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The Angel Game (Supernatural Horror RPG)

Last posted Jul 17, 2014 at 08:34PM EDT. Added Nov 28, 2013 at 12:20AM EST
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Kasumi looks over the counter, wondering where the receptionist went…

“… umm…”

She looks at the desk bell… wondering if she should ring that or not. Or if the receptionist is still closely and it would just be annoying… what if this person was busy with something else and she would just be a nuisance by ringing that, annoying everyone in the god damn room. She bites her lower lip, wide eyed, hand shaking as she reaches out for the bell, and…

Accidentally rings it far too soft. She gives an annoyed sigh at her own hesitation, and rings it again.

“Hello? I have a room reserved.”

Dec 02, 2013 at 02:27PM EST

Meredith gives a soft smile back to Annabel, not wanting to pry into who took the room she was supposed to have in the first place. She’s sure that there were reasons behind the change and she dismisses any ramblings in her head about wanting to pry. It’s rude to pry she keeps reminding herself.
“Ah, okay, perhaps I’ll see you at the concert in a few days. Have a nice day, ma’am.”
She decides to head up to her room, humming all the way. She thinks that the place has a weird vibe around it, but dismisses it. She then flops onto the bed in her room and starts going over the music for the concert by checking out the sheet music she had brought with her.
“Maybe I’ll head down to the pool later, or maybe the casino. One of those two, if I can’t decide soon, I’ll just flip a coin.”
She generally solves issues like this with a coin flip from her lucky coin. It has been the cause and solution to many of her problems. Mostly the solution, though. She thanks her absurd amount of good luck for that.

Dec 02, 2013 at 05:48PM EST

OOC: Ok I’m back
@ Kasumi: “Oh sorry Ms. Yamamoto I was busy with some of the other guests” Annabel then hands Kasumi the key card to her room “Your room is 714, other then it’s close to that “room” there’s no other problem with it."

@ Jack Klaustoffler: “Oh Mr. Klaustoffler your in just in time, room 777 is ready for you” She gave Jack the key card to his room “I believe it’s been almost a month since a guest asked for that room.”

@ Dennis Miller: " Oh Mr.Miller it seems someone drew graffiti all over room 324 but other than that it’s ready for you" Dennis is then given the key card to his room “Don’t worry the cleaning lady will take care of it some time on the afternoon.”
OOC: I’ll post what my character is doing later but before I take my temporary leave, here are the rooms for all the other characters.Dick’s room is 745, Red’s room 545, and Dio’s room is 669

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Dec 02, 2013 at 06:17PM EST

OOC: Quick question, by “Roll” do you mean roll a D20? Because if that’s the case, you may as well kill Red without any roll, because D20’s hate me. I once got a natural 1 three times in a row during a Pathfinder session. It would’ve been more, probably, but the third roll was my saving throw for a “Inflict serious wounds” spell… But, that’s a story for another day.

EDIT: Ninja’d, assume this happened before Crow’s post.

A slim built sliver-blond young adult in a red polo shirt and bluejeans arrives in the Summer Winds’ lobby. He looks to be very young, maybe even a highscool senior. He’s well kept and clean shaven, almost as if he’s just left a movie set. Any attempt at conversation would be useless, as he’s currently filming himself, backpedaling into the lobby
…and that’s pretty much all I can say about the next few weeks’ videos. If you’re one of my subscribers and you live in the greater New Orleans area, hit me up on my GMail included in the video description, and maybe you’ll appear in one of my next videos. In the meant-EAAAUGH!
Red yells the last part as he trips and falls square on his back. When he recovers from having the air knocked out of him, he gets up and brushes himself of, starting to get red in the cheeks. Tch… I hope nobody saw that… Oh, damn, I’m still recording… In the meantime, this is RedMage42, signing out!
The man walks up the the counter, almost oblivious to the world around him, until he drifts down to earth long enough to notice Kasumi.
What’s with the receptionist? She take a lunch break or something?

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Dec 02, 2013 at 06:29PM EST

Ben packs some swimming shorts and a towel into a sports bag before slinging it over his shoulder and leaving his room, he decides to set off for the casino first…

As he makes his way their he takes the time to look at the Gothic decor style whilst trying to overcome the overall bad vibes of the hotel….

