hear all of this. and the fact that the two of you can become the black beast makes all of this even worse.

gray: well do everything that we can so that it never happens. well make sure that the beast never sees the light of day again. he thinks to himself a bit so shes actually a clone based off of your sister. how is that possible?

gajeel: now i understand why you have no feelings for her. thats a whole new level of weird if those two were to ever hook up. no offense bud.

gray: maybe because that she is related to your sister is that she has these feelings for you. but its just that they are misguided in a way that she cares for you but not as a brother.

natsu: but does she know that she is based on your sister? is there a way that we can help fix her in a way so she realizes this?

gajeel: maybe it has to deal with this hazama asshole. maybe hes responsible for all of this shit, considering that he has problems with everyone you know.

when doomguy walks in and talks to ragna

Gray: hey way to be a dick man. she may be be a clone of his sister, but she is still somebody important to him. so dont go running your mouth.

natsu: yah and shes a member of our guild so you better be careful of how you talk about them.

gajeel: heheheh. not a bad point you made there. but still, watch your mouth next time. and you better wash your hands before you leave.

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Also, I deduced that the only time you need to wash your hands after you piss is if you’re a gravedigger who uses his cock as a shovel. Remember that well.

Doomguy walks out of the washroom, and out of the dining hall off to somewhere else.

Aug 30, 2013 at 08:07PM EDT


Hakumen: What the Murakumo is speaking of is her fusing with the Dark One and becoming the Black Beast.
The eyes in his armor then look at Carla.
Hakumen: The Azure Grimoire’s that the two carry are very powerful forms of Armagus, made of compressed masses of seithr… The very substance that the Beast itself is made of. It is what corrupted your planet, and our home.
Hakumen’s eyes stare straight into Carla. This is a serious matter he is talking about.
Hakumen: The Cauldron is the Grimoire’s original form. When the two seeds are forged together in the Cauldron, the Beast shall awaken.
He looks clenches his fist.
Hakumen: That monster called the Beast a failed experiment…

@Doomguy (before he leaves)

Ragna looks at Doomguy angrily. His red eye is glowing.

Ragna: Damn you… Just go crawl back to the hole where your kind of scum comes from.
It looks like he could burst at any moment, holding onto the hilt of Blood Scythe. He’s ready to strike at any moment.

@Fairy Tail (after he leaves)

Ragna looks around at his guild mates, a shred of happiness inside him.
Ragna: Thanks for that…
He regains his composure, looking at the three.
Ragna: Terumi kidnapped her when I was a kid, and when he cut off my arm.
He holds the BlazBlue up and flexes his fingers.
Ragna: I saw her not long before some weird shit happened and got dropped off on this alternate timeline… She’s… She’s changed…
The Grim Reaper looks away, not wanting to talk about what had happened to her…

Ragna: I don’t think she knows that she’s a clone of Saya… From what I’ve seen, she’s just lonely and a bit of a psycho…
He sighs a bit.
Ragna: I wish I could get Saya back…

Aug 30, 2013 at 09:05PM EDT

After being in the middle of these dramatic and nostalgic moment, a path filled with spikes that from the past that make wounds in the present, Support heads to the kitchen again as another group of soldiers walk in. They just look around silently, some of then points at Ragna while another whispers something. As Support appears again, the soldiers walk away inmediatly with one of them staying for the pasta. Francois is that kind of people that is hard to find: the kind of man that despite being alone, sad, left for dead in the middle of the desert or about to get killed by a crazy sharpshooter, he will always find a way to cheer up and relax. His optimistic nature is something he likes to share with everyone around him, along with food and rethorical suggestions. The italian man comes out of the kitchen again, carrying two metallic dishes with a good pair of glasses. All of these glasses have a caramel sundae served in, heated chocolate sauce with a touch of caramel sauce. As he puts glasses on the table, he orders one of the soldiers to bring a couple of chocolate bars to the guests.

Support: If there is something that cheers me up, It’s the sweet taste of chocolate. Signori e signore, let’s get rid of the past and enjoy the miracle that is the present. The central generator should be ready to power the ship’s primary rockets in a few minutes and when this piece of metal is ready, we will face the horrors of the “palloncino master”.

