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OOC: LAPTOP CONNECTION WOOT. Embeds are once again possible for me. And flash games and the full Homestuck experience.

In the arena
Solarian:Looks like you’re not messing around. In that case neither will I
The light elemental archmage manages to force back Tahrdan’s sword and then fires the laser, which is both light and earth on this occasion.
Tahrdan: I won’t be backing down until you admit your hypocrisy and stop acting upon it!
The aquamancer says this despite being hit by the laser.
Tahrdan: Open Your Heart, let’s do this!
The watery stand appears… but it is not the only watery being in the arena, as off to one sie, Chaos is there, and in humanoid form. He intends to disrupt the battle, and leaps towards Tahrdan.
Solarian: That thing does not belong here!
Solarian fires an earth elemental bullet at Chaos, so now it’s a three way battle.

Tahrdan: Fine. I’ll take on both of you!
Tahrdan has gathered from observation of OYH the weak spot of Chaos, so Tahrdan tries to slash at Chaos’ head while OYH goes for Solarian.

The Order mages introduce themselves, and tell him about the Order HQ. Not their worlds of origin, though.

in the villain stands
Suwako: You would be wise not to underestimate the gods. You might get cursed.
Suwako IS threatening him. To prove the point the Mishaguji appear around her.
Arkantos: Wait, you’re a hero? You, like me, don’t belong on this part of this place. I am Arkantos, minor god of titan stopping and former Atlantean admiral.
Harald speaks up at this point
Harald: I lead the Beastkiller clan. My men are mighty warriors of the frozen north. If you are indeed a ‘king’ then where are your men?
(OOC: He’s not making the ‘mighty’ part up. Norse human units tend to have higher attacks than their Greek and Egyptian counterparts… and indeed for that matter most of the Atlantean counterparts (hero contarii and hero fanatics with the right techs, however…). They’re not as well armoured, though.)

OOC EDIT: You COULD always come back with a new character, at an appropriate time, Eggman. Try being a hero for a change, maybe?

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Archer had followed everyone into the viewing stands, looking upon the Erza vs Hakumen fight calmly, arms crossed.

Archer: “I see. Same style as… but most definitely not the same ability. Making the destructive capacity much lower. Then again, it’s not her only ability. The White Knight on the other hand has a distinct Strength advantage, but getting close enough is most definitely an issue.”

He taps a finger on his opposite elbow with a grin

Yukari yawns at Suwako.

“You know dearie, I am not certain how you got outside of the boundary, but I am rather certain it took quite a bit of work. Would be a shame if you had to spend another few months breaking out of Gensokyo.”

Yukari calmly glares

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Suwako: Iblan summoned me. He has the power to summon the gods as a physical presence.
Arkantos: Who is this?
Immolan: …Are you guys seeing this as well?
He points to a certain spot in the arena

in the arena
(OOC: Just set Chaos’ boss theme to play for this post as well.)
The three-way battle is what Immolan was pointing at.
Solarian: You are definitely getting overconfident.
Solarian shoots the AP at OYH and earth bullets at Chaos and Tahrdan.
Tahrdan: Are you sure you’re not just underestimating me?
OYH is actually hit by the shots from the AP, so it starts punching at the gun… Tahrdan is still trying to attack Chaos. Chaos is actually trying to punch both mages at once, thouhg will be quite quickly worn down by the partially focused attacks of Solarian as well as Tahrdan’s full attention.
Chaos:lets out a cry before jumping to the edge of the arena. He can still aim punches down at the two from up on top of the nearest wall, and they do not expect this. Both get hit a few times…
Solarian: Ugh.
Tahrdan: Ow… And damn, I cannot attack it anymore. It’s made of water, after all… kind of like OYH

Villain’s stands…
Immolan: The idiot’s going to reveal us early…
Arkantos: I’ll handle this.
The god of titan stopping teleports to the arena wall in a white flash

In the arena…
Solarian: Now there’s two of them… Can I really take on both of them and Tahrdan?
Arkantos: I’ll handle this creature!

Arkantos acts quickly, and raises his spear to the air.
Arkantos has invoked the Bolt God Power!
The bolt of lightning courses straight through Chaos, being an automatic hit on the former Chao guardian regardless of whether the brain can be hit or not.
Chaos turns to Arkantos…
Arkantos: You. back to the stands. Now.
Chaos considers the situation and just jumps back to the group. Arkantos follows with a teleport.
Tahrdan: Right, where were we?

Tahrdan prepares to cast Whirlpool on Solarian

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With this, the semifinals have started!

We now pan to an announcer’s booth featuring two men. Howard “Buckshot” Holmes, and Kreese Kreely. They look uncannily like Greg Proops and John DiMaggio, respectively. They are the announcers.
Howard: Hello once again everybody, I’m Howard “Buckshot” Holmes
Kreese: And I’m Kreese Kreely. And we’re here to commentate on the mage between…
Some sheets of paper can be heard ruffling
Kreese: “Erza Scarlet” and “Hakumen” What the hell kind of names are those?
Howard: I believe Erza is from the japanese animation, otherwise known to us westerners as “Anime,” “Fairy Tail,” and Hokumen is from the fighting game “BlazBlue.”
Kreese: Okay, i retract my statement from the last Deathwatch we commentated, you got beat up like every fucking day at school, didn’t you?
Howard: Yep. Awesome rack on Erza, though!
Kreese: Aww, true dat.

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Golden portals begin to open all behind Gilgamesh. Various powerful weapons come out of these golden gates as they point directly at Suwako and the curse gods. He casually smirks at her.

Gilgamesh: Little girl, I care not for you. Withdraw and do not pester me any longer. My patience, as large as it may be, is running dry.
The weapons begin to shake and rattle, getting a glowing golden aura around them. He is threatening her as well.


Gilgamesh turns his attention to Arkantos, still having the weapons concentrated on Suwako.
Gilgamesh: You claim yourself as a hero, yet your heroic spirit is dwindling. I shall proclaim that title upon you once you prove your worth. For now you are just a mongrel.


The king turns his attention to the leader of the Beastkiller clan. He can’t help but begin to snicker and laugh at him.
Gilgamesh: The entire world is my garden; I promise it will never bore you. I find it amusing that you call yourself a leader of such a barbaric region. You are nothing but a mongrel attempting to lead a brigade of trash.
After this he keeps his attention focused on Suwako, keeping a calm face towards her still.


After introducing themselves, and having Nu wake up, the BlazBlue characters tell Archer everything he would need to know about them. Once the semi-finals start, they follow his lead to the stands.

Ragna keeps his eyes fixated on the fight, having both hands in his lap.
Ragna: It’ll take a lot out of her to beat that masked bitch… He doesn’t play around.

Tager: Hakumen is a very formidable opponent. This is coming from the one who was tasked to retrieve him…

Sep 26, 2013 at 07:32PM EDT

Intercepted audio file message from…

Private Hendrick, Personnel #53.
Stationed upon Military Deck 45.
Off-Duty due to pending physiological results.


Private Golan, Personnel #90.
Stationed upon Military Deck 45.

Begin message…
“Golan, this is Hendrick. You really don’t hear anything when you’re cleaning these bathrooms? Every shift, I swear, I hear something in the walls, like a scratching noise. When I stop moving, it stops. When I move again it waits a bit, then comes back. Today, it followed me around, right under my feet, like it was stalking me. I… I… I can’t take this man. They say they have it contained on the hab levels….but this deck is nearly a hundred up from there. I’m filing transfer for a barracks nearer the fore…”

Message end…

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erza manages to dodge the kick but the overhead slash sends her back to the ground. but recovers before hitting the ground and swoops back up and makes a flying dash towards him just as he lands on the ground. the swords still circling around her as she strikes at hakumen.

Erza: circle swords!

she strikes hakumen with both of her swords before all of the other swords as they spin around like a sawblade of destrution that destroys a bit of the area around them due to the destructive force of her attack.

Gray: erza… lacking power. clearly you have no idea who she is.

mirajane: she is one of the strongest wizards in our guild. she is ranked as an s-class wizard, just like me and laxus.

cana:to even think about doubting her power or skills and your in one hell of a trip to the hospital if she heard you say that.

they continue to watch as the battle between the two gets more intense.

@bad guys area
medusa doesnt seem to care about the other gods as they are unimportant to her as she eats while enjoying the match.

medusa: to claim yourselves as gods is cute really. besides, if you want to look at a real god, just turn around and see.

behind the other gods is none other than asura, demon god of madness and insanity.

asura: i find it amusing to see what passes for a god these days. the only thing i find more amusing is a mere insect of a mortal who claims to be one. so keep fighting amongst yourselves on seeing whose the superior insect of the lot of you. in the end, it is i who is truly a god here.

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Archer laughs

“Did you hear me say anything about how strong she was? Because I am afraid you are sorely mistaken.”

He raises his finger

“I was talking about Ability Versatility and Growth Potential. Don’t take this wrongly, but if a man or woman has reached their maximum potential, I take absolutely no interest in them.”

He then clenches his hand into a fist

“Also, brute strength alone never wins a fight. If the littler man can outsmart the bigger man, the little man has a much greater chance of winning.”

He returns to the arms crossed position and turns back towards the battle

“Besides, had you tuned in, I did say she has a host of other abilities she can build upon. However, her sword summoning tactics will never rival a man who knows only that. She would have to employ other tactics to beat that man.”

