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after a short period of time after everyone had rested for the next round of the tournaments. they prepare for their next matches.

wendy helps tend to Ragna and tagers wounds. natsu managed to get his hands on some hell flames that regenerated natsu back to full figthing strength and better th.n before. he also picks up something quick by the local snack bar in the arena and makes his way to his next fight.

erza and juvia meet to have their fight as well and levy is ready to face ornstein

the other members are watching the matches while looking after ragna and tager who have yet to wake up. ragna is in stable condition. though still erza did a number to him. but she also told them about rgna nd his wish to revive his sister back into nu and promises to make his wish come true.

levy awaits ornstein in their arena. she has a look of determination on her.

Levy: alright lets do this. im ready for this now.

she doesnt wait to make the first move

Levy: solid script: FIRE!

she shoots out a jet of fire ar ornstein

natsu faces off against flandre. he looks actually nervous because of how much she means to juvia and gray. and she looks so innocent despite having atrocious amounts of power. he talks to himself as he walks over.

Natsu: great. i cant believe i have to fight her. damnit. of all the people. if i try to fight her and beat her, ill look like an asshole. but i just cant let her beat me without trying. damnit what should i do? but luckily i think i have an idea on how we can all win.

natsu makes it up close to flandre, he sees her cute red eyes staring at him and her adorable smile. natsu cant help but smile back at her.

Natsu: hey there flandre…. look, im going to be honest with you. i really dont feel comfortable fighting you. you mean a lot to juvia and gray, to all of us. i dont want to get you hurt and im sure you dont want me to get hurt either. so i think i have a good idea on how we can fix all of this.

natsu crouches down on one knee and he pulls out a bag with some candies he picked up from the shop. he shakes them to make them rattle around a bit.

Natsu: i got you some candies from the store nearby, blood flavoured candies, since uncle natsu knows how much you like blood. but about this match. i was thinking that w can play a fun game to decide whos the winner. if u agree to playing this game with me than ill give you this bag of blood candies, that sounds fair?

meanwhile juvia and Erza had already begun their match.

@badguys spot. relius and tardises guys there as well.

asura notices relius and the other people that he is talking to, he takes little amusement to their petty arguing.

asura: you feeble insects should know when to keep your mouths shut. your beginning to annoy me. so i would highly suggest you cease your insignificant arguing otherwise i would have to do it for you.

Medusa: you boys better do what he says. hes not one to repeat himself. i you catch my drift.

medusa watches the fights, trying to determine who would win them.

Medusa: so youkari, any ideas on who to bet on to win these next rounds? my moneys on the dragon boy with the pink hair. oh. he seems to be fighting flandre.i think i should change by bet then. buuuuut then again, he does have a lot of power. it would be interesting to see who would win. so, my moneys on the dragon slayer. care to make any offers?

Sep 17, 2013 at 07:07PM EDT

Marisa is knocked off her Broom, but as Jin and the broom fall back to the ground…

Jin gets smacked right in the face with what feels like a block of lead. There is clearly a ton of shit crammed inside that thing most people don’t know about.

“Nice Try Buddy. Had to learn that one after what? 80 people knocked me off my broom?”

She surges with power.

“Star Sign! Milky Way!”

She shoots a storm of stars at Jin, turning the place into a fireworks show.


Yukari: “Really depends on if Flandre gets bored or not. She can just go ahead and blow up the poor boy without a second chance. If she has learned self control though… he might have a chance. Larger chance if she whips out her wand’s special ability. But okay, I will put down 2000 Yen (Equivalent to $20) on Flandre winning.”

Meanwhile, Jotaro’s wallet loses 2000 yen somehow

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Sep 17, 2013 at 07:09PM EDT


NM : Can you be quiet Asura! Some people want to enjoy the fight ! ! !
Yells NM to Asura, throw it him with a high speed a empty can.


NM enters to Maledict mind.
NM : Ok… If you can control that blonde “saiyan” vampire… Why he lost the control and attack that blue clothe guy who attack like the Man with Seven Scars?

NM : Yes, this is so exciting! The Man with Seven Scars vs The White Swordman! Finally I will watch the man who defeated the famous Ken-Oh! My fortune is on you Man with Seven Scars!

Meawhile, in the shop, Deviling was at the cash register, yelling the manager. The tiny demon was angry because the are no blood candies anymore.
Deviling : What you mean there are no blood candies! THE BOSS WANT HIS CANDIES!

The manager tell him that a participant from the fight festival bought all the candies,
Deviling : WHAT! WHO?!

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Sep 17, 2013 at 08:31PM EDT

ooc: medic, natsu is actually in his official match with flandre in the arena. wouldnt reccomend interfering in the tournament.

Sep 17, 2013 at 08:46PM EDT

Medic wrote:


NM : Can you be quiet Asura! Some people want to enjoy the fight ! ! !
Yells NM to Asura, throw it him with a high speed a empty can.


NM enters to Maledict mind.
NM : Ok… If you can control that blonde “saiyan” vampire… Why he lost the control and attack that blue clothe guy who attack like the Man with Seven Scars?

NM : Yes, this is so exciting! The Man with Seven Scars vs The White Swordman! Finally I will watch the man who defeated the famous Ken-Oh! My fortune is on you Man with Seven Scars!

Meawhile, in the shop, Deviling was at the cash register, yelling the manager. The tiny demon was angry because the are no blood candies anymore.
Deviling : What you mean there are no blood candies! THE BOSS WANT HIS CANDIES!

The manager tell him that a participant from the fight festival bought all the candies,
Deviling : WHAT! WHO?!

Maledict: Normally, I let my underlings do whatever the fuck they want. However, when there’s a call to arms, they are like my obedient slaves.
Also that motherfucker REALLY hated that guy.
Also, Kenshiro’s gonna lose. calling it right now.

