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Maledict is paying great attention to the miracles that Ornstein is using. He eventually looks away from the fight and begins to tinker with… something.
Maledict: That’ll do no good. Have to get that, too.
He eventually finishes, and turns back to the screen.

Falcon: PAGE GET!
Ken: That’s the second time you’ve done that.

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Sep 20, 2013 at 05:05PM EDT

Pitchurn: At least it’s not us getting these page gets, for once.

Arkantos takes particular note of Ornstein
Arkantos: Those attacks look and feel similar to Bolt, I must have a few words with that man and find out exactly what god is providing such attacks.

Sep 20, 2013 at 05:17PM EDT

natsu is running in circles fighting for dear life as he sprints as fast as he could around the arena they are in while dodging flandres projectiles.

Natsu: ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitOHSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!

natsu is still cant believe that someone as adorable as her has so much power. the balls continue to pummel him as he despeately tries to stay alive.


natsu continues to run for his life dodging the ridiculous amounts of magic orbs.

levy uses her magic to try and block the lightning bolts.
the word rubber apears in very large letters and is made completely out of rubber, however, even though some of the bolts re obsorbed by the lighting, they are too powerful for her and destroy the word. one bolt manages to strike levy and electrocute her with such intensity.


the attack was too much for levy in this condition. she tries and stands her ground, but her injuries are too much for her and she can barely keep consious.

levy: i… cant… go on….. like she tries to raise her hand up to write another word, but then suddenly collapses onto the ground. she is k.o. and ornstein is the winner.

gajeel is pissed off that she lost.

erza is a bit disappointed on how tardhan is always complaining on how weak he is ans well as the others.

Erza: ever since i first met you and your mages, you have only been nothing but a disappointment. always complaining on how weak you people are and how you rely so heavily on your magic that you dont even consider taking care of training your bodies instead of your minds. magic is something that is a part of you, it is an extension of your bodies as well as your minds. to neglect one half is to show weaknesses that your opponents can easily manipulate. but the worst thing that a person can do is doubt themselves. always saying how you are weak and cannot match up to anyone. that way of thinking is the reason why you people are weak. have some more confidence in yourselves, despite the odds, and never give in to your opponent. at least have the courage to stand your ground and fight for what you believe in, no matter who you are up against. wether your alone or with an army of mages.

erza suddenly requips into another outfit. as this happens the 300 swords around spinn into the air and scatter around the arena, they all transform into katanas instead of broadswords. the entire area is covered in katanas that are impaled into the ground.

she reuips into japanese cloth. this outfit has no magical properties, however, in this uniform, erza is free from all constraints of wearing armour so that she can maximize her swordsman skills without any drawbacks of armour.

erza: i will show you what it means to have real power, and not from having magic, but from believing in yourself and for fighting for what you believe in. i will be refraining from using any magic for this fight, i will be using only my skills and my conviction to give me the strength i need to win.

she spins her swords around with such blinding speed and skill before getting into battle position.

Erza: show me the strength of your beliefs.

ooc: if were gonna fight, please make your posts small and simple to understand. go into detail on your characters movements, attacks, and if you cast spells, go into detail on how they look like and how they are projected. paint me a mental picture of your actions that wont make me put a bullet in my head. your most likely going to loose this fight, but at least go out like a champ and try and redeem your characters.


medusas is continuing to be intrigued by this masked man.

medusa: oh how i would love to witness this all powerful order that you speak of. she then notices ignis and the phantom nearby. you wouldnt mind telling me who the robed figure and this lavishly elegant machine you have here are now would you? it looks quite deadly for such a work of art.

asura continues to watch them as well as the fights.

@marisa EDIT
cana and mirajane can understand the pain she is feeling. though they didnt know she had such a past considering how happy and cheerful she always is. to see her like this for the first time hits the two hard.

cana: we can understand how painful it must have been for you.

mirajane: we all have had our moments of tragedy in our lives, it is never easy to deal with, but it is harder to try and escape it.

cana wraps marisa and hugs her as if she were like an older sister to her.

cana: she may be gone, but the memories that you have of her will always be etched into your soul forever. nothing can take that away from you, or anyone. we are all here for you marisa. you and reimu are like sisters to me.

Mirajane: mirajane hugs the two of them as well to comfort marisa more. your all like family to us marisa, you and reimu will always have a place here with us. your happines is our happiness. your pain and sorrow is our pain and sorrow. do dont worry, well help you get through all of this.

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After one more swing of the wand, she notices the candy and hears Natsu’s pleas for his life. However, the candy is really the only thing that interests her at the moment.
Aw, but this is fun!
However, her childish-like side gets the best of her and she flies down to Natsu who would be standing in a crater-ridden arena floor.
So I don’t get any candy if I play this game with you?
She inquires as she stares up at him.
What game do you want to play then?


Ignis is floating right next to Relius now. She glares down at Medusa with disturbingly human, blue eyes that seem to glow.

Ignis: …
The talons that are her “fingers” are sharp enough to cut through even the strongest metal, and tear a normal human to shreds in mere seconds. Light seems to glint off the flawless design of her metal body.

%{color:magenta}Relius: This is my perfect creation and loving wife, Fluctus Redactum: Ignis.
He pulls the machine closer to him, nearly kissing it. However he stops just a few inches away from her.

He then pushes the machine that is his very wife away from him gently, and then motions over to Phantom.

Phantom is just floating there silently, not even saying a single word or acknowledging anyone.
Phantom: …

Relius: This is Phantom. A very useful partner to have along the road that is life…
He then turns his attention back to Medusa.
Relius: Apropos of this conversation, who are you and your group?

Sep 20, 2013 at 09:02PM EDT

Sometime before everyone got taken away to the tournament, Meredith’s actual body had decided to wake up. Which is not good because now she is lost in space with only vague ideas on how to get back. Her teleportation isn’t working for some reason either. But she’s sure that when this tournament is over,she’ll be able to teleport to their location should she not find some way to get to the tournament before it’s conclusion.



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natsu is relieved to have that nightmare over. his hands are on his knees as he tries to catch his breath after surviving hell

Natsu: gimme a sec kiddo. after 15 seconds of catching his breath. natsu gets up and looks at flandre.

Natsu: yah, i got a great game that we can both enjoy. he puts the bag on his belt and secures it. he then suddenly lunges at flandre with both arms out and taking her by surprise. ITS CALLED SAY UNCLE!

natsu is then suddenly tickling flandre all over her body, she cannot help but laugh over the intense tickling attack. natsu wont stop this until flandre says uncle and allow natsu to move on in the tournament.

