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The Angel Game (Supernatural Horror RPG)

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OOC: Tails

@Meredith: When the man finally gets a good look at you he begins to clam down. “Oh thank god you’re not one of them. I must have been really freaked out to not notice the amount of blue your wearing. Listen, you have to get out of here. There are things here walking around as humans killing everybody.”

Jan 19, 2014 at 09:50PM EST

Jamie turned to look at the idol, then observed it carefully. Due to all the other crazy event she’s seen in this hotel so far, this was nothing much. “Quick question: Is it bad if one of you know, those--”She pointed at the idol, then turned to Endire. “-follows us..?” She had a bad feeling about that idol..

Jan 19, 2014 at 10:46PM EST

After touching the tome, Booker had a quick series of out-of-body experiences, as if he were standing above his unlikely allies, and he saw the troubles that the others were going through – the idols that moved erratically, the chatting skull, and the man that had aimed a weapon at Meredith, among others. When he was back in his own skin, it dawned on him that the impulsive cackling he’d been subject to recently was some sort of primonitory habit meant to warn him of the dangers that were about in Summer Winds. He came to the conclusion that it wasn’t the book that he was being warned about, but one of these other things.

Booker nabbed the tome on impulse but resisted every temptation to read it immediately, focusing on holding the book with one arm and scratching the itches with his other arm. He tried to use his out-of-body experience as a way to map out the room, and sprinted toward where he believed that Crow was headed. He knew he screwed up the “don’t touch anything without the say-so of the only guy that has an idea of what’s going on here” rule, but at this point, given what the others seemed to be dealing with, it probably wouldn’t make the situation any worse.

Jan 20, 2014 at 02:14PM EST

@Jamie: “Is it bad? Let me put this into words that you will understand. Yes, it is very bad!” Shouted the skull “Despite it’s wooden appearance that thing is very much alive and the only reason it’s even made of wood now is because we’re looking at it!” Said the skull, glaring at the idol who’s appearance looks like the famous scream painting while wearing a robe. Just then the light from above flickered for a moment and the two of you lost sight of the Idol. (OOC: Flip to determine where and how close is it to you).

@Booker: You began to run towards where Crow is, along the way you hear Dick screaming and finally reached to where Red and Jack are, and see that they are almost surrounded by the Idols. You take a glance at the strange room that has recently appeared and you can feel your symptoms getting worse just by looking at it, you get the strange feeling that the empty room could either be useful to you and everyone else but at the same time something is telling you to stay away from it. (OOC: a coin flip here right now is optional)

@Kasumi: As you’re still experiencinng your visions of the items next to you, you never see the three idols standing behind you. One in the shape of a female nun wearing a blindfold with eight wings, each wing covered in eyes and with her stomach ripped open to form a gaping maw made of sharp bones. The second is a robed figure with eight long spider like legs and a single ruby placed on it’s head to look like an eye. The last one is of a man who’s body is littered with spikes and hooks, the carving made to look like his skin is both rotting, burned, and scarred. The look on his face is one of pain, fear, and submission.

Jan 21, 2014 at 10:57PM EST

((OOC: …Heads.))
Jamie looked at where the idol one was for a moment, then ran like hell. “We should be ALMOST near the exit!” She looked around frantically, hoping nobody was near.

Jan 21, 2014 at 11:18PM EST

Listen, I would if I could!
She glances about sheepishly
The thing is that I’m kind of lost… One second I was playing the piano in some sort of attic-place, the next I wake up in a room.
She shrugs

Jan 21, 2014 at 11:21PM EST

OOC: still here, still here.
When Dio spots the idol, he instantly rushes to Crow, seeing as he’s pretty much the lead expert on the paranormal around here.

Jan 22, 2014 at 01:53PM EST

At the end of my journey of being pulled by strings I find an altar made of black stone, at the base I see a sword with it’s grip covered by white cloth and it’s scabbard is white, with gold metal on it depicting strange runes and drawings. At the top lay several objects from amulets to a grimoire and joining them are several drawings, journal pages, small clay and wooden idols, dolls, a record disk, a video cassette, and even a game cartridge.

But the one object that stands out from them all was a black mask. The mask was in the shape of a woman’s face with holes cut out on the eyes, parts of the mask is glinted with gold making it look like a masquerade mask.* I pick the sword off the base of the altar and grab the mask.

