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Meawhile in the Hellium Fortress…

Nightmare Medic was sitting on the couch, waiting. He hears that the biggest enemy of Balloon Master was not here. Later He was busy listening to the environment song of BM at the headquarters, his arms was crossed. He remembered poor mortal screaming lwith fear, He wanted to know more of the “Advisor” Kiss "and how it worked, why they feared a simple word? And the screams, the blood splattered everywhere … His blood … wise to fear … Wise to-

NM : Huh…!

Nightmare turns his head, staring at the wall. He had already sensed that before. Long ago, when the war between good and evil establishment set in the Teufort, the same energy was manifest in the same way.

NM : That … That power … Maybe … Here?

That pure energy, pure energy that bright like the Sun

NM : …………………….

Nightmare felt he could not breathe. HE COULD NOT BREATHE?!

NM : I… I have … I have fear? FEAR!?

Only he was afraid of one thing, one thing that is faced in many years. Perhaps… they are here? In this putrid planet that is about to die? That things…That-

NM : A-Angelssss…Here? Perhaps, the gates of heaven were.. opened?…Mmm? Its…Its… gone? Wha-

His distraction was broken to see Balloon Master directed towards a big computer. He saw that he communicated with his toys. BM spoke about “The False Doctor”.

NM : Eggs Man…

Meawhile in Canterlot…

The helicopters fell like flies due the attack of Draconecord. Each burst on contact with the deadly beam pulled through the mouth destroy one heli like paper.

But they were soon replaced by others. There were hundreds of helicopters surrounding the huge creature, these “flies” were actually a swarm of bees. No matter how many Discord destroyed, There more and more, and more helicopters ready to shoot a lot of lead and deadliest bombs to him.

Herzog : Come on! Halten Brennen! Richten Sie für die gefährdeten Teile! Schießen in die Augen! In den Mund! an den Füßen … oder was auch immer sie sind! Schießt ihn nieder!

Blitz : What do you doing! The boss doesn’t want many lows!

Herzog : Dumm Vampire! Du weißt wie ich, dass niemand so viel Spaß für Zehntausende von Jahren hatte!

Blitz : Then stop wasting ammunition, asshole! Use the missile XT-CH on him! NOW!

Herzog : HAHA! WAS? Die Rakete Zauber, sagen Sie? Einer, der …?


Then, Blitz is enveloped by a white aura and went bouncing between towers, heading into Canterlot.

Herzog : Hey! wohin du gehst!


Blitz disappears between the buildings, leaving the army of Herzog in the hands of Draconecord

Herzog : Verdammt, Bereiten Sie die Rakete, am Ende mit dem Ding!

OOC: This is my last post…@Mark: Blitz left the battle to find the princesses, realize that Luna can not use his powers because the Moon is being controlled by NMedic. I just want to know one more thing, where is Celestia? You not mentioned her in all the battle, I think in the whole thread…IDK.
Good Night!

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@E-series robos going afte the hangar bay.

the cargo elevator opens up and inside are about 200 e-series robos. they use their flight packs to take off like a hornets nest. they go after Mirajane who is the closest target to them and prioritize her.

mirajane looks back at ranga. her voice is much deeper and more sinister

Mirajane: watch and learn asshole.

(and cue the epic fight music of mirajane. quite possibly my favourite theme song in the show. enjoy)

she then takes off with her demonic wings. she flies at an intense speed that she goes through the swarms of robos as they try ant blast her with countless laser blasts. as she continues flying around, she gets close to a handful of robos trying to jump away from her. in a single stroke of her demonic talons, she shreds each one with a single slash, completely scraping them.

swipe after swipe she destroys a robo one at a time, as she continues to fly around at a fast pace. some lasers hit mirajane as she flies. she almost looses momentum and crash, but she sees a group of robos on the ground. she lands in the middle of the group. the impact of her landing causes the ground to crater in and knock some of the robos in the air. as this happens her fists glow with an intense darkness

than in a flurry of punches and kicks, each strike on the robos causes them to explode to tiny fragments of charred scrap metal. she takes a couple more lasers that just graze her once that group was destroyed. she turns around and sees a massive group of the robos swarm her like bees. they unleash a torrent of homing rockets at her. the number of missiles are numerous enough that it almost smoke screens them.

with her wings she takes off and flies directly towards the wall of missiles. she gets close enough until she stops and flies directly upwards. the missiles quickly follow her. she flies so fast that the missiles can barely keep up with her. she ciirclesaround the masive hanger once and flies back towards the robos as the missiles fly after her and lasers are continuously fired at her. she flies in between the lasers with demonic agility and flies through the hordes of robos.

they quickly notice the missiles and use their jump packs to try and evade them. some manage to dodge the missiles. however the swarms of missiles fly into a large number of robos and explode in a torrent of fire and scrap metal flies everywhere. she turns around after an notices that there are about less then 80 robos left. they continue to mindlessly surround her and blast her with lasers and misiles. she quickly evades most of them. some lasers manage to hit her, but she quickly shrugs the pain off and continues to destroy more of them with vector strikes of her talons.

there numbers are low now. about 34 of them left. however they still continue to jump around and try to blast her with many lasers. mirajane finishes of 6 more robos with quick swipes of her talons as she flies through them. each one being torn to shreds with a single hit. she flies away from the remainder of them as they group together to fire off the remainder of their missiles at her. she gets some distance between them as she turns around. she then puts her hands behind her and an orb of dark matter begins to form in between her hands.

the orb of dark matter quickly expands and begins to swell with power. then before the misiles reach her she throws her hands out in front of her.

a massive wave of dark energy is shot out and it hits the missiles, destroying them and it continues towards the remainder of the robos. its massive power consumes them all as the explosion of darkness expands inside the hangar before vanishing. nothing remains of the robos after that last attack. not even a spec of dust. mirajane flies back down to he hangar floor and lets out a terrifying roar that echoes though the entire hangar

you saw the entire spectacle on one of your large monitors in your room through a camera in the hangar. after her roar she vanishes out of the cameras view. after a couple of seconds of trying to look for her. she suddenly appears in front of the camera in an instant. you have a close up look at her face as she has a sadistic smile on.


she says right before destroying the camera.

after she flies back towards the group by the flyer, watching in awe of what they had witnessed, except for fairy tail. she flies and lands right in front of Ranga.

Mirajane: so what do you think of me now? not what you would expect from a woman like me huh?

OOC: and with that i am done. ill c yall tommorow. and welcome back eggman we missed you. hope mirajane didnt give you a heart attack after that last part.

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Jun 14, 2013 at 12:10AM EDT

Ragna is actually not terrified, and stands up to Mirajane even in this demonic form. He just stood back and watched the entire time. Ragna stares Mirajane straight in the eyes.
Ragna: Look here. I could care less in all honesty. If you want to see something really scary, watch me leave this thing on for a while.
He holds up his gauntlet with the currently shielded BlazBlue on it straight at Mirajane. It opens for just a split second without him saying anything. A deep red light begins to pour out of it.

Ragna: You know what the little vampire girl turned into and ate half the worlds population? Yeah. I’m it’s egg.
Ragna sighs, and closes the BlazBlue with no words at all. He then covers his face with the same hand.
Ragna: Look assholes, we have a job to finish. I can feel where that god damn stone is. It’s very unstable. The thing might blow and take us all down in flames. Do you all want that to happen? No? Then I suggest you move your asses and get back to the job. You understand?
He takes the hand off his face, and pulls Blood Scythe off his back where it was holstered.
Ragna: Come on. You’re the leader. Lead me.
He waits for commands from Mirajane.

Robotnik can feel an extremely powerful aura coming off the one in white. Something that he has never felt a lot of before. Fear towards someone… This masked man is holding such purity. Such determination… such clarity. This doesn’t even feel like a man at all. It feels like his worst nightmare.

Hakumen’s aura looks like a massive blue and white flame surrounding him, and everyone near him.
Hakumen: So we meet… I can sense that something is amiss here.
Hakumen lowers his hand, and begins speaking to the group.
Hakumen: The crystal that is powering this facility is likely inflicting damages upon his mind. There is still a soul inside his body. Not one of evil, but a trapped one… Trapped by the crystal.
He then turns his attention back to Robotnik, and holds Okami in right in front of him.
Hakumen: I am the White Void.
The floor of the room begins to rumble.
Hakumen: I am the Cold Steel.
The floor of the room begins to rumble even more, and Hakumen’s aura begins to blaze some.
Hakumen: I am the Just Sword.
His aura suddenly begins to go into a roaring blaze, and the room begins to actually shake It’s not so violent at first. A camera or two falls off the wall, and that’s about it.
Hakumen: With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction!
The room feels like an earthquake is going on now. Bots are losing their balance, machines are breaking, consoles going haywire… Hakumen’s hair then begins to flow upwards like it was just blasted by a vent of air.

