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@Team Brave,

There was nothing Ragna could do to defend against Repede and Flynn’s attacks. He takes the brunt of them.
Ragna: Guh!
When he gets put on the ground, he recovers before Yuri can make his attacks. After getting up, he dodges Yuri’s punches swiftly. When Yuri is on his final punch, Ragna throws a glowing red punch at him with his right fist.
Ragna: Eat that!
Upon the two fists colliding, a shock-wave is made that sends Yuri flying towards Repede… Some links of Yuri’s soul chain would be added to Ragna’s health pool… But then the stones come along. He hears Rita chanting to herself and feels the magic building up under him. He decides to jump to the left out of the way of the stones… However one single stone still manages to hit him right in the balls…
Ragna: GAH!
He falls over on his knees, and scowls at Rita angrily as the Azure Grimoire repairs the damages done.

All of the sudden a Dead Spike appears under Rita, knocking her off balance and biting into her as her life is transferred to Ragna.

He gets up off the ground, still surrounded by Team Brave…
Ragna: Gr… You kids are really starting to get on my NERVES!
The cap of the Azure Grimoire glows a violet purple, and suddenly an intense vortex of darkness appears around Ragna.

Meanwhile with the villains…

While all of the heroes were having a good time partying at the Fairy Tail guild, the villains decided to pull a stunt… They had distributed wanted posters all over Fiorie. Hazama, Relius, Medusa, Nightmare Medic… All of them. Using Kusanagi, they made tons of the flyers in a short amount of time. During the party, their plan was executed… Phantom teleported Medusa to North Fiore, Relius and Ignis to west Fiore, Nightmare Medic was sent to Southern Fiore, and Hazama was sent to Eastern Fiore. Phantom was in charge of interdimensional distribution of the flyers. She took advantage of the fused planes and spread flyers everywhere… Every bounty hunter should have seen a poster by now. After all the posters were spread, Relius and Hazama meet up on top of the Fairy Tail guild hall.

Hazama looks down at all the carnage going on between Ragna and Team Brave, putting his hat back on.

Hazama: Rags is gonna get the shit beat out of him!
His smile twists into a sinister grin.
Hazama: Ehahahaha! Everything is falling into place perfectly…

Relius: What of the girl, Hazama? She is still vital to our plans.
He looks down at Saya who is watching her brother fight against Team Brave.

Hazama: Ol’ Saya…
He squints his eyes to get a better look, spotting Litchi as well.
Hazama: And the Faye-Ling girl… Heh.
He stops looking over the edge and walks across the rooftop.
Hazama: We can always pick up those two later… Too many witnesses right now.

Relius takes one last look back down at all the action going on right now.
Relius: Very well… Some other time then?
He turns to look back at Hazama.

Hazama: Right on, my overly educated friend.
He snickers a bit.
Hazama: My good Phantom, if you would.

Phantom: …
The Phantom complies silently, and teleports the two off the top of the guild hall and back to base.

@Scarlet Devil Mansion,

Patchouli can smell something extremely intoxicating ever since a few hours ago… She tries to find the source of the smell, but there is no luck… She has also noticed missing books from the shelves the past few days. Little does she know that something is actually in the library… Not even the fairies have caught glimpse of it.

There are trails of black, sticky grime all over the place…
Arakune: No…No…No…STUPID!
He throws a book he was reading against the wall that makes a loud crash noise. He has been sent here by Relius to find something… Something of great value. Arakune’s mind is scrambled and insane, but he shall obey his master. He quickly overtakes the books and slithers around unnoticed…
Arakune: Yes…
He comes across a desk with a peculiar looking box sitting on it. Arakune rises off the ground and devours the box… The Fon Slot Seal… His target. Making haste, he slithers away again and is teleported off by Phantom.

@Team Brave and Fairy Tail,

Jubei calmly steps in the middle of everyone and Ragna.
Jubei: Now now… Hold yer horses here for a secon’. Both of yer groups.

Ragna: Master?
He drops the field down.

Jubei: Yeah. ’s me. Lemme handle this though, Ragna…

Ragna: Tch… Okay…
He still keeps his guard up in case any of them try to attack.

Jubei proceeds to make his way over to Yuri calmly. It’s like the cat doesn’t care at all that a fight was just going on.
Jubei: Can I see that poster ya have there, kiddo?
The old cat yanks the poster from Yuri’s hands if he didn’t give it to him.
Jubei: I’ll be…
He examines the poster closely…
Jubei: These weren’t up a few hours ago.
Jubei looks up at Yuri again.
Jubei: Somethin’s smellin’ fishy ‘bout this…
Handing the poster back to Yuri, Jubei jumps back over to Ragna.
Jubei: There ain’t no way those posters coulda gotten here in the nick’a time we just got put on this here planet… Someone had ta have been here /before/ we got set back down…
This is actually true… We’ve been set down here for like 15 minutes. No one could have put these posters up in that amount of time. This logic hits everyone in the surrounding area.

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Nov 03, 2013 at 07:59PM EST

All panicky not knowing what to do, I kinda shake there flailing about all panicky. Totodile pops out of nowhere thinking I’m dancing, so it dances too.

Ummm…. Ummm… ahhhhhhh

Suddenly by impulse

Totodile use Water Gun?!?!

Totodile turns its attention to the people fighting, and sprays water on them

Ahhh?! Why did I do that?!

Returning back into the panic dance.

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Nov 03, 2013 at 08:26PM EST

@Reimu and marisa.

After clearing things up with Chen and his church, he makes his way back to the guild hall. The church must refrain from forcing people into their faith and making them turn against the guild or their neighbours in the city.

@Team bravo and Ragna and Jubei

After Jubei finds out about the posters, everyone calms down and puts their magics away. They cease their hostilities towards team Bravo and clear their minds over all of this.

@Todadile and Tery.

Everyone is soaking wet because of todadile and just look at you with pissed off looks on their faces. You should be quivering in fear for doing that, despite being an accident of some sort.

@back to the others
Erza: posters, what posters.

Gray.: We didn’t see any posters on our way here. So it must mean somebodies trying to frame Ragna.

Natsu: Hey Jubei sir, could we see that for a moment?

Natsu goes up to Jubei and obtains the poster and brings it back to the other guild members and they look at it very carefully for a few seconds.

Then they respond to it with something that nobody would expect.

For a little bit, they start to snicker a bit at the poster, trying to hold it in their laughter over the hideous picture of Ragna on it. But then it gets to the point that they cannot hold it in any longer and they all start bursting into laughter. They all just cannot help it and they just continue to laugh.

The others look at the photo as well and they laugh as well. It is just so freaking hilarious that they don’t even care about the money on it. They just continue to laugh out loud. Some of them are into tears while some are on the ground laughing.



LUCY: MY STOMACH HURTS SO MUCH. She says as she grabs her stomach with both arms.

Erza: RAGNA… IM SORRY…. BUTErza is brought down on all fours. This is even too hilarious for her.

Wendy is holding her sides, they hurt her as well.

Laxus and Gajeel are trying to hold on to each other. Looking like they are about to collapse.



Everyone in Fairy tail is in tears, laughing over the hideous photo of Ragna. They just can’t help it.

Nov 03, 2013 at 09:05PM EST


The shockwave of the attacks colliding had caused Yuri to stagger, but as it was a clash situation the attack had gave Ragna no HP back as he had caused no damage.

Rita sees the Dead Spike coming, and hops out of the way of it

Rita: “Too Slow!”

As Ragna tries to create the vortex of darkness, Yuri raises his sword…

And gets ready to “normalize” the massive amounts of unstable energy…

But then Jubei shows up and stops it all

Yuri: “Wait…. what? You mean this was some kind of prank? If this guild didn’t put up the posters than who did?!”

Flynn: “Clearly somebody wants him dead, and dead badly…”

Nobody in the vesperia group had dropped their guards…

Rita: “I actually thought it made sense, considering that he turned into that giant black beast and nearly started consuming the universe.”

Repede is still growling at Ragna

And then they all get Drenched

Rita: “ARG! You Damn Alligator I will kill you!”

Yuri: “Actually, you really needed a bath.”

Rita punches Yuri

Yuri: “GAH

Estelle: “Guys! Stop!”

Then the entire crowd starts laughing at the poster. Leaving the group in a position of total derp.

Flynn: “Sooooo…”

Yuri: “This is this towns Guild…? Not an ounce of serious business here is there… Karol would be horrified to see this.”

Rita: “I seriously have no clue how to react right now…”

Repede whines…


Patchouli spent weeks getting the smell out, however never noticed the missing Fon Slot Seal. The fact that Marisa was gone means that she couldn’t have done anything but lost it at this point. So she just waits for it to turn up again, for however long that takes.

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Nov 03, 2013 at 10:00PM EST

Gahh, I’ve been at Youmacon this entire weekend, sorry for the vague response.

Red is absolutely stunned at recent events
Err.. What in the HELL was that?

Nov 03, 2013 at 11:00PM EST

@Current events,

When Ragna gets drenched by the Totodile, he doesn’t look pleased. In fact on top of that… His hair is ruined. Instead of being all spiky and awesome it looks like he just got a bucket of water dumped on his head. It’s also covering parts of his face, and looks pretty god damn funny.
Ragna: GAH! Not the hair!
He scowls at Totodile and Terry after wiping away his soaking wet hair from his face.
Ragna: Get that stupid alligator out of here!
He begins to step towards Terry…

But then that is interrupted by the laughter. HE knows what Fairy Tail found… The poster. He painfully turns around with his soaking wet head and glances at the wanted flyer. He is far too familiar with these…

Ragna: That doesn’t even look anything like me!
He turns to look at Jubei.
Ragna: Why did you give them the flyer, Master?!

He replies with probably the most sincere response ever.
Jubei: ’Cause they wanted ta see it.

Ragna can’t even.

@Team Brave,

Everyone in the street can hear and feel shaking from down the street… To everyone thus far they would recognize this immediately as Tager’s hulking mass making its way towards them. To Team Brave it would feel like tremors were happening on and off. They then see a giant shadow falling over them in the shape of a giant man. When they turn around to see what could possibly causing this, they see… The Red Devil.

Tager: Not an ounce at all…
He looks down at Team Brave.
Tager: This is peculiar. I haven’t seen you lot around town…
He then straightens up his glasses to keep them from falling off his face.
Tager: You were also the ones who were causing trouble here just moments ago… What business do you have here?

Nov 04, 2013 at 11:24AM EST

The Order mages ALSO show up, but they were too slow to actually see any of the battle…. except for Tempestia, of course, but the battle had been interrupted before she felt the need to intervene.

Tahrdan: …Oh, hey, more newcomers.

Solarian merely cuts to the chase. He is already back in his robes, as well.

Solarian: Yes, Tahrdan, more newcomers…

He turns to Team Brave

Solarian: So…. Who are you?

Ignis: Well, um… Maybe we didn’t need to head, uhh… out here…

Ignis is actually blushing a bit. The reason becomes readily apparent when they turn to an annoyed-looking Tempestia. The water has turned her clothing translucent, and what she’s wearing underneath leaves little to the imagination. As for the other two… Tikal basically has her modesty preserved by her fur, and the water merely splashed off of Athena’s breastplate.

Tempestia: Hey, quit staring!

Pyralis: …Oh. Oh my.

Both fire elemental Order mages… well, they can’t resist.

