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Noel doesn’t even seem to pay attention to Rita when she mentions the Blastia. All she pays attention to is that gorgeous hair of his.
Noel: C-Can I?
Even if he doesn’t give her his consent, she walks over to him and begins to play with his hair, stroking it in her fingers and is just plain-out infatuated by it.
Noel: Your hair is so pretty…
And then the worst thing that could possibly happen, happens. She gets a devious smile on her face and starts to braid his hair.

While she’s braiding his hair, he has a slight feeling of intrusion, but he can’t figure out where it is coming from. After a bit of standing around, his hair is fully braided even if he didn’t want it to be. When she’s done, she goes around to in front of him and smiles probably one of the cutest smiles that he’s ever seen in his entire life.

Noel: I wish that Brother had hair like this.
She glances at Ragna.

Ragna: … Brother!? Just what do you mean by that?

Noel just smiles at Ragna.

Dec 06, 2013 at 07:29PM EST

(OOC: Guess who’s not dead. It’s me. Sadly, though, it has gotten to that time of year where my fingers are too cold to move all that properly..)

Meredith had decided to skip out on the festivities and go home to basically hibernate for the season. The location of her tower is not important at this moment. What is important however, is where her Dream Self ended up. It spawned with the Haven exploration and/or investigation group.

Huh, where am I? This isn’t a Dream Bubble.
She examines the location

Well this is something right out a horror game. But, I guess I’ll stay with your guys until I get either brutally killed or wake up because something is happening to my actual body.

So, if you need anything, just let me know.
She seems to be in a helpful mood. Neat.
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Erza and the rest of them agree with the others to leave the quarantine door closed. If it is meant to keep something out of the room, than its best to leave it like that.

Erza: So okay, we go to the other door we were at before in the lobby. I think its best we go there .

Gray: why do I Feel that it doesnt matter which door we go through.

Juvia: We won’t know until we find out. But still… How do we open it without forcing it. There has to be a way to open it.

Then meredith shows up.

Erza: Well now Meredith, haven’t seen you in a while. Its good your here with us. Since we cant communicate to people outside of the ship. We could really use your help in all of this.

Gray: That’s a relief.

Juvia: Should we get going now?

Erza: Lets go then everyone. To the lobby door and open it.*

They all make their way to the door that was locked earlier


During the exploring of the dungeon, everyone seems to be quite astounded over how beautuful it looks, from the architecture to the natural environment.

They come up to the two gates and after eveyone finishes what they think they should do. Natsu just steps forward to the gate that says Down.

Natsu: Welp, if anyone’s gonna make a choice than I guess I will then.

Lucy: Uh, Natsu, shouldn’t we be going up? Maybe that’s what the other gate would take us.

Wendy: You shouldn’t make quick decisions like that Natsu.

Wendy: Well I figured we choose the one that says down, becausse that means we could get to the bottom of this dungeon. HAHAHAHAHA He laughs as he enters the gate that says down.

Happy: Whelp, I gues that solves our problem then, Cmon everyone. This way.

Happy flies into the Gate with Natsu.

Lucy: You people are so lucky that you only have to deal with his stupidity on a daily basis.

Wendy: sign Lets just go.

They walk through the gate as well, everyone should follow suite.

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Yuri: “H-hey! What are you doing!?”

Then she starts braiding it and Yuri turns red in embarresment.

Estelle: “Hey! Yuri why don’t you ever let me braid your hair!?”

Yuri: “Does it look like I am letting her!?”

Estelle: “Yes! Now you have to let me too!”

Yuri: “Uhg…”

Estelle and Noel spend those few minutes humiliating Yuri, putting his hair into a Saber-like bun

Yuri: “Seriously, are you done!?”

Since Noel has the power to see random flashbacks, she sees the following:

The puppy is very clearly Repede, the dog who has been following Yuri

Natsu goes charging into the next area Leroy Jenkens style, and nearly off a cliff into an entire ocean of clouds

He’s now in a giant steampunk sky city type thing


Archer quietly follows

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Dec 06, 2013 at 11:07PM EST

Captain Spark’s amazing tales of the future: Chapter 2…“The songs of sociopathy.”

*A enourmous object floats in the middle of space without following a particular direction and letting itself fall under the influence of the never ending circle of the cosmos. Much like an asteroid travelling around the sun, this object goes trhough the dakrest and most distant places of the universe, the edge between places, the limit between worlds and another worlds. Basically, the limit of the known and the unknown. The AI asks for specific disrections to follow, the remaining forces demand a proper explanation and such but not even the greatest theatrics shall catch the attention of the Master who is too focused on his own proyects. Eric had the talent to become the world’s greatest pianist but he never had a single small chance to show himself to world as a good artist. Able to memorize complex notes and repeat endless pieces without taking a break to satisfy his dreaded human needs, the Balloon Master creates and makes without causing damage to someone else..for the first time in his whole life. This distant place of the cosmos is perfect for a soul who hates humanity with the deepest of the passions. He never wished to be involved with Spark or his friends, he never wanted to murder or to kill and he never got the point of conquering. He just wanted to create a place where he could belong to ,without hearing the opinions of others. A place that he could call “home”, the home he never had, with a family he never wanted and with parents that never existed. But everytime he dreams of finding his true place in the world, a small spark must always appear…

His favourite instrument, the piano, is his greatest weapon by far. It is said that Eric can easily match the likes of Mozart and Beethoven. His fingers are as fast as the speed of light, his brain works in a alarming rate when thinking of what keys should be pressed first to create a sweet melody and his memory turns into a deep abyss. As he presses the keys with the soft touch of his fingers, the Balloon Master stabs himself with the same old knife stuck in his heart. Repressed childhood memories, lost experiences burried in distant lands, old dreams left for dead. The thoughts around his mind always say the exact same words: “What if?” What if my father didn’t decided to consume the last brain cells he had and slice the throat of my mother? What if my adoptive parents were different than the poor pair of flesh bags that actually adopted me? What if school was actually heaven instead of millions and millions of levels of hell? What if the path that I followed was more different than the one that I’m stuck right now?
Questions, no answers.
“What will happen now? We will prevail for the next eternity and hope for the best or perhaps you want to try to face the captain again?”
“I’m not sure what I really want..I just…want to be in peace..without the rest…I am feed up with humanity..I am feed up with everything that humanity created. Governaments with the purpose to steal as much as possible from the people they are supposed to protect, authorities that disguise themselves as superior beings that gain power over everything else, foolish ideas, wrong decisions, mindless plans that we have followed for the sake of a particular group of superior beings and their needs, millions and millions of socities have fallen apart becouse of the interests of these groups, people allowing themselves to be controlled by these groups since the day they are born…Our behavior, our freedom, our thoughts, everything premeditated…I don’t want to the see the face of humanity anymore..I don’t want to consider myself as a human anymore..I don’t want to remember the nightmares of the past that were caused by these disfunctional begins and their needs..A life without the interruptions of human life, their needs and their vile culture, that is all I desire Johnson..that is all I desire..and If I have to stay in the empty space and die from starvation, I will gladly accept my death and pay for my crimes..”
Still travelling in the hidden valleys that he created through the piano notes, Eric is still dreaming about the perfect life he always wished and the one that he got instead. Spark is the reason for everything, for his emotional traumas, for his inability to socialize with normal people and for his own destiny. Unable to recognize his own mistakes and error, he blames the captain instead, the little dressed man who managed to frustrate each and every one of his plans since they met. His thoughts start to dig a deep grave for the captain, he considers the huge amounts of reasons he has to murder Spark, the way to murder him, how, when and who will be watching the inflated chest of the hero, with helium slowly filling his rib cage and tearing flesh and bone apart, expanding his chest like a balloon being inflated, his ribs piercing though his skin, his lungs slowly being crushed into pieces, blood inmediatly covering the floor. The Balloon Master slams the piano several times before realizing what happened. He turns around and takes of his mask while staring to the dark corners of the Hellium Fortress. A very human pain goes through his veins and reaches his eyes..He wants to desperatly succumb to sadness, he wishes to throw everything behind and end his life once for all..he eats his emotions instead, he pushes the pain behind him, he hides his human side and replaces it with a cruel persona. The piano keys are still working. Ghosts of the past. The Master starts to create art again.

Tomorrow’s chapter: “Everything that remains must be the truth”


Azwraith: We knew that there was something too bright in the forest and It wasn’t just the sun rays or the color of the leaves but your charm that you brought to these lands who keep getting blessed by your grace Enchantress. We wish you a great Frostivus..We wish we could share such a cheerfulness..

Says the Phantom Lancer as he arrives to the celebration along with a large group of fishermen and townsfolks. Azwraith is holding a large bag with what appears to be a fish inside of it. Its probably the biggest fish ever caught by the fishermen yet. After Azwraith greets everyoen, happy but with a somewhat distant expression, he finds himself unable to move as Enchantress hugs him. She endlessly strokes the fluffy cheeks of the Phantom Lancer as if he was nothing more than a simple house cat. Azwraith just silently stares at her until she stops doing such a childish behavior. He looks at the eyes of the innocent doe only to say:

Azwraith: Believe it or not, we missed your quirkiness quite a lot. Never change Aiushtha, for the sake of the forest, never change.

