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natsu understands and walks back into the falcon flyer

the wizards in the guild hall heard eggmans message, there is a mix of emotions going on in the hall as people try and understand what to do.

however they all stop when they look at markarov. fists clenched and shaking in rage. his magic energy swirls around him like a storm.

Makarov: that vile, despicable creature. he believes that he can do as he wishes. this i cannot, i will not accept. if he believes that his plans are going to succeed, HE HAS ANOTHER THING COMING TO HIM. MEREDITH SEND A MESSAGE TO NATSU AND THE OTHERS WITH HIM IN THE SHIP. TELL THEM TO GET BACK HERE IMMEDIATLY. WE ARE GOING TO WAR, AND WE WONT REST UNTIL ROBITNIK IS NO MORE! DO IT, NOW!!!

Jun 01, 2013 at 12:02AM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

natsu understands and walks back into the falcon flyer

the wizards in the guild hall heard eggmans message, there is a mix of emotions going on in the hall as people try and understand what to do.

however they all stop when they look at markarov. fists clenched and shaking in rage. his magic energy swirls around him like a storm.

Makarov: that vile, despicable creature. he believes that he can do as he wishes. this i cannot, i will not accept. if he believes that his plans are going to succeed, HE HAS ANOTHER THING COMING TO HIM. MEREDITH SEND A MESSAGE TO NATSU AND THE OTHERS WITH HIM IN THE SHIP. TELL THEM TO GET BACK HERE IMMEDIATLY. WE ARE GOING TO WAR, AND WE WONT REST UNTIL ROBITNIK IS NO MORE! DO IT, NOW!!!

Alright, fine Mr.Guild Leader, but I want to have an evacuation plan in case it doesn’t work.
She contacts the Fairy Tail crew in space and others with him
This is a message from the guild leader. He says to get back here now. You guys are going to war against Robotnik. To fill you in, you have about a five hour time-limit to beat him or this planet is gone. Y’know what? I could just teleport you all down here, okay?
She turns to the guild leader
If you would allow me to convert this guild into a magic-space-boat-thing in case an evacuation is needed, that would be great. Or, after you all go to confront Robotnik, I just just put this planet into my inventory so that it can’t be destroyed at the moment.
(OOC: Last post for tonight)

Jun 01, 2013 at 12:08AM EDT

Yukari: “I just realized.”

Ran: “Oh god what more will happen…?”

Yukari: “Reimu might have an influence on the warp jump on that ship. Her desired destination will mess with their desired destination.”

Ran: “How are you certain?”

Yukari: “I am not…. but now I am.”

Ran: “Hey! You are now just messing with them!”

Yukari: “Just making this trip enjoyable to myself. They will fall past Gensokyo’s barrier when they try to warp now… straight into the universe of Fantasy.”

Jun 01, 2013 at 03:11AM EDT

OOC: Sorry about not posting last night, I was exhausted after that week and could hardly stay awake, kept drifting off whilst sat up and such. /\/\/\ dat plot meant this post took 3 times longer to write. AND I recommend that anyone who wants to stay on Mobius to fight Eggman and the Balloon Master leave Heaven quickly. or make some heroic attempt to get them to stay and help, this is the last chance at that.

Meanwhile aboard Heaven

The situation has come to a close, the evac has finished and everyone is aboard….

Sam diverts his attention from Flandre for a moment
GW: Sam, the Generals have arrived and are waiting in the CIC
I will make my way over there now and deal with that situation
Sundowner: I will keep watch over things here for the time being
Don’t worry I won’t be long
The officers continue working at their stations, Sam swiftly makes his way out of the bridge, exits, and walks directly across the hall to the CIC entrance, the elite Guards salute im at the entrance and the door slides open

The CIC (Combat Information Center) is a medium sized room and relatively blank with furnishings, however it posses’s multiple military consoles mounted into the walls as well as a command table in the centre of the room, its very well lit and also very clean. Sam walks upto the table in which the 5 Generals, Karver, Hamilton, Adams, Barker and Solodkaya are gathered around, they give a quick salute and wait on Sam word…..
Firstly I must welcome you all aboard Heaven, I also must apologize for the sudden rush of the evacuation of your forces, although it should be noted that all your Unmanned Gear, main battle tanks, and military hardware were all bought aboard and are being kept safe in the storage deck, Your personnel are all safely housed in the the military decks and the civilians they were protected are on there respective civilian housing decks. Before we start this meeting, any statements?

General Karver: Its good to see you again Sam, and im happy to be aboard

General Barker: Yeah good to be aboard Captain…

General Solodkaya: Interesting set up you have here Sam, I am happy you saved my Tanks.

General Hamilton: The systems of this ship are intriguing, I would very much like to study and maybe improve them, also, thankyou for having us aboard

General Adams: Many thanks Sam, its always good to have back up, especially of this magnitude

I am glad to have you Generals aboard here too, you are to become a vital part of this ships command team….
He paused for a moment and clears his throat
This is a compulsory action, all 5 PMC’s are to be liquidated into one single military force, the need for multiple companies has run its course of relevancy. Having a single army will improve communication, tactics, foodstuff handling and will boost the morale of the troops knowing that they are all as one.

More importantly I want you Generals to rebuild the command structure as it is currently in ruin, set up new squads, train new Lieutenants and Commanders and have it reorganised into a proper army once more, this army will be a combination of all your specialities and we should end up with the most effective military fighting force the world has ever seen.

You must remember however that numbers are short, we no longer have the endless pools of people to expend which is why these troops we have left need to be trained to an elite of the elite skill level, teach them everything about warfare and do NOT have them carelessly expended when it comes to any future battles we might have. Upon leaving this room I want you to go about making this change immediately, the new reformed army will be simply called “Havens Army” Understood?

