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medusa all of a sudden feels the need to do something very important before the lasers and butterflies rain down uppon her. opens up a portal back to her home.

Medusa: Would you kindly excuse me for a moment my dear. I need to go use the little girls room. be back in a bit.

she flies through her portal and closes it before they hit.

she isnt just doing this to avoid the attacks in a cheap way until the spell expires, she actually needs to go to the washroom.

reimus jimmies should be rustled

@ragna before yukaris attack.

Eza continues to block the lasers.

Erza: Ragna, i know your upset, but you cant let your emotions blind your thinking. your angry, i know that, because of being used and hurt. I know what that is like, all too well. but never let the pain of the past blind you. If you do, you will only invite more pain. open yourt eyes ragna, let go of all of that past, nd think about the future you want. think about your sister, how would she feel about seeing you so bloodthirty and savage?

then yukaris master spark from behind happens.

erza takes apart the two shields, breaking them down into two smaller ones to deflect attacks from both sides. the master spark manages to do major damage to the left side of her shields, it still manages to hold up the lazers from the other side.

Erza: Your a member of Fairy Tail, and our friend. Dont you ever loose sight of that. now become the ragna that we are so fond of. dont let your anger overtake your mind, otherwise youll fall victim to asuras madness.

the shield blocking deflects the master spark completely, but not before shattering her left shield.

the other shield is wearing away slowly from the mass of projectiles.

at the last moment right before the shield is done with, she activates her requip magic and requips into one of her most prized suits. Armadu Fairy, Fairy’s armour. the power within this suit is the reason why it bears Her guild’s name and guild mark.

Erza: now let us work together to end this.

erza leaps forward with such strength and charges yukaris position. with blades in hand, they crackle with such raw magic power that it flickers around like a magical Tesla coil. as she makes her way through the barrage of lasers, the magic crackling around her swords simply destroy them as they get to close, leaving nothing from coming in between Erza and yukari.

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Oct 16, 2013 at 08:06PM EDT

@Yukari and Erza,

While the lasers are currently being deflected and spread out by Erza through the shield, he listens to her words of wisdom. Several of these things are what his master taught him so truly while he was training with him for all those long years. “Don’t let your anger control you.” “Don’t let the past blind you in the present.” “What would your sister think if she saw you like this?” He can only look down and accept this as Erza blocks the Master Spark.

Ragna: Y-You’re right…
His mind becomes clearer as he has to accept this fact. He will try his hardest not to let his rage blind him and do the fighting for him. He is Ragna the Bloodedge, the world’s most dangerous criminal. The Crimson Rebel. The Shinigami. He is the Grim Reaper. He has taken into his mind Erza’s words as he clears his mind and his hair blows gently in the spacial winds. Ragna brandishes Blood Scythe as Erza requips into her armor.

Ragna: Let’s end this… ONCE AND FOR ALL!
As Erza jumps at Yukari, Ragna jumps at the exact same time to match her speed. Blood Scythe is coated with a dark energy and seithr which also branches out wildly to disrupt the projectiles coming their way by eating their energy.
Using the combined powers of Ragna’s Azure Grimoire being channeled into Blood Scythe and the magical energy of Erza’s Fairy Armor, the two stick both their swords side by side. What comes out next is amazing… A wave of blue and black energy combined from both of their power is shot out straight at Yukari in an amazing speed.

The wave slowly turns into a head of the Black Beast with glowing head eyes headed straight at her very quickly barely giving enough time for reaction.

Oct 16, 2013 at 08:56PM EDT

“You expected daylight to protect you?”

The interdimensional catastrophe over cookies and religion managed to screw the very concept of “balance between worlds”, causing small vortexes to open, leaving doors were one can pass through one dimension to other. In Spark’ earth, the situation is out of control: Several holes randomly appearing on the streets, leaving elderitch abominations on the streets, flying monsters on the sky, forcing the president to trust in PAF military forces to secure the city and the whole damn world. In Mobius, holes can be seen on the surface of this dead planet but luckily, they are not big enough to let a beast pass through. The soldiers in the Commander helicarrier REFUSE to tell our heroes about the situation in both planets since the Clonel strongly believes that he has everything under control. The truth is..this is beyond his comprehension.
In Magnolia, a SINGLE hole appears in the middle of the forest, near the Fairy Guild. A creature steps in, quickly hiding in the shadows the trees offer while seeking for his next meal. Of this monster, there is no history, only stories. It is said that when God created the light, the dawn of the First Day wiped out every night creature on Earth. All, that is, save one. It is said that he created the role of night terror, a true boogeyman, the thing that keeps you awake at night, that feeling under your skin of being watched, the stalker of the unwary, the defenseless, those who have strayed beyond the lighted paths or denied the warnings of their communities. Deep in the shadows, following the moon, under your bed or behind your wardrobe, the Nightstalker’ hunt begins in Magnolia as the sun slowly hides, leaving the field for the darkness to arrive. May God be merciful with those poor souls who would likely never survive in the dark fields and would never see daylight again. The right man in the wrong place can make all the the world. So, wake up my dear children…Dare to look in the darkest corners of your house…the Stalker might be there waiting..stalking…watching…Devil by day, demon by night.
Day walkers die.

And so the night being known as Nightstalker slowly spreads terror in Magnolia. By the time the Fairy Tail and the rest of the heroes arrive, stories and myths will be spreading around the town. The Nighstalker’ hunt begins with the death of a unknown fisherman (Not Lancer, just another random fisherman who likes to go alone in the middle of the night to search for an adventure). As the week goes, a man or even a child dies at the hands of the Nightstalker every day, every night, every moon. Nothing left behind as if the victim dissapeared in thin air.

Oct 17, 2013 at 09:28AM EDT

@Combined attack

Tsunarmin: Forget someone? The power that keeps Crystals from falling into the wrong hands should not be overlooked!

The guardian creature flies next to the two, and utilises Hydro Claw. The water energy is put into the attack as well. The wave has cyan parts now, and the head would also be accompanied by two crablike claws. These claws are where the water energy would go, so as such they are just cyan masses. In addition to this, Tsunarmin herself proceeds to cast Tsunami, which in turn gets pulled into the attack.

Oct 17, 2013 at 01:19PM EDT

Yukari smirks at the trinity attack as it flys towards her.

Yukari: “Oh suddenly friendship power ups. Such an amusing thing.”

She opens a portal up in front of her…

Yukari: “RAN!”

Ran takes the blow and disrupts it, causing the energy to disrupt and explode….

Ran falls bleeding back into the universe…

Yukaki: “Oh my, you killed Ran, you bastard.”

She doesn’t seem moved in the slightest.

Yukari: “That indeed was a strong attack.”

She begins to glow purple, and vanishes….

…. but she feels close… almost too close… it feels like you are within her…

Reimu looks down at the Final Destination


But it’s no use… the one being Targeted can’t fly.

Yukari’s voice echos all around them.

Yukari: "Now then Mr. Ragna. Do you view yourself as Human? Or a Monster?*

The Energy Crown surrounds Ragna…

Yukari: “I take it as a Human. Pity that is about to change…”

Reimu: “RUN! RAGNA! RUN!”

Too Late, Ranga’s powers go out of control, his heart is filled with endless despair, and he quite quickly explodes into the Black Beast.

(He will remain the black beast for 70 Seconds before abruptly turning back. Have fun Rampaging, Zar~)

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Oct 17, 2013 at 03:49PM EDT

Tsunarmin VERY QUICKLY decides to get away from the battlefield. She locates Reimu from her voice and flies the guardian creature to where she is. She’s seen what it could do a few months ago, through one of the first usages of the observation spell. Heh, the 3 Order mages who were in that battle have all become quite a bit more powerful since then. Even if one case is mostly OYH

Oct 17, 2013 at 03:55PM EDT

@Final Destination,

After the attack hits Ran, Ragna drops back down to the floating platform of Final Destination.
Ragna: Using your minions for cannon fodder? Here I thought you couldn’t get any lower!
He grips Blood Scythe tightly in his hand as soon as Yukari vanishes.
Ragna: Stop playing your damn games!
Ragna hears Reimu yell at him to get away… But it’s too late….

Ragna suddenly explodes with dark violet and black energy all around him. He grits his teeth as he tries to keep hold of his powers.

He keeps trying to contain the Azure Grimoire’s power as the cap to it opens even when he did not command it.
Ragna: WH-WHAT?!
His heart and soul begins to get flooded by memories of his past, fire, burning, darkness, no salvation…
Ragna: STOOOOOP!!!!
He clenches his his hand and swings out Blood Scythe to the side, forcing his eyes closed as the anguish floods into his very being. A continuous vortex of inky black continues to spin up around him as the star-shape circles him.

Pain and sorrow continue to course through his very being. Ragna has always said that he would fight as a human until the very end… I guess that this is the end for the Ragna that we all know. The twister gets faster and the violet purple changes to a bloody red color, sending out ginormous wind currents that would push anyone who is standing still back by creating a shockwave.

Through the slightly transparent mass of darkness you can see Ragna hunched over with his right hand shaking violently. Blood Scythe is dropped to the ground because of this. A bright purple field surrounds him inside the vortex that seems to distort everything inside of it. Ragna is screaming in anguish, not trying to accept this reality…

And then… He moves his mouth. He is whispering, but everyone can hear it…
Ragna: Alright, I’ll do it…
His skin develops a grayish coloring from distortion in pigments. The field around him inside of the tornado turns back into a violet purple.
Ragna: This world disgusts me…
His teeth get sharper than razors as his mouth begins to distort into a vile black maw that is twisted into a terrifying smile. Everyone should be quaking in their boots right about now.
Ragna: I’ll take it all…
Red and black lightning begins to crackle around his right arm and face as both his eyes begin to glow a crimson red color. The entire platform begins to shake and tremble at such power being released. The Azure Grimoire is absolutely spilling out bright crimson energy as this happens, flooding the immediate area with a blazing red light.

The twister around Ragna explodes violently as it dramatically increases in size, now towering thousands of feet above Final Destination. The cyclone now has a dark black coloring to it with a red outline as it spins horrifyingly. Bright purple lightning cracks in several places an an infernal bloody red light shines down upon the universe below.

The field around Ragna then disperses, revealing a true monster…
Ragna: Ahahaha… AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
His voice is distorted by the power of the Azure that he wields. His skin is dark black and his right arm is extremely deformed… It is very large and bloated with a single red eye that is open in it. The bright red claws on the fingers of the beast are sharper than steel. Everyone can see that there is a sort of black exoskeleton on his right arm that is home to many bright glowing, bright red veins are home to. They run from the monstrous hand all the way up to his shoulder. The monster that was once Ragna is smiling a horrible and toothy grin with a mouth that is full of pearly white knives. Serpentine necks and heads of the Black Beast form from under his very feet as the coil up and around him.

His grin looks insane and causes nearly everyone to quake in fear at the monster standing before them, even the ones below them right now. This is what true fear feels like… Standing in the very face of your demise. His gaze catches Erza who should be downright shaking in her armor right now… A bright red eye then looks at Tsunarmin…
Ragna: The weak won’t be spared…
His right hand quickly shoots out at Tsunarmin as he just stands there. The water mage can sense an extremely dark presence emanating from Ragna right now that fills her full of fear and dread.


No one can believe their eyes.

Tager takes a few steps back, gasping.
Tager: No! It can’t be!

