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Sir Crona Statscowski Esquire wrote:

Uhh.. Stamped? As in… Tattoo? Ech.. Er… Right. I’m.. I’m fine with that. Just, eh.. Goin’ down stairs then. Red shivers and looks for said white haired woman

OOC: Just past the 8000 posts in this thread. Holy fuck. good job guys, only 1k more till we pass the magic number.

As you look around the bottom floor. Though a bit of an energetic crowd, you get a chance to see the white haired woman who is at a table about to hand out a few more drinks.

She has an adorable smile on her face and seems to be in a cheery mood, talking to her other guild mates as she hands them drinks.

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Maribel: “Just members of a supernatural club…”

Archer: “And just a servant summoned by seemingly accident. I have a bit of explaining to do later…”


Maribel is nearly crying by now. Bubbling out things like “I don’t even know her!” and “Why does everyone instantly hate me!?”

Archer: “Enough. She has enough people shouting at her for the similarities.”

Archer pushes Ragna away from the girls.

Renko: “Would you people just stop it! She is most definitely NOT the Train Lady! I grew up with her all my life!”

Maribel just takes cover behind the two of them…

@Lightning Tribe:

Archer: “You do know that game plays both ways, correct? You immediately think that your opponent is the only one who can underestimate you? Well then, you are sorely mistaken.”

To reinforce his statement; It’s nigh impossible to detect his Aura. Reading his capabilities is impossible.

Archer: “If you nail anyone who’s got a pride in this world, I am surprised anyone is left. Blindly challenging the person who boasts only means you are ultimately insecure with your own abilities. Do your best to keep that in mind.”

“Besides, it disgusts me. It’s like how I used to be.”

The amount of hostility in those words where enough to unerve even Hakumen. Serious regrets about his past is a dramatic understatement.

He then turns to answer the other question.

Archer: “Maribel brought us here. Her scream displaced the whole castle into this world. It was merely a coincidence it was this world I suppose.”

Maribel shifts uncomfortably behind him.

Archer then looks to the side…

Archer: “Though the White Knight did say that there was a time displacement. It’s been 15 years since I met any of you, but not even a month since you met me… seems I am a regular victim of Time Traveling.”

Renko: “Wait, fifteen years ago you…?”

Archer: “Oh right. You where probably just an infant then.”

Renko: “I’m 21.”

Archer and Marisa just stare at her. She looks 16…

Maribel: “She is! Just like me!”

They both look 16…

Marisa: “The future is quite a scary place… isn’t it?”

Archer: “No, this is definitely abnormal where I am from.”

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@Juvia and crew,

Tao doesn’t even make a move to get off Juvia. But when Gray begins to talk to her, she turns her attention towards him.
Tao: Tao’s name is Taokaka, Stripper Guy!
And she is right. Gray isn’t wearing any clothes except for his boxers right now. All the kittens begin to laugh as he tries to cover himself up.
Tao: The Tiny Ones are part of Tao’s family, meow. The Elder and Torakaka went to go find a place to rest for the night. meow. They sent Tao here with her friends to check out this place!
And then when Tao notices that the other kittens are trying to play with Lucy’s boobs, Tao begins to do the same to Juvia.
Tao: Ooooh. Blue Lady has some nice meatbuns too, meow. All plump and round and scrumptious!

@Gildarts and Cana,

Makoto ruffles her brow as she begins to think. She and the others that escaped off Transcendence had an awful-lot of bonding time together. She remembers something about when they got here that Bang would try and find a place for them to stay…
Makoto: Hm… I remember Bang talking about something like that. He’s the ninja over there in the torn-up chef’s outfit.
She giggles a bit at how ridiculous he looks in that getup. She then puts both hands to her mouth act like a megaphone and begins to call for him.
She puts her hands down.

Bang hurries over to Makoto.
Bang: You called, miss Makoto?
Still wearing the chefs outfit.

Makoto: Yeah. Could you please go change clothes? It looks like they are going to tear apart.

He looks down at the clothes he is in right now, giving a nervous laugh.
Bang: Ehehehe… Excuse me. I, Bang Shishigami, shall return momentarily!
He runs off like a blur into the back room of the kitchen where he found the cooks outfit. He quickly changes to his usual attire and arrives back to the group in a very short amount of time. Faster than you would have expected one to change and return.

Bang: Ahem…
Turning to face Gildarts and Cana, he gives off a smile.
Bang: I am Bang Shishigami, the legendary ninja! What is it that you were needing to know?


Tager looks down at Erza, adjusting his glasses.
Tager: I’m sorry, but I’m afraid that I can’t tell you what it is. Kokonoe made me swear to keep this a secret until it’s announced.


Ragna is pushed away by Archer. If this was any other time, he would have immediately fought back the moment that he was touched by Archer. He knows that if he fights the entire damned place will break out into a fight.
Ragna: Tch…
He glares at Maribel as she goes to hide behind Archer and Renko.

Ragna: Fine. Whatever…
He loosens the grip of his hands and lets them relax at his side. However he does decide to stand in on the rest of the conversation…

Oct 31, 2013 at 11:27PM EDT

Its too late now..The last corners covered in light run away..the moon hides..the clouds cover the place..the shadows start to take control of the forest..Darkness has finally consumed you..

After playing around with his preys, Nighstalker had enough..The creature emits a powerful blast of darkness, pure devil energy, the same kind of energy that protected the Stalker from the first lights of the sun, pushing everyone around him. The stalker takes on the skies as he raises his left hand, draining the last lights of the place and of the moon itself. Finally, darknesss…nothing but darkness..You can barely see the ground under your feet and the trees are lost now. Stalker laughs maniacally. You can’t dodge what you cannot see. Stalker will strike and with complete darkness, he is going for a one hit kill.

What I need you to understand is that a part of him is still human. Over the course of the years, he managed to compose more piano pieces than any artist of the world. He is unable to live with society and his childhood traumas drive him to the path of madness and complete selfdestruction. I won’t save him, I won’t try to give him a second chance but I won’t kill him. I refuse to fight against my own standarts but I also refuse to leave him without a proper punishment.
They arrive to the main deck.
If we managed to stop him..(sigh) I will send him to the most distant place of this galaxy where he won’t be able to hurt no one and where the concept of society is non existant. Careful Mavis, even the most heartless psychopaths have a small lightbulb in their hearts.

As Mavis reads Eric’ tragic biography, piano in the background.

Such a sad background isn’t it? You know whats really sad? When people don’t dedicate their lives to pray for lord Obelis, the one who shall show us the correct path to our final reward. Youngsters these days don’t appreciate the miracle that the Knights of the Fold are willingly showing in the biggets churches of Magnolia. A day since Chen arrived and the Fold increases its number every day. Several citizens around Magnolia saw giant man eating birds walking directly into these churches.
The Holy Gospel of Obelis, the one who shall show us the path to our final reward.

“Today brothers and sisters, we join to Obelis in glory and salvation. Today, we will remember those who dared to spit on our lord’s legacy, those who are unwhorty to join us, swore enemies of the Fold and vile creatures that were born in the deepest places of the Hades. Last day, when we approached our brothers of the woods who were still lost in this vast universe left by Obelis as a present to mankind, the beast under my command caught the scent of the friviolity nature of a known fawn centaur. This heretic doe travels around the world, not even the snow or the most distant places are safe from the toxic charm of this creature. Her heretic magic is too powerful for the poor brains of our brothers of the woods, attracting them and mindslaving them, forcing them to convert everyone around her. The likes of this creature, who goes by the name of Aiushtha, must be stopped before our brothers of the woods are lost in the darkness of this unbeliever. We must head once again to the forest and find them before she does, open their eyes to the Fold before she absorbs their minds with her sorcery, we must increase my congregation of the faithful and pray for Obelis to guide us. For the sake of our brothers of the woods, tomorrow we will open the doors of every church in the city and invite every man and woman to join us in our quest for salvation. Our final reward awaits my brothers and sisters. Praise Obelis and his word.”
Civilians: Follow the dream of a new world!
“Death to the pagans ways”
Civilians: Thee with false god to praise.
“Let us rejoice because Obelis has finally showed us his love and grace. Rejoice my brothers and sisters.”
Civilians: REJOICE!

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Nov 01, 2013 at 11:06AM EDT

Kiritsugu in thought: [“… crap. In this scenario we are completely at that things mercy. Nightvision won’t do a thing… if Saber is attacked I can use a command seal to have her teleport out. But if I am attacked… hold on, this must be a sustained field. I think I can use that bullet.”]

Kiritsugu swaps out the bullet in his Thomson Contender. He intends on using that bullet. The bullet that had outright killed so many magi at his hands.

He then pulls a flash grenade from his belt and undoes the pin, holding the top. If he is touched, he will drop the grenade, the light will directly hit it’s eyes, and he will have time to shoot it.

Kiritsugu: [“The others are close enough to me that I can shoot the stalker if it picks any of them.”]

And if this bullet connects… it doesn’t matter how much life the thing has left. It’s one-shot kill.

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Nov 01, 2013 at 12:49PM EDT

Seemingly unnoticed by just about everyone for whatever reason…

Pyralis: May as well go and find the others.

Noctan: Let’s start with the direction we last heard one of the others…

The elemancer and equilibriumancer both head to the bar, where they quickly find most of the other Order mages

Granatir: Oh, it’s you two. Might as well join us, everyone except Solarian is here anyway.

Noctan: So… uhhh, what are these creatures?

Yeah, he’s surrounded by the cats, as is Pyralis.

Tahrdan: What sort of crea- Oh. Them. They’re some kind of cat. They won’t hurt you, they’re just playful. Hey, don’t touch that!

One of the cats was trying to grab his necklace, despite the fact it’s a shark tooth.

Pitchurn: Hahaha, they’re actually pretty adorable.

Tahrdan: Hey, don’t laugh! Get this thing to stop trying to grab this necklace!

Pitchurn: No. Why would I want to?

*The Order mages just watch as Tahrdan tries to pry off the cat.%

Nov 01, 2013 at 02:23PM EDT


Meredith gets in the Royce alongside Will
William: The nights come in fast here, I cant see a thing…
He starts the car and turns on the lights to full beam
William: Problem solved, now strap in its a long ride.
He revs the car and does a burnout up the road leaving a cloud of smoke behind.f
William: Now its time to put her in maximum overdrive…this is my favourite part.
He flips a switch and pushes a button, in a flash of cliche warp spirals they appear upon the verdant meadows of High Charity, the better half of the planet…

He brings the car to a skidding stop and hops out, he then quickly walks around to the passenger door and opens it for Meredith to get out too
William: Welcome to Charity, currently still under redevelopment but ready for people to move right away!
Before them both is a vast and healthy landscape
William: Take your time, check it out.



Woah…ok, that was funky

Sustenance and procreation, that’s as far as it goes with the Architect, and seeing as this irregularity has now been rectified it is as if nothing is out of place to the machine….

It walks away from the wolf and take some final air samples, a form of quality control, before preparing itself for departure….in around 1 minute or so the Architect will be gone…

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She gets out of the car and looks around. She then lies down in the grass and rolls around a bit in it before getting up again.

Hey, can I go and explore the.. what’s it called… “Low Charity”? Y’know, examine the places that normal people can’t go in? Because, when a barren and lifeless landscape is 50% of the planet, I’d like to see if there’s anything I can do to make it so that it’s not that.

I’m not saying this is bad, just, something that maybe I can fix. If not, then I can be sure to inform people where not to go ever.

