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OOC: Removed Bang’s part of the post, Tardy. He’ll burst out of those double doors later.

Oct 27, 2013 at 12:27PM EDT

OOC: Disregard my entire post then. (or maybe see if a mod would be willing to delete it.)

(I would have deleted it myself, but limited time, you know. Not my choice. If I could have gotten on in time I would have.)

Oct 27, 2013 at 02:04PM EDT

@Hazama and dinner.

Medusa looks over giornos unconscious body and kicks him and sends him flying into a wall.

Medusa: Pathetic creature. That is for getting in my way in the past. Ill see to it that you suffer for your insolence.*

The tattoos on Medusas arms begin to come to lilfe and detatch from them. *they than merger into one snake and wraps around her body and forms the head of a real snake.

Medusa: Feast upon this pathetic man’s flesh my darling. Don’t worry about making a mess.

the snakes head grows a few sizes bigger before lunging itself at Giornos body. The moment it reaches him, its gaping maw clamps down upon his upper half and crushes it within its powerful jaws as blood splatters around a bit from the bite. Bones can be heard breaking asd it slowly devours Giornos body slowly and painfully, leaving a bit of a mess of blood around the area before it fully devours him whole and returning to Medusa.

Medusa: You made quite a mess my dear, let me clean you up a bit. she pulls put a cloth to wipe off the blood from its face as its tongue flickers in and out. Than after the snake shrinks back onto her arms as the tattoos.

*She looks at Hazama.

Medusa: sorry about the mess. She hasn’t eaten in a while.

@ Sir crona
Makarov: You dont really need a resume or anything like that my boy. All you need is to believe in yourself and the powers that you have within you. If you truly believe that you have what it takes to join us than I would not deny you your path.


OOC: I give up, I’m just happy that she is gone now. I just tried everything I can to prevent any more problems insider the hall more than they are. I just want things to end quickly before they escalate any further.


The others are still pissed off at her. They would not ever forgive her for what she had done to Ragna and the others, despite being neutral. However, they also realize that they don;t have the power to stop her.

Laxus: Just get the hell out already, and keep your damn presents.

Evergreen: Now hold up a second, if shes gonna give us going away presents, than why should we say no?

Cana: seriously? That’s all you can think of after all that has happened?

Evergreen: Oh c’mon, just forget about all of this. Freed just remove that damn rule. No need to make her feel more threatened than she is already now.

Freed: Freeds aye is twitching in what she is saying. …. I really dont get you Evergreen.

He swipes his sword and removes the no boundary rule for Yukari.

Freed: Can I ask what is the reason behind this?

Evergreen: I just like her style of how she does things. Sure she may be a bit insane, but what can we honestly do about it? After all that these people id to her, she has the guys to still pop up here unannounced. So what the point in trying any more. Just accept it and move on. I’m sure everyone will get along better if we just did that.

Bickslow: for once, she has a point.

Freed: As much as i hate to say so. she is correct.

Evergreen: So just stop getting your panties in a bunch there pretty boy and just deal with it.
she says to Ragna. Then turns to Yukari before she leaves. So what is it that you have for us exactly that doesn’t involve getting us all killed? I’t is rude to turn down someone’s generosity.

@Flandre and Sakuya.

Juvia receives the map from Sakuya. She looks at it and looks back at Sakuya with a smile.

Juvia: Thank you. Thank you so much. All that I want for her is to be happy, that is all.

she takes the papers in her hands and puts them away within her kimono. looks at Flandre.

Juvia: Lets make this a memorable night okay sweetie?

And with that being said, Yukari and the others should be gone at this point and the celebrations should resume as normal.

OOC: just try and get things back to as they were. no more tension and bullshit any more.

Oct 27, 2013 at 03:06PM EDT

After Yukari leaves…

Tahrdan: What the- I don’t even- Why was she-

He’s finding it hard to accept the fact that no one did ANYTHING to get revenge. He cannot even form a coherent sentence right now.

Granatir: You alright?

Ignis: I think it’s best to just leave him right now…


Tempestia: The nerve of her. Nearly KILL one of us outright and then shows up as if nothing’s happened!

Tsunarmin: Just leave it… There are other things to focus on right now.

Pitchurn: The question is, would anyone be willing to help you actually recover that crystal?

Tsunarmin: We should ask them.

Solarian: Just put it out of mind for now, you three…

Solarian then turns to Makarov

Solarian: I’ve been wondering something. As one leader to another, would it be appropriate for each of us to have a representative in the other’s respective group? By this I mean that one mage of the Order would be representing the entire Order while being treated as part of your… guild, was it? And vice versa. Well, your representative would not be treated like any given Order mage, because from what I’ve seen you lot all have individual abilities, whereas there are very few abilities to be found among the Order that cannot be used by many of our mages.

(OOC: This wouldn’t really have much effect unless Solarian decided to nominate one of the three I’ll be actively using for being the Order’s representative, of course.)

Oct 27, 2013 at 03:45PM EDT


Just to clear one thing up: Yukari and the Scarlet Devil Mansion crew are not gone for good. They are waiting for Flandre to be done at the party. I feel as if I’ve exhausted all my creativity on Flandre and she will be leaving the thread for good. She’ll only be coming back if we absolutely need her (which in all actuality we probably won’t). I just wanted to get that out of the way.

Oct 27, 2013 at 03:53PM EDT

After hiding in the shadows for too long, I strike.
The tale, the ghost myth, the menace, the night..Boogeyman, the dark walker, the endless stalker..Nighstalker pierces through the shadows of the night, the moon’ light hitting the face of this disgusting creature as he shows his horrendous tri-mouth, feeding of the fear around the place and approaching his next preys: The white knight and a small swordsman. With the night as his own personal ally, Stalker looks more bigger and stronger than his normal appearence during the day. After revealing himself, the night walker makes a ear piercing screeching sound that would be enough to paralize those who are not brave enough to face him. After that, the Nighstalker lets his wings take the air, quickly jumping towards his next prey and sending himself directly to Hakumen and Saber as his claws’ size increase along with his demonic aura. Stalker doesn’t say anything apart from “RHOAGHHHH”. He is ridiculously fast and as he approaches his opponents, several bats follow him and moon light slowly dissapears. In a matter of minutes, not a single candle will remain and you shall succumb to the darkness.

You should be able to see a giant wolf and his pack running away from the place where the flare appeared and where the screeching sound was heard.

OOC: I will later put Spark reaction, hang in there Asura.

Oct 27, 2013 at 05:48PM EDT

OOC: Quick post.

Jonathan and Joseph notice the various things.
Jonathan: You think that’s him?
Joseph: Yep.
The two run towards the area with the flare, hoping to catch the Night Stalker.

Oct 27, 2013 at 08:11PM EDT

Yukari: “Kill You as a Gift?”

She chuckles again.

Yukari: “I would rather not take you home with me. Netherworld is lively enough without a swarm of vengeful spirits buzzing around like a fly.”

Yukari pulls a rather curious ball from her sleeve.

Yukari: “One time use and insanely rare, but if any of your friends succumb to total corruption of any sort, just shove this into their chest and this will bring them back.”

She casually throws it into the crowd. It’s about the weight of a block of lead.

Yukari: “Treasure it and don’t be afraid to use it on the people you hold most dear.”

(Notes, the amount of energy needed to re-create this thing makes it next to impossible to do so. It truly is a one-time save your ass deal.)


As the light from the surrounding area gets diminished, the only thing left casting light is Saber’s Sword Itself.

Saber: “Lets Go! Demon!”

In a golden flash of light, she changes the density of the wind to blast herself towards the Nightstalker, and attempts to use her entire momentum to slice the beast in half.

(Evasive Maneuvers and all that jazz will easily save ya)

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Oct 27, 2013 at 09:13PM EDT


Ragna’s eyebrow twitches at Evergreen’s remark.