All Generals: Yes Captain!

Now the second issue we must discuss is physical enhancement of the new troops, Currently all the newcomers who have been bought ere by the evac are completely human and without cybernetic augmentation, this lack of modification decreases all areas of the bodies capabilities, however they keep there uninhibited emotions and retain the humanity…

So, do why cybernetically enhance the new troops or do we leave them be? all for enhancements?

Barker and Solodkaya raise there hands

And against is obviously Hamilton, Adams and Karver. Barker and Solodkaya, what is your argument for enhancements?

General Barker: War isn’t humane anyway, we should give them a better chance in combat, give them the mods and let them fight like true hero’s
General Solodkaya: I have to agree, if we are short on troops we should make the most of what we have.

Okay your opinions have been noted, and all against, what are your arguments?

General Karver: We can’t just start processing these new people already, they have only just got here
General Hamilton: If word gets out that the military have been systematically augmented against their will then we will no doubt have a mutiny on our hands
General Adams: Think about the humanity issue, the clashes between cyborg and civilians would be constant, seeing as this is a colony vessel we should maintain every ounce of humanity we can possibly get, turning this place into a giant silent floating coffin will do us no good for our goals…..

Okay thankyou, I am no going to throw in a little something extra that will probably sway opinions….
The room goes quiet, the Generals gather closer
One of the decks of Heaven is dedicated to a TOP secret program which is so confidential that the deck it is based on isn’t recorded anywhere or displayed on any other the tram systems rail timetables. We have been developing a super soldier project here, but, if we were to enhance all the troops with cybernetics then it would render this top secret program useless as it need human hosts as its applicants.

General Hamilton: This is most interesting indeed tell us more of this program…

We carefully select about 50 of the very best soldiers we have aboard Heaven, they then pack there bags and go to live on this secret deck. Over the course of few months, they go through extensive training, both physical and mental, we break them over and over and remodel them into a perfect soldier, they are made into the strongest, and fittest fighting machines known and also the most obedient….

General Hamilton: And what is the outcome? what is the conclusion of all this training?

At the close of the training they are mechanically and biologically enhanced but not cybernetically modified, then……if they survive this final enhancements procedure……they are fitted into a personalised piece of power armour.

General Solodkaya: What is the name of this project?

It has been officially named, the SPARTAN Program.

The room falls quite once more, opinions are changed and minds are made up

If we keep the soldiers human, this program can be used, it will produce super soldiers whose skill you can’t even comprehend….who are against the cyborgification of the soldiers?

All Generals raise there hands

Right good, they will stay human. Now, finally, a short statement, This room will be made your base of operations, when you are needed you will be summoned here otherwise you are to return to the military barracks decks and over watch your troops, you are to keep your traditionally rank of Generals also.
Now you are dismissed

They leave the CIC and Sam returns to the Bridge

Habitation Officer: Its time Captain, the evacuation has been completed.
About time, Navigations execute that course you plotted earlier
Navigation Officer: Aye sir!
Heavens engines kick in and the ship starts to slowly rise into the sky before jetting forward and heading spaceward, this sudden change if movement can be felt throughout
I need a status update on the numbers of people aboard Heaven…

Habitation Officer: Currently aboard Heaven we have…..

Administration- 1,699 which run and commandeer the main systems and over watch the normal workers

Cyborg Crew- 8,954 who run all systems, they are the people who run the ship itself

Fabricators- 1,534 [REDACTED]

Military- 6,744 these are the newly arrived military personnel, they are stationed in the barracks decks

Civilians- 7,120 the saved refugee’s are housed in the civilian accommodation decks

We are just over capacity but have plenty enough supplies to support them all…
Sundowner: We are done here now on this planet, we have all the AI’s and all the PMC’s there’s nothing left to do but warp out
When we reach space we shall immediately make the jump.
Navigation Officer: We shall escape the atmosphere in a matter of seconds captain
I can’t wait…
The intercom starts blaring once more, it can be heard by everyone
Heaven continues racing upward, time is short now and the warp jump is very imminent

The tram comes to a slow halt
Intercom: Welcome to deck 5, Military Barracks
*The doors open and the station is packed full of soldier walking around and talking to each other about there new home, its a very hunched together crowd and is gonna take some shoving to get through

@Falcon Flyer,
Due to Heaven heading to space all the hanger bay doors begin to slowly close, there isn’t much time at all before it shuts completely

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Jun 01, 2013 at 08:18AM EDT

OOC: yo falcon, everybody buit flandre is on your flyer. go to your planet quickly to get the things to pimp out your flyer, pick up flandre from heaven, than we all go to our guild hall to make our strategy in combatting eggman and destroying ark. we want to get this going as soon as possible.

Jun 01, 2013 at 09:39AM EDT


Flandre flies back up, and puts both her hands on Sam’s cheeks. She turns his head back towards her.
Come on, Sam… You have to be able to remember. I know that my old father is in there somewhere. Will you come back to me, Sam? Please come back to me….
The vampire hugs him around the neck.
I know that my daddy is in there.

While on board the Falcon Flyer, Kokonoe hears the hangar bay doors closing. She scowls, and gets a distasteful look on her face. She immediately leaves the screen, and goes to sit down at her supercomputer.
Kokonoe: You’re not getting away this time, you bastard. You’re going to stay and help them even if it’s the last thing you ever god damn do!
Kokonoe begins typing away on her computer, and hacking into Heaven’s systems. Her technology is far more advanced. She stops the ascending of Outer Haven by locking the engines in place at the current altitude. She also locks the bay doors in place.
Kokonoe: Damn, this thing is a DINOSAUR! These firewalls have holes in them everywhere!
She continues to go deeper into Heaven’s system, then finds the controls to the warp drive. She switches the warp drive off.

