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Last posted May 09, 2009 at 10:50PM EDT. Added May 08, 2009 at 04:47PM EDT
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i like the heidigger approach: putting an idea in context as a meme makes it a meme. its only what kind of meme that determines its value as the meme.

for instance, crazy frog is a meme, but it is a “repetative-make-me-laugh and show friends meme”. soulja girl is also a meme, but it is a “omfg, i can’t believe this happened and it was on video so i must show my friends meme.”

confirmed, at least for myself, is a meme that has a value that makes it impressionably ironic, humorous, ground-breaking (something for derivative works), quotable, main-stream famous, or other quality characteristic that has some appeal to others. some memes don’t have that value or work only in a very solipsistic manner. of course, there is the deadpool for something that had value but declined over time due to later revealed details after its meme-dom (i.e. forced meme, commercial viral video, etc). and, always, there will be some in which myself (and other mods) don’t see the value and cannot confirm/deadpool until other reasons are revealed.

wow, that was way in the backlog. checked it out. confirmed it. =)

btw, this is my views on memes and differ between jamie, chris, and other mods. and i usually don’t mod much (too busy working on new feature for the community).


It’s all really about the content of the video.
Things like Numa numa, the Crazy Frog, and Keyboard Cat all have one thing in common; music. Music in itself helps video memes immensely by making them memorable, whereas videos like Bus Uncle and Soulja Girl are simply quick, flash-in-the-pan fads at best.

People will always remember Gary Brolsma, especially whenever they hear the Numa Numa song. Not everyone will remember Soulja Girl or Bus Uncle; in fact, they will almost undoubtedly forget about them over the course of a month or two. Same with the Christian Bale thing (which I never really considered a meme)

Just think about it for a sec; real memes are memorable. Fads are not. These videos are sadly just that.

Also, @Greg, eff yes. Just make sure the guest speaker/torch juggler doesn’t burn the site down.


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