Ragna: Just… Deal… With it…
His face begins to contort into one of anger.
He storms up to Evergreen.
Ragna: Sorry, but I don’t think I can “deal with” anyone who TURNED ME INTO THE GOD DAMNED BLACK BEAST!
He clenches his fist as he stares angrily at Evergreen. His eyes dart to Yukari after that.
Ragna: Just leave already, you damn bitch. I don’t want to see your sorry ass anymore.
He holds up his right hand and catches the orb in it… His expression quickly changes to one of pain.
Ragna: HOT!
However, he quickly drops it to the ground with a thud from surprise. It felt hot… He cannot feel anything with either of his hands, so this was quite surprising to him. He looks down up at the orb and back at Yukari.
Ragna: Damned bitch…

Saya kneels down and picks the glowing orb up in both hands. She curiously raises an eyebrow at it and shakes it around at her ear like a kid with a Christmas present.
Saya: Seems solid…
She holds it in both hands in front of her, gazing into it.

@Night Stalker,

He stares the beast down at where it is going to come from… The darkness makes Hakumen look even more intimidating than before, his glowing red eyes showing brilliantly in the dark like beacons.

Hakumen: I am the White Void.
Sliding his foot to the side, he enters an aggressive stance.

Hakumen: I am the Cold Steel.
He puts his blade in both hands and readies the sword as he turns slightly to the side.

Hakumen: I am the Just Sword.
He gets in his battle position, nodachi at his side and staring straight at where the Night Stalker is going to be coming from…
Hakumen: With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction!
A brilliant blue light appears from under Hakumen that lights up the area around him.

As the Night Stalker reveals itself, Hakumen rushes towards the beast with great speed.

Kiritsugu and Saber have just heared probably the most epic speech in their life and the Night Stalker would feel fear. When the Night Stalker jumps. Upon nearing the Night Stalker, Hakumen jumps and spins in midair, slicing his sword at the beast.

If the strike hits it would send the Night Stalker off course and slamming against a tree.


Makoto comes over to you. She is still wearing her Sector Seven attire of a labcoat, skirt, gloves, combat boots, and all that jazz.

Her hazel eyes look down at the Espurr that he’s holding.
Makoto: Aw… It’s creepy and cute all at the same time.
She leans in to get closer look of the Pokemon. She then looks back up at TErry and gives him a wink.
Makoto: Where’d ya get it?

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Oct 27, 2013 at 10:14PM EDT

I almost gag on my juice at the sight of Makoto
I-er…. Well… Espurr… I found it one day on the Streets of a City from my world. It would hiss, and run away from me constantly until it grew too tired to even hiss.

I give Makoto a smile
All I wanted to be is Espurr’s friend, and it took sometime, but Espurr, and I are good pals.
Isn’t that right Espurr?

Espurr: Mwraarrr~ Mwrar~

It may look creepy to people, but I don’t care, I think it’s eyes are it’s most beautiful thing it has.

Espurr resumes to stare, but at that fluffy tail now

Oct 27, 2013 at 11:42PM EDT

Seemingly out of the blue a rather conspicuous looking car comes to a slow stop outside the Fairy Tail guild….

A Rolls Royce Phantom convertible. Sat inside is a single man outfitted in a slightly scruffy slate grey suite. He checks his teeth and hair in the rear view mirror before opening the door and stepping out..

He takes a few glances at his surroundings and the people…
?: Mmmmmm Such beautiful rustic housing! with a little renovation here and there…maybe a few extensions ….I bet I could make some serious profit…
The townsfolk look on at the man with confusion, he takes this offensively
?: You people lack the scent for the potential moneys to be made here!
More strange looks and now there are kids playing around his prized car too
?: Don’t touch whatcha can’t afford ya little brats…
For a moment or two the man gets into a undeclared staring contest with the children…
?: That means get away from my fricken ride!
They quickly scamper off while our douchebag guy turns to face the Guild main doors. He takes a paper slip out of his suit pocket and opens it up
?: Meredith…also known as the…Soul of Space….something knew everyday, I’m not disappointed.
He takes a step forward and full on face plants the magical barrier surrounding the guild
?: Gah! my precious peoples-person face!
He reaches into his pocket, takes out a mirror and begins to examine the damage.
?: Oh please no! not like this!
It’s left a hefty red mark on the centre of his forehead
?: I can’t believe this crap! first I had to get into this flookie pocket dimension and now this! how many force fieldy things do you need?!
The kids from earlier are now sitting on a wall nearby pointing and laughing at his failings
?:…You won’t be laughing when I doze your homes and turn the ground into landfill!
He begins banging away at the barrier with his fists trying to attract as much attention as possible from anyone inside, hopefully someone who can let him in…
?: Someone! please! drop the god damned force field and let me in!

Oct 28, 2013 at 02:45PM EDT

@Guys at the forest

With both of his preys approaching him, Stalker decides to focus on the white knight first. His claws clash with Hakumen’s sword but the knight’ weapon filled with justice manage to send the night walker directly to a tree, crushing it into pieces as Saber approaches Stalker for a final strike. The ground around Saber starts to be covered in fear and darkness as the Nighstalker focuses part of his nocturnal nature in a single black void that appears instantly behind his wings. The dark stalker releases the full energy of nightmares and fear itself on a black void that catches Saber instantly, ignoring her armor and any kind of protection. Saber is unable to move, she is unable to slash Stalker’ face despite being extremelly close to him, her magic and her energy were shut down..Nighstalker “silenced” Saber, rending her useless for a total amount of 5 seconds that he uses to grab the little swordsman by the neck and slam her to ground.

*The dark beast has the opportunity to eat Saber, opening his disgusting tri-mouth, letting his saliva fall on Saber’ face, slowly approaching this midnight meal

“What he did to you?”…“What he did to you?”…“What he did to you?”…
“Are you insane? Going around with a tight suit saving people sounds like your average comic book hero..”
“Are you telling us that she needs to eat….. people?”
“This place is of no use to the outsider”
“This boring game of the cat and mouse must end somehow and I will force you to end it..I will murder each and everyone you love until we are done with this ridiculous nemesis thing. C’mon Sparky, its always the same thing..I murder save them..a final battle..and back to Alcatraz..I wonder how do you even manage to forget the faces of those who died becouse of you. Heroic mental training perhaps? I don’t know and I don’t care but I will find a way to break you hero, I will keep chasing those close to you, I will force you to live my reality..and who knows? Maybe one day we will share the same points of view and I may forget the huge urge I have of killing you.”

Spark slowly turns around as he stares at the endless wall of papers. Thousands of stories. Thousands of plans. Thousands of corpses, a lovely pile of dead. The exact same battle over and over again. At the end, he wins. He always wins. It started with his brother, then his family, then his friends. Spark’ past days start to torture his mind once again, slowly breaking his hero’ persona and revealing what he really is: A man who left everything behind just to chase another man who never had anything to leave. The papers start to fly around Spark as the room is filled with dangerous amounts of electricity, enough to mess Mavis’ hair and burn small pieces of paper scattered around the place. Normandi’s main energy core is now being drained by Spark’s electrokinetic powers, light bulbs explode into pieces, the main computer completely malfunctions, the ship’s circuits are being burned as Spark is having several flashbacks, pieces of the past that left something deep inside of him, events that took place in the good ol’ Mobius. Finally, silence..Normandi’s main core starts to work again..Several soldiers start to wonder what the hell just happened…

What he did to me? What he DID to ME? After all of this senseless fighting you ask me what he did to me?? What do you think I am? What do you think I have been doing for this last 20 years? Playing around? No, I have been fighting his damn empire and my only reward was death…My dear brothers..then my own parents..I realized that I was not living my dreams, I was living a endless nightmare instead…I couldn’t share a small talk with a group of friends without some sort of psychopath jumping from the shadows..I couldn’t sleep or rest..I couldn’t do anything with my life apart from crime fighting and senseless beatings..I couldn’t do anything…You know why I make electric puns once in awhile? Becouse they drive me away from my emotions..I like to ignore them or to just eat them…What he did to me you asked? He made a lifeless nemesis out of me…He made me leave my life as a normal citizen who just wants to get a job, form a family, raise a child, a real dream..something apart from punching and kicking..and now here I am..hiding in my own room trying to guess where is him..for what purpose? So I have to see you or the rest die in my arms?..Dying and killing is so normal for the likes of you people..Its like you don’t see the tragic consequencs of taking a life..see Ragna or Flandre or almost everyone here..Its like life is nothing to us anymore and we are not afraid to put down a annoying dog..I wish I had the guts to kill finally ends this…I wish I had..I really wish I had..

