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Saber@Guild Hall:

She drives up in her motorcycle and parks nearby, locking the front tire before walking inside. Quite the spectacle considering the location, but like most cars she needed to drive the thing so it wouldn’t need maintenance from underuse.

Vesperia@Bang&Guild Hall:

The entire Vesperia group arrives in Christmas Gear

Yuri: “Really had no clue they celebrated Christmas here.”

Flynn: “So it really is a universal holiday after all…”


Archer is still with the group being purely defensive until next post of Sam’s. He has reached the third enchantment in his chant…

@Lancer’s Epic Adventure:

And as soon as Lancer starts fighting, Chibi sits down to watch.

As magically a bag of popcorn materializes soon after.

>Lancer, Use The Mystic Powers of The Power!

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Dec 25, 2013 at 07:07PM EST


The Gremlins proceed to sit beside the doglike being, also to watch the fight.


Solarian: No, it;s not. There are many worlds out there which do not celebrate this. I happen to know because, well, the members of my Order all come from various worlds… and not one that I’ve seen, apart from myself, has ever celebrated it. I didn’t force it upon them, so I haven’t in decades myself.

Dec 25, 2013 at 07:29PM EST

@Guild hall

Once again the guild hall is up and lively as everyone prepares for the festivities. Some of the other members who just came back from other missions return as well, including Natsu and the gang just after getting some shuteye after their dungeon quest.

Entering the guild hall is Gajeel, Levy, and the rest of Team Shadow Gear. Shortly after, Natsu, and the others from the dungeon.

Everyone else is just getting along with the others inside the guild hall right when the Centaur Warrunner enters and greets everyone. They all introduce themselves to him despite his intimidating size. Since he is associated with Enchantress, there isn’t much to worry about, even when he leaves his axe inside the guild hall.

The festivities are abut to begin.

Everyone recovers from the fighting with the necromorphs and follow the tengu squad deeper into the bowels of the hellhole that once used to be the residential areas of the ship.

When they reach their current position with the others, they notice the torn up area. A lot of the floors look as if something tore out from underneath them.

They all make their way with the others, taking every precaution they can make.

Dec 25, 2013 at 08:44PM EST

OOC: I shall make a proper post tomorrow concerning Christmas in the thread. It’s just that I’m so damn tired that I don’t feel like my post would be worth anything. I apologize that I haven’t posted anything concerning that today, but I’ve had a long day and would just like to get some rest in all honesty.

I apologize.

Dec 26, 2013 at 01:14AM EST

Right, I’ll get back to writing. Have a good trip Crona.

@Heaven Team,

So you’ve been walking down this corridor for what feels like a lifetime, carefully following the Tengu’s they seem to show little deviation in attitude or stance, at every moment they are battle ready and seem to walk in a formation that is subconsciously adopted and is maintained without adjustment, they are constantly at the ready for anything to happen…

But it isn’t a physically enemy that you should be looking out for, as you go deeper and deeper into Heaven you notice that the walls themselves seem to become gradually covered in a sickish looking biomass….

It is known as The Corruption
Like the webbing of a spider the Corruption spreads throughout areas that have long been under control of the Necromorph horde, often considered to be a type of Necro itself due to the slow pulsating movements of its vile surface it releases a musky odour that pollutes and contaminates the environment it has grew over and within….

It spreads everywhere, through vents, down hallways, within pipelines, slowly assimilating its environment into its tumorous form that is the greater Corruption. Due to its hard and resistant nature it is responsible for causing mass damage to computer and utilitarian systems, blocking pipeways and hallways alike it can greatly impede the movement of personnel and cause power cuts as it slowly absorbs and crushes valuable computer equipment and power sources…it spreads quickly, turning a normal hallway into a cave-like hole in days alone…

Already the thick air has begun to spread throughout your lungs, your breathing has become slightly heavier and it feels like your nasal cavity is beginning to clog up with the putrid smell being given off from the slimy mess. The biomass seems to be alive as the surface twitches at the touch, a gruesome sight indeed as it looks as though you are within a Necromorph itself…

Losing track of time your mind instead begins to wonder. Voices begin to echo through your head, faint whispers coming from the dark reaches of you mind, maybe they are suppressed memories….you lack the ability to understand what they are saying yet they don’t seem like they are to stop any time soon….

The greatly intelligent and somewhat chosen members of the group will hear…what kinda seems to be the voices of learning and education yet you are unable to make out any words…pieces of complicated yet unidentifiable information is slowly being filtered into your head yet you don’t understand any of it nor do you even have a basic grasp of what it could mean or be…you dismiss it as a mild disillusion due to a lack of energy and the things you have seen, pushing it to the back of your mind you have more important things to be concentrating on now, how could you possible allow your heads to wander. You tell yourselves to stay focused. No matter how hard you try though, you can’t help but take interest in this strange and intruding thought….it is compelling.

The more dim member of the group will hear nothing but whispers, quite whimpers and will even witness faint visual illusions every now and then out of the corner of their eyes. The sounds don’t seem to mean anything and the voices slowly grind into your mind as they spout nothing but unintelligible nonsense in a depressing manner and tone. Unable to decipher any words you are instead left confused at the sounds. You too mark them down to disillusion and try to refocus, however this has a adverse effect and at doing so you increase the intensity of the combined symptoms of this “attack”…instead you have to tolerate the ramblings…..ramblings that you believe are originating from yourself due to stress

Everyone will be susceptible to this to some extent, only mental hardening and integrity will make the difference in altering the speed and damage at which signals have upon their victim. Even the Tengu’s hear the voices but due to militaristic discipline and elite training they show no signs of being under the influence and operate as normal

The Signal can’t be stopped, only slowed by the Willpower of the victim…

Putting aside the voices you bring your attention back to the situation at hand, you notice that the Tengu’s are further ahead now and giving orders to each other in a snappy and systematic style. They look to be in search of someone and in a high state of alert, following up behind they pay you no attention and instead remain within their own world…

…..Suddenly out of the blue, 3 standard level soldiers emerge from a hallway in front of elite troops and freeze solid….these new guys look as though they have been through the deepest levels of hell and back, caked in guts and in need of medical attention they bare mild stab wounds and lacerations about their bodies not to mention beaten armour pads and heavily used battle rifles. They look at the Tengu’s…

…With eyes that have witnessed the unspeakable. Like a window into their heads you can see that their minds have been reduced to hollow and terrified husks

One of the three standard troops step forward, the Tengu’s snap their rifles up at them in threat..

Unknown Soldier: Move aside you piece of shit…Heaven is lost and not worth the lives of anymore of my men…
A Tengu speaks out in retaliation
Tengu: All standard’s are to remain on duty until recalled by command!
Soldier: Fuck you!
The three soldiers aim their weapons at the Tengu’s initiating a stand off situation
Soldier: This isn’t a clean up operation, its a slaughter. We have served our dues!
Tengu: You have committed a traitorous and hostile action, standard! Only the most loyal are to survive this test of Wills!
Soldier: You call this mutant outbreak a test?! your’re sick!
Tengu: As part of the great purge, all dissident personnel are to be deemed unfit for future service within the Heaven military, those convicted are to be dishonourably discharged by means of on sight execution!

It is open season within the Heaven military right now and only the most loyal of soldiers will survive this unstoppable inquisition! The dissidents are being weeded out by their brethren and disposed of like trash, in the end only the strongest will survive and live on to see the reconstruction of Heaven and thus bask in the greatness that will be its Golden Age…

Loyalty is what Sam demands from his people, racking up a traitor kill count shows this and therefore further insures your survivability during this transitional period…

Kill traitors!
Slaughter dissidents!
Purify the ranks!
Stamp out rebellion!

Words that currently dominate the armies goals…

You have a split second of time to act before the bullets start flying between the Tengu’s and soldiers, you can either interrupt the execution or leave them be, the choice is yours…

Dec 26, 2013 at 04:37PM EST


When the team comes upon the corruption, Hakumen looks around at all of the walls and the upwards towards the ceiling with the eyes in his armor. He notices the pulsating of the Corruption all around him.

Hakumen: … A heartbeat…
Needless to say, Hakumen isn’t thrilled about the Corruption. The Silver Knight flexes his right hand so he can get a better view of the spreading organism.

Tager: Spreading biomass?
Tager walks down the twisting and turning hallways right behind the Tengu soldiers. He activates his telescopic eye in order to take video-feed of spreading organism for later.
Tager: What kind of sick…-!
Suddenly Tager gets a signal in the halls of Heaven from Kokonoe back at her lab. His glasses start to flash with a blue light as Kokonoe speaks to him.

