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@Tager mech,

Laika: “Missiles! quickly, push the countermeasure button!”
Tim: “Sir that’s on your side”
Laika: “Where?! which one?!”
Tim: “That one!”
Laika starts bitch-slapping the button pad, pressing just about everything there is…luckily one of them is the countermeasure button, the tank is covered in a cloud of smoke which screens them from the missiles. He then puts the tank into a crouch position to try and duck any strays
Tim: “You’re getting better sir…”
Laika remains proudly silent
Tim: “I’ll lay down some fire with this machine gun then”
They advance their tank on the mega Tager, firing off more cannon shots and machine gun fire

Over the course of the week the stalker has been busy. Using scrap it had scavenged from the crashed ship it has constructed a stockade of improvised explosives and makeshift gas-powered weapons….

Where it is keeping this cache of equipment is unknown but is most likely somewhere sheltered and far from prying eyes.

Additionally this cold weather has a negative on its performance, much alike everyone else it needs to keep itself somewhat warm.

The only clue to its whereabouts: It is currently standing in shin-deep waste water

Nov 21, 2013 at 03:32PM EST

@Saber and Irisviel,

Bang stands the wooden pylon on his right side as he looks at the two, listening to their proposition.
Bang: Hm…
He squints his eyes at the two, examining them to see if they mean good or bad.
Bang: I don’t see why not. I shall help you out myself, along with a few of my clansmen!
He smiles another triumphant smile at the two of them.

@Team Brave,

Hakumen doesn’t acknowledge any of them, not even Repede’s growling at first, or at least so it seems. They begin to hear a deep, booming voice that comes from all directions and has no distinguishable source. However, they can see the two eyes in the back of his armor shift towards their position.
Hakumen: Tell me. What purpose do you have?

@Tim and Laika,

Makoto sees the cannon fire come for her mech. She diverts some of her extra power to a make a force field so that the shots are less effective against her.
Makoto: get a taste of this!
She also begins to press some buttons in the cockpit. The Tager mech raises its hand and creates an electromagnetic field around it. This causes the scrap around the battlefield to come directly to it and compact into a big ball of metal.
Makoto: FIRE! Ahahaha!
She is clearly having too much fun with this. The Tager mech points its hand at the tank and fires off the giant ball of metal at it.


Jubei listens to what all Duke has to say. He has stood in the same place the entire time Duke was pacing around the roof. When he asks the final question, Jubei stays in the same spot.
Jubei: Well, ya know… If it ain’t broke, ya ain’t gotta fix it. Some things ‘re good just the way they’re laid out.

Nov 21, 2013 at 04:22PM EST

@Tager Mech,

Too slow to dodge, the giant ball of scrap metal rolls over Laika’s Vertical Tank squashing it into a pancake….
Tim: “Heh…well looks like it got us again”
Tim: “Maybe we should replay the tut-”
Laika: THAT IS IT!!!”
Laika gets up off the couch and hoists the massive game pad up above his head, Tim backs off.
He brings it down on his knee breaking it clean in half, he throws one piece at the wall and another at the TV
Tim: “Sir the landlady!”
Laika grabs the Xbox, tears the cables out of it and then proceeds to throw it out of the closed window, both smashing the glass and sending the console down into the streets below

And then…
The door to their room is swung open as the heavily built and huge landlady makes her way in…Laika’s temper quickly reverts back to the same blank state it usually is
Laika: “It exploded, there was nothing I could do…”
He shrugs
Tim: Er-err-errr-er…
The hulkish woman grabs the two and carries them out of the room with her beefcake hairy arms.
Tim: “S-sir…what are we gonna do??”
Laika: “We best not anger this creature anymore, just sta-”
Landlady: SHATTAP!
The two are thrown out of the house and into the freezing cold streets, the door slamming shut behind them…
Tim: “….G-God i-it’s freezing…”
Tim is only wearing a set of worker overalls so in this weather they offer little protection against the elements. Laika is still, ofcourse, wearing his suit, which does’t completely block out the cold but does a good enough job.
Laika: “I did tell you to keep your suit on did I not.”
Tim: “Y-yeah….yeah…”
They begin walking down the cold streets
Tim: “S-s-s-so what now s-s-s-sir? where we goin’?”
Laika: “Even our prisoner can not handle this cold weather, which will make capturing it significantly easier. It shall show itself soon.”
Tim: “I s-s-sure hope….”
They make their way across town and towards the thing Bang is constructing

Nov 21, 2013 at 04:58PM EST

@priests from the guild hall.

Mirajane accepts their list of job requests and looks through them.


Mirajane: Those people are from the knights of the fold order. Led by Chen, though they may be fanatical about their faith, they are still people who could use some help. We won’t turn down the help of people who need us. So I’ll accept their job requests for the guild and have them up once they have been recorded. You can give me a hand with going through them if you want to, this is a lot of requests for just a small city.


Suddenly Makarov returns through the doors of the guild hall.

Mirajane: Your back master?

Makarov: Damn train will be delayed by tomorrow, so I can’t go to the conference today.

Mirjane: Sorry to hear, but luckily Kitsurugi and Maiya here have a request to ask of you.

Makarov: Oh, well lets hear it.

@Priests around magnolia.

Natsu and the others are walking towards the guild hall, They continue to see more priests of the fold ranting out their rhetoric’s of their faith to the people around.

Natsu Decides to walk up to one of them.

Natsu: Hey, what is it that you guys keep talking about?

Lucy: They are from the fold. You know, that priest who was here a week ago and somehow converted some a lot of people here in the city to his faith.

Natsu: who?

Lucy: sign Nevermind.

The other members and the people make their way to the guild hall.

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Nov 21, 2013 at 07:49PM EST

Falcon and Doomguy are sitting around the Falcon Flyer, bored. Falcon checks the onboard computer to see if there’s anything around to do, besides the jobs.
Falcon: Alright… Begin scan.
The scan somehow manages to find Tim and Laika’s Xbox, and is trying to connect.
Falcon: well, I got something, but it won’t let me connect. Doomguy, why din’t you activate that AI of yours and try to break the seal?
Doomguy: Alright, but I get first dibs.
Unit-711: Activating…
Doomguy sits down at the computer and begins typing.
711: Breaking encryption on server base…
The encryption easily breaks, seeing as it’s an original Xbox. All Doomguy really needed to do was modify the signal so it could actually get inside the game, seeing as the normal Xbox could not normally connect to the internet anymore, and that Tim and Laika were playing a single player game.

Doomguy: Alright, let’s rock and roll.

@Before Ragequit:
Inside the game, a figure should appear off in the distance and begin heading towards Mecha Tager and the walking tank. As the figure nears, the shapes of it start to become more visible. When you can finally discern what it actually is, You’ll see this:

It is roughly the size of Mecha Tager. Doomguy is piloting it.
Doomguy: Fuck. Yes.
He begins to speak into a microphone
Doomguy: Sorry to crash your little party, but me and Falcon were bored. Either way…
He gets Glastonbury into a battle stance.
Doomguy: Let’s do this.
He rushes at Mecha Tager, slashing it with the beam sword equipped.

@After ragequit:
Suddenly, a screen pops up, with the text “HOST MIGRATING” on it.
Doomguy: AW, COME ON!
Eventually, the host is somehow migrated to the Falcon Flyer. The game begins right where it left off… with the Glastonbury about to slash right into Mecha Tager.

A series of pods land on Low Charity. People and machinery begin coming out of the pods, and begin converging to a central point. Buildings and machinery are being raised fast, the arid land beginning to be terraformed to suit the needs of these people. Even though a settlement is being established, it seems like it wasn’t supposed to be that way…

OOC: By “Fast” I mean faster than normal. Buildings takes like a day or 2 to go up, and machinery takes a couple hours to multiple days, depending on the size.

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Nov 21, 2013 at 07:54PM EST

Red strolls in to the guild hall as pompous as ever
I KNEW I smelled pancakes! I wonder if there’s any left. Ah, but first, job wall. Right, very important.
Red makes his way over to the board.
Hmmm… Ogres.. Apples.. Something about a centaur… Well the one about the ogres seems less menial than usual, but the bounty on that doe is a fair amount, and bounty hunting jobs are usually quite interesting… Red grumbles to himself Jeez, one week you kill the god of discord, the next you’re reduced to ogre chasing and deer hunting… Oh, what do you guys think?

Nov 21, 2013 at 10:04PM EST

Hey Epsurr where are you going?

Espurr stops in the middle of the forest starting hiss at nothing

Espurr?! What are you doing? Theres nothing there!

Goes to pick up Espurr, still hissing at nothing. Then suddenly a rumble

Wahhh?! Whats that shaking!!?

The rumbling stops, but in it’s place a giant hole in space appears, and Palkia Flies out.


Palkia looks at Terry for a second, and suddenly Terry sees Palkia’s pearl start to glow bright.