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During the time when Erza comes to strike at Hakumen in midair, he quickly parries the strike with his nodachi allowing him to fall back down to the ground safely. As Erza comes at Hakumen with the double sword strike, the eyes in his armor spot this advance immediately…

As the swords Erza is holding, he puts up a single forearm. For a second an ornate blue barrier appears in front of him, and the swords connect with it. He is able to completely block the strike with this. As this attack hits, the spinning swords scatter around the arena and fall to the ground, useless.

Erza feels the full force of her attack go straight back into her, but the she seems to be frozen for a split second. Using this extra time, Hakumen delivers a brutal punch straight to her gut that is strong enough to break a normal human’s bones in one hit. It felt like she was just hit by a truck.

The force of her attack and the punch from Hakumen would send her flying backwards and colliding with the arena wall that would leave her injured. Using this time, a blue circle with a Japanese symbol in the middle of it appears behind Hakumen.
Hakumen: Crimson!
He propels towards Erza with the hilt of his sword sticking forward, aimed for her gut.

This attack would feel much worse than the punch, due to her already being weakened in that area of her body. He follows up this attack with a sideways slash after getting both hands back onto the hilt. After the sideways slash, he delivers a massive downward slash straight towards her.

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Howard: Holy shit! That must of hurt like hell!
Kreese: Probably not as bad as the time Rin Rin tore open my scrotum.
Howard: You don’t need to mention that again.
Howard: Geez, you’ve got your panties in a bunch.

Giorno enters the arena. GER comes out automatically.
GER: alright, you little bitch! I’m ready for whatever the fuck you’re going to throw at me! Come on, COME ON!
Giorno: Requiem, shut up.

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erza feels the full force of hakumens attacks. though they feel like they hurt for an eternity, she has experiences much worse pain than this. right before hakumen makes his slash towards her, she is able to requip in time for one of her other armours.

she requips into giants armour, this armour dramattically multiplies erzas already superhuman strength at least tenfold. she does NOT have her spear in her hand.

she then grabs hakumens sword with her right hand and holds it there as if it were a butterknife in it.

erza: your strong, ill give you that. but your not going to best me that easily.

right after she drags hakumen in with her pure brute strength as if he were a ragdoll and shortly clothes lines across his chest him with the force of a freight train that sends him into the ground.

before he can recover, she grabs a hold of his leg, picks him up and slams him back onto the ground like a mere toy. she then does it one more as she destroys the area around her as his body impacts the ground like a meteor.

she then spins him around a few times, and jumps into the air while spinning him around. using the sheer momentim and her raw power, throws hakumen with such force that he bounces back into the air back towards her.

right before he can make it to her, she is already requiped into another armour. purgatory armour. this is one of her most heavy duty armours she has. not only very powerful and with full plating, but she wields a massive 800 pound mace that carries a force of destruction with each swing of it.

the mace is swung at full force at hakumen and sends him plummeting like a meteor back onto the stadium floor. when he impacts, it shakes the entire arena and creates a massive crater. erza lands back down on the edge of the crater awaiting for any signs of movement amongst the smoke and debris flying around.*

erza: nobody could survive an onslaught such as that. though i highly doubt that your one of of those unfortunate people.

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Hakumen is hit by the onslaught of Erza’s attacks, not given a chance to avoid them. He is sent flying back towards the edge of the arena. He gets out of the crater he was put in unscathed. He seems to be fine. The red eyes in his armor stare straight into her as he clutches a fist.

Hakumen: I see. You are strong, child. It has been years since one has attacked me with such tactics. Your style reminds me of the Beast… No matter.
He takes Ookami and jumps in the air with great force and comes down at her like a comet. He has the sword over his head. When the sword connects to the armor, the immense force from the blow causes the armor to completely shatter and create a massive shockwave that would tear apart the ground of the arena. This leaves her completely unarmored and causing her to stagger. As she staggers back, Hakumen rears back and begins to deliver an extremely fast barrage of stabs at her that seem to be coming from all angles straight towards her.

It keeps her in place, but with the few final blows they send her rocketing off towards the arena wall. Using advanced speed, Hakumen dashes to her while she is off-guard and delivers a sharp upwards kick covered in inky blackness to her unarmored spine that would send her up in the air. He then jumps up after her…
Hakumen: CAMELLIA!
He does an angled sword slash that would open up a big wound across her abdomen. The attack has so much force that it would send her rocketing off in the other direction as blood trails after her and smashing straight through the arena wall.

Hakumen drops back down to the ground after this… His eyes are on top guard for anything that may come back at him.

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“So big guy.”

Marisa looks up

“What do you plan on wishing for?”

She holds Alice’s Doll in her hand, and holds tightly to a potion in another.

“Cause I got two and am ready to fight for either of them.”

She waits… but realizes she was tired of waiting

“Well, if you say so.”

She Smashes her Potion on the Ground


Reimu: “Marisa. If it comes to it, use this. If you stick your energy in it, it will mix with mine and become active.”

Marisa: “Hey, this is…”

Reimu: “Yes, it’s the Last Word dissolver we used in the False Moon incident. It will get rid of the Gold Experience Requiem long enough for you to blast Gio to bits.”

Marisa: “… gotcha. Thanks.”

Reimu: “Don’t mention it, you would have done the same for me.”

Reimu and Marisa hug…

A giant wave of mist engulfs the whole stadium, causing all airborne Magic and Ki to suddenly fade away. This ends the Gate of Babylon, and most importantly stops Gold Experience/Gold Experience Requiem from being summoned.

“Thank You Reimu. And in exchange I will end your grudge match for you.”

Her protective ring keeps her from being affected by this fog

“…Perverse Love….”




Gio is carried well out of the arena and loses instantly by Ring Out. Also, half the arena is now missing. The half of lesser importance. Gio was unable to die because this was a filler ark.

“Tsh, that’s what you get for keeping a girl waiting.”

Yukari looks down to her right to the canyon Marisa just made, surprised the ground underneath the villains is still structurally stable

Yukari: “I think Miss Kirisame must be on her time of the month. But seriously, that mist would have screwed us all over if she had just aimed a little more towards us…”

Archer had grabbed the group and pulled them out of the blast radius….

Archer: “My god… and she says she’s just an ordinary magician!?!”

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erza is badly injured, briused, cut and bleeding out from her stomach it does not stop her however. she makes it out of the wall, barely clinging on to her consious as she bleeds out, not to mention the pain that she surpressed due to willpower is now kicking in hard.

she stumbles towards hakumen, hand on her abdomen.

erza: i… will not loose…. not like this…. she trips a bit but quickly recovers i made a promise…. and i am prepared to do whatever it takes… so i can keep it…. im sorry hakumen…. but you left me no choice…

she then stomps her feet to the ground and bends them as she holds her fists out to the sided. left side facinng hakumen. suddenly a magical vortex of light blue energy surrounds her as the entire arena begins to shake.


she then taps into her reserve of magic power that all magis in fairy tail have. she uses the energy to requip into the strongest magic armour that she has, and possibly ever made in existance.

the magic energy envelops erza in a spiral of magic energy that is almost blinding as it is powerful. when she is finished the requip she has requiped into the most powerful armour she has. the armour of nagakami.

@good guys area.

after seeing erza requip into that armour, some of them begin to freak out a bit.

laxus: is she seriously going to use that on him?

mirajane: this is bad. really bad.

lucy: wait… how bad is it, what does that armour do?

levy opens up a book and flips through it to the magic armour section and finds this suit in it. everyone can hear what she has to say about this.

Levy: this is the armour of nagakami. it is single handedly one of the most powerful magic armours ever created. it gives the user the ability to manipulate the laws of magic to however they see fit. she can maniupulate other peoples magic, drain it, use them as however she sees fit. with that armour equiped, there is no rules to magic. she has absolute power and control over it in all of its forms. not even reimu or marisa could stand a hair of a chance against it. however, it can only be used for a short duration due to how much power it uses.


cana: afraid so. hakumens gotta pull something out of his ass if he wants to survive this.

gray: so arthur, anything you have to say about her now?

ooc: pretty much, i do whatever the fuck i want with that armour when it comes to magic and not a damn thing you people can say to counter my argument. its what it does.

@back to hakumen

erza: this armour allows me to control the laws of magic to however i see fit. with this, all magic is under my control and nothing can be done to stop it. im sorry that it has to come to this, but i must win… for ragnas sake.

she then throws her giant decorative halberd in both her hands and she then activates its power. what is about to occur will have everyone at awe to her might.

a vortex of magical energy once again emgulfs her as it spirals around and it reaches up to the roof. the light if it is so bright that it illuminates the entire arena with a light blue hue, almost like the light of the stars in the night sky. as the vortex gets bigger and bigger. everyone with magic can slowly feel their magic powers draining away from them slowly as it leaves their bodies and is directed into the vortex of magic in which erza resides in. they all feel like they are slowly getting weaker and slightly light headed by this.she is draining not only the magic energy from everyone around her, but she is also copying everyones styles of magic and abilities as they get into her. her power is so overwhelming that even hakumen would be left trembling over how powerful it is. even as it drains some of his magic power as well.


the vortex of magic energy then shrinks down to but a smaller form of itself as erza obsorbs all of the magic into herself andf her armour, making it and herself fully powered as a bright blue aura surroundss her as raw magic energy flickers around her.

she then brings her halberd around and swings it in front of herself and then a magic card appears in a flash of light.


the card explodes in magic that sends forthnot just two lines of magic spheres that shoot out lasers in directions leaving the arena a giant cage of lasers that makes direct approach impossible. then swarms of magic spheres appear around erza and shoot out all over the arena before homing in onto hakumen. her armour allows her to manipulate other peoples spells and magics and allows her to manipulate to however she wants. regardless of the spells works.