After a minute or two he arrives at the Casino room…

Dec 02, 2013 at 09:18PM EST

OOC: @ Sir Crona: No there’s no dice rolling here.

I get off the elevator and begin to walk around the fourth floor looking for room 404, I continue to look for room 404 for about 2 minutes until I finally found it. “Ah room 404, the crime scene room. Now then let’s see what you have to show.” I inserted the card in and the door automatically opened. Inside the room the bed looked messy and on top of the sheets lay the victims clothes and glasses. Surrounded and covered by dust and ashes.

“Yep just like the legend states the spirits of the game leave behind dust and ashes as they’re calling card.” Right as I say those words the room becomes unnaturally cold “So the criminals return to the scene of the crime. Let me guess, you guys don’t like the fact that I’m here now right?” I see the sheets being pulled on there own. Revealing that beneath the sheets was a brown envelope and a video tape. Ok? See the fact that your actually helping me I take that you have nothing to do with the angel game." “And why can’t I shake off this feeling that these two items weren’t here before.

I take both items and hide them in my trenchcoat “I guess there’s nothing else for me to work with here.” * I then leave the room.* As I do however, I notice that one of the staff members was waiting for me right at the front door “Tell management that I want everything that the victim left behind and that who ever has this room next can have it once my first demand is done.” The staff nods his heads and I give him the card key to the room “Right, I think I’m going to the library right now.” * I then walk back to the elevator so I can go to my next destination, the library.*

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Dec 02, 2013 at 09:57PM EST

“Thanks a lot, Annabel. Say, when you get off work… well, you know where my room is.” Jack winked and headed towards his room. “Room 777? How portentous can you get?” He admired the gothic decor of the hotel until he reached 777. Upon entering his room, he threw his small duffel bag on the bed. “Now to see what this joint has to offer.” He headed down to the casino.

Dec 02, 2013 at 11:38PM EST

Laika wrote:

Ben packs some swimming shorts and a towel into a sports bag before slinging it over his shoulder and leaving his room, he decides to set off for the casino first…

As he makes his way their he takes the time to look at the Gothic decor style whilst trying to overcome the overall bad vibes of the hotel….

After a minute or two he arrives at the Casino room…

OOC: I believe now is the right time for my to go DM mode and describe the Casino Room.

The Casino room has all of they’re gaming machines on the right hand side (including a few Pachinkos that were imported from Japan), in the center is were both card based and roulette games are held, and toward the left is were all the other casino related games are.

On both the top left and right of the room are a pair of stairs that take you to the upper sections of the room which has a bar there for all legal age guests (In truth as long as your 16 or above then the staff won’t care about your legal age for drinking). There’s also a small stage in the top section of the room in which singers and comedians use.

The predominant colors of the room are black and red. Most of the staff members who work in the Casino room were former employees of actual casinos. While the ones who acts as guards in the room were former bodyguards and military personnel. Always ready and waiting, these staff members deal with idiotic guests who cause too much trouble in the Casino room

Dec 03, 2013 at 12:06AM EST

OOC: I’m going back to DM (or should it be TM/Thread Master) mode so I can do this.

@ Meredith: As Meredith is going over her sheets the room’s temperature gradually starts to drop down entail it reach the point that she can sees her breath. Also the window covers are also moving as if the wind was blowing on them. If she goes to the window too see if that is the cause then she’ll find that the window is closed shut and that there is no breeze coming through (alternatively she could check the thermostat but it will show that the room is room temperature).

@Jamie: As Jamie is watching T.V. the screen all of the sudden goes in to static making an ear piercing noise. This lasts for about 10 minutes before it cuts to black. The screen turn back on to show some kind of basement with the camera walking around looking at some of the stuff. It then cuts to Meredith laying on her bed singing but you hear no sound. See that there a white mist at the ceiling and if you look at it close enough see can see human faces in it.

Then the screen jumps to Red in some place that looks abandoned. You can see that the poor kid is scare, and then out of nowhere he’s picked and thrown to the ceiling by something invisible, as he falls down to the floor he wasn’t given a chance to get up before he was thrown to the wall. This kept happen for about few seconds entail he was thrown to a beat up old mattress. The final scene with him ends with him screaming as whoever is behind the camera charges at him. Again there was no sound.