Nov 01, 2013 at 06:52PM EDT


William watches as Meredith rolls around in the grass
William: You feelin’ alright there miss?
She then gets up
William: Sure thing, we can go see the…other half…if we have to…
With considerably less enthusiasm he opens the door for Meredith and then gets in the driving seat
William: Here we go!
He turns on the engine, revs it like mad and then does another burnout, this time across the meadows of grass. Just like before he flicks a switch and within an instant they enter a vortex
After about a minute of “WOOOOOOO!” they exit the warp and find themselves racing at very high speeds in a straight line, the landscape has changed dramatically

A huge and endless salt flat stretches out all around them, you can’t help but feel insignificant. As the Royce trails across this barren zone it kicks up a major dust cloud in its tracks
William: We are currently in a region known as the border lands….probably because we are saddling the fence between both High and Low Charity, this salt flat strip spans the whole border between the two and is known for being completely lifeless and empty, not to mention peaceful….nothing happens here, it’s totally dead…real boring
William then points dead forward out of the windscreen, the direction in which they are driving. South.
William: At the speed we are travelling we should reach Low Charity in a few moments…
In the extreme distances ahead you can see massive black clouds and lightning storms coupled with volcanoes and rumbles of thunder. After a minute of driving they begin to enter this frightening region
William: Now entering ..hell….good thing I have tough tyres and this ol’ beast.
Will continues to drive on, through and over the solidified magma fields

William: You mentioned earlier….about fixing this….your’e missing a point, this place is here on purpose, don’t forget that we are talking about a Conclave planet here….
He comes to a slow break on top of a cliff edge, a place out of reach from any immediate dangers…he turns to Meredith
William: And lets not forget that the Conclave is very militaristic, Low Charity is just one giant proving ground, a playing field for the best of the best to test their mettle and what not. Soldiers are born here, that’s what I’m trying to get at. No planet is perfect, most of them possess this quality…

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@Archer and gang.

Laxus and them just shrug and grunt at his remark, they just don’t care that much.

Laxus: hm.. whatever. We dot need to prove anything to anyone.

They then hear about the time skips and stuff.

Freed: Arms crossed. So you people have been experiencing time ark displacements? Odd.

Bickslow: Yeah, that’s some pretty messed up stuff there.

Laxus: So, now that you guys are here, what are you going to do. By what you people just told us, its safe to say that you’ll probably end up sleeping on the streets unless we work something out with Gramps.

Evergreen: Besides fans herself a bit. Doesn’t hurt to have another handsome face around here.

@Bang and Makoto.

Cana: Hey, hows it going there hot stuff. So, like I was telling Makoto here, since you guys are here, what will you be doing anyways? Do you have a place to stay in?

Gildarts: We don’t mind giving you guys a hand in finding a place to stay. Or do you guys have any other plans here?

Gajeel and levy show up to them as well.

Levy: Gajeel, what is it? Why did you suddenly wanted to come see this guy?

Gajeel: The metal I smelt was something else. Turns out its from that giant nail on that guys back. So who are you people supposed to be?

Levy: Due excuse him, I’m levy, and this is Gajeel. You people new around here?

Juvia is suddenly surprised by Tao’s gropping and blushes as she does so. Gray, Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy are completely baffled by this, especially Gray and Natsu.

Juvia: aaahhh She moans… Gray-sama, Tao-chan is touching Juvia chest…. Would you like to join too?

Grays head is steaming, he cant even come up with a response to this as his face blushes red.

Natsu: This cat chick gets stranger and stranger by the moment.

Lucy: Great. like Cana wasn’t bad enough. Now we have another person who gropes people.

Wendy: Depressed. Why is it that every girl here besides me and Levy have small chest sizes? It’s not fair.

Carla: Great, here we go again.

Happy: Hey Gray-chan, dont you want to give juvia a hand or two. Chuckles.


Happy: You should see your face right now, its as red as a tomato. heuheuheuheu.

Juvia: But Gray-sama is enjoying this isn’t he?

She then grabs Tao’s chest as well and squeezes them.

Gray collapse onto the ground due to severe nose bleeding.

Natsu: This cat lady is just as insane as the other girls. But she’s still freaking awesome.

Erza looks at Tager with a look of suspicion.

Erza: Oh cmon now. Tell me what it is. Or do you wish for me to force it out of you? I don’t like it when people hold information away from me.

Tager than feels something crawl up his spine. Erza might not look like it, but she is the scariest person in the guild and does not like to be denied or told no.


Mavis listens to the music as she continues to read the book while contemplating Sparks words.

Mavis: I understand completely about why you refuse to consider taking his life, and i find it admirable. We at our guild try and condone non-killing as well. We try and do all we can to preserve life, but there are times were things don’t always go as planned, and tough choices must be made for the sake of others. Spark, knowing the Balloon master for as long as you do, you know he would pull every dirty trick in the book to break you. If he were to put you in a position were you had no choice but to end his life while the lives of your frieends hang in the balance. What would you do then? It is these things that you must be prepared to face in case they arise. You must be ready to face such positions were lives are at stake, and that you must make the right choices in order to succeed. But if you are unprepared to face those difficult choices in which he has manipulated you into making, you will surely be hesitant to respond, and will inevitably cost the lives of others. So all I ask of you Spark, be ready to face the worst case scenarios, no matter how bad they may be. Be prepared to do what is necessary.

She continues to read the book, turning the page every few minutes. (descriptions of what she is reading exactly would be appreciated.*

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So, this place is here on purpose? Thanks for telling me that. I was just unsure of its’ purpose, but now I know.

Guess I’ll leave this alone then. Just needed to know that. Thanks for showing me around. Guess once the situation with a certain beast is dealt with back in Magnolia I can place that country back where it belongs and off my planet.
Nov 01, 2013 at 09:12PM EDT




Mirajane turns to you shortly after you finish. She talks with a soft and kind voice.

Mirajane: Oh hello there. Yes, I’m Mirajane. I Saw you talking to master Makarov up there a little while ago. So I guess your here because you joined Fairy Tail correct? So now all you need to make it official is to have your Fairy Tail guild mark stamped onto you for it to be official.

She puts her hands out and summons a stamp in her hand with the logo on the bottom of it.

Mirajane: Don’t worry at all, it doesn’t hurt at all. So, where do you want it to be?

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@Gildarts and co,

Makoto facepalms when she hears them ask about who Bang is.
Makoto: Did you seriously just ask that…?
She’s been around him enough that she has heard this next spiel hundreds of times by now.

When Gajeel asks Bang who he is supposed to be, he stands up straight and inhales deeply.
Bang: Who am I? WHO AM I YOU ASK?!
The ninja cracks a smile at everyone nearby.

He gives off a mighty and triumphant laugh.

This laugh attracts the attention of Carl and Litchi to Bang’s whereabouts with the others.

Carl walks over to Bang, with the robot Nirvana following closely behind him.

Carl: I was beginning to wonder where you went off to, Mr. Bang.

Litchi: Are these some of the people that could help out in our plan?

Bang: You are absolutely right, Goddess! Your knowledge is as unmatched as your beauty!

Litchi gives off a nervous laugh.

Bang: Now then! There is no need for you to worry about us. We have arrangements all planned out on our part.

Litchi turns her head to look at Gildarts and Cana, however.
Litchi: Is there anything you could tell us about this guild of yours? It seems like a very nice place.


When Juvia grabs onto Tao she actually looks a bit surprised. She has only done this to others before, and none have done it to her before.
Tao: Blue Lady likes Tao’s meaty buns too, meow?
She continues to play around with Juvia since no one is stopping her.


Tager looks down at Erza with his eyes being covered by his glasses.
Tager: I am sorry, but I’m afraid that I cannot say anything to you, nor anyone else.
He takes a cellphone out of his pocket as it rings, putting it up to his ear.
Tager: Hm? … Right. Right… She’s here, yes. Okay then. As you say.
He hangs up.
Tager: She is almost ready. I have to get to my post… I am sorry for what you’re about to see, but I couldn’t do anything to stop her.
He walks off…


A gigantic set of sciencey-looking speakers begins to rise up out of the stage floor of the guild hall catching everyone’s attention. The speakers begin to blast the loud sound of techno music around the entire premises…

A projector from an unknown part of the guild begins to project a white screen that everyone can see…
???: Ahem…
A hologram of Kokonoe materializes on stage.
Kokonoe: Now that I have your attention, I have a very special surprise for all of you, including all of our new guests…

The hologram takes a lick of the lollipop and walks over to the laptop, teleporting it away and back to the lab now that everything has been set up.
Kokonoe: Especially you, Erza.
She points at her with the lollipop, still being jealous from earlier…

Kokonoe: Now let the show begin!
She presses a red button in her lab, displaying all the pictures of Erza in her skivvies during the fight with Yukari. She had taken pictures of the entire event… They were taken from all angles so that everyone has a good view of them. Everyone single guy in the guild hall should be having a nosebleed right about now…

Nov 01, 2013 at 10:48PM EDT

@Funny planet wiht funny name with funny things but unfunny people
Meanwhile, this particular two headed ogre is having a complex philosophical conversation with himself, discussing about the ttrue meaning of life while using short terms that simple minded individuals would wish to comprehend. Of course this new planet was not made for him, this new planet actually hates his presence, every damn animal hates him, no one feels pity for this poor and lonely ogre who arrived from another dimension as a result of the growing interdimensional chaos around the planes. I am done talking with long terms that people use to feel inteligent, I will let the ogre talk and just stay away.

It’s been 3 hours since he arrived, 2 hours searching for small animals to pet and hug, 1 hour lost in the woods, 12 minutes of nose picking contest between both ogres. Finally the brothers that share the body, blessed by the Goddess of luck and still lost in this new place, the brothers are searching for something to do apart from staring at the trees, chasing squirrels and searching for the same damn blue bird over and over again.
Ogre 1: Lets go south!
Ogre 2: No! North!
Ogre 1: Wait..I just had an idea..Its about a idea.
Ogre 2: What’s the big idea anyways?
Ogre 1: I dunno, I don’t get any funny ideas.
Ogre 2: Huh?
Ogre 1: I’m hungry.
Ogre 2: I just had an idea!
Ogre 1: That was my idea.
Ogre 2: No it wasn’t
One hour of internet-like arguments between the ogres. Good lord, lucky you don’t have to hear these two or else you would be picking up the nearest gun right and now and aiming for your own head. Finally the ogres see a small pack of wolves in the distance, they agree to chase them.
Ogre 1: This way!
Ogre 2: This way!
Ogre 1: That way!
Ogre 2: Your way!
Ogre 1: What way?
Ogre 2: That way!

@Magnolia or Fiore or the town that is about to get fucked up or the place that is currently being fucked by portals but who gives a shit about ogres and man eating birds anyways?




Cheston: Calm down Foster! Calm down and control yourself for MY own sake. My star power is being disgusted by your behavior! Don’t think of it, don’t think in the huge proportions of Erza’ anatomy!



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Nov 01, 2013 at 11:02PM EDT

@guild hall.

*Everyone just stops doing whatever they are doing in response to what they see before them.

This is most of their reactions to this.

Erza on the other hand.

There is also a wide mix of responses by some of the others.

Laxus: I love this cat chick so much more now.


Gray: I have no idea…

Natsu: All cat ladies are officially insane.

Juvia stops with Tao and reacts to all of this. However, she is more shocked that Gray is paying more attention to the pics of Erza than her.


Gajeel is bursting out laughing over all of this.


Everyone is still unable to even. Kokonoe just exposed Erza to everybody in the guild. literally.