A blue, spinning spell circle then appears under Hakumen for a few moments, along with 8 black Japanese symbols that are surrounded in a blue circle that appear behind him for the duration of the circle. The quake then suddenly stops as soon as it came as Hakumen’s hair lowers back down to its original position.
Hakumen: I am Hakumen! The end has come!
Hakumen’s aura is really blazing up now. His hair begins to flow around again. Parts of the floor begin to break away, and fly upwards. There appears to also be lightning forming around his body, and his aura begins glowing even brighter.

He raises Okami high above his head, and a blue and white vortex begins to swirl around the sword…

@Team 3,
Team 3 is currently nearly finished with a brawl of Shadowbots just outside the entrance to the Eclipse Cannon.
Kokonoe: FINALLY! That bastard put the systems back online!
Tager is currently wrestling with a Shadowbot his size, but this one is stronger than all the others. Some sort of brute.
Tager: That’s… great news, Kokonoe!
The Red Devil bashes his head against the Shadowbot and knocks it to the ground. Tager then jumps high up in the air, and comes down on the Shadowbot with all of his body force. The bot is completely shattered and in pieces. There is also a big dent left in the floor now.

Her screen turns to look at the door towards the Eclipse Cannon.
Kokonoe: I’ll see what I can do about getting into the mainframe again…
Kokonoe returns to her computer, and begins the hacking process all over again. She goes back through with the damage already caused, and proceeds to head further into the systems of the ARK

@The Spartans, Robotnik, Reimu, and Marisa,
Flandre comes upon a door that leads to the command room of the ARK. She and the Spartans fought through masses of bots just to get to this point.
She’s just through this door, c’mon!
Flandre levitates over to the door and whacks it with Laevateinn. The solid metal door goes flying off, and heads straight for a wall in the command room. The door crashes into the wall, leaves a huge dent where it collided, and it then falls over down onto the floor.
Flandre flies over to Marisa, and crashes into her. The force isn’t enough to knock her down though. She then looks over to Reimu.
She undoes herself from Marisa, and latches onto Reimu. She begins rubbing Reimu’s head like she’s a cat. She then turns her attention to Robotnik.
Who’s the fat guy in the clown outfit?

Saya looks upwards to see the massive metal ball floating in the sky.
Saya: I see…
She turns her attention back to Pavel.
Saya: They should be here so-

Suddenly Terumi kicks open the doors of the throne room, followed by 8 different sized people.
These people are clothed in blind folds, and full body restraints. Two of them appear to be little girls, while one woman looks to be in her 30’s. One is a boy no older than 12, while another appears to be an old man with grey hair tied in a pony tail with a pink bow. Another is a man who looks in his 30’s. He is well-muscled, but still restrained heavily. Another girl appears in her teens, while there is another girl with a strange cat-like hoodie on following closely behind her.
They also have some sort of strange magic snaring them. It looks like a red and black mist with many eyes looking out everywhere from it. It appears to be the same kind of mist that mysterious figure used earlier.
Terumi: Here are the vigilantes you asked for! The pleasure’s aaaaaaaall mine.
Terumi smiles from under his hat, and laughs a bit.
Terumi: I just love making their lives miserable. Isn’t that right, rabbit?
He pats one of the little girls on the head who has on black hair ties, and long blonde hair.

Saya: Phantom is still with Relius and the troops, correct?
Terumi: Yup.
Saya turns her head back to Pavel.
Saya: This shouldn’t be long at all… Do you have anything else to share with us?

Terumi suddenly jumps over from his position, and to the Saya’s side in just one leap.
Terumi: I’m all ears for now, pal. Haven’t had this much fun since I saw Rags cry like a little baby when I cut his arm off! Hyahahahaha!

Jun 14, 2013 at 04:20AM EDT


Pavel turns around to face the captives, he gives a blank look then turns back to Saya
Pavel: No, I don’t think there is anything else and to be honest im all out of steam talking about this stuff and to add I have that game of snap to get back to, the result determines the fate of heretic world #93884…..but it never ends good hahhaahaaa!
He scratches his chin
Pavel: There is one more thing though…..
He opens up one of his satchels and takes out a a small device which is about the size of a golf ball, he holds out his hand to Saya, the object in his palm
Pavel: You see the little button on top? when you get there
He points up at the mysterious planet like shape
Pavel: Push it and give it a light throw into the air in front of you, don’t ask why just do it when you get there, which should be in errrrr
He checks his watch
Pavel: 13 minutes, anything else you need to ask me before we make a move?

@Robotnik, Reimu, and Marisa,

The 5 Spartan super soldiers breach into the command room with their weapons raised, aiming at everyone and everything but Flandre

The small GW hologram pops up in front of the Spartans

GW: The two girls
Marisa and Reimu are given a green silhouette on the Spartans Visors
GW: Are not hostile and are to be considered friendly
Eggman is then highlight red
GW: Is prime target and is to be treated with utmost priority, understood?
The Spartans give a nod and the GW hologram vanishes, they then all aim their weapons at the doctor and approach….
S-001 “Anti Armour” with his M6 Grindell ‘Spartan Laser’
S-002 “Medic” with his heavy duty shotgun
S-003 “Pointman” with his anti-material rifle
S-004 “TacNuke” and S-005 “CQC” with their basic but highly effective battle rifles

Meanwhile the fleet outside has been destroyed, Heaven steadily sits not far away from the Ark surrounded by a dense field of burning debris. The troops are ready to counter any boarding attempts whilst the Winds and bridge crew are awaiting support orders and keeping a look out

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Saya: There is nothing else that I need to know. That will be all for now.
Relius walks in the doors to the throne room, closely followed by Ignis. Her claws are bloodied some.
Relius: That took less time than expected. The NOL is quite the force to be put up against.
Relius grins some, and claps his hands.
Relius: Ignis, come.
The battle doll comes to The Puppeteer’s side. He then looks up at Saya, and bows.
Relius: Your helper has certainly aided us. All of the citizens have been locked down, and are unable to escape. They are all in their separate cities, of course.

Saya looks down at Relius.
Saya: I am sure that our new benefactor shall be able to deal with this situation.

Terumi grins again from under his hat.
Saya then turns her attention towards Pavel.
Saya: We are ready.

Jun 14, 2013 at 03:41PM EDT

Pavel: Brilliant! see bang on 13 minutes just like I said, maybe because I didn’t read the time….I told it, now then the next time I see you, without you summoning me of course will be when you have dealt with the heretics
He begins walking backwards
Pavel: Until then do svidaniya Saya! and don’t forget the thingy I gave you!
Pavel seemingly turns to dust, his body carried away by the wind and dispersed

Then just like that, in a binding and almighty flash……

The entirety of NOL is teleported to a massive verdant and grassy plane, the unwilling people and captives from earlier are no where to be seen. In the distance there are huge towers that seemingly float above the ground and pierce through the clouds above, they are so tall that you cant see the tops, if you look up you will see that the sky is infact metal and all encompassing, like a great shell, at the base of the towers can be seen a large camp, small smoke stack rise and a good few thousand people can just about be made out roaming its areas, You are currently quite a distance from the towers but not that far if you make your way quickly

To the NOL and Saya everything is rather confusing, they were maybe expecting some sort of capital ship……

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Saya looks at the landscape around her. Although her emotions are unchanging to the vast and luscious landscape around her. She then looks down at her hand, and notices the device she is holding. Without a word, she presses the button on the device and tosses it forward gently.
The entirety of the NOL troops spend their time looking around.
Relius scratches his chin again, and looks onward at the camp.
Terumi just grins.

Jun 14, 2013 at 04:53PM EDT

The small device stops in mid flight and hovers gently before projecting a small holographic screen in front of itself facing the Imperator and NOL

It seems to depict a very simplified face
Superintendant: Hello Imperator, You may call me the Superintendent, I am the the prime AI of this planet meaning I am in control of all systems and equipment, you will find me everywhere, but due to us being outside and away from any projection unit I am having to use this device.

Superintendant: Firstly, Welcome to The Greater Incarnation of Unyielding Transcendence, as you are probably unaware we are currently inside a shield world which is a artificial planet designed with its habitation zone to be within a outer shell, the sky above is that very shell and this ground beneath our feet is the artificial planet. Transcendence is capable of all forms of travel, from faster than light to inter dimensional, its prime purpose is equal to that of a ship full of crusaders off to the holy land, this shield-world is the ship, the transport if you will, whilst the crusaders are the people who reside and prepare upon its protected surface

Superintendant: Secondly, the towers in the distance are to be your new headquarters, large enough to accommodate your entire organisation and outfitted with enough technology to allow them to work comfortably, you are to make your way here and make yourselves at home, only if you wish ofcourse….

Superintendant: Thirdly, all prisoners, heretics and vigilantes have been imprisoned in….