It then shows Booker in the library reading a strange. It’s dark in there and the only light that he has is from a lantern, the look on his face is man consume by absolute madness, he then starts laughing maniacally and for a few instance you can see whats on the book. The words are impossible to read and when you try the only made you eyes watered in pain and made you feel dizzy. Along with the word were depictions of grotesque creatures and abominations that you know will now haunt your darkest nightmare. Like before there is no sound.

It keeps doing this with all the other guests. Like showing Kasumi curled in a bathtub crying, Dio hanging by the ceiling with a noose tied around his neck, and Crow, stuck in a place that to you can only be must decided as hell. It then show all the guests again, only this time the only thing left is their clothes, Covered and Surrounded by dust and ashes. Still there is no sound.

For it’s final shot it shows you in your room, with the walls covered in a black oozing liquid. You see that on the wall the words “No More” are written and then, right before the screen turns to static you thought that you seen other people in the room, emotionless and lifeless, all of them starring at you.

OOC: No none of you guys are dead… Yet. I just need to do scaring other wise it’s not a horror thread.

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Dec 03, 2013 at 01:31AM EST

“Um… ‘that room’? Is it being renovated or something? There won’t be too much noise I hope.”

Kasumi takes her keys, turning her body towards the elevator as she keeps her eyes on the receptionist for the reply.

(Full Quoted Sentences Italicized indicates In thought)

“Too much stress and noise, the phantoms start showing up again… no no no, you are on vacation to calm down, not dwell. Stop thinking about those!”

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Dec 03, 2013 at 01:55AM EST

OOC: Shit I accidentally put an extra "r " on staring can a mod fix that for me?

@ Kasumi: As Kasumi goes to the elevator it’s doors automatically opens to her before she even had a chance to press the elevator button. When she steps inside she see that the lower half of the walls is plated with gold while the other half has polished mirrors. Also there is an old man wearing and old century elevator operator uniform. “which floor do you want to go to madam.” said the old man.

Dec 03, 2013 at 02:53AM EST

“Oh, it seems… Seventh Floor.”

She can only assume. Hundreds digit is usually the floor number.

She looks up/at at the old man (she’s 5ft 2in/1.580m, so short like most Asians)


She freezes up.

“Dammit Mouth, stop Blabbing like that.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Anxiety kicking in, she takes a deep breath.

“Um, sir, do you have the time? Also, do you know when the restaurant closes?”

Legitimate question. Despite room service being her usual thing, those photos online got her curious enough to set those plans into concrete.

Dec 03, 2013 at 03:57AM EST

“I think until midnight but this old noggin of mines has always had trouble on remembering things.” The elevator stops, having reach the seventh floor. “This is your stop madam and before you leave can you please due me a favor.” Said the old man looking at Kasumi with a sad look on his face “When… They, begin their sick “game” please for this old man try to remember that not everyone in Summer Winds is like them, and that they themselves have no choice but to do what they are about to do." And with those ominous words the old elevator operator gently push Kasumi off the elevator. Before Kasumi can have a chance to reply to the old man about his comment she see that both him, along with the gold plating and mirrors are gone. Vanished into thin air.*

Dec 03, 2013 at 04:41AM EST

From that point, Kasumi has a bit of a blank in her memory. Regaining focus at the foot of her hotel bed about ready to pull her hair out. She makes the educated guess that she had a panic attack and doesn’t remember her trip to her room. Understandably, she had already locked the door.

“O-oh god… h-he… a-a…”

She stops… and lets go of her hair…


She flops face first on the bed, screaming her lungs out into it completely muffled before standing back up.

“Okay… Th…”

She takes a deep breath… pulling things out of her suitcase and brushing her hair back into shape.

She’s scarring herself with her own breathing at this point, she goes to take her meds. Afterwards, she flops back down…

“… really now… go on vacation to a place where I instantly get insanely stronger visions…? Just my luck…”

Looking back at her bag, she decides maybe to head down to dinner. And take that camera with her…

“Really… just a trick of the light perhaps? Maybe? Even then, it’s not like ghosts barge into private places or anything…”

She forces herself back to her feet, kicking her clothes off and going to the bathroom, and coming back out to change into this but without the hat:


She grabs her purse, makes certain her money is still in there, and also sticks her room key in there as well. And heads back out… very much intending to take the stairs back down.

But as soon as she looks down that loooooooooooooong flight of stairs she gives up and takes the elevator back to the ground floor anyways.

