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The Order mages just all fire off debuffing spells. Tahrdan and Noctan cast Whirlpool, Granatir and Solarian cast Razor Leaf, Tempestia and Pitchurn cast Twister, Tsunarmin, Pyralis and Ignis cast Wildfire. It should be hard to evade these…

(OOC: Remember that wildfire would reduce the effectiveness of physical attacks, whirlpool the effective of magic attacks, razor leaf the durability, and twister the speed.)


The Shaman attempts to strike the beast with her staff… hopefully she can hold it off long enough to be able to fire off a Blast. She is more durable than even a Warrior, despite the latter having a shield, though she isn’t that powerful physically. If something were to happen to her, she’d make the journey again, bringing the Warriors next time.

(OOC: I’ll just reveal what I mean by that last part. The first thing she did upon arriving was create a Reincarnation Site. Well, resurrection would be more accurate. If killed, the Shaman can resurrect at this site after some amount of time, and if an enemy was directly responsible for her death, they temporarily get some of the tribe’s mana generation as a bonus to whatever they already have. She can only use the site if she has at least one follower alive. If she’s dead and there are no followers, then the site is destroyed.)

Dec 16, 2013 at 08:53AM EST

OOC: So I rolled 2d10 (1d100)… And I rolled a natural 100

@Yuri’s death
For the fallen, I strike true! Get away from him!
Red slashes at Link twice with his mythril saber. The first one plows right into Link, hitting the sword right in its “Sweet Spot.” It inflicts massive hurt.

Dec 16, 2013 at 10:58AM EST


Tager: Yes, very highly skilled indeed. I suggest that you don’t get on her bad side, though.
Tager is now standing in the middle of the room before the tram.
Tager: Is everyone ready for departure?

@Main group,

Everyone in the tram area can see a bright, white “slice” form in the middle of the room. After a few moments, the cut gets brighter and begins to split open revealing a black and white, spinning void inside of it.

It isn’t sucking anyone in though. The more you stare at it, you can see two shadows walking towards the exit… When the shadows near, both Hakumen and Erza jump out of the void and the rift snaps shut behind them.
Hakumen: The vessel has been infected by corruption. Twisted, reanimated demons of flesh and bone walk the halls once again.
The White Knight sheathes Ookami on his back, seeing that there is no more immediate danger around.
Hakumen: For they are coming soon… make haste to the upper floors.

Tager: What are you talking about, Hakumen…?
He raises an eyebrow at the knight.

Hakumen: You shall soon see, Devil. Fate has not been kind to this place.

@Alpha and Stalker,

Rachel sees Alpha barking at her and trying to bite her dress… the vampire does nothing, but her familiars do. Rachel glares down at Alpha with both her pupils turning into menacing slits.
Rachel: I refuse to let a flea-ridden hound touch me. Nago.
Alpha is suddenly slapped on the nose by a black paw from her umbrella, Nago, to get the wolf to be quiet and deter him from biting her dress. Then she looks to Valkenhayn who is still standing there by her side.
Rachel: Valkenhayn, go with the lycanthrope.

Valkenhayn: As you wish.
The old butler jumps into the air and a purple light engulfs him fully… Finishing the transformation, he drops back down to the ground as a light grey wolf with a pink bow in his white tail.

Valkenhayn howls to the moon and speeds off after Lycan and his pack, catching up to them in a matter of seconds. If Alpha is smart he will follow Valkenhayn.

Rachel just disappears before the young wolf’s very eyes, teleporting to the Stalker’s location.

@Enchantress and Tikal,

Jubei briefly explains Christmas to Tikal. Sorry that I can’t say more, but I’m running low on time at the moment.

Jubei: Looks like yer takin’ on a cold there, Enchantress. Nah, I don’t need anythin’ else. Jus’ go ‘n sit by the fire and take it easy… If yer not better by tomorrow I can make ya some tea myself.
The old cat gets up off the ground and stands on two legs.
Jubei: Well you young’uns have a good night.

Carl: You too, Mister Jubei.

Jubei jumps back up to the rafters where he was making his home for the night.

Carl looks at Enchantress again.
Carl: I’ll stay with you until you get over your cold, Aiushtha. Now let’s go make some tea.
Carl gets up from his sitting position and walks with Nirvana to the kitchen of the Guild Hall slowly, waiting for Enchantress to catch up.

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Dec 16, 2013 at 02:31PM EST

Tikal… isn’t really cheered up by the explanation. She can’t help but think of the fact that Chaos cannot share this with her right now. She just floats there…

Dec 16, 2013 at 03:02PM EST

OOC: Oh here we go again..
Dear Tardises..
1. Resurrection spell? What to do you even..? How did..? Nevermind, mechanics are getting stupidier in this thread and I don’t care anymore.
2. “Tikal… isn’t really cheered up by the explanation. She can’t help but think of the fact that Chaos cannot share this with her right now. She just floats there…”

Tikal reminds me a lot of this:

We can’t read her mind or something so don’t expect us to magically say: “Hey floating thing, still missing chaos?”. None of us knows so far who Chaos is, how Tikal arrived in Magnolia, basic personality trails, etc..
C’mon Tardhan, step it up.

Dec 16, 2013 at 04:17PM EST

OOC: Been meaning to do this for a while

In the moments the doomguy got to walk away from the hallway before the leapers came, he had pulled out his rocket launcher. in the ensuing panic of a leaper flying at him, he fires.
now rockets make big booms.
this has a really disastrous consequence, blowing up the immediate area. Doomguy manages to survive, with some wounds.

Doomguy: Eh, I can take a couple rockets to the face. i’m fine.

Dec 16, 2013 at 05:54PM EST

@Heavens Tram station.
Erza collapses onto the ground shortly after her re-entry. She is covered in blood, which is not hers. She just has a few scrapes and burns while there are some scratch marks on her normal armour. She is a bit out of breath as she tries to get back up, but Gray and Juvia rush to her and help her out, shocked by her sudden condition.

Juvia: Erza, are you alright?

Gray: What the hell had gotten into you? Is it also true about what hakumen said?

Erza: Yes…. Yes it is true…..

They are a bit confused to actually believe it, but then again they realize how could she be in a sudden mess like this.

Erza: As soon as we were about to turn back, we were attacked by a horde of these mutaded abomi abominations that seemed to be human at one point. Grotuesque they were, the very sight of them made my stomach churn a bit. They screeches howles, and groans were as deadly as the bloodstained claws they had.

They are in udder shock to hear this. As much as it is hard to believe, Erza isnt the one to tell lies, especially since hakumen was there to.

Juvia: How…. how did it happen to them…. The people.

Gray: On way to find out. We need to see Sam and the others as soon as we can. And if Hakumen says that they may be coming than we need to leave quickly.

Erza: Everyone, get on the tram right now.

Gray runs up to the door were they entered from and calls out to Doomguy.

Gray: Hey John, We need to get out of here ASAP, Get your ass back here so we can go!

The others prepare to go inside the tram.
@Dungeon and link

Natsu is slashed from behind but somehow manages to only get a cut just along his back as he is sent hurtling away from him and lands face down away from him.


She orders Sagittarius to fire off a volley of arrows at link. Each one is fired at different spots on him to make him struggle to block all of them.

When Natsu is about to be stabbed by link jumping on him. He quickly manages to gain his strength to lift himself off the ground quickly and jump away from Link before his sword hits the ground, missing him. While in the air, Natsu meets link with a fire dragon roar attack at point blank range.

Link explodes in a giant inferno of Dragon fire as the others continue to attack him. Natsu recovers somewhat and doesn’t get held back by his injury as he readies himself for link.

Wendy continues to use her speed Buff on everyone to increase their physical speed and reflexes, as well as their casting times.
@Veteran and hellbears.
Elfman grabs his face as he tries to wipe off the acidic spit off of his face. It burns like hell, but even then he is too manly to let the pain get to him.


Elfman is then in a rugby skirmish with Veteran and the Hellbear. His face still hurts even after wiping off the acid, some burns still remain and some scars too, but still isnt enough to keep beast man Elfman down.

He meets the Hellbear Head on, using his massive amounts of raw strength to hold it back as well as the aid of Veteran who is pushing him as well. Slowly he takes a step forward, pushing the hellbear each slow step at a time as the hellbear seems to be loosing the skrimish with him. Then, with one final step, he manages to overpower the hellbear and with an open opportunity before the others join in, he punches the hellbear across the face with such force it knocks him back into the other ones, Causing them to crash. He shouts out one of the mightiest roars that anyone has ever heard that resonates all around the forest. It is very intimidating to the other hellbears.

He continues to roar with all of his might as he then rushes at the group of hellbears head on and full force like a manly locomotive and shoulder checks the one he punched. He lifts off the hellbear and tackles him right into a large rock that completely shatters it. Elfman then continues to wail and fight with the other hellbears who continue to join the fight, if they have what it takes to go up against the manliest person in the Fairy Tail guild.

Dec 16, 2013 at 08:23PM EST

@Dungeon: (going to order these in a way that they make the most sense, Asura’s post gets most priority since his was a counter strike)


As Natsu dodges out of the way and attempts to use Fire Dragons Roar, Link raises his shield

It seemingly absorbs all the magic power and blinks rapidly


The entire beam gets lasered back at Natsu, blasting him several dozen yards away and straight into Repede, who lets out a high pitched yelp as Natsu deflects off him.


