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Makoto: I got it from over there from that cooler.
Makoto points with her thumb over her shoulder to a metal cooler sitting there.

When Wendy asks for some, Makoto looks down at her.
Makoto: Sure!
She takes Wendy by the hand and walks her over to the ice cream cooler to get her some of it.


It takes a few moments for her to actually respond to Makarov. She just stares at the security feed that is bolstered up all around her lab, out of sight from everything.

She responds to him with the codec system that she has hot-wired to her computer.
Kokonoe: … Fine. Initiating spacial transfer.
Kokonoe taps a button on the keyboard to stop the teleport to Heaven, and instead teleports Makarov right inside her lab to behind her office chair. Inside the lab, Makarov can see all sorts of scientific things. Human-sized test tubes, machines of various sizes and shapes that all seem to be powering various devices and trinkets in her laboratory. On her desk, Kokonoe has a box of lollipops, an untouched cup of coffee, and stacks of papers that don’t seem to have anything written on them yet. Kokonoe grabs a lollipop from the box on her desk.

She leans back in her chair all the way so that she’s looking at Makarov. She doesn’t look all that pleased right now, especially considering the stuff going on at Heaven. When Kokonoe leans back to look at Makarov, the old man can notice that she literally has cameras everywhere set up in Magnolia and all around Fiore, basically monitoring all the events in that specific country. She has seismic activity detectors, temperatures of all the various places, and even a topographical map of Charity in one window. All kinds of scans and live video feed can be seen on the behemoth of a computer.

Kokonoe: You’re here about the ship, am I right? Come see for yourself.
She sits back up in her chair and looks back at the diagrams of Heaven again.
Kokonoe: This is where they’re at right now.
She points at the screen which shows a beeping, blue dot that is the rough position of Tager.
Kokonoe: I can’t seem to get any connection in or out of the place. The video feed was false when I first got a look through the cameras. I was just about to get a spacial transfer in before you came by… Somethings up and I’m worried about them.


Rachel has to cover her ears from the screech. It hurts her even more since her hearing is top notch due to her vampiric heritage. When Stalker closes in for the swipes on Rachel, Nago morphs into a protective shield for her. When the tail strike hits, the guard is broken and Rachel goes backwards and hits the ground momentarily before lifting herself back up with the wind and still being graceful, even though this is a fight for her life.
Rachel: George the Thirteenth.
Rachel motions her hand towards the Night Stalker. In a puff of smoke, what he sees before him is… A tiny green frog.

The little guy will deliver a shock with less power than a lightning bolt (but still rather shocking) if you step on him, so be careful. If the Stalker does step on George, then Rachel will summon a few flying pumpkins and use the wind to shoot them at Stalker. If he doesn’t step on George and goes for Rachel instead, he will be set up for an uppercut with a muscled arm from Nago and then attacked by an array of extremely sharp and thorny roses formed from Rachel’s dress.

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Double Spark wrote:

OOC: Just get out from Hope, from my characters, position yourself in a place where my characters can’t see you and your..err..“interesting” stuff. I love your reactions so much Falcon that, in fact, I am not able to react to such a epicness and becouse of this, I will never ever react to anything from you. The trip to Hope NEVER happened, Josugay and Kenshitro had a sexual journey of heterosexual experiences with prostitutes and hoes. Josugay smoked weed every day and Ken finally got laid. Your characters NEVER accepted the jobs, NEVER saw the jobs and NEVER managed to know anything related to Chen and the Fold.
And with this, bye mate!

As I said, Ken and Jos NEVER arrived to Hope and NEVER did something impotant apart from killing innocent trolls from the woods and steal their gold becouse the true heroes of this thread are the ones that murder more. Peace and relax? Those words are heretical. Pick up the nearest rifle and kill those orphans begging for money in the streets. Everyone will forget what you did anyways so Its okay. Falcon finds his bitches, bitchslaps Kenshiro’ sweet ass and drives away into [REDACTED]. Not a single Shaman died since Kenshiro and Jos never arrived. The end. Here, have some confetti and cake hero. Murder more please. You monster.

@Rachel, Val will eventually arrive jeez..
So the wings fork thing attack is blocked by Night Stalker claws but before the beast is able to cover his prey with more darkness, he is pushed away by a powerful wind and hit by lightining again. Stalker emits a ear-piercing screech, a horrifying and skin-penetrating sound that would force Rachel to cover her ears and give Stalker the opportunity to strike. Stalker goes berserk and unleashes a powerful wave of claw attacks, mercilessly swinging his arms and hoping to end this fight as soon as possible before the wolves arrive. These attacks can be blocked but it should be noted that Stalker will continue to attack, using his tail or deadly talons if Rachel blocks. If forced to stop, Stalker will merely fly away and prepare for a second pounce.

OOC: ok. it’s not like i give a shit about you, either.

Dec 19, 2013 at 10:32PM EST

@Passengers of Ba’ul:

Rita: “Who the hell would eat Ice Cream in this Blazing Cold Weather!? Yeah, we got the heating enchantments, BUT WRONG SEASON!”

Yuri: “I didn’t even know we had Ice Cream. Where the hell did that crate come from?”

Yuri takes the Fire Sword and sticks it in a metal sheath stolen from another sword. The version of the Flamberge the team had actually. That one doesn’t threaten to burn the whole ship down when lying on the floor.*

Karol: “That’s funny, we have been making all of our own food. We definitely didn’t pick it up…”


Archer quietly listens. He is well under the mindset that both sides of this argument are nutcases, and can only smirk.

Archer: “Hoo boy, another Dead Apostle mission, lucky me~”

There goes his sarcasm again. He’s been though quite a few Zombie Wars…

Archer: “Alright, point the way.”

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“I will never ever react to anything from you. The trip to Hope NEVER happened”

@Heaven Team,

The soldiers lower their weapons as the team submits.
Sam: I’m afraid you will be leaving after you have cleaned up the mess, you can thank me for not destroying Magnolia in return.
He turns to face the parade which promptly splits in half down the middle creating a path to walk through
Sam: When we next meet, you will see all my dreams for Heaven realized.
He begins walking down the the path made for him
Sam: I’m expecting your cities to supply students…hehehe
The Winds follow Sam out, faint mumblings of conversation can be heard amongst them as they make their exit. The Four Prophets leave back out from the door they came in through, after they have passed the ranks close back up and you are presented once again with a solid wall of soldiers…

Now the highest ranking person present, Major Raikov steps forward and scratches his arse, something is riding high

Major Raikov: SQUAD! FALL OUT!
A block of 5 Tengu’s detach from the parade, they march forth
Major Raikov: You are to guide these…soldiers…towards the source of the Necromorph signal and have it destroyed, understood?
Squad: Understood Major!
Major Raikov: Good, now. PARADE! DISPERSE!
The hundreds of Tengu soldiers begin to separate and move out, squads of them disappearing down corridors and hallways, some even venture into ventilation shafts as they begin to spread about the deck once more in their mission to rid the place of the Necromorphs. The sounds of gunshots and Necro roars begin to rise as the battle recommences. Before you know it the majority of the division is gone, the standard soldiers begin moving out themselves albeit much slower and louder then their elite brethren

Major Raikov makes his leave followed by a team of his most skilled honour guard at his side, he is simply too high of a rank to be involved in the grit of combat himself any more

The 5 man Tengu team approach, rifles at the ready and in a combat stance. Due to each soldier officially being trained at an officer level they have no squad leaders…as they are all leaders, therefore there are only really two distinct ranks, that of a soldier and of the Major. So this team is lead strictly through group thinking and consensus and not a single leader…
Tengu: We will show you the way to the origin of the signal, follow.
The squad climb leap over the rubble you came in through and carry on back down the street, after a few minutes of the following the team and making your way through more wreckage and debris you enter into…

It is civilian recreational plaza, much like the first one you entered upon arriving at Heaven but larger and with more open space not to mention different buildings.