Saya can hardly believe her eyes at the monstrosity her brother has turned into.
Tears quickly stream down her face as she tries to deny the fact.
She bangs her fist against the window and quickly flees to the nearest person’s embrace, that of which being Juvia. Ragna’s sister cries into Juvia’s clothes, still trying to deny the fact. She can hardly speak without her words wavering, just from being so shocked.

Meanwhile, Hakumen immediately notices the disruption at Final Destination.
Hakumen: The Beast!
The White Knight quickly puts a hand on the hilt of Ookami and unsheathes the massive blade.

He intends to destroy the Beast…

Jin is currently having a breakdown over his brother right now. His emotions are failing him… He is basically acting the same as Saya right now.
Words are failing him right now. He still cares for his brother, but yet he is this. The power of Yukianesa is telling him to kill his brother, but his emotions are telling him not too. He can’t handle this.

Meanwhile with Kokonoe…
Kokonoe: This is bad…
She stares at her computer screen, beginning to sweat under her eye. Her pupils have become slit as a sign of danger.

She cannot do anything as of now because Final Destination is outside of reality. She will just have to wait it out…

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Oct 17, 2013 at 05:14PM EDT

Everyone is shocked and horrified at the transformation. Various murmurs are strewn about.
Falcon: Jesus… Wasn’t there for it… but now I am.
Jotaro: Ken… You were around for this beast, right?
Ken: Yes, I was. However… It was different back then…
Doomguy: Jesus christ, I remember you telling us about it… it must have been HUGE
In Doomguy’s head, Id pipes in.


Maledict just calmly gets out of his chair. If you can sense power, Maledict’s has increased by an insane amount. His power was barely readable at first, but now he’s noticeable.
Maledict: I swear to god, Gap hag, If he goes out of control i’m eradicating him, AND you. And, when you’re both DEAD, you’ll both be my personal servants. You got that? Because I REALLY don’t want to enslave someone as… Beautiful as you.
The word Beautiful sounded somewhat strained, as if he didn’t want to say it but had to.

Oct 17, 2013 at 05:24PM EDT

Meredith is absolutely terrified. Mentally she just keeps telling herself how even if she dies here how she won’t truly die. Those thoughts are still not helping her. She is absolutely terrified, simply because she doesn’t know if she can do anything. She just feels powerless and leaves the room. When outside, she just slinks to the floor in tears.

Deus meus. I hate this! I just feel so useless right now! I have all these abilities and powers at my disposal, but because of where he is.. I- I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it!
She tries to wipe the tears away.
Hah… this is so pathetic of me right now…
She just continues to sit there, watching the battle, and praying for the best outcome. She hopes she’ll be able to think of a way to end this.

Oct 17, 2013 at 06:40PM EDT

everyone is in sheer terror for what they see before them. They see the truth behind ragnas dark power of his azure. He had transformed into an abomination of terror incarnate.

medusa meets up with werever yukari is hiding in sfter her leave to observe what is about to take place.

Medusa: my my, so this is the power of the black beast. Its so… Beautiful. The terror, the anguish, the suffering. This will surely spread terror all over the universe, causing people to be infected by asuras madness as we speak. If this goes on for a while, asura would have begun a new golden age of madness.*

medusa observes what is going on with her crystal ball which she summons a portal to retrieve.

Medusa: now, lets see who would be the first victim.

@kokonoe or juvei or whoever could hear makarov

everyone is looking up in the sky to see what had become of ragna. Most of the members cannot bare to look at him. They feel unrelenting terror surging through them like a cancer in their bodies

makarov reaches for his code, hands shaking as he trues to contact kokonoe. He feels more remorse and sadness than fear, for having to see such a cruel thing happen to ragna, a new member of fairy tail

Makarov: kokonoe, jubei, anyone? Can you… Can you tell me what has befallen before our ragna?

he cannot believe that this is happening.

@the medical bay on sparks ship
a grand mix of emotions are overwhelming Fairy Tail. For thr first time, they see the sheer horror that is the black beast. Some of the little ones like wendy, levy, carla, and cana faint at the sight of it. The horror of it is just too much for them to handle.

juvia embraces saya as she cannot handle the sight of seeing her brother transformed into the monster within him. She cannot to bear the sight as well as she pulls her away from the windoe and on a couple of chairs nearby. Juvia weeps for saya as well.

the other members are horrified to death. They cant seem to look away, they just cant believe what he has become.

Gajeel: thats… Ragna?

Gray: that bitch…. What did she do?

Lucy: ragna….. How?

Mirajane: that is what fear looks like?

Natsu: the black beast….

Laxus: thats what the black beast looks like?

Natsu: the damn bitch somehow used a spell to awaken the beast within him….

Levy: and what about erza… She is on there still with the others….

Lucy: how can they get out of there? How can they save them, or ragna?

natsu clenches his fists, but can barely feel any strength in his body, the black beast is too much for even him.

he turns his head to hakumen, who already has his sword in hand.

Natsu: hakumen, what now? What do now?

Laxus: how was the black beast whencyou fought it?

Lucy: is there a way to save ragna and the others?

they all fear for the worst.

@final destination

erza had a front row seat of the whole transformation, she is almost paralyzed in fear as she tries to step away from him.

Erza: ragna….. Ragna!

she is so terrified that she is in tears

Erza: ranga please, snap out of it. You are not the beast. I know you are still there.

she is a couple steps away from the furthest edge away from ragna. She looks at the universe below her before looking back. Even if she flew she could not escape the fear. So she musters up any shards of courage left eithin her that was shattered by the black beast.

Erza: ragna…. Please… Come back to us…..

she holds both of her swords out in fromt of her, the sword in her left hand across her body as the one in the right is pointed at ragna, her bidy is trembling and fighting to regain her composure.

Erza: i dont… I dont want to hurt you….

she does everything to hold her ground, despite the horror which lays before her.

@ragna in beast form

you hear asuras voice in your head.

Asura: thats right ragna, there is no use fighting it anymore. Become that which you were destined to be. Let go of all of those useless emotions and feelings that makes humanity weak. Unleash the beast within and be the key that unlocks the new era if madness.

Begin by devouring the soul of that pathetic water mage and her guardian. Endulge in their anguish as your fangs sink deep into her soul as you rip it out if her and feed upon it.

Oct 17, 2013 at 08:29PM EDT

Marisa just stares up at the horrifying image…

It’s… Orochi… D- Ragna is the 8 Headed Dragon Demon!


Even in her “Hiding Spot”, Yukari still looks like a purple phantom.

Yukari: “Ȕ̶͔̥͖̲ͭͪͧ̐ͮͅn̨̦̬̤̳ͩf̱̖̺̖͉͉o̷̲̻̲̮͚̘r̶̺͇̗͙̜̰̘ͣṭ̩̜͕̈͌̈̏̀̂ṷ̴̗͊̿̅na̝̥̿͆̽͐̏͗̐ͅt̛͌ͨ́̍̈́̚e͗̀l̸̜͛͐̓ͨͣ̍̇y͓̖͎̲̳ͬͩ̌ͅͅ,̻ͬ̒ͯ ̬̯̱͓̪ͮ̊̊͋̔͢I̲̖͈͌ͯ̄̉̔ ͥp̊̐̒͌̑̀̈͞ŕ̼ͭͮ͘e͖̦t͖͉̠̮̻͂͂̅ͮ̆̐̉t͈̏ȳ͎̭͈̥͚͈̝̾̊̑ ̭͕̲̞̒̿̈́͂ͬm̖͙̝̙̠̭̙ͣ͛̉u̩̯͓̩͕̩̽ͮc̗̯̉̾̓ͬh̩̝͇̱ ͚̫̮ḙ̤̜̟͙̟̜̒xͮ҉̠̭͉̞̟̥h̞͕̟̘̒ͪ͒a̘̣͎͖̪̰̱͋ͤ͒ͩ͑͒̅u̳̩͚̲ͫͤ̚s͕̘̰̭͚̍͟t̠͎̹̪̥̠͇͆ͫ͒̈́e̜̭̦̘͛̈́̈́̆́̓d̘̹̘͎̝̹̠̒͛ͣ̌͡ ̄ͣṯ̻̱h̰̳͖̩̞͂e̾ͨ̿̇̐̇͆ ̝͈̟ͤs͈ͦ͆͒ͮ͆̓̚͜p͕̼̠͙̦̣̑͐͊̌e̲̪̎͑͜ḷͩͣl̴͌̈̏ ̧̰̦̲̯̟̈ͨ̐ţ̯̟ͥ͆͛̓̆̔rͮ͝ÿ̴̞͓̠̮̩̙̊ͮͧͫͅi͙ͯ͆̅̑ͮ̃ͬn̷̝̝͇̜̞̓ͅg̶̲̞͙͊͂ͦͭ ̻̞͙̯ͭ͗̽̒̐ͧ̚͠ͅt̩͞o̱̻͍͈̬̳̎̄ͣ̍̑͗̚ ͎ͪ̅͐c͖̫̀ͮ̉͝a̻̭̺̟̒̐̎s̗͖͙̆ͥ̒̅ͧt̠̼̫͍͔̦ͥ͊̋̓̓ͫ͘ ̘̺͋̿̈ͩ̌͊͝i̵͙͉͕̰̣͐̏̓ͩͨͫ̊t ̶̗̮͕̳̪̘̿ͩͭ̎ͯ̎o͍͖̪̘̻̺ͬͤͧń̝̲̘̼͍̣̏́ͣ̒͊̄͟ ̭̣͋͢t̃҉̙̭̥̥̰͈ͅh̬̳͇̼̎͜éͩ͐͑̿̓̚҉̯̰̹ ̫̪̜̥̰̝̪́̾ͨú̬͖͎͚̣̉͠ͅn̸͍̣̹̗̺͖ͣi͗̈̂͗̃͋v̧ě̮̞͙̩͈ͤͫ̈̀̆ͥͅr͇͎̫͇̻̩͙̐͗̌ͩ̿ͤͬs͚̺̰̤̝͗ͤ̚e͉ͣ͛͟ ̤̗i̖̘̼̾̀t̜͈şͭ̓͌̿̓̍ĕ̫͖̭̞ͪͫ̑̂̈͂̕ḽ̢̺̽͛̀͐̐͆̈f̗̠̻̅̑̀͢.͈̟̋̋ͅ ͕̥͓̈́ͅI͖̤̤̳̫͍ͅ ͖ͤ̍̔̃̚͟c̥ͬa̧̹̰͙̙͍͒ņ̰͙̤͑ͬ̀̓ ͇̟̫̲̬̘̮ͮk͕̪̺͔̙͔̍̿ͅe͔͕e̖̝̞̻̭̰̻ͮ͐ͮͯ̒̎̄̀p̬̫͎̗ͮ̄̅̕ ̻̋̊̆͗̀̌ĩ͎̺̣̻̙̀́͗͠t̲͚̦̟͓̘̀ͅ ̨ͭͤ̓ͪ̈́u͉͋p̬͙̥̩ ̭̲͖͓̞̝̩f̟̱͉̠̩͕͍ͫ̄ͥ̃̎̌̀o̙̱̫͓͔͖ͭ̂̎̑̒̍ͮͅr̲̀̃̀̌̚ ̖̍ͭa̫̱̣̺̾͑̾ͬ͑̅͗ ̷̟̰̮͎̫̟l̜̘̤̪͖ͣ̑̌͘ͅi̮͈̲̅t̖͔̾͒͌̀ͅt͔̰͇̅̽ͅl̘͙̻̉͑̎̇̿̃̚e̼̪͈̙̣̣̓̋͐̒̾ ̖̓ͦo̝͠v͍̦̠͙͇ͧ̈̋e̸̠̅̌̾͐̓ř̝͇̞͠ ̤̟̓̽̓̅̀̓͡ą͙̼ͯͬ̎͆͊ͦ ̞͎̠̫͂ͤͯm̩̥͙͖̝̖̦̚i͚̫͕͇ͮ̾̓͌ͣ̅ͩn̡̲͔̞͍͚̞͓͌͐̈́̑̌ͦű͈̭͇̗̹̮͔̉͗͗̎͋ͥ͘t̳͉ȅ̢̐͗̄̍.̠̝̗͙͈͖̀ͨͅ”

She isn’t in her entirety. Part of her physical body must be off maintaining the spell.