Meanwhile..In a distant land that is currently suffering the unforenseen consequences of the interdimensional conflict between gods and mortals, brothers and sisters, humans and beasts..A celestial being slowly walks around the wasteland that used to be a battlefield, a empty place for the dead to rest and for the monster known as “Butcher” to feast and chop. Several soldiers are found by the celestial beast as he stares at the few trees on this vast dead land. His energy is being drained by the putrid energy spread in this land and found in the corpses, a vile piece of sorcery that was used by unknown magicians to spread terror and chaos to those who opposed him. The celestial being, the guardian of the world of matter. a fierce and elemental intelligence who interfers in those planes of existance that require his celestial interference, in our world, in your world, in both worlds and beyond..the being known as Barathrum, the Spirit Breaker, catches the scent of a known enemy and now ally. Between the dead woods, the hook of the Butcher appears, a curved blade covered in the blood of an unfortunate soldier. Breaker doesn’t have time to react and before he is able to dodge or run, his skin is caught by the hook, piercing through flesh and bone, and dragging him directly to the Butcher. This mass of muscles, flesh, tendons and non decaying bones is the Butcher who prepares himself for a short fight, raising his trusty chopper as he laughs over and over again. Breaker doesn’t have time to play around and the moment he gets close to this hulking monstrosity, he charges him with the power of the darkness, pure energy that comes from Breaker’s home world that is the shadow of your own world. Before Bara delivers the final hit which would crush the living corpse’s skull like a tomato, the Butcher starts to fly while being covered by a green aura. The fun ends 5 seconds later and the Butcher finds himself flying away from the Breaker, tossed by a mysterious force. The green aura, telekinesis..Breaker catches the scent of a known enemy and now ally once again.

For a human who goes by the title of Grand Magus, you have the speed of the weakest creatures. If you are done with your magic tricks, we need to depart from this plane as rapidly as possible before I lost my ways between the worlds again…A small interference and we will be lost in the planes.

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Oct 28, 2013 at 03:26PM EDT


Saber screams as she gets thrashed around. She has had worse, but it still hurts.

Saber grits her teeth and quivers as the beast gets ready to nom her face. Her armor had been shattered by the silencing spell, but her now visible sword remains. Emitting a faint glow.

A second before her doom, another loud crack is heard and the Nightstalker has a .300 Winchester bullet in it’s shoulder. From this distance it could have gone all the way though.

Kiritsugu still has 4 bullets left in that cartridge, along with the half filled machine pistol, and a Thompson Contender he has yet to pull out.

Feeling her power returned, Saber takes a pot shot, slicing the stalker off of her.

Now that the sword is no longer shrouded, she doesn’t bother shrouding it again as the blades length is already known. She does however re-equip her armor.

The Sword burns hot with holy energy, and illuminates the surrounding area.

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Oct 28, 2013 at 04:01PM EDT

@Night Stalker,

Once the Night Stalker is sliced off of Saber, Hakumen takes action. He quickly positions himself in the Night Stalker’s flight, and readies his sword. A blue circle with a kanji symbol in the middle then appears behind him.
Hakumen: Crimson!
He dashes forwards at the Night Stalker’s back with the hilt of his sword pointed at the monster’s spine.

It should have created a pinball effect if it hit him and send him at another tree.


Robotic hands begin to come out of the walls and scrub away at the blood stained tiles.

Hazama laughs some.
Hazama: Hehehe… I can understand.
And with this, the tour continues and the scene fades to black…


Makoto looks at Espurr who is staring at her tail.
Makoto: Hey. Eyes off the tail, bub.
After she says this, she looks back to Terry.
Makoto: Well that’s a sweet story. Everyone needs a little affection every once’n’a while.
Looking around a bit she notices that everyone is up and around except for Terry.
Makoto: This is a party after all. I don’t see you up and having a good time! Come on!
She grabs him by the shoulder and yanks him out of the chair with a bit too much strength causing him to stumble a little bit.
Makoto: Oops. Hehe… Why don’t you just go around and meet some people? It can never hurt to have too many new friends.

Oct 28, 2013 at 04:29PM EDT

Jonathan and Joseph finally reach the battle site.
Joseph readies his Clackers, imbues them with hamon, and throws them at the night stalker.
Direct hit. Not only is the nightstalker partially tied up bu the clacker, he also has had the energies of the sun flowing through him, so that’s bound to weaken him.

Oct 28, 2013 at 07:41PM EDT

Freed descides to turn off the barrier, seeing as there is no point since they cant do anything to stop Yukari.

Freed: Fine, you win. Just don’t bother us any more.

Evergreen just pulls out a fan and fans herself.

Evergreen: My my, earn’t you the the short tempered guy here. You look kind of cute when your angry.


Gildarts is just close by to were you are with Meredith.

Gildarts: Well hey there cutte? You wouldnt mind if I found out your name would you?


Mavis’ hair is a bit frizzled after his outburst, however, she remains unharmed. She fully understands everything he had said. He had lost all chances of living a normal live because of the Balloon Master. He never wanted any of this at all, his life was robbed from him and he lives in an endless cycle of death and despair. It hits her hard to realize all of this about him.

Mavis: Spark, I’m truly sorry for all of this. I understand that the he had taken away everything from you as well as countless others in the past. We too know what it is like to have felt pain and suffering in the past. Most of the members in Fairy Tail are very familiar with it. Erza lost her entire family and was forced into slave labour with countless others of her friends in her home, as well as many other villages. Natsu is still looking for his father who had disappeared on him a long time ago. Gray lost his entire home to a demon named Deliora, it ravaged many other cities before and after. But through the selfless sacrifices made by the people who loved and cared about them, they would not be here right now with us. Erza’s grandfather gave her the strength she needed to unlock her hidden powers and use them to free herself and the others from their oppressors. Gray’s teacher gave her life to imprison the demon Deliora in eternal ice so that he would be free of the darkness within his heart that wanted revenge for what it did to him. Life can be cruel, but it can be beautiful as well,

Though despite all that has happened to them, they still continue to live. They still continue to be strong for not only themselves, bur for the other people they love and care about. Through their many trials and struggles they have endured, they still continue to be strong and alive, just like you Spark. You are not alone any more, you have us now.

She grabs his hands and looks at him with a smile on her face that makes him feel better about himself.

We will help you break the cycle of death caused by the Balloon Master. We will free the innocent people from his clutches, and we will bring an end to his empire of evil. You have my word on this Spark, just have faith in us, we are your friends. We will always support you in this, and we will see this through to the end together. All those people who lost their lives fighting him will not have been in vain, but they would have been if you continue to doubt your self, if you continue to believe that there is no hope to all of this. If you continue to think like that, than he will continue to win. But, if you continue to fight against him with us by your side, if you truly give everything you have, if we continue to carry the hopes and dreams of the people who fell along side you, we will be victorious Spark, and we will have broken the cycle and bring an end to his reign of terror.

Her expression changes for the next part.

You say you don’t have what it takes to take his life do you Spark? Tell me than captain, tell me how many more people must he hurt before he is satisfied? How many more lives must he take before he has had enough? Spark, listen to me closely. Life is a gift given to us so that we can live it. It is our time to exist in this world, to live freely to as we wish it so. We are born, we grow up, get old, and die. That is life. Sometimes life can have obstacles, or twists of fate that change our lives, it happens to everyone. Ragna never wanted to be what he is today, and Flandre is what she is, its just how things are. How we deal with them is what allows us grow. Ragna is now a different person to when we first met him, and Flandre has learned to control her bloodlust and her inner demon thanks to Juvias love and support. However, there are those who abuse the lives they are given. There are people who live to make other people suffer, to kill, to take advantage of. I don’t need to go further in the details.

