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The Pelican slowly descends and lands next to the group, it then lowers its landing supports, drops its hatch and the 4 Prophets quickly make their way out towards the group

They stand there looking around the gathering of people, it should be noted that The Prophets are very heavily modified and a bit weezy to look at
Truth: Greetings, we are the Prophets of Heaven He points directly upto to the ship
Tolerance: We have been sent as envoys and representatives on the Captains behalf
Pity: And to collect information about our surroundings before we are able to vacate this planet
Truth: Its a pleasure to meet you people nonetheless
All four of them hold out their hands for a handshake

@Reimu & Marisa,
They will notice the Pelican carrying the Prophets launch out of a nearby bay heading downward towards the Guild hall, and get a feeling that Heaven doesn’t really want to be here, especially with all the talk over the intercom earlier about leaving Mobius

EDIT for the lols:
A massive group of soldiers quickly jump out from hiding in the hanger, its a surprise attack! leaping out from behind barrels, boxes and dropships, even out of bins……these are no ordinary soldiers…….they have been educated about one thing and given one single purpose, and that is……..the capture of Reimu and Marisa,

From closer examination they are ALL equipped with what seems to be rapid fire syringe guns ((like Medics)) no doubt loaded to the max with the Touhou girls most feared munition, the Tranquilizer dart! They immediately begins firing, a wave of thousand of darts are sent flying at the duo, luckily the hanger bay door is open giving them a quick escape route

OOC: I found writing that hilarious

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Jun 02, 2013 at 04:26PM EDT

Unlike the previous times however, Reimu and Marisa quickly dodges by the needles matrix style, grazing a bit for a score multiplier, and using the soldiers pin-point accuracy against them, dodging all the bullets with minimal movements.

This goes on for a bit as Reimu and Marisa slowly make their way to the hanger doors. Marisa even jokingly yawns at them.

The walls and floor are really starting to look like a Porquipine now. Reimu slams an advertisement on the wall and the two of them hop out the hanger door

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Jun 02, 2013 at 05:09PM EDT

inside the falcon flyer, everyone gets themselves up and head towards the guild hall. everyone is happy to see them as they exchange greeting with one another.

makarov walks up to the prophets, with him are two other wizards.

first is laxus dreyar, the grandson of makarov and future heir of fairy tail.

the next person is mirajane straus.

makarov and the others stand in front of the prophets. makarovs hight barely goes past their knees, almost like a dwarf

after they greet each other. makarov speaks to them.
Makarov: it is a pleasure to meet you all. my name is makarov dreyar, the 6th guildmaster of Fairy tail. im sorry we dont have time for proper introductions, but im pretty sure your aware of the threat thats upon us. so i hope that we can all work together to put an end to this before any more lives are needlessly lost.

suddenly appearing out of nowhere in a glow of golden light next to them is another person. in a pink dress with long golden hair, looking like a girl no older than 12.

everyone in the guild is suprised to see her.

Makarov: mm.m. Mavis, your here as well?

Mavis: thats right. i have been seeing what has been going on in the world, and i wish to not sit idly by and watch as this continues. so that is why im here.

she walks up to the prophets as well and greets eatch of them. she is slightly taller than makarov.

Mavis: hello gentlemen, my name is Mavis Vermillion, i am the founder and first guild master of Fairy tail. though i may be only a spirit now. my powers can still prove crucial to this effort and wish to put them to use with you and your commanders. now please lett us all go inside the guild hall and discuss the situation.

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Jun 02, 2013 at 05:36PM EDT

@Fairy Tail,
Truth: Greetings all
Tolerance: We are eager to hear your plans but….
Pity: I highly doubt that Heaven will interfere in this war without a good reason
The Prophets follow them into the hall

@Reimu & Marisa,
So many darts are fired that some even ricochet and hit the soldiers themselves instantly rendering them unconscious, they continue moving forward and firing as they jump out the airlock
Soldier: Damnit! their gone!
Then they notice the poster
Soldier: Huh?! There she is!
They are incredibly stupid troops, they begin firing a volley of darts at the advertisement, filling it with hundred of needles, it takes them about 10 seconds for them to realise its a sheet of paper

Jun 02, 2013 at 05:49PM EDT

when they hear the last thing pity said they all suddenly stop and makarov turns around

makarov gets agitated by that remark
Makarov: hold on just a moment. are you people honestly telling us that we need to give you a reason to fight this maniac. tell me, why is it you wish to stay out of this entire conflict. the entire planet is at stake, and you wish to simply let it fall. tell me, why. and i hope for your sakes you have a good reason why.

makarov has his hand glow a yellow light.

she speaks with little emotion
Mavis: is this not your home planet too? you are still human just like everybody else here? you would rather abandon your humanity just so that you can escape from all of this? just so you know, no matter what happens, your actions will follow you for the rest of your lives. wether you choose to stay and fight or run away.

Laxus: you guys have some balls to say such shit to us like that at a time like this.

mirajane walks up to them as well, very upset
Mirajane: how could you people even think about leaving your own kind behind. we have an opprotunity to save this planet and restore it to what it once was, and your just willing to turn your backs on your own home. our home.

natsu gets furious and walks through the other members and is standing right in front of the prophets


natsu lowers his tone now
Natsu: so whats it gonna be, help us save this world from eggman and the other nutjobs from taking away our home. or are we gonna have to find a reason why we shouldn’t see you as one of them as well.

everybody there is looking at the prophets with such fire and determination in their eyes that it bothers the prophets in an unknown way to them.

OOC: yeah poor choice of words on their half sam. id suggest you drop the idea of leaving the battle and work together with us.

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Jun 02, 2013 at 07:57PM EDT

Reimu and Marisa drop straight into the the capital building palace thingy

“Wow. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times… I am blowing that god damn ship up.”

She points her Hakkuro up and Reimu quickly pulls it back down

Stop! There is like a billion innocent people up there!

“All about to be turned into brainless Androids as far as I can tell. They got nothing on us. You blew up a fucking tank when you where 8!”

Yeah… yeah I did. But that was being driven by a fairy, these are different.

“… Racist.”


“Jeez, no need to shout. Now then, what do?”

Reimu grabs Marisa by the collar and starts walking towards a large group of powerful lifeforms, the wizards in the palace

Jun 02, 2013 at 08:12PM EDT

@Fairy Tail,
Truth: This planets atmosphere is highly toxic and its oceans polluted to an acidic level, its cities are destroyed and the few that remain have been claimed by the rat plagues
Pity: The PMC’s we used to fight them were made up from the national armies, We had over 100 million to start…..
Tolerance: We now have just 6 thousand able soldiers, the last soldiers around…
Truth: Heaven is a colony ship, our goal is too seek a new home and begin again, and we can do that, you see….
Tolerance: Even Heaven itself doesn’t have enough equipment to terraform this planet back into a habitable shape
Truth: We tried our very best to save this planet, we failed, and now we seek to start anew…….

The Prophets notice the aggression and place their hands on there weapons

Truth: A compromise can be made, we have resources to offer

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Jun 02, 2013 at 08:22PM EDT

Natsu: i suppose that you didnt hear me clearly. you see that girl named meredith he points to her in the crowd again. she has unbelievable power that can fully restore this planet from all the damage that has been done to it, and cleansing it of all the filth dumped onto it. i hope you know that much. but the one thing stopping her from doing so is these guys like eggman, balloon master, and this kishin guy. once we get rid of them and any other people that want to ruin this world, she can begin healing it back the way it was so that we can live in peace again. so there you have it, theres no need to start anew. we can pick up the pieces that were left behind and continue forward.