Kokonoe: Tager, what’s the sitrep up there?
Anyone close to Tager can hear Kokonoe speak to him.

Tager: There’s been some sort of virus that’s infected the ship. There are very few survivors. The majority of civilians have been transformed into these… things.
Due to Kokonoe being directly connected to Tager, he plays off the video feed taken from the earlier necromorph fights to her and Makarov back at the lab.

Kokonoe watches the video feed, moving it off to one screen while keeping view through Tager’s eyes inside of the lacrima. This is disturbing even to her.
Kokonoe: Shit…
She looks away from the video feed and back to the crystal ball so that she can see through Tager’s eyes.
Kokonoe: Tager, what’s that shit everywhere?

Tager: It seems to be some sort of living biomass that will cover anything in it’s path. Terrifying, if you ask me.
Even though he sounds completely calm, he is trying to battle off the mental wavelengths of the signal being put out.

Kokonoe: Yeah. I can see that.

Hakumen finally decides to speak up to Kokonoe.
Hakumen: You have more than enough power to make ruin of this, Grimalkin. Why do you not use it? The power of The Greatest, and The Strongest.

Kokonoe: I’m not in the mood to put up with your shit, Hakumen! Goddammit, can’t you just shut your pie-hole for once?!
People around them can hear animosity in Kokonoe’s voice.

Hakumen: Taking care of a cat is a taxing responsibility, Devil. Are you sure you can handle the task?
Hakumen chuckles with a deep voice.

Kokonoe growls at Hakumen before speaking again.
Kokonoe: Shut up, you son of a bitch.

And then the Tengu’s do their stuff… The soldiers show up and start yelling off curse words at the Tengu troops. Both parties raise their guns at each other, and a firing session is imminent.

Tager: Course of action, Kokonoe?
Tager’s ready to spring at any moment.

Kokonoe: … Leave ’em.

Tager: … Roger.
Tager holds his hands up in front of him and creates a rather large Ars Magus barrier to stop all the bullets from either side heading towards the team, all except for the Tengu’s. Tager keeps up the barrier until the showdown is over.

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Dec 26, 2013 at 06:47PM EST

@Heaven Team,

The soldiers dive, the Tengu’s standfast…

It lasts for only a moment, a quick and instant flurry of bullets and then silence…

The three soldiers, demoralized and broken, fall to the ground dead, each one suffering multiple and precise gunshot wounds…their glassy eyes showing little change as to when they were alive…

However not all the panic filled shots of the soldiers were badly placed as proven by a wounded Tengu Elite. Clinging onto life he sits upon the ground suffering from a bullet wound to the arm and abdomen, his rifle lies beside him, the barrel still smoking…

The other four and unscathed elite troopers slowly approach their comrade, weapons still at the ready for any approaching enemies.

One of them takes a knee beside him and produces a small medical kit from a pocket upon his armour. Taking a needle from the kit he injects the wounded soldier.
Wounded Tengu: I am sorry for this petty inconvenience.
Tengu: No honour has been lost here today comrade.
The serum spreads throughout the wounded soldiers body quickly, reinvigorating him and giving him a second wind…
Tengu: In other circumstances I would recommend that you return to the barracks. If you were to separate from us here you would be hunted down and killed, such a waste is against the values of Heaven.

Wounded Tengu: I am still capable of performing my duties, there is no need.
Slowly climbing back up to his feet the wounded troop picks up his rifle and re-assumes his position. He has taken a few heavy hits but fighting through the pain he strives on. To be able to continue to operate through such physical trauma is the result of the powerful loyalty that binds them all together, the presence of this level of Will within this soldier alone is admirable. He is a walking example

Moving on they walk off down the hallway, leaving the corpses of the soldiers lying on the floor…

Dec 26, 2013 at 08:05PM EST


Everyone can’t help but be disgusted by the place. All of this biomass had been spreading around the ship this whole time makes them wonder about the marker that had caused all of this. During the venture, they hear the voices that are being emitted by the marker. Since Erzas earler incident with the crying child, they know now to ignore the voices and to focuson the task at hand. They use all of their anger and hatred towards Sam and the rest of heaven as their means to surpress them.

When Kokonoe makes a connection with Tager. They are relieved to hear her voice for once. They manage to communicate with Makarov a bit until the soldiers appear and they both prove hostile to each other.

Juvia: Wait, there is no meaning of this. Don’t shoot each other.

Gray: they’re terrified out of their minds, and you wish to shoot them for something as stupid as loyalty? This place is really gone mad.

Suddenly Erza intervenes

Erza: Gray, Juvia, Stop.

They both look at Erza Surprised. they see a look in her eye that tells them to stand down, at the same time, it is also the look of helplessness. Being unable to have the power to stop all of this from escalating any further than what it is, she just motions them to back of as she turns to face one of Hakumens eyes on the back of his shoulders. She now has a look of malice and undying hatred on her as she speaks to only Hakumen. Only he hears the next words.

Erza: Sam will pay dearly for all he has done.

Without any power to change the situation without making it even worse. They just turn away from the scene as they await the situation to end.
@After the shooting.

Erza just closes her eyes and clenches her fists as Juvia covers her ears while Gray holde her in his arms. Though the shooting was very brief, it felt as if it was much longer then that. They look up after and see the three dead soldiers.

Disgusted by the resons for the Tengus to shoot them, they have no choice but to finish all of this as quickly as possible.

Gray: It’s alright, lets just move on.

Juvia: O..okay…

Erza walks by close by hakumen with Juvia and Gray right behind them.

Erza: There really is no saving the damned is there… But they will still be avenged for all of this. That I promise you.

They continue the walk down hells maw.

Back at Kokonoes lab, Makarov just looks at the scene with the same amount of rage and anger as he sees the whole atrocity unfold before his eyes.

Makarov: Kokonoe, I want you to make sure that you keep an eye out on everything that is going on aboard that cursed ship. Don’t make it leave your screen ever. And if he even thinks about laying even a finger on my children, there will be hell to pay.

He just waits there for more to come.

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Archer looks upon the meat-walls, reminded of that one time his friend was blown up into a giant meat cocoon thing to give birth to the holy grail…

Archer: “… disgusting, but…. interesting. I am impressed Technology managed to catch up to the darker side of Magic…”

He then witnesses the slaughter of the low leveled soldiers without a word. He doesn’t even seem to be phased…

Archer: “You three done there? You forgot something.”

He summons back his daggers…

And with that, the limbs and heads of the dead guys have been completely severed.

And after whatever protests he was given, he can only reply:

Archer: “We didn’t need an ambush from behind.”

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Dec 26, 2013 at 08:44PM EST


The gunfire between the Tengu’s and the soldiers stopped…

Hakumen surprisingly didn’t have his hand on the hilt of Ookami. Tager having put up the barrier, and the firefight being as quick as a blink, he couldn’t have done anything anyways.
Hakumen: …
When Erza spoke to Hakumen, the eye in the back of his shoulder turned in its socket and stared her in the eye. He spoke nothing back to her, just watched.

Tager drops his hands and the barrier once the coast is clear of bullets.
Tager: …
There isn’t really anything that Tager can say either. He just stood and watched the killing take place before his eyes.
Tager: Come on.
He has a hint of anger in his voice when he spoke those words. He isn’t happy about what’s happening here either, but he had to obey Kokonoe’s orders.

Everyone starts to follow the Tengu’s deeper into the ship.


Kokonoe: I intend to do just that…
She leans back in her chair and keeps monitoring the events on Heaven through Tager’s eyes. After a while of this, she glances at Makarov.
Kokonoe: Might as well pull up a chair, gramps. You’re gonna be here for a while.
Kokonoe points to a nearby swivel chair that Makarov can take to sit in.

Dec 26, 2013 at 09:19PM EST

Sigh… How will I ever get off of this island.

Terry sits there with Espurr which seems like forever.

Espurr… do you know how to get off this island?

Espurr purrs, and starts rummaging through his bag, and it pulls out a CD

Oh!! This is Surf!

Terry calls out Totodile, and uses the HM on him, and Totodile forgets Rage.

Ok Totodile…. Surf!

Terry holds onto Totodile, and not even 15 seconds they encounter a Tentacool

Gah…. this is gonna be a long swim….