So captain Spark, I have only this one question to ask you.

She then looks directly at him with a serious look on her face its as if it pierces his soul as he looks into her eyes.

Is the Balloon Master truly worthy of the gift of life? His very existence causes the suffering of countless innocent people. If he lives, innocent people die. If he dies, than countless people will live and will not ever have to go through the pain you and many others before you have endured.So I ask you once more.

Is he allowed to continue to exist in this world?


juvia thinks to herself for a bit. She wants to spend a bit more time with Flandre, but her sister and the others are waiting for her to come home. She knows what she must do, but she was only thinking of what SHE wants to do.

Juvia: Flandre. My dear Flandre. If you wish to, you can go home with your sister and the others. I just wanted one last memory of you before you left us, but its okay. I have more than enough memories that will carry on with me in my heart forever.

Gray, lucy, Erza, Natsu, and Wendy join her as well.

Gray: You sure your okay with her leaving now?

Juvia: she nods her head as tears flow down. Yes. Yes I am sure. Besides, we dont want her to be kept away from her sister any longer than they have already.

*They all join juvia and flandre in a big group hug, with Flandre in the middle of it.

Lucy: We will always keep you within our hearts Flandre. Ypu will always be one of us.

Erza: You brought so much joy to us, and you have a smile that can melt any ones heart. You will be missed.

Natsu: I’m sure that we will meet again kiddo. Okay? Don’t be a stranger to us you hear?

Gray: You gave Juvia something she always wanted. Someone to call her own. You truly changed everyone here, and for that. thank you.

Juvia: You will always be Juvia’s little girl. Always.

The others members look at them them with smiles on their faces to the scene.

Suddenly Happy and Carla fly over with a Fairy Tail guild stamp with him.

Happy: Instead of being like one of us, why not actually be one of us?

They break apart from the hug and look at happy. Juvia takes the stamp.

Juvia: Is it okay with the master?

Carla: I think we wouldnt mind at all, after how close she is to us all anyways.

Juvia than pulls up the right sleeve of her shirt and press is it on her shoulder, revealing a blue Fairy Tail Guild mark.

Juvia: Its official than, you are now a full member of Fairy Tail.

Erza: You will always be welcomed back here.

Wendy: You are part of our family too. Don’t forget it.

Natsu: Like i said, don’t be afraid to come back to us to visit.

Gray: We can also visit you If we get the chance to. So don’t worry.

Lucy: Take care, and try and stay being a good little girl for us okay?

Juvia picks up Flandre.

Juvia: So, now…. time for you to return home.

She walks over to the enterance were the others are waiting on Yukaris train.

Juvia: she hands over Flandre to Sakuya, but not before giving her a big kiss on her forhead. Thank you for bringing us all of the happy memories Flandre. Juvia promise to give this to Sam when he comes back….. and… and Juvia promises to come and visit you when this is all over….. cries a bit more. Juvia and everyone here Loves you to no end…. And we always will.

she breaks down a bit more as the other five come to support her.

Natsu: See yah around kiddo.

Lucy: Bye. well miss you.

Erza: Don’ you ever stop smiling for us, okay?

Wendy: Have a good trip home.

Gray: Stay safe Flandre. Gray loves you too, just like my own.

With all of their goodbyes said, they await for Yukari to set the train in motion as the others wave her goodbye.

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Oct 29, 2013 at 12:07AM EDT



I am creating another Cast List! And it would be Much Appreciated if you can reply to this post with the list of characters and villains you have Alive, Dead, Retired,Storage, in Waiting, or might bring in. Thanks! (Don’t be modest, get ALL of them in there.)

Edit: Would also be help if you can tell me what Ark they are in or are going to be in. Example: “Balloon Master Finale”, “Mongolia/Haven Returns”, “Roleplay Bar”, “Lancers Epic Adventure” etc.

Edit#2: Also “Passive” if they are a purely passive character. Keep in mind I won’t be labeling a character as “Passive” if they have actually done shit. If you intend to use a passive character in the near future, don’t mark them as such.

Edit#3: ALSO! If you have faceless NPC’s/Enemies list them by type and how many there are. If you don’t actually know, an estimate will do. This includes population counts of places like Mongolia.

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Oct 29, 2013 at 01:05AM EDT

OOC: Saddly I can’t reveal the characters ready to kick the living daylights of you / turn you into a chicken / fight you / fight with you / get drunk with you but here’s a small clue that shows the person I will main once the Balloon Master Ark is over:

Since Asura said “I want small quests”, I will give you tons and tons of small quests. There will be so much stuff around that you won’t be able to decide what to do next and enemies will appear and dissapear almost every page. I hope your body is ready becouse once the SPACE COW arrives, I will put tons and tons of magic around that you will beg for a piece of technology and you will send countless amounts of PMs to Sam asking for ships and weapons again. Zarathh, shut up and don’t say a word damn it. Don’t say a word! I will react later guys, 2 weeks before the finals and its getting reaaaally hard to study 100 years of history.

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Oct 29, 2013 at 05:31AM EDT

?: Hmph….somebody musta heard my banging…
He walks upto the Guilds main doors and pushes one open, he then quietly makes his way in and walks into the main room were everyone is. He stops in his tracks and looks around.
He thinks to himself as he looks at the gathering of people
?:…potential tenants…..loadsa money…..
And then the strangeness of the crowd catches his attention, flying cats, cat people, massive swords etc
?: I know people who would pay big for shit like this….like…collectors….or…slavers…heh…
Trying to draw as little attention to himself as possible he walks over to the bar….


He hops up onto a bar stool and rests his elbows on the surface…
?: Mah name’s William H.Chuffney, I’m looking for aaaaa…..
He takes the slip out again
William: Aaaaa Meredith….do you know where abouts she could be at? and I’m not in a rush so whip us up a bottle of your best go-go juice….oh.. and do ya serve food? like…bacon food?…if you do I’ll have it in a bun, and no skimpy servings…I want that thing well filled….
He takes out his wallet, it seems stuffed with spare coins..
William: Oh woops, that’s the change wallet
He puts it back and takes out another wallet, this one is crammed with notes
William: Bingo… much for the fine service?

Oct 29, 2013 at 12:25PM EDT

OOC: Okay, I’ll whip up a list. Take note that it will be revealing some of the things I have not yet revealed in the thread…


Ignis: Before I answer your question, I’d need to ask why you’re looking for her.

Granatir: If you have no malicious intent, then we’d be able to give a rough idea of where she is.

Oct 29, 2013 at 02:16PM EDT

@Granatir & Ignis,

Will swivels on the stall to face the pair
William: Oh ah..hello……malicious? no not me, I’m a money man, no time for scuffles……let me formally introduce myself
He hops off the stall and holds his hand out for a shake
William: William H. Chuffney, planetary social housing and development officer for the Loyalist Conclave and its associates. I was informed that Meredith was the one in control of this pocket dimension and wish to propose a long term accommodation plan on our brand new and luxurious planet, Charity. Now if only I could find her….

Oct 29, 2013 at 02:54PM EDT

Granatir: Wait a minute… ‘brand new’? How can a PLANET be ‘brand new’ and also be ‘luxurious’? I know enough about my element to know that the plant aspects of it take several billion years to form on a planet.

Oct 29, 2013 at 03:32PM EDT


I got Ann’s, Zar’s, Falcon’s, Sam’s, and Tardises’ lists. Seems I am just waiting on Asura.

Oct 29, 2013 at 03:59PM EDT


Ragna: Tch… Just shut the hell up already.
He turns his back towards Evergreen, looking over his shoulder at her.
Ragna: I’m done with you.
He turns his head forwards and walks to the place where he left his coat and jacket.

Saya simply sighs at Evergreen and floats off after her big brother with the glowing orb held firmly in both hands.