Tempestia: I said STOP staring!

Ignis: Why?

Tempestia doesn’t bother responding verbally. She proceeds to kick both Ignis and Pyralis where it hurts…. they are forced to the ground and curled up after this.

Tempestia: And now for the creature that caused this.

She turns to Terry, and her daggers are in her hand.

Tempestia: You WILL keep that thing under control, or else.

Huh. Turns out Tempestia doesn’t like people staring that much. You’d be surprised, considering how she dresses and all…

Noctan: Never mind that, what was going on here?

Yeah, they missed the flyer discussion too.

Tikal: Something about some… flyer, I think they said?

Granatir: What flyer?

(OOC: If you want your characters to keep laughing at the flyer, don’t give it to Granatir… or any of the Order mages, in fact. It will be burned if any one of them gets a hold of it. (Even Noctan or Tahrdan, they’ll let one of the others burn it.))

Pitchurn: …Hold on, there’s one more newcomer we haven’t asked about…

She turns to Athena

Pitchurn: So… who are you?

Tempestia: She calls herself ‘Athena’, and claims to be some sort of god.

Nov 04, 2013 at 01:23PM EST

Kiritsugu and his group grudgingly returns to town. Not having the advantage of city streets like they are used to pretty much cost them that battle… Maiya and Irisveil had gotten lost and never participated. Not to mention, the fact that it’s now getting incredibly humid is making their choice of attire incredibly dreadful.

Saber: “So the entire region was displaced into another world…”

Kiritsugu: “Now getting back will take a miracle…”

Irisveil: “And not to mention somehow our castle was transported here as well… its like something wants us to be here.”

Kiritsugu: “At least the castle has Air Conditioning… and we can move our base back into it once we get some help fixing it.”

Saber: “What is going on here…?”

They come upon the laughing crowd.

Kiritsugu: “Be careful, somebody might have dropped a bomb of Laughing Gas.”

They gently walk towards the crowd…


Yuri: “We are the group Brave Vesperia! A small traveling guild, if you will.”

He uses the powers in his bracelet to dry himself off… many of the other members doing the same. However Flynn’s source is on his Chest, Rita’s is on her Neck, and Estelles… not visible. Repede just does what a dog does to dry off, shaking off and getting everyone in the crowd even more wet.

Rita: “Psht. If you are generous enough to call it that. More like a band of hapless mercenaries.”

Estelle: “Rita, how could you say that after coming this far!?”

Rita: “Especially after todays display, I would also have full right to call us the biggest comedians on the planet. Or Murders. These guys seem like they are about to die from lack of Air.”

She just stares at the hysterical crowd…

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Nov 04, 2013 at 03:39PM EST

OOC: Forgot Tager:

The Vesperia group just look up at Tager, slightly mortified at his appearance

Yuri: “What the hell are you!? Some kind of… Monster?”

Rita: “A monster with A MACHINE! Finally!”

She runs up to study his arms

Rita: “Is this… An Electromagnetic Array!?”

She’s already invading Tager’s personal space, about ready to either take it apart or hack into it.

Nov 04, 2013 at 06:23PM EST

@Ragna and Vesperia group.

The guild of Fairy Tail Return back to their senses. They never have laughed like that in a long time. They begin to calm down and finally respond to the others.

Juvia uses her water magic to remove all of the water from everybody thanks to Terry’s Todadile.

Natsu: oh… ohohoh.. Man, that was hilarious.

Lucy: Were sorry Ragna, but we just couldn’t help it. Also if you want I can get one of my spirits to help you out with your hair.

Gajeel: Defenitely needs to fix his hair. He looks like a mop that should be stored in a janitors closet. HEHEHEE..

Gray: Yah, we just thought that the photo was hilarious. And don’t worry about the hair, Lucys got it covered.

Erza: She walks up to the Group that attacked Ragna and has the poster in his hand. So I guess this was all a big misunderstanding. These posters were not around for that long. Some people might be trying to frame our friend Ragna here, so it is alright that you thought that it was real. She then rips the poster into pieces and then lets her hand out to Rita. The name is Erza Scarlet.

Erza:This is our home city of Magnolia. This our guild of Fairy Tail, we may not seem like much, but were actually the strongest wizard guild in all of our lands.

Natsu and some of the main cast walk up to greet them.

Natsu: Sup guys, the names Natsu Dragneel. Fire dragon slayer of Fairy Tail. And this is Happy.

Happy: Aye sir. Welcome to our home.

Lucy: Lucy Heartfillia. Sorry about all of this misunderstanding.

Gray: Gray Fullbuster. Gray is actually wearing his boxer shorts only.

Wendy: Wendy Marvell. Nice to meet you guys. This is Carla my friend.

Carla: Hm..

Wendy: Don’t mind her, she takes on getting used to.

Natsu: So, now that we cleared all of the introductions out of the way, what brings you guys here?

@Kitsurugi and Saber.

Makarov is right behind you two.

Makarov: Welcome back you two. So, how did things go with hunting down that wretched Nightstalker?

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Nov 04, 2013 at 08:04PM EST

On a jorney of exploration and searching for the source of the spacial disturbance roughly a day ago, the GFC Olympus roars though Hyperspace.

AU389: “Unsuspected Collision Detected. Captian, Pilot, requesting immediate stop in 9…”

The ship hits the breaks, coming to the equivalent of a screetching halt as it nearly falls into the gravitational pull of a star sized mass that had not previously been maped.

Captain: “Aurora Unit! What’s the situation!”

AU389: “Sir, unsuspected obstical. We nearly crashed into it.”

Captain: “Visuals.”

Pilot: “On Screen.”

AU389: “Sir, Star Sized Space Station Detected. Detecting large amounts of energy.”

Captain: “Signs of life?”

AU389: “Scanning, Stand By.”

Pilot: “Should we awaken the crew?”

Captain: “Not until we decide what to do with this…”

They wait for the supercomputer to finish it’s calculations… rubbing their eyes from their sudden awakening…

AU389: “Sir. Life counts detected. Ranging in the quadrillions.”

Captain: “Is it possible to detect intelligent life?”

AU389: “Sir. Of the sample I took of roughly 0.001%, much of this life is in stasis. This appears to be a Space Station.”

Pilot: “That’s impossible! A space station that big would require a home planet many times that size!”

Captain: “We shouldn’t jump to conclusions… Aurora Unit, continue scanning for an awakened crew, and hail them on all frequencies.”

AU389: “Understood. Hailing the station…”

20 minutes have passed… both the captain and the pilot twiddling their thumbs as new info pops up on screen. Not only is the entire place one giant industrial city, it’s also got multiple layers that goes down for thousands of floors. All perfectly aligned to the planet itself. Each and every one of them filled with lifeforms in cryo sleep…

Pilot: “What do you suppose… drove that race to do such a thing…?”

Captain: “If your assertions about the size of their home planet was correct… the gravity upon it must have eventually torn the planet apart.”

They just look at each other…

Captain: “That’s just my guess anyways… from what we know this is just a Salvation Ark…”

AU389: “Captain. My attempts at hailing them have triggered a reaction. I detect power surges thoughout the planet.”

Pilot: “Power Surges?”

AU389: “They appear to be re-constructing an atmosphere.”

Captain: “So even their Atmosphere was in storage… how long until we can get on the phone with one of them?”

AU389: “Not long.”

Pilot: “If it is an Ark, we won’t be able to help them. There is no…”

A massive amount of creaking is heard on the ship…

AU389: “Sir, they are attempting to pull us in with a tractor beam.”

Captain: “Sheild up and keep us in orbit!”

Pilot: “Can they not communicate?”

The ship is put into Red Alert, and the rest of the crew begins waking up…

Captain: “We are in Red Alert. On my order we will disrupt the enemies tractor beam and make a jump to hyper space.”

AU389: “Sir, their atmosphere…”

Captain: “God damn, we can’t survive in those conditions. The whole ship will melt!”

AU389: “Si-”

The entire ship flickers as a series of tractor beams hit the ship.

Captain: “Pilot! Disrupt in 10!”

A giant flaming tentacle seems to rise up from the surface…


Batteries charging up…


Hyper Engines heating up…


The Ship manages to turn itself…


The flame begins to sweep at them in a long motion…


The Tractor Beam Disruptor glows…


The flame is getting closer!


Nearly there…



AU389: “Jumping.”

the ship jumps back to hyperspace…


The Captain and the Pilot missing from the craft… along with the entire crew… and everything organic, including the Aurora Unit.

Computer: “… Please Report… Please Report… …Please Report…”

The screaming of Hyperspace fills the halls… everyone is gone…

Computer: “Reviewing Logs…”

They had indeed been hit by the flame… and the entire ship was wiped from everything but the supercomputer… licked clean of all organic life.

Computer: “Entire Crew was Abducted by Alien Space Station using an Atmospheric Weapon. Sending Distress Report.”


“Distress Level 100. Crew Abducted while hyperspacing out of the system. Equipment Remains Unscathed. Aurora Unit 389 Missing. Requesting a Stand In Crew for additional Orders. Requesting new Aurora Unit. Requesting Assistance. Requesting…”

The mindless backup computer bleeps away it’s orders. Coming out of hyperspace in orbit around a star almost Nine Hundred light-years away. And resumes orbit around that…. where it repeats it’s cries of distress endlessly…

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Nov 04, 2013 at 08:40PM EST

@Everyone mad at him and Totodile.
GAHH?! I’m Sorry! Return Totodile!

Holds up the pokeball, and with a red light, Totodile is gone.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
Don’t hurt me!

Nov 04, 2013 at 09:31PM EST

@Team Brave,

Tager somberly looks down at Yuri when he asks him what he is.
Tager: Many people make that mistake, I’m afraid… I am a cyborg. To put this into simpler terms, I am a human with mechanical augmentations to his body. And-
He’s cut short by Rita trying to get all up in his grill and dismantle him.
Tager: Yes. What you see before you is a very complex electromagnetic array made by the scientist who made my body.
And then she gets a bit too close for comfort… Not using too much strength, Tager brushes Rita aside.
Tager: Ahem… I believe that you and Kokonoe would get along nicely.
He laughs some.

Kokonoe has been watching from her lab the entire time… She saw Rita taking an interest in Tager’s gauntlets… She decides to teleport herself out to the streets where all the fun is happening. They can all hear a loud “vweeping” noise, and Kokonoe materializes next to Tager.
Kokonoe: Made that body myself… Beauty, isn’t it?
The cat-girl smirks at Rita. Then something crosses her face… A look of something not being here…
Kokonoe: Where the hell is he…?
She pulls out a big red button from her jacket and presses it.

Team Brave can notice that a the space in front of Kokonoe gets distorted some… The noise continues until a figure standing there with its sword unsheathed stands there where the spatial distortion was.

Hakumen: Wha-?!
Hakumen quickly turns to Kokonoe.
Hakumen: How dare you interrupt me, Grimalkin! I was just about to sever the beast’s head!
His tone sounds quite pissed off to say the least.

Kokonoe: Cool your jets, will ya? You can always go hunt him down some other time.

Hakumen: Damn you, grimalkin! I shall not be made a fool of by you!

Kokonoe: Well you can be a bit bone-headed sometimes…
She takes a lick of her lollipop.

Hakumen: … I shall no longer associate with you for the rest of this conversation.