Dec 06, 2013 at 11:58PM EST

Red takes a look around, looking specifically for stores
Nobody home? Looting time!
Red’s eyes turn to dollar signs as he runs around looking for stuff to loot.

Dec 07, 2013 at 12:01AM EST


Terry somewhat worried tries to follow Natsu

Terry:Ummm…. guys… how would we follow him? Now mumbling to himself I could always use Honedge to bring me down…. nope.

Dec 07, 2013 at 12:26AM EST

@Dungeon and Red,

Everyone except for Noel enters the archway going down.

As Natsu runs into the archway, Ragna rolls his eyes.
Ragna: What a goddamn idiot…
Rolling his eyes, he walks into the archway after Natsu and Red. When he gets through, he hears Red talking about looting.
Ragna: Don’t go looting the places unless you feel like giving up your life. You saw what happened back there. It’s your folly if you want to get yourself killed, not mine.

On the other side of the portal…

While she was braiding Yuri’s hair, she saw the past of Repede through Yuri’s eyes. After she finishes, she kinda spaces out and looks around flat-out ignoring Yuri’s remark to her. But then she spots Repede tailing behind Yuri. Noel sidesteps around him so she can get close to the dog.
Noel: Um… Hi there.
She squats down in front of Repede and holds out a white, gloved hand. Repede can tell, if the dog is psychic or can sense auras, that Noel means well to him.
Noel: Can I pet you?
She lets the dog decide, and not herself.

Dec 07, 2013 at 01:01AM EST

@discussion of substances unfaimilar to them…

Solarian: We don’t have anything like that…. the closest comparison would be combat with monsters, which in our experience are made up of something we call miasma… Hmm. What if there was a way to directly manipulate it?

@rush downwards

The Order mages also go down. They are the weak ones here, so it makes sense that they follow the more powerful.

Tahrdan: C-c-could we move on quickly?

(OOC; Remember, he doesn’t like heights. I first showed THAT mere days before the forced disappearance.)

Solarian: This is… interesting…

As the only Order mage familiar with technology, ‘interesting’ is in fact an udnerstatement coming from him. He is resisting an urge to just explore the city and find out what the steampunk does.

Tempestia: Judging from the surroundings, we’re likely to face air elemental beings here.

Granatir: Well, that is bad news for me…

Ignis: It doesn’t look like there’s much room to move around in… Spells are DEFINITELY the way to go, here.

Noctan: I can’t help but wonder, why have we never come across places even closely resembling this before?

@talk of looting

Pyralis: It might be a good idea to see what there is lying around. But let’s not go anywhere alone. The last time any Order mage went anywhere alone we all got dragged into the start of this mess in the first place!

Tahrdan: Hey, I told you, it was the lumimancer who ended up leaving me behind! Besides, you don’t regret getting caught up in all of this, none of us do.

Solarian: I definitely overreacted back then, thinking you were like another, who had ended up leaving but with all the knowledge we had at the time… He might be finding a way to seek revenge right now. He always was a glory seeker, even having a middle name without apparent meaning.

Pitchurn: I get a feeling that he has found a method already…

(OOC: And when I eventually get to run an arc myself (which will probably not be until I actually have more time to do things like that), the heroes are gonna be facing him and the method he’s found.)

The Order mages just get prepared for combat. Everyone will notice that Tahdan is trying to stay as far away from any edges as he can, almost as if he’s afraid of something…

(OOC: Feel free to mock that fear of heights in-character.)

Dec 07, 2013 at 06:06AM EST

Captain Spark’s amazing tales of the future: Chapter 3…“Everything that remains must be the truth"

The power of deduction, conclusion and insinuation of the events is the only ability that I require and that I have, unlike my conrades in villainy. I don’t have any kind of physical ability to manifestate and create ,through the use of my mind, circle shaped objects with the sole purpose of being thrown at my dear enemies and I don’t have a monstrous obsession with coins, with birds or with the dream of watching you die Sparky. I figured out who was the man behind the mask when we first met, It was quite easy since your manners and voice reveal more than what you can hide with a mask and a suit."

John Roe opens the entrance doors of the Central Police Department (CPD for shorts), pushes with his left hand the right door becouse, according to his own terms, people often use the direction that they consider beneficial for their own individual needs. Right and left are not randomly chosen. This is one of the millions of theories going around Roe’ mind, deep investigations based on mere observation and facts that he gathered over the course of the year just by paying a special attention to the activities that are considered normal for us and strange for him. He knows exactly that humans are not mindless sentient animals who follow the pure meaning of the term instinct. There is no such a thing as meaningless in the world of the humans. Each and every activity we develop and participate in have a hidden message related not only to the global store but life itself. For Roe, the most simple and redundant action can reveal purposes, objectives, personality trails and more..The scary thing is..he is right. Fellow men and women who also work in the area of criminology refuse to work along with John becouse of his paranoid and over the top detective personality. In the first days of the years, he was still the worst officer to have ever stepped into the CPD and now he has his own office and personnel charge in the criminology department. With skeptical coworkers who do nothing but put their own interests in matters that require a full deductive attention, Roe requested the permission and authority to travel on his own and investigate without assistance to the commissioner and the chief of the department but they rejected it. Roe looks around his office, which is quite empty after he decided to clean his area of work from the dirtiness of ignorance, and he picks up his favourite book. He reads the pages he has interest on, he marks a few pages and underlines phrases and words. With a small notepad, he waits for the arrival of his fellow coworkers. As they proceed to head inside the building, he writes. The chief of the department finally shows up. He has a special announcement to make and he gathers every officer and member of the department in the main hall. He is going to resign from the job that took 15 years of his life. His eye scream experience and profound sadness as he starts to talk about how much things have changed since the first day as a member of the CPD. The hall’ entrance doors are opened, Its the commissioner.

“Sorry I’m late.”

He says as he proceeds to walk towards the chief and share a friendly handshake. However, the attention of the rest of the officers is not focused on the commissioner and the chief but on a man wearing a leather jacket standing in the middle of the hall. Millions of eyes staring at this peculiar silhuette that looks like a classic 90’s noir detective. A large grin on his face, hands hidden on the deep pockets of his jacket, cold and calculating eyes staring at the commissioner and the chief. “Roe what is this non-sense?” barks the chief but John isn’t listening to him anymore..or to anyone else at this point. He picks up a nearby microphone, the one that was used for a heroic-like speech and to glorify years of incompetence, and he slowly starts to talk:

“Before we start to kiss and hug each other, just to feel sorry for the old dog, I have a special announcement to me too: I have discovered the man who sexually assaulted Miss Lindsay yesterday. I’m almost certainly sure that all of you have memorized every small detail of such a important case am I right? Well, I am not here as a lecturer and to give you a proper lesson of how to easily solve the hardest of the cases, I’m here to reveal the identity of this emotionless rapist. I would like to start by saying that humans show themselves in the most simple activities, in the most simple aspects of our normal life we are constantly expressing our emotions, behavior, personality trails, the ideas that we strongly believe and the ideas that we greatly hate. We live to feel and we feel to live. My first observation is in the hands that people use for several purposes such as opening doors, writing papers, playing basketball, etc. Its not about what hand , left or right, we consider most useful, Its about in which one we deposit our security and wisdom. Ergo, if I use my left hand to open a pack of chips, It means I strongly believe that my left hand will be more than capable to do such a task and I feel completely sure about it. Today, we see the commissioner opening the door with his right hand, when he normally uses the left one. It should be noted that he does use both of his hands, but first his left one twitches as the right one opens the door, as if he is not feeling sure about what is he doing exactly and then he takes the decission to use both at the same time. Unsecure about himself at first, hidden in a dak coat of “himself” later. But with what does he manage to hide confidence issues? With the authority and responsiblity that he is currently carrying on his back, the title which was given to him, the job itself is what he uses to hide the lack of confidence he has. Second observation, the way he informs us that “He apologizes to be quite late for such an important event” with the mere use of 4 words. 4 simple words that are supposed to explain everything and answer any question we might have, questions that are sure to not appear since he trusts in his authority as a commisioner and It is unlikely that someone will doubt in said authority. He feels sure about himself and thats why he uses such a simple terms to explain his abscence. Not only he doesn’t want to hear a single question becouse of his superior authority but also becouse he is in a hurry. Why would a commissioner use such a small words to explain his complete abscence? Obiously, to make it quick, to cut the unnecessary pieces of time and perhaps use it for something else later. Third and last observation, how fast his actions are. All of these are just mere observations that I started to notice last day, when the commissioner arrived from the crime scene where Miss Lindsay was brutally raped. Quick conversations that end with no questions, the way he moves around this tragic scene, absolutely sure about himself, switching between his left and right hand as if a part of him is still worried about something…Miss Lindsay died after a brutal beatdown. I took the liberty to get a more closer examination to the body, taking special attention in the marks around this poor lady’ face. The suspect switched between his left and right hand, if this man wanted Lindsay to truly die, he could have focused on the victim’s face with a single hand instead of using left and right at the same time, you would use your best hand to finish the job faster but with doubts on his mind, he switched between both becouse a part of him did feel sure about what he was doing while the another was confused and that is obviously becouse the man had a great level of trust in his actions and words and becouse of this self conciousness, the sexual intercourse lasted 4 minutes which quite strange considering that the average man lasts between 16 and 10 minutes which means that the suspect wanted to be quick."*

The commissioner is frozen. He can’t move, he wants to talk, he wants to scream, he can’t do anything and only stares at the deep eyes of Roe. The chief is lost, along with every member of the entire department. No one truly dares to speak or to say a single word to such a crazy theory. The commissioner is sweating like a man wholost in the desert, his lips are dry, his eyes are about to come out from their sockets and his fingers are slightly twitching. John slowly raises his left hand to point at the commissioner with his index finger and he starts to laugh hysterically.