After getting Terry up off his butt to go meet with people in the party, an ear twitches and she turns to look at Gildarts, putting both hands on her hips.
Makoto: I’m Makoto. Makoto Nanaya.
She sort of squints her eyes at him now.
Makoto: But that’s not important now. What’s important is that you’re trying to hit on me.
She raises an eyebrow at him and taps her foot on the ground slightly. She’s not one to like pervy older men.


As she says her goodbyes to Fairy Tail, Flandre can’t help but remember all of the times they had together while they were with one another. These thoughts come back to her mind as she watches Juvia cry and the others comforting her.
Flandre: It’s okay, Juvia. You don’t have to be sad…
This causes Juvia to look up at Flandre. She sees Flandre walking towards her with the Fortune Device and Vector trap in both her hands. Carefully, she places them in Juvia’s hands.
Flandre: I don’t need these anymore. They were gifts that Sam gave to me. I want you to take them.
She then puts both index fingers near her mouth and puts a smile on her face at all of the Fairy Tail members.

Flandre: There’s no need to be sad anymore. You’ll still have memories of all the good times we’ve had together.
Giving a childish laugh, she hugs Juvia one last time.
Flandre: I’ll always love you guys too, no matter where I am. Goodbye!
She waves at them all and walks back onto the train where the doors close after she boards. Floating up to the window, she presses her face against the glass with a few tears in her eyes as the train rolls out of town… It’s mere moments before the train leaves the premises and goes through one of Yukari’s gap portals. The last thing they see is Flandre’s face as the gap closes behind the train.

Oct 29, 2013 at 05:06PM EDT

OOC: Last two days have not been very fun, sorry it took me so long to reply. (-_-;)

Oh. Okay then. Well, I guess I’ll wait until you’re done dealing with… Gestures at what’s going on This, and I’ll… Register, I guess? Is there a place to sign?

Oct 29, 2013 at 06:26PM EDT

Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis wrote:

Granatir: Wait a minute… ‘brand new’? How can a PLANET be ‘brand new’ and also be ‘luxurious’? I know enough about my element to know that the plant aspects of it take several billion years to form on a planet.

He puts his hand back down to his side, peeved from the rejected handshake
William: Yah I know crazy stuff right….god-tier technology can really ramp up what’s possible nowadays….but yeah, you heard me, brand new…all shiny ‘n shit, I don’t really know the details my job is to just get new tenants……
He gives a few looks around the room
William: Sooo…Meredith around here?

Oct 29, 2013 at 07:05PM EDT

At the sound of her name being mentioned she jumps a bit and raises her hand shouts “Adsum!” like she’s been called for role-call. She must’ve spaced out for a bit. It takes her a second to realize what she just did.

Oh, um. Well, that happened. Geez, I hate when I space out like that.
Awkward cough and ahem

Anyway, someone wanted to talk to me, yes?
She hops off the stool and walks towards the direction of the voice and points at William

It was you, right? Checking my mental updates it seems that you want to talk to me about “Charity”, right? Then let’s get down to business.

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Oct 29, 2013 at 08:08PM EDT

The good ol’ captain stares at Mavis’ eyes for several minutes while the ghosts of the past slowly dissapear. Then the captain turns around only to face the endless walls of papers again. He picks up a book lying on the floor and he slowly leaves it on Mavis’ hands as he proceeds to walk out of the room and head to the main deck..but before that, he says:

Second chances are impossible sometimes but there is a group of people who desperatly need a hand. His sociopathy refuses any kind of help and he believes that the best solution to his traumatic past is the extinction of the human race that harmed him. I’m afraid that I can’t ignore my own standarts but that doesn’t mean that I will leave him without a proper punishment..(Sigh) When the time comes, I will know what to do..

The book is called “Born to be a Master”, a complete biography of Eric Cooke. A talented pianist, a technology visionary, a man who was capable to build the most complex contrapositions but life had a different plan for him: Unhappiness and sadness would lead him to darkest alleys that no man wishes to visit and he slowly turned into a monster. The Balloon Master’ origin lies on Mavis’s hands.

@Guys at the forest

Hakumen and Saber attacks merely make Stalker stumble a bit but if there is one thing that really sent the Nightstalker out of his own senses is the Hamon-imbued clackers Joseph sent. With the full force of the night, Stalker easily tears apart the clackers but after smelling the scent of sunlight, Stalker’ strenght is out of control. The light of the moon starts to dissapear more quickly as the night walker makes another ear piercing screeching sound. He tosses Saber and Hakumen away, the first one with a single punch and the remaining knight with the full force of his tail. After getting rid of his opponents, he pounces Joseph, opening his tri-mouth and letting his wings guide him through the air. Time is running out, let the darkness consume you.

Meanwhile, in a different world, the Spirit Breaker focuses part of his dark energy to travel through the planes once again. The scent of the goddess presence is weak but strong enough to guide Breaker through the vast dimensions of this endless universe. The earth shakes as Breaker’ celestial energy increases. Blue flames start to cover the earth around him, the scent is almost gone, the time is running out..A silent moment…Spirit Breaker takes a deep breath before releasing a loud war cry as he tears a hole between dimensions with his own body. As a celestial being, he lacks the need of creating portals since he is his own portal, he travels by his own, he doesn’t need a device or anything related to tech, he is the plane walker. The celestial being charges at the dimensions themselves, pasing through the nothing and the everything, running in the stars and in the skies, through the sun and entire planets, the planes of existance are endless and its really to get lost with such a bad scent to follow . The scent comes from the cursed land where the fight took place, a conflict that left unforenseen consequences for this very galaxy, a battle that is slowly killing Breaker himself. As a celestial being, his energy comes from his own world, a world much like this one, a shadow of our earth, a unexistant place that hides behind us and that is dissapearing as time flies. In the end of the universe, Spirit Breaker rides the stars and the cosmos, quickly charging to this strange land.


From a distant land, a ridicously big ogre arrives to this fresh and green place. Despite being teleported from his own homeworld due to soemthing beyond mortal’s comprehension, the ogre just looks around while discussing with himself..literally..well not literally..he has two heads. Ogres are one of the stupidest creatures that Mother Earth decided to create for god-knows-what-reason. The ordinary ogre is the creature for whom the phrase ‘As dumb as a bag of rock hammers’ was coined. In his natural state, an ogre is supremely incapable of doing or deciding anything, going as far as not being able to decide what to eat or not, how to eat or how to not, if you walk around the forests you might find a ogre trying to eat a rock despite being surrounded by delicious fruits and such. Wait enough and he will starve to death…However, once every generation or so, the ogre race is blessed with the birth of this two headed ogre..God only knows who gave birth to this creature but the truth is that this particular ogre is a light between shadows. The “Ogre Magi” has two heads, and thats means, two brains that allow him to function at a level most other creatures manage with one and despite his lack of basic learning ability, his poor and almost useless memory, his insane level curiosity for fire..the Magi was blessed with “Dumb Luck”, a propensity for serendipitous strokes of fortune which have allowed the ogre race to flourish in spite of enemies, harsh weather, and an inability to feed itself. It’s as if the Goddess of Luck, filled with pity for the sadly inept species, has taken Ogre Magi under her wing. And who could blame her? Poor things. How the hell do they even manage to reproduce anyways?

The Ogre contemplates the trees around him while talking with himself..a endless argument fight that will probably never meet a possible end. Lets hear this poor creature’ conversation, maybe we can find it quite interestin-
Ogre 1: What comes after two?
Ogre 2: Who knows? Pi maybe?
Ogre 1: Birds go “pi pi”!
Ogre 2: No! Birds go “pew pew”!
Ogre 1: Pew pew sounds funny to me.
Ogre 2: Shut up and..I saw a thing.
Ogre 1: WHERE?
Ogre 2: Over there, near the other thing.

Nevermind, I feel like punching myself if I keep hearing those two. Lets just hope this dumb creature meets someone who shares his poor IQ and inability to feed. Poor things.