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Jun 01, 2013 at 01:51PM EDT

Alright. I’m going now.
The Falcon flyer lifts off from Heaven, and begins to fly to Falcon’s earth.
Sorry about forgetting the girl. I think she wants to be here.

What’s the matter, scared to attack after that?
No, it’s just that I’m trying to get used to these new powers.
Doomguy runs up to Superego, and chainsaws him in the gut, dealing heavy damage.

Asura, please take control of Superego for the fight. I don’t want it to just be a curbstomp battle on Doomguy’s end.

Jun 01, 2013 at 02:35PM EDT

Ooc: im away from comp, ill do small posts on phone.
superego usus natsus powers to unleash a flury of fire punches and kicks at doomguy.

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Jun 01, 2013 at 03:02PM EDT

Doomguy is sent flying away from the attack, falling straight onto a berserker pack.
I just picked up a berserk pack, but I didn’t go insane! why not?
Id:It’s very simple: In the real world, The Berserker pack is what releases HIM. In this world, you just gain the strength from the pack.
Doomguy runs towards Superego and launches a huge amount of punches, sending him flying back.

OOC: In berserker mode, Doomguy’s punches deal 10X more damage than normal. It’s actually more powerful than the chainsaw.

Jun 01, 2013 at 03:11PM EDT

OOC: Feels good to finally have old Winds back


Im sorry Flandre but…..I really……need…to get back….t-t-to work………
Then suddenly finally after all this time Sam’s brain is finally overloaded with errors ((feels)) the break down spreads to the other Winds
Sundowner: Now Ive got a pretty intense head ache myself
Mistral: This is most irregular, cyber brains shouldn’t-…
My head! my god it hurts so much!
He quickly sets Flandre down on the ground and takes a step over to the window
GW: Do you require medical assistance? I can alert a team
No! im o-okay!
The commotion attracts the attention of the officers and they quickly get up from their seats
Engineering Officer: Captain?! what is the matter?!
A small pop can be heard coming from the heads of the Winds as the emotion inhibitors short circuit and spark out
Sundowner: Ergghhh….
Without the inhibitors the Winds return to there normal selves, its important to note that THEIR GOALS REMAIN EXACTLY THE SAME, the only thing which has changed is their attitude, making them into there old normal selves. There emotions were suppressed disallowing them to act as a human and more like machine

Suddenly a massive rush of over a decade of pent up emotions begin rushing to the Winds minds

Firstly, happiness at having there humanity back
Woah! er….I feel so much better! more alive in every way you could think of! ah Flandre! im so glad your safe, I just couldn’t express my happiness, thank you so much for releasing me from that hell!
He quickly picks her up and gives her a huge hug
Oh my back! gah! I need to get a new damn body instead of this useless get up heheheee eh whaddya think?
Sundowner: Ive bin wantin’ to release the inner child for a while now……. just looka dis ship! whatta monster, Flandre, we need to have some noodles again sometime too, im happy to see you….well now I can feel happiness
Mistral: Feels soooo much better to get my mind off of computers for once, Hello Flandre, good to see your okay
The bridge crew look on, a bit confused but actually considerably happier now that there commanders have a bit of life in them again
Communications Officer: Ah! this is more like it, your sounding a lot better
Why thankyou my officer, but…I feel old, I need to get over to the Fabricators ASAP

Secondly, A wave of regret for what they have done
I am very sorry Flandre for everything Ive done, and done to myself, I tried by best at protecting you, I really did….
Sundowner looks over to Monsoon
Sundowner: Im sorry buddy, things got crazy in that ol’ time hole, I was only tryin’ to keep order, I will have you back to your normal body soon enough, promise that
Mistral looks at herself

Mistral: If I wasn’t so emotionally suppressed I would have turned down doing this to myself
Mistral tries to remove her helmet, but it actually is her head
Mistral: This is horrific….just why….

Then 3rd, a wave of deep depression
I was stuck in that time hole waiting to see you again Flandre, for nearly two decades, im sorry for breaking your mind, I should have left you alone for good and never returned…
Mistral: I became a computer, a machine, I have only ever spoke about computer crap for all this time, so much unsaid, so much time wasted
Sundowner: All that time and not a single battle to get stuck into, I lost my mind to boredom….its good to be back in the saddle
Flandre, please stay here with me, I don’t want you to endanger yourself anymore, you needn’t get involved in this pointless war against my old boss, Eggman, just like when you destroyed Alternate Earth to get rid of all that evil he is doing the same thing here, the exact same, he isn’t a stupid man and we are going to be getting out of this place anyway and moving on.
Sundowner: This Balloon Master is gonna get burned, burned reeeeaaal good.
There you have it, the Winds are back to their old selves in mind and will soon have there original bodies back too


The suddenly the conversation is interrupted by a massive hack which spreads through the bridge and upper ship
What on Mobius was that??
GW: My systems and network have been breached
Deal with it quickly GW, we can’t have this happening now
GW: My attempts are futile, the damage has been done
What damage?! officers?!
Electronics Officer: Some sort of advanced hack Captain! im trying to contain it!
Engineering Officer: W-what the hell the docking bay doors are locked open?!
Whats our altitude?!
GW: We are very close to the edge of space
God and the bay doors are open! get them closed now, we will lose oxygen!
Navigation Officer: Another breach! Engine gimbles have been locked, we can’t change course and are now stuck at this altitude!
Forget going any higher, fire up the Slipspace Drive!
Navigation Officer: Aye! Captain
Sundowner: We’ll jus’ have to punch a great hole through the O-zone layer, not that anyone cares heehee
The officer tries to fire the drive, but to no avail
Engineering Officer: Drive has been disabled Captain! Ground crew seem unable to activate manually also, we are stuck here well and truly
Get to fixing these problems, This isn’t good, this could be the start of n attack on us….