Dec 26, 2013 at 11:57PM EST

@Heaven Team,

Venturing on through the deck you enter into a new environment…

A civilian lobby area, looking about this place you can tell that you are deep within Necromorph territory due to the overwhelming presence of The Corruption, it is simply covering every surface in its biomass…

Walking into the middle of the room the Tengu’s keep their eyes peeled for any approaching danger, confronting the flesh covered doorway on the opposite side of the room they begin contemplating how to clear the Corruption and proceed. They show no signs of guilt for having killed their comrades, it is obvious that Necromorph infection is little more than a catalyst and aide used for purifying the ranks and bolstering overall strength…

The pilot and nav also enter the room, the Signal is getting to them badly as they have both become rather withdrawn and silent as of late. Tim just stays on alert, holding his gauss pistol down by his side and trying his very best to stay atop the situation. Laika on the other hand is difficult to determine, due to the concealing nature of his EVA helmet his facial expressions are unreadable…they both stay beside one another, quietly watching each others backs…

*The shooting from earlier has roused the attention of the Necromorphs horde, and with the team closing in on the Signal source the stress levels continue to rise more and more, the unrelenting and never ending assault is about to begin…

With a loud crash something slams into the door that the Tengu squad were gathered around, they quickly back off and aim their rifles as the crashing continues. There is something on the other side trying to get in and with each smash it lets out a loud morale shattering roar. Large dents begin to appear as the armoured door is slowly beaten apart, the hinges and frame slowly bending and shattering under the immense force of the creatures blows.

Whilst the room is drowned in the roars of the Necromorphs and the shudders of their approach something goes completely unnoticed…

Emerging from out of tunnels within The Corruption a trio of giant Drag Tentacles appear

*Taking full advantage of the chaotic environment a Blitzkrieg tactic is played out, one of the tentacles grabs Erza, another, Gray and the final one takes ahold of Doomguy. With immense strength and speed the three are slammed about the place like ragdolls in the hands of a child before being dragged clean out of the room and into the slimy dark tunnels of the Corruption. Everything goes dark as you disappear down the horrifically claustrophobic pits..

Back in the lobby room the doorway is finally smashed clean from its hinges…

The giant piece of metal is flung across the room before jamming in the biomass upon the walls. Without any hesitation a giant creature charges head on into the room and at the team

A Brute…
The tank unit, the heavy support, the spearhead. Made of a large conglomeration of melded together corpses Brutes possess incredible levels of strength and resistance. Encased almost entirely in a impenetrable exoskeleton of pure armour they shrug off almost all forms of damage. The Brute is also very fast in combat and rather agile when it comes to manoeuvrability making it into a hybrid of both raw power and agility.

Weighing multiple tonnes and extremely aggressive they are never the kind to hold back or hesitate and will get straight to the point when it comes to confrontation. Using barbaric methods it simply utilizes the weight and power of its own body to smash, crush and completely obliterate its prey and enemies alike. Its primary weapons are its own rock hard head and enormous arms not to mention its own body…

Appearance-wise it is one of the bulkiest Necromorphs, with a guerilla-esque shape its two front arms make up the majority of its mass whilst at its posterior are a pair of comparatively pathetic stumpy legs that it uses to propel its body and counterbalance its bulk. These small legs are its main and probably only weakness but it knows this and therefore guards them well…

THREE Brutes charge roaring headlong into the room, the Tengu’s dive clear out of the way and begin rapid firing at the 3 beasts…


One Brute slams into you and drives you into the wall like a freight train, following right up after it begins to repeatedly pummel you to death like a combine harvester made from the fists of Muhamed Ali. Each hit packs bone crushing, organ rupturing force…


A Brute pounces up onto the ceiling before swinging like an ape and dropping down on Tager with the force of a small building, so much power is exerted in fact that the ground itself is fractured and crumples downward under the impact. Rearing back it delivers a headbut with its madnible laden face straight to the forehead of Tager before immediately following up with a pummeling from its giant battering ram arms…


Tearing up a large chunk of debris from the floor its standing on it launches it towards Hakumen and then executes a charge alongside its brethren. Colliding with Hakumen it drives him up into the wall and attempts to hold him there and follow up with a series of headbutts…


You can’t help but feel ill and sick. It is almost as if you are rotting from the inside out . Your otherwise thin watery form is beginning to become gloopy and discoloured. The Corruption isn’t just a decoration, it actively takes in Oxygen and repurposes it into a poisonous and infectious gas, this gas is beneficial to the Necromorphs as it actually changes the environment of the local area and builds a kind of biome that the Corruption can thrive in however to humans it can cause drastic illness and rotting.

Due to Juvia’s watery affinity the Corruption has found no issues in contaminating her form, she is slowly becoming a walking biomass factory…

@Erza, Gray & Doomguy,

After a while of being dragged uncontrollably by the tentacles the three of you appear in a large open area…

Before you know it the three Tentacles let out a loud screech before dropping dead and thus letting you go free, something killed them. Apart from that you turn your attention to the place you are now within, it seems to bare hardly any resemblance to the inside of Heaven at all, the Corruption has grown so thickly that it has turned the whole place into a fleshy hive of despair….

The Necromorphs are laying the attack on thick and fast though and it isn’t long before you are catered to. Leaping from one of the caverns up high a massive form lands in front of you with a huge thud…

The Graverobber
A unique one-of-a-kind Necromorphs similar to Brutes but multiple times more dangerous and hard to kill, it has pretty much no weak spots and prefers to rend its victims apart with its great claws and talons. On another note it attacks on a mental level, due to it being made of many different people, and showing it, morale is usually shattered at the sight alone. Like a panther it is very speedy and prefers to stalk its prey before delivering a final and life ending strike.

Appearance-wise it is multiple times larger than a Brute and walks upon four powerful legs. Its head is made from those of many and is unusually large allowing whole people to be devoured at once

The Graverobber is one, if not the only, Necro to actually eat those it see’s instead of leaving them for Infectors. With each meal it grows more powerful…

Leaping back up it climbs about the walls of this great valley of Corruption, snarling down at the three and preparing for an attack…

Dec 27, 2013 at 02:17PM EST

@Tager’s Brute,

Before the Brute pounces onto Tager.
Kokonoe: Oi, Tager!

Tager spots the brute charging at him in a frenzy just after the tentacles whisked everyone away. It was too quick for him to do anything about it.
Tager: Combat mode, activated!
His gauntlets start to spark with an electromagnetic field. The Brute drops from the ceiling and directly at Tager. The Red Devil quickly pushes his hands upwards in an attempt to stop the Brute, and has it locked in a hold. The ground cracks and dents under the two forces colliding and dents the floor under them. It looks like he’s bench-pressing the thing…
Using both his hands, Tager slams the brute towards the ground, but gets hit in the face with the brute’s mandibles as it crashes into the ground in front of him. This causes Tager to stumble and get hit by two blows from the necromorph before guarding against them with his giant arms. The force behind the blows causes Tager to be moved backwards across the ground before dropping his guard for his next attack.
Tager: You can’t escape!
The Red Devil starts to charge at the Brute at a fast pace, the ground shaking with every stomp of the Devil’s feet.

Tager: Eat this!
Upon nearing the Brute, both Tager’s fists glow with electromagnetic energy as he grapples the brute and the two go skidding across the ground with Tager on top, throwing punches at it until they both come to a halt.

@Hakumen’s brute,

Hakumen already had Ookami drawn out of its sheathe when the Brutes attack. He gets in a battle ready position with his sword pointing outwards to face the brute.

When the Brute gets close, this is when Hakumen strikes…
Hakumen: You are careless!
The White Knight raises his left arm in front of him and creates a shield.

The charge keeps going for a few moments, but it ultimately stops as the Brute is frozen in time for a mere moment.
Hakumen: Zuryaaaah!
The brute can feel all the force of the charge being re-routed back into it, quickly followed up by a backfist counter from Hakumen to its chest. While the Brute is stunned from the attack, Hakumen rears back Ookami, putting his left hand in front of him with the sword pointed at the spot where the right arm of the Brute connects to its body, and stabs at it with the nodachi.

Dec 27, 2013 at 04:02PM EST


The powerful Brute is pinned within Tagers grasp but it manages the punches well, with each blow it sustains it shows little care. The shell covering it almost impenetrable with each of the punches bounding straight off of it…

The Brute retaliates by pulling its own ribcage open, this exposes a hidden bio cannon which promptly launches a cyst bomb directly at Tager. When struck he is covered in a acid similar to that of the Pukers spit, he finds that his movement has been hindered as the chemical begins burning away at his skin and armour overall decreasing mobility. Closing its ribcage and hiding its secret weapon it preps itself for the next move…

While Tager’s vulnerable the Brute goes in for another charge, upon making contact the Necromorph lifts him upwards before bringing him down into a slam which further causes damage to the ground about them. As always the Brute doesn’t cease to attack as it immediately follows up with a headbutt…


The stab strikes the Brute upon its weak point, roaring in both pain and extreme rage it leaps back from Hakumen and takes its pain out upon the Tengu’s by tearing up shrapnel and launching it towards them, they are quick to act and leap from out of the way but not without a few deep cuts from stray debris…

Turning back to Hakumen it bolts into a charge, upon making contact it pushes him straight back with tremendous force, much more than last time, it slams Hakumen into the wall and smashes him clean through it and into the hallway they entered the room from…

Now in a more enclosed space the Brute hunches into a wall of solid bone as it releases multiple slams and punches, it doesn’t cease to advance and continues to push him further down the corridor…

Dec 27, 2013 at 05:17PM EST


Archer coughs up blood as he is pummeled mercilessly. He’s taken a beating like this before, but when he did he died at the end of that fight…

Archer: “Rho…”

another punch…

Archer: “Aias!”