The Red Iron would spend a good amount of minutes searching for Coffey. Since he is dressed in military uniform, asking to the soldiers for directions is basically useless. Finally, he finds John in the last floor, which is used as a storage room. Weapons, endless pair of boxes and clark vehicles can be seen around. John is reading a book as he watches the Fairy Guild through the ship’s windows. Jars with blood samples can be seen around along with syringes, small containers, test tubes and objects that are commonly used in a lab. Sin said that Anti S brains are not mindslaved but with fake memories instead and, as the time moves, they slowly start to recover their past memories. In the middle of a fight with a Jackbot, Sin discovered that she used to be a gymnast which explains why the Balloon Master decided to turn her in a trained infiltrator but, to this day, Coffey’s past life remains lost and covered in thousands of corpses that his alter ego Venom made. As Tager keeps getting closer, John pulls out a high caliber pistol and shoots himself in the middle of his mouth. Blood starts to come out as John grunts in pain. His shirt is torn apart as his muscles start to inflate and the wound he once had in his mouth dissapears.

With the last piece of conciousness, Coffey injects himself with a syringe, stopping the mutation process just in time: Venom noticed Tager and he was slowly walking towards him, mumbling, grunting, angry and with a need to crush. As he returns back to normal, John picks up a notepad from a nerby desk and he quickly starts to write down something. He glances at Tager while writing.
Coffey: You do realize why I decided to come to the most distant place of this ship right? Of course you, just like the rest, and I am certainly sure you have a very specific reason to drop in here.
He spits something on the floor: a bullet.

Aug 30, 2013 at 10:02PM EDT

Having already finished Dinner, Marisa just sleeps on Reimu’s lap as Reimu just patiently watches absentmindedly.

Neither of them notice the fact Marisa’s doll has started to walk around on it’s own accord…


The mention of Chocolate does perk Reimu up however. This is insanely rare in the eternal feudal Japan

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Flandre notices the doll walking around on her own, and she gets up from her seat. The vampire is on the hunt for that toy… Her red eyes stare straight at it as she slowly creeps up on it.


Tager enters the room and sees Coffey shoot himself and transform into the monstrosity… When he does so, the Red Devil’s gauntlets spark with green electromagnetic energy. He was ready to take self defense measures. But then, Big Red sees Coffey inject himself with the serum and then spit out the bullet on the ground. The energy stops sparking from his gauntlets and they return to normal. Tager stands at his hulking height of 7 feet and 10 inches as he looks down upon Coffey.

Tager: Firstly, I apologize for my rash actions the other day. I didn’t mean to upset you so badly. Secondly, you’re correct. I was instructed by Captain Spark to come and speak with you, Coffey. He says that we will need a large mind slaving device that would amplify the exact opposite signals that the Balloon Master is using to control the civilians. Will you help?


Nu perks up a bit.
Nu: Chocolate…?

The Murakumo Unit has never heard of such a substance. The scanners in her eye examines the delectable goodness that is chocolate. After the scanning is complete, she takes the spoon from the table and carefully eats the sundae. After the first bite, she smiles madly. Said smile is on par with the levels of cuteness that Flandre puts out, strong enough to give a grizzled war veteran a heart attack from cuteness. This is the best thing her sensors has tasted. Ever. She enjoys every spoonful of it.

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The doll hasn’t noticed her yet. Seemingly more interested in all the big people standing in the room. The doll begins to climb up a chair in attempt to get onto the table…

Aug 30, 2013 at 11:35PM EDT

Natsu: he places his hand on ragnas shoulder its alright man. some things we cant change in this world. but sometimes its best to move on with our lives and not let the past hold us back from living today.

gray: weve all lost people we cared about in the past. but it shouldnt stop us from looking into the future. right now your with us now. you have a chance to start a new life here. were gonna make sure that the two of you have peaceful lives here at fairy tail.

gajeel: heh, good luck with that last part. peaceful is the last thing that describes this guild full of lunatics. once natsu here gets an itch to fight, it spreads like a disease in our guild and it ends up getting messy. especially when i kick is ass.

natsu turns to gajeel angrily

Natsu: what the hell did you say?

gajeel: you heard me salamander. i can kick your ass anyday of the week.