Dec 03, 2013 at 05:34AM EST

@ Ben: As Ben was about to enter the Casino Room, the doors flung open as some of the staff toss out a badly beaten and barely conscious man. You then see a woman walking towards the scene. You see that she wears the same uniform as all the other staff members do, but she also wears black leather gloves, a pair of sunglasses, and that her face is adorned with scars. She then tosses several glass syringes at the guy, most of which break when they landed on the ground. “If we ever catch you selling in here again then I’ll personally make sure that your worthless soul becomes a new addition to the hotel.” She then turns to you and you can feel, that behind her shades that she’s giving you the most venomous stare that is humanly possible. “There’s nothing to see here, so just go inside and let us deal with this idiot alone.”

OOC: Say hello to Asami, head security of Summer Winds. I’m going to leave for a while I’ll catch you guys later.

Dec 03, 2013 at 07:46AM EST

Jamie screamed, running out of the room, then locking the door behind her.WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!” She yelled, her back against the door. “O-okay.. Calm down, Jamie… calm down…” Mumbling to herself, she went to go find someone in authority, hoping they knew what to do.

Dec 03, 2013 at 10:51AM EST

When the guy is thrown out of the casino Ben can’t help but laugh at his misfortune, when Asami being throwing syringes the laughing escalates, fortunately though Ben manages to keep it mostly internal
Brilliant, what sorta fudge-packer deals in a casino, man…
When her gaze turns to him though he freezes up in fear…
He briskly makes his way past and into the casino, when his eyes are met with all the game machines he almost instantly forgets about what he had just witnessed and is instead lost in a trance….he quickly grabs a stool and drags it over to one of the machines, dropping his swimming bag down by his side he hops up on the seat and begins slotting
Lets make some wonga

Dec 03, 2013 at 10:59AM EST

OOC: And I’m back. also I realize that I made a mistake on my last post as my character when I forgot that the library is in the fourth floor. Meaning that I have no reason to go to the elevator what so ever. I guess I wasn’t as awake as I first thought when I made that post. Oh well, live and learn.

BIC: I finally made my way to the Library after I was told that it was in the fourth floor by a staff member.I guess I don’t remember the layout of this place as much as I did when I read that pamphlet.I then take a good look at the library. The book shelves are incredibly tall and painted black.

The shelves have golden signs on them that tells on what categories each of the books belong to. As I keep on walking I reach to where the computers are. “Hmm there’s no one else here?” I then pull a random seat and sat down “Not to surprisingly, when competing against a pool, a casino and an arcade this place didn’t stand a chance.”

I then pull out the brown envelope from my trenchcoat. “Let’s see what sort of dark secrets your hiding now.” I then open it.

OOC: Yep I was having a hard time to write this post. A sure sign that I should log off and get some sleep, so see around guys.

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Dec 03, 2013 at 01:47PM EST

after going in the room “HEY YOU SHOULD GAMBLE EVERYTHING” eacj no lets stay here replied jace while tinkering with the tv lets try it now tv statics uhhhhhhhhhhhhh grunted jace
NOW WANT TO GAMBLE” asked eacj

Dec 03, 2013 at 03:32PM EST

OOC: Ninja TM is a ninja…
Red completes his transaction with the hostess. His credit card’s high limit has no trouble prepaying for 2 weeks for his room. He heads up the stairs to his room, and has his laptop set to render his newest video upon arrival, when he realizes that he forgot to ask for the Wifi password. He dials 0 on the room’s phone to ask room service for it.

Dec 03, 2013 at 04:50PM EST

As she was practicing some of the songs in the repertoire, she feels a sudden chill. She even begins to see her own breath. Picking logic for her first choice she went to the window to see if it was open or if there’s a draft. Her eyes widen a bit seeing that there isn’t.
“Oh, ohhhhhhh no. I mean, I’d heard the rumors that this place had some weird stuff going on in it… but this?”
She shakes her head as she promptly leaves her room. Her face is as white as snow. She takes a few moments to breathe and even slaps herself a couple of times to calm herself down.
“Maybe you’re just seeing things… Yeah… Perhaps it’s the lack of sleep from all that traveling…”
Her minds keeps trying to calm herself down, she then pulls out a coin form her pocket. It’s not an American coin, but rather an Israeli 10 new shekel. Where she got this, she can’t even remember, but she keeps it as her “official flipping coin”.
“Alright, heads for the pool, tails for the casino. Either way, ask about that weird and spooky chill.”
She flips the coin, and it lands…

