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George Starr Peppard, also known as the “Colonel”, is the man in charge of PAF. A marine commander with a total amount of fourty years in the force, he is responsible for the military strategies and techniques against terrorists, criminals, murderers and dangerous psycopaths such as the Balloon Master. The army is the family he never had, covering 19 years of depression with a irresponsible father who murdered his own wife, leaving the Starr brothers in the streets. Being the younger one, Peppard had to see how his brother faced society itself. The obsession his brother had for order is something George always admired, an obsesion that would lead both brothers into the US army. Years in the force, in the face of horror and despair, he saw half of his first squad die at the hands of the Master, he saw his best men being tossed around like ragdolls by Johnson, he saw himself tied to a chair as the villian known as “Two Face” tossed a coin, over and over again, letting lady luck decide Peppard’ fate…He has seen some shit beyond human comprehension, shit that wakes him in the middle of the night, both eyes covered in tears and both of his hands mindlessly searching for a invisible neck to snap. Over the course of the years in the army, he became as merciless as the criminals he was supposed to fight. With a bunch of people who shared the same idee, the idea that the law is never enough, the idea that bad dogs don’t deserve a second chance and someone must put them down; PAF was born as a ilegal military organization, piercing between the veins of the capitalism and killing criminals from the shadows. They were known as the Watchmen and their reputation was something the Colonel never liked. After the 5th attack to the Eiffel Tower by Poison, which left half of Europe in the darkness of a endless green fog that made your skin itch so much to the point your body wants to tear it apart with your own nails, the “Starr path” gained a lot of recognition, with the Colonel himself “murdering” Rizal. Since that day, Captain Spark always had to deal not only with villians but with rutheless watchmen of the streets. Then the “Train Rampage” happened: The Rocket Man suffered a nervous breakdown caused by stress and depression which sent him running around the city, breaking through Boston central train station and crushing everything near him, carrying a passenger car and murdering thousands of citizens. 10 hours of shooting, reloading, hide and seek. Spark tried to talk with Walsh, but its impossible to talk to someone while that person is being covered in a cloud of bullets. Finally, Rocket Man’ armor was torn apart, fatal injuries to his chest and blood started to fall under Walsh’ feet. The Colonel gave the order to cease fire as he pulled out his own handgun. He wanted to finish Walsh’ life personally, as a sign to the people of the world, a sign that forgiveness is useless, an special sign for Spark and the people who followed him. A single punch to the jaw. Handgun hits the floor. Starr is unconcious. Walsh is cluelesss. Spark teleported right in front of Peppard and delivered a single fist to the face. Veteran soldiers say that the person known as George Starr Peppard died that day. The colonel became what he had sworn to fight.

The Commander room opens. The Colonel steps in, as several assistants follow him. He makes some sort of signal as the heroes start to see millions and millions of soldiers coming out of nowhere, all of them aiming for the goodoers heads. A sun facing an ant. The Colonel reads several notes the assistants gave him in a small notepad as he slowly walks towards the heroes. He heads from the left to the right, as if he is a teacher or a lecturer.
The Colonel stops, he throws the notepad away, he stares at Crona for several minutes, he pulls out his handgun and then he shoots the red mage’s ribs. The moment he pulls out his gun, every soldier in the medical bay instantly load their weapons as thousands of red dots start to appear on our heroes’ heads. The Colonel proceeds to punch Crona’ ribs over and over again as the mage screams in pain.
You know that feeling? Pain? That unpleasant feeling often caused by your body being too weak for the world you are supposed to defend? You don’t even know pain, maggot. When the bloody doctor told me about your sorry ass dropping blood all over MY ship, I almost laughed of how much of a drag queen you are. Yelling, screaming, you think those theatrics will make the enemy feel sorry for ya? You are in a war that your elecric asshole caused, a war that involved millions and millions of different resources and even my own sanity. You are angry becouse you are now into other’s people business? Life is a shit son, you never get to choose anything, you never get to choose if you want to get kidnapped or not, you never get to choose a side, you are BORN with it but I am not merciless at all..Since you desperately want the opportunity to feel like a true hero, I’ll give you a scar that your body will remember until the end of the days, a injury that you could have prevented but saddly you didn’t..just like a true hero am I right?

Starr quickly cleans his hands with his own suit, leaving several blood stains on his suit, as he walk towards Thardan and company.

Oh look over here! A ORDER! How cuuute! A order, by definition, is an organization with rules that forces the members to assume several responsabilities..Or maybe not according to what my boys told me. You know what kind data I got from your asses? “They are clueless, they are always lost, they are always asking for stuff, they don’t even know this and that.” My god kids, get yourself a good pair of primary school books and start to read them inmediatly becouse you are actually making me feel sorry for you. What kind of responsability do you have apart from wearing the same damn clothes, having that albino covered face and talking about magic the whole damn day? The responsability to be a complete douchebag while millions and millions of men face war itself as you just look at the sky and wonder why the hell your brain is so bloody small that it doesn’t allow you to think clearly? You think this is like school where little brats read and suck every piece of information of the world inside damn paper while being constantly punched by a group of bullies? Well ladies, you are staring at the bully right now and what this bully wants is for you to stop being a disgrace to your family, to your kind and to the society where you come from. What..PART…OF…THIS..DON’T…YOULADIES..UNDERSTAND?

The Colonel proceeds to walk towards the JoJos, Doomguy, Tager and Veteran.

Equipment is expensive, important, a vital piece of this organization, a tool that men and women use to punish those who dare to don’t stare at the law. Weeks of nothing but a endless work for a few bucks, iron and steel thrown into a trash can as MY tanks are being torn in battle but not by the a pack of assholes instead, who think they are smart enough to: Jump on top of a truck, use a ally’ tank as a fucking bat and more and more and more. There is a whole list waiting for me in my bedroom, a list of property damage you magggots did and that I have to explain to the president. Now what am I supposed to say? The “so called” heroes don’t even care about the technology the army uses to help them? They are deaf and plain retarded? They are as unprofessional as a group of amateurs in their first day in Alcatraz? My god, I wish I had enough time to extract every damn cent you have in your soul to pay for those tanks. Specially both of you, the so called “Brothers of destruction”. Half of the people in this medical bay think that unnecesary show you maggots pulled out to take down a Strider was cool becouse spinning, punching and grappling is better than using a single move such as a rocket launcher, neutralize the monster legs and then pierce through his brain. Instead, just toss him around like a ragdoll..Its not like there are tons of officers in the city who would never expect a Strider to fall on their heads. You two, giant pieces of meatball, you two will later talk with the ministry of public building and works. I will not go to the grave until I see you rebuilding all of those towers you destroyed with your own fat hands.

OOC: It ain’t over.

Oct 21, 2013 at 02:53PM EDT

Finally..The Colonel walks towards Ragna. His left eye is twitching.
Now now now…what do we have here? The main guest finally arrives, less insane and with what appears to be his sister. How enchanting. You know kid, normally I have to read a few pages just to see what the big bad is up too, but in in your case, I have a whole desk covered in damn papers. You took the whole cake. Unlike this cast of clowns, you are the real deal of the party, the light in the middle of space just like the sun. You don’t take a piece of the cake just like these idiots, you grab the whole damn pie and throw it directly into your throat..Thievery, stealing, killing, murdering, assassinating, destruction, sabotage..This is truly one hell of a delicious cake. Spark is amazing…the fact that he turned his head, trying to not look at the gigantic piece of criminal you are, is quite impressive becouse if I had to work with you, I would have ordered my boys to throw you into the deepest hole of Alcatraz. You think that just by punching the living daylights of a group of strangers will clean you from what you did in the Artic? It will not you gigantic piece of failure, you are the kind of scum that deserves to live in Alcatraz until your skin is absorbed by the damn walls of your cell, you are the kind of coin nobody wants, the coin that never lands in one side but in the middle instead, shitting on both sides and unable to decide what kind of path shall be followed. And then you arrived here, showing your face to everyone as if you were some sort of hero but I guess the people around you is stupid enough to ignore the events of the Artic.

Those soldiers had families, families that I had to met, families that will never understand why would anyone allow a psychopath like you inside a ship like this, destroyed families that I had to speak to, telling them how their husbands, their brothers, their sons, how all of them were torn apart by a red jacket wearing man- You left a pile of corpses in Mobius, men that I trained to become what? The toy for a demon? A bloody ragdoll for you? Empty punching bags? I had enough with your kind, I’m seriously tired of spitting on my ideas just becouse a group of fools believe in the lifeless words of a idiotic hero. Code Ares 99!

Some sort of futuristic shield covers every hero near Ragna as the guards force everyone to leave him alone. Several soldiers starts to shoot Ragna with the neurological weapons, guns that are designed to strike on the weakest parts of the human body, forcing Ragna to fall to the floor. Turrets are instantly deployed around the place along with snipers. The group of goodoers is surrounded. Hell, even the medics who healed Crona and Doomguy are now taking aim. From the hole known as Alcatraz, Soldiers start to use advanced restraint devices on Ragna, preventing him from running, kicking, grabbing his sword, they render him useless. If wristcuffs and legcuffs were not enough, Ragna is forced to wear a strong straitjacket and a restraint mask. The colonel is about to say the word that will send Ragna to Alcatraz forever..a word that several villians are terrified to hear…a word that is quite familiar for the Balloon Master. In the blink of an eye, Ragna is standing next to Spark. Small blue particles spread around the bay as the Captain appears. The wristcuffs and every restaint device is lying on the floor as the Colonel’ left eye twitches. Its the “Train Rampage” all over again, Ragna instead of the Rocket Man. A moment of dead silence. The soldiers are lost..Some of them start to retreat, some of them stay, some of them just wait.

Captain Spark: I thought we had this discussion last year.
Colonel: I thought you would be more mature this time. You saw exactly what happened in the Artic. With your very eyes, you saw how those soldiers were mercilessly murdered and then..what? You ignored all of this so you can had your small fight with that Balloon freak? A pile of corpses for fuck sake, he was on top of a pile of corpses! He is too dangerous for this society and for the people around him. What if he turns again into a demon? What if he murders one of your stupid friends instead of my soldiers? What are you doing to do Sparky? Give him a third chance, just like you did with Two Face? Wait for the caged monster to break through the jail and kill once again?
Spark: He made a mistake, one big mistake..but Starr…Your brother made the exact kind of mistakes and he still keeps making them. To err is human, to forgive is divine. I must admit it, forginess seems impossible sometimes but even the darkest creature deserves a chance. You tried to murder Dent twice, Rizal too…but you never considered the opportunity to kill your own brother. Why? Becouse he is part of your own blood and you will always give him the chance he deserves. This “kid” standing next to me killed several officers..but did you forgot the other rest of soldiers he saved? He sacrificed himself for a single troop who were being attacked by a strider, he put himself between the life of a citizen and the claws of a hunter, he sent himself directly into the air just to take down a single helicopter. I gave him a second chance and he has proved himself. His demon nature is something that none of us can control but give him, allow him, let him go to battle and he will show what he is capable of. His master has trained him for years and I’m sure that in a matter of days, he will be save more lives than you and I. If you have some kind of problem or if you need someone to yell at, I will gladly take Ragna’s place in Alcatraz.
Colonel: You are not leading us to a war with that freak again, I had enough of following your tail around a retarded adventure that keeps burning my resources. Do you want to take this monster to your ship? FINE! Do you want to travel to another world? FINE! But don’t count with PAF to help you. This is a war you caused, this is crap you didn’t wipe, this is shit I am not getting into again. Now get the hell out of my Carrier and never come back for god’s sake.

And so the group is forced to get inside Normandi and leave the Commander helicarrier. Spark is silent as always, he heads directly to his bedroom the moment he steps in Normandi. Coffey is playing chess with Cheston, Foster is doing something unimportant with the ship’ main computer and Max is poking his own eye again. The crew is small compared to the whole troop our heroes used to have in Normandi. Several soldiers had to leave, some of them decided to stay.

OOC: Finally, its over. Normandi will head to Magnolia unless you want to do something else.