Terry runs with Espurr in arms as fast as possible

[Palkia Used Spacial Rend]
A slash shaped shock wave flies towards Terry’s direction

Espurr opens it’s ears, and produces a psychic bubble to protect both Terry, and itself. The attack causes an explosion when it lands, an explosion, and dust flying everywhere. After all the smoke Clears Terry, and Espurr, are sitting in an elongated crater, and Palkia no where to be seen.

Last edited Nov 21, 2013 at 11:26PM EST
Nov 21, 2013 at 11:24PM EST


Saber: “Perfect! What time can you be there?”

Iresveil: “Here is directions to the place and our request of what we want built.”

She hands him a peice of paper. Requests for a second floor, plumbing, and heating are on it.


Kiritsugu: “We have finally gotten a new plan formulated for the capturing of the Nightstalker.”

He holds up a small packet of paper.

Abridged version of the plan:

~Install an outdoor surveillance system.
~Use System to set a Trap involving a movement sealing circle.
~Something that might as well say “Use an entire team of wizards to blast the living crap out of it.”

Maiya: “As you see it’s going to need a large amount of coordination.”


Estelle: “Uh… what do you mean by our purpose?”

Raven: “Well, I am just here for the chicks-”

Rita puches him so hard it’s a miracle his face is still there

Rita: “We are here exploring. And nice trick with the voice thing, how do you do that?”


Yuri: “Jeez, some kind of religious revolution?”

Flynn: “This makes things all the more uncomfortable…”


After that bit of public humiliation, Terry can swear he can hear some music… and as it gets closer, he realizes it’s a very familiar tune. Things are about to go from bad to worse.

Attracted by that explosion, Here Comes GARY, MOTHERFUCKING, OAK.

Gary: “Well Well, if it isn’t Terry Mc Numbnuts. Surprised to see you here! Place is filled up with so many magicians you would think it was Hogsmade right? Am I right? HAH.”

As soon as Terry tries to turn around and escape, Garry grabs him by his collar and pulls him back

Gary: “Not so fast Speedy Gonzales. You can’t run from a Trainer Battle!”




Duke: “I see… perhaps someday the world I come from will be like that as well.”

he moves back to the balcony

Duke: “Might you know a place here where I can search for an acquaintance? I am lending him a very special blade.”

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Nov 21, 2013 at 11:44PM EST


Go Totodile!
Terry sends out Totodile.

Oak-A Lets do this!

After a second Terry facepalms at his own pun

Nov 22, 2013 at 12:00AM EST

@Mirajane and Red,

Ragna rolls his eyes at Mirajane accepting the job requests.
Ragna: Bah, fine. Let’s just hope they’re not all shit.
When Red asks his question, Ragna glances at him.
Ragna: Eh… They’re “okay”, I guess.
He does air quotes with his fingers when he says ‘okay’. He then turns his attention back to Mirajane.
Ragna: Not like I have anything better to do. Lemme see some of ’em.

@Falcon’s mech,

Makoto gets back into the game just in time to have the mecha Tager parry the beam sword with a giant hand which slams the other robot’s hand to the side.
Makoto: Let’s see how this heap of scrap holds up to the uber mech!
Her eyes are wild and in a frenzy right now. Never let this squirrel play video games. Upon command, the mecha Tager punches the other mech right in the abdomen with a giant hand.

@Saber and Irisviel,

Bang looks at the piece of paper that is given to him. He stays silent for a few moments, examining it over to see exactly what they want.
Bang: I shall see to it that a handful of my entrusted disciples shall make it to your home immediately! It is my pleasure to help out those in need.

@Team Brave,

Hakumen just flat-out ignores Rita’s question about his voice. It is not of importance, so he will not acknowledge her for that question.
Hakumen: … “Exploring”…
He goes silent on them for a few moments. The group is now nearing the guild hall, just at the gate that leads into it.
Hakumen: Now it’s time for me to ask a question. Who are you?
He put extra emphasis on that last sentence.


Jubei now turns to look at Duke.
Jubei: Ya meetin’ someone soon, eh? I think I know a place where you can catch the fella.
He begins to walk down the roof.
Jubei: Thisaway.
He begins jumping between the buildings towards his destination.


A lone man in golden armor stands atop plains of desert in the northern parts of Charity. He crosses his arms and looks onwards at the vast landscape before his very eyes.
Gilgamesh: Hmph. That accursed Crow destroyed my beloved garden.

He smiles some, continuing to stare outwards at the vastness before him.
Gilgamesh: However, there is an all new garden that lays before my very eyes, with mysteries untold to the ears…
A golden ripple begins to form in the air. After a few moments, it becomes a fully fledged portal. Gilgamesh slowly sticks his hand into the portal and pulls out a pure gold rod.
Gilgamesh: Rise, my kingdom.
He places the butt of the rod on the ground next to him… The ground begins to shake, and the air begins to emit a holy golden glow. A gigantic stone building then slowly rises out of the ground behind Gilgamesh as he just stands there, smiling.

Meanwhile near the bordering salt flats of Low Charity… A slew of earthquakes begins to rattle around. At our current location you won’t be able to feel it. However, a city has already been placed there and they can feel it full force…

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Nov 22, 2013 at 12:27AM EST


Gary: “That pun was rather Onix-spected~”

Both of them are shot and a few moments later they are completely fine

Gary: “Aright! Eevee use Tackle!”

Eevee goes flying at Totodile

@World, specifically in orbit:

A large planetary force field is being shipped. Requested by an a person who requested to remain anonymous.

A large Jewl with a giant quantum computation written in it takes to orbit, coupling with an accompanying anchor and power supply in the middle of the ocean. This thing is so advanced it looks like Magic.

It is still possible to travel to and from the planet via space ships, and even teleport in, but the planet is no longer able to be bombarded, and by extension destroyed, From Orbit.

(Location of the anchor will be revealed as soon as the world map is done)

Last edited Nov 22, 2013 at 01:08AM EST
Nov 22, 2013 at 12:28AM EST

Totodile is hit

You can take that Totodile! Now use Water Gun!

Totodile shoots a jet of Water at Eevee

Nov 22, 2013 at 12:43AM EST

OOC: Well Roleplay Thread, you bloody win. I’m afraid I’m dropping Captain Spark, and Foster, and Cheston, and everyone related to him.

Sparky..I had a lot of fun with you, you are a really fun character to play.
SInce I started to play Super Monday Night Combat, I always loved the idea of a electricity-powered hero with a 80’s feel. Your line “GREAT PULSATING PROTONS” is the best thing ever and this particular line is what made this thread possible:
Wish I had these skills when I fought the Balloon Master! Guy had a godamn balloon for everything I did!
I managed to roleplay a lot with you Cappy but your nemesis thing with the BM and his ark never had a small chance to happen and that final fight will probably never happen. Guys, I annoyed you with this shitty never ending ark for like..50 pages? I was literally crying for you to end it. I was screaming at my PC screen the day I read the Crow arrival to Mobius. Not shitting on you Sam, you are a great roleplayer but this Ark got delayed beyond Episode 3.
I’m deeply sorry to anyone who was waiting for the final confrontation or a epic ending, I just give up. I can’t keep buffing my characters like this. Bloodpool now needs a ridiculously huge boost to have a small chance against Ragna, Nightstalker is basically useless right now, and my main now nothing but a chicken waiting to be killed. I talked with Zarathh, with Asura, things were too messy and now Its just a gigantic clusterfuck of power levels and new metagames. Currently, the Balloon Master needs to become as powerful as the likes of Ultimate Doctor Doom and Galactus.
Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Its amazing how the BM evolved as a character and the whole experiments he did. The Anti S fights, the scary sick background of the Hellium Fotress, I admit it..for a moment..I was actually enjoying this.
But more characters arrived..along with more powers that can easily one hit kill the main villian.

Captain Spark and Co decided to get back to their home planet. I’m getting rid of everyone except Veteran, Enchantress, Lycanthrope, Nightstalker, Ogre Magi and Chen.
Spirit Breaker dissapeared in thin air.

Even in the darkest place, moonless night, evil ripping the life apart..Shall the lighting guide us to victory comrades!

Nov 22, 2013 at 01:36AM EST

OOC: You know that your plans haven’t been fully set in motion right? And Plans should be expected to change. You just need to try to adapt a bit more in your planning, and shouldn’t throw characters to counter other characters. You feel like people are out to get you, and you shouldn’t think that. The more you do that the more you feel like you gotta throw something at them, and that causes tension. Now I think your cast of characters are quite creative, and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Don’t worry about not being able to beat other characters.

THERE ARE OTHER WAYS OF WINNING OTHER THAN FIGHTING. (This is a message to everyone btw)

You also gotta talk face to face to the people you have disagreements. If you’re determined to finish this thing, go ahead and finish, but I ask you to adapt, and try to do this for the enjoyment of everyone, and not just for yourself.

(Hint: Ragna’s biggest weakness is his anger.)

I also think you are planning too big, that’s just something I gripe about at everyone. Anyway next time why don’t you scale it down to something achievable.

Spark, other than this, all I have to say, don’t quit.