To the side of the plaza is a cinema, the holographic screens out front are smashed apart and destroyed the doorway leading in is wedged shut and criss crossed with security tape, the rest of the buildings here are generic shops each one just as damaged as the last. Scattered about the ground are the bodies of recently killed Necromorph. This place is a hotpot of activity.

Walking into the centre of the room the soldiers keep their weapons aimed at the vents, watching for the slightest bit of movement, Laika and Tim follow relatively close with their pistols drawn and ready.

Suddenly out of nowhere Juvia is pelted with a what seems to be a quill, it pierces her shoulder through and causes agonizing pain as it splinters and breaks apart, then you see it, climbing up one of the pillars…

The result of infant recombination via the Necromorph infection. More of a crawling mass of flesh than a practical form these Lurkers are able to cling to vertical surfaces through a unique mutation in their skin meaning they are well balanced and agile, much like the Leaper but quieter in its movements. Their main weapon, and mutation for that matter can be found upon their backs. Hidden underneath a piece of leathery skin can be found a sort of cavity containing a trio of coiled up vine-like tendrils, when opened they extend from its back and operate as its primary weapon. Each of the three appendages is tipped with quills allowing it to shoot at its enemies and they are barbed meaning it also can whip when in close range causing a fair amount of damage…

Feeble and easily killed they play a support role and often keep their distance far from their prey, often sitting in the shadows firing quills..

Climbing from a vent also appears…

A Enhanced Puker
As the Necromorph matures so does its combat effectiveness, the acid these Pukers, well..puke is twice as caustic than standard, their skin is also hardened to withstand more punishment and they are many times faster, rushing into combat instead of slowly lumbering.

To pile more on the fire…

Enhanced Slashers emerge from the hallway, upon laying their eyes on the Tengu they break out into a flailing sprint, running head on into combat…

The Tengu troops quickly holster their P90 submachine guns on their backs and draw their HF Blades, as the swords are slid out from there sheaths a bizarre sounding and high pitched “whistle” can be heard. They standfast and await the imminent clash with the Slashers

Overall numbers

3 Lurkers
5 Enhanced Pukers
7 Enhanced Slashers


3 Lurkers are hid up in the shadows about the corners and ceiling of the room, they are continuously firing quills at the whole group, if these projectiles are not dodged, blocked or parried then they WILL pierce the skin and armour and cause immense crippling pain.


1 E.Puker is charging head on towards you whilst throwing up at the same time
1 E.Slasher is also sprinting towards you, within the next moment it will leap and spear


1 Lurker is focus firing at you, with every second that passes you are having a trio shot of quills launched toward you
2 E.Slashers are charging you, they are separate and coming from two different directions


2 E.Pukers, one is sprinting and fountaining acid whilst the other is lumbering


1 Lurker is focus firing at you with deadly projectiles.
1 E.Puker has launched a blast of acid your way, in the next moment you will be sludge
1 E.Slasher is also on the way to follow up on the acid spray


With the pierced and crippled up shoulder you’d be happy to see that you are in the clear at the moment, so no need to worry about immediate danger


3 E.Slashers are upon you already, slashing into you and jabbing with their talons. Their attacks are relentless


1 lone but courageous Puker is making its way over to put a scuff on your day.


I decided to split up and prioritize the Necromorphs so that everyone has something to do. Feel free to help each other out though however I recommend you deal with your own enemies first before you do.

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@flying thing

The Order mages just sit around. Tempestia is the closest of them to the edge, which is somewhat fitting her element. They’re not going to question what’s happening….

@blue tribe

The structure has now been built. It is the Firewarrior Training Hut. Firewarriors are the ranged combatants of the tribe, able to shoot fireballs. And no, this cannot be stopped by anything like silence or mana draining. The only thing mana related with them is the training cost! Their fireballs are much weaker than Blast in terms of power, though. They cannot launch a warrior unless they’re either killed by the fireball or already in midair. Also, their fireballs have very little area of effect. Firewarriors will in fact be the majority of the army that will be formed later. For now, though, the braves just start to build more regular huts.

Dec 20, 2013 at 01:14PM EST


Makoto turns her head to look at Rita.
Makoto: Uh, it’s chestnut ice cream. Who the hell wouldn’t eat it?
She’s almost about done with the cone anyways. Getting full, she tosses the rest of the cone off the ship.


Tager sees the Enhanced Puker approach him. Before he gets ready to fight, he activates his night vision so he can see the positions of the Lurkers for his next move.
Tager: C’mere!
The Red Devil extends a hand and tries to grab the Enhanced Puker by one of its arms. In one swift motion from Tager, he hurls the Puker at the position of one of the Lurkers firing on the group like a soldier throwing a live grenade. If any Lurker shots go for Tager, he would throw up an Ars Magus barrier to protect himself from the quills.

Meanwhile with Hakumen… When the Enhanced Slasher’s try to cut him up, Hakumen raises his right forearm in front of him and puts up an ornate blue, shield. When the strikes from the slashers hit the shield, the necros are just stop and frozen for a second. This gives Hakumen enough time to grab all of the Slashers by their claws and throw them all over his shoulder and behind him in a bunch.
Hakumen: Zea!
With his next move, he’s going to try and sever the bony appendages from their bodies.

Dec 20, 2013 at 04:19PM EST

Overall numbers:

3 Lurkers
5 Enhanced Pukers
8 Enhanced Slashers

2 more E.Slashers enter and pounce into combat with the Tengu squad. With their swords drawn and incredible skill they parry the attacks of the two E.Slashers, due to the speed of both parties it doesn’t seem like either one is to back down any time soon, the result it a endless spree of clashing blades. The skill of the Tengu vs the undying ferocity of the Necromorph footsoldier

Laika and Tim are both nearby the Tengu’s, the pilot continues to rapid fire his blaster to little effect whilst Tim takes out his gauss pistol
Laika: “Fire it, Tim! this weapon is ineffective!”
Tim: “If there is one thing I remember sir!….its to aim for the limbs! try that!”
Tim takes the gauss pistol from his holster, he tries pushing the same buttons before but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything, by the looks of it, it is still cooling down from the last laser blast
Tim: “No! not now!”


Due to them mostly being a sack of liquid, Pukers are quite heavy, when you grab its arm and throw it you actually tear it off which lets out a spurt of acid and covers your hand, it starts burning away quickly and will require medical attention fast before it does any serious damage….