Natsu: oh yeah how bout er start right now.

Gajeel: dont cry to erza after though you flaming asshole.

Natsu: walking trash can.

Gajee: dumbass.

they both press each others foreheads against each other while exchanging various insults at eachother like the idiots that they are

gray turns to face ragna, arms crossed.

gray: now you understand why i cant stand natsu so much. get use to this kind of crap in our guild. as a matter of fact. just always assume that a fight is going to break out. now about earlier before we derailed our train of thought. you have someone close to you that cares enough about you. though it may be in a different way than expected, shes still important to you. just take care of her and try and get her to understand from your perspective. were always here to back you up if you need it.

turns to see gajeel and natsu still arguing at each other, then turns back to ragna

Gray: lets go back to the others before their stupidity rubs off on us.

there is a bit if fright after hearing what hakumen said

wendy: yo your saying that she wants ragna and herself to become the black beast? why would she want to do that.

carla: she doesnt realize that she would end up destroying the planet by doing so.

erza: i dont know why such devices were made in the first place. all i know is that i will do everything in my power that such a travesty never befalls us so long as we have the power to prevent the beasts revival.

Wendy: we all will to. we protect our own and treat each other like family. we wont let anything happen to nu and ragna.

juvia just lets flandre go

Juvia: dont wander off too far sweetie.

@nu and support

they are all presented with desserts.

cana: oh wow. these look good.

levy: she takes the first bite and is completely at awe abut the flavour* its the most delicious sundae i ever had. its so rich, yet light.

Laxus: he takes a bite out of the sundae mmmm. not bad. not bad at all man. first time in a long time my taste buds felt this out of control.

the others sit back down to try out theirs as well.

they dig into their sundaes and their responses are no different. it is like heaven in their mouthes.

erza is more happy than everyone else. her sweet tooth is out of control

Erza: sir, you have officially earned my undying love and gratitude. i request at least two more servings with extra sauce on them.

lucy: careful erza or ul get brain freeze.

mirajane: thats the last thing shes worried about.

cana: yah, erza has a massive craving for desserts just like i have an addiction to booze, and hers is a priority to satisfy. otherwise bad things happen.

she turns to face nu who happens to enjoy the sundae

Cana: well look at here, its as if she never seen such a thing before. you never eaten this kind of stuff before nu?

lucy: i dont think she has. otherwise she wouldnt have that face on right now.

juvia: its actually quite sweet really. she seems to have gone through so much to be unable to enjoy something as simple as this.

erza hears some arguing going on near the washrooms

Erza: what the hell are they going on about? she turns to hakumen hey hakumen, if oyur not too busy, can you check up on the guys and see what it is exactly they are rambling about. if it is what i think it is could you keep them under control before things happen.

Aug 31, 2013 at 12:10AM EDT


Ragna looks at Natsu an Gajeel arguing like morons in the middle of the bathroom.
Ragna: I’ll keep that in mind…
He is referring to the constant fighting that breaks out in Fairy Tail. He then looks back at Gray.
Ragna: She is still important to me…
Usually he would never say something like this about another person. The team building has helped him reveal some more of his softer side. He then takes one last look at Natsu and Gajeel before looking back at Gray.
Ragna: Yeah, c’mon. I don’t want to hear these idiots argue anymore.
The Grim Reaper leads Gray out of the restrooms and back towards the dining hall, leaving Natsu and Gajeel arguing.


Flandre sneaks up on the doll and grabs it with both hands as it tries to climb up on the table.
The only part of the doll exposed is the head as she holds it in two hands.


Nu is still too busy enjoying the sundae to pay any attention at all to what everyone is saying.