Kokonoe: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

Hakumen turns his back away from Kokonoe. He still has the massive sword unsheathed from the sheath on his back. The eyes in his armor examine the group in front of him thoroughly. Finally, his faceless head turns to Yuri.
Hakumen: Hmph.
He then silently sheathes the sword on his back and begins to walk off without saying a word…

Since everyone else is introducing themselves, Kokonoe opts to introduce herself as well.

Kokonoe: I’m Kokonoe. But you could always call me “Professor”, or “Professor Kokonoe”, or “Genius”… Preferably the latter.
She takes another lick of her lollipop.
Kokonoe: The big red guy beside me is Tager.

Tager gives a wave to them.
Tager: Hello. I am Kokonoe’s assistant and field operative.

Kokonoe: And the big white grump who just ran off is named Hakumen. Don’t try talking to him unless you want to be bored to death.
She snickers some at her own joke.

Ragna turns to look at Lucy.
Ragna: Yeah… It’d be appreciated.
While Lucy is prepping her spirit, Ragna gets out of his downed demeanor rather quickly. He takes a good look at Team Brave before approaching.
Ragna: ’Sup?

He isn’t the best at introducing himself to other people, so he scratches the back of his head and puts it back down to his side.
Ragna: Name’s Ragna… Ragna the Bloodedge. And this is-
He begins to motion to his side, but he sees that no one is there.
Ragna: Saya? Saya, where are you!?
He remembers Saya clear as day coming out here with him… He looks to both his sides and back to Team Brave. He’s clearly shaken. He doesn’t want to lose his sister again…
Ragna: Where the hell did she run off to…?

@Thingy that Natsuru posted,

Meanwhile back in an unknown place…

Valkenhayn: More tea, madame Rachel?
The two are in a field of bright red roses out behind a Halloween themed, gothic castle. Valkenhayn is being a good butler and is serving his master’s every whim.

She sips on some of her tea in an ornate white cup.
Rachel: Not now. Thank you, Valkenhayn.
She then slowly opens her eyes and looks up at the sky as the wind blows her delicate hair and frilly clothing.

Valkenhayn senses that something is troubling her.
Valkenhayn: Is something wrong, milady?

Rachel: Something is amiss…
She puts the tea cup back down on its saucer.
Rachel: An irregularity has appeared.

Valkenhayn: …
He stays silent.
Valkenhayn: I see…

Rachel: I shall keep watch on this event…
She waves a hand in front of her at the table, and a crystal ball appears in front of her. She then gazes deeply into it to observe what is going on concerning the irregularity.

Ragna was right… Saya had indeed wandered off during the fight, which is not like her at all. While no one was looking, it was almost like she was put into a trance.
Saya: …
After slipping off, she got really tired… She had an urge to go to sleep in her bed, like something was calling her to go to sleep… Anyone with soul-reading powers would be able to tell that something has been festering up in Saya ever since she was brought back. It wasn’t even noticeable at first, but the presence is vaguely readable…
Anyways… Saya makes it to her room. She opens the door and closes it quietly behind her. The entire room is completely pitch black. Being able to still see, she navigates her way to the bed and gets on it. The moment that she lays down, she is knocked out and goes into a deep sleep…

After a few moments, Saya awakes groggily in the dream world. All she can see before her is a vast canvas of pure white. The only object that she can see in her view is the bed that she is laying on…

Saya: Where… am I?
She looks down at her feet to see that she is in a pure white nightgown to match the blank surroundings.

Saya sits up on the bed, and notices something else… Her hair is blonde like it was when she was a child.
Saya: …
Something’s not right… She hops off the bed that she was laying on and looks around, seeing nothing in the distance. Without any rhyme or reason, she begins to walk into the white void that lay before her very eyes.

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Nov 04, 2013 at 10:08PM EST


Some of the other members of the Thunder god tribe answer Ragna about Sayas whereabouts.

Evergreen: Saya, that girl with the eyepatch and white hair? Yah, we saw her walk away not too long ago.

Freed: I think she may have went back to your rooms back at the hotel.

Bickslow: I saw some unease within her. Something must be definitely going on within her souls.

Bickslow said Souls, not soul. This should peak Ragnas interests.

Evergreen: Hope the dear girl is okay, she seemed really tired.

@Kokonoe and Hakumen

The others notice the two reappearing in front of them.

Natsu: Hey there Hakumen, welcome back.

Gray: So what happened out there?

Lucy: Did you find the monster and defeat it?

Wendy: Or…. Or did it get away?

Happy notices some unease with Erza.

Happy: uh oh… Guys… Look at Erza.

Erza sees Kokonoe before her.

Carla: Oh boy, things are going to escalate now.

Erza rushes at Kokonoe, un equiping her right gauntlet. Before Kokonoe could have a chance to retaliate, she is met with the biggest bitch slap across the face with such force that it sends her flying a few meters away before tumbling to a stop. The slap was so loud that everyone heard it, also causing them to cringe if they saw it.
(Replace Natsu with what would be Kokonoes face.)

Natsu and the others are scared now.


Lucy and Natsu are suddenly beside Hakumen.

Natsu: She broke one of the most important rules of the guild. Don’t get Erza mad.

Lucy: Don’t ask how though.

Happy flies by them.

Happy: Kokonoe showed nude pictures of Erza that she took in that fight with the hag and showed them to everyone in the guild hall. Heavy chuckling.

Gray: Well, the cats out of the bag now. Wayda go Happy. sign.

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Nov 04, 2013 at 11:30PM EST

@Fairy Tail via Vesperia:

Rita: “Yeah yeah, Nice to meet you. My names Rita Mordio. Blastia Researcher.”

She shakes Erza’s hand, sort of scanning her up and down. A slight look of confusion as she doesn’t spot a Blastia. Though it’s not as apparent, Rita is only 14, making all the other players question why I have so many damn young teen girls.

Yuri: “Ah, so it’s a guild of Magic. Back where we are from we just have Five Master Guilds and Magic isn’t exactly one of them per say. Though there is that one Empire Run organization in Aspio that Rita is from.”

He lowers his voice

Yuri: “You joke about bookworms in the basement all day, right? Well that place is a cave in the most literal sense of the word.”

Yuri gets thwacked by Rita again with her sash


Rubbing his head, Yuri turns back up

Yuri: “Yeah, I am Yuri by the way. Yuri Lowell. I guess you could say I am one of the leaders of this brigade. Though Captain Carol is still onboard our ship.”

Repede whines at Gray before moving onto Happy, just sniffing him.

Yuri: “Oh, this is Repede. He doesn’t really get along with people so don’t let it get to you.”

Repede is rather odd for a dog. Blue Fur, Bent Tail, a Dog Chain, Keeps a Knife on him that you saw him use earlier, but what is strangest of all is that he is carrying an empty pipe in his mouth. He also bears an unfortunate scar over his left eye, and can’t open it.

Flynn: “Yeah, it was more our fault for jumping to conclusions so fast. Just be lucky this was a misunderstanding, else we probably both would have gotten seriously hurt. And on that topic, I am Flynn Scifo. A Captain of the Imperial Knights in charge of protecting Lady Estellies.”

Estelle: “Hey Wendy, I’m Estellise Sidos Heurassein, but you can call me Estelle. Nice to meet you!”

If your first guess wasn’t “Princess”, then you are as thick as the planet.


Yuri: “Augmentation? Ooooooh, you mean like… ah, some guy I know has an artificial heart.”


Rita: “Man, Really? This is Awesome! So much love was put into designing this!”

She is orbiting Tager right now like a Cat on the hunt, then stopping next to Kokonoe, giving a “WAH!” as Hakumen appears.

Yuri just glares back at Hakumen as he storms off… noticing quite a bit more than what somebody else would on their first glance.

Yuri: “He’s carrying a Fell Arm. I could feel it…”

He looks down at Dein Nomos again…

Flynn: “I think he will show up again… you can ask him questions then.”

@Kokonoe Bitchslap of the North Star:

Everyone just Stares…

Estelle: “H-hey! Don’t be like that!”

She’s not aware of what Kokonoe did, so she goes ahead and heals her


Saber: “He was very troublesome. Hitting him was neigh impossible due to his manipulation of Darkness. He got away when the sun unexpectedly rose…”

Kiritsugu: “This may be risky, but we only have two options. Plant a… he realizes technical terms like C4 would be jargon to the old man really big bomb, where the beast lives, or lure it into a trap. The later might be easier.”

Maiya: “Both plans seem to require Explosives…”

Kiritsugu: “In the meantime, we noticed that our home castle had been dragged into this world sometime recently. This is… odd.”

Back inside, with Archer

Archer: “Hoo boy…”

Maribel: “What is it?”

Renko: “Just introverted?”

Archer: “No. I think I just detected Saber…”

Renko: “Saber? Oh, is he your brother or something? Who names their kids after warriors…”

Archer: "Saber is a Girl, and she was once a close friend of mine. However, trusting that we are on the same side immediately is not a safe option.

Archer stands up

Archer: “Come on.”

Suddenly, in a flash of light he has changed his costume.

Renko: “Oh god, you look so different!”

Maribel: “I guess a change of clothes does that to some people.”

Archer: “Come on. we have some swords to sell.”

The trio sneak out the side door and go into town…

Nov 05, 2013 at 12:55AM EST

Overhearing all this sword talk, I let another one of my pokemon out


Hey how are you today?

It just floats there looking at me like always

You stare more than Espurr sometimes, and that’s saying a lot.

I just remembered that you’re a sword, and just wanted to examine you a bit more.

It wraps its cloth around my arm

Oh no you don’t you’re not taking my soul today. Return.
Honedge is really troubling isn’t he Espurr?


Pokedex Entry:
X Apparently this Pokémon is born when a departed spirit inhabits a sword. It attaches itself to people and drinks their life force.
Y If anyone dares to grab its hilt, it wraps a blue cloth around that person’s arm and drains that person’s life energy completely.

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Nov 05, 2013 at 03:14AM EST

%{color:gold}Tempestia: Thank you.

The Order mages quickly discuss amongst themselves who is going to introduce themselves first… and then Tahrdan is picked out because he was the one who dragged them into all this stuff in the first place.

(OOC: My post will be pretty boring in comparison as I do not have images of my characters to hand. Or individual images of any of them other than Tahrdan, anyway.)

Tahrdan: Most of us aren’t properly dressed to introduce ourselves, but we’ll do so anyway, and I’ve been nominated to start. I’m Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis. I am an aquamancer, meaning I use water magic.

Tahrdan does not demonstrate any of this magic… he DOES show off his sword, however… and then OYH appears behind him. Anyone particularly interested in swords might be paying particular attention to the glowing lines on it.

Tahrdan: Oh, right, I almost forgot. This is called ‘Open Your Heart’… I cannot really explain what it is, to be honest. And the ones who would be able to don’t seem to be around…

Pyralis: I am Pyralis Fa-Infernus, I am a fire elemental elemancer. An elemancer uses four elements – earth, air, fire, and water. The fact I am fire elemental means that I am somewhat resistant to fire attacks but weak to water attacks. Tahrdan forgot to mention that he is water elemental, so he resists water and is weak to earth.

Pyralis then shows off his own sword. It merely glows orange, though, none of the whole glowing line business.

Noctan: I am Noctan Du-Rumis. I am a dark elemental equilibriumancer. This means I use light and dark magic… I have in addition to this learned water magic. The fact I am dark elemental means I am weak to light but resist dark.*

Noctan shows his axe, which is glowing black.