“I came here to find the White King’s sword but finding you here along with it was a surprise! Just one that I’m not sure if it’s good or not.” Just then Dio came out of nowhere, screaming about a moving idol.Of course there was gonna be something like that in this room, I don’t think this even counts as a big shockWith these new items in hand I follow Dio to where he saw the idol.

Jan 22, 2014 at 04:13PM EST

OOC: Tails

@Jamie: As you run towards where you think the exit is you hear Endire shouting for you to stop, fortunately you were fast enough to do so as you then see one of the shelves fall at the spot you could have been. You stand there paralyze in fear on how close you were to certain death. You hear Endire yelling at you about how the idol is now behind you and to turn around, but right now you find it hard to due to the fear induce paralysis. (OOC: Flip to break out of it and stare down the idol).

@Meredith: The man gave a confused look to you “I don’t know what your talking about and right now I don’t really care. I still suggest that you get out of here now before the specters get ya and turn you into dust.” The man than turns away from you and begins to walk towards the stairs. “But before I leave however, I have to kill the crazy bitch who started all of this.”

Jan 22, 2014 at 05:04PM EST

OOC: Tails

@Jamie: You manage to gather enough strength to break free out of your paralyze and turn around. When you finally stare at the idol however you see that not only was it’s were close enough to grab your neck, but it as also changed. The robes that it had are now gone and it’s body is not only taller but both it’s arms and legs have stretched much further then what’s humanly possible, while it’s face is still similar to the scream it’s eyes are now bulging and has an almost faded green paint on them, on it’s head are two long, slender horns.

@Dio: You along with Crow make your way towards were the idol last stranded but along the way the two of you both saw Red and Jack surrounded by other idols and a door to a strange room open. You also see Booker too, carrying a strange book with him.

@Red: You know that if you blink the idols will move but you also know that sooner or later they will find a way around that. You know that there’s a open door to an empty room just close to were you and Jack are. You wonder if that room could possibly help the two of you or if it’s a trap. (OOC: Not to sure if a coin flip is necessary here but you can do it if you want).

Jan 23, 2014 at 09:59PM EST

I sighed when I saw Booker carrying the obvious tome of eldritch lore.Seriously, is not touching anything without my approval that hard to do? Granted, the moment anyone says don’t touch that there’s always gonna be that one person who does so anyways.Finishing with my inner monologue I look at all the idols present right now. There seems to be about seven of them currently here and from what Dio told me neither of them are the one he saw.

“Well, I have the sword now might as well test it out on them.” I said, ready to walk to the closest idol “Oh Dio, can you do me a favor and hold on to this while I go chop up some firewood for us?” I said, handing him the black mask. I walk to one of the idols and already have my hand on the grip of the sword. “Now then, let’s see how alive you’re really are when I cut you to a thousand pieces!” I then grab on the scabbard and began to pull the sword out of it!

However something strange happen, the sword didn’t came out of the scabbard. Realizing this I pull even harder but no matter what the sword refuses to be drawnAh shit! I almost forgot that the White King’s sword only allows itself to be drawn whenever it senses an agent or servant of the Black Queen!My grip on the sword loosens when this realization hit me and finding out that theses idols have nothing to do with our current situation “Well shit! This is bloody embarrassing, but at least me making a fool out of myself and weeping idols are the only things going wrong right now.” Just then the sound of Kasumi screaming breaks out throughout the room.

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Jan 24, 2014 at 02:09AM EST

Jamie stared down the idol, unsure of how long she had to look at it. “Um.. How long do we have to look at this thing?” She stepped back a bit.

Jan 24, 2014 at 07:11PM EST

@Jamie: “My honest answer is don’t take your eyes off of it period! Right now the damn thing can’t do anything because you’re looking at it, but if you break eye contact well, let’s say you don’t want to know what would happen to you.” You take Endire’s advice and continue to take small steps backwards so you don’t break eye contact with the idol.

Jan 24, 2014 at 10:21PM EST

She frowns a bit at his response.
I see, I guess you mean that “Black Queen” character?
She’s going to try her hardest to pull some info from this guy. Even though he might be messed up mentally.

Jan 24, 2014 at 11:01PM EST

@Meredith: The man turned to face you, you see that he looks confused and a bit anger at your question. “Black Queen? I know nothing about a Queen but I do know of an insane killer who has been living in here that just now has caused this, that’s the crazy bitch I’m after.” Before he can say anything is you see a look of utter horror come over his face.

