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@ team A
Natsu and Gajeel are quickly healed up and are up on their feet.

Natsu: Never…. Flying…. in that…… AGAIN!!

Gajeel: same here man, hes waaaay over his head.


Natsu: hey happy, lets go.

Happy: AYE NATSU!! happy flies off and joins team A

@team C
erza leads Team C through various wode open coridors. with two swords in hands. she slashes through oncoming eggbots that try to impede her path. she is a whirlwind of destruction right now.

@team D
makarov is leading the way. not sure were he is going due to the lack of information. he just opens up various doors, smashes enemy robots with his giant growth magic. blowing aside robots like nothing.

@everyone else still inside the hangar
Gray walks up to Ranga

Gray: hey pal, watch how you talk to her. theres a reason why she is team leader. yeah, so shes a bit too happy at times, but whats the problem in that?

Lucy: terified besides, she is the only person in our guild who is just as bad as erza when mad. just look. points to mirajane.

mirajane has a grim look on her face where usually she is smiling.

Mirajane: look here Ranga, i dont care about why you think i am the team leader, alright. were all in this together in order to save our home. but if you really want to know why i am the team leader. ill show you. okay.

Gray: oh boy. now you’ve done it. shes the last person you want to piss off pal, and now you blew it.

Juvia: she can be the sweetest person you can know. but she can also be the last person you see if you ever insult her abilities.

a large cargo elevator begins to lower down to the hangar bay filled with various Swatbots nd other menacing robots

Miragane: if you want a demonstration, ill be more than glad to show you jerk.

she proceeds to walk towards the entrance. thats far away from the ship

cana alberona walks up to Ranga with a bottle of booze in her hand

Cana: your gonna get a front row view of her powers bud. ive known her for a long time and she used to be a snotty little brat when growing up with her. her and her family specialize in takeover magic. allowing them to take the shape and forms of various creatures and animals based on their tastes.

miragane is a good few metres away from the group before she stops. suddenly the hangar bay begins to shake a bit. her hair slowly begins to rise and her body is straight up.

Cana: however: mirajane wanted something more powerful than that. she got very greedy and started looking into forbidden takeover magic that was assumed lost and forgotten.

suddenly a giant black magic circle appears above her head. as this happens she begins to scream loudly

her screams echo throughout the whole hangar bay. as she screams, suddenly her voice begins to change and her body begins to warp with dark magic.

Cana: she found a very powerful takeover magic that she quickly mastered when she was only 12 years old.

the magic of which nobody outside of Fairy tail has known. her dress begins to vanish and warp into an alternate outfit. her arms and legs begin to warp into an alternate shapes as she becomes taller and more slender. black scars begin to apear around her body and her voice begins to sound like the stuff of nightmares as it pierces the ears of everyone inside the hangar.

Cana: and this take over magic she mastered is called “Satan Soul” takeover magic.

finally the magic discipates from around her. she has transformed into a completely different being than she was before.

Cana: and its that magic that had earned her the title “Mirajane the She-Devil.” but dont worry, shes still on our side. its just that her attitude and personality just go a bit more to the psychotic end.

OOC: awaiting responses, also eggman. i mentioned earlier a cargo elevator bringing in robos to take out the hangar. can you give a brief description of the various robos that will engage mirajane. make it a run for her money.

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Jun 10, 2013 at 08:43PM EDT

Very interesting.
I’ve never seen anything like that in my travels.

Hey, you guys wanna have a footrace?

Henry just follows the group silently

While stumbling around Goroh happens upon the group searching for Eggman
Hey, you happen to have seen an “Eggman” guy around here anywhere?

Jun 10, 2013 at 09:42PM EDT

@The Spartans,

3 of the bots begin to retreat, and head after Snively. The other bots continue laying down laser blasts at the Spartans and Flandre. Her red-crystal projectiles have taken out 2 of the remaining robots, while the Spartans took out the other 7 with teamwork. They were blown to bits, have various holes in them from Flandre, two of them are without heads. They were just devastated.
Flandre looks back at the Spartans again
C’mon! I’m not done playing yet!
She flies after the Shadowbots again who are still running down the hallways in pursuit of Snively’s location.


Shadowbot #1: Come in, sir. There are multiple hostiles engaging us. We are currently in pursuit of Snively, but they are chasing after us. Awaiting your orders.


Ragna kept calm through the whole transformation of Mirajane’s. He has seen worse. He did have to cover his ears for her scream though. Ragna looks up at her.
Ragna: Not bad. Not bad at all.

Meanwhile with the Imperator and Relius….

The Captain rushes in once again into the Imperator’s throne room.
The Imperator Librarius keeps her eyes closed, but still acknowledges his presence.
Imperator: What progress have you made so far?

Relius and Ignis stand there silently.
The Captain kneels down before the two.
Captain: Everything has been completed, Imperator Librarius. Take-Mikazuchi is now prepped and ready for launch. Everything has been accounted for, and we are currently awaiting your orders for the launch.
The Imperator opens her eyes, and looks down at the Captain from her throne.
Imperator: Launch Take-Mikazuchi into the atmosphere, and have it set a course for an unknown testing dimension.

Captain: Yes, Imperator. The commands for launch should be on your device. You can even watch the testing from it too. Oh, and one other thing that I forgot to mention. Take-Mikazuchi can now be gauged in power. The maximum power is enough to destroy an entire planet or two. I am just informing you of this, Imperator Librarius.
The Imperator opens up the omni-tool like device, and a holographic keyboard and screen appear in front of her.
Captain: You press that button.
He points to one of the holographic buttons.
The Imperator presses the button, and so begins the launch sequence of the satellite.
Relius: Now… we wait.
The Imperator beckons Relius to her side to watch the scene unfurl.

At an unknown place at a hidden facility in the seithr covered land… a panel of false ground opens up ever so slowly. Once the panels are fully open, a steel platform begins to rise up from the ground. On the platform is an odd-looking, blue, coffin-shaped satellite attached to a massive rocket…

There is also a strange looking device with a purple orb in it attached to the top of it. It looks like a sort of arc-gun.

After a few moments of waiting, the rockets activate on their own, and propel the satellite upwards into the orbit of the planet… and after a few minutes, once the rocket is in dead space, Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi detaches from the rocket, and begins to float freely in space.
The satellite then spins the wheels attached to it’s wings to move on it’s own, deeper into space.

Relius: The satellite is in place. Activate the dimensional cutter.
The Imperator presses another button, and the orb inside the weapon on top of Take-Mikazuchi begins to glow a bright purple coloring and spin in place.
The Imperator presses the holographic button that is needed to fire off the cutter. The orb spins even more, and shoots out a pink and purple slash straight in front of the satellite. This opens a tear to an unknown dimension.
Imperator: Good.

Take-Mikazuchi begins to move it’s way through the rift, and into a different dimension all together. The contact is not lost between the satellite, and it’s commanders. The satellite happens to end up in a solar system with plenty of targets to spare… There is one relatively close by it too.
The Imperator commands the satellite to move closer to the nearest planet, and it does so.

