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asura is finally freed from the advisors psychic manipulation.

Asura: claim your place as ruler of this world? and you wish to make this place my resting place? dont make me laugh imputent creature.

vans blast hits asura. when the smoke clears. there is no trace of him. van looks up to notice asura readying to retaliate

Asura: nice try, but you missed.

asura fires two madness wavelength blasts at van

May 24, 2013 at 04:46PM EDT

Marisa! Flandre! Get behind me!

Dream Sign! Duplex Barrier!

Reimu sets up a highly focused Round Sheild and holds it there, and Marisa hides behind it.

ooc: If you recall, I used a “Duplex Barrier” before, but I accidentally misnamed that spell. That spell was actually “Duplex Danmakufu Barrier”, a higher level version of this spell.

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May 24, 2013 at 05:03PM EDT


Flandre rushes behind the shield, and prepares to activate her next spell card.
This is what the Balloon Master did to her… Why would he do this to a little girl?
Suddenly Terumi appears next to Flandre.
Her attention turns towards him immediately.
Terumi: I bet she was an annoying little whiner just like yourself. I would’ve done the same.
Be quiet! You’re not real!
Terumi: If I wasn’t real, could I do this?
He then proceeds to walk over, and slap Flandre across the face. All Marisa and Reimu saw was Flandre turning her head like she just got bitch-slapped

Flandre immediately begins swinging Laevateinn wildly at seemingly nothing. It looks like she’s having a fit.
The hallucination disappears from wherever Flandre swings her sword, but immediately appears somewhere else nearby.
Terumi: Missed me! Come on, Flandre! Hit me!
He laughs at her.

Flandre hisses at him, and turns her focus back to the barrier.
Terumi: You’re no fun. I guess I should have expected that from you.

May 24, 2013 at 05:16PM EDT

Blitz: Okay, know everybody knows the plan! Turn on the airplanes!

Blitz: NOW GO! GO! GO!

NM: And remenber! Destroy everything you hate!

Several airplanes left all the Blimps, scattering on the Horizon, loaded with high explosives

Each plane was heading to its stated objectives, different cities, different villages. Each zeppelin was started to separate from the group, following the projectiles. The “SS Zeus” was left floating over the forest, while six zeppelins were coming more and more to a castle on a mountain

NM: Herzog, Sie sind verantwortlich

Herzog: Jar!

Blitz: Sir, where are you going?

NM: Remember when I told you that in this place there are gods?

Blitz: Y-yes?

NM: Well… I going to kill one now…

Suddenly, Nightmare Medic dissapears in a dark cloud

Blitz: Oh I remember boss, You are going to kill that Dra-

Vampire Soldier: Cap! we are leaving!

Blitz: hehehe Be prepared Horses, Welcome… to the war…


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May 24, 2013 at 06:13PM EDT

Meanwhile Heaven is still drifting around in orbit, its a relaxing time

Currently in the bridge Sam is getting acquainted with his command crew
GW: As the primary ship AI my main task is to monitor and handle ship functions, action recommendations and advise are not part of my function, these jobs are allocated to your specialist officers here in the bridge
The Bridge is quite a spacious room, dotted around it are a number of control consoles and screens in which cyborgs are sitting and working away, every now and then they chatter to each other, working in perfect unison
When GW mentioned them it caught their attention
This makes operating Heaven much easier, I had been meaning to getting to know the bridge crew for some time as a matter of fact
GW: We currently have 6 officers stationed here, they are the chiefs and representatives of their respectful area, when asked, or when they feel necessary, they will provide vital information or status updates concerning their field
Very well, introduce me GW
As she introduces each officer they turn around and give a nod to Sam acknowledging their selves to him

GW: The officers are as follows, I will also elaborated on there speciality….

Warfare Officer.
He is in charge of all conventional weapon and ordnance systems aboard Heaven from simple anti fighter turrets to the primary MAC cannons he will provide you with information on each and set about managing there targets and operation.
This makes him the crushing iron fist of Heaven

Electronics Officer,
He is in charge of all complex electrical systems and cyber warfare aboard Heaven, when needed he will employ the best strategies to counteract anything digitally aggressive or engage enemies using the ships hyper advanced weaponry, aswell as this role he is also in charge of the sensory systems and radars.
He is effectively the eyes of Heaven aswell as its articulated precise jabbing punch.

Communications Officer,
Is at the helm of all correspondence to and from Heaven, he also operates the sensor systems covering the communication’s array, his job is simple, to keep an eye on information traffic and chatter.
This makes him the ears and mouth of Heaven.

Engineering Officer,
This one is in charge of the ships mechanical systems as well as their maintenance and repair, his main roles see him keeping an eye on Heavens prime power core, energy levels and check ups on everything from simple sliding doors in the hallways to the great airlock doors of the hanger bays, he is also the head person in charge of keeping track and maintaining all ships and vehicles in Heavens inventory additionally he will report hull damage and give situation reports concerning Heavens integrity.
His role makes him the undying and strong heart of Heaven

Navigation Officer,
His role is a very important one, he is the one to talk to if any sort of movement or course planning needs to be made and executed, he oversee’s Heavens piloting and propulsion use, as well as its manoeuvring and docking. When the Slipspace Drive has been fully completed he will also oversee its operation and use, planning warp jumps and shocking in shocking out manoeuvring.
This officer is the delicate and agile sense of direction of Heaven aswell as its situational awareness.

And finally..

Habitation Officer,
Currently he is hardly required as Heaven is not holding any more personnel other than its required crew, when we extract what is left of the PMC’s from the Paris rendezvous he will begin his true role, which is crew/passenger management and logistics handling, he is semi-autonomous and will only create orders outside of his normal protocol when asked but until then he will provide people with rooms, food and entertainment as well as medical check up timetables and military training. When we take aboard the extra troops Heaven will fill its role as a flying city sufficiency, those empty habitation decks will be quickly gleaming with life and bustle making this officer very handy to have around indeed…
His role makes him the very essence of Heavens namesake itself.