“Oh Shit they found us! Listen right now you have only two options, you can either follow and help me stop the psycho who caused this or you can find your own way out, and risk being turned to dust by those guys!” He said, pointing at something behind you.

As you turned you you see two people walking towards the two of you. They’re both wearing black clad turn of the century old clothing with pale grayish skin. They’re faces show no hints of any emotions and when you try to take a harder look on them you can see that not only are their body stuck between appearing solid and transparent, but they occasionally develop something like static going across their body. The two specters then raised their right hand as they draw closer to you.

Jan 25, 2014 at 01:41AM EST

Jamie wondered if she would be able to get out of there like this, even though she would most likely bump into something. \Now what..?\ She thought, still stepping backward.

Jan 25, 2014 at 11:43AM EST

Booker yelled at Red and Jack as he ran towards Crow. “I’m going to get Crow over here, just hang on and don’t take your eyes off of those things! If you need to blink, don’t! Close one eye at a time!” Ironically enough, he made sure not to look at the idols directly, figuring that doing so would trap him into their situation. He figured it would be better to find someone that knew what they were doing and could stop the things than to go into the problem with no knowledge whatsoever. But both of them saved his life at one point, and he wasn’t just going to abandon them.

Booker noticed the room, but chose not to go into it. He knew he was going to be in deep enough shit for grabbing the gigantic tome when he was told not to. Perhaps he’d go in later if things got a little better, but he doubted that would be the case.

However, by the time he had reached Crow, he saw that Dio had already warned them of the threat. He put the book down so he could scratch himself more, and then he spoke, with the iron taste still in his mouth. “Okay, so you know about this idol problem. Is there anything I can do to help you get rid of these things? I’m not just going to stand by and let these guys die!”

[OOC: Part of this post takes place in the recent past, if it wasn’t clear. So this is a sort-of retcon post, I think.

Given the recent focus that you and I have been putting into the game, I think that it might be an okay idea to extend the deadline for posting to ten days or so instead of a week.]

Jan 25, 2014 at 12:11PM EST

OOC: @Cthulhu: Yeah I think I have to agree with the ten day rules. Mostly because now I’ll be returning to college again.

Jan 26, 2014 at 03:02AM EST

Damn it! They already got one of us!I then to a deep breath, trying my best to calm my nerves or at least try give the appearance that I’m calm. I walked a few steps back and raise my left arm, the one holding the sword and let it go. As I hear the sword hitting the ground I begin to speak to them “Alright, I know that your all alive and I know that your all intelligent. Because of this I have a deal for you all.” I then walk to where Red and Jack are, in the center of the circle made by the idols. “We want two things from you all. First you’ll let these two go and agree to stop hunting all the other members of my group. Next you’ll tell me what you did with the medium.”

I then look around at all of the other idol, noticing that three new ones have appear. “If you agree to that then we will help you all escape from this room, that is want you all want right? To escape from this place? So, does this deal seems agreeable to you?” At first I heard nothing from the idols, then the sound of a radio being turned on echoed throughout the room. I turned to where the sound came from and found an old radio sitting on a table next to where the door to the empty room is.

Just then several, vaguely human voices came through the radio “You are correct on us wanting our freedom but for us to agree to your terms you must first agree to ours.” Said the radio/idols Still keeping my sights on the idols I said “Sure why not, the night is still young and we’re still currently alive. What is that you want?”

OOC: Okay let’s try something different. we’re all gonna flip a coin and if it hits heads then what the idols want will harms us all in some way. Tails means that what they want can still be bad but easily manageable, for us at least. But instead of posting your result here on the thread your gonna PM them to me. So pray that Fortuna is on our side.

Jan 26, 2014 at 11:19AM EST

Dr. Robotnik wrote:

OOC: Out of curiosity, how many people are still in the game?

OOC: Eight players are still technically in. two however are still inactive (one to the point that I feel I have to kill him) and another one could be said to have die but I didn’t make that one official, maybe she isn’t or maybe she is. Well the answer to that be reveal? most likely but not now.

Jan 26, 2014 at 04:36PM EST

As Meredith is freaking out about the specters, she sees something emerge from behind them…

She then proceeds to freaking out more, and grabs the man’s arm as she runs towards the stairs.
Then let’s get the hell out of here!

Jan 26, 2014 at 06:50PM EST

OOC:Hey Crow, can you ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL control my character for a bit? Just don’t toy with him……. too much.