And so Heavens escape was prevented at the last possible moment

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Jun 01, 2013 at 03:11PM EDT


Beofre the hack

Flandre levitates in the room next to Sam and the other Winds.
Yay! You’re back to normal!
She floats over behind Sam, and puts her arms around his neck behind him.
I can handle myself, Sam. You don’t need to worry about me anymore… I’m strong.
She floats from behind him to in front of him, and opens up her hand. A red orb floats above it.
This is an eye. A core. If I crush this in my hand, whatever I have targeted gets completely destroyed.
She dismisses the red orb, and replaces it with a white orb floating there now.
… This is a concept of reality. At least, I think it is… The green haired jerk made it so I can do this. He said that he awakened my TRUE ability.
She then dismisses this orb, and smiles a bit.
I just thought that you would like to know…

After the hack

Flandre looks around to see the massive surge going all through the ship, and the control panels sparking.
Wh-What’s happening?
Her eyes grow big as she continues to look around.

Kokonoe: Now time for me to hack into all their screens…
Kokonoe begins to hack into all of the panels and screens of Heaven. In only a few strokes on the keyboard, she’s there on every screen.

Kokonoe: Yeah, is this thing on? Good. Hey assholes! What do you think you’re fucking doing!? Are you out of your god damn minds?! This lunatic is trying to blow up YOUR planet, and you just run like cowards! That’s pathetic for the government of this place.

Flandre looks at one of the main screens on the bridge
H-Hey! You’re that pink haired neko lady who threw everyone out!
Kokonoe: Yeah, I am. What’s your point, kid?
I-I was just sayi-
Kokonoe: I don’t have time to talk to a brat like you. Let me talk to the old geezers.
The professor looks at Sam and the Winds.
Kokonoe: I’ll be taking control of this ship for you until you prove to me that you’ll stay, old man. If you give me a good reason, I might let you have it back. That warp drive is staying off though since you would just retreat if I gave it back to you.
Kokonoe grins just a little bit at Sam.
Kokonoe: Now you can bitch and moan at me all you want. Fill my god damn ears with it.

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Jun 01, 2013 at 08:06PM EDT

Marisa: “We stopped…”

Yeah… something tells me if anything is going to attack, ANYTHING AT ALL… it will be now.

“Yuuuuuup… as soon as a fleet attacks I say we jump out the airlock and fight them off.”

Good idea…

Jun 01, 2013 at 08:36PM EDT

Only if your sure that you will be okay
Sundowner: We don’t want to have to chase you down again hehehee
Your true power?…err…

The Winds look up at the screens
Mistral: Who even is that?
Old man?…He looks at himself again…..oh yeah, erh….
Sundowner: That place aint even a planet anymore, jus’ a big floatin’ dead rock
Seeing as the broadcast has covered every screen, the Officers are pretty peeved to say the least
Electronics Officer: I will get working around this. annoying, intrusion immediately Captain
Yeah good idea officer
He turns to face Kokonoe again
Heheheee, If we give you a good reason? your the one who should be giving us a good reason to help you, we are the ones holding all the cards here and with that fancy SPARTAN program under way we will have super soldiers at the ready
Sundowner: We’ve grown very accustomed…to waitin’ things out you see
Mistral: Im not the kinda person to help people who I don’t like the look of for nothing, things always have a price
GW: Im currently creating a firewall patch to cap this system breach
Your already being kicked out strange-pink-haired-lady
Sam then turns to GW and whispers
Tell the Fabricators to make us all a new set of bodies, our original forms….

Meanwhile the Generals have been busy reorganising the PMC’s into one single fighting force, ‘Havens Army’ as it is now know is one of the most highly skilled and specialised armies in existence, it also acts as Heavens primary ground force

Additionally to this however, the Generals have kick started the SPARTAN Program and have already selected a group of 50 soldiers to begin the testing trials to become super soldiers

The first batch of subjects arrive at the Spartan deck for training and indoctrination into the program

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Jun 01, 2013 at 08:37PM EDT

meanwhile onboard the falcon flyer, everyone is waiting to arrive at falcons home planet.erza and lucy are at the cockpit while the others are in different rooms. Erza turns to falcon as he flies.

Erza: listen falcon, is it possible if you can send a message to outer heaven, i wish to speak with them. its urgent that we convince them to work together with us and the others in order to bring down eggman and his ark before he destroys our planet.

Erza puts on one of the headbands given to her by meredith

Erza: listen meredith, we got your message. we will be there shortly. falcon just needs to pick up a few things from his planet which is close by to ours. it may prove useful to us if he does this. once we get there and get what he needs. we will call you back and ask you to teleport us and his ship next to fairy tail. i hope you understand.

Erza out.

he flies back and hits and hits an invisable wall of doomguys mind. he gets back on his feet an whipes some blood off of his lip. he turns to face doomguy.

that really hurt you fucking asshole. now im gonna show you real pain.

he punches his fists together, he then takes a deep breath and brings his hand out in front of him


he brings his hands to his mouth and releases a breath of fire that jets out of his mouth at high speed at doomguy that engulfs him in a fiery explosion of torrenting flames.

hows it taste punk?