Natsu: tickletickletickletickletickletickletickletickletickle. i wint stop until you say uncle flandre.

everyone that is watching natsu and flandres fight should be dumbfounded by what they are seeing. not even the fairy tail members can come up with any thoughts to understand what is going on

medusa cant help but laugh over ignis.

medusa:AHAAAAAAHAAHAHAHA! you really turned your wife into that death dealing machine! oh my, thats is as twisted as it is adorable. you have much of my respect good sir. and as for my companions that i am with here. a portal of medusa opens up to reveal asura, medic, and yukaris faces nearby. this lovely lady is yukari, master boundary manipulator and good friend of mine. this being with the mask and helmet is Nightmare Medic, a very powerful demi god with un fathomable dark magic powers and an army of darkness. and last but certainly not least, Kishin Asura, demon god of madness. a physical embodiment of fear, madness and insanity.

asura just stares at relius, his eyes feel like they are tearing away at relius’ mind. however, medusa quickly banishes the portals but her own.

Medusa: and my name is Medusa Gorgon. she extends her hand out palm down towards relius in kind motion. You can just call me lady medusa for short. im actually a witch who also happens to be a scientist as well.

Sep 21, 2013 at 12:35AM EDT

@Main lobby good guy area,

Jin and Ragna both begin to return back to consciousness, rubbing their heads as they look around with blurred vision.

Ragna: Ugh… What the hell happened?
He looks around seeing that he is in the waiting room with everyone else once again. After a brief moment, he comes to realization with himself.
Ragna: I…lost…
Looking down at himself, Ragna can’t help but feel sadness that he couldn’t beat Erza. He had to relay his wish to her… He simply sighs, not knowing if she’ll be able to win or lose.

Jin rubs his head, trying to find out how long it has been since he was out.
Jin: That girl can dish out some serious punishment… That laser nearly broke through my aura.
The ice user also remembers what his wish was… to save Tsubaki. Now he’ll never get another chance at this…
Jin: Damn it…

Tager walks over to Ragna and Jin.
Tager: You two got quite the beating out there. I suggest you take it easy for now and rest.

Ragna: Don’t tell me what to do…
Ragna gets up out of his position and goes to watch all of Erza’s battles, hoping to see them through.

Tager merely sighs at this, not being able to really do anything.


Flandre can’t help but laugh and laugh as Natsu tickles her all over. He has found one of her weaknesses… All she can do is laugh and smile as Natsu plays with her.
Ahahahaha! Stop it~ Stop it~!

She keeps laughing, trying to resist Natsu’s tickling. It’s just not working for her.
U-Uncle! Uncle!
The little vampire cannot take such intense action anymore, still laughing.

Jin, Ragna, and Tager who are all in the lobby are just as dumbfounded as everyone else watching this match go by.


Instead of a handshake from his own hand, a white mechanical hand comes out from Relius’ cape and shakes Medusa’s hand. He doesn’t even seem to lift a finger.
Relius: A pleasure to make your acquaintance.
He simply smirks at her as he shakes her hand.

Sep 21, 2013 at 02:27AM EDT

Tahrdan: I was not going to back down anyway, you know… let’s do this!
He gets into a battle stance himself. As he fights left handed, his sword is tilted nearly horizontally to his right. The lines on the blade are glowing. They start to glow even brighter as a water glyph appears at his feet. A large wall of water rises up behind him and rushes towards Erza as a wave. This is the most powerful attack spell he knows, Tsunami.

Sep 21, 2013 at 04:06AM EDT

@The Show:

Reimu just looks Dumbfounded.

Yukari kinda leans forwards to see what is going on.

And anyone focusing on her would feel an odd presence behind the portal…

@Cana and Mirajane:

Marisa slowly but surely calms down, closing her eyes in the comfort of the group hug

“Ye-yeah. Y-you guys have been amazing. She would be so happy… if she saw this…”

She has a bit of a hallucination but says nothing of it.

she moves her arms out to hug them both, and spasms when her shoulders audibility pop

“Gu- Hehehe, I’m going to turn into a hunchback if I keep sitting on the floor like that.”

She hugs them tight for a good long while before standing up and stretching.

“Ya know what? Soon as I get home, I am going to either badger Reimu to get good enough to open the gates to Gensokyo to let you in, or badger Byakuren to let me borrow the Palanquin Ship to bring you in for a vacation. Maybe you might like it enough to stay there.”

Under her breath “If there doesn’t happen to be a horrible incident going on at the moment anyways.”

Her broom jumps to her hand

“Or I will make my wish the ability to open or close any kinds of doors or gates without a key. Though I might get into more mischief than good with that one, hah.”

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Ornstein loosens up his stance and puts his Talisman away, he lets out a deep breath and gives a bow…

He turns around and leaves the arena…he has a spear to retrieve…

Sep 21, 2013 at 07:56AM EDT

After Ornstein leaves the arena, there is a white flash right in front of him, revealing a man in white armour, with a basic metal spear and an electrical aura. This man is of course Arkantos. The god of titan stopping is holding his spear point downwards, to indicate he means no harm.

Arkantos: I was just wondering, what god granted you those attacks? I ask because they look and feel like the weapons of Lord Zeus.

Sep 21, 2013 at 08:45AM EDT

gajeel makes it to were levy is, shes consious but she can barely move.

gajeel: damn, looks like he kicked your ass good.

levy: cough that last attack was really something else. i couldnt do anything to stop it.

gajeel: well whatever, you gave it your all i hope, so lets just get you back. he says as he just icks her up with one arm and carries her over his shoulder.

levy: ow.! not so rough.

they make their way back to the others.

natsu just finishes with his tickling with flandre who cant take anymore and then descides to pick her up with both his arms and carries her.

natsu: ahaaahahha! i knew you couldnt resist my tickling. not even erza can resist them. he gives her the bag of candies. i couldnt think of any other way of going around you. i couldnt bring myself to hurting you, especially knowing how much you mean to gray and juvia. i wouldnt forgive myself if i had hurt you. besides, you just the cutest. he says as he snuggles her. lets get you back to juvia and the others. i got a tournament to win. natsu makes it to the general direction of the others before making his way to his next round.