Jan 27, 2014 at 09:53AM EST

Booker agreed to the gamble while scratching himself still. The itching seemed to be stabilizing at this point – it wasn’t getting any worse, but it also wasn’t going away.

Jan 28, 2014 at 12:53PM EST

As I wait for the idols to make their demands I see Jack make a break for it towards the empty room “Wait Jack that’s a horrible idea that room is-…” Before I can finish my sentence Jack was already in the room, closing the door. Right before he closed the door he stopped just to say these words to me “No offence pal, you might be helping us but we’re still having a hard time trusting you after revealing that bomb shell of a reveal. Besides even if those idols don’t kill us then it will be that damn Queen and her gang of spooks. I don’t know if entering this room is a good idea or not but it’s hell of a lot better then dying by their hands.”

And with that he closed the door as I rushed towards it, not caring if I or even anyone else was looking at the idols When I opened the door I didn’t see Jack nor the empty room, but the walls of the Reliquary. I hear the radio speak again “Was offering up a live sacrifice really necessary? We’re still deciding if we even wanted one. But humans have always sacrificed the lives of they’re own kind just for the appeasement of some being above them, so we can’t argue about what counts as human nature.” Said the radio/idols, now wishing more than ever to pull out the sword and slice these things into pieces.

Seven wayward souls remain in Summer Winds

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Jan 28, 2014 at 06:13PM EST

@Jamie: You continue to walk backwards looking for the exit to the room until you bump into something. You then hear the sound of something heavy falling down to the floor and a vaguely familiar voice shouting on what bumped him. As you turn you see that who you bumped to was Booker and that he had dropped a large and heavy looking book. You also see Crow, Red, and Dio there too with more idols.

@Meredith: As you and the possibly crazy man run through the halls, trying to get away from both the spiders and specters, the two of you rush to the stair doors and opened them. The two of you rush up the stairs, but as you do you can hear the sound of the lights in the stairs blowing out, one after the other, until both you and the man are covered in darkness. You swear that you can hear something in the dark.

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Jan 28, 2014 at 08:29PM EST

Jamie stood there. “Um..Hi, again.” She smiled in an awkward way, not sure how to explain why Endire was there.

Jan 30, 2014 at 06:30PM EST

Meredith pauses for a brief second, trying to listen in what she might be hearing. Not knowing if she is going crazy, she consults the possibly crazy guy.
“Hey, do you hear something?”

Feb 03, 2014 at 05:37PM EST

OOC: Okay guys something strange happened to this thread yesterday. I went to check on it and I found that it was auto-locked. Fearing that I screwed for being distracted with other things, both in the internet and in real life along with writer’s block, I went to Blue Screen to see if he can unlock it. Thankfully he did but then things get confusing when he told me that the thread closed itself because for three days no one made any comments to it. Apparently this problem was fixed by changing it’s expiring date, so if anyone here saw that the thread was locked but now it isn’t, that’s why.

Feb 03, 2014 at 09:06PM EST

Booker’s itching starts to go away, to his relief, and he stops scratching himself obsessively. But he had worse things to contend with (including the disgusting taste in his mouth, which was conversely getting worse), and hearing that the man who’d saved his life hours before carelessly doomed himself wasn’t going to help him sleep at night.

“As much as I hate to admit it, Jack set us an example. We can’t afford to split up anymore, or we end up like him – and this is supposedly the ‘safe’ part of this Hellish hotel. He didn’t need to die, and neither does anyone else.” He then turned to Meredith. “So, little miss, are you stuck in here too, or are you a ghost that’s going to get that chatty skull to recite Hamlet to us? Oh, and before I forget – if you value your sanity, don’t look at the idols.” He pointed his thumb over his shoulder. “They’re in a mess because they did, and I’m doing what little I can to not make this situation any worse.” Booker then positioned himself in front of her in a way where she wouldn’t even if he unwittingly incurred a bit of reverse psychology on her.

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Feb 03, 2014 at 09:44PM EST

OOC: The secret coin flips are done and now it’s time to show everyone the results. Also Booker, it’s Jamie that has the skull, not Meredith.

“We have decided on our agreement for your deal sorcerer” I heard the radio say as I pick up some things that Jack somehow left behind when he made his run towards the empty room “It’s about time you guys made up your mind, so what is it then? Live sacrifices towards you, trading away something irreplaceable to you, or just do something degrading for you?” I said to them, knowing from past experiences that these deals always have a heavy price for the humans that make them.