A large energy shield blasts to life between him and his attacker, giving Archer a good 30 seconds of protection from this thing.

(barrier is pretty big, and provides protection from weapons with unlimited piercing like Lancer’s Gae Bolg.)

Archer is gravely wounded… he’s strong, but that E Ranked Luck is so damn pathetic…

Archer: “Unknown to Death… Nor Known to Life!”

Something is happening in his body… suddenly the Wounds seem to be patching up.

His Body…

Truly Is….

Made of Swords

If Archer doesn’t move into the offensive now even this new trick won’t work.

With only 4 more energy petals left on the sheild, archer grabs his wrist…

Archer: “Trace… ON!”

in a flash of light… a twisted sword appears in Archer’s Hand….

Archer: “Reinforcement… Caladabolg 2!!”

And with that, the sword turns into an arrow of light… he loads it into his bow…

One petal left on the barrier

Archer: “Tear Mountain from Earth, the Sword that Divides Water into Two!”

A very large gaping hole is left in the brute… and a good dozen of the steel walls behind it before it finally lost it’s momentum.

Archer… is not looking so good. He leans down on the wall behind him as he watches the brute fall…

Archer: “He… got me… good…”

The blade patchwork is keeping him alive, but the more it patches up the more it also cuts him. He will need healing fast…

Last edited Dec 27, 2013 at 06:37PM EST
Dec 27, 2013 at 05:55PM EST

Meredith hasn’t been doing much to help the group, but with the current situation making things far too spooky for her and people dying and a general feeling of “we need to get off of this thing”, she has decided to take an action.

That’s enough of this, things are getting too spooky and people are dying. I think it’s time to go.
And with that, she teleports everyone off of Heaven and to where Makarov is. She’s not sure why she decided to teleport there, it was just a feeling in the back of her head that his location is where the group had to go.

Dec 27, 2013 at 08:40PM EST

Archer sits there coughing up blood, each cough causing the swords inside himself to cut himself up even more… it was only ever a temporary hp boost.

Archer: “Once again… the holy grail eludes me… heh…”

He’s back in that place again…

Archer: “… here I am again… alone… alone…”

Alone on the Hill of Swords…

Archer dissolves on the floor… of Heaven/Kokonoe’s Lab

Last edited Dec 27, 2013 at 08:57PM EST
Dec 27, 2013 at 08:55PM EST


I think you did a really good job tonight of showing just how inconsiderate and careless you can all be.

I spent hours writing up those posts and thinking of new environments, and for what, just so people can jump ship and leave the whole thing altogether without even as much as glancing back at the consequences such actions would cause, not only in the thread but upon me also.

Why do I even bother wasting my time writing all of this shit out just for a group of complete fucks to say: “This is too dangerous for my precious OP asshat character to handle. No I couldn’t give any less of a shit about what you think of us all leaving but I am anyway because this omnipotent character that has been here this whole time in the background and inactive is going to make it so. You might as well have just not bothered with this entire thing and should have spent your time doing other more important actives because it is now apparent that we do not deserve such a pleasure because we couldn’t give any less of a shit anyway.”

Why do I bother catering to such a inconsiderate group of people who will gladly turn tail and walk away when it suits them best only to leave me picking up the pieces of my big shitty abandoned arc…

You did a real poor job of hiding your true colours there, all of you

Dec 27, 2013 at 09:57PM EST

OOC: We’ve discussed this in OOC, and I feel I should be the first to say it:

We’re putting this shit to rest. Thread over. Let us get out final posts in before we request lock.

honestly, I feel relieved that it’s over now. good game.

Dec 27, 2013 at 10:10PM EST


I want to apologize to Sam on behalf of all of us for being such a bunch of ginormous fucking faggots, the lot of us. I knew that this thread was destined for nothing but disaster from the beginning. This was inevitable. All threads like these end the same way: in heaps of smoldering ash and fire.

We’re terrible RPers and shitty writers. Ever since Mobius was destroyed and the Balloon Master Ark was ended, it was like the thread was on life support. Too many shitty characters, too much action, too much drama, and too much FIRE AND RAGE FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS DIRECTED AT EACH OTHER IN THE BACKGROUND.

You’re all a bunch of asshats, but loveable asshats… for the most part. Sometimes you guys can get on my nerves like no other. I’m partially relieved that this is seemingly over, but now there’s a giant empty space in my heart that can’t be replaced all that easily…

All in all, the thread is done. Good game, everyone. Good game. You made me rage until the very end…

MARCH 16th, 2013 – DECEMBER 27th, 2013
Good game, and goodnight my sweet prince.
“Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything. It’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it.” -Trey Parker

Last edited Dec 27, 2013 at 10:32PM EST
Dec 27, 2013 at 10:12PM EST

Like everyone else has said, the thread is done. We are all pretty much fed up with all of this.

But seriously, It was a pleasure to have make it this far. And now with every ounce of the remaining sanity, alll I can say is that this thread is now officially over.

To the mods out there, allow others to say something before locking this thread and throwing it in the deep web of KYM.

And with that i bid u all adoo.

Dec 27, 2013 at 10:28PM EST

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

Like everyone else has said, the thread is done. We are all pretty much fed up with all of this.

But seriously, It was a pleasure to have make it this far. And now with every ounce of the remaining sanity, alll I can say is that this thread is now officially over.

To the mods out there, allow others to say something before locking this thread and throwing it in the deep web of KYM.

And with that i bid u all adoo.

OOC: @ The gif:
“And now we see the Hyneman do it’s mating dance.”
(That’s actually Adam Savage, by the way. they did that for an episode where they pretended to be each other.)

Last edited Dec 27, 2013 at 10:30PM EST
Dec 27, 2013 at 10:30PM EST

Well, you can’t say I didn’t try to create an environment where we weren’t constantly disrespecting other players characters and other players in general. Thanks for being so damn blind Sam, now I can have the time to go off and do the things I like.

Like Art Livestreaming. I haven’t had one of those in forever.

Last edited Dec 27, 2013 at 10:55PM EST
Dec 27, 2013 at 10:39PM EST

After going through endless amounts of tentacool I eventually reach land

Oh god… I’m never crossing the ocean using surf again.

Okay good job Totodile! Return. Terry holds up his pokeball, and Totodile returns in a red flash.

Okay…. Now where am I?

OOC: I’m just gonna have my own fun without you guys.

Dec 27, 2013 at 10:44PM EST

I’m gone for half a day and the thread falls apart?
Well, it was fun while it lasted. Hopefully, later down the road, there will be a new thread WAIT DON’T DOWNVOTE ME UNTIL YOU’VE READ THE REST OF THE POST! one that lasts longer and won’t be as laborious on the GMs. If there is one, let’s not let the next one end like this.

inb4 the lock with some sad music.

Dec 27, 2013 at 11:41PM EST

So, it’s done? Wow. I really don’t know what to say, because it seems like everyone else has summarized everything that I have felt pretty well. Except for the rage part, because honestly, I felt and still feel no hate towards any of you. I can only say that it must be difficult to try and do your own arcs and such without any prior planning, and even then, it’s still difficult to get everything the way you want it.
All in all, I’ve had an excellent time with you people, and I hope we can do something like this again, but with less stress on everyone.
And now, some music:

Dec 28, 2013 at 01:19AM EST

OOC: So, that’s it? After so long, it just falls apart now?

Some of us still had stuff planned you know… I feel as if it shouldn’t just be ending without resolving stuff… Unless, of course, you’re leaving it open for a later thread. (If that is the case then I WILL be bringing back some of my characters.)

…Now what am I gonna do?

Wait, scratch that sentence. I don’t want this to end with a quote from Big of all characters.

But seriously, what happens now?