My only true role here is running the systems, these officers use me as a conduit in which they feed through there commands, I am essentially a gateway

Sam looks around at his crew he is happy to have them
Im glad to finally meet you all and understand your positions, im sure that will you are all highly valuable assets to this operation and will no doubt prove yourselves when the time comes, expect me to ask for regular check ups from you all, im always inquisitive as to my ships status and operation.
Sundowner: This will save us much time

The officers turn to face Sam
We will start with the regular check ups now, your area status’s

Warfare Officer: All weapon systems are fully operational and stocked with munitions, we haven’t fired a single bullet yet

Electronics Officer: All networks ad systems are in working order and running well, nothing hostile has been detected on any sensor arrays

Communications Officer: Zero communications addressed for bridge, information flow is normal, crew chatter shows no sign of alert or distress

Engineering Officer: Propulsion systems are in working order, ship equipment and systems are fine too, no issues here other than the Slip space Drive but you already know of the problem. Hull integrity is 100 percent, not a scratch. Vehicle inventory is fine, no issues with the hardware.

Navigation Officer: No issues here, all navigation and piloting equipment is ace, currently we have no course, engines are shut off and we are resting in a nominal speed orbit above Mobius.

Habitation Officer: We are more than capable of handling our current crew capacity, everyone is getting there basic health requirements and accommodation, Numbers are as follows…

8,954 cybernetic crew members, the last of what remained of Desperado and the time hole, this group covers everyone from maintenance, freight handling to gunners and pilots.

1,699 Intelligence, a more important group, consisting of administration cyborgs who work together to operate all of Heavens digital systems from power management, sensory arrays and munitions handling

1,534 Fabricators, the illusive and estranged cybernetic Fabricators stay on their own dedicated deck still going about there un-orthodox research and development into potential ground breaking tech aswell as maintaining the cyborg crew. their deck is sealed off to lower ranking personnel however.

And that is all, we currently have no dedicated soldiers aboard or civilians/refugees….

Back to Sam
Right good, thankyou crew, it always puts my mind at ease knowing the situation.
They nod their heads once more

Meanwhile back down in the hanger where Spark landed The Prophets have turned their attention to the flyer, they walk towards it, detecting other life signs

Truth: We must request that you exit this vehicle
Tolerance: We must address all visitors to Heaven

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May 24, 2013 at 07:17PM EDT

As the prophets enter the Falcon Flyer, Doomguy panics.
Doomguy ends up shooting one of the prophets in the leg, just after realizing that they weren’t enemies.
I’m so sorry. I thought you were a demon or something like that.
Nice job, jackass.
I deeply apologize in his behalf, Its just that he has a bit of a hairy trigger finger.
OOC: I can only update sporadicaly, so I won’t be around for a while.

May 24, 2013 at 08:16PM EDT

the people that exit the ship is Erza, Lucy, pantherlilly, and happy. lucy is holding on to monsoons jar while pantherlilly is back to his cat form. juvia is still depressed and wishes to stay inside a bit longer. after the others left the outside to see the prophets, natsu and gajeel are crawling outside of the ship recovering from their motion sickness. everyone is still beat up from the last battle, clothes bit worn out and torn


Gajeel: im never flying in that ship again.

erza and the others with her aproatch the prophets while looking at awe at the inside of heaven.
lucy: oh my goodnes. were the heck are we now, this place is huge?

Pantherlilly: we might be on some other ship, but where exactly?

Erza: nevermind that. lets just figure out what is going on right now and figure out our next move. they make it to the prophets hello there. you must be the guys in charge of this place. My name is Erza scarlet, these are my friends here lucy, happy, and pantherlilly. those two on the ground are Natsu and Gajeel. pardon their rudeness, they have bad chases of motion sickness.

Happy: we have some other friends inside the ship recovering from the last battle we had. so they cannot make it out here.

lucy is still holding onto monsoons jar
Lucy: is it possible if you can take them to some medical area for further treatment. its pretty serious, but we’ve done all we could for them to keep them stable. please. we also have another one inside still. shes too…..well…. shes not in the best of moods right now. she went through a lot, so please pardon her. but im sure she will come out when shes ready.

Pantherlilly: we are sorry for asking for so much. we just need to recooperate from our previous ordeals so we can move on to our next mission.

natsu and gajeel are still on the floor of the hanger trying to get back up

OOC: are you serious about shooting one o the prophets in the foot. do you know what might happen to you guys?

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May 24, 2013 at 08:22PM EDT

The bullet hits Tolerance blasting off a chunk of his cybernetic foreleg he still stands straight up perfectly however
Tolerance: sigh…..
He, aswell as the other Prophets look down at the damage caused then back up to Doomguy
Regret: We must warn against the discharge of weapons whilst aboard Heaven, any further occurrences of this matter will be dealt with by your firearms being confiscated.
Tolerance being the person he is unsurprisingly tolerates being shot, and besides they can’t really retaliate whilst under an alliance

The Prophets make their way over to Fairy Tail and begin their intro protocol as they do with all new visitors
Regret, Truth, Pity & Tolerance: Greetings. Welcome aboard Heaven
Truth: We are The Prophets, The person in charge would be Sam however he is currently unavailable.
Pity: 1 of our many roles is to meet and greet visitors such as yourselves on board
Tolerance: We are happy to meet you all and have you here, do not worry about motion sickness here either, Heaven is as steady as the earth itself.
Tolerance: We will be able to provide the medical attention you need
Just then the Prophets catch their eyes on Monsoon, they talk to one another telepathically for a moment, firstly discussing how they could have possibly obtained Monsoon and where to send them for treatment
Truth: We have two facilities for medical purposes, the Fabricator deck and the medical bay, however in this case we will be taking you to the standard medical bay.
Regret: And what is that your holding there? a brain? how interesting….
Truth: If you gather your friends from the vehicle we will escort you to where you need to be.

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May 24, 2013 at 08:50PM EDT

Erza: we thank you for your hospitality. we truly are. well get the others ou here imediatelly. she turns to natsu and gajeel NATSU, GAJEEL. BRING WENDY, GRAY FROM INSIDE THE SHIP AND TAKE THEM TO THE THE MEDICAL AREA. AND TELL THE OTHERS TO GET OUT HERE AS WELL.

gajeel and natsu just getting up

Gajeel: okayokay, fine. no nee to yell. seesh. dont get your panties twisted up now.

he makes his way inside to get them with natsu, who clearly knows not to disobey an order from erza. less terrible things happen to him.