Nov 01, 2013 at 11:20PM EDT

Josuke has a quite obvious Nosebleed. Jotaro just has the straightest of faces. Doomguy is too shitfaced right now to care.

Suddenly, after like 20 seconds of the pictures, the show is interrupted with a fizzle, and suddenly a hologram of Maledict, wearing a top hat over his beer hat, and wearing a fancy suit. Throughout this entire speech, he has a really cheerful demeanor.
Maledict: Is it on? I have no fucking clue how these things work.
Peon: Yes, sir! You’re connected!
Maledict: Anyways…
He clears his throat
Maledict: Hello, ladies. Look at your man: Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me. I know what you’re thinking: Why the hell are you wearing a beer hat under a top hat? And why did you just hijack our almost-porn? The answer: because I fucking hate you all. Especially you, Kokonoe. Speaking of Kokonoe, if you have any complaints, just go to hell. I’m fucking serious. Either that, or just go here. I can monitor the entire fucking universe, anyways. And that means I’ve seen each and every one of you naked at one point or another. Not that i’d have LIKED to see it, but…
Anyways, back on track here. I just wanted to say, if you have any complaints, just dial 1-800-FUCKYOU. That’s right! 1-800-F-U-C-K-Y-O-U. In case you morons don’t get it, it’s 1-800-381-5968. If you seriously needed that, I applaud your dumbassery. Continuing on, specific messages:

To John Stalvern:

To The Entirety of the Fairy Tail Guild:
Alright, listen: Just because you saw naked pics of your buddy doesn’t mean you shou-oh wait, I’m a demon I shouldn’t be giving advice to scum like you.

To Hakumen: You are the only one in this entire room that I actually regard as a worthy opponent.

To the Joestars: you know Giorno and Okuyasu? That was me.

To Captain Spark’s crew: I despise each and every one of you, moreso than everyone else. Except for the monkey. You’re cool

To the Pokemon trainer: Your pokemon suck. get some fucking levels in.

And I think that’s about it. Oh, yeah, almost forgot: I deleted the nudes. Because I’m an asshole. File any complaints up your ass, whore. Any questions or statements that don’t involve wanting to kill me at this very moment?

Nov 01, 2013 at 11:41PM EDT

Well I actually have no clue how I got here, everything became a bit…. Swirly.
And then Espurr started running through the forest until he stopped by into this place.

Nov 01, 2013 at 11:51PM EDT

@talks of lodging:

Renko: “I have money if we can get a hotel…”

Maribel: “They probably won’t take that type of money here…”

Archer: “If it comes down to it, I will sell a sword or two to have the castle fixed. It is actually a prime spot for a base of operations.”

Renko: “What about those Bears that broke into it?”

Archer: “With proper patrols and a magical barrier, that should not be a problem.”

@Talks of what brought them here:

Archer: “If you where paying attention earlier, I was summoned under the rituals usually tied to the Holy Grail War. If the grail itself is pulling even the Masters from other time periods now, I am indeed shocked.”

Maribel: “You still haven’t explained that… what is the grail war?”

Archer: “Seven pairs of Masters and Servants are brought together to do battle. The last master or servant standing gets their wish granted by the grail.”

Renko: “That was oddly oversimplified… so we now are in a tournament… greaaaaaat…”

Archer: “Speaking of that, have any of you people ran into any famous historical figures lately? Because if you have that definitely means the Grail War is happening here.”

@Sudden Slideshow of TITS:

Reimu looks HORRIFIED

Archer just gets this pained look on his face. Half from trying to keep down the bone of his sword, and other half at the crowds reactions. Thankfully, the perverts in the crowds are an erection killer.

Maribel and Renko kinda try to avert their eyes. Somehow obtaining Starbucks in doing so.

Marisa: “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Check THAT Body OUT! DAYUM GIRL!” wolf whistle

Reimu: “Marisa for gods sake…”

Nov 02, 2013 at 12:56AM EDT

Saddly everyone is interrupted by Assault. Giant pimpin’ Normandi starts to spin around the Fairy Guild as Assaut slowly heads to the main deck as Mavis and Spark keep talking. Since we arrived from Mobius, Assault has been writing and sending letters, emails, smoke signals, almost every damn way to communicate with his friends in Spark’ earth. Half of his squad left after Mobius was destroyed and he likes to keep in touch with them. Finally, after hours and hours of words and words, Assault jumps out from the hangar without a jet or some sort of flying vehicle, using his jetpack instead. Several soldiers follow his charismatic leader in his quest for a endless party. The sky is covered in parachutes and flying soldiers everywhere as Assault laughs over and over again. The white screen showing bewbs is replaced with a giant disco ball as 80’s disco plays in the background. Spark just looks at Mavis only to shrug and laugh as the entire crew of Normandi flies through the air, following Assault in a glorious jetpack exhibition.

Assault: Alright my boys, show the cat lady why we are the real deal of the military forces of our earth. It ain’t a party until I am the one busting the best moves in the dance floor. Woah woah..Tons of new ladies over here. How did I miss this?

Finally, Assault and his crew land. Beers spread around the place as the soldiers get into da party. Skarlet and Kokonoe complaining but saddly nobody cares. 80’s fever consumes everyone’s soul as the soldier make a ol’ fashioned dance floor using futuristic devices.

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Nov 02, 2013 at 01:16AM EDT


Ragna can’t even right now.

He just stares for the 20 seconds the screen is up.

A bit of Nu’s personality shows through with Saya as she catches a glimpse of the screen. She looks at it with her single red eye.

During the time that it’s up, she covers Ragna’s eyes in jealousy.

Bang’s eyes glisten in the light as he is distracted from his spiel about his plans by the glorious pictures.

Bang: I have no rights to say this, but the Goddess could have met her match…
However, his fantasy is short lived…

Makoto thwacks Bang over the head with an irritated punch.
Makoto: Stop that!

He spins around to face Makoto.
Bang: What on Earth was that for, Miss Makoto?!

Makoto: You know what it was for!

Meanwhile Litchi is covering Carl’s eyes from the pictures… She is also shocked at Kokonoe’s actions.
Litchi: Kokonoe! That was uncalled for, especially when there are children around!

Carl didn’t manage to get a glimpse, thank goodness.
Carl: Is it over yet, Miss Litchi?
He’s twiddling his thumbs.

Tao notices that Juvia stopped with her. She also noticed Kokonoe’s reaction and turned to the slideshow…
Tao: Oooooh….
Even though Tao isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, she can still make connections. So… She makes a connection that Erza is in the picture. She looks around for Erza in the guild hall and readies herself.

Tao: Here I come, meow!
The catgirl pounces at Erza before she even has a chance to react to her. After flooring her, Tao begins to play with Erza.
Tao: Your meat-buns feel as soft and look as nice as they do in the pictures, meow.

Meanwhile with Jubei… He averts his eyes from the scene.
Jubei: Gah, dammit Kokonoe! We taught ya better than this. It ain’t right.

But Platinum is having an entirely different reaction…
She stamps her foot on the ground, complaining about her breast size.


When Maledict interrupts her little show, Kokonoe looks pissed off at him.
Kokonoe: If you were trying to be funny it’s not working, asshole.
Meanwhile in her lab she is preparing a special surprise… She activates an interference field so that he can’t get back at her, or teleport anything to Sector Seven.
Kokonoe: I have a complaint. I’ll send it straight to you.

After tapping her foot on the ground, she goes back to her computer.
Kokonoe: It’s at your location right aboooooouuuut….
She presses the button.
Kokonoe: Now.
Maledict can then see that the entire room he is in is flooded with a MASSIVE amount of C4 that would make Foster proud.

These may look like normal C4 bombs, but they are 5 times stronger than normal C4 packets. There are around 100 or so packets in the area, all with flashing lights about ready to go off.
She pushes a big red button, smiling and laughing maniacally as all the C4 goes off in Hell

This completely decimates the building Maledict is in, along with all of the troops in the radius of the blast. He couldn’t send it back to her because of the interference field she put up. And finally… Maledict’s hologram flickers and disappears as the explosion goes off.
Kokonoe: Ah… That’s better. No more idiotic demons…

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Nov 02, 2013 at 01:58AM EDT

Marisa: “I just love how the soldiers pop up as soon as porn is shown on the screen.”

Reimu sprays her drink

Reimu: “Does THAT Look Like Sexual Intercourse To You!?”

Marisa: “Why of Course! She totally looks like she is riding the pole in that shot~”

Marisa is simultaneously slaughtered by every character in Asura’s control.

Reimu: “You asked for that one.”

Marisa: “Wooorth iiiit~★”


Marisa: “That just killed my boner.”

Reimu: “…”

Marisa: “What?”

Reimu: “Don’t you dare make another obscene joke.”

Marisa: “I don’t know, but it’s kinda Hard to do so~★”

With a mighty kick, Reimu sends Marisa’s head into the ceiling and re-purposes Marisa as a chandelier.

@Nightstalker, Saber’s Side:

Saber: “Hiding in the shadows…”

She raises her hand, and an ornate sheath appears.

Saber: “Darkness Begone!”

This is the sheath to her sword [REDACTED]. It’s a defensive maneuver, but the absolute best there is. It emits an insanely strong light that cuts though the darkness.

Kiritsugu: [“Shit! If it goes for them I risk hitting [redacted]! Why did she pull that out so early!?”]

Kiritsugu puts his arms down and decides to make a run for it.

Time Alter: Double Accel!

Kiritsugu absconds with the swiftness of that wrenched blue hedgehog. He is moving faster than the normal human eye can see.

In mere moments he has escaped the forest… though he has a good amount of internal bleeding because of the time alter usage.

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Nov 02, 2013 at 03:05AM EDT

Here we go AGAIN

@first interruption

Tempestia: … I don’t know what to say…

Pitchurn: I don’t think there should be this much BLOOD around here!

Tahrdan: You’re right there.

He had already applied Cleansing Foam to stop his own nosebleed, as well as those of Pyralis, Noctan and Granatir. Ignis is quickly cured of his next, and the Order mages go around stopping the other nosebleeds.


Solarian: What. the. HELL. SOMEONE has no sense of what’s appropriate.

Solarian actually did NOT get a nosebleed. He’s too serious for that sort of stuff to happen (except as a result of combat)

Tikal: What is happening?

The echidna has no idea what to make of this.

@Marisa’s shenanigans

Ignis: Don’t even think about making such jokes in the future.

He decides to singe her clothing a bit with a low-powered Burn while she’s stuck in the ceiling. He makes sure not to hurt her, of course.

@Demonic interruption

Granatir: …So, who and what was that thing?

The Order mages have never encountered the demon before… no, they did not even notice him at the arena. Judging from the lack of comments aimed at them by Maledict, he either doesn’t know or doesn’t care about them.

Meanwhile, outside of the guild hall, another woman appears. She is definitely out of place, here. Her clothing for a start looks like it belongs in Greece… which it does. She is wearing a helmet, as well a golden breastplate over her clothing. The most out of place feature would be her eyes that are glowing… somewhere between blue and purple. The only one currently in the hall who would recognise her is actually Tikal, though some of the others would be able to feel a divine presence from her.

