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Before Pesci can swing his knife at the Mad Dog’s heart, he charges a hand up with red energy.
Azrael: Scud…
He sends his fist flying at Pesci’s chest, crushing right through ribs and rendering his organs useless.
He releases a massive amount of energy right through Pesci through his fist, digging a good 10 feet into the ground as energy courses through Pesci’s body. The intense energy would melt Pesci from the inside out, and melt him down into a bloody pulp on the ground.

The Mad Dog stands victorious over the stand user as his heart goes back into his body magically. He gives off a grin at Pesci’s remains.

Azrael: Sniveling insect. You were barely worth a meal for me.
He laughs at his victory, standing triumphant in the arena.

Sep 10, 2013 at 10:06PM EDT

Assault: Pst..Cappy..Can we talk for a moment?
Spark: What is it?
Assault: Pal, I know you are the kind of guy that believes that everyone deserves a second chance to get into base and finally strike but this people ain’t like you or me. Sure, I get that you are all sad and stuff but darn..Those were damn corpses! My buddy Ethan was part of this squad, I had a lot of good damn friends, most of them from high school and more! What if I find Ethan’s face over there? What if one of these psycos murdered one of my pals? Do you expect me to trust into psycopaths? Once we trusted in Two Face..he almost shoots Skarly becouse you thought It was a good idea to give him a second chance or some shit. I ain’t standing around in a place where we killing innocent guys like nothing important is happening. Please cappy, look into my eyes and be as honest as a hero can be..Do you reaally trust in their words? Do you honestly think they deserve a second chance? This is totally out of my league..If we are doing this crap, we are not going in the same path.
Spark: But-
Assault: That’s everything I have to say..we are not following you and your “amazing” friends. I care about my squad and to whatever the hell happens to my soldiers. They aren’t a group of flesh bags to throw around, they are my brothers in arms damn it..Sighs Look..I’m leaving some of my best soldiers in your ship with your group of crazy guys just becouse you are one of my best friends. ‘Nuff said..Cat chick gave me the coordinations of another Fog Supressor already, I can take the job and make it right without a single and your team shoud head to the north…Please cappy, reconsider your actions..Ethan died 8 years ago becouse I gave him the wrong don’t want to repeat what happened today right? I wish you luck brother.
And with a grateful bro hug, Assault and his squad quickly take off, leaving behind a group of 51 soldiers. Spark orders everyone to head inside the ship and leave the place as soon as possible. After saying a few words, Spark dissapears in the shadows inside Normandi. As our heroes arrive, Support is waiting for everyone with a tasty spaghetti but after staring at the faces of the soldiers who saw their own friends being torn apart, he silently retreats to the kitchen.
Normandi slowly takes off..
In war..everyone loses…

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Sep 10, 2013 at 11:05PM EDT

Meredith hadn’t actually done much of the fighting, leaving it to those with more experience and just providing long distance healing and various stat buffs. In her fights with the mind controlled, she was careful to make sure that the bodies of those she killed remained at least mostly intact. She probably wouldn’t have killed them if she couldn’t do anything about it.

She can tell Spark is in a bad mood. And decides to try and tell him some good news

Hey, Captain… I can tell you, and a lot of other people are upset over us having to kill those mind-slaves. I’m not going to try and justify it, and I’ll just skip to telling you how I can do something about it once we take care of the Balloon Master…

Well, When this is over… I can go back to the cities we’ve defeated, and use the powers of a Maid of Life to bring them back from the dead as good as new, if their bodies are still there. I’m… sorry I couldn’t tell you this earlier, but I guess I just couldn’t for reasons beyond my control…

Sep 10, 2013 at 11:22PM EDT

everyone hears the orders to go back to the ship.
everyone is depressed beyone belief over the whole coarse of the battle. though victory was achieved, the cost felt too hight for the guildmates to pay for it.

they all make it to the lounge room were food is served. however, only a few actually sit down and eat. laxus, cana, mirajane, gajeel, levy, wendy, carla, and pantherlilly are sitting. even then they hardly try and eat. appetites are fading away despite the smell of the food in front of them. the rest of them are in various areas in the room trying to recollect themselves from their traumas and the horrors they witnessed.

only silence and the sounds of forks hitting the plates are heard from Fairy Tail

all the work on medusas end has been done, blood has been given to all the vampires.

inside yukaris boundary, one of medusas snakes appear behind her and takes the shape of a portal and opens up revealing medusa

Medusa: what a lovely place you got here. do you mind if i come in?

medusa had seceretly placed one of her snakes, which are undetectable, on yukaris familiar to allow her to be able to travel to her area. thanks to the training she underwent with yukari, medusa can make boundary portals from any one of her one thousand snakes werever they are.

medusa: seeing as the black blood is going well so far. there are some other things i would be interested in disguising with you. if you dont mind that is.

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Sep 10, 2013 at 11:58PM EDT


As the once-joyful Captain Spark sulks away into the shadows, he comes across a lonesome room in the Cargo Hold of the ship filled with boxes. However from the corner of his eye he can see what appears to be a cat sitting in a lawn chair. A quite out-of-place sight.

It’s Jubei, Ragna’s master. Just a hologram of him though. He is using a doohickey that Kokonoe gave him to do this.

Jubei saw everything that happened on the battlefield, however he still keeps his normal demeanor. He was a part of the Dark War as well, seeing what all the Black Beast was capable of and what happened to the people he loved and cared for… This is no different.
Jubei: Can’t say I blame ya for sulkin’ off down here by yourself, kiddo.
He gets up out of the lawn chair and it vanishes from where it once was.
Jubei: Life’s like a flower; fragile but beautiful. I’m sorry for all that happened to yer guys out there. I really am.
The orange-clad cat then walks over to the Captain, looking up at him.
Jubei: An’ if there’s one thing that I learned over all my years in life, it’s this: Ya gotta follow yer heart, kiddo. Don’t let all the others get ya down. Just do what ya think is right, and don’t let no one tell ya different.
He then looks to the side of him.
Jubei: An’ if there’s one other thing that I learned; it’s that ya can’t force a person to change. Ya gotta let them do their own thing, or else it’ll just end up sour between the both of ya.
He puts a paw on Spark’s shoulder. Spark can feel as if Jubei is actually there with him, even if he is just a hologram.
Jubei: Follow yer heart and the path you think is right.


The BlazBlue characters have decided to skip dinner. Hakumen went to the observation deck. Tager went down below to the tech deck to study over some blueprints that Kokonoe had given him. Jin, Ragna and Nu are nowhere to be found… Flandre would be with Juvia in the dining room eating, but just really sad and depressed along with Juvia. Everyone seems to be quiet as ever.

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Sep 11, 2013 at 12:22AM EDT

After the Order mages return to the ship, they also head to the lounge room, and just sit together as a group. Tsunarmin has gotten her anger under control for now, though it is revealing a darker side to her personality. Despite her anger she does not raise her voice. All she is thinking of is how to kill the monster responsible. She particularly delights on a thought involving letting the guardian creature play around with him.

Pyralis: I can’t help but wonder what she’s thinking…
Since no-one has ever seen Tsunarmin so furious before, they can’t help but wonder at it…

(OOC: So… yeah. It is alright to approach Tsunarmin right now, but don’t expect much of a conversation.)

Sep 11, 2013 at 02:26AM EDT

After hearing Jubei’s words, Spark decides to follow what his heart wants: Seek the Balloon Master defeat and free every innocent citizen of this world. After a short speech in the Dinning Room, the heroes decide to head to the north. In South America, they find 6 Fog Supressors. The first two were destroyed by Assault’s squad and the last 4 are remain. One of them is in Brazil, in the middle of the jungle. Corpses start to appear as our heroes penetrate into the dephts of the jungle, what’s left of the Patriots after they decided to leave. Not a single animal is seen or heard..just..creepy laughter. This sounds EXTREMELLY familiar for those who had the unpleasant experience of fighting Hunters. The leaves start to move, footsteps are heard everywhere, three, four, probably a pack running in circles as Normandi lands. The soldiers are scared, half of them stays in the ship and the another half barely dares to walk, letting the heroes lead the group to the city. With the trees around, the infiltration is much easier for Assassin and the snipers barely had a chance to shoot something. Two problems: The ridiculous amount of helicopters and packs of Hunters appearing out of nowhere. The soldiers have a small advantage here since the BM used Hunters in Spark’ Earth too, they already know how the creatures behave and attack. This piece of information is obviously shared around for those who never saw a tripod monster jumping from the shadows and ready to pierce his teeth in the middle of your chest. Despite the lack of casualties, Hunters manage to leave something inside the intruders: Fear. The creepy laugh, the fact that they are mindslaved animals, the fact that they are forced to eat human flesh due to the lack of cactuses and plants they love, the fact that they are not even laughing, It’s a high pitched painful scream caused by starvation..Yeah, talk about disturbing stuff.

Finally, the Fog Supressor goes down and..“Damas y caballeros, los refuerzos han llegado a esta jungla interminable de la muerte.”
“Saluden a..”
“El Macho”

And so the BIG..BIG..BIIIIGGGG guys arrive to the party. Yes, that’s a FUCKING dinasour. Scientists strongly believe that in the future we will have the technology to extract and clone cells out of the bones of these dead titans. Of course, this happened already in Spark’s earth but saddly having a dinasour is a big responsibility since you will need to care of him, train him so he doesn’t eat your neighbor’s dog, brush those gigantic teeth, get a Dino license and go to the Dino Park every damn week. They are also quite expensive..This is not fair dude, I tried to buy a fucking Velociraptor and you know what the guy told me? “That’s 500 bucks, sir.” Dude, with that amount of money I can buy every hat from Team Fortress! Anyways, El Macho and a group of soldiers arrive. El Macho is, obviously, a boxer and a ex professional wrestler who retired after the “Wrecked Wolverine Wrestling Federation” fired him becouse he was “too realistic” for nowadays wrestling. El Macho’ squad are a specialized riot control team. All of them are wearing an advanced armor suit and their weapon of choice is a small but powerful handgun. They are relatively slow compared to Spark’s squad.
El Macho almost breaks Spark in half with a powerful bearhug of friendship.
It’s all about bearhugs until..