Back in Final Destination, Reimu remains scilent… she remembers the horrible nightmare Marisa had turned into the day they originally fought Yukari. It won’t last long, but Ragna would quickly sabotage the operation.

I’m Sorry, Ragna.

She holds up two cards… Fantasy Seal, and what seems to be a Last Word of Fantasy Seal…


She charges straight at Ragna, Multicolored Crystal Orbs emerging from her.

This will do jack to him… but this is a bait.

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Oct 17, 2013 at 09:04PM EDT


Jubei is actually standing right beside Makarov right now. The old cat had come to see all the commotion. Jubei had to face the Black Beast along with Hakumen and the other Six Heroes. He still remembers it to this day as one of the darkest times in his entire life.
Jubei: Yep…
All Jubei can do is feel remorse for his student.
Jubei: That’s Ragna… The Azure got to ’im…

The old cat continues to look up at the sky where the battle is taking place. He doesn’t really have any words for the situation.
Jubei: Ah’m sorry, Ragna… Ah’m sorry that this had to happen…

Kokonoe patches Makarov in on the codec.

Kokonoe: That’s the Black Beast you’re looking at right now, or what will soon be it… Kid hasn’t undergone the full transformation yet. I’m picking up some signals that make it seem like he was… forced to transform.
She is still undergoing more scans on the phenomena event taking place right now.

@Medical bay,

Tager: B-B-But that’s impossible! How could he have transformed right now?!
Tager can’t even begin to describe what he is feeling. It is a mix of utter fear and confusion on how the Beast came to be as of now. Both hands are on his head trying to process the situation.

Saya is still crying into Juvia’s clothes, tears absolutely staining them. She can’t believe what has become of her brother. She somewhat remembers this, but at the same time she doesn’t. An influx of sadness and misery continue to wash over her.
This is all she can say as she sniffles with a stuffy nose and beats a hand softly against Juvia, still trying to deny the fact that her brother is this monstrosity.

Meanwhile Hakumen is with the main group still… He has his sword in a single hand. He looks down at the two dragonslayers and Lucy.
Hakumen: The creature you see before you is but a cocoon of darkness with the inside festering in a disgusting puss of hunger and madness. This is not the true form of the Beast, but only a margin of what the monstrosity actually is.
He then turns his head towards the platform in the sky of Final Destination.
Hakumen: There was an influx of energy invoked from the gap hag before the Dark One began his transformation. The vile witch has to have forced him to undergo what lies inside of his very soul.
He then turns his attention to Lucy.
Hakumen: … Save them? The magic that was invoked here could not even match the true power needed to awaken the full Black Beast.
The White Knight develops a brilliant aura of blue envelops his entire body as he holds the sword in both hands. This aura seems somewhat comforting to everyone…

He then hoists his sword above his head.
Hakumen: There could still be a chance to save them. I will not stand here and watch this nightmare come to fruition.
He slashes downwards with a might slash, cutting a brilliant white portal into the air.
Hakumen: Stay here. It is for your own good.
He then puts the nodachi back in a single hand.
Hakumen: None of you could stand up to this monster…
And with these words said, Hakumen steps through the portal.

@Final Destination,

The bloated hand of what was once Ragna grabs Tsunarmin straight off of the water creature that she is riding on right now. The gigantic storm would quickly dis-spell the Guardian and absorb it into the bountiful swirling horror. The water mage is quickly reeled back in towards Ragna. The Beast lets her down in front of him. She should be downright terrified staring the thing face to face. Ragna is currently not interested in Erza at the moment. The most he does right now is just give her a glare that would immediately make her back off as Tsunarmin stands there before him. He hears all of the voices from Asura in his head and he immediately smiles with a twisted grin that shows his teeth.
The monstrosity plunges a hand into Tsunarmin’s chest and pulls out a bright red chain that gives off a glowing mist. Everyone should feel another wave of even more powerful fear wash over them… They should be feeling the most primal version of fear imaginable, because what Ragna just pulled out was a chunk of Tsunarmin’s soul that is still attached to the body.
Ragna: Become one with ME! It will be absolutely DELIGHTFUL!
The monstrosity laughs as he yanks the chain with his gigantic hand. Several heads of the Black Beast also take to the feeding… They latch onto her body and bite down, consuming the flesh. She is being eaten alive right in front of everyone. She nears the Beast, a bloody trail behind her. She is still alive enough to see her last moments. She is now right in front of him…
Ragna: Hehehe… Afraid? Don’t worry… You won’t be feeling anything soon… Free at last.
Ragna pulls her in close to him. What everyone can see next is absolutely horrifying… Tsunarmin begins getting absorbed into Ragna while she is still conscious. His jacket almost seems as if it his is skin… Tsunarmin slowly begins to “heal into” Ragna as his skin stretches over her like some sort of twisted feeding process.
Ragna: Ehehehe…
To speed up the process of being absorbed, black tentacles with a red outline burst out from Ragna’s flesh around the remains of the still-conscious Tsunarmin and pull her in extremely quickly. After just mere moments, Tsunarmin is fully absorbed into the darkness as the tendrils settle back down and fuse back with Ragna’s body.
Ragna: Delicious…
He looks up to see Reimu charging at him from above as the gigantic storm rages above them.
Ragna: Go away, insect!
He points towards Reimu, and one smaller head of the Black Beast darts straight at her with its maw wide open and Reimu flying straight at it. The head is smaller than the usual Black Beasts head, but it is still big. Ragna lets out a wicked cackle again…
After this, his eyes would make their way over to Erza again… The gaze of the Black Beast should absolutely paralyze her in fear. He had not directly looked at her before until now. This gaze is worse than the stare Acnologia… This is what it means to be afraid.
Ragna: Don’t be afraid, Erza… It’s me. Your friend… Ragna… Hehehehe…
He holds out his gigantic hand towards her position…



Well… I can re-edit the post IF YOU REALLY WANT ME TO, but in all honesty, you just played with fire Tardises. I hate killing other peoples characters. But none of your characters really have a personality as of now. They’re basically just all the same copy and paste characters with different elemental affinities. If I am screwing up the plan with your antagonists I am sorry and I don’t want anyone to get denied their chance at the spotlight. But you really were playing with fire and you just got burned. In this state it’s what he would do. No one is safe up here right now. Absolutely no one… You also told Natsuru that after all this is said and done that you would just put yourself down to Tarhdan, Pyralis, and Noctan, right? I’m willing to talk this over via PM if you have any complaints.

Once again. If I’ve upset you, I’m sorry. I ask for your forgiveness.

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OOC: I told you dog, I told you about vile sorcerers.

So sorry Tardises but you literally stepped to your own death the moment you sent her directly to Ragna.

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Oct 17, 2013 at 10:00PM EDT

She simply stares blankly at Tsunarmin’s demise. Perhaps she simply didn’t feel any attachment to that mage that she doesn’t care for her death. She simply continues to sit and watch and hope for the best.

Just make it out alive those that remain there… There’s nothing I can do right now. I’m sorry.

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I sentence you to dance until your sorcery dies.

Oct 17, 2013 at 11:05PM EDT

@guild hall
Everyone is mortified by the horrific scene they had witnessed. they had to advert their eyes from the process and cover their ears from the scene. some are screaming while others are crying and shouting for all of this to end.

Makarov: oh…. oh no….. that poor child……. damn that hag and her cursed sorcery…… makerove cannot help but to continue to watch. Erza…. dont give in….. i know your strong enough to save him, but please…… live through this….. please… he is almost to tears, for fearing of loosing one of his own.

it gets even worse for them. most of them hads to turn away from the scene. juvia just covers sayas ears with her hands that morph into water to block out most of whats going on. she is also trying all she can to look away from all of this as she continues to weep, tryning to block all of this out like the others.

the only people who can stomach the sight is natsu, gray, gajeel, laxus, and mirajane, everyone else is passed out or sulking with somebody, trying to wish all of this were to go away.

lucy: just let this nightmare end…. somebody wake me up from this…. it cant be real….

gajeel: that…… i cant even…. that mage girl….. shit…..

laxus: what the hell is going on here…. how can we stop it. this even has laxus scared, it only proves how horrifying the situation is.

Gray: the question is… how do we help erza and reimu. theyre still there.

natsu: erza, reimu, please, get out of there…… just run away… Hakumen, please save them all.

mirajane: he fought the black beast with the other heroes… im sure he can save them in this current situation…

Happy: please save them hakumen….

they continue to watch, hoping for the best outcome.


erza is trembling more than ever, her feet are as if welded onto the floor. she is paralyzed with fear and terror after witnessing first hand tsunarmin being devoured alive by both body and soul by the half beast that is ragna.

the energy around her swords are fey faint and flicker with little magic as erza cannot even have the willpower to channel her energy after witnessing such a horror.

Erza: Tsunarmin…. no…. how could you Ragna… no… your not ragna, your the madness within… the black beast…. Ragna would not have done such a thing and turn against an ally…. hes better than that… she shakes even more to the point that she can barely keep grip on her weapons.

Erza: i will stop you if i have to beast….. i am not….. afraid…. not of you… she begins to shed even more tears and lets loose her weapons and drops to her knees. unable to muster any hope of fighting back…. im not afraid… im not afraid of you… im not….

she is in such trauma that she begins to slowly loose her sanity. feeling the madness creeping up on her.

Erza: reimu… natsu… hakumen… master….. anyone……… help me….

Oct 17, 2013 at 11:06PM EDT

Before Tsumarin was consumed, Reimu had been blasted to Dust by the Black Beast Head…. increasing the shock value.

Reimu’s voice echo’s though Erza’s head.

If you give up, it’s over. That’s why…

Reimu rapidly reforms, displaying a power far greater than she has ever shown.


She flies straight at Beast Ragna… suddenly phasing though him as it turns out she is to the side… but no matter what way he looks she’s there but not… He’s Completely Surrounded!


The afterimages she left behind all form up and all launch Fantasy Seal at the exact same time, creating an insanely powerful storm of energy that engulfs Ragna from all directions, exploding over a dozen times before finally settling down…

Reimu settles down next to Erza… lightly rubbing her back…

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Part 1…


Jubei cringes at what he sees, Tsunarmin being devoured whole by the darkness that is the Azure. He has heard screams of the injured far-too-many a times during the Dark War… He fully sees what happens to Tsunarmin. He grits his teeth, wanting to be up there so he can save another life.
Jubei: Damn it… Damn it all… Ah’m sorry, kid…
This is all Jubei can say for Tsunarmin’s demise…
Jubei: Ah wish… Ah wish I coulda been there…
He continues to look up at Final Destination.
Jubei: Hang in there, Ragna…

Kokonoe cringes at seeing Tsunarmin absorbed by Ragna. Even the genius scientist doesn’t have any words for this event.
Kokonoe: Shit…
All she can do is watch in dismay as Ragna continues his onslaught on-board Final Destination.
Kokonoe: Get him, Hakumen…

@Medical bay,

Tager witnesses Tsunarmin’s demise as well… He can only stand there petrified at the sight that lay before his very eyes.
Tager: No… No… This…
He puts both hands in front of his eyes.
The Red Devil begins to panic at this sight… He can’t even begin to comprehend this.