“We have agreed to spare your life and those of your companions, if only in exchange for the lives of every other living thing in this location that isn’t with you.” Said the radio/idols, I can see from the looks on everyone’s faces that some of them don’t like what these idols are demanding, unfortunately we really don’t have time to discuss other terms for our deal. “Fine, we will agree to that demand. Now tell us what happened to our medium!”

For the next few minutes all that we got from the radio is muttering mixed with static as the idols yet again talked with each other. The strange thing is that three voices from the radio sounded much more clearer and louder than the others, then the muttering and shouting stopped as they began to talk again. "It would seem that three of our own have joined allegiance to the Queen in Black and have taken your medium companion towards a “cage” as it were so the queen’s pawns can retrieve her." Hearing that bit of good news I said "She still alive! Where is this “cage” that they put her in?"

This time three voices came out, one sound like a man with a sore throat, the other sounded like a woman nearing the point of breaking down and crying, and the other sounded almost like an insect trying to imitate a human voice. “Currently she’s in where the workers here call the forgotten room. However we recommend that you don’t try finding her cause in there lies the Queen’s domain.”

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Feb 03, 2014 at 11:26PM EST

OOC: I will be playing the role of Dick for this part since he told me to take control of his character until he returns.

I stay hiding under the table trying to ignore the noises caused by the reanimated organs and trapped animals in the jars above me. The noises keep on going for what felt like hours until they stopped suddenly, I still stayed where I am, too afraid of finding out why the animals and organs stopped. I finally mustered enough courage to finally get up from underneath the table and realize that the part of the room where I’m in is strangely darker than most parts of the room and that this section is infested with creepy dolls and puppets as far as the eyes can see. I see a rocking chair turn away from me moving in what I think is on it’s own, but that illusion is shattered when I hear a child-like laughter coming from the chair.

As I ask who’s sitting there the chair turns, revealing a porcelain doll in the shape of a girl wearing a Victorian era dress. The chair starts rocking faster as it along with the doll start moving towards me and I ran as fast as I could, only to have puppet strings tie around me like the webs of a spider. As I struggle to break free, I swear I can hear both all dolls and puppets laugh at me as I do.

Feb 04, 2014 at 02:05AM EST

@Meredith: “I don’t hear or see shit due to this blackout” said the man as he digs through his pockets, he search pays off when he pulls out a small orange flashlight to which he turns on. As the light shone on the darken stairs you see but not your friend Tenebraes in the form of beetles and scorpions, there are even a few that are in a more humanoid shape clinging to the walls. “Come on lets go.” Said the man, as he continues up the stairs completely unaware of the beings that call the dark their home.

Feb 04, 2014 at 02:24AM EST

Jamie turned to look at the radio. “Wait.. they have Meredith?” She didn’t know about Meredith’s absence until now. She turned to look at Booker. “Listen, I really don’t want to explain-”She looked down at Endire, then back at Booker. “-THIS right now.” She sighed, and waited for further directions from Crow.

Feb 04, 2014 at 10:25PM EST


Kasumi opens her eyes… feeling incredibly groggy and kinda sticky from bleeding all over herself. “…Uhhhg… what the…?”

The walls around her are covered in red glowing runes and letters. Forming an insanely complex sealing spell. The door won’t budge and Kasumi is nowhere near strong enough to try and go busting though a wall. No way around it, she is trapped.

This place does however contain a few things… inside a dresser she finds a First Aid Kit, which she uses to treat her lump and other bumps. The remainder of that is deposited haphazardly into her purse… This dresser also appears to contain some clothes, but she most definitely isn’t in the dress up mood right now.

“He-… Hello?”

No response makes the red letters seem more imposing…

“… well okay then.”

She starts pacing the room, reading what she can but not making any sense of it’s meaning…

“… so just wait for somebody to come by to kill me or turn me into a puppet, eh…”

she slumps down on the chair… letting out her breath… then leans fowards holding her face with both hands… she can’t seem to cry, and realizes she had probably been doing it while she was knocked cold


“Hold up… the room isn’t blank so…”

She looks behind her… she could have the tactical advantage here. Just hide and wait for the guard to come in here to rape me like they do in a Hentai Doujinshi, and use the pepperspray to escape again… it should have a few more sprays left, right? Maybe…?

