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Kiritsugu: “Hm… alright. Is there any way of contacting them?”

Maiya remains quiet in the corner

Saber and Iresveil@Bang:

With a pair of “Uah!”s they are lifted and carried in whatever careful ninjay way. Saber protesting the whole time until they arrive.

Duke@Jubei&Harbors Attack:

Duke notices the attack…

Duke: “… no, it doesn’t seem we need to intervene with this one.”


Karol: “I guess we have the same advantage here! He hasn’t seen any of us fight either!”

Flynn: “Yeah… about that. I think he saw us fight the man in the red trenchcoat over there.”

He points at Ragna


Raven is indeed forced to his knees, but his usual reaction to stress overrides any fear he has and he grabs his heart.

Raven: “Cold Look eh, you are far too cruel.”

He looked like he was in pain.


Raven: "Whoah! Teleporting Sq-

Then he gets a glance at her front side

Raven can’t even talk. He might as well have gone to heaven.

Team Archer@Trolls at the Docks:

Maribel and Renko are hiding behind a couple of crates frozen in fear, leaving Archer to defend them.

Archer: “Necromancy… this can certainly get out of hand.”

Had anyone been looking, he seemed to sort of “Summon” those daggers.


The cities of Zaphias and Aspio teleport in. Aspio hidden underground. Two more cities are on the way.

@Lancers Disheartening Adventure:

Heartbroken from being thrown overboard by the Captain, Chibi sadly rides Lancer to shore, hopping off as they reach it.

Holy Damn this place is beautiful. Eight Seconds in this certainly makes the hell they had to go though worth the weight.

Chibi goes to bark at Travis until he wakes up, and Lancer better check to see if he still has that map.

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Nov 25, 2013 at 05:02PM EST

That shaman looks deadly, if we kill his pals he’ll just turn ’em into ghouls.
Red casts Fira on the group of skeletons: Assuming none of them dodge it will hit all 4, and probably kill the ones it does hit.

EDIT: Fira is an area-of effect fire spell that deals moderate fire elemental damage.

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Nov 25, 2013 at 05:11PM EST

OOC: Will you give a short description of your powers? I can’t remember anymore guys..You are all like Marvel VS Capcom characters to me..though MvC characters have awesome abilities’ names like GET READY, MAXIMUM SPIDEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR

Seriously now Crona, I have no idea what “Fira” is.

Nov 25, 2013 at 05:17PM EST

Edit@Pie(Because SOMEBODY failed to remind me):

Yuri, Flynn, Raven, Rita, Estelle, Karol, Judith, Repede, Kiritsugu, and Maiya all try it…

Rita and Karol, being kids and huge sweet tooths are kinda frothing at the mouth and trying to desperately make it to the toilet.

Repede, being a Dog, just spits it out, then proceeds to go find a shoe to vomit in.

Yuri, Estelle, Flynn, Judith, Kiritsugu, and Maiya try to be polite and swallow it, but it would honestly be easier to swallow a fistful of nails at this point.

Raven eats it… keeping on his poker face

Raven: “Why thank you darling! This is by far- th-e greates- pie- I”

His stomach makes a very loud whining sound as he makes a mad dash to the bathroom as well.

Within minutes everyone is writhing on the floor.

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When Enchantress comes in with Tom, Ragna just raises an eyebrow at the centaur wearing a top hat named Tom.
Ragna: Is that centaur wearing a…?
Ragna realizes what he just said. He’s talking about freaking centaurs waring top hats right now. What next?
Ragna: … I won’t even bother questioning this shit anymore.
He mumbles this to himself, but then gets a glimpse at Tom’s face that is filled with horror from the waiting slice of apple pie on his plate. Taking a look at his own plate, he sees nothing wrong with it.
Ragna: Eh?
When Enchantress says “Let’s eat!”, Ragna is none-the-wiser. He grabs a piece of the pie and bites down on it.

He immediately regrets his decision.
Ragna: GAAAAH!
He starts to choke up and vomit, even with Enchantress right there like he was just poisoned or something. He falls to the floor, nearly unconscious.

And every single one of my characters at the guild hall fall trap to the pie as well… They paid no attention to Ragna on the ground covered in his own vomit. Makoto tried some and also regretted it. As soon as Tao got up from her nap, she rushed to the guild hall and immediately got some of the pie. Tager returned from his mission and was sidetracked saying that he just wanted a little. Jin returned from his job with intent on eating the whole of that pie… Hell, even Rachel and her familiars came by for a taste. Who doesn’t like pie? Saya tried some and flung herself straight into a wall. Tager fell over with a hand sticking up to the sky, begging for mercy. Not even Hakumen was safe from the pie. He absorbed a piece through his armor with pure willpower and fell over on the ground instantaneously.

Carl is the last one to stroll into the guild hall, being accompanied by Nirvana. When he sees the sight before him, he looks stunned as he stands there.
Carl: Um… Is everything okay here?

Nirvana even manages to look surprised at what all had happened here…

@Saber and Irisviel,

Bang and his ninja subordinates arrive to the warehouse courtesy of directions from Irisviel and set the two of them down

@Tim and Laika,

Before your eyes you see what appears to be a Chinese restaurant that was just renovated. The “Open” sign was just turned and it has a very hefty aroma of Chinese goodness coming from inside of it. It’s certainly better than that god-awful pie at the guild hall.

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Doomguy wanders into the apple pie room.
Doomguy: Huh. Pie.
He looks at all the people on the ground
Doomguy: Fucking worth it.
He pulls up a chair, cuts a slice, opens up a little compartment in his helmet, and begins eating. Somehow, someway, he manages to stomach it. I guess all those years of drinking the Potato mash hardened his stomach to a point where only something equivalent to hellfire itself could put him down.
Doomguy:… You could have done better, but it wasn’t half bad. Now, if you’ll excuse me…
…But not even he was truly immune to the pie. There is a deep rumbling in his stomach.
Doomguy: Well, that just about signifies that I might just be meeting the fate of these brave men and women. So long.
Doomguy leaves the area.

Ken needs no guides, him managing to pass through the forest easily. The trip will take about a couple days to a week though.

Josuke paid for the services of a good guide, and is heading to the problems now. It will take him a few days to reach Hope, and a few more days to get to the other place.

Doomguy stumbles along, and Jotaro spots him.
Jotaro: What’s wrong?
Doomguy: Bad pie.
Jotaro: Come with me. I know a guy that could solve your problems.
They both head off to this mystery man.

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Nov 25, 2013 at 07:25PM EST

Kenshiro gets lost in the forest. You just arrived to Charity, there is no way you know your way in the dephts of these jungles. Saddly, Kenshiro interrupts the dreams of a sleepy Thunderhide, one of the most powerful creatures of the entire forest. The creature inmediatly spots Kenshiro and quickly charges at him, ready to hit him with his enourmous horns.

Nov 25, 2013 at 07:49PM EST

Ken takes notice of the Thunderhide pretty quickly.
Ken: Huh, one of the strange beasts of this world.
When the Thunderhide gets close to Ken, Ken jumps into the air, and lands on the Thunderhide’s back. Ken grabs onto it and begins beating the thunderhide.

OOC: Ken’s grip is literally unmeasurable, and he can punch through a 5 m thick boulder.

Nov 25, 2013 at 08:21PM EST

OOC: Thunderhide’ skin is so bloody hard the monster actually uses his own body as a weapon. Dinasours had a really strong skin, very hard to cut or to pierce so I’m afraid you are not getting some sort of advantage here.

The creature merely shakes around, quickly getting rid of Kenshiro. The beast emits a huge roar as he fills himself with energy. The Thunderhide attacks Kenshiro with his spiked tail, think of it as the tail that Stegosaurus had. Something like this:

Nov 25, 2013 at 08:28PM EST


Mirajane, Lisanna, and Juvia are the ones to try the pie as well. They immediately feel the horribleness the moment they bite into it. It gets worse and worse as they chew. they almost have tears in their eyes, but due to Mirajane and Lisannas happy nature, they cant say anything bad without hurting her feelings.

Lisanna: This pie is…. pretty good….. eh sis…. Her eyes scream “kill me now” as she reaches to grab Ragnas Azure arm, knowing full well what it does. This pie is so good that I want it to be the last thing I taste. Kill me now is ewritten all over her face.

Juvia is in full blown tears after one bite and is on the floor sobbing in stomach pain.


Mirajane is biting down on her lip to hold in every ounce of the god awful taste. After eating one bite and going for the next one, she tries everything she can to resist it, but after so long, she bited through some of her skin and it causes to bleed a bit. Mirajane is a very tolerant person and is always kind hearted, but this pie could even break the will of somebody like hers. The moment she tastes a bit of her blood in her mouth, she snaps out of the hypnotic spell of Enchantresses everloving kindness in realization of the truth about the pie as she pushes it away, spits it out and cries on the ground.

Mirajane: Oh god Enchantress, I’m trully sorry to say this, I am, but that was the worst thing we have ever tasted. She sobs over not only how bad the pie was, but also the fact of having to tell the truth to her as well.

Her saying that should also snap everyone out of it too to realize the awfulness of it.

Mirajane: Enchantress, for the well being of our friends and loved ones, for their sake, don’t use the kitchen ever again, unless you get proper help. It was that bad.

Makarov looks by at the sudden chaos.

Makarov: Oh dear. another mess on our hands to deal with.


The others arrive at the docks to see the trolls and skeletons on it. People are taking cover insode various sized boats and ships that are keeping them safe for now, but they are surrounded by trolls. Theo one thing they notice most of all is the skeletons being raised by the troll shaman.

Lucy: What the hell kind of magic is that?

Erza: Necromanccy. To raise the dead is an abomination of all dark magic.

Gray: Well it doesn’t matter how many they got.

Natsu: Cuz were all gonna take them down. Nobody gets away with messing with our city.

Wendy: I’ll go help the people out at the boats and ships.

Lucy: I’ll go with you Wendy, you three take care of these freaks.

Natsus fists light up in flames.

Natsu: You freaks picked the wrong town to attack, cuz now your dealing with Fairy Tail.

Gray: Just shut up and get them.

With that, Lucy, Wendy, and carla go out to rescue the people taking refuge from the trolls while Erza, Natsu, and Gray take on the trolls and their undead soldiers.

@Red and everyone at docks.

Throughout all of the week, you guys already know what most of the members magic powers and abilities are.