Oct 21, 2013 at 02:54PM EDT

Before Spark intervenes…

Tahrdan: Who the hell do you think you are to speak to-

Solarian: Tahrdan, DON’T. That won’t do any good for any of us!

Tahrdan: And why would that POSSIBLY do more harm than good? I don’t see anyone preparing to do anything!

Solarian: Look around you. They have weapons pointed at us. Weapons which are no doubt superior to mine, though of the same basic definition. Don’t do anything to provoke this guy. I understand you’re frustrated over something that happened, but now is not the time!

Tahrdan: But-

Solarian: Just don’t say or do anything right now.

Granatir prepares to restrain Tahrdan should he try anything.

After Spark intervenes and everyone is aboard Normandi

Tahrdan: I don’t see WHY you were just trying to accept what he was talking about.

Solarian: First, you and he are from different backgrounds. He would most likely expect us all to know about the technology used, and some of it is even beyond what I am familiar with. Second, damn near everyone was aiming guns at our heads. If I hadn’t stopped you, we’d be dead. Finally, you really need to calm down.

Tempestia: Just relax. The fighting’s over for now, let’s take this chance to just recover from everything that’s happened, and get to know the others better.

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Oct 21, 2013 at 03:04PM EDT

How the people of Magnolia see Nighstalker. We will start from the very beginning, when Stalker appeared, until our heroes arrive to Magnolia.
First 3 days.
Boogeyblueman: A blue monster that appears in the night. If kids don’t sleep before midnight arrives, the Boogeyblue will eat you! When Stalker murdered a fisherman, he was seen by a local butcher, who thought it was a blue vampire thing dissapearing in the light of the moon. The fisherman was never found, so the butcher thought it was a ghost. Stalker becomes a kid’s tale: “When the kids don’t sleep, he will arrive. A very very scary guy, he will eat your toys and then proceed to eat you! He comes for those kids who stay too late, for that he is the Boogeyblueman! But mommy, I want to watch cartoons! No Marty, you must sleep or the Boogeyblueman will get you!”

End of the first week.
The Night Walker: A urban legend. Several citizens saw a blue creature walking around the town, searching for god knows what, climbing and jumping from a building to another as the darkness covers his path. Several citizens start to get worried, most of them think its a guy with a custome trying to scare kids. A trader dissapears in the middle of the central market, just like the fisherman, both of them were eaten by the very night. Stalker becomes a myth: “They say he is a ghost, several citizens have seen this blue aura travelling in the night. They say he is a vampire, it is said he ate the fisherman and butcher. They say he watches us from the buildinds, from the shadows, from the darkest corners of our imagination. Turn the lights on, quickly light a candle, don’t let the night walk in.”

The next three days.
The Dark Stalker: A dangerous monster who hunts a single person or two, enough to satisfy his hunger. He was seen in the local church, flying out of the building with a citizen in his jaws. When the night arrives, you should never go out without a sword or something sharp. You never know if the Stalker might be waiting for you. Panic spreads around the town as the creature keeps killing and feeding. Stalker becomes a menace: “Everything started with the death of a fisherman, then a butcher, then several traders and now, more and more people keeps dissapearing on the night. Day walkers think they are safe in the sunshine, but the Nighstalker feeds the darkness and the darkness feeds him. Light will not hurt him, light will weaken him, light will make him angry, light is the last thing you will see as your face is torn apart by this creature’ jaws. A blade or a sword behind you, a shield perhaps, just don’t walk alone in the night.”

The last day, AKA by the time our heroes arrive.
The Nighstalker:…well..I don’t have to explain anything else. Once the sun hides, half of the population locks their doors and windows. Stalker becomes the night.

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Oct 21, 2013 at 03:52PM EDT

The Nighstalker Incident had alerted one of my teams halfway though the incident. It’s about time they get put into action anyways.

Kiritsugu: “Clearly it’s become an unignoreable issue. Things could go very bad if the townspeople start blaming visitors such as ourselfs…”

Saber: “So what is our plan of action? We actually plan on taking this or these monsters on?”

Irisviel: “It would be the least we can do after much of this free hospitality…”

Saber: “True. We have to go after whatever has been preying on the kids!”

Kiritsugu: “I am more worried about our operation at the moment. Maiya, locate the highest density living quarters district and we will operate from there.”

And by the time the heros arrive, Kiristugu’s team are patroling the area. Two hidden on walkways on the roof; Kiritsugu armed with an Assault Rifle, Maiya with a Sniper Rifle, and two on the ground, Saber and Irisveil walking together on the city streets…

When Reimu and Marisa arrive back in the city, they can only think how unsettling the place has become…

Reimu: “A Yokai has probably moved in…”

Marisa: “What will we do?”

Reimu: “You can go hunt it… but I am exhausted, I would rather rest.”

Marisa: “… I guess I will just wait until somebody asks us to help. Wonder what kind of food they will serve at the party?”

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Oct 21, 2013 at 04:58PM EDT


Relius notices that Medusa is fretting about Asura being sealed by the Omnidirectional Demon Binding Ring. He takes note of the spell and how the spell works as he views the event going on through the orb… He puts a hand on his chin, scratching it as he listens to Medusa’s plea.

Relius: Yes, yes… I do believe that we have a solution to your problems. However, we will have to wait until the dimensions separate from each other and end this congealed mass of space.
Relius looks over to Hazama.
Relius: Bring in Subject Number 12.

Hazama smiles at Relius.

Hazama: Will do, old pal.
He claps his hands together.
Hazama: Ooooh Kusanagi! Daddy needs you now~

In an instant, there is a bright light in the room by Hazama. After the light vanishes, a young woman is standing beside him. Her outfit is similar to Nu’s, but with a more elaborate and advanced design, featuring lights, thigh-high toeless socks, and blue nail polish on her hands and feet. She wears an armored headplate featuring long horns like Hakumen’s. Her eyes are completely blue and opaque, having a dead stare on her face at all times.

He laughs after his creation shows itself…
Hazama: Hehehe. That’s a good girl.
He holds out a hand towards her, looking at Medusa while smiling.
Hazama: Ain’t she a beaut? Forged and tempered in the fires of the Cauldron, I present to you…
Insert drumroll here.
Hazama: Kusanagi, Sword of the Godslayer. The perfect sword. Once everything stops being a congealed mass of shit, that sealing circle should be able to fall into the Boundary.
He scratches the back of his neck.

Relius then pipes up.
Relius: Waiting for everything to become undone and getting into the Boundary will be two more factors that add to the equation, however…
But then a sinister smile spreads across his face.
Relius: But we can help you with this… It would be our pleasure to help you in your endeavor. I know of the machinery needed that can be used to bring our plan to fruition.
He holds out a hand to her.
Relius: Do you accept this proposal?


Jubei puts a smile on his face.
Jubei: Ain’t that the truth… These kiddos deserve it for what they’ve been through here lately.
The old cat lets out a sigh and begins to follow Makarov back to the guild hall.
Jubei: You notice a few people gone… missin’ here recently? Seems people’ve been gettin’ a bit paranoid at night. Lockin’ doors ‘n’ windows. Your kids gonna do anything about it?


And so our heroes arrive back in Magnolia…

Flandre is on Marisa’s soldiers as they get off of the Normandy. She feels the eeriness of what has become of the place as well…
Flandre: What happened? Did a youkai move in?
She asks this to Marisa and gets confirmation from Reimu.
Flandre: Oh…

Ragna steps off the ramp that leads up to the Normandy. He can sense that something’s also made its way into Magnolia. He looks around the city to see it the place deserted right now…
Ragna: …
He can sense Team Kiritsugu’s positions in the surrounding areas of the city.
Ragna: Shit… What the hell happened here?
He looks around at the blank city, sword on his back.

Saya is close to Ragna, also getting the sensation of people around due to her new body. She isn’t confident about all of her new abilities, even if they are inscribed into her mind. All she does is stay close to her big brother looking around worriedly.

Hakumen steps off after them…
Hakumen: A creature of the darkness has made residence here. I can feel its presence. Something that does not deserve to see the lights of day…
Hakumen keeps his guard up.

Tager is trying to contact Kokonoe but gets no responses from her right away… He keeps trying until he gets a response, even though he whole-heartedly knows that she knows the team is back.

Jin keeps his guard up as well, sensing something out of the ordinary has made its home in the city.

@Saber and Irisviel,

They come upon a strangely dressed man near the forest… He appears to be left-handed by the way he is holding his weapon. He has brown hair tied up in a long pony tail and reddish-brown or golden eyes, wearing a tight, black undershirt with the top half covered by a red, sleeveless jacket along and white jeans. His headband bears the words ‘Rock You’, while his belt buckle has the word ‘FREE’. He also wears a pair of black, fingerless gloves, red shoes, a drape of red cloth hanging down beneath his buckle and a multitude of belts, including a lone one on his left bicep. The man’s choice of weapon is extremely odd for either of the two to ever see. It is a blunt, rectangular sword, appearing to be made out of some really advanced technology. The weapon barely looks usable in any way, shape, or form. The way he is holding the thing isn’t even right either. He’s holding it behind him like it was just some piece of trashy metal.

The man pulls out a crumpled piece of paper from his pants pocket. The two can make out this from where they stand…

Crumpling the piece of paper in his hand, he puts it back into his pocket and walks off into the forest to go get rid of some trash he heard about when he got here…

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Oct 21, 2013 at 05:58PM EDT

OOC: We just skipped the entire flight back, Crona. We’re back in Magnolia now. Once Asura gets on and posts us all returning to the guild hall, you can properly introduce your guy. Okay?

Oct 21, 2013 at 06:15PM EDT

OOC: Oh, okay. Gotta stop skimming longer posts…
EDIT: Yeah there was no good reason why I didn’t notice that bit… DEFINITELY gotta stop skimming them.

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Oct 21, 2013 at 06:16PM EDT

Kiritsugu: “… this is bad. A group seems to have arrived…”

Maiya (Via Phone): “How will we proceed?”

Kiritsugu: “Keep Infrared on them. Follow any that stray from the main group.”

Maiya: “Understood.”

Irisveil: “What an odd man.”

Saber: “He was most definitely a Bounty Hunter of some sort. It’s best to remember the looks and faces of them…”

she looks around again

Saber: “There is activity coming from the main road.”

Irisveil: “Lets ignore it for now…”

@Lancer’s Epic Adventure:

>Load Lancer into Cannon and shoot him at the Demon. It should be One Shot Kill.

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Oct 21, 2013 at 06:22PM EDT

She too, somehow feels the fact there there is that strange Nightwalker creature roaming about, along with many other new people. It’s like something in her mind updates the information of the area she’s in automatically. Whatever it is, it’s certainly useful

Great, what’s with all these people somehow arriving in LOCAF? Ugh, sometimes I wonder how these people get in my inventory at all, but whatever. I just feel like this is going to be even a bigger pain then finding all of those dang frogs during my session. Uuuuugh.

Oct 21, 2013 at 07:09PM EDT

Suddenly, another portal opens. This one is different from the others that carried the stand users to this dimension. it seems more… Demonic. Either way, two figures come crashing out of it.
?: Ah, what the hell did we do to deserve this?
?: I have no idea, but I was not deserving of the fate I had there.
The two men stand up, and reveal themselves as Jonathan and Joseph Joestar.
Joseph: hey, I’ve seen you guys before! In that tournament!
Jonathan: I seem to have not met you before. My name is Jonathan Joestar, and this is my Grandson, Joseph. We are both currently deceased, so we both took forms during our early adulthood.
Joseph: Hey, check this out!
Suddenly, Joseph turns into a fine mist. He then reappears as Old Joseph. He then cracks his knuckles. He has a much deeper voice.
Joseph: Grandpa’s about to beat some ass.