OOC: dont bother arguing natsuru or anyone else, just accept it. besides, i dont know fuck all about touhou so dont judge me. i dont know how these spells work exactly so i just go by the picture.

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Reimu was not in the arena, and Marisa was drained already. Archer’s energy yields very little as he is technically a magic cripple, only leaving Erza with knowledge of so many artifacts that seem useless and redundant.

(And as a tip, Mesh of Light and Dark fires in several bursts overlapping in attempt to wall off the player within the mesh. But it won’t matter anyways, the Power of Order is about to kick in)

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Sep 26, 2013 at 10:52PM EDT

Natsuru Springfield wrote:

Reimu was not in the arena, and Marisa was drained already. Archer’s energy yields very little as he is technically a magic cripple, only leaving Erza with knowledge of so many artifacts that seem useless and redundant.

(And as a tip, Mesh of Light and Dark fires in several bursts overlapping in attempt to wall off the player within the mesh. But it won’t matter anyways, the Power of Order is about to kick in)

ooc: i honestly wished we had more time for this fight. it was supposed to be one of the most epic fights of all time…. now im sad face. but i understand, we need to get back to the main plot. though im sure u should do an edit with yukari responding to that attack. boy will she be rustled.

Sep 26, 2013 at 11:03PM EDT


As Erza staggers out from the crater and begins to requip into her armor. He slowly puts his sword in front of him.
Hakumen: Come, Erza Scarlet! SHOW ME YOUR TRUE POWER!
The White Knight stands there, the earth beginning to shake slowly with his blade in front of him.
White lightning begins spark all around Hakumen as the ground cracks and shakes from this power he is putting out. A blinding white light surrounds him as the lightning cracks and storms around him. His eyes glow bright red and his hair begins to flutter wildly from the magnitude of such power. The entire arena begins to shake like an earthquake has just hit it.

The White Knight takes a single hand off his blade, still holding it sideways with the other one. He then utters two simple words…
Hakumen: Reality Backlash.
The White Knight clenches his fist as Erza begins to use her stolen magic.

All of the sudden, the armor of Nakagami begins to crack violently with light shooting out of it. This is the true power of Hakumen… The Power of Order. All of the magic from the arena is dispelled without even having a chance to hit Hakumen. Erza begins to lose control of her magical energy as the mana inside of her builds up…
Hakumen: Balance.
The aura around Hakumen begins to glow an inky black as he says these words… He holds Ookami in one hand as a bloody aura appears outside the black one surrounding the pure warrior. He then slowly slides the other hand to the end of the blade. White energy begins to form under him in the cracked ground, spreading wider and wider around the arena.

Hakumen: Order.
Erza’s armor is nearly at the breaking point from gathering so much energy. She is stunned and cannot move as her fate is inevitable…
Hakumen: This is…
He suddenly spikes with energy beyond comprehension,his hair flowing as he takes the blade in one hand and rears it behind his back and readies for a devastating slice with the blade of the Howling God, Ookami.

Hakumen: The end.
The White Knight swings the 6 foot long nodachi straight at Erza. An inky black trail follows behind the swing as the armor cracks even more. Erza can feel immense power coming from Hakumen, stronger than anything she has ever seen or felt before in her entire life.

As the blade strikes the armor, a breathtaking explosion of pure white occurs as Erza feels the sword slice through the armor and into her skin as her blood splatter everywhere around the arena. The cut is angled diagonally, so Erza would have a lopsided X shape across her stomach with the two cuts. It runs from her hip all the way up to her other side… She can make out these next words from Hakumen, his voice seeming to drown out everything else including the explosion noise.
Hakumen: I am sorry…
After this is pure and utter silence… She is blinded as the explosion continues, putting out all the magical energy she gained. After a few moments the dust settles and the light vanishes. Everyone can see Hakumen standing over Erza, victorious. The leader of the six heroes has triumphed over Titania Erza of Fairy Tail. Without saying a word, he sheathes Ookami on his back as he looks down upon Erza’s body…

@Good guy stands,

All of the BlazBlue characters are dumbfounded, witnessing the Power of Order at first hand. They had to shield their eyes from the explosion…

Ragna: What… What the hell… I didn’t think it would be that powerful…
He looks to Erza.
Ragna: Shit, she doesn’t look so good.

Tager’s eyes are wide under his glasses as the readings were off the scale from that explosion.
Tager: My God…

Jin actually looks very surprised at the display of Order, and seeing Erza downed…

@Bad guy arena,

Gilgamesh could care less about what he had just witnessed.
Gilgamesh: Mongrels…
He is more pissed off that Marisa had closed the Gate of Babylon on him. Gilgamesh slowly gets up from his golden throne and jumps to the highest point of the arena from there…

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Sep 26, 2013 at 11:08PM EDT

medusa and asura are with her as well.

medusa: indeed. but i dont think that book will do. its not just a mere spell. its her armour, by what ive heard. she controls the laws of magic to her will. how could any of us come up with a way to stop that besides that night.

Asura: i can deal with her and her friends easily. its just about when and how we attack them. that wont be a problem at all. for now we need to focus on the tasks at hand.

they continue to follow her through her portal

@good guys area, after the explosion, everyone sees erza lying on the ground, bloodied and beaten, her armour is completely shattered. her magic forces to requip herself into her japanese cloth armour, however, even that outfit is torn up and beaten up as she lays there bleeding to death.*

the members of fairy tail are just in shock to see what they just saw. to see erza defeated like that is something they thought they would never see. some of them are in tears for fearing the worst had come. until gray point out.

gray: LOOK. shes stil alive.

erza is barely alive after loosing control of her power and hakumens attack. but out of sheer willpower and with fragments of her sttrength, she summons a katana to her hand. she struggles with all of her being to get up. her body is completely ravaged with scars and wounds, not to mention the two cuts on her stomach that form an X. blood drops as she crawls towards hakumwn.

erza: haku… hakumen…. this isnt over….
she uses the sword to pull herself up onto her knees. her body is completely riddled with injuries and blood as she gets up.

erza: i made a promise…. to Ragna….. that i would bring his sister….. saya…. back to life inside nu……

she gets up onto her feet, her left leg is barely moving, too many lacerations on it to function proprely. she can barely breathe, let alone stand. when hakumen sees her bloodied face, tears are streaming down them.

Erza: when i defeated ragna, he told me he wanted to bring his sister back. by defeating him, its as if i stole a piece oh his soul away. ive robbed him of a chance to be reuinited with his sister.

*she tries to walk forward but is unable to due so. her left leg gives out and she is force to use the sword to hold her body up.

Erza: i… i promised him that i would win this fight for him… no matter what….. i keep the promises i make to my friends and guild.

she uses her remaining strength to limp towards hakumen, trying t wield her sword in both hands.

Erza: i just… wanted…. to carry on…. his… her body canot hold itself together anymore and she collapses right in front of him and falls towards him. wish…

she falls right onto hakumen and her arms release the sword as it drops onto the ground. she passes out in hakumens arms as he catches her. blood stains his armour.

natsu, gray, lucy, happy wendy, and carla rush to the arena to help her out. she is in serious condition.

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Sep 26, 2013 at 11:27PM EDT

Yukari didn’t see what happened because her portal disappeared beneath her and she had fallen to the floor

“Medusa, we are going to have to devote some time to finding a way to counter that. Our plans will be foiled if she pulls that out when she faces us.”

She re-summons her portal and once again lays upon it.

“Then again…”

She takes the Tome.

“By using it in the presence of this we can already copy her. Let’s go.”

she back-flips into her portal and escapes, and hands out escape portals to Medusa and Asura.

Archer fades back into existence.

“Very dangerous indeed.”

He closes his eyes.

“Yes Master, I am fine. I will be with you shortly.*

He opens his eyes again.

“Now what did I say before? Oh right. The weaker man also hides his tricks.”

He chuckles, knowing this directly applies to him.

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Sep 26, 2013 at 11:27PM EDT


NM : Ah?…Huh?… Who the hell say that? Asura! Are you using you madness again?
Say the demi-god, ignoring the voice who was making a calm noise.


NM makes a laught.
NM : Hehe… “Contamination”… Did you say Contamination? Hmph… Let me clear you one thing

Without fear, NM stretches his arm and grabs the holy sword of Gilgamesh. Due to the high concentration of holy aura arround the sword, the hand of the demi-god began to burn, emitting a red smoke.
NM : “King”…

And with his strength, NM took off the holy sword from the seat and began to look at it.
NM : You are in a demon property, only the darkess reigns here… I don’t know how you manage to come here… As your class have absolutely prohibited to enter in this domains… And that’s makes you an intruder… a “Contamination”

Suddenly, NM throws the sword in a high speed to Gilgamesh, only to being stabbed in a seat, to on side of the golden warrior. The grip had a dark hand-like mark, emitting a black smoke, only to being disappear because the holy aura.
NM : Is strange you are still alive, or I did’t kill you yet… But whatever “king”, everyone is here to enjoy the fight… I can say you are lucky.