The Lurker spots the Incoming Puker with plenty of time to spare, reeling in its vine whips it leaps out of the way and latches onto a another wall before letting off a number of quills at Tager…

The thrown Puker climbs back onto its feet and rushes towards Tager with vengeance…


During mid-flight the 3 Necromorphs enter a weird spasm, kind of like how a cat writhes its body so that its feet face downwards. Upon being thrown to the ground they quickly scramble back up and spread apart, Hakumens follow up slice severs the arm off one however it continues to fight only now with half the effectiveness…

Whilst occupied with the slice Hakumen is grappled by another E.Slasher, its disgusting maw belching out a rotten vapour as its bright pulsating eyes glared down at you. You are trapped in its grasp as it slowly forces its talons closer and closer towards your neck, it is very strong thanks to its strengthened and enhanced muscle mass


The Plasma shots hit the charging E.Puker and cause quite an effective outcome. Melting into the stomach area it tears it open like a bag of rotten fish, emptying the acidic reserves onto the ground and voiding its primary puking attack. Even though it lacks its acid ammunition it still has its freakishly long arms…

Now within striking distance it begins clawing away at Doomguy, its attack strength is considerably reduced than normal due to it being pelted by the plasma gun

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Doomguy manages do back away from the E.Puker, and pulls out his Rocket Launcher. He runs away, and launches a rock straight into the Puker’s stomach.

Dec 20, 2013 at 08:24PM EST


The acid that got on Tager’s hand slowly starts to break away at the gauntlet. The gauntlets are the most durable part on Tager with the exception of his skirt and boots. The hand that got splashed by acid starts to glow intensely with electromagnetic energy in order to burn the acid off with lightning.
Tager: Gah!
When the Lurker starts to fire at Tager, he rolls out of the way so that the shots would miss him.

Tager gets out of the rolling position just in time to catch the Puker running at him. The Red Devil puts both his hands in front of his chest, and quickly moves them out to the side.
Tager: Spark Bolt!
A giant ball of electromagnetic energy goes rocketing at the Puker. If the ball connects, it will explode on impact and send the Puker flying backwards for a few meters or until it hits something.


Hakumen is grappled by the Slasher. When the necromorph tries to get closer to his neck, he stands his ground and pushes back.
Hakumen: I can see right through you!
Hakumen digs his claws into the Enhanced Stalker’s hard flesh by harnessing the power reserves of the Susano’oh Unit to keep the Slasher at bay. Using even more strength, Hakumen pushes the Stalker off of him. Then he tries to slice the Enhanced Stalker in half while it’s stunned.

Dec 20, 2013 at 09:26PM EST


As Archer gets assaulted from 3 angles, he discards his bow and summons a pair of swords.

He dodges towards one of the Enhanced Slashers and kicks it back with a broad side kick, kicking off it and delivering a spin slash to the one coming at him from the opposite angle. The second one is now missing it’s head and an arm.

Archer uses it’s body to kick up off it and jump into the air, where he throws one of his swords at the Lurker who is shooting at him, impaling it to the wall and likely killing it.

One attacking slasher left… as it gets up, Archer summons a new sword to replace his now lost one and dodges to the side as the slasher… well, slashes. Parrying the twin slasher bone blades and shoving his sword deep into the things gut.

… this doesn’t kill it, causing Archer to back up a few hops.

Archer: “Steel Is my body… And Fire Is My Blood!”

He lets a power surge into his body, and tosses these two daggers

And in a combo, he slashes the necromorph several times before Reinforcing the blades he had to the point where they turned into a twin pair of Wing Blades, and quartering the thing right on it’s chest.

The enhancement doesn’t last that long and the blades shatter shortly thereafter.

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Makarov is inside the lab, looking around the inside of kokonoes domain for the first time. He is a bit disgusted by how the place looks more messy than of the actual contents in it.

Makarov: You think for a house cat like yourself, you would at least have some time to clean up this place a bit. Its in quite a mess don’t you think?

Makarov makes his way right next to her and looks at the ongoing screens of everything going on in heaven, as well as all of the other thing in Magnolia and other places she has an observation on.

Makarov: I know you don’t like to leave your lab at all for some reason, but it wouldn’t kill you to get out every now and then. But enough of that, like you said, I am here to find out about what has happened to my children who went a board that cursed vessel of Sams. Its been too long for just a visit and I can’t help but feel the worst going on right now.

Makarov looks along the detailed visual display of Heaven and looks at the location of where the group is.

Makarov: I assume that you have not been able to get any sort of connection to them at all. I haven’t been able to as well. I Really don’t know what to do from here. Would you happen to know how we can get through to them. I will even take it upon my self to bring them all back safely if needed.

He clenches his fist in anger as he thinks of the worst.

Makarov: If he even so has done anything to anyone of my children in there, I will crush him with the full fury of an angry god.

@Everyone in guild hall

Mirajane is curious to know what it is that is going on exactly with all the comotion going on as people are preparing for the day.

Mirajane: Hey Carl, Tao, Enchantress, is everything aright with you all?
@Dungeon group.

Wendy is eating the ice cream despite it being too cold for ice cream. She is rather warm instead, as she continues to enjoy the ice cream.

Wendy: Thank you Makoto, Its really good.

Lucy: Man, I just can’t wait to get back home and sleep. But at least i can sleep peacefully with all of these riches that I can use for rent money for who know how long.

Carla: So, how long till we get back?

When the lurker shoots a quill at Juvia, it goes completely pass gthrough her shoulder. Juvia’s water magic has also made her able to have her entire body to be made out of water. So the Quill and any other forms of physical attacks as such will not affect her at all.

Juvia: AAHH!


Juvia: Yes, she is, but look out, more of them.

When the group realizes the Necromorphs attacking, they all make haste to disapatch the ones that are directly after them.

Erza Requips into heavens wheel armour and summons dozens upon dozens of swords in which to shower the Puker and Slasher with. Thew sheer volume of swords is impossible to dodge for simple minded creatures and would send them impaling onto a wall or simply tearing them to shreds.

She descides to play a keep away game by keeping space between them and herself, especially the pukers as she continues to summon swords to send at them as well as at the nearest visible lurker.

Gray and Juvia work together to fend of the Necromorphs sent after Gray. Gray uses Ice maker: shield to block and deflect off the acid bile and spines from the lurker, leaving the two unharmed.

Juvia quickly counters them by using Water slicer at them. She shoots out around 6 blades of highly pressurized water at hight speed towards the charging slasher. The blades are powerful enough to cut through even the toughest steel, let alone flesh and bones. So they will cut the Slasher into jibs once they contact it.

(This is still juvias current appearance, so you all know.)

Gray also counters the Puker by using another Ice maker spell.

Gray: Ice make: Knuckles.

He creates a group of very large ice fists that strike at the Puker and would send it crashing at full force with the fists crushing it between it andf the wall before exploding into ice fragments that shoot out at nearby Necromorphs or nothing at all.

They all do not let their guard down for a second, looking around each other and their surroundings while holding off the necromorphs while also not making sure to not get overwhelmed.

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@Ba’ul Passengers:

Judith: “Around 10 more minutes, minus whatever time it takes to tie the boat off at the port.”

To Rita’s annoyance, Karol and Estelle are helping themself to the ice cream


Reimu and Marisa approach the source of the immense power they detected…

Marisa: “Well would you look at that!”

Reimu: “That building… what the hell is it doing!?”

Marisa: "I think we will be able to tell in a bit. I am bringing us in for a landing at the entrance!’

Reimu: “Why there!?!”