“I present you..the murdered and the rapist. Sorry If I’m late, I was planning to reveal the identity of this criminal earlier but I wanted to confirm my theories and ideas…Tadaaa?”

The commissioner emits a loud sound, the sound that makes someone who just ran out of air after running in circles for hours. A single gasp coming from his mouth before his body and authority fall apart in perfect syncronization. The commissioner fainted..Roe was fired and left for dead that day after the chief put a bullet on the middle of his eyes. Little the chief knew that Roe predicted that to happen…This is a bunch of events that Roe knew they were going to happen..since he watched the commissioner drink a glass of water with his right hand…

Tomorrow’s next chapter: “A handful of bananas and C4’s”

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Red looks indignant at the suggestion of something he can’t handle.
I can handle myself fine, thanks.
Red happens upon a store. He jiggles the door knob, and uses a Blizzard spell to freeze the lock and strikes it with the pommel of his saber. He enters with his sword drawn and assesses the valuables he has for the plundering.

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Pyralis quickly follows, just to keep an eye on him.

Pyralis: Just be careful. I’ll be joining you just because I believe I just said for no one to go anywhere alone. We don’t know what to expect, after all.

Dec 07, 2013 at 02:11PM EST


Everyone goes back into the lobby. They all stand there, looking for which way to go.

Tager: Hm…
The Red Devil spots the disembodied hand and walks to the counter. He puts out a scan for the finger prints on the hand.
Tager: It’s worth a shot…
He picks up the hand with his index finger and thumb, holding it like that. Holding it up in front of the scanner, Tager keeps the hand steady in hopes that the door will open.


Platinum takes notice of the aquamancer’s fear of heights. The Luna personality gets a devious grin on her face.
Sena: No, Luna. You’re not going to push him off the edge.
Luna: But just look at him, Sena. He looks like he’s just seen his death.
She chuckles some.

Sena: I told them that I would try and keep you under control, and that’s what I’ll do.
Cue inner struggle between personalities.

@Red and Pyralis,

Makoto facepalms at the two of them for not listening to anything.
Makoto: Hey! Didn’t we just tell anyone not to touch anything?!

Ragna: Tch… Why don’t you just stop right now? I doubt they even listened back there.
Ragna blinks and looks for how the buildings are connected with each other. He sees that there are ziplines leading from platform to platform, expanding out into a giant city on the horizon.
Ragna: Goddamn place just gets weirder the deeper we go into it…
He keeps his guard up for anything that might happen.

Dec 07, 2013 at 03:57PM EST

I appreciate your concern, but I’m pretty good on my own. Besides, if there’s anything I can’t handle on my own, I have yet to find it.

Dec 07, 2013 at 04:04PM EST


Natsy stumbles at the edge of the cliff before recovering thanks to happy grabbing his back.

Happy: Like we all said Natsu. Don’t go in such a hurry.

Lucy: You didn’t say anything like that you stupid cat.

Natsu: Thanks buddy.

looks around the whole scene. The giant floating buildings in the distance with clouds at the distant bottom of a long drop.

Lucy: Okay, its official. Weirdest. Place. Ever.

Wendy: I Don;t even know whats going on anymore. Is this one place or are we going through portals to there areas.

Natsu turns to Red.

Natsu: Hah, thats the spirit man. Don’t ever think there something out there that you can’t handle.

Lucy: And there he goes with the ego boost. So, Besides Natsu and Wendy who can use their cats to fly to those buildings. Does anyone else fly or have a way to get us there?

Carla: I Think flyings the only way. But those who don’t know how to fly should probably stay here.

Natsu: Well what about the other gate? Cant you guys go through that one too of you cant come with us?

Wendy: splitting up isnt the best choice to make at a time like this. But, if there isnt anything else to do…. What do you suggest Lucy?

Lucy: I don’t know honestly. She turns to the others around them too. So, any ideas from you guys?

Erza and them wait with the others to open the door. Preparing for if anything happens.
@Magnolia and Frostimus.

Mirajane and Makarov make it to Azwraith and Enchantress.

Mirajane: This is the Fisherman who helped protect the docks from those nasty trolls and also finds the best fish for the kitchen, His name is Azwraith. Azwraith should be somewhat amiliar with Mirajane and a few others who had passed by the docks for resupplying the kitchen on their daily runs. She has always bought fish from him because she knows he gets the best for the guild and pays him really well for his efforts.

Makarov: Well, this place just gets weirder and weirder. He holds his hand out to Lancer. Nonetheless, you have our thanks for helping the citizens from the raid.

A couple chefs from the kitchen come out to take the Massive fish off of his hands.

“Thanks for the catch, we will make it the best fish we have ever made. I’m sure you all will love it.”

They make their way back to the kitchen and begin preparations.

The festivities continue in the Hall and the rest of Magnolia.
@Nightstalker, Racheal, and Lycan

Elfman Continues the hunt for the Nightstalker.

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Repede glances at Noel with his single good eye, and quickly circumnavigates her to follow Yuri into the archway portal.

Estelle just looks down at the utterly defeated Noel as that awkward silence moment boils like a shoe in water…

Estelle: "… H-he kinda does that with everyone… I have been trying to get him to let me pet him for over a year now


It should have probably been noted that the gate was planted on this platform here, and oddly faces outwards towards the ledge

Inside this building is a somewhat industrial type business, what this city could be doing could be linked to the fact it’s drawing gas from down below to power itself.

@Reds Looting Attempts:

Noteably, within Red does not find any store… but an odd statue carrying a sphere…

Those plants growing on top of it is reeking of a strange plasma. I wouldn’t touch those if I where you.

Yuri leans in behind Red

Yuri: “What do we have here?”

he is ignoring all the warnings against looting as much as Red is

@talks of progression:

Rita: “Just as a guess, but I think the people who used this place got between the places via these bridges.”

Rita: “But besides that there only seems to be those zipline things, which I don’t see how to operate…”

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@Brave Vesperia

Terry decides to follow them instead.

Dec 07, 2013 at 05:08PM EST


After being disappointed by Repede, Noel stands back up and looks at Estelle.
Noel: I only wanted to pet him… He didn’t have to be so rude about it.
She’s talking this way about a dog… Yeah. She goes through the archway to meet up with the party.

@Rest of the group,

When Noel enters this part of the dungeon, she gets the same feeling of awe and wonder that she got on the first floor.
Noel: Wow…
She walks forwards a few steps and just keeps gazing out at the clouds. After a few moments, she turns her head towards Ragna.
Noel: Isn’t this really pretty, brother?

Ragna heard her call him that name again… “brother”… Ragna glances over at Noel who is looking at him with a genuine smile on her face. He doesn’t really know what to say to her.
Ragna: … I guess it looks pretty.
He shakes his head and just stares at her, whispering something to himself.
Ragna: … Saya…

For anyone who hasn’t noticed, Noel looks *EXACTLY like Nu, except she has green eyes, blonde hair, and smaller boobs. Their body shapes are very similiar, and their faces look exactly the same.*
Noel: What’s wrong, brother?

He snaps out of it.
Ragna: Nothing. I have to get you out of here. Come on.
He motions for her to follow him. The two then walk towards wherever all the others went, not wanting to split up.

With Makoto…

She already followed everyone into the room with the giant bird in it. No one has listened to the “no touching” rule for their own safety.
Makoto: This is hopeless…
She lets out a sigh, but then gets an idea…
Makoto: Hiyah!
Yuri and Red both feel a sharp pain on the crown of their heads. Both of them were hit over the head hard enough my Makoto’s fists to get them to stop what they were doing. This shouldn’t knock them out, but they will have a knot on their heads for a day or two.
Makoto: What did we just all agree on about not touching anything?
Usually this would be the opposite way if Tsubaki were here. She would be the one telling everyone not to touch anything, and Makoto would be trying to touch everything. But since she isn’t here, someone has to pick up the slack.