*the guys in fairy tail ccant believe what jus happened while the girls are just adoring it.

gray: did natsu win?

laxus: by… tickling her?

lucy: thats just the most adorable thing ever.

juvia: he cares so much for her that he didnt want to hurt her. hes just the sweetest.

lucy: i honestly thought he would go overboard, but i guess he even has a soft spot for her.

gray: gray just smirks i guess your right.

@yukari and relius
Medusa: nice to make ourselves acquainted, i will be back in a moment.

medusa turns to face yukari and holds her hand out in front of her.

medusa: you look like you owe me. looks like the dragon boy managed to make her submit to him. clever boy, he uses her child like demeanor to beat her without laying a single scratch on her. well, a bets a bet. cough it up missy. she notices the portal behind her. whos that supposed to be?

asura looks intensely at the portal besides yukari as well.

Cana: glad your feeling better. we dot like seeing you like this.

mirajane: and your offer to bring us over to your place sounds great. though living there, were not too sure. though a vacation sounds nice after all of this.*

cana: though if anything happens, you can always visit our place. our country has many vacation destinations and resorts that everyone can enjoy. well show you guys a really great time. now lets head back to were the others are, im sure theyre wondering were we are.

(im going to be doing a sequence of attacks, you try and deal with them if you can)

erza sees tardhan charging with a wave behind him. she prepares to make her counterattack as she turns to face him. swords in each hand.

erza: so it begins. dont disapoint me.

erza takes both swords and spins them around and hits the swords around her, the great force behind the blows knocks about 3 swords into the air spinning.

Erza: 3 sword strike. she slashes one sword that is sent flying towards tardhan. ONE then the second one TWO the the last one THREE tardhan has three swords spinning towards him

she then makes a dash towards him right after the sword strikes. she jumps high into the air and reverses her grip on her right swords. she then spins down towards him like a sawblade towards tardhan with both her swords.*

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For the first time in who-knows-how-long Ornstein speaks…he simply says…
Ornstein: Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight and Cinder.
His voice is clear, pronounced and sharp, something you’d expect of a Captain of the Guard of the Four Knights.

He makes his way off and passed Arkantos, retrieving his spear and awaiting his next oppoenents appearance in the arena…

Sep 21, 2013 at 01:18PM EDT

Arkantos: I guess I’ll have to ask more later.
He teleports back to the stands in a flash

Tahrdan notices the swords coming and moves to his left as quickly as he can in order to evade them. He also holds his shield at the ready in an attempt to deflect if that fails. For the attack from above he also uses his sword to try and parry one of them. He is really just trying whatever comes to mind.
Tahrdan: You might end up disappointed by the best I can do anyway! Speaking of which, let’s see how you handle a shapeshifter!
Upon saying this, Open Your Heart moves to Tahrdan’s side as a mass of water, at which point it then rises up into its actual form. It is a cross between a watery humanoid with a T-shaped head and some kind of shark, with visible bones and a visible brain. The stand then proceeds to aim a punch at Erza, the arm extending to give it a lot of range.
Tahrdan: And now…
Tahrdan charges alongside OYH’s fist (though he is slower than it), with his shield held in front and his sword held so that the tip of the blade extends further forwards than the shield. He is also bent towards the ground a bit so that there is less chance of an attack slipping round the shield and hitting him.

Iblan’s group…
Immolan: That is no ordinary aquamancer. Note to self, kill him when I have a chance to. Earth should still work.
Suwako: That watery being looks familiar, somehow…
Chaos just stares at OYH. He is thinking ‘Why does that look like a cross between me with two Emeralds and me with four?’
Harald: I don’t quite know what’s going on here. Can anyone tell me who any of those three are?
Harald’s question is addressed to other nearby villains too.
Arkantos: Did I miss anything?
Iblan: Nothing much. Just a battle that we should take note of is starting.
Loki: We really shouldn’t be here for too long. The clan might need us.

On the other side of the stands, the Order mages (and Tikal) are watching the same battle
Tsunarmin: Remember what I told you, Tahrdan, make use of that thing, as it is your greatest strength…
Granatir: I’ll be surprised if he actually wins this round… And also a bit embarrassed.
Tempestia: I know what you mean. WE’RE supposed to be the best of the Order!
Ignis: Maybe we should take some time to experiment a bit, develop some new spells? Our current ones just aren’t cutting it.
Pyralis: …Hmmm…cutting it…. What if we could apply magical effects to our physical attacks for some spells?
Noctan: That’s not a bad idea, actually.
Solarian: Our new acquaintance probably has no idea what we’re talking about.
Tikal:That would be right…. Anyway, I think I’ll go somewhere else for a bit. Find me when something important happens.
Tikal proceeds to fly down to the heroes’ lobby.

Sep 21, 2013 at 03:05PM EDT


As Natsu carries Flandre, she opens up the bag of candy and smiles. She pulls out a piece, popping it in her mouth and just enjoying it all around. She just hugs him. Even though she is bit psycho-bonkers-crazy, a lot has happened to her over the course of this adventure. She’s come to like a lot more people over the course of her adventure. Juvia’s cleared most of her mind up, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t act like a kid every once in a while…
Fairy Tail is the best!
She just laughs a bit.


Nu floats there above the ground with the gigantic Nox Nyctores, Lux Sanctus: Murakumo behind her. Her cape has many red seals that flow gently behind it, along with a massive sharp blade tied to the end of her long and braided hair.

Nu: Scanning… Complete. Subject appears to have a very strong presence radiating from them. Raising threat levels to S-Tier.
She holds out two hands, and a holographic computer screen appears in front of her.
Nu: IFF determined. Subject is hostile. Activate termination protocol.
She disperses the holographic computer from in front of her.
Nu: Now engaging battle mode.
The sword that is behind her begins to come apart at a fast rate, putting the nigh-unbreakable armor all over her body. Pieces glow and flash as they attach themselves to her. The sword pedals are deployed, floating behind her gently.

Nu stares at Ornstein with the single red eye in her visor. This is the eye of a cold machine that was made to kill… It is unsettling to say the least.
Nu: Now engaging target.
On that cue, Nu first fires a sword from her position straight at Ornstein. This first one is just to trip him up. She then summons several other swords that are in very close proximity to him, coming from all directions and headed straight at him.

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Needless to say he wasn’t exactly expecting this sort of attack…

He preps himself

The first sword is slammed into the floor with a perfectly timed downward slash, stopping it dead…

He then takes notice of the surrounding swords and spins his spear about himself in an attempt to deflect them off, this proves difficult though seeing as they are completely engulfing him. He takes a slash to the right shoulder from one sword and is almost impaled straight through the back by another, if it wasn’t for his armours magnificent design and heavy resistance to thrust (hue) type damage he would have been killed outright….

