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So be it. But if it gets out of your control and causes damage to the area then I will be forced to shoot at it.
Warfare Officer: I will keep the MAC operators on standby captain
Yes, good.
The Prophets then lead all visitors out of the bridge and back through the myriad of elevators and transport systems to finally arrive back in the docking hanger, the weapons that Doomguy handed over can be found on a small table next to the Flyer
Truth: Thankyou for the weapon technology.
Tolerance: However now you must leave and deal with this machine.
Pity: Take this.
Pity hands Falcon a current gen Codec, much better than the ones the others are carrying around
Pity: If you require assistance contact Sam using this.
The Prophets: Goodbye Captain Falcon
Then just as The Prophets leave they are contacted by GW, the ships handling AI
GW: You are being re-assigned to the medical bay, there has been a disturbance and it must be investigated immediately
The Prophets: We understand.
Truth: Heading there now.

@Hakumen & Kokonoe,
The team are confused at the random appearance
Cyborg: We are acting Heaven rapid response team #498, who are you? what are you doing here?
They keep there weapons trained on Hakumen

Meanwhile down on the engineering deck in the maintenance bay the FTL Drive is still being worked on

The engineers are still checking over the Syphon
Engineer: We need a cutting device that’s for certain
Engineer 2: It would need to be incredibly sharp
Engineer: What happened to the weapons that the Winds had?
They all stop for a second and think
Engineer 3: No idea, I haven’t seen them for…..well over a decade actually…
Engineer: That is out of the question it seems then
Engineer 2: We just need something else
Engineer 4: We should take it to the Fabricators and let them open it
Engineer: And let them know that we are destroying something they spent around 10 years creating? No. They would have you in one of there experiments in an instant as repayment, they would have us all as a matter of fact.
The engineer stares at the Syphon for a moment longer

Engineer: Hmmmmmmmm……He keeps racking his mind……HMMMMMMM!!! Gah!
Engineer 2: Enough of this pondering rubbish! put into under the laser
The engineers are impatient and very enthusiastic to try anything that might have even the slightest possibility of working
They put the Syphon on a small black granite table, a massive laser emitter designed for boring and fashioning engine parts looms above it
Engineer: Set the focus for super-fine
Engineer 2: Try and trim less than a millimetre off of the top
The laser cutter fires up and slowly but surely it begins cutting into the Syphon’s casing
Engineer: Yes brilliant! keep going!
Eventually a fine slate of the shell has been lasered off, a engineer quickly picks it up and looks inside
Engineer: Fascinating! this truly is a work of art!
Within the device can be seen circuit boards that are so dense and micro engineered that thousands of miles of wire are mounted onto each one, they place the open device on a table and slowly dismantle it
Engineer: Ah, the black hole itself

The black hole is safely contained, however things that pass through the cage are dragged into it instantly meaning it is still highly dangerous, it is carefully placed down
Engineer: And finally, here is the energy source
Engineer 2: But what of the black hole?
Engineer: Just keep it stored somewhere safe, it poses no danger to anyone anymore especially now it is removed from the device
The engineers picks up the energy source with a pair of tweezers and takes it over to the FTL core
Engineer: Thet’s not waste any more time here……

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May 26, 2013 at 07:16PM EDT

“Great pulsating protons! I think It’s time my friends to bolt off this place! Anyone for some casual space adventures? Since the Earth can no longer hold your randomness…Maybe we can find a new habitable planet with inteligent life or sentient species!”

Captain Spark is trapped inside his own dreams, getting his wounds attended by medical bots, he should be fine in an hour or two. His subconscious is something that science can’t heal and scientists can’t repair, filled with traumatic memories and painful emotions. The unfortunate series of events that started the day he decided to leave Mobius repeat once again in Spark’s mind like a never ending circle of sadness.

The planet where his rocket landed. He can almost feel the wind hitting his helmet and his chest hitting the floor after the crash. Serious injuries and pain tried to get Spark’s atttention, but he was focused something else.
“She” was the first one to notice the hero’s damaged body and from the moment where those helmets met, their hearts were magnetized with a touch of a very strong electricity that not even the Balloon Master could exterminate. Or, that’s what a Captain in love thought. The future was bright and shiny, with her cute laughter after a single electric-pun, togheter until the universe runs out of bolts…

The End of the Balloon Master was supposed to be the end of Spark’s days as a hero. He would happily spend the rest of his days in a tropical island, looking at the sky, at the birds flying around, at the fish ready to be caught, and at her face….But…The Balloon Master wasn’t dead or gone…He was becoming one of the most emotionless and merciless villians that these dimension ever had…This was just the beggining..

Explotions, bullets on the floor, screaming, beams being released and troops walking around the Earth. Taking the world and brainwashing every citizen in every city, some of them would later become guinea pigs, justified as “science”. The horrors of those who had to leave their own houses, their own families and everything behind to join “The Resistance”, a group of rebels who would later end with the military dictatorship of the Order of The Balloon.

The hero managed to solve every problem the Balloon Master made..But…What about her Spark? What happened to her? You ran out of time? You got confused? Running away to Mobius while being chased by a small troop,“she” was hurt, she was bleeding to death as he kept driving and driving..
Hope is dead, Spark…And so she is…
This is nothing compared to the pain you are going to feel once I arrive to that ship where you are currently hiding…
I will personally gather every face you remember…
And inflate them, Spark…
Make them scream as their organs are torn apart…
And once everyone is dead I will have the pleasure to end your life…Once for all…

Spark starts to sense a powerful presence around the place…It must be the advisors…Or Johnson…Or him…I can’t keep dreaming forever…I must help…My promise…

The Captain wakes up, covering the bots around him in a huge blast of electricity, sending them flying around the medical bay. He screams in pain. He starts to punch away every cyborg around the place, sending dangerous amounts of electricity inside their bodies. He runs away, covering his face, he looks like a giant tesla with feet.
Everyone looks scared and terrified as the Captain runs away. A familiar voice stops him. It’s Sam, an anthropomorphic Irish wolfhound, detective and old friend of Spark.

Sam: It must be those nightmares again right? Look my friend, I might not be the most serious man around here and I might not be the right guy to say the following phrase: The past it’s like a handful of dust, It filters through your fingers dissapearing little by little. It’s time you let her go Sparky, your pain is his strenght.
Spark slowly calms down as Sam pats his back.

May 26, 2013 at 07:37PM EDT

Hakurei: “Reimu. The black hole eating the boundary is gone. Well… it no longer affects the boundary.”

Well that’s good!

Hakurei: “Actually…”


Hakurei: “It’s left a giant rip. Without the Black Hole acting as the plug things will start leaking in between each other.”

… oh boy. How long will it take to fix?

Hakurei: “…8 days unassisted.”


Hakurei: “There is a giant hole in the bottom of the ocean and a tear leading up into space. I will start mending the tear in space and work back down to minimize the number of escapies.”

… are you able to count who falls in or out?

Hakurei: “Yes. Thus far only 9 creatures have fallen though. I will tell you when a Yokai comes out.”