Marisa: “Somebody beat us here…”

A fleet of battleships have surrounded the island… around 45 at least.

Reimu: “Alright, lets check it out. I would rather make peace if possible…”

Dec 21, 2013 at 05:27AM EST

OOC: I won’t be posting ’til the afternoon becouse of reasons but I will leave a huge ass clue of what will happen in this cursed day, you are going to literally love it so bloody much your eyes will literally jump out from their sockets..literally.

I am a beacon of knowledge blazing out across a black sea of ignorance.

Dec 21, 2013 at 06:23AM EST


The rocket hits the weakened E.Puker and blows it apart, luckily due to it being emptied of acid by the plasma pistol it doesn’t spray any of the chemical about the room…

The remaining E.Puker grossly convulses before spitting a ball of acidic bile at Doomguy, the projectile strikes and covers him in sickening mixture of goo which forces his feet to stick to the floor and dramatically slows down movement as it seems to harden like a type of resin across his armour, luckily this isn’t as caustic as its main primary attack but the lack of mobility is a death sentence….

With his speed slowed to a struggling walk the E.Puker charges startlingly fast at Doomguy…


The ball of electromagnetic energy strikes the E.Puker in chest and sends it flying through the air, upon striking the wall it explodes in visceral scene of ejected intestines and organs, the acid pouring out from it begins to slowly melt away at the floor as its corpses remains still and lifeless…

Whilst Tager was distracted by the Puker the Lurker gets into a pouncing position and makes a leap for Tagers head. Latching on with its small clawed hands it extends its ropey tendrils and rapidly begins stabbing away at Tagers chest and neck area in a frantic attempt at bringing him down. It will take some serious effort getting this little shit off his head, crawling around like a rabid feline it will do anything to stay latched on…


The Enhanced Slasher stumbles back and is sliced in half by Hakumens blade. Reduced to an impractical and incapable state the Necromorph is “killed” its hacked up body lying dead on the ground…

However whilst he was forcefully preoccupied, the other 2 Slashers have lined up their attacks. Directly after Hakumen slices the one in half he is charged into with massive forced and slammed to the ground with a move resembling that of a Rugby tackle.

Whilst pinned on the ground by one Slasher the other begins stabbing away at Hakumens abdomen in rapid succession…


The sword impales the Lurker to the wall, it lets of a loud and infant like scream as it is killed outright and it tendrils flop limply from out its body…

The quartered E.Slasher falls apart like a cake on the spot and of course ceases to move…

The 1 armed Necro strives on though, recovering from the attack and regaining its composure it begins to wildly slash at the air around it with no sense of perception, surprisingly it still poses a respectable threat as it slowly stumbles over to Archers position it doesn’t stop flailing for a moment….


The swords launched at the Lurker are only partly effective. When the Lurker spotted the projectiles being hurled at it, it reeled in its tendrils however one of them was hit and severed, with only two left it quickly scampered off to find a new place to hide and resume firing

The E.Puker is too slow to act is is caught in the blizzard of swords, it is torn apart on the spot as it releases a blast of miasma and falls silent

The E.Slasher is faster than you think, upon seeing the sword storm it leaps into a nearby vent and vanishes as it travels up through the complicated network of ventilation ducts…as this room is so large the walls in here are apart of the ships overall superstructure therefore it will be incredibly difficult to cause anything more than a scratch to them…whilst in the ducts it is invulnerable, protected by both the walls and its cunning movements

As Erza is focused on dealing with the scampering Lurker she fails to see the E.Slasher leap from the vent above her head, it falls down upon her with incredible force slamming her into the ground. It reels its arm back and is moments away from executing a decapitation

@Gray & Juvia,

The Enhanced Slasher dodges a few of the water swords and goes to block the remainder of the them with its two blades, the water struggles to pass through, after all it is made of a incredibly strong bony carapace like material…

The water swords travel through both the talons and then further struggle to actually cut into the Enhanced skin, nonetheless they prevail and the Slasher is successfully minced…so it seems…

The body is highly necrotic and in a state of advanced decomposition and seeing as it is a recombinant lifeform the ever precise and thin cuts of the water blades are quickly filled in and healed over with fresh enhanced sinew

Now within range it proceeds to beat Juvia to death with its bladeless stump arms before executing a grapple, now trapped in its grasp you are being dragged closer and closer towards its mouth, moments away from having your head eaten

The Puker is slammed into the wall by the ice fists and popped like a messy balloon, it slides off the surface and hits the ground in a gaseous half melted mess

Spotting an opening the 2-tendrilled Lurker scared off by Erza makes a leap of faith and pounces Gray, grasping a hold of his head with its tiny hands it begins jabbing away at Grays shoulders with its tendrils. Just like Tager it is stuck on good and will take a let of effort to pull off

The Tengu’s continue to parry the 2 E.Slashers attacks in a desperate attempt to find an opening, after a few moments one of the Necros delivers a backhand smash sending one of the Tengu’s flying back a few meters, aided by a few rapid shots from Laika’s pistol however the Slasher is left dazed and is struck by a quick swing by one of the soldiers blades effectively cutting off one of its arms, whilst stunned 3 Tengu’s gang up on it and continue to hack the thing apart on the spot with fluid slices and movement

Before you know it they have have reduced it to chunks and are now focusing on the remaining one, like before they are locked in a series of parries only this time the Slasher crosses blades disarming one of the Tengu’s and sends his HF sword flinging off and jamming into a wall. The disarmed troop draws his P90 from off his back and lets off a few rapid bursts into the monster however they are to no avail and only serve to enrage its attacks

The fight continues…

Remaining enemies:

2 Lurkers
1 Enhanced Pukers
5 Enhanced Slashers

Killed this post:

1 Lurker
4 Enhanced Pukers
3 Enhanced Slashers

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Dec 21, 2013 at 02:41PM EST

Doomguy: God, damnit… at least i still got my weapons.
Doomguy then pulls out the BFG. He waits for it to charge up, and fires at the Puker for massive damage.

Dec 21, 2013 at 03:12PM EST

OOC: Hello, everyone. I’m happy to say exams and all that stuff’s over with. Unfortunately, I haven’t really had much time lately to think about KYM or Roleplay General, and I’ve been pretty exhausted. Luckily, I had several things planned before all of this, so I think I’ll be able to back in motion pretty soon, thread-wise.

May I ask for a quick recap of everything that’s happened since I’ve last been here? Particularly things involving Charity in general.

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Dec 21, 2013 at 07:10PM EST

Dr. Ivo Robotnik wrote:

OOC: Hello, everyone. I’m happy to say exams and all that stuff’s over with. Unfortunately, I haven’t really had much time lately to think about KYM or Roleplay General, and I’ve been pretty exhausted. Luckily, I had several things planned before all of this, so I think I’ll be able to back in motion pretty soon, thread-wise.

May I ask for a quick recap of everything that’s happened since I’ve last been here? Particularly things involving Charity in general.

Just as a very general breakdown:

~It’s Winter currently.
~Locations and nations are being teleported on. Three whole nations thus far.
~There is a Barrier keeping Orbital Strikes from occurring and is keeping the planet safe from being destroyed, but nobody knows that yet.
~Heaven has returned and is currently in orbit trying to remove it’s Necromorph infestation.
~Aer Krene locations suddenly have micro patch-worlds in them and have rewards at the ends of them.
~Lancer’s Epic Adventure is going painfully slow.