Veteran:….Tager…Who the hell is this guy?? Someone just stole my damn identity!
Menacing stare fight between two luchadors, quickly interrupted by Tager.

The next Fog Supressor is in Peru, La Paz. The whole country is under the BM’s control and our heroes are forced to fight their way until they arrive to La Paz. El Macho’ squad are quite useful against robots and cyborgs..Hell, even El Macho himself punched a cyborg’s head off. Hunters, Striders, Hunter Soldiers, the whole special units, everything is here. A few casualities which shows how much our heroes have improved as a team. I guess Jubei was right. Fighting Hunters and Striders at the same time was a painful much Meredith was forced to use her god like powers. At the end, citizens are free and the Fog Supressor is down. Helicopters and a single Omega Hunter can be seen from distance. Omega Hunters are spider like tanks with a pair of 5 mechanical legs making them formidable opponents to face. Speed, destructive power and the nasty ability to jump between buildings make them fearsome foes. Finally, a hole between two dimensions, a vortex in the sky, Da Vinci arrives.

Spark: People..just a small advice..This is not the Leonardo Da Vinci you are expecting. He is a great artist but as a normal person, he fails..a lot. Leo is your average grumpy old man, he hates people that have better arguments than him, he hates people that doubt his decissions or his authority and he reaally..reaaaally hates computer made music such as Dubstep. (sigh) If he says that a fish can fly, just nod and say a single “Yes”. If he says he is right, just nod and say “Indeed you are”, just don’t try to make him talk. If he starts to talk, call Support inmediatly becouse he is the only human able to understand Leo. If you are forced to exchange a few words with him, may God help you.

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci slowly comes out of his own personal ship which looks like something out of a Steampunk movie. Leo slowly orders a group of soldiers to carry his equipment as he looks around the place, disgusted by the destruction caused by a bunch of unprofessional brats. Scratching his chin, playing around with his own beard and thinking the vast excuses he could use to return to his “Inner Sanctum” and spend a few hours with his paint board until a revelation pierces through his complex mind with a new idea. 5 minutes of a akward silent moment as Leonardo is lost in his own thoughts and our heroes are wondering how much this is going to last. Ragna is about to explode, Natsu wants to scream, Reimu is bored to death and Doomguy wants to kill himself. Finally, Leonardo comes back to this reality and handshakes Spark and sends a distant “Hi” to everyone. He doesn’t even care. Flandre was about to say something but the old man just turned around and left, heading to Normandi.
A small discussion..“Are you serious Spark?”, “This isn’t the real Da Vinci right?”, “I want to punch his beard out of his face!”

OOC:I will be out for the rest of the day so feel free to react to the amount of stuff I just posted. Take your time don’t worry. Now if you excuse me, I have to read a endless pile of books. See ya guys!

Sep 11, 2013 at 09:57AM EDT

@part 1
The Order mages are not really used to combat with animals, so the hunters and dinosaurs do give them trouble… mostly. Tsunarmin just doesn’t really care about this, furiously blasting them out of the way with Whirlpools. She does retain enough sense to summon the guardian creature when the dinosaurs come, however. They say nothing to the newcomers in the end.

@part 2
At this point the Order mages are wordlessly working on a common strategy. The 6 melee-oriented ones in the group (Tahrdan, Pyralis, Noctan, Ignis, Tempestia, OYH) are surrounding the other 3. All of them except for the stand have Barriers up, and there is a lot of lightning flying around from 6 Lightning Storms. There is also the occasional Darkside and Tsunami… and punch from OYH. When it comes to the striders, they go for the legs. They KNOW they’re weak attackwise, so they try to incapacitate for the others to finish off. They, again, take no notice of the newcomer. The name is completely unfamiliar to them, as well.

While all that was happening, the Beastkiller clan is preparing to hunt down and destroy the bandits… and maybe acquire the means of copying their architecture (at Iblan’s suggestion.) There are going to be 10 raiding cavalry, 10 fire giants, 5 ulfsarks, Immolan, Suwako, Chaos and Tikal (she’s going as a scout) sent out, all headed up by the hero Contarius. Needless to say not everyone is happy with this arrangement.
Ulfsark: Why do we have to take orders from someone not of the clan?
Tikal: Why do we even have to fight?
Suwako: Why do I have to do the work of humans? It’s not going to be even challenging~
Immolan: Exactly. That’s why we’re going along. To ensure it’s not challenging. I’d also like to see this thing in action.
Immolan nods his head towards Chaos
Hero Contarius: Our orders are to find these bandits, and render them unable to do anything meaningful. Figuring out how to build their buildings and train their troops is going to be something beneficial, but not necessary. If we can do that, though… well, I saw the egyptians you have mining for you.
the raiding cavalry just stay in one spot, the fire giants briefly consider throwing a fireball at the contarius, the ulfsarks just look impatient, as does Immolan. Suwako, Chaos and Tikal don’t appear to want any part of the objectives, however.

Sep 11, 2013 at 12:51PM EDT

When Transcendence passed the star, the servants upon it were certainly noted…

This shield world is one of the most advanced constructs that exists throughout the omniverse. Carefully crafted by the Crows hand and filled with a selection of the Loyalists Conclave’s most skilled military leaders and soldiers. It’s true size, and population is still unknown, mainly because those who have faced it have been turned to ash.

But be warned….it isn’t a push over, and has NEVER lost…

It truly is a symbol of the Conclaves mortal might and will, a divine machine…

Meanwhile, within the inner functions of the AI’s mind that is The Superintendent…

Superintendent: Life detected. Nearby Star. Unknown loyalty status. Most unusual. Unable to shock out from FTL. Lack permission. Protocol does not allow warp interruption. Findings being relayed.

And so The Superintendents scannings were sent all the way back up the chain…..

Roger is once again sat in space, on his kushty stone slab, he’s been cheerfully watching a planet of Loyalists.

Roger: A nice fresh start for ‘em, anythings better than a planet full of radiation and toxins. I gave them some fancy equipment to start things up again too so there should be no problems settling in, especially knowing that I’m around to pull there little heads out of trouble.
Oswald appears behind Roger from a black mist
Oswald: My Lord.
Roger looks around and gives him thumbs up, Oswald bows
Roger: Hows it going Ozzy?
Oswald: I live to serve my Lord, that is my pleasure.
Roger: I take it you have something to say? or are you just coming to chill for a bit?
Oswald: A thousand apologies my Lord I have only a notice for thee.
Roger: Alright then, shoot….
Oswald: Ahem….The Greater Incarnation of Unyielding Transcendence has-
Roger: Picked up some signs of something on a nearby thing….Yeah I know…Yukari’s building a space ship with the help of that other fellows black blood experiments….and she has this star………….c’mere…
He motions at Oswald to get closer and he does so
Roger: I hear…everything…Oswald…..everything….I see…everything…….I have seen everything…..there is not a single thing within existence and outside of it that I do not know…..
And then he lightens up a bit
Roger: But I know you know that I know that, I’m not getting at you, infact I’m glad you still bother telling me.
Oswald:….Why my Lord, I perform my duty to the greatest extents of my given ability. For thee, exceptions are naught.
Roger: Maybe you should go see what they are upto….what this star business is all about. Offer Absolution too……one last thing, any offer is on the cards here….do me proud Ozzy.
Oswald breaks out into a bit of a cold sweat, the simple thought of failing his god is indescribable. But He easily overcomes this and returns to his usual self.
Oswald: Forwith my Lord.
Roger: That’s all Oz.
He gives a bow and vanishes from sight amongst a dark mist
Roger:…sigh…..oo! they’ve made a half decent little house!
Referring to the new inhabitants. He watches them like a kid over a worm farm
Roger: Maaan is Yukari gonna be pissed when Oswald turns up….haha…ha…hahaha…haahahaahahaaaaa, HHAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAHAHAAOOHOHOAHAHAHAHAOOOOOOooooooo….maybe not……
Then Roger has a change of thought (Me mainly but I didn’t wanna re-write this and anyway, makes for fun reading(?))
Roger: Yukari tried to kill me like 50 times over last time we met, I don’t want ol’ Ozzy gettin’ the stabby treatment!
He clicks his finger and Oswald is brought back to his side
Oswald: What bothers my Lord?
Roger: Second thoughts Oz, I’ll deal with it another way, don’t want you to get hurt out there….
Oswald: If my departures causes worry to my Lord I welcome your second thoughts.
Roger: Now sit down here, enjoy a little break with me.
Roger pats the cold rocky obsidian next to him. Oswald looks down at it for a moment before willingly sitting down next to his god.


Meanwhile a letter seems to materialize out of nowhere in front of Yukari, catching her site as it drifts down onto her lap

Sep 11, 2013 at 01:37PM EDT

OOC: Dear Tardises
First of all..There is a single dinosaur and he is on our side. It’s Skippy’ brother..Remember Skippy? C’mon, who doesn’t remember Skippy! He was Skull Face’ pet back when I sent a group of troops from Spark’ earth to help Lina against the Nightmare Medic.

Second..Dude, I suggest you start to educate your characters becouse the only thing I hear from your recent posts are:
I don’t understand this, and this and this.
What is this, this and this?
ORDER.EXE FOUND A ERROR. REBOOT INMEDIATLY. have to be one hell of a uncultured swine to not know about Leonardo fricking Da Vinci. I mean wow..they are a bunch of ignorant mages so far since they don’t know absolutly nothing about nothing itself. Also, Leo is supposed to be a complete douchebag to everyone but right now I see 5 douchebags who are joining him as well.
Some small notes to everyone:
Think of the amount of stuff your characters had to go through. Fighting your way to a city, lost in a jungle with Hunters, forced to wait for a old man, etc..
Now if you excuse me, tons of books to read. I will post / react in the night. Bye!