Makarov: if only you people can see the true beauty of our land and appreciate it. im sure you will realize that we will do whatever it takes to preserve it, and preserve our home. we can all work together to save our home and restore it to what it was before all of this chaos and madness. please reconsider your ideas of leaving your own kin and look deep inside yourselves. is your choice of leaving the right thing to do?

Mavis: i can look deep inside your hearts right now. though your emotions are suppressed, i can still sense that what your planning to do is not just. your simply trying to run away from your fears instead of facing them. right now i can tell that everyone here is afraid of loosing their planet. but they are willing to do whatever it takes to overcome that fear and bring eggman and the others down. even with the little resources that they have. so if we can stand up to fear and fight, why cant you?

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Jun 02, 2013 at 08:39PM EDT

Reimu and Marisa arrive at the crowd

Hey look! It’s Sam! And… Sam… and… 4 of them?

“Who the hell ever has Quadruplets?”

Something isn’t right…

Jun 02, 2013 at 08:48PM EDT

The Prophets Acknowledge Reimu and Marisa arriving
Truth: Greetings, we are Sams representatives
All Prophets: And yes, we are quadruplets.
They speak in flawless harmony with one another, synchronised to perfection
Then quickly turn back to Fairy Tail
Truth: Natsu, the planet has a tainted history and is extinct of most life, civilisations can not be restored, nations of people cant simply be bought back

After a few moments of telepathic concencus between the 4 they begin forming a new outlook on the situation

Tolerance: We could provide assistance, although that would be strictly the Captains decision

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Jun 02, 2013 at 09:02PM EDT

Mavis: than contact this captain of yours. lets see if we can change his mind. since he has the final word in all of this in the end.

Makarov: everything heals over time. that is a rule of nature. life will always flourish no matter how long it takes. besides there are still millions here living in Fiore. and there are still a couple billion people still living on this planet that have not been affected by this chaos. there is more than enough people here that can enhabit the planet still. and you wish to see them all perish?

Natsu: what else do the others have to say about this. huh falcon? what do you think of leaving this planet to die. or you two girls. points to reimu and marisa. or you spark. what do you guys think about leaving this planet to die when we still have a good chance of saving it. explain your reasons to these four guys.

Jun 02, 2013 at 09:25PM EDT

OOC: I was under the pretence that the very nearly every civilian on Mobius was slaughtered by the Anti-S and the BM’s armies who were enhanced by the towers, the ones who weren’t are small in number and mindslaved by BM to work in factories, that’s why I did the evacuation and why im doing all this now, im a little confused on that part but anyway…..

All this front against Heaven has angered the Prophets
Truth: Our business is our own.

Tolerance: If we wish to colonize new worlds then so be it.

Regret: Your beginning to sound more like enemies. We said we could offer resources in assistance…

Truth: We have already played our part in this war, its time for you to play yours and to prove yourselves, show that our support…our full support, is worthy of being by your side.

Regret: We have always been the spearhead when it comes to fighting the enemy, its time for someone else to take the front seat…

Pity: Lead the way and we will watch from a great distance at what you can do to Eggman and BM, we will wait until we see fit, until then, we will continue striving to escape this place

OOC: and that’s me done for tonight, G’night all

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Jun 02, 2013 at 09:53PM EDT

So Spark was quite bussy looking around the place, talking to people, shaking hands and explaining the Veteran what a “good guy” means. After meeting Makarov and every member of the Fairy Tail, he just stayed silent for the rest of the journey until the Prophets appeared. He can’t believe what his ears are hearing: They actually want to leave everything behind, allowing the Balloon Master to star a reign of terror and slavery around space and beyond. Too many people around, he can’t barely see the Prophets and the rest of the Falcon crew, there’s only one way to solve this..
Arc Flash! Molecules teletransportation between short distances via electricity. Spark often uses this power as a quick getaway method, when things get too ugly or totally out of hand.
He instantly appears in front of the group.

Indeed super chumps. There’s always a chance to turn around the tables! Victory might look non-existant and distant but with hope, It’s not impossible to reach it ,as long as there is a small bulb lightining the darkest rooms in our hearts.
This isn’t the first time the merciless Balloon Master takes control of the lifes of innocent citizens…
It happened before in my home planet: He infected half of the world’s population with a dangerous virus based on heavily modified Varanus komodoensis genes and DNA, turning everyone into mad lizards. Then, after rebuilding himself and with the help of Johnson, he mindslaved every single habitant of Earth, establishing a dictatorship with a growing military force.
But, with the help of old friends and the will of those who were free from his hands, we forced him to ran away. Reconstructing cities and rebuilding the lifes of devastated families was hard and tough, but we did it, everything back to normal.
Even in the darkest place, moonless night, evil ripping the life apart..Shall the lighting guide us to victory comrades!
Never give up people, there always something to hope for. I will seek peace back to Mobius even If I have to rebuild every destroyed city with my bare hands, even If I have to face every kind of sick equipment the Balloon Master can employ and even if I have to sacrifice my own life!

OOC: Le explanation for le Jetstream Xddd
Most citizens were:
Accidentaly killed my Hunters (Not many of them, just 20 or 10)
Mindslaved. (Most of them were mindslaved, the factories are maintained by human’s hands and there’s a human-only troop. These are the ones enhaced by the Fog.)
Joined the Haven forces and got stabbed / slashed / ripped apart/ vaporized / Brutally beaten up to death/ torn apart/ dismembered into tiny pieces/ smoked out/ recieved “The Advisor Kiss” / crushed to death / got "jacked"up / Blood Falcon punched…
*Then there is these another pair of guys working for Sam and Co.

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Jun 02, 2013 at 09:58PM EDT

everyone understands what sparks says and all agree

Mavis: so you see, there is always hope for us all. we dont want any tension between us. our plan is not to have you spearhead the fight. i have been secretly discussing our plans to board the ark and take it out from within using falcons ship. we only wish that you provide us with support with your vessel. our only problem is the fleet that surrounds his ark. if we were to go in alone. we would surely fall. all that we ask from you is to create an opening for them to get through the fleets weapons. once we are in the ark, we will take over from there. if the egg fleet engages you. do as you see fit. we wish only for your assistance. nothing more. our boarding teams will be enough to take on the empire once were inside. please, forgive us if we have upset you in any way. it is just that we are desperate at this point. we dont want evil to triumph over this world and im sure you dont want it to as well. now may we go inside the hall so that we can discuss our strategy on how we can bring down eggman and his empire?

Jun 02, 2013 at 10:31PM EDT

OOC: Zar says Hi and is already having major internet withdraws. But in the meantime he ordered me to orchestrate a Kidnapping and make it fast, so here it goes.

As Flandre sleeps in whatever nook she picked, on the bridge or something I forget, the crew goes about their business of running all around like an average episode of Star Trek during a Red Alert sequence. Thankfully these guys don’t wear Red Shirts and therefore get sparred the rod.

A low unnatural buzzing sound can be heard throughout the bridge. The sound had been previously recorded during Yukari’s previous visit, and without the power of the op no-magic device she has free roam.

Actually, she had free roam anyways. She simply flipped the boundary on herself and became invulnerable to that silly little device. Nice try, but you can’t outsmart an reluctantly omnipotent character.