Gah, now I have to guard…

Reimu flies over in the direction Outer Haven was in

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May 26, 2013 at 07:52PM EDT

@Natsu and Zarathh

@Marisa, Reimu and Flandre
After getting stunned and unable to find the real Flandre, the Red Beast releases a huge amount of power tendrils around the place. These things act like electrical whips, catching the spell card lovers. The tendrils slowly pull them towards the Red Beast, who opens “her mouth”: A red vortex surrounded by a red circle.

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May 26, 2013 at 08:00PM EDT

Alright, let’s go.
Doomguy grabs his weapons. Falcon and Doomguy hop on board the Falcon flyer. It lifts off out of the hangar, and flies towards Mobius.
Well, we should find him soon.
Falcon spots Dr. Letz shake on the horizon. He speaks into a speaker.
Ah, you must be Dr. Letz Shake. I have to have a word with you.
I want to challenge you.
Destroy Stadium, or any suitable venue.
Dr. Letz Shake begins to move at a rapid pace, seemingly floating. the Falcon Flyer follows close behind. Falcon contacts Sam.
Alright, I got him away from Paris. That’s all.
Falcon ends the conversation, as he reaches Destroy Stadium.
Dr. Letz Shake levitates over the wall of the stadium, landing inside.
Alright. Doomguy, stay here.
Falcon lands the Flyer, walks out, and trips over the lightsaber that General Grievous dropped.
Falcon picks up the lightsaber.

May 26, 2013 at 08:03PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

@Natsu and Zarathh

@Marisa, Reimu and Flandre
After getting stunned and unable to find the real Flandre, the Red Beast releases a huge amount of power tendrils around the place. These things act like electrical whips, catching the spell card lovers. The tendrils slowly pull them towards the Red Beast, who opens “her mouth”: A red vortex surrounded by a red circle.

OOC: a monster with tendrils grabbing onto three little girls. hhhmmmm, that sounds very familiar.

May 26, 2013 at 08:19PM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

OOC: a monster with tendrils grabbing onto three little girls. hhhmmmm, that sounds very familiar.

OOC: I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

May 26, 2013 at 08:27PM EDT

@sam, zarathh, and spark.
lucy walks in between the cyborgs and hakumen.
Lucy: woah, slow down people, no need to be so agressive. looks at the guards hes a friend of ours. just lower your weapons and just talk thing out okay. turns to hakumen look we just want to know what it is your here for. you wouldn’t have come here just to say hi right? just tell us, its okay.

suddenly they hear a lot of noises coming from nearby. it is caused by captain spark.

Natsu: what the hell is going on?

Gajeel: i dunno, i dont like the sounds of it.

Erza: Natsu, Gajeel, go check it out. well be fine over here.

natsu and gajeel agree and they make their way through the cyborgs to reach were all the comotion is going along, natsu and gajeels cats Happy and Pantherlilly follow them as well.

May 26, 2013 at 08:32PM EDT

Falcon activates the lightsaber, revealing its color to be blue.
Falcon deactivates the lightsaber, and puts it away. He enters the arena, and is in the lobby.
Well. Let’s get into this arena.
Falcon walks towards the arena doors, only to trip over something. He looks at it, to find that it’s the Rose Nasty, a set of 2 Beam Katanas. He also spots the Peony beside them.
Huh. I think i’ll use these instead.
As he picks them up, he suddenly feels like his strength can.. be amplified. Like, if he were to attack enough, he could make his attacks better.
God damn, I feel great.
He enters the arena, coming face to face with the good doctor. He activates the rose nasty beam katanas.
It better be.

(Skip to about ten seconds in)

May 26, 2013 at 08:52PM EDT


Kokonoe: I don’t believe that’s any of your business as to who my name is.
She scowls at Lucy.
Kokonoe: My own damn business here however is none of YOURS either. Now why don’t you just run along back to your supervisors?

Hakumen remains silent for a few more moments, waiting for Kokonoe to stop.
Hakumen then turns his attention to Lucy, and stares down at her.
Hakumen: I have said that my business is my own, yet you insist on pestering me about it. Very well… I seek the one named Samuel Rodriguez. The reason why I came to you all first is because I wanted to say that what you have all done is not an easy task.

Kokonoe turns her attention to Lucy.
Kokonoe: HAKUMEN giving YOU ALL a compliment? Good thing I am recording this, or else no one would believe it.

He turns to look at Kokonoe on the screen again.
Hakumen: Silence, Grimalkin.

Kokonoe: Yeah yeah, whatever.
He can’t stand her at this moment.
Hakumen: You dare insult me, Grimalkin?

Kokonoe: I was the one who pulled you from the Boundary when you were stuck there for over 90 damned years. I can say whatever the hell I want to you.
Hakumen stays silent, knowing that this will escalate further if he takes another action.

@The Red Beast,

The Flandre caught by the Black Beast disappears, as it was merely a decoy. The real Flandre flies high above the beast, along with two others. They all stick their tongues out at it. Two of the three remaining ones fly down, dodging and chopping off the tendrils that are headed at them. The two eventually reach Reimu and Marisa, and cut them out of their bindings too. The remaining Flandre high above continues to shoot down a powerful storm of danmakufu at the Red Beast.


Kokonoe notices Spark run through and punch down the soldiers.
Kokonoe: Holy shit, who the hell was that?

Hakumen runs after Spark to investigate what has happened, drawing Okami as he runs.

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May 26, 2013 at 08:58PM EDT

everyone still in the room is surprised to hear hakumen talk sbout sam.

Erza: wait, you dont mean jetstream sam do you? we were on a mission looking for him and his organization some time ago.

Lucy: thats true. we eventually had no choice but to drop our mission when we were told by a girl named meredith that they were unreachable by any means. do you know were he and the other members of desperado are?

they notice hakume and the hologram leave the room in a hurry

Erza: hey wait. we need to know more about sam and desperado. lucy, juvia, lets go follow them.

juvia is quick on her feet and her, lucy and erza follow the others towards sparks location

OOC: all of fairy tail noticed you. dont worry about being ignored on my end spark.

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May 26, 2013 at 09:09PM EDT

OOC: To avoid further ignoring, if my posts go unnoticed…This is what just happened

So then Sparky went ZIP ZOOP ZAAP Becouse of the very very bad baddity baddie Ballon Masterific Master! He had bad nightmares that made him go BIPPITY BOPPITY BOLTITTY! He knocked a few cyborgs around the medical bay and now he is ZOP ZIPPITY being calmed by Sam the dog!

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May 26, 2013 at 09:13PM EDT

OOC: Oh, and Asura… I edited mine too. Hakumen and Kokonoe ran after Spark.

Kokonoe notices Spark run through and punch down the soldiers.
Kokonoe: Holy shit, who the hell was that?

Hakumen runs after Spark to investigate what has happened, drawing Okami as he runs.

Just posting this so there is no confusion.