Link screams out in pain as he is critical hit by Red, pulling his sword from the ground to wildly swing back at Red, slowly forcing him back only to get combo breakered by Machop. Link punts the little runt away as he looks up and around…

@Large Number of Magic Spells, Debuffs, and Pokemans:

at the large tidal wave of debuffing projectiles forming around and travel at him, Link quickly looks around and slams his fist into the ground

Suddenly, all the magic gets reflected back at the people who cast them.

Within the protection of this momentary light, Link can be seen playing an instrument for a short time… and with chilly melody echoing throughout the land, it begins to rain. The Song of Storms. Buffing and Debuffing Magic is washed away on anyone who stands in this, meaning everyone.

And with that, Link is RIGHT BEHIND THE LINE OF SPELL CASTERS, an insane amount of power being charged into his sword as he is about to go in for a hurricane spin attack

Yuri: “Shit!”

Yuri, Rita, and Estelle put up protective bubble shields…

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Dec 16, 2013 at 09:24PM EST

Falcon was just loking around the arena, and spies a strange object:

A smash ball.

Falcon: Ooh!
He snakes away from the main battle, and grabs it. He has a multicolored aura surrounding him right now.
Before Link even notices, Strange purple vines have already restrained him.
Joseph: Got you now!
He proceeds to lift Link up high in the air, and viciously drops him on the other side. Link bounces of the ground, and Joseph slams link against the ground again. He then pulls link in, charging his fist with Hamon.
The fist connects, sending a pain all throughout Link’s body. Joseph tosses him away.

Link lands… right next to Captain Falcon.
Falcon: Well, if it isn’t good to see you, now. COME ON! BLUE FALCON!
And this happens:

The final smash completes.
Falcon: Put a little…Spin on it.
Falcon quickly backs away from Link.

Dec 16, 2013 at 09:54PM EST


Both Makoto and Ragna are blasted away by the spin attack that Link used on them. Makoto would have recovered in mid-air and landed back on her feet while Ragna just lands with a thud in the water, making a big splash. Noel would have screamed for both her friends and immediately rushed over to where they were. When the Song of Storms begins to play, the three start to get soaking wet.

Makoto: Damn, that guy hits hard…
She has a cut across her abdomen from the spin attack, but can still function properly. She wants to catch a breather before continuing in the fight though.
Makoto: Where did he get all this stuff…?
She breathes heavily, putting a gloved hand over the gash on her chest.

Meanwhile Ragna is in intense pain from the Master Sword. He’s laying there in bloody water, unable to heal himself properly. The Azure Grimoire isn’t cooking his wounds back together and making him whole again.
Ragna: Gah…
He tries to sit up in the water, but it takes some out of him.
Ragna: That pointy-eared freak…
The Grim Reaper angrily scowls at the direction of Link.

Noel makes it to where the two are.
Noel: Are you two okay?!
She looks worried some.

Ragna: Just dandy, thanks…
Sarcasm tainted his voice when he said that.

Makoto: He’s strong, Noelly…

Noel: I’ll do my very best to make him pay for hurting my friends!
Noel spins around and faces at the direction of Link
Noel: Optic Barrel!
She fires several shots with Bolverk in the direction past the dozen people fighting him currently. This shot operates as a sort of “dimensional collapse” to allow the shots to pass through objects without harm to said objects. The shots set have an icon of Bolverk crossed in an x-shape, glowing bright gold. When the enemy gets near one of these shots, it explodes with a greater radius than the normal shots of Bolverk.

Meanwhile near Link…

When Link is about to do the Hurricane spin, Platinum spins around and stabs the staff into the ground creating a strong bubble shield. The charge that she gave the spell earlier amplified it’s defense by a good bit.

Dec 17, 2013 at 12:55AM EST

As Valkenhayn approaches the pack and the master, the wolves growl at him with fury and anger. One of them goes as far as not letting him near Lycan, constantly turning his head around and trying to bite him. Banehallow, who is now a giant carnivorous animal guided by instinct and pure savagery, merely growls at his own wolves, giving them the order to allow Val to join the pack, only for this moment of course. Val should be able to notice that Bane’ fur is literally set on fire, leaving a trail of dust and ashes in the air and burning marks on the ground. Through bushes, deep inside the forest, hidden in the trees, the pack finds a family of Wildwings. The group of eagles is giving a decent burial to a fallen member of the tribe. Aparently, this unlucky and now gone wildwing died after something slashed his chest and ripped off his heart. The pack only stays for a few seconds since the Wildwings are territorial and becouse Bane doesn’t want to waste too much time on learning things he already knows: Night Stalker is hunting again and the trails will run red.

@Shaman and, eventually, Rachel
A staff won’t save you from the hunger of he who stalks the night and serves the darkness. After crushing such a silly weapon with his claws, Stalker quickly pounces the Shaman and pierces her chest with his strong talons. After his prey falls on the ground, the Stalker proceeds to devour her, tearing the flesh out of her cheeks first so he can hear the sweet sounds of her prey screaming before proceeding to bury his teeth on the shaman face. The beast keeps shredding and shaking the shaman’ face who should be covered in blood. By the time Rachel arrives to the place, the Shaman’ chest is wide open and Night Stalker is eating her intestines. Judging by the facial expressions and the saliva covering the monster’ mouth, Rachel can deduce that Stalker has been starving for weeks probably before satisfying his hunger again. Rachel is the first one to arrive and Stalker is merely staring at her.

What a curious prey you are..Haven’t seen a prime example of vampirism for centuries since the bright of sunlight extincted your kind. Feel honored, you are the most curious prey I ever caught since that sin cleaner that I’m certainly sure you are familiar with…Your blue blood lineage won’t give you an advantage as long as you remain in my territories..Die

Stalker merely attacks Rachel, opening his wings and quickly sending himself towards his prey, trying to reach her throat with his claws.

@Fairy Guild
Eventually Enchantress manages to get up and follow Carl on his way to the kitchen. Unluckily for her, she caught a really nasty cold and she can barely walk around without constantly sneezing and shivering. Her cheeks and nose are currently red colored and the wisps surrounding her are gone as if the cold is weakening her powers and body at the exact same time. Every step she takes feels extremelly painful and her hoves get tired very fast, despite being the kind of creature that has been literally walking and travelling for her whole life, which forces her to rest near the chimney. Before closing her eyes and letting herself travel once again in the realm of dreams, Enchantress gladly shares a story or two with Carl and Nirava. The fruit loaf was delicious and the green tea with the company of friends made her feel better. The stories were about the troll tribe and the centaurs. Not all the trolls are aggresive, selfish, bitter, arrogant, jumpy, hotheaded and cruel creatures, some of them are creative but they hide their talent from others who think that everything that is not related to war and conquer is pointless. There was an extremelly abrasive and intolerable troll called Jah’rakal who was so unlikable that his own parents, friends and race banished him from the tribe territories. Centaurs on the other hand prefer to solve their problems, arguments and discussions through battle. The axe and the sword instead of the pen and the word. If Carl ever asked anything related to Enchantress’ past, she would just look away and quickly start talking about something else. After finishing her tea, Enchantress merely smiles at Carl once again before hugging him and saying:

Enchantress: My thank you Carl, you are one of the nicest persons I have ever met on my travels around this sweet green world and, you know what I love from you? Everything! Please..never change…never…change…

And with these last words, the doe falls asleep on Carl’ arms.

Dec 17, 2013 at 01:13AM EST

And then Link ragequit because that Kirby Remix got stuck in his head again.

@Zar & Everyone because finishers are last on my attack priority order list:

Link unleashes his Hurricane Spin attack, carrying anyone who didn’t super guard around comedically as he spins for a good 10 seconds before blasting them all away.

People included where Yuri, Rita, All of Terrys Pokemon besides Machop, Lucy, The Horsehead Dude, Jotaro and Joseph, and all of Tardises mages. They are all either very hurt or dead.

Platinum and Estelle didn’t get carried around because of super shields, and the attack missed Maribel, Renko, and Terry because they where out of range.

Rita is revived via Rebirth Doll, which burns up after use

Who in turn runs to Yuri with a Potion.

Rita: “Don’t be a pain!”

She uncorks it and dumps it in Yuri’s Mouth, who jumps back up. It’s clear this group has cheated death more than every so often

Yuri: “For gods sake somebody heal me so I can stand more than one hit against this guy!”

Estelle: “Just give me a second… start using Life Bottles on everyone!”

Rita: “REALLY!?! Fine…”

Estelle begins charging up her largest healing spell…

(For anyone who would have died from a direct attack like that, I got Estelle on the way.)


With the dizziness vulnerability let Hurricane Spin, Falcon’s ruse works out. After it’s all over, Link can only look with a rage filled intend of murder and hate

Link has put up this shit from Captain Falcon for over 14 years now. And all this pent up rage and then some is about to go straight up Captain Falcon’s Anus.

Link quickly runs at Falcon, throws a Deku Nut to the ground stunning everyone in the immediate area, Grabs Captain Falcon’s Arms, and performs the super ultra critical hit of the north star.

EVERYONE cringes at the sight

Yuri, Estelle, Rita: “oooooooh….”

Repede: whimpers

Renko and Maribel: Nervous laughter


Archer unexpectedly walks from around a corner with a good armful of ammunition, health packs, money, and other various supplies.