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Jun 01, 2013 at 08:52PM EDT


Kokonoe: Not so fast there, old man. I still have a deck of my own.
She types a few more things on her keyboard, and GW can tell that the FTL drive has been permanently deactivated.
Kokonoe: Good luck trying to abandon the world now. You’re stuck with me, assholes.
She burrows deeper into the system, and avoids the firewall patch.
Kokonoe: Now just sit tight and hold on. We’re going to a reunion.
She slams the hangar bay doors shut, and unlocks the altitude to take control of the ship even more. Kokonoe then sets a course for the Fairy Tail guild.
Kokonoe: Just sit back and relax, kiddies. We’ll be there soon.
A few moments of silence pass.
Kokonoe: Oh, almost forgot. We’re missing something here… Music!
Kokonoe snickers, and turns the radio all the way up through Heaven. Music begins to play down every nook and cranny of Heaven through the speaker systems.

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Jun 01, 2013 at 09:04PM EDT

Oh, shit!
Falcon turns around and heads back to the Hangar.He gets there JUST as heaven takes off towards the Fiary Tail guild.

Doomguy emerges, looking visibly hurt
Would you kindly let me take over, as I have already formulated a battle strategy.
Sure, why not?
Id suddenly grows a body exactly like Doomguy’s, and Id then pulls out a purple sword similar to Henry’s.
I have stolen the “Cross Sword” beam katana. in design only, though.
Id suddenly rushes at Superego, slashing him numerous times with the Cross Sword.

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Jun 01, 2013 at 09:08PM EDT

OOC: falcon, i think they are already inside waiting. and also didn’t you already took off to your planet.

nice choice of music

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Jun 01, 2013 at 09:10PM EDT

ooc: well, they are on the way to the guild hall due to kokonoe, so it is not necessairy to turn back for them since everyone is going to be there anyway. lets presume that you almost made it to your planet.

Jun 01, 2013 at 09:14PM EDT

Blitz grabs the Chocolate Milk. Then he looked Discord in his eyes. Then he left thinking. This is a joke? What type of Primal God is this?

Blitz: I…I…I always wanted to watch a majestic creature like you…

Blitz press the glass with his hands.

Blitz: Since I have consciousness, always admired the chaos in the world…

Blitz press more the glass

Blitz: Oh sorry… My name?…hehe…My name is… Blitz Van Günsche… Sir…

Blitz press more the glass, almost breaking it

Blitz: I always admired their work and… bringing chaos everywhere… thats awesome…

Blitz looked like it was looking at a hollywood star. He press the glass of chocolate milk again

Blitz: Where I come from, it is rare to see one of your kind. Only my boss knows one… I don’t remember his name… But, there, all are different from you, you are very… picturesque.

Blitz give him a grim smile

Blitz: Just one question, Why are you here? You’re seeing our work, destroying this stupid place? Or…

Blitz press more and more the glass of chocolate milk

Blitz: You’re on their side… Tell me…

OOC: Waiting for @Marks post

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Jun 01, 2013 at 09:17PM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

OOC: zarathh, wow, shes such a fucking bitch. but at least shes on our side right?………right?


Kokonoe: Of course I’m on your side, asshole. I have better things to be doing right now than helping out a bunch of kids, but a planet is about to be decimated. I’m going to step in and do fucking something about it.

Jun 01, 2013 at 09:17PM EDT

OOC: yeah. sorry if im being a bit of a pain in the ass. i just want this to go very well and organized. if you want, you can have meredith pimp your ride out to prepare for the boarding action once we all finished planning out our strategies. i have a lot of thing to say for the planning part that will be very important for everyone.

Jun 01, 2013 at 09:22PM EDT

Well at least it isn’t a half bad song eh?…
Sundowner: Hmph
Mistral: This is embarrassing
Yeah a bit but still, they can drag us around all they want we won’t be doing squat….
GW: The patch has been ducked, updating and strengthening said patch, also closing down firewall. Comms, Cyber, permission to close all outbound and inbound communications
Communications Officer: Permission granted
Electronics Officer: Go for it
That should hopefully seal up any holes in the network.
Navigation Officer: Captain, we seem to be heading towards some unknown location, we are practically flying there without any interference on my part, being autopiloted by this woman
Please can someone deal with this issue and turn that damn music off
GW: Intercom system disabled
Thankyou GW, where are you taking us and for what purpose? you do realise that by taking these action you are putting the lives of some of the last surviving humans at risk?

The massive city sized ship continues flying over toward the Guild

@Also at Kokonoe,
The Mysterious Man whereabouts are still unknown, but his presence is still very much existent, Kokonoe will notice instantly that hacking into Heavens network is incredibly more difficult, no doubt from his interference

Jun 01, 2013 at 09:25PM EDT

Discord: Blits? Is that with an s or a z? And you feel privileged seeing a chimera like me?

Discord: You must love causing death… because the lovers of chaos are the brutal murderers.

Discord: I don’t quite seem to grasp your “rationale…” what fun is chaos if there is nobody to enact it upon?

Discord: Ah… your question… I’d be lying if I said I worked against the equines… they bring joy to my life… well… causing mischief for them does. And I don’t appreciate the fact that you’ve just wiped out much of my entertainment!

Discord: Care to explain yourself?

Jun 01, 2013 at 09:47PM EDT

Suddenly, Blitz’s smile fades

Blitz: Wiped out your entertainment? Haha Are you kidding, right? That was a good joke…

Blitz puts a another hat, this was green. Later, he saw that Discord was serious

Blitz: Sorry… and my name is with z… and…

*Press more the glass of chocolate milk…

Blitz: I am the Captain of the “Letzete Battalion”, part of the Army of Darkness…

Tha glass is almost broken…

Blitz: And I served my boss for a long time, he is a true master of chaos, you have at least seen what he’s capable to do…But you… you are a joke.


Blitz: I thought you were different from others in your class, you supposed you’re evil, you supposed you’re a vile creature of darkness who enjoys watching others suffer!

Blitz: But what I meet! A primal god which makes stupid jokes to a lot of animals that eat grass! And…!