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May 26, 2013 at 09:18PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

OOC: To avoid further ignoring, if my posts go unnoticed…This is what just happened

So then Sparky went ZIP ZOOP ZAAP Becouse of the very very bad baddity baddie Ballon Masterific Master! He had bad nightmares that made him go BIPPITY BOPPITY BOLTITTY! He knocked a few cyborgs around the medical bay and now he is ZOP ZIPPITY being calmed by Sam the dog!

OOC: God damn I still love that.
And I forgot to mention to replace Travis with Falcon.

Dr. Letz Shake falls over, dead.
Well, that was underwhelming.
Falcon grabs Henry’s body, frozen in Carbonite, and puts him on the Falcon Flyer. He then contacts Sam.
Alright. I’ve taken care of him. Feel free to nuke the hell out of him, if you want. He’s in destroy stadium. I’m coming back.
Falcon flies back to Outer Haven, landing in the Docking bay.

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natsu, gajeel, happy and pantherlilly finally make it ahead of the others to captain sparks location

Happy: woooaah! those guys look fried up Natsu.

Natsu: damn. what the hell happened here man? you completely trashed those guys up.

Gajeel: its usually us that are trashing up areas. im surprised that this little punk in the suit could have done all of this.

Natsu: well, since were here. natsu helps spark onto his feet we might as well get to know each other. im natsu the fire dragon slayer of fairy tail. whats yours pal. he asks with a smile

May 26, 2013 at 09:34PM EDT

EDIT: OOC: The people in the med bay are all in the same hospital room, there is one entrance which is the one where the Prophets are situated

@Hakumen & Kokonoe,
The soldiers slowly back away from the hologram and Hakumen, they then quickly run out of the medical bay. They were re-assigned
The room remains silent for a moment then a group of footsteps can be heard getting closer and closer, then from around the corner appear…..

….None other than the official meeters, greeters and clean up men of Heaven, The Prophets
Truth: Normally we would welcome you here
Tolerance: However you are not welcome
They pause for a moment
Pity: You want an audience with Sam so it sounds
Regret: You have to give a valid reason
They turn their attention to Erza
Truth: Sam, previously known as Jetstream Sam, is the captain of Heaven and therefore our leader
They hear the commotion coming from the nearby room, Pity goes into the room to find Spark

Meanwhile once again at the FTL core
Engineer: Be careful!
The engineer is holding the energy device in tweezers, slowly inserting it into the Slipspace drive
Engineer 2: Just a little more now…
Engineer: Focus now…
Artificial sweat starts to brake out across his brow, its a delicate situation indeed
Engineer 3: Done it yet?
Engineer: Nearly….Nearly…..and…..
Its finally installed into the drive
Engineer:….its in!
Engineer 2: Brilliant!
Engineer 3: Run the tests!
The engineer taps away at a nearby keyboard the screen gives a status read out
Engineer: Its accepted it as a viable source, im getting energy readings from all over. Its bought the machine straight to life!
Engineer 2: Get the drive off this trailer, have it mounted back into the main engine
After about an hour the Slipspace Drive is fixed back into Heaven and ready for a test run
Engineer: Send our progress report straight to the bridge!

Back to bridge
Engineering Officer: My crew have finished work on the FTL Drive, its ready for a test
Brilliant news indeed but what of the Syphon?
Engineering Officer: It was broken down for its parts, all that remains is the small captured black hole
…So be it then…
Engineering Officer: When shall we commence the test captain?
Communications Officer: Sorry to interrupt captain but we have a message
Communications Officer: Falcon has given us the all clear to fire upon the target
Warfare Officer: Captain?
Fire at the target but save the MAC rounds, switch to the orbital cannons instead
Warfare Officer: Done sir, I have commenced the attack
A massive salvo of rockets is fired from Heaven, it quickly comes storming down upon the stadium, obliterating the robot and the surrounding area
Warfare Officer: Multiple hits captain
Okay good
GW: It should be noted that the intruder wishes to speak with you Sam, the allies down in the medical bay also wish for the same
Who is the intruder?
GW: I have identified him as Hakumen
That name certainly rings a bell…….

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May 26, 2013 at 09:34PM EDT

OOC: im waiting for falcon to come to the hospital bay. i want fairy tails reaction to take place were everyone is hear so they can hear the truth about jestream sam they discovered about his past atrocitities. its going to be a serious moment in the story so i would like for everyone in heaven to respond. also falcon your forgetting, ken is with the others in the bay as well.

May 26, 2013 at 09:50PM EDT

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

Falcon climbs out of the Falcon Flyer, carrying Henry.
Could someone guide me to the medical bay?

A nearby cyborg hears Falcon and quickly shows him to the Medical Deck

May 26, 2013 at 09:57PM EDT

ooc: kay im calling it a night. for my next big post i would like everyone not associated with sam that is in outer heaven to be were erza and the senatrs are. so thats means sparks guys, and falcons guys. it is to build up more plot.

okay good night people

May 26, 2013 at 11:11PM EDT

NM: Morph If you can hear me, I need you outside of Poniville, NOW! And kill everything that is in your way!


Meawhile in the Skull Riders zone

Ghoul Soldier: Come on! They are trapped in that car

Ghout Soldier Let’s kill them all!

Another Ghoul Soldier: Kill that dinosaur!

Another Ghoul Soldier: Shoot that freaks!


Well, I going to wait another day without Mark…This will be the last post for today…

May 26, 2013 at 11:22PM EDT

Marisa starts to fly in orbit around the red beast, counter clockwise to Reimu

“Hmm… it absorbs Magical Attacks. Meaning just regular beams won’t do much good. I need the majority of these next attacks to be solid… AHA!”

Marisa declares a spell card and parks herself right over the monster, throwing up a fuckton of Metalic Orbs into the sky
“Shooting Star: Super Perseid!”

A Meteor Storm of Solid Metallic Orbs start raining down on the beast, smashing into various parts on it one after another in quick succession.

“Hey Reimu! As long as what you shoot at it is solid it can’t absorb it!”

I am out of Yin Yang Orb Spells, I wasted my last one fighting Terumi! But then again…

Reimu starts to shoot Persuasion Needles at the beast as she flies around it, focusing more on dodging

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May 26, 2013 at 11:55PM EDT

Ammo Note: And with the introduction of the new Touhou Games, I have a booster pack of spell cards to add to Reimu and Marisa’s decks.

I will add them when they are all translated, but the Dark Master Spark is a new keeper. owO

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May 27, 2013 at 01:51AM EDT

OOC: Im back and ready for sum roleplayin’

May 27, 2013 at 01:05PM EDT

@The Prophets,

Kokonoe: Listen here, you overzealous pricks! Our damn business is our own! If you don’t get out of our god damn way this instant, I will personally come aboard that ship and beat all of your asses to high heaven.
Kokonoe scowls at the Prophets.

Hakumen: The Grimalkin does have a point. Our business with Sam is our own. I have little time for you all.
Hakumen just uses his strength to push the prophets aside, and continue onwards towards Sam. The eyes on the back of his armor dart between the prophets as he passes them, surveying their every move.