Back to the buzzing sound. This sets off the true Red Alert, and known info about her is streamed into the minds of the Cyborgs while the unmodified twats remain horribly confused as to what had managed to crawl aboard.

And with a high pitched VWEEP, Flandre falls into a rip in reality. The idiots blindly shoot into the portal before it closes, gunfire drowning out Yukari’s playful laughter.

Reimu looks up at the ship



I thought I felt Yukari for a momen… OH GOD SHE KIDNAPPED FLANDRE!

Jun 02, 2013 at 11:18PM EDT

everyone looks at reimu. erza runs up to her and juvia as well.

Erza: wait, who took flandre?

Juvia: Flandre? why at atime like this would someone kidnap her?

ooc: say hi to him as well. also ill be heading out to bed. will continue tomorrow.

Jun 02, 2013 at 11:29PM EDT

It was Yukari Yakumo… a Boundary Controller. She can Identify, Swap, or create a barrier between both Physical and Conceptual Boundaries, and is probably the most dangerous thing to ever exist. Even if you threw an omnipotent god at her she could just take away his powers. She usually just toys with everything and sleeps for 18 hours a day, I have no clue what she has been up to…

“She kidnapped the entire Scarlet Devil Mansion didn’t she? Well, minus the blatant idiot, but still.”

… Vampire who can destroy Anything and a Vampire who can manipulate Fate…

“… and a powerful mage and a Pad Maid.”

Marisa looks worriedly around, expecting to get knifed at saying this. But the knife never came.

“Well, seems Sakuya really is kidnapped. Hard to believe really.”

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Jun 02, 2013 at 11:59PM EDT

Before Flans kidnap

@The Guild meeting,
The Prophets take a moment to process their words
Tolerance: Our use has run its cause here
Truth: We cannot make any further decisions, we have reached our privilege threshold

Truth takes a step forward and holds out the palm of his android hand, built into the centre of his palm is a small lense
Truth: Discuss these matters with the Captain
A small 3D holographic projection of Sam appears above Truths open hand
Ahem! Hello their everyone, I have been listening in on this meeting and have found your determination to kill this Eggman fascinating, If what you say is true about being able to restore the planets climate to original self after this war then I would gladly provide my full support and clear you a way to his Ark and assault his space forces.
I will not be putting my ship to any risk too high in this upcoming battle, if the situation turns sour I still want my escape plan ready as a backup, its a basic fall back plan. Currently I can offer you ordinance fire upon his ships then a bo-

The transmission is cut for reasons that are unknown to Prophets
Truth: Apologies, we seem to have some form of interference…….

Meanwhile up in Heaven there is chaos on the Bridge, The Winds and chief bridge crew officers here the sound and their heads quickly snap to the open portal near Flandre
No! not again!!
The Officers quickly leap from their seats and draw there side-arms preparing for some sort of monster to come through, Sam rushes over the the portal as fast as he can aswell as the other Winds
But its too late the portal has closed and the father is yet again separated from his daughter
No!! not again!!
He falls to his knee’s near the observation window
At first I was guilty of letting her get hurt, I tried to protect her, then I was regretful of leaving her behind at Norad, Now im….just so damn angry!!!
He punches the floor leaving a noticeable dent, the punch however completely mangles his aged hand
Engineering Officer: C’mon Captain…We will find her again, we just need time
No! im sick of this, sick of her being taken from me time and time again!! I will find where she is and have the person responsible killed!! no worse!
The other Winds remain silent whilst Sam is visibly furious, especially when his hand has been battered to a stump from a rage out
Electronics Officer: Out of all of this Captain I have one single good thing to say
Nothing good has come of this! ive lost her again!
Electronics Officer: I placed a tracking device on her
And?! any locations or relays from it? tell me man!
Electronics Officer: I apologize sir but im not receiving anything from the tracker
I just want me daughter by my side, with me! why am I punished so!
He punches the floor again with his other hand, mashing that one too
Sundowner: Hey c’mon now Sam, we just gotta get our heads togethe-
Sam continues to punch the floor, is arms are now pretty much gone, good thing he has pain inhibitors
Stuck in this damn useless body! if I had my old one I would have been quicker! would have been able to save her before she was dragged in……
Just then Sam’s breakdown is interrupted by the audio feed from the Prophets, it has picked up something interesting, Reimu elaborating on the kidnappers identity Sam gets back up onto his feet and makes his way over to the command table

((Replace with a heavily bleeding semi armless pissed off Sam and you’ve nailed it))

Back down at the guild with the Prophets
The hologram quickly re-appears above truths hand
Flandre, my daughter has been taken from me again! I hear that you know of this person who has taken her! this Yukari Yakumo! I demand that you tell me more about her and where is she, or else prepare to feel just what its like to be struck with a MAC cannon.

A Magnetic Accelerator Cannon. It is the most powerful piece of ordnance Heaven is equipped with, able to punch a hole through just about anything with a car sized piece of ferric tungsten it is something that all Capital class ships fear greatly

Heaven is equipped with four of these as its primary weapon, they are the biggest and most powerful ones to date but never before has one been trained onto a single human target, MACsimum overkill ((hhuehuehue))

OOC: Im not annoyed with Flandre’s kidnapping im totally fine with it actually but I couldn’t help myself…

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Jun 03, 2013 at 12:23PM EDT

Spark would put himself in front of Reimu.
Do it Samuel, might as well kill everyone around here. Since I arrived, I always wondered who the real monster is. You or the Balloon Master himself? Killing a innocent citizen won’t bring Flandre back.
The captain turns around to face Reimu.
Ma’am..It would be useful if you could provide us with every possible detail about this new adversary.

Jun 03, 2013 at 12:38PM EDT

Sam…? You sound like an old man, what happened? Well… I guess you can answer that later.

Reimu sighs and looks at Spark

It’s kinda complicated. Yukari lives in Mayohiga, but it doesn’t exist in this dimension. Even if you where in the same dimension as it, you have to be horribly lost if you want to get to it. She also likes to hang out between dimensions, but she is in full control of those.

And back on the topic of her power… she has the power to control Boundaries. Human and Beast, Motion and Stillness, 2d and 3d, Life and Death… even if her own power has limits she can just send herself though Unable and Able to remove those.

Sounds unstoppable if not for her ties to humanity I guess. She isn’t invincible. Well, not normally anyways. And she needs to pass something though her reality rip if she wants to change something. But depending on her mood it can be instantaneous…

“You have a card that summons her, right?”

Yeah, but I used that up when I called her to help fight the crow. And I am out of blank spellcards to draw a new one.

“Probably should have brought a few to spare myself (Actually I did but I assigned them all as a Master Spark). But you use different paper than me anyways.”

Reimu just looks at the Prophet

She usually has a plan. She will be back.

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Jun 03, 2013 at 04:07PM EDT

Down with the Prophets
Sam pauses for a moment to take in Sparks word, he is also brought back to reality on his harsh threats
I apologize for my threats, I am just upset, thankyou for this information….
His hologram turns to look up at Truth
You are given top authority over decisions making here, return when the meeting is concluded
He then turns back to the group
I have something to do…..
The little Sam hologram disappears and Truth closes his hand and lowers it back down to his side
Tolerance: We also apologise on the Captains behalf, his words can sometimes be brash and not meant to be
Truth: Before we enter the hall, we also have something to give you all, now that we are working together
A cyborg steps out of the Pelican dropship with a suitcase, he quickly makes his way over to the groups and opens it up, inside are numerous state of the art next gen Codecs, no wires and no hassle, they are simply carried by the user
Pity: With these you will be able to contact Heaven directly and request help, your communications will be sent to the bridge
Pity hands the out to everyone present and the cyborg makes its way back to the Pelican
Regret: Now that is out of the way, please continue….