@Lucy and Rita,

Inner conflict over. Sena won for now.
Sena: She’s right. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get across the way just yet. We’ll have to look around if we want to find a way.
For anyone who is even paying attention, the little girl has two voices. They have both spoken. The one speaking now sounds like a young boy, while the other one sounds like an obnoxious little girl. They both seem to have different personalities.

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Dec 07, 2013 at 06:07PM EST

Falcon finally calls out Platinum, because nobody;s noticed
Falcon: Has any of you idiot even noticed that there’s two voices coming out of that body? It’s like some weird-ass case of split personality disorder or some shit.

Everyone is amazed at what is laid out in front of them
Jotaro: Wow, that’s pretty cool. Now what?
Joseph: Dunno.

Doomguy had been silent up till now. he yells out very loudly.

Dec 07, 2013 at 06:21PM EST


Everyone looks around from both the inside and outside of the building.

At the zip lines. Natsu, Wendy, and their cats fly ahead of the group to take a look around the zip line area.

Wendy: Well I guess this is another way around this place huh?

Carla: Don’t think its the best way to make it across this place.

Natsu: Theres a bridge over there the others can go use.

Happy: If we need to make it to the other side of this place, we can’t help everyone fly to the other side.

Natsu: You got a point there. he flies back to the others nearby. Hey guys, so what do we do now, which way do we go from here?

Wendy: Look around for something, like a device or a switch that could fix this.

Carla: Well keep an eye out around the place, see what else is there.

Natsu and Wendy continue to fly around the building, to get a better observation of the place.

@Statue room

After Makoto smacks the two.

Lucy: Thank you, somebody here with more common sense. Look, lets just keep going. Rita and the others found a bridge we could use to get across. Lets just go there.

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Dec 07, 2013 at 09:30PM EST

@Heaven Team,

As you approach the entrance of the Police Station the projector unit above the doorway opens up and scans over the entire group, including the arm that Tager is holding. After a few moments the scan is complete…

Unfortunately the small circular holographic interface situated in the centre of the door flashes red and displays the word “Locked” accompanied by a short beep sound

Tim looks on at the group…

…and decides to break the bad news
Tim: Err…g-guys that isn’t going to work…you see, this type of system doesn’t scan your biometrics….it scans the security clearance level of your RIG…a RIG being the suit I’m wearing…more specifically this thing…
He turns away from the group and points down over his shoulder at the row of blue lights lining his spine and then turns back

The Civilian decks of Heaven are patrolled by PMC troopers outfitted with Security RIG’s however the globalization of RIG’s is starting to spread throughout Heaven like wildfire, they’re beginning to become more and more popular as time goes by, It won’t be long before nearly everyone aboard the ship has one.

Dead Space architecture and fiction now holds majority over Heaven, Halo now only exists through the ships structure and armaments and ofcourse the Spartan Program.

Basically I took the power and strength of the UNSC Infinity and decked it out with DS

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Dec 08, 2013 at 09:58AM EST

@sight that the only ways around the place involve going near edges

Tahrdan: No way. I’m not taking chances with any of THOSE things!

Noctan: Then you can stay here alone. It’s the only way to move on.

Most of the Order mages head towards the bridges, Tahrdan just stands there, and Pyralis is still in the statue room.

@statue room

Pyralis; This probably means something, but I think we’d best leave it alone for now.

across the nearest bridges…

Tempestia: Seems awfully quiet… not even the slightest hints of miasma. I don’t think we have to worry about random encounters around here.

Solarian: Looks like we’d best find a way to move on, then… Hold on, there’s only 7 of us. Where has Pyralis got to?

Ignis: He was following the one wearing red with a feathered hat. Who knows where he is now?

(OOC: To summarise the locations, Pyralis is in the statue room, Tahrdan is still by the gate, he’s not gonna be moving unless someone else drags him across the bridges and such. And the other 7 are across the nearest bridge to the gate.)


The ones setting things up would notice a ball of light at times, in various places around the guild hall. Tikal is trying to keep out of the way. This does not mean hiding, though, so it doesn’t matter if anyone sees her.

Dec 08, 2013 at 01:21PM EST

Red fans around the store, looking for contraptions, knickknacks, anything of value. After assessing that the store is empty, he rejoins the group at the statue room.

Dec 08, 2013 at 01:57PM EST


Welp, it was bound to happen at some point;

I Won’t Be Posting here again Until this Tuesday Evening

I am on the final stretch of my final exams studying and brain energy levels are so pathetically low whatever I post won’t have my full heart to it. I hope you understand.


Archer goes into Spirit Form to conserve energy. He can’t be touched, but likewise he can do literally nothing but act like a ghost and make spooky sounds in your ear.


You guys either stop to eat some of Noel’s delicious cooking to knock you guys out until I get back, or time has a hiccup. Whichever one delays you the longest.


The warehouse is surprisingly dead, and Saber just sits there with all the doors locked being an introvert for some reason.

@Other parts of the globe:

Duke, Reimu, Marisa, Kiritsugu, Iresveil, Maiya, and the remainder of Brave Vesperia are in Transit and shit.

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Dec 08, 2013 at 07:37PM EST

Captain Spark’s amazing tales of the future: Chapter 3…“A handful of bananas and C4’s"

“My Life with Mister Cheston”. Friday 8PM on Fox.
Sir Cheston Wyndham Shirley Kampanga Maffei the Third from The Golden Treehouses of the North, son of Sir Richard Kampanga and Melody Ruiz, the last member of the Kampanga bloodline and currently, one of the most valuable members of Captain Spark’ group of friends and folks. A descendent of the renowed Kampanga gorilla acting troop, Sir Cheston rose to become one of the leading gorilla actors of the modern age, leaving his mark on stage, television and film in a career that lasted decades.
Sir Cheston began acting as an infant, when he appeared alongside his father, Sir Richard, in The Wandering Heir of Mumsbury at the Olympic Theater in London. As a juvenile blackback Cheston became interested in dance and was for a time a member of the Royal Danish Ballet before returning to the theater in order to play Hamlet, which he did over 1,000 times across eight productions. While Sir Cheston won international acclaim and broke box office records with his Shakespearean roles he had other successes in the theater as well. But being on the top of Europe wasn’t enough for the unstoppable ego coming from the youngful heart of this gorilla. His quest for challenge reached new limits after he arrived to America. He earned an Academy Award for Best Gorilla is a Leading Role for the film adaptation of Garfield, The Musical and is perhaps best known to mass audiences for his side-splitting role as the flatulent gorilla gangster Bananas Monihan in The Mob Goes Bananas.
Fame, fortune, glory for the next years, Cheston had everything a gorilla could ever wished for except a proper behavior and good personality in places without cameras and spotlights. The over-the-top arrogant persona he developed as a young actor fully evolved as he grew up, recurring to terms such as “ignorant weasels” or " poor attempt of a sad living" to refer to the people around him. His friends started to dissapear and even his own parents stopped to visit him. Sir Cheston became one of the most hated actors. After a small conference where he had to deal with serious questions about his personal life and his current situation in the world of Hollywood, the interviewer triggered the savage nature of the gorilla after asking him about his current relationship with his father, shortly followed by a small joke related to “bananas”. The racist joke quickly made Cheston enter in full gorilla mode, sharing his rage with the press and the cameras, crushing and slamming tables, chairs, everything on his path became an object about to be destroyed, even people..After punching the interviewer several times, the gorilla was quickly surrounded by special security officers…In a act of mere self defence, a police officer shot him at point blank rage.
The smell of coffee, the sweet sound of classic jazz from the 80’s and rain the background, soft tears from the rain touching the windows as the jazz make the soul relax and sleep. Cheston woke up after 21 years of struggling with death. Not only he found out that he was no longer the lovely youngful actor that charmed the hearts of people around the globe, but also that both of his parents had passed away. Without a place he could call home and with the name of another gorilla actor, Rogers “Smile”, overshadowing his past memories of success and fame and gathering the hearts of everyone, Cheston walked around the streets of America, mindlessly searching for a purpose and for something that could keep him alive. He arrived to the docks only to see the sea and think about his decissions. He refused to believe that he burried his own carreer, he didn’t wanted to admit his own mistakes becouse the Kampangas never make mistakes, they just don’t expect a few results. A large explosion cought the attention of the gorilla. The main building of Waltarch, a famous company responsible for selling engineered metal products, was quickly covered in fire and ashes as a large helicopter left the place. From the ground, Cheston could see the fight between a restleless vigilante and a monster: A man wearing a later suit with ridiculous symbols and a huge helmet was punching the living daylights of a suit wearing bastard who mercilessly tried to throw him out of the helicopter. The suit man grabbed the helmet guy by the neck and held him in the air as he laughs over and over again. He pulled out a small something from his pocket and then he threw the helmet guy on the building covered in fire. Confused, unable teleport out and trapped in large concrete pieces, the Captain Spark slowly closed his eyes and prepared himself to embrace the kiss of death: Before losing conciousness, he was able to see a large shadow breaking through the walls of the building. The brave heart of the hero inspired the gorilla who quickly joined him in his electric adventures.His arrogance and selfishness were a thing from the past, the sun shined once again and the success of “My Life with Mister Cheston” raised the reign of the Kampangas from the grave. Cheston will be always there for us, either to save Spark from fire and pieces of concrete or to make us laugh and cry as our favourite actor.