May 27, 2013 at 01:33PM EDT

OOC: Sorry fellas! Real Life is keeping me quite bussy around. I won’t be posting anything until 6PM (CST).
Meanwhile dance around, tell a few camp stories or take a chance to make your own monologue! Like…“The origin of the balloons”, that ws one hell of traumatic chapter. See ya around superchumps!
Spark out!

May 27, 2013 at 01:34PM EDT

@Kokonoe & Hakumen,
The Prophets look at each other in a sheepish way, they feel like told off school children
Truth: Er okay, we understand this.
Tolerance: It is part of our protocol to ask
Pity: Intruders!
Regret: Their reason for there intrusion….
The Prophets step aside as Hakumen passes in between them, they keep there eyes focused on him
Truth: Heaven is the size of a city
Tolerance: If you believe finding the bridge or Sam for that matter is easy
Pity: Then you are very mistaken indeed
Regret: Will you cooperate?

In a Heaven docking bay
Meanwhile during all these happenings, the AI retrieval crews have been around the world visiting each safehouse facility and carefully transporting the Patriot AI’s back to Heaven, its been a long and arduous process, but finally, after all their hard work, all 5 AI’s are united at Heaven, now making it completely independent.

The 3 retrieved AI’s are sitting in one of the docking bays being checked out by a engineer team, this event is so great that the Winds were notified and have descended from the bridge to see the great supercomputers themselves

They are AI’s, AL, TR and TJ, in shape, they are all pretty much identical to GW the only difference being the initials stamped into the casing itself

The Winds stand there looking up at the three machines in the cold hanger
What are there conditions? I believe when we last checked one was severely damaged
Engineering Officer: Yes captain, AL’s safehouse was attacked by BM forces and was burnt to the ground, We had to physically drag it from the wreckage, luckily its casing is fireproof although we will have it replaced and repaired. The other 2 AI’s were unscathed and were easily removed from there facilities using proper procedure…..
It feels good to have all of them in one place instead of scattered around the planet
Sundowner: Once we have these things put into Heavens onboard saferooms they will be rebooted
Yes, we they will be, although we will leave them without a target and pool there processing power into Heaven itself and problem solving
Mistral: With the extra computing power this ship systems will vastly improve in efficiency, the administration crew will be uneeded and added into the standard crew class
We will keep the administration for now, doing that will put there managing expertise to waste….
The Winds stay down in the hanger with the engineers, discussing the opportunities that having all AI’s has bought about…..

Back up in the bridge the chief officers are uncertain about what to do with the medical bay disturbances
Habitation Officer: We can’t let an unidentified intruder see the Captain
Engineering Officer: Please deal with this situation peacefully, I don’t need my maintenance teams fixing the med bay at this current time, they are very busy
GW: I have dispatched The Prophets to deal with the issue.
Electronics Officer: Huh… those guys…
Communications Officer: There is something odd about them and that isn’t just there looks

Navigation Officer: Mind your tongues, remember that the Prophets are the religious leaders of Heaven, such blasphemous talk could put you into serious shit even if you are chief officers…………they will handle this issue however they see fit
The room falls silent for a moment, the heretical officers back in there moral places
GW: As the Captain is vacant from the bridge I take acting command until his return, I must request that you give me a status update

Electronics Officer: All systems fine, FTL core is awaiting testing
GW: Only the captain can authorise such a test, I will notify him upon return, continue
Communications Officer: Zero communications incoming, crew chatter normal
Engineering Officer: Everything is fine here, nothing to report
Navigation Officer: Heaven is currently drifting in high orbit, no course, no heading, Idling
Warfare Officer: All weapons fine, munitions near full
Habitation Officer: Apart from the medical deck disturbance, nothing to report
GW: Thankyou crew

Meanwhile in an unknown part of Heaven…..

…..A lone man is frantically running from hallway to hallway from a team of armed cyborgs chasing him down, he is terrified and out of energy and carries only a pistol, he is hardly dressed, only wearing medical trousers over his bottom half, he is covered in bandages and injuries from his, what seems to look like a escape, his body shows no signs of cybernetic enhancements, he looks to be a fine normal human being

He shoots madly behind him whilst running in a drastic attempt to hit at least one of his perusers however it is to no avail, He is nearly completely out of energy….this man is unknown and a multitude of question arise. Who is he? how long has he been running from Heaven troops? where is he from? what is he doing here?

He continues to sprint aimlessly through the hallways barefooted, shoving crew out of the way whilst bullets fly past his head and body, it doesn’t look like he is near to the medical bay at all….

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May 27, 2013 at 02:33PM EDT

@The Prophets,

Hakumen stops in his tracks.
Kokonoe on the screen turns to look at the Prophets.
The two turn to look at each other, whispering a plan. Hakumen sounds a bit angry, but Kokonoe sounds angrier. The two turn around to face the Prophets once again.
Hakumen: Very well… Even though I can sense his presence, I will let you lead us to him.
Kokonoe: Just make it quick. We don’t have all day here.
Hakumen goes back over to the Prophets, waiting for them to lead the way.
Kokonoe’s screen just follows Hakumen. She has a distasteful look on her face like always.

Meanwhile near Paris…

A strange looking man enters the outskirts city. He looks around at the decimated landscape of Paris, not saying a word. He then returns his eyes to the path before him. He carries a massive futuristic-looking broadsword on his back, and a device with a red gem covering it on his hand.
?: What the hell happened here…? Can’t a guy ever get a break around here?
He sighs, and continues walking. He eventually comes across a wanted poster with his face on it, though it was disfigured on purpose. The price is 90 trillion dollars.
?: God, can’t these people hire better artists? I don’t even look like that.
He goes over to the poster, and tears it off the side of the building. The poster falls to the ground and rolls around in the wind as he continues to walk. He is nearing the position of the refugees…

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May 27, 2013 at 05:41PM EDT

@Hakumen & Kokonoe,
Truth: Thankyou for coming to a peaceful agreement.
Tolerance: Right this way.
The Prophets make there way out of the medical deck leaving the commotion behind, little do the others know that every square inch of Heaven is monitored, a lack of soldiers in a certain area doesn’t necessarily mean it is vulnerable

Hakumen is lead out of the Medical bay onto the tram system, they spend about five minutes travelling the ship until finally making it to the docking deck A, which is just one of the many many decks dedicated to ship and cargo handling

You walk out into a huge hanger which is populated by engineers working away at jet fighter aircraft, sparks from blow torches are blown around the floor and the loud sound of metal crashing upon metal can be heard echoing around the bay, as you make your way across the floor cargo containers quickly pass overheard and are loaded onto freight trains.
Its a quite a rackety industrial atmosphere.

You continue walking, following the Prophets, the bay is surprisingly big and by now you have easily walked 600 meters and got out of earshot of the noise, in the near distance three large rectangular machines stood on end can be seen, they are about the size of a car each, in-front of these can be seen the Winds of Change looking up at them, and surrounding the Winds are a group of high class engineers.