Jotaro: So… You were dead all along. Old man, Prove that you’re my granddad.
Joseph: Your next words will be: “Yeah, he’s the real deal.”
Jotaro: Yeah, he’s the real deal. You know, that doesn’t even begin to surprise me anymore.
Jonathan: Apparently, we were brought here to exterminate some “Night Beast” and that Sunlight was really effective against it.
Joseph had changed back into his young form by now.
Joseph: Yeah, and Hamon basically is the power of the sun, so that should help, right?

Doomguy: Yeah, I suppose. Either way, if you’re talking about a demon, i’m good at hunting those!
Falcon: I don’t think this is a regular demon, guys. I think we might be dealing with a Nightstalker. We should wait until daytime to hunt for it.
Jotaro: Ah, what’s the matter? it’s not like it could decimate our group. We’ve just saved an entire fucking planet!
Falcon: I… I guess you’re right. Nobody wander off, okay?

Oct 21, 2013 at 08:04PM EDT

@Relius and Hazama
Medusa reaches her hand out and shakes Relius’ hand while having a devilish smile on her face.

Medusa: Excellent. I think this is the star of a very beautiful relationship that would be sure to get those do-gooders something to be afraid about. So now than gerntlemen, what shall we do in the meantime?

*back in Magnolia.


As they enter the guild hall, Makarov passes by the front desk and picks up a handful of new job requests and hands them to Jubei.

Makarov: ive been noticing it as well. We’ve been getting in some job requests from the local citizens to finding lost people and loved ones. We also received a job request from the mayor of Magnolia requesting the slaying of a monster that stalks through the night. It may be the cause of all of the missing people. I hate to say it that it may already be too late for those who were already abducted by it, they may already be dead. he says with a heavy heart.

Makarov: I already alerted everyone in town that we are on it as well as our guild. We have Laxus’ team working on securing the borders of Magnolia with a spell to either keep it from entering our city again or to trap it within it so we can eventually hunt it down since it cannot leave the city. I’ll also ask kokonoe if she can also send out those robots she took in from sparks training to do constant patrolling of the city and escorting of citizens. That is about all I can do for now, the rest is up to the others to find it and destroy it once and for all.

Meanwhile around the borders of the city, there are three Fairy Tail wizards that our patrolling the city.

This is the Thunder God Tribe, Laxus’ personal team. The one with the mask and tongue sticking out is Biscklow, the one with the green hair and sword is Freed, and the woman in green is Evergreen. As they travel ever vigilantly together, Freed has his sword drawn out and dragging it on the ground. As this happens it seems to be inscribing the ground it travels on with magic codes of an unknown language on it. They are almost done as they have only half an hours worth of travelling left to do around the city to complete the spell.

@group travelling back to guild hall.

*everyone notices the eerie atmosphere of Magnolia now. It is never like this around this time. It is so quiet you can hear a pin drop.

Lucy: Guys, I don’t like this one bit. Magnolia is never like this.

Gray: there should be at least some people closing up shops or some resturants open for late nights. but everything is closed.

They hear the talk about a monster of darkness from hakumen and Reimu, who can sense the dark presence of it.

Natsu: So if its a monster, than we should find it and destroy it before it causes more trouble in our town.

Erza: I agree, but we should at least return to the hall first to confirm all of this. Besides, im sure we all want to see the master and the others as well.

Mirajane: Once we get back to the hall, we should at least do something about this before we consider celebrating. Remember, the citizens are our priority.

Levy: I couldn’t agree more.If the people are being terrorized by a monster than it is our duty as Fairy Tail wizards to put a stop to it.

Natsu: damn right. I’m going to burn that monster to a crisp if I find it.

Erza: Lets just be careful for now, and don’t ever wander by yourselves around the night until its gone. Stay in large groups.

They head continue to go back to the guild hall, passing by the Large cathedral in the centre of town.

As you look around through the scope of your sniper rifle around some tall building, you suddenly see a green haired woman with a rather large sniper rifle that has a magic circle in front of the scope. There is also a man with her with her on the balcony of a house. Both your scopes look directly at each other. She looks away from her scope for a moment, looks back at it, than looks out and waves her hand out in the air for you to see.

It is Bisca and Alzac from earlier on. She can get an idea of what your already doing, as well as what she is doing as well. Trying to look for the Nightstalker, while in the comfort of their home.

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Oct 21, 2013 at 08:50PM EDT

More holes start to appear in Magnolia. 3 of them near the forest, the rest 2 in the streets of the city. Several citizens are able to a hole in time and space which starts to emit a huge white light as a human silhouette approaches. He looks like a knight, wearing gold and silver on his royal armor, riding a beast that was never seen in this land, carrying a magic staff with strange letters written on it, a unusual kind of magic is covers the knight’ aura as he makes his entrance in the town. Faith, happiness, everything you wished, everything you want, hope spreads around this unknown visitor as people gather around him as if the holy knight was the center of the universe, as if he was everything you would ever need, completely forgetting the existance of the real world and quickly approaching the knight to hear his words. The sparkling eyes of the citizens focus on the stranger as he looks around the place. Finally, the knight decides to speak.

I was brought upon you by the very universe. I am known as Chen, the Holy Knight. Once I was like you, walking on a endless desert with no purpose but then I found the light of Obelis. Obelis, the one God who made my appearance in this town possible, Obelis, the one who showed me the light that can be only followed by faith, Obelis, the true blessing all of us need instead of those pagan ways such as christianity and buddism. Be one with Obelis, infuse your spirits with the Knights of the Fold, don’t resist to the path that shall bring you to the final reward. Test your faith brothers and sisters, let us bow to Obelis and join the Fold. With me, salvation will be a reality instead of a illussion. Allow me to be light in the darkness and guide you, my dear brothers and sisters, to the place Obelis has for us. The Knights of the Fold be blessed, the rest be damned. Let us seek a place that we will call home, a sacred house for Obelis where we will pray for our brothers and sisters who refuse to join us..that will eventually change but for such a thing, we need to pray.

And so Chen, our true savior and lord, founds the first church of the Knights of the Fold. His followers wear gold religious clothes and praise the inaguration of this holy house. The Knights of the Fold were a small group of people after the being known as “Crow” destroyed every one of their cities but such a heretic monster shall never destroy the light that god Obelis has brought upon us. Do not resist, follow lord Chen and the Knights of the Fold. Follow the brothers and sisters who start to leave their families behind. Follow us. Follow us. Follow us. Follow us.

Several citizens are seen running away from the central market. Nightstalker just kidnapped a small child and he was seen running away into the woods. Its dangerous to go alone since Stalker prefers to hunt lone wolves. A small group of lumberjacks reports the presence of weird creatures in the forest that don’t look like Stalker. What the hell is going on this town?

Several branches fall to the floor as loud footsteps are hard. Sol should be able to see a blood path leading to the darkest part of the forest. Finally, Sol is able to find Nighstalker who is tearing the flesh out of a innocent child. This is a horrorific scene, a merciless monster eating a kid. As Stalker opens his jaw to rip his prey’ fingers, he catches the smell of a unknown stranger near him. He quickly turns around stares at Sol’ eyes. He decides to leave his prey behind and run away. It should be noted that Stalker looks quite different in the day, less fast and unable to fly.

OOC: You are free to join the path of light that Obelis has shown but this is a path that MUST be followed..You can’t literally leave it..You will not leave it..You shall not leave it..Follow the word of Chen my brothers and sisters, salvation is close at hand..

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Oct 21, 2013 at 10:13PM EDT

Luckily the kid followed the light of Obelis and he is not dead. Feel free to rescue him from the Stalker.

OOC: Just a small note for you guys. Now if you excuse me, good night.

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Oct 21, 2013 at 10:51PM EDT

Part 1


Jubei takes the load of job requests from Makarov, using a paw to pass them to the side while looking through them. Jubei gets a sort of look of remorse on his face as he sees all the poor cases of the people. After a few minutes of looking through all the job requests, Jubei places them all back onto the desk as he listens to Makarov talk about the Night Stalker.
Jubei: Bless ‘em… Those poor people don’t deserve this kinda stuff happenin’ to ‘em.
He lets out a heavy sigh.
Jubei: Les’ jus’ hope that the kids can handle it… Ah know they can though.

@Guild hall,

The doors to the guild hall open, revealing a rather large group of people who stand in the doorway.

The first man is a young adult man with spiky swift back, slightly long brown hair, and amber eyes. He has a long, X-shaped scar across his face. He wears a dark green modified ninja outfit with a big red scarf, silver gauntlets, black fingerless gloves, dark green harama pants that expose his tights. He carries a giant nail on his back.

With a proud voice filled with the burning fires of justice, he utters his next words.
He looks around the Guild Hall after he says this, seeing that there are plenty of people here. Bang develops a big smile on his face as he looks down to a child next to him.
Bang: This is absolutely wonderful, Master Carl! I knew that your sense of direction would lead us to civilization once again! For this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The one standing next to Bang is a young boy with light blond hair, a fair complexion, blue eyes and wears jam jar glasses. His typical attire consists of an 1800’s, higher class, London-style outfit with long white sleeves, ending in purple cuffs, and purple shorts. These are accompanied with purple military style boots which end in steel toecaps, a gentlemen’s purple tophat which covers his head, and a short purple cape which is attached to his body by a metal fixture in the shape of an ‘X’ and has a sort of cowbell hanging from it. At his side he has a very tall robotic woman dressed in purple with a dead expression on her face…

Carl: It was my pleasure, Master Bang.
He adjusts his glasses.
Carl: Saving you from my father wasn’t an easy task at all. I’m glad we’re out of that hellhole for good.

Next in the group is a young beautiful, sexy woman with long black hair tied into a bun, pink eyes, pink lipstick, and large breasts. On top of her hair is her pet panda, Lao Jiu. Her hair is tied into a ponytail with Lao Jiu sitting on top with a yin-yang hair accessory at the end of the ponytail. She also wears an unbuttoned red vest that shows her black bra and breasts with separate black sleeves, a long red skirt, and red shoes which are in a Chinese sort of style.

Every male in the Guild Hall should be nose-bleeding right now.
Litchi: Yes… That place we were in was definitely the very definition of a hell hole. I’m glad that Nirvana was able to rescue us all from it.
She kneels down and pinches Carl on the cheek.
Litchi: Thank you, Carl. For everything.
After this she stands back up next to the kid.

Next in line is a squirrel-type beastkin young lady with short brown hair, a big curly brown tail, hazel eyes, and large breasts. She has on the same kind of lab coat from Sector Seven that Tager has, except it is in an orange variation. Black and orange fingerless gloves come up to her forearm as she flexes her fingers. All the male members of the guild would immediately notice that she has on a visible g-string and an orange miniskirt with two belts hanging down the front of it, along with black thigh-high stockings and black and orange combat boots to complete the attire. For weapons she has a pair of strange looking tonfas, both of which are cross-shaped and have golden rings above them.

Commence more nose bleeds.
She drops down to her knees in a sort of praying stance.
Makoto: Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.
Her tail twitches some as she does this.

After this group of people enters, the figure of the stereotypical butler. He is an elderly man who wears a dark, aquamarine suit adorned with gold trimming. His long, white hair is tied in a ponytail at the back with a bright pink bow. He has his hand in front of him, maintaining his composure.

Valkenhayn: Right this way, Madame Rachel.

A young vampire girl with pale skin, long blonde hair tied into two pigtails with black ribbons, and red eyes enters the. She wears Gothic Lolita fashion with a frilly black gown and jacket, red ribbon bow tie, a red bat symbol design cross from the front to the back on her dress, another red cross on her shawl and bottom half, high heeled black boots with a red cross, and a red ribbon on her left ankle. She is also carrying a black umbrella with a cat face on it, along with a red pig-bat-thing flying next to her.

Rachel: I am not amused at how we let ourselves be dragged along with this crowd of misfits, Valkenhayn. Let us leave. Immediately.

After Rachel enters the Guild Hall, a very young girl in a sleeveless white shirt with buttons and blue lining walks in next. The outfit is completed by a blue skirt. She wears a pair of white gloves with large cuffs and a pair of similar colored shoes with heart-shaped toeguards. Her hair is a peach-blond, length-wise, reaching her ankles and tied up in two long ponytails. She wears a light green headband and a big ribbon tied to her four pigtails. Her eyes are green with distinct brighter heart-shaped pupils. She also strangely wears a cowbell around her neck… Being carried with her is a ginormous pink staff with a glowing red orb in the middle of a heart framework.

