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The Angel Game (Supernatural Horror RPG)

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Kasumi cranks her head around… wide eyed and sill tearing up… she can’t tell fine detail, but that doesn’t matter, those guys jumping out of nowhere was going to signal her off anyways…

“S-seventh floor please.”

She asks with a “bitch I will murder you if you make any funny moves” look coupled with a sweaty girl voice. A major bluff in itself.

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Dec 08, 2013 at 04:40PM EST

Jamie stood, carefully listening to the others, curious about this “Lady in black”. “Well, it could be anything--a VERY powerful demon, an enraged entity--you name it..” She said, glancing back at the spirits, then back down at the floor.

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OOC: Sorry for the late post but I was having some problems with my internet connection. Also Tails Ring Pop.

@Kasumi: Your attempt on my intimidating has no effect on them nor do they help you on going to the seventh floor. They just stand there, watching you. (OOC: Let’s call these guys Outsiders)

@Dennis:You try your best to break free as the strings dig into your body but no matter how hard you struggle they keep on going. You can feel them squirming around in your body like worms digging through the ground. You can feel each one digging into your organs, your bones, and tissues. You finally black out when ten or tween of them jam themselves to your heart and brain. In your room there is no stage or graffiti, just your clothes mixed with dust and ashes.

OOC: Eleven wayward souls remain in Summer Winds

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Kasumi cautiously presses the 7th floor button… and quietly tightens her grip on the spray can…

Dec 08, 2013 at 07:13PM EST

I turn to Jack. “Yep you hit the nail on the head. Despite her appearance she’s more close to Hastur wearing a dress than a disgruntled lover wanting to haunt her ex.” I then turn to everyone else in the library “Okay as Jack here pointed out she can in fact summon and control just about any thing she wants. Humans, animals, the environment, even other monsters and abominations. She will try to manipulate them if she can and if the originals aren’t good enough then she’ll just make replicas of them.” I turn my sight towards Dio. “That Feral Drowner that you encountered on the pool was most likely a replica.” "As for why she’s doing this to us? I think she views every single human being as potential “actors” for her “plays”."

Dec 08, 2013 at 08:32PM EST

“Hastur? The King In Yellow? Hey, I’ve actually heard of that!” After Booker remarked about a little of his literary knowledge, he asked another question. “Anyway, what should we do once we leave the library? It’s not like daylight’s going to reach here anytime soon.”

Dec 08, 2013 at 10:43PM EST

“I guess we all can go to each other’s rooms and get whatever supplies we’ll need to get through the night.” I said as I put my hands into my coat pockets and began to walk out the library. “Besides if we stay here for too long old queeny will surely find us. Once we have what we need then we can go to the attic and get some answers.” I then stop walking and turned around to face everyone. “Also if we bump into any other surviving guests then I suggest we tell them everything that is happening. It’s better for them to think that we’re crazy for telling the truth than for them to die by not knowing it.”

Dec 08, 2013 at 11:53PM EST

“Damn, I hate being right all the time.” Jack grumbled. He walked out of the library. Of course, he had everything he needed in his many deep pockets, but he considered it wise to follow Crow’s plan, him being a magician after all. “This is shaping up to be some adventure.” Jack headed up to the seventh floor, taking a greenish stone out of a pocket and slipping it up his sleeve. “Might need this little luck charm.”

Dec 09, 2013 at 02:35AM EST

@Kasumi: You for the elevator to reach to the seventh floor all while keeping your eyes on the Outsiders that are with you. What felt like hours to you but in truth was only a few seconds the elevator finally stop at the seventh floor. You quickly run out as the doors open but during your mad dash out you trip and fell out of the elevator. Luckily the doors didn’t close in on you and the only thing seriously injured is your pride. On the floor you notice a black key with amethyst engraved on it.

@Kintobor: As you finally enter the lobby you see that a strange black liquid is falling down on to the lobby like rain. You then see several “bodies” fall from the ceiling, all of them made entirely of the black ooze. Some are human or close to human shape, others look like animals, while others look monstrous and a select few even look spectral to you.