And that’s about it.

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Dec 21, 2013 at 07:51PM EST

Red starts to get pale and loose his balance, falling forward onto his knees.
Euch… Can anybody else feel that?
Red hobbles over to a seat and sits down.
Could I… Maybe get some… Water?

Dec 21, 2013 at 08:33PM EST

GSF, or should I say the GSF Colony, is going VERY well, in a day, they have manages to build quite a bit, and insanely fast, to boot. With experimental expansion and terraforming technologies originally intended to safeguard, yet is now being used on the planet, the main areas of the colony look like this:

There are numerous high-rise buildings, and most of the civillians are reclaiming jobs they once had.

Dec 21, 2013 at 09:26PM EST

@Ba’ul’s Passengers:

Red gets a canteen filled with water and drinks it until he realizes it tastes a bit stagnate and sandy. Yuri hasn’t used this in awhile.

Soonafter, they circle around to a landing and let everyone off.

@Lancers Epic Adventure:

>Pretend to leave Travis behind and take to the road. He’ll catch up.

>That way looks pretty promising.

>The fact that it’s so well beaten must mean there is something this way!

After a bit of walking… the group comes upon an abandoned mansion…

Chibi Wimpers

>Well this isn’t unsettling.


Since Ann is a whiny doosh about never being able to catch up despite having an enormous amount of free time in the evenings, I hereby sentence his character to the worst possible humiliation possible…

… He is now the newest member on Lancer’s Epic Adventure.

Terry does not find any loot dedicated for him, but stupidly picks up a single walking orb looking thing.

Before he can even begin to wonder what this thing is, it explodes in his face.

And sends him flying towards the Island of Promised Treasure; Team Rocket Style.

He lands smack in front of Lancer and Co, blacken in ash and impossibly alive and well.

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Dec 22, 2013 at 01:04AM EST

The Order mages get off and are quickly faced with the cold.

Tempestia: L-l-let’s get somewhere warm, quickly.

Pyralis: A-a-at least YOU’RE not more subsceptible to the cold due to your element.

Tahrdan: Can’t you just passively release some fire energy for warmth or something?

Granatir: We can, but what do you mean ‘you’?

Noctan: You know full well that us two do not know any pyromancy.

the Order mages with fire magic proceed to make their hands glow, releasing fire elemental energy. The others would notice that the area around them is getting pleasantly warm as a result.

@blue tribe

One more hut has been built, causing the population to increase by 1. The Shaman is just waiting for the population to rise further before training any more Warriors or Firewarriors.

Shaman:(There is a powerful beast that can disrupt my ability to control the mana around it. We will need many warriors and firewarriors to dispose of it, and possibly even some allies.)

(OOC: There are four different pieces of ingame BGM, I will be cycling through them at random for stuff to do with the blue tribe.)

@epic adventure

Kongspire: Hmmm… If my exploration has taught me anything, it’s that we can expect the undead in places like that…

He proceeds to switch out his armour for the Divine Veil and Sinister Skelly Suit, as well as his weapon for, once again, the Warmaster Rocket Hammer.

%{color:blue}Kongspire: Also, we should guard the gremlins well. The undead typically deal damage of the type which gremlins are weak to. %

At this point, someone drops out of the sky!

Kongspire: Hmm… From all the signs, there was a powerful explosive somewhere in this world to send him flying THIS far.

Gremlin 1:(He’s still alive…)

The sharp-eyed Gremlin proceeds to get out a Health Capsule and use it on the trainer, healing him of any injuries he might have sustained.

Dec 22, 2013 at 06:30AM EST



The rocket hits the E.Puker for massive and terrible terrible damage exploding the thing on the spot but in turn sending a bucket load of caustic acid over Doomguy. Already it has began quickly eating down into his armour and is moments away from reaching the skin.

The Puker remains dead as its half exploded body lies about the room in parts

Doomguy is clear of immediate Necromorph attack, for now

Remaining enemies:
2 Lurkers
5 Enhanced Slashers

Killed this post:
1 Enhanced Puker

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Dec 22, 2013 at 12:52PM EST

@"Main plot"



@Lancer extremelly slow-ass adventure of epic and endless proportions

Saddly, the mansion’ entrance is inmediatly, permanently and instantly destroyed by an unknown demonic force. The place is quickly covered in dark flames as if a raging demon just spawned right in front of Lancer. Becouse of extremelly nonsensical reasons, becouse the planes are so fucked up right now and becouse I want to, the supreme master of the forgotten martial art known as Shun Goku Satsu arrives to this unknown land, searching for worthy opponents who are able to stand a chance against him.


Dec 22, 2013 at 01:23PM EST

@Lancer’s Soon-To-Be-Over-Due-To-Being-Raging-Demon’d-In-The-Face Adventure
Travis FINALLY catches up to Lancer and company, just before Akuma appears.
Travis: Jesus, that was fucking hard…
When Akuma appears and does his shit, Travis is confused
Travis; Wh-what the fuck?! if you want a fight, you’ll get a fight, alright.
He draws the Camellia Mk. III, and is ready to fight.
Travis; You guys ready for this?


Doomguy somehow manages to pull his armor off before the acid eats away at his skin. He is much more vulnerable, but a bit faster.
Doomguy: Now, what the fuck do I go after…
He spots the lurkers on Tager and Gray.
Doomguy: Now which one of those motherfuckers is cooler… You.
Doomguy pulls out his chainsaw and revs it up. He then runs towards the lurker on Tager, slicing it in a direction parallel to tager’s face, so that Tager doesn’t get hurt.

Dec 22, 2013 at 06:03PM EST

OOC: Hey guys, sorry about my absence this weekend. My internet has been down all this time and it just got fixed today. I was also rather busy today too. Sorry that I just dropped out all unexpected, but I just want you guys to know that I’m still alive and that I’ll be making a post tomorrow.

Dec 23, 2013 at 02:53AM EST


Before the armour even hits the ground it has been reduced to a half melted sludge that lands on the floor and melts partly into it…

The chainsaw slice severs all of the Lurkers appendages and kills it instantly, its corpses rolls off of Tager and hits the ground with a thud and loud squeal

Remaining enemies:
1 Lurkers
5 Enhanced Slashers

Killed this post:
1 Lurker

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Dec 23, 2013 at 03:21PM EST

OOC: I’ll actually be able to CONTRIBUTE over the next few days…

@epic adventure

Kongspire: Alright, who is this?

He gets his Barbarous Thorn Shield and Warmaster Rocket Hammer ready.

Dec 23, 2013 at 03:39PM EST


Kokonoe’s eyebrow twitches when Makarov told her that she needed to clean up the lab.
Kokonoe: My lab, my mess, my rules.
She doesn’t like it when people tell her to clean her lab up. There’s a slight edge to her voice now.

When Makarov asks if there’s an alternate way to connect to the people in Heaven, she stays silent for a moment.

Kokonoe: Well there is one way I can think of. An communication Ars Magus spell would work, but it’ll be hammered with static without being stronger. Gimme a few minutes…
She starts to type away at her computer. The spell communication spell should take a bit to set up if we don’t want any interference at all.