The satellite eventually gets close enough to the planet as it spins the wheels attached to it. Take-Mikazuchi then stops dead in it’s tracks, and it begins to open… The front covering of the satellite moves out of the way like plates, and to the sides of Take-Mikazuchi. Inside of the satellite is completely pitch black with red veins running all over it. There also appear to be a pair of eyes in the darkness… Then… something begins moving. A sort of nub where the two eyes are sticks out, and looks at the planet from its location.

The Imperator and Relius can see everything that is happening from the view of the satellite.
Relius: Fire.
She surprisingly obeys Relius, and presses the firing button for the satellite.

The creature inside the satellite opens it’s mouth, and a rotating orange spell circle forms in front of it’s mouth. The circle gets bigger, and extends outwards like a cannon. It also develops multiple layers of itself… The spell circles then shrink dramatically, and an orb of energy forms at the creature’s mouth. This orb is then shot in a beam-like fashion straight at the planet.

After a few moments the laser connects with the planet, and completely obliterates it in a fiery explosion.

Chunks of the planet fly everywhere as the satellite closes and rolls away from it.

Relius: Testing complete.
Neither of them look stunned or shocked at what just happened.

OOC: I did not blow up Mobius. I blew up a random planet. I am just clarifying this.

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Jun 10, 2013 at 09:53PM EDT

The planets destruction has caught the attention of an almighty being….

OOC: Im off now but will continue tomorrow of course

Jun 10, 2013 at 10:03PM EDT

@spark and cyborgs attacking Magnolia
mavis flies to the top of the cathedral in the middle of the city. using her farsight, she sees the carnage and enslavement going on inside the city. her heart is broken to a great extent. however, instead of sadness she feels, it is only anger and outrage. for how could such cruel people come to her home city and do this to innocent people.

Mavis: how could such cruel beings do such a thing to my people. i will not have them get away with this crime. there is nothing human about them left so removing them from this earth would be more of a blessing.

mavis has never spoken with such malice before. however, with all that is going on, she has no choice but to what must be done in order to protect the still many people inside the city before they meet with an unfortunate end.

she flies up higher into the sky and she puts her hands together, as if in prayer.
suddenly a grand magic circle appears overtop of the entire city. the golden rays of it blanket the city in a golden light almost like the suns warm rays.

the citizens of the city look up into the sky and notice it. they are suddenly filled with righteous vigour and strength and cheer up as the circle blankets the city in holy light.

it also reveals out all of the hidden cyborg ninjas that are responsible for the atrocities they had committed to the city and its people. unable to escape its rays and are revealed to the people.

mavis begins to speak. as she does her voice is unnaturally loud, as if the gods are speaking to them from the heavens

Mavis: to those that are committing crimes against humanity to those that live in this great city, i demand that you surrender yourselves and repent at once and leave these land for good. if you do not. i will have no choice but to pass Fairy Law upon your kin. i will give you to the count of three to abide by my demand. or else you shall be consumed by the suns holy light and be vanquished from this earth. FREE MY PEOPLE AT ONCE AND LEAVE THESE LANDS FOR EVER AND NEVER COME BACK!
her voice is wrathful and mortifying
as she says this, the circle above the city grows to the size of the entire city, reaching out to its borders and the light it emits over the city and the cyborgs begins to intensify. almost like a supernova about to happen.

OOC: just a brief summary of the spell she is casting called Fairy Law. it is one of the three grand magics of fairy tail that mavis had created to fight off evil in all of its forms and has passed it down to the other guild masters of fairy tail and those few chosen to wield such powerful magic. it targets anyone who the caster sees as an enemy or a threat to her or those around her, and she is targeting all of your cyborgs inside the city, regardless of their numbers. the caster counts to three.

on one, the magic circle apears above the entire area that the target is in. while this is going on the caster cannot be harmed in any way, shape or form by anyone she sees as an enemy. besides, shes already dead so you cant hurt her anyway.

on two, the target is locked on by the spell and there is no escaping for them.

on three. the holy light from the circle begins to consume the entire area in its rays ai it covers the entire area in holy light and vanquish the foes of the caster. it only harms the casters enemies and nobody else.

just some food for thought.

FYI: before you call any form of bullcrap, that is exactly how the spell works in the show.

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Jun 10, 2013 at 10:36PM EDT

OOC: I’ll read up on all of your posts for to day and post the appropriate response.

Jun 10, 2013 at 10:53PM EDT

OOC: I will later post Balloon Master reaction to the shit going on around…
Oh and Asura…
Magical presence will scare the cyborgs…
But not those who are responsible of the death of Tardises and the mages…They will be attracted actually…Remember “those guys” Asura? You may not remember them…But they SURE remember you! And you too Reimu!…Oh yes, can’t wait until the spotlight shines in front of me again…
Don’t worry, at the end, everyone is going to visit the “Balloon Paradise” resort.
I heard that they have one HELL of a good customer service…
And the greatest chiefs around Mobius, capable of making a delicious meal…
A meal…TO DIE FOR!

(Mark Hamill Laugh, thunder in the background.)

Jun 10, 2013 at 11:49PM EDT

A lot of names were given to our group, such as “The Dark Ones”, “The Purifiers”, “The Choosen Mages”…thou shall not refer to us by those unworthy names, in fact, thou dost not have such an authority to directly speak to us. We do not require a name, such a thing is given by the very presence of our putrid souls,so…behold atrocious wizards…We shall be a blight upon the land where your feet stand, and everything we touch shall wither and die…

With the Spark gone, the dream of a perfect world is close at hand. Numerous times he has managed to poke his helmet into other people’s business, frustrating important Necromancy events and interrupting scared rituals. But, if we keep staying in the side of the Master, one day his soul will fall into the dephts of the Hades, freeing us from his constant and repetitive idiocy.

It took entire weeks to find those…Non believers…Those impure blood filled mages…Those who dared to oppose the regiment of our former Master. They were strong, enough to hurt brother “Alamogordo”, using their disgracing light based magic against us while refuging in a temple. Former member of this Order, a aquamancer with a stubborn nature and unbreakable spirit, stepped forth to oppose us, defending his friends with great power whirlpool. Before the last spell was casted, we locked these unspeakable sorcerers in a death ridden vortex of souls and despair. Being the last one alive, the Tardises released a final poor attempt of spell, disgracing the very concept of honor if he ever had one, and gaining our respect. We gave him a proper death. A warrior’s death.