Archer: “Sorry to vanish like that. I spotted this stash though a wall and it was a bit of a maze getting back.”

Yeah, he can ghost his way around… as long as he isn’t holding anything.

@Lancer’s Epic Adventure:

Wait a minute, where the fuck did these come from?


Chibi: Yapping

DON’T YOU TALK BACK TO ME MISTER! Go Fetch The Main Character of this Journey RIGHT NOW!

Chibi: Whimpers as scampers off

@Someplace on the planet:

A rather touching reunion. Though Kiritsugu and Iresveil’s little girl won’t be taking part in this plot for a while longer

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Dec 17, 2013 at 03:26AM EST


1. I am just applying game mechanics to the Shaman here. That is why she has limited charges on her spells, even. The only way to stop this game mechanic is to wipe out the entire tribe, in which case she cannot come back.

2. Tikal… doesn’t need to sleep. She doesn’t have a physical form, remember?



Some blue and white sparkles will fly from the Shaman’s corpse and into the beast. These sparkles are pure mana, not an attack of any sort. The corpse then turns into a spirit and floats upwards…

Some time later, the Shaman will return to life at the Reincarnation Site, with her staff repaired automatially… Next time, she’ll be ready. She commands the Warriors to arrange some guard posts around the settlement to provide light, and she commands some Braves to start building a larger structure, under Warrior guard. The plan of this building is 33% larger than the huts already built.

OOC: I’ll explain the size of the buildings. I’ll be using ‘tiles’ to refer to the area a building covers, since they cannot be placed completely freely. The standard hut and Warrior Training Hut both cover an area of 3×3 tiles. The building being started covers 4×4. The huts need one tile distance between them, or they cannot be built.


Only three Order mages are still standing. Granatir is just that durable, Ignis attempted to block the blow with his hammer, reducing its effectiveness, and OYH protected Tahrdan by getting in the way of the attack.

Tahrdan: This… isn’t good…

The three immediately know what to do. Granatir and Ignis start to cast Resurrection on the other Order mages, while Tahrdan casts Cleansing Foam to heal them.

(OOC: Tahrdan and Pyralis are the only two Order mages I’m using who do not know Resurrection, for the record.)

@epic adventure.

Kongspire: Okay, what the hell is going on here?

Actually, it wasn’t just the two men and the divine wolf-dog-thing who were building. The three Gremlins were doing a lot of the work too.

Gremlin 1:(They asked us to!)

Kongspire: Do I have to take control of this little expedition or something? Because it seems to be the only way to actually get anything done around here! Go get them, now. Who knows, we may find some technology for you guys to experiment with.

Gremlin 3:(I am not a guy, but alright.)

Kongspire: Oh, well, you kind of look the same, so how was I supposed to know?

Yes, the third gremlin is actually female. Male and female gremlins look pretty much the same… For that matter, so do the Knights… Or do the Knights even have a gender? What even ARE they? Anyway, the three Gremlins head off and start looking for Lancer, Chibi and Travis. The knight has a point, they’re never going to get anything done like this.

Dec 17, 2013 at 04:48AM EST


The rocket detonates and causes major damage to the structure of the corridor, the Leaper is blasted apart however a few chunks of splintered bone carry on flying towards Doomguy before piercing him like glass in several places across his body…

The Spartan is sent flying back from the explosion and is thrown through a wall and out of sight, the other two Leapers are thrown in roughly the same direction…

This entire deck is now alive with the sounds of screams and howls, no matter how strong you are you WILL be killed if you remain on this deck any longer…the endless waves of the Necormorph horde are nigh on unstoppable and can bring down any warrior with time…

Even though the hallway is collapsing about you more Leapers begin to breach through the vents, if you remain here you will be swamped…

@People at tram,

The station is filled with the sounds of screams as they echo through the ventilation shafts and doorways, the ground begins to lightly shudder as the Necromorph horde approaches…

Tim: Oh god…it is them……we need to get on the Tram now!

Meanwhile in the Bridge…

GW: A message has been received from the Fabricator deck
Communications Officer: Go ahead..
GW: “Containment unit complete” that is all…
Engineering Officer: Those people are way too ominous for my liking…
Communications Officer: I take it they are about to seal off the Black Marker
Electronics Officer: Its signal should then be cut off…that should bring a stop to the infection

Fabricator deck
Black Marker armoured storage

The great heart of the Necromorph lifeform stands before them gently humming with life…

Lloyd II, leader of the Fabricators and his assistant stand gazing up at it
Lloyd II: It is a shame we must interrupt it however I owe my allegiance to the Captain. We can thank him for allowing us to keep the Black Marker within our possession
Fabricator: We have already obtained an unfathomable amount of information and knowledge upon its workings, sealing it away will do no damage to our research.
They spend a minute in silence, looking up in a trance at it, captivated by its incredible evil

Lloyd II: Let us continue.
They both exit the giant storage room and approach the controls outside the door, with a few button pushes and codes a pair of heavy meter thick doors close over the entrance sealing away the Marker and cutting off its signal…

With the the signal now cut off the Necromorphs become confused and without a sense of leadership, they rush about the corridors with no sense of direction…

The great armies of heaven and Tengu Elite quickly move about the decks blasting down the lost abominations…

Within a surprising amount of time control of the ship is dragged back into the hands of Heavens crew…

BUT. The ever expansive Habitation decks show no signs of interference, the Necromorphs are still strong and operate without any stump in their abilities, they have been left completely unaffected by the breaking of the Marker signal. It is now obvious that there is something else directing command over the Necormorphs of the Hab decks…

In simple terms:

The Black Marker was sealed away and thus lost control over all Necros outside of the Hab decks, they have now been killed and dealt with…

The Necro’s on the Hab decks are working as normal due to an unknown source still emitting a Marker signal..

super short terms:

Hab decks are still in the shit. Everywhere outside the hab decks are in the clear. The Hab decks are big as fuck.You are in the Hab decks. Hab decks. Wow this was a mundane post to write, nobodies fault, it just dragged

Dec 17, 2013 at 12:26PM EST

After the Critical Hit, Falcon has an expression of shock on his face. He falls over with an expression of pain on his face
Falcon: B-Bastard… You’re no hero… taking a shot like that…
*Falcon is pretty much dead at this point, being in a comatose-like state.

Jotaro and Joseph are pretty much dead right now, however…
Jotaro speaks.
Jotaro: I’m… Still… alive… I go on… for one reason…
Jotaro stands up
Jotaro: It’s one simple reason. You pissed me off.
Star Platinum is drawn out again. It’s standing about 2 meters away from link.
Jotaro: Think… Think you have a range advantage? Think again… hehe… STAR FINGER!
Suddenly, Star Platinum’s index and middle fingers extend the gap between Link and itself, striking Link’s left shoulder.
Jotaro: Hmph. Don’t think I didn’t notice you’re a leftie. That’s gotta have it’s advantages in sword fights. however, in a fist fight, that doesn’t matter. now, take your move.

Doomguy hightails it out of there, and gets back to the main group
Doomguy: Okay, i oughta tell you if you ever see some fucker decked out in full green power armor, he’s gonna try to kill you. anyways, i think we should get going soon, because I think i MIGHT just have a gigantic amount of humanoid abominations on my ass.
He pushes everyone onto the tram.

Dec 17, 2013 at 05:16PM EST

@Star Platinum:

Link backflips out of the way, and jump attacks Star Platinum. The sword blasting the stand back… revealing Yuri who hid behind the stand.

Yuri: “Take this! GHOST WOLF!”

Yuri phases though Link and gets a backstab in

Yuri: “LONE WOLF!”

Link: “GAH!”

he goes flying at Makoto…

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Dec 17, 2013 at 06:00PM EST


As Link flies towards Makoto, he can see an ornate crest appear behind the squirrel girl for a second or two.

Makoto: I feel something burning within my soul…!
Both of her tonfas glow bright blue in coloring. She readies herself by putting both of the tonfas in front of her. Her tail twitches and straightens out. The water seems to ripple from all the energy that she is storing up inside of her.

Link can see a giant, orange spell circle begin to spin behind Makoto. It spins faster and faster, each rotation getting more speed than the last. Her hazel eyes seem to glow with passion and the very fire of her spirit.
Makoto: Big Bang…
She rears her fist back, charging her tonfas with even more blue energy. The water outright blows back behind her, splashing any unlucky people with the full force of the lake-water.
Makoto: SMASH!

Link gets punched straight in the head by Makoto’s right tonfa, followed by a ginormous, fist made of pure energy hitting him as well. The giant energy fist should be the end of Link and all his adventures.

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Dec 17, 2013 at 06:35PM EST


Link screams out as he goes skidding across the water from Makoto’s attack… and in a flash, returns to a statue…

… it was a fake… a copy of that warrior…

Yuri: “… Link was it…? I guess our pure numbers saved us.”

Estelle: “Revitalize!”

Everyone returns to full health.

Rita: “Hey… what’s that?”

another sword has rose out of the water…

And Rita carefully picks it up…

Rita: “… lets get out of here. This seems something the Summon Spirits can handle.”

from where Link fell, a shaft of light appears. Entering it will take you all back to the surface.