It is said that he was born when the first C4 went off…It is said that he already found out how to blow up oxygen..Mysteries that cover the man hidden behind the mask, the being obsessed with destruction, incineration and chaos. We call him “Mister Foster”, he has been always Mister Foster to us, no one knows him in another way apart from that. His past is a true thing lost in history, no one truly knows where did he came from, how did he learned to create bombs out of thin air and who was his teacher or teachers. But people from Spark’ earth do remember him quite well…
Foster used to be part of a criminal organazation known as “Iluminescence”. An anonymous corporation that followed the principles of his superiors and nothing else. They were truly men hidden in the deepest shadows of the crime of the underworld and their actions were very specific. Criminals, murderers, paid assassins, all of them were divided in different groups according to their abilities and usefulness. Foster used to work along with fellow masked men, “The Clowns”: Wolf, Chains, Dallas, Hoston and finally Foster. Best group of bank robbers of Iluminescence. They were constantly getting different offers from millions of different people around the globe and they only accepted half of them. Foster job? Destroy, blow up, detonate, nuke, erase from the surface of Earth, burn the place into ashes, clean, wipe out, etc..After the bank vault was empty, the group of clowns would always leave the place after a gigantic explosion covered the entire damn place.
Eventually, after the directors and superior officers of Iluminescence were brutally murdered by Johnson, the Clowns started to work on their own but years of following orders left a huge dependence on the now dead superiors of Iluminescence and every bank robbery would always end up in disaster and pure chaos. After a failed attempt to assault the National Global Bank which ended in volcano-like detonation, the group of robbers recieved an offer from Two Face, a known name in the underworld business. The Clowns accepted instantly. Foster would normally stay away from the gun fights, the bloodthirst and the thrill of battle, only appearing at the every end or when things required a earth shattering kaboom. But with Two Face, things were clearly different. The group always traveled and struck togheter…It was a mater of time before Foster and the Clowns met the Captain Spark for their very first time…
Two Face led the group to the Global Bank once again. A short hostage situation where half of them were shot in the middle of their heads becouse luck wanted it. A group of C4s around the place, ordered by Dent who eagerly waited for something to appear. The Clowns asked him more than twice what the heck was going on but Dent refused to answer. The vault was covered with detonators, the main entrace had a nice group of C4s around, even the roof was filled with dynamite. For a bomb addict such as Foster, this was truly beautiful to watch. In the blink of an eye, Spark instantly teleported in right in front of Two Face and quickly delivers a devastating punch to his jaw. The Clowns tried their best to get rid of such a weird foe but the Captain is one man army. Unprepared to face the hero capable of controlling electricity, Spark took a few minutes to get rid of all of them, except Foster who was sitting near the vault and waiting for orders. After a short fight with Spark, Two Face managed to knock him down with a single swing from his right fist and a deadly knee to the stomach. The group picked up whatever they could and they quickly got away..however..the Clowns did forget something.
Trapped in a bank, unable to teleport out and with millions and millions of C4s about to go off, Spark convinced the bomb maniac to help him. Despite having helped the hero, Foster was sent to jail anyways but for some reason, Spark visited his prison cell every weekend, sharing heroic stories and how different the world would be without the evildoers. Something about this utopic vision and endless mercy of Spark caused a volatile emotional reaction on the bomb maker. Several testimonies from different prisioners of Alcatraz said that Foster took his mask off only to reveal a black void of emptyness, others say that the hero’ words gave him a reason or two to spread his chaotic nature around the planet and punish those who enjoy this nonsense shit…

Tomorrow’s next chapter: “The heartless pride of the family”.

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Dec 09, 2013 at 06:10PM EST

OOC: Sorry that I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve had a lot of stuff on my plate, and I’m also waiting for Natsuru to post tonight before I continue. I just wanted to say that we’re all still alive, and we will be back after this commercial break.

Dec 10, 2013 at 12:24PM EST

(aaaand i’m back)

Mabo Curry Made! 25% HP & MP Recovered! Revives from KO (though not apparent since nobody is KO’d).

Brave Vesperia just eat the curry as if they would any other dish. It tastes amazing, even more amazing considering the fact a Dog just cooked that.

Yuri: “Why are you all ogling? We got plenty here, Eat up!”

He offers a bowl to the rest of the freaked out group

Dec 10, 2013 at 05:16PM EST


Everyone seems to snap out of their vegetative state once food is mentioned.

Makoto’s tail twitches at the smell of food. She starts to sniff the air and looks around intently. It hasn’t been but around 3 hours since we arrived and she is already hungry.
Makoto: Food!
She almost runs over Yuri to get a plate of the curry.

Noel just looks dumbfounded at Team Brave and Makoto eating food that was made by a dog.
Noel: B-But…! That was made by a dog! How can all of you eat something like that?

There is an air of jealousy in her voice. No one will eat the food she makes except for Hazama and one of her friends back in her days of the military academy. Needless to say that she is jelly beyond belief. People won’t eat her food, but they will eat food made by a dog.

Ragna on the other hand is just plain disgusted. He reels back the moment that people started to eat the curry made by Repede.

Ragna: Eugh!
He puts a hand in front of his face and backs away a few steps.
Ragna: That’s just gross! How the hell can you people eat something made by a dog?!

Luna: Luna thinks that it’s one-thousand times better than the food you can make, you dumb pedophile.
Just to spite Ragna, Platinum gets a bowl of curry from Repede and begins eating it, watching the anger in Ragna spike.

As expected, he gets mad for what Platinum said to him.

Ragna: First off, what the hell gets you off by calling me a pedophile?! Secondly, I can make waaaaay better food than a damn dog can.
Is that a challenge I smell? I think it is.
Ragna: And third… AM I THE ONLY SANE ONE HERE?!


After failing to make the door open via the hand, Tager puts it back down and feels dumb for not thinking of scanning the scanner sooner. Anyways, everyone begins to head down the corridor leading to the residential areas.

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Dec 10, 2013 at 06:04PM EST


Rita replies in a mocking tone, though that sounds normal if you haven’t hung around her too much.

Rita: “Awww, come on, you will hurt Repede’s feeling~”

On the contrary, Repede doesn’t seem to give a shit.


Repede barks at him

Yuri: “He says ‘You can’t be the judge of that until you try my food’.”

Repede barks some more

Yuri: “And he also claims to be the sanest one here.”

Then with a final bark…

Yuri: “He also called you a Pedo.”

Repede might as well be smirking.

Yuri: “Besides, you really think we would let him cook if it wasn’t good?”

He continues eating

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Dec 10, 2013 at 08:09PM EST


Noel hears the mocking tone of Rita in that statement she made. She tries her best to not let her feelings show, but it is taking some time. She’s been through a lot prior to this encounter.
Noel: B-But…
She finally musters up some courage found deep inside of her.
Noel: I won’t be talked to in that kind of tone!

The commotion causes Ragna to turn his attention to the two girls.
Ragna: Lay off her, kid
He shoots her a glare as a warning for Rita to back off from Noel.


First bark comes by, Yuri translates it.
Ragna: Yeah? I’m not going to eat food made by some dog, regardless.
However he will eat food made by some cat… Second bark, Yuri translates it.
Ragna: But you’re a dog! How in the seven hells can you be the sanest one here?!
Third bark and translation, Ragna is starting to look even angrier at the two of them.
Ragna: Hahaha. Wow… I have NO intention of taking anymore of this bullshit. Seriously, you stupid mutt. I’ll give you five seconds to take what you said back, or else I’ll kill you.
He’s not going to stop unless someone makes him stop, or a fight breaks out.

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Dec 10, 2013 at 09:31PM EST

Repede shakes the hat off and hops backwards a few steps, behind in the air and barks some more.

Yuri: "He says “How anyone with such a short temper could be considered sane?”

More barking

Yuri: “How about a Duel? If you lose you eat his food.”

Repede barks at Yuri, and Yuri simply nods

Yuri turns his head towards Ragna, Smirking.

Yuri: “I think we can call it a fair game.”

Dec 10, 2013 at 09:54PM EST


Ragna: Oi!
He takes Blood Scythe off his back and holds it in front of him with both hands.

Ragna: Come get some, you damn mutt!