The Artificial machine sent us a message using the codec transmissions, the bot tried to inform us something we already know…

A disgusting presence of light energy covering great territories in Mobius was detected. Clearly yet another unknown sorcerer who believes himself as the “Supreme one”, spitting in our faces and in what we believe. This energy is truly a piece from the wings of the very angels in Heaven, It’s smell It’s all over the dead planet and we can not allow such a thing to happend. Those unlucky unworthy opponents shall see the blight upon their faces, our darkness shall cover every corner from their very souls as by the time the dawn of the day reveals itself, this unsacred place will be…purified…

Meanwhile in the Hellium Fortress, the Balloon Master’ mind is bussy. After a small meeting with the devilish Nightmare Medic, his thoughts are spinning around the commander’s room: To leave or to stay? He knows that Spark is too heroic and good to let the planet explode into pieces, he knows that the Patriots are still planning to take over the world and free every mindslaved citizen and he also knows that if the Eggman is defeated, he will be the next target of the group of gooders.
The Master travels around the files of every one of these worms, reading the information gathered by the Hunters and the reports of a few Anti Subjects:

Good ol’ doctor Eggman..The Balloon Master didn’t have such a great headache since he decided to disarm a Egg Robo. The doctor is quite a bloody genius, though he can be quite silly and arrogant sometimes, you just can’t ignore how amazing are the things he is capable of creating and the plans he is capable of making. Once Haven was blown into pieces, a peace deal would have been possible between these gigantic forces, a deadly alliance could have been born and hope could have been lost forever.
But here we are, packing everything up and getting ready..Becouse if the Spark doesn’t arrive at time, the Balloon Master might find himself in a endless space war…

@Hobo town near Fairy Guild
The Fox quickly retreats, along with the Slasher squad. However, they don’t leave without taking nothing. A helicopters quickly picks up the team…and a pair of kidnapped citizens ready to recieve the glorious Advisor Kiss.

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@spark and cyborgs
before the helicopter can leave the city borders, a golden ring of light circles around the helicopter made by mavis. She discontinues Fairy Law and rechannels the light into another spell. Her eyes begin to glow with soulfire. As her hand is stretched out were the helicopter is directed. She closes her hand and as this happens, the ring ensnares the helicopter and it is unable to fly further away.


Ooc: if you do she has a way of catching them dont fret on that.

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Jun 11, 2013 at 12:31PM EDT

@Imperator & Relius,
Meanwhile at the throne room of the NOL in the BlazBlue dimension something big is taking place….

Its only a few minutes after the destruction of the planet that things begin to go awry in the throne room, there is a very odd feeling in the air that is difficult to determine, but it definitely doesn’t feel good, not one bit, it isn’t long after that strange and sadistic occurrences begin taking place in the local environment.

The air in the room begins cooling down to very low levels, the breath of the two begins to condensate and the walls and floor begin to glisten with a light coating of frost.

Whispers seem to be heard coming from the corners of the room, although obviously no one is there they still persist, what they are saying however is incomprehensible but yet it carries on, getting louder and louder

Strange patches of yellowish and orange hue begin to seep through the walls and floor, staining the surfaces and quickly rusting metal fittings, the patches are big and begin to make the area look aged and run down, the discolouration slowly eating away

The two start to notice scratch marks appearing around the throne of the Imperator herself, they are slowly carved into the hard rock right in front of their own eyes, meanwhile the whispers are starting to sound stressed, and their are more voices accompanying them

The patches begin to run like blood through the cracks of the surfaces, it look like a slow disease infecting everything it runs into

The whisper get closer and closer, and immense head ache begins to take over, their eyes begin to feel like they are spinning in their sockets, the odd feeling from earlier turns to fear, blind horrendous fear, their vision goes extremely bright, the whispers turn to screams, millions and millions of screams rushing through their minds as their bodies begin to feel an approaching wave of incinerating heat, there is no escape from this extermination, no escape from being turned to ash in front of the ones you love, and then the becoming of nothing….

Then it all comes to an instant stop, the room is clear of the odd effects, the feelings are gone and all is “normal” once more, maybe it was an illusion, after all no actually pain was impeded upon the two, they were merely experiencing the last few moments of the lives of the ones they killed, however even this is unlikely to effect either of them, being the people who they are.

But it doesn’t stop there…
A short rumbling can be felt in the floor but it stops just as quickly as it started, then, the main doors to the throne room itself slowly swing open letting in a smell of rotting corpses and filth….
?: Privet….
The man can’t be seen due to the darkness of the doorway, and to add to the strangeness something very large seems to be following behind him. Long footsteps and metal screeching along the ground can be heard as he makes his way slowly forward into the throne room.
He steps froward into the light and stops…

?: Ill tell you something for sure, it wasn’t easy finding you people…
He speaks with a very heavy Russian accent, sometimes his word are hard to understand because of it. His appearance is very scruffy and worn and seems to be covered in a assortment of mix matching clothing, there is no uniform in what he wears and he doesn’t seem to care about it being clean either, from further inspection several small satchels and can be seen from his back and waist hanging from his many utlity belts can be seen a heavily used gas mask which gives off the impression of him being some sort of scruffy hazardous area prospector, maybe even a man from a post apocalyptic world. Looking upon his heavily worn down and tired out face you will spot multiple scars from previous battles he must have been involved in, this man seems to have come from a completely different time and place as he doesn’t seem to match in with anyone seen before.

He stands facing the Imperator, slouching slightly with a smirk on his face and speaking in a mocking tone
?: Greetings there your highness! spasibo for having me here!
He then continues walking forward, the object that was thought to be following him was actually the Take-Mikazuchi satellite itself, he drags massive machine right into the centre of the throne room as if it was weightless, it doesn’t seem to be damaged but it is definitely in a deactivated and dormant state
?: I am very tired of pulling this giant piece of damn scrap metal! anyway, you know why I am here…
He lets go of the satellite and begins approaching the throne, stopping just a few meters away from the Imperator
?: You summon me like im some sort of animal being called by its owner yet you have got to understand that what you have gone and done won’t go without punishment that’s for sure uh….well come on then, nows your time to speak, don’t be shy now and just tell me why you blew up a entire planet and why I have had to trek all this way to see you, because I am little annoyed

The Spartans quickly pack their weapons onto their backs and take off after Flandre once more

Jun 11, 2013 at 02:26PM EDT

@The Unknown Man,

The Imperator Librarius and Relius kept surprisingly calm through the entire thing. Do these people have no compassion for human life? Do they have no souls or emotions?
She keeps her eyes shut, not even acknowledging his presence.
Imperator: We have been expecting you… Crow.
She opens her eyes, and stares down at the new arrival from her throne with her soulless red eyes.

Imperator: Yes… Terumi had told us about your existence. The spirit said that you could do anything at all.

Relius looks at the new arrival, while Ignis just stares blankly at him.

Relius: You wish to know our reasoning behind us destroying a planet? I just decided that it would be best to kill two birds with one stone. The satellite has never actually destroyed anything before, as it was stopped by that rabbit. We wanted to see Take-Mikazuchi’s true potential.

Imperator: She has the Tsukuyomi Unit, the absolute defense. She has prevented Take-Mikazuchi from firing twice. Though that is unimportant now.

Relius: What is important now is that you are here, and that you can help us. Our ghostly friend said that the planet was marked by you as a heretical, or rather… blacklisted world. Is that not what you want?
Relius has a tiny bit of a grin on his face.
Relius: And in exchange for being generous to you, we need Terumi back. If you help us, we will help you.

Imperator: Are we at an agreement?
She continues to look down at the man.