@Ben: As you come down to the lobby you suddenly feel a painful sensation on your chest, almost like a heart attack. When you reach the lobby you see the same things that Kintobor is seeing.

EDIT:@Dick: You continue to bang at the door for about five minutes until you stop, realizing that no one isn’t going to come and save you. Now trap and with no sensory input you do the only thing you could do, and move forward to the forgotten room. As you move small black humanoid figures walk behind you, laughing as they do, knowing that you can’t hear nor feel them.

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Dec 09, 2013 at 05:28AM EST

I see Jack heading off with out the rest of us “Whoa slow down there partner, we are not doing this solo here if we’re going to survive then we need to stick in a large group.” I look at how many members are currently part of the Scooby Gang. “Seven, not a even number but we can still make it work. Alright we’re going in to two teams. One would have four members, while the other would have three. So pick your teammates everybody.”

Dec 09, 2013 at 05:46AM EST

Kasumi’s brand new potential head injury is just another to the pile. She might of cried for a few minutes before spotting the key, but she will never admit it.

She spots the key… weird psychotic vibrations going on in her head. It’s like suddenly, maybe, just maybe, a god himself just left that there. Or a demon. Whatever, it was put there for a reason, and everything has a reason. Even if it’s a downright miserable fate…

She picks up the key as she gets up…. and quickly looks around for anything this key might go to. Then again, if this place is cursed, “that” room might have something to do with it.

She goes to her room door and from there starts working her way down the hall to see if the key will open any of them.

Dec 09, 2013 at 04:10PM EST

When Splitting the party is mentioned, Dio gets very irate
Dio: I’ve seen some horror movies in my time, and you know what the number one rule of surviving is? NEVER. SPLIT. THE. PARTY. When the party is split, one side will get preyed on, due to having lower numbers. I think it’d be best to stick together.

Dec 09, 2013 at 05:06PM EST

I agree with Dio on this one. Besides, we won’t need to go to all of our rooms. I got everything I need from mine. First aid, a water bottle, a 74-card tarot deck, and plenty of other stuff. I think we should sit down and decide what we absolutely need to get before we set out. In any case, we need to make up out minds NOW. I haven’t seen this queen, but she sounds unpleasant.

Dec 09, 2013 at 05:23PM EST

Meredith nods in agreement with Dio.
“Splitting up the party is never a good idea. There’s strength in numbers after-all.”
She, again, shuffles a bit on her feet before saying anything again
“I don’t need anything from my room, the only thing really important to me was my sheet music. Even then, I’m not sure if the “Queen” is still talking to the ice-spirit-thingy. Deciding what we need first before going to get the items seems like a good idea. If we can’t decide we can flip a coin."

Dec 09, 2013 at 05:30PM EST

“I guess splitting up now would be a horrible idea. Than again it was more of a suggestion than actual idea.” I then pull out a pamphlet and place it on a table. I open the part of the pamphlet that shows a map of the hotel. “Alright team listen up, before we head out to either the attic or basement we’re going to stop by these rooms first to get some supplies.” I then point to room 333. “This one here is my room, I have some artifacts and recipes for spells and rituals that can help us get through most of the things in here expect for the Queen herself.” I then point to room 217. “After mines we’ll head to Booker’s room. So, what other rooms should we go after Booker’s?”

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Dec 09, 2013 at 05:42PM EST

Observing the map carefully, Jamie was thinking of a place to go--her room was out of the question, because in this case, any old spook would pop out of the TV and kill somebody easily.. “..Maybe we can try to find others?” She knew it was most likely a stupid question, but she didn’t want anybody to die.

Dec 09, 2013 at 05:56PM EST

I take out a blank piece of paper and place it next to the map. “Alright write down on what kind of stuff you guys brought with yea. Once that’s done we’ll start voting on which items are more important for us to get.” As I finish my sentence I start checking my pockets for something to use to write down on what’s in my room. Only to realize that I don’t have anything to write with. “Well this is embarrassing. Does anyone here have a pencil that I can borrow?”