Luna: You told Luna that we might get to see Mister Jubei again, Sena.
She puts a hand over her eyes like she is scouting out for him.
Luna: Well I don’t see him!

Suddenly the voice of a boy originates from the young girl’s mouth as well…
Sena: I said he might be here. I felt a familiar presence around this place earlier.

Luna: You’d better be right, Sena!

Everyone outside the Guild Hall should hear a loud voice of what can only be described as pure delight and excitement.
On cue, a rather unique take on the catgirl archetype with light brown skin and long blonde hair tied up into two braids and a black cat tail with a faded white tip pounces into the room. She seems to spend her entire time wearing a beige-colored hoodie with a cat hood and long cat-themed sleeves that cover her arms. She wears a pair of unusually-designed high-heel boots with the same cat theme but appear to be more fit for a creature with high ankles. Under her hood all that can be seen are a pair of red beady eyes and an ever constant toothy grin that tends to emulate emotions when conveying facial expressions…

She then looks up at Bang.
The catgirl then puts her nose up to the air and smells the food coming from the kitchen..
Taokaka: Yup, there’s food here, nya~!
She looks backwards towards the doors, putting a sleeve up to her face.
Taokaka: Neow, little guys!

Everyone in the guild hall can hear the ground rumbling and a few of the tables shaking as the pitter patter of little feet run towards this way… In a moments notice, the entire door gets filled with these little guys.

They’re very curious and begin to investigate their new surroundings immediately… They also barely have any manners either. They flood the guild hall until about 100 of them are in there. After the last one, no more come through the door.

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Part 2


Everyone in the current group hear what has happened. They immediately go off to see what has happened in the forest as one gigantic group, hell-bent on destroying the monster that stalks the woods.

Kokonoe has dispatched the robots from Sector Seven as well, and they are making their way towards the forest where the Night Stalker is located.

@Stalker and kid,

Sol stares back at the Night Stalker as the wind blows through his hair. He doesn’t even get into an aggressive stance against the beast. He just stands there with his rectangular lighter-like weapon.

Sol: Tch…
He glances down at the kid who is laying there still alive, letting the Night Stalker retreat. With his thumb slotted inside his pocket, he casually walks over to the kid who is half eaten. Kneeling down to his side, he gets out a few bandages from his back pocket and begins to bandage up the kid with some first aid. He can’t entirely help him, but this is the best that he can do with the materials he has right now.
Sol: … Be more careful next time, kid.
The bounty hunter moves the kid over to a tree and props him up against it in a sitting position. Turning his back on the child, Sol faces the thick of the woods where the beast had run off to… He knows that other people are coming in this direction. Just to be safe, he stabs the sword into the ground and a shield of flames appears around the kid. The shield won’t hurt him if he tries to get out of it, but it will prevent unwanted guests from coming in for the child like the Night Stalker.
Sol: …
He takes the sword up from the ground and begins to walk deeper into the forest where the beastie is.

@Lancer’s Epic Adventure,

>Target hit
>Decimated in one shot
>Lancer climbs back onto boat
>Continue journey

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Oct 22, 2013 at 12:04AM EDT

Reimu sort of sighs at Chen, seeing his legitimacy.

Reimu: “Certainly am glad you didn’t decide to build in the town I am from. I don’t need another competitor.”

Marisa: “A months worth of dinners says your shrine has been over run by fairies.”

Reimu: “OH HELL NO!”

Tense, Kiritsugu stares back at Bisca and Alzac, sighing in relief. As a Veteran, getting a sniper pointed at you is always the correct time to panic.

Kiritsugu: “Maiya, it seems we have support on the building a few blocks down. Form a Triangle between the three of us.”

Maiya: “Understood.”

Maiya leaves the rooftops of Main Street and swiftly, but quietly, returns to the civilian quarters. She picks a spot in a newly formed “Triangle” with Saber in the center.

However, this little plot is ruined when Saber outright hears the distant screaming of the child.

Saber: “An attack! We must hurry!”

She quickly pulls a Magical Girl Costume Change

Wielding a sword shrouded by the “Invisible Air”, Saber goes running into the forest at top speeds, with Irisveil trailing closely behind.

Kiritsugu: “Saber is running into the forest.”

Maiya: “Then our trap…”

Kiritsugu: “Pack up and rendezvous at the forest edge! We move in together!”

Skillfully, Kiritsugu puts away the unneeded sections of his assault rifle and parcore leaps down
2 floors, landing a bit heavy before running in the direction Saber went. Maiya is not far behind.

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Oct 22, 2013 at 01:00AM EDT

@Sol and everyone in the woods
Nighstalker starts to fly away, searching for a shadow to hide. Stalker is now a gigantic blue dot in the sky. Despite being exposed to the sun, the creature is still able to fly quite fast. Speedsters and those who can run faster than flying eagle should be able to reach him. There is something strange in the woods. Several boxes, giant crates and rotten fruits are scattered around the place. Saber should be able to find the butcher, Sol finds the fisherman, more and more skeletons reveal themselves as you penetrate in the dephts of the woods. Something big in the middle of Saber path..A 8 feet orange ogre that is as dumb as a bag of rock hammers. The ogre is not alone and a small family of ogrees are seen, breaking through wooden crates and trying to reach the delicious fruits with their tongues, they are not intelligent enough to break the damn crate already. Obviously, these ogrees stole several crates from the city. The ogre is not even surprised by Saber appearance, in fact he needs 5 minutes to realize that Saber is in front of him. Then another ogree arrives to the scene and both of them proceed to stare at Saber. Finally, after 5 minutes of a intelectual discussion between the ogres (AKA grunts and gibberish), the creatures decide to leave Saber alone.

A small ogree community now lives in the woods. They eat everything they can find. They are not aggresive, most of them tend to ignore humans, but one or two of them might try to smash you. Since the ogrees are too stupid to gather food from the damn forest itself, they prefer to steal crates and boxes from the city.

Excuse me users, do you have a moment to listen to lord Chen, our true savior and lord, who shall send us to the path of happiness with Obelis?
The Holy Gospel of Obelis, the one who shall show us the path to our final reward.

“And in the third day, Obelis created the sun and the moon. Selemene, Goddess of the Moon, guided the darkness towards a dead end that no man wishes to visit, while Obelis himself blessed us with the first sunlight. His holy appearance vanquished those creatures that dared to face his wrath, night creatures deep inside your deepest nightmares, abominations made in hell itself. All of them were purified..all of them, save one. What hunts our brothers and sisters in the night is the being known as Nightstalker. There is only one way to defeat this creature: You need to bow to Obelis, infuse your spirit with his majestical holiness and dedicate your life to the reconstruction of the Knights of the Fold.”
“Praise Obelis and his word”
Civilians: Follow the dream of a new world!
“Death to the pagans ways”
Civilians: Thee with false god to praise.
“Let us rejoice because Obelis has finally showed us his love and grace. Rejoice my brothers and sisters.”
Civilians: REJOICE!

Oct 22, 2013 at 05:30AM EDT

OOC: Don’t try to force your beliefs onto me, I don’t like it. The only powers that would convince me are the powers of science. Forces and stuff.

Kongspire: Maybe I should not have gotten onto the boat, that way I’d be able to help out with the investigations… Then again, there are now two around who would recognise me. One of whom even has a superior version of one of the weapons I use! Wait, the adventure is finally continuing? Well then… good luck to that other Order, I guess.

Upon landing, the Order mages notice that things seem… off… But before they can focus on that, there is someone waiting for them. The one archmage very few outside the Order will have seen.

Pitchurn: …There was something I was going to say, but considering what happened, this isn’t exactly the best time.

Solarian: Indeed, this isn’t exactly the best time. I have no idea myself what happened, but there is something we clearly need to deal with more urgently

Pitchurn: I’ll understand, and will keep an eye on her while you go and sort out whatever you need to deal with.

With these words most of the Order mages go with the others to investigate just what is going on here.

Tempestia: We just can’t catch a break, can we?

*After listening to the others about what is going on, the Order mages proceed to split up into three groups. Granatir and Ignis; Solarian and Tempestia; Noctan, Pyralis and Tahrdan. *

Granatir and Ignis just wander around the town. They really have little idea where to go, though, because none of the Order mages headed in this general direction before. They have their weapons at the ready, though – as such, Ignis is going in front because his weapon is ideal for melee combat. They will only strike in self defense or to help others.

Solarian and Tempestia just explore somewhat aimlessly, they also have their weapons at the ready. Both weapons for each. Solarian will raise one of his guns towards any sound that is not clearly either him or Tempestia.

Noctan, Pyralis and Tahrdan head for the woods. They’re travelling side by side because all three have bladed weapons, which they hold at the ready. They have OYH watching their backs, and they know that they have to be careful. Who knows what they’re going to find?

Now for the epic adventure…

Kongspire: Is that it?

If anyone were to look over the side, they’d notice a few furry humanoids. They are unconscious but still alive, and face-up. Kongspire would recognise them as Gremlins. He’d then have to question what they were doing around here.

Oct 22, 2013 at 08:41AM EDT


You are not forced to follow the path of Obelis but let me remind you who created this very thread, who created your damn “I don’t understand” nature, who gave you the touch of life..It was the Father of all, the master of the unknown, thee who watches us from the skies, lord Obelis who awaits for us in the eternal paradise that shall be our final reward if we praise and pray him. You are free to don’t accept salvation in your life and fall to the worst places of hell instead.
I’m kidding bro, Im having a lot of fun with Chen. I MIGHT try him in Dota..he is a bit boring to play. Speaking of stuff that is extremelly boring..Getting tired of “the mages don’t understand this and that”. You spent a WHOLE week training. Dude, even CHESTON knows the town like the palm of his hand,

Oct 22, 2013 at 10:08AM EDT

OOC: There was nothing in the training that could possibly indicate that anyone went to the town as part of it, from what I recall.

Oct 22, 2013 at 10:22AM EDT

OOC: Shall we play a little game? Since everyone loves to be the bad guy, we have a lovely opportunity here: Everyone wants to chill but they also want to get small “jobs” so..since I can’t be control everything (I’m actually getting a bit tired)

Thats right suckers, I’m giving you full control of a random monster so the new heroes have something to punch / shoot/ burn/ kill. These bad guys are completely unimportant but this doesn’t mean you can break the entire universe and be a complete douchebag with everyone. Follow your limits, don’t ruin the monsters for god’s sake. You are free to do whatever you want as long as you respect the monster’s limits.

Just screencap and see what the wheel of fate gave you! You are free to introduce your new creep in Sam’ style (Dark and edgy descriptions), in Spark’ style (Silly yet simple) and even in Zarathh style (HNGHHs).

Mister Foster: No, those bewbs are mine. You will not choose them damn it, I waited 40 pages to get that pic dude.

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Oct 22, 2013 at 12:39PM EDT


“Roleplay General… Satans Game! Your Children, Like it or Not, are attracted in their weaker years to the Occult! And a game like Roleplay General FUELS their Imagination! And Makes Them Feel Special, while drawing them deeper, and DEEPER, into the Bowels of El-Diablo! This Afternoon, the Know Your Meme Watchtower invites you to sit in on an actual gaming session…”

“Observe the Unobservable, as a hidden camera takes you to the inner sanctum of…”

“Roleplay General”

Spark: “Z- Ranga, you have entered the door to the North. Y-you are now by yourself. Standing in a Dark Room. The Pungent Stench of Mildew emanates from the wet dungeon walls.”

Asura: “Where are the Cheetos!?!”

Spark: “They are right next to you!”

Zar: “I Cast a Spell!”

Asura: “Where’s the Mountain Dew!?”

Spark: “In The Fridge! Duh!”

Zar: “I want to cast A Spell!”