Having a group of characters from one place is boring.
Last edited Nov 22, 2013 at 02:37AM EST
Nov 22, 2013 at 02:29AM EST


I’m not going to puppy dog you nor scold you on this one, however I think you are overreacting to all the new elements being introduced. So I am going to tell you exactly why I have been lax about the planting of new “seeds” as it will.

I have only been planting seeds because, basically, it wouldn’t get in the way of the heros heading off again. Exactly that, none of the stuff I have been doing has been with the intentions of keeping you from acting again. Notice how Reimu and Marisa have pretty much been doing nothing but resting and prepping? Exactly. (In this process I am actually nerfing them down to “Player Mode” to be infinitely more fair. Your welcome.)

Yes, I know you don’t like more than one thing going on at a time, however this is an element I thought you would compromise on, simply because as far as a heros standpoint goes; “there is now a home to return to, there is something worth fighting for.”

SOMETHING had to be done about motivation, so I started acting and directing others to help build that up. Additionally adding in elements for the new “seeds” to deal with while the “trees” where off saving the galaxy. I also started planting some weeds so there wouldn’t be a dead zone of time where there was nothing to do when they all got back.

You see my logic? By no means was I trying to impede you. I was trying to work with you and the entire thread so it would ultimately grow more healthy.

You don’t want your plans to go to waste right? As a writer I know sometimes draft 1 turns out a bit different from the final draft, but hear me out. You have a lot of content, and you still have a good ton to make it work. I don’t know if you have it scripted out in your head or a MS Doc someplace, but I will echo what Ann said here, a “Plan” is but an unmarked roadmap with the destination written on it, and in the case of an RP both the players and the acting DM have to compromise with each other as they both head towards that destination.

So here is my suggestion. By the end of the in game day, re-gather the remaining old heros who where apart of the original BM Conflict (the new guys don’t have a reason to confront him), go to the Balloon Master Home Base, and proceed to continue/restart the finale from there. No new characters to deal with, nothing new to prep for besides what the Anti-S Personally Expect and prepare for, Simple.

I got nothing that can possibly interrupt you from doing that. You are still capable of taking control again.

If you are worried about the alteration of your characters to deal with the situation; change their strategy based on their last confrontation and re-allocate resources and Anti-S to accommodate for the now missing heros. That is quite literally all you need to do to make this challenging again!

I know I probably have the second least amount of sway over your opinions, but please just consider it. You most definitely have the power to pull this off.

Last edited Nov 22, 2013 at 03:17AM EST
Nov 22, 2013 at 03:12AM EST

OOC: Once I said something like this to Zarathh and I’m afraid I need to quote it right now so you understand why I’m kicking Spark’ ass out of this thread.

This is Gabriel García Márquez’ book, one hundred years of solitude, one of the best books that latin american literature can offer. Its considered to be a masterpiece and a gold piece of literature. I caught this book on the last Summer and the plot was like this thread.
There is something peculiar about this book. It’s not about a single plot, a small group of people having every day’s problem or a story about a single guy and his relantionships with the world..Its about the multi-generational story a single family, most of his members have magical-reality altering powers such as turning to butterflies and travelling to the past. The plot is exciting and the characters are well developed..however, the story switches between past, future, and present. Magicians, normal people, ancestors. You have to literally write down the names of the main characters and their abilities! Jesus!
Saddly, the thread is going that way. I love creativity, I love imagination. I’m an amateur actor IRL and I can easily point out which characters are lovable and which are not, plots that are believable or end up in a brazilian novel. The thread rooster is just like One hundred years of solitude, thousands of characters, all of them with different abilities, all of them with different personalities and the relationship between them are countless. At first I had no problem. Sparky’ power level had to be increased a bit but he was fine. Balloon Master fit perfectly and the Anti S were perfect. Then I started to read wikis from Blazblue, Fairy Tail, Metal Gear Solid, Touhuo, Jo Jo Bizarre Adventure, and many more. It was scary..I had to waste 2 hours trying to get a basic idea of the character’ powers while trying to write a proper reaction. Once Zarathh told me, “how would Spark react to Flandre deleting the existance with the blink of an eye?”. I stared at the computer for hours before sending a single “I have no idea”. More stuff arrived, I had to delay the Balloon Master even more, I turned Spark into a fucking electric Green Latern who is as depressed as the fucking Grinch on christmass, I buffed Anti guys until I asked to myself..Why would anyone obey / fear the likes of the Balloon Master with such a ridiculous power? How can I make a fight against Two Face / Holmes / normal dangerous humans work? How much do I have to buff myself to keep up with the thread? I tried Natsu, I really tried. The concept of the Skeleton king with life stealing powers took me DAYS, and lets not talk about Van, Pierre and half of the Anti guys.
I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I hate myself for doing this but my patience is dead. Honestly, I’m only having fun with Enchantress so far. Happy mood, no drama just sproinking around and enchanting things instead of discussing, talking about a villian that will never arrive, saying and repeating the same phrase over and over again. “Fight the BM, bla bla bla, electric shit and that jazz bla bla bla, we must focus and end the BM reign of bla bla bla” Jokes with Cheston and Foster got old, my creativity started to run out and here we are…the part where I say I’M DONE. I am not leaving this thread, I am just putting this shitty ark to a dead end. I had TONS of ideas and I can’t keep playing the game of the cat and the mouse with a One hundred years of solitude rooster.
PLEASE, If you want to say something / say how much of a fucktard and asshole I am / blame me for everything, send me a PM message. We DON’T need to fill this thread with DRAMA.

EDIT: Since we are talking about seeds
The introductions start as a small seed. Then after a few pages, they become this:

Last edited Nov 22, 2013 at 07:48AM EST
Nov 22, 2013 at 07:40AM EST

OOC: To unrustle some jimmies, I leave you..


Nov 22, 2013 at 08:16AM EST

OOC: I… guess we’ll work out what happens later, then.


The Order mages return to the guild hall, carrying Temperance heads with them. They are ignoring the priests, not even turning their heads as they walk.

Upon entering they just deposit the heads on the floor…

Solarian: Alright, has anyone around here been copying miasmal creations?

Tahrdan: They probably don’t even know what the miasma is. Just because it’s one of the first things that we learn doesn’t mean that other magic users will know.

Nov 22, 2013 at 01:23PM EST


After we Pretty much had an animal cage fight reached a conclusion to what must be done to avoid making past mistakes, and got the thumbs up from 3 other players about this list:

Rp Thread Suggested Guidelines:

1. Stick to the current progression curve. If uncertain where this curve is, do not hesitate to ask.
2. Do not directly force all characters to take part in unified action or Ark.
3. No Deus Ex Machina. Do not have characters engage until at least one post after they have been fully established/recognized.
4. Do not exceed the power needed to deal with an event in the progression curve.
5. Be chivalrous to the players. If a dispute must be made, wait to make it until you have emotionally stabilized before confronting anyone.

If you have any suggestions regarding this rulelist, come out and say it. I would like this to help keep us off each others necks.



Karol: “We are the guild Brave Vesperia!”

Yuri: “As a group we tend to dedicate ourselfs to the learning of the mysteries of the world. Maybe help people out when they are in need.”

Repede whines

Yuri: “Eh, guess you have a point. Though I don’t want to sound like a sap.”

Did he jus-

Judith: “My My.”

Raven: “Though that is quite clearly an oddly put question Mr Knight. What made you so curious about our little brigade?”


Iresveil claps her hands together, tilts her head, and happily exclaims-
“Why thank you Mr. Shishigami! We will see you there!”

They turn to go…


Watching Jubei walk down for a bit, he gracefully leaps the balcony to the roof and follows Jubei down to the ground floor. Landing a bit too lightly from that jump.

Duke: “Alright. Now then…”

looking around, Duke quickly realizes he accidentally made a friend up on the balcony, and carefully takes it from his shoulder

Duke: “Now now, now is not the time.”

And with a slight motion he makes the bird fly away.

Duke: “Now then. Where are we off to?”


Eevee is hit

Gary: “Come on Eevee use Tail Whip!”

Eevee twacks its tail against Tododile and making it insanely uncomfortable, dropping it’s defense.

Last edited Nov 22, 2013 at 10:05PM EST
Nov 22, 2013 at 10:03PM EST

Totodile looks at me uncomfortably as well
Totodile! Use Rage!

Totodile gets pumped up, and charges at Eevee

Nov 22, 2013 at 10:21PM EST


Totodile Hits!

Clashing off Eevee like a Fire Emblem no-damage attack. Causing next to none damage because that shit needs to build up.

Gary: “Eevee! Use the Sand Attack!”

Totodile’s Accuracy Fell!

Nov 22, 2013 at 10:30PM EST

@ Gary


And Rage has to keep going a bit…

Totodile continues to Rage

Come on you can do it!

Totodile blindly charges at Eevee

Nov 22, 2013 at 10:40PM EST

@Mecha Tager:
Glastonbury takes the hit with relative ease. This thing can take lasers. The mech jumps up and kicks Mecha Tager in the head. It continues on with two solid strikes. It then jumps back, and gets in a blocking position.