Dec 28, 2013 at 05:14AM EST

OOC: Frankly, I don’t know what happens now. I don’t know what we should do. I’m willing to continue if everyone else stops being a giant bag of vomit to the other players when they’re OOC. I know for a fact that Asura and Falcon most likely don’t want to continue… If one of us leaves, it basically all falls apart from the inside-out.

Again, I’m willing to continue if everyone just stops being a giant douche to each other out-of-character. Natsuru created a good environment and put down some rules that he was going to post in the thread, but then this shit happened and Sam snapped. So he just gave up on that idea.

Here is a link to a chunk of the conversation from last night.

But through and through, we were all emotionally charged last night. A person who is furious at someone or something is in no position to write anything. All-in-all, I think that we jumped the gun by a massive amount yesterday, and I am willing to negotiate with the others about it today.


Last edited Dec 28, 2013 at 11:23AM EST
Dec 28, 2013 at 11:07AM EST

OOC: I skimmed through a bit of that, but I do have to say, that maybe we have let things escalate too much.

Well, I’m not really responsible for much escalation, considering my characters are indeed underpowered compared to damn near every combatant in the thread. Of course if we do scale things down a bit I will be cutting down the number of characters. Maybe relegate the arc I was going to run to a background event? (This would also mean that any problems posed by Tikal’s presence would be sorted out, as she won’t be present if that is done)… Yes, I’ll probably do that. Cut my 4 directly controlled characters down to Tahrdan, Pyralis, Noctan and the blue Shaman (though this still means a potential of 199 indirectly controlled, as that is the maximum number of followers in the blue tribe… They will not be directly controlled, though, except by the Shaman issuing orders to them.)

Maybe I could write a bit better if I only have to worry about a few characters, as well? As it happens, I have had some thoughts about what I would have done with my characters for a new thread. (The plans were to have a few years pass, which would mean a couple of the archmages would have to be replaced. I already have a light elemental character I could have trained up over the years (who would have a particularly special thing about him…), but nothing for water. I do not intend to have Tahrdan have access to all 6 elements right away in a new thread. I would have also restructured the Order into a group that is more about researching magic in various worlds, and trying to adapt and combine the various forms into something new. This would still have resulted in questions from the characters, but they would relate more to the abilities themselves.)

But those plans can wait if this thread continues.

Dec 28, 2013 at 01:17PM EST

I’m with this thread till the bitter end. As far as i’m concerned, the RP is still going till the thread’s locked! Plus, Nintendo’s servers are still fucked and I can’t play Pokemon Y online until they’re un-fucked, so without this thread I’ll probably go insane.

Dec 29, 2013 at 12:21AM EST

OOC: No posts in over a day? This is not a good sign…

Maybe we should consider just starting a new thread, therefore giving things a fresh start?

Dec 30, 2013 at 01:02PM EST

Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis wrote:

OOC: No posts in over a day? This is not a good sign…

Maybe we should consider just starting a new thread, therefore giving things a fresh start?

The arkwriters are still working things out. According to Zar, they haven’t had time to post their progress since it’s hard to have everyone on at the same time. They definitely haven’t given up, they’ve just got a lot of stuff to do.

Dec 30, 2013 at 01:23PM EST


We have discussed this at length behind the scenes, and have come to an agreement on how the game should be played if it continues. Not all the players have decided to return yet, however

From this point onwards, all players are hereby committed to follow these sets of rules to ensure the Stability of the Thread:

1. Respect the other players, and the character(s) the other players play as.
2. No Deus Ex Machina. Unless if you are a joining player, you are not allowed to introduce a character, or upgrade the character beyond what is canonically accepted about that character, during an encounter.
3. No Metagaming to gain unfair tactical advantage, and Remain in Character to the Best of Your Abilities.
4. Do not commit a character to an event or battle that he could easily do by him/her self.
4a. Do not use a character above the recommended level of threat or destruction.
4b. On the Even Creator side, be certain to convey what the recommended strength the players should take into your event, and enforce characters too strong for the event out though OCC means. Likewise, don’t enforce your event as the only one.
5. Do not use True Magic. True Magic is very similar to the omnipotent kind used in Harry Potter, forcing actions dictated upon the desired will of the caster; with the exception of the ending result being an Elemental or Energy Blasts; is Forbidden.
By example; Permanent Transformation of any aspect of another character, Permanently taking control of another players character though a canon means, or Invoking instant death. If you wish to use a temporary version of said spell, ask another player if what you have in mind is reasonable.

6. This is supposed to be Fun. Do not overburden yourself to the point where you will not have time for anything else. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t reasonably control every element within your control; seriously consider dropping whatever elements you need to in order to keep playing at an enjoyable pace.

Currently Recommended for the current quests: Town/City Level of Distress and Wall/House Level of Destructive Power.

If there are any objections, speak now or forever hold your peace. I personally will not return to the thread until I see a sizable number of players return as well.

Last edited Dec 30, 2013 at 07:08PM EST
Dec 30, 2013 at 06:39PM EST

OOC: We agreed on a Month Long Time Skip apparently, so here it goes.


Saber holds up the marble thing she found in a far off field while she was bored. It’s emanates a soothing aura, and was giving out a strong enough signal to call out to her. She has kept it a secret, and has grown quite fond of it.

Kiritsugu has been hunting criminals for money… it pays rather well and he has miraculously taken down a few Fiorian Leveled Mages with only his guns. Nobody knows how he did it yet, as presumably nobody has given an autopsy yet.

@Fairy Tail Guild:

Something is in the kitchen snacking….

A dog-sized Rat is munching on something tasty in the fridge. And it’s not being quiet about it either. It had eaten its way though the doors and walls to get into here and it’s amazing nobody has noticed this thing yet.

@People who joined Brave Vesperia in their Adventures:

After much preparation, the new crew of the Fiertia scour the globe in search of the Sealed World Dungeons they had previously encountered. According to Rita, these get stronger as time goes on, so to keep a total disaster from occurring they need to be swift in finding these.

@Monolith Tower:

Duke has finally arrived where he felt the disturbance of the Death God

Duke: “… the presence is overwhelming here… at least I know I am close.”

@Fuyuki Area:

Archer returns with his masters.

@Low Charity:

The Empire from Tales of Vesperia has managed to regather it’s military force and is starting to send out official emissaries. The size of the planet is considerable so it will still take quite awhile for them to find anyone.

@Enduring Shrine of Zaude:

A completely annihilated modern fleet lays in a ship graveyard around the shrine. Reimu and Marisa are nowhere to be found… however somebody may have been paying attention at the time.

@Lancer’s Epic Adventure:

… Guys… how come your boredom always results in something like this…?

Dec 31, 2013 at 03:24AM EST

OOC: Right, time for me to handle the timeskip events relating to my characters…

@blue tribe

The tribe is now at its maximum size. There are many large huts, and there are even multiple of each training hut just in case an army is needed quickly. The boundaries of the tribe’s settlement are marked by 30 guard towers, each with a firewarrior in them. These are for defensive purposes, as the towers increase the range of the abilities of any follower in them… except for braves of course. The Shaman is walking around with a guard of 10 warriors and 10 firewarriors, and has made contact with all the nearby factions. For message related purposes, she has actually had a Spy Training Hut built. Spies… are generally useless against the three tribes hers is at war with, because they seem to be able to unmask enemy spies all at once. The Shaman has not figured out how to do this herself… Anyway, spies are the fastest moving follower, so she is employing a few as messengers. Right now, she has all the spells the world is allowing her to cast, and she has noticed that most of those she cannot are those of a more destructive nature. Right now, she is trying to figure out how to create some hills around her settlement, so that she may use Landbridge to make cliffs around it. After all, she arrived on the world, for all she knows it may only be a matter of time before one of the other three tribes will come…

(OOC: It’s not a matter of time. I do not plan to introduce any of the other three.)

In regards to the Order, however…

There are now only 6 on Charity. Tsunarmin, Ignis and Pitchurn have left to sort out that whole Water Crystal business,. They have taken Tikal with them of course, the question is… why have they not returned yet? The other 6 have just been helping out where needed, and where a particular element is desirable the mage of that element will always go.

@’epic’ adventure

The Gremlins have most of the blame for this construction, as they fell into their old habits of taking stuff apart and placing it in different areas. Well, they fell into MOST of their old habits. They make sure to not fight with any of the others. For something to do, Kongspire has taken to exploring the island. He seems to have become the group’s hunter, as he always manages to return with some dead beasts. The Dark Thorn Blade and Barbarous Thorn Shield are serving him well… Because he is mainly fighting beasts now, his helmet in use right now is the Dusker Cap, which is a brown helmet that is shaped like a wolf’s head,, and active armour is the Brute Jelly Mail, armour covered in a thick blue gelatinous layer.. He is prone to falling asleep if left unattended while he is wearing it, however. It IS very soft, after all…

Dec 31, 2013 at 01:14PM EST

After five weeks the strange new world, Red slowly found his connection to Cosmos, goddess of harmony and the source of his power, fading. Rough times have never scared Red, however, and he always has a backup plan. So, out of necessity, he reverted to a career that was less dependent on his goddess’ power.