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Jun 11, 2013 at 03:18PM EDT

@The Imperator, Relius & Ignis,
?: I am going to get one things out of the way, you can call me Pavel…..
He turns his attention to Relius
Pavel: It isn’t what I wanted at all and who do you think you people are going around destroying my creations and the asking me for help, yes the people living there did not have faith but their punishment is for me to decide uh….not you people, your invitation is like a bullet to the face, right to my damn face
He then draws a revolver from a holster on his hip and begins to slowly load bullets into each of the chambers
Pavel: It almost makes me laugh how thought that I was going to just turn up here and grant wishes…….like some sort of genie huh?
With the revolver fully loaded he slams the chambers back into the body and gives it a spin
Pavel: You seem to have had a really bad error in judgement here
He then aims the weapon at Ignis and pretends to take a shot, imitating recoil, he then lowers it back down to his side
Pavel: Being generous to me huh? should I be jumping in glee? yes? well im really sorry but my legs ache so badly…..
He approaches The Imperator, he is now standing directly in front of her

Pavel: It looks like things have all gone to pot for you now huh?……its not my fault that you thought your were getting a wish giving blue man that comes out of a bottle…
Pavel, or the crow if you prefer see’s NOL has heretics too thye are no better than the ones they killed, well that’s what Pavel believes

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Jun 11, 2013 at 03:42PM EDT

The Imperator remains unflinching, even with a gun pointed straight at her forehead.
Suddenly hundreds of NOL troops pour into the throne room without warning, and have their weapons pointed at Pavel.
Imperator: Stand down. That is an order.
The troops lower their weapons, and watch the scene unfurl.
Ignis begins to move towards Pavel, but is called back to Relius’ side with the movement of one of his hands.
Relius: So you see us as heretics as well? That is a shame.

Imperator: Perhaps we can offer you something that you actually want… We will give to you our faith.
Relius: Yes, we shall offer to you our faith. Our faith along with our troops’ faith.
Ignis says nothing, and only remains holding her hands together and staring at him.

It should be noted that these two have silver tongues that can fool most humans, if not gods even.
Imperator: Now please lower your weapon.

Jun 11, 2013 at 05:40PM EDT

@spark and cyborgs.
OOC: sorry i have to do this spark. they left mavis no choice.
as the people inside the helicopter refuse her demands. she descides for an alternative decision. she points two fringers from her other hand st the helicopter, and they begin to glow as well. suddenly the two innocent people inside the helicopter have a golden aura of light around them, protectiong them from all harm.

once she does that, she tightens her other hand into a fist. when this happens, the ring of light around the helicopter explodes in a golden fire, completely destroying the helicopter and all of the balloon masters men inside of it. leaving not a trace of their existence left in the explosion. shortly after, the people are still floating on that same spot with he golden aura surrounding them still. terrified but unharmed, it is a man and a woman, probably married. she lowers them slowly back onto the city grounds and removes the aura once they touch down.

after that has been done, she focuses the rays of light from the circle above her onto the entire city, illuminating it in a white light. she uses her magic to remove all of the chains and cuffs on the people as they dissolve into little particles of light. she heal all of the wounds done to the citizens by the cyborgs, lethal or not. those that have been amputated find their removed limbs glowing and breaking down into specs of light and flowing back to their proper places as they regenerate back onto their proper places. as if a miracle has happened to them.

some cheers and relief can be heard. however, what she still realizes is that there had still been many civilian casualties. around a couple hundred casualties in a city of less than 50 000. mavis is still grief stricken by the senseless loss of life and begins to cry.

Mavis: im sorry everyone, i wish i could have saved these peoples live. i will at least preserve their souls and send them to their final resting place.

she makes light focus on all of the dead civilians inside the city. mourners around crying for their lost loved ones and friends, their souls appear out of the bodies and float into the heavens before finally vanishing into the sky.

still saddened
Mavis: this is all that i can do for you now. i wish i could do more.

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Jun 11, 2013 at 05:53PM EDT

Pavel slowly lowers the weapon but then quickly aims at Ignis, firing a shot, he turns to Relius
Pavel: That is the least pain she’s been through I mean she would have made a fine piece if you didn’t make her into some sort of doll creature, where is the humanity in that huh?
The arrival of the soldiers has had a bad effect, the smell of corpses intensifies and the whispering is slowly starting to seep back in, he faces the Imperator again
Pavel: Tut tut tut, I was just playing my little intimidation card there but forget that now and….let me get this right first, you want to offer me your faith for this persons resurrection?…….yebat’! you should have faith anyway! its a standard, I wont be helping you out when you give such a rubbish proposal, Although I definitely would recommend keeping up that offer because right now because your no better than the ones you killed, you just had bigger guns…..
Pavel holsters his revolver and takes out his cigarette pouch, he begins rolling one up right there in front of her
Pavel: C’mon, one more go at pleasing the magical genie, or do I have to give my offer?…..also lets make’a start with all the owed worship uh?
The soldiers in the room are forced down onto their knee’s they can’t break free from control that has suddenly overtaken them, they remain with their heads down, silent
Pavel: Spasibo comrades…

Jun 11, 2013 at 06:28PM EDT

Betruger sees all of the souls of the people killed by fox and his men flying upwards towards the heavens.
I shall let those souls go. I will come to claim them eventually.
Betruger continues to kill more people, while under the mask of all of the celebration going on. He preys on people still hidden in their homes, which happens to be quite a few of them.

Come on! you DON’T want to race? You’re all no fun.

I think you guys should get going. You really don’t want to be wasting any time.

Jun 11, 2013 at 06:46PM EDT

mavis senses the presence of the heart in an area. she also senses the souls of those being consumed by him. she focusses a beam of light on his position that is so bright and hot, as if the intensity of the sun is focused upon him.

Mavis: foul creature of the underworld. begone from this world less you be cleansed by the holy light of the sun.

OOC: highly suggest you get him out of the country and into another region, less you want mavis to wipe him out of existance. she wont tolerate this and will kill you if you continue to do this. just a fair warning.

also waiting for eggmans post to continue my part in the ark. they are kinda running in blind until the systems are back online.

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Jun 11, 2013 at 06:57PM EDT

Betruger activates the Artifact, and he is suddenly unaffected by the beam of light.
You know, the only REAL part of me that’s from the underworld is my heart.
Betrugeer steps out from the beam of light.
If you want do destroy it, go ahead.
Betruger opens his chest, with the Artifact sticking straight out towards Mavis’s position.

Jun 11, 2013 at 07:02PM EDT


Ignis immediately throws a hand up in front of her as soon as the shot is fired, and catches the bullet between the tips of two of her claws. She then drops it on the floor, and lowers her hand back down.
Relius knew that would happen, so he was not worried in the slightest about Ignis. The Mad Puppeteer continues to stand there as the Imperator and Pavel talk to each other.

The Imperator’s eye twitches for just a split second as he lights a cigarette right in front of her.
Imperator: What else do we have to offer you? Well there is one thing that we could offer to you… We could offer you access to the boundary. It is a completely different omni-verse all together, if you will. An opposite. The icing on top of the cake that covers all the layers below it.
She doesn’t even blink at him.
You are no Boundary Interface Prime Field Device, but I am assuming you could traverse it with ease. We offer you this, and our faith. Though there could be something else we could offer too…

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Jun 11, 2013 at 07:54PM EDT

Pavel reaches for his hat and un-clips it off of his belt, he gives a little shake, which releases a load of dust then he places it on top of his head, he continues to smoke

Pavel: Your offering me my own home? well how about I give you your own clothes? uh?…..The….“Boundary”? as you call it is just as much as me as you are, and another thing, why wouldn’t I have the keys to my own home?…..
All of his questions are rhetorical
Pavel: Something else to offer uh? lets hear it

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Jun 11, 2013 at 08:19PM EDT


The Imperator turns to Relius, and looks him straight in the eye.
Imperator: Bring the girl in.