As you get closer the conversation between The Winds and engineers cease as they turn to face The Prophets and Hakumen
Truth: Sorry to disturb you Sam but this intruder has peacefully agreed to cooperate and wishes to have a talk with you
Sam gives a signal to the engineers and they leave his side and continue work on the nearby AI’s, The Prophets take a step back to give them some time but they stay near

Hakumen! I remember you! this man is no intruder, he is a good friend!
Sundowner: Ah yes, I remember him well
Ive been meaning to thank you for helping me defeat the Black Beast……..that was a incredibly long time ago now but I haven’t forgotten it…….and this is what became of Outer Haven you see, this great ship……
Sundowner: You seem agitated Hakumen
And who is this women you have bought with you? this holographic spectre??
Sundowner: It must have taken you some time to seek us out, we have been hidden for some time now
Well, its good to see you again.

The Paris Situation

As ? Makes his way down the streets of Paris he will see that every road, path and park is jammed full of refugee’s huddled around tents and fires, disease is spreading amongst the populace as they are all hunched together, rats run across his path and feral dogs watch him like vultures, every know and then his presence will attract the attention of the odd person here and there however they return back to there destroyed lives after only a few seconds.

On most street corners is a watch tower operated by PMC troops, who knows which one, the PMCs have officially collapsed, all that remains of them are a few thousand troops, a shoddy half ruined command structure and 5 very demoralised Generals, however even though they are no more they still work as one to protect the weak and maintain order. The people are promised salvation via the descendance of a great ship that is soon to be called

One of the troops in a watchtower notices ?, He talks to his partner
Soldier: Who is this guy?
Soldier 2: Huh? who are you looking at?
Soldier: Er the guy down there?
He points down at ?
Soldier: The guy with the damn huge sword.
Soldier 2: Woah, damn……
Soldier: Ive seen that guy somewhere before man…..
Soldier 2: Yeah! the wanted posters!
Soldier: Yeah that’s right….what was the bounty again?
Soldier 2: Hell if I can count that high….
Soldier: So, you er…..
Soldier 2: What?…
Soldier: You know…
Soldier 2: No man Im not getting you here…
Soldier: Got dammit! you wanna bust this guy or not?
Soldier 2: hahaahhaaa….No, no I don’t…
Soldier: Why not? c’mon!
Soldier 2: It will cause a huge firefight, the best we can do is contact our superiors and notify them, if you want to get cut in half and eaten by starving refugees and wild dogs be my guest…..
Soldier: Hmmm……The Lieutenant is dead and so is our commander, who do we even report to anymore??
Soldier 2: Do you not listen to any briefings? We report directly to our Generals now
Soldier: GeneralSSSS?
Soldier 2: Yeah all 5 of the PMC Generals have formed into a joint command, Ill send a caution to the command tent.
After the collapse of the PMC’s all the Generals grouped together to form one council, from this council they keep in control of the remnants, currently they are in a very heavily guarded tent next to the Eiffel tower, it can be seen by ?

Back to Heavens Bridge
Communications Officer: Ive picked up a odd report addressed to the PMC Generals
Navigation Officer: Oh yeah?
Communications Officer: Its basically a warning message concerning a male human carrying a large bladed weapon through the refugee camps
Navigation Officer: Shall we take action here? warn the Captain?
GW: Sam is currently pre-occupied with other matters
Communications Officer: I am communications here, we deal with this situation by leaving it, he is the concern of the Generals currently, our interference isn’t need

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ooc: sorry for being late people.

erza and the others with her couldnt get the chance for the prophets to tell them more about sam due to the comoption being caused by sparks outbreak. they descide to wait another time to get the answers they need after they helped spark out.

OOC: waiting on sparks response to previous post with natsu and gajeel.

May 27, 2013 at 07:30PM EDT

@The Winds,

Hakumen looks at Sam. His white mask showing no emotions whatsoever.
Hakumen: It is my mission to rid the world of such impurity, and to make sure it never happens. It should have never existed.
His talk is quite harsh, but he keeps a serious tone about it. He does not even seem to care that the Winds are old men now. He then turns to Sundowner.
Hakumen: I am not agitated. I just do not wish to have the Grimalkin following my every move.

Kokonoe: Yeah yeah, I don’t like it either. Tager is still in that damn fight though, so it’s hard to keep tabs on him…
Hakumen: There is another dark one in this world now. Do not trifle with him, for he is dangerous beyond measure. He shall feel the cleansing power of the White Void once and for all.
His words are ominous.


He keeps a straight look on his face as he sees all that has happened.
?: Damn, this place is a fucking trash heap. Who the hell would ever want to live here…
He doesn’t notice the soldiers in the watch tower watching him… but he does notice the tent. His stomach audibly growls.
?: Gah… I haven’t eaten in a while now.
He scratches his face with his right hand, and heads towards the tent, only to see that there are some guards there.
?: Gonna have to get in there somehow…
He uses his Ars Magus to summon two spell circles that run over his body and turn him invisible. He sneaks past the guards to get into the tent. He then begins to look around the tent, noticing the five generals.
?: To self Fuck! I didn’t sense these guys here… Maybe I can just get out of this without them noticing…
He sneaks quietly over to the food rations stored there, and sifts through them with silk fingers. He takes one out and pockets it for later.
Ragna: To self Ragna the Blooodedge, world class criminal having to scrounge for food… pathetic.
He then turns to face the generals while still invisible, and decides to listen in on their conversations.

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OOC: Sorry for being late… finally fixed my Steam. Turns out the problem was the updating, and now I have to manually update every time now. Anyways, I will split my posts from Ponyville/Canterlot and Purgatory.

Renegade makes his way down the steps of Purgatory, but stops
Renegade: Shite… it’s as cold as a witch’s tit in here…
As he says this, his hand begins to glow red…

Renegade: What the…!?
hand holds a warm, red ball of light
Renegade: What is this!?
it stops, and distills
Renegade: What’s going on?
continues his way down, sees a lone figure
Renegade: Uh… hello?
cautiously makes his way closer… figure turns to him sharply, Renegade jumps back a bit
Renegade: SHITE!
figure continues staring, not moving at all

Renegade: Hello?
moves his hand a bit, no movement
Renegade: Well, that’s just swell.
turns to leave, hears a loud cosmic noise behind him, and turns to see five figures now

?: Immortal! Halt!
Renegade: Me?
?: Correct… present yourself, Renegade.

Renegade: I… what?
Conquest: Then listen closely. I am Conquest…

Above is Famine…


And Death.

Renegade: Who’s the other one?
Conquest: Pay no mind. That is Pestilence… the reject of the Gods.

You have died, immortal, and now you wish to return?