Granatir: I am Granatir Ea-Flora. I am earth elemental and use all 6 elements. Being earth elemental means I resist earth but am weak to air.

He shows his staff. Some of the others may be wondering how the jewels don’t simply fall out of the branches at the end of it.

Ignis speaks next, though he has to struggle to get up first…

Ignis: I… I’m Ignis Fa-Magmar. I am fire elemental and also use all 6 elements.

Ignis proceeds to show the others the Warmaster Rocket Hammer
(OOC: Just look up its appearance. I did not create THIS weapon.)

Tempestia: I am Tempestia Ae-Whirla. I am air elemental and use all 6 elements. This means fire attacks and me do not get on well, though I do resist air myself.

She shows off her two daggers. There may be confusion as to why one has four jewels and the other only has two, though.

Pitchurn: I am Pitchurn Du-Obscuria. Dark elemental user of all 6 elements.

She shows her scythe. How cliché.

Solarian: …Well?

The reason for the delay is obvious to all but the newcomers.

Tsunarmin: I… I’m Tsunarmin Wu-Wavarun. I am water elemental and use all 6 elements, but… I don’t think I’ll be doing much more magic.

She still shows her wand, though. The jewels are obvious but that is all.

Solarian: I am Solarian El-Sorceris, the light elemental archmage of the Order of Mages. Tahrdan, Pyralis, Noctan, Granatir, Ignis, Tempestia, Pitchurn and Tsunarmin are all a part of the same order. We archmages are the ones who use all 6 elements. Being light elemental I am basically Noctan’s opposite in terms of resistances. And I am actually the only one in uniform right now.

Solarian then shows off both his guns. The jewels on the barrel of his magic gun might look confusing, but the Argent Peacemaker stands out with the decoration on its barrel.
(OOC: Again, look the AP up. It’s from the same game as the rocket hammer.*

Tikal: I’m Tikal! Nice to meet you!

Tikal actually turns back into a ball of pink light at this point. Everyone except the Order mages (except Pitchurn) and Athena would be somewhat surprised at this.

Athena: I am one of the Olympian Gods. I am the goddess of wisdom Athena, the patron goddess of the city-state of Athens.

Athena’s mere presence will be a surprise.

OOC: Because the 5th of November is a special day here in the UK, I’ll just leave this post off with something completely unrelated to the plot, which never will be.

On a distant world, there are two tribes locked in battle. One is blue, one is red. Both tribes are led by a shaman, a woman who can control mana to cast a variety of spells. The blue shaman has the upper hand over the red tribe, as she has a lot of devastating spells charged up at this point.

Shoka! Mortaza! Paratanka!

These are just three spells. Some of the red tribe’s followers are struck by lightning, being flung away and instantly killed, including the red shaman, a dragon-like creature known as the Angel of Death is summoned, and then a volcano erupts right where the blue shaman is standing. Because she conjured the volcano, the lava does not hurt her. The red tribe didn’t stand a chance, and the blue tribe’s followers start celebrating. Of particular note are the fireball-throwing firewarriors, who proceed to throw fireballs right into the air, like fireworks.

(OOC: THAT LAST SECTION IS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PLOT. I AM NOT INTRODUCING YET MORE CHARACTERS. This was only an excuse to get something resembling fireworks into the thread today.)

Nov 05, 2013 at 01:44PM EST

The catastrophic damage to the mysterious ships hull decelerates its speed massively, this brings it down a level where it is easily caught by the gravity ooooooof…Charity….

It begins rapidly burning down into Charities atmosphere like a speeding comet of pure fire, the sirens and alarms aboard continue to sound loudly as the ship begins shaking uncontrollably due to its chaotic entry circumstances.

The ships basic and old AI wakes the crew from their long-term cryo sleep
The three man crew, a Pilot, Navigator and Captain quickly step out of their pods only to stumble around trying to keep their balance
Captain: Shi-!....ship! status report! I need a fucking status report, what is going on?!
The ship continues to shake violently, the alarms are almost deafening too
Captain: Quick c’mon! to stations!
The Nav and Pilot hurry over to the bridge seats whilst the Cap takes the captains chair, stumbling and crashing into control panels as they go. Additionally this is a small ship, the bridge is very compact…

The crew take their seats and begin booting up the controls and screens, they all flicker on and begin flashing various warning signs over and over
Navigator: S-shit! we are entering atmosphere!
Captain: WHAT?! throttle up to escape velocity now!
Pilot: We have already been forced into a entry vector! and its way to steep for escape!
Captain: Okay then straighten us out! I’ll handle the damn oxygen leak before we all suffocate!
The Capn’ quickly scrambles out of his seat and makes his way out of the Bridge
Pilot: Nav! give me a course correction now!
Navigator: No room for adjustments! we’re shaking apart!
Meanwhile the captain is tapping away at a control console that oversee’s the ships Life Support however due to the immense shaking he’s finding it very difficult to make sense of the text
Captain: C’mon! C’MON! Ship, segregate the damaged cabin!

And in that split second, the incredible heat that is seeping in via the damage caused by the comet debris earlier makes contact with the leaking oxygen tanks and erupts the whole cabin with superheated flame, blasting equipment out of the side of the ship and causing major damage
Captain: NOOOO-!
The flame hits him and he is instantly incinerated on the spot as the cabin is viciously burnt out, the resulting explosion blast out a portion of the hull
Fortunately it is separated from the Bridge saving the Nav and Pilots lives
Navigator: Crap crap crap! capts out!
Pilot: Focus! help me!
Navigator: Screw this! activate the damn main air brakes!
The Pilot reaches over across his control panel and flicks a switch

The fins flick up from the main engines to help create drag and therefore slow down the craft but due to the seemingly unstoppable speeds it does little to better the situation
Navigator: Minor speed decrease! but it isn’t gonna flatten us out!
Pilot: What about that vector?!
Navigator: Still steep! and now we are within atmosphere we don’t stand a chance!
Pilot: Raise the wings!
The nav hits a few buttons…

The ship is now well into Charities atmosphere, burning through the sky, the huge temperatures continue to rip away at the hull…
Navigator: Wings up! stabilizing!

Pilot: cough cough finding it hard to breathe! need to suit up! Nav! forget the controls, I’ll handle it just grab the suits!
The Nav doesn’t hesitate for a moment, he falls from his seat and scampers over to the side of the room where the EVA suits are kept in a special environmental storage container, he desperately tries to punch in the clearance code on the digital pad to open it
Pilot: We’re entering a stall! steady yourself!
The ships heavy engine section brings the back end down, straightening out the vessel but putting it into a stall, due to the weight of the thrusters the ship goes rear heavy, pointing the nose slightly up
Navigator: I just need a second!
Amongst the mountain of other warning signs popping up onto screens there is now a flood of stall signs to accompany them. Its like the screens are being spammed there are that many. The Pilot on the other hand is trying his very best to drag the nose of the space craft down but this doesn’t change the situation, they are falling like a pebble….

Navigator: I cant get the damn code in! shit!
The chaotic spin throws the Navigator across the room sending him crashing through his own workstation and rendering him unconscious, sparks begin to jump around the room from the damage. Trying his best, the Pilot manages to pull the steering over to the side straightening out the flight path and bringing an end to the spin
Finally the wings that were deployed earlier catch lift and stop the ship falling directly downwards and instead putting it into a controllable glide like a normal plane, now the ship thunders across the landscape of Charity flying over mountain tops and roaring through deep valleys as it slowly loses altitude….the only problem is, the ass is still down
Letting out a small sigh of relief the Pilot steps up from his seat and reaches out for the lever above his head…with a strong pull….

…The entire engine block is decoupled from the rest of the ship…
The pack falls towards the ground like a solid rock, leaving the ship without its primary propulsion…the Pilot slumps back down into his seat coughing as he does….but it it doesn’t solve the problem….

These cargo ship are specially constructed with crew preservation in mind, due to the fact that the majority of the ships body is made up of cargo blocks they can sometimes vary in weight by a large amount, the problem resides in the engine pack always weighing more than the rest of the ship, so when atmosphere entry is wrongly executed the ship easily falls victim to a stall because of imbalance. To resolve this issue a system has been employed where the crew can manually eject sections of the ship all the way upto the bridge so that the ships can straighten out. like taking apart Lego piece by piece

Now alone in this hell, the Pilot says nothing, instead he looks out of the window at the landscape ahead and reflects briefly on his situation whilst the warning lights illuminate his face…

….he’s going down…Captains dead…Navigator has probably met the same fate…..the valuable cargo is at stake……the prisoner……before entering a zoned out state the AI’s voice breaks his trance

Pilot: If I don’t purge all sections then….
He reaches for the red striped decoupler lever and grips it tightly but hesitates…he remembers what the Captain said to him before this trip “It will be my head on the chopping block if it escapes..”…“We will take a back route, avoid shipping lanes…no matter what, if we run into trouble don’t purge”…“Apart from…it…we are carrying a cargo that is multiple times more valuable that this rust bucket ship…”
Pilot: You are dead Captain and I’m not about to follow in your footsteps.
*He goes ahead and pulls the lever…

The entire cargo section, containing both a prisoner and valuable freight, is decoupled leaving only the cockpit and burnt out cabin left flying…it passes over a forest nearby Magnolia and continues on towards a large clearing
With all the sections gone it finally comes under control and straightens out. The Pilot continues to struggle with the control in a attempt to make the very inevitable crash as comfortable as possible….


As the ship screeches into Charity’s atmosphere it will no doubt capture the attention of most people outside in the streets of Magnolia, the bright burning of the hull combined with the screaming of the throttled up engines is hard to ignore…

It passes over Magnolia at high speed and carries on into the distance, small parts of wreckage rain down into the nearby forest causing small fires and trees to fall

When the engine block is ejected it crashes into a hill, bounces once and then explodes scattering pieces of wreckage to the surrounding area and sending a tremor through the ground….

The Cargo section however continues travelling at a high speed, disappearing over a hill behind the cockpit and hitting the ground with a loud thud and crash…

Right now though the ship is still airborne and flying low but it won’t be for much longer….

Nov 05, 2013 at 06:08PM EST
Considering how Meredith is still floating up in the sky she watches how the ship descends and decides to follow it as it begins to crash. Maybe she’ll find out something new.
Nov 05, 2013 at 06:24PM EST

Wellp, the thing that I said wouldn’t happen again… happened again, and I am completely clueless as to what’s going on. What I can gather is that something happened that distracted Red from being inducted and it disable everyone’s powers. Can someone please help?

Nov 05, 2013 at 07:56PM EST

@Thunder God Tribe,

Ragna lets out a quiet sigh of relief upon hearing the possible whereabouts of Saya from them. However when he hears Bickslow say “souls” instead of “soul”, the slight smile fades from his face and he hangs his head some.

Ragna: Thanks… I’ll be sure to go check on her soon.
The Thunder God Tribe should feel a chill go down their spines at the same time. He knows something that they don’t. He turns his back on them and back to Team Brave.

@Fairy Tail,

Before the bitchslap.

Hakumen stops when they approach him. He doesn’t even bother to acknowledge them by moving his body. The eyes in his armor just look at all of the guild members nearby.
Hakumen: The beast had vanished into the darkness where it was born… I was not able to rid it from existence. The journey was proving successful, however… I had managed to find its nest, but that is when that Grimalkin used her vile intervention.
He doesn’t sound happy in the slightest.