Sep 17, 2013 at 09:04PM EDT

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

Maledict: Normally, I let my underlings do whatever the fuck they want. However, when there’s a call to arms, they are like my obedient slaves.
Also that motherfucker REALLY hated that guy.
Also, Kenshiro’s gonna lose. calling it right now.

NM : He is gonna… Wait a minute… How do you know that Man with the Seven Scars is gonna lose? Perhaps this whole fighting festival is arranged…

Say NM to Maledict, who began to manifest a dark aura of rage.

NM : …Don’t you?

Sep 17, 2013 at 09:32PM EDT

Medic wrote:

NM : He is gonna… Wait a minute… How do you know that Man with the Seven Scars is gonna lose? Perhaps this whole fighting festival is arranged…

Say NM to Maledict, who began to manifest a dark aura of rage.

NM : …Don’t you?

Maledict: no, no, We wouldn’t stoop to such low levels! We’re just making an educated guess!

Sep 17, 2013 at 09:37PM EDT

asura uses vajra to destroy the can with a madness wavelength blast and faces him

asura: watch your tongue, half-god. remember who you are in the presence of. and cease your complaining about the festivities. what point is it to have such petty trivialities over such nonsense. keep still and just continue to watch.

mirajane is thankful for what he did for her. she slowly gets back up feeling better than ever before. all her wounds healed and her leg is fixed, though still a bit much to deal with emotionally. it passes by quickkly.

Mirajane: thank you josuke for helping me out. she gives him a light kiss on his cheek to thank him. lets go back to the others shall we?

juvia and erzas fight is very intense. however, erza has the advantage. she has equiped water empress armour, which gives her water based attacks and also cuts down water based spells by 50%. this advantage eventually leads to juvia defeat, despite having improved dramatically since the last time the two fought. juvia gave it her all, but not even she could defeat erza.

erza: juvia, are you alright? im sorry if i may have overdone it.*

juvia gets up slowly

juvia: juvia is alright, though however….. juvia want to win this tournament to help flandre..

erza: help flandre?

juvia: juvia wanted to make the wish so that flandre would be free from the darkness that has hurt her for so long. juvia just wants her to be the sweet little girl that she truly is, and without wanting to hurt anybody anymore like she had done in the past. she gets up and faces erza but you fight for Ragna and his sister. that is even more noble than anything juvia could hope to imagine. he deserves to be with his sister again, and then they can be a family once again.

erza: i will see that it is so. i will win this for him, and then the sorrows of his past will be whiped away for good and he can focus on truly living in peace once this is all over.

Juvia: we all are with youerza, nobody will see you at fault.

erza walks up and hugs her

Erza: thank you juvia, it means a lot to me. thank you for the fight, now you should go back to gray and the others.

juvia nods as she carefully makes her way back to the others as erza prepares to face her next opponent.

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Sep 17, 2013 at 09:49PM EDT

Josuke is taken aback by what Mirajane just did.
Josuke: Whoah. well, now… Yeah. let’s go.
Josuke’s somewhat embarassed walking with Mirajane, although he manages to make himself not look like he is.

Sep 17, 2013 at 09:56PM EDT

@Bad guys,

Relius does not give a shit and simply flicks his wrist at Phantom, bored. He looks over to Tikal one last time before something happens…

Phantom: …
All of the sudden, a field of black and red mist separates Relius, Ignis, and Phantom from all of the other antagonists. As the mist rises to the ceiling, thousands of red eyes begin to form and open up, staring outwards at all of the villains.


Hakumen blocks the kicks Ken uses on him with Ookami, the sword being unbreakable due to the way it was forged and what materials were used in the process of forging it. However, each kick does seem to send Hakumen further and further back. When the palm thrust comes around, he slices at Ken’s hands with a might swing that is strong enough to create a shock-wave. After this, he would do a massive overhead slash that is quickly followed by a low-slash to the ankles with the sharp blade. He then proceeds to kick Ken in the head, making him skid across the ground.


She takes a look at the candy she has to offer him, nearly drooling over it.
But… That old man wasn’t any fun to play with at all! I was looking forward to someone who could actually play with me for longer than a few minutes.
She flies away from Natsu and looks down at him with those big red eyes of hers, while holding the staff in her hand.


Mr. Hero gets hit in the face by the broom head, feeling like he got hit by one of Ragna’s Hell’s Fangs. He stumbles around, but regains his composure.
Jin: Just what the hell do you even keep in that thing?! Is it even possible for it to weigh that much?
Jin unsheathes Yukianesa again, releasing another cold wave around the place that turns the fireworks show into an ice-sculpture exhibit. He then uses Yukianesa to quickly cut apart the icy stars into a vast array of sparkles.
Jin: You’re going to have to do better than that, missy.

@Everyone else,

Ragna is still knocked out cold from his fight with Erza. He overdid himself, and has paid the price. It won’t be a good bit until he finally wakes up. The reason why Ragna lost this fight is due to his anger in the first place. If it wasn’t for that, he probably could have won against Erza.

Tager begins to stir, however. He slowly opens his eyes with no glasses over them, this looking very strange to everyone. Tager puts his hand with the faulty gauntlet up to his head.
Tager: Urgh… What happened… My processors went into a shutdown state after that fight…
The Red Devil slowly gets up and notices something is off… His glasses are missing. He figures this out after he tries to straighten them up.
Tager: What? What happened to my glasses?
Quickly searching for them, he also notices that his gauntlet is cracked along the side. He looks quite surprised finding his right gauntlet cracked.
Tager: What the hell?! Kokonoe made these so that they would never break… How the hell did Natsu manage to crack one of them?
He scratches his head with a massive hand. After that, he pulls out a spare pair of glasses that are identical to the others. He always carries a spare on him. He then looks over at Ragna who is still unconscious, intrigued by how he was taken down by Erza…

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Sep 17, 2013 at 11:56PM EDT

Yukari: “I feel I am going to have to call my lawyer and file a lawsuit for copyright infringement.”