1 Flamberge Sword; This is one half of the Eternal Sword.
A bar of Gold for each person who participated in the quest.
A pouch of diamonds for each person who participated in the quest.
Parts to upgrade everyone’s weapons at least once.
A bottled elemental fire single attack for each person here. (Ask Zar for Details)
1 invitation part (1/7)

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Dec 17, 2013 at 06:44PM EST

This post was longer but unfortunately I lost it all, seeing as I hate re-writing posts I’m going to just do a summary

You all board the tram and Laika squeezes upto the front and pushes in a few buttons. After a few minutes the tram shifts along the tracks and through dozens and dozens of decks before finnaly arriving at the topmost of the hab decks which is also the border of the lockdown

You all get out and hear a lot of gunfire and screams, it is evident that this deck is full of chaos as the Heaven military slowly encroach into Necro territory in a attempt at gaining a foothold

Due to this being the edge of the lockdown it also become apparent that here is where you will find Sam. The thoughts of what he will be like passes through your heads, he has suffered the death of thousands of his crew, the blood of them on his hands. Will he be the same? or will he be different?..more refined? more proper? just how much of an impact will this have had?

As you leave the station you head down a single hallway leading towards the main commuting area, but before you are given a chance to think you are rushed by a group of…

The most common Necromorph form to take shape. Created from a single human body they retain most of their original human form apart from they have long bladed talons jutting from the palms of their hands or shoulder. Alone they are weak however in large groups the pose a great threat to any enemy. Like most Necromorphs they are very persistent and will continue to attack even with a number of its limbs missing

A group of 6 charge down the hallway towards you flailing their arms about in a skittish manner

Dec 17, 2013 at 08:02PM EST

Falcon, Jotaro, and Joseph take their stuff and head in the portal. Once out, they climb aboard the Falcon Flyer and wait for the others to get back.

Doomguy had been very pleasent along the tram ride. he didn’t even complain about how cramped it was. When the Slashers come, doomguy readies his rocket launcher.
Doomguy fires his rocket launcher at the necromorphs. This is going to have disastrous consequences.

Dec 17, 2013 at 08:12PM EST


The rocket strikes the one at the front blowing it apart and throwing its giblets about the walls however the shockwave or blast of heat takes no effect on the others as they rush forth at the group, now within range they begin to slash wildly, causing deep cuts and impalements

Dec 17, 2013 at 08:16PM EST


Rachel stares the Stalker down as she watches him tear apart the Shaman’s body, limb by limb and eat into her like she was a delicious morsel. The young vampire looks like she could give less than zero fucks about what’s happening right now.
Rachel: What a disgusting display of your manners. Oh, my mistake. You have no manners. Just yet another blemish upon this world.
Rachel scoffs at the Night Stalker.
Rachel: How filthy…

When the Night Stalker charges at Rachel, opening his wings was the biggest mistake he has ever made.
Rachel: Oh, so you wish to play with me, filth?
She puts her cat-umbrella in front of her. Night Stalker can see it form into a bladed-shield that Rachel is holding.

Rachel: Silpheed.
She utters the words without a care in the world. A bright red spell circle forms under Rachel’s feet, a rose in the middle of it. Stalker is suddenly pushed back further than he was before with a gust of wind from Rachel. Him having his wings out pushed him back even further.
Rachel: Fire.
While he is dazed, Stalker can hear a cannon shot, feel something hard but stretchy hit him on the forehead, and then the feeling of being shocked by the pure energy of a pink lightning bolt that was dropped on him mere moments after the thing hit him.
Rachel: How boring…
To the Night Stalker it looks like she is just playing around with him.


Carl very much enjoyed the stories told by Enchantress in the kitchen. He had Nirvana help her when she couldn’t walk, and even managed to make Enchantress an herbal medicine that Litchi taught him how to make. She should be feeling better in the morning. However, when Enchantress talks to Carl for the last time, he responds with:
Carl: I’ll never change. I want to grow up to be a good person like you, Mister Bang, and Miss Litchi.
He smiles at the fawn closes her eyes and goes to sleep. Nirvana would have grabbed Enchantress so that Carl wouldn’t get squished by the doe though.
Carl: C’mon, Sis. Let’s take her back to her room.

Niravana: …
Nirvana carries away the doe back to her room, being led by Carl. Once they get there, Nirvana gently lays the sleeping Enchantress down on the floor where I’m assuming her bed would be.

Carl: Sleep tight, Enchantress…
Carl tips his hat to her.

After that, Nirvana takes Carl back to his room so that he can get some sleep too.*


When the necros begin coming for the group, Tager gets in a combat position, putting both fists in front of him and gets in a sort of position looking like he’s about ready to bulldoze some mofos.

Tager: Engaging combat mode. This’ll get a little rough.
The Red Devil thrusts a hand forward at the nearest necromorph, grabbing it. The necro manages to get a slice around his shoulder, but not before he throws the necromorph into the other necros with a lot of force, causing a few to be knocked down.

Hakumen: I shall purify those corrupted souls of yours!
Hakumen takes a battle-ready stance against the horde of necros, with Ookami pointing to the front of him.

He steps forward, slicing off a charging necromorph’s arm and continues to combat the horde. Sorry, it’s just like I have a helluva lot of stuff to reply to tonight. Bare with me.


Chibi and the Gremlins find Lancer sitting on the pier in a brightly colored, Hawaiian T-Shirt and dark brown pants. He looks bored out of his mind, and somewhat angry about something too. Maybe it’s the fact that he can’t catch any fish.

Lancer: sigh Why the hell can’t I catch anything? I mean, we built this beach resort just for this!
He yawns some and hears Chibi running down the pier. The blue-haired man looks at the pup sprinting towards him.
Lancer: Hey there, puppy. What is it?
And then the gremlins start running down the pier after Chibi.
Lancer: You want me to go back on the adventure…?
The fisherman stands up and starts to glow in a blue coloring… Several circles appear around him as he changes back into his normal combat uniform in a flash.

Lancer: C’mon, then! Let’s go find that treasure!
And so the adventure begins… Again.


All of my characters take their rewards and step into the portal that leads back to the surface.

OOC: If you’re wanting to know about the bottles of fire and what they do… I need everyone who had a character in the dungeon to consult a random number generator, set it at 1-6, and roll for each character they had in the dungeon. I’ll tell you what properties the flames have once you do that.

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Dec 17, 2013 at 09:43PM EST

@Epic Adventure
Travis had just been watching Lancer fish for the past god-knows how long.
Travis: Finally, we’re going to fucking do something.
Travis begins following the main group

Dec 17, 2013 at 09:53PM EST

@Lancer’s Epic Adventure:

Quickly walking that road they tried to walk down right before the writers completely forgot about the group, the group eventually comes across a large freshwater pond. Yeah, they know this place already since they had gotten all the water they needed from this with a single water filter they found washed up on shore for some reason.

Quite the place to restart this epic journey, as there is many ways to overcome this obstical. Such as Chibi’s Vine Whip or most other peoples moon jumps. Though perhaps also a drink before you guys head out? You guys should still have that water filter with you and your canteens. This is an adventure after all!

Yeah, that’s the one. Hold onto that, it will likely come in handy later.

Chibi flounders around in the pond a bit before using the power of Vine to raise himself up to the top of the waterfall, yapping back down at everyone.

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Dec 17, 2013 at 10:20PM EST

EDIT: There was a giant stack of gifs I posted here that I probably shouldn’t have wasted my time on. Sorry about that.


Archer once again summons his bow. This being a narrow hallway gives him an advantage.

Archer: “I am the bone of my sword…”

He lets off his arrow, creating a kebab of Necromorphs on the far wall.

Archer: “Seems we finally found the resistance. We might be fighting here for awhile.”

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Dec 17, 2013 at 11:58PM EST

@Epic adventure

The four used to a clockwork wold cannot climb the vine well… Well, Kongspire can’t really climb it at all, due to that armour he carries around. The Gremlins, however, do find a way to get him up the vine. They build a wooden platform for him and pull him up on it.


The 9 Order mages do take their loot, but… Well, they’re not used to directly upgrading weapons, only making new ones with components. They’re gonna need guidance on this one, but that’s it.

Dec 18, 2013 at 04:32AM EST

@Heaven Team,

Hakumens slices cut off a few limbs but bring no stop to the hordes advance. More backup arrives and they begin jabbing like madmen at the team with their hard as rock scything talons. Tager is stabbed multiple times and Hakumens armour is constantly pelted with jabs…

Archers arrow spears a group against the wall but with a rapid episode of flailing they unpin themselves and begin advancing once more….

Laika: “At arms, Tim!”
Tim shakily reaches for his gauss pistol and points it towards the horde, meanwhile Laika has already begun laying down fire with his blaster however it causes little damage

Tim: S-sir how do I fire this thing??!!
He rotates the weapon in his hands trying to suss out how its activated only to then find a small button, with a push a charging sound can be heard coming from the weapon
Tim: I think…I think I found it!
The pistol begins to charge

Then to heighten the situation a vent behind the group is flung off the wall, growling loudly like a snarling bear a hideous form emerges…

It is a Enhanced Slasher…
The Necormorphs infection has its own type of evolution cycle so after long periods of time Necormorphs progressively become more deformed and dangerous. The Enhanced Slasher skin is hardened and its talons are much more pronounced and sharper, they are multiple times more harder to kill.