When Kokonoe sees Erza looking angry, she begins to back away some.
Kokonoe: Now now, let’s not get all has-
And then she is slapped by the full force of Erza’s palm across her face.

The noise of the slap caused Ragna to look up just in time. He cringes, but then begins to chuckle at the sudden change of events that bring him out of his previous demeanor.

Hakumen watches the display that Erza just used on Kokonoe. He also laughs lightly.
Hakumen: Hahaha. Fate can be cruel can it not, Grimalkin?

Tager just looks FUCKING MORTIFIED.

Sent flying, all she has to react on are her feline instincts. After she recovers in midair, she flexes her hand and digs it into the ground stone ground as she skids to a halt. A trail of torn-up stone lies in front of her while she is in a crouching position like she’s about to pounce.
Kokonoe: Hehehe…
She gets up from her position and shakes her hand off. No damage was caused to it, not even any blood was drawn.

Tager: Are you alright, Kokonoe?
He walks over to her side, trying to help her.

Kokonoe: I can handle this, Tager.
She waves Tager off… Everyone can see that she has a red mark shaped like Erza’s hand stamped across her cheek. Kokonoe begins to make her way to Erza after she straightens her glasses up.
Kokonoe: Not bad, kid.

Tager: Well, you did have it coming to you, Kokonoe…

Kokonoe: I know, Tager. She got me back for it. We’re even… For now.
And then Estelle heals her. She just waves a hand behind her.
Kokonoe: Thanks, kid.

And then Happy spilled the beans to Hakumen…

If anyone in Fairy Tail could see Hakumen’s face right now, it would have the most accurate “Are you fucking kidding me?” look on his face.

@Team Brave,

Ragna notices something peculiar about Yuri’s weapon. He stares at Yuri and gets a strange feeling. Without saying a word to anyone, he briskly walks his way over to Yuri.
Ragna: Do you even know what that weapon is?

Meanwhile in the Mayor’s office of Magnolia…

There stands the legendary ninja, Bang Shishigami, in front of the mayor’s desk.
Bang: My greetings, mayor of this wonderful city!

Mayor: Um… Hello. Who are you?

Bang: Hailed from the heavens and all the people of the earth, BANG SHISHIGAMI, IS HERE!
He stands triumphantly in front of the mayor with justice on his mind.

The mayor has to scoot back some in his chair.
Mayor: Uh…
He sweats some.
Mayor: What is it that you need?

Bang: Oh, nothing important… I just wanted to ask you if you thought this beautiful city could use some touch ups.
He sort of sighs, already getting impatient.

Mayor: Well… I guess it could.

Bang suddenly perks up.
He begins to barge out of the room.
And so begins the construction of MANgolia…


Upon seeing this, everyone outside covers their ears at the screeching of the engines.

Ragna looks up at the sky to see the ship cascading across the sky in a ball of fire.
Ragna: Gah, damn!
Once the thing explodes in the distance he closes his eyes at the intensity of the blast.
Ragna: Shit!
One moment after this, he sees fires begin to pick up in the distance.

During all this, Kokonoe pulled out a transmitter. Her voice was drowned out due to the ship streaking across the sky. She puts the communicator back in a pocket on her jacket.
Kokonoe: Tager. Go investigate.

Tager nods his head.
Tager: Understood.

Kokonoe: And be careful…
She teleports herself back to her lab.

Suddenly, Makoto crashes down in the middle of the group with her tonfas raised and ready to fight. Her landing was so hard that it made an impact crater just from her landing. She had jumped all the way from the guild hall… Anyone else who would have seen her in the guild hall notices that she isn’t wearing her other top, but a different one…

She looks around some, just seeing the bunch of people around… Seeing this, she comes out of her fighting stance.
Makoto: Tager, what’s wrong?

Tager: It seems like an unidentified object, presumably a ship, crashed into the surrounding forest…

Makoto: Well what are we waiting for?! Let’s get going!

They can hear a voice from the distance…

And then suddenly Ragna is floored from behind. Everyone who looks over to see what just happened to Ragna is that Tao tackled him from behind.
Tao: So this is where Good Guy was, meow!

Ragna: Guh!
Using his strength, he tosses Tao off of him with a single hand. Once he gets up, he dusts himself off.
Ragna: Don’t do that next time.

Tao: Okay, meow! The reason why Tao crashed into Good Guy is because she was worried about the big light that ran across the sky and made a big boom!

Hakumen glares over at Tao.
Hakumen: I was not expecting to see the clone here…
He puts both his hands back down to his side. He just watched the shuttle fly down and didn’t even flinch at it.

Tao: Tao wanted to come along with good guy, meow!

Ragna: Heh… I guess it couldn’t hurt if you tagged along.

Tao: Yay for Tao, meow! Tao gets to go with Good Guy!
She jumps up and down in childish happiness.



Our powers aren’t gone. A spaceship just crash landed near Magnolia. Red did get inducted to Fairy Tail. Everyone should be outside except for the people who stayed at the Guild Hall. Hope this helped.

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Nov 05, 2013 at 09:08PM EST

@Kokonoe, Tager, Ragna and Hakumen.

Erza requips her gauntlet back onto her hand and turns away from her with both her hands on her hips.

Erza: You need to learn to respect your fellow guild members. You are a part of our family now, all of you need to learn to love and respect each other, no matter how much you bother each other or how much troubles you people had in the past. By being in our guild, there are rules that you must follow, and it is up to the higher up wizards like myself, and the other S-class mages in Fairy To enforce them. Should they be broken, it is up to us to discipline those who violate them. So be sure to remember these words carefully you four. Do so and there should be no more problems between us from here on out.

Natsu: And just so you guys know “Don’t make Erza Angry.” is actually one of our rules.

Gray: Well its more of an unofficial rule in the guild, but knowing Erza for so long, its treated like a commandment.

Lucy: So just try and stay on her good side from now on okay?

@Kitsurugi and Saber.

Makarov: I see… he a bit disappointed about it getting away. But at least you two did all you could to stop it. At least it is away from the city, and we can have a means to fight it. Thank you for your help. The people here and out guild is grateful.

he then hears about their castle.

Makarov: Considering everything that has been going on around here for a while, It’s not surprising if something like that happens all of a sudden. Things are surely getting weirder and weirder around here. If you need any help from us, don’t hesitate to ask us for a hand. We would be happy to help you.

@the ship

Everyone notices the ship flying through the air as scraps fly apart off of it and land in the forest. Everyone is in complete shock and horror to see it fly by the air before crashing into the distance. Smoke begins to build up around the forests as well as the crash site as well. Black smoke rises everywhere around the city borders.


Lucy: I don’t know, it just came out of nowhere.

Gray: I don’t know were it came from exactly, but we need to check it out and see if people are still alive.

Happy: That’s not our only problem. Look at the forests,

Carla: We see fires starting to build up in multiple areas in the forest.

Pantherlilly: Also some parts of the town have been hit by debris and are starting small fires around some parts of the city too.

Erza: Damnit, we need to contain the fires before they cause more damage to the surrounding areas and the city.

Natsu: But we also need to see were that ship landed as well and see if people need help too. They could be dying in their too.

Suddenly makoto and Tao jump in.

Some of the guys begin to nosebleed at Makoto’s extravagant outfit. Even some of the girls are a bit baffled about it. While some of the more flat chested ones are even more pissed off over her bust.

Natsu: Whose the squirrel chick?

Gray: I have no clue.

Juvia: She better stay away from Gray-sama.

Lucy: Great, another person who she thinks is another rival. Look could we all focus on what is important here?

Natsu: Sorry, kinda got distracted by this girl. Hey look its gramp’s.

Makarov returns to them after talking with kitsurugi and Saber.

@Everyone by the guild hall (Important.)

Makarov speaks with a loud voice so that people can hear him.

Makarov: All right people listen up. We need to all work together to contain the fires as well as rescue any people from the fire from that crash. We need to contain the fires in the city and help any injured citizens that may have been hurt by the damages. We also need to contain the forest fires before they spread too far deep and reach the city. So descide on were you are going to go and make it fast. Time lost is also lost lives, SO GO!

All of Fairy Tail understands his orders, as well as the other people too.

The following people go to the crash site.

Erza, Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, the three cats, and Lucy.

The following will go to the forests and contain the fires.

Juvia, Levy, Cana, Gildarts, and Mirajane, and a few unnamed wizards that havent been introduced yet.*

The rest of the guild members help take care of the city fires and the injured citizens.

Split up your characters that would help with the situations based on their best abilities and magics to help put out the fires and such or to help injuries.

Nov 05, 2013 at 10:46PM EST

Seeing the forest on fire
Espurr we gotta help them put it out!


I pull out two pokeballs

Go! Totodile, and Torchic!

Totodile I want you to help put out the fires using Water Gun!
Torchic use your Sand Attack to kick up the sand onto the flames!

A third pokeball I pull out
I want you to come with me, your strength will be much needed pal.

Espurr climbs on my shoulder
I didn’t forget about you. I need your psychic power to help clear paths.

After telling everyone what to do we run off into the forest together ready to put out as much as possible and possibly helping people in the crash.

Nov 05, 2013 at 11:24PM EST


Yuri: “Oh, this?”

Yuri: “Yeah I know what it is. It’s the sword of the royal family, needed for the ceremony of succession. Not mine, but a friend is letting me borrow it.”

He then realizes Ragna might know a little more…

Yuri: “It’s also a sword capable of normalizing Aer. The magical substance Rita used to smash you in the nuts. If it’s being haphazardly controlled anyways.”

Sealing Club@Crash Spectacle:

Maribel: “Look! A Space Ship!”

Archer: “It’s about t-”

the Cargo section falls off and goes crashing down…

Archer: “The entire forest is going to burst into flames… do either of you know Water Magic?”

Renko: “We barely know Magic! We just thought it was Superpowers! What about you Mr. Fantasy Sword Maker? You got a Water Blade in your Inventory?”

Archer: “I have the Vorpal Sword, however it’s unsuitable for this kind of task…”

He checks the money they made from selling swords he pulled out of thin air…

Archer: “Then we can’t help them. Lets find…”

Within a matter of 3 seconds, he pulls out his bow, draws an arrow, and shoots a piece of shrapnel that nearly destroys a bridge

Archer: “… Cover.”

Touhou@Crash Spectacle:

Marisa: “That thing is still going!”

Reimu hops onto Marisa’s broom

Reimu: “Come on! After it!”

The two of them take off towards the still flying section…

Brave Vesperia@Crash Spectacle:

Yuri: “Damn! That’s going to burn the whole forest down!”

Flynn: “Yuri! What do we do?”

Yuri: “We don’t have access to Water Magic! Well…”

He looks at Rita

Yuri: “Is there enough Aer here for you to use Tidal Wave?”

Rita: “No, but the Aer Levels have been rising ever since we arrived. A Krene may have opened up…”

Yuri: “… Alright, we can try to pinpoint it’s location later. Rita, Repede, you two go to the forest! Rest of us stay behind and make certain the ship is okay.”

Estelle: “What about the people…?”

Yuri: “Stay behind and heal them. We all set?”

Flynn: “I think we are.”

Rita and Repede go to the Forest
Yuri and Flynn go to their Airship
Estelle stays in town to heal spam

@Cargo Bay Crash Site:

Ammy hops out from her hiding spot…. having miraculously been missed by only a few dozen yards. Getting buried in a mountain of flames was not something she wanted to do again.

