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The ship isn’t a normal ship, Its an advanced helicarrier designed to fly through the wildest skies, to deploy thousands of different ships, to carry millions and millions of refugees and soldiers ,protecting them from the horros of this wild land, keeping them safe and sound as the Resistance penetrates the last places where the BM troops were seen. Our heroes should wake up in a medical station, with several doctors running around and bringing weird looking devices, cyborg implants, a whole rainbow of pills and bags of blood for those who didn’t have the same luck like Hakumen and Tager. Noctan, Doomguy, Kenshiro, just to name heroes who suffered more than just flesh wound, dismemberment and fatal injuries, broken bones and even cerebral contusion. Red has half of his rib cage shattered into pieces, Noctan’ left arm was torn apart, Doomguy legs were twisted like a doll, Falcon is in Coma after suffering a disgusting injury to the head and the risb and the Touhuos are currently being checked for possible injuries. Several doctors run around Tager, Hakumen and Jin, searching for injuries or something. A single doctor leaves a small ice bag in Tager’ neck
Do not remove it. A friend of yours ate each and every bag we left on his neck, please do not follow his attitude.
The doc is obviously refering to Veteran who is currently watching the whole desert through a gigantic window. Assassin, Coffey, Support, Spark, no one of them are heard or seen as if they left you for dead. Falcon’ coma lasts a total amount of 15 minutes. The rest of the heroes should be patched up and ready to walk around the place. The soldiers should be a ble to provide a quick summary of the events in Mobius and the space war going on. Most of them are confused and suggest to ask the “Colonel” who is currently locked in the Commander room.

Gigantic Jackbots XXL can be seen in the main deck along with tanks, small ships, even Blue Falcon is here.

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Oct 10, 2013 at 01:18PM EDT

OOC: I believe that the cracks already would have been gone by now. Natsuru said the cannon would fire in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Spark has said that it has been past 15 minutes for everyone to wake up and come to. None of the other characters on the ship (except my own and Spark’s characters) would have been able to see the cracks because the reality cannon would have already been fired off at this point.

And Tardises… Yalort the Omnidragon… Just… What… This is getting a bit ridiculous, don’t you think? People are trying desperately to get rid of an omnipotent character. We don’t need another one in this thread. In the beginning having an omnipotent character made the level of distress skyrocket from “planetary” to “universal”. So I kindly ask of you to please stop before people with dislike toward you enter the thread and beat your characters to oblivion.

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Oct 10, 2013 at 02:22PM EDT

OOC: He was only meant for emergencies. I consider the cracks to be an emergency, so, yeah. OKAY, things will change so that he is not summoned… yet. You WILL see him again, though, but it will be a one off appearance. Remember that Iblan CANNOT CONTROL HIM. I have a special plan for him, you see. Do not worry, it will not be hindering heroes. (Also, he is NOT omnipotent. ‘Omnidragon’ is just a title.)

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Oct 10, 2013 at 02:25PM EDT

We told you..We managed to repeat the very same words without hesitation, instead of employing direct action..why? Becouse we respected your faulty position as the center of the universe…You didn’t understand the most basic standarts of reality warping and the circle of energy surrounding this complex organization…During the course of this story of yours, you have managed to interrupt the course of the actions surrounding our…employees…“pocking” their points of view of this reality…Once we warned you about the consequences..we warned you..“Refrain from repeating such an actions in the future or you might get your little beak stuck..don’t let the madness consume you”.
To those omnipotent creatures who want to create another apocalyptic tragedy…Learn the meaning of “True Neutral” first.

Oct 10, 2013 at 04:04PM EDT

@Yalort the Omnidragon,

Crow: Stay out of my territory.
I think my last OOC post summed up quite well how much I’ll hammer anyone who’s going to keep prodding at the Crow, I’d see that as such a thing.

@Reality Cracks,

Meanwhile inside the temple upon Transcendence, Overlord Strelok sits upon his throne. he notices the cracks seeping into reality.
Overlord Strelok: Machine! what in the name of the Fallen kings is this?!
The Superintendent appears

Superintendent: Unknown anomaly Overlord! scanning databases…….un-recorded, determining it to be a threat!
Overlord Strelok: Get rid of this petty impunity! it’s dis-….
He then notices more cracks appearing
Overlord Strelok:…..what….Machine! inform me this instant!
Superintendent: Multiple similar “tears” being detected planet wide and locally!
Strelok rises from his throne and makes his way towards the great doors of the Temple
Overlord Strelok: Tears? In what?! tell me!
Superintendent: They emit zero energy nor radiation, they contain no matter. They seem comparable to Black Holes yet lacking a escape velocity…..
Strelok pushes open the huge ancient doors and gazes upon the mighty plateau, cracks are everywhere, even one of the golden statues has fallen due to one striking right through it. The Overlord can not find the words…
Overlord Strelok: Where is our God…


At this point a large chunk of Transcendences Escort fleet has risen up from the gate….with a view of how large the fleet is it is obvious that it is nigh on impossible to defeat or cripple.

The reality cracks don’t halt the advance, the attack is already in full swing and not a thing will stop it. The storms of weapon fire rages on as shots rip through the Illusionary Fleet and plough onto Mobius

The Titan-Classes slowly begin rolling on with the fleet

@Asura’s madness wavelength,

Supreme technology and mastery over certain types of magic, this concoction of ships and species see through the guise within an instant, but nonetheless the targeting AI’s do not. But what does it matter? the amount of cannons in action here pack more fire power than the entirety of Mobius combined.

This wavelength effectively turns the fleet into a fuzz-ball of lasers, shooting in all directions. Friend or Foe tags stop friendly fire and Transcendences shell is indestructible

Meanwhile the Crow is nowhere to be seen…

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Oct 10, 2013 at 04:40PM EDT

@fairy tail crew.

the members are in their recovery rooms, most of them are still unconcious. the ones who are on their feet and awake are juvia, cana, levy, laxus and all three cats. the others are badly hurt and are still unconscious. erza as well, however, they have her strapped down just in case.

the madness within erza is now gone, but just for now.

those who were awake are greatly concerned about her because of what they just witnessed with her and dont know how to deal with it.
asura observes the entirety of space with yukari. he says nothing as he sees all unfolding before him.

meanwhile the madness continues to spread all around the fleet.

@inside the canon.

medusa just smiles as she sees all of the havoc going on around her and ragnas screams of pain and suffering. this delights her fuly as she continues to wield his blood edge, keeping clear of the giant vortex of energy thats sucking the life out of the faeries around.

Oct 10, 2013 at 08:01PM EDT

Tome: “One minute till firing.”

Youmu and Yuyuko are returned to the Netherworld to keep form being absorbed by Ragna. Outside is a magnificent lightshow of Spell Circles.

(ignore the Loli)

Tome: “Thirty Seconds till firing. Master Patchouli, it has been an honor working with you. I will miss you.”

Patacholi: “Goodbye, Reinforce.”

Remelia, Sakuya, and Patchouli are returned home.

Tome: “Five… Four… Three.. Two… One…”

A few seconds of sclience… quickly followed up by a powerful BOOM from the shot of the laser.