Broke… All the chocolate milk falls to the floor


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Jun 01, 2013 at 10:40PM EDT

OOC Update: sigh Well… It’s been fun guys, but the day has come for me to leave. That day is tomorrow. It has been extremely fun speaking with you all in the greatest thread on the entire internet. I will feel blind and chained up without you all, and this thread to participate in… like I’m locked in a room with no one else to talk to.

I regret to say this… but the time has come, my friends. I bid you all a farewell. Goodbye.

-Yours truly,

P.S: I will still try my damn hardest to keep up with the thread in my off time. This will also most likely be my last post for the night… or for a while. I don’t know.

Jun 01, 2013 at 10:42PM EDT

Zarathh wrote:

OOC Update: sigh Well… It’s been fun guys, but the day has come for me to leave. That day is tomorrow. It has been extremely fun speaking with you all in the greatest thread on the entire internet. I will feel blind and chained up without you all, and this thread to participate in… like I’m locked in a room with no one else to talk to.

I regret to say this… but the time has come, my friends. I bid you all a farewell. Goodbye.

-Yours truly,

P.S: I will still try my damn hardest to keep up with the thread in my off time. This will also most likely be my last post for the night… or for a while. I don’t know.


see ya, bro. It’s been good. Wish you didn’t have to do this.

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Jun 01, 2013 at 10:43PM EDT

Juvia: but what about juvia-chan?

OOC: i hope to see you soon. good luck with everything

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Jun 01, 2013 at 10:46PM EDT

Zarathh wrote:

OOC Update: sigh Well… It’s been fun guys, but the day has come for me to leave. That day is tomorrow. It has been extremely fun speaking with you all in the greatest thread on the entire internet. I will feel blind and chained up without you all, and this thread to participate in… like I’m locked in a room with no one else to talk to.

I regret to say this… but the time has come, my friends. I bid you all a farewell. Goodbye.

-Yours truly,

P.S: I will still try my damn hardest to keep up with the thread in my off time. This will also most likely be my last post for the night… or for a while. I don’t know.

See ya’ later, Zarathh.

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Jun 01, 2013 at 11:00PM EDT

notices chocolate milk glass of Blitz broken


Discord: Anything that I find exciting, I will do. When you have godly powers, you must take advantage of them. I’m not a creature of darkness… that WAS Sombra… and look where it got him.
reenacts Sombra’s death

transforms into a perfect replica of Sombra, and glows brightly blue

rebuilds himself in original form
Discord: I don’t believe you’re bright enough to understand, since you look like you just came out of a rock with your hideous pale skin. Understand… in this land, if you are evil, you are completely and totally annihilated. I myself am not evil; I’m chaotic. You, on the other hand, are a coldblooded beast. You have no reason to live other than to serve a master as a pet… all you will ever be. Well, I live a much more fulfilling existence than you ever will, which is unfortunate for you…
Discord pulls out another two glasses; one filled with a red liquid, and one with a green liquid; he sticks the red one out to Blitz
Discord: Care for another drink? One you might prefer? I’d hate for it to go to waste… it is refined blood from a bat, after all…

OOC: @ Zarathh

If you do get the chance to post, please do so… we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

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Jun 01, 2013 at 11:02PM EDT

he dodges every swordswipe aimed towards him. when he finds a perfect opprotunity, he grabs is hands by the wrists. he then twistsd his arms to release the katana from his hands ant take it for himself. he then kicks the ego away from himself. with sword in hand he looks at it for a bit.

ah the pretty colour. swings sword a couple times you should be more careful with such a toy. because you might get hurt by it.

he charges towards doomguy with sword in both hands. and does a wide horizontal swing at him

Jun 01, 2013 at 11:07PM EDT

Id intercepts Superego, uppercutting him and launching the Cross sword back into his hands
Of course one should begin with expecting counter attacks.
The dark battlefield suddenly turns into Moter No More Heroes. Superego and Id are standing in the parking lot, while doomguy is up on the stairs, resting.
Now then. It’s time to say goodnight.
(Replace Travis with Superego, and Henry with Id.)

Jun 01, 2013 at 11:14PM EDT

superego tries to get back up onto his feet. bleeding very badly from that last attack, his hand trying to cover up a wound on his stomach.

fuckin hell, that the best you got, yah piece of shit coughs out blood. cmon, wether you kil me or not it doesnt matter. the truth will still be the same for this fucking asshole. so go ahead and finish me coughs up more blood do it…… DO IT YOU FAGGOT, CMON FINISH ME OFF IF YOU GOT THE FUCKING BALLS TO DO IT. IT WONT MAKE A DIFFERENCE EITHER WAY FOR HIM.

Last edited Jun 02, 2013 at 12:00AM EDT
Jun 02, 2013 at 12:00AM EDT

After arriving to this deck, our mindslaved sarcastic Assassin finds thousands of soldiers around the place, doors leading to who knows where, conversations covering every silent space and a lot of walking around.
You can guess what goes inside the minds of these men and women just by listening:

“Why the hell did the ship stopped?”
*"I think the captain is letting his feelings control his actions."

“But man….I wanted to met those space chicks that goofy outfit guy was talking about!”
“Bullshit…We are returning to Mobius and I’m not planning to get killed by the Fox. That bastard and his group of ninja cyborgs murdered half of my squad"
“Did someone hear a Strider?…No…It was just me I guess…Safe in Haven, Safe in Haven, Safe in Haven.”
“And I was like “Pew pew pew”, eat that Balloon Master, “pew pew pew”…Nobody expected the advisors…Bullets weren’t safe anymore."
“Sometimes..I dream about cheese.”
“I’m heading to the medical bay, gotta get my brain checked a bit. I think I’m losing touch with reality…I mean, last day I saw a talking dog and a rabbit walking around…I’m getting those pills inmediatly.”