Superintendent:….The great mega-prison, Persephone. They are currently being inducted into a slave labour scheme which will come into effect soon, unless you want them expended in some other fashion that is…

Superintendent: Fourthly, You are appointed the apex leader of Transcendence, none come above you other than the god himself

Superintendent: Finally, we should make our way towards the new HQ where your people will be outfitted with suitable gear and weaponry however we must past through the camp….the people down there are part of the crows already existing crusaders that have been aboard Transcendence for some time, I will talk about them one we are there. Any questions?

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Marisa stumbles upon getting glomped

GAH! Hey! Don’t surprise me like that!”

Then when Flandre glomps Reimu, Reimu kinda bobs around as if she was attached to strings. She was clearly flying…

Gah, what is it with the whole kitty thing!?! Are you expecting ears to sprout from my head or something!?

Yukari: “I wonder what Reimu would look like with kitty ears?”

Anyways. Robotnik! You really are messed up if you want to go off and destroy the planet! Even though it’s not my planet I need it to get back home!

4 Yin Yang Orbs start orbiting her

Marisa: “Hopefully you can put up a good fight!”

Marisa points her Hakkuro forwards in a pose

Jun 14, 2013 at 05:47PM EDT


Saya looks at the towers, hearing the Superintendent say that they are the new HQ.
Saya: … excellent…
She then turns her attention back to the Superintendent with half-open, red eyes.
Saya: Have all the heretics removed from the prison, and have their minds put into machines. The vigilantes shall stay there, however. Even they do not deserve mercy.
Saya then snaps her fingers, and summons the ethereal figure to her side once again. She then looks at Phantom.
Saya: Do not allow the spell to break at any cost.

Phantom: …
Saya turns her attention back to the Superintendent.
Saya: I do not like walking. I need some other mode of transportation.


Flandre just laughs, and gets off of Reimu. She begins to levitate in place between Marisa and Reimu with Laevateinn at the ready.

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Superintendent: The command has been made, the heretics are being transferred from Persephone to a mental enslaving facility, the vigilantes are still being held there
Pretty much everywhere you go on Transcendence, the face of the Superintendent will be visible, from small screens to massive billboards, he is always maintaining and on watch

Superintendent: You do not like walking?
From over the way a readily prepared form of personal transport, specialiy designed for the Imperator herself appears. It is a hovering throne, a Gravity Throne, it seems to be heavily decorated with many artefacts of her liking aswell as golden lettering and colour schemes
The Superintendent hologram from the device stops projecting and the odd thing that it was projecting from drops to the floor, now instead the AI is projected from the arm of the throne itself, the hologram is only small but within her view when she takes a seat
Superintendent: Are you ready to progress to your HQ Imperator?

Jun 14, 2013 at 06:13PM EDT


@Zar and Sam:

Ahem, sorry for bringing this up this late, but didn’t we agree to No To Other Dimensional Activity?

All that stuff happening between the blazblue characters and the crow shouldn’t be happening right now.

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Jun 14, 2013 at 06:47PM EDT

@ natsuru.
they are only going to introduce the new faction some time after the balloon master saga and masterburner restoring the planet. dont worry, they are just building up.

wendy runs up to mirajane and heals anywounds she may have on her
Gray: yeeeeeah we heard. quite frankly. theres no point in caring about it if the entire planet is destroyed. besides, i think we can handle the beast if it were to appear. lets just hope your “egg” doesnt crack.

Juvia: juvia believes that we should go now, but we need that girls information on the ark in order to find the fastest way to it. this ark is huge and would take us a long time to get too.

Mirajane: well just have to try than. if ranga can sense it than he is our best option in finding it. though it may be difficult. now lets hea…..

suddenly they hear laser fire in the distance.

@robotnik and snively
mirajane sees snively in the distance running away from a couple of robos trying to capture him

Mirajane: why are those robots after him? im going to help out and see wait here a second.

mirajane takes off in the distance after snively. the robots have him cornered and about to capture him until mirajane quickly takes them out with a few swiped of her demonic talons, tearing them to shreds. after saving snively, she turns to face him terrified in the corner of some supply crates.

Mirajane: are you alright? what are you doing here and why are those robots after you?

mirajane sounding very intimidating in her form. meanwhile the others are trying to go to were mirajane and snively are.

@team a
laxus and his team after the machine factories of eggmans empire are going down an elevator shaft to an unknown part of the ark. they have no idea were they are headed due to the lack of information and guidance.


laxus zaps natsu with lightning, shutting him up.

Laxus: goddamnit man will you SHUT THE HELL UP FOR ONCE.

Happy: hey what was that for laxus?

Gajee: cuz natsus being a dumbass as always. yeah we have no idea were were going. but it should lead us somewhere important.

laxus contacts kokonoe

Laxus: yeah sorry about that numbskull yelling at you. we just need a status report on your end. how is the hacking coming along. cuz we could really use it.*

@team c
after clearing another hallway of robos. erza and her team find a massive elevator door, it looks like it seems to go in different levels of the ark.

Erza: i think we may have found something. kokonoe or tager can you see were this elevator goes to?

@team d
Makarov sees eggman in front of him
Makarov: so your dr robotnik are you? judging by your head i ccan see why people call you eggman. so tell me, what was your purpose of amasing such a large powerful stone in the first place? what reason for having that much power? judging by the current circumstances, nothing good. so explain yourself otherwise well make you explain.

makarov prepares for an answer, one way or another

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The situation has been sorted out. Thank you for your patience.


Saya is now sitting in her floating gravity throne. She then looks at the device that was dropped on the ground. The device begins to levitate upwards, and over to her. She holds out one hand, and places it in a pocket on the inside of her robes.
Saya: Yes.
She begins moving the chair with her own will towards the encampment.

The army of NOL troops march behind the floating throne of the Imperator.
Phantom floats right beside the throne next to Saya on the right side.
Relius and Ignis walk with Saya on the left side of the throne.
Terumi also walks on the left side of the throne along with Relius and Ignis. He’s been rather quiet this entire time which isn’t like him at all.


Kokonoe establishes communication with Laxus, and a separate screen pops up in front of him.
Kokonoe: Yeah, yeah. I just found the schematics for your end. You all need to keep going down the hallway, take a right, continue onwards, and then you’ll reach the main door to the factories. Also, tell that pink haired idiot to shut his yap for once. It’s pretty hard to hack into something when there’s NO DAMN POWER ON THE OPPOSITE END.
Kokonoe sighs.
Kokonoe: I’ll open up all the doors that you need to go through.
Kokonoe commands the virus to override all the doors that she just said, providing a straight path for Team A.
Kokonoe: Just be careful, there are a bunch of rust buckets guarding the place.
A holographic map of the level they’re on takes the place of the floating screen in front of Laxus.


Kokonoe’s screen turn to look at Erza.
Kokonoe: Hold on just a second.
She begins typing away, and going through all the various schematics of the ARK.
Kokonoe: No, no, no… AHA! The elevator goes downwards, and it leads to the Eclipse Cannon. I can’t manually override the controls from here though. He must have shut them off just for us. Though I do have someone who can…
Her screen turns towards Tager.

Tager: Yes, yes, I will get on it.
The Red Devil walks over to the massive doors, and digs his fingers into the door.
Tager: URGH…!
Tager’s gauntlets begin to spark and glow yellow, charging with magnetism and electrical energy. With a fit of strength, Tager forces the massive doors open all on his own.

Kokonoe’s screen floats over to Tager.
Kokonoe: Nice going, you big lug!

Tager: Thank you, Kokonoe.
Team C enters the elevator, and Tager presses the button to go down to the floor with the Eclipse Cannon.

@Team B,

One screen pops up in front of Gray and Juvia with Kokonoe’s face on it.
Kokonoe: Hey, blue hair, I got the schematics for you guys.
The screen replaces itself with the layout of the entire ARK, with a glowing red line leading to the Warp Stone room.
Kokonoe: Though Mr. Dante the Desu can lead you all there. He can sense auras, and all that shit.

Ragna looks at the screen with an angry look on his face.

Kokonoe: I’ll call you whatever I want. Just have big red here lead you all to it. ’Kay? Kokonoe out.
Her voice cuts off, but the screen is still there with a blinking red line leading to the Warp Stone room.

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Jun 14, 2013 at 08:25PM EDT

Meanwhile, in an undecided location.

Yukari: “Oops. That didn’t work out too well. Alright, guess it’s back to the drawing board.”
Suika: drunk gurgling

(Dimensional bridge between the two active dimensions created. It will close as soon as a dimension becomes inactive)

Jun 14, 2013 at 08:38PM EDT

Natsuru Springfield wrote:

Meanwhile, in an undecided location.

Yukari: “Oops. That didn’t work out too well. Alright, guess it’s back to the drawing board.”
Suika: drunk gurgling

(Dimensional bridge between the two active dimensions created. It will close as soon as a dimension becomes inactive)

OOC: great, she divided by zero again.

