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So our heroes arrive to Normandi from the Maledict dimension. Since time stopped itself, Spark and the rest of the crew would be extremelly surprised with the wounds and injuries, result of a merciless tournament where our gooddoers fought just for the entertainment of Maledict. Medical assistance appears almost INSTANTLY as Sam & Max travel around the air vehicle, searching in every box, crate and distant places such as Cheston’ bedroom, seeking the one who keeps leaving the toilets seat up. Doctors spin in a endless circle as adhesive tapes fly majestically through the air, covering flesh wounds, scars, mummifying the warriors who must be bloody tired and exhausted. Spark asks what happened but saddly, even the best explanation will sound like a fantasy tale. The team, consisting in a surgeon, a butcher, three nurses and a single morgue attendant, finally ends the complex process of patching up the warriors. The lack of a proper medicine personal is clearly seen..hell, the butcher loves to amputate limbs which says a lot about this “team”. Luckily, before the butcher had the opportunity to rip off Doomguy’s left hand and replace it with a robotic implant, Support arrives with a giant skillet full of Fajitas, requested by Jotaro.

The ship is near Central America, hovering in the sky above the Atlantic Ocean. Assault is currently clearing Russia, which is quite a difficult task considering the weather and the mountains.

Spark: Weeks fighting with Striders and Hunters are making Spark’ past show in countless flashbacks. However, despite this, he still manages to improve his leadership skills and his fighting techniques too. Once in awhile, he likes to copy a single move from another hero such as Hakumen, Ragna and even Falcon. Jubei words encouraged the electricity filled hero to keep moving foward even in the darkest nights. When not fighting, Spark likes to spend the whole day in the training room or playing a chess match with Cheston. Just like every creature in this vast universe, Spark is unable to say more than 5 words to Da Vinci.

Cheston: The class filled gorilla packed up actor, professional lecturer and amateur opera singer went bananas. Holding a cup of tea in his left hand, shooting his trusty tommygun with the right, the ape’ nightmarish fear of Hunters ceased to exist when he was forced to save a friend from these vile creatures. With Tager and Veteran around, Cheston realised he was practically defenseless against a opponent that knew a thing or two about martial arts. Since that day where the “Icy” Fog Supressor went down, the gorilla taught himself the art of “Gorilla-Sutsu”. In his free time, he likes to beat the crap out of a Poker match or kick Spark’ electric buttcheeks in chess. Once he challenged Da Vinci to a chess match..we don’t like to remember that day.

Mister Foster: The thumbless bomb psycopath ,with a terrible plan to blow up oxygen itself and the Westboro Baptist church, is having a BLAST in this war. Free to employ whatever he wants, Foster is living a dream. His scary and mysterious personality is something that the soldiers dislike. In his free time, he likes to arm more explosives and watch Juvia as she sleeps…this isn’t creepy, just wait until you see Wascot…That guy stalks Mister Cantor..Now THAT is creepy.

Assassin: The Anti S designed to murder Mistral and sink Haven is no longer a dagger hiding in the crowd. Snipers being knocked out almost instantly, Hunters unable to catch up with her, Sin determination and strong willed personality made her a valuable team member. When she is out of the battlefield, she is very shy and silent. Just like Spark, she spends a lot of time in the training room…this led to a running gag between the Soldiers where they would make jokes about those two…shortly interrupted by El Macho who sees Assassin as his little sister.

Da Vinci: FUCK YOU! YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT LEONARDO LIFE. He BARELY says a word, he spends the whole damn day in his own personal ship, painting and building ye ol’ wood machines.

Pistachio: Fucking Pistachio is the fucking cat that Coffey brought from Magnolia. This fucking cat likes to fucking sleep in the fucking floor, on top of televisions and almost fucking everything. Fucking Pistachio likes to randomly bite people becouse he is a fucking asshole. The cat personality switches between a complete bastard and a lovely teddybear. Fucking Pistachio likes cheese and carrots which is a pretty fucked up taste for a fucking cat. What the fuck? Just like cats, fucking Pistachio likes to walk around the ship and appear out of nowhere as if he was a fucking ghost or something. Fucking offense Happy.

John Coffey: Finally, he recovered the rest of his memory, slowly gathering the missing pieces from his past life. Coffey used to be a sociologist teacher from a known university in Spark’ earth. He loves to remember how much the human race almost ended itself for the benefit of a small group of people. Venom only appears when Tager and Veteran need back up. When this happens, everyone is ordered to stay in the shadows so the creature can focus on the enemy without trying to kill his own allies. Some soldiers are starting to trust him.

El Macho: Compadres, el Macho se encuentra jodidamente bien. Mobius is just another ring for the spanish speaker, Fajita lover and face puncing boxer and ex professional wrestler. El Macho has his own group of names for every hero, such as “El Rojo” when referring to Ragna o “La Dama de metal” when talking about Nu. He likes to play the guitar and share folktales while eating a delicious pasta, courtesy of Support.

EDIT: So It turns out you are all fine and without a single scar. Yet another reason for my sweet sweet revenge and basically making this post beyond useless. Ignore everything this shit says regarding to wounds and stuff. Basically, you arrived and nobody gave tw shits about it. Go get drunk and destroy something else. I will kick your asses the following week since I have to study more Marx. I swear..I will become communist by the end of this year.

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OOC: Since I will not be able to use my PC at all in terms of internet for an unknown period of time, I’ll be less active. Of course, once I am able to use my PC on the internet once more, I will not have any limitations to deal with (except time zones, of course. Bloody time zones.) so once that happens I’ll be able to make so much more of my posts…. And before I can post right now, I’ll need to know. Is this ANOTHER time skip, or…?

Sep 29, 2013 at 10:36AM EDT

Reimu and Marisa calmly listen to the backstories of the characters lifes as they get bandaged up. (Yeah, they did get hurt rather badly. And Marisa is suffering internal bleeding from going full power)

Upon Yukari, Asura, and Medusa arriving back at their hideout, they are immediately greeted by Ran.

Ran: “Lady Yukari, I do hope you enjoyed your break.”
Yukari: “It’s odd for you to greet me at the front door like this. What happened?”
Ran: “We have obtained the Chaos Emeralds. Lady Yuyuko and Miss Youmu went when you didn’t return.”
Yukari: “Eh… er…”

Yukari looks back at Nightmare Medic

Yukari, through clenched teeth: “Ran… I told the guy I was going to let them have their leaders blood. What did she do to her?”
Ran: “We have her hostage, as a machine she wasn’t able to be killed though the casual method. However, Youmu’s blade cut away her will to fight. The rest of her companions where eaten down by the butterflies of death.”

Yukari sighs

Yukari: “Then lead the Demigod to his prize. And get the Chaos Emeralds to the Reality Canon team.”
Ran: “As you wish…”

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Sep 29, 2013 at 03:55PM EDT

Arkantos was also taken to get looked at, though it took convincing from the Order mages to make him go (and even then it took Tikal and Chaos to make sure he actually stayed there. While he COULD recover from the injuries himself, it’s just faster this way. As a result, the god of titan stopping is also listening to the backstories, but only because there is nothing better to do. The medical staff would have no more difficulty with him than with any regular human, as he is basically unchanged in terms of anatomy.*

Sep 29, 2013 at 04:02PM EDT

OOC: Take this hero’s…

You’re gonna be needing it

From all around people hastily make their way towards the centre of Columbia…

A change of leadership is a major event. Even though Saya was placed in power by Roger in a under the table type move, Primarch Strelok likes to keep it traditional and thus enjoys mustering the attention of all his soldiers and personnel

Every race, Fallen, Cabal, Human and even a few Sligs are making their way towards the event, although of course no Persephone Prison staff attend seeing as they are out of the information loop. Nonethless the streets are crowded and the skies filled with transport craft

Meanwhile, Primarch Streloks parade convoy has arrived at the gateway to the city centre…

Crowds cheer in a mad frenzy as the Primarch strikes heroic poses atop a Spider Tank.
Primarch Strelok: Your true leader has returned and reclaimed his glory! I will prove myself once more with the annihilation of yet another world of heretic scum!
The convoy continues into the centre of the city

To describe the place. It is a MASSIVE flat plaza, spanning several kilometres across squared and lavishly decorated with ground artwork and carvings, each one of these monumental concrete tapestries tell the story of Transcendence’s ancient past battles, even stretching all the way back to its construction and its blessing by the God Crow itself. By taking in the scale of this place you can see that the shield world has had a very long and active past, full of conflict

Complimenting the masterful floor art are a series of mighty statues made from pure gold, these are spaced equally apart around the middle area of the plaza and stand at around 100 feet each. They are the previous overlords of Transcendence. Upon the base of each of the statues are the names of the leader, the amount of planets purged and the span of time for which they served.

Surprisingly Saya also has a statue of her own however the plack upon the base of hers contains no information other than her name….

In the centre of the plaza is the oldest construct upon the shield world. It is the overlords temple. The traditional seat of Transcendence’s leaders which has operated as the centrepiece of the entire planet and a place often visited by those upon pilgrimage. It isn’t a very large building and only has around 3 floors, overall taking up a small amount of ground space when compared to the plaza it sits upon.

But even with all its might grandeur its still incredibly old, cracks can be seen in its walls and metal clamps can be seen anchored into the building in an effort to keep it stable and standing. Renovation is, in a way, prohibited as people wish to keep it as original as possible, this means that it contains no forms of computer hardware nor electricity.

Its just a big archaic old fossil, but by far the most valued thing on Transcendence there is no doubt about it…..

Anyway the plaza is crammed with Loyalists as Primarch Strelok’s convoy proceeds on through towards the temple. The crowds cheer and the soon to be leader waves, it’s all a very nice light-hearted scene of goodwill. Eventually he arrives at the stairway to the temple where he hops of the Spider Tank and ascends the steps….upon reaching the top he turns around and faces his people……..

(The crowd is covers every bit of space, no formations)
Primarch Strelok: Hahahahaaaa! this is….this is magnificent!!

(Once again, no formations and the temple is considerably smaller. Just trying to give a little bit of a visual)
The sea of people hush up and listen…
Primarch Strelok: I, Primarch Strelok of the Fallen, have a story to tell…..
Silence throughout now…
Primarch Strelok: Our previous leader, “The Imperator”…has abandoned us! our God gave the heretic a chance to command his most prized fleet and she threw it aside like rubbish! is this a surprise?! NO! such is the way of the cretin. They are provided for but like rabid fiends they bite back at the hand that feeds! we give them an inch and they take a mile!! this is proof that they cannot be reasoned with! proof that they should given no room for reasoning!
He clears his throat whilst the crowd cheers
Primarch Strelok: And she did not leave peacefully…..when escaping this world she killed several Loyalists in cold blood! even going to such extents to have a barrack destroyed to draw away attention!…..but this is not all….the NOL!……do you see them here?! do you see any of their personnel here to witness my crowning?!….
The NOL occupied region was purposely blacked out when it came to the announcement of Strelok taking the throne. They legitimately do not know.
Primarch Strelok: The NOL are demons! they are minions of Saya! right now they are undoubtedly plotting a sabotage upon our systems in an attempt to prove themselves to her! she brought them here! they are all heretics!!
Then to conclude
Primarch Strelok: Upon receiving my status of overlord you should prepare yourselves for war, as our next target is almost upon us. We shall strike down upon them with vengeance and fury….with the destruction of each heretic world we are one step closer to our Gods perceived Golden Age….
Various ceremonies and mini speeches take place as the event goes on…..

