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Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

Okay. Listen. If we don’t get this plot back on track, i’m pressing this big red button!
Deadpool pulls out a button that says Reset on it
guh. Might as well go after Asura.
Falcon runs after Asura.

I’ll follow the Captain, can you guys take care of…
Points at the madness abomination
that thing?
Flies off after Asura

May 01, 2013 at 07:40PM EDT

The beam blasts across the deck melting the optics off of the railgun, most of the Gekko’s are destroyed, a few jump back down into the cradle of the deck
Mistral: We’ve lsot accurate targeting on the railgun
Keep firing, don’t stop
Mistral: All shots from herein will be highly inaccurate
Well, decrease the charge, a slower muzzle velocity will essentially make the gun into a fine artillery piece
The railgun arcs up slightly and resumes fire, the side of it is still glowing red hot from the near miss
How is that H-Bomb doing Mistral?
Mistral: We have people rushing to have it ready as soon as possible
The ship rocks from the battle
Sundowner: Its bout time we start layin’ down some heavier fire, that gun won’t do it alone
Hes right, Mistral! prep the missiles! its time to start doing some real damage.

Mistral: They are prepped for launch
Brilliant, what are the specs of these missiles?
Mistral: Short range combined with a heavily laden warhead, each missile is very capable
Sounds about right for such a warship as this to be carrying! fire!

The missiles screech out of there silo’s heading directly for the Black Beast
Sundowner: Dats gonna cause some pain hehehehe!
Psycho Mantis walks into the room
Psycho Mantis: Her mind is most difficult to breach into…
Where have you been?
Psycho Mantis: There were two visitors, I had them run away like good girls!, and also, this is no Gurlugon!
This is the next best thing, and either way its preventing our journey, your part of the plan is to infiltrate its mind seeing as conventional tactics are no match for it
Psycho Mantis: Mmmmm…
We will be incapacitating it first then you make your move
Psycho Mantis: Well come on then! hurry it up!
Already Asura has been spotted closing in on Outer Haven, Gekko’s have been dispatched to the stern armed with miniaturized railguns to deter him depending on his actions
Meanwhile the massive missile strike is closing in on The Black Beast

OOC: Last post for me tonight, cya tommorow!

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May 01, 2013 at 07:42PM EDT

‘insane’ mage: I know quite a bit about the rest of the Order present here. Tahrdan’s preferred name is the same as the guy controlling us. Pyralis is wondering how old the sexy lady Tempestia is – Speaking of which, you subconsciously know how attractive you are, Tempestia, that’s why your robes flaunt it. I’m pretty sure we all wanna know how old you are, eheheh… Noctan is one of the few dark elemental guys who can get along with someone of light, Solarian is from a high-tech background, Granatir’s staff is actually reminiscent of two different things from two different series – the staff itself is a similar shape to the ultimate staff of Gloria from the MARDEK series…
(OOC: THAT’S the name of the flash game series I’m using as inspiration, by the way.
…And the jewels at the tips are reminiscent of a branch held by an immortal princess from the moon in a sealedl and somewhere in Japan… Ignis’ weapon comes from the game Spiral Knights, where it was designed by gremlins – Tsunarmin’s hiding no less than two things – one of which is a spell, the other being something she hasn’t even thought about recently, Pitchurn is just being cliche, and, finally, the nameless aeromancers and lumimancer are expendable.

The other mages just stare confused, except for Tempestia, who aims a kick at the mage’s genitals for that comment about wanting to know how old she is

Aeromancer #1:Is
Aeromancer #2:On
Open Your Heart:(stupid)
Tempestia:You can’t just go around asking people’s ages like that without reason!
OOC:But it’s pretty much all true.

Pitchurn: Wait a minute, everyone’s going! Let’s go!

The mages start following the group

Tsunarmin: Just remember we’ve got to go back to that temple at some point.

‘insane’ mage; Yes. You need some ether energy in Open Your Heart to complete what those glyphs intended. It has acquired fig energy in that battle jsut now.

Lumimancer: Why are you following us, what are you talking about, and how did Tempestia’s kick not render you unable to move?