???: If I’m right, there should be some heroes here who would be willing to help stop that last group of mortals from another world from releasing Kronos…

The woman enters the guild hall…

Nov 02, 2013 at 06:43AM EDT

People still call Heaven, Outer Haven…Outer Haven being the name of the Kerykeion sub..I stopped caring about that a long time back though

The origins of the planets name

Also #2

wtf is with all the tits and bombs…


William: Well my job here is done and I needta get going!
He lets Meredith out and gets back in his car
William: You’ve got neighbours moving in soon but I’m sure you knew that, apart from this keep the planet safe and in good condition. Some final words of wisdom, if there is fighting keep it in Low Charity, that’s why its there…..damage the top half of the planet and you will be shooting yourselves in the foot
He turns on the car
William: Take my card and remember to call me if you need me!
He flicks his business card over to Meredith
William: Anyway cya!
Then speeds off and enters another warp tunnel, disappearing out of sight

With the planet complete the Architect teleports out…

Meanwhile in a currently unknown location in space…

A single ship…..

Some ominous foreshadowing right there

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Nov 02, 2013 at 11:43AM EDT

@Guild hall.

Everyone is a bit thankful that the images had stopped, but the moment Tao pounces Erza. Everything turns south. Natsu and lucy begin to freak out.

Natsu: Cat women are insane, they really are insane. Does those two have any idea who she’s dealing with?

Lucy: I’m afraid that they are going to find out the hard way.


Erza looks at you with the face of pure evil and hatrede as you feel her up while on top of her. The look scares Tao to the point that she somehow stops in fear, but not before.


Natsu in the back.


Its too late her, Erza throws Tao off of her as she gets up, requipping into her normal heart kreuz armour. She then picks up Tao with both hands and hold her over her self. Fear is the only thing everyone but a few people should feel from watching Erza right now.

Erza: Yelling so loud that Kokonoe could hear it from her lab. WHO THE HELL DO YOU PEOPLE THINK I AM? I WILL NOT BE MADE A FOOL OF.

With that being said, Erza throws Tao with all of her superhuman strength at the ceiling, planting Tao in the exact same way as Marisa, adding another chandelier to the guild hall.

She then re-quips once more into one of her most powerful suits, Purgatory armour. Everyone should be scared to death by now over an angry Erza.


She then begins to walk towards the main enterence, Draging her massive weapon on the ground behind her as it slowly carves through the wooden floor. People who knw her well enough or are too scared to stand in her way begin to move away from her as she makes her way to the doors and to Kokonoes lab.

(Somebody can try and stop her, though results would be predictable.)


OOC: Everyone is still in shock after the display that just happened. you should also make a proper response to it all since everyone has lost their ability to even at this point.

Last edited Nov 02, 2013 at 01:07PM EDT
Nov 02, 2013 at 12:45PM EDT

@Guys at the forest AKA doomed AKA I told you so
Saddly the light coming out of Saber is inmediatly interrupted by the darkness itself. This isn’t normal darkness, this is pure demonic darkness, the same kind of energy that created the Nighstalker is now covering the entire place. A loud sound, someone screams, Jonathan Joestar is sent flying to the air as his chest bleeds. Blood is all over the place as Stalker endlessly laughs. Not a single chance to know where the hell he came from. Silence once again as Stalker smells the scent of blood in the air. He will probably finish off Jonathan once for all.

@Meanwhile in that planet that is totally NOT the place where another ark will appear.

Eventually the lucky but yet extremelly dumb and unable to feed himself ogre known as Ogre Magi manages to catch a small wolf with his enourmous hands. The ogre’ fingers are like giant sausages and the poor wolf is being strangled to death as Magi hugs his fluffy body. The wolf is about to vomit his own lungs but luckily, a small squirrel appeared right in front of the ogre, quickly catching his attention inmediatly. While head 1 wants to keep hugging the wolf and eventually turn the animal into a coat, head 2 prefers to leave the damn dog alone and chase the squirrel again. A small discussion between the ogres who share the same body but they don’t realize this and they start to literally punch themselves. Finally, both ogres agree that the wolf is not amusing anymore and they decide to throw him away just like a kid throws away his oldest toys after his mother bought him a new one. Flying wolf in the sky as the ogres chase a squirrel. The average ogre is unable to run more than half a block without hitting the ground with his face but luckily, the Ogre Magi is able to run more than a few metres. However, with both of his heads completely focused on the squirrel, the Magi can’t see the obstacles such as trees who are right in front of him. Wood crushing sounds, leaves fly everywhere, the squirrel keeps running away as the Ogre follows him.

Yes, there is nothing more relaxing than the sweet scent of fresh air, sunny glades and the wind in your air but if there is one place that is truly amusing to visit, that is the church of the Fold where we will proceed to hear once again the words of our Lord and savior, Chen, who, with the light of the Obelis’ wisdom, shall give us to our final reward.
The Holy Gospel of Obelis, the one who shall show us the path to our final reward.

My dearest brothers and sisters, Obelis has opened his ears to hear your concerns about the current situation of Magnolia. If the menace of a fawn centaur wasn’t enough, the friviolity spreads around the place as thee who call themselves as “heroes”, endlessly waste their time and invaluable resources on foolish events such as a large gathering of people reunited with the sole purpose of fornication. Our own guardians, those who are supposed to be an inspiration to mankind are actually the worst kind of scum among us and sooner or later, all of us will perish for their foolishness. Be one with the spirit my brothers and sisters, open your mind to Obelis and seek the light in this town covered with clouds. Leave everything behind becouse everything you know is nothing but a shadow, a shadow of this unexistant governament that slowly reaches the edge of the abyss. The Knights of the Fold shall allow us to reach salvation and the final reward without the disgusting amount of madness and perverted thoughts these children like to spread around the city. Our final reward awaits my brothers and sisters. Praise Obelis and his word.”
Civilians: Follow the dream of a new world!
“Death to the pagans ways”
Civilians: Thee with false god to praise.
“Let us rejoice because Obelis has finally showed us his love and grace. Rejoice my brothers and sisters.”
Civilians: REJOICE!

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Nov 02, 2013 at 01:12PM EDT

The unknown woman is actually stood between Erza and the main entrance, though this is because she has just entered. She… merely stands there.

???: It appears that I may have been mistaken, but it is too early to tell.

At this point someone else runs between the pissed off swordswoman and the main entrance…

Tikal: No, no, no!

The echidna girl is actively blocking the main entrance.

Tikal: Anger is not the way to make things right! Reconsider things, I beg you!

Yeah, Tikal’s pacifistic ways are resulting in her taking what would almost inevitably be a huge risk.

???; (That voice…. It’s one of that group! But what is she doing here?)

(Tikal… Well, she’s not a fighter, so she wouldn’t actually be that hard to get out of the way. The mystery woman, however… I’ll just say that not just anyone could move her.)

Someone else was trying to intervene, too…

Tempestia: Don’t just give in to anger like that! There has got to be a better way of getting even… Like, I don’t know, trying to find a way of humiliating her?

Tempestia, however, does have the sense to not directly block the main entrance.

Nov 02, 2013 at 02:09PM EDT

The signal was disrupted due to the explosion, so the hologran easily disappears. However, Maledict emerges perfectly fine, if missing his suit. He telepathically communicates with Kokonoe.
Maledict: Now that wasn’t nice at all! You almost destroyed my hats! Also, besides, the thing that took the most damage was my clothes. Now, if you had used claymores, THEN that might have done something. Either way, To applaud your Genius tactic, here’s a free couch.
High above the Sector Seven base, Maledict poofs a couch into existence. It begins hurtling towards Sector Seven at a very fast rate.
Maledict: If you have any MORE complaints, fuck you, I don’t have time for this.
Maledict promptly ends the conversation.

Jonathan is sent flying back by the Night Stalker’s attack. He has no clue what to expect, seeing as he can’t see fuck all. He slowly gets up, and gets into a fighting stance.
Jonathan: Come on! Fight like a man!

A sound of Knuckles cracking can be heard. Suddenly, the Night Stalker feels a swift uppercut. It is from Ken, who decided to come give some back up.
Ken: Don’t even bother trying to attack me. Even in total darkness, I know your every move.
Ken then intercepts the Night Stalker on it’s way down, kicking it in the gut and sending it flying into a tree.

Nov 02, 2013 at 02:26PM EDT


Let’s just say that all my characters, save Ragna, Kokonoe, and Jubei, are scared out of their wits. Even Tager is un-eased. Tao was just planted into the ceiling. She’s not hurt all that bad, but she is dazed from being punted like that.

The moment that Erza begins to stomp out of the door, she is immediately bound by a various array of golden sealing circles and chains.

Kokonoe: Where do you think you’re going?
The more she struggles against the chains, the tighter they get. These chains were more than enough to hold even Hakumen. They circle has an Imaginary Number lock code that changes 5,000 times every second. There is no possible way to break it unless you are skilled with Imaginary Number formulas.
Kokonoe: Sheesh. Can’t you take a joke can you, Erza?
Erza can feel herself calming down almost immediately after she says this. Heavy sedatives are being injected into her body through the chains that bind her wrists and ankles. In mere moments she isn’t a crazed lunatic anymore, and everyone is free to talk to her.

Jubei jumps down from the top floor of the guild hall and lands on his hind feet perfectly for an animal at his age.

He begins to calmly walk towards Erza and stands in her view-line.
Jubei: Ah can’t blame ya fer bein’ mad at ‘er…
The cat glances up at the hologram of Kokonoe who is scowling down at him.
Jubei: I can’t make ya do anything, dear. Jus’ don’t do anything that you’ll regret later…

The miffed looking hologram of Kokonoe disappears from the Guild Hall.


Meanwhile back at Sector Seven…
Kokonoe: You know what? Just fuck off already, will ya? I’m tired of dealing with lame excuses for villains like you.
The cameras at Sector Seven catch glimpse of the couch plummeting towards the base. Kokonoe presses a button, and a small AA explosive is launched at the couch. The two collide with each other, creating an explosion the same size of the couch that quickly fades away as to not draw attention.


Tager decides to make his way out of the Fairy Tail through another exit as Erza is subdued by Kokonoe.
Tager: Phew…
The Red Devil gets a call from Kokonoe, picking up.
Tager: Kokonoe? What’s wrong?

Kokonoe: While you lot were partying, I’ve been keeping an eye out on the city… Some religious zealot freak is riling up the townspeople. It was minor at first; just some idiot trying to get across beliefs.

Tager: What has happened?
He begins heading towards the streets…

Kokonoe: Rumors have started to surface about our little rag-tag band of heroes. Slander, brainwashing, etc… He has a bunch of civvies under his control. I want you to go there and do something about that religious douchebag without hurting the civilians before this gets hairy.

Tager: Understood. Where is he located?

Kokonoe: Probably at the main cathedral in Magnolia. That’s where the most activity is at right now besides the guild.

Tager: Understood. I am en-route to the cathedral as we speak.
He is almost there.

Kokonoe: Good. Kokonoe out.
She hangs up the call.

Tager is only a few blocks away from the cathedral right now, where the Knights of the Fold are setup. The closer he gets to the cathedral, the more the ground rumbles as his massive feet hit the ground with all of his body weight. Every step he takes feels like a miniature earthquake to the civilians that have been brainwashed by Chen, and Lord Chen himself… The start-and-stop shaking stops once it gets close to the double doorway of the cathedral. Chen can feel the presence of the Mechanical Man-Beast standing at the doorway. Everything falls to silence… The Red Devil is here.
Suddenly the double doorway swings open and crashes against the walls of the cathedral, still attached to the hinges. Tager stands at his towering height, looking down at everyone in the cathedral.