Relius: Very well.
Relius snaps his gloved fingers, and a bright white light shines down in the middle of the throne room. The whispers are drowned out by the sound of heavenly chanting and singing.

The light begins to fade from around the center of the room, and standing there is a young girl who looks exactly like the Imperator, except for a few characteristics… Her eyes are completely blue, and glowing. She has blonde hair that looks ripped and torn at the back, along with an ornate-looking cape on. There is also a gigantic gold and blue sword sticking out of the ground behind her.

The girl levitates towards the Imperator, not even noticing Pavel. Once she reaches the throne, she turns and stares him directly in the eye.

She keeps a straight face no matter what.
Imperator: We offer you the girl. The Eye of the Azure.

Pavel can sense that she has a power almost as great as his. She is The Eye of the Azure. She is Kusanagi, Sword of The God-Slayer. She is the Azure’s true successor. She has complete control over it.
Kusanagi: The answer has been decided.
Her speech is still human-like, but there is a mechanical background to it.

Imperator: Do you accept?
She keeps her eyes locked on him.

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Jun 11, 2013 at 08:45PM EDT

Pavel locks eyes with the girl, everything seems to fade out for a moment as they stare at each other, he is slowly drowning in her gaze….. and then he snaps back out of it….
Pavel: I know this girl……
Tenseness builds in the room, the pressure is on. He takes another puff on his smoke
Pavel: ……..she operates the elevator buttons when I want to get to my penthouse suite in the Boundary heheheee……but now that your giving me her, who is going to work the lift for me uh? well look ill take her anyway….
She is forcibly moved to Pavel’s side against her will, he gives her a grin
Pavel: I know this is all you have to give to me, and its funny because it isn’t enough but I just enjoy emptying your pockets anyway……right
He takes one last drag, drops his cigarette and snubs it into the floor with his boot, he then steps upto the Imperator and takes one of her hands in his, she can feel the just how worn down they are by the abrasiveness and cracked skin

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Jun 11, 2013 at 09:12PM EDT


The Imperator closes her eyes and keeps calm as Pavel reaches out to take her hand. He can feel that her skin is perfectly soft and smooth, the complete opposite of his texture. She remains calm, and waits for something to happen.

Jun 11, 2013 at 09:25PM EDT


Pavel: Hmm, tak tak tak tak tak tak the hands of a person who doesn’t even have to lift a finger to live…..
He rests her one hand in his right palm and places his left on the top, she doesn’t feel any discomfort throughout the duration or anything at all for that matter, after few seconds he releases her hand and steps back down.

On the back of the Imperators smooth and flawless hands can be seen two very prominent black crosses, one on the back of each hand, they are very very deep in colour and hard edged, they are also perfectly identical to one each other however they aren’t painful and don’t look diseased or septic in anyway, they are just simple changes in skin colour, to the deepest black

Pavel: Marks of owing, sorry to have to ruin such perfect little mittens but I have to do something and that something is you being forever in my debt, you have given yourself up completely for me…..but look on the bright side, now we are like the three musketeers uh? well, the two musketeers… you have those marks your in my service, all of you are hehehee not that you weren’t already but now you know it and seeing as you were all heretics you seemed to need reminding
He then gets his cigarette pouch out again and starts rolling another
Pavel: Why am I even here again? you wanted something?

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Jun 11, 2013 at 09:52PM EDT

OOC: I feel like I just made a deal with the damn devil.

The Imperator takes her hands away from Pavel, and examines the new markings on them.
Imperator: I see. We shall do as you command, leader.
She then puts her hands back in her lap.
Imperator: We needed our ghostly friend back. Hazama. Yuuki Terumi. Captain Hazama. The “green haired lunatic”. That is why we have summoned you in the first place.
The Imperator Librarius continues to stare Pavel straight in the eyes. Her speech has been emotionless this entire time.
Imperator: We would all be more than honored if you could also make us a force to be reckoned with. The “hand of a god”, if you will. We shall purge the unrighteous wherever it is. We shall also hold conquest across countless dimensions and realities without you needing to lift a finger.

Relius is intrigued by this idea and begins to scratch his chin. He then looks at Pavel.

Relius: Yes, that sounds like a fantastic idea. We are in your debt, are we not? What would be better than us showing you our gratitude by “spreading the word”, if you will?
Relius smiles a creepy grin at him. It’s kinda unnerving to say the least.

Imperator: Yes. We need Yuuki Terumi back. We also need an army… One worthy of one such as yourself. Will you grace us with this, leader?
Despite her kind words, her voice is unwavering and as emotionless as always.

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Jun 11, 2013 at 10:23PM EDT

Pavel: Im pretty surprised with your loyalty that was really quick, you have surprised me……the “hand of god” “spreading the word” your starting to sound more useful by the minute, maybe ill get a back message next uh? no? I am obviously pushing my luck
He takes a step back

Pavel: You need armies? well, I can provide that especially if your finally going to go over and clear up that backwards dimension, it has been a thorn in my ass for a very long time you would be doing my a big favour, definitely earning your friend back that’s for sure
He then draws his revolver once more, holding his cigarette in his mouth
Pavel: But don’t go running off with all the new stuff if I do, don’t forget that you destroyed one of my planets and your going to have to prove yourself before getting any more stuff other than what ill start you out with
He then holsters it again
Pavel: Now for this person of yours……….you people actually eradicated him from existence, no funeral? not even a moments silence? did you people not like this man or something?
Pavel stops for a moment, takes the cigarette from his mouth and throws it to the floor a few meters away, then in a weird surprising blizzard of green plasma Terumi is dragged straight back into existence, the plasma burns the surrounding ground and erodes away at the walls, once died down he can be seen stood there
Pavel: What? was you expecting some big fancy shmancy resurrection? well that’s difficult when you actually leave nothing left, I cant even practice my voodoo…..
He turns his attention to the Imperator
Pavel: Ive done what you asked, and you and your whole organisation is slaved to my command, Id say that is a good turnout for the situation, you’ll probably want to try and get my attention soon with all this conquest talk, Ive given you something ive never given anyone before, the ability to attract my attention
He shakes his finger at her
Pavel: So no more blowing up my damn planets with this thing!
He gives Take-Mikazuchi a kick
Pavel: I don’t really know how you attract my attention using those markings but I know you can, because why would I want to call myself uh? soon enough ill come back to you about this, but its just whether you need me at any other point…..but if you call me without good reason….
He turns serious
Pavel: Ill tear your little hands off and eat them for supper hahahaahahaa!