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May 01, 2013 at 07:42PM EDT

Zarathh wrote:

@Reimu and Yukari,
The Black Beast roars once again and starts to generate black and red lightning around it. After a few moments, a pulse of darkness flies from the center of the beast and vaporizes all of it’s surroundings in the city in a flash, ending the Double Black Death Butterfly spell.

One of the heads turns towards Reimu and opens its maw, firing a huge bright red laser at her. The laser was strong enough to actually melt through part of a sky scraper just by getting brushed up against it.


Hakumen: The Dark One has surfaced, Samuel… It has devoured the souls of nearly a fourth of this world’s population now… It did not happen this fast the last time we fought. It shall know the cleansing fires of destruction that my blade offers. If you truly do know a way to incapacitate The Black Beast… I shall honor your wish and hold myself back.
Hakumen makes his way up to the open canopy of Outer Haven and draws Ōkami, a blunt tipped nodachi as tall as he is from the sheath on his back. He turns Ōkami horizontally and drums his fingers on the hilt of the sword, looking out at the Black Beast.
Hakumen: We meet again, Dark One… Your end shall be swift.
He runs and jumps off the edge of the side of the submarine, using his ki to keep him standing on the water. He sprints over the water and towards the Beast at a high speed, sword drawn.

The Black Beast turns one of its heads towards Outer Haven, seeing that the incoming fire is coming from there. Upon opening it’s mouth, a massive red laser shoots out of it and right at the rail gun and the gekko units. The impact of the laser with Outer Haven is enough to shake it violently and vaporize the gekkos.

Meanwhile in a discreet location…

Hazama: Exactly as planned…

OOC: I hope no one minds, but I’m quoting this post in case anyone missed it. The page went rather quickly.

May 01, 2013 at 07:44PM EDT

Tardises: How about we call in a few mages to stay at the temple, so we can easily warp back there when we need to? Also, what’s true, whoever you are?

Solarian: Alright then.

Solarian and Tempestia cast that observation spell, but this time it allows them to command 5 lumimancers to warp to the temple, with instructions to stay there.

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May 01, 2013 at 07:48PM EDT

Both spells broken, the pair raise up another set of Spell Cards

Yukari, get me next to it.

“Using a Dream Sign spell? Won’t that stop the missles?”

You got a point… okay, I will use something else.

Reimu changes her card

Fantasy Seal Circle!

“Mesh of Light and Darkness!”

Reimu sends out a series of 12 very large fantasy orbs (about 50% bigger than her usual) at the beast along with the missiles with a large series of talismins

Yukari on the other hand shoots out two lasers (white and black) to the side of it, which in turn creates two Christmas trees of lasers, peircing it’s various necks and holding it in place.

(Nao Hold Still and let us Shoot You)

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May 01, 2013 at 07:52PM EDT

OOC: I’m sorry people put right now I’m downloading tons of ragdolls specifically for this thread. Except one hell of a huge post. Goodnight Sam! Thanks for forgetting about Assassin and Vergil who are still inside Outer Haven!

May 01, 2013 at 07:53PM EDT

OOC: …The only reason a bunch are needed is you’re going to get the mages invovled too, huh? Good luck finding something even remotely similar.

May 01, 2013 at 07:56PM EDT

he continues to fly towards outer heaven.

vergil appears out on deck. he runs towards reimu and her friend to provide assistance

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May 01, 2013 at 07:57PM EDT


OOC: The gekkos haven’t fired at you yet, and all the heavy artillery is being fired upon me.

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May 01, 2013 at 08:12PM EDT

OOC: hey guys i just got a great idea.

how about after this thread reaches its conclusion and everything is set and done. we should do an awards ceremony. what do you think?

May 01, 2013 at 08:50PM EDT

OOC: sure, why not?
I was thinking, maybe we could do another thread of this, except we’re all high school delinquents.
I have been watching too much cromartie high lately.

May 01, 2013 at 08:52PM EDT


OOC: That sounds like a good idea, Rambo. I’m up for it.

May 01, 2013 at 08:53PM EDT

(The following transmission appears in TVs, computers, cellphones, codecs, even radios. Almost every electric device.)