Renegade: Well… yes. But I am returning to fight in a war against demonic beings.
Conquest: Would that happen to be Nightmare, by any chance?
Renegade: Yes… how did you know?
Conquest: Death has been at him since he was created, and he has always escaped Purgatory and Hell. He cannot be permanently destroyed until he is killed in here as well as in the mortal realm.
Renegade: I plan to do exactly that…
Conquest: You are a fool to believe you can take him on so easily. You know not the powers you bear, and you believe you can kill Nightmare? Until you learn how to harness yourself, you have no chance against it. Unless… you can find your other self…
Renegade: Yeah, I heard that already… where would I find my other self, though?
Conquest: In the passage to the mortal world… you will find her there. She has been killed constantly in the mortal realm, and Death constantly awaits her to be destroyed here…
Renegade: Her? My other self… is a female?
Conquest: Correct… if you can find her… perhaps you may be of use to us. If you can manage to harness your inner power from her… and take out Nightmare… both in the mortal realm and Purgatory… then perhaps you may be granted perfect immortality.
Renegade: Uh… how about no?
Conquest: You refuse… War was hoping you would.
War: Heh heh… allow me to show you what I have created, immortal.
shows Renegade the destruction of Equestria…

Renegade gapes in horror at destruction
War: You will be an even greater evil than I if you refuse to help the innocent lives.
Renegade: F*CK YOU! F*CK YOU ALL!
Conquest: Follow through with your task… and you may very well save this sorry world. Otherwise, settle in, because you will remain here for a long time.
Renegade seethes in rage, holding in his anger, and finally turns back to them
Renegade: Where do I head?
Conquest points to a wall, showing a blue portal

Conquest: In there. You will find your other self, train, and return to the mortal world. But I must warn you… when you make your way through Purgatory, you must defeat the lost souls trapped inside, as well as bypass Cerberus. Go now, immortal, and bring back Nightmare. His harvesting will finally come…
the Gods disappear, and Renegade stands alone, facing the portal
Renegade: Well… what have I got to lose?
heads into portal, ready to begin again…

OOC: Medic, don’t post until I post the Equestrian side of the story…

May 27, 2013 at 10:00PM EDT


@Marks: Wow, I thought you’d leave this thread forever…Or I thought you have abandoned KYM. Well… Renegade will be back, there will be a battle between monsters of Chaos, the princess is about to be killed, everything is on fire, everybody is dead (except the habitants of Poniville). If Doomguy was here, this can be more funny, making team with Ash, another Demon Slayer.

And what about Lyra, she is a semi-god or something because she have the Chaos Emeralds?

May 27, 2013 at 10:27PM EDT

And after days of meaningless talking with herself as a bodyless brain, Assassin is given the chance to help, now inside a cybernetic body which is quite difficult to control. Becouse of this, she stumbles several times before managing to properly stand still. Despite taking 15 minutes with her face hitting the floor over and over, she is very happy. She missed the pain and the anger, the cold feeling her cheeks experience when touching the floor, she missed everything. She starts to talk with the cyborgs, after a akward dress up scene:
Assassin: (sighs) Finally…I feel normal once again. Thank you gentlemen, we are finally talking in the same language. So glad you are actually trusting me, It might be difficult to well…you know…trust in the words of a killer designed to specifically eliminate one of the most important members in the crew of this ship. Everything stayed in the past, “He” can’t control my mind anymore, I won’t be manipulated by that bastard again and I won’t be taking orders by that bot. I’m not asking to be forgiven…just for my actions to be forgotten…partially…

Two questions…Where is the laboratories room? There’s a old friend of mine waiting there, he might want to help. And the another, do you have some sort of training room in this ship? I would love to see what this body is capable of.

Meanwhile, in the medical bay, Spark knocked out five, angered after having a nightmare about the series of events that led to the death of the helmet beauty. Being helped by Natsu and Sam, the captain calms down and slowly stands up:
I’m so sorry people…I got quite…zapped off after dreaming with “she” again…I can’t forget her Sam, I am so sorry but…I keep feeling the guiltiness inside my heart after watching and hearing her pain and suffering.
Sam: You just keep blaming yourself Captain, that’s not a healthy habit. Check around the place…Great Anger Management Not Related With That TV Series!
Spark nods as he turns around to talk with everyone around here.

Ladies, gentlemen…Wish we could meet in a much more pleasant situation but oh well..I’m Captain Spark, currently a bit torn apart after such a mess..I am the local superhero of my planet, an advanced and futuristic Earth free of the likes of discrimination and violence and the target of the merciless…(He sounds upset, small blue particles can be seen coming out of Spark’ right fist.) Of the merciless Balloon Master.
Sam: Calm down there buddy, don’t let your anger drive you away. (Sam takes off his hat) Hello humans, my name is Samuel but I prefer Sam, shorter and better in my opinion. Samuel sounds way too formal for me. I am a detective and part of the Freelance Police, which consists in me and my little friend over her- (Sam looks around, he looks desesperate and slightly scared) Where is Max?
Spark shrugs, then he proceeds to handshake Natsu.

May 27, 2013 at 10:48PM EDT

@ Medic
Nope… but I was gone for the moment, and I apologize for that. Doomguy? Christ, I haven’t even been paying any attention to the other story since the huge split between wars. And yes, Lyra is something of a demi-god now with the Emeralds, along with Discord, Celestia, and Luna. Renegade is returning, but must first find his apparently female self, train himself in using his powers, fight the damned souls of Purgatory, and bypass Cerberus somehow without killing him. Yep… he has his work set out for him.
BTW, Robotnik, I may need your assistance again in creating pony Renegade again…

May 27, 2013 at 10:50PM EDT

Laud Piestrings wrote:

@ Medic
Nope… but I was gone for the moment, and I apologize for that. Doomguy? Christ, I haven’t even been paying any attention to the other story since the huge split between wars. And yes, Lyra is something of a demi-god now with the Emeralds, along with Discord, Celestia, and Luna. Renegade is returning, but must first find his apparently female self, train himself in using his powers, fight the damned souls of Purgatory, and bypass Cerberus somehow without killing him. Yep… he has his work set out for him.
BTW, Robotnik, I may need your assistance again in creating pony Renegade again…

OOC:lyra a demi-god.
thats cute.


@spark and sam

natsu shakes his hand

Natsu: nice to meet yah spark. the big guy behind me is Gajeel. like me, hes a dragon slayer. the blue cat behind me is my little buddy Happy. and the black cat is pantherlilly, gajeels cat.

Happy: nice to meet you all.

Pantherlilly: same here. sam, we heard you talking about your missing rabit friend right? we’ll be glad to help find him around this place if you want. right happy?


with their wings, happy and pantherlilly take off with sam to look for max. meanwhile spark is still with natsu and gajeel.

Natsu: so whats the deal with you and this balloon master fella? we heard that hes some evil dude trying to take over the world. and your trying to stop him by yourself?

Gajeel: what kind of a jackass names himself balloon master? sounds more like a clown at a carnival than any evil dictator.