The Enhanced charges you from behind, already within slashing distance it begins to dig away at the team..

The Heaven army is slowly beginning to progress into the deck as they batte away with the infection…

Terrified out of their wits they are forcefully driven to fright

Dec 18, 2013 at 10:42AM EST

@Fairy Guild

Ogre 1: Where did blue thing go?
Ogre 2: You lost it again?
Ogre 1: Bird is too small to catch and look, I thought it was on your head.
Ogre 2: Oh I just found it!
Ogre 1: WHA? Where?
Ogre 2: Near my foot, hold on I will smash its wings so it doesn’t fly.
Ogre 1: Near my foot, I don’t see a thing!
Ogre 2: Its right next to your foot! I’ll smack it!
Ogre 1: No wait, thats my foo-

Aww the sweet sounds of nature as morning shows thyself, sun rays covering this mysterious landscape as birds fly everywhere. With the loud ogre screaming in the background, our heroes inside the Fairy Tail should wake up after the glorious celebration that is Frostivus. The hall was redecorated by Enchantress after she found out about the existance of christmas. Feel free to notice how much the place changed or just do what you do best: Go around and don’t pay attention to your surroundings.

@Rachel and (YAWN) Val guy..
So..Hurm..where do I start..oh..Since this fight happened in night time, midnight to be more specific, Stalker is practically unable to be defeated one-on-one to Rachel’ attacks merely make him stumble. He doesn’t get a single scratch and any kind of wound would be instantly regenerated. After feasting on the corpse of the Shaman, the Night Stalker’ strenght was increased but despite having mercilesly eaten a random stranger nobody will ever care about, Stalker is still hungry and has enough space for a little snack such as a Vampire steak. The monster merely focuses the energy of darkness on Rachel and creates a vortex of the darkness that used to cover the entire planet before the very first sunlight appeared. Inside this void of fear, Rachel should be able to see a twisted version of Balanar’ maws, horrifying teeths appearing in thin air and shattering the vampire’ mind in pure fear as Nightstalker approaches her. Stalker strikes first with a single swing from his claws: if hit Stalker would go for a second hit, if It misses, Stalker use his strong talons and mercilessly kick Rachel before she has a chance to use her unusual sorcery.
Banehallow’ speed increases the more he feels the scent of Nightstalker. Val and the pack should arrive in a minute or two.

Dec 18, 2013 at 01:28PM EST


Hakumen is the first to notice the Enhanced Necromorph due to the eyes in the back of his armor. Hakumen has some free room and acts at the Enhanced Necromorph coming right up on their tail.
Hakumen: Lotus!
The knight spins around and tries to trip the Enhanced Necro with one sweep kick, and then another kick right to its chest. If this succeeds, he’ll follow up with a horizontal sword slash to the middle of the necromorph. If it fails, Hakumen will immediately go into a Zantetsu move; a double-handed downward slash, followed by sweeping slash at the legs of the necromorph.

Meanwhile Tager is just trying to get the necros off of him. HE tries to pry some off his back with one hand, while smacking away the oncoming horde with his other hand.
Tager: I need some assistance here!
He’s doing his best to try and keep them off of him.


When Stalker tries to silence her, it works. She is having a tough time not showing fear when Crippling Darkness is cast on her. The familiars look like they just shit themselves, while Rachel just looks angered and trying to not let any emotions show.

When the Night Stalker attacks, she is hit by the first strike of his claws, unable to be protected by her familiars. Her dress gets torn across the front. On the second hit, Nago, the black cat, jumps in front of his master and takes the blow for her.
Rachel: You…
She keeps herself afloat with wind, glancing down at her dress. Nago returns to her side as an umbrella being held in her hands.
Rachel: You inhuman beast! Look at what you did to my dress!
Taking both of her hands, she transforms her wings into a razor sharp knife and fork.

They seem to have the properties of metal now, and Rachel commands them to go stab and wreck away at Stalker. If the attack connects, Rachel would then follow up with a gust of wind and another bolt of lightning being dropped on Stalker. If it doesn’t connect, Rachel would summon a few flaming pumpkins and jump away from Stalker.

@Lancer’s Epic Adventure,

Lancer clears the leap in just one jump, having brought with him the water distiller in his other hand.
Lancer: Oi! You coming or what?
He yells this down at Travis.

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Dec 18, 2013 at 05:57PM EST


The Enhanced Slasher is tripped up and severed clean in half by Hakumens blade, surprisingly it actually doesn’t get back up and instead remains still on the floor…

Tim: “I-I think I’ve got it sir!”
Laika: “Then shoot! help me!”
Tim raises the gauss pistol and aims it dead and true at the Necromorph swarm covering Tager and the others, the charged battery shaking the gun as it thrives of energy
Tim: Err…
He places his finger on the trigger…
Tim: “Right…okaaaay…”
He winces his head away from the gun, closing his eyes as he does

Finally he pulls the trigger..

A massive blast of energy leaps forth from the weapon, the laser turns the Necro’s to ash and melts the surface off of the entire hallway which also in turn closes up the vents. Tim drops the gauss pistol as it seemingly shuts down and closes up as well as venting a load of gas

The hall is finally clear, but only for a moment…
Tim: Woah…what..that was incredible…
He picks the gun from off the ground, gives it a look of appreciation and then places it back in his holster, meanwhile Laika turns round to face him…
Laika: “Good job , Tim. You are very much still a soldier.”
Tim: I…I think we should continue before they turn up again, are you okay Tager?

Dec 18, 2013 at 07:03PM EST


Instead of actual blood coming out of the wounds on Tager, Tim and Laika can both notice black, natural oil coming out of the stab and slash wounds from the necromorphs. They can both see that his hair is singed and labcoat blackened by the energy from the gauss pistol.
The giant stands up to his full height once everything is cleared.

Tager: I’m fine… Thanks for getting me out of that.
+1 Tager karma to Tim.
Tager: Diverting 40 percent of energy stores to rejuvenation.
They can then see the wounds on the devil begin to close up. This isn’t all he can put out, but it’s all he can spare for now.
Tager: Yes, let’s get moving before they all come back.
And so the group moves onwards in the direction they were just headed.

Dec 18, 2013 at 07:29PM EST

Guys are healed, get their loot and head off with the others. Though Natsu and them really don’t have any really need for the weapon upgrades, so they give them To Red, since he uses a sword as a primary weapon.

(Sir Crona, Red now has the three weapon upgrades from Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy. They don’t need them since they don’t use weapons.)

Gray and Juvia freak the fuck out when they see the Necromorphs for the first time. Erza wasn’t kdding, they are abominations. Shambling horrors of mutated flesh and bone.

Erza and them fight off the onslought of Necros with blade and magic. Once the area is clear for now, they continue with the others.

@Veteran and hellbears
Elfman gives one of the hellbears a suplex and slams it on the ground with an earthshaking impact. Nobody stops the Elfman.

Dec 18, 2013 at 08:03PM EST

The group progress down the melted hall and out into…

A street, it looks to have seen a lot of battle lately even before the Necromoph infection, graffiti is sprayed over the walls and what seems to be makeshift shelters can be found down in the dark crevices of the alleyways. This place has seen a level of poverty and has been most likely forgotten or ignored by the top Heaven brass…

As you make your way down the street you have to tread around and over the corpses of fallen soldiers, Necromorphs and chunks of debris, up ahead you can see that a footbridge has collapsed down into the street, partly blocking the way

After a few moments you arrive at the fallen bridge, then, you hear the sound of a voice coming from over the other side…it sounds like that of Sam…

Sam: And where is your weapon soldier?
?: Er..I-I…It was…
Sam: And your team?
?: They’re d-d-dead s-sir
Sam: If that’s so then why aren’t you dead?
?: I…I..needed to report back
Sam: I’ve received nothing but bad reports from you Higgins, I have nothing more to say…

Hopping over the rubble you are confronted by a very intense sight…

In front of you stands Sam, behind him is the entirety of The Tengu Elite, literally hundreds of soldiers are stood filling the rest of the street and are stood at perfect attention in silence. In front of this army and Sam kneels a whimpering soldier who is being held at gunpoint by a single Tengu

Standing on either side of you at the walls of the street are yet more dozens of standard Military soldiers, this place is totally packed stuffed with them…Sam has been somewhat walking through this deck, slaughtering Necormorphs and dissident soldiers alike. For the first time Sam is without his Murasama HF blade, as a matter of fact he looks completely unarmed

You walk forth and confront the monster that is the silent army. Sam turns his attention from the whimpering trooper and looks up at you as you approach

Sam: Ah!, I knew it wouldn’t be long before you decided to show your faces…
He opens his arms
Sam: Welcome back to Heaven, as you can see, I’m having a clear out..or you could call it a purge…
Skipping the mountain of possible question he could ask he gets to the point
Sam: Where is Flandre?

His eyes are dead focused and the troops seem ready to pounce. Sam is making a new Heaven…

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Dec 18, 2013 at 08:03PM EST


Tager is the one clearing the path for everyone at first, moving cars and errant street lights out of the way so that the group can proceed along the streets. He helps the group get over the piles of rubble as well. Once they’re over that, they are confronted by Sam…

After Sam speaks.

Tager just stares Sam down. He doesn’t look very happy when he saw Sam slaughter and kill his own men. The Red Devil looks disapprovingly at him and speaks in a slightly aggressive tone.