Back up in the Bridge
Sam lets out a sigh and looks down at his bleeding arms
This is a nightmare….
Mistral: GW have the Fabricators completely our bodies construction?
GW: Yes, they await your arrival to their deck to begin the procedure
Sundowner: Least we can get you all patched up then Sam huh? c’mon lets get over there
Sam is apprehensive, he still wants to stay in the bridge and lament over Flandre’s kidnapping
Sundowner: You can’t do god damn anything in this shape thets get over there
Sam slowly makes his way to the entrance to the room
Lets get this over and done with quickly, also GW have our traditional weapons bought out of storage and reactivated
GW: Of course Sam, I will keep watch over Heaven whilst you are gone
Sundowner picks up Monsoons and all four of them make their way out of the Bridge and over to the Fabricators deck……

Meanwhile in the mega secretive Spartan deck the program is nearing its completion of the first batch of soon-to-be super soldiers

They have been mentally broken over and over and moulded into the perfect soldier mindset, it won’t be long now at all before these people are put through to the final but most dangerous stage, until then however they will continue to train for a small while longer. So far the Program has been a big success, even without progressing to the final stage these soldiers are already far surpassing the normal expectations of your average trooper and yet they are still fully human, not a single part of them is modified, yet……

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Jun 03, 2013 at 05:48PM EDT

Robotnik and the Egg Robo stand in the Observation Room. (Well, the Egg Robo was technically flying.) The Room is very large and has one wall made of glass which has been reinforced to withstand the pressures of space. Robotnik is currently standing, observing the planet which looked so beautiful from outer space. You’d hardly be able to tell there had been any sort of war going on at all.

Robotnik checks the wrist of his robotic cyborg arm, which displays a countdown timer. The timer had just reached the 4-hour mark, and it continued to count, second-by-second.

As Robotnik admires the beauty he is about to destroy once-and-for-all, an Egg Pawn rushes up to the Egg Robo, which flies close to the ground to listen. After the Egg Pawn has whispered it’s message, the Egg Robo hovers back up to Robotnik’s level.

Egg Robo: Dr. Robotnik, an update.

The Doctor, who was vividly imagining the destruction of Mobius atom-by-atom, is immediately snapped back into reality, which puts him in a cranky mood.

Robotnik: What now!?

Egg Robo: An extremely large ship has been located via satellite in a previously unknown region of Mobius.

Robotnik: Is that so?

Egg Robo: Yes, Dr. Robotnik.

Robotnik: And the ship? Who does it belong to? That “Balloonmeister” fellow?

Egg Robo: The “Balloon Master,” Doctor. And no, the ship does not belong to him. I would recommend a swift strike, as we currently possess the element of surprise.

Robotnik: No… let them bring the fight to us. If they’re truly concerned for the safety of Mobius, they’ll come to us soon enough…

Egg Robo: Are your certain?

Robotnik: Does this look “uncertain” to you?

Egg Robo: It is not within my programming to interpret human facial features, Dr. Robotnik.

Robotnik: Whatever. Just be sure we’re ready to defend this station. I want Mobius destroyed at all costs! Understood?

Egg Robo: Yes, Doctor.

Jun 03, 2013 at 07:52PM EDT

OOC: robotnik, you used the wrong photo to express your uncertainty.

everyone who is going to be participating in the boarding party later on, mavis, and makarov. receive the codecs and simply put them in your ears. after a brief demonstration on how the devices work and natsus shouting in everyones ears. they turn back to the prophets.

Makarov: these will come in handy. so you may have already noticed. but in our land of Fiore, we dont use technology. everything we use in our daily lives is magic. we can use magic in many ways as you people use your machines. hoooowever, im sure we can all make an acception for today.

Mavis: indeed, now once again we apologize for all the trouble we may have caused you gentleman. we only wish that you join us on devising our battle plans inside after the feast.

natsu and the others with him are surprised to hear hat


Makarov: thats right my child, it is the least we can do to raise morale for you and the others. it was meredith who actually did all of this. i swear she has such extraordinary powers. she can do anything i tell you.

everyone is delighted to hear that and start to cheer up

Mavis: im glad that has everyone is back to their spirits. now, prophets, i hope that you dont mind joining the others for the feast before we discuss our plans. it is probably the only thing we can for everyone as a morale booster in such a dark time. i hope you all understand.

Mirajane: alright guyscome on in the guild hall. theres plenty of food to go around. help yourselves. but we dont be serving any alcohol here accept for Cana. masters orders.

Lisanna: thats right and theres plenty of space for everyone. lets cheer up for a change.

everybody proceeds to go inside

*inside the hall there are many rows of tables with chairs lined up around all of them. on the tables are an assortment of meats, bread, fruits, steamed vegetables and many, many, more. everything you would expect at a banquet hall and more.

OOC: the reason i did this is to make it more cheerful after all this arguing and depression. you guys eat, enjoy yourselves and mingle with the others. shortly after we go into the planning. besides, when was the last time your characters ate? theyre only human after all. well, most of u guys are.

before the announcement of heading inside the hall, a tall slender woman with brown hair, wearing brown pants and a blue bikini top approaches Reimu and marisa. her name is Cana alberona, she is a wizard who specializes in card magic.

Cana: so, your reimu right? heard about you from that meredith girl. sorry for intruding, but i couldnt help but notice that your a card magic user like me as well. and sorry for asking so suddenly but could i take a look at your spell cards that you have on you. dont worry i wont take them, just wanna see.

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Jun 03, 2013 at 08:45PM EDT

Well, I suppose I could go for some food right now.
Yes. I’m pretty hungry, too.
God, I’m starving!
..No thanks, I’m not hungry.
Falcon, Ken, and Henry sit down and eat. Doomguy John (I shall be referring to Doomguy as John from this point) goes outside. He just sits around and waits for something awesome to happen.

Jun 03, 2013 at 08:58PM EDT

Reimu takes the Codec and pockets it next to the interdimensional one. She will probably get Marisa or Rinnosuke to combined them later. Marisa sticks hers in her hat.

They silently follow the group into the building before being confronted by Cana

The spell cards? Oh, um. Alright.

Reimu pulls a card from her sleeve and holds it out. A magically trained eye can easily tell that this is already holding all the magic it needs to be invoked.

Back of the card looks like the one she is holding Here and the front of the card looks like this. There is clearly a lot of attention to detail.

This is Migrating Spirit; “Fantasy Seal Dark”. One of the few Fantasy Seal spells I have left. Thankfully it’s the second strongest one.

Marisa just stares at the cleavage.

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Jun 03, 2013 at 09:18PM EDT

cana looks down and grabs the cards from reimu. she studies them and looks at reimu after

Cana: not bad. i can tell by the design of the cards that these are very powerful spells you have. but there is one problem with your cards.

theyre one use only. she says with dissapointment

here are my cards
she reaches inside her bag she is carrying and pulls out a full deck of cards to show reimu.
(this is how the back of the cards look like. she has a lot of cards and i cannot find any of the pictures of what her spell cards look like on the other side. just be imaginative at this point)

she reveals a full deck of 52 cards and reveals them to her .