Juvia’s spell does nothing to calm Saya down. She continues to weep over her brother as he wreaks havoc up on Final Destination. Saya can’t believe that she has lost her brother to this monster…

Jin is still having influxes of emotions coming from Yukianesa. He is unable to control himself and lays there on the floor having the worst breakdown imaginable right now. He has to kill his brother, but he still loves him. He can’t kill him but he has to… All these feelings wash over Jin like a water fall.

@Final Destination,

Before Reimu’s attack.

Ragna’s walk has turned into more of a slow shamble as he gets close to her. Tentacles begin to protrude out of his body as they wriggle in an attempt to grasp something that can be eaten… Ragna only smiles at Erza as she loses her self-confidence.
Ragna: Hehehehe… What’s the matter…? Afraid of little ol’ me…?
Ragna is mere inches away from the frail girl right now. He still smiles that wicked smile. All of the sudden, another tendril bursts from his face as his head twitches slightly.
Ragna: Didn’t you beat me in the tournament? What’s so different now, Erza…? What’s so different about me…? Ahahahahahaha….
He is now straight in front of Erza. Using his gigantic hand, he places a single claw tenderly under her chin and forces her to stand up to face him, even lifting her off the ground some.
Ragna: Oh… You look hardy…
A few of the pitch black tendrils from Ragna’s body start exploring Erza… A few of them pierce directly through Erza and her armor. She can feel them squirming around inside her body as she feels like she is being drained.
Ragna: Hehehe… I was right… Your soul is strong.
The tentacle that is on Ragna’s face makes its way into Erza’s mouth and begins to wriggle around in there as she screams. It extends so that it can make its way up the back of her throat and into her nasal cavity, the tip of it coming out through her nose now.
Ragna: Your muffled screams for help won’t get you anywhere, my dear…
The Half-Beast Ragna unhinges his jaw so wide that it would fit Erza’s entire head in his gaping maw. It’s like she is looking down into the abyss itself. She can see what looks like a black void at the end of the tunnel. She can see diseased-looking tongue as it slowly reaches up for her. She can also see all of the pearly white knives that he has for teeth. What lies before her is her demise with infinite darkness…

And then Reimu attacks…

Before Ragna can bite Erza’s head off, he gets hit by the Fantasy Seal Blink. He looks around, trying to find out where Reimu is, but it is too late for him…. He is hit from all sides dozens of times as a shining light fills the area before Erza. While she is being comforted by Reimu after this, a new wave of terror completely makes all sense of confidence of hope anyone had before flee in a split second… The dust abruptly clears by another black and red vortex that has Ragna inside of it…

The twisted laugh pierces everyone’s ears from all around. It sounds like it is coming from every direction imaginable. The storm above head gets even more fearsome and deadly, now raining down more lightning and swirling even more violently.


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Part 2…


Jubei feels hope fleeting his heart as this happens to his student… He can’t even say anything…
Jubei: Damn… GOD DAMN IT!
He looks up at the sky with a tear in his red eye…

Kokonoe’s scanners are going off the charts at the amount of energy by Ragna being output right now. Her monitors go crazy as all the radars spin around and go to the highest setting.
Her keyboard sparks violently and she is taken aback. She is planned for the worst…
Kokonoe: God… God damn it…
She knows what will happen next…

@Medical bay,

Tager catches the massive spike in energy coming from Final Destination.
Tager: W-What?!
His scanners are going off the charts right now.
Tager: What’s happening up there?! What if…
A look of dread suddenly sprawls across the Red Devil’s face.
He is trying to get everything sorted out right now and back to working in optimal conditions.

Saya keeps crying into Juvia’s chest. She glances at all the commotion while she is prepared for the worst. All of the sudden she feels the spike in energy as well… She then begins to cry even more than before. She knows what the Black Beast looks like from Nu’s memories. She can’t even keep herself together right now…

Meanwhile with Hazama and Relius…

Hazama is just enjoying watching all the chaos play out before his very eyes. As he sees Ragna begin his next transformation he can’t help but smile…
Hazama: BINGO!
He raises a fist in front of him.

Hazama: Hehehehehe! How’s it feel, Rags?!

Relius’ interest in this fight has just spiked… Viewing from a safe distance he begins to take mental notes of everything that is happening right now.
Relius: Intriguing… Very interesting indeed…
He scratches his chin as he continues to watch.

@Final Destination,

After a split second, a shockwave of dark explodes outwards with extreme force. The entire platform of Final Destination has to increase in size dramatically… Erza and Reimu can see a primordial black ooze headed straight for them. Everyone on the ground can see 8 serpentine heads rise up out a raging inferno. A wave of fear and terror washes over everyone, even worse than the last… This is the form of fear that was never supposed to be felt by any living being in their entire life. This is what true fear looks like… This is… The Black Beast.

All 8 heads give off a monstrous roar before immediately grabbing Erza and Reimu with two ginormous tentacles. One of the heads fires down a soul eating beam at the universe, making a devastating impact on it as soul chains of the unlucky are harnessed by the Black Beast. The monster begins to move the two girls towards another one of the heads… This snake head opens its mouth wide and they can see a raging inferno inside of it, accompanied by a black void. It is like they are looking at a portal straight to Hell… The two girls stare true fear down. Their spirits should be gone as they wait for their demise.

In an instant the two girls feel a very familiar presence. The presence of a man that could never be forgotten. The two next hear his triumphant voice filled with bravery as he stands in the faces of fear itself.
Hakumen: BEAST!
A glowing blue Hakumen readies his blade by putting it in front of him.

The White Knight of legend jumps at the two tentacles that have Erza and Reimu restrained. White lightning cracks behind him as he jumps… Reimu and Marisa could draw connections to the story of Yamata-no-Orochi and Susanoo, the Storm God.

Hakumen slices both of the tendrils that have taken hold of Reimu and Erza in one swift sweep of the Blade of the Howling God, Ookami. After this, he falls back down to the ground with Erza and Reimu…
Hakumen: Stay here. It is too dangerous for either of you.
The White Knight of legend faces the Black Beast in an epic showdown of history…
He stamps a foot down on the ground, cracking the platform of Final Destination.
A brilliant white aura begins to envelop Hakumen as he stares the monster down.
The White Knight’s hair begins to flow behind him wildly, just like in the legend. These two are witnessing history repeat itself… Even if it is just for 30 seconds. White lightning begins to crackle all around Hakumen as the entire platform of Final Destination shakes from his might. He puts Ookami in front of him, which further increases the power being put out.

He grips his left hand together in a fist as all the eyes on his armor shine brightly.
Hakumen: I AM HAKUMEN!
Swinging his blade out to the side again, he takes a step forwards towards the Black Beast of legend…

Hakumen jumps at the Beast, having invoked the Power of Order to help him in this fight… The others can see Hakumen fight the Beast all on his own, him jumping all around the place and slicing off its tendrils and making gigantic cuts across its heads with Ookami.

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OOC: You KNOW that my time is limited, so I really consider it unfair to do something like that when I CANNOT POSSIBLY REACT DUE TO TIME RELATED STUFF. And yes, you did screw up the plan I was going for. I was actually not going to be sending Pyralis or Noctan to fight Iblan’s group, anyway, so that argument isn’t really valid… yet. They would have had their time later. Because of so many responses though, I cannot simply claim it didn’t happen… There is really only one possible solution to this, and even then it will permanently depower her quite a bit. The only solution that will make the reactions make sense as well as not screw up my own plans is that the guardian creature took the attack instead, and is now gone. This will also shake her up emotionally a bit, of course. Let’s just say that while the guardian creature is now gone, she’s still trapped inside the Beast. Hanging onto existence, just trapped. In a way, I feel this would also actually work pretty well for some long term effects. This will also put her out of the entire rest of the battle. I will be making the post according to what happened in regards to the guardian creature taking the actual attack instead. But no one actually knows this is the case… yet…


Almost every Order mage has witnessed what just seemingly happened…

Pitchurn: No…

The dark elemental archmage has no words to say, she just… stands there…

in the medical bay…

Noctan: That… that’s just not right…

Pyralis: Damn it, if only we were more powerful…

Ignis: I… I don’t know what to say…


Granatir is not the only one pissed off…


Tahrdan just takes his sword and starts slashing wildly at anything nearby. He actually gains a red glow as he enters a berserk rage. If anyone were to try and subdue him by force, OYH would stop any attempt.

There is one more observer who can really react to this, on a battlefield…

Immolan: Heh, just five more to go….

Obviously he enjoys it, as this would be one step closer to his goal.

But of course things are not entirely as they seem. As within the Beast itself…


???: The guardian creature…. It gave its life to save me….

Tsunarmin still exists! But, she is lost in thoughts and emotion, and as such will not be responding to any external events for quite some time. This is a pretty nasty blow to the water elemental archmage, and not because it weakens her. After all, she did just fine without it for years. But considering it was in a way part of who she is in a way that is more emotional than physical… yeah, she aint gonna recover for quite some time.

OOC: I think it’d make more sense for the more powerful being of the two to be the one lost, anyway. How can a beast tell the difference, anyway?

Oct 18, 2013 at 01:45PM EDT

During the whole ordeal, Red was perched on a piece of medical equipment, lost in reading the modern dictionary that he was given.

Oh… Okay. Uhh… Something’s been going on and I missed it, then? Okay, well then! Things are starting to get a bit loud, so… He dismounts his perch I’m going to go find this airship’s privy, er, “bathroom,” and ponder the queer tongue of this “space age.” Unless it is to offer me a job, please don’t disturb me.

Red grumbles something about all the shite he’s gone through and how people find the most inconsiderate times to die and leaves the room

Oct 18, 2013 at 04:00PM EDT


Note: The Time Limit on the Spell has worn off by now. You guys can do a Before post if you want one last strike.


The Crown slowly breaks down and shatters, and the energy maintaining the transformation rapidly dispels from the Black Beast and Ragna is restored, though is massively hurt by the damage he took from everyone’s attacks.

Everyone gets a moment of Silence before Yukari re-emerges.

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@ragna before he transform full beast

erzas mind goes numb as she is caressed by the appendages of the black beast. Her mind is slowly wavering to madness.

the others cant bear to watch as they see what is about to happen before them. to see Erza fall before that which used to be ragna, a guild member and friend.

they cannot bear for the worst, until reimu returns and frees her from the beasts grasps. she lies on the ground, eyes completely void of any life. *her mind is but fragments away from madness.

@the true black beast
everyone is completely at awe for words to describe the horror that lies within Ragna. they cover their ears for the deathly roars that echo through their ears from the beast.

everyone can barely do anything for the sight of the black beast.

Gajeel: thats the full beast… holy shit…

laxus: …….

Natsu: its just like before….

Gray: before?

Mirajane: on tenrou island….

lucy: you mean….

Natsu: acnologia… the black dragon…

flashbacks and memories of that day return to them. this is the exact feeling they felt when they first encountered The baAck dragon.

when the black beast grabs erza with its appendage. she flickers back to light, just to see the void inside of its mouth.