A Giant Blue Laser that dwarfs even the universes biggest star shoots forth from the cannon. Tearing though countless number of stars, galexies, planets, inhabited planets, and beyond until it hits the universes wall…

This engery begins the Dissolve Process…. slowly mashing everything together.

For a good 20 minutes, everyone is blinded….

Coming back out, the immediately noticeable thing is the sky.


Ragna is released and has full right to fall on the ground. It’s a miracle he is alive.

Ran: “Okay, so maybe I lied.”


The universe below him and Yukari has severely compacted. Now he knows what Yukari was referring to by not being able to target it before, as now he can see the edges from all sides.

Yukari: “Now then… are you ready?”

she holds up her card


I have some OOC stuff to say to Sam, but I am not ready to say it.

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Oct 10, 2013 at 08:26PM EDT

In the blink of an eye, the universe is changed.
Maledict: And that’s that.
Peon: What exactly did you do?
Maledict: Made Pucci go Made in Heaven. Reset the universe. Changed NOTHING except Hazama’s alive.
Peon: Why?
Maledict: Dunno. I’m an asshole. Also i gotta send a message.

Suddenly, a voice appears in Hazama’s head, Hazama being… Somewhere. Place him somewhere, Zar.
Maledict: You are one lucky fucker, you are. Yes, you are VERY lucky that I bailed you out of that one with a universe reset. Either way, have fun. Do whatever the fuck you want, as long as I’m not involved.

By now Josuke has gone through and healed most of everyone’s moves.
Doomguy got hurt. BADLY. he only barely managed to defeat the cowboy, who’s name was never revealed.
Kenshiro, on the other hand, wasn’t hurt all too bad. Just minor bruises here and there. He managed to intercept Johnson and kept a fight against him for a little while, but Johnson retreated since Jack had already escaped.
Falcon finally wakes from his short coma.
Falcon: Motherfucker… Got the fucking drop on me. Also, the fucker stole one of my helmet layers! Wear like six of those.

Oct 10, 2013 at 08:45PM EDT

@Ran and Medusa,

Ragna was used as a pawn for this entire ordeal… He was used in an attempt to make Crow defeat-able by the hands of Yukari and Asura. This is the first time in his entire life that he is equally hating these people as much as Terumi. His blood is boiling and he wants revenge… Right here and now. He can only stare at the two women with intense hatred.

He is putting aside the pain his entire body is in for vengeance. The souls that he gathered from the fairies also help suppress the pain. His right hand begins to get a purple and black mist around it as his anger builds.
Ragna: You… BITCH!
Without warning, Ragna bolts towards Ran and she has no time to react. He punches her straight across the face so hard that she would crash into the control systems and utterly destroy them.

The kitsune is still conscious, however. The Red Rebel then turns his attention to Medusa. He holds up his right hand which is completely engulfed in darkness. His eyes seem to glare straight into her.

Ragna: Sorry, but you need to die.
Giving Medusa little to no time to react, all she can see is a red and white blur with a tail behind it before she feels a sharp pain to her jaw and gets an uppercut straight to her chin.

This would send Medusa flying and forcing her to drop Blood Scythe. It would have knocked out a few teeth as well. This forces her to drop Blood Scythe. Ragna holds up a hand and catches the sword with his right hand… He then puts the sword on his shoulder.
Ragna: I’ll deal with you scum later…
If Ran was going somewhere by now, he would follow her to where Yukari is.

Saya manages to break through the anti magic prison with all the commotion going on. Her and Ragna have a sort of sibling bond thing and can tell when each other are alright. Doing so, she teleports back to where the heroes are as her brother wrecks this shit.


Hazama is teleported to Relius’ pocket dimension, where he is currently residing. The cogs turn and the pipes shoot out steam as Hazama finds Relius sitting down for coffee.

Hazama: Well, well, well… Hello again, Relius. Long time no see.

The Puppeteer looks up from his coffee that was made by Ignis.
Relius: Splendid! You are back, Hazama.
He takes another sip.
Relius: However, the plans have failed… It appears that we have competition now.
He motions to a white orb nearby where he is sitting that is displaying the current events.

He walks over to the orb and peers down into it.
Hazama: Fuck ’em… This was supposed to be our job, Relius. You and me bringing despair all over the place by killing that stupid bird. That would have been wonderful!

Relius: Yes, yes… I agree. For now, I suggest you sit back and enjoy the show.

Hazama pulls up a chair and continues to watch the events fold out before him…

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Oct 10, 2013 at 09:17PM EDT

Ran had indeed lived up to her name, she had retreated into one of Yukari’s portals. He had also destroyed the pedestal where Reinforce was kept. And as programed, it teleported itself outside the known universe the instant it was disturbed.


Ragna arrives on Final Destination. The entire place bathed in a purple light.

Yukari: “Well we meet again Ragna the Bloodedge. I do apologize, I didn’t know the operation would of been that painful until after the mechanic told me it would be.”

The universe is slowly being surrounded by a large golden energy crown…

@Mobius Space:

The illusionary fleet flickers for a bit before outright vanishing all together. The AT fields lingering for a good 5 minutes before they vanish as well. Leaving Mobius Exposed…

Marisa gets up. She’s getting insanely immune to these damn traq darts rather fast.

“I swear to god… I am going to make a drug that will make me immune to those damn things.”

She goes to wake up Reimu and Flandre…

@Hero Group:

Whenever they all manage to gather back up, Reimu tries to explain to the best of her abilities…

I can… follow them. I was born with the power to hide there… I can take two of you…

(Yeah, fight amongst yourselfs who she takes. Just try to keep it one hero per player.)

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Oct 10, 2013 at 09:31PM EDT

NM is just resting in the wall, with his arms crossed, seeing everything in the cannon…

Oct 10, 2013 at 09:42PM EDT








Snively: Well, sir, you’ve been quite busy elsewhere and you haven’t had time to--

Robotnik: SILENCE!

Snively: But your next post ready, sir…

Robotnik: … Well, why didn’t you say that to begin with? Post it already!

Snively: … Yes, sir.

*Sonic arrives at Tails’s workshop in the Mystic Ruins, with Tails trailing closely behind in the Tornado. Sonic waits as his two-tailed friend

Sonic: So, what’s this “something” you’ve been so anxious to show me?

Tails: It’s amazing, Sonic! I think you’re really gonna’ like it!

Sonic: I don’t doubt it. You always make cool inventions!

Tails: Well, this is way past cool. Wait here while I get it prepped.

Sonic: Okay, pal. See ya’ in a mo’!

Sonic waits as Tails flies into his workshop. And he waits.

And waits.

And waits.

After a few more minutes of waiting, Sonic crosses his arms.

Sonic: Yo’, Tails! How long is this gonna’ take!?

Tails: Just another minute, Sonic!

Sonic waits for another minute, and begins tapping his foot impatiently.


Tails: Alright, Sonic! Come on in!

Sonic: ’Bout time!

Sonic walks in to see a circular pad in the middle of the room with a control panel next to it.

Sonic: Gee, it’s a… teleporter.

Tails: Yeah, but I’ve modified it so it utilizes and magnifies the energy of the Chaos Emeralds. Now we can target specific dimensions and travel across them with a lot less power.

Sonic: That’s swell and all, Tails, but in case you haven’t noticed, we kinda’ lack the Chaos Emeralds right now thanks to that accident on the Egg Carrier.