You know that Natsu Dragneel is a Fire Dragon Slayer who uses a lot of fire magic mixed with Martial prowess and is completely immune to all fire and heat based attacks..

Natsu Charges forward at the nearest Troll with one of his attacks.


Gray is an ice wizard who practices a style of magic called ’Maker Magic" which with the element of ice, creates various objects to attack with as well as being immune to the cold.

Gray prepares himself in his stance to cast his Ice Maker magic.

Gray: Ice Make: Lance!

Gray shoots out a barrage of ice blades towards a group of Trolls in the distance trying to attack the group.

Erza Scarlet practices a special form of Requip magic, the ability to not only justswap out weapons to fight with, but also armours which grant her many different abilities based on them.

Her armour glows with magical energy as she begins to requip into another suit of armour.


After a quick flash of light she Requips into a suit of armour called “Heavens Wheel” armour. This armour allows her to fly, but also to summon swords and various weapons by her side to attack with. Archer should take great interest in this suite.

She summons dozens of swords by her side and sends them flying out towards the troll shaman and skeletons as she flies in to them for combat.

Lucy Heartfillia is a Celesial spirit wizard who use gate keys to summon spirits from the celesial spirit world by her side to fight for her. She owns ten of the 12 celesial spirits of the zodiaz, which are the rarest of all the keys and most powerful of them all.

She pulls out one of the golden gate keys and summons out one of her spirits.


Through a magic circle from the ground, a giant brutish figure appears while shouting out a might MOOOOOOOOO. Wielding a giant double bladed axe, Taurus.

Lucy: Go get those trolls Taurus.

Taurus: Anything for you and your smokin hot body Lucy.

He is also a pervert attracted to Lucy.

Wendy is a Sky Dragon Slayer. Her magic, though not as offensive or powerful as the other dragonslayers are, her magic is more of a support role that can be used to heal people from injuries or ailments or to cast magical buffs on allies for either magic power, Heightened speed, or greater strength.

Creating a magic circle of the Sky dragon, she casts an augment spell on all of the Fairy Tail Wizards, including Red since he is one as well. Every one of them have increased magic powers, increasing the strength of their spells they use.

Wendy: I will provide support, you take care of these guys.

Lucy: Red, make sure to cover Wendy, in case she needs it okay?

With that, everyone begins their fight with the troll raiders.

Nov 25, 2013 at 08:31PM EST

Double Spark wrote:

OOC: Thunderhide’ skin is so bloody hard the monster actually uses his own body as a weapon. Dinasours had a really strong skin, very hard to cut or to pierce so I’m afraid you are not getting some sort of advantage here.

The creature merely shakes around, quickly getting rid of Kenshiro. The beast emits a huge roar as he fills himself with energy. The Thunderhide attacks Kenshiro with his spiked tail, think of it as the tail that Stegosaurus had. Something like this:

*The tail bats Ken somewhat far. Ken just gets up from the hit, having been injured slightly. Ken just jumps up in the air, and sticks his hands down. Suddenly, 7 energy pillars arranged in the shape of the seven stars of the big dipper can be seen, and they damage the Thunderhide. The pillars comverge into one big pillar, and damage the Thunderhide greatly, but not enough for it to be killed.

Nov 25, 2013 at 08:59PM EST

@Guild hall,

Now is the perfect time to strike… Phantom had been on look-out for the entire week that the heroes had been doing job requests. Finally, everyone is sick and the only functioning ones are out fighting the trolls. How delightful.
Hazama and Kusanagi teleport to the front of the Guild Hall with the assistance of Phantom.
He has bright green hair and an ever-present smile with his eyes closed. He wears a simple black suit with a white shirt underneath, short brown gloves, and brown steel-toed shoes. He dons a pair of black trousers held up by two brown belts. He completes the outfit with a black fedora hat to close the shady visage. With a single hand upon his hat, he looks at the front doors of the guild hall.

Hazama: Well this is the place.
He then suddenly smells the aroma of something delicious… The apple pie made by Enchantress.
Hazama: That smell… That is the aroma of ambrosia made for the gods. Come on, you pathetic doll.

The female standing beside him has an outfit that is similar to Nu’s, but with a more elaborate and advanced design, featuring lights, thigh-high toeless socks, and blue nail polish on her hands and feet. She wears an armored headplate featuring long horns like Hakumen’s. She also has a pair of soulless, deep blue eyes.

Kusanagi: …

Hazama enters the guild hall with an insane amount of swagger and immediately goes over to Enchantress’s apple pie while everyone else is on the floor in pain and agony. His smile gets slightly bigger as he sees the despair and torture of everyone in the guild hall.
Hazama: This pie smells delightful!
He pulls up a chair and grabs a plate, cutting himself a piece with a knife and beginning to eat the spawn of hell known as " a slice of Enchantress’s apple pie". Hazama cuts a piece with a knife and fork and puts it in his mouth… He chews it and swallows it whole.

Hazama: This is the best pie I have ever tasted!
The following scene looks like this with Hazama sitting there and enjoying his slice of pie.

He finds nothing wrong with the god-awful “food” whatsoever. It’s mind-fucking to watch him eat this.
Hazama: My compliments to the chef for this wonderful masterpiece of culinary art!
He continues to eat the pie like nothing is wrong. It’s not affecting him in any way at all.

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@Terry (I will make another round of replies tommorow, this is just because I forgot earlier):

The rage hits again. This time visibly causing eevee to flinch

Gary: “Eevee…”

He gets on a massive troll face

Gary: “… Use Growl!”

Eevee gives the most adorable growl you have ever heard

Totodiles Attack goes down

Nov 25, 2013 at 10:38PM EST


Totodile still in a rage, Totodile charges at Eevee one last time

Tch…. Good! This should be the last one!

Nov 25, 2013 at 10:46PM EST

The glorious titan troll puts his brothers behind him and takes ALL THE DAMN SPELLS all over his face at the same time. In a matter of seconds, the big bro troll falls on the ground, a loud “THUD” sound can be heard by anyone close to the port and the rest of his brothers just stare. The shaman merely pulls out a bag with some sort of mystic green dust and throws it at the corpse of his brother. This rare dust instantly heals up the troll who quickly wakes up. His skin doesn’t have a single mark from the power (and vile) sorcery the Fairy Tail and Red used. The troll roars as he starts to fight Taurus with his ridicuously big mace.
Out of nowhere, a small chiby troll throws some sort of bomb at the heroes which explodes instantly, sending all of them in different directions around the dock, except Lucy, Wendy, and Carla who are helping the fishermen.
Anyways, thanks to Natsu, several boats and small buildings were set on fire.
Heres how the trolls divide and conquer:
@Natsu and Red
The trolls with maces and basic hand to hand combat will fight Natsu, Red and Taurus. Some of these trolls are so weak, you can poke them to death..some of these trolls are not that weak and kill rip your throat if you give ’em the chance. Some of them bring maces and giant spears, or they just use their damn fists. Should be noted that the troll “smell” is also a weapon. They are prety disgusting creatures.

@Erza and the rest of you guys
Trolls that know a spell or two fight the rest of the heroes. Particulary Erza who is shiny and blinkin’. Some of them start to cast green ball-like proyectiles. The rest of them are literally THROWING FRICKING FISH AT YOU. The shaman summons another group of skeletons, bigger than the first one. Skeletons are able to jump and reach preys that try to fly away so careful there.

@Lucy, Wendy, and Carla
According to the fishermen, Azwraith is dealing with the whole tribe by himself in the last dock. The leader and the main members of the tribe are fighting Azwraith. Several fishermen are trapped there. A hellbear was seen too…

Thunderhides don’t not feel the effects of most magical spells. However, the powerful energy of the pillar manages to weaken his strong mammoth body. The Thunderhide charges at Kenshiro again.

@Guild Hall
Enchantress is happily eating her piece of pie as everyone smiles just for the sake of smiling, as if they had a loaded gun behind their backs. However, when Rita and Karol run away to the damn bathroom, the fawn centaur starts to wonder if her pie is as delicious as Tom said. And then the puke-fest begins, nobody is safe. Tom just can’t keep smiling and just falls on the ground, unconcious, as Enchantress looks horrified at this freak show.

Enchantress: I’m sorry but I thought I could cook something for you. I’m a bit ignorant with these strange tools you use here and I thought the pie was going to as wonderful as the delicious dishes you cook here! If you don’t like it, I will gladly waste the next moon practi-
The fawn’ heart breaks when Mirajane says the following words which shall leave a huge scar that won’t be easy to heal, not even with the strongest wisps from the woods and not even with the most expensive surgery ever: “For the well being of our friends and loved ones, for their sake, don’t use the kitchen ever again, unless you get proper help. It was that bad.” Her soft lips start to twitch, her blue eyes tear up and she drops her piece of cake. Once again, the charming aura in the place dissapears, as if the happiness of the entire world was inmediatly sucked out by a black void. She quickly hides behind a table, covering her eyes and wiping a few tears with her fingers. However, despite breaking into tears and considering the idea to run way from the Fairy Guild and never come back, Enchantress’ smile gracefully returns again when she hears Hazama complementing her atrocious poor attempt of a pie. She slowly comes out of her hiding spot, peeking out from behind the table, just enough to watch Hazama devouring the cursed apple pie.

Enchantress: I don’t even know you my good friend but you just cheered up the poor heart of this doe! Thank you thank thank you so much!
Says the young fawn centaur as her arms catch Hazama for a endless hug. This has to be the most lovely scene ever: A centaur hugging a villian while both of them are in a kitchen, the floor is covered in pie and vomit, heroes lying everywhere as if they got killed or something and Kusanagi staring in the background and asking to herself “What happened?”.
Enchantress: You must be a friend of Natsu and Ragna! My name is Aiushtha and I’m so glad to meet someone who actually liked my poor pie! I know Its now delicious at all and I’m sure you are trying to not spit it but still, thank you for saying such a words to me!

And then she notices Carl and Nirvana standing near the doors, in the middle of vomit and pie, Carl’ jaw is about drop to the ground.

Enchantress: Its good to see you again Carl! Would you like some of my pie?

