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Imaginary war

Last posted Feb 24, 2010 at 06:08PM EST. Added Dec 31, 2009 at 05:19PM EST
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now i can summon a 7 Star Monster to the field!

i sacrifice one Bump Monster!

A Creepy (Hispanic?) Guy

and The Grammar Nazi

to summon Blue Eyes 3 Keyboard Cat Moon T-Shirt

and equip it with the Tampon Launcher to bring its Attack points to 3250 and its Defense points to 2900

Last edited Jan 19, 2010 at 04:23AM EST
Jan 19, 2010 at 04:22AM EST

i special summon

Captain Falcon

and use his specail ability

end it by combining it with squidward jones

Jan 19, 2010 at 04:16PM EST

The Crazy Taxi hits your Chimchar head on, and the taxi gets >9000 dollars fare.

Jan 19, 2010 at 07:24PM EST

I equip Chimchar with an Energy Card!

Chimchar, use Scratch!

Jan 19, 2010 at 07:27PM EST

How do you scratch a taxi with a monkey’s claws?

Jan 19, 2010 at 08:29PM EST

i shall summon my old school project and my chinese army!!!

Last edited Jan 21, 2010 at 06:05PM EST
Jan 21, 2010 at 06:01PM EST

Hold up, thinking…

…this is a tough choice. Ok, here we go.

Jan 22, 2010 at 09:45AM EST

Patrick Bateman sneak attacks with a nail gun

Ah, ya got meh.

Jan 22, 2010 at 09:49AM EST

finally i have finally picked my character of choice

Last edited Jan 24, 2010 at 02:58PM EST
Jan 24, 2010 at 02:57PM EST

Anonymous has a body, bit it is invisible and looks like nothing in particular.

Prepare to be owned.

Jan 24, 2010 at 03:52PM EST

First person to guess whether the Chinese River Dolphin or the Mexican Wolf is more endagered gets a battle partner with a +7 in Photoshop, +5 in Classic Effects Filters, and a x1.5 multiplier for all partners in bad-assery.

Jan 24, 2010 at 04:12PM EST

[Average Joe was defeated]

Next time, ask if I’m in the undead class, moron.

[Average Joe is revived by Jesus. Because he can. Shut up.]

Jan 24, 2010 at 04:25PM EST

I’m confused, wait. Revive + reverse… yup, makes sense.

Anyways, AJ summons Necron Army.

Jan 24, 2010 at 04:33PM EST

i use cloud on a bike

Last edited Jan 24, 2010 at 04:45PM EST
Jan 24, 2010 at 04:44PM EST

AJ counters yayoi by chopping up a banana and eating it, instead of eating it from the peel.

Jan 24, 2010 at 04:56PM EST

Red leader continues to stand by

Jan 24, 2010 at 04:57PM EST

her power level….!

Last edited Jan 24, 2010 at 05:10PM EST
Jan 24, 2010 at 05:07PM EST

Black mage casts Meteo!

Hits for 1337 damgage!

White mage casts Cure4!

Heals the party for 9001 Hp!

Last edited Jan 25, 2010 at 04:06PM EST
Jan 25, 2010 at 04:05PM EST

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