Hello chumps! Look who has the control of the Balloon Broadcast HQ! Turns out the Resistance is all over my planet, and the remaining forces of the Balloon Master are hiding in the Artic! Finally, people are slowly returning to their normal lifes!
But, I know he is not finished with all of us.
He has the technology and huge factories with experiments and clones ready to be deployed and sent to your Earth. After some friends helped me with the prision guards, we managed to hack part of the Order of the Balloon Database…
And It’s scary…All of you…Each and everyone of you, my friends…you have been analyzed by Hunters and another scanners…Every piece of data, power levels, energy proyection, fighting abilities, everything…
It gets worse, everyone has some sort of “Anti-clone”, a experiment designed to be your opposite, or just to eliminate your particles off this existance.
Shocking isn’t it?
The good news? I’m sending right now information about these anti-guys and the military forces that will appear in any minute! Read them carefully and GET READY! This will be his last attack! Expect crazy things to happend!

Do you have some sort of Nautilus right? Becouse, according to these data, they will try to pull your submarine to the surface somehow. They will also send a pack of Omega Hunters

So glad you are back fellow Captain! Saddly, you will have to deal with your evil twin. He is as strong as you, and…damn it, I can’t check what powers he has. Be careful and let the lightining guide you!

Hello Ken! So it seems you are really unholy good with martial arts, they will send Jack. This guy can make duplicates of himself, but I’m not sure if he has a limit. Don’t let him outsmart you!

Well hi there telekinetic guy! I will never understand how this “stand of yours” works. Meet the Artificial Stand User once again! So it seems he can stop time and makes holes through space and time (Dio X Vanilla Ice hibrid). To me, this sounds bizarre. Good luck!

Dear people of Equestria, Equsria, whatever…The Ballon Master will send “Morph”, this zombie-like man grows stronger with Undead presence, and considering the amount of dead-vampires around, you should target him first!
Your electric student, Sparky

Allow me first to say that Robotnik was quite a genius scientist, a bit evil. Anyways, your empire will have to face another empire becouse they will send the whole bot party to you! Careful, some of these bots have the nasty ability to repare themselves with fallen bots and metal objects.

Becouse he really loves to deploy these things, now he designed a group of soldiers capable of running ALONG WITH THEM.

That’s it for now! Prepare and get ready, they can appear out of nowhere in any moment! I still have a lot of data to send you, so watch your codecs, radios, TVs, etc.
Here’s a list of usefull codecs if you need help, images of your enemies, information, weak points, and even backup.
Spark out!

OOC: I will only post your respective nemesis image only if you call Spark or the bunch of unknown guys via codec. And with this, It bloody begins

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May 01, 2013 at 10:07PM EDT

“Well, at least it seems he forgot about us.” Yukari flips out her fan and fans herself

I think it’s because he thinks I am still evil.

“You kinda are. You commit genocide on thousands of innocent yokai who-”

Shut up! That’s my job! Besides, they fly onto the screen to shoot me first…. and all the ones who can usually talk end up living.

“Don’t try to deny it. You Racist Prick.”

Do you want this black beast stopped or not? Cause I can go home right now!

“Oh my, it seems time has slowed down to allow us time to talk like this. It’s taking forever for the bullets and missiles to reach their target~”

Don’t change the subject!

Natsuru: “And stop breaking the 4th wall!”

May 01, 2013 at 10:30PM EDT

OOC: No no no no.
I’m done with Gmod screenshotting today…
But tomorrow…Tomorrow you shall be able to see your nemesis Natsu…
Evil laugh, thunders in the background.

May 01, 2013 at 10:36PM EDT

Calls up Whiskers on Codec
Hey, can you give me some info on this “evil me”?
I mean, if it has all of the powers I have, I’m not going to lie, that would be terrible.
(OOC: I’m done for today, see you all tomorrow.)

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May 01, 2013 at 10:37PM EDT

@Reimu and Yukari,

The Black Beast tries to thrash around its heads, finding itself unable to do so. Six of its heads swivel around to face Reimu and Yukari. Three open their mouths and fire at Yukari, while the other three fire at Reimu to get them to break the spell. The light is enough to be near-blinding if you look straight at it.