Erza: theyll be out shortly.

Happy: hey lucy whats wrong with you?

he notices lucy staring at monsoons eyes. her entire body is trembling over the fact that she is carrying an actual brain in a jar. she begins to panic with him in her hands.

Lucy: OMGOMGOMGOMG, GETITAWAYFROMMEEEEEEE!!!she tosses it to one of the prophets. luckily theyre quick and agile enough to catch him. lucy begins to pant i cant believe that thing was an actual living brain inside of that jar.

Pantherlilly: lucy, calm down. you need to not overreact to every little thing that creeps you out.


Erza: thats enough lucy. apologies for her brash reactions. it was bit startling anyways for her. but tell me what is it exactly doing in there. and who is it? and whats this fabrication deck you spoke of earlier? im quite curious.

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May 24, 2013 at 09:28PM EDT


Captain Spark: We already talked once and it ended in me and my friends being thrown away from your place, like trash. Hope we don’t repeat the situation again, becouse I’m not in the mood for a three hour long discussion as the planet dies.

Meanwhile, still living as a bodyless brain in Haven…

Assassin: Guys I keep remembering things! I’m literally tingling with excitement! Well…I didn’t remembered anything related to him but err…I did remember a couple of useful information…At last for me…Just listen, my favourite food was spaghetti, covered in sweet and delicious tomato sauce with a bit of cheese around…(She sighs, staying silent for a few seconds, yearning, missing her body.) I really miss the taste of tomato sauce…The sense of touch…The sense of orientation…(She sighs again. She remains silent for exactly 3 minutes, then she keeps talking again.) So…It would a good idea to consider my offer…I’m still helping you but…It would be nice to have a pair hands to move around…hehe…err…Is anyone there?

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May 24, 2013 at 09:33PM EDT


hey guys, ill be gone for most of the day today, going to a warhammer 40k tournament. ill try and keep up with ur posts.

wish me luck :)

May 25, 2013 at 07:52AM EDT


Luckily Pity catches Monsoon
Pity: We will keep hold of this for the time being
Regret: It will be kept safe in storage.
He hands Monsoon over to a nearby cyborg and it makes its way out of the hanger
Tolerance: We don’t know who’s brain that could possibly be nor do we have any record of it ((lying))
Truth: However it is a very interesting specimen
Pity: Definitely something we shall have examined…..
Truth: Ah, the Fabrication deck is prohibited to visitors and lower ranking personnel im afraid we will have to deny you access to information regarding its purpose also.
Tolerance: The medical bay is where we shall be taking you, if you wish to have attention bought to your wounds
Regret: And have some time to recuperate
Pity: If you are ready, follow me and you will be taken their.

Now that Heaven is much more active and lively Assassin was rediscovered by a Fabricator cyborg, she was taken to one of the cybernetics bays and placed into one of the cradles, the bay is full of super advanced prototype medical equipment
Two Fabricators stand in front of her

Cyborg: She has been very talkative one
Cyborg 2: She isn’t a standard birth grown specimen, this one was captured and put through the prisoner subjugation treatment ((basically being brainafied)) but as part of the recycling protocol and this experiment trial this brain will be outfitted with a new vessel
Cyborg: Well then, we shall send it through the normal procedure.
Cyborg 2: We shall go for the prototype chassis as part of this test
Cyborg: Yes certainly, what security clearance will this one be given?
Cyborg 2: Free reign of the ship other than this deck
Cyborg: Her actions will be closely observed, maybe she will be useful
Cyborg 2: On to the treatment
After a process that took around an hour, Assassin is finally put into a new body and as this body is entirely cybernetic she is stronger, faster and more attentive, the cybernetic brain casing she is in also gives her a slight boost to her initiative

She is placed into a small room right after the procedure, its well lit and has one door, like a small prison cell, in the middle of the room are some overalls

Currently she is naked she will quickly notice that her body isn’t un-identifiable from a human, she looks down at her arm

Then a knocking can be heard at the door
Cyborg: Listen up. You have been given the privilege of a new body, a prototype one. You will notice that this new body swaps a realistic human look for practicality.
Cyborg 2: It is extremely agile and sophisticated, please do not carelessly try and hurt yourself.
Cyborg: You are being given the right to explore Heaven freely, however once you have left this deck you will not be able to return.
Cyborg 2: It should be noted that you are completely unable of interfacing with Heavens systems and that any actions we deem intolerable, such as attacking fellow cyborgs or attempting to disrupt operations will be dealt with by you being deactivated and retrieved…..
Cyborg: Now, please dress yourself.
Cyborg 2: More importantly, before you are released, any questions?

Meanwhile up in the bridge Sam is resting his feet and sits in the captains chair, until the PMC’s have fully descended on Paris the main extraction mission cannot begin, giving them all a temporary time of piece

Sam looks down out the window whilst sat in his chair
There is a immense feeling of supremacy when facing down on the planet
Sundowner: Even when its a desolate and dead one
Surprisingly yes, we won’t be here for much longer…
Australia comes round into view below
Another place we need to pay a visit to soon
Mistral: Indeed, the safehouse facility’s of one of the AI’s is there
The cyborg carrying Monsoon arrives on the bridge, he places it down on the holographic table
Cyborg: This was retrieved from the visitors down in docking bay A-64
The Cyborg then makes its way out whilst Sunny walks over to it
Sundowner: Monsoon heheheee.. we forgot all about you, How funny of you to make all the effort of getting back here heehehe
Bring him over here Sundowner
He picks him up and takes him over
Will we ever bother bringing him back…
He looks at Monsoon
Have you forgiven us yet? we have forgiven you….
Monsoon stares back as he can’t really give off any other signal
Hmph….Place him in a cradle right here
Sundowner brings over a stand and places Monsoon in it, facing out the main observation window

The PMC situation is slightly bleak, not many soldiers are left but they are all still converging on Paris, it shouldn’t be too long now until they finally make it and send out the retrieval beacon to Heaven

Down in another hanger JD is still being checked over by a Fabricator crew, its quite a large AI, about the size of a bus

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May 25, 2013 at 11:47AM EDT

Now then,
Doomguy pulls out the BFG
I was thinking: Maybe you could reverse engineer this thing, and use it in your forces. It’s a really good weapon.