Jun 14, 2013 at 08:44PM EDT

The NOL make their way down into a encampment and start getting sadistic looks from the people who occupy it, the atmosphere is uncomfortable and unwelcoming, things have also turned quite quiet

Superintendent: Ive been meaning to introduce you Imperator, you see this planet, like I was explaining earlier, is simply a vessel to transport the crusading fleet, they have always been aboard Transcendence and have conquered countless planets across numerous dimensions in the crows name.

The army that make up this ships primary fighting force is known as the Loyalist Conclave they are a collective of multiple species reigning from many different planets and galaxies spread out cross the universe but here they are all united under one purpose, and that is to fight fearlessly for the god crow, the Loyalists are simply serving there compulsory service requirement, because of this they are dedicated to the faith and are fearless fighters. It should be noted however that due to there vast differences they are all completely inconsistent with one another, there is no uniform that they all wear as they are all from technologically different backgrounds and cultures, they are however a supremely well organised and hard headed rag tag group of fighters

You begin to notice all the different species amongst the crowds, the first one to catch your eye is a bazaar insectoid creature with four arms

The Fallen
Not much is know about them other than they are a nomadic race of four armed insectoids, they are quite aggressive but noble fighter nonetheless, they make up a good chunk of the Loyalists

The second to be noticed are massive hulking creatures clambered in armour wielding equally as big guns

The Cabal
Nicknamed “war rhinoes” they are all just as big as one another and incredibly strong, nuff said

And finally ones that appear to be human

Although looking at their appearances they all seem to reign from completely different planets

Superintendent: They are not human, they just look it, the human shape is quite a commodity you see.

You continue walking through the camp…

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Jun 14, 2013 at 09:01PM EDT


Terumi begins to whisper into Relius’ ear.
Terumi: Wow, these things are a bunch’a uggos

Relius doesn’t even acknowledge him for a few moments.
Relius: Terumi, that’s enough. It’s time to move on.

Terumi stops whispering to Relius, and uses a louder voice.
Terumi: Shut up! You’re not the boss of me!

Saya doesn’t even stop to look at the two arguing.
Saya: Silence, Terumi.

Terumi stays quiet for a few moments.
Terumi: … You must excuse me…

Ignis does not even acknowledge all of the different creatures in the area. The battle doll continues to glide across the ground next to Relius.
The NOL pay no attention to all of the creatures either. They continue to march through the encampment behind Saya even though they feel unwanted.

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Jun 14, 2013 at 09:16PM EDT

The NOL are led to a massive elevator platform outside the other end of the camp, in numerous quick loads they are all eventually lifted up to on of the towers, they all get inside and the Superintendents face begins to flicker up on the massive screens dotted round the hallway

Superintendent: Welcome to your new home and base of operations
The Superintendent shows the Imperator to a a new throne room built just for her, it is exactly the same as the last
Superintendent: Please rest if you must
Where her throne would normally be is instead a small cradle which holds the Gravity Throne
Superintendent: You should have you first visitor arriving soon but not just yet, any questions?

Jun 14, 2013 at 09:25PM EDT

Luna arrives at the castle, no sign of life anywhere

Luna: Sis? Celestia! Where are you?
no answer
Luna: Not here… I… I would have sensed her by now… but… what does it mean?

Luna: She can’t be gone… she just can’t! Something else had to happen… it had to!
she enters the throne room, and finds it completely deserted. She can’t think straight as she thinks the worst has happened…
Luna: No… she… she can’t be gone! She’s the older one… she’s the one who has to bring the light out everyday!

Luna: I… I can’t be the only one left…
She sobs silently, and sees a white object bouncing around. She wipes her eyes, and hopes that it is some kind of sign of Celestia.
Luna: Sis? Sis! Please… wait! Don’t leave me!
she bounds to the object

Meanwhile, Draconecord is hit with more bullets and missiles
Draconecord: Now… these are starting to get annoying…
his eyes glow red, and he chants something in a foreign tongue

Draconecord: Mors opem invocantes te, et potestatem.
something then causes the ground to glow a bright red, and an anarchy symbol is formed from the blood red light

Draconecord: Excellent…
a gargantuan hand bursts from the ground, followed by another
Draconecord: I hope you don’t mind, but I’m requesting some assistance in eliminating all of you…
the hands then pull something up from the ground; a large, red, beast with a skulled head, and incredibly hairy equine legs
Draconecord: Great… I need to absorb you for the moment to eliminate… some pests…
the creature nods, and approaches Draconecord

the creature is then shrunk smaller and smaller, until it disappears completely. Draconecord now looks upon the helicopters, glowing a dark red aura now
Draconecord: Settle in… because Death has bestowed me your ticket to Hell!
he then aims his claws at many of the helicopters at once, and fires large talons onto each of them, hitting them and causing them to crash
Draconecord: Come now, ghoul! Show yourself and I may let you die with your entire body intact!
he fires both his beams of lights and his claws at the many helicopters, crashing many of them

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OOC: I was really tired when writing my introduction for the Loyalist army last night, I looked at it this morning and thought it was pretty crap and missing detail so seeing as im not really busy right now and have some free time I decided id re-write it, you needn’t have to read this if you don’t want to.
This takes place before NOLs arrival at the tower, when they are passing through the camp

The entirety of NOL spearheaded by the Imperator begin on their way through the camp, they will notice that is isn’t a traditional camp that you would find on Mobius that are made up of canvas tents but a much more futuristic kind where the “tents” are actually medium sized armoured structures that are covered in grime and look to have been sat there for a good long time, the doors are automatic and slide open when approached by soldiers and the lighting is provided by neon strips that are wrapped around the tops of the buildings, As the NOL file there way along the wide path through the structures things begin to turn quiet and odd, the feeling of being watched gets greater ad greater which is then made worse when the odd looking soldiers begin making there ways out of the buildings to watch the pass through of the NOL

Superintendent: You are not the only ones to grace this shield-worlds surface you see, an army has always been stationed here and have always travelled the universe upon this planet like crusaders upon a ship to the holy land, They are collectively known as the Loyalist Conclave and they are the the primary fighting force of the crow god himself, they are the ones who are called when a heretical planet needs to be vanquished in his name, this is encampment is just a small outpost of the many millions of military personnel who tread this world

You will quickly find out that this army is not like one you have ever seen before, because of the crows infinitely reaching influence of faith the Loyalist Conclave is a completely inconsistent military, its ranks are made up of species and creatures from countless different planets from multiple different dimensions, however they are all united under one purpose, which is to serve their god as a right hand.

Each species varies slightly when it comes to technology but most of them have reached an advanced level and are already in the space faring era which has lead them to begin leaving there own home worlds to capture the systems which they live in, it is at this late stage that the crow will make his presence known to them and test there faith, the ones who submit worship the crow and live peaceful lives, he only demands from them faith and a regular fighting force to add to the Loyalist military. The ones who reject the crow are pounded back through the ages by a overwhelming attack which forces them to a pre-industrial era making them learn the lesson the hardest way

Although the Loyalist Conclave is inconsistent and made up of different races it is still the most recognized, strongest and most experienced fighting forces to exist, they have never failed in their duty to please there god through the merciless killing of heretics. The Greater Incarnation of Unyielding Transcendence is like a great unstoppable wrecking ball that wipes out planets swiftly and promptly…..

The doorway of one of the armoured “tents” slides open letting out a musky air and foul stench, a creature makes its way into the light and stands in the doorway watching the Imperator, it blankly looks on, its weapon is ready and loaded

Superintendent: They are known as…..The Fallen
Superintendent: They are a six-limbed (four prehensile arms, two ambulatory legs), nomadic alien species of “once noble houses now scattered to the wind.” Fallen attack in large packs and have a distinct command structure. The Fallen’s addition to the Loyalist military make up a large proportion of the fighting force, they are the kind that are not to be tampered with and left to their own devices

On the other side of the street are a set of much much large buildings, they are more heavily armoured than the others and the doorways in and out are big enough to fit an elephant through, a hulking armoured creature comes lumbering out carrying an ammo case, it stops and watches….

Superintendent: The Cabal…
{color:darkgreen} They are very large, powerful creatures. often as “rhinos carrying slug throwers and riding in big tanks” but nonetheless they are extremely efficient and powerful fighters there bodies as much as a weapon as the guns they wield, among the Loyalists ranks they are often feared by the other races mainly due to their brutish strength and unforgiving manner…

Then from multiple average size buildings emerge various groups of humanoid creatures….

Superintendent: No, they are not humans, well, they carry the basic humanoid shape that you see but they certainly do not reign from Mobius, nor do they all come from the same planet themselves, the human form is just a widely evolved biological form which has spread amongst the galaxy like wildfire. These “humans” are still very much alike yourselves though so don’t feel that they are entirely alien but still, they are from different universes, they are probably just as surprised to see you as you are seeing them

Like I was saying there are multiple groups within the “humans” that are of different species themselves. The people who don’t fall into the 2 below categories you might aswell consider human

You have the Exo, who are highly advanced and prefer to use robotics in combat, often described as “sinister, powerful, and tireless.”