She awkwardly hides herself behind the chair… immediately getting leg cramps and casually show off her panties to the wall. This gets unbearable uncomfortable after 3 minutes and she goes back to sit in the chair again…

“Damn spy movies… they always make that look so easy…”

The red letters remain undisturbed… taunting her in her misery. And to make it worse, her stomach finally growls.


She cries for a few minutes. Then goes to pee in a travel coffee mug she keeps with her. Then proceeds to pace for several more minutes and finally collapses back on the chair again.

“I am seriously going to go insane in here… is this it? Am I in some sort of eternity spell where the world outside of here is whirling past at breakneck speeds while I am sealed away? Or is it the other way around, where I will simpily starve to death and rot away even before the second is up? Oh god my mom won’t ever know what even happened to me!!”


Hands on head again, trying to squeeze out her agitation. She eyes that dress in the closet again, but then eyes the door again. Then the Walls… it’s hard to look at the walls without imagining little demons laughing in her head.

“… yup. It’s official. I have been left to rot in here!”

a massive defeated sigh exits her lips as she sprawls upon the chair…

Feb 05, 2014 at 02:30AM EST

“Yeah we already know that bit about the forgotten room, we also know that somewhere in there is also our ticket out of here.” I said, walking to where I dropped the sword. As I go down to pick it up from the floor the idols say something that almost made me drop it again. “What if we told you that there’s another way to escape from the hotel?” They said, shaking off my shock I replied “Really there’s another way out?”

The idols/radio speak again “Yes, the basement we have heard also contains a secret tunnel that was built to escape from the hotel in case of either of an emergency or personnel need to leave discreetly.” * I stand there doing nothing but think over everything they said.*

“There’s nothing for you guys in lying to us about the basement so for now I’m gonna say you’re possibly telling the truth. Too bad for me I have no intentions of leaving quite yet.” I then turn to look at what’s left of the group “If you guys want to try the basement then go but I’m staying here, the Queen captured someone and is still keeping them alive, then that can only mean one thing and one thing only!” I never finish my sentence instead I made my way toward where I think the exit to the room is. I then stopped for a moment when I realize several things, to which I turn to Jamie.

“I almost forgot. Tell me Jamie, why on earth did you decide to not only touch something in the room without asking me first but to actually bring it along with you? And why of all things in this room you decided to take that annoying skull of all others?” I said, trying my best not to sound furious and even try to fake a smile. Unfortunately smiles don’t work when they’re both faked and when your wearing a mask and as far as not sounding threatening goes I failed even that too.*

Feb 05, 2014 at 11:31PM EST

OOC: If feel as though I have to shake things up in this thread. So take what’s about to happen in this comment as signs that we’re reaching towards the end.

@Kasumi: You still sit on the chair thinking about your oncoming mortality when a woman’s voice breaks through the silence. “My I never thought that this one would turn out to be the one I need.” You get up from the chair and turn to see where the voice came from, only to come face to face with the Queen in Black, and now her form is completely different from the last time you saw her.

The black dress has now been replaced with a more queen-like attire while still being black. But the outfit is worn, torn, wet, and if you look close enough you can see the outlines of stains on it. Her skin is ashen gray with the texture stuck between being actual human skin and that of porcelain, with her limbs being similar to a marionette. Both her arms have long stitches that run from her wrists to her elbow, the left one has it’s stitching torn open letting out black strings and a strange foul smelling black substance loose, the skin of her finger tips and toes were so shriveled back they made her already long, chipped yellowed nails look longer.

The veil that covered her face is now just a tiny piece of cloth of it’s former self, instead her now long black hair covered her face but you can still see her red lips, which were chipped and scarred. You blinked, thinking that what you were seeing was an illusion but when you opened your eyes you find that the queen is now mere inches away from your face and you can feel her hands caressing your cheeks. The hair that covered her eyes had a few gaps that allowed you to look through and see them. The right eye was made of glass and show no hint of life or even a soul behind it, even though you could sense that something was behind it, something ancient, alien, and malevolent. The left was an empty, dark, hollow void like a black hole from above, but from that darkness you swear you saw the outlines of something moving in it.

OOC: Play this song for extra effect.

Feb 08, 2014 at 05:00PM EST

Jamie turned to Crow, then sighed. “Again, I really don’t feel like explaining, sorry, well, I mean..” She stumbled with her words, then set Endire down on the table. “..Let’s just say, this skull probably knows a lot that could help some of us, I guess..”