Nov 25, 2013 at 10:54PM EST

(too late to edit, but…)

@Guild Hall as Hazama arrives:

Repede just had an excellent stomach contents removal into the ice man strippers shoe, which had been cast aside in the mans latest attempt to strip, and seems quite a bit better now. He goes over to try and lick Yuri back to health, though that fails to have any positive effect. Repede goes for the expendable bag on his harness, trying to pull out the universal antidote medicine he keeps within the satchel to administer first aid, but stops cold upon seeing Hazama strut into the building. Repede immediately takes a battle stance over his master.

And though Hazama’s entire speal, he does not move from that spot. His master is the most important thing in the world as far as he is concerned.

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Nov 25, 2013 at 11:26PM EST


Carl takes a step back when she asks if he wants pie.
Carl: No no. I’m fine. Believe me.
He has both his hands in front of him as he waves them slightly like he was just caught red-handed.
Carl: I just ate. I’m not all that hungry now. Ehehe…
He gave off a nervous laugh.

@Everyone who took a piece of the pie, Makarov, Enchantress, and Repede,

Hazama is interrupted eating his pie by this freak of nature. “What the hell even is this abomination?”, he thinks when he gets hugged by Enchantress.
Hazama: Whoa, whoa!
The green haired man easily breaks free from Enchantress’s hug almost immediately somehow.
Hazama: Careful on the goods there, lady. This is some fine stuff, y’know.
Wiping whatever god-awful diseases and fur that got on his suit off on the ground, Hazama looks at her. She can see that his eyes are closed tightly. It’s a miracle that he can see out of them. When Enchantress asks her question, a smile crosses his face once again and he tips his hat to her.

Hazama: It’s marvelous to see that there’s actually one good chef in the world. I’d be willing to take that pie off your hands.
He reaches for the pie tin, still having half of the hexed pie in there. Grabbing it, he holds it in both hands and it vanishes in a spacial distortion that is caused by Phantom.
Hazama: Your money will be in the mail in about a week. Be sure to watch for it. Hehehe…
And then Makarov comes in… Hazama can sense his magical prowess and telepathically communicates with Phantom to send him another piece of the pie.
Hazama: Here! You need to try this, old man. It’s really good!
He is too fast. Makarov can’t get any complaints out as Hazama force feeds him the pie. He practically shoves the piece down his gullet and watches Makarov drop to the ground like a fly right there.
Hazama: Damn. You’re looking a bit sickly there, old fart. Oh well~.
He looks over to Enchantress again and decides to insult everyone on who is suffering on the floor.
Hazama: I guess these idiotic swamp logs don’t have such a refined pallet for the likes of you, my dear.
When Enchantress gets distracted by Carl, Hazama notices that the stupid mutt just threw up in that boot. He casually walks over to the boot, picks it up, and walks it over to where Ragna is.
Hazama: Hey Rags! What’s up?

He whispers this under his breath so that no one can hear him. While no one is looking. he grabs Ragna by the collar and hoists him up to this height as groaning comes from the Grim Reaper…
Hazama: What’s the matter, Rags?
He then faces Ragna’s body to the side so that Hazama can see the right side of Ragna’s face. What comes next is almost too creepy to describe… Hazama brings Ragna in close and sticks his tongue in Ragna’s ear, twirling it around and making sure to get a good amount of saliva in there for when he wakes up.
Hazama then lays Ragna back down on the ground haphazardly and kicks the boot over onto his hand so it looks like Ragna grabbed Gray’s shoe and threw up in it.
Hazama: All better~. What do you think, Raggy boy?

All Ragna can do is groan in pain as this happens.

Hazama: You liked it? Wow. Can’t believe I’m hearing that coming from you. Ehehehe.
The well dressed man’s attention is then directed back to the more impertinent matters at hand. The real reason he came here… He scans the room for what he has been searching for this entire time, and he finally sees it…

Hazama: Ah, there you are!
He goes over to Saya who is stuck through a hole in the wall that she made herself after eating Enchantress’s god-awful pie. He reaches up to her and grabs her by the waist.
Hazama: Upsie daisy~!
He grabs the Prime Field Device and puts her under his right arm like he’s carrying a sack of potatoes.
Hazama: Damn, you’ve gotten heavier. You’re gonna have to work off that fat somehow, 13.
With Nu under his arm, Hazama turns to face everyone who is in agony on the floor.
Hazama: For any of you who might still be conscious, I’m here for this little gem because she was selected to become a part of a fabulous show that’s going to be put on in a few months! We need the actors right away, and she is going to be the star of the main performance, you see!
He grins some more.
Hazama: I’m dreadfully sorry that it has to be so soon, but… Showbiz calls.
He walks over to the stupid mutt who is growling at him, crouching down to his level and staring him straight in the eye. He isn’t even taken aback by Repede’s hostility towards him.
Hazama: Listen here, mutt… The thing between me and the boot is our little secret. You got that?

His tone was almost menacing, as if he wanted Repede to understand him.
Hazama: Good.
Standing back up, he turns around and gives one final look to the crowd.
Hazama: Hm…
He looks at Kusanagi, and then back to the people lying on the ground dealing with the food poisoning.
Hazama: I’m just gonna leave this little piece of trash around with you people. The place looks like a dump anyways.
He laughs that infuriating laugh before turning towards the door.
Hazama: Toodles~.
He turns to the front doors of the guild hall and struts out just as confidently as he came in. He left Kusanagi behind just standing there in the room… As soon as he gets through the two doors, he teleports off with the assistance of Phantom, leaving nothing behind.


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Nov 26, 2013 at 12:57AM EST

Joseph looks, dumbfounded at what just happened.
Joseph: H-he just ignored me! the nerve!
Joseph gets to thinking.
Joseph: I don’t think that guy was on our side. For one, he had a crass personality around him. another thing was that he just abducted Ragna’s sister. and lastly, his sense of style was HORRIBLE! I mean, a FEDORA? REALLY?
Joseph just goes and begins to help people out of the room and into safer places.

Nov 26, 2013 at 07:50AM EST

After the truth is broken to Enchantress, the Order mages in the room quickly start to act together to heal everyone. They cast Cleansing Foam on themselves (Cleansing Foam = water elemental healing + poison curing), after which they are perfectly fine. The interruption happens before they can start casting it on anyone else, however, so they just… stand there. And wonder who the guy is. He clearly didn’t notice them, after all.

Granatir: Need a hand, there?

The earth elemental archmage (as a reminder, the archmages have spells of 6 elements; earth, water, fire, air, light, dark) proceeds to help people out of the room. Once out of the room, the other Order mages are standing by to cast Cleansing Foam. Everyone should very quickly start recovering as the poisoning is cured.

Tempestia: This sort of magic seems to be suddenly getting rather common. Us three have already faced it once before, this is our second time on this adventure… And on that thought….

Tempestia proceeds to cast Heal on some of the skeletons. Heal is the generic healing spell that has a reversed effect on the undead. And yes, it is generically light elemental. The effect takes the form of white sparkles around the target(s)

Ignis: I feel we should weaken the enemy spellcasters, first.

Ignis casts Whirlpool, targeting the trolls that are casting spells. Whirlpool is a water elemental spell that will reduce the effectiveness of the target(s)’ spells. This spell appears as some orbs of water with some swirling energy inside. Were he going for damage he’d be using his hammer instead. But Whirlpool’s secondary effect kicks in no matter the damage – even targets who absorb water would have the effectiveness of their magic reduce!

@the boats on fire…

It’s a good thing for the people hiding in the boats that someone who has water magic has headed their way. Tahrdan proceeds to cast Bubble (Basic water elemental attack spell. The appearance… well, the clue’s in the name, really.) in an attempt to extinguish the fires. The aquamancer is channeling his magic through his sword for an amplified effect. OYH still stands behind Tahrdan, to prevent him being ambushed.

Nov 26, 2013 at 01:20PM EST

OOC: Gah. Damn it. I thought that EVERYONE was on the ground from the food poisoning, or at least I was expecting them to be. Great. Just great. Hazama is supposed to be a snake in the grass, and I thought I got everyone in that post. Apparently I didn’t… Please don’t ruin this for me. Any of you for that matter.

Nov 26, 2013 at 01:31PM EST

OOC: I just had them stand around doing nothing between them curing themselves (right before he arrived) until when he left. And remember they have no idea who he is… How could I possibly have them ruin your plan if my characters have no idea who your character is?

Nov 26, 2013 at 01:47PM EST

OOC: I was mainly referring to Falcon in that post. Sorry. I’m just a bit frustrated today.

Nov 26, 2013 at 01:52PM EST

OOC: Since my edit wasn’t caught by Spark, disregard the bit about casting it on the skeletons.
Watch out, mates! Those spellcasters might have magical resistances, reflects, absorbs, or any other assortment of nasty traits.
Red casts Fira, a fire-elemental attack that rains fire onto up to nine enemies and inflicts moderate damage to everyone it hits. Since the spell is mostly intended for spray-and-pray, Red casts it in the general direction of the trolls advancing on him, Natsu, and Taurus.

Nov 26, 2013 at 04:49PM EST

Don’t worry. I won’t ruin it for you.

@Spark: Forgot to respond to you.

Ken: Such simple tactics. Quite strong, but really stupid. Not unlike some of my previous encounters.
When the beast gets close, Ken jumps backwards into the air. He launches a gigantic amount of kicks, each one slowing the beast down a bit. When the beast is slow enough, Ken lands, and rushes forwards, nailing the Thunderhide directly on the head. The beast should have taken quite a bit of damage from that.

Joseph had dragged a couple people out of the room, when he finally notices Kusanagi standing there.
Joseph: And who might you be? I notices your green-haired oddly dressed friend left you here, taking that other chick.
He thinks.
Joseph: Ragna’s going to be PISSED at that.
He goes back to speaking.
Joseph: My name is Joseph Joestar. You?

Nov 26, 2013 at 05:24PM EST

The Thunderhide falls on the ground, unconcious. Kenshiro is still lost in the forest. With Nighstalker around, it would be wise to get a guide quickly…and by wise I mean, don’t be freaking stupid and stop being so bloody arrogant, get a guide already.

Healing doesn’t work on skeletons. They aren’t your average zombie or anything, they are pure skeletons created with Necromancy. A single skeleton uses his skeleton-force to throw a skeleton-like spear at Tempestia. The spear is poisoned, if hit It shall force you to stay out of combat due to unconciousness.

The shaman troll throws a magic web at Ignis. The web instantly tracks him, like a damn homing missile and catches him off guard. Small trolls start to come out of nowhere and beat the living daylights of Ignis who is trying to get rid of the web. The rest of the trolls keep attacking the heroes.