The Black Beast is hit by some of the onslaught of missiles, them exploding on the body of the beast and the heads roaring out in pain. It then swivels another head around and focuses the one of the other two heads at Outer Haven, shooting a mouth laser at the missile silos. Another head turns it’s attention towards the incoming missiles, opening its mouth and firing off another astonishing blast. The missiles hit by the blast are vaporized and explode immediately in the sky with huge explosions.

OOC: Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I’ve been preoccupied….

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May 01, 2013 at 10:39PM EDT

sends skullface a mental communication link to skullfaces codec via madness wavelengths

who are you people and why are you contacting me?

May 01, 2013 at 10:43PM EDT


Somehow this transmission was intercepted with the real Flandre, her still being trapped in the Black Beast. Skarlet receives a heavily scrambled communication from what sounds like a scared little girl.

W͘̕h̡-̡͜͠W̸̛̕h̀͝o̶ ͘͏ar̛͏e ̨͜y͠o͏͡ù̴?̀!͠͏ ͢͜W̵͠h-̴͠W̡̨͢ha̛͜t̛ ͢do ̨ỳo̕͜u͞ ̕͠ẃaņ̀t̢͢҉?̨͝!͏̷̧ ̀W͜͠ha̛͜t͘̕ ̴̸̷a̴̛r̢ȩ̵ ̸́y̴͡͞o͏u͏̷ ̸̢̕t̶͠a͏̷̡l̀k҉in̵̨g̸͢ ͟͝a̡͘bou̕͢t̴̛?҉̸ ̢̀A̡n ́͞e̛͏v̡͞i̛l v̴̀e̸̡͜r͠͡s̢̕͠i҉͢o̧҉ń̡ ͟͝of̕ ͟͞m͠y͏s͢e̵͠l̵͘f?̶̴̵

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May 01, 2013 at 10:50PM EDT

Snively now sat in the Captain’s Room with a bandage wrapped around his foot.

Egg Robo: Sir, a message has just come in.

Snively: From who?

Egg Robo: The one who identifies himself as Captain Spark, sir.

Snively: And what did he say? Bring his message up on the monitor!

Egg Robo: Yes, sir.

The image of Captain Spark flickers onto the main television screen, which debriefs him of what is about to come.

Snively: Then we must be ready. Gather however many ships you can within a short period of time to this location, and contact one of the people the Captain listed in his message.

Egg Robo: Which one, sir?


Egg Robo: Yes, sir. Also, a signal was sent out from an unknown location. It was coded, and we are currently working on decoding the message, as well as where it came from.

Snively: Whatever…

The Egg Robo contacts the first person on the list: Whiskers.

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May 01, 2013 at 11:03PM EDT


YES! SOMEONE CALLS WISKERS. WISKERS IS HAPPY. Hi Shinny-man and small-green-suit-man, Whiskers ready to tell you information!
Shinny-man, Sparky-man told me that you will have to deal with err…(scratching noises) OH! WHISKERS REMEMBERS! Something called “Admi”, computer-man thing with wires on his back. It’s kinda creppy, he can copy everything you do…EVERYTHING YOU DO! LISTEN TO WHISKERS’ WORDS

Tiny-green-man, you want to know the whole robot-things you will have to face? Whiskers DELIVERS!


What the…? EXCUSE ME? Why are we contacting you? Uhh I don’t know…Maybe It’s becouse of the giant god-red-hood guy they will send to kick your MADNESS-DRIVEN-ASS?
Hell, sometimes Spark is too kind with people.
We are the Resistance BTW, cool guys of the party against the Balloon assholes.

May 01, 2013 at 11:15PM EDT

OOC: @Mark, I will continue tomorrow, Good Night! … G̴̸̖̱͍̘͚͍̔̔͟o̢͇̭͆͢o̴̪̮̹̩͊́͐ͧ̇̚ḑ̸̹͆ͧ̿̿̑ͩ ̢̡̼̼̱͚̤͉́ͦ̓ͨ͐̇̾ͦ̆Ń̵̙̠̙̩̦̭ͮ͂̈́̉̃̇́͞í͍̞ͯ́g̛̬̱̜͓̝͕̽̔h͍̜̆͊ͧ͛͑͆̐ͦ͝t̡̢̖͓̙̺̱̩ͤ͝.̴͓͕̦̻̲͚̫ͨ̆͌̓͂̐͝͝ͅ.̤̇͒̽͆̔ͪ͒͌.̫̎̌̄̃̚

May 01, 2013 at 11:28PM EDT

OOC: @ Medic
OK, good night!