Sep 11, 2013 at 04:00PM EDT

@Time Skip:

Reimu and Marisa get though the whole thing by spamming away at their At Will Stuff and Low Leveled Spells with a good deal of trouble. The fact they are holding back is quite obvious to the rest of the members.


Yukari: “Ah, alright, lets-”


It materializes and Yukari opens up an air current to bring it back up to her hand.

Yukari: “Hoo boy. It’s not like I can totally guess who this is from.”

Yukari: “Nope. Can’t seem to find any blatantly obvious clue. Not a single one. Without a return address I am sooooooo lost as to guess who this letter may be a product of. This is what I hate about love letters.”

She flips it open

“Nice stationary though.”

She begins to read it

“To my mortal enemies in the pipe fixing business. It is with great pleasure that I announce that my children and I have seized control over your once fine estate and have taken your majesty hostage. My associates are holding her in the dungeons of one of my several commercial lounges. I challenge you to discover her location even if it means costing your lives!”

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Sep 11, 2013 at 04:06PM EDT

OOC: It’s the CHARACTERS who don’t know. duh. And I don’t recall any dinosaurs being in the thread before. Must have happened during the 2 months with no internet. Besides, how the hell do you expect a group with next to no experience of technology to know these things? Besides, none of them come from any version of Earth, so again, unsurprising for them to not know.

Sep 11, 2013 at 04:06PM EDT

Zarathh wrote:


Before Pesci can swing his knife at the Mad Dog’s heart, he charges a hand up with red energy.
Azrael: Scud…
He sends his fist flying at Pesci’s chest, crushing right through ribs and rendering his organs useless.
He releases a massive amount of energy right through Pesci through his fist, digging a good 10 feet into the ground as energy courses through Pesci’s body. The intense energy would melt Pesci from the inside out, and melt him down into a bloody pulp on the ground.

The Mad Dog stands victorious over the stand user as his heart goes back into his body magically. He gives off a grin at Pesci’s remains.

Azrael: Sniveling insect. You were barely worth a meal for me.
He laughs at his victory, standing triumphant in the arena.

as Pesci lives out his final moments in hell, he remembers his final moments alive. In fact, he’s delusioned to it. he thinks to himself.
Pesci: I-I’m back here again?
His death plays out.

(If you can’t see the pictures, Buccelatti places a bunch of zippers on pesci’s body, and unzips them all after a long barrage of punches.)

Maledict watches Pesci’s death, and is impressed with Azrael. The crowd is cheering.
Demons: AZ-RA-EL! AZ-RA-EL!
Maledict shushes the crowd, and speaks.
Maledict: You know, if he got your heart, you probably would have died. Either way, A promise is a promise.
A portal opens up in front of Azrael, leading into the Normandi.
Maledict: A one way ticket to a Mass Effect ripoff. Anyways, I have business to attend to.
In a flash, what remains of Pesci is gone, and Maledict is gone.

Meanwhile, most of the heroes are in a relatively glum mood, except for Doomguy, who is estatic. As the days go on, the heroes improve, and get back to their normal selves in time for the second mission. They are welcoming to the newcomers, if they find them a bit annoying. However, with all that they’ve been put through, they’re starting to get real pissed off.

Meanwhile, an audio message is sent to Crow.
Maledict: Dear whatever form The Omnipotent crow might be in, whether it be Pavel, Wander, Roger… Whatever.
We just wondered if you and us would like to go show some heretic motherfucker who’s boss around these parts. His Name is “The Balloon Master”. We know, silly, right? God, we have to stop referring to ourselves as a plural. Anyways, We were just wondering if you wanted to fuck this motherfucker’s shit up, like destroying a city or two.
-From the current devil of universe 1746392748-A, Maledict.

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Sep 11, 2013 at 04:21PM EDT


The letter reads….

Dear my dear Yukari

I noticed your building spaceships and stuff, and that your budging around stars….must be real hard work for you, and knowing that you and your little fairy people are doing this all by themselves really pains my heart to think about….sometimes I shed a tear or two at the thought alone…

And I heard that your on the lookout for some of those crystals, I just want to let you know that I’ve got them coming out of my ears over here….I have that many that I’ve filed a few down into little blocks to play Jenga…I even used one as a toilet bowl freshener….it just hurts me inside….knowing that you have no crystals…and that I have loads……it really hurts….I genuinely feel bad…..

But I want to help you out Yukari, I want to help you build you space station, I want to help fiddle around with that star….I just want to help….I am a nice person Yukari….as you can see from this heartfelt and tear inducing letter……..

If you accept this letter of apology I’ll be straight over, I’ll load up a stack of crystals, gather a legion of minions and bring over my highest grade star crafting tools….I’ll blow your socks off with how much help I’ll prove to be……just sign below…..right below this bit….on the dotted line…..your full name……well….below this bit now….VVVV….there look….

Barrels ’o love and respect, your very best buddy and friend

Roger AKA Crow

I accept your offer of aid, oh almighty Crow. Signed: ………..

By signing this document, you surrender both yourself, all who are loyal to you and all your assets under your possession unto The God Crow’s ever loving embrace. You will be automatically inducted into the faith of the Crow and politely expected to heed to The Crow as your superior and almighty true God. By extension you will receive the honorary Black Marks upon the backs of your hands as a physical display of your proud place within the Loyalist Conclave. This is to be treated as an act of absolution under the power of Oswald the Absolver.


Meanwhile Roger has been sat in space chilling out in the orbit of a Loyalist planet…
Roger: I’m an honest person though, a man who will truly stick to his word. It does grieve me dearly knowing that they are needing a little help. When I see my Loyalists struggling, I always lend a hand.
Roger is genuine, he WILL provide for those who follow him, it isn’t a shroud of manipulation. Anyway he feels a buzz in his trouser pocket…
Roger: Hm?
He reaches into his pocket and takes something out…

Roger: Voicemail eh?
He presses a few buttons
Roger: Friggin sausage fingers…
He’s having a bit of trouble with his old fat hands
Roger: sigh….
And then he thumbles it and nearly drops the thing, luckily getting it back into his hands before he destroys the planet below
Roger: Right okay here we go…
Maledicts audio message plays out…
Roger: Ah….universe 1746392748-A….the blacklisted place….Mobius….the place that’s next on Transcendences hit list….but that ship is taking a hell of a long time to arrive….hmmm…
He decides to send a voice message back to his ally
Roger: I always have time to rid heretics from the plane of existence my demon friend…This will also allow Transcendence to make short work of it and quickly be on its way………we raze as many cities as possible and kill as many heretics as possible, anyone who dares to oppose this holiest of conqeusts shall be reduced to ash. The deal is this. You can take the heretic filth’s souls and I have a fresh new world to glass over and reset. That place has been thorn in my ass for too long Maledict. I’m sending some of my most proud warriors this moment, I’ll have them meet up with yours and then the games can begin…..I think I’ll name today……Judgement Day….
He ends the voice message and goes back to peacefully watching his planet

(OOC: They will arrive tomorrow by the way. Just a further note, to prevent confusion, it is only a very small amount of people arriving. not the Shield World)

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Sep 11, 2013 at 05:46PM EDT

Maledict receives his voice message loud and clear. He creates a response message.
Maledict; To The God Crow:
This shall be excellent… We shall go ourselves, along with our 6 top operatives. Of course, if you want to have something done, you’ve gotta do it yourself. We’re ready when you are. All you have to do is get on the planet. We’ll teleport in then. Also, be careful If you can’t get around the things designed to stop teleportation, we’’re going to have to teleport into the rebel bases. And that would most likely be a bad thing.

Sep 11, 2013 at 06:16PM EDT

Part 1

In the jungles, Ragna was on top guard from all the rumors of the Hunters that the soldiers had spread around and how about deadly they were. He didn’t think that they would be a big deal for him, but ooooh boy was he wrong. The Grim Reaper is one of the first to get off the ship. He stayed cautious as ever as he entered the forest along with everyone else, ever quiet except for the occasional scream of “HUNTER!” coming from him. He worked well with the others to take down quite a few of the beasts, but he didn’t let his fear get the best of him as he fought valiantly. Due to him being in close range, however, he got hit by their blades quite a few times but healed himself with their life. Despite this, Jubei taught Ragna how to outsmart his opponent, and that is exactly what he did with the Hunters. He outsmarted the beasties and came out victorious with his life and their life force. Ragna isn’t one to show off his fear or emotions in general to other people except those he cares for. When El Macho and Skippy’s brother arrive, he could care less about the wrestler and just stared at the fact that there is an actual dinosaur here. He would have given El Macho a usual “Hey, what’s up? Name’s Ragna.” greeting after he shook his head to the fact there was a dinosaur right there.

Nu goes in the jungle with no fears, no regrets, and no holding back. Her robotic and emotionless side takes over her fighting, analyzing the Hunter’s very movements to take them down effectively without them laying a single appendage on her. She was probably the most effective in this team. The Murakumo Unit felt nothing through this entire ordeal; only wanting to protect Ragna, which she did several times. When it comes to introducing herself to the new comrades she states what Unit number she is, along with what she is. She doesn’t care much for the dinosaur that appeared alongside El Macho either.

As Hakumen got off the craft to be dispatched into the jungle, he was probably the most fearsome thing in there next to Nu. Hakumen felt no fear facing the Hunters, but some remorse for what they actually were. The White Knight is skilled with his blade to have taken the fléchette shots fired at him down from the air. Whenever a Hunter ambushed Hakumen from the shadows, his eyes caught hold of their attempt. He countered their advance with a well placed Zanshin that would have caused the attack to be stopped and all the force they put into their attack to go right back into them, along with a massive punch from Hakumen that sent them back into the forest. He also would have protected the other soldiers and members of the team to the best of his abilities. When they take down the Suppressor, and when help arrives, Hakumen greets the newcomers and introduces himself to El Macho as Hakumen. He sees the dinosaur and merely chuckles at it.