Burnt up by Pyralis, smashed into the ground by Levy, slashed across the shoulder and nearly made into a skewer by Nu….he’s still standing proud….his shoulder is bleeding though…

Ornstein can see that this fight is gonna take some serious shit to come out on top. He throws a simple Lightning Spear at Nu and then quickly leaps into the air before lunging back down and striking, electrical energy spreading out from the point of impact…he doesn’t wait around, in an instant he sets off running, staying on the move…

Sep 21, 2013 at 04:30PM EDT


Nu quickly takes note of this electrical spear hurling at her. She back-dashes away from the area quickly. A split second afterwards she sees Ornstein heading at her from above. She dodges the initial strike from Ornstein and sees the lightning spreading all around.
Nu: Opening rift.
The Murakumo Unit raises both hands and opens a rift in the surrounding area that seems to nullify the electricity spreading around the ground. It also slows down anything in the area except herself. If Ornstein was still inside the area he would feel like gravity itself is pressing down upon him. After this, Nu gets sort of close to Ornstein and swings all 8 pedals down at him from above in an arcing motion.

This is quickly followed by a slashing motion to the right side of Ornstein from all 8 of them that would stagger the big guy.

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Sep 21, 2013 at 04:48PM EDT

@anyone in heroes’ lobby
Tikal enters the lobby, she is thinking about why there is so much conflict. The girl’s a pacifist so she just cannot understand it.
(OOC: As a reminder, they’d just see a pink ball of light.)

Sep 21, 2013 at 04:54PM EDT


Ornstein holds the spear above his head and blocks the first 7 of the blades, each one taking a sizeable amount of stamina to handle and knocking him off balance and form…

But within this split moment the knight has already attained the timings of each strike to be near enough the same amount of time apart….the perfect set up for a parry manoeuvre….he takes his left hand and reaches out for the last blade, batting it to the side in a strong swipe…while Ornstein has a moment he counters by giving a wide swing in a brutal attempt to cleave her clean in half….

Ornstein’s counter attacks are given a large boost in damage output thanks to the unique ring he wears…

The Leo Ring, granted to him by Lord Gwyn himself.

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Sep 21, 2013 at 05:30PM EDT


Her processors take over for this moment, and they force her to jump in the air. However, the spear does manage to hit the bottom of her leg armor, effectively sending her off-course with her intended course and straight into a wall.
Nu: Damage sustained…
She gets out of the hole quickly and flies out to get the upper hand on Ornstein.
Nu: Damage levels: Negligible.
She suddenly extends her hands once again at Ornstein.
Nu: Disappear.
A row of orange swords begins to jut up out of the ground, quickly making their way towards the knight as she calculates what next move he will make.

Sep 21, 2013 at 06:08PM EDT


Ornstein takes a few leaps and bounds backwards, keeping out of the way of the jutting blades, this puts the two at a distance…

He doesn’t immediately attack, instead he waits and catches a breath, trying to build his strength back up. After a few seconds he gets back into stance and fires off a few more rods of lightning via his Slayer spear, due to them being channelled through the weapon their damage output is enhanced by a respectful amount

4 electrical spears bolt towards Nu

He begins closing the gap, calmly walking back towards Nu…

Sep 21, 2013 at 06:43PM EDT


Since Nu was already in the air, this gives her more space to freely avoid the 4 lightning spears hurled her way.

Nu: Confirming best action…
She opens up a black and purple rift under Ornstein, weighing him down a good bit. She then points both hands out at Ornstein.
Nu: Systems activate!
A massive scythe that spins along the ground is headed directly for him from her position. As this happens, she rushes down at Ornstein… However, due to her ability to alter space, she teleports right behind him and uses her “wings” in an attempt to trip him while he’s off guard and let the scythe blade cut him up as it heads straight for him along the ground. After this, she dashes backwards away from Ornstein and takes to the air once more.

Sep 21, 2013 at 07:25PM EDT


Being the physical representation of lightning, Ornstein is very sharp and respondent but even this has caught him unaware and in his exhausted state finds it difficult to defend himself…but with death imminent he summons enough faith and casts at the last moment. He throws down the Force Miracle on the ground beneath his feet at the same time that he is tripped…..

This creates a powerful shockwave that blasts away Nu’s wings but also sends Ornstein flying backwards too, the scythe continues to travel along the ground towards him.

With too little time to recover it hits him in the side, causing both serious damage to his health and cracking his prized armour, now bleeding heavily in two places and in more pain than ever he stands back up on his feet and faces Nu as she flies about the arena…

He has been to countless places and has slain hundreds of dragons, yet never has he been taken down to such lows upon his adventures by his enemies.

He stabs the spear into the ground next to him and leaves it be, effectively disarming himself. He then brings out his Talisman once more and takes a knee in prayer, the artifact firmly in his grasp and his head looking to the ground……

The red bloom adorning his feline faced helmet blows gently in the wind, the blood drips from his wounds and quiet whispers can be heard spoken under his breath. Its a calming and noble scene to bear witness to but also the calm before a storm.

He rises back up onto his feet and raises the Talisman into the air above his head….

A small crackle and a few sparks spring forth from the object, nothing special…

But then Ornstein brings his arm back as if to throw a ball… an instant a massive spear of pure energy is formed within his grasp getting larger and larger and glowing a blindingly bright golden yellow. This isn’t the standard Lightning Spear or its Greater version, this is the Sunlight Spear, the most powerful and damaging of all offensive Miracles, Sorceries and Pyromancies within his kingdom.

Mini flashback

Created and once wielded by Lord Gwyn himself and then granted to his most elite of knights, it was this very Miracle that won the great war against the Everlasting Dragons during the Age of Ancients and bought about the current era, the Age of Fire. It was so powerful that it was capable of searing the unbreakable scales clean off of the dragons, killing them outright and sending their legendary corpses plummeting to the ground before the uprising human armies.

…This was a long time ago though and many things have changed since then as well as Lord Gwyns Sliver Knights all but dying out, this meaning that Sir Ornstein is the last remaining person who is capable of casting the Sunlight Spear. But even with all hundred of years since it’s creation it hasn’t lost any of its edge….

Ornstein launches the spear towards Nu as a deafening loud thunderclap accompanies its casting, most people within the arena would have heard this….