@ Captain Spark


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May 01, 2013 at 11:35PM EDT

NM: ^SPARKS! DON’T LISTEN TO HER!!! Come on! Bring “Morph” in Equestia!

Last edited May 01, 2013 at 11:54PM EDT
May 01, 2013 at 11:53PM EDT

dont listen to markhoax. send morph to equestria

it will be funny.
(no rudeness intended)

and this is my last post for the day, good night all.

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May 01, 2013 at 11:57PM EDT

The beast winds up hurting itself a lot trying to turn around

Reimu dodges the beams as the Fantasy Orbs fly straight though them, smashing straight into Black Beast (Projectiles and Grazing have no effect on these). (Spellcard Used)

Yukari’s spell breaks and the beast can move again

“Be right back.”

Wait, WHAT!?!

Yukari vanishes


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May 02, 2013 at 12:59AM EDT

(OOC: F**k you for dying last night internet, f**k you.)

‘insane’ mage:I take it that guy does not know aoout us.

(OOC: Which would make sense, considering there is still no way of contacting them using technology)

May 02, 2013 at 01:37AM EDT

Yeah. I think i’m gonna go help that “Captain Falcon”guy.

Oh, so i’m facing Blood Falcon?
piece of cake.
Might as well pick up Ken and Giorno’s guys, since they’re gone.
Contacts Assault
Alright. I’m going to need the lowdown on my double, and Ken and Giorno’s doubles.
HEY! Why don’t I get a double?

May 02, 2013 at 07:39AM EDT

Same reason that we don’t, probably – The guy creating them simply doesn’t know about us. I’m pretty sure that even if wei did, the real oens would come out on top. Especially since Tsunarmin has that spell of hers.

(OOC: The reason there are no doubles of the mages IS because they cannto be contacted technologically, right?)

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May 02, 2013 at 08:27AM EDT

After Snively got in contact with Whiskers, he decides it would be best to gather the local forces all at one location. By now, there were at least 30 smaller ships at Snively’s location, with 2 more Egg Carriers as well.

Snively: I want all forces prepared to fight those things the cat-man warned us about within the hour!

Egg Robo: Whiskers, sir.

Snively: Well, boo-hoo, sorry if you don’t like the way I address our allies!

Egg Robo: Sir, we are almost done decoding the message. From what we’ve gathered so far, the signal is for you in particular, and we’ve tracked the location it was sent from down to a 3-mile radius. We are in that radius, sir.

Snively: Well find out who sent it an where it’s coming from! Did you really need to tell me that?

Egg Robo: It was an update, sir.

Snively: I don’t care, just decode the message and get our forces ready!

Egg Robo: Yes, sir.

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May 02, 2013 at 12:14PM EDT

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

Yeah. I think i’m gonna go help that “Captain Falcon”guy.

Oh, so i’m facing Blood Falcon?
piece of cake.
Might as well pick up Ken and Giorno’s guys, since they’re gone.
Contacts Assault
Alright. I’m going to need the lowdown on my double, and Ken and Giorno’s doubles.
HEY! Why don’t I get a double?

Hi ya Cappy! You want to know ‘bout your double? Oh, Ken and Giorno too! Alright, get your pens and papers ’cause here’s the stuff!
We are still tryin’ to hack Blood Falcon’ information. So hang in there baby!
Ken, this is Jack. Try to guess which one is the real one! He has the ability to duplicate himself, he also pretty strong. Kind of a big deal since we don’t if he has a limit.