May 25, 2013 at 01:06PM EDT

“Erm… Reimu. That beast is taking so long to charge up we probably could have ran to Hell and back before it ever shot.”

Well I can’t just drop the barrier now! It would waste the card!

“Oh jeez…”

Come on… any day now…

A tumbleweed rolls by

May 25, 2013 at 04:45PM EDT

Serious business gentlemen, such as:
Watching a few chapters of Batman TAS.
Taking a dump…twice…
Dominating 4 players with the Heavy, no deaths, get on mai level 360 minigun close up damage. (Damn it, every good medic should have a golden medal)
Giving Valve some of my money for team paint and robo key. I got Robot Archimides BTW
Buying Payday:The Heist. It’s Left 4 Dead without zombies, same retarded teammates that refuse to stay togheter. Godamn it people
Downloading nude models for Gmod, so I can pose that Ass..assin correctly..

Expect a long post lads…Damn it

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May 25, 2013 at 06:22PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

Serious business gentlemen, such as:
Watching a few chapters of Batman TAS.
Taking a dump…twice…
Dominating 4 players with the Heavy, no deaths, get on mai level 360 minigun close up damage. (Damn it, every good medic should have a golden medal)
Giving Valve some of my money for team paint and robo key. I got Robot Archimides BTW
Buying Payday:The Heist. It’s Left 4 Dead without zombies, same retarded teammates that refuse to stay togheter. Godamn it people
Downloading nude models for Gmod, so I can pose that Ass..assin correctly..

Expect a long post lads…Damn it

You have PAYDAY now? If you have it for the computer, we should play together sometime.

May 25, 2013 at 06:25PM EDT

As the PMC’s are still gathering in France, Heaven can only sit and wait
The bridge is quiet, not much is happening, the chief officers are actually so relaxed they are resting their feet on control panels and screens, the Warfare officer has actually fell asleep, his cap rested over his face
GW: I have 1 report
GW: JD was retrieved from orbit
How is it?
GW: Its in excellent condition, no damage
GW: Once we safely store it somewhere we can have it installed and re-connected
GW: There are 5 saferooms on this ship built specifically for housing these AI’s, I occupy one
Well then just have it moved to one of the empty rooms
GW: The order has been sent
Okay good.
Sundowner: GW, have you uncovered any leads as to the missing part of the FTL drive?
GW: None yet, I apologize
Engineering Officer: I have a team down there now working on it, they believe its missing an energy source of some sort.
Surely the ships main power plant should cover that?
Engineering Officer: Negative, it requires something unique, as we are no longer within the time hole we can no longer research the anomalous effects and use them to construct semi-magical machinery such a what we need
This object is out of our reach then? what about the Fabricators? surely they can cook up something
Engineering Officer: I apologize captain we are just going to have to look elsewhere
So be it then….keep you men working on it however, we need our target narrowing down, we still have a very bleak idea of what we are looking for
Engineering Officer: Of course sir
About the Fabricators.
GW: Yes?
Why do we not have a chief officer here representing them in the bridge?
GW: What would be his use?
Goal setting, giving targets of research.
GW: They are always researching every avenue possible not only this but the the head of that division is busy overseeing its operation, he can be summoned here but only when needed
Sundowner: Do you still have that little block from earlier Sam?
The Syphon? yes
He pulls the little device out of his pocket
Its right here, I have yet to see its effects but it should prevent any use of magical or third party abilities within Heaven and its surroundings.
Sundowner: Levelling the playing field
Certainly. One last thing, how many of those Codecs made it into circulation?
GW: Many, every soldier has one aswell as a few unauthorised persons
Who are these people?
GW: I am not sure for certain but I know that many people who were at the Terumi fight possess one

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May 25, 2013 at 06:26PM EDT


Only two issues with using a black hole to explain it. Much Bigger Black Holes in the Touhou Universe only suck in opponents. Scroll to Gathering Oni and Scroll to Small Oni’s Deep Breath. (Screenshot on that one is where Suika takes the gathered particles she got and shoots them back)

On the other hand, if I was going to let you go though with it working: Though the implications that Touhou Character’s literally explode and reform themselves upon being defeated, Magic is keeping all the Yokai and Defeated Mages alive. Thus Flandre would quite quickly die.

Your pick.

(And yes, I am going to openly attack any power or tool that denies Abilities or Movement. I hate them with a passion.)

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May 25, 2013 at 06:53PM EDT

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

Now then,
Doomguy pulls out the BFG
I was thinking: Maybe you could reverse engineer this thing, and use it in your forces. It’s a really good weapon.

OOC: Just quoting this in case your forgot, Sam.

May 25, 2013 at 06:53PM EDT

OOC: hey guys im back. before i continue i just have this one thing to say. I FUCKING HATE CHAOS SPACE MARINE HELLDRAKES! THEYRE FUCKING OP WITH THEIR NEW FAQ. SO GODDAMN BROKEN.

now thats out of the way, BIC:


Erza: we understand, no need to intrude on your affairs. i was just curious. well anyway, she notices the others coming out of the ship. here they are, can you guide us to the medical area?

lucy looks over at natsu and gajeel. lucy’s look is a bit saddened when she notices juvia coming out of the ship as we. she has a look of sorrow and guilt as she helps gajeel shoulder gray, who seems to have passed out. natsu is carring wendy in his arms asleep while carla is flying next to them.

Natsu: hey here we are. were do we bring them now?

Lucy: theyll take us to some medical area. just follow us. she looks at juvia
Juvia. are you alright?

juvia says nothing, her expression still unchanged. she just closes her eyes and lightly nods her head down. she sheds a single tear. lucy descides to say no more and turn back to the prophets

Lucy: okay, were all hear. i think were ready to go. show us the way.

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May 25, 2013 at 07:14PM EDT

Both Snively and Robotnik have remained in hiding for the past several weeks. Snively was becoming increasingly flustered with Robotnik’s lack of empathy towards the Balloon Master’s forces, and he was also worried that Robotnik might have finally lost it.

Robotnik: Finally… after all these weeks in hiding… Snively! It’s time…

Snively: You mean I finally get to see your new secret project, sir?