@The 7 BlazBlue prisoners,

I’m gonna fast track this part. To put it simply…
1. They escaped Persephone via a stealth method causing no alarm
2. They rode the train through the desert and arrived at the depot on the other end
3. From there they took a shuttle and travelled to Columbia
4. Procuring Loyalist outfits they disguise themselves and make their way through the city
5. They spend several days wandering its colossal districts, making them streetwise
6. Upon hearing the announcement they join the crowds and make their way towards the plaza


The 7 hero’s find themselves chilling out on the outer edge of the plaza sat atop a wall. Before them is a crowd that is so large that it bends with the planets curvature meaning that from here the temple can’t actually be seen, deafening cheers fill the air with a celebratory attitude…

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A few hours ago, sometime during the tournament… a group of suited men and women arrive in Magnolia. It is unknown as to how they got in there, and is unknown how the heck they found parking spaces in a city with no roads, but their usual attire that blends in so well on modern city streets makes them stick out a bit in this town of Miniskirts and Belly Shirts

?(the Man): “Maiya, report.”
Maiya (the black haired girl): “I have come to the conclusion that this indeed isn’t a 3rd world country. We have arrived in a world with a much higher population saturation of Magic Users. Their economy seems to be not even 100 years behind ours.”
?(Blonde Haired Girl in the Suit): “It’s odd seeing such a large concentration of Mages. Lots of strong ones too.”
?(the Man): “I see. Our portal was a failure then.”
Maiya: “Shall I locate a warehouse for us to re-perform the ritual? I will also have to somehow hire a team to transport the cars if there is no flat road leading up to it.”
?(the Man): “Make is so.”
He turns to the other two girls
“We will split up. Irisviel (The girl in the white), you locate the materials we need to re-perform the ritual. Saber (the blonde girl in the suit), you protect her.”
Saber: “Understood. What about you Kiritsugu?”
Kiritsugu: “This place doesn’t feel right… I will snoop around for information. The capital building up there seems to be my best bet.”

Kiritsugu, Maiya, and Saber pick up their luggage and head their separate ways. Saber carrying Irisviel’s

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Along with these new arrivals, there is a single man who have arrived after the tournament was over… One of the men was here, while his accomplice is still at the tournament. This specific man has been staying in the shadows for the longest time, watching and observing the townspeople of Magnolia.

The man looks to be around his mid 40’s. He stands at around 6 feet and 3 inches tall, with brown hair that goes down to the back of his neck and dark brown eyes. He has on dark purple priest robe, under that being normal a normal priest garb and some trousers. He wears a golden cross around his neck to symbolize his status with the church.

He looks like a pretty normal guy, but he still sorta stands out in this town of Magnolia. He can probably get by as one of the priests at a church.
???: Gilgamesh should have been back from that tournament by now… What is taking so long?
There is a single magic circle beside him inscribed with various runes on the ground.

The circle begins to glow a faint golden color. After a few moments, the a golden glitter comes out of nowhere and begins to take form of the one that ruined the entire tournament… Only this time his hair is down. He is wearing a white v-neck that reveals some of his pecs, normal pants, a golden necklace and two golden bracelets. He also has a glass of red wine in his hand.

Gilgamesh: My thanks, Kirei. The scum thought it was a wise idea to lock the plane of existence.
He smirks a bit.

Kirei simply stares at Gilgamesh. A blank expression as always.

Kirei: Since you are back, it would be wise of me to inform you what my reconnaissance has gathered.

Gilgamesh takes a sip of the wine in his glass.
Gilgamesh: Go on. I’m listening.

Kirei: It appears that Kiritsugu Emiya, his assistant, the Einzbern, and Saber are taking refuge in this city. I wasn’t able to confirm how they entered, however. The city is also has a large concentration of mages in the premises.

Gilgamesh: My my. So my senses were correct. This is a pleasant surprise indeed.
He continues to give Kirei a smug grin.
Gilgamesh: Kirei, I will be taking a stroll around this city. Maybe it might not be the filth that I once expected. Go about with your business.

Kirei: I shall.
And with this, Kirei passes by Gilgamesh and skulks off into the shadows to continue with his job.

Gilgamesh doesn’t give a second thought to this. He merely walks out of the alley and into the bustling streets of Magnolia as he drinks his kingly wine… The confirmation of Saber being here has certainly piqued his interests in this city.


Once Kokonoe had learned the whereabouts of Azrael, she teleported him back to his jail cell from his match with Elfman. Elfman is beaten up pretty bad after the entire fight, and he would be in bad condition. He was saved just in time.

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(Bet you thought I wouldn’t show up, ay?)

Well, I see much has changed in terms of characters, storyline, etc.

May I ask the condition of Mobius currently as opposed to, say, the time of my encounter with Asura on the Egg Carrier?

Sep 29, 2013 at 07:45PM EDT

@yukari and Ran

Medusa: im sorry, but i find it hard to believe that something like the butterflies of death sounds anywere near threatening. but if it somehow managed to deal with those wretched creatures, than whatever.

medusa turns to yukari.

medusa: i think ill have stroll with Ran and see how things are progressing with the reality canon. im sure you wouldnt mind that at all?

Asura: i wish to see the insect that you have captured as well. i wish to have my fair share of revenge after all that she and her insects put me through and to snatch away the chaos emeralds away from me.

medusa: have fun with your reunion. turns to Ran now then, lets go for a stroll now shall we?

@the four newcomers and gilgamesh.

as they wandder around the town. the group of fur and gilgamesh can see that Magnolia is a very lavishing city. with various markets, shops and houses. the people around are friendly and are mostly in good moods and high spirits as they move along the streets and go through their daily lives in peace. some people show greetings to them as they pass by while some look at them with curiosity.

in the end o the city by the lake is the Guild Hall of Fairy Tail. it can be seen across the whole city as it is a grand edifice.

the group of four see a tall man in a ponch and a woman with green hair and a bikini like top walking with an old short man with a little girl on his shoulders as she plays with his mustache.

woman: thank you for watching over Asuka for us while we were away master Makarov.

Makarov: it was no problem at all Bisca and Alzac. shes just a darling little girl.

Alzac: she can be a handful sometimes. glad she cause you no trouble while we were gone.

Makarov: the only problem i have is that shes gonna rip my mustache off. other than that, im fine.

they are close by the group of four as they mke their way towards the generl direction of the guild hall.

meanwhile, gilgamesh is nearby the giant cathedral, it is a massive construct with every inch of its mass sculpted to perfection. it rises high above the city, even past the height of the Guild hall.

nearby he sees a young little girl in a white dress and long flowing hair that radiates almost like gold in the sunlight.

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To put it simply, It’s been turned into a Slave World of Anti-Everything Machinery. But most of the citizens have been rescued at this point and there is only one city left that remains under Balloon Master control.


Kiritsugu walks up to the guild hall, and slows to a stop as he passes the group.

Kiritsugu: “Hm… so I am guessing this place serves as a town hall? I usually don’t take this route when I travel so the place seems quite alien to me.”

Elementary level hypnosis is being applied to help make his story more convincing. However, he can’t force anyone to obey him or force them to believe information they know to be false. It’s just an information feeder that every teacher wishes they had. (Yeah, if they are aware about the Pocket Dimension they will know he’s fibbing.)

And his Handgun, a Custom Thompson Contender, is visible on his belt.

@Medusa and Asura:

Yukari summons an example, the smell of rotten flesh filling the room

Yukari: “It’s a Symbol of Death. And can forcibly tear the soul away from it’s victim. They are Yuyuko’s signature.”

She kills the Black Death Butterfly and it vaporizes, leaving the room smelling awful.

Ran: “Eh… Yuyuko’s also don’t smell as rancid, otherwise the entire netherworld would be uninhabitable.”

Yukari: “Hey, I try… anyways.”

The portal to the Prisoner Cells open, revealing a massive amount of crystal diamonds suspended from the ceiling, Mark’s main character in one of them

Yukari: “Poor girl. Death would have been much nicer than what Youmu did. Cutting away all attachment leaves an empty husk. If you want her down just smash the glass.”


Ran: “This way.”

Another portal opens up and leads directly into the Library. Many of the shelf’s had been moved to the side, and the skyscraper tall cannon looming over them. Many fairies are still working on the construction, and Patchouli can be seen hovering above the space.

Ran: “Binding the creation together though welding has been time consuming, the Black Blood doesn’t melt easily, but this should be done by tomorrow morning. The place is also big enough to move the entire operation within it.”

The thing is glowing from various sides. The Chaos Emeralds are already powering the device.

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Gilgamesh looks up at the massive cathedral for a few moments, having seen bigger structures in Uruk when he was ruling over it back then. He dismisses the structure as something that can be better. After this, his attention is caught on Mavis as she stands there. He can automatically tell that she is a spirit, and a powerful one at that.
Gilgamesh: Hm?
Mavis can also see that Gilgamesh’s perfect golden hair shines in the sunlight brilliantly. He takes a sip of his wine as he looks down at her from a distance.
Gilgamesh: So this is the presence that I sensed…
He walks to a nearby bench, himself being irradiated with a surprisingly holy presence to him. Gilgamesh’s red eyes gaze down upon Mavis as he has a bit of a smirk on his face.

Gilgamesh: I never knew that a girl such as yourself could be that easy to pinpoint. No ordinary child, however… A spirit.
As Gilgamesh speaks to himself from the bench, she finds it hard to resist his otherworldly charm and charisma coming off of him. As he sits upon the bench, a golden portal opens to the side of it. This portal slowly slides over the bench, replacing it with a lavish red seat.

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Thank you, Natsuru.

It would probably be more effective if I listed my questions.
1. Where are the Chaos Emeralds?
2. Where is most of the action taking place?
3. Was the Final Egg affected by the invasion of machine ants Balloon Master described earlier?
4. Where are Calkarot and markhaox14?
5. This is more of a question of opinion: Do you all think I would be better suited rejoining as a hero or villain? Which do you think would better balance the scale between good and evil? Or does it matter?

I’ll ask more questions if I think of anything else. Don’t worry; I won’t ask for a full summary of everything that’s happened while I was away, nor do I expect one.

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Sep 29, 2013 at 09:16PM EDT

Dr. Ivo Robotnik wrote:

Thank you, Natsuru.

It would probably be more effective if I listed my questions.
1. Where are the Chaos Emeralds?
2. Where is most of the action taking place?
3. Was the Final Egg affected by the invasion of machine ants Balloon Master described earlier?
4. Where are Calkarot and markhaox14?
5. This is more of a question of opinion: Do you all think I would be better suited rejoining as a hero or villain? Which do you think would better balance the scale between good and evil? Or does it matter?

I’ll ask more questions if I think of anything else. Don’t worry; I won’t ask for a full summary of everything that’s happened while I was away, nor do I expect one.

1. The chaos Emeralds are now under the possession of Asura, Yukari, and Nightmare Medic. The construct they are powering will appear in space in a handful of posts.
2. Technically Mobius, though much of that was in Timeskip.
3. Will need to ask Balloon Master on that one.
4. Both are Missing In Action. Markhaox officially left the thread due to personal issue happening outside the internet.
5. Scaling seems to be a bit out of whack, but the power scale definitely tips to the villains when you take Crow into account.

Sep 29, 2013 at 09:21PM EDT



1. The chaos emeralds are in the possession of Yukari, Asura, and the Nightmare Medic.
2. The most action is taking place on Mobius nearby wherever the Normandy is. I forget exactly where. We’re about to fight the Anti-S I think.
3. Not for sure. You could have had it go underground if it was. The bugs are gone now. Ask Spark about this one.
4. Mark quit the thread, and I believe Calkarot left because the plot went too far without him. They’re both probably not coming back.
5. The evil side definitely has more power here. But like Natsuru said; the power scaling is off. But as for my opinion on you rejoining as a hero or villain… My opinion does not differ in the slightest about which side you join. Do what you want to do.