Natsu: yah you may have a point there Gajeel. well anyway, if he plans on taking over the world, than well stop him dead in his tracks after we kick him and all of his goons asses. how does that sound sparky? wanna team up and bring this ballon guy down?

he asks while getting excited

(plz say yes, well have fun times together)

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@ Asura
Windigo… a supposed “god”… still fighting against mortals…

That’s adorable…

May 27, 2013 at 11:17PM EDT

Laud Piestrings wrote:

@ Asura
Windigo… a supposed “god”… still fighting against mortals…

That’s adorable…


It amuses me. besides, its only a pity that i dont get to consume your species. it seems something is going to beat me to it.

have fun.

now im off to bed. good night everyone.

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DarkEvilSoul wrote:

((This is crazy I dont even what))

Fantastic! A yin-yang orb for me to throw at the red beast! I was out of spells that allowed me to throw those!

Baseball Bats DarkEvilSoul at the Red Beast with the Gohei

Reminds me of my first adventure… well, if I can defeat an Angel of Death with this, I can defeat a Red Beast.

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@Hakumen & Kokonoe,
Meanwhile in one of Heavens hangers
Another enemy?
Sundowner: Who is this person?
I’m afraid we will only be able to offer you limited assistance in killing them if that is what your asking of us, if there is any other way we can help then….let us know……Still, its good to see you again Hakumen
Sam holds his hand out for a handshake

On the Fabricator deck

…Assassin is still in her holding cell
Cyborg: Your previous actions are forgotten and buried, you have been reborn.
Cyborg 2: A fresh slate.
Cyborg: By laboratory room I believe you mean, this deck? on this level we house everything to do with R&D.
Cyborg 2: An old friend?
Cyborg 2 footsteps can be heard walking away from the door, after a few seconds he returns, A small hatch opens and and the Venom Soldiers head is dropped into the room
Cyborg: Here it is, what a fine specimen too……now… room?, when you leave here you will find a soldier training facility on any of the 5 barracks decks, each deck has at least two…
Cyborg 2: Once your free you will be left to your own devices, you will receive no guidance, no assistance but you will also have no hostility from anyone aboard this vessel, unless provoked ofcourse….
Cyborg: Good luck…..
In an instant Assassin awakes on the cold hard floor, she is no longer on the fabricator deck or in a cell, she was most likely shut off and rebooted. She stands up to find herself in what seem to be one of Heavens many tram stations. Like a subway train system but with small single carriages that quickly race along a uni-rail around the ship, a highly efficient and fast way to get from point A to B aboard this city sized ship, She will notice a that a single tram is idle and open for transport, there isn’t anybody around….

In an unknown part of Heaven
The unknown escapee ((previously mentioned)) is still running from his pursuers, it won’t be long now until he collapses from exhaustion but still, he continues sprinting. By this point he has expended all his ammunition but he keeps the pistol, it seems like he is trying to find a way to one of the docking decks to finally get off of Heaven but with the cyborg team hot on his heels he cant stop for a moment to look around for directions

Currently he is making is way through a series of maintenance tunnels, scrawling his way through ventilation ducts and dodging industrial fan blades, it looks like he is on the verge of losing his chasers

May 28, 2013 at 02:12PM EDT

In the Command tent next to the Eiffel tower in Paris
Ragna find himself in a dimly lit tent, its not that big and is very scruffy. In the centre of the room he will see a table, it looks like a strategy board, the sort where small figurines are placed on a map to give a visual idea of the situation, however its been covered in paperwork and stacks of reports tower upon it.

Gathered around the table, and engaged in conversation, are the 5 esteemed PMC Generals themselves, the top brass, the leaders of there respectful yet destroyed companies, they seem to be in a bit of an argument, looking closely, Ragna can see there names on there rank slides…..

On the far side of the room can be seen…

General Adams
Leader of the Raven Sword PMC
American military through and through, this man is the perfect example of your traditional Army General, he is reserved person only letting his temper overflow when the situation is rapidly falling apart, but a situation under General Adams control are very unlikely to come to such a fate. He progressed to the his rank through years of very hard work, starting from the very bottom he made the army his life and it happily accepted him and has rewarded him with a lorry load of commendations and medals. as well as a slow but steady progressions to his current and well deserved stature

When it comes to tactics he is very precise and only expects the best results, but he is not a aggressive man, he see’s respect earned from respect given therefore people under his command are only ever motivated to get better to improve

In the military world he is famous and renown, even fighting his armies is a respectful move to make

Stood next to Adams is….

General Hamilton
Leader of Werewolf PMC
American born Hamilton is not your usual “up through the army ranks” type of person, instead she was raised as a only child in a very wealthy militaristic family, little is known of her parents most likely because they were secret service agents, but even with there busy schedule they spent enough time with her to teach her many skills from fighting style to battlefield tactics.

Being an only child also bought about a ton of possibilities, smart enough to stay on the straight and narrow and shy enough to not have a busy social life she made full use of her parents seemingly endless pool of education funding to further her knowledge of the world, she managed to learn a fair amount of just about everything there is to know and on the way got her licences for flying planes, driving boats and road trains as well as actual trains, a true know it all, who in fact does literally know it all.

But her most focused subject was always warfare itself, which is only natural when surrounded by notions of the army day and night, her family home having a service medal on every square foot of wall and the her father always telling her stories, It was only right for her to progress through multiple Officer academies to end up with an instant reserved spot on the top, she made full use of her intellect.
Overall she is the most intelligent of the General Council but also the most inexperienced when it comes to actually fighting a war with your own bare hands

In the other corner of the room is…..

General Solodkaya
Leader of the Clawing Ocelot PMC
Russian born Solodkaya has seen but a few of the many strifes, rising and downfalls of Russia yet is quick to adjust to the situation when things to sour, on top of this she had a tough childhood but was never the one to be bullied as she has always been tough enough to handle herself in most situations especially the most brutish of bar brawls. Peer pressure from her parents, the depressing attitude of her farming background and the sub par family income meant she was an extra seemingly un-needed mouth to feed, this led her to join the military and getting away from her terrible family.

She was quick to get into it and found a sense of belonging that she didn’t previously have and with her tomboyish attitude she got along well with the lads and fitted in with the military norm. She spent many years in the military and very slowly rose up the ranks just like any other however it wasn’t until one day and one heroic victory later that she was catapulted straight into fame as well as a leadership rank, she was made into a figure of “what you should be”, the poster child of moral boosting propaganda

Her specialities mainly include advanced survival techniques, being able to pull through hard times and being able to give rabble rousing speeches, to add she is probably one of the most experienced when it comes to the nitty gritty parts of battle. When it comes to warfare tactics she knows only as much as your standard commander, she isn’t one for having tricks up her sleeves.

And in the other corner opposite her stands…..

General Barker
Leader of the Praying Mantis PMC
British born and bred, but due to being bought up in a poor, poverty depraved background not much is known about his childhood although it is said to bare similarities to Solodkaya.