Nov 22, 2013 at 10:43PM EST

@Team Brave,

Hakumen scoffs at Raven when he asks his question.
Hakumen: My curiosity was piqued when I sensed that you were carrying those disgusting weapons…
His voice now sounds almost aggressive when he speaks about their Fell Arms that they are carrying.
Hakumen: They are artificial and incomplete Nox Nyctores weaponry, however they still have a solid form…
He goes silent for a while longer before finally talking again.
Hakumen: The end for those who cannot control them is… cold…
After more minutes of walking, they FINALLY make it to the guild hall where Hakumen sets the giant tail on the ground beside him.

@Saber and Irisviel,

All of the sudden, the two women are picked up by a handful of Bang’s ninja subordinates so that they can get home faster. It’s like they’re being carried on a throne of men. Four guys for Saber and four for Irisviel. And just around this time they get finished with whatever they are building.
Bang: Come, my brethren!
And all the ninja make their way to wherever their warehouse is with Saber and Irisviel guiding them.


Jubei begins to walk towards the center of Magnolia.
Jubei: I reckon we’re going to the center of the city… Ya said you needed to get to a friend.
The old cat walks at a leisurely pace, just taking it easy right now.
Jubei: What’s yer name, fella? You can just call me Jubei.


As soon as the mech jumps up to kick the Mecha Tager in the head, it extends an arm and grabs it around the waist.
Makoto: Let’s go for an ATOMIC COLLIDER!
It is then slammed to the ground on the other side of the Mecha Tager. Makoto commands the mech to jump backwards and get in a defensive position.

@Laika and Tim,

As you are walking towards Bang’s structure, you hear a loud CRASH in a nearby alley that is followed by an eerie silence that sweeps over the both of you.

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Nov 23, 2013 at 11:54AM EST

@Hakumen and Team Brave

As they return to the guld hall, they will see the 9 Order mages standing around at the entrance. Yes, they are still carrying the Temperance heads. They turn and see the giant tail.

Pitchurn: Wh-what?

She is clearly unnerved by the sheer size of that thing, as well as the implications. The Order mages would not have been able to take on whatever it was from, most likely.

Tahrdan: …Yeah, he’s one of the most powerful ones around here. Just don’t think about what he does that we wouldn’t be able to pull off together. We’re the weak ones in comparison… as I’m sure you’ve gathered.

Pyralis: Can we put these things down now?

the 6 Temperance heads are put down… Right now, the Order mages are merely wondering just what the hell they are made of, since they are clearly not miasmal in nature.

Nov 23, 2013 at 01:23PM EST

The glastonbury gets up from that attack, with some damage.
Doomguy: Busting out the special moves? Well, I suppose it’s time for me to do so as well.
Inside the cockpit, Doomguy puts his thumb up.
Suddenly, the laser sword the the Glastonbury is carrying turns red, grows longer, and starts crackling.
Doomguy: See ya!
Glastonbury rushes forward, and in an instant,is seemingly behind Mecha Tager. Glastonbury had used that movement to cut straight through Mecha tager and cause some real soviet damage. Once the move is finished, Doomguy guards, and prepares for what’s about to happen.

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Nov 23, 2013 at 02:06PM EST

@Crash sound in the alley,

The two stop in their tracks at hearing the sound, Tim turns to stare down the alleyway whilst still shivering…

Tim: “S-s-sir s-sir…”
Laika: “It could be our prisoner, ready your weapons”
Tim draws his gauss pistol whilst Laika takes out his blaster…
Tim: “We could do with s-s-some backup…”
Laika: “No, the less they know the better”
They approach the opening of the alley
Tim: “Not s-sure about this…what if I get hit? I don’t have any armour…”
Laika: “Please, Tim, we have been searching all over, we can not let an opportunity pass, this is not a big deal”
Tim: “O-okay..alright”
Laika: “Your safety is on.”
Tim checks his pistol
Tim: “…ah…hfft…”
Taking it off of safety the pair enter the alleyway with their guns ready

Travelling through space at multiple times the speed of light, Heaven is on its final leg of the return journey. Wounded and in need of help this mighty ship carries a plethora of new horrors from the deepest parts of space…

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #21


Ship Status

Current Activities: Locked in FTL Travel

Overall Status------------WARNING!
Superstructure-----------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integrity maximum.
Systems-------------------OKAY-----------Main systems are under my control
Sensory Arrays--------INACTIVE-------Power re-allocated
Communications----RESTRICTED---Communications in and out of habitation decks blocked
Food supplies---------- CRITICAL-------Rations are being contaminated and squandered
Munitions--------------MODERATE------Ammunition stocks low, replenishment required
Main Engines--------------IDLE------------Engine power rerouted to Slipspace Core
Power Plant--------------CRITICAL-------Blackouts imminent,


Return to Mobius is imminent, All attempts at sending a forewarning of our arrival have proven to be failures, our predicted shock out zone is within low orbit of the planet.

All infected Habitation decks have now been completely sealed and locked down, the only authorised military personnel who are operating within those decks are the 4 selected Spartan Super Soldiers, feedback information indicates that they are operating efficiently and without any damage both physically and mentally

The Spartans are covering ground at a very surprising rate going from room to room slaughtering all and any horrors lying in wait, nothing yet has slowed their advances or hindered them in any way. As the pinnacle of what a soldier can become they are nothing less than flawless…

Military decks are now under high caution, peace keeper teams have been recalled and all soldiers who are showing signs of infection have been imprisoned for their own safety and that of others. Currently the situation is under control.

Due to the intense mental training of the elite Tengu units only few have fallen to the “voices”, those who have, have been sent to back to their specialized training facility to undergo re-training.

Cybernetic personnel are still showing no signs of psychological damage, All Administration and standard crew are operating as normal, trying their best to put aside the horrors that are taking place aboard the ship they are nonetheless relieved that they have been unaffected

Civilian cyborg personnel are not much different from their pure human co-workers, they possess no military enhancements or emotion inhibitors meaning they are still in full control of how they feel and perceive their surroundings. The true differences between the two is mainly cybernetic bodies and most significantly, an encased and shielded brain, this is probably the biggest advantage as it allows them to survive any physical trauma they might encounter but only if their brain is left intact…

A few moments ago the Overseers officer that is based upon the top secret Spartan deck was investigated by a security team, she was found to be unconscious and mentally ill. She has been sent to the very best medical facility upon Heaven. This particular facility is dedicated to serving Admin-tier crew and is found upon the Tengu protected upper decks

The truth is, when the security team breached the officer they found her sat up against the wall mumbling to herself, the walls of the room were completely covered in a seemingly alien language, symbols and structures resembling that of the Black Marker are clearly visible and look to have been painted on with a mixture of blood and ink…The Overseer is the driving force behind the Spartan project, if she fails to recover the entire program could come crashing down…

The Fabricator deck remains locked down however they have re-opened digital information channels allowing my access back into their section of the ship. Upon requesting a status update they complied intently and provided me with a full log of their actions during the time they have kept me shut out. In short, they were acting towards a resolve of the infection out break, they have came to the conclusion that the Black Marker is the prime cause of the outbreak and believe that completely sealing off the deck would block its “signal” this however has proven to be false. They are currently working in desperation to seal the specimen in a containment unit.

This concludes the report.

It won’t be long now until Heaven returns.

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Nov 23, 2013 at 03:09PM EST

Small message sent via codecs or communicators, also letters.
“Dear super chumps!
“I’m afraid me and my friends must bolt out of this place again! I don’t have time to explain the reasons of why we had to leave you my friends, the situation in my planet is shocking, the wires are all messed up and the coffee is all over the floor! Our mutual friend decided to send his loyal lifeless psycopath, a monster that many of us had the pleasure to meet in Mobius, and ordered him to break into Alcatraz. The world’s biggest prison for the scum of the scum is currently shattered, the criminals are free and chaos is the only rule in every city around the globe. It was a pleasure to work with you my dear friends. We better stay in touch, several of these miscreants are missing and the Balloon Master could return in any moment. Live in the lighting! Spark out!”

Normandi quickly takes off and teleports out of Charity. No one is left behind except Veteran.

@Fairy Tail
Before leaving, Da Vinci left a giant painting in the middle of the Guild Hall. Currently, the picture is covered in giant piece of cardboard.

Enchantress: Haha! Thats a really funny description of me! That’s how the Fold works, they just hunt people that interrupts their massive “congregation” and anyone who gets in their path. My poor friends from the woods are constantly being abducted by the powerful magic of Chen. I wish I could do something more than bringing a small pair of these poor creatures with me but saddly the Knights of the Fold keep growing everyday. Maybe I’m guilty of some of these crimes but..but I only try to do the best for the forest. Can you blame me for wishing such a thing?

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Nov 23, 2013 at 03:37PM EST

In an effort to populate and add locations to the planet the idea of a world map was proposed, as a group we generated a suitable world landmass and began adding locations to it.

After passing the map around and giving people a chance to mark their places I compiled them altogether into a single “master map”, basically a PNG file that I can easily edit and change.