Tails: I know that, Sonic, and that’s why I made…

Tails extends his hand from behind his back to reveal…

Tails: … this!

… a Chaos Emerald!

Sonic expresses a look of shock.

Sonic: Whoa! Isn’t that a…!

Tails: It’s an artificial Chaos Emerald not unlike the one you used to save yourself from that exploding capsule on the Space Colony ARK.

Sonic: Yeah, same wavelengths and properties, right?

Tails: Right! I can use this Chaos Emerald to teleport us anywhere we want!

Sonic: So, what you’re saying is that we can use this baby to get to the dimension Eggman ended up in, grab the Emeralds, and leave Robuttnik eatin’ our dust?

Tails: That’s it, Sonic!

Sonic: Then let’s get ready to book it!

Knuckles: So you think you can just hop on over to get back the Emeralds without taking me along, huh?

Sonic: Aw, not again…

Tails: What are you doing here, Knuckles?

Knuckles: I saw you two running into Tails’s workshop, and I figured you were going after the Emeralds.

Sonic: So?

If one studies Knuckles at this point, they’ll notice a vein pulsing near Knuckle’s temple.

Knuckles: So!? You know, when Eggman disappeared with the Chaos Emeralds, he took my Master Emerald, too. So I’m tagging along, like it or not!

Sonic: Big whoop.

Knuckles: Don’t you DARE talk to me like that, Sonic!

Knuckles lunges for Sonic, who easily dodges the attack.

Sonic: Whoops, ya’ missed! Better luck next time, Knucklehead.


Knuckles lunges for Sonic again, but to no avail.

Sonic: At least I’m not sloooooow.

Knuckles: SHUT UP!!!

Tails: Guys, cut it out! You’re gonna’ wreck my workshop!

Sonic stands upright and loses some of his attitude.

Sonic: Sorry, buddy. Guess I just got carried away.

Say, Knuckles, we ain’t gotta’ fight over who gets to go get back the Emeralds.


Sonic puts both of his hands up in the air as a sign that he’s not looking for a fight.

Sonic: Okay, okay! I’m just sayin’ I’d appreciate it if you’d lose the ’tude.

Knuckles’s eyes widen for a moment he closes them and clenches his teeth.

Finally, he lets out a sigh and drops his fist.

Sonic: Now, let’s start over.

Knuckles: Hmph… Fine. I need your help so I can get back the Master Emerald.

Sonic: You didn’t say “please.”

Knuckles: Don’t push it, Sonic!

Sonic raises his hands again.

Sonic: Alright! Chill out, Knux; I was only playin’.

And so began our heroes’ journey.

Amy: What about me!?

Well… maybe not quite yet.

Robotnik and Snively are in one of the laboratories on the Final Egg deep underground…

Robotnik: We’re almost ready Snively. Just this one last test…

Snively: Indeed, sir.

Robotnik: Kindly bring in our guest, would you?

Snively: At once, sir.

The mad doctor rubs his hands together with extreme anticipation as two Shadowbots drag in a human brought in weeks from a nearby camp.

Robotnik: Restrain him.

The Shadowbots pin the flailing human to a table and secure his restraints.

Robotnik: Isn’t it marvelous, Snively?

Snively: Y-yes, sir…

The pair makes their way down the corridor to an elevator, which leads them to one of the many hangars where Eggman’s battleships are being prepped for flight.

Robotnik: The world is mine, now, Snively…

And the heroes, well…

OOC: AoStH references aside, I’m sorry for my absence. I’ve been bogged down by a busier-than-expected schedule, but that’s mainly due to certain events being this week. I’ve also had a major assignment which has kept me busy the past couple of weeks. Its due date is next week; I’m confident that the completion of this assignment will allow me to devote significant amount of time to this thread.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to add bits and pieces to the story as I go along.

Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis wrote:

Mystic Ruins? Oh boy, you’re using the Adventure canon… As was I for picking up Chaos. Should I tie in Iblan’s group’s visit to that world somehow?

I don’t think that would be necessary, seeing as I only intend to use Mystic Ruins as a brief setting for the beloved heroes of Mobius to become, well, the beloved heroes of Mobius. I don’t plan on taking any plot elements from Sonic Adventure except for perhaps a few characters and the Egg Carrier (which I’ve already used in the thread anyway).

However, if you wish to link your characters’ use of Chaos to the Mobius which Sonic comes from, then feel free.

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Oct 10, 2013 at 09:51PM EDT

@Final Destination,

A few coughs and splutters attract the attention of Yukari and Ragna….

Leaning heavily on his walking stick and out of breath stands the God of All and Nothing, The Crow, incarnated as Roger…..

His once pristine suit is blotched and creased, his hair is matted down and greasy, his shoes are scuffed and worn, his glasses are cracked and partially twisted, even the purple hue of the realm makes his eyes squint in pain. You could say he’s is rather under the weather.

Nevertheless he stands proud and stout as he always has done, he brushes his hair to the side and coughs, what seems to be blood, into his hand before wiping it down his trouser leg….

He then looks straight on and through Yukari with a gaze that breaks her demeanour down in an instant, even Ragna at this point has lost the drive to do nothing but watch as a God……a TRUE God has been brought before them against it’s very own will. The two can do nothing but freeze, the presence of Roger in this state is more than enough to completely destroy the gung-ho attitude of Yukari…..

Roger: Usually we all go back to my little cottage in the countryside and sit down to a nice roast. But ya know, this time I thought I’d play by your rules and take out the effort to journey here…..I gotta say it Yukari, this time round I wasn’t expecting such a change in tactic. Building cannons that feed off of my beautiful stars? shooting me down like I’m some sort of crippled animal?….I don’t think you nor any of your little followers back their quite understand the scale of it this time round.
He coughs into his hand again, more blood, he then moves in closer on Yukari, partly hobbling via the use of his stick
Roger: I had the omniverse reach 98 percent loyalty this time…..2 percent off of my Golden Age…..pretty close huh?….not surprised? well you shouldn’t be, it’s the same 2 numbers every cycle….

(Stopping there for a moment, feel free to ask Roger your Q’s, Nat and Zar)

Oct 10, 2013 at 10:09PM EDT

Suddenly, Maledict appears in Final Destination. Reasons unknown how he got there, he doesn’t seem angry at all.
Maledict; I’m just here to watch.
Maledict just floats back poofs a chair, sits down, then poofs a beer hat on himself, and a little flag that says “Crow” on it.
Maledict: In the end, i’m the only winner here.

Oct 10, 2013 at 10:23PM EDT

It should be noted that this conversation/battle can be heard by near everyone in the Omniverse. And be seen as if 50 feet away if they look into clear space.

Yukari turns towards Roger

Yukari: “Glad you could show up. I do believe you know how much time you have left to beat me and save yourself.”

Exactly 25 Minutes, 10 seconds, and 9 miliseconds by Crow’s count.

Yukari: “And in order to get such percentages, perhaps you can re do your calculations to tell me what the ratio of Converted to Killed you had? For I think my little girl projected a lot higher.”

Her familiar’s familiar, Chen, had been seldom seen. The little spy had been roadtriping all around the universe. She had accidentally perished twice on planets the Crow had glassed over, brought screaming back to life in the arms of her mother Ran.