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Everyone watches as Pavel leaves with Kusanagi in a flash of blinding light and leaving nothing behind…

Terumi stands there for a few moments, feeling of his own body again. He feels up and down his clothing more, and begins to slowly laugh to himself. His hair is as spiky as ever, his eyes are still yellow, and his pupils are slit like a snakes. The laughing becomes more prominent as it grows louder, and louder, and it finally sounds like he just won a million dollars. The laughter also sounds crazy, like one of a mad man.


A thin red outline envelops Terumi, and a sort of blackish green aura begins to radiate off of him as he continues to laugh and smile.

The aura begins to rage harder and harder around Terumi, effectively doubling in its original size now.

The Imperator looks at Terumi, and locks him in her gaze.
Imperator: Silence, Terumi.

Terumi looks back at the Imperator after his mad fit of laughing is done with, and closes his eyes. He then pulls his hat out from inside his jacket.
Terumi: Sorry. Guess I got a little crazy there…
He smiles as he puts the black fedora on his head, effectively flattening down his hair. He then laughs a bit again. The aura then vanishes from around him as quickly as it came.

All of the NOL guards raise back up from their position, confused to what has just happened.
The Imperator Librarius turns her attention to them.
Imperator: You know what you must do. Go and do it. Get back to your jobs.

The soldiers run off back to their positions. A group of about 100 people drag Take-Mikazuchi out too. They begin their tasks immediately, though one of the new branches of NOL has just been formed. It is the branch of religion to Crow. They begin their tasks of building churches, statues, and all that good shit all around everywhere.

Relius walks over to Terumi, and surprisingly holds out a hand to him. Ignis just follows Relius’ every move.
Relius: Now the plans can begin, Terumi.

Terumi accepts the handshake, and silently grins at Relius. He doesn’t need to acknowledge Relius for his answer.
The Imperator Librarius looks over to Relius and Terumi.
Imperator: Begone. We have a lot of work to do.

Terumi: Right away.
Relius: As you wish.
The two back away, and vanish into the darkness.

And so ends this chapter… The scene fades to black as the NOL begins working on their new plans…


Not trying to sound cocky or arrogant or anything, but I just thought that the picture was funny and fitting. I’m not trying to rub it into anyone’s faces or anything. I apologize if it seemed like that. And the reason for bringing Terumi back is because I needed him for a plan in the future. I’m also sorry if this upsets anyone.

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“Are we there yet?”

We have been walking in circles with you in the lead. Just follow me.

Reimu seems rather confident, seeing that she has managed to find hallways with lights still activated.

“Hey Reimu, look out!”

Another laser tripwire, but in a funky move Reimu accidentally trips and falls though the boundary between Here and There, falling face flat in Robotniks Lair.


The rest of the group had fallen in as well


“What did you just do?”

I think we fell though a boundary…

“This place seems rather ominous. I guess this is where we where supposed to go.”

Boundary of here and there. I was focusing on that so…

Jun 12, 2013 at 12:19AM EDT

OOC: Im back, im waiting on someone but I can’t remember who exactly, Eggman? or Zar?

Jun 12, 2013 at 12:28PM EDT

OOC: Is anyone even there, or are we all just waiting on Robotnik right now?

Jun 12, 2013 at 05:24PM EDT

@zarathh and terumi
OOC: if you look closely at my hand you can see the fucks that i give about your revival.

sorry but you just missed it.

Jun 12, 2013 at 07:25PM EDT

@The Spartans,
After a while of chasing the Shadowbots down various hallways, Flandre finally catches up to them and grabs onto one of their backs.
The bot begins to flail around madly, and smash itself up against the walls in order to get Flandre off of it.
Even though Flandre is smashed up against the walls, she doesn’t seem to have any wounds on her. The vampire then plunges her fist straight through the bots armor, and pulls out a variety of circuits and wires, effectively disabling the bot.
The bot falls over and crashes into the floor. The two remaining bots turn around and begin to fire their laser cannons at the unprepared Spartans coming down the hallway.
Flandre dodges the laser canon blasts, and levitates backwards while shooting out more red-crystal projectiles from the end of Laevateinn. She has had a smile on her face this entire time.

Hakumen lands on his feet as he falls through the boundary, and quickly turns to face Reimu.
Hakumen: So it is what I have deduced… You do have the same powers as the gap hag! Though that is not of importance right now. What is of importance is our mission… Come.
Hakumen walks off in search of Eggman while the others follow. The White Void has Okami out, and is holding the massive nodachi in both hands.

Meanwhile at the Imperator’s throne room…

The throne room itself is extremely quiet. One could hear a pin drop without even needing to listen for it. The Imperator Librarius is sitting in her throne at the end of the room…
She slowly opens both of her eyes, and looks down at the markings on both her hands.
Imperator: It is time.
She holds up her right hand, and the marking on the back of it begins to glow a black coloring, and ethereal smoke comes off of it. She contacts her superior, Pavel.
Imperator: We are ready. Will you give me an explanation as to how we shall prepare for our conquest?
She waits for a response to her.

Jun 12, 2013 at 08:26PM EDT

The smell of filth fills the thrown room once more stifling the sense with its density. Then the strangeness starts to take place again beginning with small metallic marbles dropping from the ceiling, they pour from previous unseen holes and scatter around the room as they hit the floor, this odd steel rain lasts for about 10 seconds before ceasing, which upon doing so they all converge into one spot in front of the Imperator where they liquefy and form up into the shape of Pavel, still with his heavy Russian accent ofcourse

Pavel: Privet Imperator…..I was in the middle of a very important game of snap just now so this better be worth the travel…..Your ready uh?
He gives his chin a scratch
Pavel: You should prepare by gathering all of your people in one place, pack up all your belongings and bring everything you can because this going to be a fun ride….and I have some people I would like you to meet once you get in the car, some of them are some real durakov! but you will be fine! Hyahahahaa!

All the Spartans quickly dive into cover but S-005 “CQC” isn’t as quick and is struck by a shot, luckily his shields stop any kind of penetration but he is still sent flying back from the force, he flies a good few meters before landing and tearing down into the floor.

S-001 “Anti Armour” throws a belt of grenades which erupt in a large explosion around the bots feet

S-003 “Pointman” takes another shot with his rifle, spearing the last bot right through the face

Afterwards they all quickly make their way to S-005 and drag him out of the floor, S-002 “Medic” quickly puts down a regenerator orb and his shields are recharged, nothing is said, they await further command from Flandre

Jun 12, 2013 at 08:59PM EDT


She keeps her eyes locked on Pavel.
Imperator: You do not have to address me by my title. Call me… Saya. Though everyone else shall address me as Imperator, or The Life-Giver.

Saya: Yes… We shall begin rallying the troops immediately.
She looks over to the shadows beside her throne.
Saya: Come out.

Relius and Terumi both step out of the shadows, along with Ignis.
Relius: Yes, Imperator?
Terumi: Hm?
Saya: Have everyone that is rebelling against the NOL currently, not bowing down to their new god, or is just a plain nuisance towards us captured. The ones who fail to bow before their new god shall have their mind placed machines of his creating.
She motions a hand towards Pavel, and then turns her head back to him.
Saya: Can you do this for me?
She then turns her head back to Relius and Terumi.
Saya: Also have any citizens that are not currently in the NOL drafted and brought to the headquarters. None shall stand in our way. All shall be enlightened.