@Carla, Wendy, Erza,

Hakumen looks at Carla and Wendy with his blank, expressionless mask.
Hakumen: I feel sure that the demon of flesh and steel knows very well the outcome of her actions… A soul corrupted by the torture she was subjected to and the power of the Azure.

Erza then asks Hakumen to go see what all the commotion is about in the restrooms.

Hakumen: There is no time for this nonsensical fighting between allies…
The White Knight suddenly gets a bright white aura around him as he stands in the room. It reminds Fairy Tail of a mixture of Gildarts’ and Makarov’s aura, while reminding Reimu and Marisa of Shikieiki’s aura.

Hakumen begins to make his way out of the room, heading towards the bathroom where Natsu and Gajeel are.

Aug 31, 2013 at 01:03AM EDT


Doll: “GAH! Unhand Me Vampire! Scarlet Devil!”

This voice seems familiar to Flandre. But in the cannon she has never actually met this person before

Doll: “I swear I will self destruct!”

Marisa stirs and Reimu seems to come back to full attention

Is that…?

Marisa: “Don’t worry. She can’t self destruct unless a Familiar Mage is holding her.”

Doll: “MARISA I gave you this as a gift!”

Marisa: “Look you bonehead, I have tried to call you like 50 times. And I KNOW when you are ignoring me!”

Doll: “I was on vacation back to home!”

Marisa: “Bullshit. There is no way back to Makai. Not without a space ship with a warp drive.”

Doll: “I asked Patacholi!”


“Patacholi has been kidnapped for the last few months! Liar!”

You are getting too damn noisy. Can you take your phone call lover quarrels someplace else.

Marisa and the Doll: “SHUT UP!”

Marisa: “Alice! You just loooooove watching me suffer don’t you?”

Doll (Alice): “Not like you where short on running out of ammo. You didn’t actually need me.”


This is the first time Marisa has been visibly pissed off in front of everyone…

Alice. Marisa is not going to be able to get back home. I need you to get to the library to find a way to open up the boundary on your own.

Doll (Alice): “What’s in it for me?”

I will let you borrow the nuclear powered robot maid.

Doll (Alice): “… okay, guess you have a deal… IF I SEE YOU SAVE THIS DOLL! IT’S SPECIAL!”

Aug 31, 2013 at 01:22AM EDT

OOC: Holy crap you’re actually bringing THAT in? I’m honestly surprised because very rarely is the PC-98 stuff directly handled, ESPECIALLY that thing from one of the endings!

The three Order mages in the room can’t help but notice the commotion, but only Tsunarmin and Granatir actually react.

The two proceed to stand up and walk towards the Gensokyo residents and the doll.
Tsunarmin: indicating the doll What exactly is that?
Granatir: And could you possibly keep it down?


Tardises, Pyralis, Noctan, Ignis and Tempestia are STILL andering around the ship. They’re getting a bit lost at this point…

Tardises: I don’t think we’re ever gonna find anywhere… Where exactly are we, anyway?
the others look around
Tempestia: Hell if we know!

Elsewhere again…

The group of 5 have now entered the temple, to find architecture that could not possibly be navigated by human means.
Immolan: Who the hell designed this place? Why would they design it if they could not navigate it?
Suwako: For all you know, they could have. This place also seems slightly familiar…
Arkantos: What are these floating objects? He reaches for a spinning golden ring just floating in midair, which vanishes on contact
(OOC: The presence of rings makes it OBVIOUS where they are. Well, they’re in the game continuity for this one, not the rp continuity. And that in turn leads to how Suwako could find it even slightly familiar. As such from now on I will be trying to describe from memory points of the actual stage.)
Suwako: Ah, that’s right~ Being in the so-called ‘outside world’ up until recent years has its advantages. This place was found in a game the humans had developed. I was right, it was designed by those who could navigate it… They could glide, climb walls and run rather fast, after all.
Iblan: Well we have a few that can fly.
Suwako: I see what you’re getting it. It would be interesting to try my own hand at this place~… even though from the looks of it the hedgehog’s already been here. Come on, Loki, let’s get through this place, as quickly as we can!
Iblan: Why do I feel as if those last few words could have been worded a different way very easily?
(OOC: by ‘worded a different way’, he basically means ‘GOTTA GO FAST’)
The frog-themed goddess and the raven proceed to fly through Lost World, little of note happening until they reach the place where there was supposed to be a huge flaming boulder ready to chase them. Suwako looks down to see it already at the bottom of the ramp in a pit, it is still on fire.
Loki: Why is there a huge flaming boulder at the bottom of this ramp?
Suwako: I remember this bit. It was supposed to be at the top to chase anyone who entered the area. That hedgehog has definitely been here already, heheh~
The two fly over the boulder, and eventually reach the mural at the end with little of note happening.
Loki: That didn’t seem particularly interesting.
Suwako: No, but this is probably why we’re here.*
Suwako hops up to the mural depicting Perfect Chaos
Loki: Through a raven left at the start of the stage There’s a mural here at the end, which depicts some sort of watery beast.*
%{color:orange}Iblan: I would certainly like something like THAT