Jin keeps mostly quiet as he enters the jungle with the others. He is in the same predicament as Ragna, however. He needs to be close to his enemies to attack, and that ended up in him getting cut up before realizing their intelligence levels and outsmarting them. Mr. Hero is one not to show fear, but he could have possibly been effected by this experience too. Who knows what goes on in his mind… However, with strong willpower, he did not give up as he fought on through the jungle. He felt it was the right thing, freeing the mind slaved animals from their bindings. When El Macho and his boys come along, Jin greets himself to the Macho man and asks what all El Macho can do for them. He doesn’t seem particularly interested in the dinosaur either, only taking a glance at it on the outside, but on the inside he is quite impressed that they have a dinosaur here.

Tager worked with Veteran to dispatch the Hunters. The duo of death prevailed in the end, but Tager’s size was his downfall. He was a big target for sneak attacks that the Veteran managed to defend him from, and vice versa. The two are like a match made in heaven for a team; back breakers, pile drives, and heavy punches… That’s what they do best. The Red Devil proceeded with his mission as he does all the others: Reaching the objective. He didn’t seem to let his fear get in the way, but he feels sad for the soldiers that lost their lives that day and how he managed to protect a few of them from the savage Hunters of the Balloon Master. As El Macho arrives, Tager can immediately tell that there will be a rivalry between the Vet and the newcomer. He breaks up what could turn into a never-ending fight, and then introduces himself to El Macho. After he introduces himself to El Macho, he inquires about how they have a dinosaur here and all the other good things. Tager is most interested in how they brought it back from the dead through science.

Flandre was being careful through the jungle, just like Reimu and Marisa. She hasn’t used any spell cards, and just kept firing the red crystals at the Hunters. She wasn’t scared, but in fact she was having fun fighting them. Everyone can tell she was holding back though. She also managed to protect Fairy Tail a good deal from the Hunters with advanced strength and senses.

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Part 2,

Everything is different in the city, however…

When Ragna arrived to the city, he was assigned to go for the big groups of troops to compliment his powers. Knowing how good he is with crowd control, he snuck around with his invisibility Ars to look for the best spot for an ambush with an entire team of soldiers following him. Finding a large group of cyborgs and robots, this was his chance. Ragna was near invincible the entire time he was fighting the massive group of cyborgs and bots. The soldiers did what soldiers do, getting behind cover and aiding Ragna as he slaughtered the cyborgs and robots. For every hit he took from them he gained the health right back due to his Drive, Soul Eater. Purple mist and Black Beast parts could be seen in the crowd as Ragna sliced and diced his way through it. He was doing just fine until a stray blast from a Strider he hadn’t noticed before blew him into a wall, and blew away the entire squad of soldiers before his very eyes. He landed against the wall of a building with a sickening “THUD” and a Ragna-shaped hole to accompany that noise. At that very moment is when a pack of Hunters and Hunter Soldiers came and were about ready to pounce on Ragna and tear him limb from limb. He got out of the hole and stood up, but he knew that he would need help and there was no one else around. The Strider charged up another shot, but was interrupted by a wave of godly energy coming from Meredith that saved his life by destroying all his opposition. He looked up at her and smiled a bit, but he then looked at what remained of his soldiers. He felt sorry for their deaths of dying to aid him.

Nu was busy distracting a group of Hunters from injured soldiers as they tried to retreat from the terrifying abominations. The Hunters pounced at her, but she avoided them. They shot their flechette at her, but she shot swords back at them. The fight wasn’t ending. It was all going well for her until a Hunter got the upper hand and stabbed her through the back and grounded her. The Murakumo Unit lay there on the ground, repairing herself from the inside. But then she was hit with another stab… and another… and another… Things weren’t looking so good for her, but the very next moment was the moment Meredith released her god powers and destroyed all the Hunters that were attacking her so she could repair herself without any interruptions. It was a mere few seconds before the Murakumo Unit was up off the ground again, ready to get back to work and destroy what opposed her.

Hakumen took a risky route. He went by himself through the buildings to get the upper hand on a Strider who was terrorizing a group of soldiers. In the building he encountered many cyborgs in the building, but with his expertise he dispatched the majority of them without any issues. He used Zanshin to counter their advances with their physical attacks, and sped around the room dodging their gunfire before slicing them in-two with perfectly placed slices. After the cyborgs were dealt with, Hakumen went up to the top of the roof to get the jump on the Strider. The White Knight makes a leap across the gap of the building, and ultimately lands on top of the Strider. Hakumen would then stab the Strider through the armor on its back as it writhed around to shake the pesky thing on top of it off. However Hakumen stood his ground, and stabbed all the way through the Strider before jumping off of it and the giant sytnth falling over out of commission. He would continue to help fight with his squad until it was over.

Jin had been separated from his squad. No matter… There were no Striders or Hunters around right now, so he kept trying to find his team. Then all of the sudden… BAM SLASHERS MOTHERFUCKER. These things came out of nowhere as Jin was forced to draw Yukianesa. A group of 6 attacked him all at once. The Major clashed swords with them, anticipating their every move. He tried to freeze a few of them solid with Yukianesa, but that only worked on two before the other 4 caught onto his tactic. It was a brutal fight for all of them. He had taken down two other slashers before a group of 10 more came into play. No matter what they threw at him, Jin fought back. Tenacious bastard, isn’t he? More groups of increasing numbers kept coming as he downed more and more of them. Wounded, slashed, pierced all over, Jin still fought against the ever-increasing hordes of Slashers. He thought he was going to lose as they just kept coming… But then… Meredith released her godly powers, blowing all of them away. He was very thankful for this, but was still scared about the fact that he would have died if it wasn’t for her.

Tager and Veteran were paired up in a team. Their objective was to take down a patrol of cyborgs. The duo of death got to the cyborgs after fighting through loads of heavy robots. The Vet was wounded, but still did his best to fight. They got in position to take them down… Then all of the sudden a Strider burst up from a pile of rubble. An unexpected turn of events for the team. Tager was on the balcony of a nearby vuilding as The Vet was on the ground. With him still being on the ground, he distracted the Strider while Tager jumped out from the balcony. The Strider immediately noticed him and began firing, but Tager was too fast for it, the behemoth grabbing the “head” of the Strider and hanging onto it. With one swift motion, the Strider whipped Tager into a building. The Strider spits up a foul liquid onto the ground and Tager lay in a pile of rubble… The Strider then quickly ran over to Tager, and attempted to impale him with one of its legs. However, the Red Devil rolled out of the way of the Strider’s attack. It used the same tactic again, but Tager dodged it again. The two stare each other down with a death stare that seemed to pierce the very air. The Veteran would have called for backup and they would have arrived by now. The Strider then rushed at Tager again, attempting to stab him. Tager rolled out of the way, and punched the leg with a powerful punch to knock the Strider off balance. He then backed up a few meters and did something none of the soldiers nor the Veteran would have expected to see before… He jumped at the Strider and tackled it into a building before climbing on top of it. Climbing on top of a Strider? Madness. Not for the Red Devil. He then smashed his giant hands down onto the top of the Strider before pulling a piece of its armor off and tossing it to the side like it was nothing as a vile liquid spurt out from it. He then pulls another piece of armor from the Strider, causing it to lose its balance and fall over, taking Tager with it. He lands on hands and knees as the Strider collapses behind him. This man has just done the impossible in their eyes…

Flandre was with Juvia and Gray the entire time, basically acting like an overwatch for them. She distracted Striders and snipers for them so they could move on safely, using red crystals to take them out.


Ragna doesn’t want to listen to an old man, but the fact that he is this kind of old man irked him even more… They made him wait for 5 minutes just for him to walk away from them.
Ragna: Damned old man…
He turns to Spark.
Ragna: Are you serious? Will we just have Support be a translator or something if this happens every time he is around? We risked our asses and you brought him in… Not even going to tell us “good job” or anything?

Nu doesn’t have too much to say on the matter of Leo. She keeps to herself and close to Ragna after the city is cleared.

Tager would have tried to introduce himself to Leo, but that ended up with Leo not responding and just making an old man noise before resuming his own thoughts. He walks over to the Veteran, not really knowing what to say.

Hakumen would have kept as silent as the old man. He stands there with arms crossed and Ookami on his back not saying a word.

Jin looks a bit pissed off at Leo for doing what he’s done. He wants to let his urges take over, but realizes that would be a bad idea. The Major stays as silent as Hakumen does.

Flandre would have tried to initiate a conversation with him, but he just walked off. Saddened by someone not wanting to talk to her, she sulks back over to Juvia and Gray.
Gray… Will you hold me?
She just looks up at him with big red eyes.


As Azrael enters the portal, Maledict’s coordinates were off. HE ends up back in the city of Magnolia in a dark alley.
Azrael: Hmph… This place.. What is it?
He walks out from the shadows of the alley and into the bright sunlight of Magnolia, beginning to explore the town.

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Ah, and I see things are progressing well in this thread without me.

Quick question: what has become of my forces while I’ve been out and about?

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OOC: I’m afraid you’ll have to elaborate, fellow conqueror of worlds. I’ve been away for quite some time.

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OOC: Atom sized insects devoured everything that didn’t belonged to me…except the countless Desperado headquarters around planet for some reason. And with this, I’m out for today, Goodnight

Sep 11, 2013 at 10:39PM EDT


Ah, well. I suppose that is a just consequence for my prolonged absence.

Farewell, Balloon Master. And may your dreams be laced with rottenness and mischief that even I would envy.