Sep 29, 2013 at 09:26PM EDT

Hello again my children, I haven’t see you for awhile. Shall we travel to the Hellium Fortress again, to see how the master rages and destroys everything he loves as the superhero approaches Mobius’ freedom? I wish we could pay a visit to him again but saddly there’s something else much more interesting. Follow me quick my friends, we will have to visit Europe. We arrive to the streets of a charming city in Spain, filled with corpses and destroyed bases from the Patriots, futile attempts to stop the Master’ conquest and the place where something awaits from our heroes. Normandi arrives, along with a small fleet of spaceships, ready to deploy thousands of troops and take over this city’ Fog Supressor. The Fog Supressor goes down, a great amount of casualities and the horrors of the Master can be seen in Scientific Bases found around the city, abominations and clones begging to be killed, decaying organisms and things that don’t even look like a human but a living blob instead. Once again, sadness and despair penetrates in the minds of the justice warriors like a sword piercing a knight’s chest for the glory of battle. The streets are filled with blood, the screams of the innocent can be heard, we win but we lose at the same time but we will going, we will raise our hands, we will rise our weapons, we will rise our souls against his reign of terror. Normandi heads to France, nobody says a word.
A desert starts to cover the surface as the ship approaches the border of Spain and France. Several destroyed buildings, a wasteland that smells like a rotting corpse, dark clouds in the sky. Hakumen would start to sense danger, a familiar presence is near. A strange ticking noise passes through the minds of Natsu, Grey and Juvia. The place looks like a gigantic bear trap that we just stepped on. Dark clouds in the middle of the desert, it makes no sense. Suddenly, Normandi shakes furiously, the ship is out of control, small ships are destroyed and reduced to scrap, everything is a mess. Normandi is thrown like a paper ball, flying through the air and unable to do practically anything. The ship crashes on the sand, not a single casuality, a lot of equipment was destroyed and..“Where are the civs? Rags and Robochick were right behind me.”
Part of the team was teleported out of the ship by a mysterious force. This force sent them in different parts of this endless desert, domes made of putrid necromantic energy that those who are alive should fear.

@Touhou Girls (Also known as “Midgets”)
The girls end up in a magic dome. This magic is like a bastard mix between different kinds of magic. The strong smell of necromandy is in the air along with voodoo and others. A red coloured meteor pierces through this dome, heading to the Touhuo girls’ direction. A familiar aura can be felt by Flandre, the tortured presence of a innocent underaged girl, mindslaved and experimented on, forced to act like a vacuum and absorb the energy of the one known as “The Black Beast”. At first, it worked, a great success indeed. The Nothingness duplicated the energy of this vile vampire and the Master had his own beast for his amusement, with the power of a Thermonuclear bomb and the essence of the Black Beast but the words of this blasted vampire gave this little girl the courage to face his own nature. She died but not before “He” was able to leave something in her brain. The meteor lands, dust flies around as a radiactive wave of energy is sent around the place, making the skin of the Touhuo’s cry in pain. A humanoid creature shows himself as a darkness falls across the land, the dying hour is close at hand and those who fight to stay alive, your body is slowly torn apart, your death will please the one who seeks the end of Asura.

What a wonderful pleasure to see you again, vampire. Your presence in this planet is something that I hate more than that so called God and his reign of madness or even that fool who calls himself master. Things have changed since you and your pets decided to dissapear but now luckily, we can end what Sarah started! Remember that poor “daddy and mommy” girl? Crying and begging for a small hand to show up. I knew such a thing would be too weak but the scientists believed her unique physiology was worth the time. Obviously, one of you fools would try to convince her to join a lost cause but before the last spell was casted, I left a single particle of my radiactive chaotic energy deep inside her skull, a chain around her neck that remained after her death and that I removed to gain part of her power. Literally, absorbing what has been absorbed. I must say..I can’t wait to visit this fantasy land of Gensokyo, filled with magical creatures that I can murder, filled with corpses emitting radiactive energy from their very mouths after I had disposed of the energy of their “cards”. A interesting way to hide your abilities, on a mystical group of paper hiding on your pockets that I can remove once your very life is extinguished. But don’t worry Flandre..Marisa…Reimu..Sarah is here with us and you shall see her again once your bodies burst like a bag of sand being pressed by a titan’s hand, leaving nothing behind but a hole and a lovely blood trail. Now..DIE UNDER MY HANDS! THE HANDS OF A GOD BROUGHT TO EARTH!
And so Van releases from his very hands a wave of needle-like proyectiles, millions and millions of small beams who are powerful enough to destroy a city and vaporize a normal human instantly, wiping the very existance of weak creatures. As the proyectiles approach the girls, Van laughs maniacally.

@Fairy Tail (Also known as Dirty Peasants)
The opponent that is supposed to face the Fairy Tail is nowhere seen, as if he ran away, as if he never existed before, as if he is either hiding or waiting for the perfect moment to pop out of thin air. Such a possibilities are dismissed after hoping for the impossible to happen for a total amount of ten minutes. The Dark Elders shield is covering a large portion of this vast desert and the heroes are free to search for this mysterious foe. The only thing they found is a black colored object, some sort of demonic helmet, hiding in the sand, with two horns on the top and a single red stripe in the middle. Years of facing magical enemies, the Fairy Tail members are able to feel an evil presence covering this unknown artifact, a demonical soul born in the deepest places of hell but suddenly, the helmet starts to float in midair as a flow of sand starts to spin furiously around it. The bones of the fallen, the limbs from those unlucky soldiers who died in this limited piece of the desert, slowly raise from the sand, dragged by a mystical force inside the helmet that forces them to form a giant skeleton who seems to be as tall as Tager. As the transformation ends, two red eyeballs appear in this creature’s skull as he looks down at the Fairy Tail who would be impressed, terrified or unimpressed. From the sand that delivered the bones, the creature pulls out a giant sword and then he proceeds to walk towards the heroes. Ostarion, a king who had seek immortality for years only to perish under a curse where the land of the dead became his own personal summer house and land of the mortals his own playground. Ostarion, the Skeleton King rises from the grave, steel and stones…Arise my bones!

And so the emperor rises from the grave again, causing terror and despair around this very place! Not even the deepest places of hell shall save thou, the traitors known as the Fairy Tail, worthy opponents but mindless peasants doubting of the King’s swordmanship. Hundreds of centuries and hundreds of different warriors but not even the time or the bravest knights can end the Emperor unstoppable force of revenge against the living and quest for blood. Bow to the Skeleton King, thou shall have a pleasant death and I might allow the strongest one to serve me for the eternity. You dare to face me and you dare to face death itself! Take a knee peasants and submit to the empire of BONE!
The Skeleton King attacks the Fairy Tail, targetting Grey first. He swings his sword ferociously, hoping to cut Grey in half.

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PART 2 (Bloodpool AWESOME part.)
(Ragna is still a loser)
@Ragna (Also known as faggot. Holy crap, this guy is the “losserlest” loser..Wait..losserlest is a word right?)
The arena is ready for the two men to fight. A swordsman such as Ragna (Loser) would expect a fearless knight to show up, a rage driven soldier welding a mystic sword, an Anti-S designed exclusively to take advantage of the inner demon hiding deep inside him (deep inside his ass) , a dangerous opponent, undefeatable and superior foe that would never ever appear in front of Ragna. Instead, a mercenary wearing a goofy (badass) outfit, casually walking around the desert, talking to himself about how much he loves Mexican food such as tacos, chimichangas and enchiladas…yeah…err…Alright that was a pretty cool introduction but I’m afraid I can’t create a dramatic atmosphere for this guy. You can put him in the most serious and dark background and he would still manage to pierce through the darky and edgy world while tearing the wall between Real Life and Fiction. Oh well I did my best. The merc with a mouth, the guy whose brain cells die and regenerate every nanosecond, the only Anti-S who finished off his respective target’ life, the super and completely original character (Do not steal) wearing a completely original outfit (Any similarities with comics is a mere coincidence)…err…Damn it where was I?
Blondepoll err…Bluntfool, damn it…Blandmaul…?
Bah enough drama, I’m gonna kick your demonic ass so bad that Satan will have to pull out both of my swords from your PENAL ZONE!
Bloodpool is in bitches! (Ragna is a loser)

Y’all niggas posting in a Bloodpool thread now niahaha! Dude! A lot of stuff changed since I left the main plot like Sam is now Novak, I dig that alpha beard, and a new shipload of characters I don’t even know! It needs more hot chicks for us the bad guys ‘cause the only hot chick we got so far was Assassin , who puts the ASS in ASSASSIN, but she went to the good guys side so we are kinda lonely here. Anyways, SUP RAGS! It’s so bloody cool to meet ya dude! I played the Blazblue games for years! Button mashing and all of that fighting game stuff! Your moveset is super cool with all of those flashy moves that go flashy crazy woopity doopity! Pew pew BANG SLAM PEW PAM POW! Man, talking about fighting games makes me wish I was in a Street Fighter rooster…err, Marvel vs. Capcom doesn’t count because I’m not in the mood to face some demon hunter guy with a red jacket. Hey Rags, you remind me of this guy called Dante. He is a pizza eater demon hunter guy I had to face in this crappy game full of disc loaded content. Am I talking way too much or way too fast? Blame my brain cells that go woopity boooo! Well that was fun, we could be the BFFs but sadly I have to kill you. No hard feelings mate, it’s part of my job as an Anti-S! Killing everything that doesn’t have a sign that says “Balloon Master”! Don’t worry…It will be over before you even realize it happened. Something about that phrase sounds extremely wrong but nevermind! ARE YOU READY SUCKER?? IT’S BLOODPOOL UNOFICIAL BOSS FIGHT BAYBEE! GONNA CHOP YOUR HEAD SWEETHEART!
Cool and Pimp ass Bloodpool pulls out both of his katanas. He murders the Fourth Wall Mage, Original Deadpool and Doctor Who Deadpool (What the fuck Falcon) and then he strikes a kickass pose. Then he spins around before jumping towards Ragna, raising both of his swords over his head, ready for a deadly swing that will get rid of Ragna retarded hair (I mean what the shit you look like fucking Goku.)

And so the JoJo’s end up in another part of the desert. A single destroyed building can be seen, the rest of the place It’s just sand. Suddenly, something or someone can be seen near this building, slowly walking towards the group. A stand user. Pierre “The Third of his kind”, the result of a series of unsuccessful experiments trying to duplicate the stand power, one of the most powerful Anti S that the BM created, capable of stopping time and overpowering his enemies with his brute strength and nasty speed. His stand is called “Midnight Ride”, It looks like a cyborg like creature with gems spread around its arms and legs. Midnight Ride is as fast as Star Platinum and the World, breaking the speed of sound and every possible chances his opponent had of winning. As MR shows itself, Pierre is absorbed by his own stand in a blue colored void which quickly travels through the air, heading directly to the Jojos. The void disappears in midair as Pierre lands near the group. He chuckles.

Pierre: What a disgusting power don’t you think? A creature living in your soul that you can’t get rid of without killing yourself. Its really atrocious but the advantages are amazing and the possibilities are endless. Giorno, remember when you killed my “brother”? It was so fast, poor bastard was beyond weak and his stand could barely stand a chance. But thanks to his sacrifice, here I am! The result of failed experiments can now properly execute the Master orders and get rid of those who oppose him. And once Van manages to gain the energy of those little girls, I will try to find the planet where you came and meet the one who calls himself “DIO”.
As he says this, Midnight Ride appears behind him. Both of them strike a epic pose and point at Jotaro. Then, Pierre says.
Jotaro is inmediatly confused. He was about to say that exact line to himself.

Let us start gentlemen. Let’s be quick before another Joestar jumps in the wagon.

Tager and Veteran end up in another distant part of the desert. Without any possble chance to react, two huge hands grab Veteran’s feet and drag him inside the sand. The luchador is then sent flying to the air. A huge black shadow appears in front of Tager, making him feel like David facing Goliat. The monster sends Tager flying to the air with a single punch and then he jumps towards him while opening his jaws. Before the Red Devil could be bitten, a gigantic eagle claw made of pure energy grabs him and pulls him towards Veteran. Both behemoths stare at the monster. A huge lizard capable of facing the strongest tanks and taking on the strongest challenges. The lizard “smiles” as he starts to talk.

Do not worry..Croc likes to be soft in the beginning..It makes opponents think they have chance..Pretend to be dead, that might help you..I’m not much of a lecturer or anything so..RAAAAAAARGHHHHH YAAAAAAGHHHHHHH!

The Croc runs towards Tager and Veteran. The sand flies and the floor shakes as his feet hit the sand. He looks like an armored truck about to destroy a bank’s entrance.