Unable to run at a high enough speed to stop the rest of the crashing object, she just looks up at it… then at the burning forest surrounding her… this will be insanely easy once the fire is out. Yawning, the wolf starts swishing her tail…

…This might take a bit…

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Nov 05, 2013 at 11:53PM EST

Suddenly out of nowhere, fricking Normandi lands in front of the Fairy Tail as Spark strikes a manly heroic pose before jumping into ACTION along with a few soldiers who are wondering what the hell is going on. After picking a really drunk Assault and kicking the living daylights of Foster who still has Erza’ boob pictures, Spark proceeds to search for his old friends and pals. Poor Captain doesn’t look as athetlic as he used to be, he is spending way too many hours in front of books and computers. Spark scratches his chin several times before heading inside the guild. The soldiers are just trying to control Assault who is on “hit on everything” mode after a endless round of beers. Foster is currently searching for Erza’ boob pictures which are spread all over the place after Spark punched him for obvious reasons. Cheston is currently hiding his face with a small box. “Foster who? I know no fosters here”!

Several Alpha wolves and giant creatures ran away from the woods along with the entire forest life except ogres, who are way too dumb to dodge a single piece of metal coming directly at them. However, some of them are blessed with luck, some of them are not. A single ogre approaches the ship while staring at the sick amount of fire around the place.

Ogre 1: Squirrels are not fun as burning.
Ogre 2: Not one bit fun. Oh over there! Fire!
Ogre 1: Fire..where? All I see are things with fire around.

Meanwhile in a distant part of the forest, where not even the loudest sound may be heard, where a tree shall wither and die and no one will cry. Tall as the sky and hard as a rock, growing foever around the clock, the trees are blessed with the presence of a healing aura in the air: whimsical spirits of the woods with healing magic that is quite subtle but gains strenght in numbers. Despite their aggresive, sociopath, merciless and careless behavior, several monsters, the creeps of the woods, are attracted by charming magic in air. The Hellish bear, a creature born in hell itself, a demon with the sole purpose of destroying and killing, now finds himself sitting on the ground and searching for flowers as if his whole life depends on finding the most perfect daisy. Shamans from the Satyr tribe, centaurs who have a personal hate for wolves, all of them travel around the forest in a quest for flowers as the healing spirits follow them. A single creep MIGHT try to steal roses from the poor gardeners of Magnolia. There is nothing more hilarious than watching a gigantic man eating bird breaking through a city only to pick up a small rose..well its not hilarious at all…

After having a brief discussion with the Fairy Tail, Chen decided to create his own city in the name of the Fold itself , using his arcane arts that Obelis gave him. The newly created city of “Hope”, where Chen and the Knights of the Fold rule and where the only law is the wisdom of Obelis himself, is a closed small town that grows more every day. Its near Fiore, in the south, in the middle of a vast forest. The congregation increases as Chen incorporates more beasts to the Fold but…there is something that catches the Holy Knight’ attention: The healing magic all over the forest. Being unable to use his own methods as long as the Fairy Tail is still watching, Chen requested the immediate help of bounty hunters, heroes, villians, anyone who is willingly to hunt an unknown presence hidden inside the forest that IT’S NOT the Nightstalker. The reward? Salvation, a piece of Obelis wisdom, the wise words of Lord Chen himself…and pure gold hidden in the darkest parts of the churches of Hope.

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Nov 06, 2013 at 12:24AM EST

As a late celebration of Bonfire night here are some relevant gifs…
….Okay I spent like 5 minutes trying to find the gifs I wanted so just accept these instead…
Problem is, the night has kinda lost its fun, I say this because people find something as small as the kettle boiling as a adequate excuse to let them off these days. Well around here they do.
I am become Grinch of Bonfire Night…

The ship disappears over a nearby hill and is now heading for a wide open clearing in the forest, with the Navigator still unconscious the Pilot is finding it difficult to keep things under control by himself and coordinate an effective crash landing
AI: Predicted impact force exceeds hull integrity threshold!
The cockpit is still travelling at a much faster than thought speed, to stop the whole thing splatting into the ground and turning into dust the Pilot flicks away at a few more emergency switches on his console….

What is left of the remaining airbrakes are flipped up further slowing down the ship…
AI: All additional airbrakes deployed!
The Pilot glances down at his air speed indicator and notices a remarkable change of pace, still trying to keep up with emergency procedures he flicks on the auto-pilot…
AI: Auto pilot engaged! holding course and heading!
…he then gets up from his seat and shakily makes his way across the room and towards the EVA suit container, he manages to keep his cool and type in the clearance code, unlocking and opening the container the Pilot quickly slips on one of the suits and seals himself up, however the ships is much closer to the ground than thought..the AI can’t prevent the crash any longer….
The cockpit finally hits the ground causing a massive tremor and deafening crash as it continues to skid through the earth producing a smoke cloud that stretches right up into the sky. The suited up Pilot is thrown back into the wall from the impact putting him into a concussed state, but with pure will he makes his way over to the unconscious Navigator carrying an extra EVA suit and amongst this overwhelming chaos he quickly dresses him in it and straps him into his seat. The ships keeps sliding through the ground showing no signs of stopping and tearing long a scar in the landscape, to make the situation worse it strikes a large rock which bounces the whole thing up before bringing it crashing down once more….

The whole back half of the bridge is torn completely off as it disintegrates upon the rushing ground and is reduced to nothing but a trail of shrapnel. Oxygen tanks, chunks of hull, computer equipment, personal belongings and even the AI’s core unit are all cast out and thrown into the skidding ships wake of destruction

The Pilot leaps for his seat and grabs a hold it, using all his strength he hangs on trying not to get thrown out and blended upon the passing ground
After a few more moments of the craft sliding it finally comes to a complete stop half embedding itself…..alls that remains now is half of a trashed cockpit. Everything falls silent as the power dies and the screens and consoles shut off…leaving nothing but the hiss of the still glowing hull audible as it slowly begins to cool down.

The Pilot, forgetting about the Navigator, stumbles around a bit before falling out of the wreckage and hitting the ground hard, he sits up and slouches against what’s left of it, trying to catch a break he looks back at the gouge the crash has caused….

Pieces of burning scrap and equipment is strewn in a line behind the craft, there are scatterings of debris as far as the eye can see.

He then looks at the area he has crashed in, trees…life, grass….he’s not quite sure what to make of it all….

For those who are combating the fires…

The resulting explosion of the expelled engine block will have caused a medium sized fire, additionally because of it being rocket fuel it isn’t exactly the easiest to extinguish.

For those who go to investigate the cargo section…

They will find 6 large freight containers, each one in varying states of damage.

3 of them seem to be outright destroyed and burnt up from the inside out leaving nothing but ash, what exactly these held no one will know….

1 of them has its side torn off, lying all around it are partially burnt food rations…

Sitting nearby a cracked boulder is another container, this looks very very heavily armoured and looks to have taken hardly any damage in the crash at all which is rather surprising judging from the fact that it fell like a rock from a great height, the door into it is still shut tight and is more like a vault bulkhead. To add to the strangeness it doesn’t have a digital keypad or any sort of combination lock…3 keyholes are all that can be seen. Right now getting into this thing will be impossibly difficult, attempting to lockpick it will only result in your picks being crushed by an advanced security mechanism

The final container also looks heavily armoured and unscathed from the crash but the difference here is that the door leading into it is wide open. Whoever enters to investigate will find a dark empty room, the only thing that is within it is a cryo pod by itself standing upright in the centre and fixed to the floor.

Upon observation it is empty, whatever…or whoever was being held in it is long gone now….for those who are twice observant they will check for any kind of footprints leading out or any other evidence leading to the identity of the escapee, unfortunately all these effort will be in vain. Something got out and didn’t leave a single trace….

The area around the cargo containers is littered with debris just like everywhere else, tech types will no doubt find some of this interesting considering that not all of it is completely destroyed and some pieces are still semi-functioning. Items such as cracked computer screens, circuit boards, a cryo pod, an EVA suit helmet, a bent airlock door and even, half stuck in the ground, one of the decoupler levers.

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Nov 06, 2013 at 09:33AM EST

Literally every single one of the Order mages can help contain the fires since they all have water magic. Solarian is DEFINITELY going to investigate the crash site, because he is the only one of them even remotely familiar with technology. Tikal decides to accompany him.

Solarian: Right, who’s coming?

All three female archmages decide to accompany him. So does Tikal, for some reason.

Ignis: Right, we’ll get around to helping contain the fires…
he mutters ‘later’ to himself. That’s right, he’s distracted by dat underboob.

Noctan: Should we drag him off to do what he’s supposed to?

Granatir: Definitely.

As one Tahrdan, Pyralis, Noctan and Granatir drag Ignis towards the burning forest.

The Greek goddess just stands around, and then says something to herself when she is sure no one can hear…

Athena: I might have found some heroes after all. They will probably require some convincing to come with me… Maybe I’ll give them the same message that I gave Arkantos?

at the ship…

Solarian: …I am DEFINITELY in over my head with this one.

The world he came from is in fact roughly the same tech level as our own. If there’s one thing really lacking, it’s that his world had the sense to not develop nukes. And magic is accepted as a thing, though it is as of yet unknown as to how it relates to science – there are researchers trying to figure it out.

Tempestia: So, what IS all this stuff?

Solarian: I don’t know. But there seem to be some sort of computers around here…

At the fires…

Whirlpool spells are already flying as the five Order mages who went to combat the fires are already applying the appropriate element. It is working surprisingly ineffectively…

Tahrdan: Why are our spells not working well at putting out this fire? What the hell is the stuff that’s even burning!?

Noctan; I don’t know. But we can just keep casting spells to try and put it out.

They are doing nothing more than spamming Whirlpool at this point.

(OOC: Basically, I am foreshadowing something for the arc I will be running. There is a reason Athena is looking for heroes, and if you’ve played AoM yourself you may be able to figure out exactly what that reason is… Incidentally, I can’t help but notice someone upvoted my last post in this thread. I can only assume it’s something to do with the bit that was completely separate from the plot, and if so, why would that warrant an upvote?)

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Nov 06, 2013 at 01:22PM EST

EVERY ONE of my characters hear the crash, excluding Falcon, seeing as he’s not there.
Doomguy is not roused from his drunken sleep. It’s gonna take a swift kick to the nuts to wake him up, and even then just barely.
Jotaro and Josuke wake up, but think it’s nothing of importance, and begin wandering around.
Joseph and Ken see the crash with their very eyes. They rush towards the general area of the cockpit, to check for survivors.

Nov 06, 2013 at 04:31PM EST

thank u based asura

Red hears the crash, and immediately rushes off to see what the spectacle is. After seeing that people are tending to the cockpit, Red decides to inspect what he infers are the decks for looking for something to loot survivors. *

  • Survivors= Something to loot, and maybe survivors on the side.
Nov 06, 2013 at 06:54PM EST


Ohai, Medic. Are you looking to get caught up again? If so, I could tell you what all has happened in a condensed version.

Nov 06, 2013 at 07:25PM EST

Ragna, Hakumen, and Tao all go to investigate the bridge of the ship.
Tager and Makoto will investigate the cargo and wreckage.
Bang, Platinum, and Carl all go to put out the fires.
Litchi stays in town and helps out with healing people there.