Yukari: “Now then, perhaps you saw the great dream of somebody else who I once was long ago.”

“Innocent, Free, Big Heart. Only ever wished for a world where beast and man would not have to fight and kill one another. Empowering the Man to be able to Combat and become Equal to Beast was the tactic I had been employing for quite some time now, and without the assistance of Technology. Even some people became gentle giants themselves under my guidance. But lo and behold, a Giant Beast up in the skys ready to arrogantly end his own creations upon his own whim. Using nary a day to try and convince entire populations he was the real deal. Just the thing this little girl dreamed she could end.”

She sighs

“Honestly, despite their, well odd, ways of going about things, Asura and Medsua here had the right idea from the start.”

She closes her Umbrella.

Yukari: “It is a wholly remarkable thing that such an empire could of existed by pure chance… I choose to believe it as a clenching, final proof of the non-existence of God. The argument goes something like this.”

She raises her palm up above her head

“I refuse to Prove that I exist, Says God.”

She takes her hand and points it up level to her head, gently beating it

“For Proof Denies Faith, and without Faith I am Nothing.”

Very clearly a stolen quote.

“But, Says Man. You in fact Do Exist! This massive empire you build however many cycles is a dead giveaway!”

she motions at Roger with a relaxed opened hand

“So therefore you don’t. QED.”

She Re-Opens her umbrella and shoulders it. Smiling playfully.

Yukari: “I can see Reimu is trying to drag in a few more guests. Now lets see… a 4 on 5 match?”

Her entire deck lights up and allocates itself inside of her

Yukari: “This will call for the full deck I think. Though I don’t need to beat you. I just need to last…”

She checks her phone

“22 minutes.”

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Oct 10, 2013 at 10:54PM EDT

@back on sparks ship.

the others are looking outside of their windows to see the entire conflict unfold before them.

natsu: what the hell is going on here?

happy: i dont know natsu. but im scared.

lucy: is this the end for us all? is it?

gray: i clearly have no idea about all of this.

gajeel: so i guess we sit back and watch then.

erza is up on her feet as well.

laxus: you sure your alright to get back up after you went batshit?

erza: ill be fine, but right now, i dont think any of that matters now.

mirajane: so this is it, this battle will decide the fate of the universe.

with that being said, everyone descides to hold eachothers hands, and getready to expect the worst. but they will brave it out to the very end.

@medic and anyone inside the canon still.

medusa gets off of the ground after landing. se doesnt loose any teeth, but has a bad cut on her lip that bleeds out.

medusa: hah, not bad kid. but it’ll take more than that to kill me.*

she looks at medic who is nearby the wall.

medusa: id suggest you get out of here NM and with your army. this place will go down eventually. might be best if you save your own skin.

she then opens up portal.

Medusa: there are some things i need to do first. but if we dont happen to meet again, its been fun working with you and your vampires. chow.

she enters it as it disappears.

she also summons portals were the chaos emeralds are and snags them away before disappearing once more in her boundary.


asura looks at crow with a plain stare. though deep inside he cant wait to finally put him out of his misery. but first he has a lot of things to say before the final coundown.

Asura: hello crow, so we finally get to meet once again. as you can already tell, this is were it shall all end for you. for all time, all that you have done was impose your authority over everyone in this ever expanding universe.

a long time ago, i was imprisoned by the grim reaper, lord death himself, stripped of all of my skin and thron into a bag made by it and had been sealed away for more than 600 years.

You see, I had an awful lot to think about ever since i was locked up, there was no escaping it, when you’re seal inside a bag with your own skin there’s only so much you can do, your mind starts to wonder. and the time we had spent battling eachother over the course of time, it had wandered even more. far beyond the depths of this world.

Sitting there in the dark, I had a chance to think about a lot of things, including the nature of the world itself. And after lengthy consideration, I realized something;

when all is said and done, the world is a very unknowable place. On the surface, all appears rational, orderly. But what truly lies beyond that thin veneer of reason? Stability and superiority? Or chaos and madness? What are we truly made of in the end? Is there truly any meaning to the lives we lead? Or are we nothing but hollow vessels? These are questions we can never answer, for we cannot see through the world’s fragile layer of skin. So we live our lives filled with uncertainty, never knowing what we truly are or what the future may bring, all we can do is imagine. Life becomes an unsolvable mystery with any number of twists and turns at the end.

And that’s enough to fill any soul with terror.

the terror you impose on the people you force to worship you. through their fears, you manipulate them to your every whim. you toy with their lives and use them however you see fit. but the worst part of it all is that you do all of this, every thing that has happened thus far was just for your own entertainment. not caring if billions of lives are lost for a lost cause, so long as they die for you, you are satisfied while the entire universe suffers for your own sick and twisted ideas of humour.

isnt that correct or no?

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Oct 10, 2013 at 11:58PM EDT

Meredith has been watching the battle for quite a bit, simply sitting on air and staring out a window at the events transpiring.

So, it looks like a battle between real gods is going to be happening very very soon. How exciting! She lets out a soft sigh
I really hope the Crow pushes Yukari off her high horse. I’m being unable to stand her at this moment.
Another sigh.

Still, how this goes and ends is beyond where my screens can show me. A shame, but I guess the outcome will be a surprise then. I hope it’s a good one.

Now to wait for a small part of my memories to be eaten because a certain someone is back~

Oct 11, 2013 at 12:09AM EDT


After a few moments of silence, Ragna regains his composure as Crow talks with Yukari. Once they are finished with their little conversation, the Red Rebel turns away from the god and casting a shadow on the fallen deity

He keeps a serious look on his face, now facing Yukari. He is still talking to Crow though…
Ragna: You think I came here for you?
The way he speaks has a deadly combination of steadiness, anger, and determination to it.
Ragna: I’m sure you can manage to die without my help.

Saying these words, he takes Blood Scythe on his back and diverts all of his attention to Yukari…


And so, the Grim Reaper and the Gap Hag meet once again. All of this turmoil and strife that she has put Ragna through just now has skyrocketed his hatred towards her to the level of Terumi. Yukari can sense an extremely malice filled aura coming off Ragna right now. All he wants to do is end her life here and now. He will be sparing no one in this fight. All Ragna can do is look at Yukari with hatred and anger filled in his very soul. His red and green eyes seem to pierce straight through her as the wind blows through his hair.

Ragna: You bitch…
He holds Blood Scythe by the hilt in a single hand, not giving a single care in the world about anything other than ending her life.
Ragna: You’re just as bad as Terumi… You don’t deserve to live, gap hag.
A visible black and red aura begins to envelop Ragna as what appear to be beastly, red eyes form in the aura.

Ragna: I’m doing the world a favor right now… BY KILLING YOU!
Without hesitation, Ragna dashes towards Yukari at a high speed, attempting to slice her across the chest with Blood Scythe.

He yells this as he sails at Yukari and attempts to get in a fatal hit on her.


After the 20 minutes of light passed by, the ones on the ground know that something is up…

Tager looks up at the sky and sees the floating platform in the sky.
Tager: Unidentified object staying stationary. I am currently able to get Ragna the Bloodedge’s signal once again.

The leader of the Six Heroes looks up to the sky and sees the platform from the window of the ship.