(Ahem, you just activated my trap card)


By flooding the area with so much ice, the spark refracts and floods the entire stadium with insane searing rainbow light. In short….

Jin is hit full force from all sides, completely on fire despite his ultra cold aura.

This also wound up killing the first 5 rows of the stadium audience, and leaving 10 rows after that on fire. Yukari lowers her barrier to have a look

Yukari: “Whoo! That a go girl!”

Reimu lowers her own barrier.

Dammit Marisa! Mind the Damn Audience! Just cause there is mostly Demons up here doesn’t mean you can go blowing up the stadium!

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Sep 18, 2013 at 12:41AM EDT

Suwako knews immediately what to do and pulled the rest of Iblan’s group to the floor so the refracted Spark didn’t hit any of them.
Iblan: What was that?
Suwako: It sounded like her signature spellcard, but it’s not usually that widespread!

(OOC: Solved that service-related problem permanently now. I found the exact service and outright disabled it. It cannot start running and therefore cannot start nomming up data. I can be on in several hours.)

Sep 18, 2013 at 02:17AM EDT

When Hakumen tries to kick ken in the head, Ken just blocks the kick, and counters with a fierce uppercut to strike the middle of Hakumen’s chest, sending Hakumen stumbling back. Kenshiro then jumps back and follows up with a charging punch that sends Hakumen flying.
Ken: Seieiko! (Awakening of the Senses)

Sep 18, 2013 at 02:10PM EDT


Jin just stares at the Master Spark as it heads straight for him. He sealed his own fate by cutting up the star pieces. As he gets hit by the laser, his cold aura is the only thing that saves him. Jin lets out an agonizing yell of pain that sounds like all the bones in his body have been fractured at once. After the dust and light clears, Jin can be seen covered in dark blue flames all over his body. His aura keeps the flames from harming him, but he is still on fire nonetheless. Jin then looks up at Marisa.
Jin: You…
He falls to his knees, stabbing Yukianesa into the ground beside him.
Jin: What are you…?
Mr. Hero collapses onto the ground and goes into unconsciousness, still on fire. His clothes are rather retardant against flames so they keep on him as well.

@Bad guy place,

Phantom had put up a barrier for Relius and Ignis that would have captured a majority of the excess mana stored inside the Spark and storing it for later. After it’s over, the barrier drops.

Relius looks down at Jin in the arena, just smirking to himself.
Relius: So the Major was bested in battle… Not that big of a surprise.
He then looks at Marisa, seeing that she is the one who cast the spell.
Relius: Another fine subject… We shall see where the roads of fate lead us so our paths intertwine in the future.
He continues to observe everything around the arena.


Hakumen was caught off-guard by the sudden uppercut and gets hit by both of the attacks. As he’s sent backwards, he recovers in mid-air and uses this to his advantage. He flips so that his feet are facing the wall. Once he hits the wall, he uses his legs like springs to jump back at Kenshiro and deliver a massive slice to Ken’s chest
Hakumen: Pointless!
He lands behind him and delivering a 2 diagonal gashes across his back bone in the shape of an X that would send Ken to his knees. After that, the White Knight kicks Kenshrio with a spinning round-house kick to the head, hopping back afterwards Ken can’t tell whether Hakumen is hurt or not, or how long it will take for him to go down. The armor, Sankishin Susano’o, bestows him with incredible fighting prowess, allowing him to tap into infinite reserves of power, enabling him to fight for prolonged periods of time without rest and to increase his own strength.
Hakumen: Is that all you can muster?
He stands there with his sword at the ready. Bright red eyes and faceless mask baring down upon Kenshiro.

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Sep 18, 2013 at 02:59PM EDT

Ken just climbs to his feet
Ken: No… We are very even matched, you see. I see even though your armor shows no damage, your soul itself is taking the force. May I ask you what your wish is, if you do win this competition?
Ken suddenly hops into the air and concentrates his power to erupt seven pillars of energy on the field below him, forming the shape of the big dipper. He finishes the move by causing the pillars to detonate, inflicting heavy damage across a wide area.
Ken: Tenha Kassatsu! (Heaven Destroy Surviving Kill)

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Sep 18, 2013 at 03:09PM EDT

Marisa looks at Jin, and gets a little smile

“Just an ordinary magician~☆”

As the rainbow fire finally subsides she returns to the ground and goes back into the competitor waiting chamber.

“I should make a spell that does that all on it’s own.”

Sep 18, 2013 at 03:42PM EDT


Hakumen dodges around a pillar that was just about to open up under him, leaving him safe from the energy. As Ken is about to make the pillars explode, Hakumen jumps up in the air to avoid the detonation. He then air-dashes towards Kenshiro to smack him back down into the ground with a sword swipe, landing in front of him.
Hakumen: My wish is to end this.
He keeps his sights set on Ken.
Hakumen: Are humans so ignorant to think it is safe to trust a demon? Tell me.


Tager sighs, seeing the rainbow laser hit Jin.
Tager: I guess I will go retrieve him.
He goes out to the arena and picks up Jin, throwing him over his shoulder as soon as the fire goes out. He then takes him back to the waiting room so he can be looked after by the others.

Sep 18, 2013 at 03:46PM EDT

Kenshiro performs four roundhouse kicks before thrusting his fist forward. As his fist rises to the sky, pillars of energy project skywards from the ground.
Ken: No, I do not think so. However, That man.. Calypso… He is not a demon. I think he managed to steal his powers from a demon, however.