@Ship bridge,

Ragna, Hakumen, and Tao arrive at the wrecked bridge of the ship before anyone else (except for Amaterasu) gets here, and before the pilot gets out.

Coming to a skidding halt, Ragna stops in front of the cockpit and stares at the wreckage. He feels the heat permeating from the crashed vehicle and seeping into the surrounding area.
Ragna: God. The idiot who was piloting this thing has to be more careful…
He can detect a slight aura in the wreckage, knowing that someone in there is alive… He walks up to the wreckage, ignoring the intense heat to the best of his abilities. He begins to dig through the wreckage using both hands, tossing aside pieces of wreckage that are just in the way.

And then the pilot falls out of the wreckage…

Without even thinking, the pilot gets pounced on by Tao.
Tao: Good Guy, Cocky Person! Tao found someone!
She begins to sniff him some…

Tao is approached by Hakumen, with him grabbing her by the scruff of her neck.
Hakumen: Begone, clone.
He tosses her backwards with one hand and straight towards the forest edge.
Hakumen: So it seems that you are the only survivor…
The masked man looks down at the pilot from a height of 6 feet and 9 inches tall.

Ragna heard the talking, and the yelling that Tao did as she got thrown into the tree and rushes over to Tao.
Ragna: What’s your problem, you masked freak?!
He turns his attention towards Tao.
Ragna: You okay, Tao?

Tao: Tao is okay, Good Guy… Meow..
She manages to get up from the ground. The last time that she fought against Hakumen he was at 20 percent power… This was certainly an unwelcome change to her.

Ragna: Good.
He gets up from the ground and goes over to the pilot.
Ragna: Idiot… You nearly got yourself killed with that stunt you pulled.
He offers the pilot his left hand.
Ragna: You okay though?

@Cargo bay area,

Tager and Makoto arrive to the wrecked cargo bay area with the mages.

Tager is currently digging through the wreckage.
Tager: Whoever was piloting this ship seemed to be carrying a rather large amount of cargo…
He notices the wrecked cargo and pays no attention to it. Tager is more focused on what lays before him.
Tager: This is peculiar…
Pushing aside one of the wrecked containers, he makes his way to the final piece of cargo… The one with the door open.

After tearing through more wreckage, he sees the cryo chamber is open.
Tager: …
He contacts Kokonoe, looking down at the cryo chamber as he calls her.
Tager: Come in, Kokonoe. This is Tager.

His glasses begin to blink blue when he receives word from Kokonoe.

Kokonoe: You got me Tager, what is it?

Tager: I am sending you feed of what I’ve found in the cargo bay area of the wreckage.
He begins patching the feed to her of the open cryo chamber.
Tager: The chamber itself is empty, presumably housing someone… Or something…
He looks around for footprints.
Tager: I have double checked. There are no footprints leading from the cryo chamber to the outside world.

Kokonoe: … Activate your advanced thermal vision. Keep an eye out for whatever may have gotten out of that thing. Be careful, Tager.

Tager: Affirmative.
He turns on his thermal vision, which is able to pick up the faintest of heat signatures. This works through walls, dense forest, and whatever else may be in his way.
Tager: That is all. Tager out.
He hangs up.

Makoto on the other hand finds the extremely heavily armored and locked container leaned up against a boulder.
Makoto: Ooooh… Wonder what’s in here.
She gets in closer to investigate it, not seeing a keypad or anything. Just plain old keyholes. She knocks her hand against it, and puts an ear to the side of it to see if it is hollow… She gets an echo in return.
Makoto: Hm…
She then gets an idea… It’s like a light bulb immediately appeared over her head.
Makoto: Hey, Tager! I need ya over here for a sec!

Tager hears Makoto call him. Abandoning his position after a few more moments, he makes his way over to the container where Makoto is leaned on.
Tager: Yes, Makoto? What is it?

Makoto: See if you can crack this open, will ya? I’m sure it won’t be a problem for you, big guy.
She steps away from the vault full of cargo.

Tager: Alright… Here goes!
He attempts to pry his way into the container using brute strength. If he can get into it, this won’t be a problem for him at all. He would just rip it right open…


Team 3 arrives to the fires next…

Nirvana is the first to arrive to the fire with Carl following closely behind. The robot has been tossing aside burning trees like they were just used toothpicks. The two come across the burning engine block…

Carl: We found it! The source is over here!

Bang and his ninja subordinates come rushing over through the burning engine block with buckets filled with gallons of water.
Bang: Great going, Master Carl! You have more than proven yourself to me!
Him and the ninja are just about to throw the buckets of water onto the engine block…

Sena: Wait, Master Bang!
Platinum follows closely behind them.
Sena: Don’t throw water on it! It would just cause an even bigger fire!

And then the personality switches over to Luna…
Luna: Luna says let’s put this bitch down!
Platinum begins to spins around once and gives a little hand sign… Stars and sparkles miraculously form around them.

And then…
Luna and Sena: Activate! Arma Reboare… Muchōrin!
The bell around their neck begins to glow.

The red orb at the center of the staff begins to glow as well. Before anyone can react to it, a spell circle is formed over a large area of the surrounding forest. And from the spell circle comes… Tons and tons of that stuff you find in fire extinguishers falls from the sky. You know what I’m talking about. That foamy stuff. Yeah. That.
This should have put out a big portion of the fire, along with making everything a snowy white color.
Luna: Yeah! That was awesome!
She shakes the foam off herself. The first thing she sees are various human-shaped structures in the foam.

The personality switches back to Sena.
Sena: Sorry about that!
Everyone in the entire forest should be covered in this stuff.

Bang just stands there, being covered in this foam… He wipes the foam from his eyes and just stares at Platinum.
Bang: Well that was one way of going about this, Lady Platinum.
He laughs some.
Bang: This couldn’t have been done without the work of you all, and myself! Bang Shishigami!

Everyone begins to get dried off and out of the foam…

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Nov 06, 2013 at 07:56PM EST

Meredith lands in front of the pilot.She examines the wreckage of the ship real quick and then turns back at the pilot.

Care to explain what happened here and what the other thing that fell from this now piece of garbage was?

Nov 06, 2013 at 09:06PM EST

Red sees that he is not alone and quickly starts “acting natural.”
Oh! Hey. I wasn’t looting or anything silly like that.Oh, uh, need some help with that, big guy?

Nov 06, 2013 at 09:10PM EST


Editing for Ammy. Rags, Tao, and Haku arrived second to the crash site after Marisa and Reimu. All the same events still happened though.

@Ammy before Red,

While Tager is busy trying to bust the container open, Makoto’s ears perk up and she smells the scent of Amaterasu in the distance. Her nose begins to work as she follows the scent of dog among something else…

Tager looks around, not seeing Makoto nearby anywhere. He continues to try and pry the thing open.
Tager: Makoto? Where did you go, Makoto?

No response from Makoto. She’s already seen Amaterasu. Approaching cautiously, she kneels down to the wolf.
Makoto: Hey there…
She holds out a hand and tries to get it to come closer. She can see the markings on Amaterasu’s body, as well as the reflector on her back.
Makoto: Aren’t you a pretty wolf?


Tager turns his head to the side to see Red standing there.
Tager: Thanks for the offer, but I believe I’ve almost…
He rips an entrance into the container open with his gigantic hands.
Tager: Got it!
He throws the piece of metal to the forest floor and leaves the container open…

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Nov 06, 2013 at 09:52PM EST

@Local Area:

These clouds came so fast it really does seem out of place… thunder can be heard roaring out over the ocean…

@Flaming Forest:

Rita spams away at the spell “Aqua Laser” while Repede does his best to chase the wildlife away.

Noteably, she had switched weapons to some kind of chain to do this. It’s altering a per-existing attack she has.

@Crash Site:


Reimu and Marisa had reached the crash sight long before the Blazblue characters could reach it. Quickly finding the survivor.

Reimu: “Hey! Are you okay?”

The two girls land quite near him and help him to a spot where he sits down. Where Zar’s group arrives several minutes later.

Marsia: “Jeez Man, you got to be more careful where you crash!”

@Cargo Site:

Ammy had very seen one of the prisoners escape if he/she/it had escaped after the crash… not that she had done anything about it. She watches the scene unfold as she continues stiring up her Rainstorm.

She looks up at Makoto as she holds out her hand… and walks up to go get a pet. Her tail swooshing in circles still.

@World Disturbances:

A landmass alteration happens far off in a lone mountain range, a lone red shrine gate appearing.

Additionally, it seems another city may be teleported in soon.

Nov 06, 2013 at 09:58PM EST

@Crash site with pilot.

Natsu, Erza, Gray, Lucy, Wendy, and Gajeel make it to the crash site as well as with the others. The place is completely covered in debris and burning wreckage.

After a very quick sweep of the area, they could not find any other survivors other than the pilot.

*Wendy quickly makes it over to the pilot and others and begins using her Healing magic to bring the pilot to a much more stable condition.

Wendy: Don’t worry, you’ll be okay, just hang in there.

Lucy: What happened exactly? What caused this ship to crash onto the planet like this?

Gray: I don’t know, but maybe we can find out anything inside of the ship though.

Natsu: Its still freaking hot though. but i’ll check it out though.

Natsu looks around the remains of the ship even though it is scorching hot. His fire dragon slayer magic makes him immune to all kinds of fires and heat sources.

Gray: Anything up there Gajeel and Pantherlilly?

Gajeel: Nope, nothing else but scraps and a giant trail of debris. He bites into a piece of scrap he got off from the ship.

Pantherlilly: I think we should go and see the other parts of the ship that fell off of it.

Erza: Good. Go see if there is anything still inside of those containers.

Gajeel flies off to were tager and the others are with pantherlilly.

Erza: What caused all of this, and what was the ship carrying exactly.

Lucy: I hope it’s not something too terrible.

@the city.

The city of Magnolia is alright for now. Some debris struck some houses and buildings, some light fires here and there. some people were injured, bit not too many or too seriously. Just some minor burns, scrapes, and bruises. The Guild members are spread throughout the city, making sure everyone is okay and that no further damage is caused.

@Forest fires.

Levy, Juvia, Cana and other wizards use water magics to help extinguish the flames. By combining their powers together in unison raids, they amplify the strength of their water magics to help put away the fires in the forest. Gildarts uses his crash magic to completely destroy any burnt out trees to prevent the spread of fires.

Juvia: We can do this, just keep going. She says as she uses her water magic to engulf a tree in water whole, extinguishing the flames.

Levy: These fires are strong, the ships fuel is feeding them.

Cana: Who cares, just keep stopping them before they spread.*

@Ogre magi (sparky)

Mirajane flies through the forest, trying to clear it of any fires by using water manipulation of a nearby pond and dousing out the flames. As she continues she notices the Two headed Ogre magi just staring at a burning bush. She flies right next to it, a bit confused by its demeanor.

Mirajane: uh.. hello? You should get away from here, the fire is spreading to this area of the forest. You should leave. She then manipulates more water from the pond and douses out the burning trees nearby as well as wash off some of the foams.

@Spark and others at guild hall.

Makarov is at the guild hall still with any others nearby.