Relius bows towards Saya.
Relius: Right away.

Terumi: Sure thing.
Terumi grins from under his hat at the thought of this.

Saya: Now, go and do this. You are free to use the troops to do your work with you as well.
The two back away into the shadows again, and go to do their jobs.
Saya turns her attention back to Pavel.
Saya: The NOL shall be arriving soon. I await further explanation if there is any that you have to offer.
Saya stays quiet for a few more moments as she continues to stare straight into Pavel.
Saya: We also need weaponry for my troops. Conventional weaponry will not do. We need lasers, plasma, gauss, and… a surprise from you. The NOL is also not an army worthy for conquest of such this scale. We need to make them stronger… more suitable for a task such as this. Will you provide your aid to us?

@The Spartans,

Flandre looks at the Spartans with curiosity in her eyes.
Why don’t you guys ever talk? It’s no fun when everything is quiet.
She then senses Marisa’s aura on the ARK
C’mon! Let’s go to Marisa!
Flandre takes flying down the various hallways in a mad dash to Marisa.

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Goroh, who was following around the group searching for eggman pestering them, even though they didn’t seem to notice, managed to fall through the rip as well.
Well, now Isn’t this a quaint little place.

Jun 12, 2013 at 09:52PM EDT

He looks on at the Imperator
Pavel: Sai…ya….sai……Saya? what a odd name, that is always something that interests me with you people, names, what strange things, and yet every single race Ive come across uses them…,,, I will call you this from now then..
He takes a look away to break eye contact
Pavel: Yes you all seem loyal enough so I don’t see why you shouldn’t get a few privileges
He ponders for a moment
Pavel: A surprise…………Ah!
A chair seemingly appears from nowhere behind Pavel, he takes a seat
Pavel: I came across this race once, it was highly advanced one, way ahead of its time that sorta thing, I decided to sit and watch these people for a few years just to see what they would do and where they would try and go with all their “amazing” technology well anyway to cut a long story short they used rifles that compressed light and fired it like a bullet! crazy uh?! it wan’t long after that I threw them all into their beloved sun, which they saw as their god….Hahahahaaa! they couldn’t have been that special if they were still worshipping balls of fire uh? Hyahahahaa
A weapon materialises in the hands of Pavel

Pavel: As accurate as a sukka! and really reliable too!
The rifle disappears and reappears in the Imperators hands
Pavel: You don’t look like the sort who shoots but still…
He stands up from his chair
Pavel: This army of yours will be equipped with all these different kinds of futuristic weird guns but Ill be keeping my trusty revolver though, ill never let this little beaut go, and for your armies errrrrrrrr Ill sort something, maybe some sort of armour, the powerful kind that improves strength ya know, I have something in mind……And anyone who isn’t willing to come along will just have to have a little incentive, you said it yourself

The Spartans don’t reply when Flandre asks and instead just stand looking onward, they begin running after her again towards Marisa

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Yeah, alright, she is likely the mom of my goddess. Or have a strong relationship like that. She maintains a barrier between Fantasy and Reality, so yeah.

“I think we arrived too early, the badguy quite clearly hasn’t finished setting up his final showdown yet. Where the hell is the Light Switch, it’s so damn dark.”


Yeah, might as well just nap and relax under this conveniently placed Kotatsu for a bit until the mastermind returns.

Jun 12, 2013 at 11:43PM EDT


I think I’m with you on that one…

Jun 12, 2013 at 11:56PM EDT

Well, It seems we have a bit of time until the egghead shows up. Might as well check out this lightsaber.
Goroh activates the beam katana that he stole from Falcon, sending a dull orange glow across the room. The sword isn’t all that impressive, just about the size of a normal Katana.


In this case, replacing OP with Eggman.

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Jun 13, 2013 at 07:46AM EDT


Saya holds the rifle in both hands, and examines it closely. She has never seen this kind of technology before.
Saya: You are right. I do not use weaponry… but my troops do.
Saya snaps her fingers, and a black mist begins to swirl around to the right side of her. After a few moments, a mysterious and ethereal figure dressed in purple robes appears next to her. It’s face is completely black with no features, and it has ghostly scarf-like wrappings coming from around a golden piece of jewelry on its neck.

?: …
Saya: Put this in my personal storage.
?: …
The figure opens up a black and red portal that seemingly has no end to it.
Saya carefully puts the rifle inside the portal, and it vanishes after she does so.
Saya: I need you to go and provide assistance to Terumi and Relius in our efforts of getting everyone here. Begone.

The mysterious figure stays silent and a cloud of red, purple, and black coloring mixed together appears around it. There also appear to be eyes with red irises in the cloud as well. The cloud begins to swirl around the robe-wrapped figure, and it vanishes after a few moments leaving no trace.
Saya turns her head back to Pavel.
Saya: So, where were we? Ah, yes. Could you tell me more about the method of transport you have in store for us?

Jun 13, 2013 at 12:55PM EDT

Pavel takes little notice of the ethereal figure, he smirks at how carefully they treat the weapon
Pavel: Im happy you like it so much….
He lets out a long sigh
Pavel: You will be taken somewhere first, this place will be your new base, where you will sort out your stuff and prepare your shit those types of things but getting there will be a simple matter of mass teleportation…….I might aswell show you your new party bus anyway though uh?
The ceiling of the thrown rooms begins to de-construct at a rapid rate the mortar in-between the bricks turning back to liquid and the brick themselves begin to moves aside and float weightlessly about the top of the room. Eventually the so much of the building upwards has been taken apart that the night sky can be seen, but something massive is now within view…..

A massive seemingly metallic looking planet orbits the planet from afar
Pavel: There it is but im not a man of technology so ill leave all the information bout it for when you get there

Jun 13, 2013 at 01:24PM EDT

Betruger, seeing that Mavis isn’t responding to him, decides do act.
Well, if you aren’t going to do it, I’LL DO IT MYSELF!
Betruger rips the artifact out of of his chest, and throws it in front of the beam of light. The artifact starts having beams of light shining out of it.
I’m… Dying…
The artifact explodes in a gigantic explosion, taking out quite a few city block’s worth of buildings. A ghostly voice whispers through everyone’s ears.
The games… They have just begun… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
*The voice had a more sinister tone to it, but sounds like Betruger still.

