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Random thought of the day

Last posted Dec 01, 2009 at 11:21PM EST. Added Nov 08, 2009 at 10:16PM EST
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Im going to start posting random thoughts each day.

why do all the statues Michelangelo created have tiny penises?
That only tells me that he had a tiny penis unless he looks at other men bathing and everyone in Europe has a small penis. But otherwise that would be embarrassing.

To emulate the Greek statues, which also had tiny penises.

And now, for a random thought of mine: Wouldn’t it be weird if there were such a thing as NS power metal?

Not that any of us know of. Small penises were considered the ideal back then, as they considered large penises to look too “uncivilized” and animalistic. Most unlike what the Romans thought…

It isn’t all bad. I mean, it’s not like we’ll ever run out of babies to harvest guts from. And in that case, one can always make more.

My thought:
Why is it that when a neutron star is formed, the electrons neutralize the charges of the protons despite the fact that the charges of the protons are attributed to the quarks they are composed of, whereas electrons are elementary particles?

It feels awkward slapping that question mark on the end of that sentence, but meh.

Random thoughts? Well…

Why is it that every time you’re looking for one specific thing, it is quite often that it takes you a long and difficult time to look for it when on most days when you’re NOT looking for it, you see it over 9000 times? It’s just illogical, srsly.

Because when you look for something you focus hard on one area, not looking anywhere else. Where as you find it when you are not looking for it cause you were just looking around and not at one focal point. (self-theorized)

My thought: Why do people work so hard to be lazy?

Confucius knows the answer! Spill the beans, you old, Chinese man!

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

There you have it. Everybody in the world named Jack doesn’t like playing, so therefore they work and work until they tire out and fall unconscious until the next morning. It’s a cycle of life that should never be disturbed.

Also, I am aware I never really answered your question. XP

I read your so-called "random"thoughts folks.

I am disappoint.

Here’s a quick list of things I thought today.

- I like when it is so cold you can see your breath so then I can tell when people are breathing. It’s too bad that I don’t have this power all the time so I can help ambulance drivers.

I’d be like.

“Holy crap, that guy isn’t breathing!”

“Thanks Jeff, we’ll be right over there to save his life.”

I would save so many lives.

- What if pumpkins were Earth’s dominant species? They would not have to worry about making faces for their human head jack-o-lanterns that’s for sure.

- When talking about poultry I think most farmers will usually say they are anti-hen when they prefer male chickens, most likely to avoid saying they are “pro-cocks”.

Those are 3 things that I thought of today.

Just in case you wanted to know.

Why does Captain Blubber look like a park ranger? That’s my random thought. Also, I hear it’s amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork- does a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!

-If nurture effects every aspect of our decisions, due to the non-existance of nature, does that mean that there has never been a honestly independent decision ever made by any man EVER?

-Why do all the people that tell me I’m as smart as Bill Gates also tell me I should and/or have to go to college, even though Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard?

I think it’s funny that I see ads telling me to upgrade to IE8.
It f***in’ sux! I’m fine with F/i/rekipz and Chrome.
My mom LOVES IE6. She got so mad when I upgraded to IE7, and even more when I upgraded to IE8. She hates Chrome and Firefox.
Oh, yeah, a few people still use IE5.

@Real Genius:
F/i/relazors is good too.
It sucks that TorButton’s not compatible with my version of Firefox, though. I’m forced to keep a copy of Portable F/i/relazors for Tor. Oh, and that really nice addon, ChatZilla? Abandoned by the developer. MIRC or, god forbid, Mibbit are my options now, neither of which are as convenient.

My mom used to use IE6. A while back I updated her computer for her and it installed IE7. After she got a virus, I uninstalled IE altogether and installed Firefox 3.5.5. She was mad, but she hasn’t picked up any viruses/spyware/malware/adware/trojans/and other forms of malicious software since. She’s not too fond of Chrome due to its unfamiliar interface.

Also, if they’re using IE5, they’re either living under a rock, or they’re running an old version of Windows. Did you know people still use Windows 98?

I would only support them if it’s the 2nd edition. One of the members of Future Business Leaders of America uses it, and he’s not doing it out of dumbassery.
Interface is the only thing my mom cares about. She also thinks she is very knoledgeable about computing. She actually told me that all browsers run at the same speed. Gee, let me compare Netscape Navigator 1 to Chrome 4 and see which one runs the fastest…
She says that the 1500 registry files are caused by viruses coming from my Touhou games. She says all problems are caused by viruses. She doesn’t trust downloading stuff from Microsoft Corporation. She said that I messed things up by running explorer.exe on the computer. (That’s my favorite.) She thinks Compaq and HP are operating systems. She thinks WordPerfect and Microsoft Word are the same thing. She believes that to properly re-boot a computer, you unplug the computer for 20 seconds. (Actually, the quicker you restore the power, the better.)
tl;dr My mom knows nothing about computing.
Why is Windows 7 called Windows 7 if there are more than 7 versions of Windows?

@Real Genius:
Show her the Acid3 tests. Also fun, try rendering AJAX properly with IE6.
Ask her if she knows what a registry entry is. Also ask if she knows what spyware/malware and cookies are.
Open the System Information dialog in an HP computer and a Compaq and ask her to compare the two. Then show her a Wikipedia entry on Windows.
Open WordPerfect and Microsoft Word 2009 or 2010 and ask her if they are the same.
Show her the Start→Shut Down→Restart (if in XP) or Start→Restart procedure.
Also, start the TaskManager, go to the Processes tab, select explorer.exe, then click End Process. Click Yes. Now show her the desktop. Then click File→New Task, type “explorer.exe”, then click ok. Show her the desktop again.

As for your question, Vista was Windows 6, built on NT kernel v6.0, Windows 7 is, well, Windows 7, built on NT kernel v6.1. The name was to distance the product from Vista’s failure. Earlier versions of Windows are not included in this count due to the fact that they were not true OSes, rather, they were DOS shells.

To an observer, what would an object moving through a distorted region of space look like? Would the object just cease to exist in one location and reappear in another, or would the object appear to warp to the pattern of the space through which it is moving? How would light behave so as to observe such an anomaly?

I’ve already done all those things, except for 2 of them. Well, I tried, but she always said “I don’t wanna hear it”
there have been many Windows failures, really. 95, XP, and 7 seem to have been the only popular ones.
Also, a large amount of space is distorted by gravity. Gravity, as well as Dark Matter, would have effects on the light. The only way an object would appear to disappear is if light was cut off, or if an object travels through the 5th dimension.

@Real Genius:
Oh well. At least you tried.

Also, isn’t gravity the distortion of space around objects that possess mass?
Lastly, given that the light could escape the distorted region, what would the object look like to an observer not affected by said distortion?


Why do companies still use resistive touchscreens when there are much better alternatives?


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