Sep 29, 2013 at 11:13PM EDT

PART 3, THE REVENGE OF THE SITH. Randonman is going to ban my ass..
The white knight ends in another part of the desert. However, the place is covered in lava and rocks as if a volcano appeared out of thin air and erupted right here, leaving a pool of hot lava and dust covering the skies. A giant explotion in the middle of this “lava pool”, throwing rocks around as a fire tornado fills the sky with fire and dust. The tornado starts to “gather” the lava around him as the earth shakes and the heat drastically increases. As the tornado keeps growing, small towers of fire start to tear rocks apart, forming a circle of destruction around the tornado as It keeps growing and growing. Finally, lava flies everywhere as the tornado dissipates, a human silhuette coming out of the very earth while bearing a large sword which looks like a artifact that just came out of Hell itself. Finally, the melted knight faces Hakumen once again.

Peace walker meet the Death seeker. No need for empty theatrics, just die.
Says Augustus as he rushes towards Hakumen, leaving a lava trail him and a tower fire following him. Rock fly everywhere and more lava bursts out of the floor as Augustus gets closer.

And so the heretic ones finally face their own death. The choosen one and his friends are teleported against their will in a unknown part of the desert, a place we had choosen for their final moments. The fallen spirits of thousands of wizards start to come out of the ancestral realm, slowly filling our heroes with what they knew before their painful deaths. The identity of the evil wizards known as the “Dark Elders”. A lot of names were given to our group, such as “The Dark Ones”, “The Purifiers”, “The Choosen Mages”…thou shall not refer to us by those unworthy names, in fact, thou dost not have such the authority to directly speak to us. We do not require a name, such a thing is given by the very presence of our putrid souls,so…behold atrocious wizards…We shall be a blight upon the land where your feet stand, and everything we touch shall wither and die. These mages came from a old xenophobic religion order that discovered the dark secrets of Necromancy. 4 members were choosen to bear this mystic and sacred power but saddly, their souls were quickly consumed and now they travel from world to world, from dimension to dimension, seeking the death of those who dare to cast a spell and absorb their powers, leaving mindless zombies willing to serve the will of their putrid souls.
The desert is covered in a dark fog as a green colored energy spreads, out of the sand and out of the very oxygen the Mages breathe. As the lifeless servants make their way out of the floor towards the Mages, in the fog a putrid presence gazes upon this land. Shall the heretics fear the Dark Elders reveal.

“Zan korobos kor koramord…Mardakaramon Mordakar Mordakah…Mortis ad haeretico…Quæsieris mortem ad haeretico”..The gyre of evil takes you Tardises and the group known as “Order of Mages”..Reach the reason and abandon hope or seek failure and a warrior’s death.
The four necromancers cast a beam, pure necromatic energy filled with trapped souls and tormented fools who dared to face the Elders. Skeletons of the fallen start to come out from the very sand, slowly approaching the Mages as the beam is fired.

@Captain Falcon
Without a small chance to react or to even arrive peacefully to the place, Blood Falcon starts to senselessly beat the crap out of Falcon with a punch shortly followed by another and shortly followed by another and another. He finishes with a single kick with his body covered in red and purple fire. He is fueled by rage, made of rage, he lives with rages. As he charges a Blood PUNCH!, the fake Falcon screams.


Sep 29, 2013 at 11:16PM EDT

Mean while back at the Temple on Transcendence

After the Primarchs long and motivating speeches of courage he finally reaches his end and with the various smaller ceremonies and traditions over with it is finally time for the crowning. An Envoy proceeds out from the Temple doorway and approaches the Primarch from behind……

Envoy: And now it is time Primarch….
Primarch Strelok: Brilliant! lets have done with it, I long for my throne!
The Envoy steps forward to face the crowd, his voice is surprisingly loud
Envoy: We have reached the conclusion! brace yourselves! for you are bearing witness to history and the beginning of a new era under Streloks rule! Now I ask for silence!
The crowds die down and the cheering comes to a halt. Pure silence once more.

Strelok and the Envoy turn to face one another, the Primarch takes a knee in respect and faces the ground
Envoy: In the name of the God Crow you are to commandeer this Shield World and lead it to numerous victories.You are to now rise, not as Primarch Strelok but Overlord Strelok. Wear your title with honour just as our god would have wished.
Primarch Strelok: It is this simple? my memory fails to recollect my last crowning…
He rises to his feet and lets out another roar, he then turns to face the crowd
Overlord Strelok: To action Loyalists! return to your stations and ready yourselves! heretics are afoot!….Soon we arrive at Mobius, a world which has grieved our god greatly, it is to be treated with no mercy and annihilated with fury. No prisoners! it is to be glassed!

Overlord Strelok then hastily makes his way into the temple whilst the crowds outside hurriedly disperse to prepare. Strelok walks into the central chamber of the temple and stops in front of the throne of Transcendence…

Its just as old as the Temple, cracked in places and very worn. Every previous ruler of the planet has at some point taken this seat in traditional

Strelok takes a deep breathe and sits upon it….

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(OOC: I see you ended up going with the original idea… )

On board Normandi
The mysterious force had overlooked at least four who were not on board before the tournament. This leaves them able to question what just happened…
Suwako: What just happened?
Arkantos appears before her in a flash, he is now fully healed up. Tikal and Chaos arrive moments later.
Arkantos: I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s good. There seems to be hardly anyone around now…
Tikal: I hope they’re alright…

Never mind the gods, echidna and… whatever the hell Chaos is. There are more pressing matters to attend to.

In the desert…
Pyralis: Who the hell are these guys?
Tahrdan: Does it really matter? They’re trying to kill us. We’ve got to defend ourselves!
Solarian: If I remember correctly about the undead, they are generally weak to light, so…

Solarian casts Galaxy Burst. Around the targeted point things darken, just for what are best described as spikes of light to appear out of the centre, in a two-armed spiral pattern. This is the most powerful light spell known to the Order so far.

Tsunarmin: I think we should take any advantage we can get. Remember our unique abilities!

Upon saying this, she summons the guardian creature. She plans to unleash powerful water spells.

Noctan: My ability’s no good. If undead are weak to light then they’re going to resist dark. However, there is one thing I’d like to test…

Noctan, somewhat experimentally, casts Heal on a group of skeletons. Because the skeletons are undead, the spell would damage them instead. Heal takes the form of a bunch of white sparkles around the target, and it cannot be evaded because of it’s nature.

(OOC: I decided that healing spells cannot be evaded, because there is little reason to want to try and evade one anyway. I am honestly unsure whether it’s just Heal that damages undead or whether the air and earth elemental healing spells would also do the trick. And no, I did not mistype that. The source material actually has an earth elemental healing spell I don’t think I’ve ever brought up. And I created the water one myself.)

Tempestia: My ability would just leave me surrounded by them, though if I use it right I could potentially get at the guys attacking us…

For now, though, she just casts Lightning Storm.

Ignis: Maybe we should split our actions between attacking the skeletons and attacking the guys responsible.

Ignis casts Raging Inferno, and attempts to cast it far enough away to hit the main opponents.

Pyralis: Right, let’s do this!
Granatir: I’ll try to slow them down as much as I can at once.

Pyralis swings his sword, sending a wave of fire towards the skeletons. At the same time, Granatir invokes his variant on Earthquake. The shaking of the ground would render a number of the skeletons unsteady on their feet. As if this wasn’t enough, this is all followed up by a Tsunami from Tahrdan.

Of course, there is one more group to look at… Well, technically two, but they’re on the same world, so let’s look at the Atlantean’s command skills, shall we?

At the Greek base…

Hoplite: Where are the archers when you need them?

The hoplite gets a fireball to the face, burning to death very quickly.

Ilotos: Kill any soldiers and destroy any arrow shooting buildings! Leave the villagers alive, we could use them.

The gate opens, and out steps one man. He is wearing very little, in his right hand he carries a sword and in his left hand he is holding a green-skinned head writhing with snakes where hair should be. The head is that of the gorgon Medusa, meaning this man can only be the hero Perseus.

Perseus: I will need some cover while I make use of Medusa’s head to petrify their myth units!

Upon saying this he holds Medusa’s head up. The eyes glow green, and he covers his own eyes with his sword. A fire giant turns to stone and the fire is extinguished.

Ilotos: Kill him now.

???: I see I’m in the right place. I saw what happened, and that is just cheap. The fury of the winds shall slay that fool.

Yellow energy surrounds Perseus, slowing him down and hurting him. This was the spell Twister, which means…

Ilotos: Took you long enough to get back.
Harald: It was cut short due to this man, who… How shall I describe this?
Immolan: It was cut short due to this man who had a serious superiority complex. He knocked Iblan out and separated us from the gods… Loki found his own way back.
Ilotos: It’s good to have you back. The orders I have given are to kill any soldier, human or otherwise, that resists, and destroy any arrow shooting buildings. I gave orders for the villagers to be spared, because I figured we could use them.

The battle rages on around them. The Egyptian soldiers roll up a few catapults which start knocking holes into the fortified walls. Because of Hades’ blessing, these walls are harder to destroy than most other walls. Only the Egyptian Citadel Walls, the Atlantean Orichalkos Walls, or Suwako’s walls would be even an equal in terms of durability. Perseus is still annoying Ilotos, Harald and Immolan by petrifying fire giants, and then the Colossi arrive.

Colossi are metal giants which tower over most other beings. They would be dwarfed by any titan, however. These particular Colossi have gold overlaying bronze, making them particularly durable. While gold is a soft metal, it can absorb the impact of blows before the force behind those blows can reach the bronze underneath. One thing about Colossi is that while they do not need to eat, they can eat wood and gold directly from a tree or mine respectively, and use these resources to repair themselves.

Immolan: How do you know this?
Ilotos: Before the old Atlantis sank beneath the waves, we worshipped Poseidon, and fought in the Greek style as a result. Hephaestus granted his followers the knowledge to build colossi as well as a plenty vault.

We will return to this battle later…

(OOC: Just going to clarify one thing here. Perseus has NOT killed the character in this rp with the name of Medusa, but the actual mythological being.)

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“The fallen spirits of thousands of wizards start to come out of the ancestral realm, slowly filling our heroes with what they knew before their painful deaths. The identity of the evil wizards known as the “Dark Elders”. "
But since you didn’t read a thing Tardy, here. Cosby terms to the rescue:


Why the hell I did this?
So you look like something more than a clueless douche. Seriously dude. They are mages, evil necromancers that murdered thousands of wizards and you are like..“Holy shit u niggas evil or wat?”
Pretend you know them for the sake of the battle. Hell, even if you don’t know them, I would have a different reactions to hooddie guys in the middle of a scary as fuck fog with spooky skeletons coming out of the floor. I would shit my pants. But hey, your characters, your decissions. It’s up to you Tardy. If you don’t want to fix anything, I will just post the Elders reactions and that’s it, no big deal.

Sep 30, 2013 at 02:21PM EDT

They look upon Van, feeling his engery as if it where a gust a wind.

“… So he figured it out.”

… If he is an absorber it would only be a matter of days before he could overpower the Gods living there.

“Even Shikieiki…” (Strongest Character living there if you don’t count the Sun or Moon gods.)

Reimu summons her Yin Yang orbs and Marisa summons her Hakkuros


As the battle begins, they somewhat gawk at the “Mountain of a Million Needles”, and rapidly back up to give themselves enough space to dodge it.

After a good distance away (or as far as they can go in the magic dome), they face the onslaught and begin their counter-assault.

(Like that pattern but thicker I am guessing.)

Reimu counters with the Persuasion Needles and the Braided Extermination Laser, and Marisa counters with Star Sign, Milky Way.

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@Blood Falcon:

Falcon intercepts the Blood Punch with a roundhouse kick to Blood Falcon’s head.
Falcon: I swear to god, gotta remove the wait time on the punch. Too easy to intercept.
Falcon then follows up with a gigantic combo, utilizing punches, throws, and kicks, utilizing skils from both Spark and Ken’s styles of Martial arts. However, falcon mainly uses Ken’s martial arts, because he thinks it’s more practical. He is in fact getting part-time lessons from Ken.

Jotaro actually isn’t in the least bit surprised. Hanging out with Joseph a lot will do that to you.
Jotaro: Josuke, you take this one.

Josuke: I’m not sure if i’m ready for this…
Josuke is busy styling his hair, like he always is.

Jotaro: Well I’m pretty sure He thinks your hair looks like shit.

