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Let's make a 4 word story

Last posted Jan 01, 2010 at 11:48AM EST. Added Nov 29, 2009 at 11:49PM EST
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here is the “story” so far.
| separates posts
() fixes grammar
[] is off topic

Once upon a time|there was a helicopter|that ruled the land|That fired a big|blue laser cannon that|burns toast and destroys|power level OVER 9000|, but one day, the|Blue Laser cannon didn’t|kill Kanye west because|he had the greatest|legion of mudkipz ever|to do barrel rolls|So it decided to|then attack the biggest|bucket of chicken because|it had the munchies|. Needless to say, the|i can has cheezburger?|You can’t because|[that was three words]|That became the king !!!|and queen of france|[That was horrible….NEW SENTENCE]

The chopper was in|A big hole goatse

[This is hopeless.]|[this thread;]|[wat?]|[when people got off track, they f*cked up the flow of this thread. Resulting in the facepalm of Cpt. Jean Luc Picard; so much, in fact that his facepalm was over 9000, caused him to duplicate. the energy resulting from this facepalm caused the picards to start rotating out of controll until it resembeled a propeller balde]

This is fail because|No one will cooperate|oh so were doing|it again thats good|, no its GREAT. The|But how can we|start it over again?|

The jam wouldnt get|out of the dome|but the jelly would.|(“)do a barrel roll(”)|said the jelly, but|he wouldn’t assimilate to|make an army of|advice dog duplicates who|gave courage and also|lulz. then suddenly, a|wild robotic pedobear appeared|and chased the army|of lolis and shota|cannon at the leader|who died of this..|(.)disease called nipple sticks|and failed to do|that one ape thing|but succeeded in doing|that one ape thing|and stuff.The end.|….of the world was|An explosion.The end.[Lulz. (“)I’m an ass.](”)|Said the little man|Who ended the story
[xD]|“I did,” said the|old man. Then he|made out with Tristan|while killing a moose.|[Har Har Har.
Those who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.]|All the Canadians attacked|Tristan for ending the|[Tristan How about: just don’t throw stones? That’s a pretty good rule to live by. @Frkeston] Story way too early.|The KYM squad had|to eat soup now [Cooper Demitri Martin FTW]|[was that Dimitri or Dane Cook? I get mixed up.]|journey or suffer the|cause of the world|[Frketson You been postin some not-really-fightin-but-certainly-angry words there,pardner.]|[cooper Demetri]|I divided by 0|[fgsfds anyway…] (“)HOLY CRAP! IT’S A-|Magical Fast Running BeaR(”)|(")Well, its better than|[Crouch can do anything]|invisible pink unicorns and|Manbearpig. but not like|FLAMES WARS ARE HERE!!!!!!!!|To warm my 4chan|with delicious flavours and|love. Now 4chan is|Emerelds5’s, the true owner. [:D]|But things changed quickly,|Because anonymous was like|“My name is Boxxy”|in dream world because|newfags couldn’t triforce the|[way i add another word]

[^The game is ruined]|[@emeralds5 HAY]|[Never mind my last post, lolz]

game, you just lost|your puppy, (“)are you|dense? Are you retarded(?”)|(“)unfortuantly, yes i am|king of the channel|Legend Of Zelda Triforce(”)|which is awesome like…|pumpkin pie and cream|and then we sat|on top of Redspear|and did barrel rolls|so we can avoid|the lasers fired by|Terry Cordes and his|massive army of giant|orange blueberries, which did|nothing, but type random|four word blurbs. It|like(d) to spam Boxxy|, and especially liked spamming|the game and raging|about HIV and AIDS.|It finally died of|dancing in dirty underwear(.)|But it came back|as Jesus Christ, who|smites the infidels while|wearing alot of women’s|clothing and drinking some|underwear. While unicycling across|a sea of lolis to|

Lots of run-ons I see.


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