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Two Word Story Time!

Last posted Oct 24, 2010 at 07:44PM EDT. Added Jun 30, 2010 at 06:51PM EDT
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amber lamps

Aug 18, 2010 at 10:08PM EDT

while masturbating

Aug 18, 2010 at 10:12PM EDT

explosively. During

Aug 18, 2010 at 10:15PM EDT


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Aug 19, 2010 at 08:53AM EDT

and shit

Aug 19, 2010 at 08:56AM EDT

was screwed

Aug 19, 2010 at 12:10PM EDT
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because of a dude who called himself Bobbib

Aug 19, 2010 at 12:13PM EDT

Whilst be known as a dick

Aug 19, 2010 at 03:09PM EDT

Vol1:Prolouge(Compiled by Snorlax)

Once, I ate guns AND THEN fucking miracles until I got diabeetus, which killed me slowly. BUT THEN, two hobos turned me into a Mudkip of epic lulz with the power of fire, wind, and run-on sentences! And so, I became John Doe with ninjas and piartes that are ZOMBIE GHOSTS and they escaped very slowly to DA CHOPPA and then logged on to KYM. And there, he found HARMONY HARMONY (a tikibar) OH LOVE. Finally, I gave birth to a manbearpig which DEVOURED MY EXCESS FAT and then gave me fresh Mentos that tasted like cake. But I realized that Will Smith wasn’t actually Fresh Prince and I started crying because the oilspill caused major damage to my aquatic relatives. Meanwhile, in South Dakota, EVERYONE DIED due to the game. The end. And so, the princess was saved by a fat guy named Ed, who possessed his dick, which was on fire because Michael Moore had been reckless and sucked camels balls. Suddenly, Geno raped a horse in the bathtub using his very long garden hose. BZZZZZZZZZZZ BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. The end. But wait! BUT THEN! There’s moar! Or not (or yes). THERE ARE eggo waffles IN MY rather small serious cat which caused a gigantic monster to evolve into Jesus Christ. The one, the only, the lover, Nicholas Cage, who then became infatuated with the decision to kill Torenorose. Fly over the city using only A HERRING the main Monster X still alive in the flux capacitor located at the secret volcano fortress populated by evil robot donkey republicans, which Balrog viciously devoured George W. Bush. But Gandalf said you must die, and then everybody got delicious cake. “GREAT SCOTT!” No way! And then stuff happened. The end. Not yet! But yes. But no. It’s over! When suddenly, a robot blew up my bases! All bases in Soviet are belong to Santa Clause and then he killed mellow and then killed ssbmMasta. But then, flocks of torpedoes came from the mouth of the Landsub created Doctor Professor Layton who decided to build a FIRE LAZORZ from his additional pylons, which were made of jelly beans that fired chocolate helicopters so that Nick could destroy all of raining chocolates with the help of Leeroy Jenkins, Cat the Destroyer of combo breakers. Billy Mays sold a tactical nuke to a man named God who isn’t afraid of beef jerky but then revived Mellow with jerky and four beef jerkys do not before Ganondorf which triggered the Cake of a Thousand Suns, which created Chuck Norris, who then freestyle rapped freaking ill Seaking Flocks up high until they FALCON PAWNCHED Bidoofs until Pedobear attacked and destroyed the entire fuckin place. But then, anally exploded, a wild pokemon appeared, whose relative was actually Billy Mays, who sold a bunch of Oxy-Clean to JEEBUS, and then suddenly died. But then, I killed your mother, who was eating a hotdog LOLipop with Weegee and Vlad made sentries that can fire lasers from its non-directional cannon that can blow shit out of the sky with lazers from heaven and hell to own the game. Meanwhile, back in Russia, Putin decided to rape your bases without a (you know). But then, Rainbow Stalin freestyle rapped to Moskau while eating Putin’s…ugh that was doing science projects for the lulz, or for the zlul or for gun eating or for George Washington or for Great Justice, Aardvark, and beer and NARNIA! FOR SPARTAAAAAAAAAA!!! FOR JEEBUS!!!!! For snorlax! Snorlax blushes with fire on accident and bakes CAKES BUT jizzes in his pants.