Asura: “Can I Have a Mountain Dew!?!”

Spark: “YES, You Can! Just Go Get One!”

Zar: “I can cast any of these, right?”

Spark: “Yes, any of the First Level ones.”

Asura: “I’m Gonna Get a Soda, Does Anyone Want One? HEY SPARK! I’m Not in the Room Right?”

Spark: “WHAT ROOM!?!”

Zar: “I wanna Cast, Tragic Backstory.”

Asura: “The Room he’s casting all these Spells From!”

Spark: “He Hasn’t Cast Anything Yet!”

Zar: “I am though if you would listen! I am casting Tragic Backstory!”

Spark: “Why are you casting Tragic Backstory if there is nobody to talk to here?”

Zar: “I’m… Talking To The Darkness!”

Everyone bursts into laughter

Spark: “F-fine Snicker You Make The Darkness feed Sad. Oh, and there is an Anime Chick standing in front of you.”

Natsuru: “WHOAH! That’s me right?”

Spark: “She wears a Blue Dress, and Blonde Hair, and Blue-Green Eyes…”

Natsuru: “N-no I don’t, I just plain green eyes.”

Spark: “Let me see that sheet.”

Natsuru: “I-it says I have Blue, but I decided I wanted Green Eyes.”

Spark: “WHATEVER, you two can talk now!”

Natsuru: “H-hello.”

Zar: “Hello! I am Ragna, Bloodedge of Feels!”

Natsuru: “Then How Come You Had To Hit Me With Tragic Backstory!?!”

The room busts up laughing again

Spark: “Y-you guys are being attacked.”


Spark: “NO! You are outside by the Tavern!”

Asura: “Cool! I get Drunk!”

Spark: “UHG, um… there are Seven Ogers surrounding you.”

Natsuru: “How Did They Surround Us!? I had Morden Kaidens Magical WatchLion Cast!”

Spark: “No you didn’t!”

Asura: “I am Getting Drunk! Are there any Girls There!?”

Natsuru: “I totally Did! You asked me if I wanted any equipment for this adventure, and I said no, but I need Material Components for all my spells, So I cast Morden Kaiden’s Mystical WatchLion!”

Spark: “But you never actually Cast It!”

Asura: “Roll The Dice To See If I am Getting Drunk!”

Spark: “UHG

Spark: “YES YOU ARE!”

Asura: “Are There Any Girls There!?!”

Natsuru: “BUT I DID!”

Spark: “No You Didn’t! You Didn’t Actually Cast The Spell! So now there is Ogers, Okay!?”

Asura: “OGERS!?! I have a Knife that has +9 Against Ogers!”


Asura: “Okay, But If There Are Any Girls There I WANT TO DO THEM!”

“There you have it. A frightening look into Know Your Meme’s most Frightening Pasttime. Remember, it’s not their fault they are being drawn into a Satanic World of Nightmare. It’s their Gym Teachers Fault. When they made them feel outcast for not being able to do one single Pullup.”

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Oct 22, 2013 at 04:23PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

OOC: Shall we play a little game? Since everyone loves to be the bad guy, we have a lovely opportunity here: Everyone wants to chill but they also want to get small “jobs” so..since I can’t be control everything (I’m actually getting a bit tired)

Thats right suckers, I’m giving you full control of a random monster so the new heroes have something to punch / shoot/ burn/ kill. These bad guys are completely unimportant but this doesn’t mean you can break the entire universe and be a complete douchebag with everyone. Follow your limits, don’t ruin the monsters for god’s sake. You are free to do whatever you want as long as you respect the monster’s limits.

Just screencap and see what the wheel of fate gave you! You are free to introduce your new creep in Sam’ style (Dark and edgy descriptions), in Spark’ style (Silly yet simple) and even in Zarathh style (HNGHHs).

Mister Foster: No, those bewbs are mine. You will not choose them damn it, I waited 40 pages to get that pic dude.

OOC: Guess what i got first try…

But I got other shit I can introduce. Don’t worry.


Jonathan and Joseph had been wandering around alone for quite a while, trying to hunt the Night Stalker.

Everyone else is still following the main group back to the guild hall.

Oct 22, 2013 at 05:19PM EDT

Sorry for my ridiculously late posting times, Homework isn’t just a “Get it done in ten minutes” deal this week.


Man, Is it me, or is it cold as SHIT?

Oct 22, 2013 at 05:39PM EDT


Saber can only look horribly confused at the Plant Eaters…

Irisveil catches up, desperately trying to catch her breath

Saber: “I found some of the townspeople… the beast has been making it’s nest somewhere around here.”

Irisveil: “You mean these ogres aren’t it!”

Saber: “No, they seem to be herbivores. Our target is a little bit further in.”

The two of them begin to push into the forest…

Kiritsugu on the other hand, sees the beast take off and fly away. He knows right now he’s got one chance to hit it…

With a ear deafening crack, he shoots… though at this distance the tiniest bit of wind will screw this up…

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Oct 22, 2013 at 06:19PM EDT

@the forest

The gang continues to persue Nightstalker. they see it in the sky but its too far away for them to attack.

Natsu: dammit, its getting away. happy lets go.

Happy: its flying too fast for us to catch up with it. And I’m also too tired to fly.

Lucy: some help you are.

Erza: damn, is there anything we can do?


Bisca and Alzac hold their weapons in the air. Alzac spotted it while Bisca takes the shot.

Alzac: There it is, take the shot.

Bisca: Piece of cake. she loads in a special ammunition for long range targets. My only problem was finding the bugger, but now I got it in my sights. She has the creature zoomed in on her scope. she paints it with the cross-hairs of her magic circle and holds on to it. My tracer shot will get it. she then finally gets a lock on Nightstalker and it is painted with a small magic circle on its back. Gotcha you freak.

She then fires her magic rifle, it fires out a highly concentrated blast of green coloured magical energy like a small laser cannon that homes in onto the locked target of the tracer shot.

Everyone sees the bright green shot fly through the air towards the blue dot that is Nightstalker. Within a second of firing, the dot is suddenly struck by the blast of Biscas tracer shot.

(They magical ammunition like that, not kidding.*

Nightstalker is hit directly and plummets towards the ground.

Bisca: HAHAH, I got it.

Alzac: Nice one. Hopefully there should be others looking for it already.

@back at the forest.

The others saw what happened as they saw the green light strike at Nightstalker.

Lucy: Woah. what was that?

Gray: I recognize that shot from anywhere.

Mirajane: Yep, its Bisca and Alzac alright.

Natsu: Damn, never thought they were that good.

Gajeel: Well who cares, lets just follow it before it manages to get away again.

They continue their pursuit of Nightstalker.

@Guild Hall

everyone turns to see the newcomers. there is a mix of feeling wether they are wizards from another guild looking for a fight or if they are just passing by. However when litchi and Makoto enter the room, every single male has their fullest attention as blood shoots out from their noses.

even Makarov is ogling them.

Makarov: why… why hello there ladies. Is there anything I can do for you and your friends…

suddenly rumbling is heard and the stampede of little munchkins, burst into the guild hall.


The little ones are everywhere. Some of the guild members are unable to understand or control them.

Elfman: What are these things, and why is there so many of them?

Lisanna: I hope they dont go into the kitchen.

They already are, a few of the guild members carry them out of the kitchen while others try and round them up and keep them away from certain areas. Some of them find them a bit cute and just play around with them for a bit.

Makarov turns to Jubei with one eye twitching in anger.

Makarov: Jubei, What the hell are these things, and who the hell are these people here?

Meanwhile the thunder god tribe is close to finishing their job.

Oct 22, 2013 at 08:26PM EDT


Hazama: Why don’t I show our new guest around, eh Relius?
While giving off a smile at Medusa, he puts a hand over his nonexistent heart where only a cold black void resides inside of him in its place.

Hazama: It’d be my pleasure…

Relius: Do what you will, Hazama.
He then turns around, beginning to walk away.
Relius: My research calls to me. I shall leave it to you to make sure that no harm befalls our ally, Hazama.

Hazama: Pfft…
He takes the hand off his chest.
Hazama: Nonsense, Relius. I wouldn’t let anything horrible happen to her.
He waves a hand to Kusanagi, signaling for her to teleport off. Hazama then turns to Medusa, holding out the same hand.
Hazama: Shall the tour begin now?

@Guild Hall,

Jubei notices Makarov’s anger, the kittens running around the place, the noise from all the guild members and the new guests… He then turns back to Makarov, trying to explain what exactly the Kaka are. They’re genetically engineered bio-weapons from his own DNA. Sadly, the volume is getting a bit too loud.
Jubei: Tao…
No response from Tao.
Jubei: Tao!
Still no response.
Jubei: BE STILL!
His voice echoes throughout the guild hall like a roar of thunder, causing everything to become deathly silent. After this, the cat clears his throat.
Jubei: Ahem… Tao.

Tao slowly walks over to where Jubei is with the legions of tiny ones forming up behind her.
Tao: Y-Yes, Cat Person?
She is looking down at the ground, standing a good foot and a half over Jubei.

Jubei looks at the group near the doorway, recognizing all of them. After this, he looks back up at Tao.
Jubei: Where’d ya come from, kid?

She puts a sleeve to her face, trying to remember where the group just came from…
Tao: Um… Um…
She drops the hand back down to her side.
Tao: Tao doesn’t know, neow. Let Scruffy Man do the talking.

Bang quickly runs over at Tao’s calling of his nickname. He has to step around the sea of kitties in order to get over here though.
Bang: Yes, Tao? Who do you want me to speak to? I don’t see anyone…
He looks for Makarov, not realizing that he is that short on the ground. After a few moments, Bang finally looks down and sees Makarov standing there angrily.
Bang: I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there. My whole-hearted apologies. Where we came from, you ask? Well…
He scratches the back of his neck.
Bang: We were all abducted by a giant white ball in the sky! It was frightening beyond belief! We had been taken prisoner for doing nothing!
He can’t really describe what had happened, despite his best abilities.

Rachel begins to float towards Makarov over the kitten ocean at their feet. She doesn’t want to touch the filthy things.
Rachel: You ask these two to explain what had happened? How ignorant. They barely have any brains to compensate for the space in their skulls.
After the insult to the two, Rachel begins to explain to Makarov about the whole ordeal albeit rather cryptically. He can still decipher enough of her words to get a coherent meaning to it though.

After this, the rest of the new arrivals make their way over and tell Makarov who they are and also attempt to explain while their here. Makoto uses silly hand motions and home-made sound effects to help tell the story. All-in-all, they explain who they are and what they are doing here, having re-wired a teleporter on Transcendence after contacting Kokonoe and getting coordinates to this place. The chaos in the guild hall has calmed down tremendously as well.

@Group in the forest,

Everyone comes upon a batch of two Thunderhides.

@Saber and Irisviel,

Your group comes across one Thunderhide on your route to the Night Stalker.

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Oct 22, 2013 at 09:37PM EDT

Unimportant fighting happened with Nighstalker and shit. At the end, Stalker dissapeared and everyone got trolled huehuahuehua. Nightstalker got bored of this shitty town so he decided to stay in the shadows of the forest..god only knows when is he going to arrive. So yeah, everyone got happy, drunk and a massive orgy happened becouse hey..we need to chill out son…It’s not like there is a evil dictator conquering another worlds and getting more powerful as time flies. So yeah, party hard at the Fairy Tail, magic crap and all of that fancy stuff people use in parties. Meanwhile the whole universe is malfunctioning but that can wait, let’s first meet this people who keep appearing out of thin air. Everyone is happy becouse It ain’t a party until everyone is forced to smile. Lets forget about all the killers, assassins, murderers, psychopaths and mad scientists in the world and get some tacos.
So yeah, I will let Asura control the party and all of that stuff, and how the entire city forgot about a serial killer in a total amount of..15 seconds?
In case you are wondering, It was the light of Obelis who guided those citizens from the world of sadness to the realm of salvation. It’s time to hear the words of our lord and savior, Chen, the Holy knight who shall show us the path of Obelis.
The Holy Gospel of Obelis, the one who shall show us the path to our final reward.