Robotnik: I could have shown you at any time, Snively. All you had to do was ask.

Snively: But sir, I have asked--

Robotnik: *sigh* Whatever you say Snively.

Snively: … sir… your project?

Robotnik: Oh, yes! Well, my project is far too large for me to show you right here, so allow me to pull up a quick hologram…

Robotnik punches in a few buttons on the control panel, revealing [REDACTED]. It’s not difficult to recognize the shock on Snively’s face.

Snively: Sir, isn’t that… !?

Robotnik: Why, yes it is, Snively. Rebuilt in all of its former glory!

Snively: But the energy readings for this version are much higher than the original, sir! How on Earth do you plan on powering this?

Robotnik: With this old artifact I found collecting dust on-board one of my wrecked ships.

Robotnik presses a another button, which causes a door to the side of them to open, revealing…

… the Warpstone!

Snively is clearly shocked.

Snively: Sir, after every bit of trouble this stone has caused you, from the Death Egg exploding, to Metal Sonic going rogue, you’d still--

Robotnik: I believe I am capable of handling this small trinket Snively. Or do you doubt my genious?

Snively: N-never, sir…

Robotnik: Good. Now, I have modified the Warpstone to suit my purposes. All that’s left now is to transport it to [REDACTED] and install it.

Snively: But sir, considering the negative effect it had on Metal Sonic, don’t you think it would be dangerous to stay in constant contact with it for as long as you have been?

Robotnik: I’d already thought of that, Snively. I’ve had proper safety systems in place to ensure I am not adversely affected by possible fluctuations in the Warpstone’s power.

Snively takes a look at the safety readings.

Snively: Sir… it says here that the safety systems were corrupted by the Warpstone and shut off moments after you began your analysis weeks ago…

Robotnik: How odd. I feel fine. Oh well. I guess it only affects robots.

Snively: But sir, aren’t you a cyborg--

Robotnik lifts Snively by his collar… again…

Robotnik: I grow tired of your constant nitpicking, Snively. Now, you will drop the subject right here, right now, or I will turn you into the paperweight I’ve always wanted… do you understand, Snively?

Snively: Y-y-yes, sir!

Robotnik: Good!

Robotnik drops Snively, who lands on the seat of his pants with a thud.

Robotnik: Now come along, Snively! I want to get this thing transported to [REDACTED] within the hour.

Snively: Of course, sir.

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May 25, 2013 at 07:19PM EDT

Natsuru Springfield wrote:


Only two issues with using a black hole to explain it. Much Bigger Black Holes in the Touhou Universe only suck in opponents. Scroll to Gathering Oni and Scroll to Small Oni’s Deep Breath. (Screenshot on that one is where Suika takes the gathered particles she got and shoots them back)

On the other hand, if I was going to let you go though with it working: Though the implications that Touhou Character’s literally explode and reform themselves upon being defeated, Magic is keeping all the Yokai and Defeated Mages alive. Thus Flandre would quite quickly die.

Your pick.

(And yes, I am going to openly attack any power or tool that denies Abilities or Movement. I hate them with a passion.)



The maximum amount of time Flandre could stay aboard Heaven with that thing on is… Fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes of tormented, painful screaming… that is until she just wants it all to be over and stops holding on, letting herself be torn apart in front of his eyes and vanish forever.
You wouldn’t want that to happen to your favorite little vampire, would you Sam? Would you?

May 25, 2013 at 07:20PM EDT

Meanwhile, in Outer Haven, our hero is currently meeting everyone inside this ship. “Hi’s” are exchanged a lot, Max almost tries to bite Doomguy’s helmet and after years of fighting, getting injured, teleporting in and out from Mobius…The two captains meet.

Captain Spark: Great pulsating protons! No time no see you Falcon! Remember when everything was just a small problem between Doctor Eggman and Asura? Things used to be easy when I arrived to this Earth!

@Marisa and “the annoying Bullet-Hell Devil Spawn underaged or not I don’t even know anymore” girls/women/humans that keep teaching me plot elements from another game I’m not even interested.

The Red Beast just fires a HUGE beam at these gir..err..humans.

Van focuses his energy in a huge shield. However, instead of just standing and waiting for the madness wavelengths to hit him, Van makes the barrier quickly move towards Asura.


Balloon Master: Err…
Johnson: So…He just…Wait..Isn’t he supposed to be the good guy?
Balloon Master: I don’t even…

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the blast makes contact with Vans barrier in the middle of the two. the crimson beams press against the shield as the shield tries to push the beams back, it becomes a battle of wills.

asura just smirks as he continues to push through the barrier.

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OOC: @Spark: You finally got a Captain Falcon model. Nice.
Yeah, I mean, In the very beginning, it was total chaos, then everyone was fighting over cookies or some shit like that, then a coherent plot formed.
Big Fucking Gun. You take. Reverse engineer. DO EET.

May 25, 2013 at 07:38PM EDT

The beam collides with the shield, blasting up and around it and the energy slowly engulfing the trio

But as Reimu focuses, suddenly a second step to the spell activates and dispels the beam entirely before the barrier shatters

“Oh jeez. I think it’s a 1-up monster.”


“Whatver you shoot into it, it will shoot it back stronger.”

That… is annoying. You fought one?

“No. But maybe if it see’s us failing to commit suicide it will do it correctly.”

… somehow I think if that thing is intelligent at all it won’t work.

“Then how do you suppose you beat it!?”

… actually, I don’t know.

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@ spark and falcon

lucy walks up to spark and falcon

Lucy: look, were all going to the medical area to help out our other friends back by the ship* could you guys mind giving us a hand with Gray. also, my name is Lucy Heartfilia. nice to meet you spark. we heard some stories about you. she says as she extends her hand out to spark

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I’m dreadfully sorry, but I have some business to attend to.
I suppose I could help you out with your predicament. My name is Kenshiro. Ken for short.