Loki: Well, Suwako’s just informed me that she remembers that what we would actually summon would be a lot less impressive. Still watery, just much more humanoid and similar in size, too.
Iblan: Damn. Oh well, that’s still going to be useful.
Back at the mural…
Suwako: I can’t help but wonder what the crow tengu would think of this place… They’d probably enjoy the test of their speed that I’m sure the majority of this world would be.
Loki: Let’s meet up with the others..
The froglike goddess and the raven that is just part of the Norse trickster god proceed to travel backwards through Lost World.

After they meet up…
Iblan: Okay, I’m summoning it now.
A puddle of water appears, which then rises up into a humanoid figure, with long arms ending in clawed hands, clawed feet, the head extending into two prongs at the back, green jewel-like eyes and a visible brain.
Iblan: Identify yourself}
The watery creature roars. No beam of light extends from Iblan to it since it actually was identifying itself, it just cannot speak. It doesn’t even get a mouth of any sort until nearly at full power anyway.
Suwako: I think we’re going to get some unwanted attention.
Right on cue, a pink ball of light flies down towards the six.
Ball of light: Why? Why did you feel the need to summon Chaos, and separate us?
Loki: Forget this thing, let’s just get out of here, and take this ‘Chaos’ with us.
Iblan: Right!
Iblan casts Warp, but before Chaos can be taken it reaches out an arm and grabs the ball of light, ensuring it is taken with them upon Warping…
The 7 then appear in a built of place, that looks like it can be well defended. There are many men (and women) ith pack donkeys in the area… and as one they turn towards the group. They proceed to bow to Arkantos, meaning…
Arkantos: The new Atlantis! How did we end up here?
Suwako: Pretty nice place here, no wonder you fought so hard to protect it~
Loki: Hey, we still got that ball of light with us. Chaos grabbed it for some reason.
Ball of light: It’s because Chaos does not desire us to be separated once more.
Loki: How is this light even speaking?
Suwako could have correctly identified the light, but she is too occupied taking in the sights of the new Atlantis
Ball of light: So, why did you summon Chaos?
Iblan: I am summoning various gods to serve my purposes… whoever or whatever you are. This ‘Chaos’ was once described as a god, therefore I can summon him.
Ball of light:Do you promise to let them go back to their respective homes afterwards?
Iblan: Sure, sure. Who are you, anyway?
I’m Tikal, and you are?
Iblan: I’m Iblan, the other human is Immolan, the god in white armour who knows this place is Arkantos, the goddess who looks like a little girl in a hat with eyes is Suwako, and the ravens are just the form that Loki is taking right now. If you’re going to stay with us, Tikal, then do not question the purposes I have, alright?
Tikal: I can tell you only wanted Chaos, so I will be coming along to keep an eye on him. He doesn’t want it any other way, clearly.

(OOC: So, yeah. They got Chaos but they are forced to deal with the peace-loving echidna’s spirit or whatever it is as well.)

Aug 31, 2013 at 05:38AM EDT

@reimu and marisa

everyone is looking at how marisa is gettime pissed off. this is the forst to see her like this.