Cana: heres how my card magic works. most of my cards consist of many different atributes and elements. i use my magic to combine the effects of certain cards that when combined release any spell effects. since i have about this many cards in my deck each with different atributes and abilities. i can make uuuhh she thinks critically to herself. i can make about any kind of spell combination you can imagine.

Reimu is shocked to hear this

Cana: and the best part, they dont exhaust once used. they have a short cooldown time as the cards regain their magic power. so what do you think.

reimu is about to get a heart attack.

Cana: if you want i can get you a new deck of blank spell cards for you to use that wont exhaust like mine once after we finish going over the plans to save the world with the others. and what about your friend over there, is she interested too? she says all of thisas she wraps her arm around reimus shoulder. her chest almost right in front of her face

she still sees marisa staring at her

cana: lets go inside and talk more


just go along with this its funny.

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Jun 03, 2013 at 09:51PM EDT

@Marks, soory for not posting yesterday, I was busy in the real life :/

Blitz look at the glass with blood. Then he stares at Discord, giving him a gloomy smile.

Blitz: I do not know who’s “Sombrero”. If that thing was more evil than you, then you are nothing against my boss. I’m not anyone’s pet, I just keep the order of my boss to meet their needs and do what I want! Our mission is to make our boss happy, whatever the cost!

Blitz: And you think this land will gonna destroy me and my boss?! Hehehe…I think the Evil annihilate this land now, completely! Every kind of horses are dead! The rivers are painted with blood and the sky is on fire!

Blitz look again the glass with blood, then sees the glass with green liquid
Blitz:And if you’re trying to make fun of me, then you’ll know how a coldblooded beast I CAN BE!
Suddenly, from the back of Blitz, came a burst of fire which completely enveloped the room, surrounding Blitz and Discord


Rapidly, Blitz shoots the two glasses

Blitz: W̸̵̼͎̫̭͚̰͎̟͗ͮ̈́̿͑̊̎H̘̳̗́ͣͣ̈́͒͊̅ͭA̡̙̳ͣ̂͛̒̆̔͋̋̚͠͠Ț̡̦̩̯͈̼͈̿̀̓̈̊̒̿̊ ̨̦͙͚̰̭͂ͣ̿ͥ́A̢͕̥͈̎ͫ͌ͨ̌͑ͥ̀B̶͋͂͞͏͎̣̯̫͙̪O̪̹̭̮̟̎̇̋̉̂̎͢U̧̜͚̥͙̰̭͇̬͛̀̆͆̓̐͑̎̍͘Tͦ͊ͯͫ̓͗ͣ͏͡͏̫̜̱̘̼ ̴̷͕͖̖̙̑ͣ̌͂̋́Ṡ̪̠̯̠̺̭͍́̏͘Ọ̫͚͎̹̺ͫͨ̂ͥ̌́Mͧͫͣ̀̇ͥ͏̬̱̫̕E͈̲͕͓͑̓ͫ̇̃ͦ̀ ͍̹̫̱̞̪͕̬̀̊̑̃̕͝B̙͚̺̰͆̆̓̽̏̒͘͡U̶̵̶̫͓̳͈̜̺̓͒Ļ̵̬͓̲̌͑̓L̴̶̺̺͈̔̑͑͐̊̓Ë̫͔̥̣͖̞́̃̈ͨ̐ͬͭ͢͝͡T̀̎͡҉͈̘̙͍̠̟Šͮͭ̿͂ͥ̒͛͡͏̭̱̤̺͕͎ͅ ̱̣͈̫̞̩͓͉̈́ͯͦ͐͂ͦ̚͜͟I̢̱ͥ̊͛͂͢͞Ṅ̅̋́ͤ̃ͭ̐̚͡҉̙̭ ̵̴͉͈̞̜̝̜̳̄ͥYͯͫͩ̆̈́̊ͥͯ̿҉͎͈Ǫ̢̞̯̺̖̮̫̽̅̈́ͪ̒̎͌͐͟ͅU̸̳͙̪̿̐͠ͅR̤̖̜̲̥͖ͭ̿ͅ ̡͍̞͎̙̺̮̜ͤ̈́̋̈ͭ̾͢P̠̪̞̙̪͎͉̭ͩͭ͠E͇̗͖̜̍͋ͮ͞T̵̵̿ͮ͌̅ͩ͒̍ͅR̡͙͉̼̰̲̹͇͈̗͒͐̒̑ͧͥͯ͂̚͢I̞̞̭̼̞̩̪ͮ̉͝ͅF̹̮̈͐I̦̫̲͛͟Ȩ̴͚̘̞͚̹̙̳͗̒̓̾ͅḎ̨͚͍ͬ̆̅̾ ̴̝̳̭͈̘͗̇̋̂ͅḪ̸̸̱̤̤̘̘͖̦̲͂͛ͮ̍̌̌̊E̞̩̭̣̬̯͔̦ͬ̔͗̍ͯ̊̉͊́́͢Ạ̫̲͇̬̏ͫ͞D̷̶̗̦͚̪͓͈̞̼ͭ̒͡!͖̹͙̭̩ͬ̏ͬ̽̾̕ͅ!

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Jun 03, 2013 at 09:52PM EDT

Discord reforms the glasses, filling them with the drained liquids. He glares evilly at Blitz, and speaks gravely now…
Discord: It’s a bloody shame that you didn’t take the drink…

drinks both liquids at the same time… crushes them with only two fingers
Discord: You want coldblooded, you prick? You’ll get it…

growls deeply, and begins transformation into… a parasprite

Blitz stares confusedly at Discord, then laughs
Discord: This isn’t even my final form…
continues transformation… he warps unusually, then grows much, much, much larger, and grows more buff. In a matter of seconds, he becomes Draconecord

Draconecord: I am your god now! Bring me your virgins!
he looks down upon Blitz, and roars loudly

Draconecord: Give up while you still can… otherwise you become my next meal!

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Ooc: Actually… calling BS on those reactions. Waaaaaaaaay not in character.


Reimu seems more annoyed by her smugness than anything, but interested in the cards

“Actually, we also have a ton of at-will magic we use too. Not just the spell cards. Though we have just been kinda throwing them left and right because everything here is so overpowered and we needed the healing.”

It also takes a lot out of us to set up a card. Not certain those cards can charge up enough mana to do what we need them to do. Not in a short amount of time anyways. At least they don’t burn up though, which is a start.

“Besides, it’s not like we can fire off whatever we want. Things explode when we don’t take the time to learn the magic the cards are behind. I can’t use any card that uses Reimu’s boundaries and she can’t use my Master Spark.”

Cause you never worship my goddess. You just come to freeload and hang out.

Note: Touhou characters work off of a Superpower x Power Level System, kind of why it has a large appeal. Reimu is Flight and Holy (Priestess to the Dream/Fantasy Boundary God), and Marisa is Light, Star, and Heat Magic. Like Marisa said, they just can’t grab a spell card they want and use it.

Also note: Yes, Marisa just spilled the beans on Reimu being able to control boundaries to an extent. Eavesdroppers Rejoice.