Josuke flies into a rage, his stand coming out and beating the absolute shit out of Pierre. Since crazy Diamond is faster and stronger than Star Platinum, Pierre has almost no time to react, and even if he did, his stand would eventually fall in a pummel duel. His hair looks very silly right now, being a pompadour but coming up in spikes.

Sep 30, 2013 at 04:40PM EDT


Flandre also feels the wave of energy hit her skin, feeling the burning of it. As Van monologues, she yawns a bit and gets out Laevateinn. She is clearly bored even when faced with Van. However, when he talks about killing all the things in Gensokyo, she stares him down.
I’d like to see you try!
As Van shoots out the projectiles, she employs the same tactics as Marisa and Reimu. She backs up to the edge of the thing, and begins firing off wave after wave of Red Crystals at Van. She expertly dodges around the beams and whatever else he is throwing at them.


The Grim Reaper looks around, having been abducted from the Normandy. As he spots Bloodpool, he puts a hand on Blood Scythe.
Ragna: Hey! Who the hell are you? What did you just do?
Ragna is clearly not happy with Bloodpool. As the bastard rambles to himself about nonsense, Ragna can’t help but mutter to himself…
Ragna: God. Even freaks like this are after me? What the hell did I do to deserve this?
He takes Blood Scythe off his back, readying it. As Bloodpool jumps at him with the dual slice, he blocks it with the massive sword before he could touch his precious hair and causes Bloodpool to drop back down to the ground.
Ragna: Not a chance, bastard.
He raises a hand up, causing a head of the Black Beast to rise up from under Bloodpool in an attempt to devour him whole.


Tager can tell that this will be one tough fight… He scans over Croc with his telescopic eye. As Croc charges at Tager and the Veteran, the tank rolls out of the way of Croc’s charge.

Leaving himself open, Tager takes this perfect opportunity to deliver an electromagnetically charged punch to the Croc’s back with enough energy to stun him. This is followed by a horizontal swipe with both hands to Croc’s back and after that an overhead smash straight to the spine.
Tager: NOW!
This will give Veteran an opportunity to strike Croc.


Hakumen stands before Augustus. A white energy begins to flow around Hakumen as his hair floats gently. Augustus can feel a powerful presence coming from the White Knight.

He draws Ookami from his back while Augustus performs his entrance.
Hakumen: This is the end, corruption.
As Augustus charges at charges at Hakumen, one of his eyes spots his very movements…

Once he swings the sword at Hakumen when he gets close, he puts up a shield in the blink of an eye. Augustus can feel himself freeze in time…
Hakumen: EYESORE!
Augustus can feel all the force of his previous attack recoil straight back at him, followed by a devastating punch from Hakumen that would blow the lava away as well.

Sep 30, 2013 at 04:56PM EDT

as they walk by, the little girl named asuka, looks back and notices you with her adorable little eyes.

asuka: mommy, whos the man over there with the funny clothes?

they turn around to see kritsugu.

Bisca: well howdy there. you aint from around here are yah

alzac: you new to the city or are you just traveling by?

makarov: are you lost or are you just wandering around the city. we can help you out if you need anything.

mavis looks at you for a little bit, she is using her magic to read his soul to see who he is and what he is capable of. she then looks at him with a big smile on her face, she seems a bit excited.

mavis: gilgamesh? Thee Gilgamesh, king of heroes, mightiest of all. its an honour to be able to have one such as yourself in our city. she floats over to were he is and sits on the bench he just refurbished. my name is Mavis Vermillion. yes, i am a spirtit who has past from this world 100 years ago, but my magic and the magic of my land allows me to roam freely, though being bound to the lands. very few could be able to see me. but im sure someone such as yourself doesnt have that problem. so, tell me, what brings you to our loving city of Magnolia?

@yukari and Ran
medusa follows Ran and sees the tower being built in front of her eyes. it is a grand spectacle to behold.

Medusa: my my, such a wonderful edifice. such power flowing through it, its as if you can feel it in the air. she looks at if for a few seconds, just admiring the construct of dark steel and magic.

she then turns her head to see Ran

medusa: so Ran, i hope you wouldnt mind me asking. what is it that makes you and the others so loyal to Yukari? what is it that you see in her that makes you bound to her? is it more loyalty, admiration, or is it fear? i can understand each of the three easily despite my short time knowing her. but what is it most of all to you, if you dont mind saying?

meanwhile asura looks at Lyra whi is imprisoned in front of him.

Asura: so i am to assume those creatures will bother us no more then. thats good. turns to face yukari so, now we have the emeralds, and the reality canon is almost complete, what else is ther that we need to obtain or prepare for? do you have a spell card for the final stage of the plan once the reality canon is finished?

@Orsterion, the skeleton king.
before the fight, fairy tail finds themselves in the middle of the desert. they have no idea what happened to them other than the fact of the ship crashing before being jumped here.


Gray: i dont think anyone can hear us juvia.


there is no answers i assume

natsu: so what the hell do we do now?

Erza: i dont know.

mirajane: we should split up and look for the others. we can locate eachother through our codecs so we can find each other once we get help from others.

laxus: but this isnt going to be easy, this is probablya trap from that BM asshole. it would be best if we stuck together.

gajeel: i agree, besides, god knows whats lurking in this damn place.

then the skeleton king pops out and does his intro

the group show no signs of fear towards the skeleton king as he makes the first move

he lunges at gray with a sword swing, however.


she catches him in an inscapable sphere of water that compresses him while inside of it.

erza: good job juvia, now everyone attack it.

everyone is ready to counter this anti S agent sent to kill them.

gray: ice make: Geyser!

he enchases him in a mountain of ice that is a lot stronger thanks to juvias water lock.












all of their magics combine into one one masive concoction of pure magic energy of all forms of elements at the skeleton king trapped within the iceberg.

the blast hits it and with all of their combined powers, the iceberg and skeleton king are engulfed by a collossal explosion of pure magical energy that can be seen and heard for many kilometres. the explosion of magic is so large that it can be seen in a great distance and leaves a very large crater deep in the ground. it would be no surprise if he would not have survived such a large concentration of magic power.

erza: everyone, he may not me done just yet. be on your guard!

the others group up with one another and prepare for the slightest sign of the skeleton king.

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As Mavis sits on the refurbished bench, it feels so velvety smooth and soft on her buttocks. This is the best thing that she has ever sat on. You might just never want to get up once you have sat down… Only the finest of treasures is allowed in Gilgamesh’s treasury.

Gilgamesh takes another sip of his wine, slightly intrigued by Mavis. For once, some mongrel in this place actually knows who he is…
Gilgamesh: I’m not surprised that you would know who I am already. You are one of the only beings that has actually recognized my glorious presence. Unlike those other disgusting mongrels.
As she asks about why he is here, he takes another sip of his godly wine. The wine tastes so good that it is almost like it was not made by humans at all.
Gilgamesh: My reasons for being here are my own. Do not question them. I advise you not to pry into others personal matters…

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Robotnik: Tell me, Snively…

Snively: *gulp* Yes, sir…?

Robotnik: Where is that rodent?

Snively: I-I don’t know what you mean, sir…

Robotnik: … I’ve often found in my encounters with that wretched hedgehog that he and the Chaos Emeralds are… linked. I don’t think it’s natural that the rodent be away from his precious gems for so long…

Snively: Even still, sir, don’t you think we have more imminent issues at the moment?

Robotnik remains silent for a moment, then shrugs.

Robotnik: I suppose you’re right… and it won’t be long now, Snively… that infestation merely delayed my plans…

Robotnik smiles maliciously.

Robotnik: But soon… soon, Snively… I’ll be able to take what rightfully belongs to me

Snively: Um… the Emeralds, sir?

Robotnik: … Yes, Snively…

and the world.

Meanwhile, in a very different world…

A series of ramps and shuttle loops cover the landscape of a peaceful forest…

Not all was calm in the forest, however. The peacefulness was soon to be interrupted.

A blue streak speeds by with a sudden gust of wind , and the forest’s inhabitants turn their heads just in time to catch a glimpse of their beloved hero…

Sonic the Hedgehog!

The Hero of Mobius dashed through the Third Act of Green Hill Zone, right past the spot where he bested his arch-nemesis for the first of many times to come.

Sonic completed another shuttle loop, gathering his 200th ring in the forest.

Sonic: Aw, yeah!

As Sonic continues racing along, he hears a voice calling his name.

???: Sonic!

Sonic screeches to a halt and looks behind him. He raises his hand above his eyes to block out the sun, and the Blur sees his best friend, a two-tailed fox named Tails, who was flying in his blue airplane, the Tornado.

Sonic: All right, Tails!

As the plane passes overhead, Sonic revs up and dashes alongside the plane.

Sonic: Yo, Tails! Long time, no see!

Despite flying an airplane, Tails is clearly preoccupied with something major.

Tails: I need you to come back to my workshop right away, Sonic! I’ve got something important to show you!

Sonic: Sure thing, pal! See ya’ there!

Sonic makes a sudden stop and retraces his steps in the direction of the Mystic Ruins.


Well, gentlemen? How do you like it?

Oct 01, 2013 at 12:20AM EDT


One of the rare moments he has ever smiled
Kiritsugu:“Well you sure are a lively one. Had I brought my own daughter you two would have made very good friends.”

He turns to Bisca, Alzac, and Makarov

Kiritsugu: “Me, my assistants, and my wife had attempted to move my base of operations to a distant part of the globe, but the teleportation circle we used had an error nearly dumped us into one of the rivers here. I am mainly trying to get ahold of a map so we can re-attempt the spell.”

He takes a breath of his ciggaret before looking at Asuka again and flicking it into a gutter. Looking at the sky…

Kiritsugu: “And though lively, this place has an odd feeling about it… it’s familiar but I can’t say I have ever been to a place like this.”

“We may have teleported into a Reality Marble… if that is the case this will be troublesome. These usually can only be held up for no more than an hour, but thus far it’s been 3… meaning the master is some sort of god.”


Ran: “The power shall only get thicker. Once the Chaos Emeralds have charged the station it will have the power to tear a forest up by the roots by just flying over it. It’s quite the marvel. Surprised the Librarian had held onto these designs for so long.”

Ran: “As her familiar, I can only say for myself and for my own familiar. I have been with Yukari so long she doesn’t even remember when we met. I am actually quite glad she came around. My shrine had been destroyed and was on the verge of fading away when she fell from the sky in front of me.”

Her ear flutters

Ran: “Then again, she was adorable back when she was Maribel. So innocent when I tricked her into making me her familiar. She really has grown up…”

She realizes she is staring off into space and shakes her head

Ran: “The others… Yukari and Yuyuko where best friends for quite awhile. Even before Yuyuko died. She is in it for the fun of it, and her servant Youmu is bound by the duty her Father gave her.”

Her various tails fwip around

Ran: “And as for Remelia and her Servants… well, Remelia has a major rivalry against Yukari. But she is doing this to get her sister back. Everyone under her command are doing it for that. Except maybe the no brained fairies. They are doing it for the food.”


Yukari: “I have it right here…”

She summons three cards

Yukari: "One is what I usually carry. Boundary of Human and Yokai will effectively turn the manifestation into a real human and will separate the “powers” it’s “body” grants him, though he will retain Equipment after it’s been done. The universe will turn into a vegetable then, but for the people living inside it we will be good for the rest of time. The others are for backup. Boundary of Wake and Sleep will keep him from ever acting again, though that one will keep us from pulling the revenge stunt. Then the other… if he confronts me before we are done, is the boundary of Observer and Interacter. He will remain awake, but never be able to change what is in the universe. I just need his manifestation present for this one, and can be used to delay him until one of his other universe counterparts comes to undo it. It will be permanent if Reality is singular at that point."

She returns them to her body.

Yukari: “Now then. The Chaos Emeralds are charging the machine. I will need to arm it’s defenses as well.”

She holds up the Tome.

Yukari: "This has copied pretty much all of our basic abilities and then some. I reprogrammed it to act as “Captain” for the craft, so it solves the lack of on board offense and defense. Once it’s in, it won’t deactivate until the deed is done. If anything happens to the ship, it will teleport to a random location outside the universe."

She holds it back down to her hip

“Now then. Our next task. Capture Ragna the Bloodedge or Reimu Hakurei and attach them to the core. Nightmare Medic, I need your entire force ready by tomorrow morning.”