“And so the man and the woman were made after 8 days of meditation where the god who sees the everything, Obelis, used his vast wisdom to create the human, a creature who shall conquer and rule the world. He used a small piece of his knowledge, the softest skin from the creatures of light, the creativity of the clouds and the nature of a hurricane. We were born to modify the world, we were born to create and we were born to praise Obelis. During the course of the years, false demagodery, pagan ways, the seed of darkness managed to tear our souls apart, sending us in the opposite path of the promised land. We must take faith with ferocity brothers and sisters, we must embrace Obelis’ wisdom once again, we must destroy the seed inside the society, we must become one with the Fold and reach salvation.”
“Today, creatures and beasts were discovered in the forest. You shall not fear them, you must talk with them, establish a conversation and introduce them to the Knights of the Fold. Centaurs, ogres, these vile monsters are lost in a world filled with heretics and they are crying for help. Let Obelis guide us to the sacred places of the woods and convert these unbelievers before the likes of Aiushtha. Those lost creeps will be attracted by the charming nature of this abomination unless we introduce them to the Fold. Our final reward awaits my brothers and sisters. Praise Obelis and his word.”
Civilians: Follow the dream of a new world!
“Death to the pagans ways”
Civilians: Thee with false god to praise.
“Let us rejoice because Obelis has finally showed us his love and grace. Rejoice my brothers and sisters.”
Civilians: REJOICE!

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Oct 22, 2013 at 11:28PM EDT

Dac wrote:


Yes Mikasa. Shall we talk about Obelis, the one who shall save us from the Titans?

Oct 22, 2013 at 11:36PM EDT


Not really taking any chances, Saber and Gang continue hunting the Nightstalker and will do so into the night.

@Party Prep:

To repeated objections, Reimu was decked in a flashier costume and a metric asston of flowers

And who the heck are these catgirls here? Wait… Marisa!? Flandre!? WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU!?!

Deep within the forest… a landmark had been unceremoniously dumped into this word with barely a sound… many of the surrounding wildife begin to investigate it…

Something… or someone, is inside…

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Oct 23, 2013 at 12:37AM EDT


Up to this point, I have lacked a true sense of direction.

No truly original ideas to take this thread in any direction.

But Hoo Boy did that Change Tonight.

I know Exactly where I am going to take this thread.

And I know Exactly how to outdo every pitiful attempt at playing a villain up to this point.

You can’t run.

You can’t hide.

Nobody is safe anymore.

Not Good

Not Bad

Not Lawful

Not Chaotic

Not Neutral

Every Man, Demon, God, and Crow will lack Salvation. And by the end of this you will be crying as you reach out for any ribbon of hope you have left.

Prepare yourself, for soon enough the truly sadistic Natsuru will take the helm.

If you want details, you know where to find me.

But be warned, the seeds of evil can’t be unrooted. It is already too late.

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Oct 23, 2013 at 03:19AM EDT

Good morning know what time is it?
That’s right.
The Holy Gospel of Obelis, the one who shall show us the path to our final reward.

Chen and the citizens of the Knights of the Fold quickly step into the forest, slowly penetrating the woods where the Stalker was seen, a place infested with vile creatures such as brainless ogres and man-eating birds. The Holy Knight guides his followers to the nest of a man-eating bird as they pray for Obelis to help them in their quest of conversion. With his magic staff, the knight iluminates the place for his beast to walk. Suddenly, Chen’ beast starts to grunt over and over again. The Knights of the Fold arrived to the nest that belongs to a small family of Wildwings, aggresive eagles with a enourmous size, able to take the skies and tear the flesh of their preys. Severel skeletons can be seen around.

“Fear thou not brothers and sisters, Obelis is with thee and with the light of salvation, not even the most dangerous creeps shall have a small chance with the Fold.”

Chen quickly orders his beast to approach the leader of the Wildwings, a large eagle with red plumage. The monster doesn’t even turn around to face Chen, he keeps eating a piece of meat lying on the floor, ripping the flesh into pieces with his giant beak.

“Be one with Obelis my dear faithful. Clear yours sins and embrace salvation. I infuse you with WITH THE SPIRIT!”
With the power of the holy persuation, the Wildwing leader is hit by a glorious light which iluminates the entire place. This tower of light can be seen from distance, falling from the sky and hitting the floor. Persuased by the wisdom of Obelis, the eagle’s eyes are finally opened and the real world reveals itself. As the light of the heavens dissapears, the Wildwing bows to Chen as the citizens rejoice, clapping and cheering for such a glorious conversion. What it used to be a mindless creep is now a proud member of the the Fold. The rest of the wildwings take off and fly away as their leader follows Chen and the rest of the Fold towards the city. It would be extremelly weird to see a giant man-eating bird in the streets but for some reason, people who have the chance to see this miracle don’t complain or run away instead they are starting to consider the opportunity to join the Fold.
“Open the doors of the church brothers and sisters, open them and spread glory around the place. Faithless ones shall remember this day as the day where the Fold took the leap of faith towards the hearts of the innocent, clearing their doubts and blessing them with Obelis wisdom. Let our new brother pray in his first day under the light of the Fold while we prepare my congregation to grow. Praise Obelis and his word.”
Civilians: Follow the dream of a new world!
“Death to the pagans ways”
Civilians: Thee with false god to praise.
“Let us rejoice because Obelis has finally showed us his love and grace. Rejoice my brothers and sisters.”
Civilians: REJOICE!

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Oct 23, 2013 at 12:22PM EDT

OOC: You are having way too much fun typing that out, aren’t you? I’m just skimming through those posts, to be honest. And due to time zones and limited time, I am not participating in that roll (though I did listen to the music. F**k yeah Sonic 3.) Never mind this OOC stuff, it’s party prep time.

*Even the Order mages are dressing for the party, though Tempestia pressured the others into it This is after they meet up following their explorations.. Tempestia herself is wearing a rather short shirt (with a v-neck) and a short skirt. Were it not for even more alluring women being present, she’d be guaranteed to get stared at. As it is, she’s not that noticeable in comparison. *

Solarian… Well, the only concession to the party is he’s not wearing his robe, he’s wearing his lumimancer’s clothing instead… It is very old, though. The only real difference is the lack of a hood, however. He’s trying to be all professional here, despite Tempestia trying to force him to be otherwise. Granatir is wearing a dark green + brown clothing combination that would bring the idea of forests to the minds of anyone who knew what a forest (or even a tree) is who looked at him. He’s going for the plant aspect of the earth element, here. Ignis is wearing a shirt that fades from yellow, through orange, to red, and light trousers which fade from white to yellow. He looks like the flame, though while in the town he and Granatir did find someone who was good with clothing, who actually ended up making both of theirs. Ignis has had a miniature Warmaster Rocket Hammer sewn onto his shirt. The reason they are this prepared is that they actually were NOT pressured by Tempestia into dressing in different clothing Pyralis and Noctan, who have pretty much always worked together, are both wearing a black + orange combination. The shirt is in the colour of their element, and the trousers in the colour of the element of the other. On the shirt they’ve had the glyphs for the other elements they use sown on (earth, water, air for Pyralis, water, light for Noctan.) These glyphs are in the appropriate colours, of course. Finally, Tahrdan himself is wearing a blue buttoned shirt and some jeans, with red shoes. He is also wearing a shark tooth necklace which he claims to have found recently (OOC: This is because I now have such a necklace myself, of course.) The shirt has black vertical bands on it, all of which are narrow, though some are wider than the others. The jeans are blue. What can I say? He just likes blue. He is NOT actively trying to bring water to mind, one of the only two Order mages at the party not trying to bring any of the elements to mind, with Tempestia being the other.

Solarian: I don’t see why we have to go this effort. Won’t our usual clothes suffice?

Tempestia: Of course an old guy like you wouldn’t see the point in this. We’re not supposed to be all ‘official’ at a party. There’s no point trying to be… Do you seriously not have any casual clothing?

Solarian: No, but-

Ignis: Hey just drop it. If he wants to be official, that’s his business. As it is you forced most of us into dressing for the upcoming party anyway.

Tahrdan: Only most of us?

Granatir: I feel we’ve earned it, so I didn’t need to be forced into it… Though I will admit I did need to know a useful reason to come in the first place. I still don’t feel entirely comfortable, considering what happened…

Noctan: Well that’s why most of us are here. To ask the others to help us to avoid a repeat next time. Besides, we should get to know our allies better anyway.

Oct 23, 2013 at 01:35PM EDT

OOC: Is Red invited to the party as well? Sorry I have to ask questions like these, but I’m not quite used to inferring stuff like that yet.

Oct 23, 2013 at 02:53PM EDT

@Castle thing,

Refusing to let the Night Stalker continue living, Hakumen continued to hunt the beast as the others went back to the Guild Hall. Sword out and held to his side, he keeps searching the dense woods until he can pick up the monster’s location again. Just as he was about to be able to tell where it is, he comes across the castle that had been dumped there.
Hakumen: …
He stares at the piece of architecture, keeping his sword close to him. Examining the structure of the castle, he thinks to himself that it could be taking up camp in here… The White Knight begins to stride towards the structure, pushing the giant double doors open when he gets to the entrance. Once inside, he looks around at the heavily damaged interior.

Hakumen: I can feel your presence. Reveal yourself.
His voice echoes around the empty and deteriorated halls, breaking the solitude that was once resting here…

Hakumen then hears a high pitched “vweeping” noise… All of the sudden, Rachel and Valkenhayn materialize in front of Hakumen.

Hakumen stares at Rachel.
Hakumen: Rabbit! What is the meaning of this?

Rachel bats her eyes lightly at Hakumen.
Rachel: Whatever do you mean, Mr. Hero? This was not my doing. I just needed a place of solitude once those ingrates started putting off too much noise…

Hakumen: …
And so the group of 3 stands in the castle…

Meanwhile with Relius…

Relius is in a secret room that is extremely out of the ordinary. It looks almost like a holographic world… Giant circles are spinning on the outside as floor panels light up.

He walks to the middle of the room where he has something stored… In the middle of the room is a container that is floating in midair. One spell circle above it, and one beneath it. These circles resemble sealing circles, keeping the magical energy of the one inside the container from escaping its body… The container looks like a cryogenic freezing tube with a big glass window on the front of it.

Inside the tube is the body of the Imperator Librarius… The leader of the fallen NOL, and Ragna’s sister. The red eyes in her head still pierce the very silence of the air…

Smiling, Relius places a hand on the glass covering of the tube as the scene fades to black….

@Guild Hall,

All of the cast is having a grand old time getting the party put together.

Right now Ragna doesn’t have his usual red jacket on, nor is he carrying Blood Scythe on him. The sword is leaned up against a wall with the jacket on a coat rack. He grabbed some food early on when the food first came out of the kitchen. He’s sitting cross-legged in a chair, eating the goodies on his plate as he looks around at all the people preparing…

Jin is sitting beside Ragna. The two seem to have made up after the Black Beast incident, but it was only called a temporary truce like the one Ragna forged with Hakumen.

Tager is currently helping out with the decorating where people need a little extra height.
Tager: So this goes…?
He’s holding a thing of streamers in his hand.
Tager: Ah. Alright.
He tosses the streamers with direct positioning so that they drape over the supports of the guild hall.

Makoto has also been asked to help decorate the place with Tager. Using her heightened strength as a beastkin, she helps the job go by even faster.

Saya has been attacked glomped by a horde of kittens that she was playing with earlier
Saya: Ahahaha! That tickles!
She’s trying to get them off of her playfully, but she just can’t seem to get out from under the mountain of kitties.

Tao has stealth-fully swiped a plate of meat buns and plops herself down in the floor. She takes one in her hand, about to put it into her mouth… When all of the sudden the kittens crowd her and beg her.

Tao: Tiny ones are hungry right neow?
She puts one of the pieces into her own mouth and begins to chew. While doing this, she throws the meat buns up in the air and quickly rushes to the kitchen, grabbing two more plates of the things and returning to feed her tribe.