“Tails, well, I guess I should grab my purse. I don’t plan to gamble, but it might be fun to watch others…”
She goes back into her room to simply grab her purse, and quickly gets back out. She then proceeds to head on down to the first floor and walks towards the front desk, deciding to ask about the chill first.
“Um, excuse me, I have a quick question…”
She pauses for a second
“Y’see, it’s about my room. It’s just that, all of a sudden it became so cold that I could see my breath, and when I checked to see if the window was open or something like that, it wasn’t. I figured that you might have some sort of idea as to why that is…”

Dec 03, 2013 at 07:10PM EST

As Kintobor visits the observatory, he ponders what’s happened so far at the hotel.

I wonder just what sort of “accident” occurred to delay my checking in…

He looks over the observatory and continues to think to himself.

At least this place has something science-related, though I wonder why such an old hotel has an observatory?

Dec 03, 2013 at 07:57PM EST

Elevator opens, and Kasumi is back in the entrance hall. Restaurant is probably on the first floor… she thinks.

“Um… was it… this way?”

She heads off in the complete opposite direction. Still dazed from her little encounter earlier.

Dec 04, 2013 at 02:05AM EST

OOC: I’m back to do some DM or TM stuff.

@ Red: The phone continues to ring for about a minute until it stops and your hear what sound like the voices of children behind the phone. Most of them are asking questions like “Where there mommies?”, “Why are all the toyed in the room broken?”, “And why won’t the mean lady let them go home?”. Then all of them start crying.

@ Meredith: Before she can even get an answer the lobby starts to become as cold as your bedroom was.

@ Kasumi: By going into the opposite direction, Kasumi reaches the hotels indoor pool. the door is wide open and you can hear splashing in the room, but for some reason the lights are off.

@ Kintobor: You use the telescope in the observatory to see the star. Luckily it’s a clear night and you can see the stars perfectly. As you see all the constellations on the night sky you begin to see that the stars are moving! making the constellations on the sky move about has they were alive. Then the constellations stop and began to warp and change before you’re very eyes into shapes that are indescribable, showing you things that no sane human being should ever see. You turn away from the telescope in fear that if continue to see what they’re doing that you’ll will go insane. But what you don’t know is that by seeing what you saw your mind as ready been damaged. And it’s only a matter of time before you go complete insane.

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Dec 04, 2013 at 05:54AM EST

OOC: Part 2 of my previous post.

@ Jamie: You wander around looking for someone who you think can help you. You then see a staff member just standing there with his back turn, staring at nothing. Relieved that you found someone who can help you, you go towards him. But as you move closer to him, he turns around and much to you shock and horror his has no face!

@ Jace: the static on the T.V. is then replaced by an image of Summer Winds, in a dark and barren dessert, where dust has replace the sand and black ashes fall from the sky. It then cuts to inside the hotel at the lobby where it shows marionettes of all the other guests and staff lying on the floor.

You then see the strings of all the marionettes being pulled as they get up by an unseen puppeteer. From then on you see them imitate everything that the person based on them do. From what room do they go to, to whom the sleep, even to what they eat of drink. But then static returns, and within it you can make out people faces. All of the screaming in fear and pain.

You turn away from the tv when hear something fall by the foot of your bed. You check it out and find a marionette version off yourself there. It has a note the said “in the place lost to both man and time, you will find safety and salvation. But be warn that to reach you must cross the heart of darkness.”

@ Ben: As Ben starts the machine he gets lucky right away and wins the game. But for some reason no money comes out? Felling upset you go to the next one, and like before it happen again, You win but still there’s no money. You try it with all the other slot machines and they all give you the same results. Frustrated you leave the machines to go find some to complain about the broken machine, but as you do all of the slot machine start purring out dust and ashes all over the place.

OOC: @Kebab: Dude you haven’t done anything with your character since this game began. If you don’t do something then I’ll have to kill him. This also goes towards all of you. Characters who are inactive for too long will be killed.