He appeared on records when he joined the Army although he wasn’t the best solider, not because he was a rookie fighter but because he was a undisciplined brute, time and time again he would be punished for his misbehaviour but he would only ever come back stronger and more ferocious, he was threatened multiple times with imprisonment but it was said he got off because he threatened the prison service back. he continued going about his business how he liked. His superiors HATED him but their superiors loved him because he got results every time Every war he was in, every objective he was given, would be completed beyond expectations in his own fashion, they would simply tell this tank of a man what to do, provide him with open access to the military arsenals and then leave him to deal with it, he didn’t even have a official rank to start with….

He continued like this for decades, he didn’t care, he loved every second, he was never put to waste and was sent to every single conflict no matter how horrific they were, the atrocities seemingly bounced off of his solid mentality. One thing he isn’t for certain and that is a meat head, Definitely not your average stupid muscle bound fool who acts big, this man knows exactly what he’s doing and how he is doing it, no regrets…because of this it is said that he has been the prime suspect of a few massacres although those are only rumours….

He was finally made General as a form of a “thankyou for your service” idea, he took this opportunity and here he is, he is always boots on the ground, always with his soldiers and the majority of the time leaves his job to his commanders

And in the other corner….. ((already introed this guy but here it is again))

General Karver
Leader of the Octopus Armaments PMC
German/French born Karver
His background is quite obscure however it is said he was raised from a poor background and entered the army at an early age, he was the typical “true soldier” archetype and as such rose through the ranks at a alarming but well paced rate, he has seen many horrors and been in command of many conflicts

Done and done, there discussion continues…

General Adams: I need to have my remaining UG’s stationed here ready for the evac, they are currently inbound
General Solodkaya: And I need to have by Battle tanks preserved too…
General Hamilton: Heaven only has so much storage capacity, we need to be aware of this and distribute this storage space around us all…

Convo continues ((and im all outta steam, good thing I enjoy writing fiction huh))

Adams is your traditional collected man
Hamilton is your super intelligent shut in
Solodkaya is your tomboyish depressive
Barker is your fruit cake
Karver is your stereotype

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May 28, 2013 at 02:12PM EDT

@The Generals,

He finishes listening to their conversation, bored out of his mind.
Ragna: To self Why the hell did I even do this? I’ve wasted too much time already. I just have to sneak out of this place and be done here…
Ragna makes his way over to the way he came in from, and exits the tent. If their eyes are good enough, they can see a trail of footprints in the dirt ground leading from the back entrance of the tent, over to the food rations, then back out the same way. They can also tell that it was recently opened…
Ragna: To self I don’t want anyone to know that a world class criminal stole some petty army rations… Food is food though.
He wanders off in search of a dark, private area where there are no refugees to bother him at while he eats.


He does not even acknowledge Sam’s attempt at the handshake, and he stays quiet for a few more moments.
Hakumen: Do not worry, for it is under my control…
He turns his attention to Sundowner.
Hakumen: You shall all become enlightened when you see his presence.
With that, Hakumen turns around and leaves without saying another word. He feels a soul in distress, and goes to find it.

Kokonoe: I might as well follow the big white grump around since Tager is still in that damn fight, and I have nothing better to do right now.
Kokonoe snickers at the fact.

Hakumen stops in his tracks for a few moments, and clenches his fist.
She laughs to herself, finally having caught up to Hakumen.

The two go off in search for the unknown man…

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May 28, 2013 at 03:23PM EDT

In Paris
Whilst the others are talking Barker notices the footsteps out of the corner of his eye
General Barker: WHAT THE FUCK?!!!
He grabs the table that there stood around and launches it where the footsteps are, the tables tears through the canvas and continues travelling for a good 25 meters before hitting a soldier, who was enjoying his lunch, which sends him flying too
General Adams: Get a hold of yourself!
General Barker: Someone was in here just now! with stealth camo!
Barker rushes out of the tent entrance and stands outside, scanning the area with his eyes
General Solodkaya: My munitions reports were on that table Barker, you could have through something else or nothing at all!
General Karver: Sir I do believe these stressful times are playing a game with your mind
General Barker: Don’t give me that shit Karver there was someone in the frigging tent
General Hamilton: We don’t have time for this. Please come back in here so we can finish up this meeting
He stays outside for a second
General Adams: Barker please, we don’t have much time to waste
General Barker: Alright…alright…
He steps back inside
General Solodkaya: Right, where were we… ah yes-

@Hakumen & Kokonoe,
With the 3 AI’s in the hanger
Hmmm okay then Hakumen….
The Prophets and Winds watch as he walks off
He poses no danger here, you can leave him be. We are going to stay here for a few moments longer before we head back up to the bridge however….
Truth: We understand Sam
Sundowner: You are dismissed, go about your own duties until called upon
The Prophets make their way back to the medical deck and Fair Tail ((im doing this for you Asura so you can ask them questions and such))

As Hakumen makes his way through the halls a loud scampering of bare feet upon ground can be heard aswell as some very heavy breathing, after a few more moments a unmodified man, wearing only medical trousers and covered in bandages comes darting round the corner and stops in his tracks dead in front of Hakumen
?: Agh! fuck!
He quickly aims his pistol at Hakumen and slowly backs away
?: Stay right there and you don’t get shot…
He keeps backing off, it doesn’t look likes he’s being chases and he’s by himself

May 28, 2013 at 04:25PM EDT

Meanwhile, Discord makes his way through Canterlot, which is surprisingly still standing, but deserted.

Discord: Strange… it’s too quiet…
Sees movement out of the corner of his eye.
Uses magic to poof the movement in front of him, revealing a Blue Alicorn.
Well, if it isn’t Luna… what has you roaming these empty streets?

Luna: Discord… the last I saw of you, you had been a decoration in the royal garden.
Discord: And the last I heard of you, you had been banished to the moon…
obvious tension between the two
Why are the streets empty?

Luna: You obviously haven’t heard of what’s happening on the outside. Equestria is being destroyed… and the citizens have all but fled. Only the bold few, including my sister and I, remain. Why do you show yourself? Come to cause more havoc?

Discord: Well, your highness, you must’ve not heard of my reform. Where is she? I need her… and you… to come safely back to Ponyville before they arrive…
Luna: In the castle… but… Ponyville? I don’t think so… I’m only welcome during Nightmare Night… must we head there?
Discord: Yes… not only are the Elements of Harmony there, but a demon slayer, a demi-god, and an immortal are to help defend it.
Luna: In that case, I shall retrieve her and we can leave this deserted city…
both set off to leave, see an airship in the sky

%{color:red}Discord: This might be trouble…

OOC: @ Medic
What do you think? Boss fight between Discord and one of the minions?(not Nightmare!)

May 28, 2013 at 05:29PM EDT

ooc: k im here guys, waiting for sparks response

also sam, where is that random runaway guy at right now. might get involved on that.

May 28, 2013 at 05:55PM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

ooc: k im here guys, waiting for sparks response

also sam, where is that random runaway guy at right now. might get involved on that.

OOC: Sorta hard to say for certain as Hakumen sensed him, I could fix something up however if you left the medical bay and took a trip through some halls

May 28, 2013 at 06:06PM EDT

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