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normandy before part one.
Fairy Tail has still been through hell. never had they been through such a horror. but after some time of recollection and with sparks speech after he spoke with jubei. they somehow manage to recollect themselves and return to a close to their truer selves. they need a friendly reminder to remember why they are fighting this war. they know that there things they need to prepare themselves for, despite how bad it may be. they are in a much better mood than they were before, despite all that they witnessed. and with that they prepare themselves to take on the balloon masters forces and take down the next suppressors.

@part 1
the jungles were brutal for the young wizards. fear of the unknown, not knowing what was hiding behind each tree or bush. the teams split up to cover more ground and to be more hidden from the enemies. they all used their magics to take out the enemies without causing an alarm. when they got to the heavily defended fog suppressor, they went all out and and brought the fight to the enemy. using all of the kills they honed in sparks training and from their first battle. hunters and cyborg fell before them one after the other. when the heavy reinforcements arrived, they all separated and foight in various areas in the jungle. despite the overwhelming number of foes, fairy tail did not yield when they confronted the enemy forces controlling the area. they allfought with their heart, doing everything they can saving the people mindslaved by the balloon masters. once the suppressor was destroyed and sparks reinforcements arrived. they all felt more like they should be, celebrating a victory over the balloon master. they are in a higher mood because they did a better job and were able to keep their mind on their composure. with the area liberated and the citizens freed, they go back on board the normandy for the next tower. but not before meeting sparks new friends and the pet dinosaur. some are scared, some are astonished by seeing such a creature. and natsu succumbed to motion sickness after attempting to go for a ride on its back. luckily no harm was brought to him or anyone.

@part 2
Fairy tail was separated in different areas if the city, fighting through seemingly endless waves of the Balloon masters forces. some took to the war torn streets fighting off striders and cyborgs while others took to inside many buildings, clearing them up to make way for the forces going through the streets. some of them just decimated the small building packed full of the enemy forces hiding in them. of course they made it top priority to spare the troops who were mindslaved and protect the civilians around the city. slowly and slowly they cleared the city block by block, section by section. though by the time the fog suppressor was destroyed, they are all ouf of magic power, completely exhausted by all of the fighting they did over time. they all manage to regroup by spark and da vinci’s ship. they look very beaten up and with some minor cuts and bruises here and there. some are being shouldered by others. but over all they are okay, and their spirits are as they should be knowing that civilians were spared in all of this.

@da vinci
some of them have mixed feelings over da vinci, not good ones anyway. some of them just walk away before succumbing to madness. some of them just ignore his bantering, while some however are rustled beyond relief. never had they met such an irritating and mind numbingly stupid person in their lives. his rantings and beliefs are too much for fairy tails sanity. some just want to punch his moustche off while some want to burn him to a crisp. they still manage to keep their composure in all of this and just try and recover from their injuries in the fight and their magic energy.

OOC: id wish i had made them longer, but its too much for me at this time.

medusa reads the letter as well and walks over and sits by tukari right before taking the letter out of her hands as she pulls out a pen

Medusa: well well, he wishes to make us an offer by giving us all the emeralds we need for our plan to work. dont mind if i send a respose to his generous offer dont you yukari?

she opens up the pen and writes a response on the back side of the letter were it is blank

“dear Roger or Crow, whatever the hell you call your self”

“go fuck yourself, and dont contact us again.”

“sincerely, every living being that exists.”

she is about to put the letter back in but realizes she forgot one important thing

she opens it back up quickly

“oh and P.S.”

medusa makes a light hoarking noise and spits in the middle of the letter right before putting it back in the envelope. she then opens up a boundary portal of her own and she whips the letter out and sends it flying to some region in the vast universe. she doesn’t care where it its.

Medusa: egotistical asshole. who the hell does he think he is. like he doesnt have enough mindless idiots bending over to his will. such an insufferable being doesnt deserve to live, he claims to create everything that exists, including free will, but expects people to worship him mindlessly, talk about double standards. besides, stealing the emeralds sounds like much more fun. now were was i before our rude interruption? oh yes thats it. there are just a couple things that i would like to know more about you and all of this boundary business of yours. its not every day i get to meet someone as interesting as the god of madness asura. so tell me, how did it come to this for you? if you dont mind me asking. we have lots of time to kill before we actually need to capture the chaos emeralds we need.

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“Countless Desperado headquarters”….There was just 1, everybody knows that…..


Meanwhile somewhere upon Mobius, inside of a base that is out of the reach of the remaining suppressors….

A massive figure appears inside of one of the mustering halls, nobody noticed it appear until its huge shadow catches their attention. It doesn’t say a word and instead remains still still….and then, when it couldn’t get any worse….

A second figure appears above the 1st upon a balcony, more slim and clad in golden armour….it leaps over the hand railing…

The bigger one swings its COLOSSAL hammer from off the ground and into its firm grip, the other lands daintily by its side……the two knights stand there, facing down the rebel soldiers who are speechless at the sight….

Dragon Slayer Ornstein
Standing in at a very tall height of around 11 foot is the Captain of the guard of the Four Knights of Gwyn and renown slayer of dragons from his home planet. A world of which is ruled by gods and sorcery who have long ago submitted to the Crow and have been freely left to rule over their dominions happily unaffected. Ornstein is an honourable and custom bound knight who has a high sense of will and loyalty, he was given the title of Dragon Slayer long ago due to his very high kill count of the winged beasts, because of his ability to kill such creatures he has earned upmost respect within his home kingdom. He holds the custom Dragon Slayer Spear, his own personal weapon that is imbued with the strength of lighting itself. It has been said that via the use of this spear, Ornstein is capable of slicing solid rock in half. However even with all his honour and godlike glory he will perform his duty to the word giving no matter of the morality of the situation…for all we know he might not even be human under that golden armour
“Quick and agile, Ornstein is opposite of his partner Smough attacking with leaps, thrusts, large arcing sweeps and shooting bolts of electricity from his spear. "

Executioner Smough
A MASSIVE man that wields a GIGANTIC and solid ultra-great-hammer. He stands at well over 15 foot and is easily the size of a small house, his hammer head alone being about the size of a van. Smough is the Royal Executioner of the kingdom he hails from that is upon his home world, He longed to be ranked with the Four Knights, but his cruelty…..including using his victim’s bone as his food’s seasoning, forever denied the position. However, even though he isn’t apart of the knights, he enjoys serving alongside Ornstein, believing that they make the perfect duo. His strength is unmatched and his hammer swings are fully capable of destroying buildings and anything that stands in his way.
“Large, strong and surprisingly mobile, Smough takes advantage of his size (and the size of his hammer) to cause devastating damage to anything caught within his reach.”

Dragon Slayer Ornstein is fast and nimble, often skidding around the battlefield and killing his enemies swiftly with his slayer spear. he is quick to react and a noble fighter. There is no dirty fighting tactics when it comes to this “man”

Executioner Smough on the other hand is slow but incredibly powerful, he takes up the role of heavy support, often pressing the pressure on the enemies whilst Ornstein picks them off unawares. He is slow to react but his attacks cover a very wide area. This guy is all about brutal and extremely destructive tactics, take your attention off him for one moment and you will be reduced to paste. Additionally his armour is incredibly thick and fashioned by the Royal blacksmiths of his kingdom, it wont break from petty bullets, same goes for Ornstein although his armour is noticeably thinner…

The slaughter begins… cut it short, the room is cleared within seconds, people mashed up the walls and the whole place smashed to pieces….after they are done, they await there demon allies arrival whilst stood in a field of blood and corpses….


As Nirvana makes her way down towards the lever, the lighting in front of her goes out, cutting her path into a dead end of darkness, then…a figure emerges in front of her…slowly walking forward….

Insane, strong, quick, determined, unforgiving, unstoppable and loyal are a few words you would use to describe this unhinged giant of a man. Due to his close proximity, Nirvana now realizes that the music from earlier seemed to be coming from him, meaning he pretty much is a mobile music box.

Cromwell is the official warden and head of security of Persephone Prison, aswell as the right hand man of the Governor himself and presumably…his son, but this is only strict rumour….not much else is known about him other than this…after all, the prison is a place of mystery and whispers… will just have to find out what he is capable of first hand…..make history…

He stops in front of Nirvana and stares down at her, although his face can’t be seen due to it being covered by a visor like screen…..he doesn’t move and doesn’t seem to have anything to say….his mind is blank.


Upon placing the letter back within the envelope a little bit of vengeance takes place, it melts in her hands….causing some serious pain to Medusa. After all, the letter was addressed to Yukari, and the Crow sure does hate having his mail read by others….


Another letter appears in front of Yukari, identical to the last.

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Which one of these words sounds familiar to you? According to our employees, the last one is some sort of sin to you and your own group of..benefactors. Once again you are inserting yourself in our own personal cornfield, not getting to correct meaning of “property damage” and “unforenseen consequences”…My my..what a persistent pidgeon..
Turning your head and pretending that in the near future this cosmic society will allow you to execute every kind of order you want is a childish dream which will stay as a dream as long as my superiors wish to..You can always use the suggestion box…We might consider your words..
I will take the liberty of getting rid of these pair of unimportant pawns you decided to sent without any kind of authorization. Refrain from repeating such an actions in the future or you might get your little beak stuck..don’t let the madness consume you..