NM takes seat again, taking a look to Arkantos.

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Sep 26, 2013 at 11:36PM EDT


All of my characters go down to help Erza out as well…

Hakumen catches her in his hands, looking down upon her with a blank face.
Hakumen: I am sorry, child… You have done well… Rest for now.
He lays a hand tenderly on her head, rubbing it. He does not know healing magic, but plenty of others do.

Ragna stares at Erza with tears in her eyes, his wish never going to happen now…
Ragna: No… NO! SAYA!
He can’t help but break down as well under the pressure of never getting to see his sister again…

@NM before he jumps away,

The holy sword would have began to disappear in a golden smoke after Medic tossed the sword back at him.
Gilgamesh: How dare you lay your filthy hands on my treasures, you cur. You will pay for your crime.

@Everyone in the arena,

Gilgamesh has jumped up to the highest point of the arena. He is standing there with both arms crossed, looking down at everyone…

As Erza says that she only wanted to carry on the wish for Ragna, he can’t help but laugh out loud. Everyone in the arena can hear his words.
Gilgamesh: Hahahahaha! You think that mongrel is worthy of something such as a wish? Nonsense!
His presence to everyone is overwhelming, and there is such a great power to it…

Ragna, who has a few tears in his eyes, looks up at Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh only smirks at Ragna.
Gilgamesh: I am the ruler of you pathetic mongrels. Look upon me and behold my glory.
His ego feels like it could cause the entire place to cave in…
In the unquenchable anger of Gilgamesh, he opens up a massive portion of portals behind him using the Gate of Babylon. The weapons begin to come out of the gate, pointing downwards at everyone.

The weapons begin to shake and rattle, firing out of the gates at maximum speed. Weapons pierce audience member one after the other as hell rains down from the sky.

Gilgamesh: I summon thee…
The King pulls out a golden, key-shaped sword from his armor and holds it in one hand.

Gilgamesh: Gate of Babylon!

All of the BlazBlue characters should be in panic. They are trying to avoid the weapons while trying to save everyone they can find. Since Hakumen is close enough to Erza, he picks her up off the ground and tosses her on her shoulder. The other members try to rally them all to somewhere safe.

Gilgamesh holds the key vertically in the air and turning it, the parts around its grip begin to rotate, start to glow, and then settle. It releases a large, labyrinth-like, red pattern that can be seen covering the sky from a great distance away. Something can be seen coming down one of the branches as a bright light…

After the light gets all the way down to Gilgamesh, the red branches disappear from the sky. A single orb can be seen floating in front of Gilgamesh. Slowly, what can only be described as something not from this world comes out from it… Gilgamesh takes the object in one hand.

Ea: Sword of Rupture… Unlike all of his other nameless weapons that were able to be passed on to other wielders over the course of history, it is a sword only Gilgamesh possesses, a completely unique existence that can only be possessed by him, that is suited only for a ruler’s use and makes him transcendent. It has an abnormal shape that doesn’t match what would normally be classified as something specialized like a sword. While it has a grip, hand-guard, and is the same length as a longsword, the section that should contain a blade deviates from the normal form of an edged weapon. The “blade” itself and the tip of the sword, spun in a spiral shape, are dull. It has the shape of a cylindrical, drill-shaped pillar made up of three independently rotating segments engraved with crimson cuneiform lettering that spin slowly in alternating direction like querns, the middle segment spinning clockwise and the top and bottom segments spinning counterclockwise.

Gilgamesh: This mongrel of a world needs to grovel before me anyways. Oh well. If it won’t grovel, it will vanish before my sight.
The segments of the sword begins to spin faster as he holds it. He smirks down at everyone in the arena as this happens.
Gilgamesh: I, myself, shall show you harsh reality. The reality that you mongrels need to face. That all dreams must disappear when the dreamer wakes. Every last one of them.
He holds the “sword” up to the sky as it begins to spin even faster. A pinkish-red energy begins to come out from between the cracks of the three segments.
Gilgamesh: I speak of genesis. The elements amalgamate, coalesce, and bring forth the stars that weave all of creation!
The segments begins to spin even faster. As they begin rotating rapidly, each creaking with weight and power equivalent to tectonic movement, they create a shrilling howl that pierces the ears of everyone in the arena.
Gilgamesh: Now, awaken Ea!
Ea begins to swallow, compress, and accelerate wind pressure into a storm of wind and light. Emitting gaseous energy from the seams between the segments, the generated wind pressure strata simulates spatial rends to create an artificial space-time dislocation that acts as a crushing torrent capable of pulverizing any opposition…
Gilgamesh: ENUMA ELISH!
He points the rotating sword at everyone in the arena, the Gate of Babylon still creating suppressive fire for him. A vortex comes out of the sword as he points it, but no one feels any pain… Instead of hitting the people, the attack hit the world itself.

The ground begins to quake harder than when Hakumen was using Order… Everyone can see the sky begin to tear apart and reveal blackness. When they look down they see the ground splitting apart as an unparalleled blackness falls over the land. An evil aura spins around the tip of Ea as the onslaught continues. Gilgamesh continues to stand at the top of the arena, unwavering and smirking as the chaos is laid out before him… The world is being torn apart before your very eyes…

If you doddle around for long enough, the black void will swallow you up. You had best get out of here…

Relius looks at all this unfold before him…
Relius: Phantom, take us from this place.

Phantom complies, teleporting Relius, Ignis, and herself away from the arena as it crumbles.

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Sep 27, 2013 at 12:17AM EDT

Archer: “Remain Calm! If you where dragged in here vi-”

???(Echo): “Archer, Come!”

Archer: “We will meet again!”

He vanishes in a flash of blue light

As the world tears apart, Reimu comes flying back towards the Arena.



Marisa is trying to dodge peices of the falling sky, Reimu grabs her hand

What is happening!?!

“I Don’t Know! The Man in the Golden Armor gave this giant ass speech and then pulled out a red sword! It’s destroying Hell!”



Come On! Lets find the others!

They fly to the main arena, and Reimu sees Yukari jump out.


“Erza copied her earlier! She stole everyones magic but Light Vader negated it! I was looking for her for a few minutes and then this happened!”

They spot Fairy Tail and swoop down, grabbing a few hands at Random, though Marisa’s broom can’t carry more than 3. They are sinking….

“Come on… come on… MASTER HELP ME!! MIMA!!! AAAAAAAAAH!!”

In a flash of Light… from the twin scars…


She starts flapping madly, holding up a few noodles of at least 20 people as the ground crumbles below them.


Reimu just looks dumbstruck, it has been literally Years since she saw them

OOC: I Kid You Not She had them in Seihou – Shuusou Gyoku and Acknowledged as having them in the Grimoire of Marisa. “It’s not bad to carry wings once in a while.”

SO yes.

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Sep 27, 2013 at 12:36AM EDT


Immolan grabs the unconscious Iblan as well as Harald, and casts Warp. They are now back at the Beastkiller clan base. The other three? Well, the gods and Chaos will have to find their own way out. This is easy for Suwako as she can fly. Arkantos and Chaos just get down to the centre of the arena, where all the Order mages are already waiting. Tahrdan and Solarian have dropped their feud due to the emergency. Tikal flies over to the group
Tsunarmin plans to get as many as possible out using Warp. There will be 8 groups to be Warped, one per Order mage. This provides a way out for Arkantos, Chaos and Tikal.
(OOC: Question. WHY did you start something to do with a short period of time WHEN I ONLY HAVE A LIMITED TIME TO POST IN!? Cannot use my PC for internet right now. So I’ll have to ask you to handle the Warp spell on my behalf.)
Arkantos: …The idiot’s on the highest point in metal armour, meaning…
Arkantos raises his spear to the sky, and holds it there. Numerous Bolts start striking Gilgamesh in an attempt to disrupt his action.
OOC: Bolt would instantly kill most units. This is because they wouldn’t have the combination of HP or armour to survive it. The only unit in regular gameplay that can survive a Bolt is a titan. But this is not regular gameplay, is it? He’s gonna be hurt but he’ll live.
(OOC: That magic absorbing stuff wouldn’t do a thing to prevent Bolt if it was actively tried on Arkantos, it’s literally divine power. That of Zeus, in fact. This is why he can still use it now.)
Granatir: Who are you? Because we should focus on getting as many out of here as possible, not fighting back.
Tikal: Listen to them, Arkantos, we just need to get out of this place.

OOC: For the record, Asura, Erza would be able to command a lot of energy of the 6 elements the Order uses after that magic absorbing thing affected them. Would probably be able to outright cast Whirlpool, Tsunami or the 3 healing spells from observing them being cast, even. And a reminder to Zarathh, don’t finish the destruction without making sure my characters escape. Since you’re the one controlling the character responsible, it’s up to you to ensure that technical issues don’t screw over most of my characters… Unless someone else wants to have them Warp out on my behalf, of course.

Sep 27, 2013 at 12:39PM EDT


A gate opens above Gilgamesh, and a mirror shield protrudes out from the Gate, sending the lightning bolts in all different directions and off into the blackness of the sky. This does not stop the ground from breaking apart and the sky from falling. Everything begins to fall into the black void that is nothingness… Gilgamesh can only look down at Arkantos in disgust.