All of his eyes are examining this battle closely. Somewhere deep down he wishes that he could have been the one to end Yukari once and for all. With no way to get to the platform, he remains in the ship.
Hakumen: … The Beast versus the Gap Hag. And so, the curtains shall soon close on this play of destruction… The end is nearing.

Jin looks up at the ship as well, standing beside Hakumen…
Jin: Show her what you can do, brother! Don’t die on me, because that’s my job!

Saya teleports back to the ship to watch the events unfurl before her eyes… She stays silent and just watches.

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Oct 11, 2013 at 12:35AM EDT

Soldier 150: So..This is the end right?
Soldier 77: Pfff…Dude, where the hell do you live? This is your first armaggedon I bet?
Soldier 150: And what’s that supposed to mean?
Soldier 36: Ha, spotted a “Green” with my left eye.
Soldier 77: I bet its your first year in the force. Am I right?
Soldier 150: There is a gigantic battle between dimensions, some kind of god faces another for a religious cause as worlds and planets are torn apart, we are living the damn apocalypse and here we are, sitting and watching? We have weapons strong enough to open a black hole in space! We must do something for God’s sake!
Soldier 36: Yep, a “Green”. Totally.
Soldier 77: Kay kid, you need to calm down and relax. Its your first year in the force so let me give you a small advice…The dimensions are always about to clash and explode. Yo 36, remember when the Devil made a chimichanga out of the planet itself?
Soldier 36: Go to the deepest part of hell you bastard, I spent the whole damn month trying to get rid of that sauce’ smell all over my house. Why would you remember something like that?
Soldier 77: I believe this is your 75th Armageddon?
Soldier 36: Nope, 65th. The last one was the whole pheromones thing all over the cities.
Soldier 150: But..But..Our planet…what will happen..? What is this I don’t even..?
Soldier 77: Just watch and relax. Think of something else like..hell, dunno…Micky Cantor trolling Michael Bay. Oh man, that was the best episode so far.
Soldier 36: Speaking of Cantor…I’m still waiting for Season 4586th, I heard Wascot was getting his own program.

Soldier 77 and 36 keep talking about stuff non related to the current fight that will end the concept of “Life” as we know it. Soldier 150 just keeps looking at the stars hoping for the best.

Soldier 77: My god, I hate this shitty dimension.

Ladies and gentleman, look at your God
Now back to me.
Now back to your God
Now back to me.
Now back to your God
Now back to me.
Saddly he isn’t me, or else he would be travelling around the universe, punishing heretics from different planets while also building a empire strong enough to break the laws of physics.*
Look down, back up, where are you? You are in the Final Destination, fighting with hoes and demons. What’s in your hand, back at me. HERETIC, It’s a independant society , how dare you. Look again, your society is now mine. Anything is possible when your God is a master of all the pimps and crows alike.
I’m on a intergalactic ship…

Oct 11, 2013 at 05:38AM EDT

OOC: The Crow’s words mean nothing to Iblan’s emergency plan. As I said, I have something very special intended for THAT particular god, which will be used to do one thing only. What that thing is? You’ll find out when the heroes fight Iblan’s group. But rest assured it will not affect the plans of anyone, it will be purely self-contained to that battle. Remember that Iblan does hold an Elemental Crystal which is not on the world it should be… I hope that’s not too much of a hint to give away what would happen. Also, here’s something else about that particular god… He’s not exactly perfect. Creating a world tends to leave a lot of ‘miasma’ left over… causing those worlds to become covered in monsters after life starts to develop on a given world. If he was perfect, that would not be the case. Oh well, it gives adventurers and heroes somewhere to start on those worlds, right?

The Order mages also notice the battle… Cue predictable question. Oh, right, best talk about their condition first. Granatir is naturally the most durable of them, so he was actually alright after the attack. ‘alright’ in this case meaning he could start healing himself immediately. The guardian creature took the brunt of any attacks that would have been directed at Tsunarmin, so while it is significantly hurt, she didn’t really take many hits at all. Right now she is in a corner trying to heal it. Pyralis and Ignis were hurt rather badly, but nothing particularly life threatening. They were unable to use either arm so could not heal, though… The least durable two, Solarian and Tempestia, were hurt significantly, and are in fact still unconscious… Also, the main reason Tahrdan was not as hurt as badly as Noctan is because OYH took the blows. Damage was still transferred, but because the attacker was basically trying to hit water, the damage was significantly less than it would have been were Tahrdan himself being hit

Granatir: Who IS that woman?

Hey, the only unfamiliar figure in the battle that they can really see is Yukari. If the Crow’s current form is visible, they pay it no attention. Yes, I know her name has already been mentioned, but names alone does not = recognition.

Suwako: Hey, isn’t that the boundary youkai who keeps trying to meddle in everyone’s affairs?

Arkantos: Oh, right, she was at that arena…

Suwako: Let’s hope that red guy manages to take her down a peg or forty-two.

(OOC: You reference Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, then so will I. Seriously, Adams had a winner there. May his memory linger on for as long as the Universe does.)

Tsunarmin: I think that guy’s name is Ragna?

So with the comments of Suwako and Arkantos, the Order mages know who to root for.

Ignis: Two of us in this room would be able to aid him, though… Right now I am not really in any condition to fight, however, so…

Seriously, both his arms are in slings. As are those of Pyralis.

Granatir: Then who of us will go if we get a chance to?

Tsunarmin: I will. But if I do then those who can will have to pitch in on healing the guardian creature.

Among the Order mages this is just Granatir, Tsunarmin herself and the bandaged up Tahrdan. The three who had significant arm damage will not be doing any healing for now, and the last two are unconscious. The earth elemental archmage and the aquamancer proceed to start casting Healing Wind and Cleansing Foam respectively on the creature, with Tsunarmin also casting Healing Wind.

Oct 11, 2013 at 12:59PM EDT

Ooc: okay, tardhan. Ive just had about enough of your shitpostings in this thread. All im gonna say is if you even think about doing anything with that dragon, your out. End of fucking story. I dont care about what you say or think. We dont need anymore omni bullshit stuff here, even if its for any one single thing. It is completely irelivant to what is going on now at this very point. We dont need anything else to get in the way of all of this. We already have an idea of how things are gonna go down to end this ark, and dont need you to fucking ruin it. And im sure that everyone else here would agree with what i said. Take the dragon out.

Or else your done from here.

Oct 11, 2013 at 02:12PM EDT

OOC: I don’t even understand what the hell you just posted Tardhan but I must agree with Asura..
However, we really have to FUCKING FUCK USING FUCKING FUCKITY WORDS? Calm down damn it. Keep it simple Tardises, as I said. Also..whats up with that Greek stuff BTW? Are you bringing an entire legion becouse we have enough people in this thread to make our own MMO called “The Roleplay Stars”

Oct 11, 2013 at 02:17PM EDT

OOC: The Greek stuff is because Iblan’s going to end up with an army of his own. …The human soldiers are going to be no problem at all for any of the heroes. It’s the inhuman enemies to watch out for.