Oct 01, 2013 at 01:35AM EDT

(Edit@Asura, my indication for Thought turned invisible on Kiritsugu’s last line.

Kiritsugu thinks to himself “We may have teleported into a Reality Marble… if that is the case this will be troublesome. These usually can only be held up for no more than an hour, but thus far it’s been 3… meaning the master is some sort of god.”)

Oct 01, 2013 at 02:43AM EDT

OOC: Mystic Ruins? Oh boy, you’re using the Adventure canon… As was I for picking up Chaos. Should I tie in Iblan’s group’s visit to that world somehow?

On board Normandi

The four who were left behind find the training room.

Arkantos: What is THIS place!?

Suwako: How should I know~?

Tikal: It appears that we should try to find anyone in this thing, and maybe ask them.

Now we return to the Beastkiller clan’s forces fighting some random Greeks. Things are not looking good for our villains here, as Perseus keeps petrifying the fire giants, as well as any scarabs which try to approach. And the human soldiers cannot get at him. He uses a wall to take cover from any arrows that head his way. Things are not looking good as the colossi start to cut through the soldiers…

Harald: Where are those Hersir?

Sahure II: And the Priests, for that matter.

Some colossi trying to flank the Beastkiller forces on the right suddenly collapse under a rain of sparkles. The priests are attacking. At the feet of the metal giants it is possible to make out some hammer wielding soldiers actually fighting them off. These are the Hersir, but there is something special about Hersir who follow Loki… By a few of the Hersir an armoured woman riding a horse appears, and also seems to be shrouded in some sort of light.

Einherjar:A Valkyrie? Fighting in Midgard? Now I’ve seen everything.

Hersir following Loki can actually summon Norse mythical beasts as they fight. There are only five which cannot be summoned. These are walking trees, which can only be created with Njord’s blessing, the Kraken and Jormund Elver, because they are restricted to the sea, and Hersir fight on land, The dragon Nidhogg, which resides in Niflheim and gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil, and finally, the hundred foot tall giants which the Greeks and Atlanteans consider to be a lesser Titan. The fact they basically plan to summon a Titan is why they haven’t woken Iblan up yet, because they do not want Arkantos to find out about it until it’s too late. But at the same time they want Suwako and Chaos around…

Immolan: Oh, nice. Summoning. Keep it up, I’ll deal with that damn man with the green head in his hand!

Perseus: These walls block incoming projectiles, no beast shall approach!

Immolan: I don’t use projectiles, though. Observe. RAGING INFERNO!

Perseus could not see the wide-area spell coming, and he is caught right in the centre of it. The burning mist there quickly causes his spirit to depart his body. He will be back, though. As long as the Greeks have even a single fortress or Town Center (or Citadel Center if an Egyptian ally sees fit to invoke the Citadel god power on a Greek Town Center), they can call upon their heroes to assist. Without the problems of petrification, the walls go down soon after. The Valkyries bring up the rear along with the Priests, as they are valued for their ability to heal.

Oct 01, 2013 at 12:57PM EDT

@Fairy Tail
Pure magical burning energy, bursting everywhere like a group of fireworks in the middle of the sky, covering the place in dust as the sand covers the view of the group. As the dust dissipates, the King is still standing in the same very place where he emerged. His eyes are on bloody fire and his sword is starting to emit a vampiric aura. Not a single scratch or injury as if everything that was casted, everything sent to hurt the King, passed right through him. The King merely laughs at these peasants attempt to burn a skin that doesn’t exist, to kill something that is already dead and to cause pain to a man that laughs at the very concept of “wound”.
From a tower of blazing magic, the King’s unstoppable quest for blood continues. He just swings his sword around before staring directly at every member of the Fairy Tail.

Hahaha! That was a spell I suppose? Don’t make me laugh! You just don’t try to kill what is already dead! Hahaha! You peasants are amusing, I am definably keeping for your bones for the Royal Palace’s floor. I might even keep your skulls.Don’t worry kiddos, your mistake…
…is the King’s pleasure!
Ostarion calls on his hellish lineage, focusing his energy on his left hand, every part of his demonic soul sending energy to a single skull like object that starts to grow in the palm of his hand. To lay waste to his opponents, the Skeleton King raises his hand and releases a gigantic blazing skull which targets Mirajane first since the King knows that the worst kind of pest is the one that tries to fly or run away.

HELLFIRE!! I’m coming for your bones!

The skull explodes instantly the moment it gets close to her. While the projectile itself isn’t a deadly, the hellish aura would make a normal mortal throw up or have a sudden emotional breakdown. This “Hellfire blast” would stun the victim, allowing the King to get close enough to chop his/her head off. After that, The King does a quick swing with sword, delivering a devastating slash to Natsu. As the King proceeds to deliver the final hit, the heroes would start to feel weird…depressed?..lonely..hopeless..

You traitor to the Bone! I will slash you apart you little rat!

The Galaxy Burst and the Necromatic blast created a gigantic explotion filled with magic and the putrid souls of those skeletons. The Heal spell has no effect on the corpses of these fallen mages since they are not technically “undead”. They aren’t your average Resident Evil zombie, folk creatures from old tales instead. These skeletons are very weird looking, their presence in this land is sacrilegious and becouse of this, they dissapear and reappear over and over again, teleporting in and out from the Outworld to this realm. The Elders decide to cast a shield as Brother Alamogordo starts to cast a death ridden vortex of souls and despair on the land where the Order stands. offense
The little girls’ counter attack is starting to fuel Van’ anger. He hates to feel weak or defeated by someone who considers “inferior”. As his anger grows, the Red Beast aura would start to show up around him, emitting a Negative aura that weakens anyone who gets too close to him. This is the exact same power Sarah had once. He gathers his energy to form a sun like ball of energy, ridiculously small but with a disgusting amount of power. Then he releases this small projectile at the Touhous. As it gets closer, the small ball starts to increase more and more to the point where Its starting to get even more bigger than Normandi. The sun like projectile covers the entire place..leaving little room for cover. God knows what will happen if that thing explodes.

OOC: Sorry guys I ran out of time to react to the rest. I will post again tonight. I will try to react faster so we don’t get stuck in a endless arena. Sparky out.

Oct 01, 2013 at 05:35PM EDT

FINALLY, after (54 pages) a very extensive amount of time in faster than light travel, IT, arrives upon the edge of the Solar System….

Full name: The Greater Incarnation of Unyielding Transcendence, shocks out of warp speed and peacefully begins cruising towards Mobius at a steady rate…

At this distance it should be out of the range of most sensors and impossible to judge it’s true size.

It is in no way physically stealthed though but nor does it emit any kind of energy e.g. signals, frequency’s, heat or aura’s. In it’s current state it is just a very large and lifeless metal sphere, impenetrable to scans or interference

As for what’’s happening within, who knows…but most likely preparation…

Oct 01, 2013 at 08:20PM EDT

mavis pouts her face a bit like a little kid.
mavis doesnt feel the softness of the new bench he crafted. she is a ghost after all. all she feels is that she is sitting on something.

mavis: im sorry, im not trying to be nosy or anything. i was just wondering because i couldnt think of a reason why you would grace us. its not like we get to see such a being like yourself in our home. she is back to normal now. but since your here, is there anything that you would like to do? i can show you around Magnolia. its actually a wonderful city and i could show you some beautiful sights around the city. that is if you want to?

alzac: a base of operations you say? thats sounds odd?

bisca: what kind of plans do you and you people have running about? i hope its not anything mischievous.

makarov: now now you two. if hes just passing by than im sure he means no harm. just take it easy. if you need a map of the city i have one right here. he pulls out a map of Magnolia from his white guild master robe and holds it up. here it is, i think ill have this young lady hand it over to you. makarov walks up to him and hands the map to asuka. she grabs it with both hands and holds ito ut for him.

asuka: here you go mister funny clothes.

the other three chuckle a bit after that remark.


medusa: i see. she she wasnt always this cynical. must have been such a sweetheart back then. though im already fond of her how she is now. just ripe with madness. well anyways. she looks at the canon in front off her. if you dont mind me asking as well, will the effects of the canon be teomporairy or will it be permamant? if so, is it possible to reverse its effects once the deed is done? and also one last thing. should there be some sort of malfunction in the process, what would the consequences be? we need to be sure that we dont end up regretting this.

asura: very well, but i think i can find a very easy way for the capture of both of them. its simple, all you people need to do is prepare a prison for either of them so that it nulifies all of their powers. an anti magic circle of some magic bindings so that they cant escape. i can have medusa retrieve either of them and bringing them into the trap. so no need for unnecessary work.

the mages are in a bit of shock to realize that they didnt harm him.

natsu: what, that didnt work?

lucy: what the hell is he?

erza: dont drop your guard, remember the training, stay calm, focus, and work together and coordinate with each other.

when the magic skull is sent mirajanes way, she doesnt fly or dodge it. she raises a fist in the air and flies directly at it. her fist glows with pure dark energy as she prepares to throw it.

the dark energies o both attacks collide with each other as mirajane strikes it with her fist. the area explodes with dark energy before disappearing.

mirajane: nice try, but dark magic is less effective against the likes of me.

the others soon counter-attack orstarion
wendy uses support magic and casts spells on natsu and gajeel to enhance their strength, speed and magic power.
wendy uses support magic and casts spells on natsu and gajeel to enhance their strength, speed and magic power.

natsu and gajeel charge in and release a volley of fire and iron kicks with incredible speed and power at orstarion. the punches and kicks send him flying back.

erza follows with many powerful swipes of her twin swords at orstarion, parrying any sword swings he throws at her.

lucy summons sagitarius and fires off a volley of arrows

gray uses ice make: fletchets and summons a shower of ice shards at orstarion with lucy

the others are on guard nearby wendy as they prepare to attack as well.

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Reimu and Marisa attempt to bait it from either side, but ultimately have trouble coordinating with Flandre. Reimu pulls out a Defensive Card…

Everyone! Gather!


Marisa grabs Flandre by the arm and flies really fast next to Reimu

Dream Sign! Grand Duplex Barrier!

The barrier strong enough to block Marisa’s Master Spark shoots up, very likely causing that ball to detonate…

The explosion outlasts the duration of the barrier, causing the trio to be toss around. Marisa attaches her Hakkuro to the back of her Broom and attempts to use that momentum for a ramming attack…


She bashes the reinforced steel hidden in her broom right into Van’s shoulder, losing balance, flipping, and spinning out of control creating a spinning storm of laser energy before crashing


Reimu breaths hard

Crap… barely any openings…

@alzac bisca makarov and asuka:

Kiritsugu: “Don’t take it the wrong way. I am essentially a Mercenary. I will do any job as long as I can save peoples life’s in the process.”

He kneels down to take the map from Asuka

Kiritsugu: “Thank You Asuka.”

He gives her a quick pat on the head, stands back up, and opens up the map.

Kiritsugu: “Hm…”

He reads it as carefully as he can, not being able to find any familiar landmarks…

Kiritsugu: “This… is troublesome….”

He looks up, bewildered

“This place doesn’t exist where I come from… where in the universe did I end up…?”


Ran: "I do believe the effects are permanent. But Miss Yukari can hit everything with “Altered” and “Unaltered” in relation to Universal Unity, and undo it herself. And as for error… the Librarian is very careful, so at the very least this organization will remain unaltered in worst case scenario."

She looks up, many of the fairies have started to ball up around the remaining work.

Ran: “It’s nearly time.”

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@Ragna the Bonerstone (Faggot)
Bloodpool literally moonwalks, making his way out of that..creepy demon mouth or whatever that is. The thing is..Bloodpool dodges it! Well almost. The Black Beast head manages to eat half of his left arm and his torso. Ribs, a hand holding a katana, blood, the sand gets the nice touch of red as Bloodpool rolls on the ground over and over again. Finally he gets up, half of his chest is missing, his lungs are exposed, even part of his heart can be seen, a living corpse who keeps bleeding. Despite such a fatal injury that would kill a normal human, the Merc just starts walking around Ragna, spinning in circles. Then he looks up at the Booty Hunter.