Gilgamesh: Foolish mongrel. You dare challenge me?
A golden portal opens up beside Gilgamesh and shoots out a series of chains straight at Arkantos.

Enkidu: Chains of Heaven… This is the Noble Phantasm most trusted by Gilgamesh, even more so than Ea, and the “greatest secret” stored in the Gate of Babylon. It is a chain named after his closest friend made to bind the gods so they cannot escape, making it one of the few anti-divine weapons that holds the concept of “reigning over the gods.” The strength and durability of the chain grows stronger with the target having higher divinity, but is no more than a tough chain to a target without divinity. Divine targets are completely held in place, allowing him to bind the “Bull of Heaven” that brought seven years of famine in Uruk.
Gilgamesh: Feel the power of the chains that can bind the very gods, mongrel!
Numerous segments instantly appear to wrap around Arkantos in order to bind him for his projectiles. He binds the opponent’s weapon, limbs, shoulders, neck, and abdomen, rendering them completely immobile. The chains continuously twist and tighten with enough force to attempt to tear off a god’s head and bend his arms past their limits in a normally impossible direction.

Gilgamesh continues to fire down numerous amounts of weapons upon the battlefield. Swords, halberds, axes, spears, and many other varieties are shot out of the Gates as well. He continues to keep holding Ea as the world collapses…
Gilgamesh: Filth!
A flurry of swords and weapons rocket straight at Arkantos from his position. If no one gets him out of this bind, the god will be as good as toast.

@The others,

Marisa is carrying the entirety of the BlazBlue group except for Tager. He opted to go with the Order Mages since he would weigh down Marisa too much. Flandre currently has Juvia and Gray by the arms and is flying alongside Marisa. Nu is flying alongside the others as well…

Ragna moves his head as a sword whizzes past him.
He looks down to see everything crumbling, and then back at Gilgamesh.

Hakumen continues to hold onto Erza tightly, who is thrown over his shoulder.
Hakumen: We must put a stop to this madman!
One of Hakumen’s eyes glares at Gilgamesh. He cannot use any of his attacks right now…

Nu spins around and shoots a flurry of swords straight at Gilgamesh, which are shot out of the sky by the legendary weapons.
Nu: Target shows no sign of backing down…



There is a way to save Arkantos. You just have to be quick about it.

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Sep 27, 2013 at 02:38PM EDT

Arkantos:Wha-What are THESE!?
Tsunarmin, Tahrdan and Ignis immediately try to break the chains. The water elemental mages summon their respective aids (The guardian creature and OYH respectively), while Ignis merely smashes his hammer down on the chains repeatedly. He is doing overhead swings so the force of the blows are even greater. The guardian creature is trying to cut the chains with its crablike pincers, while OYH tries to separate the chains by turning to water and surrounding part of the chains
While Chaos could help, he doesn’t…
Tempestia: Whatever this watery thing is, it should help.
Chaos doesn’t appear to listen, until the one being he would respond to tries to get him to help..
Tikal: Chaos, I know you to be more loving and gentle than this. Help him out, please!
Chaos listens to Tikal, and joins OYH in trying to break the chains in a liquid form.

After this convincing, all the Order mages start assisting with their weapons directly… well, except for Granatir and Tsunarmin, who instead try to break the chains with Stonesplosion and Bubble respectively. The area darkens as Noctan starts teleporting from chain to chain slashing at them with his axe. Pyralis creatse a wave of fire that passes through all the chains, and Tempestia utilises her ability as well. Solarian fires a fire/light beam higher up the chain, trying to melt part of it, and Tahrdan slashes at a chain near OYH (and Chaos)..

Sep 27, 2013 at 02:59PM EDT

The Air is draining out of the world, Marisa begins to sink into the void… wings that have no air to beat against are downright useless. If it was Reimu with the wings, they would be fine, but the power of flight isn’t something you can just give to people.

NNNNG!! Come… On!!”

Just a bit more Marisa! We can get out of here soon!

She can’t catch the land at this point… there is too many passengers.

Sep 27, 2013 at 03:26PM EDT

Suddenly what can best be described as a large stone hand appears below Marisa, to catch her. Everyone had forgotten that Suwako is still around, and she is flying effortlessly. She dives down and lands on the edge of the hand, in front of Marisa.
Suwako: Forget about me~?
Suwako has two motives for this. The first is to potentially acquire faith of her own from those she’s rescued. The second motive is that she knows enough about Gensokyo to know that Reimu is kind of vital, and would probably not leave without Marisa. She’s protecting the one place to live she has left as a result of this rescue.
Suwako: Get out of here, and remember who it was that saved you~
The hand slowly rises… She’s trying not to draw unwanted attention to herself, knowing what would happen that is keeping an entire group occupied.

Sep 27, 2013 at 03:38PM EDT

@Tardises group,

The chains of Enkidu don’t even budge when hit. Nothing is helping here… The massive rain of weapons is headed straight at them from the sky. They only have a few more seconds before they wall all be skewered through.
Gilgamesh: Unintelligent mongrels, the lot of you!
It would be wise for them to break Gilgamesh’s concentration right now, or else they will all be ended.

@Suwako and Marisa,

Gilgamesh looks over to the group of trash as they attempt their pitiful escape.
Gilgamesh: You flee from my presence like the worms you are. Begone from my sight.
Another mass of Gates open, sticking out weapons. The weapons protruding from the Gate begin to shake, rattle, and glow. They are then shot out at a stupidly fast speed, quickly gaining on all of them. This will be the end of them as well if they do nothing about this…

Ragna looks back seeing a storm of various weapons headed their way. He then quickly looks back to Marisa.
Ragna: Quick! Use your Master Spark to get us out of here! Put it on the back of your broom if you don’t want to be turned into a shish-kabob!

OOC: Do NOT post regarding Marisa and Suwako until everyone has a chance to react to Gilgamesh. After everyone has posted, I will end this and get us back to the main plot. Also, Tardises, I highly suggest you find a way to break Gilgamesh’s focus if you want to get out of here with all your characters. I have to be off for now and will be back in an hour or so. I’ll post when everyone else has posted when I get back.

Sep 27, 2013 at 03:51PM EDT

OOC: But… how the hell CAN they? Don’t forget that none of the Order mages can fly. Not even Chaos could get that high! And unless Natsuru temporarily takes control of Suwako, then that reaction would be impossible to complete until tomorrow.

Tikal: It’s not working…
Everyone realises this, and realise that maybe it would be a good idea to have Chaos reach their attacker… OYH stands on the head of the guardian creature, and reaches an arm down to grab Chaos’ arm. OYH then swings that arm around and launches Chaos towards Gilgamesh. The arms of both watery beings were stretched so Chaos is moving pretty fast at the moment. After Chaos is thrown, the Order mages try whatever spells they feel would work. Tempestia casts Lightning Storm, Pyralis and Ignis cast Raging Inferno, Tahrdan and Tsunarmin cast Whirlpool, Noctan casts Darkside, Granatir casts Razor Leaf and Solarian fires a dual light/air beam. They are trying to throw nearly everything they’ve got into these spells, leaving just enough in reserve to cast Warp if necessary…

OOC: I will not be able to make another post tonight because no internet on PC right now. Feel free to take control of my characters if necessary in order to ensure as many as possible get out. Because of this, here is a list of abilities they can use.

Earth: Accessible by Pyralis and the archmages – Stonesplosion, Razor Leaf, Earthquake, Null Earth Once.
Water: Accessible by all the Order mages: Bubble, Whirlpool, Tsunami, Null Water Once, Cleansing Foam
Fire: Accessible by Pyralis and the archmages: Burn, Wildfire, Raging Inferno, Null Fire Once
Air: Accessible by Pyralis and the archmages: Lightning Bolt, Twister, Lightning Storm, Healing Wind, Null Air Once, Agility Boost
Light: Accessible by Noctan and the archmages: Heal, Solar Flare, Galaxy Burst, Morality Block, Barrier, M.Barrier. Warp is technically light but all the Order mages have access to it at this point.
Dark: Accessible by Noctan and the archmages: Void, Darkside.
OYH’s forms: Anything that Chaos 0, Chaos 2 and Chaos 4 could do, except for the shield that Chaos 2 could use. Large orb form knocked back by everything except lightning based attacks, which just damage anyway.
Other abilities:
Tsunarmin: Summon the guardian creature
Ignis: Throwing his hammer
Tempestia: A ludicrously fast dash with electricity extending the daggers to sword length
Granatir: It’s basically the Earthquake GP
Solarian: Using both his guns, he can fire dual-elemental (or just pure light) beams.
Noctan: Darkening the area, allowing himself to teleport for 10 seconds.
Pyralis: Wave of fire coming from his sword
Chaos can jump high, punch long distances, and turn into a blob of water (is currently Chaos 0)
Tikal is a non-combatant. All she does is fly around and give advice.
When Arkantos is released, he would be able to teleport, passively regenerate, and invoke Bolt.
…I’ll leave it to Natsuru to control Suwako when the time comes. She has all her MoF and Hisoutensoku spellcards.
I list all this so that you can effectively control my characters during active moments while I am unable to. Like now.