Tager: Flandre…? Oh. You mean that little vampire, right? Sorry, but she went back to her home.

Hakumen steps forwards to look at Sam with his featureless mask. Ookami seems to be sheathed on his back for now. The monster that is now Sam can feel a chill run down his spine as the White Knight stares him down.

Hakumen: I didn’t expect you to show up this early, monster…
Hakumen crosses his arms.
Hakumen: What purpose do you have slaughtering your own people like this? The fact that you would bring corruption like these walking corpses aboard sickens me… You lost all hope to despair and let the stains of darkness touch your soul. You devoted your life to protecting and saving that monster that killed so many. For what? For hope that she would change? Ridiculous. Beneath that charming exterior was a boiling pit of malice and destruction.
He drops his arms back down to his side after this.
Hakumen: Tell me, fiend… What lies ahead of you? I see no justice on the path you take.

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Dec 18, 2013 at 08:36PM EST

@ Sam

The group of them are walking down the ruined city streets of Heavens habs section. Bodies of both necromorphs and soldiers liter the place amongst the debris and various wreckage all over. Juvia is scared to death over the sight of all of this, despite having Grays hand in her own and Erza right next to her.

Erza is beyond mortified by the sight of all of this as much as Gray is. Unable to come up with any ideas on how all of this happened on the ship. So much carnage, death and destruction inside Heaven, it is just like Mobius when they were fighting the Bm’s forces.

They make their way to were Sams location is. When they see him and all the soldiers nearby, they just cant help but feel rage enduced as to what Sam has done to the place.

Erza Stares at him with a cold look that can break a persons soul, if Sam has one anyways.

Erza: Samuel….. I dont even know were to begin with you.

Gray looks intensely at him.

Gray: We thought of just passing by to see you to inquire about your return, and then we walk into this goddamn hellhole. What the fuck happened here?! How the hell did all of this happen?

Juvia looks at him with both sadness and anger, she cant descide on what to feel anymore. When he asks about Flandre just after Tager and Hakumen talks.

Juvia: Flandre….. Like Tager said, she went back home to her real family who missed her a lot. But that is not important right now, and to even think of having any right to talk about her above everything else that is going on here makes Juvia sick. You said that you would protect the people on this ship, but instead you end up becoming a monster who turns his blade on the people who he had sworn to protect.

Erza: Even now, you threaten to execute one of your own, for what? Let him go.

Gray: We need to an answer from you about all of this. How the hell did all of this happen, and what are these monsters that are slaughtering everyone on the ship?

Dec 18, 2013 at 09:32PM EST

@the dungeon group:

Yuri blows the horn to call back Ba’ul, the whale that brought them here… the group on the whale was surveying the planet and drawing a map so it’s going to take 15 minutes to get the ship back.

Once the whale gets back and picks up the Vesperia Group and whoever isn’t going on Falcon’s ride, they fly back to Mongolia.

Raven: “What ja got there?”

Yuri: “These?”

Raven: “Yeah, all that fire stuff and that sword?”

Yuri: “Spells in bottles. Apparently this one forces your opponent to fall into a lustful delusi-”


Raven has THE MOST perverted expression right now.

Judith: “That sword looks familiar.”

Yuri: “Yeah, it looks like the Flamberge Sword we found in the desert.”

Flynn: “… It definetly seems a lot stronger though. It feels like the powers of Efreet.”

Yuri: “Estelle, how much longer do you need to summon those 4?”

Estelle: “… they are having trouble. Apparently they have to go around something… though they haven’t said what it is yet.”

Judith: “They might be referring to the portal to here.”

Yuri: “You have a point… well, just get as much rest as you can.”


Archer: “The Vampire? I am pretty certain her sister came by with some gap hag who gate crashed the celebration party. Something about them living in a sealed world designed to keep creatures like that.”

He pauses to give himself enough time to track down the locations of all the troops in the room

Archer: “Two of her friends stayed behind and departed into the Ocean looking for something.”

How Archer knew the Ocean part is questionable until you remember his insane eyesight.

AND THEN he sits though Hakumen’s minute long Speech, smirking at every moment of it.

After Hakumen finishes…

Archer: “What an excellent use of time.”

His sarcasm could have melted a rock

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Dec 18, 2013 at 09:48PM EST


Everyone of my characters hops aboard the flying whale dragon thingy.

Ragna takes a seat on the far side of the ship. His wounds are still healing from the Master Sword’s damage to him, and it looks like it could take a while. The guy looks like a walking smoker right now. He takes a look at the bag of diamonds and the gold bar before putting them in a pocket in his jacket for later. He then takes out the bottle of fire and examines it…

Ragna: Wrath, eh? This’ll come in handy later.
He then stores it away in the same pocket, along with the weapon upgrade part he received. For now he sits there recovering from his wounds.

@Team Brave,

Noel also puts away her trinkets that she got from the dungeon with a bright glow of her hand. When hears them talking about a group of 4 needing to get past something, she gets curious and decides to go and have a chat with them.
Noel: Um…? Hi.
She is a bit scared by Raven’s perverted face, but still keeps her ground and doesn’t back away like a sad puppy. She decides to start out with the simplest question.
Noel: That’s the Flamberge?
She looks at the sword with her green eyes…
Noel: It looks really pretty.

Dec 18, 2013 at 11:28PM EST


Raven: “Oh why hello there pretty lady! I must say, you have the most ADOREABLE fa-”

Rita floors Raven with a punch to the face

Rita: “For gods sake old man!”

Raven: “I can see stars~”

Rita turns to Noel

Rita: “Yeah, it seems the creators of the sword went for looks as well…”

She swings it around wildly, giving off a light saber effect and catching some of the ships wood on fire.

Rita: “GAH! No! Yuri! Find a Sheath!”

Yuri: “Fine! Fine.”

Yuri goes digging in a storage cabinet of sheaths, as he oftentimes carelessly swings his off ledges and the like…. he’s bound to have one in here someplace, but this leaves Rita awkwardly holding it.

Dec 19, 2013 at 12:43AM EST

Sweet sweet dreams for the young fawn, what kind of enchanted land is she currently travelling?
Enchantress can be seen, hopping and skipping around this wild jungle as the sun shines and birds fly. Several of her friends are following her, a centaur, a huge wildwing member and even Carl! They keep walking around this strange forest as loud explosions are heard and as a unknown man screams in horror. Out of nowhere, deep inside the woods, Enchantress and her friends find Jugs who is very happy to see her. Jugs is a funny swordsman, a bit lonesome and shy, who lost his family and friends in a really tragic event. By the time Enchantress arrives, Jugs is picking up a few coins from the floor.

Enchantress: Yumero! I thought we talked about stealing and its consequences? Why do you keep doing this to the poor trolls and hellbears?

Jugs: ..but miss Aiushtha! I must get these precious small coins for my needs such as buying a much better sword than this one and upgrading my skills! The only thing I still have are these branches you gave today which are not helping me in any kind of way..sorry to offend you. Now if you excuse me, I need to get that blasted axe called Battle Fury before that sneaky blue bastard arrives here.

Enchantress stays silent as Jugs keeps picking up the coins he must ’ve stolen from the Dark Trolls. She is already angry and everyone can tell that just by looking at the angry yet-hilarious face she makes when upset. “Angry tomato face” as a friend of Jugs, Sven, would say. Jugs slowly turns around while trying to get a basic idea of how many of these coins he needs to build Battle Fury. After this, he looks up at Enchantress who is surprisingly smiling again.

Enchantress: Maybe if I talk with the trolls, they would give you all the gold that you need without the need of violence and sav-
Jugs: Nope, I need to be quick.
Enchantress: Well, maybe if we ask Sven he would gladly share a few coins with-
Jugs: Sharing? Sven? Those words don’t mix Enchantress.
Enchantress: Then what if I-
Jugs: Look my dear, as much as I appreciate your heals and spears, you are not being THAT useful at the moment. Now if you excuse me, I saw a nice pair of mud golems I would like to farm pls-
Enchantress: YUMERO!
Jugs: wut
Enchantress: You are starting to talk like Sven!
Jugs: Well, Sven has Battle Fury already so I guess I must talk like this to-
Enchantress: But he doesn’t even need one..
Jugs: lol..I mean..OH..But pretty much everyone talks like this in these days. Whats wrong with it?

Out of nowhere, Sven appears, after chopping down several trees around the forest just to piss off Enchantress and her nature addict thing. Sven is a gigantic yet helpful grumpy knight who hates everyone else who isn’t a knight or a swordsman like him. Sven inmediatly approaches Jugs, moving Enchantress out of the way with the palm of his hand and lifting his sword in the air. Sven’ head is literally spinning and his fingers are twitching as if he wants to strangle a chicken to death.

Sven: LOL Enchantress keeps farming. Jugs, lets gank bot and report Enchantress pls. lol fckin n00b learn 2 play u reported. Jugs gank bot pls or I report u
Sven: U noob 2? fucking useless team. gg feeders
Sven literally dissapears in thin air and Jugs just stares at the nothingness while shivering in fear. Then he inmediatly pounces Enchantress with both of his arms and endlessly hugs her.