His gaze then shifts to Chen who is standing behind the podium, spreading the words and teachings of Obelis. The entire room should be silent as Tager steps through the doorway and down the aisle.
Tager: You must be Chen, the zealot who is causing so much trouble around here lately…
He keeps his hands down to his side in a calm position.
Tager: I’ve been sent to ask you to leave, and to free the citizens from your grasp. It would be a lot easier if you would submit now without any hassle.
He straightens his glasses up.
Tager: It would be greatly appreciated if you would come quietly. I don’t like to fight when there is no rhyme or reason to it…

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Nov 02, 2013 at 03:16PM EDT

OOC: I’m really sorry Falcon but I mentioned how OP Nighstalker was during the night and sending sunlight based heroes in the middle of the midnight was basically suicide. Look, I don’t want to have problems with you dude but you have to admit that putting Jonathan here was a great mistake. Why do we need Jonathan around if he is a RIP OFF of Kenshiro? I am not kidding, JoJo Bizarre adventure started as a cheap alternative to Fist of the North Star until they added stands. We can say that he is still alive but that would break my character since Stalker is extremelly dangerous at night. In dota 2, once the sun hides, you never go on your own to take on Stalker, specially if you are not as durable as him. I will not kill anyone else so don’t get angry over a single corpse..I will not kill anyone else..for now..Now, to unrustle your jimmies, I give you some proper music while you relax and read the following Nighstalker’ reaction.

@Guys at the forest
Kenshiro attack is practically useless against Stalker. In the middle of the darkness, he is practically unbeatable by mere humans. Stalker inmediatly grabs Kenshiro by his left hand and strikes him several times with his claws. Before Hakumen or Saber could do something, a scream is heard in the background. Bone cracks, flesh hits the ground, someone just died and is now being eaten alive. The power that Stalker used to cover the night with complete darkness finally runs out. As the light of the moon shines again, Hakumen, Erza, Kenshiro and Joseph can see the following scene that looks out of a horror movie: What it used to be Jonathan Joestar is now a faceless corpse lying on the floor with several bite marks all over his chest, his skull is completely fleshless exposing his lifeless eyeballs and with the Nighstalker feasting on his blood and chewing the remaining pieces of meat on Jonathan’ skull. Stalker releases a loud screech as his hunger grows for another midnight meal. His muscles start to grow as he absorbs his opponent’ life, his wings slowly flap and his claws look more sharper than ever.

As his mouth leaves blood everywhere, Stalker speaks for the first time since he appeared.
You’ve reacheeed…the end of your daaysssssss…(Growls) The hunt begins again..(Growls) There won’t be enough of you left to bury…(Growls)

Stalker’ claws are ready to pierce through human flesh again as he keeps growling. If someone attacks him, he would pounce said person and attack him / her with his claws. If no one attacks him, Stalker would just proceed to focus on Hakumen and Saber again. A wolf howls in the distance, a particular sound that is familiar to Saber for some reason as if this wolf wasn’t a ordinary one. Ground covered in blood, the forest is dead silent, the darkness consumed the soul of Jonathan, who will be the next unlucky warrior to become the meal of the beast of the fairy tails?

The central church of the Knights of the Fold, the Obelis blessed cathedral known as Caelum, place where the word “faith” is spread in the hearts of the faithful. The church looks like an average old cathedral made in the late medieval period, glorious gothic architecture with several symbols on the walls, large windows on its sides and a large entrance in the front.

“The likes of this heretic clown must be punished and converted inmediatly my brothers and sisters but not for your sake, for our sake, for Obelis sake, for the Fold sake. Understand that every small task you do for the Fold doesn’t mean something for a single person in particular, but for the community itself. We work as one and one works for us. Join with the spirit and let Obelis’ wisdom guide to the path that-”
Several centaurs and royal knights of the fold start to gather around the entrance, waiting Chen’ order but slowly retreating as his leader makes some sort of hand signal. The doors are opened, the citizens keep praying and praying, the Red Devil slowly approaches Chen who is standing behind a podium. The holy knight doesn’t even itch after hearing Tager’s words. Chen slowly scratches his chin as he looks at a giant painting of lord Obelis while the citizens who are still praying, slowly break through the bond between them and Obelis. Some of them are worried, some of them are scarred, a woman carrying his son with both of her arms starts to cry as his child comforts her.
“Pst what in the name of god is happening here? Why is this vile intruder threatening lord Chen, our true savior who shall give us to the final reward?”
“I left my job to hear his majestic words and now he is being attacked by a random thug, sick ungrateful bastard who dares to interrupt Obelis’ path.”
“I saw him with the Fairy Tail, why do we keep trusting on them? Maybe they have been hiding their true identities under fake masks!”
The church is dead silent as the faithful ones await for Chen’ response.

Chen: I completely understand thine reasons my dear brother, I would gladly follow thee to pay for the fake sins that this society created to punish those who follow their own will. You abruptly interrupt the most important ceromony of the Fold, you spit the word “zealot” in front of my face and you also grant yourself the authority to rip me out of the place that I founded. My dear fold, our brother of the “Tail” is lost in a black sea of ignorance and idiocy. He thinks we are the cause of all the problems around the city. Give him another week and he will go as far as blaming the Fold for the incompetence of his team. Brothers, sisters, test your faith and show our intruder the miracles of Obelis in your life.

Tager is INSTANTLY surrounded by thousands of citizens. All of them are talking at the same time, quoting Chen’ words, insulting Tager, talking about how Obelis and the Fold changed his/ her concept of life, singing chants, its a mess. As more citizens keep trying to convince Tager that the Fold is the true answer for all the questions, Chen slowly walks away to his own personal room, deep inside the cathedral.
“My son was kidnapped by the Stalker the other day. Obelis clearly sent me a message and I quickly realized that I had to follow the true path to salvation. I prayed to him and in the following day, my son returned to home!”
“My life was nothing but going to the port and catching some fish but since I joined the Fold, I’m a new man! I feel like I can crush a mountain with by bare hands!”

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Nov 02, 2013 at 10:08PM EDT

Meredith gets a look at her surrounds from a higher view-point, flying up high enough so that she can accurately place Fiore in the correct position. Seriously, she made a Fiore-size and shaped hole in High Chairty so that she could accurately place it in the planet.

Alright, time to get Fiore off of my planet and onto this one!
She teleports Fiore off of LOCAF and places it in the hole she made for it like it was the last puzzle piece. She also had to increase its size back to how it was originally, since she kind of had to shrink it so she could place it in her inventory anyway.

Nov 02, 2013 at 10:35PM EDT


Since Ragna was distracted by what all had just happened, he forgot that he was even in the previous conversation between them. Shaking his head, he looks at Renko.
Ragna: Ehehe… Sorry about that, but I heard you say something about memory wiping earlier. What the hell was that even about anyways? Memory wiping? Who the hell even does that kind of shit?

@Night Stalker,

Hakumen stares the Stalker down as it stands over Jonathan’s dead body. He has his sword held in front of him in both hands.

Hakumen: He was a fool thinking that he could best a monster such as this…
Taking a few steps forward Hakumen attempts to bait the Stalker out, and successfully does so. The Stalker pounces at him and everything turns into slow-mo.
His eyes catch the beasts’ next move.

Acting quickly, Hakumen raises his forearm and an ornate, blue shield appears in front of his arm. The eyes in his gauntlets stare the Stalker down as his claws connect to the shield.

The Night Stalker feels something ricochet back into his body… All of the force he put into the attack goes back through his very structure, accompanied along by some extra strength that causes him to be stunned and begins to fly backwards.
Hakumen: You are an eyesore!
Upon saying these words, and with split second timing, Hakumen punches the Night Stalker square in the jaw that causes even more damage to the beast of the night.

The Stalker should have gone crashing through branches and foliage as Meredith brings the world to Charity and the sunlight begins to pour out…

@Chen, Makarov, and Reimu,

Tager is completely surround by civilians who are praising to him about Obelis and how the Fold has changed their lives for the better.
Tager: Hey, get off of me!
He begins to push some of the people out of the way very easily. He doesn’t hurt them, but just clears a path for himself.
Tager: You! Get back here!
He calls to Chen as he leaves for personal room hidden inside the cathedral… Having no other option, Tager continues to pursue Chen. He takes out a communicator from a pouch around his waist… He patches himself into their codecs with the device.
Tager: Makarov? Reimu? Can both of you hear me?
You can both hear the chanting and ranting of civilians inside the cathedral.
Tager: I am requesting backup. This lunatic has townspeople under his control…. My position is at the Cathedral in center of Magnolia. Please hurry. Tager out.
He hangs up and continues to push through the sea of people to get to Chen.

Nov 02, 2013 at 11:24PM EDT


Renko: “Memory wipe? Oh, I said Personality Wipe. Why wipe a persons memory? That makes them inoperable. At least with a personality wipe they can function perfectly in the hive. Only done to Criminals and people who can’t finish college though.”

That bit of news should make anyone here shit themselves.


Reimu: “Wait… Cathederal? Does that mean…”

Marisa pushes herself from the ceiling, still on fire.

Marisa: “That’s Right! God’s are up to no good again!”

Reimu and Marisa seal somebodies Motorcycle and go driving full speed ahead towards the cathedral.

(Replace the Yukkiri with Markarov)

(Ignore Meiling/China)

The bust down the door in the name of Shinto.

(I think I am getting a bit too silly here…)


Saber stands ready… her sword glistening against the sunlight.

Meanwhile, high up in the sky above charity… something had been pulled in as part of the population procedures. A small group of warriors on a boat, being carried around by a massive air whale….

It starts to circle around Magnolia…

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Nov 02, 2013 at 11:52PM EDT


All of Fiore is suddenly taken out of LOCAF and are placed onto the new planet of charity. Daylight hits them hard after being at night time for a few hours already. They all look around to see what is going on as they notice Erza who is still chained up.

Some of the main guild members are outside, checking out the sky. They also try and talk to Erza.

Natsu: You okay Erza? You still angry/

Erza turns to face them, still chained up. Normally they would be pissed off to have something like this happen to one of their own. But in this situation, its more of a relief.

Erza: Yah… I’ll be fine…. Though i’m still upset about what just happened, not really much I can do with this.

Erza turns to face Jubei.

Erza: I’m sorry for my outburst, I feel a lot better now for some reason. Porobably from these chains. I’ll find a way to discipline her properly once we figure out what is going on exactly. Speacking of which, what is happening exactly? Why is it daylight all of a sudden?

Gray: Dunno, we couldn’t have been inside for that long, it was only about 10 pm.

Lucy: This is so weird, what could have caused it.

Wendy: Maybe it had something to do with Meredith.

Natsu: Did she actually managed to put us back on a planet? Are you serious?

Gray: Its possible. It seems to make more sense if you think about it. The different times would explain it as well.

Lucy: Man, will this really upset everyone in Fiore. I guess Makarov would have to deal with the Magic council once more to explain all of this.

Natsu: Though if we are on a new planet, than who the hell cares. Were finally out of that weird pocket world thingy of Meredith’s and back into a real world.

.The others are happy to hear that as well. Finally they are all on a new planet, though they still would like confirmation on everything about it.


Makarov was screaming during the whole drive, telling the girls to slow down, considering he has no safety belt or brakes on his wagon.

Once they crash, he manages to get up onto his feet and dusts himself off.

Makarov: Dammit, you girls are unbelievable. Now come, let us deal with this zealot.

Makarov Grabs the two girls by their backs and picks them up off the ground using his giants form.


OOC: Thousands of citizens? Spark, that is waaay too much people to fit in that cathedral. Besides, Those better be people that have somehow warped into the city from the outside to this world. if so than its ok, but if it is all people from the city that you forced into your religion than im saying no. People are not that easily manipulated and are actually really loyal to Fairy Tail considering all that they have done for the city people and the rest of the country.