Sep 27, 2013 at 04:06PM EDT

Roger: sniff sniff….somethings smellin’…sniff…..
Roger, the physical projection of the entity known as the Crow, is currently travelling at a speed of around 30 kilometers per second through space by itself. Exactly why, who knows…
Roger: Reduce thrusters pilot, I believe we are in a 40….“Right away captain admiral sir”….

Speed is gained instead of lost. now travelling at multiple times the speed of light…space is but a blur of light…
Roger: Do the windows up pilot, its lettin’ a nasty breeze in…“Right away sir captain master chief”
Cutting through dimensions like a spear of light he happens to pass through the tournament realm, getting a glance of the recent happenings before exiting and continuing on his light speed journey.
Roger: Huh, things took a turn for the worst there, Gilgamesh has arrived and already started making a mess, what a chap….my kinda guy though. The whole talking down to people doesn’t do much good for public relations however…..Pilot? “yes president sir?” set our destination for that black hole, the one made by the tree “right away emperor sir”…..
The speeeeeeed!
Roger: I’ve gotta pet to save….Dave…

Sep 27, 2013 at 04:17PM EDT

(OOC: Making a quick post from school because I won’t get another chance to post tonight.)

She simply starts mumbling very madly in Latin to herself and starts to fly. She knows she could just teleport out of here and save her own skin, but she knows how much that would probably come back to haunt her later.

Seeing as how the others are busy, she opts to help them out by using her powers to allow them to fly until she takes the power away. Due to the nature of what she’s done to give them that power, they already know how to fly as if they’ve been doing it since forever ago.
Sep 27, 2013 at 05:26PM EDT

OOC: before the main post
@tarsises, there is a list of things i need to say about what you recomended for me.

1. your spells fucking suck.
2. i dont know what they are or do or look like in the matter.
3. i would much rather abuse the touhou spell cards because there isnt anything more overpowering or devastating than those spells. i would ather blast crow in the face with 100 fantasy sparks than use your spells anyways. (figuratively)
4. the armour of nagakamis powers only work so long as she is equipped in it. if not, than the spells and stuff she knows and stuff are gone.
5. tha armour is destroyed and will take a long time or some master repairs to fix it.
6. the armour is considered almost close to godzilla threshhold level of power. it will make touhou look like a fucking joke if she used it against them. im very, very, very restricted when i ever consider using it.

thats all i have to say.


here is the current situation for the characters

*lucy and cana are riding on the broom with her. laxus is clinging onto the handle of the broom as others are holding onto him as well. he has to go as far as use dragonforce so he can have the strength to hold everyone that is holding onto him. the worst part is that everyone that is clinging on the broom can perfectly see up lucys skirt and have a perfect shot at canas ass as well.

the three dragonslayers are in the air with their cats

erza is on hakumens shoulder.

mirajane is flying in the air in halphas form, she is carrying levy on her shoulder

gray and juvia are with flandre.

the two girls that are on the broom are all holding on to each other and marisa

lucy: cmon marisa, you can do it.

cana: we need to get out of here, isnt there anything you can do?

laxus is just staring up at lucys skirt, nosebleeding slightly.

laxus: im perfectly okay with these conditions.*

suddenly wendy and carla fly up to marisa and others

wendy: guys, ill use my sky magic to give you the boost you need to get out of here okay? hold on.

sky dragon wing attack!

using her sky magic, she creates a gale force of wind that propels marisa and the others while also providing much needed air.

lucy and marisas skirts are fluttering outward and everyone can see lucy wearing a thong as she cannot let go of cana to hold her skirt down

@gilgamesh and tardhans guy

mirajane uses her full magic power and casts a miniature superova of a magic spell towards the impending weapons being flown at both tardhan and marisas groups.

the blast released is so massive and loud that it completely manages to blow away all of the weapons as it creates a very bright light of energy that blinds gilgamesh.

mirajane: NATSU, GAJEEL, NOW! while blinded by the bright light of her spell, the two of them catch him by surprise and prepare to attack him while hes blinded by the explosions

natsu: FIRE!

Gajeel: IRON!

Natsu and Gajeel: DRAGON ROAR!!

they both release their roars at the same time at gilgamesh and uppon impact explode with very cataclysmic results as he is engulfed by flames and molten shards of metal.

the attacks should shut the gates of babylon long enough for tardhan and his people to escape and free the god from the chains.

mirajane flies over to you with levy.



everyone does everything they can to stay alive and hold of any more of gilgameshes attacks.

OOC: burner, its simple really, just warp us all out of this hellhole in one piece so we can get back to the main plot.

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Sep 27, 2013 at 09:44PM EDT

I ain’t even mad, bro. I ain’t even mad.
Also, gonna end this right now, due to the GET ON WITH IT you put into effect. You wanna get on with it? Here you go.

I fully understand you did this because you wanted to GET ON WITH IT, but I wanted a full tournament. Still getting a prize anyways.

Maledict: I think enough time has passed to let me determine the victor of this competition, even though it went to shit, thanks to SOMEONE. Meh, I dragged them into here, might as well get them out as thanks for participating.
Suddenly, portals open under Hakumen and Jin, and suck them in.
Maledict; That takes care of the two problems…
Suddenly, time is stopped in the realm. A projection of Maledict himself appears next to Gilgamesh. Maledict then decks Gilgamesh straight in the face.
Maledict: That’s for fucking up my tournament.
He then teleports out of the realm. Suddenly, one by one, people are teleported out of there, and back to what they were doing before they entered. They are also healed. The only one that remains is Gilgamesh. Maledict places a “Lock” or sorts on the universe, similar to those used to keep Azrael locked up, except affecting transport in and out of the universe. Time unfreezes in the arena.

Hakumen sits in a dark, voidlike place. Suddenly, Calypso appears.
Calypso: Due the the tournament being… Interrupted, The benefactor who created the tournament granted you a wish. What is your wish?
He sounds frightened. He’s not going to fuck this wish up.

As for Jin, he was teleported back to the ship, too.

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Sep 27, 2013 at 09:48PM EDT


NM : See! That’s why the holy trash are never welcomed in the Hell!

Then, on his side appears the little demon, with some injuries and with a pack of candies.
Deviling : Here are your… your candies sir
NM : There is no time for that!

Yell the demi-god to the little demon, who was surprised to see the Hell being destroyed by the golden warrior.
Deviling : … … …Wait… Why is a holy class here?
NM : I don’t know… But if this Maledict’s fault… I going to kill him!

Sep 27, 2013 at 10:11PM EDT

OOC: Gonna clarify: It is in fact a pocket universe specifically designed for the event, AND you’re already out of the place.

Before NM leaves, Maledict sets him aside to have a few words with him.
Maledict: For one, that was not hell, that was a pocket universe specifically designed for the event. And, as for Gilgamesh, I have NO clue how he got in. Fucking lax security.

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Sep 27, 2013 at 10:16PM EDT

@Maledict and Mirajane,

As Mirajane blinds him, he has to force the gates closed. This frees Arkantos and allows him to escape. All of the weapons that were fired from the Gates of Babylon disappear in a golden mist, along with Ea. He has to shield his eyes from the blast, and he himself disappears in a mist of golden speckles, leaving this realm once and for all.

Maledict was unable to deck Gilgamesh in the face. Instead he just hit a space with no air in it.


Hakumen floats there in the black void… He is emitting a blue aura and is slightly curled up into a ball. This brings back memories of being trapped in the Boundary to him.

Is this the Boundary? Has he been sent here again for punishment? … These thoughts cross his mind as he floats there in the black void of nothingness. However, when Calypso appears before him, the eyes in Hakumen’s armor look towards him. He even moves his head so that he can see Calypso…
Hakumen: Demon… Why do you disturb me?
Calypso speaks of the wish with a wavering fear in his voice. Hakumen chuckles slightly at this display of emotions.
Hakumen: Your legs are shaking… What are you so afraid of?
A wish… He thinks to himself of all the things that he has thrown away to become what he is now. Hakumen. He abandoned his former self in order to take a hold of this new identity… It is his responsibility to destroy the Black Beast and save humanity from destruction by its foul grip. Hakumen’s mind then wanders to Erza… He saw her nearly die before him, what all she had done to get through the tournament to make Ragna’s wish for him… She said that she would give up anything to make this wish come true… He remembers her blood soaked face looking up at him, and the heavy wounds he had put in her abdomen… She really would give her life to get Saya back to Ragna… Even though Hakumen knows that it is his destiny to destroy Ragna, he hates every bit of this cold reality that lays before him. He still thinks of Ragna as his own brother… Erza had even promised him that she would help him so that the Beast would never awaken again. He stays silent for moments on end, thinking to himself what the right thing is to do… In the timeline where he came from, he never hated Saya. The White Knight stays ever silent for more time. Calypso feels as if an eternity has passed by already from the silence.
Hakumen: … I wish…
He clutches his hand, invoking the Power of Order upon Calypso. He can still grant the wish for Hakumen, but all negative effects would backlash towards him.
Hakumen: That Ragna the Bloodedge’s sister, Saya, was fused with Nu-13… Mind, soul, memories…
He keeps his hand clenched, so long that Calypso can grant the wish.
Hakumen: This is what I ask of you, demon. Make my wish a reality.
There is literally no way that Calypso can invoke a bad happening upon the wish. Saya will have her memories, soul, powers, and mind fused with Nu. All negative backlash will return against Calypso. This is how it is.