Sep 18, 2013 at 03:50PM EDT

OOC:Here’s a few PROTIPS for the newbie
1. To participate you should get an avatar,and ensure it’s be you can successfully RP
2. No image macros. That is not RPing.
3. You really can’t join anyway, because of the plot.

Immolan: I hope we don’t have to face her.
Suwako: Leave her to me. Her spellcards will be useless~
Harald: Hold on, one of us is missing.

Tikal quickly flew away from the group after the lasers stopped. She sees this as her chance to get away from those who would use her (even though Arkantos really wouldn’t try to. He was a hero before he was a god, after all.)

OOC EDIT: Ahahaha the idiot got suspended. Justice is served.

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Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

OOC: You can thank me for that one. either way, back to work, gentlemen.

And me and opspe.

But yeah, feel free to report this stuff again should it happen again.

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Sep 18, 2013 at 04:02PM EDT

OOC: Thanks you guys.



Hakumen holds Ookami so that it would block the kicks sent his way. As soon as Ken thrusts a fist forward, Hakumen puts up his forearm to Ken.
Hakumen: Empty Sky Form…
In a split second, a gigantic red shield with ornate symbols appears before him.

As Ken’s fist collides with the shield, everything just suddenly stops for Ken. He is left there, frozen in time.
Hakumen: Winter’s Riposte!
The White Knight slashes past Kenshiro with a double handed battoujutsu strike, leaving a massive gash that is deeper than all the others across his chest, which would cause Kenshiro to fall over in pain. He also sliced through the pillars of energy, stopping them from rising. He stands with his back turned to Kenshiro.

Hakumen: It’s time I end this.
He turns around and begins to rush towards Kenshiro, going to deliver the final blow.

Sep 18, 2013 at 04:20PM EDT

In a split second, Ken gets up and faces Hakumen as he charges. Suddenly, this happens.
(Replace Uighur with hakumen, and the first 2 punches don’t dent Hakumen’s armor.)

After the attack, Ken is surprised to see that Hakumen hadn’t died from the attack.
Ken: Nobody has survived that attack…. Except for you. You are very worthy of continuing on in the tournament.
Ken respectfully bows, and leaves the room.

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Sep 18, 2013 at 04:24PM EDT


Hakumen slowly gets out of another Haku-sized crater on the wall. After that, he watches Ken off as he stands there, sheathing Ookami on his back in one motion.
Hakumen: In the next lifetime…
He had gotten the shit beaten out of him by Kenshiro’s Hundred Crack Fist, but still manages to stand. His armor helps him recover his stamina and health, rerouting a good chunk of his power to heal himself. The White Knight turns proceeds to make his way to the next room, waiting for his next opponent as he recovers.

Sep 18, 2013 at 05:01PM EDT

natsu signs as he puts the bag back on his waist and secures it tightly to his belt.

Natsu: okay, okay. fine. uncle natsu will hplay with you . ill let you start things off. but make sure you remember, dont kill me. and ill try and take it easy on yah okay kiddo? now then natsus fists light with fire lets play shall we?

erza awaits for you to fight her.

@bad guy area

asuras barrier disappears as the master spark finishes

asura: how careless and destructive. not bad for a little girl.

meanwhile medusa takes a glance at relius and ignis, not far from them and turns to yukari.

medusa: hm, you wouldnt happen to know who man is with the hideous contraption with him do you?

levy continues her fight with ornstein, some of the other members are watching her fight, including gajeel and pantherlilly.

Sep 18, 2013 at 06:57PM EDT

Blood soaked corridors, distant screams, and unhinged minds. Hell in space.

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #18


Ship Status

Current Activities: [NOT SET]

Overall Status------------WARNING!
Superstructure-----------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integri_____ maximum.
Crew-----------------------C___ICAL--------MAJOR WARNING, SEE REPORT FOR FULL DETAILS.
Communications--------V.HIGH-------- COMM STORM, CHANNELS OVERFLOWED
Food supplies------------OKAY-----------Rations have been wasted, hig___tput rate
Munitions------------------OKAY-----------Muniti______ being spent at a steady rate.
Main Engines--------------IDLE------------Engines in low power state, orbit under control
Slipspace Core---------INACTIVE

Hospitalization report:

Information provided by Nanomachine feedback and personnel id tagging systems…

The minus sign indicates a movement of X personnel from the given sector whilst the plus sign shows where they have been placed. Numbers are listed as they currently are.

Chief Officers:-5
Standard Crew:-8,369 -585
Military:-6,605 -130
Civilian:-6,310 -798

OVERALL ON-DUTY---------24,537 -1,513

Casualty Report

Maintenance Bay (cyborg only):
Standard:- 585 +585

Civ:- 126 +126
Mill:- 58 +58

Civ:- 670 +670
Mill:- 72 +72

Civ:- 2 +2

OVERALL OFF-DUTY---------1,513

CO’s, Administration, Standard and Fabricator crew are CYBORGS
Military, Civilian and Spartans are all UNMODIFIED (Human)


Civilian decks are under strict shut down, numerous cases of unprovoked homicide and murder have sent the ship into a high level alert, military peacekeeper squads are operating around the clock to suppress the EXTREME cases of violence that are unfolding amongst the habitational decks.

Reports and CCTV footage depict scenes of vicious disembowelment and episodes of insanity amongst the civilians. Group attacks upon individuals and almost ritualistic mutilation is commonplace as these psychopaths sprint around the decks unclothed and clearly out of their minds.

Onboard Morgue is beginning to fill and the hospitals are running into chaos over the sudden influx of patience. These patients are coming in and being booked as “mentally unfit” often requiring multiple doses of tranquillizer before life saving treatment can be started, they are otherwise very dangerous and require military escort when inside of the hospitals controlled environment.