Dec 04, 2013 at 06:51AM EST

Alright, here goes nothing.
As the mysterious man enters the hotel and does what he’s supposed to do.
Room 745, eh?
Dick said to himself, while entering the elevator.
He reaches the 7th floor and enters his room.
Should i insult the ghosts or let them be? he thought to himself.
OOC:Text in italiatics are thoughts.
OOC EDIT:how do i linebreak?

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Dec 04, 2013 at 07:14AM EST

OOC: Ok after this post I’ll be gone for a bit because I have to go somewhere. EDIT: It turns out that I’m not going anywhere. My bad for mentioning that.

Inside the envelope were a couple of photos The first shown a scrawny balding man with a look of utter defeat on his face “So you must be Winston Payne. Man, you look as pathetic as your name suggest.” I shuffle to the next photo. This time it shows what is probably the basement. In the center there’s a magic with about nine pentagrams made of chalk and coal in the circle. Each one was almost weaved together, with seven candles outside and around the circle. On the north point of the circle lies a crudely made triangle with four names that are heard to read because of the bad spelling and grammar. “Bloody hell this is a summoning ritual, and the fucking idiot messed it all up!” “Which means that what ever terrible fate that befell upon him was his own doing.

Shuffle to the next and it was the same as the previous one, only this time it shows several broken bones, a silver cup, a wand, and… a cardboard crown from burger king? All on top of a poorly made alter.…Please don’t tell that those objects were used for what I what I think they were used for.I shuffle to the next one, and this time It show the alter on a top-down angle. Showing that in the cup was a note drenched in mercury, in fact some of the bones also have mercury on them. “Ok so not only did he do a failed summoning ritual, but also a failed binding ritual along with it!” “AND WITH A FUCKING BURGER KING CROWN NO LESS!” I got off my seat and walked towards a random book shelf, were I proceeded to bash my head against the wall.

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Dec 04, 2013 at 11:39AM EST

@ Jack: You reach to the Casino room, but as you try to go in you realize that for some reason the doors are locked. You try banging at the door, hoping that someone will hear you but the noise inside drowns out all your words.

@ Dick: You hear a knock at your door and you go to see who’s behind it. As you open the door you find that no one is there. You see that at the end of the hall there’s a black iron door with baroque designs, sealed shut with locks and chains. As you let curiosity guide you towards the mysterious door, you never realize that a black key with a amethyst engraved on it.

OOC: @ Dennis, Booker, and Dio: Um, where are you guys? Cause right now I can’t do anything relating to you three.

Dec 04, 2013 at 12:00PM EST

“There’s sure a lot of racket in there, but the doors are locked…. I wonder…” Jack took a penny from his pocket and flipped it, letting it drop on the floor. The coin landed balanced on it’s edge. Then he took a small compass from another pocket, and the needle kept switching between the four cardinal directions. “The rumors were true! This joint’s full of magic and mischief!” Jack grinned and took a couple of thick wires from his coat and picked the casino door’s lock, opened the door a crack, and peeked in.

Dec 04, 2013 at 04:00PM EST

Dio finally comes out of his room, with short hair.
Dio: Wanted to do that for a while.
His voice sounds vaguely British. He goes walking down the hall to the front lobby.

Dec 04, 2013 at 04:20PM EST

@ Jake: Inside you see Ben freaking out as dust and ash spill out of the slot machines. You then see six shadowy masses flying around the slot machines, your the only one who can see them. You then see a pale woman wearing a black and red victorian dress with a funeral veil covering her face. The way she moves her hand seems to suggest that she controlling the dark beings and just like them only you can see her.

@ Dio: You reach the lobby and meet up with Meredith, and just like her you to feel the mysterious cold air surrounding the lobby. Have ever, you then feel the temperature drop even lower. Low enough that a water bottle that a guest left behind is gradually starting to freeze up.

Dec 04, 2013 at 04:40PM EST

Red mutters “Fuck this” and uses a password cracker to guess the Wifi password. While his video is uploading, he goes down to the casino to play some poker.

Red has:
  • His wallet in his left pocket(With 50$ cash and quite a few credit cards. Not the best thing to be taking around New Orleans, but screw safety he’s rich.
  • His magic: the gathering deck in his jacket pocket (black/blue Dimir, aka the “fuck you” deck.)
  • a penknife in his left pocket
  • A jailbroken smartphone with a surprisingly high resolution video camera, and an extra SD card all in his right pocket.
  • A bobby pin in his right pokcet
Dec 04, 2013 at 04:49PM EST

Jamie stepped away quickly from the man. “…god..” She murmured, turning around and walking--which turned into running like heck. “OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!!” She eventually made her way to the casino, then she looked around, seeing if anyone--or anything--followed her.“That…that was TOO close..”