Oct 11, 2013 at 02:21PM EDT

Don’t bring in the dragon, the consequences The Crow will impede will be dire. I’ve said this…

@Final Destination,

Rogers head twinges as his bloodshot eyes lock onto Ragna

Roger: Hold it right there my little pumpkin…
Ragna is hit by a tremendous force which knocks Blood Scythe from his grip and sends it spinning off and across the plateau, it hits the ground and the blade embeds in the floor with the hilt sticking upwards. Ragna on the other hand lands on his feet a few meters away from Yukari
Roger: I know how pissed off you must be my friend but don’t be rushing, we will all have our time to shine….
He gives a quick wink at Ragna and turns back to Yukari. He lets out a sigh and wipes his eyes with his sleeve. Ragna can’t help but feel at ease, as a matter of fact everything become quite calm

Roger: I’ve seen many races live at complete peace with their own worlds, they get on with their fates without the need of tech and enjoy their simple and natural lives….farming fields and….eating…apples. It would come to no surprise that these types of people accept me without so much as a incline of doubt, they aren’t mentally polluted by the frivolities of the future…much kinder to talk to and friendly…I give them simple promises and favours…if there is to be a failed harvest I lend them a hand and provide them with what they need, not a single child goes hungry, not a single man or woman becomes weak from malnourishment….but, I also avoid making myself a dependable source, sometime my kindness is exploited…..I hate that….instead I teach them better skills, I educate and guide them like a father……In return I only ask that they take faith and acknowledge me. It is so very simple….
He lets off a smirk
Roger: It doesn’t even take a day for me to know their decision, as a matter of fact I already knew their answer and always did…..but ofcoruse I bother asking, wouldn’t it be boring to not even allow them to act their part in this grand play
Upon hearing Yukari’s logic he gives a wide grin
Roger: I think I’ve heard something like that before…except it had something to do with fish…..
He then clears his throat
Roger: I agree with you Yukari, everything you have said is correct. Only faith in me is having hope that I will provide the Golden Age….and I don’t deny my own existence…..I mean then again nor do I exist in the first place……You see, standing before you is a man who see’s everything, is everything and isn’t anything but is also blind, I know every outcome and am also clueless, I am you, but I am also thin air….
In an instant every single major character in this thread, from Natsu, Jestream and even NM appear behind Roger as clones. They stand lifeless and staring into the void
Roger: I am all of you people ….you are simply acting out your little lives in a shroud of ignorance that you’re just pretending to believe. I make this so. It wouldn’t be very fun me doing all the work and talking to myself, if it were so then none of this might as well not have existed in the first place. It is because of this very reason that I….dislike heretics….I give you those roles to play and then you don’t even want to be friends with the being who gave you them to start with…..It’s rather upsetting

Roger: Being a Go-…..I hate that term….“God”….pfft….being All and Nothing takes some time to get your head around
The crowd of clones fade from existence
Roger: I feel like I have schizophrenia, except I’ve got trillions upon trillions of voices going through my head at the same time and all the time, It’s also difficult to see when….when you don’t even have a perspective….deafening when your ears are filled with the sounds of millions of stars imploding simultaneously and perpetually….and the pain…all the pain in the omniverse coursing through my body…..burning me, melting me, crushing me…….every thought…tearing through my mind…
From this little paragraph it is becoming clear that Crow is beginning to lose his grasp, mainly due to the impending new age but also the fact that he has become “embodied.”

Upon hearing Yukari proposing a fight he seems to become angered
Roger: Do I look like I’m in the fighting mood to you? if I wanted you dead I would have flushed the gene pool that your cretinous ancestors dribbled out from down my toilet…..the only power you hold here is renewing the cycle. I’m a victim of my own need for entertainment, so don’t get thinking that your gonna whip out one of those fancy pants cards and send me packing… can try.

He then turns to Asura, his head twitches slightly, almost like the Crow is flinching with anger within him

Roger: Believe me when I say that I feel a thorn in my side every time one of my noble followers is shot down when fighting heretics, I also feel it when they are victorious. There isn’t ever a “good” outcome, even though a dead heretic is the preferable resolve. Do not forget that many of the members of the….Loyalist Conclave…they have come to calling it, are species that have been holding faith for thousands upon thousands of years, I’m simply a way of life that is accepted with hardly any thought. These people have slowly moulded into adopting the same central goal….

He takes a step towards Asura
Roger: Not a single life is lost in vain when fighting for the Greater Good, it is when the cycle renews that there efforts have been thrown away….a fraction off of the Golden Age and then poof…gone….tell that to the Loyalists upon Transcendence, tell them that the prophecy they have been working towards for the past…..however many trillions or so years, has been completely pointless……and that in the end they will be denied there goal….denied it by….
He points at Yukari
Roger: You.

He then brings his wrist to his eyes and checks the time
Roger: Any time now our new guest will be turning up….

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Oct 11, 2013 at 04:42PM EDT



Ken Levine: So that’s why Im very dissapointed with my fans. Looking at the amount of porn of a character I made in 5 painful months just saddens me a lot Mickey. What happened to the internet?
Mickey Cantor: What are you, new or something? Dude, we have been making porn out of everything since the very first computer was invented. Remember those tijuana bibles about Popeye the Sailor?
Ken Levine: Jesus, why would you remember something like that!
Mickey Cantor: Oh, becouse I have one of them here, in my right pocket. Want me to read it? Of course you do!..“Oh Popeye, be careful not to stick it too far in!..I yam what I yam!”

Ken runs away as the crowd bursts into laughter. Mickey just sits on the sofa as the crowd goes bananas and Levine is quickly kicked out of the building by the security.

Mickey Cantor: Our next guest is as lost as a supermodel in a library. Seriously, what’s with this guy and details? I mean seriously, I can’t even read his bio without being filled with thousands of “whats” or without asking to myself the meaning of life. In case you are wondering, the meaning of life does not exist..we are just small particles floating in space…Tardises gets in!
Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis: No, you shall call me Tahrdan Ismeh Wu Temporis!
Mickey Cantor: Err, Temporis gets in?
Tahrdan: Tahrdan Ismeh Wu Temporis!
Mickey Cantor: But..what..what the what of the whats..
Tahrdan: Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis!
Mickey Cantor:…Dude, I want the acid you are currently having if you are expecting me to take that name serious. I mean, what kind of stupid name is that? I don’t think that’s a real name at all…Where the heck did you get those..names?? Ismeh? Wu Temporis?!? Are you high or something? Not even my name sounds that ridiculous! And that says something! HAHA WOW!

Crowd goes bananas again, in fact, they shapeshift into bananas and then into laughing hyenas, over and over again, switching between forms until the security is forced to start beating the living daylights of everyone using pillows. Some guy is rolling on the floor, swinging his arms around like Spongebob and shaking his head.

Mickey Cantor: So..Tarded Is Meth Wat Temporary?
Tahrdan: Wait you got the name wro-
Mickey Cantor: First question..Is it true that you spent more than 40 pages trying to get a basic idea of what happened to the thread? And that you kept putting your characters only to throw a single line like “I don’t understand this”? Oh boy, this is a new level of douchebagness I don’t know!
Tahrdan: But the plot was a mess-
Mickey Cantor: (COUGH) Crona got the whole plot in less than 3 pages (COUGH) (COUGH)
Crowd laughter
Mickey Cantor: So, did you know that user Captain Spark killed your characters once? And that nobody gave a flying fu[CENSORED]?
Mickey Cantor: Aha..I see…Next question, so with the Big Bad Boss dying today…Are you going to bring more magical stuff to the thread?
Thardan: Yes, I’m planning to-
Mickey Cantor: Okay we get it! Bye! Oh man, I feel sorry for you guys. If you thought 8 mages were boring, now imagine a entire world full of these guys! Speaking of mages..Hey Tardhan..Remember when you changed your avatar..
Thardan: Oh god no.
Mickey Cantor: When you changed your avatar and the whole thread was screaming in horror and despair, begging for you to change it?
Thardan: No no no no no!
Mickey Cantor: Don’t you remember that demon spawn brought to earth? Good thing we have a picture over here!