Ouch! Aghh! Ouchy douchie boggy doop! Where the heck is my hand? Wow you totally got me there pa but that was my favorite arm! But don’t worry, I got this! Hey there lefty, did you missed daddy?

Bloodpool grabs his hand as his chest and arm regenerate in a matter of minutes.

See I told you! Look how it heals, isn’t this the most precious thing you have ever seen? Oh left arm how much I missed you. Remember those days we spent together in the sea? Sweet lord honey, don’t leave me again please! Rags that was a pretty dirty move and so sorry but my left arm demands a painful and slow revenge! Oh no! It’s moving itself! No left arm! Don’t grab the katana left arm! HAHA! I JUST KEEP GROWING BACK LIKE A FRICKING PLANT! YOU GONNA NEED MORE THAN THAT TO BEAT ME UP SCOTTY! LET’S KEEP THIS PARTY GOING!!

The Merc rushes mindlessly at Ragna while preparing himself for something big..or just stupid and random, something that nobody would expect.

Hope you have place for a DESERT!

Augustus stumbles as the ground shakes, explotions are heard in the background as ashes and rocks cover the sky. Augustus would be wide open for a attack but suddenly, the floor itself sucks him, he lets himself fall through the lava only to reappear in a blazing tower of ashes, positioning himself on top of the white knight for a perfect strike. Hakumen should be able to notice that his armor is growing as he comes out of the lava.

@Fairy Tail
Natsu and Gajeel (poor peasants using power ups) strike the King’s chest. The King slowly steps back as Erza engages a sword duel. The King’s swordmanship is like a bastard mix between European Martial Arts and Traditional techniques. Despite being arrogant and with the essense of evil inside each and everyone of his bones, Ostarion is not an amateur and he never underestimates his opponents. Ice shards and arrows catch the King redhanded but they don’t do much of a damage. Several arrows got stuck in his rib cage which is extremelly amusing for Ostarion. He grabs a piece of ice stuck in his back and he takes a big bite of it.

Niah! Chilly! I sense a great trust between thou, peasants. It saddens me that I won’t be able to maim thee at the same time so you have the pleasure of travelling with your loved ones to the grave! That blasted magic thing of yours is making me spill but I assura you, that is not going to happen again. I swear for my bones this next skull will make spin around, little jokesters! HELLFIRE BLAST!

Yet another blazing skull flying through the air and travelling directly to Gray and Lucy (Who are casting their spells togheter according to the description). The Hellfire Blast is like a homing missile and It is unable to miss, It will always seek the target even if that target flies, teleports out, opens a dimensional vortes to another dimension, etc. Hellish lineage from the Skeleton King leaves inside this skull part of his aura, making normal mortals throw up or have sudden emotional breakdowns. It can also cause exhaustion and a sudden case of vertigo. After lauching the Hellfire blast, the King demands a rematch with Erza who is (So far) the only one worthy to face Ostarion in a sword match.

Blood Falcon is starting to get a massive beatdown by the Real Captain who finally shows some balls. Kenshiro and Spark’s fighting techniques make Falcon a dangerous opponent with a great agility and unpredictable nature, something that Blood Falcon is unable to copy. However, as Falcon physically touches his Anti S, Blood Falcon is slowly starting to get more tanky and faster to the point where the starts to turn the tables and release a wave of fists and kicks. He jumps away only to come down with a FALCON KICK!

@JoJo “We are so cool” Adventure
Crazy Diamond causes Pierre to drop almost unconcious to the ground. A pretty quick fight for a guy that is supposed to murder every JoJo present. Suddenly, Midnight Ride appears in front of Josuke but instead of hitting him, the stand eats his own user and Pierre is absorbed by this humanoid creature which grows as his user becomes one with the stand. Midnight Ride quickly approaches Cary Diamond, his body looks more shiny and he is starting to emit blue particles all over the place like a empty vortex or something extremelly..bizarre..

OOC: I will post Kenshiro and Doomguy Anti guys later, just hang in there Falcon. You will love Doomguy bad guy.

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Meanwhile Roger arrives at a completely blank part of space, a place lacking even the smallest of planets
Roger:…so we’re looking for aaaaa….atom sized dot….
He scratches his chin as he floats about the void
Roger: Hmmmmm….
He begins looking around in an attempt to spot the micro black hole
Roger: Ah! found y-!
In an instant, Roger is pulled into the microscopic singularity and crushed into oblivion.

…In a blink he appears once more
Roger: Cheeky little shi-
Once more unto the breach dear god. Roger is pulverised by the invisible dot…again

And like before, he reappears
Roger: Fu-

And he’s back…
Roger: Nope, not funny any more, just real irritating…But! I know where you are now
He drifts towards it and looks intently at the speck of pitch black. He then slowly raises his hand out towards it and goes to pincer it between his thumb and index finger
Roger: Ah shit!
It pricks him like a needle
Roger: You squash me three time and then give me nasty sting! Your really pushing your luck here friend!…but you’ve got something I need….your more than just a black hole, you’r a prison
He takes a deep breathe…
Roger: This is the fun and real weird as shit part where not much makes sense…..
Roger punches his fist into the black hole and reaches out for something inside, after a few moments he manages to feel something with his hand, he grabs whatever it is and pulls it, and his arm out of the atom sized hole.

It looks to be the end of a tail….

Oswald appears behind Roger, from his view point he just sees Roger floating around in space tugging furiously at…..something….

He flinches and abruptly turns around
Oswald: A thousand pardons My Lord! I will vacate thine presence with haste.
Roger turns his head to Oswald, but continues to struggle
Roger: Wait what?! hold on a sec, you’ve come at the perfect time!
Oswald:…….My Lord?….
Roger: Quick! its wiggling like crazy your gonna have to give me a hand before I lose my grip on it!
Oswald recoils in hesitation
Roger: Don’t just appear then do shit all! help me!
Oswald walks slowly gravitates towards Roger whilst trying to keep his eyes focused elsewhere
Roger: Try grabbing it with both hands, then pull…..
He looks back to Oswald
Roger: What’s the matter with you Ozzy?! I’m not asking for much just look!
Oswald looks down, and lets out a short sigh of relief.
Oswald: Ah! er! yes right away my Lord!
He takes a hold of the tail and tries dragging it away from the black hole after a few moments the artificial prison “shatters” from the efforts of the pair. The thing held within is finally revealed….

Roger: You got big, Dave….
Dave, the World Eater Worm
Crow found the creature a few thousand years ago on the very edge of space in a uninhabited region, it was floating around and looked dead. When approached it revealed its problem, a tree sized thorn stuck in its side. Crow promptly removed the hindrance and the worm took a liking to the God. Since then Crow has taken great pleasure watching it slither around heretic portions of the universe devouring worlds

Firstly, its size measures on the astronomical scale, fully able to eat worlds entire and coil itself around burnt out super massive stars. Its covered in a solid rock like carapace that is kilometres thick and seems to lack eyes of any sort aswell as the sense of hearing. The only notable feature externally would be its gaping maw like mouth, inset with moon-sized teeth.

To put it simply, on the inside the worm is a never ending trail of intestinal tracts, organs and half devoured worlds, alongside oceans of stomach acid and armies of white blood cells.

Interesting things to note: It has 4 hearts and a brain about the size of a football stadium

Roger: Awwww, that scraggy tree squash you into an atom huh?
Roger: Well I have been meaning to get you out of there for a while now…..
The worm lets out a deep moan
Roger: Oh yeah, you must be hungry huh….well….go on, get eating…but remember. Only the ones that smell like heresy!

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Gilgamesh takes another sip of red wine, rendering his glass empty. A golden portal appears in front of Gilgamesh as he puts the empty wine glass back into his enormous treasury. After this, the portal closes and the King of Heroes glances back down to Mavis.
Gilgamesh: No. I do not have time for such trivialities.
The King of Heroes gets up from his bench, a portal opening beside the bench and sucking all the refurbishing back into it. He walks away from the bench and doesn’t even give her a goodbye sign… His body then turns into a golden glitter as he fades away from this world.


Kiritsugu could have felt a very delayed dark presence that reached him moments before going out of this realm as well.


After the onslaught, Flandre just keeps flying around and shooting crystals like it’s no one’s business. She is trying to keep him busy while the other two recover.


Once the parts were eaten by the Black Beast, Bloodpool could feel some of his very soul drain away and go into Ragna. He absorbed some of Bloodpool’s life force from the attack. The Grim Reaper looks at Bloodpool with a face of horror, as if he had just seen a ghost. He’s never seen anything like this before.

Ragna: Wh-What are you?!
As Bloodpool rushes at Ragna, Blood Scythe begins to develop a sort of fleshy texture to it while developing a spiked red tail on it. As he nears, Ragna jumps at Bloodpool with a strike that would hit him multiple times and send him into the air with Ragna after him.

As the strike hits, he can feel part of his soul being drained away. That, and he follows up with a downward overhead swing that would send him back down to the ground making a Bloodpool-sized hole.


Hakumen’s eyes also catch this sudden advance from Augustus… Hakumen would quickly counter the strike with a sword slash of his own that would create a shockwave that blew the dirt, ash, and small rocks away from the surrounding area. The slash from Hakumen would have sent Augustus to the side of Hakumen where he quickly faces. Using this time he slices at Augustus while he is open with a horizontal slice.


Having rescued Bang and the Lynchpin from the clutches of Relius Clover, our nearly dead 8 BlazBlue heroes arrive in the city beaten, battered, and bruised. They got coordinates from Kokonoe having provided them to them.

((OOC: Will post more for them once we get down with the main ark.))

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Oct 01, 2013 at 10:29PM EDT

Of course Crow presence would be inmediatly cought by the Gman’s benefactors. Such a fool trying to pass through certain restrictions, we warned him twice but he is like a biblical plague to this universe, we will just keep comming back over and over again. The Gman teleports Dave greatest nemesis, the only creature known from thexe galaxy beings capable of facing such a gigiantic monstruosity. This beast has been living in this vast universe from centuries, living in the stars, surfing in the sun and charging at black hole. He is the universe itself and for centuries, he has been waiting this very moment, the death of Dave the World Eater Worm…
In front of the army of birds, HE appears.

Wat da fak crow dis is mai crib, get out of here fukka before I raep yur ass without a lube. Imma gonna smoke u nigga. Wat re u laughin at? Imma a serious character with serious background.

OOC: I’m so sorry but..Dave the World Eater Worm..And then Dave ate Mobius, but he was still fucking hungry..
Dude, you have to admit its very bizarre and easy to laugh at.

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Oct 01, 2013 at 11:26PM EDT

ooc: space cow, meet Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. the final boss of space.

(though seriously, wtf is that man?)

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Oct 01, 2013 at 11:35PM EDT

OOC: I haven’t even introduced Gertrude the Space Fish yet….

Please hold your excitement people, soon.

Wtf is this?

A crystal holding broomstick dick?

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Oct 02, 2013 at 12:48PM EDT

OOC: Omega wat.

Solarian: Hmmm, it doesn’t seem to be working…

Tempestia: I think we’d better move!

The air elemental archmage is pretty quick in most things, s she was the first to notice the incming attack. She proceeds to activate her ability to evade, cutting lines straight through some of the skeletons and ending up behind the opponents. Her warning gave the slower ones some time to react, though. Granatir and Solarian move first, they proceed to move off to the sides, and prepare to cast Raging Inferno and Galaxy Burst respectively

Pyralis: If we take out the ones summoning these… THINGS, we’re pretty much going to be in the clear.

Noctan: Got it.

The equilibriumancer activates his ability, the area darkens as he teleports behind the opponents, and swings his axe at them…
(OOC: What is the exact nature of the shield?)

The water elemental mages try to escape next. The guardian creature bears both of them out of the way, and on its head OYH appears. Tahrdan and Tsunarmin are trying to utilise their respective summons together, here. the guardian creature is rather durable, and in turn keeps OYH away from the skeletons, though both are able to attack individually. OYH does have a rather long range, after all.

Ignis: Get… the hell…. AWAY FROM US!