Erza: …….

her mind is lost within the madness about to consume her…. until

she hears hakuens voice, which is like a light at the end of a dark tunnel. she fells some form of life brought back to her after she is brought back down to the ground and sees him to combat the demon.

everyone if FT is relieved to see her saved from the black beasts clutches and begin to have hope returning to them.

Erza: ha… kumen…. I

she barely manages to crawl u to her kness, having her wounds from ragna from earlier. She hears hakumens words as he faces to combat the beast. She feels remorseful for having given up on herself to the fear and terror of the beast. she was mere seconds away from death, until hakumens divine intervention.

Erza: im sorry… everyone… I… let you all down.. she stands back up onto her feet. despite all that has happened. But now… it wont happen again i swear….

everyone can see erza on the platform, as well as hakumen fighting the beast. Erza still shows signs of fighting, despite the odds. she begins to be overwhelmed with magic energy ash she rebuild her courage and confidence in herself. the sight bring back hope to everyone as they see her stand defiant against the black beast.


Erza bursts into a spiral of magic energy as she once again adorns the Armour of nagakami.

she is surrounded by a light blue vortex of magical energy that quickly restores everyones faith in not only themselves, but Erza as well.


everyone in fairy tail begins to take the sight in and have their hearts filled with hope once more. she is going to fight terror incarnate, shing the universe that fear can be beaten if you have the courage to stand up to it. because of hakumen, erza was able to gain the strength to get back up and stand firm against it.


She puts her hand on the blade of her weapon and the magic glows with ahue of energy and brushes her hand along the blade of it. the magical energy around her forms into a phantasmal blade that is at least 5 tomes the size of the normal blade on it.


the end of her weapon is shaped into a ghostly like weapon that flickers in and out of reality, like that of a specter. Okkams Mindrazor is a spell that channels the users willpower into an ethereal weapon that doesnt cut through the flesh of its users enemies. it directly tagets their minds the mind believes that it is being killed or injured by the blade, thus either die or feel the full force of the attack.

Everyone in FT begin to raise their hands up in the air like so. this is a hand sign that says “no matter what, we are always with you, watching over you.”

Makarov: no matter how far you are. we are always by your side.

medical deck.

Gray: were always watching over you.

natsu: dont ever give up erza. We are all here with you.

they all have newfound hope thanks to erza, as well as hakumen who allowed her to regain her strength to fight on.

erza grasps her blade with both her hands and readies to strike at the beast.

Erza: I WILL NOT FEAR YOU ANYMORE BLACK BEAST. the blade suddenly increases in size to about 6 feet tall and two feet wide. it flickers with a lot more energy as erza willpower increases to try and match hakumen. I WILL STAND STRONG AGAINST YOU. the blade increases to about 8 feet long. a few of the black beasts heads catch their attention onto erza
I WILL BE THE LIGHT THAT SHINES THROUGH DARKNESS. her mindazor blade is now 10 feet long and almost looks like it distorts reality around it. three of the black breasts heads lunge at her.

erza runs forward with blade in hand and jumps up into the air to meet the three serpents heads.


she then swings the Mindrazor blade across and it meets the three heads of the Black beasts. it phases through them as if it was nothing as she brings the blade all the way through all of their heads and passes by them unharmed. the three heads of the beasts suddenly spasm into a frenzy of pain that quickly spreads throughout the rest of the beasts. Erzas will and conviction was absolute. she had conquered her fears and used her strength to cut through the frail mind of the black beast as it continues to scream in pain from her attack.

Erza: hakumen, thank you for giving me the strength to fight once more.

she joins hakumen for the few remaining seconds of the fight before the spell is finished. each swing of the mindrazor cuts into the mind of the beasts with each strike.

the others continue to watch as they regain their courage from the two heroes fighting the beast, remembering that so long as you never give in to your fears, you will always have the strength to fight.

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Oct 18, 2013 at 09:55PM EDT

@Final Destination,

Before the spell ends…

The onslaught from the two heroes weaken the Black Beast, but it is still as defiant and as strong as ever. Okkam’s Mind Razor of Erza’s makes the monstrosity spasm and become unpredictable with its attacking patterns. The creature lets out another almighty roar that pierces everyone’s ears as the clock ticks down…

Hakumen and Erza are both focused on the monster of legend.
Hakumen and Erza both slice at the Beast’s body at the same time. Their weapons create a wave of pure white energy that spirals and shifts around as it rockets towards the Blsck Beast.

The entire area of Final Destination is bathed in an extremely bright, white light engulfs all of Final Destination as the monster lets out screams of pain and anguish.

After the spell ends…

There is only silence for now…

The bright and true light clears from the area… What they can see next is absolutely heart-wrenching to everyone… They see Ragna slouched over some with his left hand over his face covering half of it, partially exposing his green eye. He is slightly hunched to the side. Everyone can make out that his entire right eye is black with a red center to it. It also appears to be leaking out a disgusting black and red fluid from it. His right arm appears to be glowing a dark red coloration as it slowly transforms back to normal… The expression on his face is absolutely mortified at what he has just done.

Unbeknownst to everyone else, Ragna was still fully conscious during the spell that Yukari cast. He could see everything that was happening, but couldn’t do a single thing about it… He saw himself absorbing Tsunarmin and him nearly eating Erza. He felt the pain of all the attacks that they used on him… He was trying desperately to regain control, but there was no hope.
Ragna: What… What am I…?
He drops down to his knees, still having the same look on his face of pure shock and terror.
Ragna: Why…
His eyes seem so empty and expressionless. He had witnessed the horror that he was capable of and has to live with the fact that he betrayed his master and one of his closest friends… He had promised that he would never let the Azure take him over. He promised to fight as a human until the very end…
Ragna: D-Damn it…
He looks over to the Tsunarmin who is laying right next to him.

The water mage is now covered in alabaster skin. The irises of her eyes are blood red and her hair is now completely white. All of the color of her skin is gone, and she looks like she just saw a ghost… She is still alive, but she is in a state of extreme shock. A major part of her soul chain was taken out. At most after this incident she only has 3 years left to live unless she is treated properly by using soul healing…

Ragna: What have I done…?
He slowly moves his attention away from Tsunarmin and looks directly at Erza. His right eye is still entirely black with the vile puss seeping out of it still.
Ragna: S-Stay away from me… I’m a monster…
He weakly holds his glowing right hand in front of him in an attempt to make her stay away from him.
Ragna: I…
He can’t even say any words anymore. He falls over on the ground, crying. He bangs his fist against the platform of Final Destination which seems to crack the place he is hitting. The tears seem to be shedding away the blackness from his eyes…
He never wanted this to happen… He thought he had enough self control over himself so that it would never happen… The Grim Reaper continues to slam his hand on the ground with a splitting headache from Erza’s attack. He seems to be broken…

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Oct 18, 2013 at 10:49PM EDT

Yukari’s voice echo’s throughout Final Destination

“You did tell me to fight seriously. Is this not what you asked for?”

She re-enters Final Destination

“I will tell you one thing though.”

“That spell proved what you are not.”

She sits down on her gap… gathering a ton of energy. A final attack is coming…

“For Boundaries are all about the Manipulation of Opposites.”

“And Violence is merely about taking away a persons options.”

Reimu pipes up

You Knew That Would Happen! That’s why you targeted Him!

“I am not stupid, Reimu. Had I targeted you, you would have been a useless Cat. Had I targeted Erza, she would have became a Lizard. Ragna on the other hand, he turned into Orochi. And everyone in the universe saw what is to happen when the madness and darkness comes to consume them.”

“This is what the universe must be ready for.”

“Not Asura, Not the Black Beast, But The Beast Within Themselfs. The very thing that Targets Madness.”

“Boundary of Life and Death”

White Beads of Non-being… growing until the butterflies of birth and life come out… followed by open eyes of learning…

“Lest there will be no conflict when everyone is within the hive mind of insanity.”

Each of these are a one-way ticket to The Netherworld. Getting touched by any of these is Instant Death. Fortunately, it’s easy to dodge at this stage…


Reimu uses the Exorcism Laser again, this time using Marisa’s Hakkuro to shoot it, gaining a significant power increase

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Oct 18, 2013 at 11:57PM EDT

OOC: Nice to see that no one has an issue with what I did for my last post, and adapting things to work with it. I handled it in such a way so that I could still complete the plan I had in regards to Iblan having her world’s Water Crystal. I’m sure 3 years in-rp is more than enough time to do it.

The hope spread everywhere amongst the Order mages, too. The main effect of this is that it calms Tahrdan down, so he can see what actually HAS happened.

At the Order HQ…

Pitchurn: I have a feeling that we should start looking for another water elemental mage to train up soon…

In the medical bay…

Granatir: It looks like she lives… But something is clearly different…

Noctan: What happened in there, even?

Pyralis: You do realise that could easily have been us last time, right?

Noctan: Could it?

(OOC: No, it couldn’t. They wouldn’t survive because they won’t have anything to take the main force of it for them.)

Tahrdan: …If that thing shows up again, I will do anything necessary, and I do mean ANYTHING, to ensure it is destroyed. Oh yeah, and that… that utter bitch who caused this to happen? If I get my hands on her, she’s dead.

He is speaking with an odd tone in his voice. It may be a good idea to keep an eye on him…

%{color:orange}Ignis: Something seems a bit odd with you all of a sudden…

Tsunarmin herself just sits there, sort of lost within her own mind.

Oct 19, 2013 at 05:55AM EDT

@*before yukaris return and after the beast.*

after the beast is gone and ragna and the others are revealed, there is a great mix of emotions. a great sense of relief, and at the same time remorse and sadness of ragnas breakdown, as well as tsunarmins critical condition.

erza meets up with hakumen as she sees ragna and tsunarmin lying there on the ground.

meanwhile medusa observed the whole fight and sees the imense power from the armour of nagakami.

Medusa: I’m sorry, but i think i’m done with this fight. So long as she retains such a powerful suit of armour, my powers would not stand a chance against her. Also with that knight still there, it makes things more one sided for me. So I’ll leave things in your hands Yukari, since I know they won’t kill you, I on the other hand will meet up with another friend of ours.

medusa opens a portal and exits the “hiding place before Yukari leaves it to fight.”

@ragna and tsunarmin.*

Erzas Mind Razor blade vanishes as she is finished using it, though still in her nagakami armour. She is relieved that the beast is gone once more, but is still full of remorse over Ragna and Tsunarmin.

Erza: Ragna… please…. Don’t think that any of this is your fault. she says with a heavy heart. what I saw was not you, but the beast. I know this because I know that is not who you are.

She looks over at Tsunarmins body. She walks over to her and puts her hands above her body while she stands and activates what remaining magic is inside of the Armour.

Erza: Cleansing Foam.

She uses the Remaining power to copy her cleansing foam spell to heal Tsunarmins physical wounds as well Her own and Ragnas. As she does this she cant help but shed a few tears over the whole situation.

Erza: This is not your fault at all Ragna, none of it is and it never was your fault. she says as she continues to use her magic to heal. We are all just victims of circumstances, nothing more. You have a dark past that still haunts you to this day.we all do, but there are times were you need to let them go. The reason you turned into the beast was because you still can’t accept what has happened to you and the past and let it go…… You need to accept what has happened, learn to forgive, and to move on.

her cleansing foam is done and uses her powers to send Tsunarmin back to the ship.


Erza: Meredith, please look out for her.