Recent reports of disturbances upon the military barracks decks, much similar to that of the civilians, this will be monitored and watched closely. A link seems to be appearing here with those who are human and unmodified.

Fore section of Heaven and upper levels have been sealed off to protect vital crew, Fabricator deck has also gone into total lockdown state in an attempt to contain and protect unaffected crew.

We do not know the cause of this outbreak of insanity, and we do not know how to help those suffering. We will continue to send peacekeeper squads through the habitation decks in the ongoing effort to…somewhat contain….this issue. Barricades and safe points have been set up in an effort to rescue those who are unaffected, these have been placed in strategic positions to help containment along vital routes in and out of the deck. Due to these efforts, the inflicted have not yet escaped the habitation decks.

Comm channels have been flooded with ramblings of insane speeches and screams hindering cries for help being heard my military personnel.

Power has been removed from affected decks in an attempt to damper out violence and promote submission. So far this has had no effect at all.

The patients seem to want one thing, and that is to be killed…they run straight into the gunfire….

Heavens Captain has returned to his private quarters, last seen speaking to himself in the Bridge before abruptly leaving….

End of activity log #18


Ornsteins armour may have a weakness towards fire, but considering that its protection standard is extremely high in comparison to others, its actually very good.

Ornstein leaps over to the side and grazes against the beam of fire, however it singes the red plume that flows from the back of his helmet….

He’d rather not waste time with this one, he crouches slightly and launches himself forward towards Levy, he lunges straight at her with the spear and follows up quickly with a spin, sweeping the area around him clear…

To finish off his attack he charges up his Dragon Slayer spear with the aid of a Miracle and launches forth a Great Lighting Spear that has been enhanced through the use of the weapon

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Sep 18, 2013 at 07:45PM EDT


Yay! Okay, Uncle Natsu!
She points Laevateinn out at him, invoking a spell card.
Taboo “Cranberry Trap”
The end of the wand opens up, and shoots out these mechanical things that position themselves around Natsu and fly around in a complex pattern. They also seem to follow him wherever he goes as an attempt to block him in. The things themselves shoot out blue and pink danmakufu orbs at him.

@Bad guy area,

Relius is on the other side of the barrier, separating himself, Phantom, and Ignis away from everyone else. The eyes in the barrier he can see out of, however. He takes an interest in Asura, him being a manifestation of fear and madness itself. Relius finds this intriguing. He makes mental notes on everyone here, and what he shall do later with them…

Sep 18, 2013 at 08:25PM EDT

natsu notices flandres attack and gets excited himself.

Natsu: oh yeah this is what im talkin about. think of this as extreme tag. and your it and im trying not to get hit.

*the projectiles follow him as natsu makes a break for it. he jums, turns and dodges the incoming orbs. they dont stop coming, but natsu doesnt stop either. this is but a warm up for him. this is actually more fun than i had hoped. keep it comin!

natsu sees one of the devices firing at him. he makes a straight dash towards it and with a spinning kick that lights the air around him on fire, he kicks one of the orbs so hard that it catches fire and rockets back to the device and smashes it.

he then continues to dodge and deflect some orbs with his iron fists that makes a mess of the other orbs as they collide into each other.

natsu doesnt let up at all.

levy is taken by surprise by his sudden speed and triues to dodge the first lunge. she barely manages to dodge it asd it cuts her a bit on her right side, but she is then hit by the swing of his spear that sends her into a wall before being electrocuted by him.

she falls to the ground, already feeling beat up hard as her wound stains her orange dress a bit. she barely manages to get back up.

Levy: damnit, i didnt expect him to be that quick. she then prepares to make two words.

solid script: SLASH, FORCE!

*when she swings her hand and makes the word slash, a giant arc blade is sent flying towards ornstein that is about 5 meters wide. then shortly following the word force is written and it sends out a huge force of compressed space that would hit him like a truck.!


asura can already sense that he has been watching him while within the barrier of his. madness begins to glow within his eyes.*

asura: what is it that you are interested with me mortal? what is your purpose in being here?

meanwhile erza continues to wait for her opponent.

Sep 18, 2013 at 08:56PM EDT


“Had that beam remained focused the arena would have a nice beefy cake slice out of it. She was once an apprentice to a truly powerful witch, but now in terms of raw firepower she has surpassed her master.”


“That guy? Hmm…”

Yukari thinks for a bit.

“No, can’t say I… WAIT, I remember now. He’s that one guy who was in the boundary that one time.”

She sits up to look

“And the doll has a Soul in it. Hoo boy what a horrible thing to do to a person.”

She leans back again

“No clue who he actually is though. Sorry.”

Sep 18, 2013 at 09:04PM EDT


The spinny thingies don’t get destroyed, so much as they get deactivated for a brief few moments before they turn back on and start spraying out bullets again. While Natsu is busy, Flandre takes a nose-dive at Natsu that would catch him by surprise, smacking him into the far wall as more bullets head his way.
This is fun, uncle Natsu! Let’s play some more!
She just smiles at him, flying back up into the air again.

Bad guy place


Relius hears Asura through the barrier, and flicks his wrist again at Phantom.

Phantom: …
The ghostly apparition lowers the barrier of eyes so that Relius is in full view of everyone once again. It floats behind Relius’ chair as it just watches and observes everything.

The Puppeteer looks over at Asura with his whited out eyes of his mask.
Relius: Oh? Well, if you must know… You are a manifestation of pure madness and fear put into a humanoid form. What kind of person wouldn’t be interested in one such as yourself?
He smirks a bit.
Relius: As for my reasons of being here… I simply wanted to have a little outing from my research. It doesn’t hurt to have some fun every once in a while, does it?