The two fire elemental mages actually try to merge their attacks. Ignis slams his hammer down, and Pyralis strikes the ground beside the head of the hammer. The result of this is four waves, travelling away from the hammer in a plus shape. These focused waves are more effective than Pyralis’ unfocused wave… Because they were more aggressive, however, they did get hit and start to try and get away.

Oct 02, 2013 at 01:09PM EDT

OOC: In case you were wondering…
Space Cow also known as Spirit Breaker. Hero from Dota who is a living Charging Targe, he can charge at you from the another side of the map. Pub stomper and noob pick.

That crystal? Aghanim’s Scepter.

I love how you literally took 5 or 3 minutes of your life to screencap Space Cow’ dingle little thing instead of saying “Spark what’s that crystal doing in his balls?”

Oct 02, 2013 at 02:32PM EDT

Took around 15 seconds Sparky. 15 seconds I was willing to spare.

Oct 02, 2013 at 03:00PM EDT

@Blood Falcon:
Falcon: Gah, he shouldn’t have turned the tables on me… I had him! Wait… He’s probably absorbing my attacks and using them for his own strength! I haven’t used any special moves, however, let’s try that.
This was all during the beat-down that Blood Falcon gave Falcon. The actions that happen now happen as Blood Falcon is trying to do the Blood Kick.
Suddenly, Falcon back flips out of the way. He then jumps up at Blood Falcon, Falcon taking upon a golden color. He grabs on to Blood, and suddenly he kicks off Blood, causing a mini explosion that damages Blood somewhat. This is the Falcon dive. Falcon performs the move again, and catches Blood again. He finishes the move. He then jumps up and performs the Knee of Justice against Blood in mid air. He then finishes off by running at Blood, Jumping, and performing a Falcon Punch, sending Blood flying away
Falcon: YESH!

Jotaro decides to take no chances.
Time is stopped. Jotaro pushes Josuke and Crazy Diamond out of the way out of Pierre and Midnight Ride. Jotaro himself is safely out of the way when time unfreezes.
Jotaro: That was a close one… Get up, he may come for another pass.
All of the JoJo characters start running like hell.

Oct 02, 2013 at 05:52PM EDT

asuka just laughs lighly as he pets her head

after asking where he is.

makarov: well you see…. well…. its kind of hard to explain… for you see… back on our planet, theres been a lot of wars, and what has happened is that we had help from a very powerful being of a girl who took our country of Fiore and placed it on some sort of pocket dimention of hers. by doing so we managed to survive before an evil dictator would have destroyed everything. were originally from earth, well mobius, as they call it now. so far were nice and safe in here and hope to return back home once our friends have stopped the dictator and restore the planet to what it once was.

alzac: i can see that it may be hard to believe or confusing. trust us, its just as hard for us to believe.

Bisca: well, is there anything else you would like to know? we would be more than happy to help.

medusa looks up at the marvel before her.

medusa: yes, it is almost time. we should make our final preparations. all we need is to get ragna and have him inserted inside the vessel correct? then asura goes inside as wel considering he has the grand emerald within him. he will be the focal point that will bring all the powers of the emeralds together and channel their energy when the reality canon is preparing to fire. but one last thing i would like to ask. what would happen after, once this is all over and the deed is done. what happens then?


gray: ice make: shield!

gray uses his ice maker magic to create a shield that takes the impact of the hellfire blast. the impact explodes on the ice shield, destroying it, but with no harm done.

laxus, cana and juvia counterattack him.

juvia shoots out a highly concentrated jet of water at ostarion

cana throws out three cards at him that glow with light magic, and explode in light when they impact him.

laxus readies his magic and unleaches multiple spheres of lightning at him, causing the area to explode around him with lightning.

erza then requips into blackwing armour and makes her assault onto ostarion. each swing of her sword against him increases her strength.

everyone in fairy tail continue their assault onto the skeleton king, showing no signs of quitting or giving up to him.

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Oct 02, 2013 at 09:34PM EDT

@Fairy Peasants of Peasantland
The water doesn’t do anything to Ostarion but the cards and the lighting manages to catch the King. He stumbles and tries to recover but saddly Erza arrives in the middle of a cloud of dust and delivers a ridiculous amount of sword strikes, harming the King’s bones. As the Fairy Tail, the King fires another couple of Hellfire Blast but he is running out of energy and these skulls are weaker. He might be hard to kill but that doesn’t mean he has a unlimited stamina and a limitless power source. However, as he engages a sword duel with Erza, he uses his most dangerous part of his hellish lineage to drain the energy out of the weakest peasant he is able to see around the place. With the last piece of his energy, he stuns Erza and runs directly to Wendy. Before Gray and Lucy are able to counter attack, the King uses his vampiric aura to drain something from Wendy. Her life? Her blood? Who knows..Small red particles come out instantly from Wendy the moment the King says:

You feel, you cry, you are happy, you are dead! MORTAL STRIKE! HAHA! YOUR POWER IS MINE!

Red particles come out from Wendy’s body instantly, She would start to feel a deadly cold inside of her along with depression, loneliness and sadness, the kind of feelings a father has after watching the death of his own son. These particles travel directly to the eyes of the Skeleton King which start to emit red flames of death. His inner energy is recharged and his combat stance looks much more agressive.

Haha! Now you are just like the conspirators of my empire who wonder why I never get tired!! Don’t tell me you are rising the white flag, the battle just started!

Foolish mistake. As skeletons are being destroyed, Noctan attempts to backstab the Dark Elders, necromancers with vast knowledge of this realm filled with impure sorceries. The mage manages to cut through the back of Brother Leviatan,leaving a huge wound on his back and a black boood trail on his weapon. Borther Alamagordo grabs Noctan’s neck from behind and the process of purification begins: The moment Alamagordo touches the skin of this mage, millions of tormented souls start to steal the mage’s inner magical energy, slowly eating the hero’s mana and draining his life. The rest of the Elders cast a healing spell of brother Leviatan. Tardises should be able to notice a great magical energy spreading out of Leviatan’ body which means they wasted a lot of their energy to heal the injured Elder. As Leviatan recovers and Noctan’ life is drained, the rest of the Elders (Two of them) start to float in the air and release necromatic blasts at the Order of Mages, proving covering fire to Alamagordo who keeps sucking Noctan’s life. They are going offensive rather than staying behind a shield. The number of Skeletons decreases.

In the middle of the air, Blood Falcon spins around before bursting in red flames and heading directly to Falcon. You can tell he is beyond pissed and that he keeps getting stronger as the fight goes. As the fake Captain does a Blood Kick, he leaves red flames in the sky which look extremelly weird, something out of a Sci Fi movie.

@Jotaro and his bitches
Midnight Ride just pierces through this dimension. He appears in front of the group in a hole tearing dimensions apart. The humanoid just flies directly to the group.

@That loser known as Rags
So after being tossed around like a ragdoll and leaving a Bloodpool sized hole (Looney Toons too much?), Bloodpool decides to finish with this retarded show once for all..Ha, kidding dude. I’m just to do what Indiana Jones did to that indian who was swinging his sword around. Remember what he did? He just pulled out his handgun and:

Yeah screw you guys! Say cheese sucker!

He just aims for Ragna head and directly shoots him. Don’t go Star Platinium on me Rags. We were having a sword fight and I just bloody shot ya, nobody expects that so don’t go around reacting like..Uhh durr, Imma the most cool anime hairdo evuh! SO, after shooting Ragna (God knows if he missed or what), the Merc just comes out of Bugs Bunny’ house and engages another sword fight since chicks dig mask wearing freaks that use swords.

Got you.
Says Augustus as he releases a flown of lava out of his right hand. Meanwhile, the ground shakes even more, more distant explotions as the white knight faces blazing lava which just appeared in front of him. It should be noted that this technique was used to prevent Hakumen’ horizontal slash, allowing Augustus to land safetely on the ground as he shoots lava out of his hand.

OOC: And with this, see ya guys.

Oct 03, 2013 at 12:52PM EDT

Tahrdan: …It seems like they cannot heal for long. We need to make this a battle of attrition… But there is more pressing concerns right now!

Noctan: Help… me….

Solarian: Right.

The light elemental archmage proceeds to start firing both his weapons alternately. He is using light bullets from his gun in this case.

Pyralis: Let’s finish this as soon as possible!

As one, Granatir, Tsunarmin, and Ignis cast Galaxy Burst from their respective locations. Tempestia casts Morality Block on Noctan before this, though. Morality Block causes two white and two black orbs to converge in on the target, then two smaller ones appear above the target’s head. The black orb blocks one dark ability, the white orb blocks one light ability.

This leaves only two left to act. Pyralis casts Null Water Once on Noctan. Four cyan orbs converge on him, and a smaller one then appears above his head, opposite the black orb. Tahrdan then casts Whirlpool. The magic weakening effect would also be blocked by Null Water Once, so even though the swirling orb of water appears right on top of Noctan, he is completely unharmed by it. During all this, OYH was fighting off any nearby skeletons.

Oct 03, 2013 at 01:50PM EDT


Ragna has demonstrated that he can dodge cloud-to-ground lightning strikes, and can block a hail of bullets with a single arm. He took notice of Bloodpool’s guns earlier and accommodated for them. In a flash, he had predicted the bullet and holds up Blood Scythe in front of him. The sword is unbreakable, so the bullet should have just collided against it and fell back down to the ground.
Ragna: Cheap tricks all ya got, punk?! Face it. You’ll never be able to match me!
Ragna rushes at Bloodpool who is doing the same. However… When Ragna gets close to Bloodpool, he leaps at the Merc.
That nasty carapace forms on the giant slab of metal that is a sword, coating it all over with red skin. Black and purple seithr also begin forming around it as well. As this is happening, Ragna uppercuts Bloodpool into the air with him following behind. This attack would have also taken some of Bloodpool’s soul chains and given them to Ragna, literally sucking Bloodpool’s soul out piece by piece.
Ragna: Why won’t you just…!
While the two are in the air, Ragna turns with a wicked fast motion in the air (all while re-holstering his sword) to follow up with an uppercut to Bloodpool’s chest.
Ragna: DIE!
He spins around and readies an axe-kick, his foot getting an all-encompassing darkness of black and purple around it as he slams it down at Bloodpool’s cranium that would send him back down to the ground.


Seeing the lava spray out of Augustus’ hand, he does not need to stop the swing. As the Ookami touches the scorching magma, it creates a black void that is surrounded by a red aura and a outer circle, all while having Japanese kanji spin around in the red aura.

The void sucks up all the lava that was in the immediate area. However, it does not stop the lava being shot from Augustus’ position. To counter this, Hakumen quickly holds Ookami vertically in front of him. The sword would create a repelling field around Hakumen that would dissipate the lava coming at him and leave the hero unscathed.


Kirei Kotomine and Gilgamesh have left the plain of existence for now, however… One of the Servants still remains there.

The man in question is sitting on the edge of a pier that juts out from the city. A lighthouse is also nearby for some reason… Anyways… He’s wearing a brightly colored, short-sleeve, Hawaiian Tye-dye t-shirt with the colors of green, red, orange and yellow mixed together. He is wearing dark black pants even though it is the middle of the day and should be burning up in them… He also has on a pair of brown loafers. The most notable characteristic about this man is that he has deep blue hair that is tied in a short ponytail and dangling silver earrings. Our hero has spent the entire day in Magnolia fishing from this bridge and hasn’t caught a single thing… His belongings and a blue bucket are scattered beside him, mainly consisting of a few energy drink cans, a box of cigarettes, a lighter, and some bait for the fish of course. This charming man yawns as he keeps his hands on the fishing pole.

???: Ah…
He opens his eyes up, revealing that they are a bloody red coloring just like Gilgamesh.
???: Not a single bite all day…
He looks over to the other side of him, gazing upon a pile of trash and old boots some dick threw in the water for shits and giggles who-knows-how-many years ago.
???: Master hasn’t called me back yet, so… I guess that just means I’ll be having the day off.
The blue-haired man smiles at not having to go back to his Master, whom he dislikes very much.
???: Gives me plenty of time to catch at least something in this terrible excuse for an ocean.
And so our protagonist continues his journey, not knowing what he will catch… or if he will catch anything at all. He simply sighs and goes back to the exciting activity that is known as fishing.

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