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While these basically omnipotent forces duke it out, on the mortal plane a group of bandits is about to come under attack at their main base…

Man in Ballista Tower: WE’VE GOT INCOMING!
Priest: Can you identify the forces?
Man in Ballista Tower: They bear the colours of that Norse clan that attacked one of our mining camps. But they aren’t all Norse. I see 5 of that clan’s infantry, 10 of their cavalry, 10 fire giants – You’d best get the other priests together for those, an Atlantean cavalry of all things, and I cannot identify the last four…
The man in the tower does not know what to make of Tikal, so does not count her among the incoming.
The nearest bandits proceed to arrange that. The phoenixes fly out to harass the attackers. The bandits do not know that there are actually 12 attackers who can fight back, not just 10.
Man in ballista tower: Why are those giants not attacking the phoenixes?
He is about to learn the answer to that question.
Hero Contarius: Keep those giants focused on the walls, they’re the only siege-type thing we’re using.
Ulfsark: But what about these fire bird things?
Hero Contarius: We’ll just have to deal with them somehow…
Suwako: Let the gods show you lot how it’s done~.
Suwako takes to the air, she’s…. flapping her arms?
Immolan: …Really? You expect to kill them with that? Let me show you how it’s done.
Immolan wastes no time to cast Whirlpool on some of the phoenixes. Being Mythic Age units, they survive.
Raiding Cavalry: That didn’t seem to do much…
Suddenly a jet of water rises up beside the raiding cavalry that just said that. The jet of water rises up, passing straight through some phoenixes, to Suwako’s feet. Two phoenixes turn into eggs
(OOC: Phoenixes can turn into eggs on death, but need to be ‘retrained’ from the eggs before they are destroyed to revive. They can only do this once per phoenix.)
Man in Ballista Tower: It’s no good. They don’t need the giants to attack our phoenixes. What ARE those two, I wonder?
The spearmen charge out of the gates in an attempt to kill the cavalry. One of them quite stupidly waste time trying to stick his spear through Tikal. Upon contact…
Tikal: AHHHHH!
Spearman: This ball of light feels pain. It must be a scout for them. KILL I-
Before he can finish his sentence, he learns why it was a bad idea to attack Tikal. The way he finds out comes in the form of Chaos’ fist right through his skull.
Hero Contarius: What the- What IS this thing?
Chaos proceeds to roar, a high pitched sound that confuses the bandit spearmen, and proceeds to go on the offensive. Even without any Emeralds, he’s still more than a match for the spearmen.
Ulfsark: It appears water is more effective than fire…
Chariot Archers proceed to follow these orders, and try to rain arrows down upon Chaos. The only ones that even scratch him are the ones that pierce his head – He is in his humanoid form, so his brain is a weak spot. *
Suwako: Let’s not leave all the fun to Chaos. Mishagujiiii~…
*The white snakes that are the Mishaguji rise up out of the ground at Suwako’s command.

Suwako: Curse anyone who opposes us! They will learn not to raise weapons at the gods! Scourge God “Mishaguchi-sama”!
Upon declaring the spellcard she slams her hands to the ground, releasing a black circle. This circle travels along the ground, ignoring her allies and catching an unfortunate Scarab that was trying to be a meat shield. The circle at the same time catches 10 chariot archers as it passes the gate. The Mishaguji then rise up from this circle, and everything turns pitch black. Mere seconds later there are only corpses where once there were bandit units, and vision is returned.
(OOC: This is pretty much her most powerful spellcard in Hisoutensoku. With the right conditions it can deplete a full health bar.)
Immolan: Okay, I’ll find that one hard to top. But I’m going to try anyway! EAT THIS, BANDITS. RAGING INFERNO!*
A fire glyph appears at Immolan’s feet and the head of his spear starts to glow. The spell is cast right on the gate, which ends up severely cracked as well as the surrounding sections of wall. There are also 5 dead priests nearby. At this point they remember about the fire giants, which have been under attack from the priests. One of them proceeds to die, shrinking to nothing as this happens.
Three of the four fighters who are not Norse in origin proceed to all become prime targets. Suwako gets out one of her iron rings to block incoming attacks and Immolan casts Barrier on himself. Chaos still pushes on, entering the bandit base as fireballs from the giants finish the job that Immolan started.

Sahure: I think we may have to talk with them jsut to avoid being utterly wiped out.
(OOC: That is a randomly generated Pharaoh name.)
Laborer: To the other laborers on the farms (Should we try to get out of here? These attackers may kill us!)
Camelry: Too late, those three are already comi-
cue Chaos’ fist through the camelry’s head. The camel just stands there after the rider falls off dead.
Sahure: Alright, what do you want?
Hero Contarius: The Beastkiller clan wants to ensure you are no threat to them.
Suwako: We were also asked to try and figure out how to build your style of building~
Immolan: It’s simple. Disband your armies and turn your workers over to us, or die.
Sahure: I see I have no choice here.
Laborer: Let’s go!
The laborers as a single group head right into the group of Raiding Cavalry.
Laborer; We’ll show you how to build Egyptian buildings and train Egyptian troops as long as you can protect us.
Raiding Cavalry: We’ll be escorting these laborers back to the base.
Immolan: Report a success to Iblan.
Suwako: I’ll come with you.
Immolan: I’ll join you later, I just have one thing to sort out first.
Immolan turns to Tikal, his spear glows with a white light as a light glyph appears at his feet.
Tikal: What are you planning to do!?
Immolan: This.
He proceeds to cast Heal on her. While his back is turned to do this, Sahure proceeds to bring in 30 War Elephants. He wasn’t being sincere, he’s just taking advantage of the moment.
Tikal: LOOK OUT!
Immolan turns just in time to see an elephant bearing down upon him. And being pushed back by Chaos.
Upon saying this he calls forth 15 crocodiles, which move towards the group of 4 that are in the area.
(OOC: Set allows Pharaohs to summon animals, as well as allowing priests to convert wild animals. They’re no substitute for proper troops, but they are good in an emergency, and can be killed via the delete key to provide extra food if summoned.)
Hero Contarius: Right, how are we supposed to handle THIS!?
Immolan: We retreat, and get the gods to help us fight them off!
The Atlantean, the mage, the mutated chao (Chaos) and the echidna spirit (Tikal) proceed to flee the bandit base. They have acheived the objective of acquiring the means of building the egyptian buildings, at least.

Sep 12, 2013 at 06:22PM EDT

Reimu and Marisa relax while mentally preparing themselfs for the upcoming battle

My tea is gone…

“I thought you placed it right there. Did you drop the tray?”

You would of heard the tray crash on the ground dummy!

“Relax, just go get some more tea then.”


“Not like you where in any considerable danger right there.”

She pockets the letter in her sleeve.

“Writing Yakumo Yukari on there would cause nothing. Once you think about it, it’s not that hard to figure out.”

She sits down

“It’s actually been a very long time since I have used my real name. Ma… Mari? Not Marisa good heavens no.”

Suddenly cup of tea out of nowhere

“But yes. I do distinctly remember at some point only being able to perceive. Not to Manipulate. In that time my friend and I discovered a dream world so realistic it really wasn’t a dream at all. It was just a reality split. Anything that couldn’t be explained was sent to the other side.”

“Like me with my powers. Though there was a horrible accident regarding Time. I think my younger self is running around someplace by now.”

Sep 12, 2013 at 09:18PM EDT

@Reimu and Marisa,

Ragna is busy eating a steak where Reimu and Marisa are. He snuck off and made it for himself. He can cook better than a 5-star cook, so this steak smells delicious.
Ragna: Ha. Sucks to be you.
He takes a bite of his steak and swallows after chewing it. He then looks back up at the two girls.
Ragna: Did you two feel that presence earlier? Nothing that we couldn’t handle, but it just came outta nowhere. After a few seconds it just kinda vanished. Weird.
He reaches for a soft drink on a nearby table, taking his eyes off his meal.


Azrael has made his way around Magnolia, just walking. He hasn’t come across anyone that would last in a fight against him. He then spots a heavily muscled man at a peculiar building with the name of “Fairy Tail” on it. The Mad Dog takes interest and starts to make his way towards Elfman with both his hands in his pockets. Elfman can see a multitude of tattoos all over Azrael’s body, along with the fact that his eyes are red. He is also quite well muscled.

Sep 12, 2013 at 09:33PM EDT


Don’t make me kick you…

“Nah, didn’t feel anything. Must have been your imagination.”

As soon as Ragna looks back down at his plate, it’s gone. The plate, the steak, the utensils, even the napkin on his lap is gone.

Yukari is suddenly eating a place of steak

“Woah! This is delicious. Sorry, but I haven’t eaten in a few weeks.”

Last edited Sep 12, 2013 at 09:42PM EDT
Sep 12, 2013 at 09:37PM EDT

@Marisa and Reimu,

Ragna suddenly looks back down at his lap, to see his steak gone. He also notices his utensils are gone. Even his napkin vanished from thin air.
Ragna: What? How the hell…
He suddenly gets that pissed off look on his face, and gets a bit angered. He then gets up and throws a hand out with an epic point.

Ragna: Alright! Which one of you bastards stole my steak right out from under my damn nose? If ya speak up I won’t be forced to use my other measures of finding out who stole it.
He looks over at Marisa and Reimu.
Ragna: Was it one of you two? Spit it out!

Last edited Sep 12, 2013 at 09:52PM EDT
Sep 12, 2013 at 09:51PM EDT

Reimu sighs

It was probably Marisa.

“No it wasn’t! Do my pockets look filled to the brim with steak?”

You steal shit all the time! You still have like 5 of Patacholi’s books in your petticoat alone!"

Reimu pull up Marisa’s skirt and a 5 books, 3 boxes of Apple Juice, a Game Boy, Old Man Sam’s Wallet, and a few boxes of chocolate fall down. Also giving anyone in the room a free panty shot.

“Any steak there? Nope. Wasn’t me.”

Last edited Sep 12, 2013 at 10:14PM EDT
Sep 12, 2013 at 09:56PM EDT

medusa quickly notices the heat from the letter and throws it away before getting burns

medusa: goddamn that stupid pigeon god. i swear im going to make him pay.

after hearing yukaris story and her sudden stealing of a steak and tea. medusa decides to get something to eat.

medusa: understandable. i suppose now is a good time to order take out.

one of her boundaries open up to were the heroes are


everyone is waiting around and enjoying their meals with everyone else. they are recovering from their ordeals. lots of food had been prepared for them as they rest. everything is going all well before suddenly natsu begins to go in a fit of rage.