Jugs: I don’t want to talk like that, I don’t want to talk like that, I don’t want to talk like that..Promise to me Enchantress, that if I ever say “wut” or “lol” again, you will use your spear and end my worthless life. Sven scares me, I don’t want to talk like that..
Enchantress: There, there..everything is fine..People never changes and I’m sure you are one of- Oh sweet kiss of luck and fortune! Yumero, look what Mother Nature left for us!

After ragequitting, Sven left all his items behind. Branches, potions, small branches and..the Battle Fury.

Enchantress: See? Not everything needs blood and fighting to happen!
Jugs: Enchantress please return to this land.
Enchantress: I love everything!
Jugs: Enchantress please return to this land.
Jugs: Enchantress please return to this land.
Enchantress: Sproink!%
Jugs: Enchantress this land…


@Fairy Guild
A power glowing spear pierced through several walls and ended in Makarov’ room. The spear is covered in an extremelly powerful energy, pure as air itself, and It managed to pierce through concrete and wood without losing it’s edge or breaking in the process. The magic stored in the spear slowly dissapears as everyone should wake up and notice holes in their room’ walls. Well, NOT every room was penetrated by such a power proyectile. In fact, following the destruction caused by this spear and the appearance of the spear itself, these clues lead to Enchantress room. Hidden in her bed and still sneezing around, Enchantress just woke up after having some kind of nightmare.

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Dec 19, 2013 at 12:57AM EST

The Order mages have also boarded the.. whatever it is, mainly because it’s a bit dark to risk getting lost with a Warp gone wrong. They also look at their bottles. They don’t know what exactly they do… yet… All they know is that it’s a good idea to hold onto them, at least until they know the effects. If they’re going to use them, they’re going to use them correctly.

Pyralis: I hope they’re all equally effective, at least. Or if not quite equally effective, it can be down to our elemental properties…

They return their bottles to their respective inventories. The others would just see the bottles vanish. At this point the various components appear in their hands

Solarian: What are we supposed to do with these?

They’ve never directly upgraded a weapon.. Only made new ones from various components and a bit of magic. Tahrdan’s sword does not count here, as technically it wasn’t him who upgraded it.

@guild hall

Tikal is still floating around. Something starts to happen, though… The space around her starts to warp due to her feelings. It turns from the hall to… A tribe of echidnas? Her past is bleeding through into her present, though it is unclear as to whether it is an illusion or something actually happening.

(OOC: It was never explained in Sonic Adventure whether the flashback sequences actually took the characters to Tikal’s time or were just visions. Basically this is Tikal subconsciously explaining what she’s so upset about, though it may be for nothing…)

The strange sight seems to surround her, though she does notice the holes in the wall and floats towards the nearest…

Dec 19, 2013 at 06:17AM EST

@Heaven Team,

After hearing that Flandre has returned home Sam seems to show little reaction…but it has had an impact, he see’s the team more as intruders than anything, somewhat interrupting his complicated plans…

Sam stands confident and unbreakable, the huge elite army at his back with their undying loyalty operating as his sword. He is proud to be the leader of such a mighty empire and is displaying it thoroughly. Unlike before where he would lean back and smirk at enemies he takes a much more patronizing and powerful manner. You can feel that he has taken full advantage of his position and that the sense of leadership and loyalty amongst Heaven is strengthening multiple times over…seeing as Sam does not have his Murasama blade or any weapons for that matter proves this. He has finally realized that with his great power he needn’t lift a finger any more, his armies are dedicated to him, be that through fear or genuine loyalty or maybe even a mixture of both…

When Hakumen takes a step forward the front rank of the Tengu army and the soldiers lining the walls snap their rifles up and aim them dead at him, they are ready to fire at any slight movement in order to preserve the life of their leader. With prime accuracy and flawless prowess over their equipment the Tengu Elite will not miss a single shot.

Sam feels no chill from Hakumen, no belittlement, he is superior now, empowered by his aspirations. He has become the cornerstone of Heaven and the pillar holding it up.

Sam: We didn’t know what we had found on that planet nor that it would cause this but when the killings begun I saw the good behind it all, these decks have turned into a big playground for soldiers to train and seeing as they are the runt of what is left of the once powerful PMC’s I believe I have done a fine job of bringing them up to spec. They are now one single united army loyal to their superiors and to me….the civilians and refugee’s, well, I’m sure you’ve had a chance to meet them hehehe, the ones who haven’t been mutated into those walking target have been forcefully drafted into the army and are currently awaiting training. I need to replenish my ranks after this disaster you see, having thousands of refugees sat in squalor simply isn’t going to work, I’m making proud soldiers out of everyone one of them with this lesson as there motivation..

By “lesson” he means the Necormorph outbreak. The survivors are being rounded up and forced into the armies whilst the injured and weak are being executed or turned into cyborg crew staff, Sam is pretty much forcefully assimilating the civilian section of his own ship into the military therefore redefining it as a whole, where it was once an ark for last remnants of humanity it is now becoming a cradle of warfare and doctrines..

Sam: What lies ahead of me?….tradition and honour. A disciplined force of soldiers. What lies ahead of you, Hakumen? are you going to kill me? kill us all?

Entering through a doorway on the right are the Four Prophets, there long hair is matted and their cybernetic bodies are bloodied and battered but nonetheless proud and in shape. They make their way across the front rank of the Tengu Elite and stand beside Sam with their hands clasped behind their backs

They turn their attention towards the group, even though they are to be considered a neutral and friendly team you can’t help but see them as enemies. Not wanting to interrupt their leader they remain silent.

Sam: This little phase we are going through here is simply a means to an end, Heaven will be reborn from the ashes and seeing as we are the only ones who carry the mantle of warfare tradition I am having these useless Habitation decks stripped out and converted, these hallways will echo with the voices of education. These noble soldier will be teachers to young generations….I can’t allow the soldier of old Earth to be forgotten in this new world…

Entering through a doorway on the left of the room the Winds of Destruction appear, without saying a word they make their way over to Sam and stand beside him, Sundowner has the same ol’ grin on his face as usual, Monsoon seems quite sombre whilst Mistral looks on in anticipation

Sundowner: War is just a part of who we are, why try and fight it?

Monsoon: The wind blows the rain falls and the strong prey upon the weak.

Sam: Heaven won’t just be a ship any more…it will be a city, an empire, open for all to enter.

The Winds of Destruction at his right, the Prophets at his left and the Tengu Elite at his back, Sam almost radiates with power…

Turning his attention to Archer

Sam: Her two friends? Reimu and Marisa are still around then eh…I’ll be sure to have them pay a visit
He feels disheartened knowing that Flandre has been sealed away though you wouldn’t be able to tell, his exterior is concrete. No doubt something will be done about Flandre’s disappearance in the future, the feeling of loss will manifest itself in some way.

As for the locations of the soldiers…you are stood facing the front of a parade, the Tengu Elite army stretches far back off down the street and disappearing round a corner in the distance, the soldiers down the sides of the room are standard level but there are dozens of them to make up for it. Right now the only side you are not currently being aimed at from is your backs, but then again it is partially blocked by a collapsed foot bridge.

And finally his attention is on Fairy Tail

Sam: We have been calling them Necromorphs, they kill you then mutate your body. I was unable to protect my people from them nor could they even protect themselves, the refugees are useless to me in this uneducated state, they do not even know how to operate the most simple of weapons. And as for Higgins..hehe..
He remains on his knee’s, the Tengu still has the rifle pointed at his head so he dare not say a word for fear of immediate execution. It doesn’t look as if he is about to be set free though
Sam: Undisciplined, little sense of loyalty, a coward
This is pretty true considering poor Higgins has pissed himself several times during this conversation

Sam: Before I can bring Heaven back and reform it I need something dealt with, you might come in handy after all…

Before Heaven can be reborn the Necromorphs need to be stopped, this is objective is mutual between Sam and the team…

Meanwhile, The pilot and nav are hiding amongst the Heaven team. Tim whispers to Laika…
Tim: “o-o-h..w..s-surrounded s-sir”
Still showing little emotion or humanity for that matter he replies with
Laika: “Focus Tim. We will survive if we choose our words carefully”
Tim: “W-why are we even here?”
Laika: “It has been an adventure, look at it like that.”

Dec 19, 2013 at 09:54AM EST


When Raven starts to hit on her, she backs away from him some. Needless to say when he gets punched by Rita, she’s relieved.
Noel: Hehe…
She laughs nervously some at the floored Raven. But things get less funny when Rita starts to swing the Flamberge around. She ducks and dodges out of the way even if it’s not all that close to her.
Noel: AH!
But then the fire is put out by the wind…
Noel: Phew…

Makoto comes over with a triple ice cream cone of chestnut, rocky road, and chocolate. Where she got this… Don’t question it.

Makoto: Mmm… I didn’t know you guys had ice cream here!


Hakumen continues to stare down Sam, not moving from his spot as of now.
Hakumen: Honor? Tradition? Hah. Do not make me laugh…
The eyes in his armor look around the habitation deck… He decides to step back to the group and answer Sam’s final question. Hakumen’s long, white hair seems to glow in the dimness of the ship. His armor is also partially glowing a dim, white color. If you aren’t paying the utmost attention, you wouldn’t notice it.

Hakumen: I will end everything.
Why he said this is unknown to everyone. He doesn’t seem to be displaying any aggressive actions towards anyone. In fact, he seems to be rather passive right now. For the remainder of the conversation he stands there quietly, not speaking a word. Sam has already been told his actions, and hasn’t heeded repentance.