Noel: Brother, no! Don’t do this now!
She holds out a hand softly to him from where she’s standing, hoping that he will calm down.

Ragna: Stay outta this, Noel. This is between me and that stupid mutt.
He jumps into the air with a blur trailing behind him.
Ragna: Eat this! Belial Edge!
Ragna comes soaring down straight at Repede, sword pointed at the dog.

Dec 10, 2013 at 10:38PM EST


Repede stands completely still as Ragna comes down for his blatant dive kick Belial Edge… and just moments before impact…


Repede Howls as he goes into Overlimit Level 1, sending Ragna flying back. Quickly, Repede runs to where Ragna is about to crash land, and begins juggling him…

Then with his attacks begins to ascend upwards.
(Yeah, I don’t have footage of the artes being used in the air so just bear with me)

And then Repede does his Sonic the Hedgehog impression and spins both him and Ragna even HIGHER into the air

Then with a mighty howl Repede unleashes his Burst Arte…


Repede falls lightly to the ground, followed by Ragna falling to the ground with a Thump.

Yuri holds his arm back to keep anyone from approaching the two…

And Repede returns to Ragna, carrying a spoon full of curry… and after a few seconds, Repede forces it Ragna’s mouth and he will jump back awake at how fucking spicy that is. If he can stand spicy foods he will find this curry is pretty good.

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Dec 10, 2013 at 11:29PM EST

@dungeon group.

Like the rest of them at first, they questioned the food and how the dog made it. However, once Natsu started to dig into it, despite the fact, he loves the curry so much he begins to devour the whole meal. Since Natsu is eating it, the others do as well. And just as Natsu, they enjoy the food very much despite the others bickering and arguiong over who made it or whos the better cook.

Natsu: Man, this is the best food ive ever eaten that was made by a dog. This stuff is super delicious. Shortly after eating the meal, He quickly requests another. I hope you guys have enough for a whole week, because I can eat so much that its gonna last one day.

Lucy: Great….. Sign She then looks at the Vesperia group, mainly Repede. Though I have to say, this meal is really good. A bit too spicey for my taste, but still good nonetheless.

Wendy: How is it that he learned to cook like this? I mean, hes a dog and all.

Happy: Must be a magical one. Says as he devours into a raw fish he has.

When Repede and Ragna begin to get angry at each other.

Lucy: Jeez, can we ever have a moment of peace without someone getting onto a fight. AND WITH A DOG OF ALL THINGS.

Then Ragna gets his ass handed to him by Repede and thumps onto the ground.

Natsu: AHAHAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAA, You just got beaten by a dog who can cook better than you. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA AHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Natsu faces Repede with a big smile on his face as he gives him a thumbs up. Man you are one freaking awesome dog. You guys are so lucky to have one like that. Then digs into his third plate of curry.

Lucy just cant even.

Lucy: I swear, there’s never a dull moment in this freaking guild. Can we just finish up in peace before we continue?

Wendy: I’ll help Ragna heal after I’m done eating.

They continue to eat in what little peace they have left.

following the group down the hallways.

Dec 10, 2013 at 11:55PM EST

Robotnik and the Egg Robo were continuing their review of planned military operations on-board the Egg Carrier when Egg Robo halts to inform him that Snively has requested immediate contact.

Egg Robo: He claims it is a dire emergency, Doctor.

Robotnik: Oh, for the love of… put him on!

Snively appears on screen, obviously panicked over something.

Robotnik: What do you want!?

Snively: Well, sir, you see, I, er, it’s just that- well, sir--


Snively: Please, sir! I didn’t-

Robotnik: SNIVELY!!!

Snively: The hedgehog has escaped!

For the briefest of moments, there is complete silence. Then, Robotnik slowly curls his hands into fists. He rises, and even though the screen which currently displays Snively is much taller than Eggman, the Doctor instead gives the impression of towering over his nephew. At least this is how Snively currently feels, especially since at his end, Robotnik’s enlarged face is almost as menacing as it is face-to-face.

And of course, had this been any other slip up, Snively knew that Robotnik would have merely scared Snively into submission, as usual. But this was not one of Snively’s usual failures, and he knew it. Sonic was the Priority One Hedgehog, and Dr. Eggman’s arch-nemesis, no less. What Snively had done was perhaps his greatest failure.

This was unacceptable.

Robotnik: What… did you say, Snively…?

Snively: I-it’s not my fault, sir! E-100 Alpha was instructed to make sure Sonic was completely unconscious before he opened the cell to prep him for roboticization once you--


Snively: I’m sorry sir! Please don’t-…



Robotnik no longer appeared angry. Now, it seemed, the Doctor was in fact…

… chuckling? No, he’s laughing! Despite Snively’s failure, Dr. Eggman begins to laugh maniacally.

Robotnik: OH HO HO HO HO HO!!!

Everything is going according to plan!

Snively: P-please forgive me, sir… I don’t understand…?

Robotnik: Of course you don’t! Anyway, I knew you couldn’t keep that hedgehog contained for long! That’s why I left you in charge of keeping watch over him!

Robotnik is barely able to keep himself from bursting into laughter as he speaks, which both confuses and angers Snively.

Snively: Then… why did you get upset at me?

Robotnik: Sometimes I just love messing with you. You’re just lucky that this was according to my plan. If this had been at any other time… well… you get the idea.

Robotnik flashes a maniacal smile at his nephew, and Snively cringes in fear of his uncle.

Snively: *gulp* P-paperweight, sir…?

Robotnik responds with sarcasm.

Robotnik: Well, maybe you’re not such a dimwit after all.

Now, get to work! Sound the alarm, alert the troops, and all that.

Robotnik smiles once more.

After all, we can’t allow his escape to seem too easy.

Snively: Yes, sir.

But… there’s still one thing I don’t understand.

Robotnik: *sigh* What is it, Snively?

Snively: Why are you allowing the hedgehog to escape?

Robotnik walks past the monitor Snively is on, to the large window overseeing the deforestation wrought by the Egg Fleet. Eggman gazes into the horizon as he continues, more to himself than to his nephew.

Robotnik: That hedgehog… is supposed to be my greatest foe. He was supposed to be the one, the only one, who could stop me, and I the valiant conqueror who finally destroyed the “Hero” of Mobius…

Dr. Eggman snaps back as he walks back to the captain’s chair.

Besides, it’s no fun fighting your greatest enemy when he can’t even put up a fight. Where’s the entertainment?

Rest assured, that hedgehog has realized his mistakes. He’ll be back, and he’ll be ready to finally face me…

… for our grand finale! The day I finally defeat that meddlesome hedgehog is very near, indeed.

Snively remains utterly confused.

Snively: I- erm, yes, sir… good luck, sir…

Robotnik: Ha! As though I need luck to defeat that hedgehog. Now, do as I’ve told you!

Snively: Yes, sir.

Dec 11, 2013 at 12:02AM EST

@Dungeon group,

Platinum watched this like it was dinner with a show.
Luna: Ha! Ragna the Loli-Lover-Edge got beat up by a dog! This trip is getting better and better!

Sena: Haha. I’m agreeing with you here, Luna. That was pretty fun to watch.

Noel looks absolutely shocked at the scene of Ragna getting owned by Repede
Noel: Ragna!
She runs to Ragna, but gets blocked by Yuri’s arm when she draws near.
Noel: …

Makoto: Whoa…
She saw the entire scene unfold before her eyes.
Makoto: That dog just beat up Ragna the Bloodedge…

And then Repede comes over and stuffs curry in Ragna’s mouth.

The Grim Reaper begins to convulse when the curry is stuffed into his mouth. The wounds from Repede begin to smoke and cook themselves back together with the help of the Azure Grimoire. He finally opens his eyes, nearly choking on the food jammed in his mouth.
Ragna: Gah! (hack)
He coughs some and pushes Repede off of him.
Ragna: Ack! Get offa me-!
The taste of curry reaches the buds on his tongue, filling it with spicy sensations. His brain was too busy earlier computing all the things happening in quick succession.
Ragna: Hey, this ain’t half bad!
He chews some and swallows the portion of the meal, sitting back up afterwards and hoists Blood Scythe over his shoulder.

Ragna: For a mutt, you’re not as bad as I woulda thought…

Noel: Ragna! Are you alright?
She finally gets the bright idea to just duck under Yuri and hurry over towards him.

Ragna: … I’m fine.
His wounds stop smoking and he is healed back up fully. The places where his clothes got ripped repair themselves with bright, white Ars Magus. It looks like they’re almost sewing themselves back together on their own.
Ragna: Don’t worry about me, it was only a-
And then Natsu pipes up, starting to laugh at Ragna. He is trying to hide how badly his pride got damaged, but he’s really bad at that.
Ragna: Gimme a sec, Noel…
He gets up from the ground.

Noel: O-Okay. You can count on me, Ragna!
She almost gives him a military salute like a child would to someone above their authority. She backs off back up to where Yuri is.