Giorno guy, I have no idea what in the living hell is a “stand”, too me, this sounds kinda’ stupid! Whatever, he is a Artificial stand user, he can..what?…Holy fish, he can stop time and rip holes in this dimension! That’s good stuff to give anyone the creeps! But I really don’t get how this scrawny stupid-mask-boy can stop time. I mean look at him! He looks ridicolous as hell!
Assault can’t see the ASE’ stand for obvious reasons.


Shh, there’s no need to worry sweetheart. We are the good guys over here, and we will try to help you in any way we can. Now stay calm and listen carefully.
First I will need to know your name before we can identify your respective Anti-subject. Okay?

May 02, 2013 at 12:26PM EDT


The message becomes less scrambled to Skarlet because it’s nice to hear a friendly voice when your soul is trapped by a horrible beast. She is still kind of scared though.

Ờ-̧͘͡O̷̧̨ḱ̕͜a̵y͡͠.̨ M-My̴ nam͏e͡ is F-҉F͠l̀and̀re Scąr̶l̵et… I̧’m̡ ͞a͡ ̵v͠amp̸ire ͠to̴o.̨..͏

Hazama stole a variety of things from Outer Haven, one of them being a codec. He calls up Skull-Face with it.
Hazama: You must be the famous Skull-Face that I’ve been hearing all about… It’s an honor to meet you.
He sounds very sarcastic and joking with the way he speaks, as if he’s mocking you.
Now… I would like to know more about my double. My name is Hazama.

Last edited May 02, 2013 at 12:40PM EDT
May 02, 2013 at 12:34PM EDT


…(She stays silent for a few seconds)Godamn it…Flandre Scarlet? Well first check this picture…
Do you see something out of place? Something that doesn’t make any sense?

A friend of mine saw a sandwich with hands, Spark saw his deceased girlfriend and the only thing I can see is a racoon with a hat. I think that we are dealing with a reality-manipulator or the biggest psychokinetic ever, I’m not exactly sure. His or her name is “Nothingness” and…Darn! It doesn’t say anything else apart from “the beast shall be tamed”.

May 02, 2013 at 12:44PM EDT

the fig glyph appears at the fourth-wall-breaker’s feet

mage: to the ones responsible for bringing up info on these doubles whether the other mages have any of these ‘doubles’? I probably don’t as I’m here for fourth wall shenanigans only

(OOC: I’m pretty much forcing you to make one for the mages at this point via fourth wall shenanigans, haha. The mages will not know, of course… And purple is the closest match to fig’s colour that I can think of, that’s why the text is purple.)

Last edited May 02, 2013 at 01:01PM EDT
May 02, 2013 at 01:01PM EDT

Mistral: Sam I have numerous reports
Well, list them….
Mistral: We seem to be receiving codec burst transmissions from a “Captain Spark” concerning a doppelganger vessel
…What? as if we didn’t have enough to deal with, Where is this vessel
Mistral: Not near as none of our sensors have traced any objects
Next issue..
Mistral: Asura, our old enemy, is approaching the stern at a rapid pace
What does he want? we’ve had our quarrels and ive left Eggmans service we are no longer enemies
Mistral: We’ve had no communication with him
Mistral: The H-Bomb is ready but requires a code to enable the detonation mechanism
Argh! what?! can’t we just drop it? surely just dropping it will make it explode?!
Mistral: No, dropping it will just make it smash against the ground letting out a bloom of radioactive material, the tamper and core require the detonation sequence to create the reaction
yes yes yes, you lost me at ….the start, just sort this out! we need this bomb now! Outer Haven wasn’t designed for combat, anyway next issue….
Mistral: Reimu and a accomplice have been spotted in the vicinity
Our previous contractor…whats there stance against us?
Mistral: Neutral, there attacking the Black Beast also
Right okay well I cant complain, as long as-