Makarov: welcome back kiddo. Sorry about what happened with the Balloon Masters escape, I assure you that somehow, we will find him once again and stop him once and for all. But for now, I’m thankful for what you have done for my children, and looking out for them. you do have my gratitude for that. As you may have guessed, we are on a new planet now thanks to Meredith and someone associated with the Conclave, and a giant ship just crashed into our lands. everyone is out controlling the fires and finding out what happened exactly.

Mavis walks out of the ship, still reading the BM’s book.

Makarov: Mavis, you were with him? and what are you reading exactly?

Mavis: This book is about the Bm’s past life, before he went evil. It is quite brilliant, and tragic. We need to get others to read this so that we can fully understand the BM.

Makarov: I see. So what are you going to do now Spark?

@Tager and others at containers.

Gajeel arrives at the container were the escaped prisoner was.

Gajeel: Hey guys, there is just one survivor at the crash site, a pilot. I dont know mch else besides that, but just came here to see what else is new. So, whats inside of these giant tin cans?

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Nov 06, 2013 at 10:39PM EST

Mister Foster: Oh god Spark, is it Smissmass already?

Normandi just hovers around the place as the rest of heroes search for survivors. Several soldiers are deployed around the area, only to build a safe perimeter and to keep away the creeps. Several spears are found around the place along with homemade clothes. Soldiers are having a small degree of amusement with the ogres who refuse to walk away from the fire, forcing entire squads to literally push them away while the creature doesn’t even care about what’s going on. A great discovery in ogre kind: These mindless creatures can be attracted with loud sounds. Another great discovery: An average ogre takes 10 minutes to realize his skin is burning and another 10 minutes to discover the presence of fire all over his body.

@Pokemon Trainer

Level 10

Meanwhile, still trying to figure out whats this sticky foamy stuff all over the place, the Ogre Magi casually walks around the sixth container while smashing computer screens, things that are still on fire, almost every object found by the ogre shall be smashed specially if its still on fire of if it makes sounds. As the brothers walk around the ship, the second head is watching the gigantic container that is literally in front of them, while the first one is just staring at a small tech device lying on the floor.

Ogre 1: Burning is not fun as hitting.
Ogre 2: Hey, look at that thing.
Ogre 1: What thing? I’m kinda bussy here, I will look at thing later.
Ogre 2: Hey! This thing is bigger than that thing.
Ogre 1: Aha.
Ogre 2: I think someone is in there.
Ogre 1: Yep.
Ogre 2: Totally.
*Ogre 1:
Ogre 2: Agreed.
Ogre 1: Something is in yo face. Nom nom, melted marshmallow..
Ogre 2: Out of my face, don’t touch me.
Ogre 2: Something is in yo face. Urm..tasty melted fluffy marshmallow..
Ogre 1: Oh really?
Ogre 1: You angry?
Ogre 2: Me too!
Ogre 1: Smash big thing I say.
Ogre 2: Who’s stopping ya?

Using his gigantic “poor attempt of a wand that looks like mace instead”, the Ogre Magi grabs the device lying on the floor and quickly crushes it with his own fingers. The complex process of making a ball out of that device takes a total amount of 15 seconds, something truly amazing for a ogre, since most of the time they are not even capable of distinguishing shapes. The ball is ready and the ogre launches the ball into the air with his right hand as his left hand slowly raises his mace. Despite being the member of one of the most useless species that mother nature decided to create for some reason and also being largely incapacitated by his IQ, the Ogre Magi is able to do more than just basic mathematical problems: Just like a baseball player, the Ogre hits the ball with his “mace-wand”. The ball is filled with the full force of his only power: The gift of the Dumb Luck. With the stupidest poor excuse of sorcery, the ball is imbued with magic that quickly transforms this useless object into a deadly proyectile. The energy ball hits a small part of the container,. At first it has no effect but then a ogre-sized “door” is opened on the container’ hull.
Ogre 1: You did good!
Ogre 2: Me too!
[Both of them laugh. "Skull and Bulk theme playing in the background. “Spark, you wrote a single paragraph for your main character and a whole article for a dumb Ogre?” Yes, yes I did. When can I kill something?]

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Nov 06, 2013 at 10:41PM EST

@Mavis and Makarov

“What are we going to do now? Right now? Right now I will head to the woods and rescue the men and women trapped in that destroyed contraposition that used to be a ship! I’m shocked I didn’t jumped to the action like the rest of my team. I’m really sorry my dear friends. Chasing villians for years and now with my nemesis missing, I’m obssessed with the idea of ending this once for all. The day, the day I will have the final showdown with him, I will know exactly what to do..but now! If you excuse me! I’m afraid I need to bolt! Spark out!”
Says Captain Spark as he teleports away. Becouse of his limited teleportation powers, Sparky has to make his away through the woods until he finally arrives to the crash site. He looks around the place as several soldiers are seen, pushing a ogre away from the area.

Ogre unable to hear due to loud smashing sounds and plain stupidity.

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For now, I just want Sam to know that instead of Tager breaking the container open, that he stopped when it got dented… Maybe a few seconds into the process. He stopped and will send the container back to Sector Seven for it to be analyzed further.

In short, the container isn’t open.

Nov 07, 2013 at 10:24AM EST


The four archmages and Tikal notice the ogre, but they pay it no mind.

Tempestia heard about the survivor and heads over to him. She is not in her robes, so he’ll have quite a treat now. The other four just explore the area a bit, Solarian is wondering about the exact nature of the technology, Pitchurn and Tsunarmin are wondering about what it even is…. and Tikal, well, Tikal is just floating around the area.

Before the foam

Tahrdan notices the water magic, and offers a bit of advice

Tahrdan: Water magic doesn’t seem to be effective against this fire, for whatever reason.

After the foam

The five Order mages are surprised at the foam and the spell that conjured it.

Noctan: Alright, what is this stuff? Certainly worked, whatever it is.

Pyralis: Not completely…

The 5 split up and start tackling the remaining fires individually. They are still using Whirlpool for now, but if the fire spreads out far enough they’ll start using Tsunami.

Athena, meanwhile, was also covered by the foam, but she just walks through it, in the direction of the ship…

Nov 07, 2013 at 01:56PM EST

Meanwhile at the crashed cockpit….

The Pilot continues to sit there, half alive and in a state of concussion.

When Marisa and Reimu arrive he tries his best to get to onto his feat as quick as he can, but due to his state he finds it difficult to keep balance…

(This artist is worthy of sourcing)
Now in view you can see that he’s fully outfitted in a completely sealed space suit, the thing is bristling with small gadgets, dials, tubes and equipment as well as being encumbered with breathing apparatus which is currently in use, a pair of oxygen tanks can be seen hanging off of his back. The visor is fully tinted black, preventing the Pilots face from being seen….surprisingly the suit is mostly undamaged and still in working condition…

Physically he is of average height, under average build and is a rather slim person. Nothing special at all

He reaches down to a empty gun holster for a weapon that isn’t there so instead of trying to look too inconspicuous he changes to a more friendly demeanour. But when Reimu asks if he is okay he simply doesn’t respond and due to his face being obscured his expression is unreadable…he just coughs a few times and tries to clear his throat, upon doing so, he finally speaks….

Pilot: But every single word he says is completely incomprehensible, as a matter of fact he is speaking an entirely different language….

When the pair take him to a safe place to sit he complies but continues to check his space suit for any damage. Upon taking a seat and being told off by Marisa he looks up at her…

Pilot: The language is so offworld that you can’t even make out a single word

But the Pilot isn’t stupid and thankfully his suit has a onboard translator. He brings his arm upto his face, set into it is a small digital touchscreen, after a few taps….

Pilot (Translator): Hallo mein name ist…..

An electronic and harsh voice is emitted from the small device however the pilot shakes his head and taps a few more keys

Pilot (Translator): Hello, my name is…

He gives happy nod and continues to tap away at the device

Laika’s device: Hello, my name is Laika, much apology…for….landing…in planet..I think am of good health, head….hurts…
(The name’s an ode. Godspeed space dog)
Obviously Laika ’s translator isnt the best, or maybe he is just bad at using it…

And then the Rags, Haku and Tao arrive and the Pilot is pounced, he desperately struggles trying to get Tao off but lacks the strength…

Laika: A string of profanities and mutters all unintelligible due to the language barrier

He is thankful when Hakumen pulls her off him after which he panics and checks over his suite , when he comes back to his senses he looks around the group in front of him and then back to Ragna when he asks his question…

Laika’s device: My ship was struck by space rock….damage..thrown off course…unable to…..

And then Meredith appears too and asks about the cargo….then it hits him..

Laika’s device: Cargo was ejected….I need to find this, very important

And then Fair Tail arrive too and the Pilot is healed up by Wendy…

Laika: He says one word, most likely “Thankyou”

..Then taps away at the translator…

Laika’s device: My ship drifted through the tail of a comet….was struck by small space debris and forced into this planets atmosphere….Captain is dead…Nav…

And then he’s hit with another realization, his Navigator. He runs over to the wreckage and climbs back up into the cockpit he makes his way over to the seat where he strapped the Nav in only to find that….it’s empty…

Laika: He says a few words, his voice is quiet and saddened

He hangs his head and looks back out at the long trail of scrap before making his way back out of the cockpit

Laika’s device: Navigator is gone….I am all now…but I must find my cargo block

Due to the combined efforts of everyone taking on the fire it is finally extinguished.

The armoured container that Tager attempted to open stays firmly closed, it was built to withstand punishment and undoubtedly is made of a rare and strong metal type…

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Nov 07, 2013 at 02:03PM EST

Tempestia: ‘ship’? ‘cargo block’? What are you talking about?

Solarian comes over at this point.

Solarian: You don’t look like you belong around here. I take it you have something to do with whatever happened here?

Nov 07, 2013 at 02:35PM EST

Laika turns to Solarian

Laika’s device: I am the pilot of the Hunter Gratzner cargo ship….I have been in cryo sleep for a very long time and am finding it difficult to remember….what planet am I upon? and who are you people?

Nov 07, 2013 at 02:49PM EST

Solarian: Alright, can anyone here make sense of the stuff he’s talking about? This doesn’t look like any ship I’ve ever seen, and what exactly is ‘cryo sleep’?

Just to reiterate, his world’s tech level is comparable to our own.

Nov 07, 2013 at 02:51PM EST

Laika: A long sentence of frustrated mumblings

Interestingly though when he actually speaks he does so very quickly and with precision although it is hindered by his helmet muffling his voice slightly.

Laika’s device: What? I don’t understand, this is a ship…

He steps aside, showing what is left of the wreckage

Laika’s device: It is what is left of the Hunter Gratzner…

Losing patience with tapping away at the translator device he puts his arm down to his side

Laika: A series of long sentences spoken at high speed and with little pauses. A bombardment of words.

Laika’s device: Maybe another time…I tell you what cryo sleep is…

And to reiterate for myself, Laika comes from a place where space ships are the only kind of ships known. Boats and such are a thing of the long gone past…

Nov 07, 2013 at 03:05PM EST

Solarian: I THINK I understand what you mean. Technological differences are the main barrier, here. And I think it’d be best for one of those who would be familiar with the area to speak to you…

Nov 07, 2013 at 03:12PM EST

So, uh, what’s in there?
Red tries to get a look, but decides that it might be dangerous and he- OH MY GODS IS THAT A DOG?!
Red bolts behind a scrap of wreckage and curls up in a fetal position.
If you find anything interesting, tell me. I am DEATHLY afraid of canines.

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Nov 07, 2013 at 03:32PM EST

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