@Tager’s necro,

The Lurker just attached to Tager’s head.
Tager: Get off of me!
The Red Devil starts to stumble around, trying to pry the Lurker off his head. As the Lurker strikes at his metal body, it can makes a few cuts in his lab coat.
Tager: Assistance please!
He keeps trying to mash the Lurker with his giant hands and pull it off of his body. When Doomguy runs over and chainsaws the Lurker off of Tager’s face.
Tager: Here’s a free lift for you.
Tager grabs Doomguy and tosses him to the nearest batch of necromorphs.

@Hakumen’s necros,

Hakumen is smashed in the back by the rampaging Slasher.
Hakumen: Oomph!
He gets put on the ground and starts getting jabbed at by the necromorphs. They can feel that the armor he has on is really durable, so it will take a while to put dents and holes in it. While he’s pinned there, he starts to build up a bright yellowish-orange energy on his armor.
Hakumen: Unit overload!
Hakumen explodes with energy, and the Slashers get knocked off of him and get heavily stunned. They can barely walk around, and their sense of direction is minimalistic for now.

Hakumen gets up from the ground and takes his sword in both hands. Everyone can see an ornate crest of a kitsune appear behind Hakumen as he starts to charge up his attack. It’s slightly different from his usual crest by the coloration.

Hakumen: Empty Sky Form…
He raises the nodachi high above his head… A bright blue vortex of energy starts to swirl around Ookami, taking it straight from the environment. The floor begins to shake like an earthquake is going off all around Heaven…
Hakumen: Summer’s Advance!
Hakumen slams Ookami down in front of him… This causes a wave of bright, blue and white energy to go straight at the two Slashers. This will completely obliterate them if it touches them, and is coming at them very fast.

Dec 23, 2013 at 05:23PM EST


Makarov wait patiently for Kokonoe to do her work. He also mentions one other thing for helping with communications.

Makarov: You know, we do have Communication lacrama that we can use to communicate with people. I Think if you were to use some of your Ars magus magic combined with one of them, I think it could provide us with the strength we need to reach them.

He reaches into his coat and somehow pulls out one of them and places it on her desk. It’s pretty much a portable crystal ball.

Makarov: See if this helps. I carry it around just in case of emergencies, which in this case it is one.
@Erzas Necromorph

Erza is always one to be aware of her surrounding at all times. She is always aware of her opening and her blind spots and is prepared to make counters to each one given the situation.

When she is pounced by the E.Slasher, she manages to give herself enough leverage to parry the attack of the slasher pierces the floor next to her.Raising her other hand she slashes the linmb off while pinned to the ground. Right after she summons a halberd with a massive curved edge and pointed tip and sends it hurtling at the Slasher like a bolt thrower that would harpoon it off of her and pin it onto the wall. Allowing Erza to quickly get up and counter attack it with two swings of her swords to finish it off.

@Juvia and Gray.
When Juvia is being grappled by the Slasher, she is first terrified by the look of it. When it rears up to hit her, she manages to morph her entire body into water, like a water elemental. She uses it to release her self from its grips and before it manages to run at her.

Juvia: Water Lock!

She suddenly encases the Slasher insde a sphere of water that it cannot escape from so long as it is on there. It is in the middle of the sphere as it slowly constricts it with water pressure as it drowns in it.

Meanwhile Gray is being attacked by the lurker. He grunts in pain as one of the appendages stabs him. But the worst part of it for the lurker is that Gray uses his ice magic through his hands. So he manages to grab the lurker with both hands as he invokes his ice magic to freeze it solid. Within seconds, the Lurker is encased in a giant ball of ice as hit is frozen in place as he removes the solid Lurker from his head.

Gray: Damn piece of shit stabbed me.

Juvia: Gyay-sama, over here.

Gray notices her water lock and the slasher in it.

Gray: got it.

He throws the lurker inside of the water lock with the other slasher, trapping them both in it.

Gray: Heres something for yah. Ice make Cannon!

Gray creates an ice cannon that shoots out a cannonball at the water locked necromorphs in them, causing a massive explosion of ice that shatters them into bits as well as sending off fragments in all directions to nearby necromorphs.

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Dec 23, 2013 at 06:23PM EST

Some nights I can’t stay up till 4 in the morning. Progression has also been badly stunted. Fast forwarding.

All remaining Necromorphs are killed

The Tengu’s are unscathed and so are Tim and Laika

You leave the area and continue on down a tunnel

You follow the Tengu’s for several minutes down many winding passages

Coming upon an obstacle you stop…

The floor seems to be torn up and blasting off an incredible amount of force upward and into the ceiling

The Tengu’s comment on how the gravity plating has been badly damaged and stripped from the ground

You carefully proceed in an attempt to not fall into the deathtrap

You are currently making your way down a bloody hallway, whispers and voices can be heard all around as you descend deeper into the more decrepit part of the ship


Now sync up and react to the progression or distort the rhythm even more by not doing so.

I’ll work on a proper post tomorrow, I’ll probably have it up before you guys even get out of bed.
It will contain difficult decisions and a new form of enemy

Dec 23, 2013 at 06:53PM EST

OOC: I’ll just post for everyone, seeing as how no one else has posted yet… I’ll respond to Makarov when I have a chance to, Asura.



Everyone follows the Tengu squad around the labyrinthine maze that is Heaven. When they come upon the gravity well, everyone carefully crosses it without falling into the trap. As they walk among the hallways, the eerie voices and noises start to get to some people. Some look around for the sources of the noise and all that jazz.

Dec 24, 2013 at 02:58AM EST


I was going to post but I think it would be best if we took a break for a bit.
I’m going to be quite preoccupied over the next few days and no doubt you guys are too so I think its a good idea that we take some time off before getting back into it.

If you really want me to continue then I will but only in my own time, so don’t expect any prompt or routine posts. For now though I reckon we should just enjoy Christmas and take some time out, I honestly think that.

Anyway, let me know what you think about that idea.

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Dec 24, 2013 at 08:13AM EST

OOC: Figures, that the few days I can actually be MORE active no one else wants to be… Could we not just do a non-canon christmas related thing with the characters?

Dec 24, 2013 at 08:32AM EST

Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis wrote:

OOC: Figures, that the few days I can actually be MORE active no one else wants to be… Could we not just do a non-canon christmas related thing with the characters?

OOC: I like that idea, but really I don’t care WHAT we do. Honestly, I’d rather just enjoy the holidays.

Dec 24, 2013 at 12:48PM EST

Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis wrote:

OOC: Figures, that the few days I can actually be MORE active no one else wants to be… Could we not just do a non-canon christmas related thing with the characters?

Sounds fun. I’m in if other people are in.

Dec 24, 2013 at 01:11PM EST

OOC: Well it makes sense that people would rather spend time with their folks and friends during the holiday seasons. So with that being said, so have yourselves a merry Fairy Tail Christmas Roleplay General.

Also, Erza Scarlet makes the Best Santa Claus ever.

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Dec 24, 2013 at 02:47PM EST

OOC: mmm… yes…… Also, only two of my characters (One you probably wouldn’t expect, as a matter of fact) have had any prior experience of winter festivities.

Filler IC:

While the other groups are doing whatever, the blue tribe is essentially doing the same thing they’ve been doing since arrival, building up. Not a single member of the tribe is bothered by the cold, despite wearing what ultimately amounts to very little. They are somewhat used to it, however. I mean, one of their tougher battles took place on a world in which all the water was being iced over! Basically a few more braves have been spawned from the mana, and promptly trained as firewarriors.