Ragna readies his right arm as Natsu keeps laughing.
Ragna: Keep laughin’ kiddo…
He rears his fist back, a good few feet away from Natsu. His right hand begins to emit an aura of black and purple seithr.

Ragna: Hell’s Fang!
He rushes at Natsu while he’s preoccupied with food and laughing at Ragna. Since Natsu left his guard down, Ragna gets a free punch on him him square in the face with a purple, glowing fist.

The hit would have been hard enough to shatter Natsu’s plate and send the Fire Dragon Slayer back into a wall, slamming him against it. Echoes of Natsu’s body hitting the wall should be sent around the chamber.
Ragna: Don’t go around laughing about me like that…
Natsu should have curry all over his face and clothes right now too.

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Dec 11, 2013 at 01:37AM EST

Meanwhile… in Low Charity, the Mobile Battle Fortress Heracles, pride of the Imperial Knights, loudly patrols in search for the countries still missing cities. It has been nearly two weeks now and the men are not in the best of moods due to the weather. The machinery has to be constantly thawed out in these temperatures, and even with a full crew and a half she’s one bitch to service on the go.

It’s quite fast for it’s size, but you could easily outrace it on a horse. The Imperial Knights still do not know about the other countries on the planet yet, but creating safe routes between the cities has become top priority.

In it’s search the past two weeks, it discovered the locations of two more of their major cities. Boosting the troops morals.



Add the city of “Heliord” 7 hex’s down from Aspio.
Add the city of “Halure” 4 hex’s down right from Aspio.


Also, if anyone wishes to know the location of the giant enemy crab The Heracles, you may ask me, though just know your characters still have to know the location of this thing within reason.

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Dec 11, 2013 at 02:52AM EST

I JUST got that song out of my head… And now it’s back. I guess I can never truly purge my mind of SA2 music.


Red eats some provisions he brought with him.
I do admit, that was pretty hilarious, but you’re gonna run out too soon if you eat that much in one go, Natsu. We might be in here for a while, you should keep that in mind. If memory serves, the longest I stayed in a dungeon like this for just short of three weeks.

Dec 11, 2013 at 06:53AM EST

One of the strangest fights to occur yet…

@Heaven Team,

You all venture off down the Residential tunnel, and finally access the main deck itself. Over the course of 5 minutes, you have walked down multiple corridors and civilian lounges, each and every one showing signs of killings. It is a never ending gruesome sight that is inescapable, no matter where you look during your walk you just can’t find visual solace from the blood and horror. You have yet to find anyone alive and so far have heard no anomalous sounds, overall it has been very quiet however the feeling of being watched has slowly been intensifying the further you explore….

During the walk, Tim and Laika have been side by side…and sticking close to Tager, unknowingly to him, Tim has found a sense of security when near the red giant…

Taking the language barrier into consideration, the pair communicate in English to one another when talking…
Tim: I..I’m surprised…I didn’t think that RIG’s were this widespread…and this ship doesn’t look like anything we are capable of constructing from where I’m from…
Laika’s device: This ship is a hybrid of technologies…a type of cross-breed possessing the greatest qualities available…
Tim: I recognise the security systems, and some of the architecture…but some of the underlying tech here is…real different…
Laika’s device: More streamlined whilst our tech is more robust…
(OOC: Just acknowledging the obvious tech differences in-universe here)
Then, in the distance, you hear a quick series of gunshots followed by silence, no screams. The sounds echo down towards the team from a hallway ahead which breaks off to the RIGHT
Laika’s device: Ah, a military patrol no doubt. A good idea to rendezvous.
Tim mutters under his breath in fright
Tim:…n-no…it could be…execution squads…

You are stood at a junction in the hallway…

The turning right will lead off towards where the gunshots sound were coming from….

The path straight on is signposted “TRAM”…

The path left from your immediate position looks to lead off and around more of the accommodation deck…

Behind you…is well, a long corridor heading off into the distance, seeing as you have just come from down there you can rest assured that there was nothing of note on the journey..

Overall, there are dry blood stains painted over the floor and no bullet holes or signs of conflict can be seen, this place has taken a relatively small amount of punishment. If it wasn’t for the deathly quiet and blood it would look untainted by the horror


As you are standing near the group something catches your attention, more so than the gunshots. In the distance you can hear the very faint cries of a child, they are originating from the corridor heading off LEFT. Looking off down the empty hallway as it stretches off into the distance your mind is becoming overflowed…somewhere, down there in the darkness is someone in need of help…

The others don’t seem to have noticed the whimpers and with the sounds of gunfire taking over there attention they won’t…

..But the thought of a child alone in all this weighs real heavy on Erza’s mind…

Don’t slate me for the lack of combat, if I didn’t build suspense I wouldn’t be doing a good job.

Also, one wrong move and this will turn into a psychological horror in the blink of an eye and everybody knows how weird that shit gets.

To keep balance I will employ just about ever tactic I can think of to cause damage, this won’t be a cakewalk.

Dec 11, 2013 at 12:58PM EST

OOC: I have no response to the battle that just happened.

OOC @ Eggman: Oh f**k yes. E.G.G.M.A.N. is his best theme.


8 of the Order mages (Pyralis having joined the other 7 across the bridges)… don’t try any of the curry. Regardless of any healing properties it may have. After all, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them has a healing spell of some sort… All 8 of them have at least two, even. (With the archmages having three.) They just watch the battle…

Tempestia: I have no idea what to say…

Pyralis: I can’t help but notice there’s only 8 of us here. Where’s Tahrdan?

The aquamancer is still by the gate that led everyone to this particular area. He is not going anywhere near any of the edges, which means he is not going anywhere near the bridges either.

(OOC: …Yeah, someone’s gonna have to go and get him. Or he’ll get no further.)

Granatir: He’s probably still by that gate thing. Someone needs to go and get him, I don’t think he’ll be coming any further willingly.

OOC: …You know what? I think I AM going to add a new ‘faction’ to this planet. I’ve already referred to them… a month and 6 days ago. Time to go a bit tribal!


*Somewhere near a forest, some blue sparkles quickly descend from orbit, being visible from quite some distance away. There may be some requests to investigate these sparkles coming…

Anyway, upon reaching the ground, the sparkles split into 7 distinct groups, and turn into 7… humans? Six of them are wearing grey trousers and shoes, with a blue loincloth. The seventh, who is obviously the leader, is female. She is wearing a blue tribal dress and a brown mask, with blue markings and rimmed with feathers. She is carrying a black staff with a vague hand shape at the end, and a blue jewel. If someone were to see her eyes, there would be some sort of blue glow covering them somewhat. The woman jumps into the air a few times, her eyes glowing purple through the mask and what seems to be purple electricity crackling around her. She spins around, shooting off eight beams of yellow light. A short distance away these beams turn into blue stones that curve inwards.* Only the woman actually speaks English, though this is more a gift of the forces she wields. She speaks to the six men – Braves, to be precise, in a more primitive language. Here is a translation.

???: This world is much larger than those we have fought on before. I sense no stone heads or vaults of knowledge, though I do sense a number of different groups here already. We appear to have arrived here before any of the other tribes, so we have a chance to prepare for their arrival.

The braves bow to the woman, and set abut starting to build. They cut down nearby trees, but the trees will regrow…. Surprisingly quickly, actually. Each fully grown tree yields four pieces of wood, and the first thing the braves build are a couple of huts. The huts can generate mana for the Shaman, the woman who leads the tribe and can wield the mana to use a variety of spells, and also for training advanced followers. The two huts produce braves from grey smoky effects at their entrances… somehow… and three braves enter each hut.

(OOC: For those who do not know, which is probably most of you, I am using stuff from an RTS called Populous: The Beginning. To fit my playstyle in that game, I will be mainly controlling the Shaman directly, particularly in interactions. I will be restricting her access to certain spells. On Charity she may not use Convert, Tornado, Earthquake, Firestorm, Angel of Death or Volcano. Convert is useless without Wildmen, and the others are either natural disasters or powerful beings. ESPECIALLY Angel of Death (which is the powerful being) and Volcano (which causes widespread fiery destruction, and leaves a… well, a mountain.). She will be making use of the three land manipulation spells Landbridge, Flatten, and Erode. Landbridge = smooth connection between Point A (where the Shaman stands when casting) and Point B (where it’s targeted), Flatter creates a relatively large circle of land at the height the spell is targeted, and erode… Well, it basically speeds up the effects of time on the land, but ONLY the land.)

OOC: Also, the tribe… doesn’t have an official name. Anyone got an idea for a suitable name? For the record, the tribe is pretty much going to stay on Charity, being basically another faction. Though they are currently neutral with everyone else. I will address advanced followers as I introduce them… though if anyone here DOES play the game besides me, just know that I do not use spies. (Spies are pretty much useless in single player.)

Dec 11, 2013 at 01:32PM EST

Meredith had been quietly floating behind the group, following them without really saying anything. She isn’t planning on taking an active role, or rather she hopes he doesn’t have to do so.