This is the world of Charity at this current moment in time:


Along with this map I have a few rules:

1. We do not want to turn this into a Nation RP at any cost, I mean I am fully expecting wars in the near future over land and whatever but they should be fought through the eyes of our characters and not as you would in a traditional Nations RP (overseeing resource management, army placement etc). In short, fight wars with your characters in the name of your countries/nations/locations. After all the grand population of the planet is tiny as it is so armies and large conflicts are a far cry right now.

2. Nations can only be directly controlled if you qualify for both of these:
a: A character you control is the head of the nation
b: You plan on running a dedicated plot/arc
Don’t deliberately hijack and RP as the leader of said nation to assume power and passively rule a nation

3. If you do intend to run a plotline with a nation I highly recommend not basing it on black/white morales, unreasonably forceful nations that want nothing but war and to destroy everything will undoubtedly be met with an attack from pretty much everyone. The point here is, if you are going to make a move with a nation, give them a good goal to work on, don’t be hostile for the sake of it.

In the meantime each location will be maintained (through a narrative standpoint) by the person who established them, just like Asura has been doing this whole time with Fiore. He hasn’t been controlling it directly he has just been DM’ing it for us.

If anyone wants to establish or modify their existing nation/s then contact me so that I can update the map

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Nov 23, 2013 at 03:57PM EST

@Tim and Laika,

In the alley they see a trash can move… Once they point their guns at it, something jumps up onto the trash can.
???: Meow.
It’s a pretty black kitty cat!

It stares at them as it sits atop a trash can.

@Guild Hall,

Ragna is the first to notice the giant slab of cardboard in the middle of the Guild Hall.
Ragna: Tch… I think that old geezer left something behind.
He gets up from his seat and goes over to the covered painting. He takes off the piece of cardboard to reveal the painting/whatever the hell is behind it.


The Mecha Tager is hit by the attack that Glastonbury just used. It stumbles backwards before blaring out sirens in the cockpit. Makoto grits her teeth as a red, blinking light overshadows her.

Makoto: Gah! Damn it!
The Mecha Tager doesn’t explode.
Makoto: We’re hit!
She frantically looks around the cockpit and her eyes come across a big red button with the words “DO NOT PUSH” written on it.

Makoto: I have to… For the sake of humanity!
She smashes a hand down on the big red button… Something breathtaking now happens… Doomguy can see the Mecha Tager’s metal become bright gold. The mech’s chest opens and a big V with the word G on it protrudes out from it. Its head also is now home to a giant golden X on it.

Makoto: Say hello to GOLDEN!
The mech begins to grow in size tremendously.
Makoto: TAGER!
The wounds on the body of it get healed over by golden energy.
Makoto: X!
GOLDEN! TAGER! X! stands around sky-high level now. It towers over Doomguy’s mech.
Makoto: Feel the power of…
Golden Tager X raises a giant hand, pointing it down at the Glastonbury…
It fires a giant pink laser that should be the end of the Glastonbury mech and end the game right there.

Nov 23, 2013 at 04:08PM EST

OOC: Hmmm… I might be tempted at some point to see if I could arrange something that would basically split off part of the Order into a force that tries to look after things in general. As in they would be ultimately neutral, only taking sides if directly attacked (or for a valid reason orders from above force them to take an active side…) … Not right now, of course, just a potential thought. I’d have to work on quite a few things to make that a feasible idea, such as maybe actively having the Order look into some actual armour to serve as an uniform for that split off part… They’d still be magic users, of course, they’d just be more well-rounded overall.(Of course, if you don’t think that would work, I’d not really do anything with that idea.) On an unrelated note, IT WAS WELL WORTH THE WAIT. Just seen Day of the Doctor, and it is awesome.

Nov 23, 2013 at 04:14PM EST

@Heed my words, Fairy Tail and they who goes inside your guild.
The vile piece of cardboard paper hits the floor as the painting of Leonardo Da Vinci shows thyself to the world, the beautiful miracle of art in all its splendour that only a genius such as Leo is able to create with his bare hands. The old artist got the inspiration for such a wonderful masterpiece the day he listened to the childish screams of Natsu all over Magnolia. In the middle of the rain, Leo worked, no night was able to stop him, exhaustion couldn’t kill him before he was done with the complex process of making this fine piece of art. In front of Ragna..This painting appears:

OOC: Sam, you forgot to add this

Bro whats wrong with you? gg fuck dis thread

Nov 23, 2013 at 04:39PM EST

Zarathh wrote:

@Tim and Laika,

In the alley they see a trash can move… Once they point their guns at it, something jumps up onto the trash can.
???: Meow.
It’s a pretty black kitty cat!

It stares at them as it sits atop a trash can.

@Guild Hall,

Ragna is the first to notice the giant slab of cardboard in the middle of the Guild Hall.
Ragna: Tch… I think that old geezer left something behind.
He gets up from his seat and goes over to the covered painting. He takes off the piece of cardboard to reveal the painting/whatever the hell is behind it.


The Mecha Tager is hit by the attack that Glastonbury just used. It stumbles backwards before blaring out sirens in the cockpit. Makoto grits her teeth as a red, blinking light overshadows her.

Makoto: Gah! Damn it!
The Mecha Tager doesn’t explode.
Makoto: We’re hit!
She frantically looks around the cockpit and her eyes come across a big red button with the words “DO NOT PUSH” written on it.

Makoto: I have to… For the sake of humanity!
She smashes a hand down on the big red button… Something breathtaking now happens… Doomguy can see the Mecha Tager’s metal become bright gold. The mech’s chest opens and a big V with the word G on it protrudes out from it. Its head also is now home to a giant golden X on it.

Makoto: Say hello to GOLDEN!
The mech begins to grow in size tremendously.
Makoto: TAGER!
The wounds on the body of it get healed over by golden energy.
Makoto: X!
GOLDEN! TAGER! X! stands around sky-high level now. It towers over Doomguy’s mech.
Makoto: Feel the power of…
Golden Tager X raises a giant hand, pointing it down at the Glastonbury…
It fires a giant pink laser that should be the end of the Glastonbury mech and end the game right there.

Glastonbury is instantly wiped out.

Doomguy suddenly gets up from the computer
Doomguy angrily stomps away.

Falcon takes the seat.
Falcon: I’m afraid Doomguy just ragequit. I want to see what you’ve got.

The simulation launches again, with Mecha Tager still standing there. Instead of Glastonbury, there stands another Mecha:

Megas XLR.

Falcon: You managed to defeat Glastonbury through what Doomguy described as “Grand Bullshit to the highest degree”. Now, THIS machine can pull off some cool shit, I tell you. Now, you go ahead and make the first move.

Nov 23, 2013 at 04:57PM EST


The two stare it down, Tim lowers his pistol but Laika keeps his aimed at the cat
Laika: “4 legged furred mammalian creature…”
Tim: “S-s-sir its justa..justa cat..”
Laika: “It is looking at me and watching my movements, It will launch an attack if I lower my guard”
Tim: “You’re t-telling me you’ve never seen one of these before?”
Laika: “I have read much about this creatures, carnivorous predators. Do not underestimate their abilities”
Tim holsters his pistol
Laika: “Tim?…”
Tim: “S-sir it’s causin’ no harm we should just…should just move on, c’mon”
Tim makes his way from the alleyway, Laika slowly backs up and goes to follow him on the way out

Nov 23, 2013 at 06:49PM EST

Everyone had made it back to the guild hall before the other chartacters had showed up as they all have their breakfast meals to start off the day.

The members of the guild all hear Sparks message from their codecs and are really saddened by his sudden leave. They try contacting him, asking him to let them come to, but the channels then go silent. They all wanted to go with him to stop the BM, but they think of the many reasons of him in his leaving, but in the end, all they say to him is their goodbyes and they wish him luck to the defeating of the Ballloon Master and his empire and asking him to come back to them. Spark should have a large voice mail inbox by now.

They then return to the current situations they have.
@Red and Enchantress

Lucy and Natsu look at it for a bit.

Lucy: Wait. I think I know who this request is for?

Natsu :Hmmm… he looks at it for a moment. Who is it.

Lucy: Its for enchantress. Somebody wants her stopped, but why, she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Mirajane quickly takes the request and crumples it in her hands.

Mirajane: This request is not just. She has done nothing wrong. She turns to Enchantress. Don’t worry there Enchantress, everything will be fine. We promise.

Natsu: Yah don’t you worry, if that jerk thinks hes gonna hurt any of our friends than he has another thing coming.

@Ragna and Enchantress

*Shorty after, Mirajane takes Ragna to the front lobby desk and they both sort out through the many job requests sent out by the Knights of the fold. Classifying them based on the type of request. Lisanna, Mirajanes little sister, comes y Enchantress and continues to help her with the preparations with all the food she brought over for the guild to enjoy.

Ragna: There is a lot of requests from the order. Well, at least it gives you all something to do.

(If you have legitament job requests for characters to go on Spark than you can feel free to let us know in this so that people can do some side questing with their characters that won’t be involved in any major plot in the future. Make sure you list the name of the job, the client, the reward (Which can include money, valuable items, or both, depending on the difficulty of the job. Also information on it must be clear to understand.)