Meanwhile, with the Order mages…

Solarian:(I wonder if they’ll be doing anything special in this weather…)

(OOC: The two characters are actually Kongspire and Solarian. He doesn’t feel the weather quite right on the world he’s set up the Order HQ to enforce such festivities, though at the same time he is not against them.)

Dec 24, 2013 at 03:08PM EST

Captain Spark’s amazing tales of the future: Chapter 4…“The heartless pride of the family”

The machine in charge of this floating facility, the AI who became one of the first members of the Anti S and later succumbed to death at the hands of Rodriguez, this particular bot who watches every room, every corner and everyone inside the Hellium Fortress finally gave to Johnson the current status of the remaining members if the Anti S. Each subject was given a special container and put in cryostasis. However, the likes of Skeleton King and Van had a special treatment, specially the last one who proved to be more than a guinea pig. After carefully reading this dialy report, Johnson quickly leaves the AI alone and heads to the commander room. The Hellium Fortress is practically empty, only the cold touch of robots is felt and It’s atmosphere matches with the ship’ captain. The Balloon Master is reading, a curious habit he picked in the first days in space. The door opens and Johnson slowly steps in, not wanting to abruptly interrupt his friend’ thoughts.
The Balloon Master merely looks at the man standing in front of him.
BM: I suppose I had to read the papers you have brought to me again right?
Johnson: No, allow me to tell you the basic details. Victor finally agreed to use his advanced cryogenics technology and the secret to extend the human’s life with us.
BM: I thought the Cremator was unable to feel anything.
Johnson: The soul of a worried father is hidden deep inside him. It was quite easy to convince him actually.
BM: Well, no wonder why he is actually helping now. Do you remember the celebration that is supposed to happen in this very night?
Johnson: Christma..? Oh, of course I understand. Victor probably has fond memories of this event.
BM: And so do I. Well, in my younger years actually..when these adoptive thing weren’t bothering me in any kind of way and when I was with my “original group”. Oh merciful Christmas..My father and my mother used to argue a lot during the endless and cursed year but in the 25th of december, something amazing would happen. They would forget their differences and problems with each other and share their happiness and joy with me. Before..hurm..before that small knife problem happened, the last christmas I ever had with them, I remember my father breaking through the entrance door just to cover me with his arms and promise to me that he and my mother would start to get along. After that day, nothing was truly the same but I like to think that I too had a normal family once. What about you Johnson?
Johnson: I consider Christmas practically useless and redundant. Nonsensical event created by businessmen and corporations.
BM: Ha..don’t try to hide behind that tough persona of yours. Did you never had a dinner with your whole family?

“And you may look my profession as yours my child becouse one day you will carry on my legacy, the exact same steps I took for my father will be the steps you will have to take from now on.”

The last member of his family and clan, Anthony Dean Johnson was born in the middle of a crude situation in Spark’s earth. Organized crime, rutheless business and hired assassins instead of just a foolish pair of gangsters, was the law in the underworld and a growing problem in the world who claimed itself as “a planet without discrimination or wars”. The local authorities were unable to even touch the feet of the gigantic mobsters silhuettes in the cities. Criminal syndicates had total control over civilians and the laws themselves, able to manipulate the system at will and punish those who were no longer required. But none of these mafias were able to reach the pinnacle of Marcus Johnson’ legacy. As the dangerous head of the most powerful criminal syndicate, whose name was never ever revealed in public, Marcus managed to control several cities, going as far as controlling 3 countries at the same time and having an entire army of trained hitmen at his disposal. But the life of this merciless man was something more than killing and money. His presence in the underworld started to become intolerable from time to time, his method questionable and his authority decayed. Different organizations were literally racing against each other to decide who would take Marcus’ head first. Thats when Marcus decided to have a child with the sole purpose of leaving a successor and with the mere purpose of leaving a part of him that would continue his legacy. Anthony Dean Johnson was the son of Marcus and a woman he never ever really cared about. Both son and father thought she was nothing but a useful object that could be disposed and replaced. With the unexistant presence of a real family, Anthony developed a peculiar personality, the kind of attitude that made his father proud and the kids from his age fear. Since he took his first steps, Anthony always searched for objectives, specific tasks to accomplish and goals to reach, being the first and best in practically everything and able to do multiple things at once and seeing no point in actions he considered pointless such as sports and social events. He was never a sociopath or anything, he just never saw the point of socializing with everyone.
Anthony was a dream who came true to his father, the perfect sucessor and maybe even more but the crime syndicate and its members had a different destiny for Marcus. His associates started to leave him, the powerful connections he once had with the Police Department dissapeared, the so called “Johnson” Legacy started to fall into pieces and Marcus was nothing a victim of extreme loneliness and sadness. There are certain things that money can’t buy and Marcus realized that way too late. He started to spent an unusual amount of time with his only son until he noticed something. Anthony never ever showed any kind of feelings towards him and towards anyone else. The son he always loved and praised was never his son, just a being wiht the sole purpose of replacing him, nothing more and nothing else. Old, deadly ill, crying and desperatly searching for company, Marcus looked at the cold eyes of his son in the night of the 25th of december during a “small celebration” both of them had in this dark winter night. As the land was being covered in snow and the Johnsons Mansion’ atmosphere started to feel like a rotten corpse, Marcus stared at his son before asking: “Tony, do you love daddy?” but instead of using words, Anthony grabbed his father’s neck and started to press more and more until oxygen no more. Without any remorse or mercy, he strangled his own father to death before whispering a single “No”.
The syndicate had the souless leader it deserved and Johnson became as succesful as his father. The heartless persona and his cold calculating mind gave him a lot of presence in the underworld and his associates were pleased. As the head of the biggest criminal organization, Johnson recieved numerous death threats, murdered several famous personalities and corporation’ leaders and perfected his multitasking skills. After bank robbery that costed more than what the syndicate could pay for, several of its members were put in Alcatraz and Johnson was blamed for practically everything. The poor interest he had in human life and money were the things that caused his downfall. Johnson would eventually end as another member of the global crime organization “Iluminescence”, trying to recover his associates and contacts while helping these nameless men and women by stealing banks and such. In the middle of a bank robbery, his teammates started to float in midair. Before Johnson could react, the chest of his teammates were inflated to the point were their rib cages exploded, painting the walls in red and leaving a huge pool of blood and guts in the floor. A grenade? A sonic device? Johnson had no time to answer and quickly decided to hide behind a nearby desk. The villian and psychopath as the Balloon Master made his entrance, throwing away several employees of the bank with his powers and heading directly to the bank vault…