Using the last remaining fragments of her Armours magic, she warps Tsdunarmin back into the carriers medical bay and on one of the medical beds nearby Meredith and the others around.

As she finishes the magic, she is forced to requip back intro her Armadu Fairy.

@Back to Final Destination
Erza: Ragna, listen to me. she walks up to him and fall onto her knees and forcibly embraces him in her arms. Her armour protects her from the draining touch of his Azure grimoire on his right hand. No matter what happens, we will always be by your side no matter what. That is what it means to be a member of Fairy Fairy Tail. Your Family now…. and we always be there for you, through bot good and bad…. So please, dont’t ever think of yourself as a monster, because your not. Your Ragna of Fairy Tail…… And our friend….

she holds him tightly in her arms for a few moments. Everyone sees this and all are by their side.

@Yukari and her boundary of life an death.

When Yukari enters back once more, Erza looks up and sees her. She stands back up and requips into her Heavens Wheel Armour.

Erza: You….. Your the one who made Ragna suffer.

she summons her swords and points one at here.

Erza: If you think your going to get way with hurting our friends, than your wrong. Were going to maker you suffer for putting Ragna through all of this, and everyone else who had to witness the beast. Your the real monster here, and we will Stop you once and for all.

When she invokes the boundary of life and death.

Erza takes off onto the air and summons out a dozen of her Swords as she flies back to gain more clearing to dodge and evade the oncoming attacks. As she flies around keeping space between her and Yukari so she can focus on dodging the projectiels as she launches swords at her.


She continues to dodge while shooting swords out at her.

Everyone is watching the scene with newfound hope in their hearts. though far from them all, they ase still by their side until all is done.

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Oct 19, 2013 at 09:28PM EDT
Meredith simply nods, and gets up to go heal up Tsunarmin’s mental wounds, as Erza had healed her physical wounds. She very quietly channels the power of a Sylph of Mind to heal Tsunarmin’s mental wounds. The healing is a bit slow, but she should be fine in a few hours or so.
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Oct 19, 2013 at 10:10PM EDT

@Erza before Yukari arrives back,

Ragna: I… I…
Erza can notice that all of Ragna’s wounds are emitting steam. The Azure Grimoire is “cooking” him back together. The healing from Erza helps the wounds heal more quickly, and soon Ragna is as good as new. The entirety of his right eye is back to white instead of the grizzly black that it once was. Ragna looks to his side to see that Blood Scythe is still next to him…
Ragna: But…
He listens to Erza’s wise words. He feels that as if he has heard these words somewhere before… His master has said the exact same thing to him before. “If you keep lookin’ behind you, you’ll never see the beautiful sunrise.” The words said from Erza and Jubei’s teachings from long ago echo all around in his head. The path he has chosen is a hard one to come off of… The path of revenge is a lonely road filled with hardships.
Ragna: I-I’m sorry…
He just sorta stares off into space.
Ragna: I’ll do better…

And then Erza takes Tsunarmin back to the ship.

Once Erza returns and asks for his attention, he snaps his attention to her. He seems to be coming out of it now. He was about to open his mouth, but then he is held in the embrace of Erza… “No matter what happens, we will always be by your side no matter what. You’re family now.” With these words, Ragna can’t help but burst out into tears. He hugs her back like she was his own family member. Ever since he was left for dead all those years ago, he has never been called a “family member” until just now.
Ragna: Thank you… Thank you so much…
His own arms tighten around Erza.
Ragna: I’m very grateful for meeting you people… My friends…
Ragna is smiling now… He is actually happy for one very rare time in his life. Erza’s embrace gives him strength as he hugs her back. Even though it’s hard for him, he will try his best to look onwards into the future… After the embrace is over he wipes the tears from his eyes.


Hakumen senses her presence the first of the group. He immediately faces where she will come out from and begins to glow a bright blue coloring. Hakumen stamps his foot down on Final Destination, causing the platform to crack under his step.

Hakumen: Reveal yourself!
And so she does… Yukari gets out of the gap, and Hakumen immediately raises his sword to his side in both hands.

Hakumen: …
Yukari can feel that Hakumen means business now…
Hakumen: You… You are an embodiment of the Gate to Hell itself! Sheol! Your existence is something that does not belong in this world, nor should ever have been!
Hakumen grips Ookami in both hands tighter now.
Hakumen: I shall return you to whence you came, Demon!

Once he feels Yukari about to return, Ragna picks Blood Scythe up off the ground next to him. He grips the sword in his hand tightly as he stands up… Ragna stares Yukari down with one of the most intimidating looks on his face ever.

Ragna: You…
He grips his left hand into a fist, still staring down Yukari…
Ragna: Do you think this is some kinda joke?! Messing with peoples lives like this?!
Yukari continues to speak in cryptic clues that just makes Ragna’s eyebrow twitch. He can’t stand this much longer… He’s heard this all before from a pesky vampire.
Ragna: Stop spewing that cryptic nonsense out of your mouth! I’m done with you now, you god damn bitch. I’M NOT GONNA PLAY AROUND ANYMORE!
Ragna holds his right hand up in front of him, the red cap of the BlazBlue facing Yukari as she sits on her gap.

The inner mechanisms of the BlazBlue quickly light up a mass of circuits that all lead up to one big circle in the middle.

After mere moments, the cap of the BlazBlue slides off and glows an extremely bright blue coloring. A field of violet purple and black begin to spiral from the shining gem in the middle of Ragna’s right hand. Everyone around can feel the very power of the Azure seeping out of it…

Ragna continues to stare Yukari down with his hand in front of his face. The spiral begins to get more violent than before as it continues to spin around and around creating a sort of field around Ragna’s hand.

Ragna: You used me like a lab rat for your little experiment… You turned me into the thing that I swore I would never become just so I WOULD KILL MY FRIENDS!
The blue gem begins to shine even brighter…
The gem now lets out a sort of medium-blue light, along with the still bright blue light. Seithr and darkness explode and swirl around Ragna now.

Ragna: Yukari… Yukari…
Ragna begins to tremble with an insane amount of anger towards Yukari. He’s past the point of stopping after all that he has been through in this fight.
The Grim Reaper forms his right hand into a fist, clamping it down with such strength and hatred towards the gap hag who sits on the Boundary before him.
His hair blows wildly as the seithr field still swirls around him…
A bright pink light envelops Ragna inside the field of darkness that surrounds him. This is the fabled Idea Engine. The ultimate tool…

A gigantic blue circle of the Black Beast appears under Ragna as he stands there, continuing the activation of the BlazBlue.
Ragna gets angrier and angrier each second towards Yukari… She’s fanning herself while he is activating the Azure Grimoire. Emotions are pouring out of him like a fire hydrant. All he has been through… All he has done… Will soon come to fruition…
He raises his hand and extends his fingers a bit.
He makes another fist, the field seemingly increasing in power around him.

The gem develops a sheen over it as it flashes. The crest of the Black Beast appears in front of him, as well as the crest of Fairy Tail shining brightly on the gem piece.

Ragna has activated the BlazBlue and the Idea Engine… A field of darkness surrounds him as he stares angrily at Yukari with a piercing glare.


After she activates the Boundary of Life and Death…

Hakumen explodes in a blue aura that flares up all around him.

The White Knight begins to dodge around the bullets being fired at this easy stage. He slices a few of the bullets with Ookami in order to create black “Earthbind” crests that nullify any projectiles from Yukari that touch these crests. He is going around the same speed as Erza right now as he keeps his distance while steadily moving towards her.

Ragna grits his teeth as an afterimage that is made up of a seithr field makes itself up all around him. Blood Scythe flashes red as the sword gains new properties…

He begins to rush at Yukari, expertly dodging around the horde of danmakufu. His speed is significantly enhanced while he has the BlazBlue activated, along with a few other tricks up his sleeve…

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Meredith simply teleports Red back to the room where everyone is in. She seems to be in a better mood now. Her emotional system is weird.

Now that the emotional moment of despair is over. Sit down and watch the Gap-Hag get what she deserves: a good old fashioned beat-down.

Oct 19, 2013 at 11:56PM EDT

Yukari: “Of course none of you understand it.”

“You are merely primates compared to me.”

“But I admit, I have done nothing but toy with you.”

The intensity of the attack increases

Scales for Maturity, Yellow Orbs for Motherhood, Blue Orbs for the loss of a Child, and finally the Butterflies of Death are added to the massive wave. Even with abilities that ignore the direct Life Death spell, these are all insanely strong and have an insanely high energy output.

“May your judgement be quick and be sentenced to hell for eternity!”

Reimu keeps shooting as she slowly yells

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Oct 20, 2013 at 12:21AM EDT


*erza continues to dodge the barrage of bullets with quick reflexes and masterful flying skills. straifing side to side, flying high and low to evade the bullets.

Erza: Damn, there is no way for me to get to her if this keeps up. I need to stay far away.

As she does this she summons dozens uppon dozens of swords in place as she flies in a massive circle around the Platform. She continues to evade the attacks while summoning the swords until she makes a complete circle of 1000 swords that are floaating in mid air, pointed directly at yukari.


The moment she get the opprotunity to launch them at her, she raises her sword and point it at her and sends all 1000 swords darting at high speed at her before continuing dodging the swords.

@team douchebag

suddenly one of medusas snakes reveals itself from hiding within Ignis’ frame and quickly shoots out from her and it hits into a wall to create a portal for medusa to neter from the other side of the room.

Medusa: why hello there Relius, remember me? medusa than slowly steps out of the portal with broom in hand and over her shoulder. Its just me Medusa, I hope you and your wife were enjoying the show so far? Ifor you see its only going to get better from here.

the portal closes behind her and she looks around the place.

Medusa: what a lovely place you got here.

She then notices Hazama sitting by and she suddenly feels something click within her as she looks at him

Medusa: why hello there handsome. Who might you be?

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Oct 20, 2013 at 12:58AM EDT


As the waves of projectiles increase, Hakumen is forced to stay back and away from Yukari especially with the swords headed straight for her. The White Knight continues to slice his way through the streams of colors and towards her while keeping ever-vigilant.

Ragna continues to rush at Yukari like a freight train even though the waves of bullets have intensified by a vast amount.

He slices the projectiles headed his way in-two, and then jumps at her with a mighty slash.

And just as he says that, Erza’s swords come flying down at Yukari and all around as they make the perfect backdrop for him… Blood Scythe develops a violet purple smoke around it as he holds it out behind him, gunning straight for Yukari.

The moment he gets close, his crest appears behind him, glowing red. He then slices at Yukari with the massive broadsword that immediately breaks the Boundary of Life and Death spell and dispelling any of the projectiles from the area. The initial cut should leave a big gash down her front, tearing up her clothes.
The sword begins to spark with blue electricity as it moves like clockwork. The broadsword now turning into a gigantic scythe with a bright red energy blade at one side of it.

He begins to slice down at Yukari with the scythe multiple times as she is stunned completely.
Ragna continues to slice her up, limbs getting chopped off and pieces of clothing fabric are flying everywhere as the Grim Reaper makes his kill. Each hit from the scythe drains a significant amount of soul chain from Yukari and gives it to Ragna. The final hit from Blood Scythe is an overhead hit that would slice directly into Yukari’s head. After this, Ragna turns completely pitch black and gains a glowing red eye… He raises the scythe up above his head as it turns into a gigantic scythe made of darkness. Black feathers also begin to scatter the area as a massive vortex of violet and ink surround the two of them.