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Sep 21, 2013 at 09:41PM EDT

natsu arrives to were the others are with flandre in her arms as she enjoys the candies.

natsu: hey guys, so how was the matches for everyone?

gray: i lost to giorno. hes your next opponent. but i cant believe you managed to beat flandre.

natsu: well i couldnt hurt her. it isnt right. so, i appealed to her inner child with candy and tickles.

juvia: that was sweet of you natsu for doing that.

laxus: yah, despite looking like a complets jackass running all over the arena.

natsu: well what choice did i have? besides, i still had fun as well as she. wo no harm done. she then hands flandre over to juvia dont worry kiddo, ill make sure to win this tournament and make yah proud of me. he pets her head a bit. well im of now, wish me luck guys.

gray: natsu. be careful with giorno. his stand shoot out these lazers that completely nulify any attacks they hit as if nothing happened at all. i believe it can extend to much further than that, he can reduce anything to a point of zero. not sure how far it extends to. just make sure he doesnt hit you with it, and watch out for the things he creates, if you hit them, they hurt you instead. so just focus on giorno and him alone. and watch the lasers.

natsu: thanks, ill keep that in mind. but before i go, i need some food. natsu runs up to the nearby concession stand HEY, WHOS ASS DO I NEED TO KICK IN ORDER TO GET SOME FLAMES OF HELL? I WANT MY STOMACH TO BE LIKE THE FIERY PITS OF HELL BEFORE I HEAD OFF TO MY NEXT FIGHT.

erza quickly responds to OYH punch by continuing her attack. she spins with such speed and strength that as the fist comes in contact with her, she saws through the fist, each half of it being slit beside her and makes her way past OYH and towards tardhan.

(heres an idea on how it looks, and yes, she can fight like that because she is erza motherfucking scarlet)

(inb4 gotta go fast or sanic references)

shortly after passing OYH, she makes contact with tardhans shield with great force that even though he prepared for her, her raw strength knocks him back a bit and she begins to follow up with many sword strikes. one strike after the other she attacks him and moving with such eligance and speed that it is very hard to try and read her moves. she then makes it even worse when she spins both swords around. before she strikes him, she extends her leg out and using her foot, she grabs a hold of another sword and swings at him with three blades at once while keeping perfect balance with her left foot.

(before you question if she can fight with her feet, yes she can. she once fought with four swords on both hands and feet, she is fighting with just three. heres proof, because once again, she is erza.)

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Sep 21, 2013 at 11:09PM EDT


Before the Sunlight Spear…

Nu scans Ornstein through and through as she stays in one spot.
Nu: Target status: Thoroughly damaged. Requesting access…
She quickly pulls up the hologram computer again, scanning through it.
Nu: Protocol confirmed.
She dismisses the computer and stares at Ornstein.

And then the Sunlight Spear from Ornstein is thrown straight at her after a few moments.

Nu raises a hand in front of her. Her crest appears behind her back as she readies for her move…

Nu: Causal alteration…
Her wings gather in front of her as the spear heads straight at her. This is almost like slow-motion…
Nu: Metallic Aegis!
A massive, orange shield made up from the fabric of space itself constructs in front of Nu in an instant.

The spear collides with the shield, creating a massive thunderclap of it’s own, even louder than the one when it was thrown.
Nu: Damage levels rising.
Due to the shield being made up of the very fabric of space, it is quite resilient. However, the Sunlight Spear manages to inch its way through the fabric ever so slowly… Ornstein can notice the shield begin to crack.
Nu: Damage levels critical. Abort. Abort.
She puts the shield down, and at that very moment, the intense heat that was built up inside the shield explodes and covers the entire area in mist, obscuring everything in view. Her pedals are sent flying against the wall as the mist and stream cover the place… It is all silent… That is until Ornstein hears the all too familiar sound of a rift opening nearby him and feeling a sharp pain in his side… followed by another in his opposite side… and another in his back… The mist then clears, revealing a nearly defeated Nu standing there floating above the ground. She’s bloodied and charred from the pure light hitting her.
Nu: Damage levels near maximum… Commencing repair…
She begins the process of repairing herself. After just a few seconds, she is back up to 50 percent of her health again.
Nu: Repairs complete. Your efforts are useless.
She holds up another hand, firing a sword straight at Ornstein’s abdomen. The big guy would have taken enough punishment here to be knocked out if he is hit by the energy sword.


Flandre hugs Juvia as Natsu passes her to Juvia. However, the thunderclap startles her and she hugs Juvia even tighter. After that, she takes a piece of her candy and pops it in her mouth.
Uncle Natsu is really fun to play with!


The sudden noise of thunder even alerts Tager.
Tager: Good heavens! What the hell was that?! Was that thunder booming?

Jin shows no reaction to what caused the thunderclap as he sits in the lobby… He did pay attention, but didn’t question it.


Ragna is currently watching the match between Erza and Tarhdan. He begins to speak to himself…
Ragna: If Erza wins against this wannabe, then she goes up against that masked bitch…
The Grim Reaper turns to look at the arena Hakumen is in. He stares at him while he is standing there, waiting for her…
Ragna: Good luck Erza… You’ll need it.

Sep 22, 2013 at 01:39AM EDT

Tahrdan is not doing well at all. This should be a surprise to absolutely no-one. He keeps backing up from all the attacks, due to not having any other way to even block them, it’s the attacks that are pushing him back. He does try one thing, though. He tries to hold off the attacks long enough to cast Whirlpool. This spell takes the form of an orb of water, with currents within it rotating around the centre, which is visible from the outside. OYH is steadily reforming, however…

Sep 22, 2013 at 03:46AM EDT


….he grabs his spear from the ground and throws it at the energy sword, the spear absorbs the energy but also puts a heavy hit in the weapons durability, degrading it to a level of disrepair and requiring the attention of the royal smith….

Healing oneself when engaged in a dual is considered a grave act of poor sportsmanship within his home kingdom and is frowned upon by the knights of the realm who abide by the unwritten law intently. When broken, the punishment is often dished out with the most brutal and unforgiving tactics.

Ornstein lets out a loud roar of both pain and fury as he vents his anger, fuelled by vengeance he then leaps with full force at Nu, grabbing her with his bare hands and smashing her into the ground….He doesn’t let up for a moment he begins throwing heavy punches, uppercuts and using kicks to stagger her as he gives off an unrelenting flurry of electrically surged hits.