So IF, you say those people are actually from magnolia, Than all im allowing you to have from them is about a few hundred people. These people are always loyal to Fairy Tail and wont easily be swayed to turning against them.

Please consider this, if you need to discuss this a bit further than im always open to it. But thousands of people is a bit much for such a short amount of time to manipulate the populace.


Makarov is being powered by pure light magic as he bursts through the front doors of the cathedral to see what is going on. He sees tager being surrounded as blind citizens surround him. His voice is like that of a giant inside of the cathedral as it resonates around and halts the citizens.


His voice instantly causes the citizens to stop in fright and step away from Tager.

Nov 03, 2013 at 12:48AM EDT

OOC: Bit late, but here it is. Sorry for the wait.

No sooner than Eggman and Snively rush into to the bridge do they see what has become the planet which once belonged to Dr. Eggman.

Robotnik: Oh, my…

The entire surface of Mobius has been destroyed.

Robotnik: Snively… get me a reading…

Snively rushes over to his new station, still panting from the trip all the way to the bridge.

Snively: Sir, *pant* readings indicate *gasp* that the entire planet *wheeze* has been glassed…

Eggman, whose robotic body remains unaffected from the trip, gazes upon the shiny sphere.

Robotnik: Impossible…


NO object is capable of such destruction, I don’t care if it’s powered by all 7 Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald!

Snively begins to regain his breath.

Snively: It would seem this one does, sir.


What I’m saying is that there’s no possible way for that ship to be so powerful unless its powered by all of the Emeralds.

Snively: But I thought you just said--

Robotnik: I know what I said, and don’t be ridiculous! When all of the Emeralds are combined, their power is limitless!

Snively: But I--

Robotnik: Are you going to stand their objecting all day, or are you going to get to work!?

Snively: Work!? Doing what!?


Snively: Um, sir…

Robotnik: SHUT IT!!!

First, it was that stupid Kishin! I had the world in my grasp, and he blew me up! Then I came into contact with that dreaded Warpstone, which not only turned Metal Sonic against me, but also drove me to nearly destroy the planet myself!

Snively: But--

And now, when I’ve come so close to re-establishing the Eggman Empire, this THING comes and glasses over MY planet!!!


Snively: Sir!

Robotnik: WHAT?!

Snively: Look!

Robotnik: What!? What are you--

Robotnik stops mid-sentence as he looks back out to the planet, which is rapidly transforming before his eyes.

Robotnik: Impossible…

Get me another reading!

Snively, who had been awe-struck, snaps back to reality.

Snively: Y-yes, sir!

After a few more moments at his station, Snively.

Snively: … It’s incredible, sir! The glass layer has been completely removed, and planet regeneration is occurring at an astonishing rate! Almost 93% of the Mobian biosphere has been regenerated, and that percentage rising.

Robotnik: I know who’s behind this…

All of this…

Snively: … Sir?

Robotnik: The Crow…

Snively: Oh…

Robotnik: Indeed… the Crow has regenerated this world…

Snively notices a small chuckle from behind.

Robotnik: Oh, ho ho… Ho-ho-ho…

Suddenly, Eggman bursts into a maniacal laugh.

Robotnik: OH HO HO HO HO HO!!!

This is perfect! With the world completely restored, I can begin all over! Now, I’ll be able to rebuild everything with more cities, more troops, more weapons, and more resources!

(Not to mention new subjects for roboticization!)

I’ll take the planet all over again!

Snively: Sir, the other fleet has already retreated.

Robotnik walks up to the window and stares past Charity, to the point in space where the Loyalist fleet once was.

Robotnik: You have my deepest appreciation, Crow, for delivering to me a fresh world to conquer! OH HO HO HO!!!

Shadow: It seems as though I’ve walked in at a positive time.

Robotnik and Snively turn in surprise to face Shadow the Hedgehog, a black-and-red artificial lifeform created by Dr. Eggman’s grandfather.

Robotnik: What!? How did you get in here!?

Shadow: Hmph. It was not difficult. I was searching through what little forestry remained on the planet for any signs of the Chaos Emeralds when I felt a great disturbance. I felt the ground tremble and witnessed a tower rise up into the sky.

I knew I recognized the face at the top of the tower, so I used Chaos Control to gain access to this facility. No sooner than I had entered, the entire facility began to shake, and I became determined to find out what was happening. I searched and found you here.

Robotnik: I see… and why did you come here, Shadow?

Shadow: … I’ve come because I can’t remember my own past.

Robotnik rolls his eyes and thinks:

Robotnik: Again?

He is about to say so aloud, but Eggman stops for a moment, and smiles at a sudden realization.

Robotnik: Of course you can’t remember! You were taken captive by Sonic and brainwashed to serve his sinister purposes.

Shadow: “Sonic”…?

Robotnik: Yes… He’s a spiny annoying blue hedgehog… and your mortal enemy.

Shadow: … I do remember… we fought…

Robotnik: Indeed! You worked as my agent in searching for the Chaos Emeralds up until you were captured a few months ago by that miserable blue hedgehog.

Shadow: Intriguing… tell me more.

Robotnik: I will, but first I need to know something.

Shadow: Hmph. Very well. What do you wish to know?

Robotnik: You mentioned the Chaos Emeralds earlier on. Did you happen to stumble upon them during your time away?

Shadow: Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate any of the Chaos Emeralds at any point in time.

Robotnik: That is unfortunate… but no matter! I’ll regather them all soon enough. And with your help, I’m certain I’ll be able to gather them in no time at all!

Shadow: I am not your slave. You can locate the gems without my assistance.

Robotnik: Why, you little-- er, Shadow, my dear hedgehog, you do wish to regain your memories, don’t you?

Shadow: I…

Robotnik: What about Maria? Don’t you wish to know about her?

At the mention of Maria’s name, Shadow’s eyes widen, and he sees a vision of a female human.

Shadow: Maria--!?

Robotnik smiles.

Robotnik: I’ll tell you everything once I’ve regained all of the Chaos Emeralds.

Robotnik steps down from his command chair and extends his hand towards Shadow, who initially glares at the doctor… reluctantly responds by reaching out and shaking the doctor’s hand with a sense of defeat.

Shadow: I shall… do as you command…

Robotnik: Welcome to the Eggman Empire!

Shadow: …

Robotnik: Now, why don’t you make your way to the cafeteria? I’m certain you’ve built up an appetite after being away for so long.

Shadow: No.

Robotnik: Very well. I’ll have one of my Egg Pawns escort your quarters.

Shadow: I don’t need assistance.

As soon as Shadow exits the room, Snively inquires of his uncle.

Snively: Sir, why didn’t you just roboticize him?

Robotnik: Because, Snively, Shadow is more valuable to me in his flesh-and-blood state.

Robotnik smiles again.

Robotnik: For now.

Suddenly, an alarm blare over the intercom.

Robotnik: *sigh* It’s just one thing after another…

Snively rushes to his station and checks the readings.

Snively: Sir! SIR! We’ve got an intruder! A blue hedgehog has been spotted in--


Snively: Indeed, sir!

Robotnik: Send in all available troops! I want that hedgehog captured and brought to me alive!

Snively: At once, sir!

Robotnik: Oh, how glorious! Not only does this day bear witness to the rebirth of Mobius and the Eggman Empire; it will now witness my final capture of my hated nemesis!

Not to mention, now that I’ve added Shadow to, the Chaos Emeralds are as good as mine!

Sonic and Knuckles walk through the hallway of the Final Egg Fortress, trying to figure out what’s going on.

Sonic: C’mon, Knuckles! I know Eggman’s hiding around here someplace!

Knuckles: I’m more concerned about finding out where we are and what happened to this place.

Sonic: Yeah, well, I’m just itchin’ to kick the scrap out of Egghead’s toys for a change.

Knuckles: Is fighting all you can think about!?

Sonic: That, and chili dogs. And this coming from--

Suddenly, alarms sound, and within seconds, the hallway they are in flood with E-series robots.

Sonic: That’s more like it!

Sonic gets ready to charge, but he’s stopped by Knuckles.

Knuckles: Sonic, wait! We can’t just--

Sonic: Eggman’s probably got the Master Emerald locked away somewhere! You really wanna’ just sit here and wait?

Knuckles realizes that Sonic has a point.

Knuckles: Fine; just don’t get in my way.

Sonic: Alright! Time to party!

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OOC: oh i cant wait for your guys to find out about where the chaos emeralds actually are. Jimmies shall be rustled.

Nov 03, 2013 at 01:22AM EDT


Tao FINALLY manages to get unstuck from the ceiling of the guild hall by pushing herself out of it in a cartoonish fashion. She falls back down to the floor, landing on all fours.
Tao: S-S-S-Scary Lady… Is the Scary Lady gone?
She looks around, shivering.

Bang looks quite surprised…
Bang: Yes, I believe that she has calmed down now…
He wipes some sweat from his brow and gets back into his usual swagger.

And then the daylight suddenly hits them…

Bang rushes for the door, followed by Litchi, Makoto, Platinum, Carl, Tao, her legion of kitties, and his ninja subordinates. Once they all see what lay before them, a clear blue sky and fresh air, smiles appear across all their faces as they are extremely happy… The have finally made it off of that dreadful shield world and onto a new planet.


Ragna looks at Renko as she explains to him his faults in his last statements of memory-wiping rather than personality-wiping. Even this has Ragna a bit concerned.

Ragna: Goddamn… That’s really creepy.
This actually sent shivers up his spine. He is then hit by the sunlight and he has to shield his eyes as it penetrates through the windows.
Ragna: Gah… What the hell happened?
He leaves the conversation to go check out what is going on outside… Once he arrives with the rest of them, he looks up at the blue sky. Covering his eyes with his right arm helps him to see better.
Ragna: Finally…


The cat looks up at Erza as he stands there.
Jubei: ’s alright, kiddo.
He turns his head to the side of him, as if he is staring at nothing.
Jubei: Kokonoe. Free this woman right now.

Kokonoe: Alright, fine, fine.
The voice comes out of nowhere, but can be heard by everyone. The sealing circle around Erza is dispelled, along with the golden chains that bound her ankles and wrists. She is free to do as she pleases now.

Nov 03, 2013 at 01:05AM EST

@The Harbor:

Oh the peaceful harbor. The one place where an insanely unfortunate man had started his epic quest to never return.

The massive air whale comes wheeling in… dipping down to drop off it’s cargo inside one of the boat spots before flying over the city and quickly disappearing over the horizon.

A small group of people jump off to tie the boat off… and shortly afterwards half of them break off from the group to go exploring the town

Estelle: “Wow! We really have been transported into a new world!”

Flynn: “Don’t wander too far Lady Estellise! We don’t know wha-”

Yuri: “Seriously Flynn, she’s fine. Come on, lets find a store or something so we can buy better equipment.”

Rita: “Wow, this place seems rather… medieval. Not a single machine in sight!”

Estelle: “Maybe we have traveled to a world that doesn’t need blastia to operate.”

Rita: “Just because they don’t need Blastia to operate doesn’t mean they can’t have machinery. There is stuff like steam pow- OH LOOK AT THAT!”

Rita finds where Kiritsugu’s team had parked their cars and excitedly starts ogling the different vehicles.

Rita: “This place doesn’t suck after all! I am going to buy one of these to see how it works!”

Yuri: “Oh jeez… We Need To Get Money before we can buy any of the fancy contraptions! Okay?”

Flynn: “We really are short on cash…”

Yuri: “It wouldn’t be as much of a problem if somebody didn’t blow it all on that stupid fish!”

