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Help! Is there a effective way to find a meme's spread?

Last posted Aug 12, 2011 at 11:15PM EDT. Added Aug 11, 2011 at 11:31PM EDT
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Google insights doesn’t show spread, it shows how many people are searching for the topic (AKA Popularity).

The way to show spread, at least for Stop Posting gifs, would be to give examples of its use in forums and threads. Now, although it is daunting to go look through a ton of threads for examples, I’d suggest using Tineye or Google Search by Image (just drag your picture onto the search bar) to search for postings of your image on other websites.

It’s a fast way to find forum posts that involve images. (Here’s the first image in your entry’s search on tineye. It shows that it has been posted on a bunch of forums. Just follow the links underneath the image URL to get to the forum posts in question.)

I hope that helps a bit.

Sometimes using Google Insights to pinpoint when keywords associated with a meme first started picking up steam can be useful when using the advanced Google search options for a specific time period. This can help narrow the results if you are trying to find the first places a meme began spreading out through blogs, etc.


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