Dec 04, 2013 at 05:10PM EST

@ Red: Once you leave your room you never realize that you got an email. For the most part, it’s probably for the best that you didn’t look at what it has. As you reach down to the lobby your are struck by the sudden bone chilling cold that is suffocating the room. As you quickly leave the lobby to escape from the cold you meet up with Jake at the front door of the casino. He then tells you to take a peak at whats going on in the room to which you do. From your point of view there is no lady in black, nor dark shadows flying around, nor even the slot machines spilling ash and dust. All you see is a man panicking at nothing as one slot machine is spilling out coins that he won, that other greedy guests are picking off the floor (who would then later on get a severe beating from the guards for stealing the winnings from another guest).

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Dec 04, 2013 at 05:12PM EST

Huh, seems pretty legit. Don’t see anythin’ out of the ordinary.
Red walks in and sits down at a poker table. If he can’t find any Texas two-card tables, he’ll settle for plebeian poker 5 card stud.

Dec 04, 2013 at 05:22PM EST

Dennis walks to his room. They weren’t kidding about the spray paint


the room is in complete dissoray. The walls are fucking tagged with… eugh… what is that??? Ew… Okay, lets just say nasty stuff

Dennis: Okay…Okay… Housekeeping will be her soon so lets just go take a trip out to town.

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Dec 04, 2013 at 05:44PM EST

@ Dennis: You leave your messing room and head towards the elevator. Before you can even press the button see what seam to be an old man wearing a very long black coat, having trouble walking has he leans towards his walking stick. You decide to help the old man. As you get close to him however you take a glimpse at his face and much to your shock he has no face.

Dec 04, 2013 at 06:15PM EST

Ben picks up his swimming kit and backs away from the slot machines…
What the fuck man…
When they all start malfunctioning he decides to get away from that part of the room
That’s some freaky-ass ghost dust right there, screw that shit…
He looks around the room with the intention of finding someone to notify about the slot machines

Dec 04, 2013 at 06:29PM EST

Jamie noticed the malfunctioning slot machines, curious of what was happening. “What…?” She looks at the machines from a safe distance, gazing at the ashes and the dust. ’Something’s wrong here..’ She thought, leaving to get to the lobby.
Jamie entered the lobby, suddenly noticing the cold air. “..Why’s it so cold here..?” She asked, confused.

Dec 04, 2013 at 07:36PM EST

After spending quite a few minutes navigating the almost maze-like halls, Booker made it to the library. He had entered his room set up his belongings there (“Just as they should be,” he mentally noted), but for some reason it didn’t feel right to leave the hotel unexplored. He opened the library doors to find numbers of tomes awaiting him – some of which even appeared to have been unread. He decided that he needed to sit down at a table, as he felt a little tired from the drive. He tried to be as quiet as possible – after all, there could be others reading in here.

[OOC: Why didn’t my question about Room 217 get answered? Also, if it’s not clear, I’m heading in Crow’s general direction.]

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She tenses up as the cold seeps into her again. She starts vigorously rubbing her arms in order to try and stay warm. She now knows that this is totally unnatural.
“You know what? Nevermind about my question, I think I might be haunted instead. Unless your hotel is always cold enough to induce potential frostbite. So, I’ll just go now, sorry to waste your time.”
(OOC: Deleted much of this post to try and correspond with Falcon’s post. Sorry.)

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Strangely, Dio doesn’t react to the cold all to much.
Dio: Huh, it’s cold here… I don’t think that’s natural. Here.
He takes off his Leather Jacket and throws it to Meredith. She’ll be at least somewhat warmer.
Dio: I grew up in the north. I don’t get as cold as others.

Dec 04, 2013 at 07:51PM EST

OOC: @Cthulhu: whoops sorry about that it kinda slip out of my mind. But what happen in there is that a previous guest went completely insane and started to kill people that were close by to the hotel. There’s a bit more to the story but that falls into spoiler territory.