Everyone is freaking out about about his sudden reaction.

lucy: natsu, whats wrong what happened?

natsu is in rage


gajeel: well it wasnt me *he says as hes munching on metal.

gray: you probably ate it already. you eat so much that your stupid head didnt remember.

juvia: well we dont know what happened to them. maybe somebody took them while you were away.

natsu: thats what i was thinking. i left to use the washroom quickly and when i came back, they were gone! IT WAS PROBABLY YOU GRAY, I SAW YOU LOOKING AT THEM.








erza has had enough of them and smacks them both to the ground

erza: natsu, gray didnt take your food. get some more if you need to and cook it again. gray stop pissing off natsu.

gray and natsu: okay.

erza returns to her spot were she has a cake box next to her.

erza: jeez, cant even have a slice of cake in peace with these people…… huh…

when she opens up the box, the cake strawberry cake is gone, as well as her plate and utensils.

erza drops the box on the ground.

an aura of darkness can be seen around her

mirajane: uh, erza is something the matter?

erza turns around and has the look of evil all across her face that is so terrifying that everyone around can feel it in the air as she speaks

Erza: who stole my strawberry cake?

everyone is in shock, they all know what happens when something comes between erza and her desserts. this time, the whole cake is gone for some unknown reason. heads shall roll.

@back to yukary
medusa had acquired a rack of barbecue mutton chops fresh from a fire of a fire dragon, two large plates, a bottle ice cold water, and a strawberry cake with only a slice missing

medusa: there, now this is a feast. some fresh met, a cold drink, and some nice dessert to top it all of. oh how i love these new found powers you taught me. they are just so useful in endless amount of ways. she bites into one of the chops. its flavor is beyond anything medusa has tasted. oh my, these are delectable, you definitely need to try these. the meat is just perfectly cooked and it is just fall off the bone tender and juicy these kids sure know how to cook. we should do this more often, dinner and a show.she says as she sees the squabbling of the fairy tail members after stealing there food.

medusa finishes one of the chops and paces the bone on an empty plate and cuts out another chop for her and yukari to enjoy. theres plenty left

medusa: so tell me yukari, what is it that you think about the kishin Asura? ive studied him for the longest time, and i believe that he is the key that will truly free humanity of their weaknesses and bring them to the next step in their evolution. she bites into another chop dammit these are good.

when he walks into the guild hall, it is filled with various wizards. most of them are the original members. the rest are rescent inductees. the hall is in a cheery mood as food and drinks are served around. elfman is with his sister lisanna by the job request board looking for a mission to take on.

lisanna: oh. well hello mister. welcome to Fairy Tail. im lisanna.

Elfman: im Elfman. you lookin to join the guild? lets see how man enough are yah? what can you do?

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Sep 12, 2013 at 10:44PM EDT


Jin comes into the room and walks over to an angered Ragna. He gets into close proximity to his brother, smiling at him.

Ragna can only scowl back at Jin as their heads collide with each other. An aura of rivalry begins to fester between the two as black and purple colorings rise up from the ground.

Ragna: What the hell do you want, Jin? Can’t you see I’m busy trying to find my damn food?

All Jin can do is smile at Ragna.

Jin: Oh brother, you amuse me so much! Don’t you think it’s petty to get mad over food, hm?

Ragna: Just look at all we’ve been through today, you asshole. You were there! Just let me enjoy my resting time without you having to show your sorry face around here. Got that?

He keeps smiling at Ragna.
Jin: Cruel as always, brother. I’d assume that robot girl would know where it is. But I’m sure that she’s busy doing something else~

Ragna: What did you just say?
His eyes glow their respective colors at Jin.

Jin: You heard what I said, brother. Didn’t you hear me the first time? Hehe…

Ragna: …
He puts a hand on the hilt of Blood Scythe.
Ragna: Get out of my face, you son of a bitch. I don’t feel like breathing the same air as you right now.

Jin: Why don’t you make me? You know you want to. Give into your urges.
He keeps smiling at Ragna.

Ragna: Fine…
He grips the handle of Blood Scythe and grits his teeth at Jin.

Ragna: I WILL!
In one swift motion, Ragna takes Blood Scythe off his back and slams it down at Jin.

Jin quickly pulls Yukianesa from the scabbard and counters the sword blow from Blood Scythe with a single hand.

He continues to smile at Ragna.

Jin: Oh this will be fun!

A sword fight has broken out between the two brothers. If no one stops it, the ship is as good as destroyed. These two will fight until the other is on the ground and begging for mercy.


Azrael just smirks at Elfman as he asks how tough he is and what he can do.
Azrael: You seem like a formidable opponent. Come.
He leads Elfman to a field outside the guild hall. The two are positioned a good few feet away from each other.
Azrael: Fight with me all you have!
The Mad Dog cracks his knuckles and twists his head around.
Azrael: And entertain me!
Suddenly Azrael vanishes from sight and reappears right in front of Elfman. He doesn’t waste any time on getting right into the fight.
Azrael: Tiger Magnum!
He swings a backfist at Elfman’s chest so hard that fire seems to form behind it. The blow is even so strong that it has its own wind force.

Azrael: Cobra Strike!
Without a warning, he suddenly kicks Elfman at the jaw with an upward kick that would send him a few feet airborne.

Azrael: Leopard Launcher!
As Elfman would be falling back down from the last blow, the Tyrant would punch Elfman in the gut with a devastating blow that seems to crack the very ground behind him.

This blow would send Elfman flying backwards at an alarming rate if it hit him.

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Sep 12, 2013 at 11:38PM EDT


@Asura Natsuru

Oh damn… I lost again sorry. Now is very difficult for me to make a post in the RP thread. Can you say that happened after my last post? My apologizes.


I just read the the Bird offered us the Chaos Emeralds and you refused? WTF… And how we are gonna steal it? I think Marks will not post here again.


Are you a good guy?


Blitz : I don’t know if that was a stupid move… Can I grab some meat :3?

Last edited Sep 12, 2013 at 11:55PM EDT
Sep 12, 2013 at 11:53PM EDT


General happenings:

The Black Blood Reality Canon is done, it’s just the primary power sources are not gathered (Star is still a week away, Chaos Emeralds and Blazblue remain uncaptured).

However it seems Mark is out of the running, so I will just wing it as Yukari during the upcoming battle on Mobius.

Aaaand beyond that just mucking about.

Last edited Sep 13, 2013 at 12:48AM EDT
Sep 13, 2013 at 12:45AM EDT

Since the Order mages were just sat there when the food-related stuff was happening, they are obviously not able to be provoked by it. They do wonder at what was causing it, though – they did see it just vanish.

Tempestia: Wait, all of you! It just seemed to vanish, we saw it.

Also, the male mages looked away when Reimu was shaking down Marisa.


Upon the battle starting, the Order mages cannot help but turn to it…

Ignis: Stop it, both of you. NOW.

All the archmages as well as Pyralis are preparig to cast something wtihout their weapons. This means that the resultant spells would be weaker than they could have been. Tahrdan and Noctan are trying to think of how to pry the two apart, however.

Noctan: (If they don’t stop, we may have to resort to weapons trying to pry them apart…)
Tahrdan(Don’t forget OYH. There is that large orb form that is only knocked back from any attack… if necessary we could try to knock that form between those two so that they cannot reach each other.)

Last edited Sep 13, 2013 at 01:55AM EDT
Sep 13, 2013 at 01:47AM EDT

Guys… Guys!

“Yaaaaay! Fighting!”

God damnit Marisa…


A Small portal opens…

“Grab and growl~”


Yukari eats the food like it was crafted by Alton Brown and Gordon Ramsey’s love child.

“So much love and care put into this, it’s by far the most delicious meal I ever had~!”

“Not to mention the amount of strife going on the other end makes the meal even more sweet.”

She continues to eat as she chats

“You see Medusa. If you are talking about a world of monstrosities that want to eat people at every corner… I come from a world just like that. I know at least a few dozen people who just outright surrender their humanities just to gain unimaginable power.”

she takes a drink

“You met two of them. Patacholi and Myself actually. Though mine was more of a natural progression than her. Then there is Byakuren and Alice and Ichirin and Futo and… well, you get the picture. Though admittedly your version of the ‘Evolution’ is rather forced compared to where I come from.”

She takes a bite of cake and after shivers run up her spine she sighes

“But what can I say? Both ways induce Earth Shattering Power at it’s Ultimate End.”

She goes into deep thought for a bit…

“Has anyone here actually seen the Chaos Emeralds before? I can pass though the boundary of Figurative Presence and Literal Presence to go steal them.”


Back on the ship…

“Wait, just literally vanish from Thin Air. Does that mean…”

… Yeah, it does.

They then both scream in unison


Last edited Sep 13, 2013 at 04:05AM EDT
Sep 13, 2013 at 03:54AM EDT

The Order mages notice the two shouting but do not cancel their spells while talking to them

Tempestia: …I take it this ‘Yukari’ figure pulls this sort of stuff a lot for you to know who did it from a description alone. Who are they?

Ignis: Obviously someone powerful, to pull that off without anyone who was actively eating noticing.

(OOC: Also, that second image can’t help but remind me of yukkuris for some reason)

Let’s take a look back at the Order HQ for a moment, shall we?

Very little of note is happening, except for the fact there’s this raven flying around the place. A raven you may know as Loki.

At the archmage’s chamber, the messenger bursts in.
Messenger: Sorry for barging in like this, but there’s something important!
The messenger hands a message over to Pitchurn, who then opens it…
Pitchurn: It’s from the…. Wavaruns? And we have no way of getting it to Tsunarmin… I have a feeling it’s not good news.