Job change!

Now on the boat with the other Vesperia dungeoneers, he has become noticeably quiet, withdrawn and aloof.

Dec 31, 2013 at 03:18PM EST

OOC: Might as well split up my characters too… Also, Tahrdan, you might want to get out of Fiore. Asura said that he wasn’t coming back to the thread anytime soon and would appreciate it if everyone left that area. I suggest that you go dungeoneering with the Vesperia group and the rest of us.

Regarding Rachel’s fight with the Stalker: Night Stalker ran after Lycan and Valk arrived. I’m doing this so that I’m free to use Rachel and Valkenhayn again.

And with this, the thread is back open for business… The curtains rise, and the show begins once again.


Unknown to Reimu, Marisa, and the fleet of battleships, there has been an observer watching the entire conflict before her. She appeared in a burst of roses in the sky, high above the shrine. The roses daintily fell from the sky and into the ocean.

Her hair blew in the crisp, sea breeze. Fulfilling her role as an observer, like a good member of the audience, she did not intervene in the battle in any ways at all. She simply watched.


Duke can detect an invisible, dormant presence in the sky above the Monolith Tower.. Whatever it is, it’s really big… From what he can tell, it goes on to the horizon line and then some.

Duke suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder. There is no detectable presence from the person who put their hand on his shoulder.
Kagura: Well hello there, pretty lady…
The person has the voice of a sexy, suave man. The closest I can go to describing it is Zero Lancer. Duke gets turned around slowly to face the man… He wears a black cape with red lining inside, and exquisite golden trimming in the shape of a cross on each side. Under this, he wears a white robe-like shirt. He also wears three belts: two belts around his stomach and another that dangles loosely around his waist. There are also bandage wrappings around both his hands to prevent them from getting hurt. He doesn’t seem to be carrying a weapon. Duke can also see that he has a pair of violet purple eyes, and dark, black hair.

His smile quickly fades, realizing that he just made a move on a guy. He puts his hand back down to his side and just looks at Duke.
Kagura: Damn it… Not another dude…
He quickly regains his composure, crossing his arms and putting on a smile towards Duke.

Kagura: Sorry about that, man. You looked like a chick from behind. Honest mistake on my part.

@Team Brave,

Ragna, Tao, Noel, and Makoto have joined the group on the Sealed World exploration.

Concerning my other characters…

Carl has left Fiore to go find his father after saying his goodbyes.

Jubei and Platinum have both left to go explore the new planet after saying bye to everyone.

Hakumen and Jin have both parted ways from Fiore, with little to no words of goodbye.

The Legendary Bang Shishigami got word that cities are teleporting in, and he has hope for Ikaruga and Wadatsumi to be brought along with them. Bang and his brigade of ninja have left Fiore in search for their homeland after saying heartfelt goodbyes to everyone.

Kokonoe has taken Tager and moved her lab from Fiore. She got in contact with other branches of Sector Seven that have appeared around the world, and is now moving her base so that it may be closer to theirs. She still has contacts with the ones she left, so she isn’t gone for good.

Last but not least, the Kaka Clan have moved away from Fiore and are currently traveling back to their home in Kagutsuchi, being led by their best protector. They were teleported back to Lost Town by Kokonoe.

Last edited Dec 31, 2013 at 03:35PM EST
Dec 31, 2013 at 03:30PM EST

OOC: I typed my post in such a way so tat they could pretty much be where they were needed when things started up again. 6 of them are travelling around to those dungeons, then. The other 3 are still offworld.

Last edited Dec 31, 2013 at 03:47PM EST
Dec 31, 2013 at 03:46PM EST

OOC: you know what RP thread, you win, u fucking win. I give up on trying to leave because no matter what I do, I will always be dragged back into this fucking god forsaken place.

So with that being said, I shall continue on with u people. but before I officially continue. I shall say these few thing that i will lay down for you all. These are the conditions that I will enforce if I am to continue on with this thread.

So now. here are my conditions:

1: Threaten my country Fiore in any way, shape, or form, without first consoling to me about what it is that you will do, and I will swiftly eliminate it. No ifs, and’s, or buts. I don’t care who, what, where, when, why, and how. THREATEN FIORE WITHOUT MY SAY SO, AND I DROP THE HAMMER.

2: No more wars, like the ones we had in the past. ANY large scale invasions involving masses that will drag all the other players into them, and I Drop the hammer on it as well. I am completely fed up with all of this massive scale wars and battles that cause nothing but pointless destruction over a planet that we barely had any time to enjoy.


So there it is, my three personal conditions for me to stay in the thread. If ANYONE has a problem with them, than you can just piss off and save your words, because I don’t give a fuck anymore.

So now that I got all that out of the way, time for my one month time skip.
One month later after the events of heaven.

-Everyone who was involved on Heaven during the necromorph outbreak have all been healed from their wounds. All traces of the marker and any form of infection, disease or infection has been fully purged and purified out of everyone. As if they have never made contact with Heaven and the marker at all. Kokonoe should also have a sample of the virus that was within Juvia before she was healed for further studying and research.*

-Nobody outside of Fiore knows the exact location of where Fiore is on charity. Not anyone.

-Gray and Juvia descide to destroy the picture that Flandre had created for Sam, he is beyond any salvation and does not deserve any fraction of happiness or any love from her. They also hid the location of the map to her location completely hidden for anyone to find out.

-Everyone had still managed to celebrate the holidays with everyone as well as the new years.

-Everyone once again manages to reestablish themselves back onto their new lives on charity and continued with the many new job requests from all over Fiore, focusing on the good times ahead for them in the new year.*
@Relius and Hazama and other bad guys.

Medusa had spent most of her time on vacation, just enjoying the many luxurious places in Fiore.

She still understands the majority of their plans and such, and still keeps communication with them. She just wanted to get away from it all and have some fun in her own way through stolen money and other peoples possessions while also studying the new world.
@Asura in the dimension.
Asura has achieved a state of stasis thanks to his powers as well as the combined powers of the chaos emeralds in which he has. Through staying in a state of stasis and complete self harmony within his madness, he is able to retain his powers against the sapping effects of the Edge.

His mind begins to wander once more inside his own madness.

Hakumen is surprised to see Erza right before he decided to leave the city. She talks to him about all that has happened between them in the past. From the BM ark, to the nightmares that took place in Heaven. She wanted to say how grateful she is to have met him and to have him with her and the Guild. She does not question his leaving to go off who knows where, all she just asks is to be safe ad to return to them. She gives him a soft hug before he goes, one that is like a little sister to an older brother.
@Present day

Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Wendy, and Carla are with the Dungeoneering team.

Erza, Gray, and Juvia had taken on jobs that involve exploring the
new world around Fiore. Though a lot of work and time will be put into it, the rewards are very bountiful.

This job also involves natsu and the others who are also dungeioneering.
@Giant rat.

*Its dead before it caused too much trouble for the others. It has been properely disposed of with fire magic and the kitchen is once again sanitary and safe for use once more.

Last edited Dec 31, 2013 at 06:29PM EST
Dec 31, 2013 at 06:26PM EST

In the month that has transpired, not much has happened with my characters, other than everyone shacking up on the Falcon Flyer.. Everyone is on the dungeoneering team, following along with the Falcon Flyer, however, only 4 people end up going into a dungeon at a time.

@Epic Adventure:
Travis… He hasn’t really been doing much other than slacking off, masturbating, and sleeping. god, what a loser.

Dec 31, 2013 at 06:53PM EST

OOC: I can clearly see much has happened over the past week. If you don’t mind, I’d like to add my two cents to what has transpired.

First of all, let me say that I have every faith that you guys can pull through this. After all, this isn’t your first argument in regards to the thread.

I also agree with Zarathh’s earlier statement: making decisions (in the thread or out of character) in a state of emotional distress is a big no-no.

However, it looks like you guys are getting back on track, and I’m happy for that. Even if I’m not really here like I used to be, I don’t want to see this thread die over an argument which I can almost certainly say none of you will care about in a month.