Gigantic chunks of Yukari’s soul begin to fly out of what is left of her body and into a glowing red sphere in the middle of the scythe made up of pure darkness. The process takes longer than usual because of Yukari’s extremely long lifespan, but in just mere moments she is taken down to just a single link of a soul chain left. The Reaper has made his harvest.
The dark creature that is Ragna slams the scythe straight down onto Yukari, completely obliterating her into a cloud of purple and black energy.


Relius isn’t one bit surprised by Medusa’s intrusion. He noticed the snake that she put on Ignis a while back near-immediately. He gets up from his seat in order to greet her.
Relius: Welcome, Lady Medusa, to my humble abode…
He sees her step through the portal with the broom in her hand.
Relius: Yes, I am rather enjoying this display of events currently going on…
He then sees that Medusa just noticed Hazama who is sitting nearby and decides to stay quiet for now.

Hazama is sitting in his chair as he watches the orb. He sensed a presence that he liked just entering the room… When Medusa notices him, he notices her back. Hazama feels something click in him as well, immediately opening an eye up and looking rather surprised.

Hazama: Name’s Hazama.
The green haired man gets up from his seat, standing at a height of 6 feet tall. Hazama takes off his black fedora and gives a bow to Medusa while smiling a grin that can only shoot its way right into her heart.

Hazama: Captain Hazama.
He laughs some. This is truly love at first sight… He puts the hat back on his head.
Hazama: Well, well, well.. What brings you here, gorgeous?

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Oct 20, 2013 at 01:59AM EDT

A moment of silence before Reimu pipes up

No! Don’t drop your guard!

Remember when I explained about my Last Word? SHE HAS ONE TOO! It will override EVERYTHING you just did to her!

Suddenly, much of the energy that Ragna had devoured lasers out of him on various parts of his body as Yukari escapes the Azure Grimoire.

Yukari: “Nice Hellhole you got in there Ranga. I guess I was wrong. There is no difference between your belly and the belly of the beast.”

She Activates her Ultimate Spell… and the entire world around them becomes a hell of Scale Bullet Hell.

She can’t be touched, the only option is to survive this out.

“Profound Danmaku Bounded Field Phantasm, Foam and Shadow

Wave after Wave after Wave after Wave after Wave of bullets from all directions keep coming in, with intent on destroying the group from all sides.

Halfway though the spell she switches from Scales to Exorcism Slips, which have an insanely increased effect on Dark Based Targets

And to finish it off, she attempts to crush everyone on the platform with a giant storm of red exorcism slips.

Needless to Say, Reimu wasn’t able to correctly guide everyone into the safespots and everyone else got seriously injured if not outright obliterated.

After the spell ends…

Yukari: “You are all good. Hopefully we will meet again soon in the future.”

Yukari vanishes…

And Final Destination slowly sinks back into the universe… the destroyed walls of the universe slowly regenerating themselves.

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Oct 20, 2013 at 02:19AM EDT

Robotnik and Snively are currently going over logistics for Eggman’s planned invasion.

Robotnik: Run over statistics for the Egg Fleet one last time.

Snively: Yes, sir. 7 Egg Carriers and 84 battleships of varying class ready for launch, sir.

Robotnik: Excellent! And my army?

1,200 E-series robots, 500 Egg Pawns, and 50 Shadowbots have been produced in total and are ready for deployment, plus 7 Shadowbots and 4 E-series taken from the Space Colony ARK prior to its explosion.

Robotnik: Good… now, Snively, we shall begin.

Launch the Egg Fleet and deploy the Final Egg!

The ground undergoes extreme rumbling as it is displaced by a massive tower, which rises over a thousand feet in the air. Massive deforestation occurs as underground hangars arise systematically around the perimeter. The once-underground base has become a massive city build solely for the purpose of military production, completed by the presence of the massive tower, which bears a symbol Eggman’s face at the top.

Robotnik: Behold, Snively, my Grand City of Eggtropolis, capital of the Eggman Empire!

The moment the city is complete, the hangar doors open and the Egg Fleet rises to the skies.

Robotnik sits at the top of the central tower.

Robotnik: Now, we move to reconquer Eggmanland! Once that goal is accomplished, we will focus on the smaller cities in-between and establish the Empire’s boundaries.

This is the dawning of a new era: The Age of the Great Dr. Robotnik!


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Oct 20, 2013 at 12:01PM EDT

Probably a fault on my part seeing as I forgot to post Mobius’s destruction a few days back, anyway Zar brought my attention to your post, Eggman so I thought I better take out the time and write this up.

Mobius has a ship…well..mechanical planet equal to its size within its orbit. In around 15 minutes (or however long you need) Mobius will be bombarded into the stone age which will completely wipe out every bit of life on it.

I’m just suggesting that you might want to make your entire city mobile and get off of Mobius as soon as possible, the fleet I have in orbit won’t interfere and you will be free to escape

Sorry once again, I’m a little busy lately and posting Mobius’s coup de grace sorta just flew right over my head

Oct 20, 2013 at 12:50PM EDT

The Order mages witness the rest of the battle…

Tahrdan: Damnit, she escaped. She will not escape when I get my chance, I will make sure of that.

At this point Tempestia and Solarian wake up…

Solarian: I have only one question; Where are we?

Granatir: Someone else handle that question, please, I don’t feel this is exactly the best time.

Tempestia: Did something happen?

Noctan: Right, how are we to explain this…?

Tempestia turns and notices the main effects of what she and Solarian missed.

Tempestia: How did that happen?

Ignis: To sum it up, we don’t know. Ask someone else what happened.

(OOC: Remember, they have no knowledge of spiritual stuff. And even though some of them have faced the Beast before they don’t really know all of what it can do.)

Tempestia: Who can be blamed for it, though?

Tikal: I do not know her name, but… insert physical description of Yukari here… Incidentally, some of the others are gone.

The Order mages look around. True to what Tikal says, Arkantos, Suwako and Chaos are gone.

Tahrdan: Just great. One more thing to worry about.

Tempestia and Solarian notice the tone of voice

Solarian: …Are you alright, Tahrdan?

Tahrdan: Do I SOUND alright with what happened!? If I catch the one responsible for what happened, I’ll kill her!

Tempestia: Don’t you think that’s a bit ex-


Tahrdan actually almost drew his sword against Tempestia at this point…

Pyralis:Whoa! Calm down!

Oct 20, 2013 at 01:40PM EDT


After Yukari was absorbed into the Azure Grimoire, he turned his back towards where Yukari once was. As he turned, a single black red and black wing formed behind him.
Ragna: Gah… She tasted terrible.
When Reimu speaks of the Last Words, he turned his head to look at her. When she said that it will override everything he did to her, his eyes grow big.

Ragna: Wh-WHAT!?
The same feeling that he usually gets from whenever Hazama is around slowly floods all over his body. His right arm begins to emit a deep blue and black glow as it shakes violently, cringing angrily as it does this.

Red energy begins to pierce its way from his body as he yells in pain.
Ragna: GAAAAAAH!!!
The Grimoire releases the energy of Yukari as Ragna falls to the ground. Ragna coughs up some blood as the dust settles from the affair.

Ragna: You… You bitch…
He looks up at her as his wounds begin to emit steam and heal over as blood drips from them. He slowly gets up, still having the BlazBlue and Idea Engine combination up.

Hakumen is still glowing a blue aura as he keeps his solid ground.

And then she invokes the spell… Needless to say, I really don’t want to write all this out about how they dodge the spell. During the first half everyone is doing pretty well, following Reimu around in the safe spots. Both of them are hit by a few scales, but not enough to kill them. Once the exorcism slips come around, this gives Ragna becomes a lot more wary because he knows that he could very well die from them. For the final part of the spell when the slips come crashing down on them, Hakumen stabs Ookami into the platform and puts up a bubble shield that he learned to do during his training. The bubble shield completely protects everyone around as Hakumen is putting all of his energy into it. Needless to say, no one got obliterated but they are all heavily injured and exhausted thanks to Hakumen.

After the spell ends…

Ragna is breathing heavily and is holding Blood Scythe in a single hand. He took a beating from the battle.
Using remaining bits of his strength, he takes Blood Scythe and runs at Yukari.

Hakumen continues glowing a brilliant blue color. He takes hold of his Ookami in his right hand, and puts his left and out in front of him.

Hakumen: VANISH!
He stabs the sword at Yukari…

However she disappears with a trollish grin on her face before either of them can land a hit on her…

Ragna stomps his foot on the ground in anger at Yukari’s retreat.
Ragna: COWARD!
He used the last amount of his strength for the fight and the stomp. He collapses onto the floor of Final Destination, still having Blood Scythe clenched in his hand.

Hakumen: …
He holds Ookami above his head with two hands as Final Destination begins to sink back into the universe.
Hakumen: We shall meet again, demon…
He swings the sword straight down, cutting a portal leading to a white wormhole… Hakumen picks up Ragna and throws him over his shoulder as he leads everyone through the portal and into the wormhole. Hakumen looks for the appropriate place to cut inside the white void. He slices another time, cutting its way into the medical bay of the ship… Everyone inside gets out and boards the carrier once again. Hakumen then gives Ragna to his sister who is running to meet him.

Saya: Ragna!
She’s smiling happily that her big brother is okay. Instinctively, she grabs his right arm and looks up at him. Strangely enough, the draining effect of his right arm doesn’t seem to apply to her…

Saya: I’m so glad that you’re okay!

Ragna is nearly floored by Saya, but exhaustively stands his ground.
Ragna: Yeah…
He looks down at her with a comforting gaze.
Ragna: I’m sorry for what you had to see, Saya…

Saya is just about to open her mouth until…

They both hear a yell from the distance…
An excited Jin rushes like a freight train towards Ragna, who has little time to react. This causes the group of three to be forced to the ground.
Jin: Hahaha!

Ragna is lying on the ground with the two at his side like some sort of family reunion.
Ragna: Don’t do that!
After he yells this out, he can’t help but laugh a bit as he’s still exhausted…

After a few moments, all three of them are laughing. It’s actually a sweet sight for everyone on-board the ship right now…

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Oct 20, 2013 at 03:58PM EDT

Reimu looks around at the absolute nothing… this is once again her territory, and she has something to clean out of it.

Now really Asura, you think you can hang out in Non-Existence in a world of Non-Existence.

You do know you can’t do anything while you are non-existent.

She invokes one last card…

Omnidirectional Demon Binding Ring

And with that, Asura is sealed outside of time and space itself, forced into an endless slumber, until somebody manages to come rescue him. But without Reimu or Final Destination, nobody can get up here.

Though admittedly, you where nicer than the Crow when we first met… Goodbye.

She takes Erza’s hand, and before Final Destination can fully sink away, she flies them both back into Reality.

OOC: I was requested I somehow end this ark Immediately. Asura can either be retrieved by Yukari later or “Team Asshat” can come rescue them if they catch Final Destination.

So yeah.

Proceed to Party Times.

Marisa outright glomps Reimu on her return


“You Didn’t Die! AHAHA!”

And Reimu’s Feels go in 8 Million different directions at once

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Oct 20, 2013 at 04:46PM EDT

Starting to get tired of being dumped into other people’s buisiness today. So. now that I’ve got almost literally nothing but time, I suppose I have nothing better to do than hang around this accursed airship until an opportunity to get on with my life presents itself.