Lucy: woah calm down marisa. whats the reason for getting mad like that.

cana: and who is it that you were talking to exactly. and whats the deal with that doll. you can actually communicate with that to somebody?

Erza: who is it you were talking to exactly? and what is it that she wants from you exactly?

Juvia: she mentioned something about a library. do you know where it is exactly?

gray walks out of the washroom with ragna next to him

Gray: yah everything okay with ragna here. its just those two idiots whose arguing over their overgrown egos. seriously getting on my nerves. my sugestion is to just beat the shit out of both of them before they start a fight. believe me, it always starts like this and gets worse if nobody stops them. so if you want to stop them with any amount of force go ahead. i dont want any part of that. thatll show those idiots.

he continues to walk to the table were everyone is eating sundaes

Aug 31, 2013 at 10:39AM EDT


Ragna himself keeps quiet for a bit, just wanting to talk to Nu now…

One of the eyes in Hakumen’s armor looks at Ragna, and then looks at Gray.
Hakumen: Such moronic attitudes are not appreciated. I will teach them a lesson…
Hakumen continues to walk to the washroom.


When the doll talks, Flandre squeezes it harder.
Is there a little person in there? Hello? Are you in there?
If she were squeezing a human being that hard, their head would nearly pop.

@Natsu and Gajeel,

Hakumen arrives at the washroom door, and opens it. He sees the two morons fighting before his eyes.
Hakumen: Stop this at once!
He walks in the door, and closes it behind him. What happens next is too fierce to describe… What everyone else can hear is smashing, breaking, and screams of pain as the White Knight beats the shit out of Natsu and Gajeel with only his fists and kicks. This is the worst beating the two have received to this point, this coming from Hakumen being at 40 percent power. He’s twice as strong as he was before. After a few minutes of screaming, things being broken, and the smashing of many objects in the bathroom there is silence… Once Hakumen is done beating the shit out of the two dragonslayers, he walks out of the bathroom leaving a mass of destruction left in his path and two morons lying on the floor. Hakumen returns back to the dining room after this…

Aug 31, 2013 at 12:29PM EDT

Granatir and Tsunarmin noticed the commotion, while Solarian just pays no attention to anyone

Tsunarmin: That sounded painful…

Aug 31, 2013 at 01:29PM EDT

“It’s as frustrating as somebody who never replies to your letters or phone calls!”

She stands up

“The girl at the other end of the Doll is Alice Margatroid.”

Marisa goes to pry it out of Flandre’s hands

“If you need help imagining her just think of Lewis Carols version all grown up. They might actually be the same person, but she refuses to say.”

She’s having trouble getting Flandre to let go

“She can use an entire spectrum of magic, though she recently…”

Childish tug-a-war now

“… decided to rely exclusively on Slave and Familiar Magic. Making an army of dolls to act as little soldiers for her.”

She finally manages to pull the thing away from Flandre, using her leg to keep Flandre from grabbing it again

“Thus she can communicate though the dolls she makes, even helped me beat a Yategarasu by lending me her magic though it.”

She escapes Flandre and goes back over to Reimu with a sigh

Doll (Alice): “I will be off then.”

It goes limp

Reimu then looks up at the Fairy Tail people

The library is the one at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. That house is bigger on the inside, so I have never been able to see the majority of it.

“I have. It’s nearly a mile long and half a mile wide. And the shelf’s are nearly 100 feet tall in the tallest sections. Really you could imagine why Patacholi is so strong with access to that many spells.”

That’s because you steal from it so often.

Reimu looks back up

As for the Maid… think of a green-haired Nu dressed in a Maid Outfit. Invaders from an outer-world college gave her to me when I beat them. It’s a bit…

She sighs…

… Eccentric. I don’t use her anymore. But I wager Alice might have fun with her because she is a “doll” in a sense.

Aug 31, 2013 at 01:58PM EDT

The stand users and Ken show various reactions to what’s going on, ranging from awe to confusedness. By now, they have finished their dessert, and walk off to go do other things.