Oct 30, 2013 at 12:02AM EDT

The Yakumo Express gives one final bellowing whistle as it zips away…

Yukari pretty much spends the rest of eternity screwing off, trolling people, and telling some drunk nerd musician about the adventures of a little shrine maiden. Usually found riding on the Yakumo express itself on lite railways in her free time.

Yeah, on top of the trains.

However, the Yukari was born in another timeline, in the future. A timeline that has been inevitably changed by her actions. The Yukari of the future is to be born as a completely new person… perhaps you can avoid the crisis all together.


Saber: “Don’t you turn your back on me!”

As Nightstalker is distracted by Joseph, Saber takes a few free shots to the hip and to the head. The blade itself gives off an immense burning feeling as in this form it does more damage to Dark/Occult things.

Kiritsugu takes aim again, this time for the head… just waiting for Saber to get out of the way…

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Oct 30, 2013 at 12:37AM EDT


Before Saber

He is slammed by the tail of the Night Stalker and goes skidding across the forest floor. Hakumen uses his strength to flip himself back up off the ground and back onto two feet just as the Night Stalker takes off after Joseph. He then jumps off the ground and towards it while it is still flying at Joseph. A blue symbol appears under his feet as he jumps for it.

Hakumen: Camellia!
Harnessing the power of the Susano’o Unit, he increases his own strength and slices at the Night Stalker with a wide arc of his sword that would send him off balance and crashing into the ground behind Joseph.

Ookami would have an intense burning effect on the Night Stalker, as it is also a “holy” blade too. The force of the sword was enough to terraform the land by making rocks spike up from the ground while grass and leaves get blown away. Since the mouth of the Night Stalker was open, all he would be tasting now is dirt, grass, and stones on the forest floor.

And then he gets up so that he can combat Saber who is after him now…

Hakumen lands next to Joseph and readies his sword, pointing it straight at the Night Stalker. His entire body continues to glow in a fiery blue aura.

Wasting no time, Hakumen immediately charges the Night Stalker while it is combating Saber. Ookami is pointed straight at the Stalker as he runs with a swift motion.

Oct 30, 2013 at 01:16PM EDT

MasterBurner wrote:

At the sound of her name being mentioned she jumps a bit and raises her hand shouts “Adsum!” like she’s been called for role-call. She must’ve spaced out for a bit. It takes her a second to realize what she just did.

Oh, um. Well, that happened. Geez, I hate when I space out like that.
Awkward cough and ahem

Anyway, someone wanted to talk to me, yes?
She hops off the stool and walks towards the direction of the voice and points at William

It was you, right? Checking my mental updates it seems that you want to talk to me about “Charity”, right? Then let’s get down to business.

William pushes the mages to the side and turns all his focus onto Meredith, he slaps a big fake salesmen grin across his face and can only feel compelled to give his introduction once more, he’s just that proud
William: William H. Chuffney, planetary social housing and development officer for the Loyalist Conclave and its associates. It’s nice to meet you miss Meredith….
He gives a slight bow and offers up a handshake ((Please for the love of god shake his hand, nobody has accepted a handshake off me yet in this entire thread))
William: Indeed, lets get down to it. You are all….strangely enough…considered “allies” of the this is even possible is far beyond myself but it does now mean that you are all classed as refugees and therefore qualify for re-housing on one of our lovely and lavish new worlds!
He takes out a small notebook
William: It comes with water, oxygen, plantlife, animals, a weather system, snow, pre-cut grass, jungles, deserts…bla bla bla…bla bla…..and bla….yah…it’s a planet, you get the gist
He puts away his notebook
William: Anyway I’ve been assigned to guide you and your friends to the new world and answer any question that you have.
He hops back up onto the bar stool
William: Timesa tickin’ and I’m a busy man, get your bags packed and lets get movin’!…I’ll be waiting right here until you’re ready…having a drink or two, but please, hurry.


The Architect seems slightly wary when Amaterasu eats the berries from its hands, upon finishing it brings its hand upto its face and inspects it in great detail. The machine very rarely makes physical contact with anything…

It peacefully watches as Amaterasu walks over to the shade of the tree. Other than sustenance it knows that animals also require procreation to last and because this wolf has seemingly appeared from nowhere it feels a nudge to bring wolves to the planet to fulfil this requirement.

As part of its purpose to both place and maintain life the artificial deity introduces the Lupus family of animals to Charity. Rather on cue a wolf appears from across a hilltop and approaches the two

Exactly how it places life is a mystery.

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Oct 30, 2013 at 03:23PM EDT

Granatir: I’m just going to point out that some of us do have a world to return to already…

He is right. The Order HQ’s world has been untouched by any of the conflict. As such the Order mages all have somewhere to return to.

Tahrdan: Only some of us, mind, so you are not wasting your time coming here, don’t worry.

Oct 30, 2013 at 03:39PM EDT

I can only stare at this site of Gildarts, and Makoto looking kinda peeved

Espurr jumps down, and runs to Gildarts, and just looks up

Espurr apparently doesn’t like this man for whatever reason

I’m sorry mister! It’s just that my Espurr isn’t that fond of strange adults.

Oct 30, 2013 at 04:22PM EDT

After things settle down, the female archmages return to the first floor, and end up heading for the bar. At this point the only Order mages not at the bar for whatever reason are Pyralis, Noctan, and Solarian.

(OOC: Who else is at the bar, BTW?)

Oct 30, 2013 at 04:27PM EDT

She shakes his hand out of formality only. She then listens to how he describes the planet.

So, it’s like shopping for houses but on a planetary level? That’s kind of cool.

I guess we can go take a look. The top priority is for the people of Magnolia though, seeing as how I uprooted an entire country. I’m just glad none of the consorts or monsters found their way up here. Anyway, I guess I’m ready to go right now.

Oct 30, 2013 at 06:30PM EDT



William: Shopping on a planetary level? you’re damn right!
He adjusts his tie and goes to walk to the main doorway
William: I’m liking this full speed ahead attitude, I’m liking it a lot! and believe me this new planet is as safe as a safe thing, no big monsters just fluffy little animals you can domesticate and what not, perfectly fine, nothing to be afraid of….and most importantly there is plenty of building land, housing development is the big business nowadays so you gotta expand and keep on expanding don’t ever let the eco people tell you any different….the last big plus is it’s entirely free and at the courtesy of the God Crow! and what a mighty fine piece of work that thing is too for paying me double for this little assignment
He heads off towards the doorway
William: Come on! I’ll drive us!
He leaves through the door and jumps in his Royce, waiting for Meredith…

I’m real tired tonight so I’ll continue on with this tomorrow. G’night all

Oct 30, 2013 at 07:08PM EDT

This all happens after Hakumen and Saber attack.
Joseph readies a flashbang grenade to blind the Nightstalker.
Joseph: Granddad! Chick! Turn around!

Jonathan promptly turns to avoid the flashbang.
Joseph throws the flashbang, and turns away. The flashbang explodes literally in the Nightstalker’s face, and he can’t turn away to avoid it, either. As the Nightstalker is blinded, Joseph takes out a bunch of grenades. He throws the grenades at the nightstalker, and all of the grenades launch over behind it except for one, which lands straight on his chest. When the Nightstalker regains sight, Joseph pulls the string away.
As he pulls the string away, the Nightstalker has a few seconds to get the grenade off him.

OOC: Just roll with it, man. I REALLY want this to be successful.

Oct 30, 2013 at 08:10PM EDT

After Flandre leaves the guild hall and back to her home. Juvia begins to recover from her breakdown and tries to put herself back together as the others are still with her. She has the two devices in her hand as well as the two drawings.

Gray: You aright there. If you kept crying any more, you would flood this place.

Lucy: It’s okay Juvia,

Juvia whipes her eyes and begins to smile once more.

Juvia: Thank you guys. I’m aright now. I’ll be fine. Just need a moment to relax, thats it.

Natsu: what are those things she gave to you exactly?