Excuse me sir! Sorry to interrupt you but this is my first time around this ship and I would like to know where’s the nearest trainin-
The soldier keeps walking, he didn’t even looked at Assassin’s face. He probably ignored every word she said.
What’s the point of helping people we once tried to murder? Do you know the definition of insanity? It’s doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.
If we help them, we will finally put an end to this endless and meaningless war over cookies and who has the biggest army. We will be free to search our past, think of the memories that are stored inside our brains that we can’t access to!
Assassin approches another soldier who is piling ammo boxes.
Excuse mister, me and my friend over here are kinda new here and we would appreciate if you could tell us where’s the nearest trai-.
The soldier walks away with a pack of tranquilizer ammo boxes. Assassin looks around, the soldiers pass right in front of her, ignoring every kind of request or question she may have. She approaches a another soldier…and another one…and another one…30 minutes trying to get a single word, a single expression, something. “Notice me damn it! I’m holding a bloody head and nobody seems to care” Assassin thinks to herself.

She gives up. Everyone is inside their own closed worlds.
“Don’t worry Jim, Mobius isn’t that bad…Well, I’m just trying to make you feel better but if you want an honest opinion…”
“The general reminds me of Stalin…For the mustache I mean.”
“So I looked back at the Captain and he told me “Show me your moves” before flying away." (shrugs)
“These Doom weapons are awesome…Wish I could say the same about the man who brought them. They say he dreams with Rabbits, TV shows and his dad…Creppy.”
Hurm..I have an idea. How about…trying to get inside a conversation? Search for those who are discussing about a topic you acknowledge, such as…err…B.M forces, plans and related stuff. Oh wait..That would make you look like a inside agent.
Think about something. I can barely come up with something intelligent without thinking first to CRUSH TINY SAM SKELETON!”. Use your head.
That’s a great idea! But I will use yours if you excuse me.
Awesom- Wait..What? What’s that supposed to mean?

Clever..Very clever…At last we got his attention. Pardon me fellow gentleman, ignore my obviously lack of body and vital organs becouse I have an important question: Where’s the nearest training camp or hall? As you can see, we are quite new here.

Jun 02, 2013 at 12:10AM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

superego tries to get back up onto his feet. bleeding very badly from that last attack, his hand trying to cover up a wound on his stomach.

fuckin hell, that the best you got, yah piece of shit coughs out blood. cmon, wether you kil me or not it doesnt matter. the truth will still be the same for this fucking asshole. so go ahead and finish me coughs up more blood do it…… DO IT YOU FAGGOT, CMON FINISH ME OFF IF YOU GOT THE FUCKING BALLS TO DO IT. IT WONT MAKE A DIFFERENCE EITHER WAY FOR HIM.

Id decapitates Superego. Superego’s body disintegrates.
Actually, that’s where you’re wrong.
You see, we’re a Freudian trio. As it stands, destroying you would cause great imbalance. So, therefore, i’m instead going to lock you up.

Suddenly, chains appear and grab Superego. They begin to drag him upwards, as they bind him ever so tightly.
Suddenly, Superego is silenced.
Id: He is now under control. Now, I must warn you: When you pick up a berserk pack, that lunatic will roam free for about 20 seconds. Only use them when in dire conditions.
…Got it.
Id: Now, wake up. You have much to do.

Suddenly, Doomguy wakes up
Falcon, You were wrong about me.
I DO have a past.
My name is John Stalvern. The last moments I remember before coming here are the ones I spent remembering about how insane my father was… When I was young, I didn’t realize he was crazy, but when I was older, I drifted away from him. I joined the Army because of that. But, in the end, he was taken by a Demon. You know who the demon was? Myself. I was that demon. By abandoning my crazy father on earth, he had nobody to take care of him. He died. That’s why I chose to forget my past. That’s why I didn’t even know my name. That’s why I was who I was.

Jun 02, 2013 at 12:26AM EDT

after he woke up and found out about his past, he suddenly feels a punch go across his face. it turned out to be natsu, who was also with him durring his knock out.

Natsu: there, now were even. congratulations of discovering your true past, but if you wanted a fight so badly you could have asked before hand. i hate dirty sneak attacks like that. now, wadaya say we forget about all of this and focus on whats important like kicking eggmans ass and saving the world.

he reaches his hand out again

Natsu: if you dare do anything funny like last time, ill make sure the next ill put you in a coma.

OOC: now waiting for everyone to arive at fairy tail.

Jun 02, 2013 at 11:31AM EDT

NOT. MY. FAULT. Fucking superego going batshit insane.
Hey, guys! We’re nearing a place!
Those who look out the windows will see that they are nearing the Fairy Tail Guild.

Jun 02, 2013 at 02:43PM EDT

ooc: in case you people dont remember, this is the city fairy tail is in.

and this is the guild hall.

now im just waiting on the others to post responses before we continue.

enjoy some music of the city in the meantime

Jun 02, 2013 at 02:53PM EDT



I’ll miss you a lot in this thread. attempts to communicate when you can.


I will post like in 2 hours, maybe… This whole talk between Discord and Blitz gets interesting

Last edited Jun 02, 2013 at 03:31PM EDT
Jun 02, 2013 at 03:29PM EDT

Zar, some straight up sad feels that you have to go, your a big part of this thread and will be missed greatly, but like mark said, we will try to keep you upto date for sure.