@Kasumi: You look through out the seventh floor looking for which door the key can open but you find that most need a key card to open. Feeling dejected you were about to call it quits before you spot the black iron door locked with chains, you realize that the key you’re holding was made to open that door so you go to it. As you reach the black door you can hear what sound like wooden floors creaking along with footsteps moving away from the door.

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Booker handed a pen to Crow. “Never leave home without it. Anyway, I had a pair of flashlights on me, a smartphone, a couple of stationary video cameras, and some snacks. Yes, I know that hunger is the least of our worries, but I think we’re bound to be here for a while. There may be a few other things that I’m forgetting about, but you’d have to see them for yourselves.”

“So the plan is to go to Room 333 and Room 217.” He emphasized each number as he spoke. “And afterward we look for other people. Sounds like we’re set. I think we should take the stairs, though. It’d be awful if the power blew out in the midst of all this.”

[OOC: I’m hoping that this can get Red to bring up the 217 video that he came across.]

Dec 09, 2013 at 08:37PM EST

Kasumi holds her breath as the footsteps move away… whatever is in there… it might be trapped. But what if it’s trapped for a reason…?

“No… nothing else seemed to be trapped at all… hostage of the hotel…?”

She readies her pepper spray can… and very slowly goes to unlock the door…

Then very gently pushes the door open…

Dec 10, 2013 at 02:18AM EST

I start writing down check marks on the two chosen rooms and what kind of items are in them. I then remember one other room that warrants itself another look. “I think we should pay room 404 a visit as well. Last time I was there I did a short investigation and was rewarded with several pictures and a video tape. If we go there we might get more clues to what’s going on around here. Who knows we might even find a way out.” I then put a check mark on room 404 “Also if anyone else here knows or is carrying something strange then I think it’s about time you shared it with the rest of the class.”

Dec 10, 2013 at 02:22AM EST

@Kasumi: As the door opens you the first thing you notice is that the room is pitch black, but form the light of the hall you can see that the floors are made of wood. But the wood looks old and broken, it’s also covered by greenish mold and dust. You also see a bit of the walls and find chipped paint that’s just barely clinging to it. What unnerves you the most is the eerie quietness of the room, with only the creaking of the aged wood and the breezing of wind making any sound you wonder if the footsteps were all in your head. But then you hear them again, much fainter then before as who ever is making them goes deeper into the old halls. When you take your first step in a piece from the ceiling falls and lands on your foot.

Dec 10, 2013 at 02:40AM EST

Kasumi lets out a yelp of pain and contorts her face as she kicks the ceiling bit away. She keeps her finger and toenails insanely short, so this shouldn’t cause too much long term anoyment… This would be so much easier if she had a flashlight, but she has a better idea… she swings the door open and takes a step back into the hallway…

Then she closes her eyes…

“It shouldn’t… be an issue… I nearly had a heart attack 8 times and nearly died three… just need to…”

She takes a deep breath…

(Attempting to Channel Spiritual Awareness… about time I used that ability.)

(Rules: 15 coin flips. Without prior provacitation, it takes 15 successful flips. However, number of successful flips needed are subtracted as followed: -5 for every near fatal experience between this and last attempt, -2 for every supernatural encounter between this and last attempt. Prior to the events that required her to take a vacation, 50 coin flips where needed.)

(Elevator Man: -2. Water Monsters: -2. Old Woman Appearance: -2. Near Death via Water Monster -5. Outsiders: -2. Ceiling Collapsed: -2. Two Successful Flips out of Fifteen needed to activate ability.)

(Heads = Successful Flip)

(Heads, Heads, …)

Kasumi lets out her breath… and opens her eyes

To Kasumi, Things of the Natural World now appear almost if not completely devoid of color. But… what would have previously been invisible specters now appear insanely colored and vivid.