May 25, 2013 at 07:52PM EDT

When I first created the Syphon, I was all like……

But now im all like…


The Syphon conversation is overheard by one of the officers, it grabs his attention immediately
Engineering Officer: Wait!
His shout startles the warfare officer, waking him from his sleep
Engineering Officer: If that object you have their is capable of doing what you say then surely it must be powered by the time hole anomalies
Yes it is, your point?
Engineering Officer: It could quite possibly be our missing part for the Slipspace Drive
How can you be so sure?
Engineering Officer: If the drive needs something which is of a otherworldly creation then it should be compatible, seeing as it is the last fragment of our time there we should try
Sundowner: But what of the black hole contained within?
Engineering Officer: We only need its power source, the black hole can be disposed of
It is our only form of defence against them however
Warfare Officer: We have plenty of defence, we don’t need it that badly
You wont be saying that when we are destroyed because we were been unable to defend ourselves against there magic
Engineering Officer: With the FTL drive functioning we won’t have to suffer them
With hardly any leads onto what we need it looks like I am being forced to explore this possibility
Engineering Officer: Advised captain
Take it then, don’t put it to waste
The chief engineer officer walks over to Sam takes the Syphon and places it into the hands of a nearby guard cyborg
Engineering Officer: Have this taken to the engine department
He nods and makes his way out, Syphon in hand
It was heavy to carry around anyway…..

Truth takes the BFG and looks it over, he is pretty intrigued
Truth: Hm, thank you, we will have this handed over to the R&D team right away
Tolerance: Now what is it you needed here?
Truth: It should be noted that we are sat in orbit without a course or heading


Pity walks off out of the bay escorting the group. You make your way through a series of hallways and open areas, each one populated with vast amounts of crew either operating controls or making there way to a task, after taking a small ride on the inter ship tram system you arrive at the medical bay, its a vast complex stuffed full of the latest in automatic treatment giving machinery aswell as many un-taken hospital beds
Pity: Ill leave you to the Medical teams responsibility from herein
Pity leaves them at the entrance and makes his way back down to the hanger, a very well uniformed cyborg makes its way over the group, its outfit is flawless, not a single mark, the epitome of cleanliness
Medical bot: Welcome to the medical deck.
It quickly ushers the group into one of the hospital wings
Medical bot: Please take your time to rest here, if you seek entertainment, the recreational room is connected to the entrance hall you just passed through to get here. It should also be noted that the air pumped into this deck is highly enhanced, improving the natural healing rate, however if you require immediate attention please step into one of the automated pods and relax.

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I would like to speak to the captain, if that is possible.
Oh yeah! Almost forgot!
Doomguy hands Truth the Super Shotgun, the Rocket Launcher, the Chaingun, and the Plasma Gun.
Reverse engineer those, too.

May 25, 2013 at 08:14PM EDT


Flandre has a sort of playful smile on her face.
Hehehe… The nice lady over the codec thingy said that she absorbed anything that it came in contact with. Sam dropped the hydrogen bomb on the Black Beast when it was around. I could feel her presence. She also absorbed the Beast’s power when it shot her with the lasers I’m guessing…
Flandre pulls out a spell card, and her smile grows.
Her name is Sarah. She was kidnapped, and brainwashed by the Balloon Master… turning her into that.

@The Red Beast,

Come on, Sarah! Let’s play!
Flandre flies up high above the Red Beast, and activates Four of a Kind. Three clones of Flandre step out of the original one’s body, and begin to spread out. The four vampires laugh, and fly around the beast beginning to shoot out storms of danmakufu from each one.

May 25, 2013 at 08:18PM EDT

@sam and kenshiro

the others arrive at the medical bay. the air feels like something they have never felt. Natsu is holding onto Wendy still and Kenshiro is shouldering gray with gajeel instead of juvia. they make their way to the medical bot.

Erza: we have two that need help the most. please take care of them for us.

natsu places Wendy on one of the beds to be treated

Natsu: dont worry, she’ll be fine. she is a dragon slayer after all. now you guys take good care of her alright. he says with a smile

gajeel talks to kenshiro

Gajeel: alright muscle head, be careful with him. wouldnt want to make her worse than she is now. referring to juvia

gajeel and kenshiro place gray carefully onto another hospital bed. he has badly stained bandages that wrap around his lower legs, his forearms. hid body is covered mostly around his neck and abdomen, only leaving his left shoulder and chest area exposed.

shortly after juvia walks over to his body. she grabs his left hand and places the palm of it over her right side of her face, shedding a tear. she feels guilty of having gray in this condition. she felt that it was somehow her fault that he is in this state.

Juvia: Juvia is sorry gray. its her fault that you and the others got hurt. its her fault that you ended up like this. please forgive juvia gray-sama. her tears begin to flow even more Juvia should have been stronger.

Natsu and lucy walk up to juvia

natsu: its not your fault juvia, you dont need to blame yourself for anything. you did all you could. besides, we wouldnt be here if we weren’t for you freeing us from that snake guy right. so dont feel down anymore okay.

Lucy: hes right. dont beat yourself up over this. well all be fine, we just nee to stick together.

she begins to see a smile apear on juvias face, thus making her smile as well.

Erza: i think thats it for now. please take good care of them doc.

Juvia: and could you let us know when we can see them once your finished?

May 25, 2013 at 09:53PM EDT

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

I would like to speak to the captain, if that is possible.
Oh yeah! Almost forgot!
Doomguy hands Truth the Super Shotgun, the Rocket Launcher, the Chaingun, and the Plasma Gun.
Reverse engineer those, too.

OOC: The “Almost Forgot” line is supposed to be doomguy’s.

May 25, 2013 at 09:59PM EDT

>General Grievous has joined the server
>looks around the battlefield
>“shit’s to serious for me”
>General Grievous has quit the server while accidentally droping one of his lightsabers

May 26, 2013 at 10:38AM EDT

Truth takes the weapons
Truth: Yes, erm, a thousand thankyou’s friend
The weapons are humorously stacked in Truths arms, towering up to his chin
Truth: I will have these taken straight to R&D
Truth dumps all the weapons onto a nearby cyborg

Truth: Have these taken to the Fabricators
The cyborg stumbles off, struggling to keep its balance with all the guns

Their attention turns back to Falcon
Tolerance: The captain is quite a busy person however im sure he will be pleased to meet his new allies.
Regret: Your reason for wishing to see him? then we will make our way.