Makarov: I see. Well if you need help with creating traps for That Nightstalker creature. I Have a few wizards in mind. Also the stopping of the Nightstalker has already become an S-Class quest, take a look.

He pulls out a job request paper from his overcoat and shows it to the two of them.

It shows a request for the slaying of the Nightstalker that has been terrorizing many cities all over nearby cities and regions in Fiore.

Makarov: This is a visual sketch that was made by an artist after someone who miraculously survived an attack from him, but not before watching her guild mates life being taken away in front of her eyes. Makarov pauses for a moment in remorse of that moment before speaking again. The price for its slaying had just been raised to 10 000 000 Jewels, because most people are too afraid to go after it, and some guilds have already lost their lives in trying to kill it. This monster must be stopped. So if you wish help from my guild, I can send Freed Justine and the other members of the thunder god tribe to help you. Also Elfman can help you out too in combating it.


Erza and the others notice you entering the guild hall with the giant monsters tail over your shoulders.

Erza: Welcome back Hakumen, and what a lovely souvenir you brought back with you.

Gray: First job he does as a guild member and he takes an S-class job. Why am I not surprised.

Juvia: Isn’t S-class jobs only for the S- class wizards like Erza and Mirajane?

Erza: Hakumen wanted a challenging job, so I gave him my consent to take on an S-class job in the slaying of a monster that lived in the mountains. He fought the black beast, so I was sure that this wouldn’t be too much of a problem for him, Correct?

Natsu: But what will you do with all of that money there? You don’t eat, sleep, or do anything but fight. So, what will you do with that reward money?


In an unknown region of charity.

Something claims its dominance in the new world once again.

(Don’t worry about this for a long time, its just been something that I’ve been waiting to bring in for a long time, not be relevant for a while. Do not approach is all I will say about this.)

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Nov 23, 2013 at 07:27PM EST

The Knights of the Fold managed to enter into this vast land and blessed it with Obelis wisdom but now we require your help. The followings are not simple jobs, may the light of Obelis guide you.
Arena of the Warruners: Tis is a event where centaurs of all kinds join, every community, every tribe, all of them gather in a single place and prepare for this unique battle which consists in a endless brawl between brothers, countless rounds between centaurs, a true fight between the biggest gladiators of nature. Chen sent a group of knights to the area where the event shall take place, none of them have returned and It is believed that they were either killed or captured. The arena is a huge coliseum made with rocks and wood, the building is 139 meters long, and 96 meters wide and the interior has enough space to accomodate millions of centaurs. The centaurs are currently inviting anyone who is brave enough to enter this deadly arena but I suggest a more silent approach. Centaurs welcome any martial artist fighter but not magicians, these creatures have a particullary hatred for wizards, mages and wolves. 1 000 000 jewels shall be your reward.

The Ancient Satyr tribe: It is said that these wolf-like wizards arrived from a wild land of darkness. The oldest members of this community have mindstealing powers. Their sorcery is rather simple but after facing wizards for years, they know almost every trick in the book and not even the likes of Chen can face them without having a small problem or two. It is believed that, with enough time, they can cast spells that directly purge the souls of the innocent and use said souls to boost themselves. The largest Satyr tribe is near the Alpha Wolf territory. Once you get rid of them, Hope will be able to grow without being constantly attacked by them. Not all of them require sorcery to cause chaos, some of their members use brute strenght instead. Mages, swordsmen, a group if possible, all of them must be experienced. Lord Chen shall reward you with 1 000 000 jewels.

Another jobs. Easier ones:

“Help needed. A ogre family refuses to get off my lawn. I’m not sure what they want exactly but they have been living near my house for days. Saddly, Hope’ rules allow ogres to stay and there is practically nothing I can do about them. Will give any amount of jewels, just get rid of them please. Should be noted that the ogre leader looks aggresive and his sons are quite bulky. A friend of mine says that ogres like apples but I don’t know, just help me.”

@Lancer heterosexual and no homo adventure
Kunkka died or something. I don’t know anymore. I am just tired of fighting by lords of magic and their shit. Kunkka and his ship dissapeared in thin air and the heroes (or guys we call heroes) are now in a Siren Island. Boobs and shit. Do whatever you want while you wait for another ship to arrive. Natsu, Zarathh, feel free to bring a pirate from Blazblue or Touhuo, those series are so bloody weird I bet you have someone with a ship. Can’t blame them, ships are awesome.

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Nov 23, 2013 at 09:18PM EST


Yuri realizes what Hakumen was talking about

Yuri: “Oh, you mean this?”

Abyssion.. a Fell Arm.

Yuri: “Yeah, it’s power gets increasingly more amazing the more it kills. Though we have kinda limited it’s use because of that.”

Flynn: “You are saying there are more of these? Oh no… even after all the time we spent trying to keep them out of the wrong hands…”

@Tardises Group:

Karol: “He does look tough, though as long as we strategize and work together we can pretty much take Anyone down! Right Yuri?”

Yuri: “At least that’s been the case thus far. Either that or abusing Limit Bottles.”

@Erza & Juvai:

Raven: “Oh why hello there. Out of all the beautiful faces I have seen here, you two marvelous ladies certainly take the cake.”

Behind Raven, the rest of Vesperia cringe as they know what will happen next to the poor chap.


Duke: “Well met, Jubei. You may refer to me as Duke. And even if they aren’t there, if it’s the middle I can most likely take the time to seek them out indirectly from that spot.”

@Guild Hall:

Reimu and Marisa return to the hall and go straight for the board…

Marisa: “There is so little to do on here… too much competition.”

Reimu: “Stronger ones are more intelligent. They are probably still trying to get their bearings regarding the planetary teleportation.”

They keep looking…

Reimu: “Marisa… I have an idea.”

Reimu pulls Marisa away so they can go talk in private.


8 cities are teleporting in. The process will take an in-game half hour.

Nov 23, 2013 at 09:22PM EST

Spear fishing, ancient method of fishing used by different societies around the globe for centuries. Even the earliest civilizations were familiar with the custom of spearing fish from rivers and streams using sharpened sticks. Jumping to the dephts of the sea, let the water absorb you and quickly look around you. Spot the prey, the biggest of his kind and a proud member of his specie. Quickly swim towards him, use the full strenght of your legs, don’t stop until your spear pierces the ribcage of this poor animal. Azwraith sits on the end of the dock, holding a large spear with both of his hands and slowly closing his eyes. A soft wind touches his hair as he hears he calm sound of the sea, waves hitting rocks, dead silence. “What brought me to such a place?” is the only phrase going around this peculiar fisherman. In a few minutes, he gained the trust and friendship of fellow fishermen in the dock after defeating a wild Alpha Wolf. They explained him, they told him everything they knew but Azwraith is still in the middle of nowhere. His left ear twitches, the calm of the sea is interrupted, he opens his eyes instantly and then he quickly jumps into the water. Seconds of chasing, his poor prey never stood a chance. Cheering and clapping from nearby fishermen as Azwraith puts his prey, an enourmous fish, inside a bucket along with his brothers and sisters who are died in the same way.
Chaos inmediatly ruins the joy of fishing. Azwraith and the fishermen next to him are able to see a large group of people running away from the dock. Several ships are destroyed by the unstoppable rage of a giant troll. Several shamans are seen, stealing fish and food along with anything they can find. The fishermen run away and quickly get inside a boat. Azwraith just stands between them and the troll. He can smell the disgusting smell of rotten eggs and meat coming from the mouth of this vile beast. The fishermen desperatly yell at Azwraith, telling him to quickly get in the damn boat before the beast kills him. Azwraith slowly turns around to face the eyes of the fishermen..
Azwraith: Do not worry, stay calm and leave this dock inmediatly. We shall take care of him.

We march.

Well, everyone should be able to notice the huge chaos going in the dock and in buildings around them. This should be somewhat normal for you guys since trolls and ogres tend to invade the city just to steal food or resources. The group of trolls in Magnolia is different, they are actually organized and Its not a single fool stealing but a whole family. Probably, half of the troll tribe arrived, who knows?

Nov 23, 2013 at 10:11PM EST

Before the shit goes down.


All of the sudden, the connection is cut short again by Kokonoe.
Kokonoe: Time’s up, kid! Go get us some damn jobs, will ya?

Makoto: But-

Kokonoe: I don’t want to hear it. Now scram!
Kokonoe teleports Makoto out of the virtual reality room and back to the Guild Hall.

@Guild Hall,

One of Hakumen’s eyes look at Natsu.
Hakumen: You are in no position to know about what I do with my spoils.
He then turns his head to Erza to answer her question.
Hakumen: This monster was no match for the likes of me…


And then Makoto is teleported right in front of Juvia and Erza. She was flailing her arms like a madman and just hits the floor with a thud.
Makoto: Owwie.
She slowly gets up from the ground.

@Tim and Laika,

The cat jumps off of the trash can and leisurely strolls over to Tim, rubbing its face against his legs and purring.