Mickey Cantor: Well thats today’ show folks! Wascot is getting his own TV program tonight called “The Villians happy hour!” where he will talk with..the Crow! You heard me! The most hated character from 2013 will meet the most creepy character from 2013! This is something you must not miss or I will kidnap you and your children and torture all of you with unethical questions! THIS..IS….Cantor’s happy kids questioning corner time about futile reality existance!..
Mickey Cantor: Oh I forgot about something…That guy’ avatar is as manly as a bundle of sticks! HAHAHA WOW! SEE YA LATER!

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Oct 11, 2013 at 05:19PM EDT

What are you talking about Spark?

You aving a lil giggle dere

Oct 11, 2013 at 05:45PM EDT


HOBO!?! I have a house! See!?

Has a water proof ceiling and everything!



Reimu holds up the card, Fantasy Heaven. It will fully unlock her ability to transcend the dimensions and reach the Final Destination. Though it’s impossible to use the Spacial Displacement to become Invincible though it while up in the Nothingness.

Alright. I am going. I have to stop them before they really screw stuff up.

Quietly she surveys the room, looking for willing participants.

…If we screw up, we might fall back into the universe and become so far away we will never see each other again…

Marisa, a walking bloody mess limps up to her, and hugs her.

“Nah. Don’t think of it that way. Even without your help we both know the easy way back home. Alice can open the gate for me and your Goddess can just drag you back in. After that we will see each other again.”

Reimu sighs and hugs back…

Yeah… most definitely.

Marisa leaves her Hakkuro in Reimu’s hand.

“You need to return that you know. But I think you remember how to do that one spell we learned together.”

Reimu stares at it… Marisa’s most treasured belonging.

I… will take good care of it then.

Marisa laughes

“Of course you will!”

Marisa backs off…

“If anything goes wrong, come right back… Gensokyo will never be the same without you.”

Reimu Nods

Don’t you worry, of course I will come back!

[Insert Reimu’s 2 Character Recruitment here]

Reimu invokes the Card.. holding the hand of [whoever her two passengers are] as she “Pulls” both of them outside of Reality, and begins flying towards Final Destination.

@Roger, Asura, And Ragna:

Yukari is slightly moved by Rogers speech, picking up the Blood Scythe in her hand and Gripping the insanely off-balance thing

Yukari: “So Roger. Having seen every possible existence there is to be, is it not true a more prefect world would come from Nurturing the many Children who defy you before they have a chance to doubt you? Rather than re-living every single scenario over and over again, surely you have created more fitting scenarios? Yet you claim to have crossed blades with me an infinite number of times? Unable to figure out how to lightly convince somebody like me via speech? Or even figure out the reason I was summoned?”

She lowers the Sythe as she hears a familiar soft whining sound…

Yukari: “Let me tell you. I caused a few wars myself. Mostly useless wars. And you know what?”

She throws the Blood Scythe back to Ragna

“All Sides came out stronger and where able to truce together in the end.”

She hears a familiar whining sound…

“Now tell me this. If you knew this outcome was being worked for, why didn’t you pull the stops out and keep it from ever happening at all costs? You mentioned earlier that you could have killed my ancestors at any time, and yet you didn’t.”

“Is it that you are tired?”

She looks over the horizon, seeing an unidentified flying shrine maiden with some Passengers flying towards them

Oct 11, 2013 at 07:57PM EDT

(just a short quick post.)


erza decides to go with her to final destination. though the others try and hold her back, she still continues off. she also has a few hing to say about all of this. they wish her the best as she leaves with reimui.

Oct 11, 2013 at 09:05PM EDT


Yukari tosses the sword back to Ragna. The Crimson Rebel holds out one hand as the massive slab of steel on a stick, known as Blood Scythe, sails towards him. He catches it with precise aim.

He then swings the colossal sword in front of him and stares straight at Yukari. He has had enough time to get over the peacefulness of Crow, and is back into his state of pure anger and hatred. He doesn’t even pay attention to Crow and ignores the pain that he dealt to him earlier…

Ragna: Just shut up with the damned chatter and let me kill ya already!
Both of his pupils begin to slit as he holds the sword in one hand.
Ragna: I’ll put you down MYSELF!
He rushes at Yukari with Blood Scythe once again, and then jumps at her going in for an overhead swing downwards.

Both Hazama and Relius are observing this fight as we speak…

Hazama can’t help but laugh out-loud that Ragna is going up against Yukari.
Hazama: Hyahahaha! So the little doggy wants to act cool by taking on the gap hag! This is golden! I guess it pays to say that I knew he was this dumb!
He has to breathe a few times between his laughter.
Hazama: Relius, get the popcorn!

Relius: Ignis.
He summons Ignis in between the two of them with two bowls of popcorn.
Relius: Yes… The Egg does seem to be rotten as of now. But this choice of combatants has piqued my interest… The Fertile Egg versus the Gap Hag. An interesting match-up.

The two continue to watch and observe…

Oct 11, 2013 at 09:14PM EDT

Without really thinking too hard, Yukari summons a Street Light and completely smashes Ragna off the edge.

He has a chance of hooking the bars with the unleashed Blood Scythe and climbing back up, but this is going to take a bit with the angle the platform is at.

Oct 12, 2013 at 12:50AM EDT


Ragna, not expecting the street lamp, smashes straight into it and gets slung towards the edge. Letting out a grunt of pain, Ragna unseals Blood Scythe revealing it to be a massive scythe with a crimson red energy blade for the offensive part of the weapon. He stabs the energy blade into the platform as he is left dangling there by the hilt of Blood Scythe.
Ragna: Guh!
He looks down at the universe below him, seeing it as so vast… Good thing he isn’t afraid of heights. The Crimson Rebel then uses his advanced acrobatic skills to scramble back up onto the platform in a matter of moments. He keeps his sights set on Yukari, now holding the massive scythe in both hands.
Ragna: You too much of a coward to fight me, gap hag? I’ll give ya a little advice here and now… Why don’t you just make it easier on yourself and stand there while I cut you up? How’s that sound to ya, bitch?
He stands there with his scythe, ready to attack Yukari.

Oct 12, 2013 at 01:22AM EDT

OOC@ OOC stuff: wat. And now I’ll have to come up with another plan on how to end a later battle…

Tsunarmin also opted to go, though the guardian creature is not completely healed yet… The three did their best in the time they had, though, so it can at least fight if she needs it. The other 5 Order mages who are conscious turn to the window and hope that she has what it takes to be of use in the battle.

OOC: … You know what? I’ll just not show any more Iblan related stuff until it’s time to go up against him. Once that time comes I’ll describe what he has at his disposal.