At about 12 foot and in medium armour each of his punches packs a very fair amount of force…

Sep 22, 2013 at 07:42AM EDT


Nu doesn’t have time to react to Ornstein as he roars and grabs her. She is slammed into the ground at full force, her armor taking a good portion of the blow.
Nu: Ow.
The Murakumo Unit is hit by the various attacks that Ornstein sends her way after she recovers. Being staggered, knocked up into the air, kicked around like a toy by this gigantic man… She has taken heavy damage from this alone, nearly back down to where she once was.
Nu: Owowowowow.
After a brief moment before Ornstein is about to kick her again, Nu surges with orange lightning and immense energy as he can see.
Nu: Barrier overload!
She puts both hands in front of her, causing a massive, orange sphere of energy to emanate around her at a blinding speed. This sphere would also have immense force, sending the rampaging knight all the way to the other side of the arena and making him crash through the wall of the arena.
Nu: Target still displays signs of life.
She says this as she scans through the dust and rubble, finding Ornstein. The Anti-Sankishin Unit puts out a hand at the rubble…
Nu: Activating.
A sword is shot directly at Ornstein, followed by two swords formed at a close proximity to him. These swords would still knock out the beast if they hit.

Sep 22, 2013 at 11:06AM EDT


Ornstein stands up from the rubble battered and bloodied, in this dazed state he is unable to react and is hit by all three of the swords. He takes a step or two forward and drops his Talisman to the ground before finally succumbing to his morbid wounds….

He hits the ground with a thud and lies motionless….

With deep cuts all over his body, his armour cracked and scuffed and his prized Dragon Slayer spear on the brink of destruction he’s in a pretty poor state. Even the fabled Sunlight Spear was not enough, even his supreme slaying tactics and skill couldn’t pull through.

He appears to be dead…which in turn puts him out of the competition…

Sep 22, 2013 at 12:23PM EDT


Nu examines Ornstein’s body carefully from her position.
Nu: Target displaying no signs of life.
The pedals that are her wings spin around her as a glyph appears at her feet as she floats there.
Nu: Obstruction removed. Proceeding.
And with that, Nu makes her way to the next arena…

Sep 22, 2013 at 01:29PM EDT

Upon seeing Ornstein fall, Smough grabs his hammer and leaps from the seating area and lands nearby the fallen knight….

He lets out a delightful laugh and raises his great hammer up above his head and over Ornstein…

From closer observation it is apparent that Ornstein is still alive as his fingers can be seen lightly twitching….however in a moments time and a earth shattering smash he will be no more, executed by his own partners hand….

Sep 22, 2013 at 02:03PM EDT

The arena darkens. Smough would feel an attack hit his armour, and then see that Ornstein is gone. The reason for this is that Noctan utilised the teleportation properties of his ability. Ornstein is now in the stands with the Order mages, and Pyralis quickly gets to work with casting Healing Wind
Noctan: There will be no outright killing here!

Sep 22, 2013 at 02:26PM EDT

@ornstein and smought
upon relizing what smought is about to do, levy after being healed by wendy notices that smought is about to kill his own parner.

levy: gajeel. hes about to kill his own partner! we have to stop hi… gajeel? gajeel isnt already with her.

pantherlilly: look, hes up there.

gajeel had already noticed smoughts intentions and has taken into the arena and jumps into the air.

gajeel: you son of a bitch. youd kill your own partner? ill fucking end you.secret dragonslayer art! Karma demon: iron god spiral!!

gajeels magic circle appears underneath his feet, shortly after his legs mold into a massive iron drill and he descends upon smought with all of his power.

smoughts hammer and gajeels attack colide with tremendouce force, however, gajeel being a iron dragon slayer of his power, the spirat completely tears through the hammer, completely destroying it into little fragments. but gajeel also impacts into smoughts shoulder with the spiral and pierces through the armour and flesh as if it were paper as gajeel lands behind him.

Gajeel: your finished fatass. IRON DRAGON ROAR!

gajeels roar attacks hits smought from behind and sends him flying across the other side of the stadium and cratering him into a wall. leaving ornstein completely safe from him.

meanwhile levy, wedy, pantherlilly and carla fly over to him and ornstein to help ornstein out with his injuries.

erza is still on the attack on tarhdan and she manages to be able to dodge the whirlpool attack by backflipping away from tarhdan. sh she is in the air, she kicks the sword in fer foot towards the head of OYH before landing on the ground.

erza: dont be afraid of your opponent despite how strong they may be. she makes a dash towards him once more and makes an unrelenting assault on him.* believe in the powers that you have. remember why you wanted to have your powers in the first place. the two of them are suddenly locked in a stalemate of swords and shield, one trying to hold the other off. and dont ever loose confidence in yourself. she then parries the sword and shield aside, leaving him open NOT FOR A SECOND. she strikes tardhan in the stomach with both swords, however, she she uses the back of the katanas to knock the wind out of him as he is sent flying a few meters back

natsu has had more than enough fire to eat to prepare him for his next match. he makes his way into the arena to face him.

natsu: so, you beat ray huh. not that surprising considering how weak he is. if you want a real challenge, than why dont we settle this man to man. no magic and no stands. lets decide to see whose the better fighter here. you think you can stand your own against me without your stand? i bet i dont even need my magic to beat you, even if you can turn them into nothing. so what do you say, want to make this a slugfest? (pretty much beat the holy hell out of eachother without any powers. just fists)

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Sep 22, 2013 at 02:42PM EDT

Tahrdan is hurt by the blow that hits OYH’s brain. He s still standing, though, even after being knocked back.
Tahrdan: You haven’t even seen all the ways in which I could use Open about Heart yet! Open Your Heart: Chaos Mode!
The glowing lines on Tahrdan’s sword glow even brighter, as OYH turns into a stream of water rushing towards it. OYH is technically invincible like this, due to being an ensuing of Tahrdan’s weapon.
Tahrdan: I can cause OYH to converge onto my weapon, giving it an increased range.
He demonstrates this with a one-handed swing of the sword that is now many times as long as he is tall’ which is easy for him because it feels no heavier than it would do normally. It is rather pointless attempting to parry this attack anywhere other than where the metal part of it is, the ice-like edge of the blade which is where OYH has made itself dense enough to turn solid would just turn to water and bend around any blade that got in its way

Noctan teleports to the 4 healers, bringing Ornstein and Pyralis with him.
Noctan: Let’s just heal this guy a quickly as possible. As if the 7 of us weren’t enough…
Noctan starts casing Heal on Ornstein.The archmages are still watching Tahrdan’s battle.