Anyway, I realize there is probably still some emotional tension between you guys, and that’s fine. I have every confidence that, with time, things can return to normal, as long as you all make an effort not to let things get out-of-hand. I think the guidelines which have been proposed are reasonable, and should be considered by all who wish to continue roleplaying in this thread. If things do get out of hand again, just remember not to allow your emotions to interfere with the thread-making process and try to discuss what you think in a calm, collective manner. Antagonizing others just because you’re mad won’t make the situation any better than it currently is.

This thread has grown into something far greater than what was originally intended, and it shouldn’t be decimated over a feud. You should take pride in what you’ve all created over the past nine months, as I can assure this thread is grand indeed; rather than a simple game, it’s become nine months of interaction between a dedicated group of users who have put massive amounts of their own time into creating 174 pages of some of the most complex roleplaying I’ve ever seen. Congratulations on that.

And, Ladies and Gentemen, on that note, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and I wish you all a Happy New Year.

I don’t want to stop the ball that’s already started rolling again, so here’s the part of my post concerning my contribution to the storyline.

Thread-wise, I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do. I didn’t really have much to do, period, seeing as large-scale planetary movements were largely looked down upon, other than chasing hedgehogs (which isn’t really my idea of “fun”). But with this new time-skip, I believe I have a much better idea of what I can do. I certainly won’t be placing myself at the threshold of the plot anytime soon; I’ve caused too much mayhem in that manner already. But, I might take on a smaller-scale role, akin to my former antics…

But perhaps less in a full-scale world invasion manner than it will be me acting as a minor antagonist from time-to-time. I’m not quite certain yet.

I will be taking on the role of our esteemed Doctor, as before; that I can assure you.

Dec 31, 2013 at 07:56PM EST


The group set… er, “sail” for the south. Following the coast for the past few weeks, mostly flying in zigzags to cover more ground. It was getting to be that time to land again so Ba’ul could go eat and all that jazz…

Yuri: “Damn… it’s raining down below.”

Karol: “The turbulance is pretty bad…”

Judith: “If we set the boat down onto dry land we shouldn’t have any troubles with Airsick Boy back there.”

They look back at the suffering Natsu before looking back down…

Ba’ul: [A mighty deep whalelike roar]

Judith: “Hm… really?”

Ba’ul: [More moaning. This things cry echos far and wide, and vibrates everyone onboards entire bodies.]

Judith: “…”

Estelle: “What is it Judy?”

Judith: “Nor is down below us.”

Flynn: “What!? Why is Nor Harbor down there!? We came into this world because of that vortex!”

Raven: "I don’t know… maybe that vortex we found “re-located” the city to this world… I wonder how many others got relocated here?"

Flynn: “Land the ship! We must investigate!”

Judith: “Okay.”

The ship begins to quickly descend… settling into harbor and laying anchor before Ba’ul flies away to do it’s buisness

This town notably has a giant barrier surrounding it. Protecting it from wild animals from the outside world.

Estelle: “… Raining here again…?”

Yuri: “I’d rather not remember that…”

Flynn: “I’m going to head to the magistrates home. You guys wait in town.”

Flynn runs off.

Yuri: sigh “Alright. There is a Store, a Gambling Booth, and an Inn here. Oh, and food.”

Estelle: “They sell most standard expendables here, you can stock up here.”


Duke: “… a fool of a man who plays with women… what do you want?”

He grips the handle of his sword.


>Raid the haunted manors basement.

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Makoto jumps off the ship and onto the sweet, sweet land that she has missed so much over the few weeks of flying. She’s on all fours and kissing the ground.
Makoto: Oh sweet land, how I’ve missed you so!
She’s obviously exaggerating her emotions. She doesn’t seem to care about the rain inside the city either.

Noel also hops off the ship. She was busy digging through some of her stuff when she saw that it was raining… Right now she has on a blue beret and a really expensive looking, blue cloak on to protect her from the rain.

Noel: Makoto? Why are you kissing the ground?

Makoto gets up from her position and just stands there, looking kind of embarrassed.
Makoto: I was just… Really happy to see it again. Yeah…
Then she starts to mumble something to herself.
Makoto: Squirrels weren’t meant to fly…

Noel: … Oh. I found this in my bag and thought you might want to wear it because of the rain.
She sticks her arms out from the arm-holes in the cloak. She has a cloak folded up that looks exactly like the one she’s wearing, except it’s pure black. In the other hand she has a black beret.

Makoto: My old NOL Uniform? I guess it couldn’t hurt to wear it one more time for the rain.
She goes over to Noel and takes the clothing articles and puts them on over her normal clothes.

Makoto: Thanks, Noelly.

Noel: You’re welcome.
She smiles at her best friend.

And then Yuri speaks… Little does he know that he mentioned the cursed word… The word that is never supposed to be uttered in front of a member of the Kaka Clan.


Tao immediately starts to run in circles around in Ragna, flapping her sleeves around like she’s pretending that she’s a bird trying to get off the ground. Noel and Makoto laugh at the scene.
Tao: Good Guy! Good Guy! Good Guy! Will you buy Tao food right neow?! Tao is starving!
This scene is literally hilarious for no one who’s seen Tao beg for food before.

Ragna doesn’t respond to Tao, and instead just looks at Yuri with a face of “What the hell, man?”. After Tao repeating the words “Good Guy” over and over again, Ragna finally sighs and puts a stop to this.
Ragna: Fine… I’ll buy you food, Tao. Just stop running around me, okay?

Tao comes to a complete skidding halt in her action in front of Ragna.
Tao: You’re the best good guy in the history of good guys, Good Guy!
Tao just looks up at Ragna with a wide smile on her face.

Ragna: Don’t mention it.
What happens next is too great to describe. Ragna actually smiles at her. It’s not a big smile, but it’s still a smile.

Ragna: Let’s go get you some food now.

Tao: Yaaaaaaaaaaay!
Tao immediately hops onto Ragna’s shoulders, standing on him like he’s some sort of pedestal. She puts one sleeve over her eyes like she’s looking for something.

Tao: Tao will guide us to the food, meow. Onwards, Good Guy!

Ragna chuckles some and begins walking in the direction where the smell of food is coming from.

Noel: Hehe.
She’s holding both her hands over her heart.
Noel: Brother is the best.

Makoto looks rather stunned as she watches Ragna take Tao towards a restaurant.
Makoto: Wow. I didn’t even know that guy had any feelings besides anger and pissed off.
She sighs some.
Makoto: I guess that means that we should go and find some “expendables”.

Noel: Yeah! Come on, Makoto.
Noel leads Makoto off in the direction of the most stores.


Kagura: What do I want?
He drops his arms down to his side. He doesn’t even seem to care about the fact that Duke has a hand on his sword. In stark contrast to Duke’s tone, Kagura is extremely laid back.
Kagura: I haven’t seen you around anywhere before. Who are you?

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@Dungeoneer group.

Natsu crawls over the side of Ba’ul and slams onto the ground.

The Impact causes him slowly snap out of his motion sickness. He is kissing the ground right as Makoto is, thanking the gods for letting him off of the whale.

Natsu: Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouuuuuuuuuu!!!!

Happy flies over.

Happy: I’m sorry I couldn’t fly you more often Natsu, but even I cant fly around for a whole week.

Natsu: I’m just happy to be alive….. I miss you solid earth…. I will never leave you again.

Shortly following Noel and the others Is Wendy, Lucy, and Carla. These are Wendy and Lucy’s outfits they currently have on.

Lucy and Wendy both pull out umbrellas they have gotten from Lucy’s spirit Virgo a while back. and open them to cover themselves from the rain.

Lucy: I think Natsu doesn’t realize that we may need to travel back to Fiore on this whale again does he?

Carla: His stupidity is a magic power in his own right. He will never learn.

Wendy: I still feel bad about him and his motion sickness. My magic hasnt been able to cure him of it, its too strong for me.
@Noel and Makoto
The girls join in on their shot conversation about Ragna about how he has started to become more relaxed and less angry than he was before.

Carla: I am surprised he didn’t yell at Tao for begging for food again.

Wendy: Ragna has become more nice to us all since he joined Fairy Tail. So long as the guys don’t upset him of course.

Lucy: I think that’s’ all Ragna needed. He just needed to be surrounded by people who care about him a lot. In our guild, we treat each other like family, blood types or nations doesn’t matter to us, because we are all a part of something much greater than that.

Wendy: That’s right. So now, sould we follow them, I am actually hungry as well.

Lucy: Yah, but first off, help Natsu before he slips into a coma.

Wendy goes up to Natsu to heal him of his current motion sickness ailment. Within a few seconds he is back up on his feat. Wendy cannot heal him while he is on any mode of transportation because his motion sickness is too strong that it counteracts her healing powers. So she has to wait for him to get off of the transport in order to heal him.