They notice something up on the bulliton board…

Yuri: “Heeeeeeeeeeeeey, it’s that one guy we saw up in space. It’s for 90 Trillion!”

Flynn: “Yuri, you honestly expect even an entire world to carry that much wealth? Even if they gave the planet to you I doubt you would be able to run it!”

Yuri: “Something something Azure something that drains life and also has killed entire military level branches, been there done that, he doesn’t seem so tough. Then at Flynn Blah, Blah, Blah, Kay MOM, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for.”

Yuri unceremoniously pulls the wanted poster from the board and pockets it…

Flynn: “You are unbelievable….”

Yuri: “Hey! Lets check out the guild they have in town!”

Yuri pulls Rita from her engine oggling and Flynn politely regains Estelle’s attention so they can head over, and Repede just silently follows the group…

They approach the Guild Hall… spotting Ragna…

Yuri: “Hey… isn’t that…?”

He looks down at the paper again….

Then looks back up…

Yuri: “Yup! That’s him!”

Flynn: “… that seriously looks nothing like him…”

Yuri: “Repede, you think it’s him?”

Yuri shows the picture to the dog…

Repede: “WOOF!”

Yuri: “See, even Repede thinks he is!”

Flynn: “Look, how can I trust tha-”

Yuri has already tossed off his swords sheath, sending it flying into an unsuspecting passerby, causing a Wilhelm Scream

Yuri: “Just my luck! Come on Black Beast from the Sky! Lets Do This!”

The other members of Yuri’s party draw their weapons

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Fiore has been placed around the mid-North region of the planet, putting it well within the region of High Charity. Here you will find never-ending jungles, forests, planes, valleys, and snow capped mountains, it is a place of abundant life and and all round neutrality.

Surrounding Fiore specifically is an expansive forest dotted with large open clearings, the cries of animals can be heard as life begins to spread throughout and diversify. The region is innocent and untainted, crafted specifically to cradle life of….most forms…

Like previously stated however this new planet is very subjective to sudden fluctuations in weather, this is a factor that even an Architect cannot shape, it is simply left to nature to sort out, but this is a good thing mainly because it allows room for some form of natural shaping to the world, not everything is artificially made.

At this current moment in time Fiore is being heat blasted by the relentless sun, the streets of Magnolia begin to show mirages as the searing temperatures rise, it doesn’t look like this is going to change too soon nor does it seem as if the day is anywhere near ending

…Make the most of the nice weather….

Meanwhile the unidentified ship in space peacefully drifts onwards and quietly, all is silent and in order on board, you could hear a pin drop. Who is within is unknown as well as its purpose…..but one thing is for certain, it is closer than you think

But something is very wrong, the ship drifts aimlessly through the wake of a recent comet….it only takes a moment before…

Tiny fragments of space rock puncture straight through the hull like a series of unstoppable spears causing sirens to blare and warning lights to flash…


“I’m lost, I can’t think straight…to add to the shit I’ve lost my sense of direction too…I’m safe in here though, these apartments were built to withstand punishment…..I’ll eat my hat if one of those things manages to-ARRGH! OH GOD! WHAT THE HEAARGGHHH!…….”

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #20


Ship Status

Current Activities: Repositioning

Overall Status------------WARNING!
Superstructure-----------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integrity maximum.
Communications--------V.HIGH-------- COMM STORM, CHANNELS OVERFLOWED
Food supplies---------- CRITICAL-------Rations are being contaminated and squandered
Munitions------------------OKAY-----------Ammunition being spent at a steady rate
Main Engines--------------IDLE------------Engines in low power state, orbit stable
Slipspace Core---------INACTIVE

(In my next log I’ll give a casualty report)


Around an hour ago a new type of recombinant lifeform was detected upon various hab decks, I am yet to receive visual data of the these specimens as the decks are currently in total lockdown. Various Peacekeeper squads remain within the deck however to monitor any developments

The monsters have finally risen, they take to the ventilation and sewage systems and quickly begin to spread around the civilian decks, the killing efficiency of these aliens is phenomenal yet no one has bore witness to these creatures first-hand and lived to report back to an outpost, only speculation as to what they are exists a this current moment in time.

All hospitals within the civilian zone have now been abandoned due to the patients becoming much to volatile to be managed by nurse staff. I have also lost connection with multiple other hospitals within the civilian zone, I have presumed these to be lost to the infection.

Military decks beginning to show very visible signs of the “infection”, as with the beginning of the civ deck breakout, soldiers are beginning to show irrational and aggressive behaviour, the affected are to be immediately imprisoned for both their own safety and that of others. As previously stated, the military decks cannot fall.

Tengu units are also coming under the influence of the “infection” it seems as even with all their elite mental training and discipline they are as equally vulnerable to their standard soldier counterparts. The Tengu’s are guarding the administration and upper fore decks, these contain high ranking personnel staff and crew, the possible damage a rogue Tengu could commit is beyond comprehension. Any units showing even slight signs of confusion are to be imprisoned without hesitation for the safety of high tier staff.

Cybernetic personnel are still showing no signs of psychological damage

The Overseer herself has been shut away now within her personal study for multiple hours, this is most un-usual. Nanomachine feedback shows irregular mental activity. I am dispatching a team to investigate her condition.

This concludes the report.

GW: ATTENTION: the beacon has been heard, pinging Bridge!
It switches to a camera feed depicting the famous Bridge of Heaven….

…It’s dark and empty, the Winds are nowhere to be seen and all the Chief Officer workstations are empty…..this is bad…real REAL bad…the brain centre of this massive city sized 895 decks 5.7 kilometre long Heavy colony and warship is vacant and nowhere to be seen….the hologram of GW appears upon the table in the centre of the deserted room…

The AI calls out
GW: Attention Bridge crew!
Their are certain people on Heaven who block their nanomachine info off from GW, the CO’s and Winds included, the AI can not find them by any other means
GW: The Beacon has been activated, this is top priority and requires action. If the call is not acted upon I am forced to follow procedure and act upon it myself. My choice on this matter is pre-programmed and will result in Heavens return.
After a few minutes of silence the AI is forced to act. The camera stream cuts.
GW: Overriding captains permissions, due to the importance of the beacons call I am attaining full control of Heavens system, this action is well within my protocol. Preparing Slipspace Core, redirecting power, moving to valid jump position.

End of activity log #20

And with GW now in control the AI begins to prepare the ship, readying her for the jump back home…..

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Ragna was just minding his own business of looking at the sky when all the sudden this group of jackasses interrupted. They yell something about “Get ready to fight, Beast!” or something like that. He looks down from the sky, and at the team of kids who have their weapons drawn. A look of “Oh look, this shit again” crosses his face.

Ragna: Greeeeeaaaaaat… Just what I needed…. Even more weirdos after my bounty.
He sighs at Team Brave like he’s bored with them.
Ragna: What a pain.
But then something catches his eye about Yuri… His androgynous appearance. Upon seeing this, Ragna raises an eyebrow.
Ragna: What are you? A boy or a girl?
He draws Blood Scythe off his back and holds the massive sword in two hands.
Ragna: Make up your damn mind!
He charges at Yuri’s position with intention of getting a big gash across his chest.

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Being the closest to the main entrance, Tikal, the mystery woman and Tempestia are all swept outside by the rush to get out.

The sudden sunlight is a bit jarring.

???:I was sure it was dark a few moments ago… (Is Helios here?)

Tempestia: It was… don’t question it. Let’s just walk around for a bit.

The mystery woman opts to speak to Tikal…

???:So… what exactly are you doing here?

Tikal: Staying away from those who wish to bring conflict and destruction… But something needs to be done about them, so Chaos doesn’t get caught up in plans that might result in a world getting destroyed!

%{color:gold}???: Chaos?… Ah, yes, the watery being.

Tempestia: Sorry to interrupt this conversation, but who exactly are you anyway?

She is speaking to the mystery woman

???:Do you not have gods where you come from? I am Athena, the goddess of wisdom and patron goddess of the city-state of Athens.

Tempestia: We… don’t have gods, no. Anyway, call me Tempestia… and I guess you know Tikal already?

Tikal: Look!

The echidna is pointing towards the battle that is just starting…

Athena: I think I’ve seen one of them somewhere before…

She would have seen Ragna before. EVERY SINGLE WORLD saw THAT battle, after all…

Tempestia: Let’s just stand back and watch. If Ragna starts getting overwhelmed, I’m stepping in to help.

Tikal: But why is there even fighting in the first place?

Tempestia: The worlds just don’t work that way, Tikal, pacifism is never going to be possible on a worldwide scale.

(OOC: So… yeah. Athena, Tempestia, and Tikal are watching the battle. And Tempestia really will step in if things start going badly for Ragna. After all, she does not know his opponents, she hasn’t seen them before. Of course, if she gets attacked, then she’ll be forced to participate.)

Inside the hall, however…

Solarian proceeds to go down the stairs to the first floor, and meets up with the other Order mages who arei n the hall.

Solarian: So… I now know what happened, anything important from anything else?

Tahrdan: I have asked and they are willing to teach us some things. Also, Pyralis? Make sure to bring your sword.

Pyralis: Why?

Tahrdan: Because us two are going to need them for things not to do with magic.

Granatir: And the cats are gone…

Solarian: What cats?

Pitchurn: Did you not see them?

Nov 03, 2013 at 01:31PM EST

Interestingly, Jonathan’s body disappeared just before sunlight. What happened?
Ken and Joseph run after then Night Stalker, Joseph taking out a Tommygun and firing blindly, hoping to catch the Nightstalker with a Hamon infused bullet. Eventually, when the Night Stalker lands, Ken and Joseph are nearby, and ready to counter if the Night Stalker attacks either of them.

Josuke is in BSOD mode after learning that Okuyasu is dead, and Jotaro is trying to snap him out of it.
Doomguy’s passed out, outside.

And now we turn back to Falcon, who wakes up from a refreshing night of sleep. He makes a healthy bowl of corn flakes, makes some toast, and pours himself a glass of orange juice. He eats his breakfast, then goes outside to train for the next F-Zero GP, which is in like a week.

Nov 03, 2013 at 02:35PM EST


Ragna is quickly intercepted by the dog out of all things. Getting tackled…

The dog had tackled so hard it had left a shockwave that hits Ragna again soon after
Yuri: “Alright!”
The three sword wielding warriors all send out similar attacks, traveling across the air and ground at various speeds
“Azure Edge!”

“Demon Fang!”

“Star Stroke!”

This stuns Ragna for long enough for Rita to get her spell out…

Rita: “Oh flickering blaze, BURN! Fireball!”

Rita sends out 10 homing fireballs, all hitting Ragna in rapid succession.

Regardless of how much damage Ragna takes, he is ultimately thrown off balance…. and Flynn takes advantage of that

Hitting Ragna with a “Fatal Strike”. Most normal enemies this has an Instakill Effect, however since Ragna is not a normal enemy, it does not. It just causes a distortion drive level of damage.

Yuri: “Really, is this all it takes?”
Flynn: “Don’t let your guard down!”


Note: The damage levels shown in the gifs themselves don’t represent the potential damage of the actual attacks. The Arte Expeditions I used to make these gifs had “Minimum Damage” turned on so the guy could display all the artes while fighting one enemy.

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@Team Brave,

When Ragna is about to be intercepted by Repede, he quickly turns his attention to the mangy mutt at his side who is charging at him. When Repede goes in for the tackle, Ragna lets go of the sword with his right hand and is currently holding it in his left hand now.
Ragna: ORAAAA!
He punches Repede square in the face with his right hand, sending him barreling straight through a stone wall. Team Brave could have seen red chains fly out of Repde and into Ragna.