Several servo arms gather around the two beds
Medical Bot: The process should only take an hour minimum, you will be notified when we are finished. They are in safe hands here.
A curtain is drawn around the beds for privacy, and the robotic arms begin getting to work, starting with full anaesthetic therefore rendering the two unconscious

Meanwhile down in the engineering maintenance bay the FTL/Slipspace drive has been removed for work

A crew of very highly skilled engineers gather around the core, they have spent days now trying to get it to function correctly

The cyborg that was sent from the bridge with the Syphon device arrives, and confronts the team with his finding
Cyborg: This was in the possession of the the captain, I was told to bring it here and hand it over concerning the missing piece.
The faces of the engineers light up, they know of its potential and viability
Engineer: Finally! hand it to me.
The cyborg hands it over
Engineer: Your dismissed
It makes its way out whilst the engineer team gather around, there eyes beaming at the Syphon
Engineer 2: An artefact of the Fabricators design
Engineer 3: Using the anomalies from the time hole for power it seems
Engineer: Yes exactly, the power source is something we can no longer obtain, this is the last scrap of that lost energy
Engineer 2: We need to crack it open….
The engineer holding the device weighs it in his hand and gives it a few taps, then he squeezes it for some reason
Engineer: It was built to be incredibly hard wearing, I wouldn’t doubt for a second that this isn’t some sort of Tungsten alloy shell that it is encased in….
Engineer 2: A laser cutter will do
Engineer 3: That’s an insult to design, such a thing wouldn’t be so easily damaged
They stand there for a while and ponder at how they are to crack it open

Truth: Okay thank you, please follow me
All the Prophets escort them upto the bridge, just like Fairy Tails trip to the medical bay the way there is through many open halls filled with cyborgs and equipment, although the trip to the bridge is a much longer one, many elevators are taken and the tram system at one point

Eventually you arrive, the guarded door slides open and you step into Heavens bridge, the chief officers are hard at work

The winds are stood over the far side of the room looking out of the window
Truth: Your ally, Falcon, is here captain, He wishes to inform you of a matter
He notions his hand to Falcon urging him to speak
Ah hello Falcon, I personally welcome you to Heaven, what is the issue?

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May 26, 2013 at 02:41PM EDT

I need to inform him of a few things.
Oh yeah! forgot to tell ya: There are no ordinary weapons. they have infinite ammo. and elemental effects! Also, give em back when you’re done.

May 26, 2013 at 02:47PM EDT

@Fairy Tail crew and Kenshiro,

All of the sudden, the room gets very dim and the lights flash on and off. They can all feel a very strong presence about to arrive… All of the sudden, blue and white flames explode up from the ground in the waiting room, and swirl around. The flames are near-blinding, and take up the majority of the room for a few moments.

The smoke soon settles, the lights come back on, and there is someone standing in the middle of the waiting room… Someone who they have never seen before…

He stands at 6’9" and wears semi-heavy white armor and a muscular body along with a large collar and traditional looking hakama. His long bright blue hair is tied at the mane, making a long tail of hair. His gauntlets, shoulders, and leg armor feature bright crimson eyes with slit pupils. The tall figure wears a completely white, two horned helmet with no features or visor, appearing to have no face at all, a feature that paralyzes nearly everyone in the room with fear. The armor-clad man is also carrying a very large and distinct looking nodachi on his back, it being as tall as he is. He has an aura of great power and honor. He is one to be extremely feared if he decides that he needs to purge you from this world.

The unknown man stands in the middle of the room, staying silent until someone speaks.
This new presence can be felt by nearly everyone on Heaven.

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everyone is taken by surprise to see this person appear in the room. they were all just sitting and waiting until their friends were ready to be seen. erza, natsu and gajeel stand up immediately to prepare against this random person.

Lucy: you have got to be kidding me. were the heck do these people come from? can we ever get a break from fighting for once.

Erza: you had better explain yourself for your intrusion here.?

Natsu: thats right, so i hope you have a good answer for her otherwise youll be answering to me. his fists light up with flames.

gajeel cracks his knuckles to get ready for fight

May 26, 2013 at 03:38PM EDT

I just want to say this: There is a machine down on that planet, heading directly towards your men. It WILL kill them all if you don’t do anything about it.

Now, as for info in it, THAT i can supply.

Tee machine is known as model DR-L3TZ-S4AK3, but is more commonly known as Dr. Letz Shake. It looks like this:

Falcon hands Sam this picture:

If you notice the black thing on it’s head, that is a Mr. Henry Cooldown.

Back to the machine, It is equipped with an incredibly powerful earthquake maker that could kill an ordinary human in one shot. It was enough to incapacitate Mr. Cooldown, and he (Henry) is known as an excellent swordsman. If that machine reaches Paris before your troops are on Outer Haven, or whatever you call it now, they will ALL be killed. That is what I needed to tell you.

May 26, 2013 at 03:41PM EDT

OO: Still waiting for Marks post… but well, I going to continue the Equestria destruction…


Blitz: Launch the Missiles!

Blitz: FIRE!



Vampire Nazi: Attack V1 Completed!



Ghoul Soldier: Attack V3, All a success!


Las Pegasus:

Vampire Soldier: Attack V4, Serious Damage Inflicted!



Ghoul Soldier: Attack V5, Target Inflicted Sir!


Herzog: Sir! Abwarten Angriff!

NM: NO! NOT YET! S̲̬͇ͨͦ̃͛̽͋H̽̔͛҉͓̻̥̟̗͍̬̀Õ̖̦̻̺̠ͭ̽̐ͥ͑͟͜W̻̠̤ͫ́̈́̈͐͜͜ ̧̗̹̱͈̦̘ͫ̆̋͒ͪ̄̆̀M̙̼͕̏͑͐ͮ̀̃ͦ̓͘E̳̜ͭ̿͋̑ͤ̂́̑͟ͅ ͙̞̹͍̍ͥ͘͘M̶͓̫̩̱̻̰͓͉̲̌̈̉͆͋ͬ̀͞O̺̖͔̺̲ͯͯ̌͠ͅṞ̮̺̈̄̂̔̒̏E̼̬̹̠̬̽ͥ͗ͬ̓̌ͧͮ ̴̷̳̫̺̘̼͓̫̉̃͒̉́ͨͦ̃ͧ͟Ḍ̫͉̖̘̋̍ͮ̍̀̚Ẻ̢̠͉̯͙̻̙̪̋́͐̎̔̋S̝̜̗͙͓͔͖̜ͫ̍ͩͩ̆̚͡T̍͏͕̪̝̥̀̀R̢̥ͭ͡Ṵ̣͓̟̤̹̉͒ͩ̀̅̐́͘͜C̲̻̙ͩ̃̍Ṯ͕̪̜̲̤̹ͨͫ͗ͦͦ́̀I̢̖͙͕̤̙̹̟̗̿͂͜O͕͉̹̙͎͗̈͂̒͗͝͡N̴̹̳̘̹̭͖ͫ̏̽!̴̵̗͇͈͛͛̽͗̓͒͌̀!!!!