Oct 12, 2013 at 05:34AM EDT

Yukari giggles as she turns her attention towards Ragna

Yukari: “I haven’t even taken a step dear boy. And you are an emotional fire hose right now, letting your Rage control you. But keep trying boy, the more you fail the more you rage and the more you wind up feeding me your excess emotions. I will never be able to die with you as my opponent.”

The Traffic Light sinks back down into the portal it popped out of.

“Oh wait, I got the literal omniverse angry at me, I guess you are Negligible.”

She finally, Finally, FINALLY, draws out her weapons, A fistful of Kunai, and points them at Ragna

“Now Sit Down and Wait Your Turn. My Goddaughter gets first dibs.”

N-nearly there… Guuh, Erza, I hear Muscles weigh more than Fat, seriously you feel like a Truck!

Reimu arrives at the edge of the platform, drops Her Passengers, and collapses. Insanely exhausted from carrying two people that far. Having lost the feeling in her arms by now.

(ooc: I really can’t be bothered to remember the names of your characters at this point Tardises. Cut down your ranks and make them recognizable by Abilities, Color, and Personality and THEN I might. Also directly interacting with other players, cause 12+ Characters has allowed you to Self-Circle Jerk into oblivion for far too long.)


Yukari: “Catch your breath Reimu. Don’t want to waste any of this man’s 18 precious minutes until you can actually talk.”

a fresh towel is launched at Reimu’s head… knocking her onto her back.


Yukari: “Now then, where where we? Ah yes, after the near infinite number of time loops you have described, was allowing me to make it this far your way of saying, that you are tired?”

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Oct 12, 2013 at 06:20AM EDT

Lays around, biding his time until the order mages leave, but in his boredom he accidentally sets his clothes on fire with a spark cantrip
He rolls around, creating a commotion that shatters through his facade

Oct 12, 2013 at 11:16AM EDT

@Sir Crona,

Since we are all in the medical bay right now, Jin catches the commotion made by the red wizard first. Acting quickly, he holds a hand out towards Red. From his hand, a spell circle can be seen forming as the room gets extremely cold. The temperature near-immediately puts out the fire that the mage set on himself. He can only smirk at him…

Jin: Hehe… Accident prone, aren’t we?
He lowers his hand back to his side, and the room starts going back up to normal temperatures.

OOC: I will wait until Sam has responded with Crow to Yukari before I post a response to her.

Oct 12, 2013 at 01:04PM EDT


The telephone exchange that handles my local areas internet connections has apparently been “severely damaged” they say it’s unlikely that they will have the problem resolved tonight so I doubt ill be online any time soon.

Sorry about not being able to post but I just thought I’d give you a heads up so you know what’s happening. Fortunately I took the time to write my response beforehand, so the second I get back online I can post it

Oct 12, 2013 at 06:44PM EDT

Noticies where he is, slightly dazed
So, uh, what is this place any way?
He’s still punch drunk from the fight

Last edited Oct 13, 2013 at 01:38PM EDT
Oct 13, 2013 at 01:34PM EDT

Tahrdan: Who exactly are you, anyway? What I think happened is some took of spell took you over and you were sent to try and kill us. Obviously it failed.

Oct 13, 2013 at 02:15PM EDT


Hazama keeps sitting in his chair, waiting for something to happen… He actually opens a single eye so he can gaze into the orb.

Hazama: …
Nothing is moving.
Hazama: Are you seeing this, Relius?

The masked puppeteer is currently sitting up straight in his chair…
Relius: Yes… I see. It appears a temporal fluctuation in the god of creation has stopped all time in that realm.

He closes his eye back.
Hazama: Looks like Rags won’t get his ass kicked just yet…
He leans back and puts his arms behind his neck, crossing them.

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Oct 13, 2013 at 03:57PM EDT

“I’m the brains!”

“And I..and I..and I’m the brawn!”
As we wait for the Crow to decide the destiny of this place of existance, let us travel to another world, another dimension, a planet that the Master is about to visit. We travel through the deepest forest, in the wildest rivers, between mountains and more. Finally, we find a dwarf village, a growing community living on a green landscape surrounded by mountains. The oldest members of this community say that their ancestors, the founders of this village, arrived from the very forest, running away from vile creatures such as ogres and maneating crows. Subsistence economy, forever stuck in a single place just for the sake of safety, a religion based on the worship of the biggest mountain (known as Maledict the Great), one might say that the dwarves are going nowhere but what they lack in height, they make up for in intelligence. The sacred science of Chymistry was a Darkbrew family tradition but no Darkbrew had ever shown the kind of creativity, ambition, and recklessness of young Razzil. Since he was born, Razzil always showed a great passion for science, particularly Alchemy, a whole investigation directed to the transformation of rocks into gold and silver. As the years passed, Razzil started to slowly leave his family trails, obssesed with the idea of becoming rich just by creating a single formula, leaving the poor amount of friends he once had just to dedicate his life to this miraculous science. By the time the adulthood arrived, papers all over the floor, failed samples, an entire week without going to the land of the dreams…Razzil’s formula to manufacture gold with mere rocks was ready. Children and adults alike were staring at the old dwarf, jumping around the town and screaming like a chicken about to get her head chopped. In the plaza, the last Darkbrew announced he would transmute an entire mountain into gold. The church of Maledict the Great exploded into bananas, each and every member jumped out of their own houses just to write the word “HERETIC” in Razzil’ laboratory and the prime minister gave him two weeks to apologize for such a irrational idea. Two decades of research, spending and preparation were not going down the drain. In the middle of the night, a titan was torn into pieces, millions of innocent citizens were killed by the weight of the titan’ dismembered limbs, Maledict the Great was gone, leaving nothing but a gigantic crate, and Razzil failed spectacularly, quickly finding himself imprisoned for the widespread destruction his experiment wrought. Escape plans were slowly discarded as the prison guards dragged him to the place where he would spend the rest of his days. And his cellmate? A fierce, dumb and hungry ogre. After convincing the ogre not to eat him, Razzil set about carefully concocting a tincture for it to drink, made from the moulds and mosses growing in the prison stone work. In a week’s time, it seemed ready. When the ogre drank the potion, it flew into an unstoppable berserker rage, destroying the cell bars and exploding through walls and guards alike. They soon found themselves lost somewhere in the forest surrounding the city with a trail of wreckage in their wake and no signs of pursuit. In the tonic’s afterglow, the ogre seemed serene, happy, and even eager. Resolving to work together, the pair set off to collect the materials needed to attempt Razzil’s Alchemic transmutation once more.

Ogre: We finally get in the thread?
Razzil: Easy there, we have to wait for Sammy to post!
Ogre: And then we get in the thread?
Razzil: Calm down your horses, we have to wait for the gooddoers to hang around in Magnolia!
Ogre: And then we get in the thread?
Razzil: Don’t let the hype go through your veins, we have to wait until Spark picks ‘em up and flies into space!
Ogre: And then we FINALLY get in the thread?
Razzil: Sorry to dissapoint you little fella but-
Razzil: But-

OOC: Posting some lore while waiting for the posts.

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Get ’cho self some Albatross while you wait for the feature presentation to resume.

What does it taste like? It tastes like bloody Albatross!

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