And then the Awoken, who are a much more placid and peaceful race who come from the far reaches of space, often described by others as “exotic, beautiful, and mysterious.”

You begin to finally make your way out of the end of the maze of buildings, the tenseness resides and the Loyalists return to there duties

Superintendent: I apologize for the seemingly unwelcoming looks, they are quite un-accepting of what they call “converts” I advise Imperator, that your soldiers keep there distance from the Loyalist for the time being

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Jun 15, 2013 at 11:44AM EDT


Before they are introduced to the HQ

Saya: Do not worry. I shall have the NOL keep their distance from the loyalists for the time being until we get things… situated. If there is conflict, I have someone who shall stop it.
Saya just blankly stares straight ahead.

All of this information shall come in handy later for Terumi…
Relius looks around at all the various races with a straight look on his face.
The troops continue to march onwards behind the Imperator.

After they are introduced to the HQ…

Saya’s throne floats itself over to the gravity cradle, and rests in it.
Saya: I am giving Terumi and Relius access to your systems too. They shall be under me.
She motions a hand to the green haired man, and the masked man in a cape in the room.

Phantom levitates off the ground beside Saya’s throne.
Terumi: I’ll take good care of the little bastards at the prison when I’m there. Don’t you worry. Ehehehe…
Terumi begins to laugh a little.

Relius: Many thanks, Imperator Librarius.
Relius bows towards her again. Ignis remains floating off the ground beside him.

Saya turns her attention back towards the Superintendent.
Saya: That is all for now.

Jun 15, 2013 at 02:38PM EDT


Superintendent: Providing clearance to additional personnel reduces safety…….Terumi and Relius have been added to the system access list, although it is highly advised that I am contacted concerning planet wide system issues, or any issue for that matter. I understand Imperator, call me when I am needed, goodbye
The AI’s face flickers off of the screens giving them a few moments of peace but then the main door to the throne room slides open….

A massive Fallen comes stomping into the room, its easily over 15 feet tall and its footsteps send shakes through he ground. This one is different from the ones at the camp however not just because it is several feet taller but because it is much more well dressed and highly decorated, its noble walk and getup give of the impression that it is some sort of commander or captain.

He has a very deep voice and speaks in a rough and gruntish sort of tone
?: It isn’t a lie after all! a convert holds the position of ruler! has our god gone truly insane!
He walks upto the throne and looks down on the Imperator with a intimidating gaze, he easily towers above everyone around and strapped around his waste can be seen a 4 swords
?: Some small little thing sits in the throne! I for one will not let you disgusting heretics foul this place with your existence any longer, explain yourselves!

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Jun 15, 2013 at 03:11PM EDT

@The big dude,

Saya’s red eyes do not even look upwards at the creature. She just completely ignores it in terms of looking.
Saya: … What is the meaning of this interruption?
Her voice sounds emotionless, and with a sort of echo after it. It sounds like a robot.

Phantom quickly moves itself in front of the Imperator.
Saya: No. I shall deal with this.
She motions a hand for Phantom to go back to its original position, and it does so.
Saya: Our god has chosen me to rule over Transcendence. You have been lowered in position. Kneel before your superior.
Both of Saya’s eyes glow red for a brief second, and begin to spark with red and purple energy for just a moment. Suddenly the massive brute of a creature is forced onto its knees with its head bowed and hands restrained. No matter how hard it tries to get up, it can’t it is completely locked in that. A thick purple mist is then put around the creature, and it begins to feel weaker by the second.

Saya: Tell me, why are you here?

Terumi can’t help but burst out laughing at the massive creature being forced down by Saya. Though he stops a short while after.

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Jun 15, 2013 at 03:26PM EDT

The massive Fallen is pinned, all four arms restrained
?: Aggghh!!….I am here to see if what I have been told is true! that a convert is the new leader! and that I am not! let go of me disgusting creature! I wish for freedom from this ethereal imprisonment!
He then turns his attention to Terumi
?: How dare you cretin! Do you not know who I am?!

Jun 15, 2013 at 03:36PM EDT

@The Fallen,

Saya: This is true. You have been replaced. You are bound by your will not to cause any conflict between our two groups. Do you understand?
The mist vanishes, and he slowly regains control of his body back.

Terumi opens his mouth, just about to say something.
Saya: Silence, Terumi.
Terumi: …. You must forgive me.
Saya didn’t even look at Terumi, and she still is looking straight forward.
Saya: You can start by informing us of who you are, and what your position here is.
While the Fallen begins to speak, Saya contacts the Superintendent.
Saya: What is the progress coming along for the mind transferal, our weaponry, and our armor?

Jun 15, 2013 at 03:44PM EDT

The Superintendent flickers up onto the screens and the Fallen rises back up onto its feet, brushing itself off

Superintendent: Hello Imper-
?: Silence machine!
The Fallen stands up perfectly straight stretching off all four of its arms
?: I am Primarch Strelok! known widely amongst the worthless sub-species as the unstoppable war titan! my position here is one of leadership as I rule over the Loyalist Conclave and was appointed by god himself!
Primarch Strelok
A Fallen Primarch, leader of the Loyalist Conclave and vicious fighter. His species has been noble to crow for countless millennia meaning they have always held a high standing in the faith and have benefited greatly from doing so, the crow granted them huge advances in ground breaking tech and the ability of FTL propulsion providing them with the ability to effectively traverse space. Strelok is the forefront in a epically long line of rulers, his guild is the largest and most celebrated in the entire species meaning that Strelok himself is very famous amongst the races as well as a suitable leader for the Loyalists
Primarch Strelok: That was a feeble show of force and does not warrant you holding such a high standing, I am most in disagreement here! and as for keeping the peace, I can not assure that I have that much control over their actions, Now I demand to know what kind of drudging pit you have been pulled up from and why you are here!
Superintendent: The weapo-
Primarch Strelok: I said silence! you annoying construct!

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Jun 15, 2013 at 04:25PM EDT


Saya: The Life Giver and the NOL hail from Earth, one of many. You shall address me as Imperator Librarius, or The Life Giver. That was not even a fraction of what I am capable of, Primarch.
Saya, The Life Giver, The Imperator Librarius, these are all titles for Saya.
During her reign as Imperator, she has gained great power from an unknown source. She is extremely capable in all fields of combat, despite her being born with a weak and fragile body. She has mastery over telekinesis, sorcery, and black magic. You could also say that she is an equivalent to a Psyker from WH40k with her advanced mind and powers.
Saya’s red eyes stare straight into Primarch Strelok.
Saya: We are here because we unknowingly destroyed a heretic world with just the press of a button. Our god found distaste to it, and we gave our faith to him. He accepted this, and was the one who brought us to Trancendence. He was also the one who brought our green haired friend back from non-existence.
Without Strelok’s notice, she establishes a mental link between them for the time being. She intends to listen in on his thoughts.
Saya: That is what we are doing here.

Relius summons the Superintendent.
Relius: It would be better if you spoke to me about these matters. What is the current status on everything?

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Primarch Strelok: I trust that this pointless interruption does not alter our next targeted crusade? If I must tolerate this heinous insult upon my leadership then I regretfully shall and will treat it as a test of faith to MY god……..I will be watching closely…..Imperator…….and waiting for mistakes
The Primarchs thoughts are all spoken in the language of the Fallen, it is a odd mix of insect like clicking and whistles. Saya will see that there is also great sense of jealousy and disappointment in how things are currently and at how the Primarch has seemingly been forgotten, then atop these thoughts is a powerful urge to smash Saya and her assistants into the ground, he continues thinking to himself whilst looking down at the imperator
Primarch Strelok: Pathetic creatures….there will soon be a day where she is struck down and I reclaim what is rightfully mine, be it by a heretics hand….or my very own

The Superintendent focus’s on Relius
Superintendent: Hello Relius,
All weaponry and munitions are ready to be retrieved from the armoury
Armour is ready and awaiting the arrival of your army, they are to go to the nearby war factory to attain the equipment
All prisoners but the vigilantes have been transferred to a different part of Persephone where they will have there minds extracted and added to my servers on a digital level, the transferral can begin shortly

Jun 15, 2013 at 05:29PM EDT


The previously mentioned dozen fairies that had broken though the rift created by the black hole have started multiplying, and now have formed a colony of 300, with at least 100 more eggs balanced onto a giant carefully crafted raft. They don’t know, nor really care what is going on up in the sky above them. As ash rains down upon them from the upper atmosphere, they can only wonder how they are going to feed 400 mouths. Land will need to be found soon… the amount of dead fish created by Outer Haven’s exit into the atmosphere they have been eating won’t last for much longer. They begin a long voyage to land…


Yukari: “You certain this is it?”
Suika: “Yeah. This is the white hole created by the black hole you have.”
Yukari: “To think it would be in the middle of a place like this…”
Suika: “The amount of energy around here is astounding… how are you going to contain it all?”
Yukari: “Boundary of Free and Contained.”