Erza: That one device stores objects in some small subspace, but that other one, i dont know. If you want I could get them to Kokonoe to further examine them.

Juvia: Thanks, I wouldnt mind. Juvia saw her come in earlier. Does anyone know were she is now?

*they look around for a bit.

Gray: I dont know were she went off to.

Natsu: I see big red over there. You could as him.

juvia gives the two devices to Erza.

Juvia: Take care of them.

Erza: Don’t worry. Erza then heads off to were Tager is, wherever he is.

The others proceed to go back to the tables to try and continue the festivities with the others who are sitting by. They sit back at the area were Tao and her legion of kitties are.

@Makoto before Terry.

Gildarts: Well… Could you really blame me for hitting on e beautiful lady such as yourself? Could I get you a drink, or perhaps dinner…

Suddenly Cana is pulling him up by his ear.

Cana: Okay, thats enough harassing the little girls there dad.

Gildarts: Cringing a bit in pain as Cana pulls his ear. ahh Tch tch tch tch. okay okay ill stop.

Cana lets go.

Cana: Sorry about that. Most of the older members of our guild can be creeps, but they mean no harm so dont worry. The name is Cana Alberona, and this guy here is Gildarts, my dad.

Gildarts: Its a pleasure to meet you miss.

Then Terry and Esspur.

Espur hisses at Gildarts as he responds to Terry.

Gildarts: Aw, what a cutie. its okay there kid. I dont actually give off a good first impression considering how i look right now.

he is still wearing his ususl black cape, scruffy beard, slicked back hair, and no shirt.

Cana: So how did you guys get here anyways. meanwhile Cana sits down and grabs her barrel of ale and drinks from it.

@Sir crona
Makarov just chuckles a bit.

Makarov: I guess your really are not from around these lands are you boy. There is no contract or papers to sign if you want to join a wizard guild, or Fairy Tail to be specific. Here at our guild, we treat every one here like our own family. It is through these bonds that makes us all strong. If you trully beliee that you have the heart and spirit, not just the magic power to join us, than you are more than welcome to be a part of our guild. besides he giggles a bit. we’ve got some of the hottest mages here as well.. heuheuheu. Just look at em. snaps back to his old self. Sorry about that. So what do you say, wanna join Fairy tail?


Besides cana and Gildarts, as well as the other characters there. Laxus and his wizard team “The Thunder God Tribe” is there as well.

Evergreen is the woman with the jacket and green dress. Freed is the one with green hair and the red suit, he also carries with him a sabre. The tall man with the mask and Tongue sticking out is Bickslow. He also has 5 tiki looking idols that float around near him.


Mavis descides to follow you to the main deck as she tries to read some of the pages of the book.

Mavis: so does some part of you believe that he can be somewhat saved? Do you believe that the answers behind him lies within this book on how he can be saved? Or do you wish for us to know who he was before he became who he is now?

*Erza walks up to you wherever you were with the Fortune device and the Vector trap.

Erza: Hello Tager, I have these devices that Sam gave to Flandre. She descided to give them to Juvia, but i was wondering if you or Kokonoe would take a look at them. To see if we could find them useful to us. Speaking of which, we saw Kokonoe enter earlier on. Do you know were she is?

Oct 30, 2013 at 09:15PM EDT


After being told that he is no longer needed in the kitchen, Bang bursts out of the doors with a loud THUD and in an extremely torn chef’s outfit. His muscles were too much for the poor suit… This would have attracted the attention of nearly everyone.
Bang: HAHA! My duty has been accomplished!
He gives off a triumphant smile that glistens in the light of the guild hall like he just accomplished something extremely important or something that he should be proud of… Which he is.
Bang: Come, my alphabetized and color-coated subordinates! There is talking that needs to be done, and work that needs to be accomplished!

Out of the kitchen comes a bunch of ninja’s dressed up in usual ninja garb that is colored in an assortment of the rainbow… He wasn’t kidding.

Subordinates: YES, SIR!

Carl comes out of the kitchen with Nirvana trailing closely behind him.
Carl: You don’t need to do anything right away, Mr. Bang. There is still always tomorrow that you can discuss your plans with everyone. Besides, this is a party after all…

Litchi walks out of the kitchen after Carl, having taken her apron off and all that good stuff.
Litchi: Carl’s right, Bang. We can address everything you’ve thought about tomorrow. Why don’t we just enjoy tonight? These people were kind enough to take us in…

Bang looks over to see Carl and Litchi at his side. He sighs deeply.
Bang: … I suppose you both are right. Every hero needs his well-earned rest! Let us make merry and have an excellent time here now!
He puts that same smile on his face, ready to go interact with the others.

@Natsu and gang,

Tao is sitting there, having eaten a load of food. She’s picking her teeth with a toothpick, leaned back in a chair and having many plates in front of her.

She gets a smile on her face when she sees them return.
Tao: You’re back, meow~! Tao started to get really lonely, but the tiny ones kept Tao company, meow!
Everyone can see that the kittens have gotten on the table and are eating all the food that they left. They thought that they were done with the food, so they decided to eat the rest of it.
Tao: But Tao- …
She looks at Juvia, who still seems to be shaken up from having to say goodbye to Flandre.
Tao: Blue Lady looks like she could use a biiiiiiiiiiiig hug right neow! Tiny ones can help Tao, meow!
Without giving Juvia a chance to react, she is immediately swarmed by kittens and was glomped by Tao, all smothering her with love.


Tager was currently in front of the stage, still messing with that device he has been working on for god knows how long now. When he sees her approaching, he puts the device in one of the pockets on his waist.
Tager: Erza? What is it?
She explains to him about what she wants him to do with the devices. When she hands them to him, he uses his telescopic eye to examine them closely…
Tager: Hm… Yes. One of these objects seems to be giving off a high magnetic field. Along with the other seeming to give off a slight spatial distortion… I’ll take them back to the lab when I have the time.
He puts both the Fortune Device and the Vector Trap into the same pocket. When Erza inquires about Kokonoe he seems to be put off a bit.
Tager: Kokonoe… Last I saw of her she was setting up her laptop on the stage over there.
He points to the stage with the laptop sitting on the podium, all set up.
Tager: I don’t know what happened to her. She seems to have turned her communicator off as well… I will keep an eye out for her.

@Cana and Gildarts,

Makoto scratches her head when Cana asks the question.
Makoto: Well… We were trapped in prison on this gigantic mechanical planet!
She goes on about how they escaped thanks to Nirvana, and how they rescued Bang. All that good jazz, along with crazy hand movements to help increase the atmosphere.
Makoto: … And then we got to a comms station and Kokonoe teleported us all here. That’s our story.
The squirrel beastkin laughs as she attempts to regain her breath from telling the story.

Ragna grabs his jacket and sword, hooking the latter on his back… He needs time alone. Time to think to himself about what has happened… He makes his way towards the back exit of the guild hall.
Ragna: … Come on, Saya.

Saya nods her head and follows her brother, still holding the orb in her hands.

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Marisa runs up to Archer

Marisa: “WELL! If it aint the Mechanic Dude from the Coliseum.”

Archer: “… Ah yes, the girl with the gigantic moon busting lasers.”

Maribel: “Um… you know this girl Archer?”

Marisa had already stolen something off of Maribel’s person. Getting her arm grabbed by the 6 foot man and the pouch forcefully returned to Maribel.

Renko: “My God you have some nerve! Just wait till they terminate your lovely little personality for that!”

Marisa: “… What? Last I checked these guys can’t turn people into Veggies.”

Maribel: “Um… Renko, they probably don’t….”

Renko: “What Is This? The 28th Century? No wonder th-”

Archer puts a hand on Renko’s shoulder

Archer: “Now now. Don’t be culturally insensitive until you know they don’t carry the regular privilege to smash your face in.”

Its at that point when Bang busts out. The group remains quiet the whole time, unable to do anything but make a (O_O) face.

Archer: “… That man has a serious amount of pride on him.”

Maribel: “Charisma A++!?”

Renko: “Hey, it’s my job to be the person giving out nerdy terminology.”