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She catches the coat Dio threw at her and puts it on over her clothes. It feels a bit weird, but she’s a bit warmer than before.
“Um, thank you mister…?”
She pauses, implying that he should introduce himself. Regardless, she decides to introduce herself to the nice man who gave her a jacket.
“Anyway, I’m Meredith Burner. Again, thanks for the coat. Do you know why it’s so dang cold here? It just feels… unnatural.”

Dec 04, 2013 at 08:06PM EST


After I’m done bashing my head against the wall I then stagger towards were I left the photos. I pick up my thing and desperately try to keep a tight grip on them as I continue to walk around as if I was intoxicatedNote to self. Be very thankful that the mask is harder than it looks.. and that slamming one’s head against the wall is never a good idea.I then find the desk where Brooker is sitting at and sat next to him, spilling all the things I have on to the table. “Top of the evening a governor.” I said before I dropped my head on the desk, groaning in pain.

Dec 04, 2013 at 08:25PM EST

Kintobor stumbles away from the telescope, completely and utterly awestruck.

Not possible…

He begins mumbling to himself.

I-It can’t be!? No… It’s irrational! It defies science! I must be going insane… there’s no way any of this is real! I-It has to be fake!

He stops at this notion, and he finds relief. He smiles to himself, and strokes his chin as he thinks.

Hm… of course! This could all merely be a hoax! A cheap way to scare guests and make those more gullible than I actually believe these supernatural rumors are true!

The Good Doctor feels himself calming down, and the anxiety that had overtaken him moments before was subsiding. He continues aloud:

Although, I will admit, there must be more to this place than just being old if they’re able to pull off such elaborate tricks. Now I’m even more curious than before…

Kintobor marches out of the observatory, towards the hotel lobby, with a wide grin on his face. He continues thinking to himself:

… especially in finding out how they pulled of that trick.

Despite his own reassurances, Kintobor still feels a trace of fear, but this is largely displaced by his new scientific curiosities, and his resolution to find out what exactly was going on in this hotel is greater than ever.

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Dec 04, 2013 at 08:34PM EST

Jamie decided not to interfere with the other two in front of her, quietly looking around the room(not being able to explore it before, since she was in a hurry when she got here). She held the sides of her hoodie, even though it wasn’t getting any warmer. She wondered if it was safe to head back to her room, even though it would probably lead to her demise..

Dec 04, 2013 at 09:33PM EST

@ Kintobor: As you enter the lobby you also encounter the same bone chilling cold that Meredith and Dio are experiencing. To both you and everyone else in the lobby shock the entrance door starts become covered in ice. Yet the temperature still feels that same as you came in.

@ Ben: As you continue to looking for help you drop your swimming kit and pick up a random bottle of liquor and a lighter that was left behind by someone else. You continue to walk until you see Red. You then start going to where he is, it’s then that the horrifying truth becomes clear. You not controlling your own body, something else is.

@Jamie: As you thought about going back to your room you feel as if something is looking down on you. You look up and much to your surprise, there floating on the ceiling of the lobby is the same white mist that you saw on the T.V. only now it looks more like a fog and the faces in it look less human than before.

@ Booker: As you see Crow down for the count you notice the photo that he has. Letting your curiosity take control of you, you take a few to see what’s on them. The first one show the same scrawny balding man like in the other pictures, this time him lock in his room, crying. You shuffle. the next photo shows him being terrified as gray blurry humanoid like shapes appear around him, you shuffle again. the next one shows him begging to the entities as they get closer, like before you shuffle again. The next one shows only his clothes covered in dust and ashes. You put down the photos as a cold chill goes down your spine.

Dec 04, 2013 at 09:47PM EST

CrowTheMagician wrote:

@ Jack: You reach to the Casino room, but as you try to go in you realize that for some reason the doors are locked. You try banging at the door, hoping that someone will hear you but the noise inside drowns out all your words.

@ Dick: You hear a knock at your door and you go to see who’s behind it. As you open the door you find that no one is there. You see that at the end of the hall there’s a black iron door with baroque designs, sealed shut with locks and chains. As you let curiosity guide you towards the mysterious door, you never realize that a black key with a amethyst engraved on it.

OOC: @ Dennis, Booker, and Dio: Um, where are you guys? Cause right now I can’t do anything relating to you three.

OOC: Whoops I left out the part where it says that the key just appears in Dick’s room. Man I hate it when I realize that I made a mistake and that it is too late to even fix it.

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