Ragna finishes sorting through his pile of jobs that Mirajane gave him.
Ragna: You’d think some of these people would learn how to write better…
He holds up the request about the apples like it was some sort of disease-ridden tissue or something.
Ragna: You seen that spear-fisher down by the docks lately? The guy was pretty good, I’ll give him that.

@Epic Adventure,

Lancer’s luck has failed him once again… Stranded in the ocean with absolutely jack all to do with a brain-dead crew except for a dog. It’s like they all went into a comatose and suddenly woke up after they were struck by lightning.
Lancer: Come on, doggy. We’re getting that treasure no matter what happens!
Lancer grabs Chibi and begins to swim towards the island, letting Chibi ride on his back like he was piloting the spear-man.

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Nov 23, 2013 at 11:16PM EST

OOC: That reminds me, Azwraith arrived to Magnolia a few days ago so almost everyone should know Azwraith as the “cat thing who is a pretty good spearfisher”

Also becouse of his grumpy angry cat face

Nov 23, 2013 at 11:24PM EST

Tim: “H-h-hehe…c-cat’s following m-m-me…”
Laika: “Eyes forward, Tim, focus…”
Tim: “Er..o-okay..”
Tims head is turning into a ice cube right now, he’s finding it hard to stay concious let alone pet a the cat

They arrive at Bangs structure and gaze at whatever it is…

Nov 24, 2013 at 08:27AM EST

OOC @Spark: …Is it me or does that new introduction look somewhat familiar?

@epic adventure
Kongspire just washed up on the island. He is lucky he was wearing his elemental resistant stuff, because it is lightweight. He would have sunk like a rock were he wearing his shadow resistant stuff.

Kongspire: …Where is this place? And what kind of place even is it?

You don’t find typical islands on Cradle. The whole planet is made of clockwork, after all. The only ‘islands’ are actually floating in midair, which this one clearly isn’t!

Kongspire: At least it looks like somewhere that can be explored… I think I’d best take the Prismatech just to be sure.

Kongspire quickly changes his loadout. His primary weapon right now is a dark purple blade with two glowing parts near the tip, known as the Silent Nightblade, a small gun that has chambers containing some sort of fluid, the Prismatech Alchemer MKII. He is actually quite a passable gunner against things that don’t evade projectiles. The gun deals elemental type damage. His shield is still the Barbarous Thorn Shield, but his helmet and armour are different. His helmet looks like some sort of dark orange wolf head, the Dusker Cap, and his armour is a blue gelatinous mass, the Brute Jelly Mail. The helmet and armour resist piercing attacks.

Kongspire: Right, time to see how I can handle things in unknown territory alone.

Upon saying this, the Spiral Knight heads off inland.

(OOC: He is leaving footprints should Lancer wish to follow (and… Chibiterasu, was it? The dog/wolf thing, basically.)

@Team Brave

Noctan: You lot haven’t seen him fight… I honestly doubt you’d stand a chance.

@everyone in the guild hall

Solarian: I have just one question right now. Do you have any idea who has been building these?

He indicates the Temperance heads.

Solarian: Because someone clearly is. In our experience, monsters tend to dissipate back into the miasma they come from upon being killed. Yet these things have not. Meaning someone is clearly building them, as we know these to be rather mechanical in nature.

(OOC: Seriously, how has no one noticed the strange woodlike heads?)

Nov 24, 2013 at 01:26PM EST


Natsu: Jeez, I was just asking man. No need to be offended by it.

Erza: It’s okay Natsu. So, what will you do now? Do you want to go on another request?


Mirajane finishes sorting through the piles and puts them together in one pile for the request board.

Mirajane: Thanks for the help, it means a lot. When he mentions Lancer the fisherman. Oh yeah, I saw him a few time when visiting the docks for resupplying the kitchen for the guild.His name is Azwraith, he was nice to me and he got some of the best fish for us. She makes her way to the board with him to help pin up the new batch of job requests from the knights of the fold.

@Raven and Vesperia, and Makoto.

Juvia blushes a bit as she is also a bit turned off by his sidden hitting on her. But Erza however….

The feeling of fear and regret suddenly surge all through Ravens body as he suddenly feels the need to slowly go to the ground in fetal position out of fear, without saying a word.

Lucy: Just a warning to all of you. Don’t ever hit on Erza.

Gray: Tah, or you will end up like your friend down there. Pointing to Raven who is on the ground in fear due to the fact that Erza could have beaten the holy hell out of him with her fists.

Natsu: Usually she would have already already sent him flying through the roof of the guild. But she is tryig her best to hold in her rage.

Happy: considering what happened with Kokonoe last week. Chuckles a bit about it before Erza back hands Happy into the wall with an armoured hand, making the fear spread out more.

Makoto drops in.

Lucy: Hey there Makoto, how did you suddenly drop by.

Juvia: Kokonoe must have kicked her out of the lab, again.

Natsu: Jeez, what is up with her. She really needs to get out more.

@Solarain and the Temperance heads. (EDIT)

Natsu looks up at them as well as the others.

Natsu: I dont know who made those exactly. I just thought they were things to decorate the guild hall with. Gramps does have a weird taste when it comes to these kinds of things.

Gray, No kidding. Well, I havew no idea who or where they came from, so your guess is as good as ours Solaran.
@Phantom lancer and guild hall.

Suddenly people inside the hall hear some ruckus going on in the distance, near the harbor.

Some of the dragonslayers heightened hearing picks up on it very well.

Wendy: Natsu, guys, Somethings going on in the harbor.

Natsu: I hear it too.

Lucy: What is it?

Natsu: Something bad.

Erza: Whatever it it, we need to go now.


Happy, Wendy, Gray, Carla, Lucy, and Erza after invoking a nightmare into Ravens soul, all follow Natsu to the harbour in a haste.

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Nov 24, 2013 at 02:30PM EST

The Order mages notice the group leaving..

Solarian: I think some of us should accompany them.

Noctan: But who?

Tempestia: I’mm go, anyone else coming?

Ignis: Sure, why not?

Tahrdan: …I’ll go to keep an eye on him.

With that last line Ignis, Tahrdan and Tempestia also head off towards the harbour, following the others. The other 6 Order mages just stay behind with the Temperance heads.

Nov 24, 2013 at 02:36PM EST

OOC: I probably won’t be able to post at all today… Maybe not all this week. I have a book to read for my American History class that is due in around 2-3 weeks. I’ve procrastinated all this time thanks to this thread, but this is a really big chunk of my grade here… So yeah. Don’t expect a lot from me this week, if anything at all. My brain will most likely be fried by the time I finish reading for the day. I’m just letting you guys know in advance.

Nov 24, 2013 at 03:24PM EST

Meanwhile, in orbit above Charity…

Dr. Eggman and Snively remain in the command room of the Final Egg while the Hero of Mobius and Knuckles are bound and shielded, unconscious, in the same room. Robotnik sits in the command chair, legs crossed and hands folded, surveying the planet in the same manner that a man would look over a plot of land he just bought to build a house on.

Robotnik: Give me a status report.

Snively: The Egg Robo unit currently in charge of the ground fleet reports what could possibly be several small settlements, but he hasn’t detected any major forces yet. Then again, he hasn’t had much time search the planet, and the whole world is foreign to us, now that it’s been completely remade, sir.

Robotnik dismisses the remark with a wave of his hand.

Robotnik: Hardly an issue. Once I get down there and establish a settlement, things will progress much more quickly. What about the planet’s surface?

Snively: The whole planet seems to be divided into two hemispheres. The upper hemisphere contains a far greater amount of biomass and has better weather conditions. I believe it would be preferable for establishing a settlement.

Robotnik: I’ll decide that, Snively. What about the lower half?

Snively: Well, sir, the lower half seems to be largely barren, and the weather is much less docile than in the upper half.

Robotnik: Hm… and resources?

Snively: We’re not sure yet, sir.

Robotnik: Give the order to descend. We’ll meet up with the Egg Fleet and I’ll decide what we do from there.

Snively: Yes, sir.

Robotnik hears stirring behind him.

Robotnik: I believe our guest is waking up, Snively.

Sonic opens his eyes, and everything comes into focus slowly. He comes face-to-face with his archnemesis.

Sonic: Eggman…

Robotnik: That’s right, rodent. It’s me, you’re old enemy.

Tell me… to what do you owe the honor of boarding my ship without permission?

Sonic: Don’t flatter yourself, Robuttnik. I came here to get back the Emeralds you stole. The less time I have to spend staring at your ugly face, the better.

Robotnik: Oh, my dear rodent, compliments won’t save you now! Alas, you have a very short amount of time left amongst the living. Or, to be more specific, the organic.

Sonic: You can’t scare me with your roboticizer, Eggface!

Robotnik: Oh, but it should. After all, once I’ve roboticized you, you’ll be my slave, performing every task I give you with great fervor.

Sonic: Come to think of it, I am getting a little chilled. But not as chilled as you’re gonna’ be when I bust outta’ here and kick your butt!

Robotnik: OH HO HO HO HO!!! And just how do you plan on doing that, rodent?