Sound is also effected too, as most all sound is drowned out, and sounds like it’s underwater.

She peers into the dark room, and sees what awaits her in there…

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@Kasumi: In the darkness you find shadowy beings in the shape spiders and centipedes crawling over the place, with them you also see hooded figures along with one that looks like a cowboy with a few crows on “him”. As you walk in you can hear them making eerie noises some of which sound almost entirely human, while others sound like animals or machines. As you hear the shadow beings make their cacophony of noise one of them, which looks like a centipede, falls on top of your left shoulder. As the creature moves down your arm you suddenly feel it go numb as you lose your sense of touch from that arm.

Say hello to the actual Tenebraes. If you want I can give you info on what they can do.

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@Kintobor: You see one of the bodies rise up from the ground as the black ooze either sinks into it or just falls to the floor. The things that stands before you is a tall humanoid with long arms, its arms end in huge dagger-like talons.You can see bulging, pulsating veins on it’s molded scabbed body along with craters of leprous corrosion in its flesh, revealing yellow bone. The undead creature tries to give a smile on it’s car-wrecked like face as it runs towards you. (OOC: Flip a coin or hope that Ben can save yea).

Dec 10, 2013 at 10:23PM EST

OOC: Well, shoot. Alright, I flip, annnd…



Kintobor is repulsed by what he’s currently witnessing in the hotel lobby.

WHAT THE--!? Alright that tears it! I’ve had just about enough of- wait, WHAT!?

Kintobor sees a creature which looked like it had been decaying for decades suddenly rise up. It flashes a smile… such a wide, horrible, crooked smile…

N-no… it’s not possible…

Kintobor feels the same sense of fear and instability that he had felt in the observatory, as well as his first visit in the lobby and in Room 404.

However, the creeping insanity of the situation gives way to terror as the creature dashes towards Kintobor.

The Doctor’s blood runs cold as his skin turns near-white, and he is too fixated on the horrible creature to move.

Dec 10, 2013 at 11:18PM EST

OOC: I did three coin flips and they all landed on heads.

@Kintobor: As you stand there petrified the creature reaches towards where you are. It then grabs you where it then precedes to stab you in the stomach, miraculously the blow was not a killing blow . The reason you didn’t die was because the talons on the creature while sharp are also hallowed. The creature then releases anticoagulant substance into your body where it then starts draining your blood, making guttural moans as it drinks.

OOC: Your not dead yet Eggman but I do suggest on finding way out before it’s too late.

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Well I did get a grainy AVI in my inbox, but I;m a little famous. Some of my million and a half subscribers are, for lack of a better word, He covers the mic on his camera fucking crazy.

Dec 11, 2013 at 06:56AM EST

CrowTheMagician wrote:

I start writing down check marks on the two chosen rooms and what kind of items are in them. I then remember one other room that warrants itself another look. “I think we should pay room 404 a visit as well. Last time I was there I did a short investigation and was rewarded with several pictures and a video tape. If we go there we might get more clues to what’s going on around here. Who knows we might even find a way out.” I then put a check mark on room 404 “Also if anyone else here knows or is carrying something strange then I think it’s about time you shared it with the rest of the class.”

Dio hands Crow the note he got in the pool
Dio: This.

Dec 11, 2013 at 07:48AM EST

“Hey, Red, would you mind telling us what you saw? Knowing anything would help us at this point.”

Dec 11, 2013 at 12:45PM EST

I read the note that Dio gave meYep just like before when ever the Queen makes her appearance then the Jack of Spades always comes along to offer cryptic advice.As I put the note into my pocket I see all the computers being turned on by themselves. On the screens it shows all the things Jamie, Jace, and Red saw on their tv or laptops. It then shows how both Jace and Dennis died along with all the other guests that aren’t in the library. It shows Kasumi and Dick walking in the forgotten room with tenebraes all around them, Kintobor having is blood drained in the lobby while Ben is on the floor clutching his chest in pain. The last shot shows everyone in the library as strings from the ceiling start coming down. “OH CRAP SHE FOUND US!” I yelled as I run my way towards the exit “Come on move before she makes you in to one of her toys!”