Bang is in the kitchen with his ninja subordinates, Litchi, and Carl. They were all asked to help cook because they were short on cooks for such a massive party with about 50 extra people having been invited. They’re rather good chefs.

Platinum has found Jubei, and is hanging around with him and Makarov right now. She has a strange attachment to the cat for some strange reason…

@Reimu and Marisa,

Flandre is dressed up in the kimono that Marisa made her wear. She’s currently with Marisa who is having a grand ol’ time. Then she gets a good look at Reimu and begins to laugh at her funny outfit.
Flandre: Hehehehe.

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Oct 23, 2013 at 04:22PM EDT

Red dresses in… What he usually dresses in, considering that he’s currently broke. It’s not like he ever wasn’t broke, but right now he is particularly broke.

Heya! Name’s Red Statscowski, sellsword, how ya doing? No, that’s no good. Can I interest you in mercenary services? No, that’s shit as well. Hmm, how about… The name’s Red, and for the right price, your enemies will be as well. No, too… Psychotic. Think, Red, think. Well, It’s not perfect, but I still have… DAMN! I’m late!

Oct 23, 2013 at 04:23PM EDT


Hakumen notices that he is stepping on Steel Shards… and upon closer investigation he can see sword handles as well… as if somebody had stripped the wall of every weapon used for decoration and used it against something that instantly shattered them.

There noise coming from deeper within the castle manor…

Rachel and Valkenhayn on the other hand, notice that this place is still warm. As if it had heating not even 15 minutes ago.


Saber and Kiritsugu move deeper into the forest in their own respective pairs… searching for any sign of a nest.

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Oct 23, 2013 at 06:02PM EDT


The eyes in the hands of Hakumen’s armor glance down at the broken steel shards that came from the swords. He also notices the sword handles… He silently goes into the deeper parts of the manor with his sword unsheathed in case anything tries to attack.

Both Rachel and Valkenhayn feel the warmth of this place.

Valkenhayn: Do you need me to find the source of this heat, milady? This residence still feels warm.

Rachel looks up at Valkenhayn, and then away while closing her eyes.

Rachel: No. I am fine, Valkenhayn. Let us move.
The young lady and her butler begin to follow Hakumen deeper into the manor house. Rachel floats above the filthy ground as to not get her dress dirty with Valkenhayn following closely behind.

Oct 23, 2013 at 06:46PM EDT

The ruccus Hakumen trio can hear is getting louder. Suddenly, a door busts open in front of them and a brown haired girl falls out, slamming the door behind her.

Upon seeing Hakumen, she immediately screams and unloads her remaining three bullets at him. Horribly missing two out of the three times before making a mad dash away. She’s fast for her size…

The door she came out of burst open, revealing an Owl Bear

It roars at Hakumen

Oct 23, 2013 at 06:58PM EDT

@Owl Bear,

When she fires the bullets at Hakumen, the first two miss him due to her unsteady aim, and the third one connects with his blade when he holds it up to block the bullet effectively. After she runs away, Hakumen notices the Owl Bear and raises his sword to combat it.
Hakumen: HYA!
He swings down at the bear’s head when it roars, cutting it down the middle.

Valkenhayn also notices the action. Turning a single hand into a wolf’s claw, he jumps at the Owl Bear.

In an instant, blood goes everywhere as he cuts the neck of the monster and it falls down to the ground. Once this is done, he transforms his hand back to normal.
Valkenhayn: You can thank me later, Hakumen.

Hakumen glares at Valkenhayn from under his mask.
Hakumen: I do not need your help, old wolf. I had this taken care of on my own.

Valkenhayn: Whatever you say…
He chuckles.


Rachel took a different approach. While the two men dealt with the bear, she teleported to in front of Renko’s position.

Rachel: What are you running from, girl? What is your hurry?

Oct 23, 2013 at 07:29PM EDT

Hakumen easily slices the bears skull in half, and it falls over dead near immediately with a final yelp.

Renko falls back can only point her empty gut at Rachel, crying as she uselessly pulls the trigger. Surrendering and cowers on the floor.

…Hakumen can feel it now. Several more of those things are in the building along with what seems to be…

It’s the same aura That Gap Hag gives off, but is insanely weaker. Not only that, but there is an overwhelming presence nearby as well.

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Oct 23, 2013 at 07:46PM EDT


Medusa takes his hand and walks with him. And thus is the beginning of quite possibly the most devious and syndical couples this thread will ever see.

@everyone else

Everyone leaves it to Hakumen to hunt down the Nightstalker for them. They are still exhausted from their fights from earlier on and they make their way to the guild hall with the others.

Meanwhile, Makarov and the others understood Racheeals story of their “adventures” and also explain to them briefly about who they are, the other wizards, Balloon master, and all the minimal stuff they needed to know About Fairy Tail.

On their way back they meet up with Bisca, Alzac, and Asuka. They happily greet them and are thankful for their return as they briefly explain everything to eachother about what was going on about the Nightstalker and the victims. They get depressed knowing that the victims are most likely gone, but nobodies to blame. They never knew until about a few days ago. It is still disheartening nonetheless.

The thunder god tribe just finishes their job and Freed had complete a magic barrier around the city with the use of his Dark Acriture code magic. It will keep off any and all Evil creatures that try to enter the city. The words of his code magic are absolute and cannot be broken by such creatures.
however once they get to the guild hall, they Finally manage to reunite with the others, the entire hall is cheering in an uproar that they finally returned. Everyone welcomes them as they all prepare to celebrate all that they’ve done. They also manage to meet up with the newcomers and briefely introduce themselves to each other.

With that being said, everyone prepares For the celebrations. Since Reimu and the other two girls are Wearing kimonos, they decide it would be the best thing for the occassion.

They request Meredith to give everyone kimonos so that they can all begin the celebrations.

Also for people to understand, this is the inside of the guild hall.

And now all of the preparations completed, let the festivities begin.

(This is my thank you for everyone who made it this far, and for making this one fucking hell of a thread. Despite all the bullshit. So consider this a celebration for not just the story and stuff, but for all that we put into this thread.)

Now the celebration begins.

Everyone now finally gets to enjoy themselves for once and let loose. All of the hard work and fighting had come to an end, though not in the best circumstances with the Balloon Masters escape, at least Yukari and Asura are gone. They still celebrate with lots of food, drinks, and the roaring laughter and excitement of the entire guild hall. Everyone is having a blast.

Mirajane, Lisanna, and a few other girls are waiting tables and handing out orders food and drinks to everyone around while the chefs in the kitchen keep pouring in orders to work on. They make a wide selection of food for everyone to enjoy. The Guild is very grateful for the aid of Bang and the others for helping with all of this.

Cana is at the bar with Laxus, Reimu, Marisa, and the other members of the Tunder God tribe, just drinking with others at the bar, just enjoying the night and the fresh Ale.

Natsu, Lucy, Gray,Juvia and Happy are at tables and enjoying the fiesta going on around with Ragna and the others. around. Natsu is devouring plate after plate of food while Juvia is with . Gray and Flandre. They are all in the best of moods.

Erza, Wendy, Carla and Lucy are also being attacked by the swarms of cats with Saya as well. Though Lucy is freaking out, she still finds them adorable as well as Erza. Lucy definitely loves them more than happy, until they begin to try and fondle her boobs. Erza just laughs and enjoys playing with all the cats.

Makarov is on the upper floors overlooking the entire Fiesta with Jubei with a mug of ale, just overjoyed to have everyone back and being themselves once more. Bearing witness to such turmoil and horrors fighting the balloon masters forces, and witnessing the Black beast. This is the least that everyone deserves. Just a good time to unwind, let go and just enjoy themselves for a change. He is also very curious about platinum’s attraction to Jubei.

(Everyone is free to communicate with my characters at any point. Crona, if yo uwant to talk to anyone, id suggest Natsu.)

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Oct 23, 2013 at 08:23PM EDT


Rachel floats over to where Renko is. Gii flies down over beside her to see if everything is okay.
Gii: Princess? Is everything okay?
The bat-pit-thing looks up at Rachel.
Rachel: Silence, imbecile.
Rachel motions a hand towards Renko.
Rachel: Stop your cowering or I will be forced to close your mouth myself. Now tell me girl, why are you here?

Meanwhile with Valkenhayn and Hakumen…

Hakumen: The Demon! But it is weaker than it once was…
He balls his left hand into a fist. He also feels the stronger presence in the manor house…
Hakumen: And someone else…
He turns to Valkenhayn.
Hakumen: Old Wolf. There are more of these beasts in the manor. I shall search for the demon, and the other one giving off this particular aura…

Valkenhayn: Demon? What are you going on about, Hakumen…?
He sighs.
Valkenhayn: Hakumen, this is not the Dark War. I am no longer under your command, only the command of Madame Rachel. Her will is mine to carry out.
He sighs a bit, looking over to Rachel who is currently interrogating Renko.
Valkenhayn: … But the Madame would want these beasts gone. They don’t deserve to be in her glorious presence.
He then turns back to Hakumen, nodding at him.
Valkenhayn: Very well.
The old butler sprints off at a fast pace, following his sense of smell to find the others…

Hakumen goes to investigate where the familiar, but weaker aura of Yukari is coming from…


Tao has fed all of the little munchkins tasty meatbuns. She then notices that Natsu is scarfing down plate after plate of food… Having eaten more than anyone here, she is still hungry… Tao strolls over to the table Natsu is at.
Tao: Hiya, Pinky!
She has a few of the kittens on her shoulders. Grabbing a plate of food, she begins to scarf it down… This is an obvious challenge for Natsu to take up without saying anything…

A familiar sound is then heard teleporting into the guild hall…
Kokonoe: You thought that I would miss this? HAH!
She is carrying a futuristic laptop under her right arm… Making her way to the stage, she stops beside Tager and Makoto. The three begin to whisper around to each other. Suddenly it comes to a decision…

Tager looks a bit distressed…
Tager: I don’t suggest doing this, Kokonoe. You could get in a lot of the trouble with the people here if you did…

Makoto: What are you talkin’ about, big guy?! They’ll get a kick outta this!
The squirrel girl begins to laugh. Her tail quivers with anticipation at this.

Kokonoe: Hehehe… Wish me luck, Tager, Makoto.
She begins to walk towards the stage of the guild hall…

Tager scratches the back of his neck in worry.

Makoto’s hazel eyes light up with joy at what is going to happen. They seem to twinkle in the light.


While Flandre is sitting at the table with Gray and Juvia, she takes out the Vector trap and begins to dig around through it…
Flandre: Huh?
Finding something… She pulls out a heavy radio beacon with a note attached to it… Reading the note, she realizes that it was from Sam.
Flandre: Oh… So that’s where he went…
She activates the beacon, signalling Heaven’s arrival. She wants to see him again. The little vampire then looks up at Juvia.
Flandre: Be right back.
She flies off and plants the beacon somewhere safe. In a cupboard in the guild hall somewhere.
Flandre: Aaaaaand…. Done.
She flies back out to where Juvia and Gray are and continues to enjoy herself.

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Can’t I go five minutes without the world being catastrophically affected or threatened in some way?

Granted, one of those events was mine in the Space Colony ARK story arc, but even still…

Sonic and his friends are gathered outside of Tails’s workshop in the Mystic Ruins, among them being the members of the original Freedom Fighters.

Sally: Sonic, are you sure it’s a good idea to leave to an unknown world like without help?

Sonic: The way Tails explained it, he can’t send more than two of us without risking an overload.

Tails: I didn’t plan on Knuckles going along, but since he rather insisted…

Sonic: We’ll be fine, Sal.

Sally: I know, it’s just if Robotnik planned to send us to this world, don’t you think this place could be dangerous?

Sonic: Hey, when has Ro-butt-nik ever been able to pull anything the hedgehog couldn’t handle?

Sally: Just… be careful, Sonic.

Sonic: You got it, Sal.

Amy rushes to the Blue Blur and wraps her arms around his neck, crying.

