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Editing "Open" Entries

Last posted May 05, 2012 at 08:00AM EDT. Added Jul 06, 2011 at 08:31PM EDT
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Hi all,

just wanted to drop this here, it’s a basic guideline for editing “open entries,” which are basically stub entries that will be featured on homepage from time to time and any user can participate in the editing process if they can start right away.

Now that we’’ve successfully carried out our first open entry workshop (see: courage wolf / thanks to Alex, Karath and Gingersnapp), you can expect there will be more on a regular basis:

1. The goal is to collaborate on “abandoned” entries towards confirmation in a short period of time. The message displayed in bold at the very top of an open entry should be left alone, but anything below the line is fair game. Speed & accuracy is the name of the game.

2. This may be redundant for many, but please respect fellow editor’s edits. You can use the comments section of this entry to coordinate research efforts. Before you save edit, please refresh the entry page to make sure you don’t overwrite previous edits!

3. Editorship will be granted to the first three requesters with good reasons for consideration. So please specify what you would like to research or write about in your request.

4. For the sake of efficiency, editorship status will be reviewed every 12 hours (since the editorship has been first granted) and editors without any significant contribution will be cycled out.

Sounds like a really cool idea and a great way to get new researchers and editors onboard the site.

Also, you do you want us to suggest stub entries here, or do you already have a list in mind?

Last edited Jul 06, 2011 at 08:38PM EDT

We have a long list of confirmed & submitted stub entries compiled from multiple forum threads and I think it’d be more fun if it comes as a surprise, unannounced. However, if you have any suggestions as to how open entries should be edited, feel free to share them!

The courage wolf one was great.
And, any tips in requesting editorialships? I joined about the same time as you but only has like 10 editorialships, and 2 or 3 major ones.

I just try to word them really good. I’m not really sure why people add me, I think they like my previous work and I give them specifically what I want to do with the article in my request for editorship. Also it’s not like I get every editorship I request. I have probably 5 to 10 or more just still floating out there right now. Some of that is because the original authors are probably inactive.

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