When the conversation ends, Tager finally speaks up again and turns his attention to Sam.
Tager: … You’ve fallen. You’re mad if you think that we’ll help you clean your ship out of this mess… But it seems that we don’t have a choice in the matter.
The Red Devil tries to contact Kokonoe again, but all he gets is more static…

Meanwhile with Kokonoe back at her lab…

Kokonoe: Dammit… This is bad.
She’s sitting in front of her computer with a sort of worried look on her face.

Kokonoe: I’ve tried multiple times, but the signal’s dead up there… Shit. Maybe I can still get Tager’s signal…
She pulls up the diagram of Heaven she got a while back when she first hacked into the place and starts to skim through it, looking for Tager’s signal aboard the ship. If she can find this, she can complete a spacial transfer.


Bang and his ninja subordinates woke up at around 5 in the morning to get started back on the construction of the city. They’ve already finished around half of the city and renovated it to look better than ever before.

Tao is the first to respond to Enchantress’s spear since it went straight her room and frightened all the little ones. Tao looks around and tries to comfort all of them.
Tao: Don’t worry, Tiny Ones. Tao will figure out who the big, bad person who threw the spear was. Detective Tao is on the case!
She gives a salute to all the kittens, who in turn salute her back. She walks over to the hole in the wall that the spear came from and sticks her head through it…
Tao: Tao sees… The Deer Lady!
She puts both hands on the wall and tries to get her head out of the wall. After a few pushes, she falls backwards on the ground and stares up at the ceiling.
Tao: Tao thinks that the Deer Lady threw the spear, meow.
She hops back to her feet and runs through the door to go check on Enchantress. Tao is pretty fast, so she will make it to Enchantress’s room really soon.

Meanwhile in Carl’s room… The spear didn’t go through it, but he heard all the concrete breaking.
Carl: Sis!?
He sits up in bed and looks around for Nirvana.

Nirvana stands there in the corner of the room, silent and motionless.
Nirvana: …

Carl reaches for his glasses and puts them on.
Carl: I think that came from Enchantress’s room. C’mon, Sis!
Acting quickly, Carl gets dressed and takes Nirvana with him to go see if Enchantress is okay.

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Dec 19, 2013 at 01:29PM EST

@Heaven Team,

Sam takes little care about Hakumens words right now and instead chooses not to bother with a reply. He knows Hakumen is a threat to his plans and will make adequate plans in retaliation.

Sam: We are here to try and bring a stop to this outbreak, the lessons have been learnt and its time to finish off, so you can help me out with that
…and in turn aid Sam in rising Heaven back up
Sam: Or you can not, which will result in more people dying. Major Raikov….
A single Tengu proudly steps forward from the front rank of the army…

His armour is well decorated with medals and rank slides and shows little sign of any recent combat as it is in pristine shape. He is holding his custom officers HF Blade at his side and firmly so that he is ready to strike at any moment. This man is known as Major Raikov, he is the prime leader of the Tengu Elite forces and as such carries an aura of respect and great importance about him wherever he goes, being the leader of the most capable fighting force aboard makes his a high priority. Tensions begin to rise amongst the troops as the pressure of defending their leaders reaches incredibly levels
Major Raikov: The spread of the Necromorph infection outside of these decks and all about Heaven have been sufficiently dealt with although these civilian areas show no signs of weakness. It has been brought to my attention that a source of power is behind their coordination, if we destroy it then we will be able to end this fight with minimal losses.
He steps back into the ranks


The design and lay out of the ship is huge however finding the hab deck are easy seeing as there are over 100 of them and due to the team being on the topmost level Kokonoe manages to just about locate them although it won’t be long before the connections are cut once more.


The name is a reference

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Dec 19, 2013 at 02:42PM EST

I’m assuming Raikov runs around wearing a thong for underwear 24/7.

@Leviathan Thing
Hmm, I wonder what they do, too…
Red appraises the nature of the upgrades.
Uh-huh. My professional analysis is that… they.. enable your weapons to.. kill things… more… effectively.
Red never had a very high Use Magic Device score.

Dec 19, 2013 at 04:33PM EST


Tager still thinks that all this stuff is really fishy going on around here. But the Red Devil doesn’t have a voice in the matter.
Tager: Source of power? A hivemind… Where do we start?

Meanwhile with Kokonoe…

Kokonoe: Gotcha…

The Beastkin taps the touchscreen on her computer, beginning the spacial transfer process. It will be done with once the hostilities on Heaven are down.

Dec 19, 2013 at 07:43PM EST

@Guild hall.

With the morning in, the town begins to wake up as well and start the day anew. Mirajane, Lisanna and a few other of the usual members walk into the guild hall to begin their days work.

Mirajane: Good morning everyone?

Lisanna: Who wants breakfast?
@Dungeon team and giant whale

Natsu is fast asleep, and thanks to Wendy’s magic to help him with his motion sickness. He should be fine for the rest of the trip back home.

Lucy, Wendy, and Carla join Noel and the others just as Raven is knocked out as Rita swings the sword around.

Lucy: Woah, watch were you swing that thing.

Carla: At least put it in something safe.

Shortly after Makoto comes by with ice cream.

Lucy: uuuhhh.. where did you get ice cream from?

Wendy: Can I have some?

The three wizards hear everything that Sam had to say about the whole situation with the utmost disgust and revolt on their faces. Never had they hated a person so much at this point than Sam.

A playground to shape people into soldiers. Killing innocent people who didn’t join. Useless refugees who seem to have no value to him. An empire for all to join.

They honestly have nothing at all to say to him, he is beyond any hope of redemption or saving in their eyes.

They don’t even bother saying anything to him about what he just said until his tengu elite soldier spoke.

With all of their anger and disgust kept in check of them, they dishearteningly speak.

Gray: You really are beyond any hope of reasoning or saving. These are innocent peoples lives we are dealing with and to think that they need to be thrown away like trash sickens me.

Juvia: What did Flandre ever see in you. Her sister is right, she is to naive for her own good.

Erza: And to call the people still suffering on this ship weak is repugnant. You people are the weak ones here, by throwing away your own humanity you proved that you don’t have the strength or the courage to endure what it really means to be alive.

Gray: We will find this creature that still controls the monsters here. Once we have dealt with it and its all clear, we all need to have a long chat about everything that has happened.

Erza: And about how to stop such an atrocity from ever happening again, by destroying the source of all of the corruption. The thing you found on that planet.

Juvia: We won’t do this for you, but for the sake of the people who still are suffering from on this ship, and for the protection of the people we love and care about back at our home.

Gray: So there you go Sam.

Erza: Where do we begin.
You get a codec call from Makarov who is around the lab area.

Makarov: Kokonoe, it’s Makarov. I know your not one who is good with having house guests, but I am pretty sure you know why I am here. Please let me in.

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Dec 19, 2013 at 08:47PM EST

OOC: Since you didn’t respond to me Spark i’m just skipping the fight and saying Ken killed all those bastards. Sorry to jet so soon.

Before Falcon went back to Magnolia, he went to go pick up Josuke and Ken. When he reaches there, he finds Ken surrounded by a pile of dead shamans (or whatever the fuck they were) and Josuke just weirded out by it. They promptly get the hell out of there before anyone even noticed what went on.

Doomguy: I don’t give a shit about the logistics of it, just give me shit to kill and i’m good to go.

Dec 19, 2013 at 09:06PM EST

OOC: Just get out from Hope, from my characters, position yourself in a place where my characters can’t see you and your..err..“interesting” stuff. I love your reactions so much Falcon that, in fact, I am not able to react to such a epicness and becouse of this, I will never ever react to anything from you. The trip to Hope NEVER happened, Josugay and Kenshitro had a sexual journey of heterosexual experiences with prostitutes and hoes. Josugay smoked weed every day and Ken finally got laid. Your characters NEVER accepted the jobs, NEVER saw the jobs and NEVER managed to know anything related to Chen and the Fold.
And with this, bye mate!

As I said, Ken and Jos NEVER arrived to Hope and NEVER did something impotant apart from killing innocent trolls from the woods and steal their gold becouse the true heroes of this thread are the ones that murder more. Peace and relax? Those words are heretical. Pick up the nearest rifle and kill those orphans begging for money in the streets. Everyone will forget what you did anyways so Its okay. Falcon finds his bitches, bitchslaps Kenshiro’ sweet ass and drives away into [REDACTED]. Not a single Shaman died since Kenshiro and Jos never arrived. The end. Here, have some confetti and cake hero. Murder more please. You monster.

@Rachel, Val will eventually arrive jeez..
So the wings fork thing attack is blocked by Night Stalker claws but before the beast is able to cover his prey with more darkness, he is pushed away by a powerful wind and hit by lightining again. Stalker emits a ear-piercing screech, a horrifying and skin-penetrating sound that would force Rachel to cover her ears and give Stalker the opportunity to strike. Stalker goes berserk and unleashes a powerful wave of claw attacks, mercilessly swinging his arms and hoping to end this fight as soon as possible before the wolves arrive. These attacks can be blocked but it should be noted that Stalker will continue to attack, using his tail or deadly talons if Rachel blocks. If forced to stop, Stalker will merely fly away and prepare for a second pounce.

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