However when the shockwave from the Repede’s attack hits him, he staggers a bit but quickly regains his balance.
Ragna: Is that all you punks got?!
And then the energy attacks go for him from all sides… Acting quickly, Ragna jumps at Yuri, avoiding Flynn’s and Yuri’s attacks. He slices down at Yuri, delivering a big gash across his chest that would sting like hell and stain his clothes with blood, causing him to fall to the ground.

Ragna: Stay down.
Since Estelle’s is the slowest, it heads right at him. The edge of Blood Scythe turns red… Ragna then spins around, and slices the Star Stroke from the ground and dispels the magic.
Sensing the magic from Rita next, he turns at her position and swings his sword as the fireballs pelt him from afar and deflects them back at her.

Though the force of the fireballs throws him off balance even though he got rid of them… This is when Flynn does his fatal strike and slashes past Ragna. Due to him being off balance he is hit by the attack. This feels far to similar to Jin’s Yukikaze…
Ragna: GAH!
He stays stunned for about four seconds… During this time, all of the members of Team Brave would begin to notice something now. The place where Flynn cut begins to steam and smoke like it is cooking… Slowly, but surely, the wound that Flynn caused has been cooked back together lightly.
Ragna: Just get the hell out of my way, you stupid kid!
Acting swiftly while Flynn is still in his recovery time, Ragna raises his right hand in front of him.
Ragna: Dead Spike!
A head of the Black Beast appears at the feet of Flynn, since he is the closest to him. It’s mouth is wide open with sharp teeth protruding from the foul black and red seithr.

Upon chomping down on Flynn’s chest and legs, leaving hideous bite marks, the process happens again… Bright red chains fly from Flynn’s body and get absorbed into Ragna, leaving Flynn feeling weakened.
Ragna: Now it’s my turn!

He sets his sights on Flynn next. Rushing towards Flynn, Ragna starts off with an axe kick to his face, followed by vertical sword slash, and then a low sweeping kick that would knock him down to the ground all about in one second. Using Blood Scythe again, he does an Inferno Divider (spiraling uppercut with Blood Scythe) to get him airborne. While Flynn’s in the air, he gets a straight up punch to the gut, and then another punch that would send him into a wall. Ragna falls back to the ground, and runs over to Flynn as he slides down the wall. When they’re on the same level, he grabs Flynn by the neck, and punches him straight through the wall with his other fist. He slices at Flynn once more with a sideways slash. After using another Dead Spike to send him into the air again, he slams a beast-coated Blood Scythe back down onto Flynn and drains a few chunks of his soul chain. Ragna finishes up once Flynn tries to get off the ground and stand back up…
Ragna: HELL’S…
He charges Flynn once more with a violet glowing hand.
Ragna: FANG!
He punches Flynn square in the face.

This blow is followed by a sweeping blow with his other hand where a part of the Black Beast strikes Flynn.

This somehow manages to put Flynn back out into the streets again, with Ragna following closely after.
Team Brave would be absolutely shocked, as Ragna just did 16 attacks in less than 10 seconds. He came out as good as new from the rubble.
Ragna: Who’s next?

OOC: Watch this if you’re too lazy to read out that giant wall of text in my post.

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Nov 03, 2013 at 04:40PM EST

OOC: So guys Im afraid I reaally need to study for the following week so if you were expecting to end the Balloon Master ark once for all..keep waiting my dear princess becouse the ride will never end. With the whole crow thing and the party Asura wanted so bloody much, I couldn’t do anything apart from adding “punching bags” that have a sign thats says “villian” on their faces, almost everything I planned got delayed so..please..for god’s sake..don’t put another random portal dimension interference while Im not here. I’m reaaally getting tired of this ark and I would love to finish this as fast as possible without a insta teleporting guy appearing out of nowhere.

Guys at the forest, Stalker dissapeared in the shadows. Tager and the guys who like to burst into churches, the Fold literally forced you to get out of there. Chen can control CENTAURS, MAN EATING BIRDS, GIANT WOLVES WITH MAGIC POWERS, and he can heal all of them AT THE SAME TIME so you can do the math of what happened. They DID NOT fight you. I can’t explain a lot since I’m running out of time here so let’s just say that the Fold made some sort of “deal” with the Fairy Tail. Asura, dare to insta kill Chen and I will drop the fucking Space Cow on you when I’m back. The Fold doesn’t even steal or drain energy / life forces/ etc.
Spark will be bussy in Normandi along with the rest of my good guys.
Spirit Breaker will not arrive, not yet.
Ogres and the rest of the creeps in the forest start to spread around Charity. I bet 5 meepodollars Sam says something like “Saddly no becouse bla bla bla”
Speaking of stuff that nobody gives a flying fuck about: Ogre Magi will spend the next week searching for squirrels and initiating the complex process of the “ogre mating call”.
The werewolf known as “Banehallow the Lycanthrope” is gone. He is probably gathering more wolves around the endless forest and hunting something to eat..probably following Stalker’ scent…who knows?
I will repeat it again just for you Asura: The Knights of the Fold are TECHNICALLY harmless for Obelis’ sake. Why won’t you listen to the words of Chen our true savior and lord? Due to popular demand and becouse two of us can play with game mechanics, the Knights of the Fold now has giant centaurs on their churches. They are also harmless unless you do something stupid like randomly burst into a sacred place, then they will kick your ass. Centaurs are as big as motherfucking Killer Croc. Not OP, just using Dota lore here huahuehua.
Jonathan died, thats it. Please Falcon, we have a MUGEN roster here and the only thing that I killed so far are nameless NPCs that nobody cares about.

OOC: Well guys, keep it simple, hope you have more orgies and wild parties, careful with Assault who will hit on EVERY WOMEN in the thread (except midgets, they are bloody ugly), I would like to remind you that the portals are still randomly appearing on Magnolia (and in the entire world unless Charity is “portal proof / no fun allowed”, Anti Mage would be PROUD) and that the forest is filled with dumb as shit ogres and talking wolves. Also…Add more magicians guys. I don’t care, bring more sorcery and wizards to the thread, we need more of them, send them to Charity, teleport them with the portals I told you about. But remember..remember that such a sorceries shall not prevail..remember that thee who goes by the wand shall die by my blade.

See ya later vile creatures that use sorcery! Don’t worry about the giant amount of wizards around, the magic WILL end later! Goodbye thread!

EDIT: In case you are wondering..this little guy is Meepo

High pitched voice, Nolan North..Its almost painful to hear his voice lines. “Meepodollars” is some sort of running joke poking fun Street Fighter movie’ bisondollars.
EDIT 2: The magic ends here
EDIT 3: Foster posted Erza’ boobies all over 8chan, 10gang and another popular websites. Mickey Cantor sent a letter to Erza, inviting her to Mickey Cantor’ happy kids questioning CORNER TIME about FUTILE reality existance.
EDIT 4: Ogre Magi is still chasing that damn squirrel
EDIT 5: The magic ends here
EDIT 6: I know that Tager can basically punch a building and tear it apart with his index finger but please guys.
EDIT 7: See ya guys! I will miss you.

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Mavis continues to read the book along side with him on the ship. She is reading about the beginning of his greatest works and talents.

@Chen (Please consider this. and don’t worry about instant kills, i wont do it and ill be sure to

Makarov goes into a discussion with Chen to make out an agreement or both sides that they could both agree on. The main agreement is to allow people to follow their faith by choice, and to not be forced into it by any means necessary. however, they need to leave the main cathedral inside of magnolia the way it is and to make their churches somewhere else along side the outskirts of the city or in another nearby region. If it is proven that they are being forced into their religion of Obelis by any means or if they are forced to see Fairy Tail as an enemy after all that they dod for them, than Fairy Tail will intervene. People are always allowed a choice of faith. The main cathedral is to be left the way it is.

@Vesperia gang and Ragna.

The other members of Fairy Tail rush outside to see the commotion going on. They See Ragna fighting a group of strangers.


Gray: If your going after Ragna, than Im afraid that your going to be dealing with all of us too.

Lucy: He is one of us, and we won’t allow you to harm him anymore than you already did.

Erza: If you dare continue to attack our guild member, than we will stop you.

Most of the main guild members already prepare to fight them if they continue to attack Ragna, one of their own guildmates. They all invoke their various magics.

Natsu is enshrouded by fire.

Lucy pulls out a golden gate key.

Gray prepares his ice magic.

Erza Requips into heavens wheel armour and summons about a hundred swords. Archer should be really interested in this.

Wendy gives magic buffs to everyone of them.

Everyone else prepares their magics too.

The rest of the guild members prepare for a fight if needed to be.

Natsu steps forward and prepares to attack while fire completely consumes him like a raging inferno.


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Nov 03, 2013 at 05:39PM EST


Right after the Inferno Divider, Ragna gets interrupted by Repede with an Anti-Air strike, breaking his entire combo

Repede snarls as Flynn air-recovers, hitting Ragna with a Tiger Blade, sending Ragna back to the ground.

Straight into Yuri’s attack, who rapidly punches Ragna a handful of times

And finally…
Rita: “O din of this modest land…Stone Blast!”
Unexpectedly several rocks come busting out of the ground straight into Ragna’s crotch

Estelle: “Holy powers come to me… First Aid!”

(This spell, but with the target being Flynn)
Flynn is healed by 25%, pretty much reversing everything Ragna just did.

@Fairy Tail:

Yuri: “You guys stay out of this! That man is Wanted!”
Repede: “Woof!”
Rita: “Seriously, that wanted poster was on the cities damn bulliton board!”

Not only that, the poster had been placed all over town.

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Nov 03, 2013 at 05:58PM EST


“Ogres and the rest of the creeps in the forest start to spread around Charity. I bet 5 meepodollars Sam says something like “Saddly no becouse bla bla bla””

Nah I really don’t care, man. Not in anyway am I prepared to manage the ecosystem of a entire world. Just don’t start filling it with copious amounts of weird shit and everything will be cool.

“I would like to remind you that the portals are still randomly appearing on Magnolia (and in the entire world unless Charity is “portal proof / no fun allowed”

Right now its just crap proof, And right now I’m trying regulate the crap flow, keep the portals to Fiore and everything will also be cool.


As I’m on the subject.
I am going to be partially taking the helm with planets state-of-order here, I’ll do this through the Loyalists neighbour who will soon arrive, depending on how quickly things go to pot also determines how quickly they arrive.

Low Charity = Built for war, do whatever here
High Charity = Built for life aka “Don’t shit where you eat”

If everything stays small scale + Low Charity = Loyalists wont arrive for ages yet

If everything stays small scale + High Charity = Loyalists will be here at some point soon enough, no rush

The big fights are regional + Low Charity = Loyalists still wont arrive for ages yet, no probs here

The big fights are regional + High Charity = “Better step on it, they’re wrecking the good half!”

Big huge destructive battle has broken out + Low Charity = “Well, that is the point” standard speed

Big huge destructive battle has broken out + High Charity = “Put her into maximum overdrive!” Very soon

Global all out warfare combined with mountain busting = “By the Nine!” Not only do you want to be expecting a very prompt arrival but a hammer like attempt at keeping the peace

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Nov 03, 2013 at 06:18PM EST


Universe Note, since some people seem to be mixed up about this:

~The Universe Unification undo-al will take an in-game week. We are roughly nearly done with the first day.
~Also, Final Destination is somewhere in the Lylat System at the moment.

And yeah.

Nov 03, 2013 at 07:13PM EST

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