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Jun 13, 2013 at 09:05PM EDT

Rogue: Heads up… more Harvesters up ahead…
Renegade readies Eradication in his hands, and spots more deformed harvesters now
Renegade: I see them…
he prepares Eradication, and punches down on a Harvester with it

the Harvester disintegrates instantly
Renegade: Damn! That’s hot!
he uses it again, this time throwing the energy, hitting a distant Harvester

Rogue: This way!
she leads him through a hole in the wall, and they enter another portal

Renegade: What the…? Why is it suddenly so bright?
Rogue: We’re on the edge of Purgatory, but not necessarily at the exit… we’ll be there soon, though. Next Volume…

she hands him Volume #5: The Death Blow
Renegade: Vulneri…
nothing happens
Renegade: Vulneri!
Renegade: VULNERI!!!
Renegade: Seriously… what the f*ck is up!? Is this the right book?
Rogue nods, and hears a burst nearby. Harvesters, even more deformed now, break in
Rogue: Punch them! Do it now!
Renegade turns to her in surprise, and nods. He throws a hard punch…

he strikes the Harvester, and in moments, it lights up brightly, and dissipates

Renegade: Death Blow… it’s a fighting technique!
he throws another hard punch at another Harvester

and another

until they all disintegrate
Rogue: Very well done, if I do say so myself… well… I am you…
Renegade: What’s next?
Rogue: Next is you’re worst nightmare…
Renegade: More Harvesters?
Rogue shakes her head
Rogue: Whatever you feared most in your previous life… that’s what’s next…
Renegade stands absolutely still at hearing that
Renegade: Hold that thought… I’m going to the Pub to drink… and then I’ll feel brave about taking on Skippy…

Renegade enters the Roleplay Pub again, and sits at a table

Waitress: Back so soon?
Renegade: Yep… I’m taking a break. Get me a couple of Guinness Beers… full bottles…
sees a band playing
Renegade: Well, what do we have here?

Renegade: Well, I’m going to be here for awhile… might as well enjoy myself!

Jun 13, 2013 at 09:27PM EDT

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

Betruger, seeing that Mavis isn’t responding to him, decides do act.
Well, if you aren’t going to do it, I’LL DO IT MYSELF!
Betruger rips the artifact out of of his chest, and throws it in front of the beam of light. The artifact starts having beams of light shining out of it.
I’m… Dying…
The artifact explodes in a gigantic explosion, taking out quite a few city block’s worth of buildings. A ghostly voice whispers through everyone’s ears.
The games… They have just begun… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
*The voice had a more sinister tone to it, but sounds like Betruger still.

the hearts explosion takes out a small area of the city. luckily there were very few people that got caught in the explosion. however. the loss of life still hits mavis hard.

Mavis: that creature will surely pay for what he has done. i have to make sure that the people here are alright. but before anything else. i umst secure magnolia and make sure no more harm comes to the people.

she raises her hands in the air and the magic circle in the sky covering the city lowers to the ground level. then the borders of the circle begin to glow even brighter and raw light magic begins to swrirl out of the edges. then raise up towards the sky and towards the middle, forming a barrier of impregnable light over the entire city. the spell is called Fairy Sphere, one of the three grand magic spells of fairy tail created by mavis. it is an inpregnable barrier that can never be destroyed or dispelled by any evils that come to those within it.
(the barrier looks like this)

Mavis: no more harm shall come to the city so long as Fairy Sphere is up. now, i have to return to the guild hall.

she flies back to the guild hall as the people in the city begin regrouping after their ordeals.

OOC: thats quite all i can do at the moment. we need eggface here so we can continue.

Jun 13, 2013 at 10:16PM EDT


Yukari: “Shit better happen before I make shit happen.”

“I get bored easily.”

Jun 13, 2013 at 10:20PM EDT

Space Colony ARK
Cannon countdown: 1 hour 35 minutes

All of the ARK’s electronic systems had been restored after the reset. There were a few glitches after the reset likely caused by the Warpstone, but Robotnik would have none of it.

Robotnik paced back and forth in the Command Room, obviously concerned of the “Freedom Fighters’” whereabouts.

Robotnik: I want answers! Someone tell me what’s going on!

Egg Pawn: Sir, multiple forces have been detected. They are surprisingly organized.

Robotnik: Freedom Fighters are not known for being sloppy. What is their objective.

Egg Pawn: It would appear that, based on their movements, each group has a separate objective.

Robotnik: I see… and these objectives have been determined, yes?

Egg Pawn: Though we are not yet sure, sir, based on their movements, we believe we have located five separate groups.

Robotnik: And their objectives?

Egg Pawn: The first group appears to be heading towards our meager production facilities.

The second group appears to be headed towards the central area of the ARK, near the Power Room.

The third group appears to be headed in the same direction as group number two, but on the lower floors. They are likely heading directly towards the Eclipse Cannon.

The fourth group seems to be heading here, sir, and the fifth group has remained with the ship we have identified as the “Falcon Flyer.”

Robotnik: I want the location of all the Freedom Fighters pinpointed, and send in a squad of E-series robots to defend the Warpstone.

The E-series are unique from any other class of robot. They are very agile compared to SWATbots, and rather than laser-wrists, they are armed with rocket-launchers which shoot homing missiles at their targets, as well as lasers. They are also equipped with a jet-pack which floats behind them and adds to their agility.

They can also change “modes,” which serve several different functions. One “mode” causes the E-series to bend its legs and sit on its wheels, allowing it to move across flat terrains with great speed. This mode causes the E-series to drop to less than half of its original height.

A second “mode” causes the E-series to transform, allowing propellers to expand between its torso and legs. These propellers allow the E-series to fly at greater heights and distances than the jet-pack allows, though the jet-pack is more agile and can be used without changing modes. The propellers also allow the E-series to traverse large bodies of water.

Robotnik: Send in several squads of Egg Pawns reinforced by Shadowbots to take out the Falcon Flyer. Send in Shadowbots to deal with the rest of the groups.

I’ll deal with the fourth group…


Egg Pawn: Understood, sir.

Robotnik: And by the way, what is the status of my search for Snively?

Egg Pawn: A pair of Shadowbots spotted Snively near the hangars and left their posts to pursue.

Robotnik: They… left!?

Egg Pawn: That is correct, sir.

Robotnik found himself wanting to personally dismantle each and every robot on the whole blasted Colony. Again, his eyes glowed a bright red. Then he calms down.

Robotnik: I don’t care where Snively is, as long as he isn’t interfering with my plans. I’ll have him roboticized after I capture those Freedom Fighters. For now, carry out my instructions.

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Inside the depths of hell, betruger is greeted by a group of acolytes.
Acolyte: Maledict, how was your mission?
Half decent. I managed to destroy the Artifact, but only got a tiny portion of the townsfolk. That “Mavis” Girl also put up an impregnable barrier. thankfully, there are already demonic minions planted there for when the time comes. It’s going to be a while before that, though. get me some coffee. I’d prefer Godot bland #107, please.
Yes, sir.
Now, we watch.
Maledict takes a sip of Godot blend #107 that he just received, and pulls up a screen to watch the chaos about to unfold.
This is going to be Good.

There’s the bastard! Hey, Egghead! I don’t know who exactly the “Freedom Fighters” are, but I can absolutely guarantee that i’m not one of them. but, I AM here to kill you.
Suddenly, the Peony grows in size, until it’s about 1.5X the size of Hakumen’s sword.
Cool! the sword grows!

OOC: The egghead’s back! good!
Also, I’m heading out for tonight. See ya!

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ooc: holy crap man. welcome back weve been bored as hell without you. my next post will be mirajane taking out the e -series robos going after the hangar to prove a point to ranga. ill make a spectacle out of it, not just blast them all away with a single action.

hope you understand.

Jun 13, 2013 at 11:10PM EDT

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