The dark elemental archmage proceeds to read the message, which says the following

Dear Tsunarmin

We apologise for the sudden contact, but there is bad news. Someone has managed to defeat us and claim the water crystal, and I do not think it is for a good purpose. We were unable to summon the creature to our side, which would be how he managed to defeat us so easily. He was fire elemental, for the record. Anyway, we are unable to leave the temple and he may have gone to another world, so when you have a moment, would you track down and retrieve the crystal? Feel free to take as much help as you feel is necessary to accomplish this goal. And hope that he does not find out about this message, or else he will have time to prepare. You don’t need to be told just how vital it is that the crystal gets recovered, but try to make it as quick as possible!

Signed: Delfina Wu-Wavarun

Pitchurn: …This is serious. We should certainly get together some mages to help her out when she has to do this… Hold on. Something is watching us.

Pitchurn turns to see the raven flying near the ceiling

Loki: Caw?

Messenger: What is that bird doing here!?

Loki makes a hasty retreat, though Pitchurn does cast Lightning Bolt in his direction as he does so.

This means only one thing…

At the Beastkiller base…

Loki: Iblan, we have a problem!

Iblan: What is it?

Loki: They know about that crystal we have. We need to start making active preparations for the now-inevitable attack.

At this point the four who were chased off from the bandit base return, and hear this.

Immolan: Damn! I should have killed those two when I had the chance! Anyway, we need to get as much stuff to resist magic as possible. The one who will be leading that attack has all the spells I have at LEAST. If we can force her into physical combat, however, we’ll have the advantage.

Loki: There may be others. Last they heard from her she was with a group of others about to save a world… I think the others called that world ‘Mobius’ or something? When I am able to get there, I will in order to keep an eye on them.

Harald: We will fight for you in that battle, in the name of our lord.

Tikal: WHY!? Why do you feel that conflict solves things? It just makes them worse!

Iblan facepalms

Iblan: Why did we bring her along again?

Suwako: Well, it keeps Chaos under control. You should have seen him. One of the bandits foolishly attacked her, and he… well, went berserk. As in he was just punching right through the skulls of the bandits.

Iblan: Nice to hear that he’s done something useful.

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Sep 13, 2013 at 01:00PM EDT


There is no signs of the fight breaking up any time soon. The two are adequately spaced apart from each other.

Jin: Freeze!
He jumps up and at Ragna as Yukianesa is pointed straight at him.

He smashes Blood Scythe at Jin from the side, causing the a large table to be shattered to bits, and leaving cracks in the wall.
He runs at Jin with the massive broadsword held in one hand.

While Jin is on the ground, he raises a hand and a spell circle forms in front of him.
Jin: Fenrir!
A massive wolf’s head made of ice lashes out at Ragna.

Ragna nimbly jumps out of the way of the Fenrir, causing it to strike Pyralis and freeze him solid in an encasing of ice.
Ragna: Idiot!
He smashes Blood Scythe at the ground, causing a wave of darkness to rise up from the ground and rush straight at Jin.

Jin uses Yukianesa to freeze his attack solid, and slashes through the ice towards Ragna.

Jin: Don’t be so cruel, brother!
He slices with Yukianesa at Ragna.

Ragna raises his sword to block Yukianesa, causing an explosion of darkness and ice that would send everyone in the room flying backwards towards the wall.
Ragna: You bastard!

The two continue to fight, only caring about who wins and who loses.

Last edited Sep 13, 2013 at 01:28PM EDT
Sep 13, 2013 at 01:28PM EDT


After the Order mages recover from being knocked back, 6 of them cast spells. Stonesplosions are aimed at Jin from Pyralis, Ignis and Tempestia, Solar Flares are aimed at Ragna from Granatir, Tsunarmin and Solarian. None of the 6 have used their weapons to amplify these spells. At the same time an orb of water bounces towards the two. Any attempts at attacking it would only knock it back. Noctan is hitting it with Eclipse (his axe) to move it more quickly than it could move alone. Since the orb is OYH, Tahrdan just stands back. The aim is to get OYH between the two fighters, to separate them.

Sep 13, 2013 at 01:58PM EDT

OOC: I’ll be honest, I don’t remember what any of the spells look like. Could you refresh me on what they look like, and possibly what they do?

Sep 13, 2013 at 02:19PM EDT

OOC: Stonesplosion is just a shower of brown rocks originating from the targeted point. Solar Flare is basically 8 jets of unite flame originating from the targeted point. Stonesplosion is earth elemental, Solar Flare is light elemental. They are basic damage spells.

Sep 13, 2013 at 02:37PM EDT


Jin would use the power of Yukianesa to turn the rocks coming for him into ice before shattering the rocks into tiny pieces of ice. He then turns his attention back to Ragna.
Jin: Dearest brother, are you having a hard time?

Since Ragna is basically the human form of the Black Beast, light magic and holy magic would have an amplified effect on him.
Even if the mages don’t have weapons on them, he would still feel quite a bit of a burn from the fire. After a few moments, Ragna bursts out of the plumes of fire and charges at Jin with an extremely powerful punch that glows black and red.

Ragna: Die!

Jin uses Yukianesa to block the punch, causing another shock wave from the BlazBlue colliding with Yukianesa that would floor everyone or send them flying back against the wall again.
Jin: you must try harder than that, brother!

He slices at Jin with Blood Scythe from the side, sending his brother colliding with another wall. He then walks over to his brother and grabs him by the collar and brings close to his face where his red and green eyes pierce into Jin.
Ragna: It’s over.

Jin just smiles at Ragna.
Jin: Is that so, brother?
In a split second Jin flips over Ragna, sending Ragna to the other side of the room. Jin then rushes at Ragna with Yukianesa.
Jin: This is fun, brother!

Ragna quickly gets up and rushes at Jin as well, their swords colliding with each other. Ragna is staring at Jin menacingly.
Ragna: I’ll kill you!

Jin stares back at Ragna as he smiles and keeps the blades locked.
Jin: Don’t say things that you’d regret, brother.

The two swordsmen are at a standstill with their blades locked.

Last edited Sep 13, 2013 at 04:36PM EDT
Sep 13, 2013 at 04:35PM EDT

My characters enter the room, and see the fight going on.
Suddenly, GER appears and grabs both Ragna and Jin.
Giorno: I’m doing this for everyone’s good. Now, I suggest you two talk it out, or at least get the hell out of the ship, and fight somewhere else.
Jotaro: Well, that easily defused that situation I would have just beaten the shit out of both of you.
Ken: I would have probably knocked them out.
Okuyasu: I don’t know what to do! Even in this situation!
Josuke: Just… calm down and don’t get your head or arms stuck in anything.
Doomguy: I would have let the fight keep going! Maybe join in!
Falcon: Why is it that just NOW you’re revealing you’re FUCKING PSYCHOTIC?
Doomguy: Didn’t get any good fights with people. All we fought was robots.
Falcon: Good point. Anyways… Now what?

Sep 13, 2013 at 04:36PM EDT

Ignis: Thank you for dealing with them.
Tahrdan: I see I no longer need OYH around for now.
After he says this, the orb of water vanishes
Solarian is musing upon the surprising effectiveness of Solar Flare in the situation
Solarian: I don’t get it, those Solar Flares should not have been powerful enough to hurt him that badly. We didn’t even use our equipment.
Solarian was only expecting the spell to be slightly more effective than normal

Granatir: Maybe our slight elemental weaknesses are just unusual.

Sep 13, 2013 at 04:44PM EDT

OOC: Well this is enbarassing. Due to a unexpected turn of the events, I will have to delay every kind of idea I ever had for the next week. Personal issues regarding my parents who, for their first time in their lives, don’t trust on my words anymore. My father is the kind of ape that when he doesn’t get a good amount of bananas, he goes apeshit and right now..he went completely apeshit. Calm down your jimmies, I will be back in the next week probably if God allows it. I am deeply sorry and I will try to write some things down if I have time. This thread is probably my greatest achievement so far and you guys are bloody amazing. Wish I could do something but I will be forced to wait and hope for the best to happen. See ya around gentlemen!

Sep 13, 2013 at 08:34PM EDT


Ragna is forced to drop Blood Scythe to the ground to use both his hands to attempt to pry GER’s grip off of his neck.
Ragna: Let go of me!
He continues to try to pry GER off of him.

Jin drops Yukianesa and its scabbard to the ground to also try and get GER off of him.
Jin: Unhand me!
Suddenly a deep and powerful booming noise echoes around the room, followed by what can only be described as a bright camera flash. GER is suddenly horribly burned along with Giorno, forcing GER to be withdrawn. Jin drops to the ground and picks up Yukianesa. This is a very strange thing to have witnessed.
Jin: Hmph.
He takes Yukianesa and sheathes it in the scabbard.

Ragna falls to the ground as well, scowling up at Giorno. He grabs Blood Scythe from the ground and sheathes it on his back. He then turns his attention to Jin.
Ragna: I don’t feel like dealing with you right now. Just leave me alone.
He glares at Jin.

All Jin can do is stay silent at this comment from Ragna. He doesn’t seem to be hostile towards his brother anymore. He seems more calm headed now than before.

Sep 13, 2013 at 08:35PM EDT

Everyone seems shocked at this horrible turn of events. Giorno is in intense pain from this experience.
Okuyasu: I hope he’s alright…
Ken: Wh-Wha? How?
Doomguy: I don’t know what the hell happened, but I like it!
Josuke gets to work quickly healing Giorno’s wounds. Falcon thinks to himself.
Falcon: The power of Order. Dat shit be ballin.

Last edited Sep 13, 2013 at 08:57PM EDT
Sep 13, 2013 at 08:50PM EDT

After seeing that little display, Marisa pulls out her grimoire and spends some time writing again. This thing has gained at least 160 new pages regarding all the mages and stand users here. And an additional 30 just on how to properly build bombs courtesy of Foster.

And Reimu seems a bit busy using sticky talismans to try and stop more Yukari Portals from materializing in the room, though that has never been proven to work at any time previously

Sep 13, 2013 at 10:40PM EDT

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