With a sudden burst of fire around Natsu, he is back to his usual self.

Natsu: RRRRAAAHHHH! much better, thanks Wendy. Your the best. Now cmon guys, I smell food, and I hope that they have enough for me and Tao, let alone all of us. Cuz one week of flying on that giant whale thingy, and i swear I could eat that thing up right now if I wanted to.

Natsu rushes up to were Ragna and Tao are as happy follows behind them in excitement.

Lucy: Oh great, now guess who its gonna be who has to pay for his bills… Sign. Lets just go guys.

They then proceed to follow everyone to the nearest food source.

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Natsuru, I just wanted to let you know to disregard the Kagura part of my last post. I’m going to post a few more details in this one.


When Duke calls Kagura fool, he doesn’t even react to him. He just keeps up his act.
Kagura: What do I want? Hm…
His purple eyes seem to be focusing…
Kagura: To find some other girls around here. Maybe hit the bars and get a drink or two.
It’s very obvious to Duke that Kagura is just playing around with him right now, trying to show himself off some. He doesn’t even seem to care about the fact that Duke has a hand on his sword. In stark contrast to Duke’s tone, Kagura is extremely laid back.
Kagura: But enough about me. Who are you?

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The Order mages all get off… Tahrdan is first, because you know how he is with heights. Because of the rain, Tempestia is the last off. She’s taken to wearing her usual, somewhat revealing robes after all… After she gets off she runs for the nearest cover.

Tempestia: Why did no one say there’d be rain!?

Tahrdan: You’re one of the only ones bothered by it…

Tempestia: You were pretty bothered on there. You and the travelsick kid make a right pair!

Tahrdan: What is that even supposed to mean? I just don’t like heights!

Solarian: Enough, both of you. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about something over the past month…

Pyralis: Yes?

Solarian: I’ve been thinking that maybe we’ve been going about the whole magic research thing all wrong, and that maybe the Order should in general actively seek out other forms of magic, and research them, to adapt into something new?

Noctan: Huh, I never thought of that…

Tahrdan: That… makes sense… But why are you telling us now? You’re not planning on leaving, are you?

Solarian: The only reason I haven’t is that I’m the only one of us 6 who is light elemental. But if I were to leave, I would in fact be leaving you three behind, to research the various forms of magic this world clearly has to offer.

Granatir: Well, maybe you could find someone else to take your place? Someone needs to manage things, after all. We’ve been away for too long, who knows what is going on?

Solarian: As a matter of fact, I do have someone in mind… He has a quite unusual talent that I am sure would benefit this group quite well… Shall I go and bring him here?

Noctan: Ask the others, since it would mean you’d be leaving. For now, though…

Noctan explores the town, checking out what there is. He doesn’t find anything familiar in the store, so…

Noctan: What exactly IS this stuff you’re selling?

(OOC: Were I to replace Solarian with that other character, well… He’d only have access to a few elements, but I will reveal that ‘unusual talent’ now.. I’ll have it so that other character can use any handheld weapon. As such, he would be much more physical oriented. And yes, Noctan is directly asking the shopkeeper what is for sale.)

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@Talks of Ragna:

Raven: “That kid really just needed to loosen up I guess. Maybe this adventure will be good for him.”

Karol: “An adventure is the greatest way to get somebody loosened up! Like Rita!”

Rita kicks Karol. One could cry “Child abuse!”, however she’s only 4-5 years older than him so it’s okay.

Rita: “Aaaaaaanyways. This place isn’t much compared to the other cities, but it’s good enough.”


Steak, Pork, Chicken, and a good variety of fish meals are sold here. Also a special of various flavors of Sorbet for dessert.


Shopkeeper: Lamp Oil, Rope, Bombs! You want it? It’s yours my friend! as long as you have enough Ruppies!

The shopkeeper runs down his rather short list of remaining merchendice

~Apple Gel: +30% HP
~Orange Gel: +30% MP
~Life Bottle: Revives single unit From KO
~Panacea Bottle: Recovers All Status Ailments on a single unit.
~Francisca: A hand and a half blade, looks rather heavy. Nothing too special.
~Stiletto: Single Handed blade with a nasty looking “Heel” sticking out of it. It seems nasty but not too functional.
~Morning Star: Single Handed Staff that acts like a Magic Wand.
~Heavy Maul: A two handed Hammer. Properly weilding that would be a pain in the ass, and it’s a wonder how the shopkeeper got it shipped here.
~Chain: A chain with the spike on the end. The chain itself is inscribed with many runes along it and would most definitely not suit anyone but Rita.
~Kogarashi: A sturdy looking Hunting Dagger.
~Chainmail: Self Explanatory.
~Breast Guard: A metal plate that covers the heart and shoulders of the wearer. Designed for more acrobatic fighters.
~Silk Cloak: A nice looking cloak that offers a decent amount of Magic Resistance.
~Thief’s Jacket: A black leather Trenchcoat.
~Armet Helm: A metal helmet that would look good with the Chainmail.
~Bronze Circlet: A piece of metal that wraps around your head like a crown. In theory, if somebody swings a sword at that it will at least stop the impact before it can enter your brain. It would be more appealing if it wasn’t intentionally girly.
~Paralysis Ward: Boosts your resistance to Paralysis inducement. It won’t completely stop the status effect from happening, but is more reliable than any of the armor or weapons here.
~Camping Equipment: Standard Camping Stuff.


Duke: “My name is not important. What is important was the disturbance I felt from this area. If a being like the one that just awakened was allowed to roam free…”

He suddenly looks down in realization of something… just looking at the dirt…

Duke: “… I most definitely am not standing on regular dirt…. what happened to this place?”

He takes Dein Nomos… and scrapes it across the ground, leaving a nice little groove… raising an eyebrow.

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When Duke asks about the dirt and what happened here, Kagura’s smirk changes to a serious look on his face. His eyes suddenly become more focused, and he looks less playful than he did before. This is a matter of serious business to him.

Kagura: Five years ago there used to be a city where all this rubble is. Part of the Ikaruga Federation…
He kicks a small rock off the ledge and watches it as it tumbles down to the water below.
Kagura: One day the city was destroyed by an unknown explosion that ended countless lives at that very moment. There weren’t any survivors…

When Duke looks around, he can see relics from five years ago that lay on the ground. Broken signs, shards of metal, bent and twisted radio towers, and much more. Off in the horizon he can see skyscrapers half sunken into the water of the crater and leaning towers that look like they could fall at any moment. But out in the distance there stands a gigantic monolith tower that seems to reach up as high as the sun…

Kagura: The seithr from the explosion seeped into the soil and contaminated it. Not a lot of things can live around here… Not like they would want to if they had the chance.
Duke should also be able to tell that there is something very heavy in the air here. It’s unlike anything he’s ever come in contact with before.


Noel: Makoto, come over here.

Makoto walks over to where Noel is to see that she’s found the Life Bottles that Vesperia used in the previous dungeon.
Makoto: Yeah, Noelly?

Noel: I found these… What were they called..? Life Bottles! Yuri and them used these in the dungeon.
She is carrying the only 5 that the shop has in her arms.

Makoto: Oh yeah. Those things. I wonder if it hurts any…
She snaps herself out of it, and looks at all the other expendables, asking what all they do. Upon hearing what they do, Makoto decides to grab up the rest of the expendables and the only paralysis charm that they have.
Makoto: Aaaaaaand done.

Noel: This should come in handy a lot. Don’t worry about paying for it, Makoto. I have some extra.
Noel walks up the the counter and pulls out a blue coin purse from inside the cloak. Smiling at the man, she puts down a single platinum coin that’s worth a little over the supplies they bought.
Noel: Thank you~!
She turns away from the counter and walks out the door with Makoto following behind her.


Tao has eaten a ton of plates full of food already since they got to the restaurant. Fish, chicken, whatever. You name it. There are also several plates that used to have steamy meatbuns on them stacked on top of one another to the side of Tao.
Tao: Good Guy? Are you going to finish that food, meow?
She pokes at Ragna’s arm who just looks over at her.

Ragna: You ate that much already…
Ragna can feel his wallet stabbing itself several times in the money bags. He’ll be broke after all of this.

Tao: Of course, meow!
She smiles at him with a toothy grin.

Ragna: … I shoulda figured.
A bead of sweat slowly goes down the side of Ragna’s face.
Ragna: Just try not to eat me out of everything I have, okay?

Tao: Will do, meow!
Tao gives Ragna a sailor salute before going back to eating.

Ragna is just sat there frozen over his food. After a few moments he goes back to eating the meat dish with his chopsticks.

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