Nov 26, 2013 at 05:44PM EST

OOC: Okay, okay, bro. And this is just for the sake of convenience.

Luckily, Kenshiro had ended up near town, and could make out various features. He goes to town and picks up a guide, and a ride, seeing as the trip will take a long time.

Nov 26, 2013 at 06:03PM EST

Meredith had decided to quit flying around looking for a place to set up her tower for today and heads back to the guild hall. She completely missed Hazama and his shenanigans, and is pretty tired from location hunting.

Hello everyone, I’m not dead-

She then notices Kusanagi just floating there, and makes a face.

What on earth did I miss that we now have Kusanagi here?
Meredith is just feeling very, very confused and concerned. After a few seconds, she just decides to use her powers to quickly cure everyone of their food poisoning, because there is simply no time for that nonsense. Now she is just confused.

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Nov 26, 2013 at 06:33PM EST

@docks:Natsu and Red.

Natsu quickly regroups next to you as they face off against the oncoming trolls.

Natsu: Okay Red, Stick close to me and you’ll be fine. take on the little guys while I take on the big guys okay? And dont worry about hitting me with fire by accident, it will do more good than harm to me. Heheh. Red should know that Natsu can consume fires from any source, wether natural or magic. Natsu consuming fire helps restore his magical energies and makes his magic power greater than before.

Natsu charges the largest of the Trolls and kick to its chest with a fire dragon Talon attack, doing a lot of damage and slamming it into another group of lesser trolls behind it.

@Erza and Gray.
The trolls throwing green projectiles at them have their shots deflected by Grays ice shield.

Meanwhile, the fish being thrown at Erza are met with her swords. With a rapid succession of slashes and swings from her swords, she had sliced up every one of the fishes into perfectly sized pieces ready to be cooked as they all fall to the dock floors in perfect synchronization.

Erza: There, now we can have dinner ready to be served at the hall later today.

Gray looks at her with confusion.

Gray: Was that really necessary?

Erza: Of course it is. She then sees the larger skeletons rise up to attack them. Gray, get ready.

Erza flies forward to the skeletons and begins to hack and slash at them with her twin swords, parrying and countering each strike from the shambling horrors.

Gray breaks his shield and prepares to cast another spell at the shaman.

Gray: Ice make: Geyser!

He slaps his hands on the ground and a gigantic pillar of ice is summoned around the Shaman, encasing it in thick ice and doing heavy damage to it.

@Wendy, Lucy, Carla, and Tahrdans guys.

Lucy Calls out to Tahrdan and the others with him.

Lucy: Hey guys, there are others still trapped down at the other side of these docks, come help me save the others. theres also another person there fighting off the creeps.

Taurus: What about the others here miss Lucy?

Wendy: Well be fine here Lucy. Go save the others.

Lucy: Okay, Tahrdan, Ignis, Tempestia, Follow me.

Lucy and Taurus make their way to the other side were Azwraith is fighting off the other trolls.

@Everyone in the guild hall.

EVeryone is as sick as a dog, they all wish to die right now thanks to Enchantresses pies. But when the others come by and heal everyone back to health, especially Meredith who had been gone for god knows how long.

Everyone can start to feel the poisons dissapear from their bodies as well as their stomach cramps. Everyone could not be any happier or better than they are now. They all manage to recooperate properely thanks to everyone’s help.

Makarov: OH THANK YOU SO MUCH MEREDITH. YOU SAVED US ONCE AGAIN! With ears of joy in his eyes.

The others are also grateful for everyone’s help.

Juvia: Juvias tummy doesnt hurt anymore, but still has the taste in her mouth. She uses her water magic to shoot out a stream of water from her hand and into her face at full force to clean it of the pies flavour. Others are begging her to do the same to them as shoots out jets of water from her hand at everyone to clean the taste out and some of the vomit off of the floor.

Mirajane: She walks up to Enchantress and Carl. Enchantress, I’m truly sorry for those hurtful words. If you really wanted to learn how to use the kitchen like the rest of us, you could have asked us and we would have help you out. So would you find it in your heart to forgive my previous words? She looks up at Enchantess with a look on her face that even she cannot resist as well.

Lisanna looks around and notices Kusanagi standing there.

Lisanna: Uum… Can We help… you? She is confused by her sudden appearance.


Makarov responds to her questions about what just happened.

Makarov: The plague itself given the form of apple pies Enchantress made for everyone here. But then it gets worse. Some jackass in a black suit and hat, and green hair came in and forced some of it in my mouth. After that it was all a blur because i was sick as a dog. I don’t now who he is, but if I Ever get my hands on him.. Wait… Wheres Ragnas sister. He looks around, only to see Kusanagi instead. Who the hell are you? Where did you come from and where is Ragnas sister Saya? Anger rises within him.

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Nov 26, 2013 at 08:23PM EST

@Meredith & Guild Hall:

The entity of Brave Vesperia stands up, splattered with vomit.

Yuri: “I thought I was gonna die…”

Repede: Whining

Yuri: “Oh? You mean somebody actually came in and ate the rest?”

Karol: “Who the hell would eat that? The ingredients seemed rotten!”

Repede barks a bit.

Yuri: “… okay. Tasteful Gentlemen walked in, ate the pie like it was a steak, gave Ragna a kiss on the ear, and ran off with the robot chick.”

Everyone just looks at him. Not certain if this is a real translation or not.

Kiritsugu stands up, wipes his mouth, remains quiet for a bit, and storms off. Maiya in tow.


Archer had been watching the others fight… but seems to change his mind about letting other people do all the work.

His daggers vanish and closes his eyes to focus… his voice echoing outwards.

I am the Bone of My Sword

And with that, he leaps into the air, seemingly summoning a Bow, and a sword.

And before you can question what he would do with those mismatching equipment, the sword reforms into something much more slender as he loads it up into the bow and shoots it straight at the Shaman. Impacting with a moderate explosion.

Afterwards, he flips onto the top of a building.


Bang and his Blowpops find the warehouse… and can immediately see how they got the place for so cheap.

The floor had been thoroughly cleaned, though it had been cracked a good ton. The walls have moss and mold growing across it, and besides an alchemy lab in one corner, and a makeshift weapon locker in another corner, and a few hammocks with portable heaters, the place is bare and smelly.

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Nov 26, 2013 at 08:46PM EST

@Guild Hall,

All of my characters slowly begin to stir from their resting place on the ground, covered in their own vomit as they stand up when the healing gets dished out. All of the others besides Ragna, Rachel, and Hakumen were dragged out before now. They are still cured, however.

Ragna gets up from the ground like he’s in pain. He still looks to be a little bit sickly too.

Ragna: Guh… What happen-!
He is immediately greeted by the gift that Hazama left him in his ear. An hole full of saliva.
Ragna: Ew! Gah! Bleh!
He coughs in surprise and stumbles around, sticking a finger in his ear to try to get the saliva out of his ear canal. He even starts to tilt his head sideways and slap the other side of his head to make it come out.
Ragna: Gah! What the hell is in my ear?!
Eventually after several moments of not noticing anything else, he FINALLY gets the spit out of his ear.
Ragna: Ew… Gross!

Hakumen also gets up from the ground, vowing never to eat a single piece of food ever again for as long as he lives. He swears on it.

Rachel, Nago, and Gii also return to conscience after Meredith’s healing had been put on her. She uses the wind to get back onto her feet. Nago transforms into a parasol.
Rachel: I have never tasted such a more vile piece of pastry in all of my years…

@People wondering who Kusanagi is,

She just looks at everyone who asks her name and what she is doing here with deep, blue eyes. She also gives off a creepy vibe to everyone.

Kusanagi: I am… I am… I am… I am…
She repeats the same two words about 10 more times before finally spouting out some other words.
Kusanagi: Deploying pedals.
8 swords materialize behind her as she floats off the ground and gets into a battle position.

Ragna takes notice of this, and immediately springs into action by jumping towards her and reaching out his right hand.
Ragna: Wake the hell up…
He grabs her head where the helmet thingy is on her.
Ragna: You idiot!
The cap of his Azure Grimoire comes off and begins to glow bright blue. A hologram of the Black Beast’s crest appears for a split second above it.

His entire right arm gets cracks on it, and it forces her out of the state of mind.

Her visor breaks and shatters, falling onto the floor. If anyone is paying close enough attention, her eyes turn from blue to green. She falls towards the ground, Ragna catching her in his arms.

*After a few moments, she regains consciousness and with the help of Ragna, she stands back up.

She makes probably the cutest little scared-noise you’ve ever heard. She backs away while some people in the place look at her with mean intentions.

Ragna scowls at her.
Ragna: These people want to know your name, idiot.

She looks around again, still scared. She sees Rachel and Hakumen standing behind Ragna, and she cowers some more.
Noel: M-M-My name is N-Noel…
She holds her hands up in front of her face and looks away from everyone like she’s shy.

Ragna: God, you’re hopeless… Why the hell are you here, Noel? I thought I already saved you once.
He clearly looks angry at her, partially from Saya being taken away. He just hasn’t gotten to ranting and raving about that yet.

Noel: I-I-I… I don’t know… All I remember is the Cauldron and a bright flash of light and… Cold.
Then she looks down at what she’s wearing.
She tries to cover herself with the cloak as best as she can.
Noel: But first can I get some clothes? I don’t like this uniform.

@Joseph, Tardises mages, and Meredith

Your vision suddenly goes green. You feel something being drained out of you… You suddenly can’t remember what the person who took Ragna’s sister looks like. Meredith gets it the worst. She can’t even remember who Hazama is anymore.


Bang and his subordinates merely look at the warehouse in all of its disgusting, uncleanly glory. However, fire burns in all of their eyes the moment their brains recognize this as a challenge to overcome.
Bang: No place shall go uncleaned, as long as I, BANG SHISHIGAMI, have anything to say about it!
Random explosion in the background as Bang crosses his arms and smiles.

They immediately begin to work on the warehouse, going faster than imaginable.

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Nov 26, 2013 at 10:12PM EST

When her vision went all green and her memory of Hazama was being wiped from her brain, her head felt strange, almost light-headed. She gripped her head and sat down. The feeling passed quickly, though, and she stood back up rather abruptly turning to Noel.