So, it looks like we’re at a crossroads. I’m okay with whatever the majority decides when it comes to which path we’re going to explore.

Though I have this feeling that no matter which path we take, it won’t be easy.

Dec 11, 2013 at 05:52PM EST


Tager has noticed that the pilot and nav duo have been sticking close to him. He thinks that it’s in Kokonoe’s best will to keep them alive. She might need them for something later. All is going well until the gunshots are heard. Tager steps forwards and puts his hands to the side of him to block people from advancing.
Tager: Stay back.
The Red Devil’s glasses glow a blue color, activating his heat-vision scanners so he can seek out anything within the immediate area, or heat trails of where footsteps would have been.

Hakumen just keeps silent and on the very highest of alerts. He has Ookami out and is prepared for anything right now. The eyes in his armor rotate in their sockets, looking for and catching the slightest of movements that may be made on the creaking ship.

Dec 11, 2013 at 07:40PM EST

Doomguy hears the gunfire off o the right. He instantly runs down the hall to see what’s going on, and maybe kill some things.

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Erza hears the cries of the child in the distance in her head. She cannot help but to notice it, but the others dont hear it too. She tries to stay focused, but the thought of an innocent child stuck somewhere abbandoned on this place makes it impossible for her to not help her. She turns to the left hallway were she hears it.

Erza: Everyone, do you hear that?

Gray: Hear what, the gunshots stopped?

Erza: No, I mean the crying child coming from this direction. I can hear it.

Juvia: A child… in this place… but..

Gray: But I don’t hear anything other than the sounds of this creepy place.

Erza: How can you not hear it? A child is stuck somewhere alone and is probably terrified to death. She says with great concern. I have to go find the child. She summons a pair of swords in each and and makes her way to the source of the Noise.

Juvia: Erza! Don’t run off like that!


They Want to go get her, but its too dangerous to split up, and they are also still in shock still about the whole place still and are too afraid to split up from the group.

Gray: Dammit…. Gray turns to Hakumen. Hakumen, can you go get her back here. She will listen to you more than us. I Don’t know what has happened here exactly, but I think this place is getting to her.

Juvia: Please help her. Your the only one who could get her back here We can’t afford to split up too many of us and your the only one strong enough to help her through this.

@Dungeon and Ragna the butthurt

Natsu slams into the wall with a loud thud that can be heard by everyone.


Wendy: I don’t like were this is going now.

Natsu crawls back up on his feet with a grin on his face as he wipes the curry of of it before exploding into a raging inferno.



Natsu rockets towards Ragna at high speed and hits him directly in the solar plexus with a head-but with the force of a train that sends him flying into the other wall with imensde force that shakes the place up a bit, and the battle of two massive egos begins.


Dec 11, 2013 at 09:26PM EST

Red sees the altercation getting bad and decides to intervene, casting…
>lvl. 4
…-ra on the two. They’re now both frozen midair. All they can do is talk and move their eyes.
Now. I will unfreeze you both when you two learn to get along. I can wait, and I swear, I will leave you there for as long as it takes. Now, start working it out!

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Dec 11, 2013 at 09:55PM EST


Without a word from Hakumen, not even a sign of acknowledgement, or anything towards Juvia and Gray, Hakumen turns to the corridor that Erza went down and dashes off at a fast pace. If the lights are still working down the hallway, they could see Hakumen make a little jump and disappear completely into thin air. I’ll let Sam take over where he lands. All he is doing is following Erza to where she is.

@Dungeon and Red,

Ragna is frozen in midair before Natsu can get his attack out on him. He was going to sidestep the Dragon Slayer and just let him go crashing into the wall himself. He’s in a rather awkward dodging position right now.
Ragna: Hey! What the hell’s going on!?
He can’t move his body no matter how much he tries. All he can move are his face and eyes. This is bringing back memories of the Yukari fight to him… Ragna glares at Red when he figures out where the magic came from.
Ragna: Break this spell, you damn brat!
He could do it himself, but he can’t move his hands right now so there is no point to him trying.
Ragna: He was the one laughing at me first, damn it!

Noel sighs a sigh of relief and goes over to where Red is.
Noel: Oh, thank you so much for doing this. I know that Brother can be mean at times, but he means well.
Noel smiles at Red innocently.

Ragna: … I’m not apologizing. He was the one who started by laughing at me.

Makoto finishes her plate of curry and gets up, walking to the scene and standing by Noel.
Makoto: This wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have two hot-heads who can’t take a joke on our team. Seriously, you two. If we want to make it out of here alive, you’re going to have to work together or else bad things will happen.

Ragna: … Gr…
He glares at Makoto, and then to Red, and finally at Natsu.
Ragna: I’m…
It takes him a good few moments to muster up the heart to say this. It’s hurting him on the inside to say this next sentence.
Ragna: I’m… sorry. There. I said it. Now let me down, damn it!


Sena has taken it upon himself to go grab Tahrdan from the other side of the bridge.
Luna: But Sena! We’re missing out on that perv getting his ass handed to him!
Sena: I’m sorry for taking that away from you, Luna, but if we don’t get this dope over the bridge we’ll never be able to continue.
Luna: Luna doesn’t understand why we need this jackass. Luna can just throw him over the edge and it’s like they wouldn’t notice a thing.
Sena: I think that they would, Luna. From what I’ve gathered, he’s part of a group here. Besides, if you want your treasure, we will have to take him with us.
Luna: Ughhhh… Fine, Sena. But Luna is only doing this for the treasure.

Tardises can pick up on this conversation between the two souls as they are nearing him…

When they finally reach him, the little girl stands in front of him.

Luna: Just look at him, Sena. He’s in a fetal position!

Sena: Oh wow, you’re right…
Platinum extends a hand and grabs Tahrdan by the hood.
Sena: Let’s get you back…
Platinum begins to drag Tardises over the bridge. For a little girl, the body is surprisingly strong.

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Archer’s voice echos from around the group

Archer: “I am uncertain how much you have heard, but there are a lot of gunshots here. There are several military leveled units within my immediate field of hearing.”

Then after a pause, he re-materializes.

Archer: “My senses are somewhat amplified for long range spying and assassinations, though being in one giant machine is a pain on the ears.”

Then he sees Erza take off, but oddly lets her pass.

Archer: “…”

And after Hakumen goes running after her…

Archer: “It’s impossible to teach this to somebody of her age, however…”

he strokes his hair back…

Archer: “Pursuits of blind heroism is but a fools errand. Blind heroism distracts you from your goals, and ultimately you will wind up trading something or someone you hold most dear to you for all the detours you made trying to get to your goal.”

He looks down the hallway…

Archer: “It only leaves a giant bloody stain upon your soul. And soon your inner turmoil grinds against each other like a giant malfunctioning clock.”

He sighs

Archer: “Perhaps she will learn from this. Like I did oh so long ago…”

A slight reminder as to the fact that he is the manifestation of a regretful warrior’s ghost. This topic is most clearly heavy for him.


@Doomguy because he just wandered off:

Doomguy finds this…

dead on the wall. Something else is here…

Something is rather busily fixing the blaster damage on the walls… but then turns to look at Doomguy…

and one high pitched alert sound later, robots start deploying.

Within 5 seconds 8 of them turn on, and more are being loaded in off storage conveyers in the ceiling.

@Main Group:

Yuri is laughing, Estelle is looking scared and confused, Rita is facepalming so hard your pride takes 80 damage, and Repede is busy “cleaning” the leftovers from the pot (he made one portion for each person in the entire group, but Natsu ate the rest of the portions), and trying to get somebodies attention to finish cleaning it.

Rita: “Okay, okay.”

Rita sprays water into the pot, pulls back her sleeve, and scrubs it with a soapy sponge she pulled from the bag.

She then drys the pot and her hand off and re-packs it, before giving Repede a scratch on the head.

Rita: “Look, Yuri, could you get them to stop wasting all their energy fighting each other. Also, give me the sorcers ring.”

Yuri: “Gotcha.”

Yuri tosses a peculiar looking ring to Rita, who stands up and goes back to the statue room…

Yuri: “Alright guys, now’s not the time to be beating each other up. I am certain Rags wasn’t expecting a sudden use of an overlimit, and being caught in a counter like that would have been insanely deadly for any of us. But that’s just a simple reminder that Repede is just another member of the team.”

Rita comes back with a heavy gauntlet…

Rita: “… this was in that sphere.”

She tosses it to Yuri, as he uses a gauntlet on his free hand.

Yuri: “… A supersoaker arm?”

Rita: “It’s apparently equipped with a plasma whip. But bad news, this is the only one.”

Yuri: “… let me get this straight… this is a needlessly complicated zipline device?”

Rita: “Yup. It’s either th-”

Repede barks and goes running off.

Yuri: “Shit, one of us wandered off.”

Yuri goes running in the direction that Doomguy went.

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