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Sep 27, 2013 at 10:37PM EDT

Maledict: Meh, that was a useless pocket universe anyways.
He pulls a tiny ball out of his pocket and crushes it. This was the universe everyone was just in.

Calypso: G-granted! Just please, go away! I have much more important business to do! I have to prepare for the upcoming twisted metal!
And with that, the wish is put into effect. Nothing special, just the wish.

Maledict speaks to Hakumen directly.
Maledict; now… begone.
Hakumen is dumped back into the normal universe.
Maledict: soshite, Toki ga, ugokidasu.
Time unfreezes.

OOC: And now, back to the main plot.

Sep 27, 2013 at 10:43PM EDT

Marisa kinda awkwardly lays on the floor, human noodles attached to her and wings fluttering a bit.

Reimu gets back up

… now that was a little bit of a bizzare adventure…

“Reimu I think I am going to just lay here for the rest of the day. This metal feels so gooooood~ Hell was humid as hell.”

Reimu just sighs and retrieves Marisa’s hat for her off Flandre’s head, something falling out and hitting the floor with a clunk…

It carries a very alien magical charge… identifiable only to the people who had been paying attention to the aura of Archer earlier.

What’s this…?


For now I am deeming the “Wings Out” as a “Yokai Form” (a Berserker Mode) for Marisa. This will grant a power boost and a x2 multiform ability, but in turn… yeah, uncontrollable emotions and friendly fire.

Sep 27, 2013 at 11:22PM EDT

@spark and everyone in the normandy*

everyone makes it back to right were they left of before being sucked into the portal, it is as if they all just got a very bad case of dejavu. they all have their bodies just like they were before all of them just fine and they all try and recollect everything that has happened. however erza is still unconscious

natsu: damnit. did all of that happen just now?

lucy: we remember all of that still. its as if we never left here.

levy: but somehow, we managed to escape, and in tact.

cana: im glad that its all over.

gajeel: that fucking asshole guy in gold is gonna get his ass kicked if i ever see him again.

laxus: that we can agree on. by the way wheres erza?

everyone loock around quickly. gry sees her lying on the ground unconscious. she is wearing her normal heart Kruz armour.


they get over to he and erza is and juvia is there with them.

juvia: is she alright? did she make it out alive?

natsu: erza…. erza… he rushes to erza and grabs her armour and tres to shake her to get up. ERZAERZA GET UP.. YOUR STILL THERE EARNT YOU.. … ERZAAAA!!!!

suddenly natsu is punched in the face by erza with so much power he is sent into the roof of the room they are in and is implanted in it.

erza: STOP YELLING AT MEEEEE! she says with anger

everyone freak out and get away from her at first. but then happines and relief over come them to see her back to normal.

lucy: erza… erza were so glad your alright.

erza: so what happened back then really happened then huh?

mirajane: yah it did. the tournament and everything.

cana: right up until some guy in golden armour destroyed the freaking place. you were out cold the entire time.

wendy: we somehow managed to escape with everyone else. they are all still here, though they may feel weird about the whoe thing.

levy: im just happy that were all okayand made it out alive.

erza: so i dont remember anything after my fight with hakumen. she looks around. were is he by the way?

gray: hes probably hiding off somewhere like he usualy does. im sure its not that big of a deal.

erza: yah… i guess. she still remembers her defeat by his power of the order.

natsu falls back onto the ground and lands in front of her.

natsu: glad to have you back in one piece erza. now then….. he grabs his stomach im freaking hungry. were the food?

Sep 27, 2013 at 11:31PM EDT


Hakumen falls back through the portal and into the Normandy. He lands in a sort of crouching position, a knee and hand on the ground… His hair flutters as the air pushes it back behind him. After this, the White Knight stands back up to his full height and stands silent… He knows that his wish will happen any second now…

Ragna gets up off the ground, having been part of the noodle string that Marisa had going on. He has a look of anger in his eyes… He glares at Hakumen.
Ragna: Where did you run off too, masky?

Hakumen only looks down at Ragna…
Hakumen: You will know in due time, Beast.
After this, Hakumen says no more to anyone…

After the events, Flandre goes to sit on Gray’s shoulders as he is nearby Erza.

Tager stands up off the ground, having been evoked out of the place by Maledict. He stands up, adjusting his glasses.
Tager: Well, my processors show that these events actually did happen.
He sighs a bit.

Jin also gets up off the ground, dusting himself off. He merely stays silent for now…

However, not is all the same with Nu… She has her eyes closed, and is lying on the ground motionless…

Ragna’s expression quickly changes from anger to one of deep concern.
Ragna: Hey! NU!
He takes a step forward, but then he sees something he never thought he would see before…

Nu continues to lie there, still as night… She has both of her eyes closed, but anyone who can detect life can tell that she is still alive. The Murakumo Unit begins to levitate off the ground, her wings forming behind her. And then… A ball of bluish green light comes out of the floor at Nu’s feet. This ball of light slowly begins to levitate its way up to Nu’s feet. Once it reaches there, it begins to slowly orbit around her while proceeding upwards. It takes a few moments to reach her chest. Everyone just stands there speechless, watching the display happening before their very eyes. Once it is finished with its stop, the orb of light carefully continues to orbit around Nu’s body. Once the ball of light reaches above her head, it stops and gives off an even brighter glow to it.

A soothing and calming voice can be heard from the light. It sounds tender and gentle, like a person you love dearly is talking to you… It is Saya, Ragna’s long lost sister whom he has been searching for all along for years on end ever since their separation as children…
Saya: I never gave up hope on you, Ragna… I knew you would find a way.

Ragna’s lip can’t help but quiver at the sound of his sister’s voice. He has never been happier in his entire life. Tears begin to stream down his face once again as he stays silent and continues to watch, having nothing to say…

The ball of light that is above Nu slowly makes it’s way back down to her chest where it rests in front of her heart. Saya slowly begins to make her way inside of Nu, the light passing straight into her body. Ragna’s wish has finally been granted after this long and arduous journey. Saya’s soul has become one with Nu. Slowly, what was once Nu descends back down to ground. Silence…
Saya: Ugh…
It was the same voice from earlier coming out from Nu’s mouth, no longer having a robotic undertone to it… Slowly, Saya opens her new eye up. Her vision is blurry at first, but the first thing she sees standing in front of her is a teary eyed brother…
Saya: Ragna…? Is that you…? Ragna!
Saya happily rushes towards her brother with arms outstretched for him. She doesn’t even seem to care about her new body now…

Ragna: SAYA! Yes, it’s me!
Ragna wraps his arms around Saya, giving her a loving and tender embrace that only a big brother can do to his little sister… Tears are still flowing down his face as he is finally reunited with his little sister.
Ragna: Oh, I missed you so much…
His eyes are closed as he embraces his sister. Everyone else in the room is just watching them…

She happily looks up at him, giving him back another hug. She has put her normal attire back on for now…

Saya: I missed you too, big brother!
A stream of tears is coming down Saya’s face, finally reunited with her big brother after having been kidnapped all those years ago and taken away from Ragna. All of the past experiences she has dealt with all seem like a blurry dream to her. For now, the two continue to hug each other while not giving a single care in the world…

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Sep 28, 2013 at 12:30AM EDT

Reimu was almost immediately able to see the change in Nu’s soul. She looks surprised for a few moments, and then smiles at the reunion. She sheds a tear and quickly rubs it off.

Marisa stands up, wings suddenly bursting off and her returning to normal, her back completely exposed from the wings blasting out of her. Additionally, the blackend scars are open and emiting a soft rainbow light.

Reimu wraps her arm around Marisa’s back as she watches the scene, getting a funny look from Marisa.

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Sep 28, 2013 at 01:40AM EDT


everyone in Fairy Tail notice what hah transpired before them. in front of their very eyes they see Ragna, reunited with his long lost sister who is now inside of nu.

there is overwhelming mounts of emotions coming from them as they are overjoyed to see the two like this. many of the girls in Fairy tail are shedding teers of joy while some of the guys do so as well. and the rest are just happy to see the two of them together again. none of them have the words to express how they feel about all of this.

however, erza is the most emotionall out of all of them. she had promised to bring saya back to life. but she had thought she would fail to keep it after loosing to hakumen.

erza slowly walks up to were he is in the room. tears stream down her face as she looks up at him.

erza: hakumen… you… you actually did this for them? i cant… words cannot describe how thankful i am for you… she burries her head in his shoulder as her hands are on his chestplate. this is all that i wanted for him…. thank you. she then looks up at his faceless head. what mande it convince you exactly to do this for me?

the others continue to watch as Ragna and Saya are embracing each other in their arms.

Sep 28, 2013 at 01:41AM EDT

The Order mages get up and notice where they are once more, and what is currently happening.
Tsunarmin: I don’t quite understand what’s going on here… But it seems that everyone’s getting emotional about it. I’m sure there’s a reason for this…
Suddenly the door opens, the ship has at least temporarily picked up four more passengers. Because those four were physically in the arena, they were accidentally sent with the Order mages.
Tikal: I do not believe I have ever seen anything like this place…
Suwako: Quietly, to TikalYes you have. Egg Carrier. And it’s a long story to explain how I know that~
Arkantos merely opts to sit down at a table. He is healing over time at a rather rapid rate.
Chaos just stands with Tikal…
Tahrdan: Alright, what are they doing here? They weren’t here before.
Arkantos: To be honest I don’t know. Better…whatever this place is… than being forced to do evil.
Suwako: So, what exactly IS this place?
Tempestia: It is a bit hard for us to explain…
The Order mages try their best to get Arkantos, Suwako, Chaos and Tikal up to speed on what they’re doing
Tikal: So you’re all trying to defeat this man who has taken over this world?5
%{color:blue}Tsunarmin: Defeat? I want to kill the monster myself, he has no respect for life.