@Yukari and Medusa,

Relius looks over to the two vixens, catching the words that Yukari said about him.
Relius: Ah, so you were there on that day? I did have the strange sensation of being watched then…
He then turns his attention to Ignis once Yukari mentions her.
Relius: Ignis, come hither.
He motions for her to come here.

The robotic death doll floats over closer to Relius.
Ignis: …

Relius: Fluctus Redactum: Ignis. Perfection.

Sep 18, 2013 at 09:32PM EDT


Holy fish, suddenly I feel like Tardises..lost and without a single basic idea of what the hell is going on..No offense Tardises but you are kinda like that. Human rights are painful to read and the “Happy Joy Joy” week starts, reading and reading and..guess what? Reading of course. Well, I will come back when the..err..tournament? When the tournament ends I suppose.

But before I leave..Ragna..Your momma is so bloody ugly she makes the devils cry..See what I did there? Devils crying? Hehe, becouse you are a unoriginal rip off of Dante! Old school Dante ‘cause New Dante sucks the deepest balls of this universe..The Crow balls actually..But oh wait, crows don’t have testicles err..the point is..she sucks something..
See ya later mai niggas, keep it stylish and HOLY FUCK NEW AOT EPISODE, I’m out!

Sep 18, 2013 at 09:48PM EDT

OOC: spark, glad to see you again, just to let you know, this whole tournament is just a filler thing until you get back to continue the main story. so essentially, nothing has progressed in the main story since maledict just portaled us to some colesium in an unnown realm and had all of us fight eatchother. its good sporting thats for sure and defenitely is a good passtime to develope our characters fighting skills even further.

hope to see you soon.

Sep 18, 2013 at 10:00PM EDT

RandomMan wrote:

And me and opspe.

But yeah, feel free to report this stuff again should it happen again.

What? Whats happen here? What I miss… again. @BM you are not the only one.

Sep 19, 2013 at 12:02AM EDT

OOC: Basically, a BNM ws spamming unrelated image macros in the thread, Medic.

Tahrdan walks into the arena. He knows full well that he will probably not get any further. His sword and shield are at the ready

Immolan: If I weren’t just watching, I’d kill him right now!
Iblan: We don’t even know what he can do, so wait a bit.
Immolan: Look at his sword. He’s only an aquamancer. If he had access to more elements he’d have more jewels embedded into the hilt.
Iblan: But… doesn’t your weapon only have a single jewel in it also? and you have access to 6?
Immolan: There’s no way he can be here alone. Aquamancers do not know Warp…
(OOC:Except, of course, Immolan’s wrong in this case.)
Immolan was right about him not being alone, as at the opposite side of the stands, the other Order mages watch and wait.
Immolan: …5 of the archmages here. This is just perfect.
Suwako: Can’t you just enjoy the fights instead? Wait until later to fight them~

at the opposite side…
Solarian: So… how is it that an aquamancer made it through when we didn’t?
Granatir: It’s that watery…. THING…. he has.
Tsunarmin: Basically. I just decided to end it becasue it became apparent that I just couldn’t get round that thing…
A ball of light flies towards them.
Noctan: And what is this?
Tikal: Someone who does not belong in places like this. Allow me to come with you, I am not going to go back with those killers over there!
Solarian: I don’t see any harm it could do…
Tikal settles in amongst the Order mages, she will be travelling with them, though will be unable to contribute ANYTHING for now.

Last edited Sep 19, 2013 at 02:06AM EDT
Sep 19, 2013 at 02:05AM EDT


Tager looks over to the new arrival of Tikal, standing by Ragna and having his gauntlet and self already healed by Crazy Diamond.
Tager: It seems that we have a new visitor…
The Red Devil takes a few steps towards the mages. His glasses seem to glint from the light around the place.
Tager: Would you mind telling us about the people you’re referring to? We might be able to help, if need be.
The gentle giant holds out a hand to show that he means to harm to Tikal.

Sep 19, 2013 at 10:51AM EDT

Tikal:From what I’ve seen not all of them are bad. I’m sure that man in white would be joining me if he had any choice… Basically, the ones to watch out for in the group are… This man who is wearing some green clothing, he’s the one leading the others, I think he calls himself Iblan?… there’s another one in orange… she turns to Pyralis though no one can tell You dress just like him-
Tsunarmin: A rogue Order mage? Tell us more, as it will fall to us to deal with him.
Tikal: Those two are the ones who are leading the whole group. I think I’ve heard them talking about some sort of crystal. That second one is known as Immolan, and apparently he’s trying to kill someone named ’Ignis;…
Tsunarmin: That sounds bad.
Ignis: I’m DEFINITELY going when it;s time to deal with the group, then. %
%{color:pink}Tikal: There’s the man in white… He’s not a bad guy, but Iblan can summon and bind gods to his will. That man in white’s name is Arkantos, and while he is powerful, he would probably avoid fighting you if he can help it. The other god to watch out for looks very young, she’s called Suwako. There’s three more in the main group. There’s this trickster god who is a shapeshifter. All I know about his actual identity is he’s called Loki. The sixth in the group is a human. He’s called Harald and he basically commands an army for the group. And the seventh is Chaos… If you can defeat Iblan, then Chaos will not be a problem, he would not harm me anyway. He is made of water, as well.

Tsunarmin: He won’t be the first thing made of water we’ve seen. If you stick around with us you’ll see why that is the case very soon… Who are you, anyway?
Tikal: I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself! I’m Tikal, and you are?
the Order mages proceed to introduce themselves to Tikal
Noctan: There is also one more of us in the group, he’s about to start his third round in this thing.
Tsunarmin: Tahrdan is lucky, though, his opponents were Granatir and then me.