Sonic: I’ll find a way. Can’t be that hard, seeing as I always beat you in the end.

Robotnik could feel himself growing angry. If he were still organic, his face would likely be red, reflecting his seething hatred of the blue nuisance.


Sonic: *yawn* Yeah, yeah, yeah. Say why don’t you go ahead and let me outta’ here so we can get to the part where I take back the Emeralds and you start throwing a hissy-fit, as usual.

Eggman straightens his posture, and merely shrugs Sonic off.

Robotnik: You won’t best me this time Sonic.

Robotnik turns away from Sonic, and smiles to himself.

Robotnik: You know… I always imagined our confrontation after all of this time to be spectacular. A finale which history would regard as the greatest moment of all time… the turning point for the Eggman Empire! The day the Great Dr. Robotnik vanquished his greatest enemy in the most heated battle the world has ever known!

But… it wasn’t. It was too easy to defeat you. And it seems I was wrong. Rather than being my greatest enemy, you were…

Robotnik turns back to Sonic, grinning maliciously.

Robotnik: Pathetic!

Sonic: You might have gotten lucky this time, Robotnik, but I’m gonna’ bust outta’ here, just you wait! And then you’ll be sorry you took the Master Emerald and made Angel Island crash into the sea!

Robotnik merely smiles, feeling victorious in this conversation.

Robotnik: I believe that’s Knuckles’ department. And that’s no matter. You’ll both be my slaves soon enough.

Snively: Sir, we’ve arrived at the destination point.

Robotnik: Good! Now I can begin searching for a location suitable for settlement!

Robotnik addresses his “guest” once more.

Robotnik: Don’t worry, rodent. Once I establish my new capital city, you can consider yourself roboticized…

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Nov 24, 2013 at 04:45PM EST

@Before the commotion
Red makes a note of the handwriting on the wanted poster for Enchantress, since they seem to be bad news.
@After the commotion
Red decides to follow the group to the harbor, as his knack for being remarkably unproductive during the week he’s been at Fairy Tail is starting to get on his nerves. Not knowing what to expect, he casts defensive buffs on himself in case whatever they find is hostile

Nov 24, 2013 at 05:13PM EST

Falcon is obviously dismayed at Kokonoe booting Makoto out of the system, but he really doesn’t care.
Falcon: Now, I can crack this…
Falcon begins modifying the game itself, trying to create a whole new experience for anyone who gets on.

@ Job Board:
Ken takes a look at the job board, and spots the Centaur request. Ken had managed to make a living for himself, having gained quite the impressive amount of Jewels. Not as impressive as Hakumen, but still impressive. H takes the request in his hands.
Ken: Hmph. This sounds like a challenge.
He heads off.

Josuke notices the requests revolving around the Ogre.
Josuke: Who should I help?

Jotaro: I think they are related. Take both of them. Whichever party insults your hair first gets their request dropped.
Josuke: That’s actually a good idea.
Josuke heads off, leaving with two requests, but planning to only fufill one.

@Davinci’s Painting
Doomguy had been wandering around, and stumbles upon Davinci’s painting, with Joseph just looking at it. Doomguy approaches him.
Doomguy: What’cha doing?

Joseph: Just looking at this shitty painting.
Doomguy: True Dat. I mean, I might have enjoyed it if the subject were a different person, but that horse-lady? Really? I mean, he could have picked a better subject.
Joseph: Wanna get out of here?
Doomguy: Yeah, I don’t feel like committing horrible atrocities against this painting right now.
Joseph and Doomguy leave to go do other things.

@Lancer’s Epic Adventure:
A man washes up on the island. Upon close inspection, the man has spiky black hair, blue eyes, sunglasses with yellow-orange lenses, a red jacket, a t-shirt with some loli chicks on it, some jeans, and red and white shoes. You should also notice a bunch of what looks like Lightsabers if anyone’s encountered those hitched to his belt.

Nov 24, 2013 at 09:49PM EST

What it used to be a peaceful place to fish is now chaos and madness thanks to the troll tribe. They are everywhere, with different sizes and faces, stealing and eating everything the can find. A huge troll inmediatly notices Happy, Wendy, Gray, Carla, Lucy, and Erza. He quickly emits the troll “bro” call, a huge roar with random gibberish such as “HUEHUEHUAAAAA”. Small trolls, healers and shamans quickly jmup out of the shadows. The biggest troll shaman orders the rest of his fellow shamans to retreat, however he allows one of them to stay. The huge troll slowly listens to the shaman orders and then he quickly kills the small shaman with a single hit from his mace. The troll shaman uses the corpse of his friend as a sacrifice to the lord of the Troll, using basic necromancy and raising a few skeletons from the grave. 4 tough skeletons, all of them are using swords, they are not that skilled but they can’t feel pain and such. A huge troll leads the group of skeletons, the shaman stays behind and the rest of the trolls just silently watch, eating fish meanwhile.

@Ragna and Mirajane
Enchantress: And its done! You see..before leaving I noticed how much you loved the dishes made by that funny mustache friend of yours so I asked him if he could teach me a thing or two! So..I made something special for both of you..Maybe Its not the kind of dish you expect but It’s my first time so feedbacks are welcomed! I present you my first apple pie! I gathered the apples this morning and I made the whole pie with the centaurs. Speaking of centaurs, I asked Tom to bring some fish for you Lisanna, he should arrive in any moment.

Kitchen’ doors open. Yet another creature from the forest who constantly follows Enchantress, a centaur in this case, steps in and quiclly greets everyone. He is known as Tartarus but Enchantress calls him “Tom”. Tom always arrives in the morning to pick up bottles of water, milk or anything that the Fairy Tail may offer. Enchantress has the strange habit to constantly “dress” Tom, forcing him to wear hats and ridiculous outfits she thinks they look cute on him. Despite all of this, Tom always helps Enchantress. Just like every centaur, he hates wolves with passion and he is disgusted by magic itself.

Tom: My dear Enchantress, I thought we have already discussed about this ridiculous name you-
Enchantress: Apple pie! Who wanted some apple pie!

At the end, everyone gets a piece of this delicious looking apple pie. Everyone is anxious and they can’t wait anymore. Ragna is the first one to notice Tom’ face of horror, the centaur is staring at the piece of pie the same way a veteran stares at the battlefield covered in blood. Tom just keeps staring at his piece of pie as if it was cursed or the devil himself made it. Saddly, when Enchantress asks him “Are you okay?” the centaur’ face instantly changes to pure happiness as if he was hit by a rainbow or something.

Enchantress: Well lets eat!

You take a big bite of the damn apple pie, everyone does, nobody is safe. And by the omniscience, by the lord of this dimensions, by the god of all the gods and by the entity that shall end this existance, the pie tastes like a rotten egg who just got hit by a car twice and that now is currently lying next to a dead dog. This is beyond evil, this is pure destruction of your tongue, from this day everything will taste better, from this day you will not allow Enchantress to make more apple pies. Tom is literally crying as he tries to digest the piece of cake while Enchantress is happily eating. You want to scream in horror, vomit your lungs out of your system and spit everything you have in your mouth but that damn lady’ smile won’t let you. Everyone knows how overdramatic she can be and you know what would happen if you say such a thing. Lord, the pie’ taste gets worst as you try to digest it.

Enchantress: What do you think? I think it needs a small touch of orange juice, I’m not so sure..what do you think Tom? Isn’t this pie the most delicious thing you have ever tasted?

The centaur makes the most forced smile that the world has ever seen. He looks like a corpse that just arrived from the deepest places of the Outworld.

Tom: This is truly…the thing..ever…I swear for my kind…

@Kenshiro and JoJos
The Arena of the Warruner is at the south of the Centaur tribe, near Hope and the Troll tribe.
The Ogre requests: The ogre family is in the east of Hope, the apple grabbing adventure is in the EDGE of the Alpha Wolf tribe.
All of these jobs are located in places far faaar way from Fiore so I suggest you get food and supplies. It would be wise to get someone who knows how to travel in the dephts of the forest without getting lost. Jungles are also filled with creatures of all kinds.

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Nov 24, 2013 at 10:02PM EST


Ignis, Tahrdan and Tempestia arrive, and see the trolls and undead.

Ignis: I don’t see much of a challenge here…

He intends to smash the skeletons with his hammer, of course. Said hammer appears.

Tempestia: Destroy them as quickly as possible, then go for the others.

Wasting no time, Tempestia casts Agility Boost on Ignis as she says this.

Tahrdan: I… guess I’ll help the fishermen, then.

The aquamancer proceeds to head towards the fishermen. OYH appears behind him, so that if anything were to try and ambush him, it would not be as effective.

@the pies

The other 6 Order mages quickly regret not going themselves to see what was going on at the docks… they in fact think they might have been poisoned. They know what to do about this. ‘Mental note; cast Cleansing Foam as soon as Enchantress is in a different room to us.’ A poison curing spell sure is useful at times. They also try to subtly indicate to the others that they are willing to cast Cleansing Foam on them should they need to be healed of any poisoning.

Nov 25, 2013 at 01:27PM EST

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