You need some new clothes? I can bring in my Alchemiter and you can make pretty much any type of outfit you want! In the meantime, I think I have something for you.
She pulls out an outfit from her inventory and hands it over to Noel. Surprisingly, should Noel choose to wear it, it’s a perfect fit for her. Wow, magic sure is wonderful.

Hopefully, it’s to your liking. If not, that’s okay.

Nov 26, 2013 at 11:12PM EST

@Guild hall
EVERYONE is hit by Juvias water magic to help clean out the entire area. She manipulates the water to her will with her magic and shortly after, the entire place is washed and all of the water is shot outside into the lake. EVERYONE is dry cuz Juvia took out all the water from peoples clothes without ruining them in any way.

Lisanna, brings over a bath robe from the hot spring rooms for Noel to wear.

Lisanna: Here you go. Sorry for all of the trouble. We were hit by “Something.” Lets just say.

Juvia: she goes over to her as well. Do you remember how you got here, because Juvia doesn’t remember seeing you here before.

Makarov: Does anyone have any idea what is going on exactly? ANYONE?
*If intros are needed than go right ahead, if not than do whatever.)

Nov 26, 2013 at 11:20PM EST

@Guild hall
EVERYONE is hit by Juvias water magic to help clean out the entire area. She manipulates the water to her will with her magic and shortly after, the entire place is washed and all of the water is shot outside into the lake. EVERYONE is dry cuz Juvia took out all the water from peoples clothes without ruining them in any way.

Lisanna, brings over a bath robe from the hot spring rooms for Noel to wear.

Lisanna: Here you go. Sorry for all of the trouble. We were hit by “Something.” Lets just say.

Juvia: she goes over to her as well. Do you remember how you got here, because Juvia doesn’t remember seeing you here before.

Makarov: Does anyone have any idea what is going on exactly? ANYONE?
*If intros are needed than go right ahead, if not than do whatever.)

Nov 27, 2013 at 12:08AM EST

Finally, after her horror filled maiden voyage into the deep and dark corners of the galaxy, Heaven has returned to this world. Wounded and in need of help the city-ship limps out of Slipspace and into the skies high up above the clouds over Fiore…

The overheating engines and Slipspace core are shutdown bringing it to a slow halt on the edge of space as the glowing hot thrusters begin bellowing out oceans of smoke into the sky, casting a a great shadow on the world below…

The Winds of Destructions are stood in the Bridge, looking in wonder at the new planet before them…

Sam: GW, you took a wrong turn…
GW: Planetary charts match that of the Solar System and the Beacon is also located directly beneath us
Sam: Last time I had this view….all of this…just a wasteland, I don’t get how it can all just transform….

Monsoon: Someone has been busy tampering with the natural order so it seems.

Sundowner: To me it’s justa big cleeeean slate hehehee….war will take over this new land soon enough though, s’only normal
GW: The Fiore region is also upon this world.
Sam: That fairy place eh?
GW: It is identical to the one we visited prior the Eggman conflict
Sam: We have been gone for a while….but not long enough for them to…what…re-grow a planet?
Monsoon: No one has the power to give life, Sam
Sam: How do you explain all this?

Mistral: Shouldn’t we be arguing over how we just brought a virus to this new little world?
They turn to face Mistral who is sitting in the captains chair
Monsoon: The “virus” is an effective trainer..
Sundowner: Been teachin’ those PMC rookies how to fight like real soldiers of fortune instead of running like kids
Monsoon: A noble method of weeding out the weak. The strongest survive.
Mistral looks to Sam for an answers, he just gives a shrug
Sam: I don’t plan on landing yet anyway
The Black Marker catastrophe has actually been indirectly utilized as a method of training soldiers…the Habitation decks are a playground…The Winds have had their heads turned this whole time
Mistral: sigh
Sundowner: So Saaam whats the plan?
Sam: I told Flandre to use the beacon when she needed help so she must be in danger
GW: Captain, the docking bays are currently unreachable due to lockdowns
Sam: sigh….We need to deal with this damn infestation then before we can get through
Monsoon: If we are going to bring a demise to this “problem” I propose that we keep the Black Marker undamaged and within our possession.
Sam: The Fabs are nearly done building a unit to contain the thing in, that leaves cleaning up the mess down to us
Sundowner: Anyways if we need soldiers that badly I say just throw ’em all into the blender and have them outfitted with some good ’ol military cyborg bodies…PMC troopers are a thing of the past
Monsoon: Apart from that, the Black Marker is a enviable biological weapon, having seen what it is capable of doing-
Sam: When we seal it up I’m putting it in storage where it can stay….
Sam turns to face the the rest of the Bridge….

A little re-introduction…
The Bridge is the prime brain centre of Heaven, housing the main ship controls as well as a direct interface with GW and status updates on all functions. Positioned equally about this room are 6 unique workstations, each of which is operated by a dedicated Chief Officer who specializes in a certain field of expertise.
They are as follows…

Warfare Officer
Head of all conventional weapon and ordnance systems aboard Heaven from simple anti fighter turrets to the primary MAC cannons, utilizing the GW AI to control the main batteries during inter-ship conflicts he is fully capable of managing even the biggest conflicts entirely by himself. Munitions handling, the onboard armouries and all of the ships armaments are also under his command and control.

Electronics Officer
Head of all electrical systems, equipment and cyber warfare packages. His responsibilities are vast primarily due to the hyper-advanced technology that is threaded all throughout Heaven itself.

Communications Officer
Head of all complex comm systems aboard Heaven such as the sensory arrays and LIDARs, he is effectively the eyes and ears, handling all forms of both internal and external communications both to and from Heaven.

Engineering Officer
Head of all mechanical equipment aswell as ship maintenance and repair, most important responsibility would be that of the main engines and the Slipspace core.

Navigation Officer
Head of Heavens direction and propulsion use, as well as its manoeuvring and docking. He effectively “pilots” the ship with the aide of GW

Habitation Officer
*Head of crew/passenger management and logistics handling, he is semi-autonomous and will only create orders outside of his normal protocol when asked but until then he will provide people with rooms, food and entertainment as well as medical check up timetables and military training.

Sam: I need a full report!

Electronics Officer: Systems are under stress sir, constant fluctuations in power have corrupted a large number of research databases, I’m currently restoring stability.

Communications Officer: Habitation deck comms are still shut down, all other channels are open and secure. Comm arrays are currently deploying so I should be able to pick up any signals from the planet below soon enough.

Engineering Officer: We had a overheat in both the Slipspace core and the main engines, I’ve dispatched a number of engineering crews to deal with the mess and as a safety measure I am having the Slipspace core removed for repair. The main engines should be up and running in a few minutes.

Navigation Officer: Currently within Mobius low orbit although we are rapidly decaying, when the engines are back online I will stabilize us but until then we will just have to hold tight.

Warfare Officer: All ship armaments are fine and are stocked full on ammunition, the only problem we have is that due to the infection our munition supplies have dropped considerably, we could do with a re-stock if we are to depart upon another voyage any time soon.

Habitation Officer: Civ decks are still under lockdown, military decks are under watch due to the infection spreading. All other levels are in normal working order.

Sam: I won’t even bothering asking for crew numbers hehe..
He turns back to the other Winds
Sam: Stay here
Sundowner: Where’re you goin’?
Sam: I need to cut a path to the docking bays and see Flandre
Sundowner: Dontcha needa hand? my legs are gettin’ numb from all this standin’ around
Sam: We have those Super Soldiers going room to room down there, when they are finished and we have that rock sealed away the only job left is to wipe the blood off the walls…
Sam leaves the bridge whilst the Winds look back out the window
Monsoon: Isn’t it upsetting…
Sundowner: What, Sam?…
Monsoon: No, the world.
Sundowner:….Knowing that its all gone sure does make ya feel lost huh?
Monsoon: So much history, thousands of years and not a fragment left to tell the tale…we might as well have not existed if our imprint upon the world can be so easily erased
Sundowner: Well…when you put it like that…
Monsoon: Thousands of years of humanity, lost, like tears in the rain….
Mistral: Eurgh…please save me the dramatics, you are beginning to sound hypocritical after your preaches about how “the strongest survive”
Monsoon: That’s nature, but this…it is artificial, sickening, the monsters below us hold more beauty than this fake world…
Sundowner: Ah think you needsa little break….
Sundowner makes his way towards the exit
Mistral: And just where are you going?
He turns and gives his sheathed twin machetes a little pat
Sundowner: I didn’t call these killers Bloodlust for no reason…
Making his way from the Bridge he leaves Monsoon and Mistral behind

Sundowner makes his way down towards the lower decks with the intention of helping Sam clear out he infected decks

Sam Is already half way there with the goal of cutting a path and getting through so that he can get to the shuttle bays

Heaven just remains silently sitting high up above the atmosphere.

Nov 27, 2013 at 08:56AM EST


And so Kenshiro arrives to the place where the Centaur tribe lives. Centaurs are powerful creatures from the woods, violent and aggresive just like the Wildwings, territorials like the Alpha wolves and strong and powerful as Hellbears. Half human and half horse, centaurs tend to dislike humans unless said humans prove themselves in battle. Their culture is quite small, arts of combat and battle since they don’t see the point of painting, drawing, making music, and activities and hobbies they consider meaningless. For them, in the fight is where the body and the mind fully express themselves. The guide that Kenshiro hired would leave him in the edge of the tribe territory and quickly return to Hope. A group of centaurs inmediatly spots Kenshiro. The creatures quickly approach him, making the ground shake and the earth scream with their powerful hooves. Only one of them talks to Kenshiro, the rest just stays behind, talking and laughing, probably about Kenshiro, probably not. The centaur talking to Kenshiro is wearing some sort of battle armor. Just by looking at his blood covered face and the Alpha Wolf’ dismembered head he is carrying around, Kenshiro should be able to deduce that these centaurs were hunting.
Kenshiro is front of titans, the centaur literally looks down at him the same way a girrafe looks down at a small turtle.

“What brought you, stranger, to these lands? Perhaps you are searching for a quick way to die or maybe Its something else?”