Suddenly, all the energy that had been expelled by the white hole reforms…

Yukari: “Now then. Go ahead and close the black hole, I don’t need it anymore.”
Suika: “Alright!”

Suika throws in a glowing ball and the black hole closes up

Suika: “Soooo… what do I get from all of this?”
Yukari: “I know you aren’t interested in power, which is what you are getting anyways. But lets just say the worlds supply of Alcohol will be multiplied by billions.”
Suika: “ALRIGHT!”

And with that Suika is returned to Gensokyo to go off and do drunk person stuff some more

Yukari: “Now then… time to get the power source to the place I can use it.”

She looks up at the sun she made, this being at least several times larger than our sun…

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@Primarch Strelok,

Saya: I see… The walls have eyes and ears. I can see and hear everything that goes on around this planet. Every single move that something makes, and the slightest blow of wind. I shall be watching you too, Primarch.
She hears this last thought, and then breaks the mental connection. Strelok can feel that he has a slight headache now.
Saya: Now, begone. I must attend to business.
She motions a hand for Strelok to leave.
Saya: That is an order.


Relius: Excellent. We can start by going to the armory first. I wish to see this new technology.
Relius turns his attention to Terumi next.
Relius: Terumi, come along. You might want to see this too.

Terumi sighs at Relius.
Terumi: Yeah, I have nothin’ to do right now.
Terumi makes his way over to Relius, and then turns his attention to the Superintendent.
Terumi: Hey, uh… whatever the hell you are. I’m in charge of the Intelligence Department around here. I need you to escort my to my quarters later, and all that good shit. ’K?

Relius: Yes, and I am the head of Engineering. I will also be needing that information soon. For now, lead on.

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Jun 15, 2013 at 07:42PM EDT

The Primarch mutters something in his alien language and makes his way out of the throne room whilst scratching his head

Superintendent: Yes Terumi, that is fine. Please follow me

The pair ascend the HQ towers high up above the artificial clouds, the structures are so large that they house pretty much everything needed for the NOL army, from ammo, weapons and vehicles. They make their way down a series of long and cold hallways, following the Superintendents screens as they flicker up to give directions…..

They eventually arrive at a armoured steel door at the bottom of one of the hallways
Superintendent: You should find that everything is satisfactory here and to your liking it is also worthy to note that no Loyalists are permitted entry into the HQ towers, so this collection of weapons is exclusive to the NOL. Welcome to the armoury
The large door quickly slides open to reveal a massive area which is less like a room but more like another huge hallway which runs off into the distance for at least a mile the ceiling is also far above and is very much like a warehouse. Stacks upon stacks of hard-light based weapons are lined up down the room, creating a city like maze
The Superintendents face appears upon a huge screen that over watches the vast warehouse

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Jun 15, 2013 at 08:12PM EDT


Captains Log: Minute 5 of the voyage. Still no sign of land. The crew is growing restless. I fear I am already target of a mutiny. Unfortunately, if land isn’t spotted in the next 3 minutes I may be thrown overboard.

Captains Log: Minute 7 of our voyage and we are under attack by a shark! We are doomed!

Captains Log: Minute 12 of our voyage. We managed to fend of the shark under my excellent leadership! The crews moral restored!

Captains Log: Minute 17… still no sign of land. I fear for the worst for my crew.

Captains Log: Minute 19. We have been blessed with 13 baby girls! Thank god we still only have 2 men, otherwise the multiplication issue would become far more of a problem.

Captains Log: Minute 23. Land still evades us… the minds of the crewmembers turning against their owners. The sky rains snow that is ash, and omonus black shapes lurk below us. We fear something worse than a shark. I fear we may not last the half hour.

Jun 15, 2013 at 08:28PM EDT

@The Superintendent,

Terumi goes over to the cases, and takes a hard light rifle off of one of the shelves. He closely examines the rifle, turning it every which-way. Though as he examines the rifle, he keeps his eyes closed completely. He is still able to see like that though.
Terumi: Hmm… So it seems this thing shoots bullets made of compressed light. I’ve never been one for guns. There’s nothing better than getting to see someone falling into despair up close. Ehehehe…
Terumi puts the rifle back on the shelf, and continues to walk.

Relius looks around at all of the hard-light weaponry.
Relius: Are there any more types of weaponry in this warehouse?

Terumi catches up to the Superintendent.
Terumi: And what is the status on the mind transferal? They’re going to be put into machines, right? Are there any we could see soon?

Back in the throne room…

Saya: Phantom.
The mysterious figure draped in robes appears in cloudy mist front of Saya and says nothing.
Saya: I need you to go out and see what the Loyalists are doing… how they act, where their camps are, and see if they are all brutes like the Primarch. The latter should be true.
Phantom: …
Phantom disappears in a black and red mist from in front of the Imperator.

@The Loyalists,

The Loyalists who are in the outskirts of the encampment the NOL came through notice a black mist swirling around for a few seconds. They then see a figure draped in purple robes and hat materialize out of thin air while floating a few inches off the ground near their position. The figure also has white scarf-like appendages coming from around it’s neck, and a piece of jewelry that they are attached to. Where there is supposed to be a face, there is just blackness covering it.

The Phantom begins to make its way slowly through the encampment down the main road.

Jun 15, 2013 at 09:52PM EDT

Space Colony ARK
Cannon countdown: 1 hour 28 minutes

Robotnik bears no semblance of fear as the group approaches his Command Room, nor does he take notice of the damage caused by Hakumen. The evil scientist merely smiles and gestures towards his “guests.”

Ah, my guests. So many new faces… I suppose you’re all here for the same reason, yes?

Tell me: Why have you all gathered here before me?

Robotnik’s glare crosses the face of Flandre, and he pauses for a moment. He recognized this young girl… yet he had no memory of meeting her. His thoughts were corrupted, but now that he had even a slight grasp of his recent past, he wanted with a surprising determination to gain back what memories he had lost. But this effort was for naught, as now, Robotnik’s pupils glowed bright, but not their usual red color; Robotnik’s pupils were now a bright green, the same color as the Warpstone.

Robotnik stands, a devious smile crossing his face once again.

You may have expected to come here and finally defeat me. I must applaud you on your efforts.


Robotnik merely sends a thought signal to the ship, summoning a wave of Shadowbots to flood the Command Room.

I don’t intend to allow any of you to leave this place alive.

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Jun 15, 2013 at 10:28PM EDT

@Terumi & Relius,
Superintendent: Yes, there are more
They are lead through into a smaller room which branches off from the warehouse, inside the room are a few glass display cases, each of them well lit, the Superintendent appears on a nearby screen
Superintendent: This particular warehouse only contains hard-light armaments, this room acts as a catalogue for all the weaponry we have in stock, in the display cases you will find a single example of the kinds of weapons we have
In one case is a hard-light rifle, the others house different types of guns such as, organic, plasma, electrical, conventional and charged matter
Superintendent: For each weapons we have a dedicated warehouse that is full on stock. Currently the bodies that the prisoners will be placed into are at Persephone, which is quite some way away, however they will be viewable soon

Superintendent: The transfer process can begin Imperator but only upon your command

@The Phantom,
Her presence attracts the attention of large amount of Loyalists. Fallen, Cabal and humanoid look on as she makes her way through the camp. Shouts and gunshots can be heard around the area followed by yet more shots, screams and then a roar, most likely an enraged Cabal or Fallen training routine which makes things sound a bit unnerving but nonetheless normal to the people who live here. She will notice up ahead that the Primarch is taking his anger out on a group of Dregs, Dregs being the lowest class of Fallen around most likely determined by the fact that they only have 2 arms. The Primarch throws them around like rag dolls and smashes them up against the sides of buildings with his bare fists managing to take on four at a time, even though it isn’t exactly like they are putting up a fight, the last thing they would want to do is annoy him even more so they let themselves get brutality battered whilst a small crowd of Loyalists watch and talk amongst themselves, Although one of them does take extra interest in the Phantom

An Exo sits in the shadows and watches closely as she passes through


S-001 “Anti Armour” immediately begins firing upon with bots with his Grindle linear rifle
S-003 “Pointman” lets off a volley of rapid shots, spearing a number of shadowbots
S-004 “TacNuke” begins firing upon the Eggman with his assault rifle
S-005 “CQC” throws a number of grenades at the surrounding bots and lets off a few blasts from his shogtun
S-002 “Medic” quickly then throws down a bubble shield which encompasses the Spartans, protecting them from all incoming fire

@The Fairies in the ocean,
A watery eruptions takes place not too far from the barge as a huge flying whale emerges from the oceans depths and takes to the air, it begins circling the barge, blocking the sun. After a few minutes of confusing the fairies with its sudden and weird appearance its starts speaking to
them with a very very low and dull voice, the kind that a flying talking whale would use

Great Whale: I am the Great Whale and I have been watching your misfortunes over the past few minutes that you have been drifting upon my realm. Your battle with the vicious shark was most heroic and admirable therefore I offer you safe passage to….the mainland……but firstly……so that I can transport you to the place you desire so much you must all get into my mouth….Hmhmhmhmhmhmhmmmmm
The Great Whale

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Jun 15, 2013 at 10:43PM EDT

ooh, target practice!
Goroh swings the beam katana at the shadowbots, having significantly better results than when he tried his normal katana. In other words, the sword melts through them like hot butter.