Sep 19, 2013 at 12:51PM EDT


NM : “Watch my tounge”… Look who is talking… The mad god who thinks the others are “feblee insects”

After seeing Kenshiro leaving the room, NM makes a laught.
NM : Great! The Man with the Seven Scars won! Now I know why the Ken-Oh go to Heaven with… no regrent

Suddenly, Deviling appears aside NM, with noting in his hands. NM looks him with a serious look of his eyes and began to release a dark aura.
NM : It seems you forget my candies.
Deviling : W-well sir, the manager s-say that the are n-no more-

NM : No excuses!
The aura began to increase size and manifest uncontrolables whipe-likes dark matters from the aura.
NM : That was an order! Bring me the candies or you will be the dessert from the A0D!

The tiny demon makes a gulp and vanished. NM ignored that and paid attention to Natsu.
NM : Oh, The Dragon Kid is fight…
Say NM with the pair of binoculars on his eyes.

Sep 19, 2013 at 03:14PM EDT

Marisa sits in a quiet corner. Well, as quiet as you can get in a packed stadium. She has been to hell several times before, but each and every time she has been left feeling restless…

“That woman…”

She has a brief flash back…

That Devil God… the Mother of Hell… and true to her nature had left Marisa in a state of uncontrollable inner turmoil for 4 years. Nothing can be forgiven for what she has done… yet, that face still haunts her….

It haunts her to this day.

Last edited Sep 19, 2013 at 03:20PM EDT
Sep 19, 2013 at 03:17PM EDT

Medic wrote:


NM : “Watch my tounge”… Look who is talking… The mad god who thinks the others are “feblee insects”

After seeing Kenshiro leaving the room, NM makes a laught.
NM : Great! The Man with the Seven Scars won! Now I know why the Ken-Oh go to Heaven with… no regrent

Suddenly, Deviling appears aside NM, with noting in his hands. NM looks him with a serious look of his eyes and began to release a dark aura.
NM : It seems you forget my candies.
Deviling : W-well sir, the manager s-say that the are n-no more-

NM : No excuses!
The aura began to increase size and manifest uncontrolables whipe-likes dark matters from the aura.
NM : That was an order! Bring me the candies or you will be the dessert from the A0D!

The tiny demon makes a gulp and vanished. NM ignored that and paid attention to Natsu.
NM : Oh, The Dragon Kid is fight…
Say NM with the pair of binoculars on his eyes.

Maledict: Even though technically Hakumen won, if they had fought longer then that Ken would have most definitely won. I’ll give you that. Sorry to disappoint you.

Sep 19, 2013 at 03:25PM EDT

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

Maledict: Even though technically Hakumen won, if they had fought longer then that Ken would have most definitely won. I’ll give you that. Sorry to disappoint you.

NM : I don’t care… The point is I won 23400 souls! If Natsu won, I would have souls for a hundred of years!

Last edited Sep 19, 2013 at 03:48PM EDT
Sep 19, 2013 at 03:46PM EDT

Iblan: So, who you think would win this one?
Immolan: I may not know who his opponent is, but that aquamancer has no chance. 100 Generic Gold Pieces against him.
Harald: You’re on. Though I would have to pay out of the can’s military resources… Oh well, caravans can make that up easily.

Sep 19, 2013 at 03:59PM EDT


Relius simply smirks at the demon.
Relius: It would do you wise not to underestimate the Power of Order. The Sankishin would have triumphed over the other fellow.
He motions for Ignis to come over by his side.
Relius: Do not dabble in things you know nothing about. They can come to strike back at you later.

Sep 19, 2013 at 04:38PM EDT


Crow: Heretics! heretics! KAW!

Crow: You shall all die in a great and purging pyre of flame!! filthy scum!


Ornstein stands-fast and holds his spear in front of himself vertically, the hilt jammed into the ground at his feet. The blade hits the spear and forces him back a few foot taking a chunk out of his stamina at the same time….

The compressed space hits him hard and sends him back towards the wall however his reflexes are still tip top, he lands on the wall feet first and launches himself back out at Levy, he holds the spear in his right hand and throws it straight at her with instant speeds…

The golden, highly decorated and master crafted Dragon Slayer Spear darts towards Levy, electrical energy crackling around the entire weapon and the air in its wake…

Last edited Sep 19, 2013 at 07:52PM EDT
Sep 19, 2013 at 07:42PM EDT


erzadoesnt hesitate to make the first move. she requips into one of her armours. light engulfs her as her armour vanishes and requips into another one pf her many suits.

when her requip is complete, she is in heavens wheel armour. this armour allows her to fly and also summons swords and other weapons to fight with her.

she then summons about 300 swords all around tardhan at very close range and can be released at him at any time. then she summons a ring of swords around herself as she lifts up into the air.

she then stares at him with the most fear endusing look that she is very famous for having in the guild. its as if she pierces into your soul and causes it to tremble in your body. and it doesnt help either that there are 300 swords surrounding tardhan at very close range.

Erza: your move.

natsu is sent into the wall, but quickly recovers from the attack and is back up on his feet

Natsu: that was good, now, how bout we play some catch. FIRE DRAGON WING ATTACK!

fire wings crash into the ground causing a major explosion as it makes contact with flandres projectiles. the explosion manages to catch the devices in it and disabling them and sends all of the remaining spheres in flandres direction as giant fireballs

Asura: medic, your attempts of insulting me are pitiful. if you dont have anything to back up your words than i would suggest my previous recomendation and keeping your mouth shut. his eyes glow bright with madness otherwise unfortunate circumstances will come before you.*

medusa: why dont the both of you just stop your bickering and just ignore each other. my goodness, a god and a half god blabering at eachother like children.

asura just ignores both medusa and medic for the remainder of the matches.

medusa hears about the order that rtelius mentined and is intrigued by what it is.