Aug 19, 2010 at 03:20PM EDT

Vol2:Kym,In tune and on Time! (Compiled by Butterin yobread)
And then raptor jesus it began ate all the fuckin magnetic objects with the power of shrinking his doppelganger, god but anyway…little wang was walking to the hardware store to find the elusive big wang while santa found pedobear sucking wangs molesting girls being awesome and that’s why louis was never addicted to reading rainbows but then after that snorlax ate a magical grape of photoshopped magic which made a sandvitch find religion of dolphins and then the riddler was omomons son who was tardises son and torenose was trolling the forums until a man named batman was caught shoplifting bat food from the clock factory located in Gotham city then he molested spongebob with a ketchup bottle and a golden shovel that can fire lazors from his left testicle then died not really but then in Egypt a giant erect penis destroyed the Eiffel tower that was u.n owen covered in goat blood while playing pokemon in flower but then in space two blondes caught bidoffs and then travelled to a place called x-zibit and then two brunettes and a teleported to Narnia when a spy sapped sentriesbecause he was cloaked by a magic cape made by black mage thomas Jackson who then had sex with torenose and regrets skull fuckery with torenose. Brick Tamland ate a poison bagel on a super intergalactic mega awesome steam boat headed to north korea and sucked over 9 thousand spoilers with a dead snorlax and a new weapon retarded beiber which could destroy all cakes alive using a annoying voice the end. Ted Danson that was the end the end when suddenly the doctor pulled my heart out with a giant spork of justice! That emitted a pretty rainbow which blew up your house into a ninja army in mexico because a opposing pirate killed everything! Everything, except slowpoke and moot and god but then athousand Persians everything goes mudkip bananas until everybody eats the slowpoke fail but then ratchet and clank go absolutely nowhere to rape bill gates inherit interwebz via manslaughter with the floating disembodied giygas things which molested you mother on a blimp then steven gerrad screwed you in the blew comb waffle disease in Africa while losing the game much to epic nuclear micheal stipe then a huge octopus disobeyed the rules and didn’t eat ham get to party hard with another fruity midget until he came everywhere, vomited uncontrollably on the soap covered wardrobe of bill gates unbeknownst that steve jobs was looting Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Taumata¬whakatangihanga¬koauau¬o¬tamatea¬turi¬pukakapiki¬maunga¬horo¬nuku¬pokai¬whenua¬kitanatahu then seto went on warios house and constructed lady gaga out of llama crap however he was violated by a shiney pidgey but allofasudden he asploed meanwhile in soviet Russia shrek fails at deciphering Russian secret of time travel which would destroy all of hyrule the end of chapter fourty nine chapter fifty chapter nine-thousand damn you meanwhile in… guantamano bay Clint Eastwood was deciphering unknown with boomer bile decaying lobsters with science! And balls of steel and exclaimed “this is the nine thousandth time I have downloaded this file from the virus website which gave me aids”. The year 2012 was not so more better than its fight money that was a trap which is my goosh berries that fuck giant dancing lions after tea-time but before I like turtles cause they are sexytiem in the heavys Alaskan bull owned by chris hansons godly pet llama who contracted an STD which was attacked by laser catfish and killed grapist while screaming manly things is now thread jack gtfo my waffles you everyone died the end.

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Aug 19, 2010 at 03:21PM EDT

But then A nigger named Travis Joined the undead legion with the team killers while yelling NIGGERS!!!!!!!!!! NIGGAAAAAAAAAAARS!!!!!!!!! but then ningas attacked white people and stole the forbidden golden triforks of niggerdome but then this jigaboo will kill all haters that hate racist weeaboos for the good of anime haters and sacrifice and pain to honor the AVGN and AVG Nigger.“Sup Dawg” stanky chicken his dong into a pocket book and said Jeane died then laughed then shot cum at that chick this chick?>picture of baby chick< wrong chick this one>picture of boxy< thatll work and then Bill Cosby bunch of niggers and whitey asses and futt bucked boobis but then fucking miracles killed the kids before hammer time AND THEN! was cancelled by Fox’s wooden eels which was stop posting a phrase of dignity and failure to the power rangers who ate a octorock which embodies the question of why the juggalos gonna take anime away to play that suck then suddenly a megaman killed them ICP fans who were really annoying and fangasming but then old godzilla was hopping on Jesus but he just sucked Justin Bieber’s dick Bieber died. And so all celebrated the defeat of trolls on steams while having a vasectomy of death in the what the?Your WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG get bent like plastic trees on Chris Menning ba dum while mudkipz practiced killing with mechas YES! YES! on babies holding puppies that shooted fucking miracles into their mouth and PINGAS that came out of their lower bacon shooters that stopped the world from leaking double rainbows on to their rather large penises that THE END just kidding he lies a lot even though this post is more than two words then Hitler fucked more Jews than Jesus did and then someone kicked my ass for mentioning the death of roger freeman because he died of Lupus when clowns killed hitler with a soup can filled with nazi jews that eat mah balls and laz0rz that shoot turds and desu while NO U THE END jaykay lolz BUT THEN Jeane kicked ogreenworld in the head because he dislikes bacon and frogs but then ogreenworld fainted after posting non LuLz and CP while failing at life.Meanwhile in Santa destroy mai grammarz the reaper in Finland. Several years and then someone fell up to my haus ran into angry dad and got back traced by the cyber police where consequences where they will never be the same. He took Jeane over there to rape mighty Kowlzer he dun goof’d up goof’d. Omomon when the BIG PINGAS lost the virginity to game.Finally this ended.With a but then everyone died.Retarded teacher wait what farted and had endless caused an surprise buttsecks attack on Jack Thompson when terrorists blow themselves up in candyland. Suddenly gays attacked Japan with rainbow lasers anal rape and conquered eastern Spain using pink fluffy pillows that attack amber lamps at night while masturbating a hotdog explosively. During hotdog fest of homosexuality.Gay Travis started to play with himself while Jeane puked up blood and cried about emos so Travis shot web at Jeane but the assassins came and zero was gay but not in public so that the gaylords can nuke their targets and shit while the final boss named koopa was screwed up the fucking butt all day…

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Aug 19, 2010 at 03:22PM EDT

hey, thats a little more then two words. :p

Last edited Aug 19, 2010 at 03:45PM EDT
Aug 19, 2010 at 03:41PM EDT


(it doesn’t seem that we have written that much until it is put together.)

But then

Aug 19, 2010 at 03:52PM EDT

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