(OOC: I take it you didn’t quite notice that Noctan reacted first? Any, I had him teleport back so you didn’t have to change your post to account for it. And Pyralis came along because he was already casting healing spells.)

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Executioner Smough and Dragon Slayer Ornstein are anything but under-equipped, being the sole defenders of the Princess of Sunlight they are given the strongest weapons and armour available, made out of the strongest material available and crafted by the best smith alive.

Smough’s hammer is infused with a extremely rare element, as well as his armour…

Demon Titanite
The almost mythical ore that was once utilized by the Blacksmith Deity, a god being who’s speciality and art was to craft the most magnificent weapons imaginable. When the god passed great demons rose in his place, created out of leftover shards of the Titanite Slabs.

In short terms, the armour and weapons of both knights are fashioned from ore that was favoured by the gods, it’s strong as fuck.

Smough’s hammer remains solid in the face of the attack however the force pulls it from his grip and sends it a few meters back before embedding in the ground…

His armour holds out too, although signs of cracking can be seen in his shoulder pauldron, to crack the armour is an achievement enough especially since its the heaviest ever created…..

When sent flying across the stadium he outright but smashes the ever loving crap out of the wall he hits, almost bringing down the entire stands and a section of the colosseum

And theeeeen someone new to the hero’s appears…

Oswald the Absolver/Pardoner
He appears before them in a blink of light, standing next to Ornstein…he gives a bow…
Oswald: I am Oswald the Pardoner, head of the Church, Confidant and high servant to the God.
He stands straight and looks down upon Ornstein
Oswald: My Lord thanks thou for saving sir Ornstein and besought me to retrieve these two honourable knights. Their time here has become null.

Smough makes his way back over, looking more beat up than usual although he just stands waiting and doesn’t act.

He then turns to the people looking after Ornstein.
Oswald: I bequeath thee to relieve Ornstein of your care so that I may proceed.

Sep 22, 2013 at 03:38PM EDT

He sighs and speaks under his breath
Oswald: Sometimes one ponders as to whether this duty is a curse……my lawd….

He turns to Noctan
Oswald: Other cultures with different linguistics exist…educate thyself…

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Sep 22, 2013 at 03:56PM EDT

@oswald amd noctane
levy, being one of the most knowlegable people in all of fairy tail, manages to easily understand his speech.

Levy: he says he is gratful for saving ornsteins life. he was sent here by his god in which he serves so he can bring them back to were they came from. turns to oswald its no problem at all. he was a great opponent, we didnt want to see him end like that.

gajeel: what was that guys problem anyway. why would he try and kill his own guy in the first place.

pantherlilly: were just happy that the two are alright. wendy is using her healing magic with the others to help stabilize his condition. shouldnt be too long.

wendy is using her healing magic with the other mages as well on ornstein. it takes a bit of time to heal physical wounds, especially considering his size. however, she continues to do so.

wendy: he really hurt all over, so itll take a bit before hes in any condition to get up again unassisted.

carla: just do what you can for him you all

erza notices OYH had converged into his sword and uses it to make a giant sweeping attack with it.c she makes a dash for it him while picking up other swords nearby and holding them in between her fingers. the sword comes to her and she quickly does a slide on the ground and throws the 6 swords towards tarhdan before quickly recovering and making a dash towards him, picking up a single sword and swings it once with both hands with such force that it will knock his shield or sword off if blocked by either of them.

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Sep 22, 2013 at 04:31PM EDT

Tahrdan notices the incoming attacks and merely ducks down to avoid the swords. As for the last attack, he drops to the ground and proceeds to try and roll out of the way. Considering the square shape of his shield this isn’t easy. He isn’t exactly the fastest Order mage, either. He does do one thing afterwards. He sticks his sword into the ground and OYH separates from it, forming a large watery area. This area would gradually hurt Erza if she were to keep in contact with it, as OYH can cause collision damage. After doing this, Tahrdan prepares to cast Tsunami again, though it takes him a moment to stand back up and pull his sword out of the ground.

Sep 22, 2013 at 04:50PM EDT

@Fairy Tail,

Concerning Smough’s problem…

Oswald: Smough was denied his knighthood by Sir Ornstein, jealousy resides somewhat….Smough has cannibalistic tendencies….

Smough gives another deep laugh.

Oswald gives a final bow of respect

A thousand thankyou’s.

With a blink of time, Ornstein, Smough, Oswald, and their weapons including the Talisman vanish out of sight. Oswald returning to the side of the Crow and the two knights returning to their home.

You have earned Crow karma

Sep 22, 2013 at 04:50PM EDT

Noctan: Right… back to the stands, then?

Speaking of the stands…

Iblan: So, what have we gathered so far about our eventual foes?
Immolan: That aquamancer needs to be watched out for…
Suwako: I think when the time comes it should be Chaos who fights him. Every single attack that watery being has done is also one Chaos has done at some point. The benefits of living so long in the outside world, you know what they do for entertainment~
Harald: I think we’re going to need to call upon as many beasts as possible to just slow them down. Maybe even something… large, perhaps?
Arkantos: Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting? Because, you know, it’s my role to stop them.
(OOC: Harald’s basically suggesting they release a Titan.)
Harald: I have a feeling it’ll listen to us if we let it out. We’d better keep an eye on it, though.
Iblan: Maybe we could also see what our allies can provide.
In fact, the Atlantean soldiers are already doing so back at the base.
Hero Contarius: Don’t spill a drop of that salt water. We’ll need it to make lightweight yet strong weapons and armour.
Gatherer: What exactly is this ‘Orichalkos’ stuff?
Hero Contarius: It’s a wondrous metal we use in Atlantis. If the metal is quenched after forging in salt water, it becomes very light while remaining strong. It’s also rather good for building walls with.
Einherjar: You are certainly a knowledgable warrior. What is your name?
Hero Contarius: Call me Ilotos.
Sahure II: Looking at things we’re only missing one of the cultures. Let’s see if there are any Greeks around here, and see if we can get them to join us before Harald comes back.
Ilotos:We might need some siege just in case. It would take too long for me to get permission to bring some Citizens over to give this place a more permanent Atlantean presence, so we cannot use Fire Siphons. We’ll have to stick to Siege Towers, Catapults, Battering Rams and Ballistae.
Einherjar: What about some of the more inhuman forces? Battle Boars, Mountain Giants and Fire Giants would be quire effective.
Sahure II: And I could field some Scarabs… This could work.
Back at the arena…
Harald: I’m sure they’re doing something constructive.
Suwako: Looking at that swordswoman, we’re going to need to be ready to fight off physical attacks ourselves.
Immolan: You mean the one fighting the aquamancer?
Arkantos: There don’t seem to be any others, so…

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Sep 22, 2013 at 05:44PM EDT

erza runs into the water and gets hurt by OYH and is sent back to open ground.