Medusa: power of the order you say? she opens a portal next to her and right next to relius to talk to him without leaving her seat. this power you speak of, the order. might a scientist like myself be indulged by what it is?

mirajane just makes it back to were the others are and manages to see you hiding out alone. cana also notices you shortly after mirajane does and they both walk up to her and sit right next to her.

cana: hey, that was a great match you had there nearly blew up the stadium…… uh, you okay there?

mirajane: you look like somethings bothering you. you wouldnt mind a bit of girl talk right now?

levy reacts as quickly as she can to the sudden launch of his spear. her training with spark and the others had made her reflexes and her ability to make words a lot faster than she could ever imagine

Levy: “STOP
the word stop appears in front of her in red with a white outline like a stop sign. the moment the spear touches it, it immediately stops there and the lightning all around it is frozen still in the air.

she then makes another word


the word reverse hits the spear and suddenly is sent flying back in the same manner as it was before back at ornstein

Sep 19, 2013 at 09:56PM EDT


Flandre nimbly dodges the giant fireballs that were once her own projectiles. Her training from Spark and the crew has nearly doubled her speed, making her a great force to be reckoned with. Having the devices deactivated, they all return back to the head of her wand. Her spell card is broken.
This is fun!
Flandre invokes another spell card, flying up in the air high above Natsu.
Forbidden Barrage: “Starbow Break”!
She suddenly swings her wand at Natsu, sending forth a wave of thousands of multicolored balls of light at him. Once that swing is done, she sings the wand again sending forth yet another wave.


The Puppeteer looks over to Medusa with his golden, eyeless opera mask.
Relius: A scientist like yourself be intrigued by Order? Possibly. It is unparalleled to no other in terms of scale.
He turns his attention back to the arena where Hakumen is, observing him.
Relius: I suggest you watch and see for yourself. The first key to any experiment is observation, my dear.

Sep 19, 2013 at 10:50PM EDT

@Mirajane and Cana:

“I got the idea from a comic I read. Friend of my dad is a collector of junk that floats in from the outside world. He even built this.”

She uncups her Mini-Hakkuro from her hands before putting it back in it’s sheath.

“Send Mana though a Reactor it performs fusion just like Nuclear Energy. Blasts out a ton of energy at low cost. I have another way but…”

She rubs her back… and the two girls are reminded of the horrible looking scars that refused to be healed…

Marisa looks up, eyes red…

“Yeah, I just have been here far too many times. To Hell I mean. It was… rather horrible the first time… I lost… I lost my…”

She curls up.

“You kill a girl and she becomes a spirit. You kill a Ghost and she vanishes… forever… she doesn’t even go to heaven.”

Face on knees now, she continues talking a bit muffled.

“So what if she was ‘evil’? She was kinder than any of my parents ever where… without her I would have never learned magic… or have ever met Reimu. But that day…”

“Faced by the creator of Hell Herself…”

“Reimu’s Steed was shot down and killed… so I dived down to save her… and master… just stepped in front of me and… used… herself… as a…”

“Why… is it always at the moment the… Villian turns Good… that he or she dies?! Had she managed to reincarnate… we could have lived like… a real… fa… mi…”

She can’t hold it in anymore. She has held this in for over 8 years.

Last edited Sep 20, 2013 at 01:49AM EDT
Sep 20, 2013 at 01:39AM EDT

*There is literally only one thing that Tahrdan could possibly do. He summons OYH (which interets Iblan’s group because of Chaos, who considers slipping down into the arena), and makes OYH turn into the larg orb. The reason he ha no choice but to do this is becau\se it is the only defensive action he has.

Tahrdan: This sort of difference is exactly why the Order tends to fight in groups compared to you lot being able to go alone. and I have something the rest don’t!

Tsunarmin: That could have been me in that situation… then again, I do have Barrier and MBarrier, while he doesn’t.
Solarian: Oh, right, he only got this far because his opponents were from within the Order, didn’t he?
Ignis: Just land a hit on her, Tahrdan, at least show you’re TRYING to fight!

Last edited Sep 20, 2013 at 02:14AM EDT
Sep 20, 2013 at 02:03AM EDT


The spear comes flying back towards Ornstein….

At the last possible moment he steps aside…and the Dragon Slayer spear skims past his armour plated chest…however the cross at the base of the spear blade catches his side, due to the force and speed at which the spear was travelling it throws him straight into the ground with serious power….

After hitting Ornstein the spears course is changed dramatically, it hits the ground and ricochets into a rapid spin in a direction that is out of the arena. A few moments later and it embeds into a surface along with a loud sound of smashing rock….
(OOC: Either someone can find the spear at random or I’ll retrieve it later…)

He gets up from off the dusty floor and brushes his amour down before turning to Levy and giving her a fierce gaze…

The graze has left a nasty scuff on his armours polish, even though his expression is impossible to see you can be assured that he is annoyed….

He takes a Talisman from a pocket hidden upon his armour…

A very powerful piece, capable of amplifying Miracle damage multiple times over. The best Talisman within his homeland kingdom….

He holds it above his head and within a few seconds a bolt of pure lightning manifests in his palms grasp, just like with Pyralis (albeit much more powerfull) he throws it towards Levy, however he doesn’t stop there. Another spear and then another and then one extra, multiple Great Lightning Spears all heading towards her at the great speeds, each one making a loud thunderclap as they are cast…

Due to them being Miracles and not Magic they are unblockable to common barriers and almost completely negate shields…

Meanwhile Smough, who is sat in the seating area, lets out a deep laugh at the failings of his partner. He is delighted.

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Sep 20, 2013 at 03:42PM EDT

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