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Dec 11, 2013 at 03:22PM EST

Red bolts after Crow.
Red deftly avoids tripping and catches up to Crow. High school track team: It can and will save your life.

Dec 11, 2013 at 03:26PM EST

“Let’s move!” Jack seized Jamie and Booker by the arms and hurled them towards the exit. He looked towards the descending strings. “Now look, queenie, you can’t just start trying to tie a man up on the first date. Not everyone’s into that y’know.” One of them nearly snagged him, but he brandished his greenish stone at it, and it stopped. “See ya later, I gotta run.” He followed the others out the door.

Dec 11, 2013 at 03:51PM EST

(OOC: Let’s see five successful coin flips mixed with four failed ones adds to this.

As I finally made my way out of the library I see Red leave about the same time as I do. I then see Jack leave has he drags Jamie and Booker with him, but I don’t see Dio or Meredith. I take a look in side and find that some of the strings caught Meredith and that Dio is trying to break them off her.Figures it’s never that simple is it.I then run back into the library, dodging as many strings as I could. When I reach a spot close enough to them I pull out a small glass jar with gold-colored dust inside it out of my trenchcoat and then throw it. The jar breaks right in front of their feets and the dust inside it goes up into the air, I smiled when I saw the results. As the golden dust starts to surrounded the strings they some how let out a horrible scream as burn marks start appearing all over their bodies, as if someone lit them on fire. The stings then let them go as they try to move away from the dust that is causing them so much pain, giving both Dio and Meredith time to escape.

Dec 11, 2013 at 04:54PM EST

OOC Damn, didn’t get in a reaction fast enough…
Dio grabs Meredith and gets the fuck out of there with seemingly inhuman speed, and shuts the door once the both of them are out.
Dio: Fucking… should have watched your back in there.

Dec 11, 2013 at 05:07PM EST

OOC: Also did not get a reaction in fast enough, oh curse you time zones.
She frowns a bit at Dio’s comment, and looks down at floor again. She has the expression of a child being scolded.
“I’m sorry for being a burden for all of you…”
She really does feel kind of useless, she doesn’t have any magic or really any type of thing to really make herself useful.
“Maybe I should have taken my chances and jumped out the window.”

Dec 11, 2013 at 05:36PM EST

Kasumi stares wide eyed at the hooded figures and the cowboy…

She is surprisingly brave in this state… Because most all of her negative emotions such as fear are being fed to the power, the eyes will last till the end of the encounter…

“Why are you all locked up?”

Then the bug gets on her…


She madly tries to shake it off, and eventually does when she swipes it off.


With a dance like sweep with her foot, she scatters whatever bugs are crawling around her. Buying her a few more seconds as she Ace Attorney Points at the cowboy, considering he is the most distinct of this group of weirdos

“Are you servants of the witch!? Or did she trap you here!? …”

She smirks

“Is she afraid of you? That why she lock you up?”

After the woman encounter she thinks that that woman is the witch, considering that display of telekinesis.

“You going to say anything besides all that random shit!?”

She still has the pepper spray and a clear path out…. if the pepper spray doesn’t work, she is going to make a mad dash and look for something that can work. Even if it means making a Scooby Doo Worthy Chase and feeding other people to this thing. Her mental stability truly is messed up while using this…

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Dec 11, 2013 at 05:38PM EST

Jamie was sitting down, freaking out. “I knew c-coming here was a bad idea..” She was obviously traumatized. She was sobbing a little bit, looking like she was slowly going insane. “Th-this is crazy.. And by crazy, I-I mean CRAZY.”