Falcon is impatiently waiting for the elevator to get to their destination.
Falcon: Any day now we should be getting there…

Aug 31, 2013 at 02:04PM EDT

Most of the Order mages are still wondering around, just looking of anyone at this point

Pyralis: Who thought it was such a good idea to walk around this place without asking for directions!?

(OOC: I really cannot have them do anything more until someone finds them. They are completely lost.)

Aug 31, 2013 at 02:25PM EDT

OOC: No Falcon, I am not moving you from the elevator but since you are so bloody impatient..


Aug 31, 2013 at 03:21PM EDT

@Natsuru: Lel.
@BM: I’m not going to lie: You’re really starting to get on what I believe not only to be mine, but presumably everyone else’s nerves.
(Also, could we just let’s go? I think I speak for everyone saying that we’re sort of wasting our time NOT TAKING OFF. I mean, can’t we do all this shit during the trip?)

The elevator FINALLY gets there, Falcon checks out the new ride, deems it unimportant, and heads back to where everyone else is.
Falcon: That was a severe waste of my time. The damn thing didn’t even have a cooler! I mean, come on, you gotta have a cooler!

Aug 31, 2013 at 04:41PM EDT

And then Falcon dies. But saddly this is an alternate dimension. Let us return to dimension where Falcon is..luckily..very alive..I suppose. So yeah. Falcon checked the ride, he went like “Fuck this I am better” (As always) and then he split in 5 different Falcons becouse a group is in the Dinner room, another one is outside and another one is in the restroom.

Soldier 1: So then I heard this robotic gal saying something about destroying the universe. I don’t know about you guys but this stuff the “Goodies” are talking about reminds me of a plan “Twos” had once. To me, these people sound like a bunch of “greenies” in their first day in “Catraz”.
Soldier 2: Woah, let’s not mention “Catraz” here. But you do have a point, these “sivs” look like comic book villians about to strike, specially the “Hairdo” guy. That sword? I bet It wasn’t made to cut breads or make steaks..Booby from Floor 55 said he saw a bounty sign with “Hairdo” on it. You think these “sivs” are potential criminals?
Soldier 3: Guys, you were standing in front of “Tacheman” when you heard that thing about end of the world, some sort of Black Beast and planetary destruction. These people aren’t potential criminals, they are raging psycopaths just like “Crem”, “Twos” and Poison.
Soldier 2: Since we arrived from Catraz you have been mentioning that girl every damn time we start a conversation. Are you sure you had the right gear when you entered to her cell? Helmet always on, thick cloth covering every part of your body and a hermetically sealed suit?
Soldier 3: I think I saw a small hole in my right glove-
Soldier 1: Christ..Don’t you understand how important the gear is? Specially inside her cell? Pheromones can force you to comit suicide, to execute actions against your will, they can even drag your deepest thoughts and send them to her! Take Booby, take that bloody “greenie” for example if you value your life. He made the mistake of not wearing a helmet in front of her and now he likes men! Dude, we used to have a small group of friends in Catraz and Booby loved to hang around and talk how much he loved boobs and booty!
Soldier 3: But maybe he changed-
Soldier 1: People never changes. Shit, what the hell is that noise?
Soldier 2: It’s coming from the bathroom.

The group of soldiers arrive to the bathroom, they stare at the unconcious asses of Natsu Gajeel and then they slowly leave without saying a word.

Soldier 3: You know, this reminds me of Poison-
Soldier 2: And Medical station here we go..
Soldier 1: Godamn it “greenie”, we told you about her cell in the first day.

And so Soldier 1 and 2 drag soldier 3 to the medical station. Soldier 3 fights and shakes around like a jellyfish about to be eaten by shark but his teammates manage to get him inside a elevator and head to the 55th floor.

A alarm is heard by everyone lucky to be inside this ship I just ripped off from a known game series. The captain’s charming voice can be heard.

Spark: All charged up! Ladies, gentlemen, Mobius awaits, the Balloon Master’s reign of terror must end and Normandi is ready to go!

Aug 31, 2013 at 06:02PM EDT

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