Enchantress: Hmpf! (Imitating Mirajane’ voice) “Don’t use the kitchen ever, this is the worst thing I have ever tasted!”..Bah bah bah! You people are so mean! I woke up in the morning, I haven’t eat anything for breakfast yet, with my empty stomach I went to the forest to pick those apples you are still spitting and then I spend an hour trying to find the centaur tribe! And this is how you say “thank you”? I tried my best, I read every small instruction the funny mustache friend left but your kitchen is filled with strange things like pepperoni. Tell me, who eats this so called “pepperoni” for breakfast? Why would you have pepperoni if you are not going to eat it? Whats the point? AT LEAST PRETEND ITS DELICIOUS INSTEAD OF DIRECTLY SPITTING MY PRECIOUS PIE IN FRONT OF MY FACE!! I wish..I wish..I wish I had never healed Natsu! I wish I had never met all of you!

She turns around and slowly leaves the kitchen. With a single finger snap, every creature she brought from the forest stops to help Mirajane and quickly follows Enchantress as she leaves the place. After slamming his face on the ground several times until he swallowed that piece of cursed pie, Tom slowly gets up from the ground, he adjusts his hat and he starts to follow Enchantress too. He gives a sarcastic thumbs up to Mirajane and the rest of the guys who are still lying on the ground.

Tom: Where are we going my dear Aiushtha?
Enchantress: Far away from here and from such a ungrateful people thats for sure! I want to find the strange charming man who said that my pie was great! I loved his green hair and huge smile! He said was going to participate in a show with Saya so we better be quick before the show starts! I might be able to make another pie just for him!
Tom: What a..peculiar culinary taste this strange man has.

And every troll gets defeated becouse hell yeah, powers and cool stuff yo. Anyways, trolls are still stealing fish and destroying boats around the dock, you just defeated the first group of trolls in the entrance, this is just the beginning. Several fishermen are hiding behind creates from the trolls, the bravest ones are fighting trolls with spears. Divide and conquer, It should be wise to split into teams since the troll tribe seems endless.

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Nov 27, 2013 at 12:02PM EST

Tempestia: …You lot seem to be handling the opponents pretty well, I guess we’ll just help protect the locals then.

Ignis: But I didn’t even get to show them the hammer…

Tempestia: There are still others elsewhere, let’s go!

The two archmages proceed to follow Lucy, and Tahrdan also does, seeing that there are no more fires. Tempestia arrives at the other side of the docks first, and proceeds to start slicing up the nearest trolls with her daggers. Ignis is second, and puts the Warmaster Rocket Hammer to use. Tahrdan… he is third to arrive, but hangs back and lets OYH do a lot of the fighting. OYH has a rather long range for its punches due to being made of water.

@guild hall
The 6 Order mages just proceed to stay out of the way of the water. They already had got rid of any taste of the pie when they cured themselves. That’s one of the advantages of their poison curing spell being water elemental anyway. They then re-enter the main hall and see the… ahem… somewhat inadequately dressed woman. It’s a good thing that Ignis is out fighting the trolls, really. As such they hear the end of the conversation…

(OOC: I honestly can’t remember whether the archmages were around when Meredith made Tahrdan’s current sword using the alchemiter, but I’m pretty sure Pyralis and Noctan were, so…)

Pitchurn: What is this ‘alchemiter’ thing?

Noctan: If I remember correctly, it basically allows items to be created from components. Just ask Tahrdan about it, his current sword was made on one of them. Heh, he didn’t know how to work it… Though, to be honest, none of us would be able to work it anyway.

Nov 27, 2013 at 01:13PM EST

@People talking to Noel,

Noel graciously accepts the bath towel from Lisanna and declines Meredith’s choice of clothing with a simple “No, thank you.” She’s taken a seat on a nearby chair in the guild hall when everything starts to go back to normal. Noel has the bath robe wrapped around her now.
Noel: Um… I can’t really remember how I got here, sorry.
She looks around the guild hall and spots…

Makoto: Noellie!
Makoto comes running over to Noel.

Noel: Makoto!
With happiness in her eyes, she gets up from the chair and hugs one of her best friends in existence.

Makoto: Where were you, Noel? I was so worried.
She looks at her with those big hazel eyes.
Makoto: And what’s up with the outfit?

Noel: I just wound up here a few moments ago. Everything went black, but it’s good to see familiar faces again!

Makoto: You got that right. Oh, here’s some of the people we’re working with.
Makoto turns her attention to Juvia and Lisanna.
Makoto: This is one of my best friends, Noel. Don’t be shy, Noel. Say hi.

Noel: Hi… My name is Noel. Noel Vermillion.

Makoto: Now that introductions are out of the way, I want to show you some things that I found at Kokonoe’s lab.

Noel: You know Dr. Kokonoe?! How?

Makoto: There’s no time to explain, silly. Come on!
And so Makoto drags Noel away to a changing room.

After a few minutes pass… The two come back to the place they left Juvia and Lisanna.

Noel now has on this outfit, along with two bright red gun holsters on her back that look as big as shotgun holsters.

Noel: Wow, Makoto. I can’t believe that she would fix Bolverk for me.

Makoto: I didn’t know that she’d do it either, to tell you the truth.
She laughs some.


Tager has gotten over the pie that Enchantress gave everyone. The Red Devil walks over to Makarov’s position.
Tager: I’m not for sure myself, either. It appears that Noel Vermillion, the 12th Prime Field Device, has been brought while we were all unconscious, and the 13th Prime Field Device housing multiple souls was abducted.
He begins putting out a scan, but it is faulty due to Ragna’s Azure Grimoire being around.
Tager: I cannot detect her presence anywhere in the vicinity of the city. The majority of my sensors were down, but I detected high interference levels after everyone fainted. They appear to be gone as of now. She is nowhere in the city limits.


Carl watches as Enchantress leaves the Guild Hall in a fit.
Carl: Wait! Miss Aiushtha! Come back!
Nirvana and him begin to chase after her and Tom.

Meanwhile with Ragna…

Ragna has left the building. He stormed off in anger at his sister being taken from him. Again. Even if she was in the body of some killing machine… It was still his actual sister’s soul. He is boiling with anger and remorse inside of him. On the way out of the Guild Hall, he punched a stone wall so hard that the stone broke and his fist went straight through it.
Ragna: Gr…
Every time he gets a single shred of happiness, it is soon whisked away from him in the blink of an eye… Is this his destiny? No matter… He will keep going forward and keep walking. He won’t go down quietly. He’ll fight tooth and nail to make a difference. Currently he has left the guild hall all together and is walking the lonely streets of Magnolia.

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Lucy with Taurus are still working with Tahrdan and the other order of mages to help out the stranded fisherman and make their way to Azwraith, who they can see is still fighting a lot of the troll.*

Taurus charges a group of trolls with his giant axes and swings it at them, doing heavy damage to them.

Taurus: MOOOOOOOOO! What you think of those moooooves Lucy?

Lucy: Good job, but focus, there are people still stranded around. She notices a few people hiding. Get out of here you guys, its not safe, but well take care of them. the fisherman leave in a haste to escape the dangers. Tahrdan, Ignis, Tempesteria, rescue those that are still hiding inside the boats and get them to safety. I’ll help out the fisherman fighting the trolls.

Meanwhile, Erza, Natsu, Wendy, and Erza are fighting off the majority of them still trying to raid the docks.

Erza: Everyone split up to teams again. Natsu, Gray, Wendy, stop them from going any further into the docks.

Natsu: No problem.

Gray: Okay.

Wendy: Alright Erza.

Erza turns to see him on a building nearby.

Erza: Archer, would you join me to help cut off the rest of them still trying to enter through the forest.

She then summons a giant ring of swords around her

Erza: If we hold them off there, than the others can handle the ones here no problem.

She then takes off in a quick dash and heads to the nearby forest were thr trolls are coming from to cut them off from the docks.

Meanwhile Natsu and the others are engaging the trolls still inside the docks trying to take their fish.

@Guild hall.


When she says that she wished she didn’t save Natsu, it kind of broke her heart a bit knowing how much everyone means to each other in the guild.

Mirajane: I know you don’t mean that Aiushtha. *She breaks into tears a bit before running off after her as well with Carl.


Shortly after Lisanna and Juvia intoduce themselves to her as well as the others too. They ask her some questions about herself and also tell her about the place she is in at the moment. They tell her just enough about the world they are in just to give her a basic understanding.

(She basically is caught up with everything she would need to know about the people and the lands.)

Makarov: Damn. Well, I guess there is no point in trying to find out what happened exactly. Damn that cured pie.

Some of them see him storm off out of the hall after his sister is nowhere to be found. Lisanna tries to go after him.

Lisanna: Ragna wait.

Lisanna tries to go after him.

Nov 27, 2013 at 07:32PM EST

Red joins Natsu, Wendy, and Gray in their defense of the docks, casting Barrier on everyone, thus improving their defense against physical attacks.

Nov 27, 2013 at 08:11PM EST

@Sir crona

OOC: Im just waiting for others to respond such as zarathh and sparky. Cant o much till then.

Nov 27, 2013 at 08:48PM EST

@Mirajane and Carl
Enchantress only turns around just to talk with Mirajane. Her cheeks are red colored and she is still quite angry. She is trying so hard to sound angry its almost adorable. Tom just stares at the scene, confused by such a weird human behavior.

Enchantress: Hmpf! Crocodile tears won’t be enough to make me forget the rude words you said to me! That pie took me hours and the only person who said a single “thank you” was a stranger instead of my dear friends! What words are going to come from your mouth? Empty words trying to convince me to return to your dirty ugly castle so you can keep treating me like a small child? You never apprediate the things I do for all of you and thanks to that pie, now I am able to see the true reality and the dirty lies all over your face! Not even the Alpha wolves are as rude as all of you! Now if you excuse me, the faith of nature calls me again, the woods open their huge endless walls and the animals are anxiously waiting for me, a person they do appreciate and love unlike YOU! Lets leave this city Tom..Humans are truly hopeless and disgusting creatures, you were right..

However, as Enchantress leaves the Fairy Guild, she notices that Tom is not following her. She returns to the main hall only to notice that the giant centaur is standing next to Mirajane and Carl. He never moved a single hoof, he just planted himself there and ignored her. Enchantress angrily walks towards him, hitting the floor with the full force of her hooves and staring at Tom but not with the deep blue eyes she once had, instead, deadly green eyes. The wisps around her quickly dissapear and the animals following her run away. The green glow inside her eyes increases as she gets close to Tom.

Enchantress: Tom..I said that we must leave this city…not with these humans..Do I made myself clear?
Tom: I’m afraid that you will find yourself alone once again. This people proved that they are more than what the elder centaurs said about their specie. They are not futile bags of flesh, but true warriors with the heart of the strongest centaur. Its hard to believe it, specially since we are always taught that humans are self destructive idiotic creatures but sometimes its better to be hurt by the truth than to be comforted by a lie…in this case a small little pie.