Psycho Mantis: They breached the ship earlier, I was dealing with them but they fled, from what I gathered they were after some sort of item
Sundowner: Thats gotta be her wand, jus’ has to
That’s the welcome back present, Reimu won’t be having it any time soon
Any other issues before we act?
Mistral: the impostor from earlier has escaped and is somewhere about the ship
We will just have to deal with her later..
Also before we act I must contact someone…
Opens codec, connects to Hakumen
Hakumen, we are planning to drop a very high yield bomb on The Black Beast as soon as we are able, when she is incapacitated we will be entering stage two of our plan. This bomb is extremely powerful and will incinerate everything in view, therefore we recommend coming back to Haven and taking cover when we give our warning, but until then act as you see fit….
Sam keeps the codec open in case of response and turns to the winds
Right! time to make actions!
Mistral, folow me upto the command tower and search the database for this code!
Sundowner, go out to the stern and make contact with Asura the Kishin
Psycho Mantis, prepare yourself for the mental breach of Flandre’s mind
Monsoon, follow me upto the command tower
And ready yet more Rays and have them scattered around the deck in a defensive stance
Keep the railgun firing
and have the missile silo’s reloaded

Pyscho Mantis fades from the ceiling, off to prepare himself
Sundower stroles out onto the stern awaiting Asura in the fresh sea breeze
Sam, Mistral and Monsoon make there way upto the tower where they will be given a clear view of the surroundings and battle
The railgun continues to fire shrapnel rounds and by now has eviscerated the city buildings about The Black Beast
Rays make there way from the hull side ports and stand about the deck in a defensive position actively dodging and firing chaff to prevent there destruction

Last edited May 02, 2013 at 01:44PM EDT
May 02, 2013 at 01:35PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

Hi ya Cappy! You want to know ‘bout your double? Oh, Ken and Giorno too! Alright, get your pens and papers ’cause here’s the stuff!
We are still tryin’ to hack Blood Falcon’ information. So hang in there baby!
Ken, this is Jack. Try to guess which one is the real one! He has the ability to duplicate himself, he also pretty strong. Kind of a big deal since we don’t if he has a limit.

Giorno guy, I have no idea what in the living hell is a “stand”, too me, this sounds kinda’ stupid! Whatever, he is a Artificial stand user, he can..what?…Holy fish, he can stop time and rip holes in this dimension! That’s good stuff to give anyone the creeps! But I really don’t get how this scrawny stupid-mask-boy can stop time. I mean look at him! He looks ridicolous as hell!
Assault can’t see the ASE’ stand for obvious reasons.


Shh, there’s no need to worry sweetheart. We are the good guys over here, and we will try to help you in any way we can. Now stay calm and listen carefully.
First I will need to know your name before we can identify your respective Anti-subject. Okay?

hey! assault guy! do I have a double too?

May 02, 2013 at 03:50PM EDT

Hey ladies, never fear. Assault is here!
No Pool-guy…you don’t have a clone. “Subject Deadpool: low menace”, that’s what it says here. No need to feel bad, sometimes you are not as important as you think!
Yo magic fellas, the Balloon Master was unable to duplicate your abilities. Instead, he decided to send transmisions around the whole galaxy, calling a dark force to appear. And they did!
“The pacifiers”, kind of stupid name but check this: Fire control, resurrection of the dead, Lifeless beams, Breath of the Undead.
But don’t worry guys. Always remember these words: "Obstacles give you opportunities, or just a painful death…*

@Sam, everyone at Outer Haven, also Flandre

They just sent Flandre’ opposite! I’m not exactly sure what kind of crazy stuff she or he can pull out, but It’s huge..The last Balloon HQ is emitting some sort of giant portal, personally, I think they will try to send that thing near the Black Beast.

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May 02, 2013 at 04:50PM EDT

mage: I take it we have to take them out at once, or something. Not exactly unprecedented. Judging from the abilities, they’re weak to either light or water. And of course once we get to counterattack, that guy would be screwed because of the abilities of the ones who will actually fight.

Tsunarmin: He’s off in his own insane world again…

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May 02, 2013 at 04:53PM EDT

shut up, deadpool.
anyways, do you have the information on Blood Falcon yet?
If you dont, I think I can help you get that information.

May 02, 2013 at 04:53PM EDT

A weird buzzing sound fills the room before a very high pitched VWEEP sounds off behind Sam. A Metal Pipe (previously presumed to be the sword she was holding) smacks onto his arm and falls to the floor
“Oh Right, I was meaning to ask you about that earlier.”