And so, just like in Paris, Heaven breaches through the clouds above the Fairy Tail Guild, its colossal size blocking out the sun and shaking the ground as it rumbles to a slow hover above the town, its sheer size is daunting, the sudden arrival blows an almighty gust through the streets

Meanwhile in the Bridge, the Winds are looking out the observation window at the town below
Navigation Officer: It seems as if we have arrived at our destination Captain
What is this place?
Navigation Officer: I don’t know Captain, it isn’t on any records or flight maps
Mistral: Looks old and rustic, I quite like it myself
GW: I have patched the firewall breaches, we now have back full control of Heaven but I was unable to reactivate the Slipscape Drive, it is completely unreachable
Well that is definitely better than nothing, good work GW, but please get the Drive working again, we need it as soon as
GW: Thankyou Sam
Sundowner: Well….it looks like we can get the hell out of this place, our travels through the universe will jus’ hafta wait
Yeah, sure does look that way…
The officers are at the ready once more
Engineering Officer: Order Captain?
Navigation Officer: We are idling, without heading or course
Well hmmmm….seeing as we can’t warp jump there is no point in flying around and wasting engine power….We might aswell see what this settlement is all about whilst waiting for GW to fix the Slipspace Drive, do some ground recon ya know.
Sundowner: not a bad idea Sam, not a bad idea at all
Which officer deals with the army here?
The bridge crew are clueless, none of them are military leaders
Habitation Officer: Don’t forget Captain, the Generals are the people you want to be contacting when it comes to military operations
Ah of course, But then again, I know exactly who to send…….But before I do send the recon team, Comms, can you send out a relay message, so we can open up some form of communication with these people
Communications Officer: Aye sir!
Comms taps away at his console, then he stops with a confused look on his face
Communications Officer: It isn’t being received…by anything, there isn’t any communications technology here sir
We are dealing with some odd people here heheheee, forget the message then, are the new bodies done yet?
GW: Yes Sam, the Fabricators have built a fully cybernetic clone of your younger original bodies, they await your arrival to there deck
I will head down there soon, I just want to know how this situation turns out first

Sam then notices Flandre has drifted off to sleep
Huh….you must have been very tired…….
He picks her up and puts her down in a chair to rest near the window
You needed the break I suppose, rest up.

And of all the people to possible bump into, of all the people to survive the unrelenting slaughters and diseases of Mobius, of all the people to actually make it to Paris and safely get aboard Heaven……….its Higgins, poor young naive rookie Higgins…….and he is still his old clumsy self

He nervously looks at the head in fright
Higgins:….Errrr…..w-w-what…..talking h-head?…….er ma’am? that’s a talking head ma’am….
He is on the verge of wetting himself in terror
Higgins: The training hall
….y-yeah right this way miss…
In his mind he think of his bad luck
Higgins: Why me? again?! firstly with those freaky flying witch girl things then those guys raiding the base… a damn talking head?! This is too weird man!!
Back to reality
Higgins: Just follow me…..
He quickly walks off through the crowd, trying to deliberate lose them and get out of this nightmarish situation

Meanwhile the SPARTAN Program is on track at a fast rate and is being closely monitored by all 5 Generals at frequent intervals, they have taken considerable interest in the program and are putting a lot of time and effort into its success. Seeing as the PMC’s are now Havens Army, it practically runs itself now it has a firm command structure back in place meaning the Generals have some spare time

General Adams personally dresses a few of the programs soon-to-be super soldiers
General Adams: I trust you are all doing well? This program is a privilege, you men and women should be proud to have the chance of becoming the first and last line of solid defence for the last surviving humans in existence, the mantle of our race rests on your shoulders Heroic motivating speech continues, Adams always was the one to improve morale

@Fairy Tail,

Meanwhile in one of Heavens hangers, GW is talking with The Prophets
GW: You are to act as the envoys of Heaven and recon the ground below then relay your findings
Truth: Understood
Tolerance: Let us waste no more time
They quickly garrison a prepared Pelican dropship, it launches out of Heaven and heads down towards the Guild city

Last edited Jun 02, 2013 at 03:55PM EDT
Jun 02, 2013 at 03:33PM EDT

After performing a ceremony of spiritual cleansing to calm a group of civilians the fuck down, Reimu and Marisa manage to return to the hanger

“Flandre is probably still in the bridge. Wanna sneak up there?”

I would rather not get tranquilized again.

“I’m going to develop a Retribution Spell for that next time it happens.”

Let me guess… Master Spark?

“Darn, you got me.”

Don’t know though. I couldn’t tell at first but I finally feel Sam. (Yeah, she still doesn’t know)

“Well Samurai are usually good guys. She will be fine, but more worried for him just in case she gets bored.”

I am starting to think that the other people around here think we are anti social.

“Not our fault we spent most of the time sedated.”

Hakurei: “Reimu, a rather large group of fairies just broke though the barrier. Also something else.”


Marisa: “What?”

The rip in the barrier that black hole caused is starting to leak things out. Faries multiply rather rapidly… and she said ‘something else’, which means it’s deliberately hiding what it is…

“Oh my…”

Jun 02, 2013 at 03:51PM EDT

@ sam
the city shakes as if its being hit by an earthquake. everyone inside the guild hall is rattled and rush outside to see the ship outside. makarove is petrified when he sees this massive ship bigger than the entire city floating overhead of the guild hall


mirajane: im quite surprised myself master, that ship is quite something isnt it.

lisanna and her older brother elfman are lost for words, as well as everybody else in the guild. lisanna notices another flyer heading towards them. it is falcons flyer.

Lisanna: hey guys look, it must be Natsu and the others inside of that other ship. theyre finally back.


everyone awaits for the ships to arive and land

OOC: i want everyone to be at the guild hall to discuss on the plans to attack eggman. touhou girls, sams guys, sparks pals, falcons as well. were all gonna work together on this one.

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Jun 02, 2013 at 04:04PM EDT

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