Erza: clever, creating an area around yourself to keep your foe at bay while you prepare a counterattack. however, there is more than one way to approach your opponent.

she quickly gets beck up and makes a dash towards tarhdan, but instead she jumps on top of a sword and she uses the swords around the arena to skip over the water and make her way to tarhdan before he can cast his spell. she finally makes it to him and before he casts his spell, erza leaps towards him and delivers a kick to his face so hard it sends him flying away and leaving his sword stays in the ground. he hits the ground rolling before he stops, but before he can get back up, erza is right on top of him with the sword pinting directly at his face. onlyt a few inches away from him.

erza: i believe that this match is over. you fought well, but you still have a lot more to learn before you can be ready.

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Sep 22, 2013 at 06:10PM EDT

Giorno stands in the arena, waiting for Natsu. as Natsu arrives, suddenly GER is drawn out. Giorno is shocked at his stand being summoned against his will.
Giorno: Wh-Wha? how did this happen?

?: It’s about time I reveal my presence.
The only possible source for the noise could be Giorno’s stand itself.
: Alas, Yes, Giorno, I am your stand: Gold Experience Requiem. I just wanted to warn the boy.
The stand turns to Natsu
GER: Do. Not. Fuck. With. Me.
The stand suddenly disappears.

Giorno cannot even.
Giorno: I-it had it’s own consciousness the whole time? Geez, I still can’t begin to wrap my head around it.

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Sep 22, 2013 at 08:13PM EDT


Yukari: “This is why I said there was too many unpredictable instances and kept the stakes low.”

She pays up the $20

@Cana and Mirajane:

Marisa grins

“Well we shall see. It usually becomes my and Reimu’s job to go beat the living crap out of anyone causing trouble. Definitely not the type to kick back and wait for an incident to blow over. Then again, that other shrine maiden seems capable enough to handle things while I am away. I wonder how she is fairing with us gone?”

Meanwhile Sanae is going though the Incident Hell that quickly arose after pretty much half the people worth mentioning vanished from Gensokyo. Then again this writer has no mercy on the poor girl cause her gods are a couple of bitches who causes conspiracies.

Marisa shakes her head

“Nah, she’s probably fine. Anyways, off to the next match.”


Marisa walks back into the stadium, crowd cheering.

“Ah! It’s the Robo Chick With The Pirate Patch!”

to self “Reimu taught her how to deal with Bullet Hells and was actually good with dealing with them, I am going to have to rely on some dirtier tactics to win.”

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Sep 22, 2013 at 08:26PM EDT

natsu is a bit confused by his stand having his own personality.

natsu: wait…. those things can actually talk? i thought they were just a part of your souls or something crazy like that.

natsu scratches his head for a bit to figure it all out.

natsu: you know what, screw that. i dont care if it can hear me or not. im still going to beat you and win this tournament. there is nobody whos going to beat me ever.

natsu has his hand out with fire flicking on the fingers that form the words “come on”

natsu: so lets start this thing and get it over with. im as fired as ive ever been before.

medusa lightly laughs as she takes the money.
Medusa: pleasure doing business. care to make another bet? 20 bucks says that the dragon boy will beat the golden haired man. what do you say.

having already beaten him and exchanging some words of wisdom and encouragement, she makes it back to the lobby with the others to await any further announcements for the semifinalist matches to begin.

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Sep 22, 2013 at 08:43PM EDT
This post has been hidden due to low karma.
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Permission to lose the game.

Sep 22, 2013 at 08:46PM EDT

No forgiveness. wrote:

Permission to lose the game.

OOC: Out.

Giorno finally regains his composure, and he draws out Gold Experience. Just the normal stand, not requiem.
Giorno: I’m gonna go easy on you to start off. I mean, my stand IS pretty much the most overpowered stand in existence. Now, make your first move. Please. Go ahead.

Sep 22, 2013 at 09:01PM EDT


Nu floats there motionlessly as Marisa enters the room. She has been repairing herself back to tip-top shape for this next fight. Her sword casually floats behind her, sticking out both hands as her cape billows in the wind.

Nu opens her red eye and stares directly at Marisa.
Nu: Loading… complete. Repairs… complete.
She continues to look at her, that single red eye piercing into her and unwavering.
Nu: Target confirmed. IFF determined. Processing…
She pulls out a little holographic computer screen in front of her.
Nu: Complete.
The sword suddenly disassembles itself and begins rearranging itself into armor all along Nu’s body as-per-usual. The visor slowly drops down onto her face, completing the battle-mode.

Nu: Battle-mode engaged. Deploying pedals.
Her wings begin to spin around her, along with a spacial glyph appearing under her.
Nu: Engaging target.
With this single warning, Nu raises a hand and shoots out a single sword at Marisa, followed by 3 others that form around her from rifts in space that are in close proximity to her.


Ragna has returned to the lobby to await the semifinals. Hakumen is still waiting because he’s a patient asshole who has waited for days at a time. He can take this.

Ragna makes his way over to Erza slowly… He seems to have a bit of a smile on his face.
Ragna: Hey…
He was told by Lucy and the others about Erza and how she said she would relay his wish for him once she got to the end.
Ragna: Do your best out there.
He scratches the back of his head.
Ragna: Sorry… and thank you. Thank you for doing this for me… It really means a lot for what you’re doing
The Grim Reaper then displays a smirk towards Erza. One that means he wants something…
Ragna: And I want a rematch after all this is over with. We got a deal?
He holds out a hand to her for a shake.

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Sep 22, 2013 at 09:31PM EDT

Without thinking too hard, Marisa quickly flips onto her broom and dodges the oncoming swords.

“Gonna Need More Than That!”

*She shoots out a very large star that moves to Nu’s current position… which splits… and splits… and splits, until…

BOOM, half the stadium is filled with very large burning stars of Light Magic.


Yukari: “Blonde haired boy has a rather overpowered trick up his sleeve. So yeah, I am taking you up on that bet.”

Another 20 dollars from a questionable source is held up

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Sep 22, 2013 at 09:52PM EDT

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