Feb 08, 2014 at 10:36PM EST

Trying her best to ignore the Tenebraes, she follows the man up the stairs. Though she does wonder how someone is unable to hear when the lights go out.

Feb 09, 2014 at 12:41PM EST

@Meredith: The two of you make your way up the stair with surprisingly no trouble caused by the Tenebraes. Eventually the man stops and opens one of the doors, as you step out you find that a sign that said that the floor your now in is the fourth. You find the man taking off what seems to be a broken hearing aid, the aid itself looks pretty old and it has small claw marks on it. “Just my luck, my hearing aid is busted.” The man then drops the broken hearing aid as he moves to one of the bedrooms.

Feb 09, 2014 at 03:12PM EST

Booker looked at Jamie. “If you don’t want to explain it, you don’t have to. I’ve seen weirder things tonight than a chatterbox without a body.” He then looked back at Crow. "Something told me that that book could be of use, and given how obnoxiously large it is, there has to be something in there that could help us all out. By “something told me” I mean something internally. I’m not hearing any weird voices or anything. In any case, I’m staying, because I want some goddamned answers."

Feb 09, 2014 at 04:01PM EST

“Nice to know that at least one person is willing to stay with me to the end.” I said to Booker, feeling a bit glad that I don’t have to finish this all by myself. I then look to the others “So what about you guys? Any of ya want to stay and possibly get some answers to why this had to happen or are you gonna listen to the idols and try out the basement?” I then turn my gaze to Jamie and Endire. “Fine you can keep the skull just make sure he doesn’t talk to much.”

Before I can say anything else we all hear Dick screaming from across the room. “Well that answers where the crazy guy is, now I need to know Meredith is and we can move on from the this room. Dio, you and Red team up and get our insane teammate over here.” I then turn to Booker, or should I say to the giant tome that he’s carrying. “Just put the book down on some random table and we’ll try to get something out of this book, but if this book is what I think it is then we might have a severe problem with it, other than going insane by it’s content.”

Feb 11, 2014 at 11:40AM EST

@The Witch:

Kasumi freezes in fear….


She jolts up to her feet, trying to take a powerful stance against her.

“Oh dear god… I am going to get my soul eaten or possessed!”

and as soon as she blinks and has the witch on her face she gives off a yelp and falls backwards. Triping over the coffee table and somehow knocks the chair over. Now back against the wall she looks back up at the witch

“Y-you a-are…!”

[Eye check, 15 flips vs 13 needed successes]

(This is going to be a long shot… T, H, H, H, H, T, H, T, …)

[And fail.]

Kasumi’s vision goes out completely for a few seconds, and she cries out as she tries to stand up and get away, but the blindness has given the witch all the time in the world she needed to catch her again…

Kasumi stares back in fear

“Pepper Spray… no… that didn’t work before… one of the chair legs…? Oh hell who am I kidding… I have nothing left…”

She’s tearing up…

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Feb 11, 2014 at 08:26PM EST

OOC: Back to Dick’s point of view and Kebab I wouldn’t mind if you come back now or else I have to kill him.

I try breaking free from the strings but the more I struggle the harder the restraints on me become, already I can feel the strings cutting into my body as small streams of blood flow out of the fresh cuts throughout my body. The accursed doll that has led to my current fate now stands before me, still sitting in it’s chair. Then the impossible happened, the doll started to float off of it’s chair laughing in the face of physics as it’s face starts coming closer to mine. I began to try breaking myself free again, not caring if I bleed myself to death, in my struggle I could have sworn the hell doll said something about my eyes but I didn’t hear, and now I wish I could. For in that moment an intense pain shot throughout my body as I scream in agony. I notice that from my left side I can’t see anything and I really don’t need to think hard about why, for I can see the doll holding my now removed eye, making it stare back at me.

Feb 13, 2014 at 05:14PM EST

Booker whops the massive tome on the nearest counter to where the action is, but does it in a way that is least likely to attract unwanted attention. The “go insane” aspect of the book was making him morbidly curious, but he’d prefer not to look into it alone – especially considering that the last paranormal thing he consumed turned him into a bit of a nervous wreck.

OOC: I think that it might be a good idea to keep Dick as an NPC or something if he doesn’t want to play anymore – at least for a while.

Feb 14, 2014 at 02:14PM EST

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