Maribel turns around to find Reimu just staring up at her…

Reimu: “… Well, messing with time and your age I see.”

Maribel: “Huh…?”

Reimu: “Don’t play dumb with me. What was that you handed yourself there?”

Maribel is HORRIBLY confused

Maribel: “I-I Have no Idea!”

Reimu sighes and facepalms

Reimu: “Okay, then is Yukari your Mom?”

Maribel: “No! I never knew my mom! I grew up with my Caretaker.”

Reimu: “… okay, but if I see anything fishy…”

Reimu makes an alien motion that could reference to a playing card being drawn, turns around, and walks back to the bar to get more slammed than the Quad City DJ’s

Maribel: “JEEZ! What was her problem!?”

Marisa: “You look like Reimu’s Godmother. She handed you those lockets. Open it up! See what’s inside!”

Marisa motions to do so herself, but gets cockblocked by Archer again.

Marisa: “DAMMIT Old Geezer! If ya keep talking I will Spark You So Hard!”

She somewhat jokingly threatens him. He eyes the medallion but does nothing.

Archer: “You would never hit me with such an attack, I already know the amount of time needed to get out of the way of it and what it looks like when you are charging up.”

Marisa: “Oh, so now you are already making a call that you could beat me are you?”

Archer: “Maybe I am. Actually, with both Maribel and Renko as my masters I could take on any of the people here in a one on one and win. Especially the ones I viewed back at the tournament.”

Maribel and Renko both have a series of markers on their right hands… the command seals of Archer. People who remembered Kiritsugu summoning Saber would have seen him use a simmilar one. Each time a command the servant can’t hear, or a command the servant does not wish to perform is given, the command seal begins vanishing.

Marisa: “Oh-ho, how bold of you. I know 15 guys here who will tackle you the instant you declare that outloud. And I kicked all 15 of their asses~”

Renko: “I’ll shoot them if they try anything. I am not going to get hurt because some idiots want a bar fight.”

That girl ain’t thinken right. She doesn’t even have Ammo.

Archer: “Again. Wait to insult them before you figure out if it’s culturally sensitive to punch a woman in the face.”

Renko: “But you are the one saying the things that would provoke them!”

Archer: “Do as I say, and not as I do. I did just say I could handle them. Until the Grail war starts, I am just your guardian.”

Marisa: “And your boyfreind, so hurry up and get the dating done before the you forget what’s your favorite color.”


Ammy lets the machine examine her. She is quite calm when she wants to be.

Being a machine of God, the Architect can very well see the various markings signifying it’s connection to the local Sun. Understanding said connection is another matter entirely.

Needless to say, the wolf it creates for Ammy to go breed with can’t bear these marks. But inevitably created something with the the same brainpower as Ammy.

@Ammy’s new Girlfreind:

And the Wolf became predestined to be a symbol of Life and Divinity upon Charity, despite the fact Ammy somehow just got another girl pregnant that night. Gender Neutrality is a Scary Thing.

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Ragna was headed on his way to the outside world with his sister to go sit and relax… He has very acute hearing, so he picked up the conversation that was being told and the familiar aura of Yukari. Ragna looks over his shoulder with a glare of anger and malice, his green eye glowing.

“What nerve does she have to show up here again?” he thinks to himself. “Wait… That isn’t her. No matter…” He turns back around and begins to head towards Maribel and Renko with heavy steps.

She notices Ragna’s demeanor has changed.
Saya: What’s wrong Rag-
She’s cut short in her sentence by her older brother.

Ragna: Stay outta this.
He doesn’t even bother to wave Saya off or anything. He just continues his trek towards Maribel.

After a few moments of anger-filled stomping, he reaches her position. The first thing he does is turn his head to Archer
Ragna: Don’t get in my way.
He scowls at Archer before looking down at Maribel and Renko.
Ragna: You! What are you still doing here?
When he clenches his right hand into a ball his questions become more accusing towards her.
Ragna: You screwin’ around with your age, you damn gap bitch? Trying to conceal your aura? Stop beating around the bush and answer me!
Both Maribel and Renko can see his the white of his red eye turn a deathly black coloring for a split second as he barks his next words.
He doesn’t have a hand on his weapon, but he is clearly pissed off about something.

OOC: Wow. I nearly forgot something very important… HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYBODY!

I still can’t believe that it’s already Halloween… Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess. Anyways, I wish every one of you a happy Halloween.

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Seeing as he is the king of creppy, Psycho Mantis wishes you all a happy Halloween!

When Christmas comes along we’ll all have to set up some sorta in-universe party to celebrate or something that would be a lot of fun.

Anyway enjoy the night people, I’m gonna go head downstairs and munch on the sweets put aside for the trick-or-treaters hehehe

Oct 31, 2013 at 04:23PM EDT

OOC: Damn, the plans in place will prevent me from actually being on much at that time… Could we extend that party for a number of days after Christmas Day? I might actually not be limited by time by then. And I guess I’ll end this post with a comment from someone on the epic adventure.

Kongspire: Back on Cradle, there would be an event going on right now… Which only results in themed accesories or costumes. Useless to me, I prefer equipment that is actually useful. As it is as some point I’m going to have to get some of the best equipment, ESPECIALLY for pierce defense, THAT’S still 3* at best! Anyway, enjoy your event.

…It’s just another day for me, to be honest. I was never particularly interested, I’ve set my sights on the 23rd of November for Time Lord-related reasons.

Oct 31, 2013 at 04:28PM EDT

@Sir crona

Makarov holds his hand out to him with a smile on his face.
Makarov: Well excellent my boy. Welcome to Fairy Tail. If you wish to officially be one of us, you need to have our guild mark stamped on to you. Go downstairs and look for the young woman with long white hair named Mirajane, she will help you with it.


Juvia is assaulted by Tao and the legion of kitties. She is completely cheered up by all of the adorable cats swarming her and hugs a bunch of them as well as Tao.

Juvia: Juvia loves you and all of these precious kitties. Thank you, Juvia feels better thanks to you.

Natsu: Hehey Happy and Carla, more cat friends for you to hang out with.

Happy: I don’t know Natsu, I don’t think they are exceeds like us.

Carla: They seem to be a bit too playful.

Wendy: I think they are cute as well. she says ash she plays around with one on the table by holding its hands and playfully dancing with it.

Gray: So, what is your name there cat lady?

Lucy: And why is there so many of these cats here? AND WHY DO THEY KEEP TRYING TO GRAB MY BOOBS? STOP IT. she is covered by cats trying to play with her.


Cana: Thats one hell of a story there. Considering all that has happened recently, its easily believable. But what matters is that you and your friends hare here at Fairy Tail safe and sound.

Gildarts: There’s always room for new members. Especially cute girls such as yourself and your other lady friend there. Referring to Lichi.

Cana: Stop it dad. Sorry, like I said. Some of the pretty girls just need to watch their Tails over here. she than looks at the makotos tail behind her. I guess in your case literally than. heheh. So, now that you and your friends are here, what will you guys do?

Gildarts: If you have no place to stay in. Im sure the others here could help with the arrangements.

@Marisa and archer.

The thunder legion overheard what archer said and aproach them with laxus up front with the other three behind him.

Laxus: You got quite the balls to be talking like that here buddy. You honestly think you can take on all of us? How cute.

Bickslow: Heheh indeed. Coming into our guild and claiming to be better than us. Been there done that, and it always ends the same.

Freed: The moment you underestimate us and our guild, you have already lost.

Evergreen: though we do admire your guts for saying so. Whats your name there?

Laxus: and how did you manage to find us after that tournament?


Erza looks around the stage curiously.

Erza: so what is Kokonoe planning exactly?

Oct 31, 2013 at 07:58PM EDT

Uhh.. Stamped? As in… Tattoo? Ech.. Er… Right. I’m.. I’m fine with that. Just, eh.. Goin’ down stairs then. Red shivers and looks for said white haired woman

Oct 31, 2013 at 08:18PM EDT

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