Oct 20, 2013 at 04:53PM EDT




We just had to get this big massive wall of shit out of our way before we can continue. Sorry that you got dragged in at such a bad time. We’re nearly done with this little segment. If you can hold out for a little bit longer that would be great. We’re nearly at the point after we get off the carrier that you can ACTUALLY introduce your character properly to everyone else while nothing big is going on. Sorry that it’s come out like this, but this event was drawn out for long enough. I hope that we can get to know your guy soon enough.

Last edited Oct 20, 2013 at 05:04PM EDT
Oct 20, 2013 at 05:02PM EDT

*Maledict had left when Yukari attacked, so nothing invoking him there.

Falcon: So… It’s over?
Ken: I think it is.
Doomguy: Are you thinking what i’m thinking?
Jotaro: No fucking clue.
Falcon: Party? Wit til we get off the ship.
Doomguy: Aww.

Oct 20, 2013 at 05:04PM EDT

Well, the good news is that everyone is back alive and totally not dead. Also Asura is sealed up for now.

The bad news is that Yukari seems to have gotten away, and that sucks.

But, still, I agree that a party is a sufficient reward for all that has happened so far. Down time is a good thing!
Even though I’m not the biggest fan of parties, and mingling, and the like.
Last edited Oct 20, 2013 at 05:18PM EDT
Oct 20, 2013 at 05:17PM EDT

@Relius and Hazama before the fight ends.

Medusa just smiles at him with an evil expression on her face as one of her snakes spark out of her like lightning.

Medusa: you know, just trying to make the wprld a better place for those to succumb to madness and make it a living hell for those who are too weak for it. Although ive seem to have stumbled upon some trouble in making it happen thanks to those fighting Yukari still. But no matter, she places her hand on Hazamas face gently. I’m sure a handsome devil such as yourself and Relius could help us out with our plans, seeing as we have a lot in common.

shortly after the fight and asura is sealed away.

Medusa watches the whole thing unfold and shows a look of discomfort to the whole thing. She needs Asura to spread the madness.

Medusa: This is quite problematic. she looks closer to the screen and sees Asura imprisoned for a bit Asura is key to all of our plans. He is the living embodiment of madness and insanity. He also possesses the chaos emeralds with him as well, and without that platform or Reimu, we cannot get back up there to break him free. Damnit. she looks at Relius. you wouldnt happen to have an idea on how we can get him out of there right away would you now?


Erza does all she can to dodge the onslaught of bullets, but even she could not leave the area unscathed. Her armour is beaten up badly and the wings are destroyed. After the spell is finished she crashes onto the platform and passes out due to her injuries before Reimu takes her hand back to reality.

@Reimu and the others after the spell but before they leaves. (BTW, I’m okay with the sealing, I want this ark to be over as much as the rest.)

Asuras voice echoes throughout the entirety of the non-existence. Almost as if he was right next to them.

Asura: Do you insects think that this prison will change anything? No matter what happens, madness will always exist in this world, there is no escaping it ever. And don’t worry about the emeralds as well, I’ll take good care of them for you all. So go ahead and live out the rest of you pathetic existences with the rest of the insects, for one day, I will be set free from this prison, and I will once more blanket this world in madness, and there is nothing that any of you people can do to stop me.


His laugh echoes in the minds of everybody before they exit the realm and return to the others back in the carrier.

@back inside the carrier.

Erza wakes back up inside of the carrier with everyone else. She is on one of the hospital beds with all of the other members of her guild around her.

she opens her eyees and sees the all with smiles of joy and relief.

Erza: Hey…. What happened… Were am I?

Natsu: Your back on Sparks ship, as well as the rest of them.

Lucy: You…. you had us so worried there for a moment. The beast… it… it almost….

Erza: I’m sorry for everything…. I gave in to my fears and weaknesses…. I could’t bear the thought of hurting Ragna. But then after Hakumen came in and saved me and Reimu. I overcame my fear, knowing that what was in front of me was not Ragna, it was the beast. Thanks to him, I was able to muster what remaining strength I had to fight my fears. You guys were always there for me, so now, it was time I help protected others for a change.

The others begin to tear up and suddenly over take her and embrace her in a group hug, despite her being injured still.

Wendy: Were just so happy to have you back, we were so worried.

Lucy: But its all over now. That hag is gone and Reimu cast a sealing spell on that demon so he is trapped in wherever you guys were.

Natsu: its finally over… we can finally go back home now…

(edited so that the planet is a dead rock, not blown up.)
suddenly they take a moment to realize that their planet of mobius is just a dead planet unable to sustain life anymore. But they know that the entire planet was evacuated and that the Balloon Masters forces had already left.

Laxus: So what the hell do we do now? Do we just sit around this place for god knows how long until we get a new planet?

Mirajane: I don’t Know either.

Gray: To be honest, I really don’t care. We all have each other and we can still get Meredith to bring the planet back to normal somehow. But all in all, im just glad that its all over and we can get some peace for a change.

Juvia: Gray-samas right, Juvia is just as happy that we dont have to see those monsters again.

Cana: well what about Roger?

Gajeel: Well what about him? He and his forces destroyed our planet so now we are without a planet to bring our home back to.

Levy: That’s true, but I can’t help but think that maybe he has more plans than just destroying the planet.

Cana: Well, I hope he has something in mind for us, considering the hell we wnt through trying to save it in the first place.

Natsu: So what do you think Erza? Do you believe he has more to give us than just that?

erza thinks for a moment here, than she looks up with a smile on her face.

Erza: I honestly dont know, but all I have to say is that we just need to put our faith in him. I’m sure he has something in mind for us.

The others are relieved to hear that.

@everyone inside the medical bay.

natsu suddenly jums on top of one of the beds and stands on it so that everyone can see him. He had heard Doomguys suggestion about a party and could not agree more to what he said.


There is a bit of an uproar of cheering from the others. After all of their ordeals, they defenitely need something to take their minds off of all of this.

@Jubei and kokonoe.

there is cheering from the others members in the guild as they are as happy as ever that it is all over and Yukari and Asura are gone. though they are still unaware for how long, but they dont care. They are happy that it is all over.

Makarov: Finally. Finally it is all over. Soon, we can all go back to our normal lives once our children finally come home to us once more. Also, I am grateful that ragna and the others are all safe and sound along with Spark and his friends.

he looks up at Jubei

Makarov: We definitely need to prepare a celebration of some sort once they come back home to us, wouldn’t you agree?

Finally, after a long and arguous battle with the forces of evil and madness. The Members of Fairy Tail and their allies have been able to overcome their enemies and be victorious over the Balloon Masters forces, despite his last minute escape, and the forces of madness. Hopefully, all will soon return to how it should be for everyone and mobius, should Roger or Oswald should intervene.

But for now, they all are happy that the battle is all over.

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Oct 20, 2013 at 08:40PM EDT


I’ll just leave this here so you know the details.


So without interruption and freely able to continue their attack, the escort Fleet of Transcendence comes crashing down over Mobius’s atmosphere….

Due to the efficiency of planet glassing the fleet are extremely fast at getting the job over and done with, the Armageddon ships spread themselves out over the planets surface and begin the final process….

The the main batteries are fired down onto the planets surface filling the air, seas, and earth with superheated plasma that quickly spreads out across both the oceans and continents. The heat of the weaponry is so intense that the deserts and most of the surface is instantly glassed over, hence the name, whilst the oceans are flashed into a vapour and rise into the atmosphere which quickly dissipates along with the heat produced.

Everything upon the surface, from BM’s super cities to the lonesome Desperado HQ are torn from the ground and reduced to nothing but gas, the armageddon process leaves zero room for survival no matter how hard you bunker down

In this moment we take a minute to remember the history of this unfortunate world and come to terms with the atrocities that took place upon it, from the Eggman Empire and his robotic minions to attack of the Black Beast to the insurrection of The Patriots right upto the complete domination of the Balloon Master. Lest we forget, whilst all this was taking place the oceans were polluted to acidic levels and the air starved of oxygen by the Siethr….it is a wonder that life even manage to strive on, it makes you think whether Eggmans plan was as a matter of fact, a…“good”….idea, as by this point it was merely the open playground of a mad man and his beloved classical music….

In the end the fleet returns into the embrace of the Shield World as Transcendence begins to slowly make its way from the Solar System….

Mobius is but a glowing orange orb of semi-molten glass, no atmosphere, no oxygen and not a drop of water completely incapable of sustaining any form of life….but alas, this is but a segment of a re-purposing protocol, sit and watch, the Crow almost never destroys planets only to leave them to rot…

Meanwhile within the protective shell of Transcendence the billions of Loyalist soldiers are cheering in joy and celebration as the Overlord gives victory speeches from the Temple at the centre of Columbia. This conquest is just another tally mark of the worlds Strelok has taken out

Oct 20, 2013 at 09:50PM EDT


While I am waiting for the finale festivities to roll by, I guess I will kinda lay out my plans for next “Season”.

Lots of talk have been going around about resetting the level of distress, so until Country/Planetary Level of Distress is reached again (when I assume the Balloon Master Ark resumes), I am putting Reimu and Marisa into storage. Yukari and her Familiars will NOT be returning to any of the main plots, I have exhausted my creative options with them and have had a proper climax.

When Reimu and Marisa do return, I am resetting their Spell Cards, and getting rid of Non-Cannon spells and abilities. (I can’t exactly drop the non-cannon mythologies I used at this point, but I won’t be acknowledging Concealed the Conclusion as a canon source of abilities like I have been doing). I might even play them in “Player Mode” as opposed to the “Fight Game Boss Fight” mode, as that was easier to be honest.

In the Meantime, I will be playing as a set of totally new characters. 12 divided up into groups of 5, 4, and 3 to keep myself from falling into the Sam/Tardises Trap where I can run my own plots by myself. With these new characters I PROMISE none of them have an attack stronger than an Anti-Fortress/Anti-Army. I double checked.

I urge the rest of you to shoot for that level or lower as well. I would rather not be forced to return my Anti-Mountain/Anti-Continent girls out of absolute necessity.

As for the characters I plan on taking in… here’s a few hints:

“A man without fear cannot be wise.”

“People can’t understand anything except what they see with their own eyes.”

’Is it dream or reality, a good dream or perhaps a nightmare?"

“Fortunately, I do not have any pride. But what about it? Will the name of the hero be disgraced? Hah, don’t make me laugh. You can wash away disgrace with results. You can feed your meaningless pride to the dogs.”

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Oct 21, 2013 at 01:40AM EDT

@Party suggestion

The Order mages aren’t exactly willing to join in. To be fair to them, though, they did come off the worst after the battle. This is not them ignoring the others, this is just them not feeling it appropriate to join in. Well, most of them…

Noctan: We’ll pass on that offer. We have a lot to think about… he quickly looks at Tahrdan as well as some plans to make.

Tempestia: What is up with you guys? This is supposed to be a reward for our efforts, count me in!

Ignis actually smiles at this response

Ignis: Heheh, it’s always the air elemental ones who like such things the most.

Solarian: Well I’d certainly be going. I can at least ask the others what exactly happened.

Pyralis: On that thought… It wouldn’t be a bad idea… We could ask them to teach us things so that a repeat does not happen next time.

Granatir: Alright, I’m convinced. Let’s go… But someone will have to keep an eye on him. he glances at Tahrdan.

Only one of them is actually going to the party to treat it as, well, a party. The other Order mages have questions to ask of the others, whether it’s Solarian’s needing an explanation of what he missed, or a general request to be taught spells which would allow things to go differently next time.

Oct 21, 2013 at 05:54AM EDT

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