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Dec 11, 2013 at 06:35PM EST

@Kasumi: The Tenebraes continue to make random noises until the they start changing them to from the sounds of people talking. “We are neither trapped nor bound to servitude. We have come here on our own free will.” Said all the Tenebraes in the room, not just the cowboy. "*The one that you call a “witch” is but a child compare to us for we who have existed long before all things came to be*" Just as they finish the outsiders from before appear behind you again. “We see the Outsiders have come, your dilemma is most dire for them to show. Know that as of now nothing is motivating us to help you and that they are as alien to us as they are to you.” They said as the cowboy points to the Outsiders. And with those words they began to either sink into the floor or go through the walls, the room getting even more darker than it was before.

@Ben: When you saw that one of the bodies rose, revealing a decomposing creature with long talons you froze. Then your blood turned even colder when it got Kintobor and impaled him with it’s claws, letting out moans of pleasure as it does. The pain on your chest fades away and the thing inside you takes control again as it makes you charge at the undead monstrosity that for some reason you know as a Blood Corpse. (OOC: Flip to see if your forced heroics succeeds).

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Dec 11, 2013 at 06:43PM EST

(Obviously)OOC: Hope you don’t mind my presence brother but I think a random Fun Fact is overdue!
Fun Fact #1: Despite my lack of activity on my account I have been occasionally helping Crow with spell and grammar checking as well as organizing his ideas (and occasionally making sure he doesn’t cross the line three times). In all honesty, I’d rather just be left to play Pokemon Y but, Big Bro, I got your back!

Dec 11, 2013 at 06:53PM EST

LittleBlueDragon wrote:

(Obviously)OOC: Hope you don’t mind my presence brother but I think a random Fun Fact is overdue!
Fun Fact #1: Despite my lack of activity on my account I have been occasionally helping Crow with spell and grammar checking as well as organizing his ideas (and occasionally making sure he doesn’t cross the line three times). In all honesty, I’d rather just be left to play Pokemon Y but, Big Bro, I got your back!

OOC: I’m fine with this deal.

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Booker looked at Jack after catching his breath. “Hey, thanks for hauling me out of there. I don’t say this often, but I owe you one.” He smiled for a brief moment. Then looked seriously at Meredith. “You’re only a burden if you sit in the corner, cry, and wait to die – and as far as I know, you’ve not been doing that. Just because you don’t understand what’s going on like Crow does doesn’t mean you’re useless – I’m not sure what I can really do right now, but it won’t stop me from trying something.”

Finally, he saw that Jamie had begun to let the waterworks flow after he’d talked to Meredith. “I had to say that crying was a burden,” he grumbled internally. He had been lucky that he had only caught a fading glimpse of the Killer Queen, or he’d probably be in a position similar to Jamie right now. “Look, I know you saw some crazy shit back there, but you have to keep moving. I hate this place as much as you do, but if we stick together, we’ll get through this.” He tried putting a bit of confidence into that last statement, but he wasn’t entirely sure himself.

Dec 11, 2013 at 07:54PM EST

I walk towards the group after Red finish his sentence. “Sorry for the hold up guys but I want to make sure that what’s in the library stays in the library.” I point to the library door where a police tape covered with several words and sigils on it is taped on the door. The strings from the other side of the door are banging against it but for some reason the door wont budge. “Demon Station Tape, they say that it only works on demons but I find that as long as the monster of the week is not from this reality then it works just as fine.” As I was about to walk I noticed Booker trying to calm down Jamie who is currently having an emotional breakdown.

Just my freakin luck that someone decided to turn on the waterworks. Come on Crow you can do this, Cheering one person up is not the most difficult thing in the worldI turn to the two of them “Do you want to know at what time is a mage allowed to cry? The only time a mage can cry is when it’s all over. Someone told me those words a long time ago and now I’m telling them to you, so get up on your feet and continue walking forward until the very end.” As I finish my line I began to walk.I hope she doesn’t realize that I took that line from a video game.

Dec 11, 2013 at 09:30PM EST

Red checks his phone.
Huh.. I get cell reception in here, but I suppose calling the cops won’t do much. So, uh, now that we have a brief moment to catch out breath, can I get your guys’ names? Into the camera, please.

Dec 11, 2013 at 10:01PM EST

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