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Regular Show

Last posted Dec 19, 2011 at 05:51PM EST. Added Dec 17, 2011 at 01:34PM EST
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It seems as though this show has been getting a cult following like “Adventure Time” has. Considering that “Adventure Time” has an entry that’s confirmed, do you think Regular show needs one too?

As awesome as Regular Show is (and believe me, it’s awesome), how many memes has it actually spawned?

I mean, I guess Muscle Man’s “MY MOM!” is sort of memetic, but not really.

But it is a very popular show, so you go ahead and make an entry if you want.

Also, I really like the “cram as much shit as we can get in here while still passing the censors” premise that show uses so liberally. (And it does a pretty damn good job at it.)

Last edited Dec 17, 2011 at 02:28PM EST

I’m with Fry on this one. No memes have come from it yet, and with KYM’s definition of a memetic subculture, it has to have them.

Although we do document memes, we’ve more switched to a general internet information site, as of late.

If you think the show and its subculture has a large presence on the internet, submit an entry for it.,

The worst that can happen is a few idiots go ‘hurr deadpool this’.

I’m against having a page for it. As of late the Subculture seems to have gone from “Soemthign with huge internet presence and following with significant memes and popularity” to “Popular thing”. I think people are losing sight of what this site and the Subculture tag are for.

Yeah we have a Adventure Time page. But that was a viral success first, and it’s presence online is significantly higher than Regular Shows. Regular Show is popular, but enough for a page? I would definitely say no.


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