Jun 15, 2013 at 10:49PM EDT

I see you’ve managed to produce some enhanced soldiers of your own. However…

Robotnik clicks his heels together, connecting them and causing his rocket-boots to activate, lifting him high into the air, dodging the Spartans’ attacks. Robotnik then retaliates by firing a laser from his robotic finger attached to his cybernetic arm, directly at the Spartan who shot at him.

They are still no match for me.

More Shadowbots and E-series flood the Command Room to replace the ones destroyed in the conflict.

Jun 15, 2013 at 11:13PM EDT


As the rows upon rows of Shadowbots and E-Series line into the room, Flandre gets a grin on her face and activates a spell card…
Forbidden Barrage… “Catadioptric”!
A purplish glow begins to form around her hands and intensifies quickly. Flandre crosses her arms in front of her, and quickly opens them. From her hands shoot out a barrage of big purple orbs followed by much smaller orbs. These projectiles also have a wall-bouncing capability, so they ricochet around the room striking nearly everything in it. She flies around the room releasing burst after burst of magic at the Shadowbots and Robotnik. A few stray ones hit some Egg Pawns, though they are all ricocheting around the room.

Hakumen: I hope you know what it means…
The vortex begins to intensify, becoming more and more unstable looking by the second. Hakumen’s crest then appears behind him for a second, glowing blue.

Hakumen: To stand before me!
Hakumen slams Okami onto the ground in front of him, and a massive chain of blue and white projectles that run along the ground that are twice as big as Hakumen head straight at Robotnik.


Saya: Begin.


Relius: Hmm… I see. Lead on. There is much more to see.
The two keep following the Superintendent.

@The Exo,

The Phantom stops in its tracks for a few moments, taking notice of the Primarch angrily throwing around the Dregs like they were just toys. The Phantom feels no sympathy for them. In fact, it can feel anything at all. No pain, no anger, no regret, no sadness… She is just a puppet used by the Imperator to do her dirty work. It looks at the Primarch from a distance, its gaze peering into his very soul. It senses anger. The Phantom pays seemingly little mind to this.
Phantom: …
The mysterious figure continues to float across the ground, and comes across a restaurant, or a pub. A place where the Loyalists go in their time off. She gets to the metal door of the bar, and uses a scarf-like appendage to open the door. The Phantom enters the bar, and just waits and observes. She senses that the Exo is watching its every move, but pays no mind to it either. All she wants to do is watch.

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Goroh spots Robotnik fly up out of the corner of his eye.
Goroh, seeing as he can’t reach Eggman normally, decided to throw his beam katana. It luckily severs off one of Eggman’s hands. The beam katana is promptly embedded high above in the wall.
I don’t think I should have done that…
Goroh runs over to the wall and tries to get his sword down, just flailing and jumping at it, to no avail.

Jun 15, 2013 at 11:24PM EDT

She notices how the group has engaged combat with Eggman, and decides to offer some advice. She contacts said group
Listen, make sure he does not get any chance of running away. Cut off his feet if you have to because he can move really fast if he wants to. I’ll try to reduce his speed a bit from here.
Glowing crimson chains appear, orbiting around Eggman’s ankles and reduce his movement speed. These chains cannot be removed by any physical or mechanical means.
If you guys need anything, call me up.
She teleports Goroh’s katana out of the wall, and onto the floor in front of him, then hangs up

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Jun 16, 2013 at 12:01AM EDT

There is a god…
Goroh picks up the beam katana again.

OOC: Just pointing out that Goroh has no Idea about what you’re doing, seeing as he’s on his own in terms of alliances.

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Jun 16, 2013 at 12:10AM EDT

Sparks fly as Robotnik’s cybernetic arm is severed. However, Robotnik shows no display of surprise, and merely drops to his severed limb, and scoops it up with his other hand.


Robotnik lifts off again, abandoning the Command Room with Shadowbots covering his escape so he may reattach his arm.

Don’t worry, I’m not finished yet! You’ve not seen the last of the Great Dr. Robotnik!!

By the way, if anyone needs me, I’ll be in the repair ward. Ta ta!

And with that, Robotnik makes his escape.

OOC: Last post for tonight. See you all later!

Jun 16, 2013 at 12:44AM EDT


Flandre continues firing off the purple bursts of magic which make quick work of the incoming Shadowbots, though they are still coming in.

Hakumen points at the retreating Dr. Robotnik making his escape.
Hakumen: COWARD!
The Silver Knight bounds at the legion of Shadowbots head on, slicing them down bot after bot with Okami. Thanks to Flandre’s magic, he manages to get through the legion. His speed is extraordinary since his armor is currently providing him an extra pool of energy to use. Once he is in a relatively clear area and with Robotnik still in sight, Hakumen jumps at him from behind.
Hakumen: Your escape is futile!
The Silver Knight grabs the diabolical Dr. Robotnik with one hand, and tosses him to the ground. The White Void stands before Robotnik who is lying on the ground.
Hakumen: Repent from your evil ways!
He then walks towards Robotnik and picks him up by the neck, lifting him a good 2 feet off the ground. Hakumen’s strength is astounding, and it will be very tough to break free from this.
Hakumen: So tell me… What do you seek from this evil?
All of the eyes on Hakumen’s armor look around vigilantly, all looking for possible threats that he can counter.

@Team C,

The elevator finally arrives at the Eclipse Cannon room. The space around everything is massive. There appears to be a very large console in the middle of the room with a countdown timer on it, and various other things.

Tager walks out of the elevator, followed by Kokonoe’s screen.
Tager: I am currently scanning the room for hostiles.
Tager looks around cautiously, surveying everything with his telescopic eye.

Kokonoe: While you do that, I’ll go check out to see the main controls of this thing.
Kokonoe’s screen floats up to the console, and she re-routes the virus to start trying to deactivate the cannon and stop the countdown timer.

Tager finishes his scan of the area.
Tager: No hostiles appear on my scanners, Kokonoe.

Kokonoe: Well if they do show up, just give ‘em hell. That’s an order.
Tager: Roger.

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Jun 16, 2013 at 01:12AM EDT

Reimu Sighes at Robotnik’s retreat

Marisa: “Well, you got a crowd control spell?”

Why me? You have more cards.


Marisa lets off a swarm of very large stars. She used this attack in the Marisa vs Flandre battle 3D, but in the middle of a clusterfuck so I couldn’t make a gif of it. This shouldn’t destroy the bots, but damage the whole crowd.

Why aren’t you Master Sparking!?!

“I use it in here and suddenly VWORP! We get sucked out the window!”

… good point.

The Fairies look up in awe and in fear as the whale emerges. After Order is somehow gained after what seems like minutes, the Captain flies up

“Oh Mighty Wind Fish from Zelda! Great Whale! We thank you for your generosity! We would be happy to climb aboard and be taken to land! Just give us a few seconds to gather our young!”

The roughly 313 fairies on board begin to pack up and get ready to board the whale, too stupid to consider the danger that this thing could eat them all if it wanted to.


“Don’t worry, they only eat Krill… OH LOOK! Krill!”

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Jun 16, 2013 at 04:03AM EDT


Luckily the bubble shield S-002 threw down protects the Spartans from the shadow bot missile fire and all the other…shit flying about the place, The Spartans bunker down behind some cover and keep laying down fire on the newly arriving bots, the combined fire of the Grindell laser rifle and make short work of them


Superintendent: The transfer process has begun Imperator.
Meanwhile at the mega prison….

Prisoners, there crimes being that of heresy, are strapped into prisoner pods and transported along a monorail to the the mental transfer wing….

The Persephone prison is a huge construct that is built straight into the artificial body of Transcendence itself, its bowels go down for miles and miles giving it the capacity to hold prisoner entire cities at a time if it needed, what is seen on the surface is just a tiny fraction of the behemoth that lies beneath the ground. Escape attempts are treated with immediate execution on site, there is no mercy or rest, just never ending torture, slave labour and random murder, the screams of the mad echo throughout the chamber quickly followed up by gunfire then silence, this is a common occurrence, the silencing of the freshly turned insane. The prison governor himself is just as mad as some of the long term inmates too and often authorises meaningless executions and sadistic experiments upon the helpless subjects, he is seen throughout the prison as being an incarnation of the demon himself and is feared just as much by the Loyalists. But atop all, the security of Persephone is extreme, there is no escape and nor has there ever been, people go in and only ever come out as either ashen smoke or some other horrific abomination no longer reflective of the person that went in. These facts are what makes Persephone the most horrific hell in existence, infamous throughout the universe for being the last place you’d ever want to end up.