Dec 24, 2013 at 03:31PM EST

@Fairy Guild
A short talk between Enchantress and the guys in the Guild. Normally, Enchantress hates violence and war becouse those are cruel devilish things made by humans that constantly destroy her green world and the creatures living inside of it. As a being of peace and happiness, she feels that the nature must be undisturbed and when a menace dares to bring destruction to the forest, Enchantress doesn’t doubt to use her spear. While harmless at first, Enchantress can easily channel the power of the whole green world surrounding her, her enchanting magic becomes as powerful as the strongest sorceries and her spear becomes her deadliest and only weapon: This unique ability is called “Impetus”. Gaining strenght from the air and leaves themselves, Impetuscan easily outmatch anyone who is unlucky to be in its path. Its truly amazing of how a innocent and cute looking creature can hold such a strong power. (OOC: Not trying to bullshit here, Enchantress’ Impetus goes through armour, magic resistance abilities and shields. Not even the lord of hell itself, not even the greatest of all the mages and not even a living mountain can withstand Impetus. So if you are thinking of killing my doe, think it twice.)
By the time Enchantress wakes up, the four-legged clans of Druud arrived to the Guild. To outsiders the Druud may look like a brustish pair of vile creatures becouse its members prefer to express themselves through battle. In fact, Its quite curious to see all of these centaurs gathered togheter. The doors were literally torn apart but there is already a old carpenter replacing it. As the group of heroes heads to the hall, they are greeted by the Druud members, all of them bow to them. The leader of the Druud greets the small pair of Fairy Tail members, Carl, Tao and Enchantress. He introduces himself as Bradwarden

I knew that the forests were less dreary after feeling your presense, Enchantress. What a sight you are, after all these freaks. I never forgot the blessing you brought to the lands of Omexe and the brave warrior living inside of you that defended my kin to death. Saddly we were not able to be present in your joyful celebration yesterday, but we agreed to pay a small visit to this place. In the name of my clan, I wish you and your friends a great Frostivus.
As a centaur of war and blood, Bradwarden just handshakes everyone. Like it or not, everyone looks strange and weird to him, maybe becouse centaurs don’t have a big culture or maybe becouse of the clothes most of the heroes wear. His hand is ignored by Enchantress who decides to hug Bradwarden instead.
OOC: You are free to talk to Bradwarden but I don’t think you need to. Its to up you.
With a glorious war cry, the Druud clan leaves after leaving a ceremonial axe to the Fairy Tail, a huge weapon that is as big as Tager’ arms.

OOC: Oh my god what a year..You are all insensitive, selfish, retarded, aggressive and over the top motherfuckers living in giant dinasour panties and for that, I fricking love you all. You know what my days of roleplaying used to be like? I just pretended to be a damn robot or a detective and nothing else, everyone was just fucking demons and darky and edgy hunters. Every conversation would always end up with Satan or a eldirich abomination in the middle but the dialogues were clever and simple. Nobody quoestioned me, or put me in a extremelly lunatic persona, or send me to space, I had a pretty good roleplaying life… and then you showed up. You dangerous, sadistic, lunatic. So you know what? You win. It’s been fun, don’t change and keep giving this thread your maniac plot elements from the world’s stupidest series. Yeah, Sam ruined my ark, yeah Zarathh and Natsu’ touhuo stuff is still confusing but this is much better than those demon/hunter days and I would never want to change back. I would happily spend another couple of 6 months with you guys, you are all sick lovely motherfuckers and I wish you..i wish you..

Merry Christmas and Happy Frostivus everyone!

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Dec 24, 2013 at 03:31PM EST

OOC: I’ve pretty much just been along for the ride, myself. I tried to stick to OCs that are not overpowered (If anything, I think I made them a bit underpowered.)… And to be honest, a lot of the stuff brought up here has been unfamiliar to me. I haven’t played many of the games referred to here (Though there are two major exceptions, here – namely Sonic and Touhou).. And I don’t watch any anime at all, but, still, I’ve been just along for the ride. Even when I had to limit my internet usage to very little per day, I focused on this thread. In this epic tale of mad scientists, world-ending beasts, a god-crow and incredibly convoluted plot stuff… and whatever went on in the 2 months forced absence… I’ve just been here for what I could. I hope we can make it the most epic tale KYM shall ever know… if it isn’t already, of course.

Dec 24, 2013 at 03:44PM EST


Merry Christmas guys! I can’t really give any speeches else I will end up sounding like a sap. I would have made something, but what could seriously top what we have been doing? All I want for Christmas is for this thread not to self destruct. Stay Cool Guys! Else Santa Yuri is going ta kick your ass into next week!

Dec 24, 2013 at 05:22PM EST


Merry Christmas, everyone! I’m really glad that I got to spend these 9 months with all you guys. Even though we had our ups and our downs, we all managed to stick together through the thickest. This thread is what made me come back to this forsaken website… Just for this. I’m thankful that I did, or else I wouldn’t have had this much fun. Anyways… I wish you all a Merry Christmas again, and a Happy New Year. Have a Noel.

Dec 25, 2013 at 12:14PM EST

OOC: I can’t help but notice that I seem to be the only one not dropping any relevant images… Of course, I don’t HAVE any to hand.

Dec 25, 2013 at 12:20PM EST

Really, i oughta get in on all the holiday shit. We’ve had the good times, the bad, and even the really fucking weird times. but really, what’s kept me here the most is the people. You’re all a bunch of faggots. But cool ones, like Freddie Mercury. Really, I can’t say anything, do to it having been said already. Anyways, merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year to all of you dirty fuckers out there. Have some JoJo.

Dec 25, 2013 at 12:23PM EST

OOC: Well, I guess that we can get the festivities started.



Kokonoe glances down at the lacrima that Makarov put on her desk.
Kokonoe: Eh?
She takes it in her right hand and holds it up in front of her spectacles, examining the lacrima. She turns it in her hand slightly so she can get a better look at it from all around.
Kokonoe: Hm…
A rather simple magic circle is put under the crystal ball. It looks like an array of circuits getting filled with blue energy.

This is the first time that Makarov has ever seen Kokonoe use magic. Even though she hates to use magic, she doesn’t hesitate to use it when the time is right. Makarov can already tell that Kokonoe is extremely skilled in using Ars Magus, even though she barely uses it.
Kokonoe: Hm, yeah. This should do the trick just fine.
She hits a few buttons on the keyboard and the crystal ball begins to display static… The connection should be up by the time that Sam posts.


The moment that the mansion is destroyed, everyone can see that Lancer becomes a blur and jumps on top of a nearby tree in an instant. And then Akuma appears… Lancer readies his spear while standing on top of the tree.
Lancer: Oi! Watch out where you’re going there!
The Blue Spear-man of the Wind jumps down from his perch and confronts the new challenger. He has the spearhead pointed towards the ground with his other hand on the very end of the spear in a battle-ready position.

Lancer: Yah!
Without a single warning, Lancer quickly swipes at Akuma from the ground upwards with the red spear before jumping backwards.



A shadow clone of Bang that looks just like the real Bang appears before everyone who’s not at the guild hall. He explains to everyone that today is Christmas day, and that there are special gifts waiting for everyone at the guild hall that weren’t there when people woke up. In short, everyone gets dragged back to the guild hall by the shadow clones of the scruffy man.

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Dec 25, 2013 at 05:00PM EST

OOC: FINALLY someone actually remembers about the characters who were busy doing stuff.


The Order mages just follow. They aren’t dragged anywhere, they just go along willingly. Most of them are confused why, though. Most of them.

Tempestia: So, what is this ‘Christmas’ thing?

Solarian: Something I’ve not really tried to force on any of you. In the world I come from, it’s a winter holiday. About presents and family and stuff. Well, I guess insteado f family we have each other.

Granatir: That was an unusually quick explanation.

Tahrdan: Because one of us actually knows what it is.

Dec 25, 2013 at 05:29PM EST

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