Enchantress’ eyes glow even more. The ground around Tom is quickly covered in plants and flowers. The happiness that was once spreading from her is completely gone as she keeps focusing on Tom. Tom’ eyes are slowly starting to glow green as he grabs his head in pain. Against his will, the centaur slowly walks towards Enchantress and follows her path as she leaves the Guild Hall once again. However, she stops in the entrance just to glance at the Fairy Guild for the last time. As she looks at the eyes of Carl and Mirajane, her angry frown slowly dissapears as her eyes return to their normal blue color. For the first time since she arrived, Enchantress drops her spear on the floor just to run towards Mirajane and Carl, with her eyes covered in tears and her arms wide open. She hugs both of her friends, sobbing endlessly and repeating the same word over and over again: “Sorry”. Still standing in the entrance but now free from the charming magic, Tom just watches this emotional scene.

Enchantress: Will you please..please please please..please forget everything I said? I-I didn’t meant to, I was so angry only for a stupid pie that I forgot what I truly love apart from my friends! I’m sorry!

Two groups: The trolls who stay and the ones who take the fish and bloody leave. After getting swords and arrow up their asses, the troll tribe starts to retreat but some of their members refuse to leave such a delicious fish behind. Trolls start to use the damn boats and head to the sea with the fish. Some of them hide under crates.

Suddenly, in the middle of the dock, a huge troll Shaman grabs a young fisherman by the neck and puts a knife near his throat. If a hero gets close, the shaman will threatening him / her with the life of the fisherman. The shaman points at a huge bag of fish inside a crate and then he will point to a (now defeated) titan troll lying of the ground, recovering from the injuries he recied from Natsu. Clearly, you will have to cooperate and give the damn troll the bag of fish unless you wish to have fisherman’ blood all over the floor.

Nov 27, 2013 at 10:31PM EST

Mirajane is overjoyed to have her back. though a bit shaken from the sudden embrace of hers, she still hugs her back.

Mirajane: Its okay Aiushtha, we all make mistakes and say thing we don’t mean to each other. I’m sorry once again for saying those things. We all love you too much to see you like this. So please, just keep smiling for everyone here. And Tom, thanks. What you said means a lot to us.

She hugs Enchantress even more, as well as Carl.


When the trolls hold the citizen hostage, Natsu and them stop for a moment.

Natsu: Woa woa woah, easy there buddy. We don’t want anyone to die.

Gray: Just take it easy there.

Wendy: What do we do?

They see it jesturing for the crate of fish nearby.

Gray: If he just wants the fish than its okay. Just give it to them.

Natsu: But..

Gray: But notthing, its just fish. Just give it to them and they’ll let him go.

Natsu: Fine. he tries to hand jesture to the troll while peaking loudly in hopes it understands.

He goes to the crate of fish slowly and picks it up.

Natsu: HERE. I AM COMING. TO GIVE YOU. THE FISH. he starts to slowly walk to the troll shaman with the fish slowly and cautiously. Everyone is around and prepared for whatever in case the worst happens.

Natsu drops the crate close to the shaman with the hostage and puts his foot on it, readying to trade off at the same time.

Natsu: There. please. We trade at the same time. The man for the fish. Sounds fair?

Nov 27, 2013 at 11:03PM EST

The Shaman merely picks up a nearby fish and licks it. He throws the hostage directly at Natsu and Gray, then he quickly heals up the titan ogre with more healing dust and both of them quickly proceed to leave with the crate of fish on the titan’ arms.
More trolls aroudn the place. The last ones. These small guys have knives and are quite dangerous. Almost every fisherman is safe except the ones in the last part of the dock where Azwraith is.

Nov 27, 2013 at 11:26PM EST


As Lisanna comes after him, he senses her presence and stops walking straight in his tracks. He hears the calls of his name from behind him, coming from Lisanna… He doesn’t even know what to do right now.
Ragna: …
Looking over his shoulder at her, he gives her one of the coldest glares full of anger and malice that she has ever seen in her life.

It was just as scary, if not scarier, than Erza’s glare. It made her freeze in her tracks and feel just how Ragna feels right now under that hard, outer-layer. She feels the loneliness of a soul, doomed to destroy everything he comes across. She feels the sorrow of a soul that has been damned so that it can never know and feel TRUE happiness, as it has always been whisked away moments after he obtained it. She can feel the intense anger of an older brother having his younger sister stolen away from him, and the malice against his younger brother for being like he is. She can feel all of these and more. It would be enough to put Lisanna onto her knees and bring her to tears.
Ragna: Piss off, kid.
He keeps walking aimlessly with no goal other than to calm himself down.

@Enchantress and Mirajane,

Carl hugs the two of them back. He’s glad to be in such a place where the adults are good people who help those in need. He is thankful that Enchantress came back, because she is getting to be one of his favorite grown-up things around. He accepts their apology and suggests they go back to the hall now.


Noel explains a bit about herself to Juvia too. She answers the questions to the best of her abilities. Noel seems quite intrigued about the land of Fiore and how their guild system works. She’s just happy to be around her friends right now.


Kokonoe has picked up on your whereabouts in the atmosphere. For now she is monitoring Heaven closely and trying to establish an Ars Magus connection in their heads to get their attention.


Jubei and Duke arrive at the town square. Duke can see Ragna walking off, leaving a crying Lisanna on the ground in a wreck. Jubei just looks at the scene and then away, knowing all too well how Ragna gets sometimes.

Nov 28, 2013 at 12:11AM EST

Vesperia@Guild Hall:

Vesperia are just dumbfounded by the situation and uncomfortably clean up the kitchen as the shitstorm blows over, cause it’s really too late for me to reply in a meaningful way anymore

Touhou’s@Guild Hall:

Reimu and Marisa re-enter. Holding their new Spell Decks.

Marisa: “How do we break it to them…?”

Reimu: “Simple. Announce it now and put it into motion slow enough so they aren’t hurt by it.”

Marisa: “… probably was going to be forced to wait. Is that apple pie I smell?”

Reimu: “… uh, kinda?”

(Prior to Oger Retreat)
Archer: “Strike the entry point? Understood.”

Steel is my Body, and Fire is my Blood

He starts chucking his daggers like boomerangs. Soon filling the local area with these like little flies buzzing around each of the ogers heads. Though Archer is very hesitant to kill again and orders them not to strike.

(As Oger’s are retreating)

Archer: “Why you not follow your brothers back into the woods? I thought pack animals knew better than that.”

He contemplates his actions for a bit, then finally decides that the stragglers are to be merely be the choice of natural selection.

I have created over A Thousand Blades

More daggers. He throws them in opposing directions. Soon after exploding at the feet of the stray ogers.

By now people paying attention should realize that with each of those incantations he is drawing his power source in closer and closer. He is indeed detectable via Aura Detection now.


Duke: “You seem to know that man… also, I can feel the presence of the Fell Arms. They must be nearby.”

Duke looks at the Guild Hall.


A Critical Hit! Eevee Fainted!

Gary: “Eevee! Return!”

Eevee becomes energy and lasers back into his Pokeball

Gary: “Awww! You just lucked out!”

He turns to leave

Gary: “That was entertaining! Smell ya Later!”

And with his catchy themesong playing, Gary suddenly drives off in a convertable packed full of cheerleaders

Despite winning that battle, Terry gets the overwhelming feeling that he still in some way lost.


Look up unto the hills and reveal the pathway!

Nov 28, 2013 at 03:22AM EST


I won? Totodile… return?

Totodile returns to it’s ball in a glow of light

Even when I won… I feel like I just lost.

Slowly slumps off back to the guild hall confused with Espurr on shoulder.

Once again at the Guild Hall

Okay self talk recap!

Terry begins to talk to himself, and it’s mostly mumbles to everyone else around.

So…. I’m in a mixed dimension…. and…. Palkia showed up.
Also I am not the only Pokemon Trainer in this universe….
My brain hurts.
Terry continues to try to rack up his brain.

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The three Order mages are actively protecting the fishermen that are not yet safe. Any troll who gets close will (best case scenario for them) just get sliced at a few times with daggers, (average case scenario), get knocked far back by a watery fist, or (worst case scenario for them) take heavy damage from a rocket hammer. And as if that wasn’t enough, they have to worry about Whirlpools. While OYH is holding off the trolls, Tahrdan is simultaneously using his spells.

@guild hall
The Order mages listen to the discussins and then introduce themselves to Noel.

(She would know basically what they can do, as well as what the 3 who are at the docks can do.)

They do catch some of what he’s saying, but they, predictably, really don’t know that much of what he’s talking about.

Pitchurn: We couldn’t help but overhear you muttering to yourself… Would you mind explaining more carefully what you’re talking about? Like this ‘pokey-man’ thing. What is it?

(If he does opt to explain, it’s… probably going to take a while unless he sticks to the basics. And take note that I myself DO know a little of what he’s talking about.)

@Epic Adventure

Lancer would notice four sets of footprints on the path. One set of footprints suggests something wearing some kind of armour, and would correspond to Kongspire. The other three are somewhat similar to those of animals, though… They wren’t the only ones to wash up on the island.

After Kongspire had walked off inland but before Lancer had found the path, three Gremlins, small furry sentient creatures who are good with machinery, had also washed up on the island. They have no idea how they even got to it after they regain consciousness. They talk to each other for a bit to try and decide what to do. If anything were to overhear them they wouldn’t understand them without some sort of translator, which the only being in the world with one for Gremlin speech happens to be Kongspire. They notice some wood lying around, and make some rudimentary hammers to fight with, and then they notice the knight’s footprints. They recognise the footprints and decide to follow. If they’re going to explore this world, they’re going to need someone who can translate for them, after all. They cover ground quickly…

Far inland, Kongspire is easily warding off any wild beasts there may be. The beasts quickly learn to be wary of the Silent Nightblade. And then he hears three sets of footsteps behind him…

Kongspire: Who’s there? I warn you, I am armed.

He turns towards the sound…

Gremlin 1: (Do not engage in combat. He has a shadow damage weapon.)

The knight recognises the voice…

Kongspire: What are you doing here.

The three gremlins step forward, and make no moves to attack.

Gremlin 1: (We have no idea where we are. We just washed up here.)