Amy: You can’t leave me, Sonic!

Sonic backs up partially because he is unsure of what to do and partially because the force of Amy’s lunge nearly knocks the hedgehog over. Everyone else rolls their eyes.

Sonic: Hey, relax, Amy. You know I wouldn’t leave all of you like this without sayin’ good-bye.

Amy holds on for another moment, then lets go, and though she’s still teary-eyed, she’s smiling.

Amy: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Sonic turns to face Antoine D’Coolette, who wears his father’s old blue-and-red Royal Army outfit.

Antoine speaks with a distinct French Accent.

Antoine: So, you’re leaving for another “big adventure,” no?

Sonic: ‘Yep. Hey, if I’m able to nab a Chaos Emerald, maybe I could bring all of you along for the ride, too.

Antoine: Not on your own life, Sonic.

Bunny: Y’all take care, sugar-hog.

Sonic: Thanks, Bunny. I will.

Tails: Are you ready to go, Sonic?

Sonic gives Tails a thumbs up.

Sonic: Sure am, pal! Let’s get this show on the road!

Knuckles: Finally!

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles walk into Tails’s workshop, and the rest of the group lingers at the door, watching.

Tails: Alright, all systems are ready, and so is the artificial Chaos Emerald.

Remember Sonic, this is a one way trip. Once you get there, you won’t be able to come back until you get at least one Chaos Emerald.

Sonic: Then let’s hope those coordinates you and I took from Eggman’s base were right!

Tails: Okay. Here we go…

Sonic and Knuckles step onto the transporter.

Tails: All systems: Activate!

*The gem begins

Sonic: See ya later, buddy! We’ll be back in no time!

Tails: See you later, Sonic.

Knuckles: Can’t this thing go any faster?

The two disappear in a flash of green light, followed by an electrical spark which releases a lot of smoke.

The rest of the group rush in.

Sally: Sonic! Tails! Knuckles! Are you alright?

Tails: I think it worked! But the systems overloaded, and it’s going to take some time to make repairs. And the Chaos Emerald’s completely drained.

Sally: I hope they made it alright…

There is a calm over the forests of Mobius. A flock of birds fly over the greenery. Everything is peaceful. However, this peace was soon to be interrupted, as something unusual was about to occur…

It started with a small, inconspicuous green glow. The glow quickly grew in intensity until it erupted into a bright flash of light. What is left behind?

Sonic: Say, this place doesn’t look half-bad!

It’s Mobius’s beloved hero!

Knuckles: Focus, Sonic! We’re looking for the Master Emerald!

… and Knuckles.

Sonic: You’re looking for the Master Emerald. I’m searching for the Chaos Emeralds! And maybe kick a little Ro_butt_nik on the way.

Knuckles: Well, we’re not going to find anything if we keep standing around!

Sonic: Just what I was thinking.

Unexpectedly, Sonic grabs onto Knuckles’s wrist and rushes along at the speed of sound.

Knuckles: Hey! What do you think your doing!?

Sonic: Scoutin’ around to get a good look of the area. Figure we should survey the land.

Knuckles: Sonic, if you don’t let go…!

Sonic comes to a stop at a large clearing.

Sonic: Fine. Have it your way.

Knuckles stumbles and gives it all his effort not to fall over.

Knuckles: D-don’t do that again, S-sonic, or I’ll…

Sonic ignores Knuckles as he walks several steps forward and stops.

Sonic: No sign of Eggman’s army. Maybe this wasn’t the place--

Without warning, the ground undergoes extreme rumbling as it is displaced by a massive tower, which rises over a thousand feet in the air. Massive deforestation occurs as underground hangars arise systematically around the perimeter. The once-underground base has become a massive city build solely for the purpose of military production, completed by the presence of the massive tower, which bears a symbol Eggman’s face at the top.

The moment the city is complete, the hangar doors open and the Egg Fleet rises to the skies.

Sonic: Alright, now we’re talkin’!

Knuckles: I’ll bet the Master Emerald is in there!

Sonic: Only one way to find out! See if you can keep up.

*Sonic rushes off towards Eggman’s base, with Knuckles, trailing

Robotnik: Now, we move to reconquer Eggmanland! Once that goal is accomplished, we will focus on the smaller cities in-between and establish the Empire’s boundaries.

This is the dawning of a new era: The Age of the Great Dr. Robotnik!


Snively: Sir--

Robotnik: Not now! Can’t you see I’m busy gloating over my new fleet?

Snively: But, sir---

Robotnik: Darn it, Snively! What the heck to you want!?

Snively: Well, sir, readings show that there’s something massive in Mobius’s planetary orbit.

Robotnik: What!? Switch on the main monitors!

The command room at the top of the Final Egg lights up as large screens show a view of Eggman’s freshly raised city. Over the horizon, a massive object can be seen.

Robotnik: Huh… How did we miss this up until now?

Snively: You ordered all contact with the outside world cut off, sir.

Robotnik: To avoid detection! I didn’t want those pesky heroes or the Balloon Master snooping around.

Besides, those scans for the Chaos Emeralds were getting us nowhere.

But enough of this! What is that thing!? And why is it orbiting my planet!?

Snively: I’m not quite sure, yet, sir, but readings indicate that whatever it is, it is extremely dangerous.

Robotnik begins to stomp the floor in a fit of rage.


Snively: Sir! Readings indicate that the ships is getting ready to fire!

Robotnik: Fire!? At what!?

Snively: At us, sir! And the rest of the planet!

Robotnik: What!? Initiate Final Egg takeoff sequence! NOW!!!

Sonic: Alright, we’re inside. Now what?

Knuckles: We search for the Emeralds.

Sonic: Okay, but where do we look?

Knuckles: How the heck should I know!?

Just start looking!

Sonic: Alright, alright!


Once more, the ground rumbles.

Sonic: Oh no, not again…

After a few more moments of rumbling, the Final Egg detaches from the ground, and suddenly, the Final Egg is propelled into the sky. The Final Egg transforms into massive flagship, and leans over to its side. This makes several times as long as the Egg Carriers of the other ships in Dr. Eggman’s Fleet.

Eggman’s face symbol is now on the very front of the ship.

Robotnik: Behold! My flying Final Egg Fortress!

Snively! Patch me through to the rest of the Egg Fleet!

Snively: At once, sir!

Snively hurriedly types away at his station.

Snively: You’re on, sir!


All ships, including the Final Egg Fortress, rise above the rest of the city, and make their way into orbit.

Robotnik: Status report!

Snively: All ships en route to planetary orbit, sir. We’ve just cleared the Mobian stratosphere.

Robotnik: Good! Now, let’s head for the bridge I’ve designed specifically for this ship so I can better monitor what exactly is going on!

((I know I recently stated that the Final Egg was over 1,000 feet tall. This makes the Final Egg significantly smaller than any of the Egg Carriers, and as such, I’d like to amend this to make the actual length of the Final Egg to be over 6,000 feet.))

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Red arrives to the party hopelessly fashionably late, Two things become quickly apparent to him that 1.) He knows nobody here. 2.) His chances of getting a job are incredibly low. He mingles and asks around, first questioning about local employers, and then about cheap inns and hostals. Always good to have a backup plan.

Oct 23, 2013 at 11:27PM EDT

So the party happened. Cheston and Veteran are having yet another eating contest, eating a endless wave o turkeys, as Foster just watches and takes pictures of this disgusting show and..the giant..valleys the new heroes have. The size of the file known as “Boobs” in Normandi’ computer increased today for some reason. Max is playing around with the cats and Sam just stares at the horror of these fluffy abominations that were sent by the devil. He is currently drinking a cup of coffee, staring at the face of cold death. The rest of Normandi’ crew, including Spark, are still inside the ship.
The whole party looks charming and fun but there is another way to have fun in this miserable town. In fact, there is nothing more than praying to Obelis and following the wise words of Lord Chen. Now that’s something cool to do. Its time once again to arrive to the church of the Fold.
The Holy Gospel of Obelis, the one who shall show us the path to our final reward.

“In the woods, our brothers were condemned to a life of empty faith by the vile nature but the Fold shall iluminate their eyes and open their minds to the path they were supposed to follow since Obelis created them, the path of salvation and conversion. In the sixth day, Obelis said: *”Let this vast land of dirt and water produce living creatures that shall serve those who embrace my wisdom. Wild beasts according to their bare necessities that won’t obey the hand of the flesh but the hand of faith instead." And Obelis saw that it was good. We must infuse the souls of our wild brothers of the woods with the spirit of the Fold. The conversion is a reality. Punishment for those faithless ones. The catholic church’ reign of false promises dominates this very town, the likes of buddism spreads around the place, unworthy magicians in charge of the governament, the world refuses to accept the Fold and the only way to reach the final reward is through conversion. Praise Obelis and his word.”
Civilians: Follow the dream of a new world!
“Death to the pagans ways”
Civilians: Thee with false god to praise.
“Let us rejoice because Obelis has finally showed us his love and grace. Rejoice my brothers and sisters.”
Civilians: REJOICE!

@Saber and Kiritgus..err..Kiritisi…err..Kisiritu..WHATEVER
The hunt for Nighstalker in a forest covered with the rays of the evening twilight. The forest seems endless for the heroes who are brave enough to chase the beast. More wild creeps are seen, several ogres and hellbears, with corpses scattered around. Blood trails on the floor as if the Stalker just caught someone and he is now carrying his unlucky prey with his disgusting jaws. The trail leads to a Wildwing camp, giant eagles who are very aggresive. A single black wolf eating the remains of a orange ogre and a small wildwing, his aura sucking the last pieces of life these beasts have and his teeth ripping flesh and bone.
“Who fears the wolf should fear the forest.”
Says the wolf who quickly turns around as his claws turn into hands, as his snout turns into a normal mouth, the wolf shapeshifts back into a human. He is wearing a metallic armour, which covers his back and shoulders but leaves exposed part of his chest , two gauntlets protecting part of his forearm, both of his hands carrying two fearsome claw-like weapons. His battle armour and every piece of clothing he is wearing seems to be infused with his lycanthropy nature. The werewolf devours the last piece of meat in the ground before clashing his own claws, sharpening his weapons for the battle.

Ah, my instincts are keen. Yet another pair of fools who need the company of the wolves. Your scent betrays you, goodoers, and I hope you are good with that ridiculous piece of steel madam becouse a Ambry never goes down before leaving a red trail.
A pack of black wolves slowly come out of the bushes behind the werewolf. 4 wild wolves standing next to his master, waiting for his orders, desperate to taste human flesh once again after hours of eating nothing but ogres and creeps.
In my father’s name I strike you down. Before the night arrives, my claws shall bathe in your blood!
The werewolf howls furiously as his pack jumps to the shadows of the trees once again. The wolves start to spread around the place, surrounding Saber and Kiritsugu, as his master pounces Saber, raising both of his claws and aiming for the heart of his unfortunate prey. The wolves are fast and they are hard to see.

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It takes a few seconds… but Renko finally speaks up

Renko: "I… was invited here. And in the middle of the night… there was bursts… and monsters suddenly everywhere! And Mr. Eizenberg… d-d… and Maribel… somehow… an Archer… and…

She looks up

“Wh-what are you!?”


He finds himself in a grand hall. An energy bullet shooting past his shoulder.

Archer: “Well well, if it isn’t the knight from the tournament. It’s been 15 years, so I doubt you remember me.”

He already has another arrow loaded…

Behind him stands a very young girl. At that age, there is no possible way that is Yukari.

And it is most definitely a human.


Kiritsugu: “This is bad. Predators…”

Kiritsugu pulls his Calico M950 and begins spraying the bullets as the wolfs attempt to surround them… He isn’t Supernaturally Enhanced in any way, but he is smart and quick.

Saber shouts back at the werewolf: “In the name of my country I will defeat you!”

Saber on the other hand takes a defensive stance, blocking the werewolf’s attacks and attempting to use a small repulsion blast of wind to knock him away. This momentarily reveals a golden sword hidden underneath the air…

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