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Jun 04, 2013 at 12:14AM EDT

OOC: Well… I’m back now. I had a relapse of my sickness while I was up there, and had to come home on my second day. I’ll read up on what all happened tonight, and resume my posting tomorrow. I really did miss you guys for the little time that I was gone. It feels good to be back…

Jun 04, 2013 at 12:37AM EDT

Really bad that you have had to return because of illness but hella happy that you back here and glad that you can get back involved again, super good feels dude………….Also this is my second version of this damned post, I had a lot written out for this and my comp screwed up and lost it all, so to say the least im pretty damn pissed off…………. :|

Meanwhile with the Prophets in the Guild Hall….
The Prophets take a seat at the table but without digestive systems they cant eat, the main energy source of your average cyborg is the electrolyte packs stored on the inside of their bodies attached to the spinal cord, this is the same from every cyborg except Unmanned Gears whose electrolyte pack more so resembles a large fuse. They sit their idly however the convo between the Touhou girls and Cana catch their attention, they begin inadvertently staring and begin telepathically talking to one another
Truth: These cards…
Pity: Some sort of capacitors for energy?
Tolerance: So it seems, should we retrieve a specimen for research
Regret: No not now, but maybe some other time, when there is less commotion

And back up in Heaven….
The Winds make their way out of the bridge and take a long trip over to the Fabricators deck, a rather secret level of the ship where the fringe experiments and dark cybernetic research of the time hole is very much still in practice and widely researched, this deck also houses all equipment to do with cybernetics.

The Wind make their way into the facility, the lead Fab approaches them, the Fabricators are the grotesquely inhuman looking and modified to ridiculous extent additionally they are very placid and relaxed then on top of this they are the most intelligent group aboard the ship
Hi there, I expect that the bodies are exactly as they should be

Lead Fabricator: ofcourse Captain, right this way and well will begin the procedure
The make there way into a operating theatre, 4 auto-surgeon pods are situated around the room
Mistral: This looks interesting….but slighlty too cold for me. ergh
Sundowner: Yeah I don’t liek this palce too much, freaks me out with all the silence
At least we will be out of these useless frames, and ill get by stache and beard back
Lead Fabricator: The operation shouldn’t take along at all, its relatively simple and easy seeing as you all have encased brains, now I can see hat you are adamant to get started so please step in.
He puts his hand out in front of him and the Winds enthusiastically jump into each pod
Lead Fabricator: One more question, what do you want doing with your current bodies?
These old guys? just burn them or something, they don’t have any further uses
Lead Fabricator: Ofcourse Captain, now, you will awaken in a about an hour in your new frame, ready?
C’mon, im very eager to get back to normal
The pod lid shuts and is filled with a gas that sends the Winds unconscious, then to put the operations simply their brains are extracted from their heads….

….and placed into their new bodies. A quick 5 minute rewiring procedure takes place then the operation is complete, the pod doors slowly raise, a fog rolls out of the hatch
A group of cyborgs quickly make their over holding the traditional weaponry
The newly formed Winds of Destruction take their first steps out and grab their weapons

Hahahaaa! now this, this is better, much better!
He does a few swings with his HF Murasama blade
Just like the old days, nothing ever changes when it comes to this sword, its still in the same condition as when I put it down all those years ago…
He gives his beard a few strokes

Sundowner quickly hoists up his ‘Bloodlust’ dual machetes
Sundowner: I simply can’t express how gooood this feeeels
He does a few swing with his machetes and chops a nearby table in half
Sundowner: Hahahahaaaa! need to satisfy this thirst for battle!
He continues to swing his machetes around, he’s very happy to be back to normal

Mistral doesn’t have any weapons to retrieve as her L’Étranger pole-arm is made out of the arms of many nearby dwarf Gekko joined together, not that dwarf Gekko aren’t still around, they are jsut in storage
Mistral: And they have gotten every curve absolutely perfect, but…..
She looks down at her chest
Mistral: I will miss my au naturale’s
She continues looking over herself making sure that her figure is perfect and as should be

Meanwhile Monsoon has only just gotten out of his pod, he seems dazed to finally be back in a body after decade of being a brain
Monsoon: Finally….I have…. a voice again

This catches the attention of he nearby Winds

Sundowner: Monsoon ive been meanin’ to say sorry for takin’ your body away from you in the first place, I wasn’t myself back there

Monsoon: I forgive you, im also sorry for trying to overthrow Outer Haven and performing hideous experiments to make myself more powerful, I went crazy
Its good to have you back with us Monsoon
Monsoon: Thanks
Mistral is too busy looking over herself to notice
Monsoon takes a step forward and pick up his Sai’s ‘Dystopia’

Monsoon: Ive been waiting for the day when Id get my body back for a long time
He spins his sai’s a few times in his hands
Right, its about time we returned to the bridge before we miss out on anything big happening….and to plan on getting Flandre back……
The Winds make their way to the exit in the room, strutting off there new bodies
Thankyou Fabricators, expect a resources buff for your good work here today
Lead Fab: Thankyou Captain, its been a pleasure.

Back to the Bridge again…
After a journey that takes considerably less time due to not being OAP’s they arrive back on the Bridge, they swagger on in, catching the attention of the officers, they give a small round of applause
Communications Officer: You are looking in tip top condition Captain!
Navigation Officer: I see you have gotten your weapons back too
Thankyou crew, yes we are back to how we should be, no more old guy crap anymore!
Sam, who is in a pretty overconfident state of mind due to his new body starts doing some mean flexin’
Huuuuaaah!! huaaaaahhhh!!
Mistral: What a total show pony….
The Chief officers just watch and laugh, but in a way they are happy knowing that there commanders are actually something to look upto instead of old guys
Sundowner: Hahaaaa! Sam you always were the pretty boy!
Mistral takes a seat, trying her best to ignore the schoolboy display that is Sam and the bridge crew

And there you have it, the Winds of Destruction have not only regained full use of there minds but now they also have there original bodies and weapons back, they continue to rejoice….

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Jun 04, 2013 at 07:27AM EDT

Zarathh wrote:

OOC: Well… I’m back now. I had a relapse of my sickness while I was up there, and had to come home on my second day. I’ll read up on what all happened tonight, and resume my posting tomorrow. I really did miss you guys for the little time that I was gone. It feels good to be back…


Jun 04, 2013 at 07:37AM EDT


Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your coming down with something, but nonetheless, we welcome you back to the thread. Glad you’ll be sticking around.

Jun 04, 2013 at 08:11AM EDT

So…since Zarathh is back…
So sorry Mark but I really have to bring him back in action. Moving away “those two” was one of the worst mistakes I ever did on this thread.

Jun 04, 2013 at 10:39AM EDT

Tager, Ragna, and Hakumen all walk into the guild hall to see everyone eating. Kokonoe’s floating screen is following Tager around.

Ragna looks around at all the food, having not eaten since he had those sorry excuses for meatballs from the food rations. He then turns to the rest of the ones with him.
Ragna: I don’t know about you all, but I’m going to get some grub.

Kokonoe: Just don’t get so damn fat with all the food here. We don’t want a swordsman that looks like the love child of a balloon and Dante walking around.
Ragna scowls at Kokonoe, and goes to sit down to eat.

Tager: I am going to find the leader of this place, and consult with him about the plans that have been made. I recommend you come along too, Kokonoe.
Kokonoe: Hold on, Tager.
Kokonoe walks off her screen, goes over to a mini-fridge, takes something out of it, and throws it in a microwave that has piles of paper piled up on the top of it. She then comes back into view on the screen.
Kokonoe: Now I’m ready.

The two walk off in search of Makarov.