Yukari had opened a portal into the room, but in terms of Wormholes this one brings you into a subspace instead of instant teleportation
“Getting to you directly is hard, I can’t target something I haven’t seen before. Thankfully that illusion was highly detailed.”
She flips out her fan
“Well now. I don’t know how to fix the girl, as she has an ability that keeps me from using Dimensional Interference like this.”
All the eyes in the portal are searching around the room independently of each other
“But I know somebody who does~ I just need to convince her that her mistress’s sister is here~ Any personal artifact she had on her (intact) will do… that or Screenshots of your video Logs and a Color Printer.”

Meanwhile, Reimu just shoots and dodges. Not much else to describe it.

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May 02, 2013 at 04:56PM EDT

We have already 10 different guys hacking the Balloon HQ, if we have another man inside, Hunters will be raining!
The whole Blood Falcon’ profile is password protected, and…HOLY MOMMA! Check this data we just found!
Release estimated in 4 hours, It should be sent with ASE and Jack.

May 02, 2013 at 05:00PM EDT

@Sam (as Hakumen),

He receives the message via codec, still running towards the beast and nearly there.
Hakumen: A bomb? Don’t you know that radiation is worse than the seithr itself? While seithr destroys everything, it can still be used as a power source… Radiation on the other hand renders the entirety of the area useless and dead. The Dark One shall be-

Suddenly, the slamming down of a tentacle getting slammed down by Hakumen disrupts him, forcing him to jump out of the way and cut the call short.

Hakumen takes this chance to jump onto huge tendril of the Black Beast. He stabs Okami down into the tendril as he sprints along it. Black essence of the beast spews out of the ongoing cut sprays out and high into the air.

The beast thrashes around the tendril all it can, but Hakumen stays put by using Okami to anchor into the Beast’s aura.

Hakumen: You cannot escape, Dark One!

@Sam (as The Black Beast),

One of the heads begins to focus on the missile silos of Outer Haven. The head opens its mouth and fires a massive crimson red laser at it. You’ve clearly pissed it off.

@Spark (as Flandre and Hakumen),

Hakumen: My blade shall cleanse the world of this evil, no matter what it is.

Flandre: W̡h̵͟-̵Ẁ͝ha̢͟͡t?́̕! ̶͏́T̡̢hey̧͘’̧͝ŕ͜͝e͏҉ ͠͝s̷e҉̴ǹ̴d͏̡in̴̴͜g̴̡ i̛̛n̡͢ m̡y o͘͢p͏̡͞p̷̕͡o̕s̛͢͢i͞t̴e҉ ̵͏̛n͡ow?̛͝!̢

The message becomes even more heavily scrambled, and crying can be heard after her words are said. Her emotions seem to have to do with how heavily scrambled the messages are…

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May 02, 2013 at 05:03PM EDT

@Sparks Hey! What if Mark doesn’t want the “Morph” information? Me and my Army of Darkness will fight with “Morph” together? or will be a enemy?

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May 02, 2013 at 05:17PM EDT

@Hakumen Via Codec,
Don’t worry about the radiation there won’t be any, Mistral!…
Mistral: Unlike other nuclear weapons that utilize fission, the purified hydrogen bomb causes nuclear fusion of heavy hydrogen through heat-insulated compression using lasers and magnetism. Its detonation would not generate radioactive fallout and residual radioactivity would be significantly decreased when compared with fission weapons.
That, so there is no need to worry, jsut focus on the mission
Codec left open for reply

@The Black Beast,
The beam grazes the silo doors melting them and welding them shut solid, the missiles are unable to fire and are trapped in there launchers
Mistral: That’s the missiles down
What other attacks are we giving?
Mistral: A few Gekko’s launching rocket packs, the Rays are defensive and not firing whilst the only main offense is now the railgun
We will continue with what we have….

Then Yukari appears
Woah!….catches breath what….
Monsoon: Where did you come from???
Monsoon looks around at the eyes
Im not sure if I trust you….you did just appear from nowhere and hit me with a little pipe…..
And I assume your talking about her wand? we don’t have it, it was lost back at the HQ….
Besides we have this plan under control here, we don’t require your help…..

May 02, 2013 at 05:30PM EDT

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