See more on Know Your Meme

Blitz: It’s beautiful…Hell is shining…We are monsters…and that’s the only place we can live…And that’s the only place we want to live!

Vampire Operator: Begin Landing Operations! Paratroopers Move on!

Blitz: Let’s go you front-line pigs! THIS IS WAR!

Herzog: Holen Sie sich die bewaffnete Regiment bereit für den Abstieg!

Ghoul Soldier: Jar sir!


NM: A little bird told me that there is a god here… Where are you… WHERE ARE YOU!

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May 26, 2013 at 03:59PM EDT

In Heavens bridge
Why thank you friend, this is very valuable information indeed, we will go about dealing with this issue before it can disrupt the evacuation. I will be treated with maximum prejudice. Navigation, Warfare!

The two officers spin in the chairs to face Sam
Warfare & Navigation officer: Captain!
Prep the primary MAC cannons for a salvo, we have a target, it is nearing Paris as we speak to intercept the PMC’s, it must be destroyed!
Warfare Officer: Right away Captain, the gunnery crew have been put into action!
Navigation Officer: As the primary cannons are fix mounted into Heavens bow I will have to orientate the ship to aim, it shouldn’t take long Captain
Good work crew, tell me when firing can commence
Warfare Officer: Ofcourse Sir
Sam turns his attention back to Falcon
The target you have given me will be struck with 4 sequentially fired magnetically accelerated tungsten blocks the size of a small ship, once again, thankyou.
Anything else to discuss? or will you be taking your leave?

Just then Hakumens appears down in the med bay

GW: A sudden power surge has been detected coming from the medical bay
Electronics Officer: It has caused some minor damage
Habitation Officer: it should be noted that a group, known as Fairy Tail, were recently taken there for treatment
They have already begun causing damage!
Habitation Officer: Apologies sir, they were registered as allies on the system, Therefore I granted them immediate clearance for medical attention
Sigh you should notify me of all the visitors coming aboard! have a response team sent down there, see what the ruckus is about
GW: 1 squad of armed naval cyborgs have been sent as the military cyborg roster is empty
Until the evac that is
The squad make there way down to the bay, they enter into the entrance hall, which is still quite some way from the room of which the disturbance was originating from

May 26, 2013 at 04:14PM EDT

wait a minute, just wait a minute. As I mentioned earlier, there is a person on the machine. If you fire those blocks at it, you could kill the man trapped there.

May 26, 2013 at 04:23PM EDT

@Fairy Tail crew,

The armor-clad man examines his new surroundings, and the people who stand before him.
Hakumen: So you are the ones who defeated Terumi. He has been a thorn in my side for quite some time. You should all be honored that you have defeated the evil spirit…
His words sound distorted, deep, and almost robotic due to his mask. He turns his head to look at Natsu. His mask shows no expression, and is quite intimidating. His aura, and the feeling of him is one that would not be wise to mess with.
Hakumen: I have no quarrel with you. It would be unwise of you to initiate combat with someone you have just met, even when you do not know what they are capable of. Stand down.
Hakumen turns his attention to Erza.
Hakumen: My reason as to being here is my own. I need not discuss it with you.
Hakumen stays quiet for a few more moments, sensing the naval crew coming this way.

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May 26, 2013 at 05:23PM EDT

Then we ill have to fire and EMP at it instead and hope it works, if not we will have to fire the MAC cannons and outright kill it, Paris will be full of refugee’s and civilians, there lives can not be sacrificed because of one trapped man.

As there are currently no military grade troops aboard Heaven a group of armed cybernetic naval crew are sent instead, they are well trained for defence but only carry pistols Additionally, naval crew, both standard and administration are indistinguishable from a human form, that’s synthetic skin

5 of them quickly make there way into the room and aim there sidearms at Hakumen and the others
Cyborg: You (Hakumen) are a unauthorised visitor! please stand down!

May 26, 2013 at 05:42PM EDT


He turns to look at the cyborgs, noticing their guns pointed straight at them. He just stares at them for a few moments.
Hakumen: I have no-

Suddenly a colored holographic screen appears in front of Hakumen, showing a pink haired girl with cat ears, glasses, and an annoyed look on her face.

Kokonoe: Is this thing on? Hakumen? Can you hear me?

Hakumen groans at the sight of Kokonoe.
Kokonoe: Well it’s nice to see you again too, asshole. I tried contacting Tager a while ago, but he wouldn’t pick up. He was in some sort of never-ending grapple with some short, sweaty man with a mask on.
Hakumen: How amusing. He sounds somewhat sarcastic
Kokonoe: Yeah, shut up. This device finally works again. I couldn’t get in contact with you two until now. Some sort of magic barrier was keeping me from doing it.
Hakumen stays silent, not wanting to speak.
She looks around, and notices the Fairy Tail crew, and the soldiers.
Kokonoe: Hey… I remember you people!
She points at the Fairy Tail crew
Kokonoe: You were in my lab, and I had to force your asses out!
The hologram spins to face the soldiers.
Kokonoe: Oh? Who are you people?

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May 26, 2013 at 06:30PM EDT

You know, if she can’t be hurt by Magic, this battle is a giant waste of our time. We might as well go.

“…It was intended for Flandre however. I am curious as to how she will beat it. There is clearly a way…”

… well, I am going to go look for Yukari. I need to have a talk with her.

“Fine by me. We will catch up later.”

Marisa sits back on her broom in a relaxed position, legs crossed, as Reimu takes off into the distance

May 26, 2013 at 07:02PM EDT

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