Hakumen looks around, surveying what everyone is doing behind his faceless, white mask. He stays silent as ever. He keeps Okami on his back. On his own decision he goes looking for Marisa and Reimu.

OOC: Did I ever say how good it feels to be back here? Yes? Well… I’m just saying it again. I really did miss you guys, and it feels great to be back.

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Jun 04, 2013 at 01:46PM EDT

Cheston and the Veteran are having one helll of a eating contest as Tager walks away disgusted, they look like giant ogres devouring the hell out of a giant chicken, throwing pieces of meat around. Spark laughs as he talks with Sam and Max, the Captain is OBVIOUSLY eating vegetables, this shouldn’t surprise you.
Finally the eating contest is over as Cheston refuses to continue. Veteran laughs and jumps victoriously over the table, getting one of the world’s biggest cramps ever. Table breaks, everyone laughs, the luchador cries in pain, as if his stomach is bleeding, rolling on the floor and blaming “the referee”.
Suddenly,the ground shakes for a few seconds and loud crashing sound can be heard, coming from outside the castle. Cheston laughs and quickly heads towards the exit. Spark quickly follows him.
Great living lightining! You didn’t call him right? He was helping those colorful creatures and Williams in this fantasy land called Equestria.
Cheston: I did…Hey, we had to spend like…5 days floating in space and hoping for a madness barrier to dissapear, and becouse of that, we learned a lot from the SWATbots. You have to admit something Spark, you need him: The guy is like a walking bomb factory, It’s scary to think what kind of thoughts covered in nitroglycerin hide behind that mask.

The doors open, the Foster is in.

Mister Foster: Guys that’s unfair…You are all like eating turkey and delicius wine and I had to spend weeks with those cartoonish horses and eating nothing but cupcakes. I will probably get diabeetus by the end of this war! Before you start to complain Sparky, I handed the book to Ashley, pretty sure he and the Skull guys can beat a bunch of mosquito-brained bloody vampires. Apologies to architect who decorated this fancy entrance, I really have to idea how to drive these Eggman carriers.
Cheston: Ha! You still suck at driving!
Foster: Well ha! You still SUCK at Poker!


OOC: Good to have you back Zarathh. Kudos for everyone who waited patiently without going bananas hurr durr WAR Missiles le invasion.

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Jun 04, 2013 at 03:04PM EDT

Down in the Guild hall….
The Prophets get up from the table seeing as it was destroyed and begin backing away, Truth gets smacked in the face by a piece of flying chicken
Truth: Why can’t we leave again?
Tolerance: We have to stay until the meeting has concluded
They look about the room at the odd collection of people and actually double take at the gas mask guy handshaking a gorilla
Pity: Even the time hole didn’t contain such oddities as this………
They stay stood next to the wall

Back up in Heaven…..
Everyone has settled down finally

Mistral remains sat in her “chair” which is actually a huddling together of Dwarf Gekko’s
Sundowner is stood over by the warfare officer and is talking with him about the ships armaments
Monsoon: Is stood by himself at the window in deep thought
Sam is stood over at the command table, listening in on the audio feed from the Prophets
It……sounds like….chomping? like some sort of animal is being savaged by a group of wolves….are they holding some sort of sacrifice ritual down there?…… just never know with these magic people…….

Aaaand on the top secret Spartan deck….
The first batch of 10 fully trained troops are proceeding to the final stage of the Program, now they have completed all stages of indoctrination and physical, mental training they are ready to be given their graduation present albeit a dangerous one to receive

A GW hologram appears just prior to entering the operating theatre
GW: Welcome to the final stage, this is where you will receive your enhancements as well as your power armour, once you progress this stage you are to remain on standby until further orders from the Captain. You are free to proceed, good luck
The now hollow minded troops silently continue into the room, its quite small yet very very well lit and contains numerous medial beds, each one is surrounded by servo arms and medical scientists, to a normal person it would be an unnerving scene, but to our soldiers its hardly anything noteworthy
Medical Scientist: Please, lie down.
The 10 soldiers disperse, each one taking a bed
Medical Scientist: Please rest, when you awake you will be reborn as hero’s
The soldiers are tranquillized, thanks to all the field testing that the tranquillizer solution has had in the hands of Heaven it is surprising potent and quick to act
The finally the medical teams get to work

After a long and gruelling amount of time the soldiers are pumped full of biological enhancing chemicals that give them huge strength buffs, resistances to pain, massive increases in stamina and reflex speed improvements, then physical augmentations such as neuro sockets are put into their craniums and titanium armour plating placed inside the chest to protect vital organs
Finally they are placed into their power armour and connected to its inbuilt system giving them a head up display on ammo count and movements sensors as well as any other information such as video feeds

The first one to awaken is asked to stand on a platform, he agrees

A group of scientist gather around him ad begin jotting down notes, he is the first success, the first Spartan
Medical Scientist: Can you hear me clearly?
The Spartan nods his head once
Medical Scientist: Good, I am happy to tell you that you have passed the final stage and are now a fully pledged Spartan, congratulations.
It remains silent
Medical Scientist: You are to be given the service tag S-001 do you understand?
It nods its head again
Medical Scientist: Good, now please make your way to the holding area until you are called upon.
It steps down from the platform and makes its way out of the room….

In the end only another 4 Spartans successfully survive the augmentation procedure out of the original 10, their bodies simple rejecting the modifications resulting in organ failure, however this minor setback doesn’t halt the Program in the slightest it only improves it. It isn’t long until another group of soldiers are selected and start the training from the beginning

The 5 Spartans, labelled, S-001, S-002, S-003, S-004 and S-005 remain in the holding area on standby, they are ready to act when the order comes through

General Barker decides to check out the new super soldiers, he strides into the room and approaches them closely, he has an intimidating attitude
General Barker: Well jus’ look at you FREAKS! you really are some fine new specimens, no doubt handing in your humanity for that armour hahahaaa!
He approaches S-002 getting right up in his grill
General Barker: Hello? anyone in there?! or am I talking to another fucking stupid machine?
He starts tapping on the Spartans helmet, trying to get a reaction but it remains still and silent
General Barker: Haha! good good!
He then takes a swing at S-003 helmet, striking it with some heavy force however it doesn’t move an inch
General Barker: Betcha didn’t see that one coming huh?! a normal man wouldn’t have a face left to cry from after a hit like that
He shakes his hand off, blowing his knuckles
General Barker: Huh….well you seem good enough…..
He makes his way out of the bay leaving the Spartans be…..
General Barker: How boring!

Jun 04, 2013 at 04:54PM EDT

Ooc: Zar’s return came unexpectedly. Now I have to make up a reason why Yukari would kidnap Flandre in the first place.

Whatever, showdown with Yukari here we come. Hopefully you can put yourself back together if you spontaneously combust though the boundary of Together and Apart.


Seems everyone has finally gathered. We probably don’t have time for the meal but…

Reimu quickly picks up a bunch of food and scarfs it down as fast as she can. Tears coming to her eyes from having not eaten a decent meal in so long.

“You are going to vomit if you eat that fast.”

Shut up, it’s been forever.

Jun 04, 2013 at 06:03PM EDT

OOC: zarathh. good to have you back, even though your sick. hope you feel better later so that you spend more time with us.

BIC: everyone is having a great time. the food is great, the drinks are plenty, and everyone seems to bee in a better mood than before.*

after eating, juvia, went back to the girls dormotory to change her ruined outfit. natsu is eating a fire off of a lit torch as well as the other food. gajeel scarfing down a pile of metals and other scraps to regain his strength.