Unsurprisingly the prison is located in a barren wasteland on a completely empty zone of Transcendence, even if someone managed to get past the brutal security procedures, struggles to ascend up 10 miles of prison, sneaks past the thousands of flinchy guards, the hundreds of cameras, the random electrified flooring, gas filled corridors, auto turrets, vicious alien hounds, biometric scanners, millions of corridors they will only find themselves in a massive freezing cold black rock dust bowl that stretch on for thousands of miles, The area around the prison is also lit up by massive flood lights and is patrolled by Loyalist Fallen, welcome to the life of a captured heretic….

Anyways….the prisoners are transported to the facility within the prison where they have their minds brutally extracted from their bodies and placed into robotic warriors, there useless bodies are then dumped into a massive incinerator, the process shouldn’t take too long until an army is made out of them and transported to the NOL HQ….


Superintendent: What is it that you wish to see Relius?


You enter the stifling bar and the smell of alcohol hits you like a freight train, the place is grimy, dirty and wreaks of general disorder, but still its the leisurely past time of any good Loyalist nonetheless, you will see that the place is populated with all different kinds of species from Fallen, Cabal, Exo and Awoken. However the chattering and laughter stops and the bar falls completely silent, pretty much every Loyalist in the place turns and faces the Phantom giving off some pretty darn unwanting looks. The cocking of revolvers and loading of rifles can be heard although they cant be seen, it looks as if the whole place is ready to pounce and attack like a rabid pack of wild dogs at any given moment, but instead they stay in their seats and watch

The sudden fall of silence attract the attention of the massive hulking Cabal barman, he is unarmoured

Barman: What?…


Great Whale: I have a large appet-……amount of room to accommodate you all, be sure not to forget any of your kind…hmhmhmhmhmhmmm
The whale continues to circle the barge, waiting

Jun 16, 2013 at 07:59AM EDT

@zarathh: edited it. my bad

Could you do a reply with snively who mirajane just rescued in the hangar area.

master makarov uses his giant growth magic to grow into a giant form that is a lot bigger than the shadowbots. he proceeds to smash the shadowbots around him while shrugging off their laser fire. he grabs one shadowbot and hurls it into a group of robos trying to swarm him. he continues to smash the bots around him.


grabs a shadowbot in each hand and crushes them with all of his strength then continues fighting through the shadowbots and follows robotnik.

@ team A
after the elevator stops, they see the coordinates on the map kokonoe provided for them. they notice a large number of robots guarding the path they need to take to get to the factories. the corridore is narrow and allows very little room for them to manoeuvre around the torrent of fire from the robos.

Laxus: damn, theres too many to go through without getting blasted.

Gajeel: yeah i know. but i think we can use the narrow corridores to our advantage.

Natsu: wow, you with an idea, thats rare so it must be good.




Natsu: YOUR JUST SCARED THATS ALL, WEL IM GONA SHO….. laxus smashes natus head into the floor

Laxus: will you shut up already the two of you. Gajeel, whats your idea on getting through them?

Gajeel: like i was gonna say until this dumbass has to run his mouth as always. since the corridore is too narrow for us to go through the robots. lets all just use our breath attacks at the same time on them. since they cant dodge anyways. they’ll all be caught in our attack and be scraped. then we can continue on ahead to the objective since by the looks of it, is not far from here.

natsu gets back up from the ground
Natsu: you know, that might actually work. well what are we waiting for lets do it.

Laxus: nice plan, for once. lets clear the halls and continue on.

they all get ready and open the door. they get ready to attack as it opens.

Laxus: on three. ONE.

Gajeel: TWO.

Natsu: THREE

*the door opens and they all jump out at the same time facing down the hallway filled with countless robos.

Gajeel: IRON
Natsu: FIRE….

All three of them at the same time: DRAGON ROOOOOAAAARRRR!!!!

they unleash their dragon breath attacks at the same time down the corridore filled with robos. they combine together to create a vortex of magical destruction all the way down. before the robos can even respond, they get caught up and are completely annihilated. it also destroys most of the hallway itself, walls are scortched, doors are damaged, and the lights above flicker on and off. the attack goes all the way down the hall untill it hits a massive door. when it does the door explodes into charred scraps and the area is covered im smoke.

Gajeel: damn, i think we overdid it.

Natsu: nah, it could have been worse.

Happy: yeah you guys could have destroyed the ark and everyone in it.

Laxus: yeah, i dont want to do this again anytime soon. so lets just head down the hall and get this damn factory destroyed. goes to the others in the elevator on their team. Hey spark, doomguy, lets go now. were almost there.

they proceed down the hall towards the factories

@team c
they are inside the main chamber for the cannons controls. they have already cleared out all of the robos inside. they wait for kokonoe and tager to work on the cannon.
Erza: Kokonoe, tager, do you have any idea how to stop the cannon besides destroying it? because i think if the warpstone is linked to it, simply destroying it will cause a chain reaction that will send us all to hell. any ideas?

the elevator will take some time before reaching the main chamber of the cannon.

mavis makes it back to the hall
Mavis: im sorry i was gone for a while. the city was under attack by a small group of the balloon masters men. i dispatched them and covered the city i an inpregnable barrier to prevet further harm to the city. though my best efforts to protect the citizens, they still managed to cause some damage to the city and civilian casualties.

the guild members begin to worry for a bit.

Elfman: damn that bastard and his men. if only you let us go with you we could have saved their lives.

Lisanna: elfman dont get upset. im sure mavis did all she could for the city to prevent more damage. i think we should all go and help with the damages done. what do you guys say?

the other members all agree upon it.

Mavis: go and do what you can for the city. the people are still frightened and some have been killed. please help them with their losses and also try to see to the repairs of the damaged buildings. there my be people trapped.

they all leave the hall and do what they were told. only two members stay behind. it is a woman with green hair named Bisca and a man with short spikey hair and a poncho named Alzac. they are married and have a 3 year old child together

Mavis: it is okay if you wish to stay here you two. i understand your reason to care for your child.

Alzac: if it is okay bisca, ill go with the others and help out. stay here with asuka okay.

Bisca: its okay, she seems a bit frightened as well. you go on ahead with the others.
they give each other a quick kiss before alzac goes off to help.

Mavis: now meredith, what is the status of heaven and the teams inside while i was away?

OOC: sorry for being gone yesterday. hope i didnt miss much.

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OOC: The elevator had already arrived there, Asura. They’re starting to work on the cannon now.

Jun 16, 2013 at 01:54PM EDT


Saya: Good.
Saya continues looking at the Superintendent.
Saya: Tell the troops to head to the war factory to obtain their armor and weaponry. That is an order. But for me, I must rest… Take me to my quarters.
The gravity throne unlocks itself from its stand, and begins floating in midair awaiting the Superintendent to lead her there.


Relius: This is very nice technology and weaponry. Impressive to say the least.
He smiles as he continues to examine all of the gadgets, gizmos, and weaponry that they have to offer.

The green haired man interjects with his dialogue.

Hazama: Hmm… I have to admit that this is quite an array of stuff that you have here.
Hazama goes over to one of the cases and begins to look through it. He then turns to look back at the Superintendent.
Hazama: Oh, and I go by Hazama now. So just call me that. Understand? And as for where we will go next… well… Take us to the melee weaponry storage, eh?

@The people in the bar,

The Phantom does not smell the alcohol hit her like a mac truck as she enters the bar. The mysertious figure looks around and observes all of the patrons of the bar. She takes notice of all the sounds of guns loading, but keeps utterly silent about it. This sudden silence is something she is all too used to.
Phantom: …
The Phantom levitates over to the darkest corner of the bar and begins to wait. It is watching everything… observing the daily lives of these aliens in order to get a better understanding of what they are like.

@Team C,

The Red Devil looks down at Erza.
Tager: Currently the Warp Stone is on the upper levels according to my scanners. That is what Team B is after, correct? There should be a way to deactivate the eclipse cannon without damaging the stone. If we deactivate the cannon, the Warp Stone will have nothing to power and therefore become useless. That is what Kokonoe is currently working on as we speak.
Tager then adjusts his glasses, and walks over to the control panel.

Kokonoe: The shutdown command is hidden deep in the system, so this will take a while to pull off.
Tager: I see.
Kokonoe: Tager, I need you to help me out with this. Even though you’re a field scientist, you still have the brain of a supercomputer that we’re going to make use of right away.
Tager: Roger. Commencing new objective.
Tager begins to type away with his massive metal fingers, trying to get further into the console to override the cannon.

With the two of them on the job, the time it takes to do this should be halved. All we can do now is wait.

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