Tahrdan: She’s not usually like this. But she has a point, that guy has absolutely ruined the world we’re fighting to save.
Arkantos: Got room for a few more? Just be warned that we may be summoned away, I don’t think we’ll be allowed to just run around when that man in green can use us.
Tikal: He has no power over me, but I don’t like fighting, so I’ll just stay in here, alright?
(OOC: It’s partially doesn’t like fighting and partially that she is incapable of fighting anyway.)

Back at the Beastkiller base…

Harald:Where are all the troops?
Gatherer: The Atlantean is leading an attack on a newly discovered Greek base. What were you planning on doing?
Harald: Release an extremely tall giant.
A raven flies up and turns to its true form
Loki: I believe the Greeks and Atlanteans would call it a ‘Titan’.

Outside the Greek base…
Hippikon #1: I’ve heard that there are some Norsemen taking over this entire area. They have already subjugated the local bandits, and, I don’t believe this, but apparently they have received help from Atlantis itself.
Hoplite #1: They may be heading this way at any moment.
Gastraphetes #1:They’re coming!
Hippikon #1:I’ll go and alert the army. You men try to hold them here until I get back.
He is speaking to 10 Hoplites and 10 Gastraphetes, the latter of which take up positions behind the gate, crossbows at the ready.
Soldiers: We will defend the gate. And if we fall may lord Hades see fit to allow us to fight alongside you once more as a shade!
(OOC: This basically sums up almost everything you need to know about Hades players. The Gastraphetes is an archer only Hades players can get. They are effective against infantry, and because they deal some crush damage, also somewhat effective against buildings. Fallen human soldiers have a chance of respawning as a shade at a temple. Also, Hades players have more durable buildings.)
At this point the Beastkiller clan forces arrive, true to what the gatherer said to Harald, Ilotos is leading them.
Ilotos: I suggest you stand down, Greeks. We are willing to destroy your base if you do not agree to serve the Beastkiller clan.
Hoplite: Why is an Atlantean speaking for the Norse?

Sep 28, 2013 at 06:24AM EDT

OOC: In the long run I wasn’t expecting this sudden turn in events, then again it doesn’t bother me too much in fact its brought about some interesting and fun changes.

Lets not forget a few things…
1. Saya, or, The Imperator was the top leader and overlord of Transcendence, she controlled every part of the Shield World and held the highest authority possible especially having been appointed by Roger himself.

2. Saya and the NOL were personally confronted by the Crow (who was at that time, Pavel) they were given the prime question regarding faith in the God and they submitted therefore making them all Loyalists.

3. And of course Saya was given the Black Marks, two crosses that are stained into the skin upon the back of the hands, these act as a sorta leash and collar, a way in which the Crow keeps his “irregular” and otherwise powerful subjects under his thumb.

4. A civil war recently took place upon Transcendence between the traditional Loyalist and the Loyalist NOL, this was due to inner power struggles and tensions between old time Loyalist and the new arrivals. Saya resolved this conflict between the two and managed to keep the peace but now she is gone….

5. And finally, the Crow treats traitors worse than the average heretic…

Unbeknownst to the hero’s this wish has taken a very large effect upon Transcendence, thus setting off a chain of events that is going to lead to both war, chaos and major upheavals upon the Shield World….

Now we can sit back and watch the events unfold….


The past doesn’t just vanish and forget….

The 2 daunting marks slowly appear on the back of her hands. Each one taking the appearance of a very deeply coloured black cross (an X) they are rather large and span most of the hand.

She feels a slight burning sensation for a moment but then it goes…

Expect a serious amount of shit coming your way in the near future

Meanwhile inside the mind of the handler AI of Transcendence…

Superintendent: Imperator life signs cut. Trackers unable to find location. Surveillance unable to find Imperator….Initiating full planet wide scan…..
A few minutes pass
Superintendent: Overlord lost, contingency plan taking immediate effect. Primarch Strelok is to re-take the throne. A leader must be in place.

Columbia is so expansive that it covers several continents of transcendence and contains many districts each displaying different levels of technology and culture…

We find ourselves in a more advanced region, nearer the centre of the behemoth city….

This district operates as a HQ for the traditional Loyalist army and as such the Primarch works from here, managing the military and playing his part
Now we zoom down to a closer level…

Primarch Streloks domain. We find the Fallen himself cleaning one of his prized treasures, mysterious weapons he’s claimed from the many worlds he’s conquered
Primarch Strelok:….
He remains silent as he’s in a bit of a zone
Primarch Strelok:……
The Superintendent hologram then appears at his side

Primarch Strelok: Talk traitorous machine.
Superintendent: I have important news.
Primarch Strelok: Yes?
Superintendent: The Imperator is gone, reasons are unexplained.
He drops the weapon he was polishing
Primarch Strelok: The scum witch has left us?!
Superintendent: I have checked every system in extensive efforts to find her presence however they have returned no signs. Due to my protocols a new leader must take the throne immediately and without delay.
The Primarch climbs to his feet and towers above the hologram, he holds all four of his arms high up into the air
Superintendent: The preparations are being made…

Every screen around Columbia and the entirety of Transcendence (not including the Prison) is lit up with the Superintendents face, almost everyone is within view and able to hear the message.
Superintendent: ATTENTION! ATTENTION! MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!… The Imperator has vanished from Transcendence itself by means unknown, due to this a new leader has been automatically appointed…
The face of the Primarch then flickers up onto the screen…

Superintendent: Primarch Strelok of the Fallen, the previous overlord is to re-take the planetary throne.
An uproar of cheers drown out Columbia’s districts as the Loyalists gaze upon a well known face, the face of a true warrior and destroyer. They are in utter delight at the announcement. Streloks voice then speaks over the world wide intercom
Primarch Strelok: I am a Loyalist! and will never be one to judge our gods decisions and judgements, I respect my replacement but also feel a great sympathy for the betrayal and hurt this must have caused our lord…FOR THIS TRAITOROUS ACT I WILL BE SURE TO ENACT HIS WRATH AND HAVE THE ABSCONDER DESTROYED!!! TRANSCENDENCE WILL BE GREAT AGAIN!!!
More roaring cheers from the sea of crowds
Superintendent: The ceremony will begin shortly at the centre of the city. That is all.
The screens cut back to mundane military and farming announcements leaving the public in a enthused rabble of talk and speeches.

They begin descending on Columbia’s centre to view the ceremony. History in the making…

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Sep 28, 2013 at 09:49AM EDT


Hakumen looks down at Erza. He gently places a hand on her back for a few seconds before dropping his hand back down to his side.
Hakumen: I realized…
He begins to think to himself again… The Black Beast is his mortal enemy, but he still loves Ragna like a brother. He hates every bit of the fact that he has to kill him one day…
Hakumen: I realized how far your spirit would take you. To give your life for a person’s wish. You were not afraid to do so.
He clenches a hand.
Hakumen: Even so, the Dark One is still my destiny to destroy. You had said before that you would help me lull the Beast into eternal slumber… This is only one of the many steps that it shall take.
He looks over to Ragna and Saya who are still hugging each other. He has a strange sense of care coming from him, but it vanishes.

Jin is probably the person least excited about Saya’s return. All the feelings from so long ago begin coming back to him. He hated Saya as a child, as Ragna always paid more attention to her and liked her better than him. He glares at the duo at their reunion and turns his back for now…

Saya feels the burning on her hands. Giving a reaction, she cringes and lets go of Ragna, looking down to her hands.

Ragna looks down at Saya. He takes his arms off of her in concern.
Ragna: Huh? Somethin-
He notices the marks on her hands, wondering where the hell she got them from…
Ragna: What are those..?
He senses a powerful aura coming off them. Something likely binding itself to her.
Ragna: Shit…

Saya continues to look down at her hands. The past years in her life have been one big clusterfuck. After she was kidnapped by Hazama, they changed something about her. Everything that happened during that time span is just one big blurry mess.
Saya: I… I don’t know. I can’t remember… It’s all one big blur from the fire until now.

Sep 28, 2013 at 11:07AM EDT

OOC: Thanks, guys. I feel better about not being able to be here.

And you know, I’m about to end up with a free-er schedule for the next couple of weeks than what I’ve had for a while. Perhaps I’ll be able to participate more in this thread, though not at the level which I once did. I’d have to make shorter posts, and I certainly won’t be a main antagonist, or even a major one, like last time.

I’ve got a free-day tomorrow; maybe I could roll by then and we’ll see what I can come up with?

Sep 28, 2013 at 01:32PM EDT

OOC: That sounds excellent, Robotnik. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for this glorious thread.

Sep 28, 2013 at 01:34PM EDT

Tsunarmin: What’s wrong?
The water elemental archmage goes over to Ragna and Saya, and notices the markings
Tsunarmin: Those do not look in any way natural… Are they injuries, or…?

Sep 28, 2013 at 03:05PM EDT

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