Kongspire: I have no idea where we are either… all I know is this is certainly not Cradle. I believe there may be some others heading this way soon, who would probably be friendly. Stick with me for now and let’s wait for them.

The four proceed to wait for anyone to follow the footsteps to them.

Nov 28, 2013 at 09:30AM EST

Let the spirit of this city guide you Josuke. Find your true path in this city.

“To protect those who have fused with the spirit, to protect our brothers and sisters who gave their hearts and souls to Obelis’ wisdom and compassion, to protect the faithful ones who want to leap towards the true faith and their final rewards, for all of them the Knights of The Fold created this holy place we call “home”. With deep passion and strong courage, Chen guided humans and beasts alike through the wildest places that the wild forest of Charity can offer, ending with the lives of several vile beasts and purificating the souls of those who are willing to follow Obelis’ light. After the defeat of the Alpha Wolf tribe and the expulsion of the centaurs, Hope raised in the roots of this wild jungle as a religious city where the Fold prevails, where religion is the law and where Lord Chen rules. Follow Obelis and his word, the true dream of a new world, death to the pagan ways, thee with false god to praise..rejoice my brothers and sisters..Rejoice"

The city of Hope, street of religion and path to glory, place founded by the Fold after a brief discussion with Makarov and the likes of the Fairy Tail. The city is constantly under the eyes of the Knights of the Fold, trained men and women that watch the lives of the civilians and the brothers of the woods that Chen incorporated. Thats something very peculiar about this city: monsters and human kind living togheter, joined by Obelis himself. Under this rutheless universal religion law, every citizen, every living creature that decided to live in this city shall not gain any kind of special advantage when justice must be served. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, your job or anything, you are a mere citizen and nothing more, nothing else. Becouse of this, humans are constantly complaining about the wildwings and trolls that decided to live in Hope, leading to endless conflicts between both sides. The Fold is still young and green, Chen can’t watch every corner of the city, help is required. May the light of Obelis guide you.
Josuke should be in the entrance by now. Huge knights are covering the entrance. Without a purpose or a task to accomplish, the knights won’t let you pass. Several guards watch Josuke from nearby towers. A few citizens can be seen, carrying around crates, praying or heading to their respective jobs.

Trolls are starting to be a problem to the heroes. Too many of them everywherre, with different weapons and with different thoughts. The ground shakes and the wood cracks, something huge is coming. A giant hellbear, one of the most strongest creatures from the woods. Sentient and without a purpose to follow, hellbears are true monsters that just seek things to destroy and crush into pieces for their own amusement. The Hellbear slams the ground, sending the heroes to the air as the shamans start to cast deadly spells at the goodoers while they are distracted.
“From one, an army grows!”
A ball of pure magical energy is launched out of nowhere towards a single troll attacking Natsu. It explodes, leaving a gold dust in the air and in front of Natsu, Azwraith appears. He isn’t even speaking, he is completely focused in combat as if that was his only purpose. The troll defends himself, cutting the Lancer’ cheeks and shoulders but Azwratih keeps attacking the vile beast with his spear. As the trolls turn around to finish off Azwraith…he simply “explodes” and leaves gold dust in the air once again. The trolls are completely confused along with the heroes. That was a illussion? The actual Azwraith was present and he died like that? Who fired that magical proyectile? Such a questions shall be answered by the Lancer himself who appears behind the trolls, in front of the trolls, under the trolls. Azwraith is many, many are Azwraith, he is all, he is everything. A huge wave of spear warriors ambush the trolls, releasing the fury of their spears on these vile creatures’ skin. Slowly, one by one they go down. Everytime an illusion is killed, another one takes his place. Everytime an illusion strikes the enemy, four illusions shall appear to aid him. The dock is covered in a glorious gold dust as Azwraith dies, fights, kills, appears, defeats and dies once again. Its an endless horde of warriors.

“We outnumber you, we outnumbered them all!”
Trolls run away. The hellbear lasts a total amount of 5 minutes before being swarmed by an army of lancers. The demon’ skin might be srong enough to resist a sword and a spear but not millions and millions of spears being pierced at the same time. The hellbear kneels in pain and falls on the ground as the army of lancers keeps hitting and cutting him. The army spreads: One of them heads towards the forest, the rest stays in the dock to search for the trolls who are still hiding and waiting for a miracle. Erza and Archer should be see how the army grows in numbers, multiplying and and duplicating from single warrior to millions and millions. The trolls are unable to stand a single chance. One after one, they hit the ground. Every citizen is rescued. The last group of fishermen waves and greets a particular lancer in the middle of this gigantic army. He doesn’t look sentient and merciless, but calm and relaxed instead.

Azwraith: Thats the good thing about being me..there are many me’s. We hope these warmakers learn to stay out of the city and the docks. Maybe one day, peace shall be reached but until then, we shall serve and head into battle. We believe that we have already met Fairy Tail. After all, we hunted the last night’ dinner for you.

@Carl and Mirajane
So Enchantress inmediatly returns to the kitchen and starts to clean the place. The place is quickly filled with animals and creatures from the forest. As she washes the dishes that were used to carry the atrocious cursed pie, Enchantress keeps apologizing over and over again.

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Nov 28, 2013 at 12:33PM EST

After a few minutes of preparation the skyscraper sized communication and sensory arrays extend out from the fore of the ship, Heaven is now capable of detecting signals from millions of miles away and emitting them, they are essentially its eyes and ears, and some damn good ones at that.

In the Bridge
GW: Comm arrays are active.
Communications Officer: Okay. We’re picking up multiple Codec frequencies planetside.
Electronics Officer: Power levels stabilised, the array should be secure now.
The Comm CO taps away at a few keys on his console
Communications Officer: Channels are….er…
Monsoon: What is wrong?
Communications Officer: The channels are blocked…..Engineering can I have a report on the transmitters?
Engineering Officer: They cleared their last maintenance check with no faults
He taps at the keyboard
Engineering Officer:…I can’t see anything wrong on the logs either…
Electronics Officer: I’ll have a technician team dispatched immediately
And with a few orders sent through the system a team of Heavens finest techies begin the long journey to the arrays
Engineering Officer: I have some good news. Main engines are back under control and coolant systems are active once more. There all yours Nav
Navigation Officer: Good, we’ve lost enough altitude as it is. GW, initiate the main propulsion.
The colossal engines of Heaven are re-ignited, blasting out a bright blue after burn as they throw the smoke from earlier out into space
GW: XR2 Borlin Fields: S81/X-DFR main propulsion active.
Navigation Officer: Orders sir?
Monsoon: Enter atmosphere but keep a high altitude.
Navigation Officer: Okay, adjusting.
Heaven descends down through the atmosphere of Charity and comes to a standby high above the clouds where it remains sitting

After a few minutes of talk and adjustments in the Bridge, Monsoon catches earshot of something over the chatter of the CO’s
Monsoon: Quiet….
Walking into the centre of the Bridge he draws his Sai’s, upon doing this all the CO’s get up from the chairs and take out their pistols. The room falls silent as the tension rises
Monsoon: We are no longer in control of the situation…
Warfare Officer: Sir?
Mistral: What?!
The nearby air vent is blasted clean from the wall as the first horror is finally gazed upon by terrified eyes

Engineering Officer: WHAT THE HELL!
(Due to the large variety of Necro’s, I will be linking to the wiki instead of personally writing out a summary)
A Leaper
Fast and agile, these Necromorphs are very deadly. The CO’s begin firing wildly at the abomination as Monsoon peacefully waits and watches
The Leaper lunges at the Warfare CO, ripping his head clean from his body and spurting blood all over the control consoles
Electronics Officer: AIM FOR THE HEAD!
The CO’s scatter around the room in an attempt to put as much room between them and it as possible, the bullets that hit its body seem to be ineffective as it seems to show no signs of pain, the ones that miss clang against the metal surfaces as the whole Bridge is lit up with screams and gunfire

Mistral: Ergh…can we please end this..
Drawing a set of high frequency throwing knives she throws them with pinpoint precision at the Leaper, pinning it to the wall before severing its head and limbs. It falls silent as its bleeding corpse hangs still

The CO’s come out from behind cover
Monsoon: Our containment procedures have failed, GW what is the extent of this issue?
GW: I am receiving lockdown breaches upon multiple decks, deeming all levels to be unsafe.
Habitation Officer: Put the ship into high alert and have all military personnel on duty immediately! we cannot lose control of the situation
Monsoon:…These necrotic creatures are much more intelligent than we believe them to be, it is likely that they are writhing inside every wall within this ship as we speak.
And then, breaking conversation once more, another Leaper emerges from the vent catching them off guard however Mistral is quick to react and like with the one previously, pins it to the wall with a flurry of knives
Electronics Officer: Shit! we need to follow protocol and head for the Safe Room!
Monsoon: No, we cannot leave the bridge. GW, have additional Tengu units placed on guard outside and seal off off all vents to the Bridge.
GW: Affirmative
A squad of Tengu’s are assigned to guard duty and the Bridge is lockdown completely making it into a bunker
Monsoon: And is that dead CO’s head intact?
Engineering Officer: err..
The Engineering CO kneels by the tore and decapitated corpse
Engineering Officer: Cranium seems intact, brain stem looks relatively undamaged.
Monsoon: Put him in the corner, we will have him outfitted with a new body once this is over.
Engineering Officer: O-okay sir.
He drags the body over to the corner
Monsoon: No everybody back to stations, we need to keep eyes one very sector now that the infection has broken out, nowhere is safe.
The CO’s, minus Warfare, return to their seats and begin getting back to work….


Kokonoe’s attempts at reaching someone are heard by Sundowner, whilst making his way down one of the empty hallways he stops and clutches at his head
Sundowner: Damn dats one helluva headache!
Unknown to Sundowner a connection has been made…

The Lockdowns have now been broken as the Necromorphs begin to spread throughout the body of Heaven, making their way through ventilation systems and sewers they travel about the vessel at surprisingly fast speeds.

The killing has already begun, the true scale of the chaos is yet to reach the bridge….

Nov 28, 2013 at 12:43PM EST


The three Order mages are just surprised by theThe sudden army

Tempestia: Wh…Wh…What was THAT!?

The surprised had quickly turned to awe

Tahrdan: I have absolutely no idea…

Ignis: We are certainly weak in comparison…

Nov 28, 2013 at 01:04PM EST

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