@Ranga and kokonoe
*in the end of the inside guild hall, past the tables is a stage. and on the side of the stage you see master makarov with a jug of ale. with him is mavis, who is enjoying an icecream sundae. Erza scarlet eating a slice of strawberry cake. Mirajane is there as well with a bowl of salad. Laxus is there but he is just leaning against the wall with arms crossed. they are all discussing on the plans they have.

OOC: yah sorry about that. tried to help out in a way. touhou card magic still confuses the heck out of me.

cana is with reimu and marisa. he has a whole bottle of sake in one hand and drinks out of it as if it were water. which is pretty much the same thing to cana. that is her tenth bottle of sake and she doesn’t feel a thing.

Cana: hey sorry for coming out to you like that. i was just trying to help out. its very rare to see card users other than myself in this land. and to see card users such as yourselves made me a bit excited. if you want, i can take you down to one of our magic shops, im pretty sure that they may have the cards that your looking for. so what do you say. she says as she tosses away the empty bottle of sake, then proceeds to pick up a small barrel of ale and guzzle it.
(yeah, shes possibly the biggest alcoholic anime character you can imagine)
cana, puts the barrel own on the table
Cana: hey, if your not too busy wanna see some of my card combination spells i can show you. it would be really something to see.

lucy walks up to the prophets and adresses them
Lucy: hey, i know what you guys are thinking. were probably a bunch of wild and crazy people with no sense of intelligence or self control. thats what i thought of when i first came to fairy tail. but when you look at it the way we see, were all just being ourselves. we dont let the bad times keep us down. we’ve been through many situations were we thought that we couldn’t be any lower. but no matter what, we always manage to succeed through seer willpower and determination, not just with our magic powers. besides, this is what we all live for in fairy tail. we all live for all the ups and downs that life throws at us, and thats what makes everyone here at this guild family. i hope you guys can understand that much.

wendy walks up to veteran. she sees him on the ground in pain due to cramps.
Wendy: hey mister. i can see that your hurting because of eating too much. here let me help you.
she brings her self close to the ground and places both her palms near his stomach. her healing magic begins to work as she helps cure veteran of his cramps
Wendy: just make sure that you and your friend there clean up after yourselves. you need to have manners when your at other peoples homes.
her healing magic is finished and his cramps are gone within seconds. she pulls her hands away and stands back up

Wendy: im finished. so how do you feel mister?

@spark, cheston, and foster
gray fullbuster walks up to cheston and the others.
Gray: hey, gorilla man. i hope you and your friend back there clean up after that showcase of debauchery you two made.

turns to foster
Gray: look, you must be a friend of theirs. if you want some food theres still some left. so help yourself before we begin the metting

suddenly juvia returns from the dorm rooms. her hair is now straightened out and she wears a black skirt and hat. she sees gray, spark, cheston and foster at the front gate
(this is how she looks like now)

Juvia: gray-sama juvias back.

Gray: almost in time. were about to start soon.

Juvia: okay gray. she looks at foster uh, who is this creepy guy in the mask?

thats why i did the feast. so that people can actually be together in one place and to not rush through the story and leave people confused and left behind. also like i said. our characters havent eaten in god knows how long. even though this is an internet rp, most of our characters are human.

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The Prophets look down at Lucy
Pity: We acknowledge the frailties of the human mind
Truth: And we respect you for your sheer will to strive forward
Tolerance: Yet we could never understand why
They take a quick glance at each other
Regret: We are less human than we appear to be…….
Truth: But we are happy to be apart of this “family”

Jun 04, 2013 at 07:08PM EDT


Yukari’s original motive remembered. Now time to move the pieces….


After an annoying buzzing sound filling the Air, another one of Yukari’s Portals open up next to Ragna’s fake arm

Then it opens up quite a bit wider to reveal Yukari’s Face

Yukari: “Well now, seems you have what I need Mr. Dante Rip Off.”

A portal starts to open underneath him and he begins to fall in…

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Jun 04, 2013 at 07:59PM EDT

Ragna was enjoying a nice meal of some sushi he found on the table, now this happens.
Ragna: What the hell?!
He quickly looks over to see Yukari’s face in the portal. Ragna sticks his hand in, and yanks Yukari out like one would take a worm out of it’s hole. At the last second before he falls in, he jumps off of his seat, and air dashes to the other table. While in the middle of this air dash, he hurls Yukari into the floor.
Ragna: What are you trying to do, you bitch?! (he says this as he lands on the other table)
Ragna: You’re really gettin’ on my nerves already, and you just showed your sorry face here.
Ragna takes Blood Scythe off of his back, and gets into a battle stance

Ragna: Bring it on!

Hakumen quickly takes Okami off of his back, and gets into an aggressive stance in case he needs to jump into action.

Tager spins around to see the commotion going on.
Kokonoe’s screen turns around to see the action going on

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Jun 04, 2013 at 08:21PM EDT

Upon being hurled towards the ground, another portal opens up and she falls though it, falling though a portal on the ceiling shortly afterwards.

Reimu and Marisa take a ready pose as well. Seems it literally everyone Vs Yukari at the moment.

Yukari: “My My, seems you where more nimble than I expected. Hello everyone~!”

Yukari!?! What are you trying to do!?

Yukari: “Oh you will see soon enough Reimu. Now then, seems Mr. Dante the Desu has what I need. I don’t want to dismember your arm, so you might just want to come with me.”

Jun 04, 2013 at 08:26PM EDT

Uhh… Excuse us.
Falcon, Ken, and Henry quickly walk out of the building
Doomguy spots the other three walking out of the building
Well, now. What the hell are you guys up to?
Falcon goes and leans on a wall
We’re just out here for some fresh air, that’s why.
For some reason I doubt that.
I’m still not telling you.
There’s some psycho chick that wants to grab some guy.
And I really don’t care.
Let’s just wait.
She’s probably going to drag us back in anyways…
Falcon pulls out the home run bat that he picked up before the fight with Terumi

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ranga, yukari, and hakumen.

everyone is startled by the comotion that is going on with ranga and yukari. they all think another fight is about to start and natsu is quickly up on his feet


natsu is suddenly smashed onto the ground by makarovs giant fist who had extended from the stage to his table nearby.


he goes up to ranga and yukari who look like theyre about to fight.

makarov: look. i dont know who you are man in red. and i dont know were you came from either?
but would it be too much trouble for you guys to take this outside. please. we had our guild hall ruined many times by the stupid squabbling of my less intelligent members of the guild. please. just let us enjoy this moment before we prepare to attack eggmans empire who is about to destroy the whole world and all life on it.

OOC: please guys. just take the fighting outside. wo dont want any more trouble than we already have T_T

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Jun 04, 2013 at 08:51PM EDT

Ragna looks down at Makarov, distracted now.
Ragna: Look old man, this bitch is trying to take my god damn gauntlet! I’m not letting her fucking get away with it! Just step out of the way before I decide to use you like a football.

Hakumen continues to wait for the right moment to strike.

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Jun 04, 2013 at 09:08PM EDT

Yukari smirks at Makarov.

“Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell since you asked so nicely…”

Suddenly, a Train comes out of nowhere and smashes Ragna clear out of the door and outside, disapearing though another portal before causing any damage to the building.

Yukari stands there waiting for him, having teleported.

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Jun 04, 2013 at 09:10PM EDT

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