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The "YOU DON'T SAY?" Rage Face was created by me and Aveilleux!

Last posted Dec 02, 2011 at 07:03AM EST. Added Dec 01, 2011 at 11:04AM EST
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Okay so first of all, there is a Rage Face called “YOU DON’T SAY?”. Don who is the Staff Member gave some guy named “Fabulousgoten” all the credit for it.

But guess what? Fabulousgoten did not create that Rage Face, I did… Actually me and a guy named Aveilleux made it…

Aveilleux turned the face into a cartoon, and I was the one who created the first comic with it.
Technically Aveilleux deserves all the credit for it, but since I did create the FIRST comic with the face in it I think I deserve credit also.

Now before you say, “You’re lying!” I do have proof. I have lots of proof actually. So here it is!

A link to my comic:
A link to my account:

And the best proof of all, a video that Aveilleux made which is a TUTORIAL on how to make the Rage Face:

I hope this clears things up…

Confirmed, the Rage Comic that the entry says was uploaded to Funnyjunk was a repost of the comic made by Crusty which was uploaded to reddit on September 30th under the name LeechHax

Thank you very much for clearing this up, and remember that we didn’t have the entry the way it was to spite you, we very much know that our research isn’t perfect all the time.

We’ll get to work updating the entry.


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